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At SCANDAL's 9th anniversary performance 「For our 10th anniversary, we'll play an outdoor live in our hometown of Osaka」

BARKS『SCANDAL's 9th anniversary live 「10th anniversary in Osaka」』 YUelVoy

SCANDAL held <SCANDAL MANIA LIMITED LIVE 2015『Q』>, a live for fans, at Akasaka BLITZ on 8/21, the day of the band's formation as well as drummer RINA's birthday.

Lucky fans that obtained premium tickets on this commemorative day that happens once each year rushed in from all over the country. When the members hit the stage, many cheers erupted from the fans who were there to celebrate the band's anniversary. The live started with 「Nai Nai Night 2015」, 「Onegai Navigation」, and 「STANDARD」, which had the venue getting livened up.

「Thank you for today~! This has been SCANDAL!」──HARUNA (Vo&G)

When HARUNA announced that, the members all bowed deeply and left the stage. This had the venue in a commotion. A short time later, SCANDAL reappeared on stage. The venue was again enveloped in loud cheers.

「That was a joke; we wanted to try that at least once...! (laughs)」, said a mischievously laughing HARUNA. 「During rehearsals we thought about getting things going and then ending it after 3 songs! We wanted to see how you guys would react (laughs). ……Today, we played a "2015 version" of 「Nai Nai Night 2014」! Well then, now let's do the encore! (laughs) Can you guys still dance with us? Please listen to this song from our album 『HELLO WORLD』!」 They went into their first encore song with the surprise they were able to do because they're close with their fans. The number they played was 「love in action」, a song that's standard at summer festivals as well. After that, they continued with 「Sono Toki, Sekai wa Kimi Darake no Rain」, 「EVERYBODY SAY YEAH!」, and 「SCANDAL BABY」 all in a row.

「It's probably "kyun kyun" [tight] in here since it's a packed house today, but help each other out and enjoy the live, okay!」 When HARUNA gave an MC that showed concern for the fans, TOMOMI (B&Vo) retorted, 「"Kyun kyun"; what in the world!? It is "kyun kyun" in here.」 The lenient talk calmed the venue down, and HARUNA said, 「It's our 9th anniversary, but it didn't rain after all (※SCANDAL has a nickname of "Ame [Rain] Band"). It's also our drummer RINA's birthday today!」 and introduced RINA (Dr&Vo). 「Isn't it awesome that her birthday is on the day of our formation? The 4 of us have been welcoming this day every year for the past 9 years, and today is also very meaningful to us. I want to show this scenery to who we were 9 years ago.」 When she smiled, loud cheers of 「Congrats!」 from the fans in the venue erupted. Then, with HARUNA's introduction, 「Since we just played 4 fast songs, please listen to these next songs that are slower」, they played 「Switch」 and 「Departure」.

HARUNA, who had an acoustic guitar, announced, 「Next, we'll be playing our new song for the first time live. Please listen.」 and started 「Sisters」. This song, with lyrics by RINA and music by MAMI (G&Vo), has an appeal of "rock×dance" with solid guitar riffs that shine in a four-beat rhythm. The venue was transformed into a dance floor with the debut at the live of this new song that you can dance to.

Halfway through the live, they followed up with 「Stamp!」, a royal-road rock tune that was created on their world tour; 「Taiyou Scandalous」; and 「Image」, numbers that never fail to liven up lives, which ended that part of the live. Then, the members reappeared on stage as voices for an encore endlessly rang throughout the venue.

「Thank you so much for the double encore! (laughs). Also, thank you so much for celebrating our 9th anniversary together with us!」, said HARUNA. 「The title of this live for our 9th anniversary is "Q," [note: 'kyuu' is the number '9' in Japanese] but it also has the meaning of "Q" from our question of "What will we do for our 10th anniversary?" Well, right now we'll send out that Answer on our LINE account! Everyone, get your phones ready! Sent!」 With that, they revealed that information on LINE.

「Next year in 2016 for our 10th anniversary, we'll play an outdoor live in our hometown of Osaka!!」──HARUNA

As they told the details for their 10th anniversary event <SCANDAL 10th ANNIVERSARY FESTIVAL『2006-2016』> with their own mouths, voices of delight resounded throughout the entire venue. 「Keep that date a year from now open and celebrate it together with us, okay! The next song is a song that we only play once a year. Please listen.」 They played 「Hachigatsu」, which sings about the season in which the band was formed; and 「Awanai Tsumori no, Genki de ne」, a staple song at lives. Lastly, they said, 「Thank you for today, everyone! We'll introduce the members again!」 As the members went to the front of the stage, the jaunty intro for 「SCANDAL IN THE HOUSE」 began. The 4 members all performed with microphones and the venue joined together as one as the curtain closed on a stage packed with surprises.

On 9/9, the day their new song 「Sisters」 is out, SCANDAL will be holding <SCANDAL「Sisters」RELEASE PARTY! SISTERS &BROTHERS SPECIAL LIVE!> at Tower Records Shibuya B1F「CUTUP STUDIO」 where 150 pairs/300 lucky entrants from each gender will be invited. They will also be holding a Toumeihan (Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka areas) arena tour mobilizing 40,000 people from 12/2015 to 1/2016. As previously mentioned, SCANDAL, who will be reaching their 10th anniversary in 2016, will be holding <SCANDAL 10th ANNIVERSARY FESTIVAL『2006-2016』>, an outdoor concert in their hometown of Osaka, on "8/21 (Sun.)," the day of their formation.

BARKS『SCANDAL's 9th anniversary live 「10th anniversary in Osaka」』 39iLxaW

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