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04 Limited Sazabys×SCANDAL

Our partner for Joint Band Tour performance #2 in Nagoya
Was 04 Limited Sazabys!
A great night with a unique heat
That made us go "Now this is a joint live"
It was so much fun and made us so happy!
I want to see everyone at many live shows again!
We're so grateful
To each and every person who came,
And 04Lim, who played an awesome live✌️
We want to play a live with them again!

All right, today we're in Osaka with BLUE ENCOUNT!
Best regardsー!


2017/10/21 10:54

04 Limited Sazabys×SCANDAL


名古屋のお相手は、04 Limited Sazabys!


2017/10/21 10:54

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The Daily SCANDAL - October 20th - Yesterday at 7:27 pm

October 20th:

SCANDAL played performance #2 of their joint band tour with 04 Limited Sazabys in Nagoya!

Set list:
01. Image
03. Onegai Navigation
05. Rising Star
07. Taiyou Scandalous
08. Koisuru Universe
09. Shunkan Sentimental
10. Take Me Out

If you want to talk about any of the songs, please put it inside of a spoiler.

HARUNA:『Today's 「SCANDAL's Joint Band Tour」 @ Zepp Nagoya!!
We've invited 04 Limited Sazabysー
Let's go crazy in my hometownー

RINA:「Our partner for performance #2 of our joint band tour is 04 Limited Sazabys✌︎ I'm so excited. Everyone able to come, best regardsー! Let's get loud in Nagoya tonight

TOMOMI:「Our partner for SCANDAL's Joint Band Tour today was 04 Limited Sazabys!
Thanks for the awesome night!

RINA:「Our joint live with 04 Limited Sazabys was so much fun! The "This is what a joint live's all about!" atmosphere really fired us up! It was an awesome night where we got to play a great live✌︎ Thanks

SCANDAL:「"SCANDAL's Joint Band Tour" @ ZEPP NAGOYA is done!!

A joint live in 04Lim's and HARUNA&MAMI's hometown of Nagoya! A great night! Thanks for coming!」

RINA:「04 Limited Sazabys×SCANDAL」

MAMI:「SCANDAL's Joint Band Tour, performance #2!
We went on a rampage at ZEPP NAGOYA with 04 Limited Sazabys today
Everyone who came, thanks so much!

With 04Lim in Nagoya!!
I'm happy we got to do this with them; it was such a hot night!!!
04Lim, thanks so much


SCANDAL @ Premium MelodiX!, Oct. 17, 2017:

「Storytellers: SCANDAL」 Promotional Spot:

Most SCANDAL MVs now available on VEVO

SCANDAL on the cover of Go!Go!GUITAR, December 2017

#front-page #thedailyscandal
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Here's a short promotional spot for 「Storytellers: SCANDAL」:


SCANDAL on Spotify - Yesterday at 10:44 am

Almost all of SCANDAL's discography can now be found on Spotify worldwide! It includes all of SCANDAL's studio albums, best of albums, and a handful of singles.

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Premium MelodiX! (2017.10.17) - Thu Oct 19, 2017 1:16 pm

SCANDAL's interview portion on 「Premium MelodiX!」, Oct. 17, 2017:

"Koisuru Universe":

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Talking about a ton of different things
P = Piston Nishizawa (DJ)

*SCANDAL introduces themselves*

P: That's so unenthusiastic!

All: (laughs) But we are enthusiastic!

P: You sounded so flat.

H: Relax, Piston-san!

P: What should I be relaxed about?

H: It's like we're visiting an uncle of ours.

They talk a little bit about HARU's tweet where she mentioned she went out to eat dinner by herself for the first time (H: It's cool, isn't it? / Japanese food tasted delicious after coming back from Germany).

P: You guys seem pretty busy lately!

R: We're super busy (laughs). We're grateful.

P: Where did you go? Germany?

R: We're currently on our joint band tour, and we participated in a TV taping in Germany. We're going to Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka on our tour. We're going to Okinawa tomorrow [for ORANGE RANGE's sponsored festival].

P: Really?

R: We were invited there.

P: Okinawa's hot, isn't it?

All: Right~

P: Rock bands go somewhere new to play a live every day.

R: That is true.

P: Don't your parents worry?

All: Not at all!

P: Really?

R: We've been doing this since we were middle and high schoolers.

P: Are there any rules you have to follow?

R: Not at all. Like, we're of course free to date, since we're musicians.

