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In SCANDAL's documentary film that covers their tour  「It feels like we've been stripped bare」

SCANDAL's documentary film 「We've been stripped bare」 YnGfHWb

 The media preview screening for the documentary film 『SCANDAL "Documentary film「HELLO WORLD」"』 releasing soon by the girl band SCANDAL, who held their first solo world tour in 2015 which spanned 9 countries worldwide, was held on October 4th in Tokyo. The band's members HARUNA, MAMI, TOMOMI, and RINA were in attendance.

 SCANDAL achieved their major debut in 2008 with 「DOLL」, and have had successes in Japan with big hits such as 「Shoujo S」 and 「Haruka」. This work closely follows these girls first solo world tour which included countries such as France, the UK, Germany, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc. It vividly reflects the real faces of the members.

 TOMOMI, standing up on the platform before the screening, said, 「It feels like we've been stripped bare. I'm very excited.」 HARUNA, looking back on the tour, said, 「Although we've toured overseas before, this was referred to as our first world tour. I believe that this was a great tour that is connected to what's next for us.」 Regarding the film, she keenly said, 「It is a film that very vividly depicts a part of each member's different characters and the atmosphere of the tour. We'd like you to enjoy those parts as well.」

 RINA said, 「We requested our shooting team that has been with us ever since our debut, and together we went around overseas. They shot everything about us, aside from bath or toilet scenes, and even followed us to our hotels. I think it's 'full coverage' for that reason.」 Regarding the tour, she said, with a happy-looking expression, 「Each place we went to was fun, but Mexico was very impressive. The audience's reactions were different, and they cheered for us in a soccer-ish way.」

 MAMI, who celebrated her birthday at their Mexico performance, while cheerfully looking back on that said, 「Over 2,000 people came to our show in Mexico. It was a very valuable experience」.

『SCANDAL "Documentary film「HELLO WORLD」"』 will be out from 10/17 in theaters nationwide for a limited time.

Longer/slightly different comments from the band were posted by Natalie:

TOMOMI: 「It feels like we've been stripped bare. I have feelings of embarrassment mixed in with feelings of joy about having everyone watch our resolutions and commitments for being a band. I'm very excited.」

RINA: 「Two cameras shot everything about us, aside from bath or toilet scenes, and even followed us to our hotels. This was real 'full coverage' that we experienced.」

HARUNA: 「How the band tours and plays lives, and how we make music were captured clearly. We'll be happy if you'd look forward to the parts about how each member spends their time and creates atmosphere for our shows.」

MAMI: 「We hope for everyone to enjoy it with the feeling of traveling in 8 countries. After you finish watching the film, I think you'll like us even more. You can see a side of SCANDAL that you can't see on stage, TV, or magazines.」


SCANDAL's documentary film 「We've been stripped bare」 39iLxaW

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