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SCANDAL TOUR 2017『SCANDAL's 47 Prefecture Tour』
Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture @ Zepp Nagoya - June 23rd

Performance #45 of 53

SCANDAL:「SCANDAL TOUR 2017『SCANDAL's 47 Prefecture Tour』 performance #45 @ Zepp Nagoya is done! Nagoya was awesome! It was a fun Friday night! We'll meet again!」

HARUNA:『「SCANDAL's 47 Prefecture Tour」 in Nagoya, thanks so much
Everyone was more awesome and powerful than when we came in April

RINA:「Our second time at Zepp Nagoya on this tourー! It was so hottt! The mood was as expected; thanks✌ It turned out to be a great live Today's picture is from the loft in the dressing roomー」

TOMOMI:「Our second performance in Nagoya! Thanks!」

Q:「Did you not record a hair arranging video?」
TOMOMI:「I'm sorry; I forgot to shoot it

TOMOMI:「Our beloved senior Great Maekawa from Flower Companyz came to see our live!
He didn't have on overalls with no shirt underneath today!」

SCANDAL:「45/53! So much funー! Thanks, Aichi Prefecture!」

SCANDAL:「Sony Music Shop RENEWAL T-shirt!!」

Great Maekawa:「I'm in Nagoya. I enjoyed SCANDAL. It was my first time seeing a solo live of theirs, and they really gave it their all.
We're playing at Otaka Ryokuchi tomorrow. It'll be sunny. It is forbidden to call us 【a rain band】 from now on, haha. Come see us, okay!」

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SCANDAL TOUR 2017『SCANDAL's 47 Prefecture Tour』
Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Prefecture @ Hamamatsu Madowaku - June 22nd

Performance #44 of 53

SCANDAL:「SCANDAL TOUR 2017『SCANDAL's 47 Prefecture Tour』 performance #44 @ Hamamatsu Madowaku is done! Our first time in Shizuoka in 2 years, Hamamatsu in 6, Madowaku in 7ー! Ahーit felt greatー! A night where we were able to update everything! Shizuoka, see you in October for Magurock Festival!」

HARUNA:『「SCANDAL's 47 Prefecture Tour」 in Shizuoka, Hamamatsu, thanks so much It was awesome! Looking forward to Magurock Festival in October

TOMOMI:「I had pigtails wrapped in green gingham today」

TOMOMI:「Thank you, Hamamatsu!」

RINA:「Thanks, Hamamatsuー! We were able to play a performance that felt great as we were welcomed with the best atmosphere, heat, and concentrationー! We'll be returning to Shizuoka again in October for Magurock✌ Can't waitー

MAMI:「Thanks, Hamamatsuーーー!
Our first time at Madowaku in 7 years made for a great renewal, and it was so sweatyーーー⤴︎
It was sーーーo much fun
I thought my neck would tear off♪

Gingham lace wrapped around the width of pigtails todayー TOMO-chan is adorableー
I had bows tied on bows

TOMOMI in reply to MAMI:「Make sure to cherish your neck」

RINA:「A night drive to Nagoya

SCANDAL:「44/53! Our first time here in 2 years! Shizuoka, thanks! It was awesomeー!」

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Home stretch - 2017-06-21 (RINA) - Wed Jun 21, 2017 5:05 am

Home stretch

Kobe, Nara, and
Our second time in Osaka on this tour
We've safely returned from our Kansai round
Everyone who came out, thanks!

We've completed 43 performances
Of our 47 prefecture tour that started in the spring, the rainy season has come around
And there are 10 performances left
We'll do them boldly and carefullyー!
We'll become a better band than we were in the spring and welcome summertime✌︎


2017/6/21 13:54






2017/6/21 13:54

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TOMOMI @ WAVY'S - Mon Jun 19, 2017 5:11 pm

Had hair maintenance done after returning to Tokyo! Kawa-chan, thanks as always



Don Dio wrote:Has she ever done red?  I don't recall ever seeing photos of her with red hair.

