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【one piece】 one piece Translations
Posted Tue Oct 14, 2014 1:30 pm



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【RINA's First Personal Book 「one piece」】

front-page - 【one piece】 one piece Translations Bv-JEg-KSCIAAPlx8

From what has been written by SCANDAL RINA on her blog between 2012 and 2014

As of February 2024, all translations for this book are now up!

*In case you're not aware of this book

If you enjoy my translations, please consider leaving a tip! Happy

front-page - 【one piece】 one piece Translations FdtTi4P

Because we do not allow scans of official releases to be posted on SH, I will not be posting any pictures that can only be found in the book. However, because many pictures in the book did come from RINA's actual blog entries + photographer Shin Nakajima posted a handful of photos used in the book on his website, I will be posting those and only those.

Table of Contents



Special Interview 1: 「How Much RINA Can Do」



Special Interview 2: 「The Reason RINA Writes Blogs」



Thank you very much to everyone who has picked up a copy of "one piece."

For this book, I decided to select and publish sentences that caught the writer's attention from among the blogs I've written so far.

I purposely included photos that are different from the ones in my blogs. I also mixed in other photos that were shot specifically for book.

I took the opportunity to look different from when I'm with my band. We shot the photos in Osaka, all in casual clothes, and took into account the situation, lighting, hair, and makeup.

The interviews are full of topics I've talked about for the first time. They're conversations just between you, the reader of this book, and me. This book is packed with my 22 years from birth to today, and the 8 years from the start of the band to today. Please enjoy.

from RINA


What RINA has written on her blog about GIGS

front-page - 【one piece】 one piece Translations Festival11

Voices calling your name, shining eyes,
Glistening sweat, the sound of strumming. 100% stimulation.

When I come back to Osaka,
I feel energized by the city and the people.
I really love it.
Standing on this stage again tonight,
I'm convinced that this will forever be a sacred placeー.

2014-06-23 「360° at Osaka-Jo Hall 」

"I'm glad I like these people." That's what we'll make you think.
I too have been supported so much by SCANDAL from the ages of 15 to 21.

2013-03-03 「The day before our dream comes true」

I was dreaming while awake.

2012-03-29 「SCANDAL & Budokan」

Even though rehearsals haven't even started yet, it's been a long time since I've been able to see things like this in my head.
The tension that makes us want to run away,
Past failures,
And everything we've done up to this point--
It seems as if it was all for this.
It's a bit of a big and stupid thought process, though.

2012-02-15 「An eternal future」

Never once have we performed as if trying to influence anyone.

We're just
Having fun.
We just
Want to be immersed in a special feeling with everyone in front of us.
We just
Believed in what we make and our tastes,
And we continued to work hard.

It makes me feel thrilled
When it feels like all that has been converted
Into someone else's sheer happiness, my strength,
And influence for tomorrow

2012-03-04 「The feeling of sound」

It's not the place we had set our sights on,
The surprisingly small Budokan,
So we cannot stop at a place like this.

2012-03-29 「SCANDAL & Budokan」

The last time I lost that much composure on stage was at a live music club sometime ago.
Everyone awakened me.
Something cleared up and suddenly hit me.

2012-06-02 「Zepp Nagoya」

If you haven't seen us live yet,
I want you to come see us at least once.
Then, we'll make you want to come again.

2012-07-28 「HIGHER GROUND 2012~FINAL~」

front-page - 【one piece】 one piece Translations MvYCh6K

There are so many things that we know are not going to work out.
I felt the same way, and I still get stopped by the same things.
There are nights when tears precede my feelings.

I didn't know how to get out of that place.
Even now, I haven't found the right answer.


Concerts always give me a hint.
That hint
Is for us on stage,
And for everyone who came to experience it.
I'm sure it'll come to you.
I understand that every day is different.
We'll head to where you are.

2012-08-15 「Catching hold of a hint」

After all, this is so much fun,
And I feel that if I took this band away from me,
It would be the same as if I stopped breathing.
This is the only thing for me.
As long as I can think like this,
I believe SCANDAL's story will never end.

2012-10-22 「Fourth anniversary」

front-page - 【one piece】 one piece Translations DpZksJL

When I saw people saying,
"We want to see more!",
I also thought,
"I want to see more!"
Perhaps that
Is what is important to meー.

2012-11-16 「ZEPP SAPPORO」

We're checking out the concert outfits. This is the first round.
We're obsessing over the details this time as well.
We want to make sure they're conveyed to everyone watching from the back and near the top.
It looks like our ideals are taking shape♩

2013-02-21 「Check」

front-page - 【one piece】 one piece Translations XSASqEG

One more week until our solo concert at Osaka-Jo Hall.

Today, we went through the entire concert from start to finish.

Each song on the setlist is meant to be there,
As if it had been decided years ago.

It's a process of exchanging words and testing with actions.
All I can do now is to keep layering what we're imagining.

2013-02-24 「Prediction」

front-page - 【one piece】 one piece Translations ZXZzoX6

We'll continue to take on many challenges.
We always want to keep standing on the stage
With new feelings.
Best regards from tomorrow onwards, too!

2013-03-04 「Osaka-Jo Hall」

It's nice because you can feel happy with your friends just because you like the same band.
I like it because you can experience live music up close.

With the spirit of "unification" in mind,

Let's make it a great concert.

2013-06-19 「Knowledge」

front-page - 【one piece】 one piece Translations BH6wDi8

We may still be a small force, but we want to do everything we can,
And we strongly want to lead the way.
Because there are people who always follow us at high speed and with so much freedom,
We can do all kinds of things without fear.

Let's keep playing together!

2013-07-20 「Band Yarou Yo!! Vol.4」

front-page - 【one piece】 one piece Translations PCVKbXC

The record of this day has a similar meaning to me
As a token, a talisman,
Or something along those lines.
Those who were there that day,
Those who have been thinking of us somewhere,
And those who have recently come to know us, by all means!
A first time only happens once.

2013-07-23 「Wonderful tonight」

The reason why I'm writing blogs about all the venues
Is because I seriously believe that no two concerts are the same.
I know how much people are have been looking forward to this one.
I also don't want to forget about that day's concert
As much as possibleー

2013-11-24 「Mishima Civic Cultural Hall」

Concerts are festivals
The short night melts all the bad things away
It's a great spiritual hot spot

2013-12-04 「International Forum Hall A」

Please come with your thoughts and feelings.
I too am living for these days.
I want as many people as possible to see it.
The reason I invite you guys to our concerts
Is because we have something we really want to convey.
We don't do concerts for the sake of recording them or for advertising

2014-06-06 「Dear」

I have a feeling that something will change
If we can make all of the arena shows a success

2014-06-07 「Thank you」

front-page - 【one piece】 one piece Translations AqnI1FJ

「FESTIVAL」 at Yokohama Arena
Don't miss out on these shows tomorrow and the day after--they'll never happen again☺

You don't have to wait in line early in the morning for merch.
Come at the right time with full energy☺
Now, let's go for it⤴

2014-06-27 「Tomorrow,」

I'm filled with gratitude.
May each night remain in everyone's hearts forever,,

2014-06-29 「FESTIVAL at Yokohama Arena DAY2」

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front-page - 【one piece】 one piece Translations 39iLxaW

2011.7.3 AM2 2012.3.28 SCANDAL vs BUDOKAN 11.3+4 QAT Tour @名古屋 11.10 Happy MUSIC Live 2012 2013.3.3 SCANDAL OSAKA-JO HALL 2013 2014.6.1 HNL Ekiden & Music 2014 6.2 Fan Meeting 2015 HELLO WORLD @ Paris - London - Essen - Chicago - MEX - LA - Anaheim 2016.1.12+13 PERFECT WORLD 5.21 Welcome Fan Meeting 5.22 HNL Ekiden & Music 2016 5.23 Farewell Fan Meeting 8.21 SCAFes 2017.7.14 47 Prefecture Tour @ 茨城 - 水戸 - 東京 2018 Special Thanks @NY - SF - Anaheim - MTY - MEX - Dallas 2022 MIRROR @Toronto - NY - Boston - Atlanta 2023 UU @ 福岡 - 東京 08.21 Sekai Ichi 2024 LUMINOUS @ 名古屋 - 横浜 - 大阪 - 奈良
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one piece Translations - CHAPTER 02: FANS
Posted Wed Oct 15, 2014 3:35 am



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RINA has written on her blog about the FANS

front-page - 【one piece】 one piece Translations A07c17-02bc42d023b44e3085553ca82c2c6ec1-mv2

Companions sharing the same joy. Birds of a feather.
The energy that moves me.

front-page - 【one piece】 one piece Translations A07c17-3b2c5c0ffe414a7191dc731e6bc061a4-mv2

I hope you have fun while laughing and being surprised.
It would be great if you could get completely addicted;
Leave every now and then; come back again; and find your favorite angle of us and love it.
That'll do.

2012-08-21 「21 years old.」

front-page - 【one piece】 one piece Translations A07c17-d3c2f1c4a23f4aa581c87270ed7bb68c-mv2

Crying, laughing, feeling frustrated, working hard
While repeating all of that.
Sometimes I remind myself that there are thousands of our friends
Waiting for the same day.

That is why
I can do my best.

