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SCANDAL TOUR 2017『SCANDAL's 47 Prefecture Tour』
Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture @ Kanazawa EIGHT HALL - March 25th

Performance #8 of 53

Set list posted by BattleHermit here.

RINA:「Although we've been to Kanazawa many times, we've always played at halls so this is our first time playing at a live house here The dressing room is very bar-like」

TOMOMI:「I'm a pink headband baby today」

SCANDAL:「SCANDAL TOUR 2017『SCANDAL's 47 Prefecture Tour』 performance #8 @ Kanazawa EIGHT HALL is done! Our first time back here in 2 years! It was our first time at a live house here, but it was awesomeー! We'll meet again!」

HARUNA:『「SCANDAL's 47 Prefecture Tour」 in Ishikawa, Kanazawa, thanks so much!
It was so much fun』

TOMOMI:「Thank you, Kanazawa!」

RINA:「Thanks, Kanazawa! Our eighth performance was at EIGHT HALL. I was surprised by the awesome atmosphere(´-`).。oO( Kanazawa feels like home✌ It's really nice See you again」

MAMI:「Ishikawa, thanks for the hot nightー!
It was so much fun⤴
The groove was great today too and so awesomeーーーー!!

Today we were bonbon-san and headband-san
For TOMO-chan we braided in a ribbon like a headband♪ The back is festival-like...
For me I had two gourdsー☺️☺️ 」

SCANDAL:「8/53! Our first time back in 2 years! Kanazawa, thanks!」

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GINZA Magazine - Thu Mar 23, 2017 8:32 pm

HARUNA in the April 2017 issue of GINZA Magazine

■Purchase from CD Japan

Spring is about hairstyle changes
The gods of music
Also descend upon beauty...

Changing your hairstyle. It shows another charm about yourself. It isn't just one thing that has to "suit you"; it consists of color, the silhouette, and length. We are showcasing the spring hairstyles of 7 people enjoying their transformations and also including theme songs to go with them.



SCANDAL's vocalist and guitarist. The long hairstyle that she's had for the past 5-6 years is a chic one with the length of her side-parted bangs going past her chin. Hair color: dark brown.

The feeling after getting a haircut is a dance tune you love

「I want to cut my bangs and make my hair color brighter!」 Receiving that order from HARUNA-san, the hairstyle that TWIGGY.'s Matsuura-san created is a layered style with an A-line base. The bangs were daringly cut like a wig so as not to blend in with the sides and complement her features.

「Actually, I thought that l didn't look good with short bangs. But, when I had Matsuura-san cut my bangs a year ago, I discovered a new me. This time my bangs feel even more fresh with the layering and gradient color! I feel very refreshed.」

Last year SCANDAL reached the milestone of their tenth year.

「A hair change that fits my positive mindset matches along with the new year, and that makes me even more excited. It gave me the power to take one step forward into this year that I want to get myself pumped for.」

Long and short layers tend to be reminiscent of the "wolf" hairstyle (scene hair), but giving it an A-line shape makes it feel fresh. The coloring that looks whitish towards the tip of the hair makes it look light and airy. The bangs are asymmetrically cut so as not to blend on the sides.

tune for this hair


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Business trip - 2017-03-21 (RINA) - Tue Mar 21, 2017 2:55 pm

Business trip

We've temporarily returned to Tokyo☺︎
Shimane and Tottori were both great cities with great audiences
And were so much fun! Thanks!

Ah, that's right
On this tour we're doing
【Business Trip: Feedback!】✌︎
We have Feedback! goods also on sale☺︎
By the way, I'm wearing the long sleeved tee in large
It's cute to wear oversized things
Those who can't go to the shop in Shibuya
Don't miss out on this chance

I'm also updating my Instagram✌︎
Follow me

SCANDAL RINA's (@urarina821) • Instagram pictures and videos


2017/3/21 21:10




今回のツアーでは【出張 Feedback!】



SCANDAL RINAさん(@urarina821) • Instagram写真と動画


2017/3/21 21:10

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Block #1 of SCANDAL's 47 Prefecture Tour is complete as the band temporarily returns to Tokyo for a few days!

I've made an infographic to show what prefectures and regions they've visited so far:

#front-page #scabest47

SCANDAL TOUR 2017『SCANDAL's 47 Prefecture Tour』
Yonago, Tottori Prefecture @ Yonago AZTiC laughs - March 20th

Performance #7 of 53

TOMOMI:「I'm a monster with a yellow ribbon braided into my hair today

SCANDAL:「SCANDAL TOUR 2017『SCANDAL's 47 Prefecture Tour』 performance #7 @ Yonago AZTiC laughs is done! Our first time back here too in 4 years! Glad everyone's energeticー! We'll meet again!」

TOMOMI:「Thanks, Tottoriー!」

HARUNA:『「SCANDAL's 47 Prefecture Tour」 in Tottori, Yonago, thanks so muchー
Our first time back in 4 years was fun

MAMI:「Thanks, Tottori!
There was a great groove going on♡( ᷇࿀ ᷆ )
We wanted to keep going crazy with everyoneー
Tonight was an awesome night too⤴︎

For today's hairstyle, I braided a ribbon in TOMO-chan's hair♪
I tried making a small ribbon (like Peanuts) among my braids☆」

RINA:「Thanks, Tottori✌ I'm happy everyone was so powerful Next time I'll definitely go to the bakery I had wanted to go toー! Ohー」

TOMOMI:「How MAMI-chan did her Peanuts-like bow

SCANDAL:「7/53! Our first time back here in 4 years as well! Thanks, Tottori!」

#front-page #scabest47

SCANDAL TOUR 2017『SCANDAL's 47 Prefecture Tour』
Matsue, Shimane Prefecture @ Matsue AZTiC canova - March 18th

Performance #6 of 53

This is supposedly the set list for this performance.

If anyone wants to discuss the set list, please make sure to put your thoughts under a spoiler tag.

02. Take Me Out
03. Awanai Tsumori no, Genki de ne
04. Stamp!
05. Hello!Hello!
06. Flashback No.5
09. Switch
10. Kagen no Tsuki
12. Koe
13. Taiyou to Kimi ga Egaku STORY
14. Shoujo S
15. Image

16. S.L.Magic
17. Shunkan Sentimental

TOMOMI:「Trying again!」

*TOMOMI live-streamed MAMI doing her hair

SCANDAL:「SCANDAL TOUR 2017『SCANDAL's 47 Prefecture Tour』 performance #6 @ Matsue AZTiC canova is done! Our first time back in Shimane in 4 years! It was awesomeー! We'll meet again!」

RINA:「Shimane, thanks for the fun time✌ We went to Matsue Castle before the live 47 more performances left on SCANDAL's 47 Prefecture Tour!」

MAMI:「Shimane, thanks for the super hot night☺
It was so much fun⤴
It was great that everyone was so close☺☺
Waa, I'm starving!

