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Introducing all songs! The appeal of SCANDAL's new work 『HONEY』 and a playlist of songs that influenced them

Their 8th album 『HONEY』 has finally been released. They've completed their best masterpiece at this moment, at the same timing as the 10th anniversary of their major label debut. This album is one that all the members are proud of, and all of its 10 songs are fascinating. Depending on how you're feeling when listening to the album, the effect of the songs will definitely change. We are convinced that, with the riffs and sounds that are quite sophisticated, it's become an album that will loved beyond the test of time. We had them speak about how they were able to make this album, and also about their music roots.

It feels very mysterious since, despite doing this for 10 years, it feels really fresh (MAMI)

We had a desire to properly play rock by doing a love song from a woman's point-of-view (RINA)

─Your 8th album 『HONEY』 is an awesome album. What do you think yourselves?

MAMI: It became a very impulsive album. We've been able to do what we want to do in modes we've had now and again so far, but it feels like we were able to make a culmination of that. We did almost all of the arrangements and recording went smoothly, so this is an album with no ambivalence. It feels very mysterious since, despite doing this for 10 years, it feels really fresh.

RINA: Lyrics-wise, I was partial towards my interests. I think I was able to express the things I like. We had a desire to properly play rock by doing a love song from a woman's point-of-view, and I think we were able to solidly form that. There have also been times when our mode is when we want to keep doing rock that we can do because we're an all-girl band, so the mix of our band sound and lyrics that only girls could sing about turned into these 10 songs. If you try making something that you daringly shake free from, you'll get something that all kinds of people will be pleased with. We made an album that has that possibility, so we're glad that we did it.

─The covers are very impressive, aren't they.

TOMOMI: The "sweetness" and "sharpness" theme of the album is expressed via the view of fashion icons AMIAYA who represent TOKYO. We like the realistic femininity that's different from anything we've done before.

RINA: The inside of the album booklet too has an overseas magazine-feel to it. So, it's an album that's fun to look at and listen to.

─Please give commentary for each song on the album one by one. The opening track 「Platform Syndrome」 was apparently the last one to be made, but it has a facing-forward feel to it while also being a song about a broken heart.

RINA: This song is the face of the album, and one that was finished at the last second. We gave the name "platform syndrome" to the floating feeling and sadness you have the day after your heart's been broken. It's a rock tune with a momentum that symbolizes this album.

─「OVER」 is another song that's connected to that momentum.

MAMI: We wanted to make an album of what we think is rock, so it has a solid and heavy sound. This song was born from interacting with the members about wanting to have a song that starts off with a guitar that cuts through the air. Since we imagined it as a set that goes with 「Platform Syndrome」, we put the two together on the tracklisting and asked the engineer to give it the image that the two are connected.

─You released 「Take Me Out」 quite a while ago.

MAMI: We made it for our outdoor live in Osaka held on 2016/8/21, the band's 10th anniversary, but it's become a number that's fundamental to our live shows now.

─「Oh! No!」 features MAMI on main vocals.

MAMI: I tried depicting the cuteness of women, who shouldn't forget that they're always their own heroine. I'd be happy if you'd enjoy the expansion of the rhythm and melody.

─「Midnight City」 features RINA on vocals for verses 1 and 2 with HARUNA singing the chorus. I thought it was a number that sympathizes with the lyrics.

RINA: By feeling uncomfortable comparing yourself to others and feeling gloomy when days don't go the way you think they will, the fact that you expect something from yourself is evidence of moving forward. It turned into an urban dance number that combines and sings of those feelings and wordplay.

─The vocals on 「Short Short」 are impressive.

HARUNA: It's a love song where you can enjoy the sharp gap of sharp lyrics that are set on a soft melody. This song was actually made around two years ago, and since the members really liked the take I had done then, we put that on the actual song. There are also parts that I rerecorded, but as my intial feelings are included, please take note of the vocals as well.

─「Mado wo Aketara」 features lyrics and music by TOMOMI.

TOMOMI: This song was written around three years ago, and at that time it felt like only my soul slipped out of me. Nights where I was afraid that my body would become only a container continued, and I made this wanting to save these feelings. Since it's a very private song and the melody too is different than anything we've done before, I wanted to give it a new spice rather than complete it as a band, and asked my good friend Mizuki Masuda of Negoto to arrange it.

─「Futari」 is a very cool song.

TOMOMI: MAMI's guitar phrases that were inspired by instrumental bands constructed a world view that I had never seen before. I like stoic, emotional, glittering sound to it.

─「Electric Girl」 is an interesting track.

HARUNA: It stands out among this album that has a very strong private-feel to it, and it's a song that has a bit of a chemicalness to it while still being very us. It's very gaudy, having vocals with an autotune effect and a bass solo by TOMOMI.

─Last up is your digital single song 「Koisuru Universe」.

RINA: It's all-girl rock with lyrics that are interspersed with viewpoints and wording unique to girls, combined with an attacking melody line. It's a love song with a 120% degree of happiness!

─Now we'll be discussing SCANDAL's playlist. We would like you to make a playlist of songs that had influenced you up until the completion of 『HONEY』. HARUNA's first song is "time will tell" by Utada Hikaru.

HARUNA: I often listened to Utada during the recording period for the vocals for 「Mado wo Aketara」. I also have roots in this song before we started the band. Leading to 「Mado wo Aketara」, my way of singing was particularly influenced by elements of R&B.

─Your second song is "Yosoiki" by tricot.

HARUNA: This album was greatly influenced by female artists in our same generation, and I often listened to tricot's songs too while we were in production. I really like tricot's 『3』 album, and this is my favorite song from it.

─MAMI's first song is "Run" by Foo Fighters.

MAMI: Starting from their 2011 album 『Wasting Light』, I wanted to produce Foo Fighters-like sounds that would make you go numb from listening to it on the radio! There was a moment when I wanted to do a momentous song, and when I clearly knew the music I wanted us to do as a band and the sounds that I wanted to produce. I've been listening to the Foo Fighters ever since, and they've had quite an influence on my sound and riffs.

─Your second song is "Never Ending Circles" by CHVRCHES.

MAMI: There was a time I listened to things like EDM and digital sounds, and 2017 for me was hoping that I could express the ambiance of a girl's soft voice not with a masculine sound, but with a feminine one.

─Your third song is "Space Sonic" by ELLEGARDEN.

MAMI: I listened to this a lot when I was in high school. The chorus and the atmosphere from the intro to the second verse completely change. I thought that unpredictable music was a lot of fun. The drum rhythm during the intro on this song is really cool.

─TOMOMI's first song is "Big N" by IN-SIST BAND.

TOMOMI: I often listened to this song when producing 「Mado wo Aketara」. Listening to this song made me realize that I like simple songs that play the same chords on repeat from beginning to end.

─Your second song is "Yawaraka na Hi" by Kazuyoshi Saito.

TOMOMI: I love Kazuyoshi's songs that are full of life. Lyrics that depict a way that no one thought of with words that everyone knows and scenery that anyone can imagine always make my heart beat fast!

─RINA's first song is "Heroine" by back number.

RINA: I began to write lyrics, and I began to disassemble and listen to hit songs. At that time, I again realized that back number was awesome. The situation of the story doesn't change during this song. Verses one and two are written about the heart while the chorus is all about scenery, but the situation doesn't change. I often have written about moving scenery and the flow of time, so I learned a lot from this song. I listened to this song and tried writing one situation for 「Koisuru Universe」. I think it's a cool song.

─Your second song is "Telecaster Stripe" by Polkadot Stingray.

RINA: Polkadot Stingray is excellent. I'm friends with vocalist Shizuku and we talk on LINE. They're interesting people, their songs will soon be at the center of Japan's current rock scene, and all of their songs are convincing and to my taste. Also, it made me think that the intro to a song really is important.

─Well then, which artists do each of you respect?

HARUNA: Kinoko Teikoku! Vocalist Chiaki Sato is my friend, and I always get inspiration from the lyrics and songs of the girls who are the same age as me. In all sincerity, it's wonderful when you're able to show the inside of your heart. I also have respect for natural personalities.

MAMI: aiko's use of melody semitones, changing pitches, vocal strength...... I learned everything from aiko, who has been an indispensable factor in the songs I make now.

TOMOMI: YUKI! She's cute, cool, and erotic no matter how much time passes, and I'm always impressed with her high self-producing ability. I respect her so, so, so much as an artist, of course, and as a woman.

RINA: YUKI for me as well. I've always loved her cuteness, coolness, and entrancing charm. She also influences the words I choose for lyrics. I admire her.

─You're finally starting your hall tour; please tell us your enthusiasm for it.

HARUNA: Since this is our first hall tour in three years, we'd like to deliver a gorgeousness unique to halls that's packed with the artwork from the album.

