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【Translated Summary】"Yoru SCA ~Live streaming just before the release of LUMINOUS~" #1

•As the stream starts, the band explains that they are doing a total of 3 livestreams every other week to celebrate the release of their upcoming album LUMINOUS.

•HARU reads a comment that asked them if they ate. RINA says yes, and that they ate Yoshinoya. HARU says that they ate while deciding on the setlist for their upcoming LUMINOUS tour. TOMO says that it's such a good setlist that she doesn't know if they can pull off playing it (since it's so intense), and that it'll be a little different from what they usually do.

•They first show an infographic with the different album covers + tracklist on it. RINA starts talking about the Blu-ray+Merch Edition and holds it up to show it off. She mentions how the included long-sleeve shirt should fit men as well as women on the shorter side, and that the band chose which fabric and style the shirt should have. Next, they show what the set of 4-frame photo strips look like. RINA says that although she's not a part of the culture that collects this type of photo (referring to how these strips are usually associated with K-Pop groups), the other band members told her about them and she definitely thinks that physically having something like these gives you a different kind of enjoyment in addition to listening to the music. HARU says that it's not just the songs or music that are enjoyable, but also the things that accompany them such as the glittery cover of the edition and the photo strips. TOMO says while looking at the strips that they're on the bigger side. RINA asks how you would display them. TOMO says it's difficult to say. MAMI says you could put them in a photo strip holder. HARU says it'd be nice there are some that fit big strips like these. MAMI says you could also cut them up. RINA says to do whatever you'd like. HARU says that they're a little too big to put inside of a phone case. TOMO holds one up against the back of her phone, and it's about an inch longer. RINA says that you could probably do it if you have a phone that's on the bigger side.

•TOMO then wonders if they should show the other editions next. HARU looks down at the outline sheet in front of her while RINA says while looking past the camera [at the staff], "'Fanfare'?" TOMO starts to say that they've only introduced one edition so far, but HARU interrupts and says they actually had jumped way ahead. They all look at their sheets and start laughing. After the infographic was shown, they were supposed to talk about the new song "Fanfare" next instead of introducing the editions.

•They then talk about "Fanfare." HARU says that info related to the song has been released recently, such as how it will be the ending song for the anime "HIGHSPEED Étoile" that will start airing in April. HARU asks if they've already talked about the song and directs it more towards TOMO, presumably because she wrote the lyrics. TOMO goes, "About what?" RINA and HARU specify if they've talked about the production of the song and look towards the staff when they ask. The band all laughs and says that it's probably okay for them to talk about it. TOMO says that they don't have to keep how they wrote the song a secret. RINA says that they want to talk about it. TOMO says that around spring of last year is when they received this offer to write a song for the anime. The lead character is an independent and strong woman, which is a prominent topic in the series. Since it overlaps with what they value as a band, they wrote a song that revolves around the story of the race while also overlapping with their own story. TOMO says that they never really thought about how in what way they would continue their activities after getting their Guinness World Record last year, and it was the first time they really looked at themselves seriously. That's why she wrote the song while thinking of the band, and while crying and her autonomic nervous system being in turmoil. They all laugh at this. HARU says that it was tough. TOMO agrees and says that it had been a long time since she had written lyrics to a song like this. She also says that she's been writing everyday kind of songs recently, so it had been a while since she had written some for a tie-in song. Although she did struggle a bit, she hopes she was able to leave a message that represents their determination for the future.

•RINA mentions how the album is titled LUMINOUS and that the word "luminous" has the connotation of something emitting light on its own. The album is filled with songs that open the door to something brighter, and "Fanfare" is the song that leads the way--it's a song that's the key to the next bright world. RINA says she really likes the lyrics and melody, and that she feels they've put a lot of emotion into the song, making it very heartfelt. When they were shooting the music video for it, she was able to play with a big smile on her face and not worry about anything. She says it's probably been a while since she's been able to express herself like this and it makes her feel all cheerful. It made her think that this is how the four of them are going to continue onwards again, which is why she can't wait for everyone to hear it. HARU says that this is why "Fanfare" is one of the first songs. TOMO says that it's a very fast-paced song. RINA says that MAMI arranged it. MAMI says that they were told what the production staff wanted the song to be like: a fast-paced song that would be great live and be set at a higher BPM. She says the band also wanted to make it a very cheerful, bright song that was made complete by the sounds of the four of them, and she thinks they did a great job at doing so. HARU then mentions that she talked a little bit about the song when shooting a video for their fan club, which was taken when they were filming the MV. She says they used a drone to film for the first time, so there will be angles that you've never seen in their videos before.