For TOMO's hair today we separated it into 3 parts and then braided them☆ We added in a splash of redー♪
I was a sheep♪」

TOMOMI:「Shimane, thanks! Our first time back in 4 years!」

HARUNA:『「SCANDAL's 47 Prefecture Tour」 in Shimane, Matsue, thanks so much
Our first time back at canova in 4 years

MAMI:「I had the Hinomaru (flag of Japan) on the front of my top today」

MAMI:「What it's like as we're drinking today (blurry picture)」

SCANDAL:「6/53! Our first time back in 4 years! Thanks, Shimane!」

#front-page #scabest47 #setlist

Travel record - 2017-03-18 (RINA) - Sat Mar 18, 2017 5:20 am

Travel record

We went to
Nagasaki, Saga, and Yamaguchi✌︎
We coincidentally wore plaid clothes
Was able to play our first solo live in Saga
Went out to Fukuoka on a day off in Kyushu
And Igari-san
And Kanasu-chan from HEY-SMITH came to see us in Yamaguchi! So happy
It's only just the beginning of this tour
But it's such a fun tour✌︎
Everyone in Shimane, best regards today〜
Let's all have a great night; can't wait☺︎


2017/3/18 14:07



全員で良い夜を過ごそう たのしも☺︎


2017/3/18 14:07

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SCANDAL TOUR 2017『SCANDAL's 47 Prefecture Tour』
Shunan, Yamaguchi Prefecture @ Shunan RISING HALL - March 17th

Performance #5 of 53

No set list yet, but my friends said that all of the songs they play basically all come from the best album. Also, they're changing up around 9 songs per show.

For reference, the supposed set list for the first performance is posted here.

RINA:「We're heading to Yamaguchi Can't wait for tonight too!」

TOMOMI:「The back of my head looks awesome today」

SCANDAL:「SCANDAL TOUR 2017『SCANDAL's 47 Prefecture Tour』 performance #5 @ Shunan RISING HALL is done! Our first time back in Yamaguchi in 3 1/2 years! Everyone was awesomeー! We'll meet again!」

TOMOMI:「Shunan, thanks!
Shunyan Shunyan Shunyan

HARUNA:『「SCANDAL's 47 Prefecture Tour」 in Yamaguchi, Shunan, thanks so muchー
Shunyan City I want a cat』

MAMI:「Everyone in Yamaguchi, thanks for the hot nightー!!
It was fun☺☺

Today, unbelievably! HEY-SMITH's Igatan (Igari) and Kanasun (Kanasu-chan) came outー
HEY-SMITH's doing a live at 『Shunan rise』 tomorrowー⤴
Thanks for comingー☺ (I already got permission to post this photo)」

RINA:「Our first time back in Yamaguchi, Shunan in 3 1/2 years; thanks It was a worthwhile night!」

MAMI:「Also, today we were
Takopu (octopus)☆ and toribon-chan (chicken ribbon)
I had TOMO-chan braid 8 braids at her neckline to make it into octopus hair and MAMI-chan weaved in a ribbon♡

Maybe I'll lift my ban on playing Monster Hunter; I've already downloaded it; maybe I'll play it,,
I have my Nintendo DS on our 47 prefecture tour; we'll pass by each other」

RINA:「A stairway full of autographs✌︎ The go!go!vanillas one is adorable. No matter how you cut it they're such a stylish band(´-`).。oO(The picture's drawn well〜」

SCANDAL:「5/53! Our first time back here in 3 1/2 years! Thanks, Yamaguchi!」

*Shunyan = a play on the words "Shunan" (the name of the city) and "nyan" (meow); more info here

#front-page #scabest47
SCANDAL's interview - Understanding best album 『SCANDAL』
Vol.02 - From a culmination to a new start

The growth trajectory seen in the songs on their best album, their 47 prefecture tour, and their goals for 2017? Here is Vol.2 of the interview with SCANDAL who have run nonstop through their ten years and are flapping their wings towards the next ten years.

――There are two new songs on this new release. 「FREEDOM FIGHTERS」 on disc 1 is a rock tune that makes you feel a positive strength.
RINA:「We began writing this song from the lyrics. We wanted to make a cool, killer tune where it could be like we're asserting our freedom. 2016 was the year we lived the most freely; we had very strong feelings of how we only live once, so we need to do the things we love to do..... Various things from time to time--like, how Trump was elected in the US presidential election--I feel like a lot had changed in a year. We selected all kinds of things ourselves and entered an era where we had to choose things for ourselves. That's exactly why we want a "Live freely! We'll get our victory!" song to be conveyed to middle and high school students as well who currently listen to our songs.」

――It's an impressionable time for middle and high school students, isn't it?
RINA:「That's right. It's a time when many troubles happen. Like, "Which path should I choose for the future?", or "Should I just live as my parents say?" Or, there are some children who can not express what they truly love. But, we wanted to say that you don't need to endure it, and that it's okay to live the way you want to. I turned that into lyrics while MAMI wrote the melody.」
MAMI:「The melody didn't really come to mind after receiving the lyrics; it came to me piece by piece. It was such a weird, new feeling. Since the word "march" was in the lyrics, I thought, "Okay, maybe I'll go with this rhythm." With that, it went smoothly from there.」
RINA:「In regards to the lyrics, I had the image of the song as a video before writing it. The four of us were marching around a city with people following behind us. I wanted to make it a sharp, bad, self-confident song.」
MAMI:「For the accompaning sound, the members shared a common view of making it a powerful rock tune so I went for a bit of a rough sound. The noise and melody can be regarded as a part of the rendition style. I made it while strumming a heavily distorted guitar. As a result, it has become a song that gives us power as well as to those listening to it.」

――When it comes to songs that can't lose out to its performances, singing also seems to be hard thing to do.
HARUNA:「That's right (laughs). The sound too is very SCANDAL-like--rather, it's a song packed with many of our talents. I felt like I wanted to sing a strong song and not get bogged down by that, and I want everyone to look forward to our future songs even more. It's also a song we challenged ourselves with to send out a new song in order to properly convey our feelings of "Not only is this a culmination of the past ten years, it's also our new start."」

――The other new song is 「HELLO」 on disc 2. This also features lyrics by RINA and music by MAMI.
MAMI:「We felt that we were able to make a true, standard J-Pop song. This song was finished at the same time as when we wrote 5-6 winter songs about a year ago. 〈HELLO〉 is the only one that differs slightly among the many bright, pop-like songs. It's a song that'll warm you up and have you think, "We might only have right now."」
RINA:「We wanted it to be heard at the right timing. This album arrives in stores on Valentine's Day, so we thought this was the perfect timing and put it in the tracklisting.」

――Are there any other songs that you have in stock?
RINA:「There aren't. We want this to be heard right away.」
MAMI:「Although we make many songs, we only have two choices: to do them or not to do them.」
RINA:「We made our record label cry (laughs).」

――You will be going on your first 47 prefecture tour in the spring in support of this work, which is both a culmination and a new start. On your European tour last year there were many countries you went to for the first time. How was that?
TOMOMI:「For our European tour we were on a bus with beds, and when a live would end, we would go back on the bus and head to the next country, so our team feeling has improved quite a bit. It was our first time going to every place except for Paris; London; and Germany, and while we were in Japan we couldn't imagine what Poland would be like at all. Like, "Are there actually people who listen to us there?" But when we went, there were so many girls there! Kind of like that (laughs). It moved us to know that there are this many people on the continent of Europe who know about us.」
MAMI:「The food in Poland was really delicious. Knowing that we had fans in a country we went to for the first time made the food delicious and the city very enjoyable. It was a tour that made us feel like we want to go again.」

――Are there prefectures in Japan that you'll be going to for the first time?
MAMI:「The prefectures we haven't yet done a solo live in are Gifu, Kochi, Miyazaki, and Saga. These four prefectures were quite difficult to incorporate into our tours so far, so we can dominate the entire country by touring during this opportunity (laughs).」

――Will you be basing the content of the live on this work?
HARUNA:「That's right. So, we'll be heading out with a standard set list. We want you to know more about us and fall in love even more, so we want first timers to feel free and come out to it.」
RINA:「We'll be deciding on the set list soon, but there are 36 songs on this best album alone. Since we can't perform all of them, we want to have the set lists change daily. Season-wise it's during the time that spring will turn into summer, so we'll be changing the songs we can do a little at a time. It'd be great to have them reflect the audience or how we're feeling that day and make a different live each time.」