2012-03-25 「Secret methods」

front-page - 【one piece】 one piece Translations A07c17-23894454ec97485bb938660af812d2e2-mv2

I absolutely love concerts,
And I want to make my life revolve around them.
I've been doing so because of you guys.
The reason I'm still in the band is because of all of you.

2012-11-01 「Omiya Sonic City」

front-page - 【one piece】 one piece Translations A07c17-1419091840884dbbad05f849a0dc2c7a-mv2

I'm sure everyone
Is doing things such as
Listening to our songs a lot for tomorrow,
Buying new skirts,
Cutting their hair that's grown past their napes,
And are not able to sleep tonight.
It makes me feel so warm.

2012-03-27 「Feelings of 24 hours before」

front-page - 【one piece】 one piece Translations RKyM8aU

I can do my best
Because everyone is there to support us.
There are times I feel like I'm being overwhelmed by nervousness,
Nights when I want to cry alone,
And lonely times.
Whenever the coward in me comes out,
I always think of you guys.
You guys are unrivaled. Thank you.

2012-01-25 「The first one,」

More than what to release
And more than where to perform,
The fact is that
Three years have passed since our major debut.

It's the moment when
You have long-standing relationships with those around you,
And you see people who are happy to see you, who shed tears with you,
And who work hard for the benefit of others.
By people around us,
I mean the writers who regularly interview us,
Staff members who are close to us,
And you who are reading this.

2012-02-03 「Expanding HOME」

front-page - 【one piece】 one piece Translations 9NfNHaL

Sometimes I think
That I'd really like to talk with you guys like we're friendsー. haha
Like what kind of things you enjoy,
How you stayed up late yesterday,
That you like someone at your part-time job,
That the next test will be troublesome,
That you had a fight with your mom,
When and where you discovered SCANDAL,
Secrets, happiness, tears.

I want to stay close to you forever.

2012-02-08 「The space between you and me」

front-page - 【one piece】 one piece Translations 7LaI4Ty

We shook hands with each person for just a moment,
But when we held hands,
It was just the two of us.
I wish time would have stopped.
I wish I could have solidified that atmosphere and preserved it.

2012-03-10 「Just the two of us」

front-page - 【one piece】 one piece Translations 5qiomis

It becomes immeasurable power
And seeps into RINA of SCANDAL.
It's fine if it's the same as usual.
Please divide your words little by little.
Then, I want to play a live.

2012-03-27 「Feelings of 24 hours before」

I want you to do what you love
Or what you want to do now,
And not quit no matter what anyone says.
When an opportunity arises,
I want you to jump into a world
You don't know about,
Even if it's something you're not interested in
Or it doesn't suit you.
I want you to love your family, friends, and loved ones again
Who are by your side as a matter of course.
You can do whatever you want.

2012-06-03 「Zepp Namba」

front-page - 【one piece】 one piece Translations HT93GDA

Live shows really do mean to live.
Even though we've done it hundreds of times, it's still new.
Everyone had such great expressions on their faces todayー.
I really love seeing those faces
While playing the drums.

2012-06-09 「ZEPP TOKYO」

front-page - 【one piece】 one piece Translations IX6XPdk

When we tour, it's a day, a week, a moment.
It's definitely a time when new encounters occur.
What a strange life. The best.

2012-06-11 「Nagano JUNK BOX」

A band that does a lot of different things.
That's what SCANDAL is.
But I think it's okay
To be either hated or loved.
The new one is a set with pros and cons.
That's why we'll continue to do things
That have the potential to be interesting.
We don't expect you to accept everything,
But I'd be happy if there is something that fits your type
Among the various things we create.

2012-07-17 「Silver」

front-page - 【one piece】 one piece Translations XXK6JhY

This may be a common phrase
That has been used by various artists
From various times and in various places,
But without each and every one of our fans,
I would not exist.
I'm on stage because you're all here.
Thank you as always.

2012-08-21 「21 years old.」

front-page - 【one piece】 one piece Translations GZloZ2e

As soon as we stepped on stage
And played the first note,
The girls in front of us started bawling,
Which was very striking. It got us fired up.
Every time I see those expressions,
I think,
"We're doing this for these people."

2012-11-10 「Hiroshima Ueno Gakuen Hall 」

front-page - 【one piece】 one piece Translations UVHm42R

No matter how little time you have,
Even if you feel sleepy, nervous, or tired,
The selfish expectations and delusions that say
"I think everyone will like it"
And the confidence that comes
When you look at it objectively and think, "Good"
Are what will save you.
It's okay to have bad days.
The band = life.

2013-05-15 「Something I want to show」

front-page - 【one piece】 one piece Translations NgeUJNU

I've been thinking about this often,
That perhaps I'm a very jealous person.
Probably. Definitely.
I'll keep working hard again starting tomorrow
So that I can be the best for everyone.

2013-07-15 「Tonight's reaffirmation」

front-page - 【one piece】 one piece Translations KrqVqTQ

If we didn't become public figures,
We wouldn't have been able to meet anyone we could call a fan.
It's scary to think about it.
You guys no longer feel like strangers,
And I really want everyone to be happy.
I want to give you a life where you can laugh a lot.
Rock bands are amazing.

Thank you.
We'll take you somewhere even more awesome.
We'll become a monster band.

2013-08-14 「Kagen no Tsuki is out」

front-page - 【one piece】 one piece Translations 0Spen7w

Our songs, our voices, our smiles, and our atmosphere.
If something of ours can become a gear for someone
And make them feel a little bit better, that's good.
Also, it's okay to cry once in a while.
Even if I write what I want to say, it will only turn into sentences,
But I hope I'm getting something across.

2014-01-14 「H.S.C.」

front-page - 【one piece】 one piece Translations XMgZP1t

Thank you so much, everyone.
You always make our dreams come true.
Please don't forget
That each of your voices become the energy
That moves something more than you can imagine.
It's been moving me for at least 7 years.

2014-03-21 「It's been decided!」

front-page - 【one piece】 one piece Translations T63I4ib

I hope everyone will do their best every day
To make the excitement even more enjoyable.
Whether it's an appointment with a friend,
A date with your significant other,
Or a concert,
I hope you can spend the day in a better mood.
I’m rooting for you☺

2014-06-17 「5」

In the audience were children tapping to the rhythm on their mothers' laps,
Surely experiencing seeing a band for the first time.
A floor full of shining eyes is a spectacular view

When you're in a band, you get to be someone's first time ever seeing a band,,, It's wonderful

2014-07-07 「4 hours for 4 people」

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Special Interview 1: 「How Much RINA Can Do」

front-page - 【one piece】 one piece Translations A07c17-4927d28cc9a84076b6d180e3c06526ad-mv2

I think it's true for everyone, but family is really important. It's where I started from.


──What kind of child were you?

I think I really was a handful. I was always clinging to my teacher, and I would go and ask "How do you this?" for anything, or would say that I wanted to carry the flag for sports day. I'd hog the teacher with my group of close friends and would get jealous when other kids would go up to the teacher. I was a very jealous child. Also, my mother would be really happy when I'd win first place in relay at sports meets, and that made me very happy. That's why I worked very hard at running. I also learned gymnastics. I went to lessons every day in kindergarten. Swimming, calligraphy, abacus, English, piano—my schedule was jam-packed. I was very busy even at a young age (laughs). Even in kindergarten I would tell stories like, "I've done this-and-this before," and show off in front of everyone.

──Why did you go to so many lessons?

My mother was the kind of person who wanted her children to be able to all kinds of things. She wouldn't force me to do anything I didn't want to, but she would take me to things that she thought I'd be interested in. I was in a children's theater company from kindergarten until I was in 3rd or 4th grade. When I kept insisting that I wanted to go, she found an ad for a theater school in the newspaper. I applied, got accepted, and started taking lessons.

Actually, my mother also wanted to be an entertainer. That dream never came true, though, because her parents were against it. My mother never once said to me, "Why don't you become someone who appears on TV?", but I think she was really happy that I naturally became interested in that kind of thing. So, she supported me in many ways.

──Did you join a theater company because you wanted to work in the entertainment industry?

I already found myself saying at...3 years old that I wanted to be an entertainer. I wanted to be "the person on TV," so I'd stand behind the TV and dance and sing. I thought if I went behind the TV, I could appear on the TV. I would ask my mother, "Am I on the TV?" and she'd say yes (laughs).

──How did you first become interested in "being on TV"?

One reason is that I was a kid who watched a lot of TV, and when I was little, I used to sing with a toy microphone filled with ramune candy. My grandma and mother were so happy when they saw me singing and dancing. I was happy that my dancing and singing made the people around me laugh and be happy. Maybe that's what started it all. Before long, after my grandparents bought a real karaoke machine, they would say, "RINA-chan, sing!" and I would sing often.

──What songs did you sing at that time?

I was singing nothing but Seiko Matsuda songs in kindergarten (laughs). My mother loved Seiko Matsuda and always sang "Anata ni Aitakute ~Missing You~," so I learned it naturally. When we'd go as a family to a karaoke place that gave you scores, my mother would get a score of 95 for "Anata ni Aitakute ~Missing You~." When I sang after her, I got 90. I was so frustrated that I cried a lot (laughs). I hated to lose.

──Did you enjoy the theater group?

