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Osaka~Nagoya Band Pact
The blog of the girls who attend Caless Vocal & Dance School and are working hard at being a band. By the way, we're complete novices with our instruments. We'll weather through it with guts and spirit~!!


Last year I had translated all of SCANDAL's original blog entries from 2006, and now all of their 57 blogs from 2007 are finally up!

The posts are in chronological order, so start from the bottom up to read them in order!

A few notes:

-SCANDAL is spelled as "Sukyandaru" in these blogs because they spelled their name in katakana (スキャンダル), the same as the place they got their namesake from, when they first started.

-The members' names are stylized normally since they didn't have the all caps stage names back then. They used their real Japanese names in kanji (春菜 for HARUNA, 理菜 for RINA) or hiragana (まみ for MAMI, ともみ for TOMOMI).


The Daily SCANDAL - August 20th - Yesterday at 10:32 pm

August 20th:

SCANDAL did a live broadcast for FM802's 「INTRO-JUICE 802」 radio program in Osaka.

SCANDAL:「FM802's 『INTRO-JUICE 802』 is broadcasting live✌️✌️」

TOMOMI:「We celebrated our 11th anniversary a night early at FM802's INTRO-JUICE 802ー! Thanks Love」

SCANDAL:「Everyone who listened to the live broadcast of FM802 "INTRO-JUICE 802," thanks so much!! We turned 11 a day early The friends' talk with Yuuki Mihara-chan was fun too〜 Stay tuned

SCANDAL:「Aug 19, 2017
"MONSTER baSH 2017"」

SCANDAL:「A surprise

SCANDAL:A surprise party

SCANDAL: #2 today」

Here are a few more tweets from the 19th that were posted after my post:

RINA:「with Aribobo-chan While in school she was in a SCANDAL copy band (DOLL, Shunkan Sentimental, Shoujo S)! So awesome」

MAMI in reply to RINA:「When they said "Gather round, party people!", you guys gathered before I knew it & the pic was taken sha sha sha sha」

MAMI:「Frankfurt sandwich shaved ice udon warabi mochi ice cream chikuwa-ten were delicious I want to play at MonBash again At any rate, today was hot We tasted summer in Kagawa for the first time in forever The pictures are of us cherishing an uplifting feeling Farewell, Kagawa Thanks Everyone at MonBash, good work; thanks

Picture 1
Okay, cheese!

Picture 2

*MAMI tried fitting her entire tweet into one 140-character tweet and did so without any punctuation. This first one is the English equivalent of what it looks like in Japanese.

Here it is again but more readable:

「Frankfurt sandwich, shaved ice, udon, warabi mochi ice cream, chikuwa-ten were delicious
I want to play at MonBash again
At any rate, today was hot
We tasted summer in Kagawa for the first time in forever
The pictures are of us cherishing the feeling of motion
Farewell, Kagawa
Everyone at MonBash, good work; thanks

Picture 1
Okay, cheese!

Picture 2

HARUNA:「Our first MONSTER baSH was so much fun! The audience was the best, too
I want to return again next yearー
Thank you so much

MAMI:「Tweeting in one go like that, you get into a pattern where you don't know what the point of it is; like, there's no point to the tweet」

MAMI:「So in my tweet this morning where I said "腹パン (hara [stomach] pan [punch])," that was shortened from "I'm full; my stomach's bulging"; it didn't mean "stomach punch." A punch to the stomach after drinking drinkable yogurt would have made it come out; such a waste, such a waste」


MAMI:「A lot of people asked me "Is your leg okay?" It's okay
I had


my thighs;


And I got a slightly pulled muscle
Superhuman-strength MAMI-chan?
I'm okay, so I don't mind it; more importantly, SUPER BEAVER was cool (Updated!)」


RINA:「Takuro-san from 9mm Parabellum Bullet who we hadn't seen since we happened to bump into him on the shinkansen during our 47 prefecture tour I'm happy 9mm-san watched our live from sidestage✌︎」

RINA:「Our August festivals come to a close today THANK YOU MONSTER baSH 2017」

SCANDAL:「Our first MONSTER baSH! You were all such great monstersー Thanks for creating an awesome sight together with us! It was so much fun Next up isn't a festival but SCANDAL's 11th anniversary live "SCANDAL: Storytellers" at Billboard Live OSAKA in two days!! We're preparing so many special things Look forward to them!
Photo by Shin Nakajima」

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#MonBash - 2017-08-20 (RINA) - Yesterday at 7:34 am



So hotー!
Tons of people gathered around
And we got to see a great view
At our first MonBash

We had always wanted to perform at MonBash
We had everyone come see our live!

