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As SCANDAL's US & Mexico tour is coming up in no time at all + a lot of people have been asking questions regarding it recently, here are a few FAQs I've compiled together:

First and foremost, there are A LOT of unknown things that no one will probably know until the day of the shows. Please be aware of this.

Q. Where do I buy tickets?

A. Please check this post.

Q. Will there be merch/goods available to purchase?

A. Merch hasn't been confirmed just yet, but it's basically a given! Because US venues always have merch sales inside of the venues, you will need to wait until you are inside to buy them. We will update this thread if/when a merch line-up is released ahead of time.

As for forms of payment, there's a good chance they'll accept both cash and credit cards, but it's probably best to bring enough cash just in case.

Q. What kind of bags can I bring inside?

A. Please make sure to check each venue's sites and rules as they might vary greatly, especially in the US.

However, a good rule of thumb to follow is to NOT bring in any bags that are bigger than 14" x 14". A good bag option to bring is a drawstring backpack such as this .

Q. Can I give the band gifts?

A. If you have VIP, you probably will be able to give them something. If you have GA, you might need to ask the venue staff if there's somewhere you can leave your gifts.

If you do choose to give them something, BE SURE TO NOT GIVE THEM ANY FOOD OR DRINKS. Food/drinks are never allowed and security will 100% take them from you and throw them away before you even go inside.

Q. Will cameras or phone cameras be allowed?

A. We don't know. However, the NYC venue does specifically state that no cameras will be allowed. None of the other venues will probably know until the day of the shows. Please contact them for details.

Q. I have VIP. How will VIP go?

A. No details will be announced ahead of time. Please understand this.

However, you can read about what happened on the previous tour here since there's a good chance it'll be the same/similar this time too.

Q. Will there be a translator at the M&Gs?

A. We don't know. However, they didn't have one last time so there's a good chance they won't have one this time either. If you want to talk to the band, we'd suggest learning a little bit of Japanese, or limit what you want to say to them to simple English.

Q. I have VIP. Can I take a picture with the band?

A. We don't know. They didn't officially list it in the perks, but as it was included last time, there probably is a good chance you will be able to take a picture with the band.

As for cameras, you either might be able to use your own, or a staff member with a pro camera will be there taking pictures and will then e-mail your picture to you afterwards. We don't know which it'll be.

Q. How do the fan chants/jumps/etc. go for the songs?

A. You can read about that here!

If you have any other questions that haven't been answered that you think we can answer, please ask away.

Also, for those coming to the three NY and CA shows, we will have a large, pink vinyl banner that everyone will be able sign and write a message to the band on before the shows! The design of the banner will be a surprise until then. Wink

SCANDAL TOUR 2018 "Kanshasai" - Fri May 25, 2018 12:17 pm

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SCANDAL TOUR 2018 “感謝祭” (Kanshasai; Giving Thanks) will be held!!

This fall, SCANDAL will be celebrating the 10th anniversary of their major label debut!

We have not celebrated the day of our debut specially, but the number "10" naturally comes with feelings of "thanks."

We will prepare a set list fitting for the name "giving thanks," and will be waiting for everyone at the venues!

11/02(Fri.) Zepp Nagoya
11/03(Sat.) Zepp Nagoya
11/10(Sat.) Zepp Osaka Bayside
11/11(Sun.) Zepp Osaka Bayside
11/16(Fri.) Zepp Sapporo 
11/20(Tue.) Zepp Tokyo
11/21(Wed.) Zepp Tokyo

<SCANDAL MANIA Presale Schedule>
■SCANDAL MANIA presale: 5/25 (Fri.) 22:00 〜 6/11 (Mon.)23:59

※Those who join MANIA (paid dues) by 5/31 may enter.
※Those who joined between 5/21〜5/31 will be able to apply from 6/7.

■CLUB SCANDAL presale: 6/22 (Fri.) 22:00 〜 6/25 (Mon.) 23:59

<Official URL Presale>
■Official URL presale: 7/6 (Fri.) 18:00 ~ 7/16 (Mon.) 23:59

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