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A little breather - 2017-12-09 (RINA) - Sat Dec 09, 2017 3:14 am

A little breather

It's already December!
Our tour this year was long, wasn't it
It feels like we've gotten to today quicker than usual!
It's been a while
Since I've blogged
Is everyone doing okay?
It's so cold nowadays〜

Recently, we finally
Finished recording our album☺️
Our production period was also long〜
Ahーa great sense of accomplishment and relief
We made something really cool!
Although there's just a little bit of time left until it becomes a CD, we also finished shooting the album covers
With each day our feelings of wanting to have this album reach everyone grow✌️✌️✌️
Please make it something you're looking forward to next spring!

Ah, also
We've made new items for "Feedback!"
Our apparel brandー!

I'm already wearing them as part of my casual outfits✌️
My cap, sunglasses, and flannel shirt are all Feedback!

I tried putting together a sweet-like outfit✌️
My cap, sunglasses, skirt, and belt
Are all Feedback!

I think music and fashion
Are connected☺️
Listen to music you like and wear clothes you like
Choose your favorite things yourself✌️
I want you to enjoy it

The new items will be available to purchase
At Feedback! Shop in Shibuya starting today
Pick some up, okayー✌️

We'll keep posting all sorts of things
On our Instagrams☺️


2017/12/9 10:12



いやー すごい達成感と安堵感


これはキャップ サングラス ネルシャツ

これは、キャップ サングラス スカート ベルト





2017/12/9 10:12

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The Daily SCANDAL - December 6th - Wed Dec 06, 2017 8:50 pm

SCANDAL has finished recording for their new album!

December 6th:

*Just a small update but nevertheless an important one!

As they're going on tour in support of the album starting from March 3rd, it's probably safe to assume that the album will be coming out some time in early February.

RINA:「We're done recording all songs for our album✌︎」

RINA:「We've finished recording the album†††」

Recent news you might have missed:

【Translated Interview】SCANDAL's Interview With Fender

【Translated Interview】SCANDAL's Interview With Townwork Magazine

【English Subs】SCANDAL @ LIVE! LIVE! LIVE 2017 - Young Fes in Osaka

【English Subs】Clips of SCANDAL @ AKITA CARAVAN MUSIC FES 2017

#front-page #thedailyscandal
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Here are SCANDAL's comments for Rina Katahira's 3rd album Ai no Sei (Because of Love):

Congratulations on the release of "Ai no Sei"!
The range of your voice is as amazing as always; so unfair.
From a soft voice like a warmth that permeates a chilled body to a bad, chic approach.
All of the songs are truly cool. We especially like "Irei no Hito."
Let's play a live show together again! Love you!



SCANDAL's Interview With Fender, Part 2 - Tue Dec 05, 2017 4:15 am

We've created instruments that are like us and are unlike any we've had before | SCANDAL's interview (Part 2)

SCANDAL is the first female Japanese artist to sign an endorsement deal with Fender. With the theme of 「Instruments and SCANDAL」, we asked them about transitions and the evolution of their involvement with instruments during the past 10 years.

L to R: TOMOMI PRECISION BASS - 150,000yen | HARUNA TELECASTER - 167,500yen | MAMI STRATOCASTER - 150,000yen | All releasing at the end of December

Just like their current musicality, the Fender signature models supervised by SCANDAL are more mature and unique and also cover a wide range of users. What were the girls particular about with these models? In this second and last part of their interview, we asked about when they record, their live shows, and these signature models that will become their main instruments for future activities. They also talked about Fender guitars, which continue to support their ensemble.

| We must not stop our level of progress and growth when it comes to instruments

―  These will be your second signature models; what were you particular about for these models?

HARUNA: I often use distortion since I'm essentially a rhythm guitarist, so until now I had been playing sharp distortion. I wanted to make it feel more showy. From talking about its appearance, I wanted to make something that could be used for a long time. I went for a classic design this time because my previous signature model was sparkly and had a skull design. I think it gives off a sense of luxury due to its white body and all-gold pickups and pegs.

―  It seems like it'll look cool and dapper on adult players.

HARUNA: That's right. In that sense, people of all ages can use it. I also wanted to make something that matched the sound with the design, and is gorgeous and expansive. It's simple on the front but has powerful pickups and humbuckers on the rear.

RINA: I can clearly tell the difference in sound with HARUNA's new signature model. With just a single strum during rehearsals, I could tell that the sense of power and the spread of the sound differs from how HARUNA has sounded so far. My impression is that it feels like there are two MAMI guitars.

― What about MAMI's model?

MAMI: I thought it'd be great to do make it one that'd be recognized as a MAMI model by its sound and appearance. The color of the body is a vintage cherry red, and I wanted it to have a sense of sheerness where, instead of it being a solid color, you could see the grain of the wood. The neck is made of maple, so by using it for a long time you can enjoy the feeling of it fading and fitting to your hands.

―  It seems like a leather item where the more you use it, the more its charm comes out.

MAMI: That's right. The sense of it drying in the sun is cool, and even if it gets scratched or scraped it feels like it becomes a part of its charm. My wish to simply have a single coil Strat was fulfilled. I tend to use a Jazzmaster when I want to make simple sounds when we record, but there aren't that many times it can be implemented during a live show. I thought a main guitar that I could use many times for recording or lives would be great.

―  Being able to produce the same sound as on a recording will make those in cover bands happy.

MAMI: That'd make me happy. We've had an increase in simple songs lately, as well as an increase in songs that have a style of playing open chords and barre chords that use all six strings. It's become easier to compartmentalize with HARUNA's guitar.

―  How about the bass?

TOMOMI: My one last time was blue, had a strong impact, and only goes with a limited number of outfits. So this time, first of all, I went with a design that would look good with any outfit. Soundwise, in order to produce a sound that would go with the Fender Bassman 100, which is the main amp that I'm currently using, I thought about going with one that would emit a vintage-like sound that had a roundness to it. I had an American vintage 60's bridge and pickups put in. Thinking that P-Bass passive pickups would also be good makes me wonder if I too have grown up a bit.

―  It seems there were more requests soundwise than lookswise this time.

TOMOMI: I feel that we've become more and more simple. We might be closer to our roots, or rather, it feels like things have been pruned down.

RINA: Since I didn't see the rough draft of the designs, I was really looking forward to seeing what the three of them came up with. When I first saw them in the rehearsal studio, I thought that they created instruments that are really like them and are unlike any they've had before. I think that they made their instruments based on our songs, so I want to play our new songs soon.

―  RINA, you played guitar and sung vocals for the song 「Oyasumi」 that you wrote; what if you were to create a RINA model guitar?

RINA: It would be an honor, but do I need my own model guitar (laughs)? But actually, at that time [I wrote "Oyasumi"] I had bought an all-white Fender Telecaster. It was inspiration for me then; the all-white color is adorable.