Since there are people who find out about us for the first time at festivals
And read this blog
I want you to listen to our recorded music
We released a best album a little while ago
The four of us have been a band for 11 years
And that album is packed with songs from all of our eras

After the live

9mm Parabellum Bullet's


Yabai T-Shirts-Ya-san's

Are who we bumped into✌︎ So much fun✌︎

Also, after that
Although we forgot to take pictures
We were with our beloved Kaori Kishitani-san
The entireー time we were eating☺︎
Kaori-san's singing voice during an acoustic performance
Listening to it outdoors was awesome,,,
It felt so niiiiice

And, we've been in Osaka since last night

Tomorrow's our solo live!
Those who are able to come, best regards✌︎


2017/8/20 13:09




9mm Parabellum Bullet




2017/8/20 13:09

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The Daily SCANDAL - August 19th - Sat Aug 19, 2017 9:05 am

August 19th:

SCANDAL performed at MONSTER baSH festival today.

Set list:

01. Image
02. Awanai Tsumori no, Genki de ne
04. Shunkan Sentimental
05. Take Me Out

12:15〜MONSTERcircus is where we'll beeee〜excited〜( ᷇࿀ ᷆ )
Get loud w/ SCA-chan @ MB〜( ᷇࿀ ᷆ ) Yeahhh

Today is」

MAMI:「Oops, I sent that


I'll do my best since I'm wearing a Gundam shirt

MAMI:「I chugged drinkable yogurt and got full
I've been swigging many things this summer
Maybe I'll be energetic from morning today Hm

TOMOMI「Thanks, MonBash!
Hot senseis today

RINA:「Our first MonBashー! Thanks so, so much It was so much funー! Ah, what a great festivalー✌︎」

RINA:「Yanagi, wearing cute sunglasses, and me

*With Ryota Yanagisawa from SUPER BEAVER

Thanks to everyone who came to our stage in the scorching daylightー!!
It was a monster circus, wasn't it; no, it truly was a circus
Our first MonBash was so much funnnー!! Maybe we'll come again next year...( ᷇࿀ ᷆ )

With the duo from yonige...
Their live the other day was cool...( ᷇࿀ ᷆ ) 」


Also, an original cocktail will be offered at SCANDAL's 11th anniversary live.

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An original cocktail will be offered at SCANDAL's 11th anniversary live.

Honey Eleven

We've devised an original cocktail for 8/21 (ハニー*), SCANDAL's anniversary. It is a vodka-based cocktail with spicy dry ginger ale added to honey lemon, giving it a bit of an exciting finish.

※A non-alcoholic version is also available.

1,300 yen [alcoholic]
1,200 [non-alcoholic]

*ハニー; hanii (honey), derived from the Japanese words hachi (August) and nijuuichi-nichi (21st)


The Daily SCANDAL - August 17-18th - Fri Aug 18, 2017 12:16 pm

August 17-18th:

SCANDAL did a live radio recording in Kagawa Prefecture today for tomorrow's MONSTER baSH festival.

SCANDAL:「Doing a live broadcast for FM Kagawa at Aeon Takamatsu mall now」
「Everyone who gathered around, thanks

Tomorrow's MONSTER baSH☺」

TOMOMI:『Theme: 「A pose that'll make us able to do our best at MONSTER baSH tomorrow」』

SCANDAL:「The public live recording of FM Kagawa's MonBash Radio! Everyone who listened in, and everyone who was at Aeon Mall Takamatsu, thank you so much! Tomorrow's finally MONSTER baSH! We'll be waiting from 12:15〜 at MONSTERcircus! Let's get loud together!」

RINA:「"We'll do our best at MONSTER baSH!" pose

SCANDAL:「Tomorrow's summer festival #3! "MONSTER baSH 2017"!! We'll be waiting from 12:15〜 at MONSTERcircusー Let's get loud together

Also: SCANDAL got new Fender instruments, they recorded for Feedback! Radio (can only be heard at Feedback! in Shibuya over the PA system), and HARU celebrated her friend Erika Toda's birthday.

SCANDAL:「#scandal #fender」


RINA: HARU, what are we doing now?
HARUNA: Taping for Feedback! Radio [can be heard only at Feedback! Shop in Shibuya].
RINA: There's something on your throat.
HARUNA: It was to warm up my throat for recording earlier!

HARUNA:「Happy birthday, Erika

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The Daily SCANDAL - August 15-16th - Wed Aug 16, 2017 11:12 am

August 15-16th:

SCANDAL is rehearsing for their upcoming 11th anniversary live in Osaka on August 21st + MONSTER baSH 2017 festival on the 19th.

