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Summary - 2024-02-03 (RINA)
Posted Sat Feb 03, 2024 8:55 pm



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front-page - Summary - 2024-02-03 (RINA) MA4jsYp

Detailed info about our album
Is being released one after another☑
So excitinggg〜

First up
Are the different types of covers!

front-page - Summary - 2024-02-03 (RINA) 1V5q599

They were made from scratch with a glass-like texture
Based on a motif of a floating jellyfish that emits its own light,
And all four covers
Really turned out nice☑

Only the Blu-ray+Merch Edition was designed
With glittery holographic overlay
To make it look even more gorgeous and sparkly◎

We had a really tough time
Choosing the right kind of holo,
But it was fun to make while thinking about it!〜!

Inside the Blu-ray+Merch Edition are:

front-page - Summary - 2024-02-03 (RINA) Esp4T2P

A long-sleeve T-shirt, 4-cut photo strips, a Blu-ray of a few music videos!
A bunch of stuff!

We've also summarized
All of the external bonuses and pre-order bonuses☑
We made a lot of them, so I hope you can choose the ones you like
And enjoy them!

front-page - Summary - 2024-02-03 (RINA) Iv4drAz

The titles of the songs and their credits.

front-page - Summary - 2024-02-03 (RINA) YYOrqVG
*Translated tracklist

11 songs we put all our heart and soul into
On our 11th album!

Please place an order and look forward to them!♡


2024-02-03 13:50:47

front-page - Summary - 2024-02-03 (RINA) 39iLxaW

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