[The band all starts talking at the same time, making it difficult to hear the part after this]

Piston starts reading things that are written down [on a paper in front of him, perhaps]. He mentions them briefly: HARU running in the Osaka Marathon (P: We're done here.), MAMI and making clothes, TOMO and being obsessed with bouldering recently.

P: That's awesome! Bouldering will be in the Olympics.

T: Bouldering gyms have been popular recently. It's surprisingly not just about power, but you need to used your core too. You need to use your hands and body to grab the next rock.

P: We're done here.

All: (laughs)

P: RINA, you moved recently.

R: I did move.

P: You like movies and The Walking Dead. You treasure it.

R: Treasure it (laughs)? I do like it; I'm currently watching it.

P: You guys are excited now!

R: We are. Thanks.

M: That was pretty short.

P: Eh, what color is your hair?

M: I dyed it pink, but it's faded now. I'll go redye it soon.

P: Ah, okay. I'd love to see that pink hair on stage.

M: I see. I'll be going to Okinawa like this (laughs).

P: Do you consult the members before changing your hair? Like, "Maybe I'll cut my bangs straight across."

R: We do, like what color we'll do next.

P: Ah, I see.

R: I have red hair right now. Red-pink.

H: TOMO's is like that too.

P: Red-pink. Bald.

R: That's right.

T: Piston-san is bald.

P: I'm the only bald one.

Talking about a new album, writing songs, etc.

Piston talks about can feel the band's growth in "Koisuru Universe," upcoming lives of theirs during the end of the year, and how they went from wearing sailor uniforms to being all-grown up. He also asks if it's hard to take your next step when you're so busy.

R: We're always writing songs while on tour. We're writing songs and lyrics.

P: Is it like homework? Do you write it alone in your rooms?

R: We're always writing on-the-go, or when something pops into our heads.

P: Like tomorrow, will you meet up early and have a meeting?

R: There are times we do that and say we'll make a song, and also times when we'll suddenly come up with something.

P: Is it the same with recording?

R: Ah, it is. We'll LINE each other. Recently we've been putting everything together.

H + M: We make sure to finish it up properly.

R: We finish them punctually.

P: You guys definitely consider this a job.

All: (laughs)

All: We always do things in that way.

P: It's great when you can make friends at work.

All: (laughs) That's definitely true.

P: So, will you be releasing a new album next year?

R: We're recording now to be able to release it.

P: Ah, you've already started?

R: Yes, we have.

M: Little by little we're recording songs we've finished writing.

P: Do you work on songs without taking a break from writing, or does it vary?

M: It varies, but we all contact each other when we have something. It happens naturally.

H: We're always talking on LINE.

P: I see. That's a good thing, though. It's kind of like that balance would crumble if one of you would be running after love.

R: That's true.

P: But that seems impossible right now.

R: (laughs) You noticing that might make me cry!

P: So, an album next year, and a goal for the band--how many years has it been? You had your major label debut in 2008? It's already almost 10 years.

R: That's right.

All: Next year.

P: After 10 years, will you go on for another 10, 20 years? What's a goal of yours?

R: When we were playing in live houses, we had a dream of playing a solo show at Osaka-Jo Hall. We've gotten to do things like arena tours and remembered that the size of the venue isn't the only thing that's cool. We want to continue to be a band that can play a good live show anywhere, regardless of the size of a venue.

P: For example, what about playing a live on a large boat while it's moving?

All: That sounds awesome!

P: Doesn't that sound interesting?

R: It does. We'd love to do a ton of interesting things.

H: We need to continue on in order to do that.

P: I see. Then please keep on doing what you're doing.

All: (laughs)

P: Isn't that the best?

R: Yeah, it is.

P: It's not like you're just playing around; music is also a commodity. You need to work hard.

Piston talks about more how he hopes they keep working hard.

P: We listened to "Koisuru Universe" earlier. We'll be playing another song on the radio for the first time.

All: That's right!

P: What kind of song is it?

R: It's a killer love rock-song.

P: Please introduce the song.

H: "Futari" by SCANDAL.



Go!Go!GUITAR, December 2017 - Thu Oct 19, 2017 6:25 am

SCANDAL on the cover of Go!Go!GUITAR, December 2017

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All SCANDAL MVs Now Available on VEVO - Thu Oct 19, 2017 3:49 am

Recently, all of the music videos available on SCANDAL's VEVO channel were opened up for worldwide viewing! Most of them were uploaded a year ago but were region-blocked until now.