Well, I think the theater company was the first setback of my life (laughs). From the day I joined, we would do vocal exercises and acting exercises, but the level was so high. It was already like all the tiger mothers were there, and my mother was not like that at all. On my first day, we were given a text for a play and had time to learn our lines, but since I was a kindergartener, I couldn't even read simple kanji characters. When they asked me to read a line, I couldn't do anything because I couldn't read it. I was so hurt on the first day of lessons that I hugged my mother and cried afterwards. I was so angry at myself for not being able to do it.

──You weren't like, "I'm quitting!"?

No. As soon as I got home, I had my mother write out the furigana for all the pages. I kept practicing my acting with her. I had some setbacks at first, but I ended up being in the group from kindergarten to 3rd or 4th grade. I guess I am a very serious and competitive person.

front-page - 【one piece】 one piece Translations A07c17-fb7c2c114a174464a9eec94fbaf3ab64-mv2

I'm a lone wolf type.
I don't like the feeling of girls crowding around each other

──When you were in elementary school, what were you like in your class?

For better or worse, I stood out. I was quite tall and fashionable in the first grade. If I saw my classmates on the street, they would think I was flashy. But I also liked studying. When I understood a problem in class, I would take the initiative and raise my hand. I was the type of person who people would be like, "RINA's raising her hand again." I enjoyed the problems on printouts so much that I would start doing my summer homework the moment it was handed out (laughs). There was a homework assignment called "Ano ne (You know what?) notebook." It was a kind of diary or composition that began with the words, "Teacher, you know what?" The teacher would read what I had written and mark the parts they thought were good with wavy lines. I had a lot of fun writing it.

──Was your writing praised?

I think it's as good as anyone else's, but I kind of know what to write, like, "Maybe I should write like this!" My younger sister, who's 4 years younger than me, had entered 1st grade and was given a "Teacher, you know what?" assignment to write, so I was helping her and saying, "Write this," and trying to see if her teacher would actually put some wavy lines (laughs). Terrible, right?

──Did you have a lot of friends?

This is still the case, but I prefer spending my time with a small group of good friends rather than a large number of people. I wrote about it in my blog titled "6-1" that there are about 2 or 3 people that I've been in contact with since elementary school. When I was in middle school, there was one kid I was really close with, and I felt like I was extremely devoted to them.

──What do you mean by "devoted"?

Like, if they were in trouble, I'd definitely take their side no matter how many enemies they'd have. There weren't any situations like that, though (laughs). So, although I have a few good friends, I'm basically a lone wolf type. I don't like the feeling of girls crowding around each other. Girls gather in front of the mirror in the bathroom during recess to talk with each other even if they have nothing to do, right? I don't like that kind of thing. I would rather be alone in the classroom reading a book or something. I was totally fine being alone.

──Why were you okay with being alone?

I wonder why? I'm just guessing, but I think there were a lot of times when I was like, "My mother will be there when I get home!" It was like, as long as I have my mother, I'll be fine. I really loved my mother.

"Come to think of it, you look like you're just a fad anyway" was said as a parting shot (laughs)

──What were you like in middle school?

When I entered middle school, I joined the soft tennis club. When I was leaving school as an elementary student, I would see the middle school tennis courts through the wire fence and thought it would be cool to play tennis, so I joined the club. But when I joined, it turned out to be the weakest school in the prefecture (laughs). But I knew that if I really tried, I would definitely succeed. At that time, a new teacher from a strong school happened come and become the coach. They were very strict, but I was still a competitive person, so I was practicing hard and didn't want to lose any games. And for some reason, the coach named me captain.

──Wait, so you, a first-year student, suddenly became captain?

Yeah. I was so surprised. I was like, "If they do that, I'll stand out again!" Ever since I was in elementary school, I've always been the type of person who attracts the attention of my seniors. I wouldn't do anything to them, but they would think I was precocious, conspicuous, or a nuisance. Sure enough, as soon as I became captain, all the second and third-year seniors quit. I didn't care that they quit, but I thought, "Oh no - with only these many players, we won't be able to compete in the team competition" (laughs). But I managed to play in two matches, and at the very last minute...we won the team competition! Girls have so much strength when push comes to shove. It was the first time I thought, "This is awesome."

──While you were working hard at your club activities, what happened to your dream of "wanting to be on TV"?

I still held on to that dream, of course. I dreamed of standing on stage almost every day, and in my essays and graduation essays, I only ever wrote anything along the lines of, "My dream for the future is to be a perfomer.'' Perhaps my admiration was so strong that I put too much effort into it. I practiced singing so much before the day of an audition that the next day I felt like my eyes were vacant (laughs). I'd been spinning my wheels for a long time. I went to countless auditions on my own, but it never went well.

──How did your life start moving forward?

When I was in middle school, I auditioned for a music agency and was accepted. But I didn't feel like I could make my debut right away. The people at the agency told me I should increase my repetoire before going to Tokyo, so I was introduced to a dance school in Osaka (Caless Vocal & Dance School) to practice singing and dancing. I joined a newbie training class but couldn't keep up with it at all. I used to play sports, so I was comfortable with basic drills, but dancing using completely different muscles. I couldn't remember the moves at all. I didn't have the stamina to keep up. Even then, I was so frustrated that I cried.

──It's the same kind of experience you had with the children's theater company. You still didn't think about quitting?

I didn't. I finally had gotten my chance. From then on, I went to school before anyone else, took a position behind the teacher, and practiced as hard as I could. I bought a full-length mirror for the first time and practiced at home all the time. But after I'd been to the school about three times, someone from the school suddenly asked me if I wanted to join a band...

──Was that a happy thing?

No, it was kind of frustrating. I'm here to dance and sing, and I'm like, "You mean I have no chance of improving?" But since I was actually struggling, I thought, "Yay! Maybe I can do this if I'm in a band." I felt both of those things. Moreover, the other three—HARUNA, MAMI, TOMOMI—were in the top class at school. I looked up to them, and they were already popular and had fans. So, while I was happy to be working with them, I had mixed feelings about whether I could really do it.

──Were you in the soft tennis club and the dance school at the same time?

That's right. I really liked playing tennis and wanted to continue playing in middle school and even in high school, but once I started playing in the band, it became impossible for me to do both. Even the people at the dance school said things like, "You're doing club activities, too! You'll get burnt out!" and "If you're that burnt out, you won't be able to debut!'' (laughs).

So I quit the club. But even before that, I had been failing to fulfill my role as captain more and more. My coach was getting really angry. When I went to say, "I apologize for my selfishness, but I'm quitting the club," they told me, "Come to think of it, you look like you're just a fad anyway" as a parting shot (laughs). I don't know for sure, but I think they were shocked that chose the band. Or maybe it was the coach's way of encouraging me.

After all, the members have lived a little longer than me. I had a new-found respect for them again.

──Even if you were to play in the band, why play drums?

Before I joined, there was actually another drummer. She was a girl in the same class as the other members and was just as popular as them. They would have been the strongest team. But she was good at dancing and singing, and was popular with audiences for that reason, so she seemed dissatisfied with the idea of playing the drums. So she quit and SCANDAL was a band without a drummer for a while. Then I came to the school and a teacher asked me to join the band. I didn't mind playing the drums, and because of the situation, I knew I had to quickly become as good as, if not better than, the other members. Also, I was afraid that if I couldn't dance or play the drums, I wouldn't be allowed to attend the school (laughs). So I practiced the drums for about 12 hours on the first day and was able to play an 8-beat rhythm. The teacher was surprised that I hadn't gone home yet (laughs).

──Did you fit in well, being the only junior?

All of us are shy, so at first we were just trying to figure out what to talk about and what to call each other...but there were no boundaries between seniors/juniors with them. I felt comfortable from the beginning. I started texting MAMI first, then TOMOMI and I started practicing together after school since we both attended the Osaka branch, then I started talking with HARUNA. Little by little we all became friends.

──Did you ever clash with the members?

There is one thing that really left an impression on me. SCANDAL in our indie days had a slightly different feel to our current image. We had a rock-ish feel to us, with high school girls in school uniforms playing music violently with hair swinging. Our promo photos had a mysterious feel to them, with our faces barely visible. That's why we tried to incorporate pop songs, cute outfits, and us dancing together. All of us had our doubts, but the other 3 accepted it as a positive meaning at some point. I honestly thought to myself, "Who is this going to resonate with?" It turned into some twisted thoughts. At that time, we were scheduled for dance lessons before filming a music video, but I was not very good at it and hated it so much. Because of that, there were days when I rebelled, saying, "I don't want to do this!" Even though the other members were taking their lessons properly, I would leave the studio without permission. Then, in the car on the way home, HARUNA quietly and strongly admonished me, saying, "You can't do that." It was the first time a member, especially HARUNA, had ever said something like that to me, and probably the last time. So, although I wasn't yelled at, nor did anyone get extremely angry at me, it stung a lot.

In the end, when we tried it out, the audience was really happy with it, and there was a tremendous amount of feedback from people overseas who saw our music video. I thought, "Ah, I'm glad I did this." After all, the members have lived a little longer than me. I had a new-found respect for them again.

About family

──From this point on, please tell us about your family and upbringing. You talked a lot about your mother in the first half of the interview, but what does she mean to you, RINA?

I love her so much and she has been the most important person in my life since I was a child. My mother was frail and thin, and I felt like I had to protect her. She had asthma and was often rushed to the hospital by car. She told me to call an ambulance if she had an attack and gave me the number of the ambulance. After calling, I would turn off the gas, lock the door, and wait outside. I learned this from an early age, so I was able to do it from the time I was 6 or so.