Billboard Live OSAKA
Storytellers: SCANDAL

MAMI:「Did this today

#やっぱ想像通りじゃ意味がない (having things go as imagined is meaningless)
#私の魂燃やしたよ (my soul was burning up)」

day 2

RINA:「Doing rehearsals for 8.21

SCANDAL:「Rehearsals for
8/19 - MONSTER baSH 2017
8/21 - Storytellers at Billboard Live OSAKA」

MAMI:「Actress Shihori Kanjiya-san is way too adorable,,, way too beautiful,,
Like, geez,, ahahah,, ohohoー

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The Daily SCANDAL - August 12th - Sun Aug 13, 2017 12:03 am

August 12th:

HARUNA:「Our first time at RISING was so much fun,,
Everyone who watched our live, thank you so much
You'll understand if you take a look at the band's Instagram, but my birthday was celebrated by unbelievable angels yesterday, and it looks like it'll be the best year ever
Aah, happiness
The handmade feel in the dressing room too made me so happy

Negoto:「RISING SUN ROCK FESTIVAL 2017 in EZO memories」

【English Subs】SCANDAL's comments for WOWOW @ ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL 2017


*Those with 50 posts or more can DL it in the Media forum.

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Comrades - 2017-08-12 (RINA) - Sat Aug 12, 2017 7:54 pm


I'm so happy
That we were welcomed with such a nice atmosphere!
We were able to put on a great live
During summer in Hokkaido amidst the pleasant temperature✌︎
We definitely want to perform here again
It's become one of our favorite festivals!
It truly was great!

After the live we had a birthday party for HARUNA
And some wonderful guests showed up...!
Jooubatchi × Negoto × LiSA × UVERworld × SCANDAL
Everyone's so nice...

I was with LiSA-chan the entire time backstage too
And we also went to eat soup curry✌︎
She also came to see our 47 Prefecture Tourー So happy

Outside of lives, recently
We've been finding breaks between songwriting
And we went to ehyphenworldgallery's exhibition

And I saw a Shinkigeki comedy show for the first time in my life in Ginza!

Feeling that Kansai's comedy is here
It was nostalgic and interestingー!
I also got to see Koyabu-san for the first time in a while☺︎
I'm really looking forward to Koyabu Sonic✌︎

Next weekend is MONSTER baSH 2017!
Best regards


2017/8/12 20:38



来週末はMONSTER baSH 2017!


2017/8/12 20:38

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The Daily SCANDAL - August 11th - Fri Aug 11, 2017 2:00 pm

August 11th:

SCANDAL performed at RISING SUN ROCK FESTIVAL in EZO for the first time!

Set list:

02. Taiyou Scandalous
03. DOLL
05. Yoake no Ryuuseigun
06. Awanai Tsumori no, Genki de ne
07. Shunkan Sentimental
08. Take Me Out
09. Image

SCANDAL:Our first time at RSR!! We're performing from 18:40〜 at the EARTH TENT Let's have fun

MAMI:Seriously gym clothes-like today」


RINA:Our first time at RISING SUN was so much fun and so awesome Thanks✌︎」

RINA:We've been together all day today
「We played at the same stage and were together the entire time backstage†††」

*With the singer LiSA

LiSA:At RISING SUN with the adorable RINAri. I also went to their recent tour too, and it's awesome that they truly do have musical talent as well as the talent to charm others. SCANDAL was so cool today tooーーー!!」
「At RISING SUN with RINAri. I also went to their tour, but they were so cool today tooー! So much fun ⸌◦̈⃝⸍」

SCANDAL:When we were celebrating HARUNA's birthday in RSR's backyard, these angels turned up

*With LiSA, Mizuki of Negoto, Avu of Jooubachi, UVERWORLD


SCANDAL:We've created a Spotify playlist of today's set list! Those who saw us for the first time, please check it out too!


MAMI:RISING was awesome
A person who looks like they'd appear in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, a person who plays a keyboard jojo, and me
I felt like I grew stronger in this moment
Huu, I want to go to the bathroom


With NAOKI-san of 10-FEET, who tends to play at the same time as us at festivals, and Mizuki of Negoto, who I apparently hadn't drank with in 2 years as of today
「With Shishido Kavka-chan who I hadn't seen in forever

MAMI:I successfully went to the bathroom
And the unit Creepy Nuts was there
I'm happy and embarrassed that my friends have increased〜
I had fun〜
Aah, I want to hurry up and wash my face
「Ah, I need to dye my hair〜

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The Daily SCANDAL - August 10th - Thu Aug 10, 2017 12:11 pm

August 10th:

Today, August 10th, is HARUNA's 29th birthday!

