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Rolling Stone - SCANDAL's Talk Event
Posted Fri Mar 25, 2016 11:13 am



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SCANDAL, a talk event conveying the fun of pictures

Rolling Stone - SCANDAL's Talk Event Y8kf6qr
SCANDAL, who talked at length about the fun of cameras at the first talk event at Daikanyama's TSUTAYA Bookstore

To commemorate Rolling Stone Japan reaching 100 issues, RS has made the 『Expressionists' Lovable Scenes』 serialization in collaboration with Leica Camera Japan. Among the ten artists that shot work with the theme of "Lovable things I want to see again even after looking at it 100 times," SCANDAL also showcased their precious photos.

These girls also appeared at the talk event held in Daikanyama at TSUTAYA Bookstore on 3/16. It was a night where the members, of course, and the venue that had been such a success that there were people standing up to watch, reveled in love for cameras.

RINA and TOMOMI regularly carry around digital cameras and store things they're interested in in pictures, and HARUNA and MAMI occasionally take pictures with their smartphones of food or scenery. Among the SCANDAL members, there is a wide variety of how they're connected to cameras. However, in this series, they were in contact with a Leica camera and were able to again feel the charm of this camera that has been loved for a long time.

Rolling Stone - SCANDAL's Talk Event 7vQzSLd
The talk event was such a success that people had to stand up to watch at venue.

RINA: 「Leica is a brand that you look up to if you have an interest in cameras. It has continued to be a camera maker that makes and manually fills each camera with love even now. I think its imaging power is a cut above the rest.」

TOMOMI: 「I often took pictures while on our world tour, but even novices can take pictures of landscapes with a certain degree of ambiance while overseas. However, with Leica, you can take pictures domestically that have an aura to them, and pictures that make you want to look at them over and over again. It's not just an ordinary camera.」

HARUNA: 「Setting the focus is difficult, and you need to pay attention to all kinds of places precisely because it's delicate. But, you can take great pictures in proportion to touching it.」

MAMI: 「I like it when something you want to shoot comes out perfectly in front of you, and it becomes a picture with depth. Even I can easily take cool pictures.」

Rolling Stone - SCANDAL's Talk Event 68aRwjd

The members each have their own things they want to shoot.

RINA: 「I'm attracted to colorful things, hue wise. I unintentionally shoot stores that display things that only come in warm colors.」

TOMOMI: 「For me, perhaps it's things that have movement. Although it's blurry sometimes (laughs), I feel that making it into a picture conveys the atmosphere better than a video.」

MAMI: 「I like spacially wide pictures. When I look back at what I've shot, I see that there are many that are extensive, such as townscapes, trees, and straight paths.」

HARUNA: 「When I look at my camera roll, there's an overwhelming number of nothing but food (laughs). I take pictures of food that I wanted to eat no matter what and food that I've eaten as a reward to myself.」

Rolling Stone - SCANDAL's Talk Event IOWU0Xy
SCANDAL showed off their privately shot pictures of each of their different personalities

The four members did a shoot in preparation for their talk event. They showed off their private shots from Tokyo Tower, which they went up for the first time in their eight years of living in Tokyo.

HARUNA, gazing at the rainy night scenery from the viewing platform. RINA, unsure of which socks to buy that she found at a gift shop with 「sushi」 or 「tempura」 written on them. MAMI in the moment she had turned her back to the pennants. TOMOMI, who decided to pose with a beautiful picture of Tokyo Tower and the blue sky in the back in a landing..... A pleasant feeling is conveyed from the members' expressions.

TOMOMI: 「The picture of HARUNA gazing at the night scenery wasn't taken by only me, but also by RINA and MAMI. She had a great expression.」

HARUNA: 「I wonder what I was thinking at that time.」

RINA: 「Probably, "What did I eat for dinner again?" (laughs)」

Rolling Stone - SCANDAL's Talk Event CJphVJk

The best shot that the four of them chose is a picture where the members' feet faced each other on top of the famous glass floor on Tokyo Tower's viewing platform.

HARUNA: 「This kind of picture has been taken many times until now, but this has a completely different atmosphere. We were able to make new memories again.」

RINA: 「Although it's just our feet, it gives off more of a sentimental feeling than a picture of our faces would. I feel that there's a pleasant sadness by not showing everything, and that it exudes sex appeal (laughs).」

MAMI: 「This picture is most Tokyo Tower-like. We could also shoot gift shops and night scenery in a different place, but the four of our feet on a glass floor could only be taken at Tokyo Tower.」

TOMOMI: 「Pictures really are something that makes you want to shoot during the moments you're moved. On that day we all talked about how the rain was beautiful, but I'm sure that the moments when you're moved definitely depend on the date. I'm happy that it's possible to follow that transition by continuing to shoot and wondering how you change.」

Rolling Stone - SCANDAL's Talk Event OFKM9YI

SCANDAL fully tasted the fun of cameras. The venue who listened to their talk must have been able to experience the enjoyment.

TOMOMI: 「When you shoot pictures, it all falls within your tastes and ideas, and there are many things that you discover. Precious moments are imprinted on your pictures too, so pick up a camera for yourself.」

MAMI: 「Because pictures are things that stacked full of small chances that finally come together, I think they truly are profound. I want to take pictures from here on to be able to deliver good ones to everyone.」

RINA: 「I love cameras, and thanks to my hobby of shooting pictures, I feel that my field of activities has grown and my lifestyle has become rich. I will continue upload pictures I've worked hard on, so I would like everyone to enjoy them.」

HARUNA: 「From the viewpoint of a beginner, I enjoyed today's event. From here on I'd like to continue to take pictures of food that makes my heart beat fast (laughs).」

Rolling Stone - SCANDAL's Talk Event Y9nvSvB
At the end of the event, they signed pictures on display on the spot.


Rolling Stone - SCANDAL's Talk Event 39iLxaW

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