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Inazuma Rock Fes. - 2013-09-21 (RINA)
Posted Sun Sep 22, 2013 2:38 am



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Inazuma Rock Fes.

We got to do a live in nice weatherー!

Inazuma Rock Fes. - 2013-09-21 (RINA) 0YsLBjx

Everyone who came to see us,
And everyone who saw us for the first time,
Thank you! It was funー!
Inazuma Rock Fes. - 2013-09-21 (RINA) V5rG6oR

This year is Inazuma's 5th year.
That's wonderful.
5 years can get crazy and go by so quickly, but it's because a lot of things happen.
On 10/22 this year it'll be 5 years since our debut, so we're the same age as Inazuma.
I want to keep livening things up together

Inazuma Rock Fes. - 2013-09-21 (RINA) FZvZEHt

This was the last of the outdoor festivals this year.
We made great memoriesー!
Our tour starts in October; if you'd like, please come out to the easy-to-get-to venues!

We'll be coming back to Shiga Prefecture again!!

Inazuma Rock Fes. - 2013-09-21 (RINA) NVvnpwx

Nishikawa-san, thank you very much! *applause*


We're heading to Nagoya from now!

Inazuma Rock Fes. - 2013-09-21 (RINA) O0WOpk8

Oasis 21, Ginga no Hiroba
9/22 (Sun.) 14:45 - 15:30 approx.
It'll be a public radio recordingー
It's free to enter, so please come if you have timeー


2013-09-21 19:55:01

Inazuma Rock Fes. - 2013-09-21 (RINA) 39iLxaW

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Re: Inazuma Rock Fes. - 2013-09-21 (RINA)
Posted Sun Sep 22, 2013 3:25 am



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International Performer
hehe nice coincidence the 5th years anniversary.

Inazuma Rock Fes. - 2013-09-21 (RINA) MUW2SyY
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Re: Inazuma Rock Fes. - 2013-09-21 (RINA)
Posted Sun Sep 22, 2013 3:37 am



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International Performer
So for once it didn't rain?! .omg.

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Re: Inazuma Rock Fes. - 2013-09-21 (RINA)
Posted Sun Sep 22, 2013 7:30 am



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International Performer
HaRuRiNaMaMiToMo wrote:So for once it didn't rain?! .omg.
haha, the rain doesn't like them anymore .omg. 

and I liked the first and the 4th pics .smile. 

by the way, thanks for the translation!

Inazuma Rock Fes. - 2013-09-21 (RINA) TVajCc2

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