MAMI: I remember talking about how you don't really see white Telecasters. HARU's new signature model is also white. It's a cute color that really suits girls.

―  What are instruments to you right now?

HARUNA: Until a little while ago I had separated singing and playing guitar, but recently singing has become more fun, and similarly I've felt that playing guitar is also a lot of fun. When I play around with singing, it feels that I can play around together with the guitar. I used to feel like I can sing even without a guitar, but lately it's been better to play the guitar with adding in intonation and the way I sing, so it feels more like it makes me able to sing.

MAMI: Although it's not really a rival, it's close to being that for me. In the past we played what the composer and the arranger thought up of, and as a result our level of performance has evolved; it now feels like we're doing that for ourselves. We must not stop our level of progress and growth when it comes to instruments. That's why, when I make new songs, I definitely keep in mind to formulate a slightly more difficult phrase than my current level.

RINA: She seems to be fueled by the guitar while playing it. As expected of a stoic guitarist!

―  You're inspired by instruments, and new ideas are born as you get better.

MAMI: Of course we're influenced by a variety of things like music, which is then reflected in our music. We've also been influenced quite a bit by songs we've done so far. I'd like to prevent increases in phrase and chord withdrawal, so, for that reason, I want us to go beyond themselves a little at a time when it comes to musical instruments.

TOMOMI: When I hold a bass, I feel like I can transform into my strongest self―that still hasn't changed. It feels like a weapon to turn into TOMOMI of SCANDAL―rather, it feels like Sailor Moon's Compact Mirror. I feel bored if I don't have a bass. Always holding an instrument means that that alone has become something natural to me.

―  What kind of image do you have of Fender as a brand?

MAMI: They have a variety of guitar shapes now, but in the beginning I thought they only had Strats (laughs). So, when I bought my first guitar I had gotten a beginners kit for 10,000 yen, it had a Strat shape. That's the image I've established.

TOMOMI: After my beginners bass I borrowed a Fender Jazz bass from a teacher who recommended instruments to us, which I played during our street lives and such for a time. We moved to Toyko when we had our major label debut. I tried to return the bass, but they told me, 「This is already yours」. Ever since then I've always felt that Fender is the standard of instruments. I still use it when I practice at home. I haven't adjusted it, though, so the frets are wearing down.

―  That just means that you practiced with it.

HARUNA: The first Fender that I used was an Eric Clapton model guitar that I borrowed from the same teacher as TOMO. I borrowed it for a while after SCANDAL formed and also used that guitar during our first US tour. I think I'm like this now because of that experience and the fact that I liked the sound of the Fender at that time. Incidentally, I returned that guitar to the teacher, and until recently it was used by a member of our junior all-girl band GIRLFRIEND.

RINA: There's definitely a reason that it's been popular for such a long time. I as a drummer have an impression of it being a maker who opens their doors wide and waits for musicians. It's great to start off with a Fender, and it's also the first guitar of people who have had music careers for over ten years. Even those with no knowledge will definitely go with Fender, and it is also a point you can come back to after experiencing various guitars and basses. The band's previous signature models came out about four years ago, and I didn't participate in the press coverage then. So, although I thought I wouldn't be in it this time too, I'm really happy that I too was able to participate!

MAMI @ RISEL.xoxo. - Fri Dec 01, 2017 5:46 am

The usual macaron pink again
70 seal extensions
Bangs cut straight across until you could just barely see her eyebrows

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Feedback! 2017 AUTUMN-WINTER items have been unveiled together with Feedback!'s official Instagram!

"Feedback! 2017 AUTUMN-WINTER" items will be on sale at Feedback! Shop in Shibuya starting 12/9 (Sat.)!

Also, those who purchase any 1 Feedback! item (including older items) will receive an original catalogue featuring shots of the members wearing "Feedback! 2017 AUTUMN-WINTER" items as a present!

※Please note that there are products with different release dates.
※Distribution of the original catalog will stop as soon as inventory runs out.
※One catalog per purchase.
※Applies only to Feedback! items (including older items). SCANDAL goods are not eligible.
※Please note that Feedback! items will be sold at the shop first. They may not be sold online.

■Product Details■

12/9 (Sat.)~

・Flannel Shirt - COLOR: RED - SIZE: M/L - PRICE: 9,800 yen
・Line pants - COLOR: BLACK - SIZE: FREE - PRICE: 15,000 yen

・Long skirt - COLOR: BEIGE - SIZE: FREE - PRICE: 14,500 yen

・Check pants - COLOR: NAVY/BEIGE - SIZE: FREE - PRICE: 12,000 yen

・Cap - COLOR: GREEN/BEIGE - PRICE: 3,600 yen

・Round glasses - COLOR: BLACK/BROWN/GREEN - PRICE: 4,800 yen

12/16 (Sat.)~

・Hoodie - COLOR: GREEN/BRICK/NAVY - SIZE: M/L/XL - PRICE: 15,800 yen

Late December~

・Mods coat - COLOR: BLACK - SIZE: FREE - PRICE: 35,000 yen

・Handmade Choker - COLOR: BLACK - PRICE: 6,000 yen

Also, BEST★Xmas 2017 goods + a 2018 poster calendar will be available to purchase in advance at Feedback! beginning from 12/2. The poster will be available online on Kitty Enter Shop from 12/2 as well.

◆BEST★Xmas 2017 goods
Available at Feedback! from 12/2 (Sat.) 12:00〜!

◆SCANDAL 2018 poster calendar
Size: B2 (515mm×728mm)
Price: 1,200 yen
Available at Feedback! and online from 12/2 (Sat.) 12:00〜!

#front-page #goods
SCANDAL's HARUNA & MAMI complete their first full marathon

 ◆The 7th Osaka Marathon, Sponsored by Junichi Shimbun (11/26・Osaka Castle Park~INTEX OSAKA・42.195 km)

Vocalist & guitarist HARUNA and guitarist MAMI from four-piece all-girl band 「SCANDAL」 took on their first full marathon as part of FM802's event and completed the course.

Practicing during breaks between recording their new album, HARUNA, who ran it in 5:47:46, was satisfied and said, 「The sense of accomplishment is amazing. I've started to like running」. MAMI too, who ran it in 6:08:39, excitedly said, 「It was way more fun than I had imagined」.

HARUNA and MAMI have successfully completed the Osaka Marathon! Their completion times were 5:47:46 and 6:08:39, respectively.

15 km:

*HARU can be seen towards the bottom center; MAMI can be seen towards the center right.

25 km:

*They're running together and can be seen towards the top left.

35 km:

*HARU can be seen towards the bottom center; MAMI can be seen towards the center right.


