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Before the live broadcast

Training before the live broadcast✌︎
I wore the CANDY STRIPPER collab t-shirt
Included in our best album. It's so adorable.
Photographed in back
Is my ever so strict trainer♡haha
I like it better when they're relentless
I don't hate it it when it gets intense(°▽°)
Our 47 prefecture tour is getting closer!

All right from 2121:00〜
We'll be talking a lot on
Abema TV【Daimaou Kosaka to LiSA no Katsuage!】〜
Let's have fun during this hour✌︎


2017/2/21 19:33




Abema TV【古坂大魔王とLiSAのカツアゲ!】


2017/2/21 19:33

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SCANDAL:「All-girl bands don't have short shelf lives」 - Thoughts they experienced in their tenth year

An interview talking with SCANDAl about 「We want to show a long-lasting coolness as an all-girl band」!

SCANDAL, who sprinted through the year of their tenth anniversary, have released their best album. Its name is 『SCANDAL』, with songs voted for by the fans. It bears a self-title with ten years of their thoughts in it.

「We really understand the songs selected by the fans. The songs we play live and that you can feel resonate with everyone and are the top ranked--the songs that we want people to listen to have been chosen. It's a best album that encompasses our ten years and with which you can enjoy the 360 degrees of SCANDAL.」 (RINA)

This two-disc volume that includes two new songs added to the selection of best songs has plenty of heat. The evolution of the band from making their debut in school uniforms to holding a world tour is conveyed.

「I've had hardships in singing as a vocalist, but what broke me out of that was 『LOVE ME DO』. It made me feel like I was able to meet a new me by boldly changing the way I sing--it's a song that made singing fun again. I'd like to increase my expressive power even more in our eleventh year.」 (HARUNA)

「Since we started from not being to play instruments at all, it was fun to gain new knowledge each day during time we first formed. The first song 『SCANDAL BABY』 was the first time we challenged ourselves to doing "octave playing." It was the most "me"-like playing style I've ever done.」 (TOMOMI)

As you can see, the songs that set each member aflutter are also included in the best album.

「The four of us realized the delight in playing instruments, and it feels like those impluses just kept continuing on. When other girls were enjoying youth, we only had the band. But, that doesn't make us feel sad at all (laughs). We ran with that these past ten years. I would like to broaden my horizons even further and hope to walk onwards as an adult.」 (MAMI)

The four of them say that SCANDAL is youth itself. Opposite to the side where they've endured many things, there's no doubt that the accumulating experiences that only they could do and seeing the scenery that no one else sees is a happy thing for them.

「I still only think of the band. Although it's said that all-girl bands have a short shelf life, I've really felt a long-lasting coolness to us. That's why I want to take on all kinds of things as much as I can.」 (RINA)

They will begin their 47 prefecture tour soon, with lives diligently continuing on until mid-July. On stage you'll be able to see these four who have grown into adulthood.

RINA (SCANDAL) vol.2 - Conditioning wear CW-X fits me very well

【vol.2】 Conditioning wear CW-X fits me very well.

RINA talks about how physical aspects as well as mental ones are important factors in drumming. This time she talked about the movements needed of drummers, training she's working on for lives and tours, and the possibility of conditioning wear CW-X.

Continuing to train is my "lucky charm."

――Please tell us about the physical strength and movements needed of drummers.

「You of course need core strength, but having the same mentality as with any sport is also important. If something hurts on your body, you get disheartened and it affects your playing. Because drums are a non-electric instrument, it really reflects your heart and mood. So, the sound changes so much when you are or aren't playing with your heart and body in the right place. I think it's important for drummers to keep their body and heart healthy. Continuing to train is my "lucky charm" and has become important to me. Of course, as the voices of our audience also affects me mentally, it becomes energy--or rather, a driving force for me.」

――Are there exercises and stretches you do for lives?

「Before rehearsals, I use a core noodle [two foam rollers connected to each other] and do stretches to loosen my body. With the core noodle I do training that corrects distortion of the body and trains the core with two cushioned poles. For stretching I lay out on a yoga mat and stretch my body, but I carry those items over with me to my drum set.」

――Do not you wear sportswear under your live outfits?

「When I have a lot of damage in my lower back, I prepare a belt to support my lower back under my outfit. The thin belt ones don't stand out too much so my outfit isn't affected. I also do taping during the latter half of tours. I tape around my wrist, ankle, and lower back, but I don't rely on taping or supporters until it's needed. If you do not do your best with your own muscle strength, your muscular strength will just keep degrading more and more. That's why I feel like I'm training everyday.」

My muscles are naturally supported simply by wearing CW-X's sport tights.

――Are there any exercises that just aren't your thing?