MAMI:「Happy birthdayHARU-chan

HARUNA:「Thanks so much for the many messages, everyone
I'm 29 as of todayー!
I'm excited for the last year of my 20s

HARUNA:「Ah〜what a happy birthday
Thanks, Hyunri and Erika

Erika Toda:「At last. Long-awaited. A celebration today. Happy」

A few more things from the past few days: Fender Japan released an article featuring HARU and MAMI, GYAO! released a short video with SCANDAL at ROCK IN JAPAN, SCANDAL released a short clip of them at RIJF, SCANDAL attended a clothing exhibition.

【Translated Article】Fender Japan - SCANDAL meets Mustang GT

【English Subs】SCANDAL's comments for GYAO! @ ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL 2017

*Those with 50 posts or more can DL it in the Media forum.

SCANDAL:「Aug 6, 2017, "ROCK IN JAPAN FES. 2017"」

SCANDAL:「Stripe Winter Exhibition 2017」

RINA:「We went to LEBECCA boutique's exhibition; the original and vintage items were adorable††† 」

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Fender Japan - SCANDAL meets Mustang GT - Thu Aug 10, 2017 5:13 am

SCANDAL meets Mustang GT

The Fender Mustang GT series amps comprise of next-generation digital amplifiers with the latest wireless technology. Its possibilities extend further by using the Fender TONE app. This time, a preset distribution was implemented through the Fender TONE app under the supervision of Japanese artists. Putting the spotlight on NORAN (LUNA SEA), Ken (L’Arc~en~Ciel), Soichiro Yamanouchi (Fuji Fabric), and SCANDAL, we closed in on their processes of preset creations and attention to sound creation. In the fourth installation, we will be reporting on the sound creation of SCANDAL's HARUNA and MAMI.

I like the power of the British 80's (HARUNA)

HARUNA mainly uses a Fender Telecaster, which produces a powerful backing sound with a bit of distortion. First, she tried out amplifier types to decide on the basic sound. Although she tried the 「British 60's」, aiming for simple distortion, her final choice was surprisingly high gain 「British 80's」. In order to add a feeling of effortlessness, add in a compressor behind the amplifier and adjust the middle.

「I tried a British 60's, which is close to what I usually use as a sub, but I like the sound of the British 80's. I liked that it has plenty of power. You can't normally add (connect) an effector after an amp, but you can do it only with a Mustang GT. Doing so creates a distinctive sound, and it's fun because your range of sound making is expanded.」 (HARUNA)

One of the appeals of the Mustang GT is that it helps me discover new things (HARUNA)

「Time passes by so quickly when you're playing around (laughs). I'm happy to be able to easily try out amps and effectors that I never challenged myself to before. One of the appeals of the Mustang GT is that it helps me discover new things, like, "Maybe this kind of sound surprisingly suits me?" Even if I go to a music studio, since I can only try the amps that are there, I think the reverse thinking of trying the real thing after knowing the ambiance of various amps and pedals with MUSTANG GT is also a great thing.」 (HARUNA)

For the amp, I really do have to go with the British 80's. It's powerful! (MAMI)

MAMI gives color to the band sound with a wide range of sounds from heavy sounds using fuzz to sounds full of creativity utilizing Whammy pedals. In addition to the basic backing sound, this time two patterns of distorted sounds using familiar fuzz for SCANDAL were created.

For basic amps, select 「British 80's」, the same as HARUNA, since it's close to the amp she normally uses. For preset 1, aiming for a fuzz sound, connect a 「Big Fuzz」 in the front of the amp (pre-FX), which brings it closer to her usual sound. Try it while switching the sound of just the amp and the sound with the effect by bypassing, and fine-tune the lowness and sustain. Additionally, add a「'65 Spring」 as post-FX. 「'65 Spring」 is a classic reverb that was installed in mid-1960's Fender amps.

Preset 2 is a basic backing sound. The amp is still a 「British 80's」, but the volume is raised while suppressing the gain, which raises the middle and supresses the treble and bass. The 「'63 Spring」 is a reverb that is connected as post-FX. This is the reverb that was installed in Fender amps in the early 1960's.

「I also made distorted sounds using fuzz while making basic sounds. There are many fans that copy the distorted sound, but it's difficult to do, and you have to buy a lot of equipment. So, I created it thinking they'd be happy if they could download it as a preset.