*HARU = red lane, MAMI = blue lane

SCANDAL:「Today's finally the Osaka Marathon! We'll be appearing live on FM802's "SUPERFINE SUNDAY" and then heading to the starting line!」

HARUNA:「Osaka Marathon We'll do our bestー

MAMI in reply to HARUNA:「My legs are freezing」

SCANDAL:「The Osaka Marathon's starting soon

MAMI:「My knees」

TOMOMI in reply to MAMI:「Owwーowwーowwー

MAMI:「I want to eat karaage (fried chicken)」

MAMI:「I dropped my knee joints somewhere

MAMI:「I want to eat gyoza」

FUNKY JOGGERZ:「SCANDAL's HARUNA-san has finished!!」

FUNKY JOGGERZ:「SCANDAL's MAMI-san has finished!!
SCANDAL:「HARUNA & MAMI successfully completed 42.195km
Thank you so much for your support BIG LOVE for Osaka itself and its people, as well as FM802 The best station


RINA:「Ahーso awesome! Glad you guys successfully ran itー! Good workー!」

MAMI:「My upper body's walking faster」

MAMI:「What are knee joints again?

HARUNA:「Ahーwe safely completed itー
We ran the Osaka Marathon
We felt so much love with support from the fans, the city, and those from FM802 who invited us
I couldn't have run it alone,,, such a great achievement 
MAMI-chan too, good workー

MAMI:「My first full marathon, Osaka Marathon 2017
I was able to successfully run it
Thanks so much for your support and cheers!!
I couldn't have done it without your voices; thanks so much( ; ; )
My joints and muscles are laughably painful lolz
The worst muscle entertainment」

HARUNA:「I have a feeling that the only thing I'll be doing for dinner tonight is pigging out,,,

MAMI:「551's pork buns are seeping into my body - so delicious( ; ; )」

*Instagram Stories from SCANDAL can be seen on our IG page:

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HARUNA & MAMI @ Osaka Marathon EXPO - Sat Nov 25, 2017 8:19 am

HARUNA and MAMI appeared at the Osaka Marathon EXPO today ahead of the Osaka Marathon happening tomorrow!

You can follow them along the course tomorrow by inputting their bib numbers into the tracking site:

HARUNA: P26438
MAMI: P26437

I made a gif that shows exactly what to do:

Or, you can also go to their individual pages and add them by clicking on the red-orange button that says

SCANDAL:「HARUNA & MAMI are in Osaka for the Osaka Marathon tomorrow!
They'll be appearing soon at 『FM802 SPECIAL EVENT at Osaka Marathon EXPO』 at a specially set up location at Intex Osaka, the finish line location! They'll also be appearing live on FM802 from 15:25, so don't miss out!」

FUNKY JOGGERZ:「We held an FM802 SPECIAL EVENT at the Osaka Marathon EXPO today!
HARUNA and MAMI from SCANDAL made an appearance!
It'll be their first time tackling a full marathon.
Please cheer them on on the route!」

FUNKY JOGGERZ:「Tomorrow's finally the Osaka Marathon
And eyeron from Sonar Pocket
And HARUNA and MAMI from SCANDAL will be joining our team!」

MAMI:「Your support will give us a lot of power - munch munch

RINA in reply to MAMI:「Even though you're only running I'm really your best to stay the courseー! Cheering you guys onー!」

HARUNA:「So excited,, Cheer us onーー!!!!」

TOMOMI:「Ahーfinally HARU-chan and MAMI-chan will do a full marathon. I too have been fidgety all this time. Cheering for you guys Wooー」

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SCANDAL's Interview With Townwork Magazine - Sat Nov 25, 2017 12:44 am

Asking the members of SCANDAL
「What was the moment you decided to become an artist?」

【Interviews with KOYABU SONIC 2017 performers, Vol. 2】

Text: "Street lives in Osaka Castle Park"

KOYABU SONIC 2017, specially sponsored by Townwork, was held over the course of 3 days from 11/3 - 5 at Intex Osaka. A variety of artists and performers gathered on stage each day and gave us passionate performances.

Those performers who are active on the front lines used to be boys and girls who once were dreamers. This time, Townwork Magazine had them speak about the moment the discovered their dreams as well as their stories so far. The second guests of this series are the four members of SCANDAL, who gave us a passionate performance.

<Dreams as children>
(The professions we wanted to be as children)

| 「I'll become Sailor Moon!」 was the only thing I thought of

TOMOMI: When I was little I loved the anime 『Sailor Moon』. 「I'll become Sailor Moon!」 was the only thing I thought of (laughs).

MAMI: When I was in nursery school I wanted to be an architect. Rather, including planning and design, of course, as well as civil engineering, I wanted to build a house all by myself in the future.

TOMOMI: Liking to make things by hand from early on is a very MAMI-like dream.

HARUNA: I've looked up to Namie Amuro from the time I was in kindergarten. I wanted to be an artist that sung and danced.

RINA: Since I was young I too wanted to be someone who performed on stage. I joined a theatrical company from the time I was in kindergarten and took lessons. When I became an elementary student I went to auditions while longing for a gorgeous world like that.

<The moment we discovered our dreams>
(The cue where it was seemed like we were aiming for our current occupation)

| A dance school teacher suddenly said to us one day. 「How about trying out instruments?」

HARUNA: All four of us originally attended an Osakan dance & vocal school.

RINA: For HARUNA and I, we attended in order to fulfill the dreams we had since we were little.

TOMOMI: For me, I liked dance and learned it as a hobby.

MAMI: I too went to learn.

RINA: So, a dance school teacher suddenly said to us one day. 「How about trying out instruments?」, and the four of us formed the band.

――What an absolutely rapid development!

RINA: I was surprised, but wanting to fulfill my fream no matter what, I wholeheartedly jumped at that proposal.

TOMOMI: It's just's not like we started the band knowing how to play instruments to begin with, so at first we felt like we were inferior.

MAMI: I went along feeling like, "When I think of a band, I guess a guitar comes to mind?", and I started guitar as recommended by a teacher at the school, so there were a ton of things I didn't understand.

RINA: But, since we debuted two years later and had decided to do a US tour, the four of us really felt that we needed to level up every day in order to catch up.

HARUNA: We decided for ourselves that we were going to play at Osaka-Jo Hall.

RINA: After that we began playing street lives on Shiroten Street in Osaka Castle Park where you can see Osaka-Jo Hall.

<The road to our dreams>
(Endeavoring and strategizing in order to get to our current occupation)

| Since we had no money when we first started, school uniforms were our outfits

HARUNA: When we first started we met up together in our school uniforms, headed like that to the studio, and would play a live show like that.

MAMI: We didn't have money to buy outfits.

RINA: We decided, "So, wouldn't it be okay to play in our uniforms?", and the staff who saw that said to us, 「Wouldn't it be okay to make your debut like that?」. However, we didn't really have any friends in rock bands, and we had always been a group that didn't fit in to the idol scene, band scene, nor dance scene. Our feelings of wanting to become a proper band grew bigger and bigger. At the first the four of us passively started the band by being told to by teachers at our school, but it became fun to create SCANDAL ourselves, and even a sense of purpose sprouted forth.