――You have momentum to run through this year all at once. Do you have personal goals for 2017?
TOMOMI:「Ever since moving to Tokyo I've been moving every time my lease is up, but since I renewed my lease for the first time last year, I hope to be able to have a change of attitude and remodel my what I've always been saying (laughs). I haven't started yet.」
MAMI:「Buy wallpaper? Buy that? Buy this? You don't buy them even when you ask us (laughs).」
TOMOMI:「I've gotten consultations and many suggestions. I can't decide. I'll decide just on wallpaper in February.」
MAMI:「Wouldn't it be better to do it earlier (laughs)?」
TOMOMI:「I will decide as soon as possible (laughs).」

――How about HARUNA?
HARUNA:「Hm......this year for sure I'll won't be shy and learn more about places.」
RINA:「You've been saying that for the past ten years (laughs).」
HARUNA:「So I'll do it this year for sure! Is what I'm thinking (laughs). The same type of people tend to live in the same places. But seriously, this year I'll go out to all kinds of places.」

――How about MAMI?
MAMI:「I've been wanting to create more of a homey environment recently. When I thought, "What's missing in this current environment?", I thought that I was missing a carpet (laughs). So, I bought a Persian-style carpet (laughs). I'll try to lay stuff out, so maybe I'll make a decision that something's missing after that. I want to gradually increase my equipment and put together an environment that's even just a little better.」

――How about RINA?
RINA:「Since last year I've been continuing to watch 100 movies, but I began to watch 『The Walking Dead』 from around October...... I spent time on that and stopped at around 80 movies. So, this year I want to check off watching 100 movies.」

――For SCANDAL, first up is your tour.
RINA:「That's right. After that, we want to make a ton of songs. We'll make sure to stock up on songs (laughs).」
MAMI:「I hope we can do it (laughs).」
RINA:「I wonder (laughs). But, we want to do our best.」


SCANDAL TOUR 2017『SCANDAL's 47 Prefecture Tour』
Saga, Saga Prefecture @ Saga GEILS - March 15th

Performance #4 of 53

No set list yet, but my friends said that all of the songs they play basically all come from the best album. Also, they're changing up around 9 songs per show.

For reference, the supposed set list for the first performance is posted here.

RINA:「Today's our first solo live in Saga✌(´-`).。oO( I'm taking a secretive look at the line」

TOMOMI:「I'm Mickey Mouse-chan today」

SCANDAL:「SCANDAL's 47 Prefecture Tour performance #4 @ Saga GEILS is done! Our first solo live in Saga! It was so much funー! We'll meet again!」

TOMOMI:「Our first solo live in Saga! Thanks!
My Mickey-chan hairstyle held up. As expected of MAMI's beauty salon」

HARUNA:『「SCANDAL's 47 Prefecture Tour」, our first solo live in Saga! Thanks so muchー
Discovering Saga!!!』

RINA:「A cool live house with tons of posters on the walls. Our first solo live in Saga was so much fun~ Thanks!」

MAMI:「Everyone in Saga, thanks so much for the awesome nightー!
It was super hot☺♡It was fun⤴

Today we were pony pony-san and Mickey-san◎ (It took a while to put all the effects in)」
TOMOMI in reply to MAMI:『It seemed like the app crashed while you were editing it; thanks for the powerful comment of 「It's so bothersome to redo it again, but I'll still do it!!!」』

SCANDAL:「4/53! Our first solo live here! Everyone in Saga, thanks!」


#front-page #scabest47

SCANDAL TOUR 2017『SCANDAL's 47 Prefecture Tour』
Nagasaki, Nagasaki Prefecture @ Nagasaki DRUM Be-7 - March 14th

Performance #3 of 53

No set list yet, but my friends said that all of the songs they play basically all come from the best album. Also, they're changing up around 9 songs per show.

For reference, the supposed set list for the first performance is posted here.

TOMOMI:「We went and ate chanpon noodles
We'll be able to play a great live

RINA:「We've come to Nagasaki

SCANDAL:「SCANDAL's 47 Prefecture Tour performance #3@ Nagasaki DRUM Be-7 is done! More memories in Nagasaki! It was funー! We'll meet again!」

TOMOMI:「Nagasaki, thanks! It was excellent!」

HARUNA:「SCANDAL's 47 Prefecture Tour in Nagasaki, thanks so much
The #1 dialect word I want to be told by a guy might be "sekarashika" (Kyushu dialect for "bothersome"/"be quiet")」
Q:「Do you know it means 'bothersome'/'be quiet?! haha」

HARUNA:「I know (haha). It's the catchphrase of a favorite manga character of mine

TOMOMI:「I have another assistant」

RINA:「Nagasaki, thanks✌ The atmosphere was so great(´-`).。oO(We had sara udon (fine noodles) for lunch」

MAMI:「Everyone in Nagasaki, thanks so much for the fun nightー!☺
Aaahーit was fun⤴
I had pineapple☆hair todayー( ᷇࿀ ᷆ )!
TOMO-chan's hair was braided☆
Kouzanrou's sara udon was deliciousー♪」

TOMOMI:「The assistant on the right looks like they're helping with something, but they're only stroking my hair」

SCANDAL:「3/53! Our first time back in 2 years! Thanks, Nagasaki! 」

#front-page #scabest47
This is supposedly the set list for the first performance of the tour.

If anyone wants to discuss the set list, please make sure to put your thoughts under a spoiler tag.

SCANDAL TOUR 2017『SCANDAL's 47 Prefecture Tour』 @ Kumamoto B9 V1 - March 11th, Performance #1

01. Shunkan Sentimental
02. Take Me Out
03. Awanai Tsumori no, Genki de ne
04. Stamp!
05. Flashback No.5
06. Aitai
09. Shoujo S
11. Departure
12. Koe
13. DOLL

16. S.L.Magic

#front-page #scabest47 #setlist

It's begun✌︎
It's been so much fun(´-`).。oO
We had great lives in Kumamoto and Miyazaki
Thanks, everyone
Aside from the lives, we also enjoyed gourmet foods
And going to secondhand shops
And late movie showings☺︎
We've arrived in Nagasaki
And are currently taking it easy at the hotel
Everyone participating in the coming lives
Get excited, okay〜
Nagasaki, best regards tomorrow!


2017/3/13 16:56





2017/3/13 16:56

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SCANDAL TOUR 2017『SCANDAL's 47 Prefecture Tour』
Miyazaki, Miyazaki Prefecture @ Miyazaki WEATHER KING - March 12th

Performance #2 of 53

No set list yet, but my friends who went to the first and second shows said that all of the songs they play basically all come from the best album. Also, they're changing up around 9 songs per show.
SCANDAL:「SCANDAL TOUR 2017『SCANDAL's 47 Prefecture Tour』 performance #2 @ Miyazaki WEATHER KING

Doors - 17:30, start - 18:00, goods on sale from 14:30! As it's SOLD OUT, no same-day tickets are available! Our first solo live in Miyazaki! Let's get excited!」

RINA:「Today's our first solo live in Miyazaki Excited」

SCANDAL:「Performance #2 of SCANDAL's 47 Prefecture Tour @ Miyazaki WEATHER KING is done! Our first solo live in Miyazaki! It was a fun timeー! We'll see each other again!」

TOMOMI:「Our first solo live in Miyazaki! It was fun! Thanks」

HARUNA:『「SCANDAL's 47 Prefecture Tour」, our first solo live in Miyazaki; thanks so muchー
Oh yeah, my hair color's had a minor change too; it's more ashy

MAMI:「Miyazaki, thanks so much!
We arrived late last night, so now we're going to go eat local chicken we couldn't enjoy earlierー⤴

I went with a bunny☆hair filter today( ᷇࿀ ᷆ ) (there's so much going on that our hairstyles are now mysteries)
Our 47 prefecture tour is fun♡」
MAMI:「Well, I got a lot of Qs about the photo with my last tweet, like 『What is 'hairtan' (へあたん)?』. "Hairtan" is hair with "tan" attached to it, making it cuter-sounding? Maybe? Perhaps? Hiragana makes it cute? Like that?