─Finally, please give a message to readers of mysound.

HARUNA: We, who are celebrating the 10th anniversary of our major label debut this year, were able to make an album that has a momentum of a debut album. We'd be happy if many people listen to it! We'll also be going on a hall tour in support of this album, so please come out to a live. Let's have a good time together!

MAMI: We created an impulsive and rock album that's packed with everything that we wanted to do now. Please give it a listen.

TOMOMI: Please listen to this work we're proud of that's been released during the 10th anniversary of our major label debut.

RINA: We're very proud of this work, so we'd be happy if you listened to this album called 『HONEY』. We're looking forward to seeing you at a live!

A real experience with powerful tags by 「ARCH DAYS」 and 「Pinterest」! A 『HONEY』 PARTY with SCANDAL, the all-girl band who opened the first Pinterest-certified artist account

「ARCH DAYS」, the information site for enjoying parties managed by Sony Music Entertainment Inc., and Pinterest, a tool for gathering ideas and inspiration around the world, will be doing a series of joint events to 「realistically experience world views and inspiration」 with artists and creators who are active in various fields.

For the first series, a women-only party was held on 2/18 to experience the world view of the eighth original album 「HONEY」 (released 2018.02.14) by the all-girl rock band SCANDAL who is active in both Japan and abroad.

SCANDAL opened the first Pinterest-verified account as a Japanese artist, and this collaboration materialized from the development of the artwork of their album 「HONEY」, which was visually produced by the fashion icons AMIAYA representing TOKYO using Pinterest, the global inspiration tool with over 200 million users per month.

Taking inspiration from SCANDAL's 『HONEY』, ARCH DAYS produced the decorations for Pinterest Japan's offices in Nakameguro, which served as the venue. The music video of their new song streamed in the venue decked out in red, taken from collage motifs and roses as the theme of the album, and was a space where, just by taking one step, the world view of the album could be enjoyed intuitively with the eyes and the ears.

The SCANDAL members spent valuable time close to the attendees by appearing as a surprise, enjoying the collage workshop with attendees, and using Pinterest to think of ideas for the photo booth that will be set up during 「SCANDAL TOUR 2018 "HONEY"」, their hall tour that starts in March and will be their first hall tour in three years.

HARUNA's Instagram Account - Mon Feb 19, 2018 4:30 pm

HARUNA now has an Instagram account!

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Pinterest × SCANDAL "HONEY" PARTY, February 18th

MAMI:「Today was the Pinterest event


In an atmosphere that incorporated a red dress code and the album artwork
We all made HONEY BOXES, used Pinterest, and made a HONEY board
The all-red atmosphere was adorable
Thanks, everyone

HARUNA:「Our Pinterest event
Everyone noisily making "HONEY BOXES" was fun
We've made both a band board and personal boards on our Pinterest account, so take a look if you'd like


Everyone who participated, thanks so much!

The "SCANDAL HONEY photo booth inspiration" board we all made today will be made into a photo spot that we'll take on tour! Please come out to our tour!」

RINA:「We all did a red HONEY coordinate

A few IG Stories:

A look at the party from fans on Twitter and Instagram:

It looks like tickets for the Manila performance recently went on sale without anyone really knowing about it and no official announcement? The promoters don't seem to be very capable...

Anyway, there are 4 types of "Passes" available, and people are saying that the most expensive one is already sold out. There will also be a separate "Fan Meet" on 6/23, the day before the show.

There are barely any real details about the passes. The "Emperor's Pass," which includes a concert ticket + Fan Meet ticket, is the one that's apparently already sold out. The next tier is the "VIP Pass," but no real details of it have been posted AFAIK; perhaps you get a better spot in the crowd? The "General Admission Pass" seems to just include a ticket to the concert? The "Fan Meet Pass" is a pass to the Fan Meet and can only be purchased if you have a ticket to the concert.

Edit: Fan Meet passes are now apparently sold out (link).

(Concert Ticket + Fan Meet ticket)
₱ 8,000.00

₱ 5,000.00

₱ 2,800.00

(only CONCERT PASS HOLDERS are allowed to purchase. Tickets are Non-Transferable)
₱ 1,800.00



Edit: Here are the perks of each pass:

1. Emperor's Pass (Concert Ticket + Fan Meet Ticket)
Ticket Price: PHP 8,000.00 

• Emperor's ID (to be used during the Concert & Fan Meet)
• Concert Poster
• Priority Seating
• After Concert Hi-Touch Session with Artist
• Autograph of Emperor's ID
• Priority Seating
• Fan Meet Poster
• Individual Photo Opportunity with Artist

2. VIP Pass
Ticket Price: PHP 5,000.00 

• Reserved Area
• Concert Poster

3. General Admission Pass
Ticket Price: PHP 2,800.00

4. Fan Meet Pass
*Only CONCERT PASS HOLDERS are allowed to purchase. Tickets are Non-Transferable
**Fan Meet ticket holders must present their Concert Tickets to be allowed entry to the Fan Meet.
Ticket Price: PHP 1,800.00

• Fan Meet Poster
• Group Photo Opportunity with Artist

JAPAN COUNTDOWN - Mon Feb 19, 2018 12:41 am

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RINA's liner notes for "Futari," "Electric Girl," and "Koisuru Universe":
M8. Futari
No action has been taken even though you've known for a long time that you both have the same feelings; won't that disappear if you don't hurry? It's a song about a pair that provokes that while enjoying that time they share together. The lyrics for this came first. A lot of the lyrics came first this time
M9. Electric Girl
Wanting a thrilling song, we made a flashy one that's full of playfulness. After we finished recording track 8 was when the album title came to mind, and we tried including "sweet nectar" that was connected to the word "HONEY." We want to shout out the "Isse-no-se" part before the chorus with everyone - I really can't wait for our tour
M10. Koisuru Universe
A love song with a 120% degree of happiness that could even be played at a wedding ceremony. "A perfect universe in which we met you" who has chosen SCANDAL's music. This album "HONEY" is a work that we're proud of in 2018, the 10th anniversary of our major label debut, and one that closes with happiness. Thank you.

The all-girl rock band SCANDAL love to hear from fans around the world, so we're posting their seventh set of questions. Send them lots of answers!

Who is a fashion icon in your country?

What do you sing on birthdays in your country? (Send a video!)

What special manners does your country have?

What's a good Instagram spot in your country? (Send a photo!)

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RINA's liner notes for "Short Short" and "Mado wo Aketara":
M6. Short Short
A strange tale that's shorter than a short story―a story of a girl who desires a love like a short short story. The mix of HARUNA's transparent vocals like meltwater with plenty of chorus work feels nice. Some of my favorite lyrics that were able to be written with good balance of words with a softness and sharpness to them
M7. Mado wo Aketara
This album was made mostly with songs that were written within the past year, but this song was written by TOMOMI three years ago. We're happy that the timing when we could have everyone listen to it finally came along. We've been really thinking strongly about making our ways of living into songs, and that we'd make our favorite music just as it is. Music that people can see is really enjoyable

Have you listened to it?


How is it
Is there a favorite song of yours
To those who haven't listened to it yetー
I'd like for you to listen to it

Even if only the songs are interesting
Either by downloading it or getting a CD
I'd be happy if you enjoy it with your favorite way of listening

We're waiting for aーny kind of feedback you have✌️
We're proud of this work✌️︎ Hehehe

So, our tour in support of the album will be starting soon
It'll start from March! Bang
Since we're doing a hall tour this time, we'll be
We'd like to apply the album artwork and atmosphere to our set and greet everyone within the world of the album☝️

General sales for the tickets have begun as of today!
For more info

During a hall tour you can enjoy yourself in as much space as you want, and of course, since it's a live show, we'll make our performance make you sweat in the same way as at a live house✌️
Let's get crazy

We're looking forward to being able to see everyone on tour!
We'll go all outー!


2018/2/17 20:27











2018/2/17 20:27

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『HONEY』 Liner Notes - Midnight City - Sat Feb 17, 2018 8:14 am

RINA's liner notes for "Midnight City":
M5. Midnight City
"Comparing myself to others makes me hate myself, and I can't speak sincerely to anyone―why am I like this?" Being attacked by loneliness and an inferiority complex means that you're the one who knows best that you can still do more, and that you can set high expectations for yourself. A song with a sweet and poisonous atmosphere to it, and one that features RINA on main vocals for the first time in a while

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General ticket sales for 「SCANDAL TOUR 2018 "HONEY"」 went on sale a couple of hours ago, and these performances are now sold out:

3/3 - Misato (Saitama)
4/28 - Osaka
5/11 - Nakano (Tokyo)
5/12 - Nakano (Tokyo)

#front-page #scandal_honey
Out on 2/14! The 8th album released by 〈SCANDAL〉 whose cuteness and glamour is increasing is a must-listen-to masterpiece! (Part 1)

All-girl band SCANDAL will be releasing their 8th original album 『HONEY』. As if representing these girls who are soon celebrating the 10th anniversary of their major label debut, it is an album that is sweet, slightly spicy, and packed with songs with glamour. This time, we interviewed all of the members about their their album 『HONEY』, changes born once again in the band after reaching the 10th year since their major debut, and their current mentality. It will be delivered in two parts!