For the amp, I really do have to go with the British 80's. It's powerful! I like the sound. You can do anything if you remember that the cabinets, gates, and bias can be changed. It was very close to my usual sound (laughs). Basically, I decided on the amp and tried the connection of the effects with pre (before using the amp) or post (after using the amp) and adjusted the level of each. It's difficult to adjust, but interesting!」

Good sound won't be produced even if you use a multi-effect pedal (MAMI)

「This is exactly the thing you can do anything with, including features and sound! Also, I was very surprised that it's compact and affordable. You can do all kinds of things with it, so the possibilities are vast. It's hard to collect so much equipment, and since good sound won't be produced even if you use a multi-effect pedal, it's likely that you won't touch other amps if you get a Mustang GT to start with (laughs). I'd like for you to go to a music store and try it out.」 (MAMI)

HARUNA Cool Distortion preset overview (HARUNA)
The amp is set to 「British 80's」, and the post-FX is a compressor 「Simple Comp」. The knobs: 「British 80's」, Gain 9.9/Volume 8.3/Treble 7.0/Middle 4.6/Bass 7.8/Presence 5.5. 「Simple Comp」: Low。

› Fender TONE™:HARUNA Cool Distortion

MAMI Leeeeeeeead Special preset overview (MAMI)
The amp is set to 「British 80's」, and the pre-FX is a reverb 「'65 Spring」. The knobs: 「British 80's」, Gain 4.3/Volume 5.7/Treble 6.8/Middle 6.1/Bass 7.4/Presence 5.5. 「Big Fuzz」 = Level 6.2/Tone 6.6/Gain 3.2. 「'65 Spring」 = Wet Level 1.6/Decay 5.9/Dwell 3.6/Diffuse 10.0/Tone 5.5.

› Fender TONE™:MAMI Leeeeeeeead Special

MAMI MAIN BACKING preset overview (MAMI)
The amp is set to 「British 80's」, and the post-FX is a reverb 「'63 Spring」. The knobs: 「British 80's」, Gain 2.5/Volume 6.1/Treble 5.7/Middle 7.7/Bass 6.0/Presence 5.5. 「'63 Spring」 = Level 4.7/Decay 5.9/Dwell 5.5/Diffuse 5.5/Tone 3.9.


Summer festival season

Summer festival #1
A beloved festival for us
It was fun and on fire this year too
There's no other place where you can show your live show
To these many fans of all kinds of bands at once
We're in a different mode than our solo live one
I hope we'll be able again to see those who saw us for the first time
At a solo live of ours!
Thanks for choosing our stage!
We have festivals every weekend from here on outー✌︎
Next up is our first time at
Best regardsー!


2017/8/7 16:05




2017/8/7 16:05

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The Daily SCANDAL - August 6th - Sun Aug 06, 2017 9:25 am

August 6th:

SCANDAL performed at ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL 2017! Today's performances will be broadcasted on TV (on WOWOW) on September 24th, but there is no confirmation that any part of SCANDAL's set will be aired.

Set list:

02. Take Me Out
03. Shunkan Sentimental
04. Awanai Tsumori no, Genki de ne
05. Flashback No.5
06. Taiyou Scandalous
07. Image

RINA:「We're at RIJFWe'll be waiting at the LAKE STAGE from 14:00ー! Let's start summer together✌︎」


SCANDAL:「We made a Spotify playlist of today's set list! Those too who saw us for the first time, please check it out!


SCANDAL:「We sweated up a storm」

RINA:「Our first summer festival went off with a bang at the LAKE STAGE and felt greatー! Thanksー!」

SCANDAL:「SCANDAL's summer festival performances have begunー!! Next week we'll be appearing at RISING SUN ROCK FESTIVAL 2017 in EZO for the first time We'll do it」

Maggy (model):「SCANDAL-chama」


MAMI:「Everyone who chose our stage at ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL 2017, thanks so muchー!!
Ah, halfway it turned into a "sky so blue I felt like crying," and we kicked off to great start of the summer
It was awesome!

Ahーーーthe melon here was delicious today too

More pictures from RIJF:

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The Daily SCANDAL - August 4th - Fri Aug 04, 2017 7:43 am

August 4th:

The music video for the song "Glitter" by Tokyo Performance Doll (TPD) with lyrics by RINA is now out! Here are RINA's comments for the song and my translation of the lyrics.

*Watch it here if it's blocked in your country:

A dazzling, summery love song that's packed with with the appeal of a grown-up TPD!
All of the members came to our live and told me their thoughts with sparkling eyes,
And it makes me so happy that I've been able to be involved in this way.
Starting with the TPD family, I hope this song reaches many people. The music video's so adorable. You got me.


Lyrics Translation:
Lyrics: RINA ~ Music: Jzo

I run and pass the shadows of the clouds by
I need to hurry up and tell you I love you
I'm out of breath under the sun

Kicking off your shoes and frolicking on the sandy beach
You sparkled as you looked so youthful

When was that? The time we talked about how we're so similar
You looked so cute wearing that vintage t-shirt
And it made me happy

You light me up; the glitter of love

I run and pass the shadows of the clouds by
It's getting hotter not just because of summer
I'll take down my ponytail only for today
I need to hurry up and tell you I love you
I'm out of breath under the sun

It makes me uneasy that you're a popular person who's kind to everyone
I want to be someone who's special to you

I spilled my soda and we laughed together
I'm apt to being shy during important times
You pulled my hand to you; what do you want to do?