Aah”ーー( ᷇࿀ ᷆ )!」

RINA:「Miyazaki was funー! It was so exciting that it didn't feel like our first live here; thanks. Our memories have been updated(´-`).。oO( We've turned yellow」

SCANDAL:「2/53! Our first solo live here was a huge success! Everyone in Miyazaki, thanks!」

#front-page #scabest47

SCANDAL TOUR 2017『SCANDAL's 47 Prefecture Tour』
Kumamoto, Kumamoto Prefecture @ Kumamoto B9 V1 - March 11th

Performance #1 of 53

No set list yet. Will post here if/when it's up!
SCANDAL:「SCANDAL TOUR 2017『SCANDAL's 47 Prefecture Tour』 performance #1 @ Kumamoto B.9 V1

Doors - 17:30, start - 18:00, goods on sale from 14:30! As it's SOLD OUT, no same-day tickets are available! Opening day is finally here! Let's make it the best night ever!」

RINA:「SCANDAL's 47 Prefecture Tour starts today

TOMOMI:「MAMI-chan came over to do thisー」

TOMOMI:「Opening day of our 47 prefecture tour is complete!
We're grateful to have started off on 3.11 in Kumamoto.
We'll keep running until July!」

SCANDAL:「Performance #1, opening day of SCANDAL's 47 Prefecture Tour, is done! It was the best openingー! Kumamoto really is the best! We're glad that opening day was in Kumamotoー! We'll see you again!」

HARUNA:『Opening day SCANDAL 's 47 Prefecture Tour」 in Kumamoto, thank you so much!
To match up to the tour I cut my bangs short again』

RINA:「It was so great to have been able to start our tour from Kumamoto! Thanks for coming! Our love for Kumamoto deepens each time we come. Love (´-`).。oO( So stylish」

MAMI:「Everyone in Kumamoto, thank you so much⤴
Our 47 prefecture tour starts from today; it's looking to be really fun,,
We truly feel like candy☆ Candy☆( ᷇࿀ ᷆ ) Kyarabuki (stalks of Japanese butterbur plant boiled in soy sauce)ー⤴︎」

SCANDAL:「1/53! Everyone who came to opening day in Kumamoto, thanks!」

【Translated Article】Natalie - Opening Day of SCANDAL's 47 Prefecture Tour

#front-page #scabest47
SCANDAL, opening day of their 47 prefecture tour, exciting the audience with a "Kumamoto special"

SCANDAL kicked off their first 47 prefecture tour, 「SCANDAL TOUR 2017『SCANDAL's 47 Prefecture Tour』」, with a performance today on 3/11 in Kumamoto at Kumamoto B.9 V1.

This tour is being held in support of 「SCANDAL」, their best album released in February in commemoration of the band's 10th anniversary. For SCANDAL, who had their first performance in Kumamoto since their 2015 hall tour two years ago, freely displayed popular songs on their best album with songs voted for by the fans.

HARUNA mentioned, 「We absolutely wanted to start off this tour in Kumamoto」, and a「Kumamoto special」 set list for this day only was revealed. During the MCs the venue was constantly wrapped up in enthusiasm as the band excited the crowd by doing a call & response with a local commercial song from Kumamoto, having productions unique to regional performances.

SCANDAL will be holding a total of 53 performances on this tour. The tour finale will be held on 7/17 in Tokyo at Toyosu PIT.


MAMI @ RISEL.xoxo. - Thu Mar 09, 2017 3:43 pm

We redid the macaron pink before tour
We put it in very beautifully, so please go and see Mamitasu's pink in person*\(^o^)/*
RISEL did their best

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T-SITE Interview #2 - Wed Mar 08, 2017 6:04 am

SCANDAL releases a best album filled with their ten years of emotions!

SCANDAL, who recently celebrated their tenth anniversary, released their best album 『SCANDAL』 that was created based on fan votes. The members realized anew that what they've been communicating during the past ten years, were properly communicated. They spoke about the thoughts that are included into the strongest best album created together with the fans.

SCAFES felt like we were gifted a present by the audience

―Speaking about last year, could you please look back on your triumphant return live in Osaka held in August?

MAMI: 「Our tenth year came around, and on that day our staff we're always indebted to and a large number of people came out. You really could see everyone's faces when you looked out to the crowd from the stage. We made it here because so many people supported us. We felt that anew.」

HARUNA: 「It was a day where we felt so much love. The times that people--like our staff that has worked hard with us for the past ten years, fans who support us, people who started liking us recently and came out, staff that have gotten involved recently--have known us all differ, but it was so moving to see that every single person came out on this day, at this time, to this place.」

TOMOMI: 「The exact date of the tenth year of our formation was a Sunday and the venue we played at in our hometown of Osaka was so open. If you really think about it, everything was miracle-like. We felt so lucky to have connections with all kinds of people during the past ten years. We felt anew that it wasn't just the power of the four of us, but the many people and things around us that helped us out to make it this far.」

RINA: 「Our image of summer being all about festivals is so strong that we look forward to summer festivals every year, but in 2016 we held off on doing other festivals since we'd be playing SCAFES (SCANDAL 10th ANNIVERSARY FESTIVAL『2006-2016) and focused solely on that. That's why we were truly able to put our souls into it, and when we look on that day from here on, we'll think of how it was an emotionally moving day. We played a lot of songs, and being able to see that scenery on our tenth anniversary and the fact that so many people came out made it feel like we were gifted a present by the audience. It was a day that got us pumped up for what's next.」

―I see. Was it a day where you were able to feel that you've come this far?

RINA: 「The amount of our songs have grown (laughs).」

MAMI: 「That's right. If anything, more than saying "We've come so far," it's that the amount of our songs have grown (laughs).」

We wanted to make a strong best album that didn't retrace our history

―Well, this best album is called 『SCANDAL』 (laughs), and you had the fans vote for the songs. Please tell us how that came to be.

MAMI: 「We discussed how we should choose the songs. With creating the best album of the strongest with the fans, we didn't retrace our history nor go in release order; we wanted to make the strongest best album and had our audience vote. Many popular live songs made it in, and since our activities have revolved around live shows, we went with a line-up that properly conveys that to our audience.」

―「SCANDAL BABY」 was voted #1. Do you all understand the results of the voting?

HARUNA: 「We get it! We totally get it. 『SCANDAL BABY』's a song that has grown as we've performed lives. It's the first track off our first album, and back then we didn't think that everyone would love it this much. Now, it feels like we can't end our lives if we don't play this song. It feels like we were able to reconfirm that the audience feels about it the same way we do.」

MAMI: 「If SCANDAL was a country, this would be our national anthem (laughs). The audience thinks of it in the same way, and like what HARUNA just said, it feels like we can't end a show if we don't play this. It's a song that brings everyone together.」

TOMOMI: 「Not only 『SCANDAL BABY』, but there are plenty of songs on the album that we've created together at lives with everyone. We were able to reconfirm that we are sending a lifestyle centered around lives. I was very happy when I saw this ranking.」

There was no other option but to name our best album 「SCANDAL」

―Did you put the songs in randomly rather than put them in ranking order?