――The artwork for your album 『HONEY』 releasing on 2/14 was handled by the twin artist unit AMIAYA, correct? How did this collaboration come about?

TOMOMI: The first time I met them, Mizuki Masuda of the band Negoto, whom I'm close with, introduced us. For our first meeting, I went to AMIAYA's place to have a nabe party with everyone (laughs). They also starting coming to our live shows, and also started getting involved with the other members.

――I see. You first knew them privately.

TOMOMI: Yes. So, during the production period of this album, the members talked about doing a private-like atmosphere for 『HONEY』. That being the case, we thought, wouldn't it be interesting if we tried to make it with our really good friends? We then decided to ask AMIAYA.

――How did the flow progress in reality?

RINA: First, we conveyed our image of the album's concept and vision in words to AMIAYA, brought the materials together and held a meeting while deciding the direction and deciding to make the image color red. Then, we had AMIAYA get the outfits together and had them remake that again. It felt like it became more and more solidified while we bounced around ideas together.

TOMOMI: Specifically, AMIAYA produced it the visual aspects including their casting suggestions of a stylist and photographer as well as the location and the outfits.

――When you look at the completed artwork, you see that it has another angle of appeal that's different from the past SCANDAL. What were your thoughts when you saw the finished product?

RINA: That it was linked to the album's theme and took the shape of what we wanted to do. We gave the keywords of sweetness, sharpness, and a bit of salaciousness to 『HONEY』, and the contents of the lyrics are mixed with nuances like that. This collaboration began from us having strong thoughts about wanting to visualize the theme we imagined, so we're happy that we were able to do something that was more than we imagined.

――Was there a big response from fans?

MAMI: We've gotten a lot of responses from girls in particular. AMIAYA are models and DJs as well as producers of a fashion brand, so there is a sense of balance unique to these two who understand the feelings of those in the public eye as well as those behind the scenes. Because music and fashion are so close to each other, we're very happy that we're getting responses with these visuals from those who didn't know about our music.

――There might be some people who get into it by just taking a glance at it because they think it's cute.

TOMOMI: But, it was interesting that the response from guys and the response from girls were totally different, whether it was due to more skin being shown than usual, or because our expressions are a bit bold. The girls said, "That's so cute〜♡," but it feels like the guys were a bit confused (laughs).

HARUNA: Personally, we looked at overseas magazines and on Instagram, and thought that we could apply the images that we liked to SCANDAL's style. It was a great experience to be able to shape what we liked into one form.

RINA: We've had things we like and things we wanted to do since the beginning, but a little while ago we also felt that we shouldn't express how SCANDAL currently was in that way. Perhaps it was simply because it didn't suit our music at the time. However, the four of us have been a band for 10 years, we've gotten more into nuances in music and fashion, and the range of things that we can express has also increased as we've aged.

――In your early days you had the school uniform image. Was there a fixed concept, like, "SCANDAL should be this way" among yourselves?

RINA: Yes. My way of thinking was that SCANDAL must be like superheroes. Before we went on stage it felt like we were metamorphosizing into SCANDAL. When comparing this album to our first one, the content of the lyrics are completely different. Right now, we're putting out the personal parts of each of the four of us, and our private lives are also changing. However, this is a natural change. It's been 10 years since we were students, and of course there will be big changes no matter how you live. We've been continuing to make music in our teens, our twenties, and soon our thirties, so it feels like our way of expressing ourselves is completely different at each age.

――After a story like that, when you listen to 『HONEY』 once more, it feels like it's an album that you could make because of your ages.

RINA: It's become so natural that we didn't even pay attention to it. SCANDAL has a style of all the members writing lyrics and music with HARUNA's vocals, so if we were to continue singing love songs that could not be possible in the real world, it would feel like there'd be a limit somewhere age-wise. So, we feel that it's better to do music that you can see yourself playing for a long time.

――Could we ask each member to recommend one song apiece from the album for the readers of Men's JOKER?

MAMI: Mine would be 「Oh! No!」. Girls' heads get jumbled up when they're in love―rather, they're always at full operation. You think about things like, "What makeup should I do for the boy I like?", "How should my hair be?", or "What clothes should I wear?", but actually, shouldn't you be loving the you who can stay motivated, and the you who you see in the mirror? That part exists within me too. Girls mustn't forget that they're always their own heroine. I think that's something that's cute and is a strength. Those things I had been thinking about were quickly made into a song, so the lyrics, melody, and performance turned it into a busy song.

――It's like that complexity is what a girl's brain is. The word count is also considerably longer than the other songs (laughs).

MAMI: That's right. The lyrics are really long and are jam-packed with things I wanted to say. I was able to write a bit without thinking too deeply about it. I hope that this song can make guys feel that this is what it's like when girls are in love.

――How about you, TOMOMI?

TOMOMI: 「Mado wo Aketara」, the song that I made with Mizuki Masuda of Negoto. It was completed around three years ago, and I'm very happy that my friend and I were able to make a song together. I really like the world view of songs and arrangements made by Mizuki Masuda, so I placed an order for her to put her personal favorite Rhodes synth to finish up the arrangement. It's the only song on 『HONEY』 that had been used from our backstock of songs. It was also emotional for me to be able to put the sounds with a loop feeling to them that I listened to frequently in private at that time on the album. The tone's a little dark (laughs), and it has a calm, mature mood to it, so it may link with the readers.

――Thank you very much! We will introduce RINA and HARUNA's recommended songs in part 2!

SCANDAL - "Roots Radio" on Spotify - Fri Feb 16, 2018 10:14 am

"Roots Radio" will be delivering the new album 「HONEY」 from SCANDAL, the all-girl band who hails from Osaka and are celebrating their 12th anniversary this year, with self-liner voices by the members for all of the tracks!

Translation of their commentary:

Edit: I've made a video with their commentary audio:

Opening Talk

H: Hello, SCANDAL here! This is SCANDAL's "Roots Radio," meaning that we will be explaining each song on our new album 『HONEY』.

R: We don't really get to explain each song during our MCs at live shows either. Doing this makes us happy.

H: Please take this opportunity to listen to it!

Comment, M1 (Platform Syndrome)

H: First up is track 1, "Platform Syndrome." It opens the album.

R: It's a rock number. We all had an image of starting the album off with a song that had momentum to it, so we really wanted to make that into a song. Lyrics-wise, it's about the feelings of a girl who's heart had been broken the day before. The day after your heart's been broken is the most painful one and you're in a fluffy-like state and it's like you don't fully understand yourself.

H: You feel down.

R: Right? I wrote this song about those kinds of feelings. I gave the name "platform syndrome" to the sadness you feel the next day after having your heart broken.

Comment, M2 (OVER)

H: Track 2 is "OVER." This song was made around the same time as "Platform Syndrome."

M & R: That's right.

M: We completed it just barely, barely on time.

H: Yeah, and it became the second track.

M: Yeah. We wanted to put in another uptempo song like the first track "Platform Syndrome." I can't wait to play it at a show.

All: Right?

R: The opening leads from the previous track, making these first two tracks like a set. I think it's a stylish album you're able to enjoy.

Comment, M3 (Take Me Out)

H: Track 3, "Take Me Out." It's a song that we constantly play at lives.

R: It's a standard song for us now!

H: We made it to play at festivals and such, and wanted everyone to dance together with us.

R: That's right. We played a solo outdoor festival for our 10th anniversary, and we also made this song for that. It's a festival-like number.

Comment, M4 (Oh! No!)

H: Track 4, "Oh! No!" MAMI sings vocals on this.

T: That's right.

M: I sing on this song, but I didn't plan on singing it at first; I made it with the intention of having HARUNA sing it. When we started practicing it in the studio and actually tried playing it, everyone was suggesting, "Wouldn't it be nice if MAMI sang it?", which is how to I came to sing it. This is also a love song―rather, it's a song about a girl in love. How do I say this... When you're in love you want to look pretty for the person you love and want them to think you're cute. In reality, you can be stylish, put on makeup, become beautiful, and fall in love with yourself when you're in love. Being in love isn't an essential thing is what I thought as I was writing it. When I had the members listen to it, they said, "So this is what's going on in MAMI's head!" (laughs). I didn't realize it, but when I listened to this song I thought that I had completely put everything out there in the open. It was then that I realized again, "Ah, so this is what's going on in my head."