TOMOMI: We had been alone as a band when we first formed, but the number of friends we have has grown during these past 11 years. We had no access to festivals or music radio programs for a long time, but I think we've become like a band while opportunities like those have gradually increased.

<Imaginative and original work>
(What we've devised in order to become popular)

| We passed out handwritten flyers at our street lives

TOMOMI: When we had street lives, we'd make handwritten flyers and pass them out to people walking by.

HARUNA: Because we were playing lives right next to Osaka-Jo Hall, we'd cover songs of artists that we playing shows at Osaka-Jo Hall. We were having people listen to our songs and sounds.

MAMI: We'd cover 「JOY」 when YUKI was playing.

RINA: We really had people watching us then.

<Blood, sweat, and tears>
(Tough and frustrating things through our current occupation. Memories of working hard)

| I truly think that the band has won mentally

MAMI: At first not many people were stopping to watch our street lives, nor were they taking the flyers we were handing out......

RINA: That was quite a mental blow for us (laughs bitterly).

TOMOMI: But, while we were doing it every week, the amount of people watching us truly grew a little at a time.

RINA: Playing street lives really trained us mentally.

TOMOMI: Yeah. I'm glad we played street lives. If they didn't train us mentally, the band might have continued until now.

RINA: I truly think that the band has won mentally.

HARUNA: Our mentality has steadily gotten muscular...... (laughs).

TOMOMI: Like in 『Super Mario』, we're in invincible star state (laughs).

――Also, do the members support each other when someone's feeling down?

HARUNA: That's right. In the beginning when I was worried if RINA would be okay......

RINA: I had the pressure of being in a band with three people older than me, but was swaying in between feelings of what I wanted to do.

HARUNA: Since she frankly told us those feelings, we said, 「We can't do it without RINA」.

RINA: Those words then made me really happy. There's wealth to be found in comrades that can support you both musically and mentally.

――That's exactly what a relationship of mutual trust and respect for one another is.

RINA: We had no basis for techniques nor knowledge, though (laughs). We started off with an excited atmosphere that the four of us would be able to do something interesting.

MAMI: Yeah. Like, "If we're together, we can do fun things!"

――That excitement is still after 11 years, isn't it?

HARUNA: Yes, it is.

RINA: Since we've always been good friends we do things like go out to eat together after live shows, go out in someone's car on days off, go to Disneyland together, etc.

TOMOMI: We all live close by each other......

MAMI: We're often together.

RINA: We're planning to go to South Korea soon together. The bonds between the four of us, who have experienced both fun and tough things together, are pretty solid.

<My dream>
(Occupational and life dreams)

| No matter what shape, being able to continue on is important

HARUNA: We don't currently have a precise dream like when we were hoping to play at Osaka-Jo Hall......but we have feelings like wanting to be able to write even better songs or lyrics, playing great lives, and wanting brush up on things we're able to do now.

TOMOMI: We've always lived our lives centered around live shows, and we'd like for the amount of people coming to our shows to increase even more.

MAMI: No matter what shape, being able to continue on is important. There are many things we still want to do and things we can't yet do, so we want to do them at our own pace one by one.

HARUNA: Also, I hope we can continue being a band that can play shows in live houses, halls, and arenas.

<Memorable part-time jobs>
(Talking about past jobs)

| An order for 100 people came in to the beef bowl place I was working part-time at

MAMI: I had a part-time job at a large location of a beef bowl place by a national highway. About a month after I began working there, an order for 100 people came in from a boys' baseball team. We somehow handled it, but I was in a huge panic then. When I got used to working there, I saw that the various people coming in had all sorts of things about them; it was fun to secretly observe them.

HARUNA: After I graduated high school and left my hometown of Nagoya to live by myself in Osaka, I had a part-time job at an internet cafe. Occasionally we would have band practice in the studio from 12 am to 6 am, and from 7 am to about 3 pm I would work at the internet cafe......that time in my life was a bit tiring.

――Did you not have any time to sleep?

HARUNA: Yeah, since I didn't have any at all, a senior at the cafe would worry and let me take a nap for 1-2 hours. That kindness saved me.

――It seems that TOMOMI and RINA didn't have part-time jobs; are there any you're interested in?

TOMOMI: Although I don't usually drink much, I also have a desire to be able to drink, so a job at an izakaya, bar, or karaoke place where I would make drinks and be able to communicate with people would be good.

RINA: A bakery or vintage store. I love bakeries so much that when I move, the two points I decide on are if it's a few minutes away from a station and a few minutes away from a bakery. I want to try taking advantage of my feelings of wanting to be close to bread (laughs). Also, I love vintage clothes as well and often go to vintage stores when we go overseas to play lives. It makes me happy to just see clothes that aren't like ones in Japan, so I'd to try buying them. I really do want make what I like into my job.

SCANDAL's Interview With Fender - Fri Nov 24, 2017 1:23 pm

Our viewpoints when it comes time to choose instruments or equipment have changed | SCANDAL's interview (Part 1)

SCANDAL is the first female Japanese artist to sign an endorsement deal with Fender. With the theme of 「Instruments and SCANDAL」, we asked them about transitions and the evolution of their involvement with instruments during the past 10 years.

L to R: TOMOMI PRECISION BASS - 150,000yen | HARUNA TELECASTER - 167,500yen | MAMI STRATOCASTER - 150,000yen | All releasing at the end of December

The four-piece all-girl band SCANDAL that makes the world their stage as the top runner of all-girl bands is the first female Japanese artist to sign an endorsement deal with Fender. Their long-awaited signature models will be released. In about ten years they have climbed from beginners to their current position, and they've always confronted instruments sincerely. With the theme of 「Instruments and SCANDAL」, they look back on transitions and the evolution of their involvement with instruments from their formation until today, as well as models they feel strongly about.

| The visuals and sounds of a guitar became icons for us as instrument players

―  The band formed with a proposal from the dance & vocal school you attended, which is when you first laid hands on instruments; do you remember the first instruments you bought?

HARUNA: I had a black Strat-type. Since I aspired to be a dancer in the beginning, I didn't have a reason to know of the name "Fender" and got a beginners kit for about 10,000 yen that came with an amp and tuner.

MAMI: Similarly, I decided based on a favorite color; I got a pastel pink guitar.

―  TOMOMI, why did you go with the bass?

TOMOMI: All of us practiced guitars at first, but we needed a bass in order to be a band. It also had fewer strings and looked like it'd be easier to play. I heard later that it seemed like I was the only one whose guitar playing looked like bass playing (laughs). The beginners kit I got came with a sunburst-colored bass.

―  Compared to now, how has the way you confront and handle instruments changed?

MAMI: Back then I thought that guitars were disposable and you needed to buy a new one when the strings broke (laughs). The first time we played on stage was for a school event, and I was really impatient when I played the last note and a string broke. That was when a teacher taught me how to change strings for the first time.