RINA: 「The first thing we decided on was to split the album into two discs and then began dividing up the songs between the two. We thought about what songs go with what songs after pairing them up.」

MAMI: 「While choosing songs like, "Maybe this song is in a similar position to this song?", we wanted to make the content of both discs sound roughly the same. We chose them as if making one disc with the same strength.」

―So you made those two discs thinking in that way. You can enjoy these varied ten years since the eras are all over the place, like, "Oh! My voice sounds so young!"

HARUNA: 「Our voices have changed quite a bit (laughs).」

MAMI: 「In the lyric booklet we put the release dates of the songs. So, we make you think, "Ah, so the song with vocals I thought sounded fresh is an earlier song," while looking at the booklet. That's one of the ways you can enjoy it.」

―All kinds of people, like those who have always been fans or those who are recent fans, can enjoy it.

HARUNA: 「Yeah. That's why there was no other option but to name our best album 『SCANDAL』.」

MAMI: 「We waited until the time was right. It felt like we reserved it for this time.」

―Are there any songs that you again felt were turning points for you?

HARUNA: 「There are a lot of them. Going in order, 『Shoujo S』 and 『Shunkan Sentimental』 were songs that got a lot of people to learn about SCANDAL. They're both anime theme songs, and we were able to make even deeper connections with foreign countries by having done them. Although we've had a link to foreign countries ever since our indie days, we've gotten to go more often. They are songs that let us to go on solo tours and have increased our opportunities to have people all over hear them.」

TOMOMI: 「I'm so happy that light music club bands cover our songs at school festivals even now.」

MAMI: 「『Awanai Tsumori no, Genki de ne』 was the first single we released after our solo live at Osaka-Jo Hall. Playing a solo live at Osaka-Jo Hall had been our dream from the start, and because it was after we accomplished that goal, I think it's a single that we put all of our enthusiasm in and made us decide to do our best again with this new start.」

RINA: 「I feel the same as everyone else. 『Shunkan Sentimental』 and 『Shoujo S』 were what got people to learn about us, and 『Awanai Tsumori no, Genki de ne』 was our new departure after fulfilling our dream.」

Two new songs 「FREEDOM FIGHTERS」 and 「HELLO」 on the best album

―Disc 1 and disc 2 both have one new song apiece, don't they?

MAMI: 「Sorry, we just finished recording them exactly two days before this interview (laughs). Both of them are completely different from each other, with one being a pop song and the other being a killer rock tune.」

HARUNA: 「The title of the songs are 『FREEDOM FIGHTERS』 and 『HELLO』. 『FREEDOM FIGHTERS』 is a rock tune and 『HELLO』 is a pop song but is also a bit of sad love song. We're a band that has been expressing our intentions in all kinds of forms, like we're saying, "This is us now," and 『FREEDOM FIGHTERS』 is one where we could convey that in a new way. It's a very loud, heavy song. I really want people to listen to this because the bass is so cool in it. For 『HELLO』, it was completed as a demo about a year ago and has been on the warmer ever since. We talked about how now's the time to release it and put it on the album.」

RINA: 「The album hits stores on Valentine's Day. We included it to be a warm, seasonal love song--rather, we included it since we thought it'd be nice to have a winter song like this on it. I really like this one too.」

HARUNA: 「The two songs are extreme opposites and their situations are completely different. Rather, 『FREEDOM FIGHTERS』 is a song that'll really make our 47 prefecture tour fun; 『HELLO』 is a song you can listen to leisurely at home, and one we want you to listen to while thinking of people important to you.」

―Please tell us your outlook on what's next for SCANDAL as you're off to a new start after ten years.

MAMI: 「We've come this far and are in all-out attack mode again--rather, with ten years behind us, we'll keep running onwards. Even if things don't calm down a bit, there are still many things we haven't yet done, and because there are so many places we haven't been to yet, including overseas, we want to go forward without being satisfied with our current situation.」

HARUNA: 「I hope we can do our activities while making sure to maintain our own pace. We've made it to ten years, were able to release our best album in this way, and were able to see many things while being able to digest them and send them out, so I want us to keep our attitudes the same and keep on keeping on.」

TOMOMI: 「We'll center ourselves around live shows, as usual. For what we've experienced many things both privately and work-related as we've grown older, what we want to convey; what we want to sing about; and what we can say have continued to significantly increase, so I hope to be able to be relaxed doing these things while believing in ourselves in those moments.」

RINA: 「In 2017 there are so many actions we want to do that truly convey our hearts. We want to have even more friends and have confidence in the songs we're making now and the songs we've completed, so we really want to make sure to send them out. We want all kinds of people to see our lives, understand us, and like us. So, we'll make a ton of songs and play lives with a bang.」

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SCANDAL: Conflicts they had wearing school uniforms & their current feelings 「Music, fashion, hair/makeup--we're a band that does it all」

All-girl band SCANDAL celebrated their tenth anniversary in August 2016. The girls who have established their standing as a fashionable and cool "all-girl band" had a catchy major debut as 「black-haired, school uniform-wearing high school girls who were in a band」. As they've continued to run during these ten years, there was a moment they decided to do away with their school uniforms. For this interview, Modelpress concentrated on the all-girl band SCANDAL, centering on their visual aspects rather than music.

SCANDAL formed in 2006 with four female middle and high school students of a Osakan dance & vocal school and started from playing street lives. They had their major label debut in 2008, held a successful live at the Nippon Budokan in 2012 as the fastest all-girl band to do so at the time, held an overseas tour in 2015, etc. They have grown into an all-girl band that represents both Japan and overseas.

◆An "uncool" coolness; perks of being an all-girl band

On 2017/02/15 they released their best album 「SCANDAL」 in commemoration of their tenth anniversary. Since the songs on it were chosen by fan votes, you could say that this best album is packed perfectly. Their promo pictures too are awesomely cool.

Stylish vintage fashion, dynamic posing, retro-ish photos...the "uncool" coolnes of these girls are markedly reflected in them.

―Your promo pictures this time are very cool.

RINA: Thank you very much. Since we're girls, we all love fashion and makeup. This time we wanted to visualize each of our tastes--MAMI has on fashionable gang-like fashion, HARUNA has on leopard print. It's a photo that contains freedom and a funkiness while incorporating trends. Looking at us, you get a very natural vibe from it.

―I think they become stylish photos when you hear it's your tenth year. It's great that you created such relaxed photos.

RINA: Yeah. It's like we're playing around while shooting.

TOMOMI: We've been doing shoots in a relaxed atmosphere for about 2-3 years now. Before, there were many times we'd hold our instruments and decide on a pose from there.

―It feels like it's been that way since 「Stamp!」.

RINA: We shot that in a dressing room during our world tour.

TOMOMI: They're like off-shots.

―There's a straightforward feeling with 「Take Me Out」.

MAMI: That was taken on roads we routinely walk down. The entire time we shot while walking down Shibuya Center Gai.

―These singles have more fashionable elements than the early days. What was the cue for the change?

RINA: As we're musicians who also enjoy fashion, I think it's one of the perks of being an all-girl band. That changed after we came to think that we could put even more of ourselves out on the table. In order to continue SCANDAL for a long time, we want to be a fun, visual band while evolving. So, we can do it now feeling that we can do things as we like.

