MusicVoice - The Pets SCANDAL Want to Keep
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The pets SCANDAL want to keep are miniature pigs and owls

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SCANDAL appeared at the stage greetings for the movie 『Neko Nanka Yondemo Konai.』 held at TOHO Cinemas Shinjuku in Tokyo on January 30th. SCANDAL wrote the movie's theme song 「Morning sun」. RINA talked about the thoughts she poured into the song: 「It's a song that we created very preciously. The message that's become the backbone of this song links to many points in the movie.」

The movie is a live-action film of the original manga that has over 35 million copies in print and is based on a true story. It is a touching story that centers on an awkward man with broken dreams and who has lost his purpose in life suddenly living together with two cats.

In attendance at the event were lead actor Shunsuke Kazama (32), Takeshi Tsuruno (40), Mayu Matsuoka (20), director Toru Yamamoto, and author Sugisaku.

In attendance on this day were also HARUNA, MAMI, TOMOMI, and RINA of SCANDAL, who handled the movie's theme song. HARUNA stated her thoughts: 「There were so many scenes that seemed like they had to have been hard to shoot. I was watching it while wondering how they shot it.」

The theme song 「Morning sun」 is a track where a carefree melody is affixed to a sound image that has just the right amount of an exhilarating feeling and sadness coexisting together. RINA spoke about this song, saying, 「It's a song that we created very preciously. I wrote the lyrics as I jotted down scenes and lines that interested me. The message that's become the backbone of this song links to many points in the movie. I wrote the lyrics wanting to make the parts about being able to change yourself because of your partners and being able to come to see a world you didn't know about into a song.」

Shunsuke Kazama seemed to be impressed by the song, saying, 「It's a cozy song that's like a happy, unguarded time on a Sunday morning, or rather a time when you're able to be your natural self.」

After that, a talk about cats and animals got the cast excited. When a talk about what animals you'd like to have came up, TOMOMI said, 「I want to buy a miniature pig. They seem to be smart and will shake hands, and they can also remember where their bathroom is. They seem to be a bit dangerous because they're strong, but I want to try to properly train and get along with one.」

MAMI said, 「For me, an owl. Owl cafes seem to be popular, and I myself went once. Their personalities are like cats. I thought about what would have happened if I had put one on my shoulder and suddenly appeared in front of everyone.」. Each person's personality came out.

Lastly, the event was brought to a finish with director Yamamoto's comment: 「A living thing and a living thing living together isn't just about having fun. I wanted to depict that there are irreplaceable things among painful things, and that love can be born from that. I think it will definitely warm up the hearts of whoever watches it, so I'd like you to watch it many times.」


"Morning sun" lyrics:

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