You lead me astray; the glitter of love

Even if forever is an illusion
I want to be together with you

You laugh mischievously; the glitter of love

I run and embrace sadness too
I want to be dyed with you; summer is ending again
It's okay; if it's the two of us, it's okay
No matter what future awaits us, we can get through it
I'm out of breath under the sun
Let's share a kiss

MAMI tried her hand at singing "Rising Star" at karaoke:

MAMI:「While thinking, "Can I or can't I sing the second verse?!", the video cut off at the chorus

#そばぁにおぉいでぇぇええ (closerrr togetherrrr」

RINA:「Cleaned up my hair for summer festivals†††」

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The Daily SCANDAL - August 3rd - Thu Aug 03, 2017 12:30 pm

August 3rd:

RINA went to a clothing exhibition, MAMI visited Feedback! Shop, and TOMO had her hair dyed. Additionally, the SCANDAL × Dickies collaboration shorts that were available to pre-order in April will now be available to purchase only at Feedback! in Shibuya from 8/5.

RINA:「I went to the Lily Brown exhibition. Their autumn/winter theme is an English tea party†††」

TOMOMI:「Since it's summer, I had color butter put into my hair

*Color butter = semi-permanent hair color

Feedback!:「MAMI-san dropped by a little while ago She left a message in the welcome notebook, so please check it out!」

「"SCANDAL×Dickies Collaboration Work Shorts"〈6,800 yen〉 will be on sale at Feedback! from 8/5 (Sat.)!

A must-see for those who missed out on pre-ordering them on the webshop! Please make the most of this opportunity!」

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The Daily SCANDAL - August 2nd - Wed Aug 02, 2017 1:43 pm

August 2nd:

SCANDAL continued summer festival rehearsals + MAMI is currently appearing live on a radio program at this very moment!

RINA:「Rehearsing for summer festivals We'll believe in the sensations we caught a hold of on our 47 prefecture tour and head out with a strong set list」

SCANDAL:「#Feedback #Feedback2017summer」

SCANDAL:「-Summer festival rehearsals today too-



8/19 (SAT) モンバス2017 [MONSTER baSH 2017]」

SCANDAL:「Night tea」

SCANDAL:「Making a live appearance on J-WAVE's "AVALON" on from 22:00~」

MAMI @ J-WAVE's 「AVALON」 radio program

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July 31 - August 1:

TOMO visited her friend's new restaurant; SCANDAL began rehearsals for their upcoming summer festival performances.

TOMOMI:「My friend opened a new shop in Shibuya. It's a strange shop with delicious food in every room, a foot bath, and a restroom with a hidden door. So awesome. It's called Mizutaki Hatano.」


SCANDAL:「-Summer festival rehearsals-



8/19 (SAT) モンバス2017 [MONSTER baSH 2017]」

SCANDAL:「#Feedback #Feedback2017summer」

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The Daily SCANDAL - July 28th - Fri Jul 28, 2017 11:25 am

July 28:

SCANDAL continued to record in the studio.


RINA:「Finished recording while it was still bright out✌︎ Peace」

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The Daily SCANDAL - Thu Jul 27, 2017 1:08 pm

Been meaning to start this for a while, so here it goes!

Daily updates related to SCANDAL (tweets, Instagram posts, etc.) will be compiled and posted in this thread. Updates may be posted daily or every few days, depending on how much info is posted by or about the band.

This post will start off from the day after the final stop of SCANDAL's 47 prefecture tour.


Want to be notified about the latest posts in this thread?

• Check for them on the main page
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*For instant updates, following us on Twitter + turning on notifications is the best and fastest way. Wink

July 18-21:

After completing their 47 prefecture tour, the band all took time off and spent their time differently. HARU traveled, MAMI traveled to Okinawa with Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, and both TOMO+RINA stayed in Tokyo doing their own things!

HARUNA:「Though tour's just ended and it's like "Another trip again?", I'm taking a bit of a vacation
New goods are playing an active role

RINA:「Taking a breather

TOMOMI:「I went to TRICERATOPS-senpai's tour finale yesterday!
Congrats on the 20th anniversary of your major label debut!
I truly want to listen to your songs and MCs for the rest of my life.」

MAMI:「We had a bit of a break
And Kyary-sensei and I welcomed summer
Unusual women and a flower turtle,,」

(*In the third picture they're both wearing hats that say "unusual woman" and standing in front of a turtle decoration with flowers on its back)

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu:「Mamitasu and I traveled to Okinawa!」
「I came to her」

July 22-27:

RINA dropped by the Feedback! Shop in Shibuya, TOMO started playing Splatoon 2, and the band began band practice and recording sessions for new songs!