Yes, MAMI had red back in 2012: (under the part 1 spoiler)
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SCANDAL TOUR 2017『SCANDAL's 47 Prefecture Tour』
Osaka @ Namba Hatch - June 18th

Performance #43 of 53

RINA:「Our beloved hometown of Osaka today

SCANDAL:「SCANDAL TOUR 2017『SCANDAL's 47 Prefecture Tour』 performance #43 @ Namba Hatch is done! Osaka's always awesomeー! Let's get even more awesome! We'll meet again!」

TOMOMI:「Had a pro do my hair today」

TOMOMI:「Thank you, Osaka!」

HARUNA:『「SCANDAL's 47 Prefecture Tour」in Osaka, thanks so much
It was the finale of our Kansai block! It was way too awesome

RINA:「Performance #43 - Osaka - super strong - the best Thanks✌」

MAMI:「Thanks, Osakaー!!
It was sーo much fun!
As for following along with today's set list, it was as we expected for Osaka♪‼︎ The best⤴︎

We had our hair and makeup stylist do our hair today
As expected! Haramo! (Our makeup artist♪)
Thanks for always doing our hair cutelyー

TOMOMI in reply to MAMI:「You forgot to put the date」

SCANDAL:「43/53! Always the best! Osaka, thanks!」

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SCANDAL TOUR 2017『SCANDAL's 47 Prefecture Tour』
Nara Prefecture @ Nara NEVERLAND - June 17th

Performance #42 of 53

MAMI:「Going around Japan.
Where's your prefecture?

TOMOMI:「Light-colored lace fairy pigtails today」

RINA:「A stroll with

RINA:「A stroll with 2 」

SCANDAL:「SCANDAL TOUR 2017『SCANDAL's 47 Prefecture Tour』 performance #42 @ Nara NEVERLAND is done! Our first time in Nara in 2 years! We were so close to everyoneー! The best! We'll meet again!」

TOMOMI:「Thank you, Nara!」

HARUNA:『「SCANDAL's 47 Prefecture Tour」 in Nara, thanks so much
Our first time at NEVERLAND
We also went to Nara Park yesterdayー

RINA:「My home area of Nara Prefecture✌︎We played at NEVERLAND, which I had wanted to play at at least once. Ahー, the oxygen was so thinnn...everyone's enthusiasm was awesome! Thank you! Love」

MAMI:「Nara, thank youーーー!!
NEVERLAND was so strongーー
A live with a lack of oxygen!! So much funー!
Everyone was so hot☆ It was the best

We had a sparkly butterfly barrette♪ and
Soft ribbons with dreamy pigtailstodayー☆☆☆」

SCANDAL:「42/53! Our first time here in 2 years! Thanks, Nara!」

We can't wait to play in Osaka

Yuuki Mihara:「I went to see performance #42 of SCANDAL's 47 Prefecture Tour at Nara NEVERLAND! Of all times I got to see them at the smallest live house in the country, and RINA-chan said about it, 「The most emotional, tough live house in Japan that scares bands」haha. It was surprising seeing them here. Your hands could touch the ceiling, and it was as wide as the living room of a wide house (haha). Being able to experience the rock band known as SCANDAL in such a place was so hot Live houses really do suit themー!! A smashing performance with an attacking set list.. The four of them all looked like they were having so much fun There's no other band that's as cute and cool as them!」

#front-page #scabest47

SCANDAL TOUR 2017『SCANDAL's 47 Prefecture Tour』
Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture @ Kobe VARIT - June 15th

Performance #41 of 53

MAMI:「I don't notice when it's on, but when I put it on it surprised me how large the main motif is, you know; the balance」

MAMI:「Doing the greatest one-sided love」

SCANDAL:「SCANDAL TOUR 2017『SCANDAL's 47 Prefecture Tour』 performance #41 @ Kobe VARIT is done! Our first time in Hyogo in 2 years! We wrote this morning that it had been 7 years since we were last at VARIT, but it had been 8 years! At any rate, it's been a while! But the atmosphere was awesome as always! We'll meet again!」

HARUNA:『「SCANDAL's 47 Prefecture Tour」 in Hyogo Prefecture, Kobe, thanks so much
It had been 7 years since we were last at VARITー! It was so awesome today

TOMOMI:「Thank you, Kobe! I came home!」

TOMOMI:「The greatest one-sided love in a granny circle today」

MAMI:「Kobe, thanksーーー!
It was sーーーo much fun
We sweated a lot today too
It was awesomeーー!