R: It'll be a strong live song.

Comment, M5 (Midnight City)

H: Track 5, "Midnight City." The intro guitar riffs are very impressive.

M: The lyrics and music are by RINA, and at first she sent me this song with RINA's taste in songs, lyrics, and rhythm pattern, and she asked me to put in a dubious-sounding riff, which is what I created.

H. It's perfect (laughs).

T & M: (laughs)

M: It's a song where the first verse and choruses have an interesting expansion to them, so the expansion during the chorus is hard to read when you first listen to it. We mixed in a bit of an oriental feel to it, making it a song you can dance to.

H: The verses are sung by RINA.

R: That's right. It'll be my first time singing while drumming.

H: Ah, that's right.

R: I'll do my best when we play it live.

Comment, M6 (Short Short)

H: Track 6, "Short Short." It has a soft melody and sharp lyrics.

R: It's a song that has a sweetness and sharpness to it. HARUNA's way of singing on the album has an especially wide range and is colorful, so I was very free in how I wrote the lyrics. I wrote it the way I wanted to, so HARUNA did her own twist on it and sang it with a sweetness and sharpness, so it feels like a very comfortable song.

H: The vocals on this are actually from when we recorded it during pre-production. It was taken from the demo.

R: It really is from the first time you sang it.

H: That's right. It's a song packed with my initial impulses.

Comment, M7 (Mado wo Aketara)

H: Track 7, "Mado wo Aketara." It features lyrics and music by TOMOMI.

T: Yes. This is about the story of what I felt in my heart three years ago. It's a song about something that was very private to me, so I wanted to make it with someone whom I was personally close to and asked Mizuki Masuda of Negoto to arrange it. It has a nuance that we've never done before, and it gives it a bit of a spice to this album as well.

Comment, M8 (Futari)

H: Track 8, "Futari."

R: This is another song that starts with a guitar intro with momentum. We had wanted to make a song with a guitar intro that would cut through the air.

M: The intro started with that nuance. This is also a live number and has lyrics about love where your heart beats fast.

R: Like, you're looking forward to being with someone.

M: It's the most fun song (laughs).

Comment, M9 (Electric Girl)

H: Track 9, "Electric Girl."

R: This is a fun song.

M: Right?

H: Everything fires at once.

R: It's a very glitzy song. We wrote it wanting to make a fun, pleasant song, so I think we were able to make exactly that. The lyrics are filled with wordings that we don't normally use, so I think it's also a song that we won't get tired of. We whisper the "Isse-no-se" part that's right before the chorus, which we'd like everyone to sing with us at a live.

Comment, M10 (Koisuru Universe)

H: Track 10, "Koisuru Universe." The last song on the album. Out of all the love songs we have, this might be the happiest one.

R: It has the highest amount of happiness.

H: The hook in the chorus is super catchy, so we want people to memorize it and sing it at a live. We really like the music video for it too.

R: It's not only sweet but has a sharpness to it, and it's packed with this album's theme. We hope to get many people to hear it.

Closing Talk

H: How was SCANDAL's "Roots Radio"? We explained the songs on 『HONEY』. This was done on Spotify and we explained each track. The artwork was produced by the twin models AMIAYA. The covers are really cool and adorable, so we'd like for you to enjoy it together with the photos while looking at the album insert. We also have a DVD Edition and a T-Shirt Edition, so we'd be happy if you enjoy choosing your favorite one! Please listen plenty to 『HONEY』 and come out to our hall tour!

T & R: We'll be waiting!

H: That's all for SCANDAL!

All: Bye bye!

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SCANDAL on Weibo? - Fri Feb 16, 2018 7:05 am

It looks like SCANDAL has opened up a Weibo account, which they most likely established in preparation of their upcoming tour dates in China. The first entry matches up with the day they announced the Asia tour.

(You'll need a Weibo account to view it)

#front-page #scandal_honey
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RINA is beginning to post album liner notes about the songs on 『HONEY』!
M1. Platform Syndrome
A title we coined that's attached to the image of giving a name to the sadness you feel the day after your heart's been broken. Even if you can't be positive nor forcibly move forward when you're hurt, it's okay to let time take its course and progress at a different pace― that's I thought while writing this song. It feels like we were finally able to give shape to something that we had been wanting to do now
This was recorded with a sound feeling that I especially like. I like the connection to it from track 1, and it's a song that we'd like to grow at lives. I also recommend it to those in our cover bands because they're captivated by bands. A song about when a pair of lovers who have been seeing each for a long time and have already gone beyond love are about to become a couple, and one party makes a decision after seeing the future
M3. Take Me Out
With this song that was made after we returned from our world tour, it felt like we changed completely into HONEY mode starting from this single. A killer tune that we can proudly take along with us anywhere, such as festivals and events, and one that we all cultivated at our live shows.
M4. Oh! No!
Falling in love isn't actually the most important thing for a girl; isn't it more fun to love yourself and shine on? This nonsensical song that's very MAMI-like has those feelings that overlap with a rapidly changing rhythm. It's fun listening to MAMI's vocals filled with nuances, and she'll probably sing with a different approach at live shows, so I have great expectations

8th Album "HONEY" - 2018-02-14 (RINA) - Fri Feb 16, 2018 12:41 am

8th Album "HONEY"

Our 8th album "HONEY"
Thanks to everyone who's listening to it right away!

At any rate, it became an album
That's packed with
Cool songs we can now do
And is one that we have no regrets at all for☺️

We'd be happy if many people
Regardless of gender, age, or nationality
Can freely enjoy it

The inside of the liner notes too
Have an atmosphere to them
That's like a ZINE made by an overseas teen
I really like it

To enjoy days that feel flat,
Or when you're feeling down and you need a little pick-me-up,
Please listen to this CD☺️

For sending your thoughts to us on social media! We see them all!

I'm updating my Instagram too!


2018/2/15 21:10

8th Album "HONEY"







SCANDAL RINAさん(@urarina821) • Instagram写真と動画
フォロワー81.2千人、フォロー中0人、投稿522件 ― SCANDAL RINAさん(@urarina821)のInstagramの写真と動画をチェックしよう



2018/2/15 21:10

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SCANDAL - The best Valentine's Day with "everyone who was chosen"

SCANDAL released their new album 「HONEY」 yesterday, 2/14. In commemoration of this, they held a free live at Zepp DiverCity Tokyo on the same day.

This live was carried out via an invitation system for purchasers of 「HONEY」. The lucky fans who gained entry packed the floor. Hitting the stage in a black-and-white casual style, the SCANDAL members kicked off the live from RINA's count with 「Koisuru Universe」. Neon-colored moving lights colored the stage as HARUNA, TOMOMI, and MAMI's singing voices with a feeling of openness spread throughout the venue. The audience broke out in dance along to the danceable rhythm of 「Take Me Out」 where RINA swung her hair around as she drummed while the three in front took big steps as they performed freely. After this single track that's also on the album, they headed into a performance of the popular song 「Shunkan Sentimental」. From early on the audience sang in a chorus and the enthusiasm of the floor rose.

After completing three songs and switching to an MC, HARUNA praised the fans, saying, 「Are you guys really this happy? You've been super loud since the beginning!」 She also touched on the fact that this was their first live show of the year, and this live was invite-only: 「Let's make this the best night ever for our first live of 2018 with everyone who was chosen!」, she said enthusiastically. From there, the quartet performed and pleased the audience with 「Platform Syndrome」, a new song from the new album; and 「Bitter Chocolate」, which is connected to Valentine's Day (the day of the live). During 「Bitter Chocolate」, the soft ensemble along with TOMOMI's sweet and painful singing voice enveloped the venue.

At the halfway point of the live, HARUNA smiled and explained that they packed their album with songs that they could do precisely because they're SCANDAL, and precisely because they're an all-girl band: 「We're so happy that we were able to make this kind of album on our own! It'd truly make us happy even if just the people who came out today could accept this beloved album of ours. It's enough that we'd want to ask every single person their thoughts on it (laughs).」 For the first time they played the song 「OVER」, which they explained could become a live anthem song, with RINA's dynamic drumming and HARUNA's emotional voice making an impression. 「EVERYBODY SAY YEAH!」 followed, and when TOMOMI and HARUNA's dual vocals raised the excitement of the audience, HARUNA additionally divided up the audience by girls and boys and had the audience jumping. The last song they performed was 「LOVE SURVIVE」. The quartet left the stage after playing a performance full of energy.