「Since I was little I've always been bad with long-distance running. I've been more of a short-distance person than a long-distance person since my sports club days. I can run fast out of the gate, but it seems like I don't really have endurance (laughs). Moreover, I've been aware that I've always been bad at long-distance running, but I had a chance to participate in the Honolulu Ekiden last year in Hawaii and the members and I ran through parks in Hawaii at that time. Due to it being in Hawaii, I thought I'd be able to run pleasantly in spite of my being bad at long-distance running. I felt that my mood and endurance changes depending on the situation. Before I started Pilates, I would run before going on tour. Even so, that lasted for only about a month (laughs). I felt that I was better suited to attending classes and training more carefully than I did with that kind of training.」

――Running also puts a burden on your lower back.

「That's right. Actually, my back pain is still terrible now; it's become sciatica. The nerves from my lower back to my heel has been painful for a long time. I'm doing Pilates as a rehabilitation, so this may be the time that my body hurts the most.。」

――We heard that you were wearing sportswear CW-X, but does it support your conditioning?

「I tried wearing CW-X's sports tights, but CW-X's HTW 057 sports bra is light, soft, and nice to wear. Lightness is important for exercising on yoga mats and exercise using instruments; I choose sportswear with emphasis on those kinds of points, so it fits me very well. CW-X's HXY109 sports tights (Expert Model) incorporates the fundamentals of taping, so I feel that my muscles are naturally supported simply by wearing it.」

――What situations would you want to use CW-X for in in the future?

「I want to use sports bra for Pilates, and I always do stretching using core noodles before I sleep at night and when I wake up in the morning, but I always do them in pajamas after taking a bath. I thought it'd be nice to change into CW-X clothes at least once.」

I want you to listen

Business trip manager-san☺︎

I delivered it to my beloved Kyarytamu

I want my friends to listen to
Our best album that's packed with both the past and future us
And you too, of course( ᷇࿀ ᷆ )♡


2017/2/20 18:56




もちろん、あなたにも( ᷇࿀ ᷆ )♡


2017/2/20 18:56

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Here's a summary of this week's SCANDAL news!



Limited DVD

Limited T-Shirt

           -BEST ALBUM『SCANDAL』 has been released in 3 editions: Regular, DVD, and T-Shirt.
           -Features 36 songs (the top 34 songs voted by the fans + 2 new songs)
-Purchase the Regular Edition
-Purchase the CD + DVD Limited Edition


■BEST ALBUM『SCANDAL』 opens at #2 on the Oricon Daily Album Chart
           -BEST ALBUM『SCANDAL』 opened at #2 on the Oricon Daily Album Chart on February 14th with an estimated total sale of 14,638 copies sold!


■SCANDAL Studio Live Performances

           -SCANDAL hosted a live broadcast on AbemaTV and showed studio live performances of "FREEDOM FIGHTERS," "HELLO," and "Shunkan Sentimental"!


■One-day managers at CD shops
           -SCANDAL served as one-day managers at CD shops across Japan!

           -February 14th: RINA in Sapporo, HARUNA in Sendai, TOMOMI in Hiroshima, MAMI in Fukuoka

RINA:「Happy Valentine's Day! Our best album 【SCANDAL】 arrives in stores today! It was made with love, has 2 new songs, and is packed with the band's past and future. I really want you to listen to it✌」

SCANDAL:「We went to Tower Records Sapporo Pivot! Thanks as always!
We hope BEST ALBUM『SCANDAL』 reaches many people!」

SCANDAL:「We went to Tower Records Hiroshima! Thanks as always! BEST ALBUM『SCANDAL』 is a wonderful work, so please pick it up!」

SCANDAL:「Thanks for waiting! RINA will be working as a one-day only manager at HMV Sapporo Stellar Place!
Those in Hokkaido, we'll be waiting!」

SCANDAL:「TOMOMI is working as a one-day only manager at HMV Hiroshima! We'll be waiting!」

SCANDAL:「RINA is currently working as a one-day only manager at HMV Sapporo Stellar Place!」

SCANDAL:「HARUNA will be working as a one-day only manager at Ginza Yamano Gakki, Sendai branch! Those in Sendai, we'll be waiting!」

SCANDAL:「The one-day only manager project at HMV Sapporo Stellar Place! Everyone who came out, thanks!!
We made the best album ever! Listen to it plenty, okay! Let's see each other again at a live!」

SCANDAL:「HARUNA is currently working as a one-day only manager at Ginza Yamano Gakki, Sendai branch!」

SCANDAL:「The one-day only manager project at HMV Hiroshima! Everyone who came out, thanks! Let's see each other again at a live!」

SCANDAL:「We went to Gyokkodo PASEO! Such a great display! Happy! Thanks!」

SCANDAL:「Thanks, Tower Records Fukuoka Parco!」

HARUNA:『I'm back from campaigning in Sendai,,,
Again, everyone who came out to Yamano Gakki today, and everyone who listened to the live radio broadcasts, thanks so much!