Today TOMO-chan had on her second headband♪
It's orange and green, and I thought of how those are melon colors as I was knitting it
I tried making it with a circle motif!
I bared my forehead today too

RINA:「Kobe's way too awesome...a lingering memory... We played a joint live at VARIT when we had released "Kagerou" in our indie days, and our autographs from them are in the dressing room! We'll make new songs and come play lives over and over again. Thanks✌︎」

RINA:「We've made it to 41/53 performances」

SCANDAL:「41/53! Our first time here in 2 years! Thanks, Hyogo Prefecture!」

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WEST - 2017-06-14 (RINA) - Wed Jun 14, 2017 8:03 am


We're currently touring around Kansai
Wakayama, Shiga, and Kyoto
Were all dense nights
Thank you

We have so many memories in Kansai
Of things like the time of our formation
And our indie days
And also in the cities and live houses we'll go to from here on too

The members talked about how
It's like we're going around to memorable places
We want to update our memories
With even better ones with everyone✌︎

Since we had an off day in Kyoto
My friend and I experienced being a maiko
From the dozens of kimono
I chose one with my favorite colors...
I looked like this☺︎
Ah, it was so much fun〜!


2017/6/14 16:54









2017/6/14 16:54

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SCANDAL TOUR 2017『SCANDAL's 47 Prefecture Tour』
Kyoto Prefecture @ Kyoto MUSE - June 13th

Performance #40 of 53

SCANDAL:「SCANDAL TOUR 2017『SCANDAL's 47 Prefecture Tour』 performance #40 @ Kyoto MUSE is done! First solo live in Kyoto in 5 years! So hot! We'll meet again!」

RINA:「KYOTO MUSE is a live house we've been playing lives at since our indie days I'm so happy we were able to return here on our 47 prefecture tour with our best album! Thanks!」

HARUNA:『「SCANDAL's 47 Prefecture Tour」 in Kyoto, thanks so muchー
Our first time in Kyoto in 5 years! We played a live in a place full of memories

TOMOMI:「Today I had lovely Kamatan (Kamagaya City's mascot) big bows that went boiーng」

TOMOMI:「I forgot to take a picture of the four of us today

SCANDAL:「40/53! Our first time here in 5 years! Thanks, Kyoto!」

On their off day yesterday in Kyoto, HARU+TOMO went golfing with Yuuki Mihara, RINA dressed up as a maiko, and MAMI went around to shrines.

TOMOMI:「I got a 150 score for my first time golfing
A commemorative shot with Yuuki Mihara and HARUNA
It was so much funーーー」

HARUNA:「Today was our first golfcourse debut!
My score was 170
It was so much fun


Yuuki Mihara:「I made my golf course debut together with TOMOMI&HARUNA!! We picked out our clubs and outfits, and it made me really happy that all three of us went to our first lesson together!! It feels so fulfilling to start up new things with friends!! Oh man, golf's getting more and more fun. Those two did really well. I updated my recent best score of 105ー!」

RINA:「I became a maiko†††」

MAMI:「I'm finished going around to Kyoto's shrines
I'm glad I woke up earlyーーー

SCANDAL went to eat nagashi somen before the live:

Videos from their outings here:

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SCANDAL TOUR 2017『SCANDAL's 47 Prefecture Tour』
Shiga Prefecture @ Shiga U-STONE - June 11th

Performance #39 of 53

SCANDAL:「SCANDAL TOUR 2017『SCANDAL's 47 Prefecture Tour』 performance #39 @ Shiga U-STONE is done! First time back in Shiga in 2 years! Super funkyー! We'll meet again!」

TOMOMI:「A candy box〜along with rainbow color ribbons and lamè braids〜today」

HARUNA:『「SCANDAL's 47 Prefecture Tour」 in Shiga, thanks so muchー
Our first time at U-STONE was so sweaty and awesome

TOMOMI:「Thanks, Shiga!」

RINA:「Shiga, thanks✌︎ It was sーo nice! So much fun! U-STONE's a great live house

MAMI:「Shiga, thanksーーー!
It was so sweaty, wasn't itー It was awesome, wasn't itー
Thanks for coming out on a Sunday night
Let's do our best from tomorrow again⤴︎

We had a sparkly headband and a braided ponytail with lots of buttons☆
The ribbons, buttons, and braids all had yarn in them!
Haa, why is it so adorable

TOMOMI in reply to MAMI:「Once in a while the buttons would hit my face and hurt a bit」


SCANDAL:「39/53! First time here in 2 years! Thanks, Shiga!」

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SCANDAL TOUR 2017『SCANDAL's 47 Prefecture Tour』
Wakayama Prefecture @ Wakayama SHELTER - June 10th