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Talking about SCANDAL's and BLUE ENCOUNT's upcoming show in Osaka
S = Shunichi Tanabe, guitarist of BLUE ENCOUNT
O = Ochiken (Kentarou Ochiai, DJ)

S: I feel out of place; why am I here alone!

O: It's like two-on-two today.

S: Yeah, it's really like we've come to a party! We're all good friends.

O: We'll be talking about the Osaka performance of SCANDAL's Joint Band Tour. It's like an emergency meeting. How will you be preparing for your show at Zepp Osaka Bayside? We'll relay why SCANDAL chose BLUE ENCOUNT [will be shortened to "BLUEN" henceforth] to play at this show.

R: We're going to Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka on this tour and having UNISON SQUARE GARDEN, 04 Limited Sazabys, and BLUEN. BLUEN will be playing in Osaka. After we listened to and watched all kinds of bands who play rock, we picked three of the strongest bands and invited them. BLUEN told us right away that they'd want to play, so we assigned them to the Osaka show [HARU giggles]. They're the coolest live band right now.

O: Oooh!

S: Our manager told us about SCANDAL's invite to their tour and heard about the other bands playing at the other shows; we were like, "Why did they choose us?" Like, maybe they thought we sounded good on CDs.

R: We do, but when we saw BLUEN at a festival, we thought you guys were great.

H: We both performed at the same festivals and events last year. BLUEN went almost right after us, which made us really happy. You guys were so cool.

O: They remember. Was it at the Makuhari Messe venue?

R: Yes.

S: We thought SCANDAL was way out of our league. [At one of the events] we wanted to go greet them backstage. We had to change clothes and were in a hurry, ran out of there, and greeted them.

R: After BLUEN played at Budokan and were to release their album, we got to talk to them about how we were looking forward to their songs.

S: I acted all cool and I was like, "Ah, thanks so much! You guys listen to us then?"

R: You were so cool!

S: When I went back into the dressing room I was like, "Yeahhhh!" I didn't plan to talk today about how happy I was; I wanted to say it at the live [in Osaka]. But SCANDAL is in a league of their own, artist-wise as well, and since I thought they were really cool and often listen to their albums [R: That makes me really happy], just them calling out to us made it feel fun. Like, it made me play a better live that day.

O: What's surprising is that SCANDAL is doing their first joint band tour. Why did you decide to do it at this point in time?

R: We looked up to bands like BLUEN, and a lot of rock bands are friends with each other. We had always been jealous of that. We're in our eleventh year, and back when we first started there were hardly any all-girl bands. We really had no friends that could play a joint live with us. We thought the guy bands were cool. So, we finally started getting invited to festivals and are at a point where we can play joint lives with other bands. We wanted to play with our favorite bands.

O: Back then SCANDAL had been alone!

H + R: We really were!

O: But bands like BLUEN are playing joint lives with you. It's like they're senpai/seniors to you.

R: That's right!

S: Not at all!

O: Let's talk about things that are common when doing joint lives.

H + R: We want to hear about them!

H: We came to ask that!

S: You feel jittery before you hit the stage. The better friends you are, the more you feel tense for the show. But it gives you power to play the show.

O: How do you feel when you're invited to play a joint live?

S: We've had a number of experiences with that. The pressure's high. What makes you feel the happiest is feeling connected to the crowd. You don't really know what the crowd will be like.

R: We wanted to make it a bit different for our joint band tour. Half of the crowd will be BLUEN fans, and half will be SCANDAL fans. We modified the ticketing so that it'd be fair.

O: That's awesome!

S: At joint band tours you get to see scenery you haven't seen before. There might be fans of ours there, but it's really different. When you see that, you want to take a new step forward. You're more nervous than when you're doing a solo tour. You don't want to shine brighter than the band that invited you.

O: It's looking like the show on the 22nd at Zepp Osaka Bayside will be great one.

R: We can't wait.

O: We'll play SCANDAL's new song on FM802 for the first time.

H + R: Ah, thank you!

O: The music video's so cool!

R: Thanks so much!

O: Cool and--

R: Stimulating.

H: It mixes the two.

Talking about music they listen to on-the-go

O: Being rock bands, you're constantly on the go to venues. What music do you listen to while on-the-go? Who wants to go first?

S: How about you, Ochiken? You're busy constantly going between Osaka, Nagoya, etc. for radio.

O: I've been listening to a young British band called RedFaces. They seem like they could be the next White Stripes. Here's their song called "Take It Or Leave It."

H: It sounds cool.