For the encore, the members appeared once more on stage all wearing the white t-shirt they made in collaboration with AMIAYA included in the T-Shirt Edition of their new album. HARUNA once more appealed 「HONEY」 to the fans, saying, 「This is an album we made with all of our might, so we hope you listen to it a lot!」 The girls introduced 「SCANDAL BABY」 with, 「If we all dance together, it'll make it the best night ever」, and with RINA's danceable drumming and HARUNA; TOMOMI; and MAMI's lively unison, a scene of the audience waving their hands left and right spread out. At the end, HARUNA called out to the audience: 「Let's continue this on our hall tour! See you again!」

SCANDAL will be holding a hall tour in support of 「HONEY」 that kicks off on 3/3 at Misato City Culture Hall - Large Hall in Saitama. General sales for tickets start 2/17.

Late January - February 14th:

Time to revive this thread! First, here's a round-up of SCANDAL-related things in the past few weeks!

『HONEY』 is now available worldwide via iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play! Check your country's stores!

『HONEY』 debuts at #3 on the Oricon Daily Chart on 2/13

Recent translated text interviews:

Recent subbed/translated videos:

R no Housoku (01.24)

Password protected (3 characters: this site's initials + the number of members in the band).


SCANDAL's Valentine's Spotify Playlist

SCANDAL's Valentine's Memories

SCANDAL's message for CALESS's 20th anniversary (Translation here)

Recent tweets:

RINA:「We found a warm spot in Osaka」

TOMOMI:『Today's flying get day for 「HONEY」!
I hope it reaches everyoneーーー

RINA:「These two days in Osaka were fun! Our new album "HONEY" is finally out tomorrow☺︎ So excited」

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Release! - 2018-02-14 (TOMOMI) - Wed Feb 14, 2018 12:37 pm


Today, Valentine's Day, is 『HONEY』's release day!

This album feels like it's packed with events that happened within a 2 km radius around us.

Our favorite sounds, our favorite words, our favorite colors, our favorite scents; it has everything.

I hope it gets close to your everyday lives.

While thinking that, I'm eating delicious chocolates given to me by HARUNA, this year's rock-paper-scissors winner.

Thanks for the chocolatesー.


2018/2/14 21:23









2018/2/14 21:23

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HONEY debuted on the Oricon Daily Chart at #3 on 2/13, with an estimated sales total of 12,088 for the day.

#front-page #scandal_honey
We asked SCANDAL, who's releasing their long-awaited new album "HONEY" today, about their Valentine's memories!


Also, 『HONEY』 is available on Spotify worldwide!

#front-page #scandal_honey

SCANDAL ASIA TOUR 2018 “HONEY" - Wed Feb 14, 2018 9:07 am

SCANDAL will be going on tour in Asia in June and playing in Hong Kong, Beijing, Guangzhou, Manila, and Taipei!

Date: 2018/6/10 (Sun.)
Location: Hong Kong
Start: 20:00 (local time)
Venue: MacPherson Stadium (
Tickets: (Sales start from 2018/2/28〜)

Date: 2018/6/15 (Fri.)
Location: Beijing
※Details will be announced at a later date

Date: 2018/6/17 (Sun.)
Location: Guangzhou
※Details will be announced at a later date

Date: 2018/6/24 (Sun.)
Location: Manila
Start: 19:00 (local time)
Venue: SMX Convention Center (
※Ticket information will be announced at a later date

Date: 2018/6/30 (Sat.)
Location: Taipei
Start: 19:00 (local time)
Venue: Clapper Studio (
※Ticket information will be announced at a later date

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HONEY Album Lyrics - Wed Feb 14, 2018 8:00 am

HONEY Album Lyrics

Platform Syndrome ~ プラットホームシンドローム
Lyrics: RINA ~ Music & Arrangement: MAMI

Ippon mae no densha ni wasureta kasa wa
Mou doko ni itta no ka sae
Wakaranai ya aaa
Ittai zentai nandattanda kinou no yoru wa
Sayonara no riyuu dake ga
Omoidasenai nasakenai naa

Nanjuukai mo kizutsukete
Sore yori hitotsu ooku
Yurushite kureta ne
Baka na no wa watashi no hou datta
Nani shiten darou

Suki kirai suki kirai aishiteru
Anata no yasashisa ga nokotteru
Mune ga kurushii yo
Suki kirai suki kirai aishiteru
Ashita mo
"Aitai" wa mou ienai

Ichinen saki mo anata no tokutouseki wa
Watashi no mono da to omotteta
Kitaku rasshu no purattohoomu

Konogo ni oyonde
Ukande kuru no wa
Wagamama bakari de
Hontou ni mou hazukashiku naru kedo

Suki kirai suki kirai aishiteru
Anata no samishisa wo umerareru
Hito de itakatta
Suki kirai suki kirai aishiteru
Ashita mo
"Gomen ne" wa mou imi nai

Anata to issho ni sugoshita hibi kara
Ugokenai mama no watashi wo nose
Yukkuri mae e to hashiridashita

Anata to issho ni sugoshita hibi kara
Yukkuri mae e to hashiridasu no

分からないや あーあ
思い出せない 情けないなぁ


好き 嫌い 好き 嫌い 愛してる
好き 嫌い 好き 嫌い 愛してる



好き 嫌い 好き 嫌い 愛してる
好き 嫌い 好き 嫌い 愛してる




English Translation

The umbrella I forgot on the previous train
I have no idea
Where it went, ah
What in the world happened last night?
The only thing I can't remember
Is why we said goodbye
How pathetic of me

I hurt you dozens of times over
And you forgave me
One too many times
I was the one who was a fool
What was I doing?

I love you, I hate you, I love you, I hate you
I love you even now
My heart hurts from your kindness
That still remains with me
I love you, I hate you, I love you, I hate you
I'll love you tomorrow too
I can't say I miss you anymore

I thought your special seat
Would be mine a year from now too
On the platform at rush hour

The only thing that comes to mind
During this time
Is my selfishness
It makes me feel so embarrassed
But I can't put it behind me

I love you, I hate you, I love you, I hate you
I love you even now
I wanted to be someone
Who could take away your loneliness
I love you, I hate you, I love you, I hate you
I'll love you tomorrow too
There's no point in saying sorry

I picked myself up while unable to move
From the days I spent with you
And slowly began moving forward

I'll slowly start moving forward
From the days I spent with you

Lyrics: RINA ~ Music & Arrangement: MAMI

Nante ieba yokatta no?
Imadani kotae wa nai mama
Kootta kioku wa tokete namida ni natta

Mamorenakatta yakusoku no kazu dake
Tsunoru kodoku ni makesou de
Yasashisa wo utagau tabi ni kurushikute
Kimi wo tebanashita

Mou nidoto kimi ni aenai kedo
Wasurerareru hi nante konai to omou
Demo kitto kore de yokattanda
Konna watashi wo yurushite hoshii

Chirakatta heya no naka de
Kawai mo naku futari de ita
Kotoba nanka nakutatte
Wakariaeru nante uso datta

Aruki nareta shizuka na kaerimichi
Shiroi iki ga fuyu wo tsugeru
Myou ni akarui tsuki ni tsutsumarete
Kimi wo ugabeta

Mou nidoto konna suki ni nareru
Hito ni deatta hi nante konai to omou
Tada koi wo koete shimattanda
Dakedo watashi wa kawarenakatta

Marude onaji hibi ga ashita kara mo
Tsuzuite yuku mitai datta
Saigo no saigo made itsumo no you ni
Kimi to waratta

Mou nidoto kimi ni aenai kedo
Wasurerareru hi nante konai to omou
Uketorenakatta yume no katachi wo
Tsugi no aite ni watashite hoshii










English Translation

What should I have said?
While still not having an answer
My frozen memories melted and turned into tears

With only the number of promises I couldn't keep
I'll lose out to this growing loneliness
It pained me every time I doubted your kindness
And I let you go

I'll never see you again
But the day I'll be able to forget you will never come
But I'm okay with that
I want you to forgive me for this

In a messy room
The two of us remained silent
Being able to understand each other
Without needing words was a lie

On the quiet way back home I'm used to walking
My white breath informed me of winter
The strangely bright moon enveloped me
And you came to mind

The day I'll be able to meet someone
Who I could fall in love with like this again will never come
Our love was more than ordinary
But I wasn't able to change

It was as if the same days continued on
From tomorrow too
At the very end you smiled
Just as always

I'll never see you again
But the day I'll be able to forget you will never come
I want you to pass on
The dream I couldn't understand to your next partner

Take Me Out ~ テイクミーアウト
Lyrics: RINA ~ Music: MAMI ~ Arrangement: Ryo Eguchi

Amai kaori ni sasoware
Yasashii me ni koi wo shita

Ashita wa kitto motto shiritai
Kimi no koto dake

Doko ni deru kamo wakaranai
Mirai e no ruuto tadotte

Nandodemo nobotte kuru taiyou ni
Kodou wo kasanete odorou

AH watashi ni wa kimi to mitai sora ga aru
Koete shimae boodaarain
AH dare ni mo mitsukaranai rakuen made
Te wo tsunaide teiku mii auto

Kage wo narabete aruitemo
Mitasarenai koi wa tsumi?