◆We did away with our uniforms on a positive note

―On the other hand, in your early days you gave off the perfect impression of a female high schoolers' band with your black hair and school uniforms. How did you decide on that visual aspect?

RINA: Since we were middle and high schoolers back then, we had no money and couldn't really collectively buy outfits. What we had for "costumes" were our school uniforms, and we played live shows while wearing those uniforms. Record label and office staff who saw that told us, 「That has impact. That's interesting」. We made our debut carrying instruments while wearing blazers.

―The visual aspect of a 「female high schoolers' band」 left a strong impression after your debut. Then you did away with the school uniforms...

RINA: We did away with the uniforms with our 「LOVE SURVIVE」 single. There's a scene in the music video where we remove the uniforms and change into different outfits. It changed from around then.

―For SCANDAL, that was a moment you welcomed a transformation, wasn't it?

RINA: Yes. It made us think about the band's future. It wasn't a way to live each moment recklessly; we began to think about what kind of band we could be and what style would we have in five years. It turned into a discussion about all of the members wanting to continue on for ten years after our major debut, that it'd be hard to always keep wearing school uniforms, and that it'd be more fun if more of our personalities could show. We did away with our uniforms on a very positive note.

―So you did away with your uniforms on a positive note.

RINA: By being a band that wears school uniforms we've been told, 「You're not a rock band」 or 「You're idols」; we had conflicts like that. We always had feelings of regret, like, "Even though we face music in the same mindset as other musicians, why aren't we being invited to rock festivals?" So, we decided to make sure our music and personalities were understood and to wear clothes close to the casual clothes we like to wear.

―What kind of changes did you have by getting rid of your uniforms?

HARUNA: More girls came out to our lives.

MAMI: Yeah. At the same time we did away with the uniforms we did a complete change with our hairstyles and hair colors. There have been a huge increase in people who copy that and come out to our lives, as well as girls who send us those pictures through SNS.

RINA: There was in increase in people who are interested in our fashion. That made us really happy.

◆Visual and music involvement

―Hearing these stories, it feels that your visuals and music affect each other. In your ten years there have been transitions in visuals; how do you think about those points?

RINA: What kind of fashion, what kind of hair/makeup, and what kind of music should we do--I think we're a band that does it all. Things like, "I like this because this person wears these kinds of clothes and sings with these words"--even if you're not aware of it, fashion and music are connected.

MAMI: I think that there are many people right now who are getting into music via fashion rather than getting into fashion via music. For example, you look in a magazine and see a musician whose music you haven't listened to wearing cute clothes, you wonder who they are and check out their Instagram, and then you decide to check out their music.

―I see. Opportunities to discover artists are changing, aren't they? Does SCANDAL feel that way too?


RINA: We feel it.

MAMI: That's definitely RINA.

RINA: I have a personal Instagram account and also send out info about our apparel brand called 「Feedback!」, but among my followers there are girls who are interested in me and ask, 「What kind of cosmetics do you use?」 or 「What do you nails look like right now?」. So when there are people who actually listen to our music, you realize, "Ah, there are people who are connected to our listeners from here." Our lifestyles are also shown in our musicality as well, so I'm very happy that we send out stuff through SNS and that the people who have the same tastes as us come to listen to our songs.

―Girls are better at getting into things like this; it really is a perk of being an all-girl band.

◆「SCANDAL」 is the strongest best album

―For the release of your best album 「SCANDAL」, why did you have fan votes choose the songs?

RINA: The four of us couldn't decide on them alone, but we wanted to make a best album that could say, 「This is the strongest best album」 to those who haven't yet listened to our music. We wanted to create the best one together with our fans who like us and have listened to our songs up until now.

―In that sense, it's a perfect starting piece for the fans you mentioned earlier who got into you through fashion.

RINA: That's right.

―In the digest video you announce the top 10 most voted-for songs, but did the ranking go as predicted?

RINA: Yes, when the votes were tallied up and the results were ranked, we saw it and got the impression that songs that we often play live or fast-paced songs were set as the center. We were very happy since SCANDAL is a band that cherishes live shows.

HARUNA: The top voted song 「SCANDAL BABY」 was right where we expected it to be. Although it's originally a song that's on our 1st album, it's now a song that we always play live and that everyone sings along to loudly. It's grown as we played lives, and even people who don't really know our songs know about 「SCANDAL BABY」. It's awesome that it was chosen as #1.

―The album covers have a completely different design than anything you had before. What kind of concept is it?

RINA: After deciding to go with covers that we're not featured on, we thought about going with something that would be easy for anyone to pick up on. We liked TOMOMI's idea of with wanting to do great covers that wouldn't give you any preconceived notions and that'd make you want to pick it up.

TOMOMI: Yeah. We had artist Wataru Komachi draw them.

RINA: He produced these covers with our sole request of 「Please draw SCANDAL as the theme」. He drew several types beside these and they were all really cool. We lined them all up on a desk and were like, 「Which should we choose? We want to use all of them」. It was difficult which to go with.

MAMI: Wanting to make sure to use the other designs, we made them bonuses for a bunch of CD stores.

RINA: We made mugs with one of the cover candidates.

◆"One song" that makes dreams come true

―Among the Modelpress readers are many girls chasing after their dreams. Which song would you choose that could support them?

RINA: 「FREEDOM FIGHTERS」. Your teens are when you decide on careers/employment, and over and over you bump into points at which your life completely changes. There are times when you worry about what others think, choose a path just because it's stable that you don't want to do, and may make a choice different from your pure feelings. I think the most important things are to do plenty of what you want to do and to live how you want to live. That's why, like the lyrics 「There's something wrong with not being able to choose the future you want」, I'd be happy if, when you hear this, it makes you feel that it's okay you do what you want to and to live freely and enjoyably.

―That really resonates with me! All right, finally, what kind of band does SCANDAL want to be in 10, 20 years?

RINA: We want to be a band that can entertain you from different angles. We feel that those accompanying us will not only be those who like our music but also those who enjoy our fashion and personalities, so we'd be happy if we could become an even better band.

―Thank you very much.


Drive - 2017-03-04 (MAMI) - Sat Mar 04, 2017 6:21 pm


We drove out to Hakone Shrine

My companion was the old stand-by Kyary-chan☺︎
(Hyper backlighting)

I was able to successfully pray for the tour, and I took in a lot of clear air and refreshed✌︎

I didn't know we were doing the same pose; I was surprised when I saw the photo✴︎


2017/3/4 21:06








2017/3/4 21:06

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3.3 - 2017-03-04 (RINA) - Sat Mar 04, 2017 6:53 am


Day three of 47 prefecture tour rehearsals✌︎
We're mastering as many songs as our heads can hold
I think it'll be
An important, fun, great tour. In the history of the band.
I really don't want anyone to miss it
We really do cherish lives the most
We simply feel that way after doing this for ten years
We'll always be doing performances we can only do in the moment!

After rehearsals we made our Nakamoto debut
I heard rumors that it's super spicy
So I got scared and went with the miso tanmen haha
Also, that was after I coated my stomach
With drinkable yogurt
(´-`).。oO(I'm the type that's sufficiently prepared

Ah, Hinamatsuri is
The day SCANDAL made their indie debut
Thank you so much as always
Time just flies by, doesn't it
No matter how much band history stacks up
We're so happy that
More and more people seek us out. It gives us courage.
We will keep delivering "fun"
Impulsively at times when we're fully equipped✌︎
At any rate, let's all live our lives
Filled with our favorite things

Have a great weekend〜!