RINA:「I went to eat with a friend
Sayaka Ena:「An afternoon with gentle〜 Kansai dialect and sweet〜 pancakes.」

RINA:「I went to Feedback!
It's gotten even more fun after reopening

Instagram Stories:

TOMOMI:「I got Splatoon 2」

MAMI:「Sunny days make me want to head out in a car and go somewhere

FU-KE- (scenery)

MAMI:「A thanks t-shirt today
Everyone, itsumo ARIGATO (thank you as always)」

RINA:「We're recording

MAMI:「Since we're recording, you know, Motchy-kun (a roadie of ours) is also here!!」
TOMOMI:「MAMI-chan's jaw really is rubber」
MAMI in reply to TOMOMI:「It really is like rubber lol」
MAMI:「It's gotten fun」

HARUNA:「The other day I wore platform sandals and fell in front of my place, so to be careful I wore sneakers today, but,,
I fell in the same spot again. What does this mean?
Like a penguin



RINA:「Recording day 2†††」

RINA:「In the midst of a production period††††††」

TOMOMI:「Currently recording a new song.
Our engineer Uekou-san went crazy with fidget spinners

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Recoil - 2017-07-21 (RINA) - Fri Jul 21, 2017 11:13 am


Our long tour has ended
And we get to have a bit of a break
Since we love lives
It made us so happy that days of being able to see everyone continued
While having so much fun on our 47 prefecture tour
And it felt like, "We can't give up because we have this!"
We have nothing but thanks☺︎

Nevertheless, since we played each show at full power
The feelings that had tightened finally came free
And I've been sleeping quite a lot the past few days
From the sense of security and accomplishment that came from completing the tour...haha
Ah〜it feels great to sleep in...

Even though we traveled throughout Japan these past 4 months
There are impish members
Who immediately set off on another trip again (we're proud of this toughness),
But I thought I'd stay in Tokyo during this break
And do whatever I like each day

Watching movies as if I don't already see enough of them,
Going around to vintage stores, and taking breaks at cafes.
Making meals, cutting peaches into dessert,
And Instagramming with a camera in one hand.'s awesome,

Not talking to people taking notice
The difference in the amount of conversations you have while the tour is too great
This blog is getting longer as if it's recoil

٩( 'ω' )و

I'll be meeting up with friends today
Have a great day without losing out to the heat, okay!
Also, if you'd like, let me hear
Your memories from the 47 prefecture tour, okay〜✌︎


2017/7/21 12:37



あ〜 寝坊って気持ちいい...





٩( 'ω' )و



2017/7/21 12:37

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Domination - 2017-07-18 (MAMI) - Tue Jul 18, 2017 10:39 am


SCANDAL's 47 Prefecture Tour
We've successfully completed all 53 performances without missing one!!

Thank you so much to everyone around Japan who came out, and everyone who came from abroad!!!
We had wanted to do a 47 prefecture tour, and of course we're happy about being able to dominate the 47 prefectures, but we couldn't have done it if it wasn't for you guys! We're nothing but grateful. Thanks.

There's truly no match to the amount of heat of everyone who supported the path and bearing we headed on.
Seeing that again made us think that we can go wherever our fans are, and that we must do our best even more.
There were so many things that we wouldn't have known without touring around Japan, as well as gourmet foods, history, specialties, and everyone who waited for us.
It was a great present^_^
Thank youーーーー!!!

For some reason it feels like we have another live somewhere this weekend
There's a lingering memory(´-`).。oO

We were blessed with good weather on this tour, and almost all of the performances were sunny!!
That also makes us happy!
Maybe we're finally no longer a rain band(´-`) (It's likely due to the theory that TOMOMI's no longer a woman who brings rain)
However, it's like we turned over our tab on sunny days so far since there was a guerilla downpour in Tokyo today
(´-`).。oO(I wonder if TOMOMI went out today

It was lovely when it was sunny

New days are starting again
I will do  my best to keep everyone's vitality tomorrow

We were invited to many festivals this summer; we'll make as much noise as we want
Yesterday we also announced a joint band tour that'll start in October

We want to create an awesome atmosphere together with everyone again
Let's make them passionate nights

Well then, see you at a live again!!

I didn't have any pictures to post, so I went back through my shots
Bed hair from some day


2017/7/18 18:10














2017/7/18 18:10

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SCANDAL's first 47 prefecture tour, all 53 performances complete! Announcing a joint band tour for  Tokyo/Nagoya/Osaka in October!

SCANDAL's first 47 prefecture tour began this March and spanned for four months. 「SCANDAL TOUR 2017『SCANDAL's 47 Prefecture Tour』」 played the finale of the tour in Tokyo at Toyosu PIT. As this tour was held in support of their best album 「SCANDAL」 released in February in commemoration of their tenth anniversary, both new and old music on their best album were generously demonstrated. Additionally, the set list was changed for all 53 performances, making every performance something special.