•Next, they show the other editions of the CD. RINA picks up the Magazine Edition (Limited Edition B), but she incorrectly calls it the Regular Edition instead and says that it's the one with the biggest jellyfish on it. MAMI says the jellyfish are cute and that they asked for shiny jellyfish to be made. RINA says that they were made from scratch with CG. RINA then correctly picks up the Blu-Ray Edition (Limited Edition A) with "her" Diary on it. TOMO says it's pretty lengthy at about an hour long. RINA says that they had their year in 2023 filmed closely, and watching it back made her remember how their year started out, which she had forgotten about, and although it had been a very difficult year, she felt that they made progress, even if it was just a little bit at a time. She then asks the staff to show on screen the infographic with the covers and content of the limited editions. TOMO then notices that the edition RINA had claimed to be the Regular Edition wasn't actually it, and MAMI hands her the one that is actually it (the cover with 4 jellyfish on it) while laughing. RINA turns over the CDs to see which edition is which and then holds up the Magazine Edition again, saying, "Even though I said differently earlier, this is Limited Edition B! Got it?" TOMO holds up the Blu-ray Edition and asks which one it is. HARU says it's LE A. There's a pause before TOMO goes, "Wait a minute... I don't get it." The infographic is shown on screen again as they try and figure out which cover equals which edition. The stream cuts back to the band with HARU holding the Regular Edition and saying that it has 4 jellyfish on it.

•They then talk about the Magazine Edition and how there are 100 question and 100 answer sections in it, with the questions coming from MANIA members. RINA says the questions were really interesting. MAMI says there were some deep questions, which they laugh at. TOMO doesn't seem to remember and goes, "They were deep?" RINA says there were also subjects that they've never talked about before. Each member got different questions, which is why RINA says she's excited to read what they were. They also mention that there are a lot of specially shot photos included in the magazine.

•The next thing they talk about are the bonuses that come with the album when either ordered early and/or ordered from specific stores. The infographic is shown on screen first, and they joke and laugh that they won't mess up anymore. HARU says that they have a few of them on hand, though not all of them. They first show the clear file, which came with each Limited Edition pre-ordered until February 12. Next, they show the shoelaces that come with orders from Rakuten Books. They they're really cute and have the band logo printed on them in white. After that, they show the clear photo cards that only MANIA members can get. RINA puts all 4 of them on the back of a white sheet of paper to try and show them to the camera but can't hold all of them down at the same time, so MAMI says to show them one by one. They say you can put these in a holder and bring it with you when you go out. The other bonuses that are available but they don't have on hand are the regular photo cards available at different stores plus the phone lanyard from 7Net Shopping. HARU says that the band personally chose the designs and colors for the shoelaces and lanyard. RINA says there isn't a single thing that the band puts out that the band members are not involved in. HARU says that they even chose which photos would be used for the bonuses. RINA says, "We do everything ourselves, so please rest assured." She and HARU laugh.

•HARU says that this stream was focused on them introducing the physical attributes and such related to the album. RINA says she's so glad everything's finally complete. HARU says that they finished recording in December and took the following month off, but even during that time they were confirming a lot of details related to the album, such as choosing which photos to use for the bonuses, and that it all finally took shape and is now a month away from release. They say to please look forward to it.

•They then take a look at some of the comments people are leaving in the live chat. TOMO reads a comment that says they had pre-ordered the album at SCANDAL's BEST Xmas concert. The band says that they'll get the clear file with their order, then. The staff then reminds the band that there was also a sticker bonus that day, where purchasers received a sticker with printed handwritten messages from the band on them. The band says that they put a lot of thought into making these bonuses because they wanted to make it as fun as possible and wanted there to be a lot of things that people could get their hands on, but they do want people to feel free to choose what they'd like/want. TOMO then lists various countries that she's seen viewers mention in comments. HARU says that that's usually the case when doing a YouTube Live. RINA says that there must be some countries where the time difference must be big.