──Despite being able to do those things, weren't you scared of being alone?

I was. I was so anxious and like, "What's going to happen!?" But since I had my younger sister who's 4 years younger than me, I thought I shouldn't be so nervous and tried my best to stay strong.

──What about your father?

My father ran his own company and was so busy that he rarely came home. When he did come home, it was at midnight, and he would leave early in the morning. So I guess I felt a sense of duty to protect my mother even more. Because of her asthma, we moved from Osaka to Nara when I entered elementary school in order to go somewhere with good air quality.

──Has she been feeling better since moving to Nara?

Her asthma has gotten better. But around the time I was in 5th or 6th grade, my parents got divorced. I don't really care about the divorce. [Divorce] is a very common thing these days, and I don't think it's anything special. I'm on good terms with my father. But my mother started working at night and I hated it. I hated it when my mother comes home drunk. She would force herself to drink until late and then come home, telling me that she had to drink until her head hurt and she started acting strange. Also, I missed her because I didn't get to see her as much as I would have liked.

One day, my mother said she'd be home at 3 am and went out, so I sat at the front door and waited the whole time because I missed her. And yet, she didn't come home. When I looked at the clock and saw that it was 10 or 20 minutes past 3, I was so frustrated, worried, and angry. My head was filled with all sorts of emotions. There were times when I went outside and lined stones up in front of the front door that spelled out "I hate you, mother,'' locked the door, put the chain on, and went to sleep. Naturally, since the chain was on, my mother couldn't get into the house when she came home. When I heard banging on the door a little after 6 in the morning, I went to go open it and she finally got inside... Awful, huh (laughs).

──Did she get mad and go, "What are you doing?!"?

She didn't say anything. I mean, I was still crying and angry. As a mother, I think she was worried, wondering what her child is feeling. Because of that experience, I still feel resistant to alcohol. I don't like it—or rather, I'm afraid of it. I can't ride the train at night. When I see people staggering around, it make me want to cry. That's why I can't go to after-parties. It's gotten better recently, but a while ago, I alone would go back to the hotel after a concert. I never talked about it with the members, so I think everyone was puzzled as to why I was like that.

──Did you often take that kind of anger out on your mother?

I was so out of control (laughs). Even though I love her so much, I'd end up hitting her. I felt so neglected and didn't know why I was feeling this way. I was so frustrated that I couldn't put my feelings into words, so my emotions took over and I started crying.

──Can you put into words now what was bothering you when you were in elementary school?

Let's see... When I saw her sacrificing herself, I thought, "Oh my God, what are you doing?!" I understand that mothers are willing to sacrifice themselves for the sake of their children. I think it's wonderful that you can think of others before yourself, and maybe the children should be very grateful that mothers think of their children first, but they should also think of themselves as equally being important. I think that's how children feel, and I think mothers are really wonderful people for being able to do that.

But there's no way I could have expressed that in words. Even now, the most stressful thing is feeling like I wasn't able to express my feelings well. I'm totally fine with not being able to sleep, but when something like that happens I feel really depressed. In the end, I started keeping a diary because I couldn't speak well. If I write down my thoughts and feelings, I can see things that I didn't even realize I was thinking. I started to be able to do that a little more from around middle school, but I was always terrible at it.

I'm a very popular person at my parents' house (laughs).
They're like, "A rare character's come back!"

──Please tell us about your siblings.

My siblings are all different, face-wise and personality-wise (laughs). There are a total of 4 siblings: A sister 4 years younger than me; a brother 8 years younger than me; and two other siblings from when my mother remarried when I was in middle school, who are 16 and 20 years younger than me.

I don't feel much of an age difference between my younger sister and me, and we've always been close. My mother would come home late at night, so my sister and I would cook breakfast together and I would make lunch. In the morning, it was always toast and boiled eggs. Because I like boiled eggs. But because I ate them all the time, my sister started to really dislike boiled eggs (laughs). She started crying, saying, "I don't like boiled eggs because they taste like chicken." It was so cute.

She's taller than me now, and is pretty trendy. But she really admires me a lot. Not me, but "RINA of SCANDAL." Our makeup and hairstyles are exactly the same now (laughs). She also wants hand-me-down clothes, so once every few months I send to my parents' house a batch of clothes that I think she could wear.

My brother admires me in a different way than my sister. Every time he sees SCANDAL live, he says, "I want to form a band too. I want to play guitar." So I bought a guitar and amp for his birthday. He's gotten really good at it. He really respects MAMI. He says things like, "Doing that kind of phrase while harmonizing is amazing" (laughs).

Not sure about the little ones. I don't think the 3-year-old really understands who I am. I had already moved to Tokyo by the time they were born, and I've only met the youngest one a few times.

But they're really attached to me. When I was in my hotel room the day before our concert in Osaka-Jo Hall in 2013, my mother called me, saying, "They're crying because they want to talk to RINA-chan" (laughs). I was like, "What kind of emotion is that!?" (laughs). Lately, as they've grown up, they've been starting to understand, "This person is on TV, but she's my older sister.''

front-page - 【one piece】 one piece Translations A07c17-8d8fd6c376664401a5c443b8cd378dab-mv2

──With such a close parent-child relationship, wasn't it hard to be away from your family when you moved to Tokyo in 11th grade?

I was worried, of course, about my mother's health, but I've always had a longing for Tokyo. It was the first step to make my dream come true, and it wasn't difficult at all. When I left for Tokyo, the president of my agency drove me to my parents' house in Nara, and everyone was crying a lot. I laughed, cried, and waved at them a lot. My younger sister was at an age where she didn't cry in public that much. But at that time, she was crying so much that she skipped school the next day (laughs). I was so happy because I didn't realize how much she needed me and depended on me when we were living together, so I kept in touch with her every day for a while.

──What do you notice when you're away from your family?

When I went away from my family and thought about things objectively, I realized that, despite all the things I said, I did spend a lot of time with my mother. I had 4 years being an only child. I had my mother all to myself during that time, but my other siblings didn't have that. Even after my mother remarried, she continued to work to support the family. My youngest brother was born right around the time SCANDAL performed at Budokan [in 2012], and I was shocked to learn that our mother had to leave him at daycare and go to work after that. As someone who loved my mother very much, I felt I wouldn't be able to bear such a situation if I were to put myself in my brother's shoes. Even when it comes to picking up the children from kindergarten, I think mothers are special in the same way that grandmothers and neighbors take care of their children, or parents who hold their hands and walk them to the bus stop. So I immediately asked her to quit her job and stay home with the children, and I'd help her in any way I could.

──Does that mean that you support your family?

Yes. I think my mother understood and was happy about it. Raising small children may not allow you to take a good rest and stay at home to take care of your body, but I want her to do it.

──Are you the eldest daughter and a father figure?

Maybe so. I think it's a part of my parents' pride, but I want them to rely on me more. After all, my mother gave birth to me when she was 22 years old. That's my age right now. When I think about how she's been raising children for 23 years now, I have a huge amount of respect for her. I think, "You don't have to work so hard anymore! How many people have you raised!?" One thing I think about is that for mothers, their children are all the support they need. That's why I think that living our lives as wonderful people is what gives our mothers energy. For that reason, I also have to work hard. I feel the same way, but I want my younger siblings to think the same way and grow up properly.

──What's it like going home now?

I'm a very popular person (laughs). When I go back to my parents' house, they're like, "Wow! A rare character has come back from Tokyo!" It's that kind of energy (laughs). My ordinary family members seem to be very interested in the world I live in, so they ask me questions like, "Have you met these artists before?" and "What do you think about this?" The little kids seem to fight over who gets to take a bath with me. So when I go to my parents' house, I'm extreeemely busy. It's impossible to take a break. It's like being a kindergarten teacher. They go, "RINA-chan, play that on the piano〜" and always makes me play "Bitter Chocolate" (laughs).

But I also feel happy. I think it's true for everyone, but family is really important. It's where I started from.

front-page - 【one piece】 one piece Translations A07c17-fd1a664207604887a684591f4e5f9f35-mv2

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RINA has written on her blog about her PRIVATE LIFE

front-page - 【one piece】 one piece Translations A07c17-a4dbcef0552f4dd192119d8bd25e8bb2-mv2

Put on makeup and go out on the town.
That one effort brings happiness.

front-page - 【one piece】 one piece Translations A07c17-7a2eac77489946cda24bb61aac1b2913-mv2

I talked to my parents for the first time in a while.
It's a place
Where you can convey anything,
Whether it's meaningless sentimentality
Or new joy that has nowhere to go.
A voice on the phone updates me on how I'm doing.

2012-03-31 「Me, the eldest daughter」

front-page - 【one piece】 one piece Translations A07c17-00f0fe80711b4222ab3827c978fee7cb-mv2

The [fans] imitate my hairstyles,
Wear the same clothes,
And even get their nails done like mine.
I'm always happy when people want to do the same thing as me.
Everyone's so adorableー♪

2012-10-30 「Ready to go,」

front-page - 【one piece】 one piece Translations A07c17-5eec1466784a4d05a27fa55c903663cc-mv2

It's difficult when you're a student because you're very sensitive to a lot of things
And you can't really control yourself.
But I'm sure
That all of them were necessary and wonderful journeys.
That's what I now am able to feel.

