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SCANDAL, announcing in front of 10,000 people at Gaishi Hall 「We'll be releasing an album!」

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SCANDAL, who are currently holding their first Toumeihan arena tour <SCANDAL ARENA TOUR 2015-2016 「PERFECT WORLD」>, held a performance on the same tour at Nippon Gaishi Hall on 12/23 in HARUNA and MAMI's hometown of Nagoya.

Mobilizing 40,000 people, <SCANDAL ARENA TOUR 2015-2016 「PERFECT WORLD」>  「We want you to see a life-sized performance of SCANDAL who have come back grown up from our world tour」 . The tour started on 12/9 in TOMOMI's hometown at Kobe World Memorial Hall, making this Nagoya performance the second one of the tour.

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SCANDAL's four members that were middle and high schoolers who had dreams of "wanting to become artists" met at a Osaka・Kyobashi dance school in 2006, and in August 2016 they will be celebrating the 10th anniversary of their band's formation. HARUNA and MAMI who were high schoolers at that time commuted via train every week, with a one-way trip taking about 3 hours, from their hometown of Nagoya to Osaka while having rehearsals. They had their major debut, and in 2014 they successfully performed 2 consecutive days at Yokohama Arena. In 2015, they matured into artists that traveled around the world on a world tour. They amounted to deeply moving lives, and for HARUNA and MAMI this live at Nippon Gaishi Hall in their home town of Nagoya meant a triumphant return for the pair who talked about their joy and gratitude during the live in front of 10,000 people.

「In a place that my parents took me to to see countless artists before I became old enough to understand what's going on around me, being able to come back to stand on this stage like this makes me very happy」──MAMI

「I first came to Gaishi Hall in kindergarten to watch ice skating. After becoming a student I practiced dance at a glassed-in place outside of Gaishi's a place with very profound memories. It feels odd to be standing here right now, but I'm really happy that this many people assembled here today!」──HARUNA

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Proceeding with the live, they spotted fans in Christmas cosplay, turning it into a talk about Christmas; then, they started talking about the Christmas present exchange between the members that they've done every year without fail since their formation.

「Today, we jumped ahead to our present exchange. We've been doing this every year since our formation...this year is the 9th year of our present exchange. Thinking "I'll give something that'll make the members happy!", every year we get really into it and the amount of money spent has gone up...」──HARUNA

「Last year I received a foot massager from TOMOMI. Guys, we've finally hit the point where we can give home telephones as gifts...(laughs)」──RINA

「This year we lowered the amount to 1500 yen! (laughs)」──MAMI

Following the theme of "With the maximum amount of 1500 yen, who can pick from Shibuya the thing that's the most unsuitable for the members?", the members announced the results of presents rich with personality such as "kerorin buckets " and "crackers the size of hand-held fireworks." When HARUNA said, 「By the way, the crackers the size of hand-held fireworks I got from MAMI has been the most-used present because it was used immediately for a staff member's birthday and used today too!」, TOMOMI said, 「Crackers that are more than 1000 yen really do have a different sound to them!」, prompting laughs from the audience.

RINA announced a happening that could only happen during Christmas: 「A female fan who was sad that she didn't get tickets for today's SCANDAL live said on social media that she received tickets as an early Christmas present from her father so she came to see us! To your sympathetic father, thank you so much!」, and the venue was enveloped in a warm atmosphere.


During the encore, an early Christmas present from SCANDAL was announced.

When the happy announcement from HARUNA came, 「We'll be releasing our new album 『YELLOW』 on March 2nd! It's taken us a year with the 4 of us...We're relieved that we're finally able to tell everyone!」, delighted cheers echoed throughout the venue. For their 7th album 『YELLOW』 that will be released in the spring of 2016, which is the year they'll break into their 10th anniversary, it is a new work of theirs in which you can feel that it's the next step for SCANDAL who have grown even more after their world tour. Since their debut, their six original albums have consecutively ranked in the Oricon TOP5. The works of SCANDAL, who are on the front lines pulling along the Japanese girl band scene, are highly anticipated.

In support of the album, they also announced that they will be holding <SCANDAL TOUR 2016『YELLOW』>, a domestic and Asia (Taiwan・Hong Kong) live house tour starting in April. On that day they promptly debuted their new song 「SUKI-SUKI」 from their new album 『YELLOW』. As a Christmas present, a short version of「SUKI-SUKI」 will be out for a limited time so make sure to check it out.

「Come out again, okay!」──HARUNA

With a smile, HARUNA mentioned that. The curtain fell on a very successful Nagoya performance that had profound memories for the members. On 2016/1/12 and also on 1/13, SCANDAL will be closing out <SCANDAL ARENA TOUR 2015-2016 「PERFECT WORLD」> by performing 2 consecutive days in Tokyo at Nippon Budokan.


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