Performance #38 of 53

TOMOMI:「A granny square headband over pigtails today」

SCANDAL:「SCANDAL TOUR 2017『SCANDAL's 47 Prefecture Tour』 performance #38 @ Wakayama SHELTER is done! So hotー! First time back in Wakayama in 5 years; thanks! We'll meet again!」

TOMOMI:「Thanks, Wakayamaaaa!」

HARUNA:『「SCANDAL's 47 Prefecture Tour」 in Wakayama, thanks so muchー
Our first time back in Wakayama in 5 years was funー

RINA:「Thank you, Wakayamaー! See you at a live again✌︎ 」

MAMI:「Wakayama, thanksーーー!
It was like "Go that way, teacher"ー!
There are so many interesting things in Wakayamaー!
I must research them
Thanks for the awesome night

Today we connected a granny square knitted with wool and made it into a headband...!!
I tried tying braids like ears♪」

TOMOMI in reply to MAMI:「I hear she can knit one granny square in about 30 minutes」

「The sound of regret that resonates in the wilderness when you fall asleep without taking off your makeup」

SCANDAL:「38/53! Our first time back in 5 years! Thanks, Wakayama!」

SCANDAL:「Our Kansai block has begunー We're wearing new outfits starting todayー Check out our Instagram for more on the tour!」

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Latter half - 2027-06-10 (RINA) - Sat Jun 10, 2017 7:58 pm

Latter half

Good morningー✌︎
The Kansai block of our 47 Prefecture Tour is starting
This term consists of 6 performances

We're taking along the energy
We received during our 2 days in Hokkaido
And will do our best today too☺︎
The weather's great☀︎

Thank you for the many fan letters
They were safely delivered


2017/6/10 13:16







2017/6/10 13:16

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The July performances just went on general sale yesterday, and now all 53 performances of the tour are officially sold out!


SCANDAL TOUR 2017『SCANDAL's 47 Prefecture Tour』
Sapporo, Hokkaido Prefecture @ Sapporo PENNY LANE24, day 2 - June 3rd

Performance #37 of 53

TOMOMI:「In Sapporo it's cold enough that you can still listen to winter songs

TOMOMI:「A "Summer's almost here!" tropical headband summer festival style today」

SCANDAL:「SCANDAL TOUR 2017『SCANDAL's 47 Prefecture Tour』 performance #36 @ Sapporo PENNY LANE day 2 is done! Our awesome audience had us fall in love again with Sapporoー! We'll be returning in the summer for RISING SUN! See you there!」

TOMOMI:「Sapporo day 2, thanks!

HARUNA:『「SCANDAL's 47 Prefecture Tour」 in Hokkaido, Sapporo day 2, thanks so much
We'll be back in August! See you at RISING SUN

RINA:「Sapporo day 2, thanks It was awesome! The festival-like mood was really great...We'll be returning next for RISING SUNー! Yay」

MAMI:「Sapporo day 2ーーー!!
It was the bestーーーー!!
It seriously felt like a festivalーーー!!
So much fun Love SapporoPENNY LANE
See you in August♪♪

We had not original scrunchies, but original headbands todayーー
Fluffy headbands make you happyー

TOMOMI in reply to MAMI:「All of the materials for these headbands were purchased at Sapporo's Kanariya」

MAMI:「Seems like the hydrometer was broken today
It was unmeasurable

MAMI:「This SUSU cap (from Ikkyuu from tricot) is adorable」

TOMOMI:「It's cold enough in Sapporo that boiled tofu still barely makes an appearance at night

SCANDAL:「37/53! The best audienceー! Hokkaido, thank you!」

#front-page #scabest47

SCANDAL TOUR 2017『SCANDAL's 47 Prefecture Tour』
Sapporo, Hokkaido Prefecture @ Sapporo PENNY LANE24, day 1 - June 2nd

Performance #36 of 53

TOMOMI:「I've been forgetting to name my hairstyles lately」

SCANDAL:「SCANDAL TOUR 2017『SCANDAL's 47 Prefecture Tour』 performance #36 @ Sapporo PENNY LANE day 1 is done! Everyone was so hot! It's chilly outside, so don't catch a cold! We're playing in Sapporo tomorrow too! Let's get loud!」

HARUNA:『「SCANDAL's 47 Prefecture Tour」 in Hokkaido, Sapporo, thanks so much
Best regards tomorrow too

TOMOMI:「Thanks, Sapporo!