S: The bass is really cool.

H + S: It's cool.

H: This is the first time I've heard of them.

O: It sounds like it could be in a Guy Richie movie. They're still young, in their teens.

H: So young!

O: There isn't much info about them online. How about you girls go next? What song have you been listening to recently, RINA?

R: I've been listening to them for a while. A two-person unit called Sleigh Bells. I really like them and like all of their songs. They're a bit noisy. This song's called "Crown On the Ground" and was used in the opening of the movie The Bling Ring. They're really cool.

H: I chose a pretty old song. It's a Japanese song [not sure what it is since they never mentioned it by name].

O: Oh!

S: Wait a minute!

H: We appeared at this year's Kishidan Banpaku, as did BLUEN, and they did as well. I listened to this song a lot in middle school but hadn't seen it live. My first time hearing and seeing it live was at Kishidan Banpaku. I was really excited and started listening to them again for the first time in forever.


They mention how the show in Osaka is sold out, that this 'emergency meeting' was more of them joking around, SCANDAL and BLUEN both have new songs coming out, BLUEN is playing two nights at Namba Hatch, and then go back to the show in Osaka.

R: We want to bring along a nice atmosphere and have our fans intersect. We want to make it a day where our fans become friends with one another.


"Koisuru Universe" on Premium Melodix! - Tue Oct 17, 2017 6:18 am

"Koisuru Universe" on Premium Melodix!:

#front-page #koisuruuniverse

PS: If anyone knows of a good program to cut .ts videos with with little loss in quality, please kindly let me know.

Don Dio wrote:Either my speakers at work are garbage, or this is a new radio rip copy than what we heard last week

It's the exact same rip.
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The Daily SCANDAL - October 14th - Mon Oct 16, 2017 2:11 am

October 14th:

SCANDAL performed at ORANGE RANGE presents Televi's Night 017 in Tougyuujou FINAL.

Set list:

02. Take Me Out
04. Shunkan Sentimental
05. Shoujo S
06. Image
07. DOLL
08. Taiyou Scandalous

SCANDAL:「SCANDAL will be performing soon from 16:25〜! Okinawa, let's have fun

SCANDAL:「Everyone who called out during "EVERYBODY SAY YEAH!" was the best♪ ORANGE RANGE, thanks for inviting us! A lovely festival that made it feel like it was summer againー!」

TOMOMI:「Thanks, Okinawa!
Thanks, ORANGE RANGE-senpai!
It was so much funーーーーーー

TOMOMI:「We want to eat SUSHI!

HARUNA:「Although it's the next day, Televi's Night 017 was so much fun It's still lingering in my head,,
We're grateful to ORANGE RANGE for inviting us
Seeing ORANGE RANGE live in Okinawa was so awesome
Thanks to everyone who watched our live! See you later

RINA:「An extravagance of being able to a appear at ORANGE RANGE's festival in Okinawa✌︎ We're so happy we were welcomed warmly; thank you so muchー! On the radio we forgot to talk about covering "Asterisk"ー

MAMI:「Yesterday was

ORANGE RANGE presents Televi's Night 017 in Tougyuujou FINAL

Everyone who watched SCANDAL, thanks so much!
I again felt how ORANGE RANGE is definitely what my youth was all about
A live in their hometown was just awesome」

HIROKI from ORANGE RANGE:「Yesterday was awesome~. Thanks for the dream-like time!」


#front-page #thedailyscandal
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"Futari" Radio Rip (Full Version) - Fri Oct 13, 2017 4:19 am

I managed to rip "Futari" in its entirety!

If blocked in your country:

#front-page #koisuruuniverse
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RINA's Shoot with Hair Stylist Obata - Thu Oct 12, 2017 7:57 pm

A shoot with RINA-chan♪

Art director Obata here

Yesterday was the first time in a while I worked on a day off and had a shoot

A very important person to me had press coverage to do, and it was an important shoot where I couldn't be clumsy.

It was for an interview with me and RINA-chan and a shoot for a hair arrangement tutorial

It's already been 6-7 years since I've been in charge of her hair

It was a good day; the discussion was about us telling each other our thoughts, and RINA-chan made me feel and think about how she thinks about and considers all kinds of things

In the hair tutorial we will introduce a simple arrangement that can be done by readers as well

Even those might who think, "I can't do that at first glance!!", you can do it with this; it's edited to be understood easily by zooming in on my hands, so I'll inform everyone again when I know when it'll be out

Look forward to what the discussion is about〜

It's expected be out at the end of October, so I'll inform everyone again when it is


A backlog of RINA's visits:

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"Futari" Radio Rip (Short Version) - Thu Oct 12, 2017 12:50 pm

I've reupped the radio rip of "Futari" to YouTube:

If blocked in your country:

*Lyrics here

Unfortunately, this is not the entire song; it cuts off right before the last chorus. Will reupload if either a full version is posted later, or if I can rip it when the radio program it was played on is available for playback.