2012-01-12 「Continue, continue」

front-page - 【one piece】 one piece Translations A07c17-9b14d05f24fe40a496bbbe89ea193b62-mv2

I've been spending more time reflecting on myself these days, especially when on tour,
And I can see what I like and what I don't like about myself in a scary way.
I've always been a fluctuating person,
As well as an annoying one and a perfectionist.
There are so many things I don't like about myself, both inside and out.
I guess that's why I can do my best.
I don't want to hurt the people who say they love me.

2012-11-02 「You know,」

Actually, I don't have many friends.
I don't want to have any unreliable relationships,
Which is why I'm not able to grow that number much.
That's why all of the friends I do have are so important to me.
If something should happen to them,
I'd definitely go rushing over.

2012-04-15 「Girl friends」

The scents of summer make me miss them:
The friends I've fought with and helped out many times;
The me who could only see ahead;
The people who are important to me, whether I like them or not.

2012-08-02 「Proof of our goodbye」

I think I probably lacked confidence
But didn't want to give in,
So I just took the wrong approach.

2012-08-09 「One honest thought」

front-page - 【one piece】 one piece Translations P8cOTP5

Q. What's your favorite season?

I'm Japanese, so although it feels like spring kicks off the year,
Summer feels just as fresh.
There are also festivals, which I get pumped for. Ah, I also love summer clothes

2014-06-14 「Unveiling!」

RINA's candids - 2014

Being a girl is fun.

2012-02-16 「Winding and stretching」

front-page - 【one piece】 one piece Translations WWiYRN7 front-page - 【one piece】 one piece Translations C8XXx4K

I like delicate designs for accessories

2014-07-18 「Q&A」

front-page - 【one piece】 one piece Translations 8oiyJIm

Q. What wallet do you use?

I'm trying a blue one for the first time☺

2014-06-30 「Q&A」

front-page - 【one piece】 one piece Translations UTDQ9zu

I'm wearing comfy sandals today☺
White and sparkly
All of my nails are sparkly, too☆ミ

2014-07-16 「Current obsession」

front-page - 【one piece】 one piece Translations XKd39wG

heels/miu miu

2014-07-14 「private」

front-page - 【one piece】 one piece Translations JxeVQAW


2014- 「"FESTIVAL" at Yokohama Arena DAY1」

front-page - 【one piece】 one piece Translations NE8WVrE

A sparkly pink.
A thin layer of pink glitter was applied to the base,
And adding holo + shells made it sparkleー☺
Simple is best!

2014-06-24 「How to spend a rainy day」

front-page - 【one piece】 one piece Translations NRpDmoP

I also changed my nails

2014-02-08 「Snow, in the room」

front-page - 【one piece】 one piece Translations ARVOmcw

When I read fan letters,
It makes me happy that there are people
Who pay attention to and copy things like
My nails, hair and makeup, and clothes. Thank you

2014-01-19 「The smell of life」

front-page - 【one piece】 one piece Translations 4gvDizJ front-page - 【one piece】 one piece Translations 2a85weB

I got a new cameraー☺
I'm happy because this is what I've always wanted to getー Aah,,
It's so cute & cool.
I'll be taking a ton of photos with this starting tomorrow☺

I also changed my nails. Simple with a pop of color.
Monochrome nails with no decorations seem to be popular right now

2014-06-11 「+Joy」

front-page - 【one piece】 one piece Translations E6awi8c

My new rings
So cuteー!!

2014-02-01 「Short film」

front-page - 【one piece】 one piece Translations OJykTXm front-page - 【one piece】 one piece Translations DpxVEcA

An unusually large backpack
And shoes I fell in love with at first sight.
I couldn't decide whether to go for white or black,
So I chose this dress.
The back ribbon cinches in the waist and gives it a great shape☺
There were also a ton of men's and children's items.
I recommend 88Tees.

2014-05-31 「About the night」

front-page - 【one piece】 one piece Translations LHxWGl2

Q. What perfume do you use?

A. There are many days I don't use it, but recently I've been using
Miss Dior Eau de Toilette.
The scent lasts longer when combined with the body milkー

2014-05-30 「Off to Hawaii」

front-page - 【one piece】 one piece Translations UyWTY6T

Q. What do you do to relax?

Lately, I've been drinking 4-5 cups of herbal tea every day.
You can create a blend that suits you,
And it's apparently good for beauty and health. It's deliciousー.

2014-05-24 「An active Saturday」

front-page - 【one piece】 one piece Translations CB4RxfF front-page - 【one piece】 one piece Translations EtrEvDt

Q. What running shoes do you wear?

Pink Nikes.
I was shocked at how suuuuper light they are
They're lighter than bare feet

2014-05-25 「From the room to the world」

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one piece Translations - CHAPTER 04: STYLE
Posted Fri Jan 12, 2024 3:26 am




RINA has written on her blog about her LIFESTYLE

front-page - 【one piece】 one piece Translations A07c17-e1fbfd970fea403d82bd3b762efdd8d9-mv2

To continue, to persevere.
I think those are the most difficult and wonderful things of all.

front-page - 【one piece】 one piece Translations A07c17-5aa2fffeea1149e4bd47c1031eb81a29-mv2

Surrounded by all kinds of people every day,
I see all kinds of brilliance,
Sometimes feel inspired,
Sometimes feel disgusted with myself,
And sometimes for no reason at all
I'm suddenly struck by loneliness.
But I want more, more, more.
I'm still not satisfied.

2012-10-02 「Every day,」

front-page - 【one piece】 one piece Translations A07c17-e1961dba8a4846599d489e7fac11939a-mv2

The present is always,
By far, the most enjoyable.

I always
Want to make an overwhelming difference in my memories.
Tomorrow will surely be the strongest there ever was.

2012-02-14 「Past, present, future」

front-page - 【one piece】 one piece Translations A07c17-394b040ecbd84466a9914834158f4fde-mv2

Q. They say people aren't what they seem. What do you think?

Kindness and cleanliness are human strengths.
I think both are important

2014-06-26 「YokoAri mode」

front-page - 【one piece】 one piece Translations A07c17-675439f83c4d44bfabfef0cde1e299c3-mv2

Every time the shutter clicks, it gets emptier and emptier

There's a movie with a line like that in it,
And I know exactly why, but I don't sympathize with half of it

As soon as it's gone, a new one take up residence and washes the inside of my body every day as morning comes.

2013-01-25 「Empty, full, the night is short」

front-page - 【one piece】 one piece Translations 8CT4Isv

I will continue to have an accent for the rest of my life. Yeah.

2012-01-09 「6-1」

front-page - 【one piece】 one piece Translations Rz79s0i

From kindergarten through elementary school and middle school,
I never got tired of thinking about it.
I couldn't think of anything else.
I believed that believing in something was the shortest way to go.
I was hooked on it without even knowing it.

2012-01-09 「6-1」

I thought it was really cool
That people could shed tears for other people's dreams.

2012-01-12 「Continue, continue」

front-page - 【one piece】 one piece Translations 5S5UA1g

Being a band member is inspiration itself.
That's why my dreams for the future are stimulating.

2012-01-17 「A year and a half」

When I want to tell someone
About my specialty,
My favorite things,
Or what's in my heart,
I feel like I can't stop myself from saying it,
And words come out naturally in large numbers
As if they're skipping.

2012-01-19 「Today's numbers」

I believe that, depending on what it is,
Everything we do
Can be made either cool or different.
I want to be confident
When doing what I decide to do.
Then, I'm sure it'll be fun!

2012-02-01 「Nice!」

We can be proud of what we've done
And know we've done nothing wrong.

It's always thanks to someone other than myself
That I can confirm this.
You've made it
So that no one knows about you.
That's why it's interesting.

2012-02-03 「Expanding HOME」

front-page - 【one piece】 one piece Translations A3cXyi4

Peace of mind is always easy to come by.
You can save the pampering for later.
Now's the time to take hold.
Your greatest enemy is yourself.

2012-02-21 「3cm gap」

front-page - 【one piece】 one piece Translations 465xgcQ

Sometimes the mysteries suddenly increase.
Close yet far.
Happy but sad.
Fast forwarding but rewinding.
You want to be satisfied,
But it's still not enough.

2012-02-26 「Destiny's intentions」

front-page - 【one piece】 one piece Translations LQwbsGW

I can't help but feel that there is something special
About the time from night to morning.
They seem to be moving at the same speed,
But it seems like they end up running at a rapid pace.
It's a waste if you don't jot it down.

2012-04-08 「Ideas at night」

Doing something you love,
Something that you won't be able to quit--
It's better to do things
That fall under these two categories.
All sorts of things.
Cherish the talent that makes you want to do what you do.

2012-04-14 「Whatever you like, as much as you like」

front-page - 【one piece】 one piece Translations GED0oqZ

A single word from someone can make you realize
Or be reborn,
And the motive is always simple.

2012-05-12 「A simple reason」

Something goes wrong when I don't watch movies or novels.
Movies and novels don't let me down.
Then there are rock bands.
That's all there is to it now.

2012-05-28 「Takamatsu DIME」

front-page - 【one piece】 one piece Translations XnRih0P

Lately, I've been thinking that maybe
The truest effort comes from when you're a student.
Whether you're a busy person who has to juggle other things,
Or someone who has plenty of time to study, etc.,
Now is the only time you have the energy to do your best.
I think it's like magic.