•Another comment asks them to release band scores again. TOMO says that maybe they could release a band score for one song as a bonus with a release. The mention of doing just "one song" seems to make the others laugh. TOMO then says that maybe they could do it for a future release if there's chance to. MAMI says that maybe they could do something like a band score PDF that could be downloaded via a QR code. They also mention maybe doing book versions of band scores again. TOMO wonders when the last one they released was, and thinks that it was YELLOW. The others seem to think that as well. RINA wonders if they released one for HONEY. The others think they didn't. They at least know for sure that they haven't released a score since establishing "her." RINA says that she can't remember something like that so far back. TOMO doesn't think that they did. RINA asks if they've ever seen it before. TOMO says she hasn't. HARU looks at the comments in the chat and says that the fans are saying they did release one for HONEY (yes, they did lol). The band is surprised by this and wonder if they have this score in their office. TOMO laughs and says that all of the comments say that it does exist. HARU says that the fans would know about these things better than them, after all, which the others agree with and thank the fans for.

•They ask the fans if there's anything else they want to know. HARU reads a comment that asks when they'll be announcing the overseas dates for the LUMINOUS tour. They purposely answer vaguely and say that they'll probably be released before long, and then laugh. HARU reads another comment that asks if they're doing any release events for the album. There's a pause before TOMO again answers vaguely and says it'd be nice if there are. They all laugh at this. They say while laughing that it would be better if they did have some. Another comment asks if there will be a vinyl edition of the album. They say that they'd like to, and that it would be nice to do so. MAMI says that releasing one with these covers would be cute. TOMO then reads a comment says that to "please make a pizza." They laugh at this. HARU looks at comments and goes, "Ah, merch?" The others are confused and TOMO goes, "Pizza merch?" HARU laughs and says that the comment said something like, "The merch [for the upcoming tour] hasn't been released/decided yet?" The others are still confused, and HARU apologizes and says that that has nothing to do with the pizza comment. They laugh and RINA says that she thought HARU was being awfully positive about making pizza merch. They say that they have decided on the merch and that it's really cute. HARU reads a comment that asked them to do a nationwide tour of Japan and says that they are in fact doing that with this tour.

•TOMO reads a comment asking about a live recording/DVD/Blu-ray. RINA says that they do put them out from time to time, though they don't particularly like being recorded. They laugh at this. MAMI says that they'll probably release some clips here and there on their YouTube channel. TOMO does say to come out to this tour because they won't be recording and releasing it on Blu-ray/DVD. Another comment TOMO reads says to do "screenshot time." She says they should do it to close out the stream. They decide to hold up the CDs and pose with them. HARU is confused as to which way is the right way to hold it and they realize that the obi (the strip of paper on the left side of the CD) is facing the wrong way. RINA laughs and says to put her hand over that part so that people won't notice (HARU still ends up holding the CD upside down, though lol).

•They close out the stream by saying that the next stream will be in two weeks on March 5th at the same time of 9 pm JST. HARU wonders what they could possibly talk about next time. RINA says that there are still lots of things to talk about, and HARU and TOMO wonder what they could be. MAMI say that they could talk about the songs on the album. TOMO says that they could also talk about things not related to the album, as well as read comments/answer questions from viewers. They then start saying goodnight and waving to the camera, and then pause for a second and look over to the staff to see if it's okay. They say the staff says it's okay and continue saying goodbye and waving.

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About February - 2024-02-21 (RINA) - Wed Feb 21, 2024 7:54 pm

About February

Topics tagged under luminous on SCANDAL HEAVEN O1080077115404302817

The newly started
Yoru SCA!
It was fun doing a livestream for the first time in forever〜!

Talking about the album itself,
The production of a certain song, etc...
We chatted away✓

Thank you to everyone who came to watch it!