Namida de kakimazerareru hodo
Nichijou wa doramachikku

Kimi ga kureta kotoba dakishimetara
Mata umarekawareru

Marui chikyuu no katasumi de
Soba ni irareru koto ga shiawase

AH chikazuite hanarete no kurikaeshi
Himitsu wo toite Wandaarando
AH chikazuite hanarete no kurikaeshi
Futari ni hitotsu no wooainii

AH watashi ni wa kimi to mitai sora ga aru
Koete shimae boodaarain
AH dare ni mo mitsukaranai rakuen made
Te wo tsunaide teiku mii auto





AH 私にはきみとみたい空がある
AH 誰にも見つからない楽園まで





AH 近づいて離れてのくりかえし
AH 近づいて離れてのくりかえし

AH 私にはきみとみたい空がある
AH 誰にも見つからない楽園まで


English Translation

A sweet scent tempted me
And I fell in love with your kind eyes

I want to know more about you

I'll follow a route to a future
Where I don't know where I'll end up

Let's dance as our heartbeats overlap
With the sun that rises over and over again

Ah, there's a sky I want to see with you
We've crossed the borderline
Ah, hold my hand and take me out
To a paradise no one can find

Even if we walk side by side to our shadows
Is this unfulfilled love a sin?

Everyday life is dramatic enough
To be stirred by a tear

If I embrace the words you gave to me
I can be reborn again

The things right beside me in the corners of the round earth
Give me happiness

Ah, we keep coming closer and getting separated
I've solved the secret and am in Wonderland
Ah, we keep coming closer and getting separated
The two of us have one love

Ah, there's a sky I want to see with you
We've crossed the borderline
Ah, hold my hand and take me out
To a paradise no one can find

Oh! No!
Lyrics, Music, & Arrangement: MAMI

Oh! No! Nanimo te ni tsukanai wa
Watashi kara ubatta jikan kaeshite
Oh! No! Nanimo mienai wa
Watashi kara ubatta jiyuu kaeshite
Anata ga arawareta kore ga ichidaiji tte yatsu ne
Mabataki sura mamanaranai no
Tsumeta koohii ni iresugita kakuzadou
Tokete kurenai shouka dekinai

Oh! No! Chikoku suru kuse
Kore ja anata to deeto ni mo ikenai
Oh! No! Kasatsuita kuchibiru
Kore ja kisu datte umaku dekinai
Kyutto shimerareta nekutai to
Pin to saki made tongatta eri
Shitate agerareta suutsu suki ga nai
Omowanu akushidento ni yureta kokoro

Mayuge wo kakushita maegami
Sotto nagashite michi naru hou e
Fumajime de itaike na odeko
Anata no taion ni furete mitakute

Sekai ga moshi ashita de owatte shimau nara ima sugu ni
Ai ni yukitai to omou hodo
Katte ni tokimeichatteru
Matsuge no saki ga hoho wo kasumeru kyori de me ga attara
Oh! No! Ikenai nee kamisama
Konna watashi wo aishite

Oh! My God!
Itsumo ashidori omoi kaerimichi kyuu na noborizaka
Oh! My God!
Maa nante fushigi jibun demo wakaru!
Miageta sora ni hitotsu ooki na hoshi ga ukabu yoru
Imanara tsukamesou datte omoechau
Hiiru no bun se ga nobiteru kara ne
Saishuu densha ni norenakutatte heiki

Hisashiburu ne konna kimochi
Dare ga hakonde kita itazura na no
Shatsu no botan wo sukoshi zutsu hazushite
Taikutsu na hibi ni sayonara

Kono mama hotetta kimochi to karada wo tsuresatte yo
Yokaze ni nabiita kami no ke ga
Jirettai hodo mune wo kusuguru no
Amakute chiisana kajitsu wa tabegoro tameshite mite...
Oh! No! Ikenai nee kamisama
Konna watashi wa kitto yokubari

Yodooshi kazoeta hitsuji no kazu
Oshiete anata no himitsu no kazu
Iro wo kaeta hisutorii
Watashi dake no hisutorii
Souieba anata ni wa
Kankei no nai hisutorii

Sekai ga moshi ashita de owatte shimau nara ima sugu ni
Ai ni yukitai to omou hodo
Katte ni tokimeichatteru
Matsuge no saki ga hoho wo kasumeru kyori de me ga attara
Oh! No! Ikenai nee kamisama
Konna watashi wo aishite

Oh! No! 何も手につかないわ
私から奪った 時間返して
Oh! No! 何も見えないわ
私から奪った 自由返して
あなたが現れた これが一大事ってやつね
溶けてくれない 消化できない

Oh! No! 遅刻する癖
Oh! No! カサついた唇
仕立て上げられたスーツ 隙がない

不真面目でいたいけな おでこ

世界がもし明日で終わってしまうなら 今すぐに
まつげの先が頬をかすめる距離で 目が合ったら
Oh! No! イケナイ ねぇ神様

Oh! My God!
いつも足取り重い帰り道 急な上り坂
Oh! My God!
まぁなんて不思議 自分でもわかる!
見上げた空に1つ 大きな星が浮かぶ夜
ヒールの分 背が伸びてるからね

久しぶりね こんな気持ち
誰が運んできた イタズラなの

このまま火照った気持ちと体を 連れ去ってよ
夜風になびいた 髪の毛が
焦れったいほど 胸をくすぐるの
甘くて小さな果実は食べごろ 試してみて...
Oh! No! イケナイ ねぇ神様

教えて あなたの秘密の数

世界がもし明日で終わってしまうなら 今すぐに
まつげの先が頬をかすめる距離で 目が合ったら
Oh! No! イケナイ ねぇ神様


English Translation

Oh! No! I can't concentrate on anything
Give back the time you stole from me
Oh! No! I can't see anything
Give back the freedom you stole from me
You showing up was a big deal
I'm unable to even blink
I put too many sugar cubes into my cold coffee
They won't melt; I can't digest them

Oh! No! I have a habit of being late
At this rate I can't go on a date with you either
Oh! No! My lips are rough
I won't be able to kiss you well like this
Your tightly tied necktie
And collar sharp all the way to the tips
There are no gaps in your tailored suit
My heart was swayed by an unforseen accident

My bangs hide my eyebrows
They gently flow to this unknown person
My flippant and innocent forehead
I want to feel your body heat

If the world were to end tomorrow
I'd want to go see you right now
That's how much I'm in love with you
When our eyes meet at the distance my eyelashes graze your cheeks
Oh! No! That's no good, God
Love me like this

Oh! My God!
My footsteps are always heavy on a steep uphill road on the way home
Oh! My God!
Well, I understand that wonder too!
I'm ready to run away
A night on which one huge star floats in the sky we looked up to
I think I can grab a hold of it now
Because my heels make me taller
I'm okay with not being able to take the last train

It's been a while since I felt like this
Someone's brought mischief to me
Undoing shirt buttons little by little
Say goodbye to boring days

Take away my flushed feelings and body like this
My hair flutters in the night breeze
My heart's tickled so much that it's frustrating
The small, sweet fruits are ripe enough to eat; I'll try them out...
Oh! No! That's no good, God
I'm definitely being greedy

The number of sheep you counted all night
Tell me your number of secrets
A history of changing colors
A history where it's just me
Also, a history
That's unrelated to you

If the world were to end tomorrow
I'd want to go see you right now
That's how much I'm in love with you
When our eyes meet at the distance my eyelashes graze your cheeks
Oh! No! That's no good, God
Love me like this

Midnight City ~ ミッドナイトシティ
Lyrics & Music: RINA ~ Arrangement: MAMI

Marude shootokeeki no ue de nemuru ichigo
Waratteiru dake de tokubetsu na ano ko

Juuden san paasento no sumaatofon ni utsuru kao
Kyou mo ichinichi otsukaresama, watashi

Nandatte umaku norikonashite mitai keredo
Dareka to kurabete mata kizutsuitari shiteiru

Kumotta kokoro
Harashite yo myuujikku

Middonaito middonaito shiti
Machi kara kage ga nakunaru jikan
Middonaito middonaito shiti
Kanashii namida kakushite ne
Middonaito middonaito shiti
Akogare tsumatta kono machi de
Middonaito middonaito shiti
Hontou no watashi wo sagashiteru

Yowane ga naranda kagi tsuki no akaunto
Fuan na yoru wa kurikaeshi watashi-tachi wo osou kedo

Nageiteiru dake ja hoshi made inori wa todokanai
Nagedasu koto wa ashita demo dekiru kara