2017/3/4 15:32









2017/3/4 15:32

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SCANDAL's best album 「SCANDAL」 interview

Love from the fans, a decade's trajectory, proceeding with their own intentions from here on

On 2/15 SCANDAL released their best album「SCANDAL」 in commemoration of their tenth anniversary.

This work features two discs with the top 34 songs voted for by the fans. It's jam-packed with numbers beginning from their major debut song「DOLL」 such as single songs, B-sides, popular album-only songs, and ones that show definite excitement at lives. Additionally, it contains two new songs 「FREEDOM FIGHTERS」 and「HELLO」that RINA wrote the lyrics for and MAMI wrote the music for, solidly exhibiting the girls' latest sound. It is a completion in which you can feel the path of their past ten years and what's next for them.

Music Natalie conducted an interview with the four members. We asked them about the progress they've made so far that can be seen from their best album packed with their fans' love, their current band mode, and their 47 prefecture tour that begins in March.

Anxiously waiting the results of the fan voting

──Please tell us your current feelings about releasing a voluminous best album in commemoration of your tenth anniversary.

RINA: It's not that we decided to release a best album for our tenth anniversary--we decided on its release naturally with a good flow, and we wanted to hurry up and have the finished work with great contents be heard by everyone.

──You decided on the songs with votes by the fans.

RINA: That's right. Since the members were going to be told the results after voting finished, we didn't know what to do and were anxiously waiting. I too voted unintentionally (laughs).

──Coincidentally, what songs did you vote for, RINA?

RINA: That's a secret (laughs). I was pretty puzzled about which to choose, but the ones I voted for did make it into the album.

When we saw the chosen songs, we were able to affirm our story up so far

──What kind of emotions did you feel when you saw the chosen songs?

TOMOMI: I was really happy since the songs that are popular at lives were selected as the center. I think they're selections unique to us, whose activities revolve around lives, so I think they're definitely linked to the fans' feelings. It's something that we get emotional about when we listen to it.

MAMI: It's really thorough, with songs from our first album to B-sides being chosen. Since we also included two new songs, it feels like it's packed with what's next for SCANDAL and our signature/special moves.

── The content is befitting to a self-titled work.

HARUNA: Yeah. We considered many prospects for the album title, but the moment we saw the chosen songs, we thought, 「This is the only name to use for it」. Although it's a simple title, I think this album can definitely prove what kind of band we are.

RINA: We're a band that has done many things so far, and therefore there are many ways we can be viewed. Including how we formed, we also had many anxieties and complexities about doing music. But, when we saw the songs the fans chose, it felt like we were able to affirm our story up so far. A song called 「SCANDAL IN THE HOUSE」 made it on to the best album, and it's a fun song that we don't play instruments on.

──It's one song that introduces the members through rapping. It seems to have made it to #12 in the votes.

RINA: That's right. There are people who say they like that song and chose it. That's exactly why we have a renewed confidence in everything we've done so far. In that sense as well, this best album is one with which we can say, 「This is SCANDAL. How's that for you!」

Unexpectedly selected songs where the fans' maniacal side comes out

──Are there any surprising songs that made it in?

RINA: We basically understand why all of them are on there. It's all filled with songs where we're like, 「That's right!」 But, I think if we had chosen the songs ourselves, 「SCANDAL IN THE HOUSE」 and 「Flashback No.5」 would not have been on it. Looking at the overall balance, easy-to-understand, simple songs may have been included in it.

HARUNA: The fans' maniacal side comes out a bit. There's also that kind of amusement.

TOMOMI: I'm really happy that 「Bitter Chocolate」 was chosen. Since we predicted that songs we can go crazy to and do a call & response together at lives would be the center of the best album, I was a little surprised that a medium-tempo song is listened to and was included in the line-up.

RINA: I also had the same impression for 「Chiisana Honoo」. It's a very important song message-wise as well, so everyone who wanted this on the best album made me very happy.

──It seems that the warm thoughts of the fans are reflected with 「one piece」 being included as well.

RINA: Right? We wrote this song imagining us performing a solo live at Osaka-Jo Hall, the first dream we had together. I think it's probably that the fans knew the history on this song, got a good idea of our history, and voted for the song. That really touched us.

We tend to play 「Koe」 during important times

──The song 「Koe」, which MAMI is lead vocals on, made it #2.

MAMI: Yes. I'm happy about that......

RINA: Ahahaha (laughs). That's it? Anything else?

MAMI: Well, even though this song is neither a single nor a lead song on an album, everyone seems to really like it.

HARUNA: Maybe it feels rare because we don't play it at every live? That's why everyone wants to listen to it.

──You performed it SCAFES (「SCANDAL 10th ANNIVERSARY FESTIVAL『2006-2016』) last August.

TOMOMI: We did. We tend to play it during important times (laughs).

MAMI: Looking back, it's like we must play it once every year.

RINA: It's definitely an emotional song. This makes me want to play it all of a sudden (laughs).

──Incidentally, why does MAMI sing on this song?

MAMI: At first it was decided that HARUNA would sing, of course, but I was challenged to do it at the suggestion of our director then.

RINA: At that time, MAMI sang and sent it to us via voice memo. It was so awesome that we decided to put the song on the album.

MAMI: Ah, that's right. That did happen (laughs). I'm glad it became a song that's this loved.

A work with which you can feel the evolution of our sound and singing

──Listening back to your ten years' worth of songs, can you feel that there was an evolution as a band?

MAMI: That's right. There are a ton of things we realized anew when we divided the selected songs into two discs and decided the order of the songs. There are sounds we omit when we do live arrangements, so when we listened to the recorded songs we had discoveries like, 「Ah, we did this here!」. It's because our singing voices and ways of playing are completely different for each song. Working while feeling sounds and grooves we can only emit at those times was so fun; all of us were really excited. Like, 「It's so nostalgic!」 (laughs).

RINA: HARUNA's singing has changed considerably.

HARUNA: It has changed, hasn't it. I'm aware of it. There are parts that have changed intentionally as well as parts that changed while I was having conflicts, but I feel kind of embarrassed when I listen to our early songs (laughs). When you listen to other artists' best albums, I don't think there are many works where you can feel their evolution of singing until that point. So, I'd be happy if people can enjoy that aspect as well.

──In regards to singing voices, I get the impression that TOMOMI too has changed considerably from the early days.

TOMOMI: Yes (laughs). It's the same as HARUNA, but we originally practiced at school to sing in a way that would go with dance music, so our first role models were people like Beyonce or Alicia Keys. But, along the way, we thought that that type of singing didn't suit our music and then tested out our own ways of singing. As a result, it became more and more broken down and feels like own our style now (laughs).

First intentions are important during recording

──Listening to the best album, you're able to feel that your depth of sound is growing steadily performance-wise, and that your ensemble is evolving. How does that feel?

MAMI: Our early songs have a roughness and pureness to them, in a good way. Rather, they have a momentum to them that were unique to those times; they're not something we could draw forth now. So, about five years ago, we were awakened to what exactly we could do. From that point on we've been very particular while recording, but there are lots of times when we overdo things and don't really know what we should do (laughs).

RINA: That's recording for you (laughs). It's particularly harsh for me and MAMI. It's because we care about even one bar too much, and there are times when we have to do something many times over and over.

HARUNA: As soon as they do something, I think, 「This take was so good!」, but they're not convinced (laughs).

RINA: There are days when we overthink and are like, 「Can't you go again?」 (laughs). But that's changed again a bit recently. We leave it up to the members' opinions more.

MAMI: Finally, right (laughs). There are many times when we record and one or two takes are great, so I eventually also realized that our intentions and feelings we had at the beginning are important.

