Question, Comments & Suggestion Rules
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The Question, Comments & Suggestion Rules

Questions to post
- If you have any questions regarding the site only, such where is something or how is something, etc. Post it here.
- If you are confused about something on this forum, you may ask to clarify it here.
- Only questions about the site are allowed in this subforum. SCANDAL-related questions are posted elsewhere depending on the question.

- Post your feedback about the forum. If you don't like something, tell us and we will look into it.
- If you saw a problem or some kind of bug on the forum, kindly tell us.

- Post your suggestions to add, remove, or change something in the forum.
- Post only things that you feel that can improve the forum. Suggesting to remove or change something because you just don't like it is an example of an unacceptable request.


Again, suggestions for the good of the community is always welcome. Let's do our best to become an even better forum.

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I can still be around from time to time if my help is needed, but for urgent matters you can contact the SH Staff

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