TOMOMI: Back then, when a teacher asked us, 「Did you tune your instruments?」, we said, 「Yes. Yesterday!」.

HARUNA: We were about that ignorant when it came to instruments.

MAMI: Also, we would carry pedals and shielded cables in an ABC Mart bag, turn over the bag, and dump them out on the ground. We also put guitars in soft cases and banged them around, not caring about scratching or denting them.

RINA: That's been a problem since before that; it's your personality, isn't it (laughs)?

MAMI: What I think has changed the most is my point of view when choosing instruments and equipment. Like, I'll want this kind of instrument because I want to produce this kind of sound. I used to give priority to appearance, such as the color and shape. Of course visual aspects are important, but my priorities have changed quite a bit.

HARUNA: We indeed have begun to think like, as our songs have increased, we want to do these kinds of songs so we want to give this kind of performance.

―  From around which album did you adapt that way of thinking?

MAMI: From our third album 『BABY ACTION』 (2011). Until then we had been like, anything's okay if it's distorted (laughs).

TOMOMI: As we studied and all sorts of people taught us things like this kind of sound will come out when you set the knobs like this, we got to know what our favorite sounds were. When we found out what our standard sounds were, next we started to look for sounds that weren't like them. Awareness became song and performance-based, and our criteria for selecting instruments also changed.

MAMI: It was also a big thing for us to be able to have roadies. Like, how will it be distorted, how will the balance with the amp be, or what kinds of pedals there are. Our roadies produce the sounds we want to produce, so we look at that closely and learn from them.

HARUNA: Having our first signature models in 2014 under the Squier brand was also a really big thing for us. Making my model and putting it out into the world made it possible for me to determine the axis for my sound. I feel that I got to know what my core sound was.

―  What were you picky about for those signature models?

HARUNA: Since I'd be debuting it at our first performance at Nippon Budokan, I was super picky about its appearance. It bears a skull with glittering lamé, and I made it to be impactful even when seen from afar. For the sound as well I wanted it to have a cutting edge and pack a punch. I was pretty selfish when having it made, but that experience also lives on in this new signature model.

TOMOMI: My previous signature model was a Jazz bass. I was aware that it could be a first bass for those in our cover bands. Thinking about the first time you're going to an instrument shop and how it would be easy to pick one up if there was one that had a color that popped out, I thought of a design with yellow lines on a blue body.

MAMI: There were so many people who said that my previous signature model was the first guitar they bought. I really remember that it made me really happy.

―  Among the instruments you've used so far, are there any that you have strong feelings for?

HARUNA: There are. I have a Fender Telecaster Thinline Deluxe, and Thinlines feel a bit weak when playing live; when that happens, I hear a 「That's it right there!」 from our roadies. I think I began using it around 「Shunkan Sentimental」 (2010), which was a time when I thought that I wanted to use different instruments according to various types of songs. The Thinline Deluxe is truly a versatile instrument that you can't let go of once you've held it. Since it has humbucker pick-ups, it produces sounds that really shine during live shows; I still use it frequently.

―  You can confirm changes up close when you change your guitar or bass; is it the same for drums?

RINA: That's right. I feel changes in sounds, and I also feel that the visuals and sounds of a guitar became icons for the three of them as instrument players.

―  It seems that the changes in the instruments you use depend on the color, shape, and appearance, but playability is also important, isn't it?

MAMI: I use necks made of maple. It's the same for my signature model this time. A maple fingerboard really is easy to play. What I recently noticed is that at first I was not thinking about a tree being part of the materials; I thought that differences were found in appearance and color. But, I can now imagine the feeling of my hands getting used to maple fingerboards the more I use them.

TOMOMI: I had the edge of the neck cut down. The neck of the bass for beginners that I first had was really slim, and since my hands aren't large, a thinner one is easier for me to play in my case. That's why I had a Jazz bass neck put on a Precision bass; having the edges cut down makes it easier to grip.

HARUNA: Weight too. We consider live performances and put emphasis on lightness. It becomes hard to move if it's heavy.

MAMI: I actually like heavy ones. If it's light, I move around too much when I play.

TOMOMI: Basses are heavy to begin with, so it makes me happy to have one as light as possible. When I put it in a hard case and walk with it, my hands get locked up in that position (laughs).

MAMI: TOMO-chan's muscles have been nonexistent for quite some time (laughs).

SCANDAL TOUR 2018 - Wed Nov 22, 2017 3:43 am

SCANDAL will be releasing their 8th album (title and date TBA) in spring of next year and will be going on tour in Japan in support of the album!

The tour begins on March 3rd, which falls on the 10th annversary of their indie label debut single Space Ranger (AKA their first release ever)!

Date: 3/03 (Sat.)
Area: Saitama
Venue: Misato City Culture Hall - Large Hall

Date: 3/09 (Fri.)
Area: Kagoshima
Venue: Kagoshima Citizens' Cultural Hall - Hall 2

Date: 3/10 (Sat.)
Area: Fukuoka
Venue: Fukuoka Civic Hall

Date: 3/16 (Fri.)
Area: Miyagi
Venue: Sendai Bank Hall Izumity 21 - Large Hall

Date: 3/17 (Sat.)
Area: Iwate
Venue: Morioka Civic Cultural Hall - Large Hall

Date: 3/21 (Wed.・A holiday)
Area: Hokkaido
Venue: Wak Wak Holiday Hall (Sapporo Civic Hall)

Date: 3/24 (Sat.)
Area: Tochigi
Venue: Sano Citizens' Cultural Hall

Date: 3/25 (Sun.)
Area: Ibaraki
Venue: Yuki Civic Culture Center ACROSS - Large Hall

Date: 3/31 (Sat.)
Area: Niigata
Venue: Niigata Prefectural Civic Center

Date: 4/01 (Sun.)
Area: Ishikawa
Venue: Honda no Mori Hall

Date: 4/07 (Sat.)
Area: Hiroshima
Venue: HBG Hall

Date: 4/08 (Sun.)
Area: Tottori
Venue: Yonago City Cultural Hall

Date: 4/14 (Sat.)
Area: Aichi
Venue: NTK Hall Forest Hall

Date: 4/15 (Sun.)
Area: Aichi
Venue: NTK Hall Forest Hall

Date: 4/21 (Sat.)
Area: Kagawa
Venue: Sunport Hall Takamatsu - Large Hall

Date: 4/22 (Sun.)
Area: Nara
Venue: Nara Centennial Hall

Date: 4/27 (Fri.)
Area: Osaka
Venue: Orix Theater

Date: 4/28 (Sat.)
Area: Osaka
Venue: Orix Theater

Date: 5/11 (Fri.)
Area: Tokyo
Venue: Nakano Sun Plaza

Date: 5/12 (Sat.)
Area: Tokyo
Venue: Nakano Sun Plaza

Date: 5/18 (Fri.)
Area: Shizuoka
Venue: Shizuoka City Shimizu Cultural Center Marinart