Narashite yo myuujikku

Middonaito middonaito shiti
Awai hikari no naka de odorou
Middonaito middonaito shiti
Konna tokoro de owarenai yo ne
Middonaito middonaito shiti
Akogare tsumatta kono machi de
Middonaito middonaito shiti
Hontou no watashi wo mitsukeyou

Marude shootokeeki no ue de nemuru ichigo
Ano ko mo anata mo kitto watashi datte





ミッドナイト ミッドナイトシティ
ミッドナイト ミッドナイトシティ
悲しい涙 隠してね
ミッドナイト ミッドナイトシティ
ミッドナイト ミッドナイトシティ




ミッドナイト ミッドナイトシティ
ミッドナイト ミッドナイトシティ
ミッドナイト ミッドナイトシティ
ミッドナイト ミッドナイトシティ



English Translation

Just like a strawberry resting on top of shortcake
You're special just by smiling

My face reflects on my smartphone that's at 3% battery
I had another full day of hard work today

I want to manage everything skillfully
But I get hurt again comparing myself to someone else

Music clears away
My cloudy heart

Midnight, midnight city
The time when shadows disappear from the city
Midnight, midnight city
I'll hide my sad tears
Midnight, midnight city
This city's filled with yearnings
Midnight, midnight city
I'm searching for my true self

An unlocked account with soft sounds in a row
But uneasy nights attack us repeatedly

Your prayers won't reach the stars just by lamenting
Because you can throw them out tomorrow too

Play some music

Midnight, midnight city
Dancing in a faint light
Midnight, midnight city
We won't let it end in a place like this
Midnight, midnight city
This city's filled with yearnings
Midnight, midnight city
I'll find my true self

Just like a strawberry resting on top of shortcake
You're the same as me

Short Short ~ ショートショート
Lyrics: RINA ~ Music & Arrangement: MAMI

Oyoso ichi guramu teido no kamikire wo
Ikura osaifu ni tsumekondatte
Watashi no kokoro no sukima wa umerarenakatta

Toomawashi ni shika tsutaerarenai
Kono seikaku datte sotsugyou suru no wa muzukashii
Hitsuyou na no wa kitto atsukute toumei na namida

Tanpen shousetsu ni naru kurai no
Shooto shooto ni naru kurai no

Ai wo sagashiteitai no
Motto haru yo tsuzuke to, negainagara
Ai wo sagashite shimau no
Kippu wo nakushita hanashi ni sae

Anata wo omou kimochi ni
Tane mo shikake mo nai wa
Watashi no ashita ni iro wo tsukete kurete
Doumo arigatou

Tanpen shousetsu ni naru kurai no
Shooto shooto ni naru kurai no

Ai wo sagashiteitai no
Motto haru yo tsuzuke
Ai wo sagashite shimau no
Tatoeba "sayonara" no naka ni datte

いくら お財布に詰め込んだって








English Translation

How much is about one gram of paper
Stuffed in my wallet?
It couldn't fill the gaps in my heart

I can't be straightforward
It's difficult to outgrow this personality
All I surely need are warm, transparent tears

It's enough to be a short story
Enough to be short short story

I want to search for love
While hoping that spring continues on further
I'm searching for love
A story of a lost ticket

The feelings I have for you
There are no tricks to them
Thank you
For giving color to my tomorrows

It's enough to be a short story
Enough to be a short short story

I want to search for love
May spring continue on further
I'm searching for love
In a goodbye

Mado wo Aketara ~ 窓を開けたら; Open a Window
Lyrics & Music: TOMOMI ~ Arrangement: Mizuki Masuda

Baby, Touch my heart...

Keikoutou wa suki ja nai mabushikute me ga itai
Mitakunai mono shiritakunai mono
Kono heya ni datte takusan aru yo
Issaigassai wasurete shimaitainda
Yamazumi no shigoto mo

Hayari no manga ya yonaka no baraeti bangumi wa
Ussura egao ni shite kureru kedo
Tsugi no hi ni nareba wasureteku
Mattari to hau doushiyoumonai taiman wo
Nigashitai nigekiritai

Itsudatte konna yoru wa wake mo naku yattekuru
Umaranai sukima ni tsuki ga hitotsubu no namida wo otosu

Baby, Touch my heart...

Ki ni itteita paakaa mo mou kotoshi wa kinai ki ga shiteru
Nandomo kurikaeshi kiita arubamu wa saikin ja mekkiri
Hito mo machi mo kawatteku minna tooku e mukai hashitteku
Nanoni kanjin na tokoro dake
Kanjin na tokoro dake

day by day
Tsumotteku pasetikku dounikashite
case by case
Choudo ii raifusutairu wo oshiete
Nemuri ni ochiteku gobyou mae
Ashita nani sureba ii no ka sae
Wakaranai mama yume no sekai e

Itsudatte konna yoru wa wake mo naku yattekuru
Daijoubu mada dareka wo suki ni nareru ki ga suru
Itsudatte konna yoru wa wake mo naku yattekuru
Umaranai sukima ni tsuki ga hitotsubu no namida wo otosu

Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby, Oh Baby...
Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby, Oh Baby...

Mado wo aketara tsumetai kaze ga
Matsuge wo yurashita
Mado wo akete yatto toki ga nagarete
Kokoro wo yurashita

Baby, Touch my heart...

Baby, Touch my heart...

蛍光灯は好きじゃない 眩しくて目が痛い

逃がしたい 逃げ切りたい


Baby, Touch my heart...

人も街も変わってく みんな遠くへ向かい走ってく

day by day
case by case

大丈夫 まだ誰かを好きになれる気がする

Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby, Oh Baby...
Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby, Oh Baby...


Baby, Touch my heart..


English Translation

Baby, touch my heart...

I don't like fluorescent lamps; the brightness hurts my eyes
This room is filled
With things I don't want to see, things I don't want to know
I just want to forget everything
My huge stack of work, too

Popular manga and late-night variety shows
Make me smile a bit
But I forget about them the next day
I want to escape and get away from
The hopeless procrastination that slowly crawls towards me

Nights like these always come around with no reason
The moon drops a single tear in an empty gap

Baby, touch my heart...

I already have a feeling I won't be wearing my favorite hoodie this year
The album I've listened to over and over again
Has been remarkably changing the people and city recently; everyone's heading far away
Yet that's only the most important thing
Only the most important thing

Day by day
I need to do something about the patheticness that's piling up
Case by case
Tell me about a perfect lifestyle
Five seconds before falling asleep
I head towards a world of dreams
While still not knowing what to do tomorrow

Nights like these always come around with no reason
It's okay; I have a feeling I'll still be able to love someone
Nights like these always come around with no reason
The moon drops a single tear in an empty gap

Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby, Oh Baby...
Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby, Oh Baby...

When I opened a window
The wind brushed against my eyelashes
I opened a window, time finally began flowing
And my heart swayed

Baby, touch my heart...

Futari ~ ふたり; The Two of Us
Lyrics: RINA ~ Music: MAMI ~ Arrangement: Keita Kawaguchi

Kami wo yurashite kimi no tonari wo aruku
Hayaku tsukamaete dare no mono demo nai migite

Kigatsuita koro ni wa inakunaru kamo yo
Sono mune ni mamorarete mitain da yo

Watashi wa kimi ga nozomu you na ii ko ja nai
...kamoshirenai kedo

Hajimete atta hi kara futari no aida ni
Hajimari no yokan ga shiteta no

Sora no mukou ni hikari ga mieru wa
Te wo tsunaide machi wo kakenukeyou
Donna toki datte kimi to issho ga ii
Mou zutto zutto hanasanaideite
Oikaze ni fukuranda akai sukaato
Nee, watashi-tachi korekara doko e mukaou?

Fukaku kabutta fuudo de me wo kakasanaide
Darenimo misenai hyoujou wo watashi dake ni misete

Itsuka no namida mo shuuake no yuuutsu mo
Kimi ni furerareteru aida dake wa
Kiete yuku kara fushigi da

Sora no mukou ni hikari ga mieru wa
Niji no hashi wo watattara kisu wo shiyou
Donna mirai mo kimi to nara kowakunai
Mou zutto zutto hanasanaideite
Asayake ni terasareteiru kanransha
Nee, watashi-tachi korekara doko e mukaou?

Mada shiranai basho made tonde yukou
Mada shiranai basho made tonde yukou, futari de











English Translation

Shaking my hair and walking next to you
I quickly grasp your right hand that doesn't belong to anyone else

I might be gone by the time you realize
That I want be able to protect that heart of yours

I'm not the good girl you're wishing for

I felt something was starting between us
From the day we first met

You can see a light at the edge of the sky
Let's hold hands and run through the city
It's the best whenever I'm with you
We'll never ever let go
The tailwind blows through my red skirt
Hey, where do we go from here?