#front-page #koisuruuniverse
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Here's a short preview of "Exceeeed!!," the song written by MAMI for Yumemiru Adolescence, from a commercial for Concept 2020:


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MAMI to provide a song for Yumemiru Adolescence's new single!

MAMI will be providing the song 「Exceeeed!!」 for Yumemiru Adolescence's new single out on 11/15.

「Exceeeed!!」 has a SCANDAL-like speedy band sound, and just like the meaning of the title to exceed [the limit, amount], the lyrics in the chorus (『Dareka ga ageta haadoru wa watashi-tachi wo kasoku sarerunda / Ima wo karoyaka ni koete ikou』 [The hurdles raised by someone else will speed us up / We'll easily go beyond the present]) make it a message song that tells of the group's current situation of holding new member auditions after a member left and another returned, as well as if the life-sized feelings of the four members were clipped out.

Additionally, the same song will be aired as the theme song for 『Concept! 2020』 on Shizuoka Asahi TV from 23:10 on 10/10 (Tue.).

【Release information】
Yumemiru Adolescence / Double A-side single 「20xx / Exceeeed!!」, out 11/15

20xx (Read as: Nisen Kisukisu) - Lyrics: Kanata Nakamura | Music: Hiroshi Sasaki | Arrangement: Kensuke Ushio

Exceeeed!! (Read as: Exceed) - Lyrics・Music: MAMI | Arrangement: Ryo Eguchi

【Official info】

【SCANDAL MAMI's comments】

・My feelings when accepting the offer

I was honestly happy! And since I had never provided a song to another artist before, I also felt "I want to take on the challenge!" Also, I was really excited that it'd be for an idol group instead of a band in the same field as us.

・Details about the lyrics and music
The music was made with the point of it being a song that'd shine at a live show. As we attended a dance school when the band formed and I naturally work thinking about the timing of singing and choreography in my head, it was a lot of fun to produce it with a different way of thinking than usual! While making the music, I wrote the lyrics thinking it'd be nice if I could make a 「positive」 message as the theme. Among them, I was conscious of putting in words that are girl-related, like "make-up" or "wink." Sometimes there are moments when you're playing a live show and your songs give you a push on the back. It'd be great if YumeAdo also thinks the same about this song 『Exceeeed!!』 !

・Feedback on the finished song
The emotional vocals are really great.
I think it's a song that makes YumeAdo's coolness even more prominent! So awesome!!
I want to see it live! And hear it! Yes!!

Here's a short preview of "Exceeeed!!" from a commercial for Concept 2020:

Talking about "Koisuru Universe"
S = Sascha (DJ)
A = Ayumi Teraoka (DJ)

S: We haven't seen each other in a while! You celebrated your 10th anniversary!

H: Yes, last year!

S: Actually, you know, I watched one of your old music videos.

H: Eh, you did? So embarrassing!

S: I did!

H: We didn't really put any makeup on.

R: Yeah, we were only high school students.

S: You guys did a lot of things and then celebrated your 10th anniversary. How has it been?

H: After celebrating our 10th anniversary, we released our best album this year and then went on a 47 prefecture tour. We played a lot of lives.

R: We did. It's been a while since we've been on the radio!

S: It's been a while since we've seen each other.

H: We basically played at only summer festivals.

R: It does feel like we've been playing lives all this time.

S: But isn't that great for musicians?

H & R: Yeah! You're right.

S: You'll be releasing a digital-only single in October. What kind of song is it?

R: We aimed at writing a pop-rock song that'd be great for an all-girl band to play live. We were influenced by our joint band tour.

H: It starts tomorrow!

R: We wrote this song wanting to send it out to everyone before this tour.

H & R: We're really excited for the tour.

S: Now's not the time to be saying things like that!

R: It's okay; our rehearsals went perfectly well!

H: We also just recently released the music video for "Koisuru Universe" at 12 pm today. [This show started at 12]

S: Ah, that's right. RINA, TOMO was on on your lap?

R: Yes (laughs).