Date: 5/19 (Sat.)
Area: Gifu
Venue: Gifu Civic Auditorium

Date: 5/25 (Fri.)
Area: Hyogo
Venue: Kobe International Hall Kokusai Hall


Ticket price: Reserved seating - 5,800 yen
※One person may apply for up to 4 tickets per performance.
※All attendees must have a seat・Tickets required for those over 4 years old

<SCANDAL MANIA pre-order schedule>
■SCANDAL MANIA Pre-sale 1: 11/22 (Wed.) 12:00 〜 11/29 (Wed.) 23:59
※Those who have joined (made a payment) by 10/20 may apply

■SCANDAL MANIA Pre-sale 2: 12/8 (Fri.) 12:00 〜 12/11 (Mon.) 23:59
※Those who have joined (made a payment) by 11/30 may apply
(Those who join now will make it in time for this pre-sale)


As written on the MANIA pre-sale ticketing page, random ID checks at the door will be conducted on this tour. This means that tickets bought from auctions/scalpers will most likely be invalid and you will not be allowed inside.

If you're unsure of how to get tickets the right way, please check this thread out.
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Club activities - 2017-11-21 (RINA) - Tue Nov 21, 2017 11:43 am

Club activities

We headed to Shiga Prefecture the first thing in the morning
And were on location for NHK's "R no Housoku"✌️
It turned out to be a stimulating day!
We'll let you know when it'll be on-air☺️

What did everyone do for club activities?
When I was a middle schooler I had joined the tennis club
And in my third year of middle school the band formed
I quit the club due to that timing
But even now when I recall the few memories of my two years in it
And how my heart was discplined
I sometimes think of how it was useful

I turned 26,
And at the same time
I feel that getting older is fun
And students are awesome!
Going to bed late, waking up early
Heading to school at the same time
Even if it's cold or raining
Searching for something that you can be passionate about
And becoming an adult
It's so hectic
And it'll wear you out

There might be many things you don't like
But even if the things you love and want to do can be erased
Do them
No matter what anyone says.

Though you don't know what goal to continue with,
Doing what you want to do while you're a student
Is something special

I want to make music
That can embrace you when you're sad
And can remind you of happy times☺️


2017/11/21 20:23





好きなこと やりたいこと




2017/11/21 20:23

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SCANDAL's Signature Fender Models - Fri Nov 17, 2017 3:47 am

SCANDAL's Signature Fender Models to be offered for sale!

SCANDAL's brand new signature models—HARUNA TELECASTER, MAMI STRATOCASTER, TOMOMI PRECISION BASS—will be offered for sale!

After repeated discussions from the end of last year, prototypes for their own use were completed in July of this year.

Based on their passionate feelings of 「We want to make instruments that we and, of course, everyone obtaining them will be able to use for a long time」, models that reflect HARUNA, MAMI, and TOMOMI's current selves were completed as an "unlikely" attractive line-up with instruments that combine both looks and sound. Additionally, their signatures are written on the back of the headstocks.

They will be available to purchase starting from November 17th (Friday) and are estimated to be delivered towards the end of December.


「HARUNA TELECASTER」 features DIMARZIO CHOPPER T pickups on gold binding and hardware. It is said to produce a powerful humbucker sound. The special gold pickguard shining on a pure white body emits an elegant presence.

BODY FINISH: Polyurethane, Arctic White,Gold Sparkle Binding
NECK FINISH: Satin Polyurethane, Matching Head
SCALE LENGTH: 25.5″ (648 mm)
FINGERBOARD RADIUS: 7.25″ (184 mm)
FRET SIZE: Vintage-Style
NUT MATERIAL: Synthetic Bone
NUT WIDTH: 1.650″ (42 mm)
TRUSS ROD: Vintage-Style
TRUSS ROD NUT: Vintage-Style Slotted
BRIDGE PICKUP: Dimarzio Chopper T
NECK PICKUP: Dimarzio Twang King
CONTROLS: Master Volume, Master Tone
SWITCHING: 3-Position Toggle: Position 1. Bridge Pickup, Position 2. Bridge and Neck Pickups, Position 3. Neck
BRIDGE: 6-Saddle strings-thru-body Tele bridge
PICKGUARD: Custom Pickguard Gold CONTROL
STRINGS: Fender USA 250R NPS, (.010-.046 Gauges)
PRICE: 167,500 yen


「MAMI STRATOCASTER」 is equipped with MAMI's first 3 single coil pickups. It features CUSTOM SHOP TEXAS SPECIAL pickups and echoes a full-bodied Strat tone. Chosen by MAMI, the body has a glossy red color that shines and a matching headstock, and also features a pearloid pickguard and gold hardware.

BODY FINISH: Polyurethane, Custom Red
NECK FINISH: Satin Polyurethane, Matching Head
SCALE LENGTH: 25.5″ (648 mm)
FINGERBOARD RADIUS: 7.25″ (184 mm)
FRET SIZE: Vintage-Style
NUT MATERIAL: Synthetic Bone
NUT WIDTH: 1.575” (40mm)
TRUSS ROD: Vintage-Style
TRUSS ROD NUT: Vintage-Style Slotted
PICKUP: Custom Shop Texas Special x3
CONTROLS: Master Volume, Tone 1. (Neck Pickup), Tone 2. (Middle Pickup)
SWITCHING: 5-Position
BRIDGE: 6-Saddle Vintage-Style
KNOBS: White
STRINGS: Fender USA 250R NPS, (.010-.046 Gauges)
PRICE: 150,000 yen


「TOMOMI PRECISION BASS」 features a natural-colored body, rose fretboard, red tortoiseshell pickguard, and AMERICAN VINTAGE '63 PRECISION pickups. Both its appearance and tone make it an "unlikely" vintage model. This model employs a narrow neck shape and has a full-fledged Precision Bass sound while taking playability into consideration.

BODY FINISH: Satin Polyurethane, Natural
NECK FINISH: Satin Polyurethane
SCALE LENGTH: 34” (864mm)
FINGERBOARD RADIUS: 7.25″ (184 mm)
FRET SIZE: Vintage-Style
NUT MATERIAL: Synthetic Bone
NUT WIDTH: 1.496” (38mm)
TRUSS ROD: Vintage-Style
TRUSS ROD NUT: Vintage-Style Slotted PICKUP: American Vintage 63
CONTROLS: Master Volume, Master Tone
BRIDGE: Vintage-Style
CONTROL KNOBS: Knurled Flat-Top
PRICE: 150,000 yen

Additionally, as a result of the completion of these signature models, SCANDAL has signed an endorsement deal with Fender. They are the first Japanese female artists to be endorsed.

