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A Photo Exhibition of 10 Groups of Artists + SCANDAL Talk Event

There will be a commemorative project for the music culture magazine 「Rolling Stone Japan Edition」 reaching 100 issues.

Ten artists that Japan boasts about used 「Leica D-LUX」 to shoot a work with the theme of "Loveable things I want to see again even after looking at it 100 times."

As a series project compilation that took over half a year to deliver, a photo exhibition of the ten artists will be held at TSUTAYA Bookstore in Daikanyama from 3/16 (Wed.) to 3/29 (Tue.).

In addition, on 3/16 (Wed.), the opening day of the exhibition, SCANDAL, who is among the participating artists, will make an appearance at the 「Talk Event」 from 20:30, limited to 80 invited guests.

Please don't miss this opportunity that brings together the top artists of photographic work that Japan boasts about.


『Expressionists' Loveable Scenes』
〜A Photo Exhibition of 10 Groups of Artists〜

Dates: 3/16(Wed.)〜3/29(Tue.)
Venue: Daikanyama, TSUTAYA Bookstore, Building 3, Second Floor, Music Floor
Admission: Free

<Participating Artists ※In order of publication>
・Tetsuya Komuro
・Yusuke Chiba
・the dresscodes
・Mari Natsuki
・Tatsuya Nakamura
・Kenichi Asai
・Hisashi Imai (BUCK-TICK / SHAFT)

※For the duration of the exhibition, those who visit the photo exhibition will be selected from a lottery to win autographed photographs of each artists. (Details on how to apply will be announced at the exhibition booth.)


Photo Exhibition Opening / SCANDAL Talk Event

Venue: Daikanyama, TSUTAYA Bookstore, Building 3, Second Floor, Music Floor
Date: 3/16(Wed.) Open: 20:00 / Start: 20:30
Admission: By invitation only (Limited to 80 guests)

How to Apply:
The first 80 people to apply will be invited.
Please apply via the following application form.
It should be noted that, as soon capacity is reached, we will close the application form.
Please acknowledge beforehand.

Application Form:




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