Our best album 「SCANDAL」 is finally out tomorrow. (Everyone who already got a copy today, thanks)

I hope it reaches many people』

MAMI:「Everyone in Fukuoka, thanks for todayー! Good workー( ᷇࿀ ᷆ )
Our best album 『SCANDAL』 comes out tomorrow.
Everyone nationwide, best regards」

           -February 18th: SCANDAL in Osaka and Nagoya

TOMOMI:「Tower Records Umeda Osaka Maru Building!
Everyone who came to see us, thanksー!
Next up is Nagoya」

RINA:「Finished being one-day managers at Tower Records Umeda Osaka Maru Building; everyone who came, thanks! I'm happy we got to see each other up closeー! Next we'll be at the Nagoya Parco location from 7 pm✌ Wait for us, okay~」

SCANDAL:「We were one-day managers at Tower Records Nagoya Parco! Everyone who came, thank you so much!

Tomorrow we'll break up into two teams and will be one-day managers in Tokyo! We'll be waitingー!」

TOMOMI:「Everyone who came to Tower Records Nagoya Parco, thanks!
We'll be eating Konparu (a cafe in Nagoya) while heading back to Tokyo」

HARUNA:「Our one-day manager shift at Tower Records Nagoya Parco is over☪️
Everyone who came out, thanks!
The two of us will be one-day managers at Tower Records Shinjuku from 19:30 tomorrowー 」

           -February 19th: HARUNA & MAMI @ Tower Records Shinjuku, TOMOMI & RINA @ HMV&BOOKS TOKYO

TOMOMI:「We'll be one-day managers at Tower Records Shinjuku! It starts from 19:30! We'll be waiting」

SCANDAL:「MAMI & RINA's shift as one-day managers at HMV&BOOKS TOKYO is done! Thanks for coming out! Listen to our BEST ALBUM『SCANDAL』 plenty, okay」

SCANDAL:「HARUNA & TOMOMI's shift as one-day managers at Tower Records Shinjuku is done! Thanks for coming out! Listen to our BEST ALBUM『SCANDAL』 plenty, okay」

TOMOMI:「Everyone who came out to Tower Records Shinjuku, thanks
So happy we had so many chances to see everyone this weekー!
Listen to our album, okay!」

RINA:「Our shift as HMV managers is done✌ It was a fun Sundayー! Thanks, everyone」


■SCANDAL × Village Vanguard Collaboration Goods

           -SCANDAL × Village Vanguard collaboration goods will be offered for sale! More info here.


■SCANDAL's recent interviews

           -Many interviews with SCANDAL have been posted this week! We'll try and translate as many of them as possible!


■SPICE's interview with SCANDAL - MAMI & RINA Edition
           -Read our translation of SPICE's interview with MAMI & RINA here!


           -Read our translation of RINA's interview with CW-X CONDITIONING MAGAZINE here!


■New items at Feedback! + Kitty Enter Shop
           -New Feedback! items & a "「SCANDAL TOUR 2016 IN EUROPE」 photo album" went on sale this week!

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SPICE's Interview with SCANDAL - Yesterday at 7:03 am

What thoughts did SCANDAL have during these ten years? 【MAMI & RINA edition】

SCANDAL will be releasing their best album 『SCANDAL』 on 2/15 in commemoration of their tenth anniversary. What thoughts did these girls, who met at a dance & vocal school and have continued their steady advance while sharing a number of conflicts and joy, have during their ten years?

We split MAMI & RINA and HARUNA & TOMOMI into pairs to interview them, and we asked about the words they couldn't say to each other directly. We will first deliver the edition featuring MAMI & RINA, the members who wrote the lyrics and music for new songs 「FREEDOM FIGHTERS」 and「HELLO」 on their best album 『SCANDAL』.

◆What has and hasn't changed during SCANDAL's ten years?

―― Looking back on these past ten years, is there anything you felt anew?

MAMI: That we really didn't understand anything when we first started.

RINA: Yeah. We were just really frantic back then.

MAMI: That's right. I think for me, especially, my feelings towards everything--the band, instruments, our visual aspect--were more insensitive than anyone else's. It's not that I changed gradually, but I think everything changed just before we started writing our own songs. By living our lives as a band, I began to think about what I ought to do.

――What specific changes happened?

MAMI: The way I listen to music changed. I began to take interest in all kinds of things. I still have so much more to study, but after that had changed, I didn't think about anything almost to the point of thinking, "Eh?! What should I do? Sleep?" when I would look back on who I was until that point. But, I believe that who I was until that point did her best in her own way. It felt like I just managed to get through things. It's because I went through that is why I want to do so many things now. That's why I'm glad there was a point of time where I didn't think about anything.

――It's because humans don't understand things in the heat of the moment.