MAMI:「Sapporo☆ day 1ーー!!
Everyone who came out, thanks
It was sーーーo hot
The humidity went up to 92%
So awesomeー!!!

Today was the first live we played after my hair got shorter
It was TOMO-chan's first liveas a 27-year-oldー
Best regards tomorrow tooーーー!

TOMOMI in reply to MAMI:「The original scrunchy didn't make it into the picture」

RINA:「Sapporo, thanks! Our first live at PENNY LANE in 5 years✌ That much time passed...this live house is as hot and great as always! Best regards tomorrow too〜」

SCANDAL:「36/53! It felt greatー! Sapporo, thanks!」

#front-page #scabest47
「SCANDAL TOUR 2017『SCANDAL's 47 Prefecture Tour』」 Osaka performance report

【SCANDAL TOUR 2017『SCANDAL's 47 Prefecture Tour』】 started on 3/11 at Kumamoto B.9 V1, with performance #20 at Zepp Osaka Bayside on 4/22.

For the live, plenty of songs were selected from their best album 『SCANDAL』 released in commemoration of their 10th anniversary. HARUNA got the crowd going with,「We've done 20 performances of this tour and each one has been awesome, but we believe that today will be an even more awesome night. So, let's do it, Osaka!」, and both the girls and the audience heated up rapidly with a straight rock number.

With it being SCANDAL's hometown, the Kansai talk wouldn't stop during the midway MC. The newly completed Zepp Osaka Bayside is next to Universal Studios Japan, and in particular, RINA's stern pronunciation of "Univa" invited the laughter of the venue. The second half of the show started with, 「I'd like to deliver both our minds and bodies powerfully」. The mid-tempo songs captured the hearts of the fans and burst the upbeat songs in succession. During the encore they looked back on last year's 【SCANDAL 10th ANNIVERSARY FESTIVAL 『2006-2016』】, the event held at Izumiotsu Phoenix on their day of formation. They announced their event that will be held at Billboard Live OSAKA with, 「We'll talk about what we're doing this year」 and 「We'll be celebrating 8/21 in Osaka this year too」. With the venue never ceasing their cheers, they said, 「We'll deliver an Osaka special」 and finished with three encore songs, ending their live with excitement and enthusiasm.

Additionally, with their 11th anniversary live that will be held at Billboard Live OSAKA, they will be the first artist featured on the Japanese production of MTV『Storytellers』. Look forward to this as well.


For their 11th anniversary, SCANDAL will be shooting for the VH1 program (will now be on MTV Japan)「Storytellers」!

SCANDAL will be the first artist featured on the Japanese production of  「Storytellers」, a popular VH1 program where artists perform while talking about how a song was born, their career, and life!

SCANDAL will tell you all about it on 8/21 (Mon.) at their 11th anniversary live at Billboard Live OSAKA!

Title: Storytellers: SCANDAL
Date: 2017/8/21 (Mon.)
Venue: Billboard Live OSAKA
Times: 1st live opens: 17:30 / Start: 18:30
    2nd live opens: 20:30 / Start: 21:30
Price: Service area - 6,500 yen ・ Casual area - 5,500 yen

<Ticketing schedule>
□SCANDAL MANIA pre-sale: 6/10 (Sat.)12:00〜6/13 (Tue.)23:59
※Those who have joined (paid in full) by 5/20 may apply

□General sale: 7/1 (Sat.) 11:00〜

SCANDAL's comments:

「MTV was always playing in the lobby of the dance school we attended before the band formed, and on a daily basis we watched ranking programs, checked out new releases, and learned about new artists. After the band formed, we dreamed that one day our music videos would be played on MTV. We are so honored to be able to make a special live celebrating the band's formation day with MTV, who we had looked up to, and to be able to broadcast as the first artist on the Japanese production of "Storytellers"! On that day we want to deliver a special night appropriate for an anniversary while enjoying a talk session with a bit of a different atmosphere from our usual lives.」


MAMI's latest visit + a new hair timeline from her hair stylist KAZU!