An archive of it is up,
So if you missed it, take a look at it whenever you'd like✓

On 3/5 from 21:00〜 JST
Is the second Yoru SCA stream! Look forward to it!

Topics tagged under luminous on SCANDAL HEAVEN O1080108015404302823

February goes by so quickly.
It's a part of the year that feels especially fleeting every year,
But this year it was filled
With so many different happenings.
I even went back to Kansai for a moment‎~

Let's clear the rest of the days
One by one carefully〜✓
It looks like there will be new announcements soon...!


2024-02-21 18:05:00

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What we want to tell you

Topics tagged under luminous on SCANDAL HEAVEN 2024-02-19-14-19-rina

More details about the bonuses that come with the album
Have been revealed♡

Here's the cover of the her magazine,
Now in its fourth volume✓
There are so many newly shot photos
Taken in all sorts of outfits and makeup looks

We introduce all of the songs,
And there are solo pages with 100 questions and 100 answers...!
We asked for questions
From our fan club members,
And they were so interesting! haha
There were a lot of things we talked about for the first time!
Thank you to everyone who sent in a question✓

Here's the edition
That comes with this magazine♡

We also released the teaser for the her diary,
Which closely follows our activities of the past year

English subs:

Our close cinematographer
Chie Okazawa-chan,
Who has been with us since our debut!
Each time I think of how this is the kind of the content
That could only be captured by this team,
And honest words that we couldn't talk about.

Getting our Guinness World Record
Was a big subject last year, after all,
And that's what the teaser focuses on,
But the main story is completely different.
That was my impression.
It's filled with things
That we want to tell you guys about,
So I'd love for you to watch it✓

Can't believe there's already
1 month left until it hits stores!



2024-02-19 14:19:15

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11th Album - 「LUMINOUS - Sun Feb 18, 2024 6:58 pm

The cover + content for "her" Magazine Vol.4 and teaser for 「SCANDAL DOCUMENTARY “her” Diary 2023 SPECIAL EDITION」 have been released, and 3 livestreams to commemorate the release of the album have been announced!

Topics tagged under luminous on SCANDAL HEAVEN Her-Magazine4

English subs:

Topics tagged under luminous on SCANDAL HEAVEN 0220

The cover and content of “her” Magazine Vol.4” included with the Magazine Edition (Limited Edition B) of LUMINOUS have been released!

The latest issue of the long-awaited magazine, which gained popularity as inclusions in the single Masterpiece/Mabataki; and the albums Kiss from the darkness and MIRROR, features a total of 64 pages that include newly shot photos of the band that can only be seen here, an interview about all of the album songs, 100 questions and 100 answers by each member, and more!

The teaser video for “SCANDAL DOCUMENTARY “her” Diary 2023 SPECIAL EDITION” included in the Blu-ray included with the Blu-ray Edition (Limited Edition A) of the album LUMINOUS has been released!

It will be a 60-minute video that closely follows SCANDAL in 2023, when they celebrated their 17th anniversary and became the "best in the world."

YouTube Lives will be held for the release of new album LUMINOUS!

YouTube Lives titled "Yoru SCA" (Night SCANDAL) will be streamed on SCANDAL's official YouTube channel!

A total of 3 streams every other Tuesday from 9:00 pm JST starting on Tuesday, February 20th, titled "Yoru SCA ~Live streaming just before the release of LUMINOUS~."

The 4 band members will be appearing to talk about info and behind-the-scenes stories about their new album LUMINOUS, so don't miss it!

"Yoru SCA ~Live streaming just before the release of LUMINOUS~" #1

Date and time: February 20 (Tuesday) 21:00~ JST


"Yoru SCA ~Live streaming just before the release of LUMINOUS~" #2

Date and time: March 5 (Tuesday) Time TBD

"Yoru SCA ~Live streaming just before the release of LUMINOUS~" #3

Date and time: March 19 (Tuesday) Time TBD

*The streams will be archived.
*Schedule is subject to change.

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Press DAY - 2024-02-13 (RINA) - Tue Feb 13, 2024 5:22 pm

Press DAY

Topics tagged under luminous on SCANDAL HEAVEN O1080108015401115189

Press for the album has also begunー!

