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FBTK × ZOZO - 2024-02-02 (RINA)
Posted Sat Feb 03, 2024 7:15 am




FBTK × ZOZO - 2024-02-02 (RINA) EOLE4Dz


By which I mean
Collaboration items with FEEDBACK,
Our apparel brand that we produce,
And ZOZO have been completed!
So happyー!!!

FBTK × ZOZO - 2024-02-02 (RINA) BglO7Kd

After many meetings,
We came up with black-based designs that are easy to wear and suitable for everyone,
And have silhouettes that can be worn not only to concerts
But also as everyday wear.
They're clothes that'll lift your spirits
And give you a bit of confidence.
That's what we aimed to do.

FBTK × ZOZO - 2024-02-02 (RINA) CLfXEhy

We asked ZOZOTOWN's designers
To create nice designs
Based on the materials that the four of us put together
Using many words and images

FBTK × ZOZO - 2024-02-02 (RINA) GP2vcwn

We'd be happy
If each recipient could enjoy wearing these
In their own unique way.

FBTK × ZOZO - 2024-02-02 (RINA) V4Ls6a5

The matching sweatshirt and sweatpants
Are made of a relaxed material,
But their designs make them suitable
For wearing them outside,
And were finished really nicely...!

FBTK × ZOZO - 2024-02-02 (RINA) AxscxGZ

These seem to be especially popular!
If you're unsure what to get,
I recommend getting this set

FBTK × ZOZO - 2024-02-02 (RINA) A92xasz

I think it'd be cute
To pair with with Dr. Martens or heavy boots
Like this!

FBTK × ZOZO - 2024-02-02 (RINA) LYriDvp

And at live music clubs all year round.
We also made a bunch of T-shirts
That can be used whenever you want...!

FBTK × ZOZO - 2024-02-02 (RINA) X5U0JiO

We also have cropped ones for ladies.
They're cut to just the right length
To show a glimpse of skin when you move,
So try them out

FBTK × ZOZO - 2024-02-02 (RINA) A5NqhuL

We asked them to sell the tops and bottoms separately
So that you can mix and match them
In various ways

FBTK × ZOZO - 2024-02-02 (RINA) FdbUZpV

This squishy cushion-like design
Is really cute, too

FBTK × ZOZO - 2024-02-02 (RINA) D9tEkn7

It'd be nice to be matching
With friends or partners

FBTK × ZOZO - 2024-02-02 (RINA) 4gwi3xg

There are many photos
Of various combinations online.
You can also see photos of how they look on men,
So please take a look!

Pre-orders start today!

Be sure to get your hands
On this special collaboration series
Packed with attention to detail


2024-02-02 20:16:24

FBTK × ZOZO - 2024-02-02 (RINA) 39iLxaW

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