S: It's both fascinating and cool, but it's also a mystery. Well, I don't want to call it a mystery, but it has an awesome look to it.

R: Yes, it's quite a stimulating video.

H: It looks like it'll get a lot of buzz.

R: It got a lot of buzz right away!

S: Right? There's still buzz 30 minutes later. Those interested, check it out! You can see it on Gyao!.

H: Yes, it was first up on Gyao!.

Talking about German singer Nena + Germany + their joint band tour
H: This year is Nena's 40th anniversary. She was holding a TV program taping in Germany and invited us. Nena knew about us and likes us.

S: That's surprising!

H: Right?

R: We were so surprised.

S: She invited artists to play at it.

R: Yes, she created this program with artists from different countries like France and England. We never thought SCANDAL from Japan would be one of those artists.

A: You represented Japan!

S: Representing girls! You guys had never sung a Nena song in German, right? So you sang it in Japanese?

H: That's right. German's a very difficult language, and it'd be bad if we were to sing in German and our pronunciation couldn't be understood. So, since we were coming all the way from Japan, we translated the lyrics into Japanese and thought we'd have everyone hear it in Japanese.

R: Nena too was really happy with it. She told us how cool she thought Japanese was.

S: So you sang parts in both German and Japanese.

R: That's right. I'm sure translating it was hard to do.

H: We thought about trying to make it SCANDAL-like. We were kind of worried how it'd translate to German.

S: I really want to see the program! Also, was your trip fun?

R: It was so much fun!

H: We were there for three days and nights.

S: You were in Hamburg?

H & R: We did. It was a lot of fun.

R: We're falling more in love with Germany. We've been there three times, now four times to play lives. We think it has great cities.

S: Any delicious foods?

R: Sausages, which we always eat, and European bread is really good.

S: German bread is world-famous!

H & R: It's really delicious.

R: No matter where you eat it.

S: Those who don't think it's delicious, then please don't eat it. Germany bread was made to be delicious with sausage, ham, and cheese.

H: But the bread itself is plenty delicious.

S: Thanks for saying that.

H: Also, Radler beer is delicious.

S: That's half lemonade, half beer.

H & R : It was delicious.

R: It's really easy to drink.

H: Girls love to drink it.

S: You guys are like locals!

S: After returning from a fantastic performance, they'll now be going on tour. Your tour finally starts tomorrow?

H & R: Yes, that's right.

S: A joint band tour that hits three cities, and tomorrow it'll be at Zepp Tokyo with UNISON SQUARE GARDEN!

H & R: Yes!

S: UNISON and who else?

R: We'll be going to Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka and having UNISON, 04 Limited Sazabys, and BLUE ENCOUNT appear. We think that they're three of the strongest live bands.

S: Oh, acknowledged by SCANDAL!

R: We think they're really cool and invited them.

S: You must be looking forward to seeing all of them.

R: We're really excited. They're our current favorite bands.

S: Koisuru Universe is out on 10/22 and the music video is out now. After your tour you'll be heading towards another new stage. What do you think it'll be?

R: We're recording right now, so it'd be great if we could release another new song. We're writing them now. Because we're a band.

S: Looking forward to the next time we meet! This has been HARUNA and RINA from SCANDAL!

H & R: Thank you so much!

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SCANDAL's first joint band tour kicks off! "Feeling Sympathy" and wowing the audience at Zepp Tokyo with UNISON

SCANDAL's first joint band tour, 「SCANDAL's Joint Band Tour」, kicked off yesterday, October 6th, at Tokyo's Zepp Tokyo.

「SCANDAL's Joint Band Tour」 is a tour hitting Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka that invites three bands that SCANDAL recognizes as "the strongest live bands." UNISON SQUARE GARDEN appeared as their guest for opening day in Tokyo.

First guest UNISON SQUARE GARDEN commenced their live show with 「Serenade ga Tomaranai」 (The Serenades Won't Stop), a song with sharp guitar sounds and piercing vocals from Kousuke Saito (vocals & guitar). Their performances of 「Miss.Sandy」, where Takao Suzuki (Drums), Tomoya Tabuchi (bass), and Saito each get their own spotlights while overlapping their sounds; and the fast-paced 「10% roll, 10% romance」 had enthusiasm spreading throughout the venue. During the MC, Saito spoke about their impression of SCANDAL: 「Although they're showy in appearance, they're also rough-cut as a band. We think they're a very cool band.」