Loud cheers erupted from the audience when the members took the stage during the tour finale. The heat in the venue rose all at once. They started with #1 fan-voted song 「SCANDAL BABY」; performed single songs such as 「Shunkan Sentimental」, 「Shoujo S」, 「DOLL」; and new songs 「FREEDOM FIGHTERS」 and 「HELLO」 from their best album right after the other.

During the final day of their tour that consisted of the most performances in their career so far, HARUNA said, 「We're so happy we got to have many fans nationwide see our 47 prefecture tour. This tour was long and there were times were frazzled, but the times we're with everyone like this are the best, and because we love these moments, we will continue being a band. Although our 47 prefecture tour ends today, our journey still continues on. We don't know what'll happen, but we want to go as far as we can go. So, please follow us.」 The venue was enveloped in applause and loud cheers.

When they announced that they will be holding their first joint band tour in October in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka, the venue was once again enveloped in heat. The artists in the line-up are UNISON SQUARE GARDEN for Tokyo, 04 Limited Sazabys for Nagoya, and BLUE ENCOUNT for Osaka.

As they announced this first joint band tour, the members spoke of their enthusiasm: 「Precisely because we've played many solo lives so far, we'd like to have fans of other bands see the great groove we have with everyone, and we'd like for everyone to see the lives of other bands.」

SCANDAL will be performing at many rock festivals and events this summer. We would like you to witness SCANDAL, who became an even tougher rock band after their 47 prefecture tour.


Congratulations to SCANDAL for completing their 47 prefecture tour!


SCANDAL TOUR 2017『SCANDAL's 47 Prefecture Tour』
Tokyo @ Toyosu PIT - July 17th

Performance #53 of 53

TOMOMI:「For the finale today, I'm a coral 〜cutie princess〜 heading for Ryugu Castle」

SCANDAL:「SCANDAL TOUR 2017『SCANDAL's 47 Prefecture Tour』 performance #53 @ Toyosu PIT is done! The perfect tour finale! Thanks so much, Tokyo! Next we have a joint band tour + summer festivals before that! We'll meet again at a live!」

TOMOMI:「Thanks, Toyosu!

We've completed the 53 stops of our 47 prefecture tourーーーーー!
Everyone nationwide who came out, thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Good work to the staff and members You guys are the best Let's go eat delicious food

RINA:「We've safely completed all 53 performances of the sold-out SCANDAL's 47 Prefecture Tour! Yayー! We did itー! We're so grateful; thanks! Next up we'll be doing a Tokyo/Nagoya/Osaka joint band tour in October with UNISON SQUARE GARDEN, 04 LIMITED SAZABYS, and BLUE ENCOUNT! So awesome!!!」

HARUNA:『「SCANDAL's 47 Prefecture Tour」 finale in Tokyo, thanks so much
I'm glad we went to all of the prefectures and got to show many people our live today! Although tour's over, our journey still continues on
We're doing a joint band tour in October! Can't wait

MAMI:「The finale in Tokyo!!!
Thanks for the best night everーーーーーーーーーーー!!!
Ah ah ah ah ah, geez!!
It was soーmuch fun⤴︎
It was so much fun that I forgot to take a picture of our hairstyles!
That's why I drew them
That's what they looked like today
The brown thing coming out of TOMO-chan's hair is a ponytail

SCANDAL:「53/53! We've finished the tour! We ran on thanks to everyone! Tokyo, thanks for another amazing night today! We'll meet again!」

#front-page #scabest47

I'll write about highlights from the past 3 shows soon! For now, here are 2 about the finale in Tokyo:

-They announced their joint band tour by parting the curtains in back of RINA's drumset/where the tour backdrop was and showing a video announcing the tour. Can be seen via their Instagram Story.

-At the very end of the show is when they take a picture with the crowd. This time, they posed for the picture and their manager pretended like he was going to take it, but the lights suddenly turned off, the back curtains reopened, and a video that featured a slideshow of their past 52 performances of the tour + a congrats from their staff and the fans played on the screen. The band was tearing up a lot when that happened!

This October, SCANDAL will be holding their first joint tour!

Date: 2017/10/6 (Fri.)
Venue: Zepp Tokyo
Doors: 18:00
Start: 19:00

Date: 2017/10/20 (Fri.)
Venue: Zepp Nagoya
Performers: SCANDAL / 04 Limited Sazabys
Doors: 18:00
Start: 19:00

Date: 2017/10/21 (Sat.)
Venue: Zepp Osaka Bayside
Doors: 17:00
Start: 18:00


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