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Koyabu Sonic Day 3
Yoshimoto News Center - SCANDAL @ KOYABU SONIC 2017 Q2fD3iT

「SCANDAL」 appeared on the Neta Stage. The stage became lively all at once just by the members making their appearance. From the first song they let us hear a performance with plenty of power that could not be guessed based solely their beautiful looks.

Yoshimoto News Center - SCANDAL @ KOYABU SONIC 2017 ItZvrtT

They performed songs that were easily to get into one after the other, thoroughly heating up the venue as well. After their call of 「KoyaSonic, how are you doing!?」 during their MC, they called out to the entire venue: 「Girls, how you doing!?」「Guys, how you doing!?」. They also introduced themselves: 「Since we're a band from Osaka, we grew up watching Shingeki」. They also appealed to the crowd, 「Thank you so much for inviting us to KoyaSonic for the first time! Let's make this lat day of KOYABU SONIC a great one!」 Everyone in the venue spun their towels together excitedly.

A distinct characteristic of SCANDAL is that, besides main vocalist HARUNA, MAMI and TOMOMI also do vocals and are able to give a variety of expressions in their songs. Also showcasing their pop-yet-cute-and-powerful new song 『Koisuru Universe』, their varied live came to a close.

Yoshimoto News Center - SCANDAL @ KOYABU SONIC 2017 6ZMqS9o
Yoshimoto News Center - SCANDAL @ KOYABU SONIC 2017 FVjXTef

Koyabu, who watched their set, raved, 「They're so cute and small yet awesome!」. The members were also pleased, saying, 「That was so much fun!」. When they were speaking about how Koyabu also taught RINA about the drums, a 「Hey hey hey, come on〜!」 was heard, and Shingeki's team consisting of Yutaka Yoshida and Shinya Matsuura appeared on stage clad in gaudy suits. Although they should have been surprised by their appearance, the members of SCANDAL also burst out laughing. Succhi appeared, saying, 「So noisy〜」. They started their 「Feed the pigeons」 and their well-known candy bit, getting loud cheers from the audience.

Their long-awaited Nipple Drill bit was also sure to make the audience excited. The audience clapped along with the chant of 「Suna, suna, suna」. They asked, 「Do you want to drillー!」, and applause and shouts of 「Yeah!」 enveloped the venue. Then, surprisingly, SCANDAL's HARUNA took on the Nipple Drill. She succeeded brilliantly. Succhi, who had seen SCANDAL's set, said, 「That was so cool; I just fell in love」, and completely became a fan. Koyabu, focusing on this new development, said of Succhi and SCANDAL, 「That might have been a SucchANDAL collaboration」. HARUNA, who experienced doing the Nipple Drill for the first time, said, with a look of relief, 「I worked harder to make the Nipple Drill a success than the live」. The venue once again was enveloped in applause.

Yoshimoto News Center - SCANDAL @ KOYABU SONIC 2017 63QocaT

An on-the-spot interview was held after their live set. First, vocalist HARUNA who had experienced doing the Nipple Drill gag for the first time, said, 「I had watched Shingeki on TV, and having been able to do the Nipple Drill that everyone wants to do now made me really happy」 with a smile on her face. The quartet had watched videos and practiced, and they confessed that all of the members can do the Nipple Drill. 「We wanted to do it if there was time」, said MAMI, TOMOMI, and RINA with disappointed looks on their faces. Yoshida, having been Nipple Drilled by a female artist for the first time, raved about HARUNA stopping the drill just in time, 「Her gentleness was oozing out」. Does Koyabu understand the gentleness of the Nipple Drill? He affirmed, 「I understood it right away. It was perfect if you think about how gentle she was in this atmosphere」. Yoshida also praised her with, 「Her sense of rhythm was awesome!」 HARUNA showed her desire to drill harder next time if there's another opportunity to do so.

Watching from the side, Succhi seemed to have felt jealousy, saying, 「It was done by another person...」, but showed a change of heart: 「Next time we'll be able to do it with a fresh feeling」. He gave a seal of approval for HARUNA's drill: 「You pass!」. It seemed that a new idea also came to mind.

Yoshimoto News Center - SCANDAL @ KOYABU SONIC 2017 Plgr99P

Koyabu said about giving the offer to SCANDAL, 「They have an Osaka-feel to them, but because they're girls, the Nipple Drill doesn't suit them」, confessing that the gap was a decisive factor. They also considered that they have many fans, and it could be troublesome if you were to look up SCANDAL and keywords such as 「SCANDAL band」, 「SCANDAL cute」, 「SCANDAL nipple」 appeared. When he said, 「They said it would be okay」, the members of SCANDAL revealed that they were delighted at their offices when the offer to do the bit came to them.


*Nipple Drill = A gag that Yoshida and Succhi do together:

Yoshimoto News Center - SCANDAL @ KOYABU SONIC 2017 39iLxaW

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Caless Student
Caless Student
hahahaha, japan is really weird...
nipple drill lol omg..

Yoshimoto News Center - SCANDAL @ KOYABU SONIC 2017 70z490W
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