「By working together with SCANDAL who has been driving the all-girl band scene since their debut, Fender is looking forward to being able to dispatch the fun of picking up instruments.」

●Product Information

MSRP: 167,500 yen

MSRP: 150,000 yen

MSRP: 150,000 yen

Pre-Orders Begin: 11/17 (Fri.) ~
Release Date: End of December (estimated)


*For overseas fans looking to purchase them:

kudo_maharizu wrote:MAMI:

You will need a Japanese address (they have an overseas section in their website which seems to be more for 2nd hand stuff) and most likely a credit card that is accepted in Japan if you wanna go thru the Digimart route.

Ikebe-gakki replied and they are now taking reservations, but the advance payment will be in full. The prices quoted will be deducted the 8% consumption tax as you would be an international customer. The payment includes insurance and shipping (about 20k yen per guitar).

Ikebe has the new Fenders on their site now:

They did say whilst delivery will be Dec 2017-Jan 2018 time, it may be delayed (no reason given). PayPal accepted, and it's first come, first served. Good luck.
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TOMOMI @ WAVY'S - Wed Nov 15, 2017 7:43 pm

TOMO-chan - a smoky color
We changed her hair that had aーーーーlways been pink

I'm already looking forward to her next hairstyle

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| Fender Made In Japan Memories

A Jazz bass with a sunburst design.
This bass was loaned to me by a teacher who encouraged us to take up instruments when we were attending dance school. When we moved to Tokyo, the teacher, who was really cool, said, 「I'll let you have it」. I currently use it when I'm practicing at home, but the frets are wearing down. It's about time I take it in for maintenance.

| What does Fender MIJ mean to you?

A hope chest for this world.

Here's my English translation of "Exceeeed!!", the song written by MAMI for Yumemiru Adolescence.

There are many things
That I handled casually
For now, I'll cut down that finish line tape in front of me
Over and over again

That pleasant feeling I had then was real
But for some reason my heart's just been worn down
And not satisfied at all

What I truly want to grab hold of
Probably can't be found in theory
I run around looking for it
On both sunny days and rainy nights
I knew I was getting closer

There's a tomorrow we want to see
There's a scenery we keep dreaming about
A time that makes us want to run away has come
We won't turn our backs
The hurdles raised by someone else will speed us up
Let's keep going
We'll easily go beyond the present

As I stand in front of the mirror
Even though I did
My usual makeup perfectly
I can only sigh
And can't smile
This isn't like me at all

I hadn't noticed that every little thing
Raised my shoulders up
The painful things make you cry
Aren't all they all necessary?

If you draw a line connecting
Each star in the cloudless night sky
A new morning will come for you
As you fall asleep with your heart beating fast

There's a tomorrow we want to see
There's a scenery we keep dreaming about
We're not scared
Of being enveloped by complete darkness!
My cowering self
Was what I always saw when I closed my eyes
I'll give it a wink and say goodbye
We'll easily go beyond the present

There's a tomorrow we want to see
There's a scenery we keep dreaming about
A time that makes us want to run away has come
We won't turn our backs
The hurdles raised by someone else will speed us up
Let's keep going
We'll easily go beyond the present

We'll easily go beyond the present


Theme: "A playlist you want to listen to when you're in love"


H: We released our digital-only single Koisuru Universe and tried picking out songs in regards to that. Did you guys have trouble picking them?

T: Well, a playlist is a playlist; you can choose a lot of songs. We chose songs that we've liked recently.

H: We chose ones from a while back too.

R: We decided on them by consulting with each other in our LINE group message.

H: So, for this edition of LOVE CONNECTION's This Is My Playlist, we'll be playing the three songs we've chosen for SCANDAL's "Playlist you want to listen to when you're in love." The first song is one that TOMOMI has been listening to recently.

T: It's kind of a story about fantasizing a girl you like but don't really know yet. Fantasizing is a cute, very human-like thing to do. The melody's very light and it's kind of like soliloquy--like, the voice of your heart is coming out. It's a song where the melody and lyrics make you feel like, "Ah, this is love."

H: Let's have everyone listen to it right away: andymori - "Kanojo" (She) [Listen to a cover of it]

H: We had everyone listen to the first song, andymori - "Kanojo."

All: His voice is so smooth!

M: It makes your heart skip a beat.

H: Here's the second song: Namie Amuro - "TRY ME 〜Watashi wo Shinjite〜" (Believe In Me)

H: The second song was Namie Amuro - "TRY ME 〜Watashi wo Shinjite〜".

R: It's so hot!

H: It's so upbeat. Making this #2 in a "A playlist you want to listen to when you're in love" suddenly makes it more of an extra edition. I wanted to be a singer because of Namie Amuro; I thought she was so cool. She recently announced that she will be retiring, which made me want to go back and listen to her older songs. It's a very upbeat song but is actually about a one-sided love.

R: It's cool that there's a disconnect between the tempo and the lyrics. I want to go to her tour!

All: I want to go too!

R: I'm sure every Japanese person does too!

T: She uses so much girl power!

R: It's like, "Thank you so much for being a singer."

H: She's so cool.

R: Yeah, totally.

H: All right, here's the third song: 04 Limited Sazabys - "Monolith"

H: The third song was 04 Limited Sazabys - "Monolith."

R: So cool! It was awesome hearing it live.

M: It was.

R: It ends with the lyrics "I wish for nothing except you" and "I don't need anything except you." It'd make you happy if someone thought of you like that.

H: You'd want to listen to it when you're in love; like you'd go with the person you love to a live show--

R, M, T: Ah, that'd be so nice!

R: A date where you go to a live--I really want that!

M, T: I really want that too!

R: Our delusions are firing us up!

H: This was SCANDAL's "Playlist you want to listen to when you're in love."

R: It was so much fun!

H, M, T: Right?

R: We wanted to send out good songs together with a good love.

H: Keep enjoying your lunchtime! This has been SCANDAL.

All: Bye bye!

Here's the music video for "Exceeeed!!", the song written by MAMI for Yumemiru Adolescence. Here's the YouPak link to it due to it being blocked in several countries:

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HARUNA in TOKYO IT GIRL BEAUTY #46 - Thu Nov 09, 2017 10:57 am

TOKYO IT GIRL BEAUTY #46 nightmare black

In this month's TOKYO IT GIRL BEAUTY, female artists we have girl crushes on make weekly appearances and try popular makeup trends.
Vol. 2 features HARUNA, member of the all-girl band SCANDAL that represents Japan.
Part of its highlights are cool, playful features such as catchy eye makeup looks♡
New cosmetics out this fall are checked out together!

A. Eyeliner: Shu Uemura Dual Stamp-Me Eyeliner Hidden Star <Out 11/15> / 3,000 yen
B. Blush: Chanel Joues Contraste #380 - So Close / 5,500 yen
C. Lip Color: Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited Supreme Matte - BG954 <Limited Color> / 3,200 yen

1. Draw a thick line on the outer corner of the eye using the eyeliner part of A. Make sure to the draw it circularly and to not make it sharp.