Don't hide your eyes so deeply with your hood
Show only me the side of you you won't let anyone else see

It's mysterious
How my tears and Monday blues disappear
As long as you're touching me

You can see a light at the edge of the sky
Let's kiss when crossing a rainbow bridge
If I'm with you, I'm not scared of what the future may bring
We'll never ever let go
A Ferris wheel is illuminated by the morning glow
Hey, where do we go from here?

Let's go somewhere unknown
Let's go somewhere unknown, the two of us

Electric Girl ~ エレクトリックガール
Lyrics: RINA ~ Music & Arrangement: MAMI

BI-BI-BI to kita toki hajimatta
Marude denki ga hashitta ka no you ni
Doramachikku na koi ni akogareru
Erekutorikku gaaru

Shigekiteki na shunkan wo eien ni
Kimi ni ageru yo nante uso dakedo
Yakusokugoto wa kirei na hou ga ii
Datte yosoku fukanou ni odotteitai

Mou aimai na kyori wo owarasete
Taikutsu sasenaide ichibyou mo
Donna wagamama mo kawaii to itte
Yasashiku asonde


BI-BI-BI to kita nara tomarenai
Marude denki ga hashitta ka no you ni
Doramachikku na koi ni oboreteru
Erekutorikku gaaru

ZI-ZI-ZI to kita kono shigunaru wo
Nogasanai binkan na yubisaki de
Inputto suru yo kimi ni
Erekutorikku gaaru

Amai mitsu wo sagashite samayotta
Soshite kimi ni deaeta no wa kiseki
Ronriteki shikou ja wakaranai haato
Netsu wo obiru basho de yomiaitai

Zutto aishiteru yo tte joudan de
Daitan futeki na isshou wo
Sonna zaregoto mo itoshii to waratte
Yukkuri tanoshinde


BI-BI-BI to kita toki hajiketa no
Shikoukairo ga oobaahiito
Kontorooru wa sudeni kikanai
Erekutorikku gaaru

ZI-ZI-ZI to kita kono shigunaru wo
Shibiretai keikai na suteppu de
Aikyacchi suru yo kimi no
Erekutorikku gaaru


BI-BI-BI to kita nara tomarenai
Marude denki ga hashitta ka no you ni
Doramachikku na koi ni oboreteru
Erekutorikku gaaru

ZI-ZI-ZI to kita kono shigunaru wo
Nogasanai binkan na yubisaki de
Inputto suru yo kimi ni
Erekutorikku gaaru

BI-BI-BI ときたとき始まった

君にあげるよ なんて嘘だけど

退屈させないで 1秒も


BI-BI-BI ときたなら止まれない

ZI-ZI-ZI ときたこのシグナルを
逃さない 敏感な指先で
インプットするよ 君に




BI-BI-BI ときたとき弾けたの

ZI-ZI-ZI ときたこのシグナルに
痺れたい 軽快なステップで
アイキャッチするよ 君の


BI-BI-BI ときたなら止まれない

ZI-ZI-ZI ときたこのシグナルを
逃さな  敏感な指先で
インプットするよ 君に


English Translation

It's starting to click now
As if an electric charge ran through me
I long for a dramatic love
Electric Girl

"I'll give you exciting moments forever"
That was a lie
It's better when promises are beautiful
Because you'll want to dance unpredictably

Let's put an end to this vague distance
I won't let you get bored for even a second
Say that any selfishness is cute
Mess about gently

One, two, three

Once it sparks there's no stopping it
It's as if an electric charge ran through me
I'm drowning in a dramatic love
Electric Girl

I won't let loose this buzzing signal
I'll input it into you
With these sensitive fingertips
Electric Girl

Wandering around looking for sweet nectar
It's a miracle that I met you
My heart doesn't understand logical thought
I want us to read each other in a place with heat

"I'll always love you" was a joke
An audacious lifetime
Say you love nonsense like that and laugh
Enjoy it slowly

One, two, three

Bursting open as it sparks
My train of thought is overheating
The controls no longer work
Electric Girl

I want to be numbed by this buzzing signal
I'll catch your eye
With these nimble steps
Electric Girl

One, two, three

Once it sparks there's no stopping it
It's as if an electric charge ran through me
I'm drowning in a dramatic love
Electric Girl

I won't let loose this buzzing signal
I'll input it into you
With these sensitive fingertips
Electric Girl

Koisuru Universe ~ 恋するユニバース; A Universe In Love
Lyrics: RINA ~ Music: MAMI ~ Arrangement: Keita Kawaguchi

Itsuka mita eiga no rasuto shiin
Mitai na banira iro no sora deshita
Nante ima made daremo wakatte kurenakatta shi
Anata mo kitto shiranai to omotteta

Goji no chaimu ga machi ni narihibiite
Anata no shisen wo sagutteta
Dakedo jitsu wa mou wakatteru
Otegai taimingu mihakuratteru

Gaitou ga toukankaku ni tsukuru kuragari de
Moshi tsugi me ga attara namae wo yonde
...kisu shite

AH koisuru yunibaasu
Kami-sama mo jama dekinai
Hikareau futari no koto wo
AH koisuru yunibaasu
Aa mou doushiyou
Anata no koto ga hontou ni daisuki

"Kigatsukeba konna jikan da ne" tte
Asa made futari de hanashikonda
Doremo tawai mo nai hanashi desu
Demo, anata to nara myou ni tanoshikute

Kaerigiwa wa nandaka ochitsukanai
Mada mada hanaretakunai yo
Nannara kono mama ichinichijuu mata
Heya ni komotte nekorogatte iyokka

AH koisuru yunibaasu
Darenimo jama sasenai
Fuzakeau futari no toki wo
AH koisuru yunibaasu
Aa mou doushiyou
Mujuuryoku no naka de oyoideru mitai

Fukaku fukaku mogutte kodou ni furete
Unmei toka oikoshite kono koi no mama de
Yuke! Yuke!

AH koisuru yunibaasu
Kami-sama mo jama dekinai
Hikareau futari no koto wo
AH koisuru yunibaasu
Aa mou doushiyou
Anata ni deaete hontou ni yokatta

AH koisuru yunibaasu
AH koisuru yunibaasu
Aa aa aa aa
Anata to deaeta kanpeki na uchuu




AH 恋するユニバース
AH 恋するユニバース
あぁ もうどうしよう



AH 恋するユニバース
AH 恋するユニバース
あぁ もうどうしよう

深く深く潜って 鼓動に触れて
運命とか追い越して この恋のままで

AH 恋するユニバース
AH 恋するユニバース
あぁ もうどうしよう

AH 恋するユニバース
AH 恋するユニバース
あぁ あぁ あぁ あぁ


English Translation

It was a vanilla-colored sky
Like the last scene of a movie I saw some day
No one has understood me
I thought you definitely wouldn't either

The five o'clock chime reverberates throughout the city
I looked for your line of sight
But we already know
We both have the same timing

In the darkness that streetlamps make at even intervals
If we meet eyes next time, I'll call your name
...and kiss you

Ah, a universe in love
Even God can't get in the way
Of a pair drawn to each other
Ah, a universe in love
Ah, what do I do
I love you so much

"It's already this late"
We talked to each other until morning
They're all silly conversations
But it's strangely fun when it's with you

I felt anxious on the way back home
I didn't want to leave you just yet
Guess I'll lie down
And stay in my room all day again

Ah, a universe in love
We won't let anyone get in the way
When we're being silly
Ah, a universe in love
Ah, what do I do
It's like I'm swimming in weightlessness

Diving deeper and deeper; feel my heartbeat
We'll overtake destiny and this love will keep going
On! And on!

Ah, a universe in love
Even God can't get in the way
Of a pair drawn to each other
Ah, a universe in love
Ah, what do I do
I'm so glad that I met you

Ah, a universe in love
Ah, a universe in love
Ah, ah, ah, ah
A perfect universe I met you in

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HONEY - 2018-02-13 (HARUNA) - Tue Feb 13, 2018 6:55 pm


Our NEW ALBUM『HONEY』 is finally out tomorrow.
Today's flying get day, so those who have already gotten it, thanks so much!

We were promoting in Osaka yesterday and today.
We went on location for a TV program we're always on whenever we have a release (this time we went to only gourmet places♡), and did a ton of radio recordings!
We also had a public recording at FM OH!
It'll be on-air two weeks in a row, 2/23 (Fri.) and 3/2 (Fri.), so look forward to those tooー!

『HONEY』 turned out to be a really nice album.
We're all really satisfied with everything, including the songs, of course; the MV; and artwork. We're filled with a sense of accomplishment.
We're truly happy that we were able to make an album like this.
So, we'd be even happier if everyone likes it as well.

Tell us your thoughts, okay!


2018/2/13 21:50


NEW ALBUM『HONEY』が、いよいよ明日リリースになるよ。

FM OH!では公開収録も!




2018/2/13 21:50

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