We often have familiar interviewers
Handle the interviews,
And it always makes me really happy
When there are moments I feel
That they really empathize
With the band's story
And delve into it.

I enjoy listening to what the other members talk about
Because I don't get to hear
The detailed songwriting process during production.
It's interesting to hear their answers.

Looks like there will be
More good photos and articles published,
So please look forward to them✓

We worked hard today too〜!
I feel accomplished〜!


2024-02-13 19:54:48

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Support - 2024-02-10 (RINA) - Sat Feb 10, 2024 7:19 am


Topics tagged under luminous on SCANDAL HEAVEN 2024-02-10-15-04-rina1

We're entering the promotion period
For the album✓
We recorded for TV yesterday!
I'll let you guys know about it later〜

Topics tagged under luminous on SCANDAL HEAVEN 2024-02-10-15-04-rina2

Samples of the CDs were also finishedー!
With the Blu-ray+Merch Edition,
The shimmering holo that changes depending on the angle
Is exquisitely pretty and perfect - It's amazing.
In this era of streaming, we're making the physical CDs with great care
In terms of both appearance and content
So that those who buy them can enjoy them as much as possible✓

Topics tagged under luminous on SCANDAL HEAVEN 2024-02-10-15-04-rina3

Ah! Also, I've gotten a lot of DMs
Asking where you can get my photo card,

Topics tagged under luminous on SCANDAL HEAVEN 2024-02-10-15-04-rina4

And it seems like you can get them here✓
Please use this as a reference if you like!
Thank you♡


2024-02-10 15:04:51

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Summary - 2024-02-03 (RINA) - Sat Feb 03, 2024 8:55 pm


Topics tagged under luminous on SCANDAL HEAVEN MA4jsYp

Detailed info about our album
Is being released one after another☑
So excitinggg〜

First up
Are the different types of covers!

Topics tagged under luminous on SCANDAL HEAVEN 1V5q599

They were made from scratch with a glass-like texture
Based on a motif of a floating jellyfish that emits its own light,
And all four covers
Really turned out nice☑

Only the Blu-ray+Merch Edition was designed
With glittery holographic overlay
To make it look even more gorgeous and sparkly◎

We had a really tough time
Choosing the right kind of holo,
But it was fun to make while thinking about it!〜!

Inside the Blu-ray+Merch Edition are:

Topics tagged under luminous on SCANDAL HEAVEN Esp4T2P

A long-sleeve T-shirt, 4-cut photo strips, a Blu-ray of a few music videos!
A bunch of stuff!

We've also summarized
All of the external bonuses and pre-order bonuses☑
We made a lot of them, so I hope you can choose the ones you like
And enjoy them!

Topics tagged under luminous on SCANDAL HEAVEN Iv4drAz

The titles of the songs and their credits.

Topics tagged under luminous on SCANDAL HEAVEN YYOrqVG
*Translated tracklist

11 songs we put all our heart and soul into
On our 11th album!

Please place an order and look forward to them!♡


2024-02-03 13:50:47

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11th Album - 「LUMINOUS - Thu Feb 01, 2024 5:50 pm

The design for the long-sleeve shirt + 4-cut photo strips included in the Blu-ray+Merch Edition of LUMINOUS  + designs for the first press bonuses have been released:

Topics tagged under luminous on SCANDAL HEAVEN T4
Topics tagged under luminous on SCANDAL HEAVEN LUMINOUS-1

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Topics tagged under luminous on SCANDAL HEAVEN LUMINOUS

The covers and tracklist for LUMINOUS have been revealed!

Additionally, new song "Fanfare" will be the ending song for the upcoming anime HIGHSPEED Étoile!

11th album LUMINOUS is SCANDAL's first album in two years since the previous album MIRROR, and in addition to the singles "Line of sight" and "Highlight no Naka de Bokura Zutto" released last year, a total of 11 songs will be included, including "Anata e," co-written with Rhythmic Toy World; and "Plum," co-written with EOW. This album is another one abundant in variety in which all members were involved in writing the lyrics and music.

The covers for all editions feature a jellyfish, giving a sense of flexibility and strength.