2012-06-30 「Footprints」

We don't want to do the same thing.
We want to do it with flair and without restraint.
We want to surprise you. We want to impress you.
We want to be surprised, and we want to be impressed.

2012-07-23 「Ririko」

front-page - 【one piece】 one piece Translations LW8aaBs

We'll tell you as much as we can,
And see you as much as we can while we're able to.
Sometimes later is too late.
It's now or never.

2012-12-02 「Malaysia 2」

I will be a person who can move with a sense of what is important
So that I don't forget anything yesterday.

Let's make the life we want♩

2013-01-14 「Congrats!」

It's easy to make excuses,
But I think you can become a better person if you enjoy everything.
I like people who enjoy change.

2013-01-31 「Maintenance」

We will continue to change non-stop,
Do what we want to,
And I want to have fun doing
What everyone wants us to do.
You can't have one without the other.

We are four people who will make you want to stay with us.

2013-02-06 「ENCORE SHOW is out!」

Concerts are the best place
To get to know the four of us, after all.
It's similar to saying a confession should be given in person.
You should see our band live.
I want you to believe what you see with your own eyes
And the words you hear with your own ears.

2012-07-02 「Fukuyama MAIRO」

front-page - 【one piece】 one piece Translations KZ8EEzU

Since the beginning of this year,
I've especially started to want to write songs for other people.
We want to play songs that will go past the time when people get to know us through music
And get close to someone's heart.

2013-08-14 「Kagen no Tsuki is out」

Are all-girl bands short-lived?
That's absurd - It's absolutely not true.
That's what we think, so the four of us will continue to prove it.
Please look forward to our 8th year.

Wonderful is invincible

2013-08-21 「OTODAMA」

front-page - 【one piece】 one piece Translations 1XNfiek

We don't want to forget our roots.
That energy at the beginning is invincible.
I'm too embarrassed to put it into words,
But music really is wonderful,

And there are people whose lives changed after discovering the band

2013-09-18 「OVER DRIVE is out」

front-page - 【one piece】 one piece Translations O31W93m

I'm not a genius at anything in particular,
But I'm trying my best
To do what I can.
I want to discover things that I don't even know yet

2014-01-09 「SCANDAL MANIA」

front-page - 【one piece】 one piece Translations LrGkHt2

Are you close with your family?
I think it's a loss
If you don't cherish it no matter the situation

2014-02-23 「Sister」

front-page - 【one piece】 one piece Translations DrPrmuu

I truly believe
That memories and music go hand in hand.
So when we all look back on today in a few years,
I want SCANDAL's songs
To start playing back for you.

2014-04-09 「Congrats!」

front-page - 【one piece】 one piece Translations TlwgTg1

I feel like this is an ultimate way of thinking,
But I try to think, "It's a waste because I can't live forever."
Whenever I'm feeling negative, sullen, lost,
Or find myself in a bad situation, I always think of it that way.

2014-06-04 「Q&A」

front-page - 【one piece】 one piece Translations QPy3yMk

I want to be a SCANDAL member for a long time.
If an all-girl band can make it to their 30th anniversary,
That would be the best

2014-06-09 「TOSHI Matsuri」

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Special Interview 2: 「The Reason RINA Writes Blogs」

front-page - 【one piece】 one piece Translations A07c17-7c6611f8835d401997fb6f6a58207c93-mv2

What is a "blog," and what is "writing"?

For me, a blog is a record. It is a record of how I feel and my being a part of SCANDAL. Of course, no two days are the same, and every concert is different. I don't want to forget even the smallest happening. However, if it's too record-like, or if the words are connected in a way that can be read quickly, then it's not enough for me. In Interview 1, I mentioned that I started keeping a diary because I couldn't express my feelings in words ever since I was little, and that's still the case today. Before a concert, if I think, "What words should I use to convey my thoughts tomorrow?", the first thing I do is put it in writing. I keep my mind organized and stocked with words that say, "This is what I'm thinking." That's why I think blogs play such a role, to a greater or lesser extent. I want to leave behind words that can only be written at that moment, and that haven't yet become lyrics. So, right now, I want to create blogs that are somewhere between "records" and "feelings."

However, when I first started blogging, my "feelings" were too strong, and the content tended to be too heavy for a blog or difficult to convey to others. When I write a blog, I send it to my manager to make sure I didn't make any spelling mistakes or disclose information, and there are times when blogs won't be posted because they say it's too poetic. One day, my manager called me over and said that it was a waste. They said, "People who are already interested in RINA and read your blogs will find it interesting, but it will reject the people who know only RINA a little bit and come to look at the blog." I felt like I was being denied because I was trying my best to do what was right. I was very frustrated, but I also could certainly understand what was being said. When I calmly re-read my blogs, I realized that it was like going to the beach while wearing a dress. It was like my enthusiasm was running on empty...(laughs).

After thinking so, I have consciously changed the content of my blog to make them easier to read and pop out more. I usually don't use emojis or emoticons in e-mails, and I used to do the same with my blogs, but recently I've started using "☺︎" at the end of my sentences. For adults, "." is fine, but for younger middle school and high school students, I think it's better to end the sentence with "☺︎" rather than "." to get the message across after writing something serious or passionate. Also, this goes for writing lyrics as well, but I think visuals in writing are very important. There are some visuals that make people not want to read the content. If there are too many kanji characters, I adjust the text by changing half of them to hiragana, spacing the lines, and adding more "," so that the reader can easily read the text.

And then there are the photos. Since I was using a flip phone at first, I think my photos have gotten much better after switching to a smartphone. It took me a while to get used to it because I'm not good with tech, but I'm glad I switched. I didn't really take any photos myself before I started blogging, but now I've really started to like it. I'd be happy if you enjoyed watching those changes.

STYLE Edition

I think we get to know ourselves through someone watching us and teaching us

──Among the band members, why do you blog the most?

People tend to think that I'm trying to lead everyone like a leader, but it's the exact opposite. I'm often afraid of being a leader, and on the contrary, I can't do as much as the other three members. As I said in Interview 1, I can't dance as well as them. At the time of our debut, we were marketing ourselves as "SCANDAL from a vocal and dance school - All of us can sing, dance, and play instruments!'' I've always had a complex about it, thinking, "But I'm not like that." I can't dance, but I am good at communicating things with words, and I feel like I can make up for everyone else if I work hard enough. With that in mind, I ended up blogging the most. That's how I ended up updating it the most.

──Do you see it that way because of your older sister trait?

Yes. I think it is largely because of my family environment. But I'm younger than the other members and I don't think I have the role of a leader or older sister. However, each of us has become clear about our areas of expertise, so when it comes to words and speaking, everyone relies on me. I'm happy about that.

──I've also heard that you're a perfectionist by nature.

I guess that tends to happen when people have expectations for you. I think expectations can be a source of pressure, but I also think that that pressure can be a blessing. Because in the early days when we were busking, I never felt any expectations from those around me.

When someone wonders what I'll do next, or what I'll say at our next concert, I try my best to live up to their expectations. It makes me excited. While it is painful, it's also a joy, and I think I'd feel lonely if that were not the case. But, well, in reality, I think I am a perfectionist because I'm not perfect. I don't think people would dare to seek perfection if they were truly perfect.

──You often write that you're not satisfied yet, or that you want to move forward and ascend, but do you have a strong desire to do so?

That's right. I never run out of things I want to do. I always feel like I'm thinking about the future. I've performed at Osaka-Jo Hall and Yokohama Arena, and every time I achieve a goal, I feel strongly about it. That's why I don't feel like I've come that far. I want to meet more people and have them experience SCANDAL. I'm sure it'll be more fun than you can imagine. I think it would be a waste not to know about such a great band.

──Do you think you'll ever be satisfied one day?

I wonder. I can't even imagine it. But I think it would be scary if there was nothing I wanted to do anymore.

──What does RINA's inner world consist of? What influenced you in the process of becoming who you are?

Movies and novels, for sure. And I guess diaries. I've changed my style from a diary to a blog now. These three things have always been my favorites since I was a child, and I think they're the elements that have made me who I am today.

I started loving reading when I was in first grade. I read a lot of books. I usually went to the school library and read books one right after another. During summer vacation, I'd go to the city library and borrow a bunch of books. There's a writer named Kaoru Hayamine who writes a lot of mystery novels for elementary school students. I've read most of his books.

Now I like Haruki Murakami. When I first read Kafka on the Shore, I found it extremely interesting and got hooked on it. The sharpness of the language in all of his works is pleasant to read, and the way he connects words is interesting, even in sentences where you think, "I don't know what that means..." I like the way he connects words.

As for movies, I tend to watch old foreign ones. I've recently started watching French movies, but most of [the movies I do watch] are Hollywood movies. I like spending time at home alone, so I watch DVDs more often than in theaters. I love dinosaurs, and I named a realistic dinosaur toy that I found at Universal Studios [Hollywood] "Dai-chan the Dinosaur." I toured with it and often featured it on my blog for a t ime. It was when I saw Jurassic Park in kindergarten that I fell in love with dinosaurs. I'm not sure if it's connected to my love of movies (laughs). He got injured by taking him on too many tours, so he's currently resting in storage.

──How do you analyze your own life, style, and philosophy?