2. Place two stamps with the stamper part of A under the eyebrows.

3. Apply B sharply on the upper part of the cheekbones.

4. Apply C in the center of your lips with a finger.

Shirt: 34,000 yen /KATTYXIOMARA (Sian PR)
Skirt: 17,800 yen /CANDY STRIPPER
Boots: 29,000 yen / UNIF

Born 1988/8/10. From Aichi Prefecture.
Serve as a vocalist & guitarist of SCANDAL, who are very popular among teenage girls.
SCANDAL held their first solo world tour in 2015 that consisted of 41 performances in 9 countries.
Celebrated their 10th anniversary in August 2016 and held an outdoor concert with 10,000 people in attendance in their hometown of Osaka. They are extensively active as members of an all-girl band that represents Japan both in name and reality.
They will be holding Xmas Live「BEST★Xmas 2017」 on 12/24 (Sun.) at Akasaka BLITZ!

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How tall are SCANDAL? - Tue Nov 07, 2017 11:09 am

SCANDAL has been measuring their heights every October/November since 2014. Here are all of their recorded heights so far.


HARUNA - 153.6 cm / 5'0 1/2"
MAMI - 160.3 cm / 5'3 1/10"
TOMOMI - 157.4 cm / 5'2"
RINA - 159.8 cm / 5'2 9/10"


HARUNA - 153.6 cm
MAMI - 160.8 cm
TOMOMI - 157.2 cm
RINA - 160.6 cm


HARUNA - 153 cm
MAMI - 160.6 cm
TOMOMI - 157.2 cm
RINA - "Measurement impossible due to her bun"


HARUNA - 153.7 cm
MAMI - 160.8 cm
TOMOMI - 156.9 cm
RINA - 159.8 cm

*Discrepancies in height from year to year are most likely due to discs in the spine being compressed. A person is tallest when they wake up and may be as much as one centimeter shorter by the day's end.

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Koyabu Sonic Day 3

「SCANDAL」 appeared on the Neta Stage. The stage became lively all at once just by the members making their appearance. From the first song they let us hear a performance with plenty of power that could not be guessed based solely their beautiful looks.

They performed songs that were easily to get into one after the other, thoroughly heating up the venue as well. After their call of 「KoyaSonic, how are you doing!?」 during their MC, they called out to the entire venue: 「Girls, how you doing!?」「Guys, how you doing!?」. They also introduced themselves: 「Since we're a band from Osaka, we grew up watching Shingeki」. They also appealed to the crowd, 「Thank you so much for inviting us to KoyaSonic for the first time! Let's make this lat day of KOYABU SONIC a great one!」 Everyone in the venue spun their towels together excitedly.

A distinct characteristic of SCANDAL is that, besides main vocalist HARUNA, MAMI and TOMOMI also do vocals and are able to give a variety of expressions in their songs. Also showcasing their pop-yet-cute-and-powerful new song 『Koisuru Universe』, their varied live came to a close.

Koyabu, who watched their set, raved, 「They're so cute and small yet awesome!」. The members were also pleased, saying, 「That was so much fun!」. When they were speaking about how Koyabu also taught RINA about the drums, a 「Hey hey hey, come on〜!」 was heard, and Shingeki's team consisting of Yutaka Yoshida and Shinya Matsuura appeared on stage clad in gaudy suits. Although they should have been surprised by their appearance, the members of SCANDAL also burst out laughing. Succhi appeared, saying, 「So noisy〜」. They started their 「Feed the pigeons」 and their well-known candy bit, getting loud cheers from the audience.

Their long-awaited Nipple Drill bit was also sure to make the audience excited. The audience clapped along with the chant of 「Suna, suna, suna」. They asked, 「Do you want to drillー!」, and applause and shouts of 「Yeah!」 enveloped the venue. Then, surprisingly, SCANDAL's HARUNA took on the Nipple Drill. She succeeded brilliantly. Succhi, who had seen SCANDAL's set, said, 「That was so cool; I just fell in love」, and completely became a fan. Koyabu, focusing on this new development, said of Succhi and SCANDAL, 「That might have been a SucchANDAL collaboration」. HARUNA, who experienced doing the Nipple Drill for the first time, said, with a look of relief, 「I worked harder to make the Nipple Drill a success than the live」. The venue once again was enveloped in applause.

An on-the-spot interview was held after their live set. First, vocalist HARUNA who had experienced doing the Nipple Drill gag for the first time, said, 「I had watched Shingeki on TV, and having been able to do the Nipple Drill that everyone wants to do now made me really happy」 with a smile on her face. The quartet had watched videos and practiced, and they confessed that all of the members can do the Nipple Drill. 「We wanted to do it if there was time」, said MAMI, TOMOMI, and RINA with disappointed looks on their faces. Yoshida, having been Nipple Drilled by a female artist for the first time, raved about HARUNA stopping the drill just in time, 「Her gentleness was oozing out」. Does Koyabu understand the gentleness of the Nipple Drill? He affirmed, 「I understood it right away. It was perfect if you think about how gentle she was in this atmosphere」. Yoshida also praised her with, 「Her sense of rhythm was awesome!」 HARUNA showed her desire to drill harder next time if there's another opportunity to do so.

Watching from the side, Succhi seemed to have felt jealousy, saying, 「It was done by another person...」, but showed a change of heart: 「Next time we'll be able to do it with a fresh feeling」. He gave a seal of approval for HARUNA's drill: 「You pass!」. It seemed that a new idea also came to mind.

Koyabu said about giving the offer to SCANDAL, 「They have an Osaka-feel to them, but because they're girls, the Nipple Drill doesn't suit them」, confessing that the gap was a decisive factor. They also considered that they have many fans, and it could be troublesome if you were to look up SCANDAL and keywords such as 「SCANDAL band」, 「SCANDAL cute」, 「SCANDAL nipple」 appeared. When he said, 「They said it would be okay」, the members of SCANDAL revealed that they were delighted at their offices when the offer to do the bit came to them.


*Nipple Drill = A gag that Yoshida and Succhi do together:

Three in a row - 2017-11-07 (RINA) - Tue Nov 07, 2017 6:53 am

Three in a row

Did you get enjoy the three consecutive holdays?
We played lives at
NHK Osaka Hall
Thanks to everyone who came out!
All of them were so much fun,,,

So, we have a shoot today☺️
We'll do our best✌️


2017/11/7 15:46





2017/11/7 15:46

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TOMOMI @ allys hair - Sun Nov 05, 2017 10:27 am

We arranged and styled SCANDAL's TOMOMI-chan
Stylist→Kyosuke Fujii
Since she left it the styling up to me, I did a cute one that used buns It's been a while since we've been able to catch up with each other!! Thank you

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