They spoke of the time they appeared on the same TV program with SCANDAL, and the song that the girls performed, 「Take Me Out」, was similar to the unreleased song that didn't make it on UNISON SQUARE GARDEN's latest album 「Dr.Izzy」; the trio then improvised playing that number. Saito said, 「That was dangerous; it's basically stepping into plagiarism territory」 while laughing and also revealed, 「But our music tastes match. So, the title of that song was 『Symphathy wo Kanjiru』 (Feeling Sympathy)」 while greatly wowing the audience. The trio shook the floor with 「Sugar to Bitter Step」 (Sugar and a Bitter Step), a song with an impressive bouncing rhythm and playful bassline, during the final stage of their show. They then played 「Galileo no Showcase」 (Galileo's Showcase) with an enthuastic performance and closed with 「Tengoku to Jigoku」 (Heaven and Hell). Saito introduced SCANDAL with 「This has been UNISON SQUARE GARDEN! SCANDAL's up next!」 and stepped off stage.

SCANDAL heated up the floor with their engines at full throttle from the first song. 「Take Me Out」 was delivered with HARUNA's words of 「Tokyo, make sure to keep upー!!」, and the delayed guitar riffs of MAMI and danceable rhythms made the audience dance. HARUNA addressed the crowd with 「Welcome to 『SCANDAL's Joint Band Tour』! Zepp Tokyo, how's it going?」, and said, 「There's a nice vibe all the way up to the second floor. This really is a great live house!」 with a smile. Regarding UNISON SQUARE GARDEN's MC about 「Take Me Out」, she joked, 「They performed it for us and it really does sound similar (laughs). I'm glad we put ours out first」, and had the audience laughing. Then, she said in a loud voice, 「We arbitrarily feel "symphathy" for UNISON. Let's have UNISON's and our fans mix together and make a chemical reaction! Let's go crazy on this Friday nightー!」

They performed 「Taiyou Scandalous」, where TOMOMI and HARUNA's alternating vocals excited the audience; and 「Koisuru Universe」, their new song written for this joint band tour, where tricky and refreshing sounds with HARUNA's cute vocals reverberated throughout the venue. During the final stage, they played 「Awanai Tsumori no, Genki de ne」, where HARUNA, MAMI, and TOMOMI's emotions that were in unison with each other along with RINA's dynamic drumming captivated the crowd. After that, the quartet who finished their performance amidst loud cheers applauded loudly for UNISON SQUARE GARDEN together with the audience. HARUNA called out, 「Thank you so much! Our first joint band performance was so awesome!」

After this, SCANDAL will be holding their 「SCANDAL's Joint Band Tour」 performance in Aichi at Zepp Nagoya on 10/20, and their performance in Osaka at Zepp Osaka Bayside on 10/21. Appearing as guests are 04 Limited Sazabys in Osaka and BLUE ENCOUNT in Nagoya.

I combined SCANDAL's video intro, "Willst du mit mir gehn," and "99 Luftballons" together using the raw footage from the program's video page:


Our joint band tour
Has finally begun!
Our first partners were
It was a great night〜
Since it's our first joint band tour
There were many things unknown to us,
But it was so much fun!!!
Saito-san's MC made us happy
It was a day where we felt a sense of sympathy☺️
What was the most awesome
Was that our fans mixed together
And such a happy atmosphere came forth
Thank you!
I'm even more excited for Nagoya and Osaka now✌️
We'll do our bestー! Ohー



2017/10/7 15:05





2017/10/7 15:05


The Daily SCANDAL - October 6th - Sat Oct 07, 2017 5:16 am

October 6th:

SCANDAL's joint band tour started off in Tokyo!

Set list:


01. Shunkan Sentimental
02. Take Me Out
03. Onegai Navigation
05. Rising Star
06. Flashback No.5
07. Taiyou Scandalous
08. Koisuru Universe
10. Awanai Tsumori no, Genki de ne

If you want to talk about any of the songs, please put it inside of a spoiler.

HARUNA:「"SCANDAL's Joint Band Tour" starts today✌️
Tonight: Zepp Tokyo with UNISON SQUARE GARDEN
Let's make it the best night ever

RINA:「Our partner for tour stop #1 is UNISON SQUARE GARDEN Takao-kun is currently wearing our collab shirt and has the towel wrapped around his head while rehearsing; it suits him✌︎ There's no doubt that it's looking to be a great night! Best regards, everyoneー!」

MAMI:「SCANDAL's Joint Band Tour performance #1
Is successfully overー!!!
Thanks so much for the full house, and to everyone who came out in the rainー!!!
I'm glad we got to play with UNISON
We're so grateful to the three members in UNISON!!
It was so much funnnnn

SCANDAL:「"SCANDAL's Joint Band Tour" at ZEPP TOKYO is done!!