Hmm, I don't know...but there's always been a part of me that doesn't want to show more weakness than necessary. For example, if I catch a cold, I don't think I need to blog about it. Like, what am I expecting by saying that? I'm sure the comments would be full of things saying to rest up, but I don't want to make people feel that way. So I guess it's natural that I don't write negative things on my blog such as "I'm tired," "I'm sleepy," or "I don't feel well."

But I think the thing that most people don't understand is themselves. For example, I never thought of myself as a "mature person" at all, but the people I meet tell me I am. Although I have the temperament of an eldest daughter, ever since I was little I would always cry whenever something happened (laughs), and even now, I'm not very good at controlling my emotions. That's why I think I'm really clumsy, but some people say that I'm skilled...

In the end, I think we get to know ourselves through someone watching us and teaching us. I think that's why there's that saying, "No man is an island." I don't mean that I can't be alone because I'm lonely, isolated, and anxious, but because I don't even know who I am without other people.


I've always been happy to be a girl

──You post photos of your nails on a regular basis. How often do you change them?

I get my nails done about once every three weeks. Sometimes I change my nails as they grow, and sometimes I change them for a shoot. When it comes to promotions and appearing in magazines and media, I sometimes change my nails even though only a week has passed. I don't want people to think, "Oh, these photos were taken at the same time as so-and-so." I don't think there are many people who keep an eye out for them that much, and there's a high possibility that my nails won't show up in the first place, but it's such a joy when they do (laughs)! Stringed instruments don't allow for long nails. Even if they did, they would peel off. So I think it's a privilege for drummers to be able to enjoy having their nails done.

──What are your favorite designs?

I'm into simple nails right now. When I was a student, they were very gaudy. All 10 nails would have different designs and a ton of charms. My nails looked heavy (laughs). Right now, I like single colors, singular focal points, and all 10 nails with the same design. I've completely grown up.

──What are your preferences for hairstyles?

I used to think that having long hair was an easy way to spot me. I felt like I couldn't change it, but once I cut it into a bob, it became clear. My hair grows really fast! It only took a year and a few months to get to the length it is now. So I think I might actually be okay with cutting it however I want. But MAMI recently went for a bob. TOMOMI and MAMI are always rather eccentric, so after seeing how they look, I see if HARUNA's color is bright or dark, and then I decide after looking at the overall balance. I mean, it would be strange if two of us had bobs (laughs). I think fans remember me at first as "that girl with the bob." I think it would be a waste if there were several of them.

──What are your preferences for fashion?

I'm particular about sizing. I think shape is very important. No matter how good the clothes are, I feel like I can't wear them if they don't fit my body. That's why I like to have my clothes altered, not only in length but also in the waist and shoulders. I don't like clothes that don't show the lines of my body, so I don't own T-shirts that are too loose or jeans that are too thick. I think it's cute to have loose-fitting clothes sometimes, though. So, I feel that if you combine them with something that shows lines, it becomes more RINA-like. When I was in high school, the director of our record company told me that you had to spend a certain amount of money on clothes. I was a student back then and didn't understand what they meant. But as I grew up, I began to understand the true meaning. After all, you never know where or by whom you'll be seen. I think I should be at a level where, no matter where I meet someone, they'll think, "Ah, SCANDAL always looks so cool."

However, the most important thing is not the store or the price, but the vibe that a person gives off. And cleanliness. That's super important! I think people look great in clean, well-coordinated clothing, whether it's secondhand or cheap clothes.

──Do you love nails, fashion, and other so-called "girly things"?

I love them. I've always been happy to be a girl. Ever since I was little, I've loved dresses, frilly skirts, and the like. I also looked forward to having my mother do my hair every day. When she would ask me, "Do you want 1 today? Or 2?" I would always answer, "3." I was a pain (laughs). Hair, makeup, and fashion are so much fun. I was born a girl, so I think these are things I ought to enjoy.

front-page - 【one piece】 one piece Translations A07c17-0563f71cfb9342079909f2bb2d1dc3dd-mv2

FAN Edition

I want to be close enough to hold hands with my fans

──In your blogs, you often say things to your fans such as, "I can work hard because of you guys," but what do the fans mean to RINA?

This is really true, and I think it's amazing that there are people who care about you even when you don't know it. It means that I am alive and well in that person's heart. It really gives me courage to know that there are so many people who feel that way. I can see the audience very well during concerts, and since SCANDAL asks our lighting staff to light up the audience a lot, you can probably see the audience better than at other bands' concerts. But the audience doesn't know that, so I think they enjoy themselves freely. That's why we can see genuine expressions on their faces.

Those expressions... They make expressions that make me go, "I couldn't do that if I tried!" It's really cool and I love it. I think, "I want to see that." That's my source of energy. That's why the power that fans have is amazing. I really think so.

──What do you think about people copying your fashion?

It makes me really happy. I've had people comment on my blogs and ask if it's okay to copy me, and I'm like, "Please keep doing it more and more. It makes me happy." When we play concerts, there are some people who handmake outfits that look like ours, and others copy smaller things like, "I dyed my hair just for today," or "I copied your nail design just for today." All of those make me happy. We rehearse and do our best for those few hours, but the people who come are not just there for that day. They've been preparing for days in advance, trying to make it a special day with us. I can really feel those sentiments, and I am truly touched by it.

──What is the reason behind your messages of "I want you to take cherish family" and "I want you to cherish the present"?

SCANDAL's audience has a wide age range. Since we were asked to sing a theme song for Pokemon, we now have a generation of people from children to their parents. But for what it's worth, the largest portion of our audience is overwhelmingly students. People are rebellious at that time, and like me, you tend to lash out at your mom about things you didn't really think about. You may feel "embarrassed" when your classmates see you out at dinner with your family, or you may want to have some free time alone as soon as possible. But for many people, the time they spend with their families is only a small part of their lives. Families are constantly changing, whether it's living apart for higher education or employment, or getting married and leaving home. I left my family in my second year of high school, and that's why I hope you cherish the time you have with your parents. No matter how much you hate your family now, your parents will die someday. I want to say that even if you regret it at that point, it will be too late. I'd also like to say here that it's not a bad idea to talk a lot, eat meals, and do normal things while you can spend time together.

──Does it feel less like an artist and fans, and more like neighbors and friends?

That's right (laughs). For a long time, I always wrote in my essays and graduation theses that my dream in the future was "to be a stage performer," but more specifically, I wrote, "No matter how big the stage I get to sing and dance on, I want to be friends with the audience. I would be happy if I could make everyone smile." In an essay I wrote in early elementary school, I drew a picture of me on stage holding hands with the people on the floor who had come to see me. When that came back to me, I thought, "I haven't changed at all" (laughs).

In a sense, I should probably be a star and take the lead, but I want to be close enough to hold hands with my fans.


I knew that even if I didn't put it into words, that fact would stay with me for the rest of my life

──You often write, "I just want people to come to our concerts," but why do you care about the concerts?

I want people to come to see that the people they like are there.

I also like going to other artists' concerts, and just seeing them right in front of me gives me so much energy that makes me want to work hard from tomorrow. You can't understand that kind of joy unless you experience it, and I want people who like SCANDAL to experience that joy. That's why I hope you'll come.

──Even on the same tour, you post a blog after each performance, don't you?

I never want to sum it up on the final day by saying, "Thank you very much to everyone who came on this tour." If we were to do 30 concerts in 30 different locations, you might think we're doing the same thing 30 times, but that's really not true; I don't think we have ever done a single concert the same. And if we did the same thing, there would be no point in doing multiple ones. I know how much each person who comes puts into going that one time, and I also know how much they look forward to it. I think it's only natural to write down things like that carefully.

It was refreshing, and I felt like, "Of course we had planned to come this far."

──You wrote that "Budokan was surprisingly small." How did you feel?

We knew Budokan's name, but it wasn't the place we were trying to reach. So to be honest, I didn't know how to be happy when the concert was scheduled. However, as long as we're in a band, it's the place where The Beatles stood, and the four of us agreed that it was a place we should stand, and that it was a gateway to success, so we were grateful. But when we finally stood there, it really was an amazing spiritual hot spot. Up until then we had only performed at small venues and halls, where the four of us would appear from the same spot, but all four of us stood by in different places. It was also my first experience going on standby by myself. I was very nervous because it was something different from what I was used to.

Incidentally, when we decided to hold this Budokan concert, some people said, "With SCANDAL as it is now, they still won't be able to fill it up." But when tickets went on sale, they sold out immediately. I was glad we believed in ourselves and thought, "See?"

──How was Osaka-Jo Hall, which you were aiming for?

The moment the stage curtain came down, I felt, "This is what 'breathtaking' means." I was so moved that I could hardly breathe... This was a gift from the fans. I think our first time at OJH definitely was that. When we said we wanted to perform at Osaka-Jo Hall, the fans were like, "Okay, then we'll take SCANDAL there!" And then there were 10,000 people who actually brought us there. I was so happy, and it was the best commemoration day ever.

──Your blog on the day of the concert seemed surprisingly unassuming. Why is this?

I knew that even if I didn't say the words "Our dream came true," that fact would stay with me for the rest of my life. Besides, it wasn't a heavy concert, like, "We started out playing on the street in Osaka Castle Park, and we had zero fans. We had some setbacks, but we made it this far." It was refreshing, and I felt like, "Of course we had planned to come this far." That's why I don't think there was a need to say much.

──How did it feel to achieve a goal you've been talking about for so long?