A hybrid color of macaron pink
We cut off a little less than 15cm and made it into a short bob style

〜 SCANDAL MAMI's Hair Timeline, 2016-17 〜

This time we cut her hair to the shortest it's been, but I'd like to look back on MAMI-san's hairstyles from the previous installment onwards


We put a two-tone golden beige color on black hair and added in long seal extensions


We brought back blue for the first time in forever by putting turquoise and deep blue on golden beige extentions

A 4-color gradient

We colored her hair during summer 2016


Autumn came around and we cut her ends and gave it a single tone

She had this style at the end of the year


We gave her her first pink color by putting in a macaron pink on golden beige

The straight-across bangs and outward curls completely suit her

Lastly, this time we gave her the shortest cut she's ever gotten

I'm used to cutting short hair and it's my specialty, but I was so nervous with all of the pressure

We cut it a little less than 15cm into a short bob

The length makes it boyish, and the ends can move by curling them

The border of hair at the back of the neck is almost gone

How is it!?

It really suits her and I think I cut it well, if I do say so myself (haha), but I again thought that it's awesome that any style or color suits MAMI-san way too well

They're currently on a nationwide tour, so please go see it in person

I'll keep doing my best to bring out MAMI-san's charm with nice hairstyles, so please check them out in the future too


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And now it's June - 2017-06-01 (RINA) - Thu Jun 01, 2017 5:15 am

And now it's June

We did our Tohoku block
All at onceー✌︎

The newly built cafe at Morioka Staion
Was a lot of fun〜
The live too, of course, gave us a feeling of unity

Cold noodles made the season more delicious
I love these

Everyone in Akita was so lively!
I'm happy we got to eat
Kiritanpo for the first time in a while〜 A taste of happiness〜

We went to Aomori Uosai Center before the Aomori live
And we had the nokke donburi you can eat there
With your favorite toppings☺︎
It was so much fun and so delicious〜
I put on an egg last
And it really felt like it took the starring role

Our MC that day was so long haha

We've smoothly gone through
35 performances
Of our 47 prefecture tour✌︎

Ah, in the middle of tour
I became able to drink mojitos✌︎ Yay

Then we returned to Tokyo temporarily
And had a birthday party for TOMOMI on the 31st✌︎
We had a BBQ with everyone
And had fun until it got dark☺︎
I'm happy we got to celebrate together this year too

All right, we're now off to
Everyone in Hokkaido, wait for us, okay〜✌︎


2017/6/1 13:07























2017/6/1 13:07

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SCANDAL Salon/Nail pictures - Wed May 31, 2017 7:12 pm

MAMI:「I had a hat on, so the hair around my face got all crazy⤴but
Here's a detailed view of the length. It got about this short」

From when she was at the salon getting it cut:


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Birthday - 2017-05-31 (TOMOMI) - Wed May 31, 2017 5:15 pm


I've turned 27!

We celebrated while having a BBQ at our manager's house!

So happーーーーーーーーy♡

I'm also reading all of the many messages from the fans. Thanks so much!

I'll become a cool adult as a 27-year-old!
Best regards from here on out too!


2017/5/31 21:33









2017/5/31 21:33

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SCANDAL TOUR 2017『SCANDAL's 47 Prefecture Tour』
Aomori Prefecture @ Aomori Quarter - May 28th

Performance #35 of 53

TOMOMI:「So fast that the video couldn't catch up」

SCANDAL:「SCANDAL TOUR 2017『SCANDAL's 47 Prefecture Tour』 performance #35 @ Aomori Quarter is done! Everyone who came out on a Sunday, thanks! The at-home atmosphere was the best! We'll meet again!」

HARUNA:『「SCANDAL's 47 Prefecture Tour」 in Aomori, thanks so much
The finale of our Tohoku block! It was the best

RINA:「Aomori, thanksー! We've made it to 35 performances of our 53-performance 47 prefecture tour

MAMI:「Aomori, thanksーーーー!!
Hyaー, today was so hotー!☆
We talked so much We love Aomori
And, it was the final stop of the Tohoku region!
Everyone in Tohoku was the bestー!♪

We had original scrunchies & 3 pom poms today
Also, this is the MAMI-selected nokke-don at the Gyosai Center

TOMOMI in reply to MAMI:「She can make one scrunchie in about 40 minutes」

TOMOMI:「Thank you, Aomori!」

SCANDAL:「35/53! Our first time here in 3 years, and the at-home atmosphere was lovely! Aomori, thanks!」

#front-page #scabest47

SCANDAL TOUR 2017『SCANDAL's 47 Prefecture Tour』
Akita Prefecture @ Akita CLUB SWINDLE - May 27th