──It may be that you regained the intentions you had at the time of your major debut after your skills improved.

MAMI: Yeah. Our theme recently is to not be too concerned.

Recently, we've been doing a style where we direct each other

──HARUNA and TOMOMI, are you in that kind of mode as well?

TOMOMI: No matter how many times I play, it hasn't really changed from what it originally was (laughs). It ends after playing two or three times, every time.

──Your image of phrases may have been clear from the beginning.

TOMOMI: That......might be so (laughs).

HARUNA: TOMOMI's being polite about it.

TOMOMI: Is......that so? (laughs)

HARUNA: I haven't been spending too much time recording songs recently. It's not good if my throat is worn out, and I think that it's better if it could come out in great shape with the initial momentum. Also, in regards to singing, there have been more things for me to do while receiving opinions and advice from the members.

──The members have come to work closely with each other, rather than focusing on only their own parts.

RINA: That's right. Recently, we've been doing a style where the four of us direct each other's parts together. Sometimes we all simultaneously record music, but during the times we record separately, the other three will direct the one doing it. That's why it's difficult when each of us talks about different things (laughs). By doing so, things that we can't do just by ourselves come forth and we can do even more experimental things; it feels like we're even freer. Recording has gotten even more fun after adopting that style.

「FREEDOM FIGHTERS」 is a love letter from MAMI

── The new songs on your best album exhibit the latest work of SCANDAL. The first song 「FREEDOM FIGHTERS」 features lyrics by RINA and music by MAMI. It's a powerful number that'll inspire you.

RINA: It's a song that asserts your freedom. The lyrics were written first. It was actually written with the same theme as 「Sisters」 that's on the best album, but due to the title, there are many people who perceive that song as a fight song for girls. I wrote it for all of my comrades who are living in this current era, but I reflected back and had regret that 「It can't be helped that it's perceived in that way」. So, I wanted to say the same thing once more to everyone. It's a theme that can be spit out once so it was hard to work on it, enough to think, 「My life's being whittled away」, but I'm glad I was able to write it.

MAMI: In regards to music, the rhythm and melody were born as if guided by the lyrics RINA wrote. I was able to experience a slightly mysterious feeling for the first time, like,「Ah, it's like this」.

──The sound sharply delivers the lyrics' message.

TOMOMI: When I received the demo, I thought, "This is a love letter from MAMI to the rhythm section" (laughs).

MAMI: Ahahaha (laughs). It's because it's intense.

TOMOMI: MAMI usually tells us that she likes the rhythm section, so I thought it was a pretty serious responsibility (laughs). Like, we must do it. But, it's different than the usual tones we do, and it was fun because it was recorded with passive sound that we've been liking lately. I think the sounds we like have changed over these ten years, so I hope everyone can feel that as well.

HARUNA: I too thought a challenge from MAMI came along (laughs). It's a sound that makes me feel「I've been hoping for this!」. I felt that I could sing in my favorite singing style, but I dared myself to try a new way of singing this time.

A song written by the same pair but with a completely different atmosphere

──The other new song is called 「HELLO」. This too features lyrics by RINA and music by MAMI.

RINA: Since the day the best album hits stores would be Valentine's Day, we put it in wanting everyone to listen to a winter love song. Even though the same pair wrote it, it has a completely different atmosphere from 「FREEDOM FIGHTERS」, doesn't it (laughs). These types of lyrics are my specialty; I was able to write them smoothly.

MAMI: This song is actually from when we had a period of time where we talked about 「Let's write tons of winter songs」 and completed it at the same time as 「SUKI-SUKI」 on 「YELLOW」. When I sent over one chorus, RINA attached two choruses and sent it back over. We were able to complete it very smoothly.

HARUNA: Content-wise, you can listen to while thinking of your current love, and I think some people will feel that they can listen to it while remembering an old love they had. I was the latter, singing while recalling bittersweet memories of high school.

TOMOMI: I really like seasonal songs. Including 「SUKI-SUKI」, I'm happy because our winter song repertoire has grown recently to include many types. I don't particularly like winter, but being able to perform winter songs makes it seem like I can begin to like winter just a little bit (laughs).

Doing the 47 prefecture tour with our own convictions

──After the release of the album, SCANDAL will be holding their longest tour, a 47 prefecture tour, starting from March.

RINA: There's a total of 53 performances! We're so pumped up.

MAMI: We want to make them lives that can convey,「We'll be doing this 47 prefecture tour that we've always wanted to do, with our own convictions」. We purely want to enjoy it.

TOMOMI: These are our own words, but since we think we were able to make an amazing best album, we want to send out those feelings throughout Japan via this tour. They'll definitely be lives you can enjoy by listening to the album!

──After experiencing「SCAFES」 and your first European tour last year, has there been a change in your thoughts you have for doing lives?

RINA: Rather than calling it a change, our feelings of cherishing them every year are more important. Since we're a band that plays lives and changes misunderstandings into understandings, there's no doubt that we to have to play lives well. That's exactly why we must continue to make sure to play lives and face them head-on.

── When you debuted you certainly had an idol band-like prejudice attached, but it feels like it was dispelled through belief-oriented activities. Even so, does it feel like misunderstandings still exist?

RINA: Yes. There have always been regrets that we should have reached out even more. I think that's one of our inadequacies, but it made us never forget our feelings of 「We can still go on!」. We want to make it so that our fans can be proud in being able to say 「We love SCANDAL!」, and we don't want them to feel lonely when going to festivals. That's why we'll continue to play super cool lives. We want to become an even better band.

──SCANDAL represents Japan's all-girl bands. It's wonderful that that kind of passion is continuing on, isn't it?

MAMI: I think regular bands gather up members that like instruments, start from zero, and head towards 100. Good environments were able to be given to us from the start, despite holding instruments without understanding them well, so, in a sense, it feels that we were blown to 100. That's why there are so many things we lack as a band. However, because we can't go back to zero from now, we need to head towards 200 and continue to accumulate the pieces we're missing.

──Among the regular bands that have advanced steadily and have had varied experiences, there should be things that SCANDAL hasn't yet done. Is that why you want to regain them?

MAMI: Yeah. Of course there's a giant, gaping hole in who we currently are, and it's not that something important is missing, but we don't think it's good if we don't experience that. So, we'd like to steadily challenge ourselves to new things and make our width even broader as a band.

HARUNA: Although we have confidence in what has come along and what we've been able to do so far during these past ten years. That's why we'll make sure to recognize that confidence while being grateful to the circumstances that have allowed us to do these things, and we want to treasure each and every performance on this tour. We'll be able to go to the places we haven't played solo lives in yet--Gifu, Miyazaki, Kochi, Saga--so we want to make sure to deliver our thoughts to the entire country!

At the start of rehearsals

GIRLFRIEND came over!

They gave us their single 「Icchokusen」 (Straight Line) that just released on 2/22 (Wed.)♪

They signed itー


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2017/3/2 20:27

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LOVE berry vol.6 - Wed Mar 01, 2017 3:06 pm

HARUNA in 「LOVE berry vol.6」 magazine:

HARUNA of SCANDAL talks about things such as her school days dreaming of being a singer, the journey until the band's formation, and the eve of SCANDAL's formation.

■Order from CD Japan

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March - 2017-03-01 (HARUNA) - Wed Mar 01, 2017 2:32 pm


It's now March.

Our 47 prefecture tour finally starts this month.
We unveiled the tour goods line-up, so make sure to check it out!

Rehearsals start from today.
We haven't played any lives since this year started, so I'm really excited for them☆


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2017/3/1 21:55

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