Topics tagged under luminous on SCANDAL HEAVEN Luminous-tracklist


  1. Gunjou pleats (群青pleats; Ultramarine pleats)
    [Words・Music: MAMI / Arrangement: Keita Kawaguchi]

  2. Fanfare (ファンファーレ)
    [Words: TOMOMI / Music・Arrangement: MAMI]

  3. Watashi-tachi (私たち; Us)
    [Words: RINA / Music: MAMI / Arrangement: Ryo Eguchi]

  4. Plum
    [Words: TOMOMI / Music・Arrangement: EOW]

  5. CANDY
    [Words・Music: TOMOMI / Arrangement: Satori Shiraishi]

  6. Vision
    [Words・Music: RINA / Arrangement: Hibiki Nishikawa]

  7. LOOP
    [Words: RINA / Music: RINA, Satori Shiraishi / Arrangement: Satori Shiraishi]

  8. Line of sight
    [Words: RINA / Music: MAMI / Arrangement: Keita Kawaguchi]

  9. Anata e (あなたへ; To You)
    [Words: MAMI / Music: Naotaka Uchida (Rhythmic Toy World) / Arrangement: Kishi Akira (Rhythmic Toy World)]

  10. 1:47
    [Words・Music: HARUNA / Arrangement: Satori Shiraishi]

  11. Highlight no Naka de Bokura Zutto (ハイライトの中で僕らずっと; We're Always In the Highlights)
    [Words・Music: MAMI / Arrangement: Ryo Eguchi]

Regular Edition: CD (3,000 yen)
Topics tagged under luminous on SCANDAL HEAVEN LUMINOUS

Limited Edition A: CD+Blu-ray (4,500 yen)
Topics tagged under luminous on SCANDAL HEAVEN LUMINOUS-A

Limited Edition B: CD+Magazine (4,500 yen)
Topics tagged under luminous on SCANDAL HEAVEN LUMINOUS-B

Blu-ray+Merch Edition: CD+Blu-ray+Merch (11,000 yen)
Topics tagged under luminous on SCANDAL HEAVEN LUMINOUS-deluxe-limited

Limited Edition A

Limited Edition B
Magazine: ”her” Magazine Vol.4 (64 pages)

Blu-ray+Merch Edition
Blu-ray: MUSIC VIDEO CLIPS (Line of sight, Highlight no Naka de Bokura Zutto, new song - Total of 3)

Merch: LUMINOUS long-sleeve T-shirt + 4-cut photo strips (set of 5)

※The album will be available on streaming services and major download services starting from March 20

Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube Music, LINE MUSIC, Amazon Music, Deezer, AWA, Rakuten Music, KKBOX, Tower Records Music

New song "Fanfare" will be the ending song for the anime HIGHSPEED Étoile!

Topics tagged under luminous on SCANDAL HEAVEN HSE-Teaservisual-1000-1

This song, written specifically for the series, was created by combining the strong and independent characters of the anime and SCANDAL themselves, the latter of whom has continued to express themselves as an all-girl band in their own way. HIGHSPEED Étoile is scheduled to start airing in April 2024.

SCANDAL's comments

―Impression of the work

When we received the offer for HIGHSPEED Étoile, we were told that the "strong and independent" characters matched our own image. We were very happy that having been able to express ourselves an all-girl band in our own way helped in the production of the series. We are very excited to see not only the racing battles, but also the bond between the characters and their racecars, and the near-future setting that reminds us of the events of the world we will live in in the future, which will enhance one's immersion in the work. We hope that our music will help to elevate the anime to the best of our ability!

―Thoughts on the ending song

We aimed to create a song with a core that would suit the lithe and cool women in the series. The main character Rin, who overcomes difficulties and grows day by day with her friends and racecars, shares some similarities with us. We've been together with the same band members for 17 years, and before we knew it, we found ourselves linking the song to SCANDAL's story.

We hope to convey the strength, resilience, and beauty of "always challenging yourself" through an exhilarating melody.

Please enjoy this cheering song for everyone who is taking on challenges, along with HIGHSPEED Étoile!