Performance #34 of 53

TOMOMI:「A handmade ponytail and scrunchie today」

SCANDAL:「SCANDAL TOUR 2017『SCANDAL's 47 Prefecture Tour』 performance #34 @ Akita CLUB SWINDLE is done! It was so hotー! Everyone who chose to see SCANDAL at a live house on a sunny Saturday, thanks! So awesomeー! We'll meet again!」

HARUNA:『「SCANDAL's 47 Prefecture Tour」 in Akita, thanks so much
We'll be returning to Akita in September! See you at Akita CARAVAN MUSIC FES

TOMOMI「Thank you, Akitaー!」

RINA:「Akita, thanksー! It was so exciting from beginning to end✌︎ So happy. We ate kiritanpo and are heading to the next city〜」

MAMI:「Akita, thanksーーーーー!!
There wasn't anyone who didn't put their hands up, right?! (namahage-like)
There wasn't anyone who didn't shout out, right?! (namahage-like)
Did you have funー??
I had so♪much funー♪

We had fluffy hair with original scrunchies todayー♪
I made a ton of them☆」

TOMOMI in reply to MAMI:『You knitted the scrunchies diligently while saying, 「It's the first and final time I'll knit something」』

MAMI:「I made these
This kind of time〜makes me excited〜

SCANDAL: 「34/53! Our first time here in 3 years! Everyone in Akita who chose to see SCANDAL at a live house on a sunny Saturday, thanks! So awesome!」

#front-page #scabest47

SCANDAL TOUR 2017『SCANDAL's 47 Prefecture Tour』
Morioka, Iwate Prefecture @ Morioka CLUB CHANGE WAVE - May 25th

Performance #33 of 53

TOMOMI:「A funky lion dance with bigger yarn today」

SCANDAL:「SCANDAL TOUR 2017『SCANDAL's 47 Prefecture Tour』 performance #33 @ Morioka CLUB CHANGE WAVE is done! The happiest audience everー! So much funー! We'll meet again!」

TOMOMI:「Thank you, Morioka!」

HARUNA:『「SCANDAL's 47 Prefecture Tour」 in Iwate, Morioka, thanks so much
I ate 100 bowls of wanko soba yesterday

RINA:「Thanks, Morioka✌ The really great atmosphere we all created made me so happy I love full-bodied lives. We'll meet againー!」

MAMI:「Morioka, thanksーー!!
So much fun! It was awesomeー
We had our fill with also getting to have wanko sobaー!

We had a dancing hair arrangement with fluffy☆light yarn today♪
Yellow summer
Hai dondon

*Hai dondon = "keep going"; said by waitresses at wanko soba restaurants

TOMOMI in reply to MAMI:『「Hai dondon」 is what's shouted when you're eating wanko soba』

SCANDAL:「33/53! Our first time back in 2 years was so awesomeー! Thanks, Iwate!」

On their day off yesterday, the band and their staff attempted the wanko soba challenge.

SCANDAL:「Goal achieved
I ate 100 bowls of wanko soba」


#front-page #scabest47

HELLO - 2017-05-25 (RINA) - Thu May 25, 2017 5:18 am


We've been touring all this time as usual
The blog can't keep up at all! haha

We played 2 days in Hiroshima☺︎

We all went out to eat after the live
And there was a time of mystery
When we all gathered in my room and talked haha
It was a lot of fun☺︎ Happy

We did studio work when we returned to Tokyo✌︎
I wonder if we truly do
Spend 360 days out of 365 days
In the same space(´-`).。oO

And, now we're in our Tohoku block

We played in Koriyama in Fukushima Prefecture

My casual outfit that day had a "bad student" image to it
...They'd definitely get angry if you went to school like this

And, in Sendai
We celebrated MAMI-chan's birthday

The surprise was also a success
It was a great night〜
The after party was also exciting
We laughed a lotー

We ♡ zao cheese
It's that delicious that you could forego a cracker
And eat it with a spoon
It's the best

For the live house in Yamagata
It was the same place we had come to last time
And it's one of most outstanding, hottest venues
Among the live houses nationwide
It was incredible this time too
We were so sopping wet
That it was like we had jumped into a pool☺︎


Performance #33 is in Morioka
Let's make it a great live together!
All right, see you soon〜


2017/5/25 14:01




相変わらず ずーっと ライブしてます


















We ♡ 蔵王チーズ




では 後ほど〜


2017/5/25 14:01

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SCANDAL for rockin'star★'s 2017 collection

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