Our first sponsored two-band show! UNISON SQUARE GARDEN's live and the Tokyo audience were both so awesome! We're so glad that UNISON was tonight's guest! Thanks so much!」

TOMOMI:「Guest #1 for SCANDAL's Joint Band Tour was UNISON SQUARE GARDEN!
Even though UNISON is starting their tour in two, tomorrow, they even participated in the after party. It was a super hot night!
Thanks for coming out in the rain
I shall post a picture tomorrowー.」

RINA:「Our joint band tour has kicked off to an awesome startttt✌︎ It was the best happy atmosphere... I'm so happy we got to play a joint show with UNISON! Thanks for coming out in the rain Goodnight」

HARUNA:「Everyone who came to Zepp Tokyo for our joint band tour, thanks so much I fell in love with UNISON SQUARE GARDEN again! Their way cool live show motivated me! It seriously was the best night

TOMOMI:「※UNISON SQUARE GARDEN tried copying the illustration.」

TOMOMI:「They wore the collaboration shirts and came to the after party

Yuu Fujisaki from Negoto:「I went to SCANDAL's Joint Band Tour @ Zepp Tokyo
They played my favorite songs one after the other and I hummed along like crazy
I want to play a joint show with them again and do fun things together


Yukari Taki:「Yuu-chan and I went to SCANDAL's live☺️

It made me want to brag to the large crowd about seeing their first live (there were about 10 people there!) 11 years ago after they had formed! It was such a cool liveー. Enjoy the rest of the joint band tour!
All right, now I can do my best tomorrow too

AYA from AMIAYA:「We went to SCANDAL's live⚡️
They're a quartet that's really cool and cute.
They're always so perfect whenever we see them
Their new song "Koisuru Universe" made our hearts skip a beat! So awesome


"Koisuru Universe" Music Video (English Subs)

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"Koisuru Universe" - English Subs - Sat Oct 07, 2017 1:10 am


Also, from JPU Records:

Fresh from their 11th anniversary celebrations, Japan’s pop-rock record-breakers SCANDAL are set to release their first digital exclusive single KOISURU UNIVERSE. The four-track release is available to pre-order now from iTunes ahead of its release on Sunday 22 October 2017, with the title track available to download immediately.

KOISURU UNIVERSE features two brand new songs and two live recordings taken from SCANDAL’s 11th anniversary show held at Billboard Live Osaka on 21 August 2017. The unusual release date commemorates exactly nine years since SCANDAL signed a major record contract with Epic Records Japan and dropped their debut single DOLL, which is also available on the band’s recently released self-titled double best album, also out in Europe on CD and digital formats courtesy of JPU Records.

Lead track KOISURU UNIVERSE is also currently being tied in with Japanese confectionary brand Bourbon, who have commissioned a special animated short music video using the song which sees SCANDAL’s members transformed into rocking anime characters. The video has been created by director and illustrator Kousuke Sugimoto.


03. Kimi To Yoru To Namida (Billboard Live OSAKA 21/08/2017)
04. Koe (Billboard Live OSAKA 21/08/2017)

Pre-order now from iTunes and get the title track instantly.

Download from Amazon Music from 22 Oct:
Amazon UK // FR // DE // IT // ES

*You can only order it via European iTunes stores.

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Our new MV's out! - 2017-10-05 (RINA) - Thu Oct 05, 2017 11:04 am

Our new MV's out!

Have you already checked it outー!?

Our joint band tour starts tomorrowー!
Make sure you've listened to "Koisuru Universe," okayー!
Firstly, best regards, Tokyo✌️


2017/10/5 19:50


SCANDAL 「恋するユニバース」-動画[無料]|GYAO!|音楽
《SCANDAL 「恋するユニバース」》 《SCANDAL》 SCANDAL 初の配信限定シングル「恋するユニバース」2017年10月22日リリース!




2017/10/5 19:50


*Watch the MV here:
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"Koisuru Universe" Music Video Teaser - Thu Oct 05, 2017 3:16 am

"Koisuru Universe" Music Video Teaser:

If blocked in your country:

Also contains a small snippet of "Futari" at the end!

The full video (minus the last 30 or so seconds of the song) is up on Gyao. Trying to reup it now!

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