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11th Album - 「LUMINOUS - Mon Jan 08, 2024 3:05 am

Topics tagged under luminous on SCANDAL HEAVEN MDgAcTU

Yesterday, the band posted that LUMINOUS is now complete!

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mix - 2023-12-29 (RINA) - Fri Dec 29, 2023 6:40 pm


Topics tagged under luminous on SCANDAL HEAVEN Z5PvdiK

Album production is in its final stages.
We've finished recording all instruments and vocals,
And the mixing process had been going on one after another,
But today that process is complete〜!

Big speakers, small speakers,
Phones, computers, earphones, car speakers--
We tried different listening methods
To find the balance that feels the most comfortable and wonderful.

We're focused on making the most out of everything!
We're already very attached to it! haha
It'll still be a while
Before you guys can listen to it,
But since we really did work hard on it, please look forward to it

Topics tagged under luminous on SCANDAL HEAVEN MJHwOiM

Two days ago, we did the interview for
"her" Magazine Vol.4,
The magazine that'll come as a bonus☑

When we launched our imprint label,
We decided to create our own magazine
That would provide
The most in-depth information about us,
And we've continued to do this project.
I can't believe this next one is the fourth one.

However, this time,
We will almost double the number of pages than the previous ones.
There are tons of new photos
As well as pages focused on us individually, and introductions to all songs.

I think those who want to know how songs came to be,
The thoughts behind them, the stories behind them, etc.,
Will enjoy it a lot‎???? ????????

Sound production and mastering are the only things left to do.
Today is the last day of our music activities for now.
We really did work hard this yearrrr
Thank you so muchhhh!!!

Pre-order the album here:


2023-12-29 20:29:09

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LUMINOUS - 2023-12-27 (RINA) - Thu Dec 28, 2023 6:27 am


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As announced,
2024.03.20 NEW Album
LUMINOUS will be released!

This will be
Our 11th original studio album.
Albums are guideposts
And set the mood for all our activities that year

There's still a little bit of production left to do,
And the four of us are enjoying and cherishing making it

The title "LUMINOUS"
Has meanings such as

For the past few years,
Starting a little before the pandemic,
It was as if the four of us
Had groped our way through the fog,
Holding each others' hands tightly so as not to veer off course.
As we got lost, we pushed our way through,
And, in any case, we struggled and trudged onward.

We were worried about many things,
And there were many times when we couldn't find an answer
To where we were ultimately headed.
Over the course of our 17-year career,
We've aged from middle/high schoolers to now,
And even as a woman, I have come across topics
That I had never considered before.

I don't know if it's right
To just do the same thing over and over again and only move forward,
But there were days when it seemed like a bad idea
To move forward in your life as a person,
Despite the band itself growing.

I think each of us had a variety of feelings
During the production period of this album,
But at all such times,
We faced the band
And honestly and frankly created music
With 100% purity.
At any rate, we felt that creating something with a high level of purity
Was what we needed next.

The result
Is a very pure set of songs.

When the whole picture became clear,
The word "LUMINOUS" came up
When we had a meeting to decide on the title.
That was when all four of us felt it click at the same time,
And there's something about the feeling I had at that moment
That is on a level that words cannot explain.
It always gives me a very mysterious feeling.
We then felt relieved.
It means the vectors of our minds are aligned.

Several days have passed since then,
And as we've been continuing to work on it
And seeing our fans' faces at our concerts,
It's started to feel like
We're getting closer to the light at the end of a long tunnel,
And we've come to believe
That this was the right choice to make,
Whatever place may lie ahead,
And that that place will absolutely be glowing.

That is because
We ourselves are emitting the light.

Topics tagged under luminous on SCANDAL HEAVEN U28UTvy

I feel that touring
In support of this album
Will take us and all you guys
To a new and brighter place.

Fan club presale:

Preorder the album:

Let's make it a shiny year!


2023-12-27 13:42:17

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11th Album - 「LUMINOUS - Sun Dec 24, 2023 11:06 am

Topics tagged under luminous on SCANDAL HEAVEN 4Efi5y7

SCANDAL will be releasing their 11th album LUMINOUS on March 20!

They will also be going on a tour in support of it.

