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Caless Student
Caless Student

If you don't know what this guitar is all about, please read up on it here:

As mentioned in the creation thread, I kinda skimped on electronics, only spending around $15 on basic electronics. While the guitar still works, it plugs in, plays and sounds great, my guitar's sound isn't being explored and used to it's full potential. As I was building the guitar, I knew that soon enough I had to buy higher quality electronics and upgrade the guts of the Mamicaster. 

After "borrowing" a multimeter from Electrical Engineering at uni, I ran tests on each of the electronic components in the Mamicaster and checking all the connections in the wiring. After sweeping through the electronics with the multimeter, it turns out that the capacitors on the potentiometers were faulty. In English, this means my volume and tone knobs were not working as they should and if left unchecked could permanently damage my parts (yeah we'll leave it like that hahaha). 

For those more knowledgeable with guitars and/or electronics, I had leaking capacitors. The capacitors aren't able to filter direct current (DC) voltage and was causing instability in the circuit. This meant that the capacitors were causing circuit damage and was providing a fluctuating energy to my capacitors. Long story short, my guitar signal was unstable. 

Because of ALL OF THE ABOVE RANTING, and also as a New Years treat, I have recorded two more demos of the Mamicaster. My aim is to have a before and after comparison of the guitar with crappy parts vs quality parts.
I recorded these videos before my guitar went under the knife. Enjoy!

Running on Overdrive

Cruisin' on Clean

Common licks and riffs

Please check out my ongoing project: Fender Stratocaster SSS "Mami Model"

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International Performer
International Performer
So looking forward to see/hear what your MAMIcaster sounds like after the sprucing up.

PS: After seeing your original posting a while back, you've inspired me to get my own MAMIcaster. But being a lazy sod, I'm looking for a place to do the paint job!

[MAMICASTER] WaffleDino's Mamicaster Update + soundtest videos SCANDALCOLLE-2020-SIG

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