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【daisy nature series】 - 2023-03-10 (RINA)
Posted Fri Mar 10, 2023 6:40 am



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【daisy nature series】

【daisy nature series】 - 2023-03-10 (RINA) TCUlvGE

DAISY PROJECT's first new items of the year
Are all now up for sale♡

This time, we created designs with nature as the motif,
Inspired by my personal trips to various places
Where I came into contact with nature
And felt like my heart was mended☺

【daisy nature series】 - 2023-03-10 (RINA) 24z3Xy1

Gel art
Is printed on the back for the
nuance gel Longsleeve T-shirt

【daisy nature series】 - 2023-03-10 (RINA) W34s8Ft

The project's name
Is in wavy lines on the front.

【daisy nature series】 - 2023-03-10 (RINA) V58m6XT

Is what we named this color,
And it has plenty of DAISY's tastes.
This is currently the most popular item◎

【daisy nature series】 - 2023-03-10 (RINA) I6ZDfPv

It also comes in ASH GRAY
And is also easy to wear, as well as very cute...!

【daisy nature series】 - 2023-03-10 (RINA) MtKYgLU

This design was created by dripping several different types of gel.
The gloss, transparency, and overlapping colors
Are created by chance at that moment,
And it feels like wearing art that cannot be created by aiming to do so.

【daisy nature series】 - 2023-03-10 (RINA) UaddQzU

Please refer to this
To see how it looks like on men◎

【daisy nature series】 - 2023-03-10 (RINA) Paiaipu

Stacked stones of various colors and shapes:
stones pile up T-shirt

【daisy nature series】 - 2023-03-10 (RINA) XbXbMp8

The logo is printed on the back near the neck

【daisy nature series】 - 2023-03-10 (RINA) 7Y7CysQ

You don't have to worry about sweat stains or it being see through
With this navy color.
I think it'll be useful to have in the spring and summer◎
A piece with a playful design, yet not too flashy, that can be the star of your outfit.

【daisy nature series】 - 2023-03-10 (RINA) NKs9EJv

This design features stones arranged like specimens
Inside of a small box:
stone specimen T-shirt

【daisy nature series】 - 2023-03-10 (RINA) PZCeyo3

So cuteeee!
By the way, this is my top recommended item◎

【daisy nature series】 - 2023-03-10 (RINA) VhqZpGz

The logo is subtly printed on the left sleeve.
I think it's easy for people of all genders
To wear it casually◎
This is DAISY's first shirt that's all white!

【daisy nature series】 - 2023-03-10 (RINA) Xqwmo8g

The specimen design is also available on a tote!
It's made of cotton,
Is not too big, and is easy for everyday use◎
So adorableeee

【daisy nature series】 - 2023-03-10 (RINA) HfXA0HT

And an eco-friendly bottle with a white wood-grain cap
Made to match the theme this time.
Simple, clean, and easy to wash.
It holds 340ml.
You can also fill it with lukewarm water
At about the same level as body warmth
When making formula for babies◎

【daisy nature series】 - 2023-03-10 (RINA) WAYAiat

All of them are soft and dignified items
That make you feel charged up
When you wear/use them♡

【daisy nature series】 - 2023-03-10 (RINA) 7ZTBGSL

I hope
You find something you like!



2023/3/10 15:11

【daisy nature series】 - 2023-03-10 (RINA) 39iLxaW

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