The album will contain 11 songs (including "Line of sight," "Vision," "Highlight no Naka de Bokura Zutto," "CANDY") and come in 4 editions:

-Regular Edition (VICL-6594) - 3,300 yen

-Blu-Ray Edition (VIZL-2305) - 4,500 yen

-Magazine Edition (VIZL-2306) - 4,500 yen

-Blu-Ray + Merch (VIZL-2304) - 11,000 yen

11th album LUMINOUS will be released on March 20, 2024!

This is the first album release in two years since the album MIRROR was released in January 2022.

The album will contain 11 songs, including new songs released this year: "Line of sight," "Vision," "Highlight no Naka de Bokura Zutto," "CANDY."

The album will be available in 4 editions: Regular Edition (CD only), Limited Edition A: Blu-Ray Edition (includes Blu-ray), Limited Edition B: Magazine (includes magazine), Blu-ray+Merch (includes Blu-ray, long-sleeve t-shirt in size L, 4-cut photos [set of 5] in a deluxe box).

<11th Album「LUMINOUS」Pre-order Special Site>

Limited Edition A

Limited Edition B
Magazine: ”her” Magazine Vol.4 (64 pages)

Blu-ray+Merch Edition
Blu-ray: MUSIC VIDEO CLIPS (Line of sight, Highlight no Naka de Bokura Zutto, new song - Total of 3)

Merch: Long-sleeve T-shirt + 4-cut photo strips (set of 5)

※The album will be available on streaming services and major download services starting from March 20

Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube Music, LINE MUSIC, Amazon Music, Deezer, AWA, Rakuten Music, KKBOX, Tower Records Music

<Pre-order Bonus Details>

Those who purchase any of the three Limited Editions (Blu-ray, Magazine, Blu-ray+Merch) from the following stores until February 12, 2024 will receive an A4 clear file.

※The design will be released at a later date.


HMV stores nationwide / HMV & BOOKS online

TSUTAYA RECORDS stores nationwide / TSUTAYA online shopping

Rakuten Books, Inc.


Seven Net Shopping


<Chain-Specific Original Bonuses>

Those who purchase the new album (any edition) will receive bonuses from the following stores on a first-come, first-served basis. Mega CD Cover

Rakuten Books: Shoelaces

Seven Net Shopping: Smartphone Shoulder Strap

TOWER RECORDS: Original Photo Card (MAMI)

HMV: Original Photo Card (HARUNA)


SCANDAL supporting stores (CDJapan included): Original Photo Card (RINA)

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SCANDAL TOUR 2024 "LUMINOUS" - Sun Dec 24, 2023 11:06 am

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SCANDAL will be going on tour in support of their new album LUMINOUS!

4/4 (Thu) DRUM LOGOS, Fukuoka
4/5 (Fri) DRUM LOGOS, Fukuoka
4/7 (Sun) Kumamoto B.9 V1, Kumamoto
4/12 (Fri) YEBISU YA PRO, Okayama
4/13 (Sat) MONSTER, Kagawa
4/18 (Thu) Mito LIGHT HOUSE, Ibaraki
4/19 (Fri) Rensa, Miyagi
4/21 (Sun) Quarter, Aomori
4/27 (Sat) Niigata LOTS, Niigata
4/28 (Sun) EIGHT HALL, Ishikawa
5/4 (Sat) Zepp Nagoya, Aichi
5/6 (Mon) KT Zepp Yokohama, Kanagawa
5/11  (Sat) Zepp Osaka Bayside, Osaka
5/12 (Sun) Evans Castle Hall, Nara
5/16 (Thu) PENNY LANE 24, Hokkaido
5/17 (Fri) PENNY LANE 24, Hokkaido
5/19 (Sun) Hakodate club COCOA, Hokkaido
5/25 (Sat) Zepp Haneda, Tokyo

Price: 1F standing - 6,000 yen / 2F reserved seating - 6,500 yen + drink fee

■SCANDAL MANIA lottery: 12/24 (Sat) 21:00 JST - 1/9 (Tue) 23:59 JST

■General sale: 3/9 (Sat) 10:00~ JST

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