Hmm. I wondered how I would feel about it, but I think I ended up feeling like it wasn't the goal at all. It was a really great concert and one of my favorites, but I really thought, "But maybe we can do even better." The year before we played at Budokan, I wrote a song called "one piece" with the intention of singing it when we performed at Osaka-Jo Hall. The lyrics go, "The dream I've always had is coming true," and I wrote this song while imagining "This is what I must be thinking" when I'd be standing in front of the fans, looking at the audience of Osaka-Jo Hall. So, while performing it at OJH, I thought to myself, "I've finally completed the song..." When I watched the live footage afterwards, the scenes of our smiling faces really hit home. The same goes for the band members faces' and the audience's. You can see us crying with smiles on our faces, but seeing us smiling made me cry a little.

DRUMS Edition

The parts you can see are delicate and girly, but the parts you can't see are rugged

──What do drums mean to you, RINA?

I wonder. But they're my weapon. When I sit in my drum chair, I can be completely strong. During concerts, I get to say things that I'd normally not be able to say. If it weren't for the drums, I don't think anyone would have loved me this much. For example, even if I had debuted as an idol or a celebrity, I don't think I would have been able to see such wonderful scenery.

SCANDAL is proud of its lyrics. That's why I want to deliver them properly

──Drums are an instrument with a powerful, masculine image, but is showing your feminine side something you're particular about, RINA?

The image that drums has of an instrument being played by a physically fit man is very prevalent. That's what I thought before I started playing them. But after actually playing them, I realized that they're an instrument that can be both cute and sexy. But for that reason, the visuals of the instruments are important. That's why I'm very particular about them. Firstly, the color. The pink drums I used before and the white drums I use now are not ready-made ones, but ones I've had painted to my liking. My current drums are a matte white mixed with rainbow glitter. Dyeing them my own color makes me feel very attached to them. The more times I naturally think to play them, the more I feel accustomed to them. I also want to make the drums as slender as possible, so I've decided to only have two toms: a floor tom and a high tom. If I added more toms, it'd look too overbearing. On the other hand, there are seven cymbals, which is a lot compared to the toms. I thought that was kind of cute. I have twin pedals at my feet, just like people who play harder music. So it's like a "sweet and spicy mix" (laughs). The parts you can see are delicate and girly, but the parts you can't see are rugged.

──Do you have your own particular way of producing sound?

The drums and bass are called the rhythm section, and in general, I think most people listen to the drums more for the pace, but I listen to the singing first. I also make my monitors that way. For example, if I put an open hi-hat sound where there's a lyric with the pronunciation of "shirt" or "sh," the "sh" sound overlaps and the vocal sound disappears a little. It's okay when it's during a concert because the PA does a good job, but I'm concerned about it when we're recording it, so I look at the lyrics and make adjustments like, "Let's not do an open hi-hat sound here." I guess that's what I'm particular about.

──Is that a common fixation for drummers? Or are you in the minority?

You'd be surprised. And I don't think the listeners notice it that much. So, it's a matter of self-satisfaction. But by doing so, I feel that the lyrics suddenly come to the forefront all at once. So I think it's better to do that. SCANDAL is proud of its lyrics. That's why I want to deliver them properly.

──Don't you feel like you don't want to be criticized just because you're in an all-girl band?

I really like being underestimated (laughs). Is that surprising? It's because it's interesting. I have the confidence to surprise people who look at me that way. I know the appeal of my band best, so I don't care what people think about us. I really like us being called an all-girl band and being categorized as such. In interviews, there are some people who are considerate and say things like, "You're now a band, not just an all-girl band." But I personally don't think that all-girl bands are inferior, and that normal bands are superior. But it's fine if you feel like you're being treated as inferior. In fact, I'd rather have a band like SCANDAL be an entry point for bands. I think it would be great if people would not only listen to the music but also think "I want to try playing the drums a little bit," as if they were just thinking "Let's go to a cafe for a little bit." I think it'd be fun to try it, and on the other hand, you'll realize that no matter how easy or simple a song may sound, there's a groove that only that band can produce, and that's what the members have put together. It's something we create, and SCANDAL definitely has that. I'd love to continue to be an all-girl band with pride.

front-page - 【one piece】 one piece Translations A07c17-bd7ece291a464e23be18b50ecc9f7a0a-mv2

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one piece Translations - CHAPTER 05: DRUMS
Posted Fri Jan 12, 2024 3:27 am




RINA has written on her blog about DRUMS

front-page - 【one piece】 one piece Translations Tumblr-mjcaz2-ZWtk1qlagoto1-1280

My beloved partner. My one and only weapon.
Thank you for making every day brighter.
I'm glad I discovered the drums.

I want to be as particular about its appearance
As I am about its sound.
Are a delicate and sexy instrument that suits girls as well.

2012-09-29 「QAT diary」

I want to make my drumming something you would want to copy.
Band songs that make you want to play it
Make you want to sing it,
Make you want to drum to it
Are cool.

2012-04-19 「117A」

front-page - 【one piece】 one piece Translations JxLhLcW

You don't know if your likes and dislikes will change.
Before you know it,
Your pet peeves seem to have melted into the explosion.

2012-01-05 「Neighborhood nuisance and rock 'n roll」

front-page - 【one piece】 one piece Translations 2x1JGip

Human beings are amazing
Because no matter how disjointed they are,
They can somehow bring themselves back to a position
That perfectly fits them
In 1cm, 1mm (feelings) increments. It's intuition.

2012-01-08 「Unfaithful」

front-page - 【one piece】 one piece Translations KpKXJdK

I just love
Fashion and makeup.
Even if you drum,
You can properly enjoy being a girl.

2012-01-20 「Original」

front-page - 【one piece】 one piece Translations 8MQAlZr

Vocals are voices,
And voices are words, feelings, and emotions.

The way I listen to music changed for the first time
When I was able to drum an 8-beat rhythm that seemed like it was going to crumble.
The drums started to float.
I was so moved.
That feeling
Of hearing a song you've heard many times in a new way.

2012-04-03 「Ears that heard the thrill」

front-page - 【one piece】 one piece Translations DCNwA0g

When I play the drums,
I listen to the song first,
Not the bass or the guitar.
Monitors are also made that way.
That's why I used to be resistant to changes or additions to the vocals,
And I was really interested in whether or not
I was able to create a beat that was easy for the person to sing.

But tonight I realized that I was already enjoying myself
With peace of mind.

2012-08-13 「Girls' rock」

front-page - 【one piece】 one piece Translations 2bHD6pc

RINA is still the same as ever, but please continue to support me♪
I'll keep on trying to charm you with a play style
That will make you glad I'm a girl.

2012-08-21 「I've turned 21」

front-page - 【one piece】 one piece Translations RPxyb0P

Her name is Celine.

I made the bass drum 16", which is 2" thinner than the previous one.
And this time I went crazy with customizing.

The base color is a creamy white pearl.
I made just the port hole ring gold.
Visuals are important because drum sets will be with you for a long time.

2013-04-04 「Next Stage」

front-page - 【one piece】 one piece Translations VKYbhSi

I always ice my wrists after drumming.
If you're just starting out on drums,
If you haven't tried this yet, I definitely encourage you to do so.
Once you get hurt, it'll become a habit to do.
This is so you can stay a drummer for a long time.

2014-04-24 「REC→」

front-page - 【one piece】 one piece Translations J9PMDTF

Now that I thinking about it,
It's a strange position.
There are certain sensations that you'll never feel unless you become a drummer.
I don't know how to put it, but,,
I think it's the flamboyant, slightly lonely look
That appeals to me.
I want to play a concertー

2014-03-26 「Spring breeze」

front-page - 【one piece】 one piece Translations OKxO5Om

Q. What should I do when the original song and the score don't match?

I think you can arrange it to make it easier for you,
Or copy those parts by ear!
There's no wrong way to play☺

2014-06-30 「Q&A」

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Re: 【one piece】 one piece Translations
Posted Fri Feb 02, 2024 1:00 am



front-page - 【one piece】 one piece Translations Bv-JEg-KSCIAAPlx8

All translations for RINA's First Personal Book 「one piece」 that came out back in 2014 are now up!

And apologies if anyone's been waiting 10 years for these to be completed lol

one piece - Table of Contents


front-page - 【one piece】 one piece Translations 39iLxaW

2011.7.3 AM2 2012.3.28 SCANDAL vs BUDOKAN 11.3+4 QAT Tour @名古屋 11.10 Happy MUSIC Live 2012 2013.3.3 SCANDAL OSAKA-JO HALL 2013 2014.6.1 HNL Ekiden & Music 2014 6.2 Fan Meeting 2015 HELLO WORLD @ Paris - London - Essen - Chicago - MEX - LA - Anaheim 2016.1.12+13 PERFECT WORLD 5.21 Welcome Fan Meeting 5.22 HNL Ekiden & Music 2016 5.23 Farewell Fan Meeting 8.21 SCAFes 2017.7.14 47 Prefecture Tour @ 茨城 - 水戸 - 東京 2018 Special Thanks @NY - SF - Anaheim - MTY - MEX - Dallas 2022 MIRROR @Toronto - NY - Boston - Atlanta 2023 UU @ 福岡 - 東京 08.21 Sekai Ichi 2024 LUMINOUS @ 名古屋 - 横浜 - 大阪 - 奈良
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