MAMI: Yes! That's so true! I don't regret it because it was an important time in my life. But, thinking about it now, I wish I had studied even more. Each day of each year was so profound.

――What about you, RINA?

RINA: It's the same for me. These ten years were truly the best. Even at the end of my life, I'll think of how glad I was to be a part of SCANDAL. It's my entire youth and will forever be my core. It's so important to me. Since I had been dreaming about this kind of world since I was little, nothing has changed since the time of our major debut. But, I feel that my ambitions and wants are becoming more colorful. I'm clearing the things I'm bad at a little at a time. That's why I think there's still much more to come and that everything starts from here on.

――It's like things are still developing.

RINA: Yes. We're truly still on our way. What I mean by that is we've been fighting against ourselves during these ten years.

――A while back, when I grabbed RINA's arm for a second, I was surprised at how it's so delicate but the muscles under your elbow are very defined. I remember thinking, "She really practices hard, doesn't she?" It was so heart-pounding that I was on the verge of tears.

RINA: Ahaha. It was heart-pounding, was it (laughs)? But that makes me happy. My muscles are really defined because I practice with all my strength. I don't think it's hard on me, though. Since I do what I fundamentally want to do and what I like to do, it'll always be fun and enjoyable for me. For that, the more we play lives, the more confident I become. Similarly, there are also days I don't have confidence. It's not easy. I think each year were ones where it seemed like the same thing can't happen twice.

――SCANDAL is your entire life, isn't it?

RINA: Yes. But recently, you know, I've been searching for something outside of music that rounds myself out. I can now challenge myself to do all sorts of things, and I feel that my way of living has become very open. Going out, taking trips by myself, going to language school--I never thought that I wanted to learn so much after becoming an adult. I'm currently the most interested I've ever been in many things. Some time ago when I was drinking with the members, they told me, "RINA's entire self is a banner; no matter where she's pressed, the link jumps back to SCANDAL" (laughs).

MAMI: But, you know, it really is like that (laughs). RINA is always thinking about SCANDAL.

RINA: I am always thinking about SCANDAL (laughs). I'm always thinking "Can't we do this?" I want to become stronger for SCANDAL's sake, so I'm always thinking "What can I do?" every day.

――Each one of RINA's emotions becomes a piece of SCANDAL's music and a piece of the lyrics. When MAMI writes music or lyrics, how does it start from 0 and turn into 1?

MAMI: I'm very much influenced by music I like listening to. I always go back to my favorite musical roots even while writing songs. Although I listen to many kinds of music, I really do go back to my roots. Now I have "MAMI-like songs." When I bring along songs I've written, the members will often tell me, "That's so MAMI-like!" I've become able to understand that kind of "individuality" recently.

――That's awesome that you were able to understand your individuality for yourself. That's also an incredible strength. You make your roots as your own and are able to make that part of your personality.

MAMI: For better or worse, I look at that very objectively. That's why, for a while, I didn't have that awareness of making songs for ourselves--I made them with a "MAMI is making songs for a band called SCANDAL" sense. Staff members have actually told me that, and I was somehow able to understand that meaning.

――I see. That differs from RINA. RINA just said that she doesn't make songs from a third-party perspective.

RINA: That's right. I think I'm really in the middle. In my case, there are words that come forth precisely because of our current situations, and a theme I want to write about is born due of my lifestyle.

――It's directly connected.

RINA: Yes. I think it's directly connected. That's why, you know, I've been thinking recently that the ways we live our daily lives are so important.

――The evolution in lyrics is connected to RINA's evolution.

RINA: That's right. Recently I've had many chances to go eat and drink with musicians. Up until now I would avoid times like that, but recently I made my own rule of not trying not to refuse invites and am trying to go as much as possible. It's a wonder that the number of people inviting me out has increased. So, I got a few more friends in our tenth year (laughs). We mainly talk about music, but it really is fun to listen to other peoples' stories. There have been many times I've been told that their image of me changed after us talking together, which makes me wonder how in the world did they see me before (laughs)? Also, since SCANDAL has appeared on TV from our start, there have been some misunderstandings regarding our public image. But, by talking to people one-on-one, they understand that we're the bandmen with the same heart. That is truly enjoyable for me right now. That's such a big evolution since I was someone who was like "I'm okay being with just the members!" (laughs).

◆What are the emotions included in 「FREEDOM FIGHTERS」 and 「HELLO」?

――Regarding new songs 「FREEDOM FIGHTERS」 and 「HELLO」 on your best album 『SCANDAL』, RINA wrote the lyrics and MAMI wrote the music for both songs. What kinds of emotions do they have, and what forms did they take?

RINA: 「HELLO」 was completed a little while ago as a heated-up song that we wanted everyone to hear when the right timing came along. We initially selected it because our best album hits stores on Valentine's Day and we wanted people to listen to a love song perfect for the season. For 「FREEDOM FIGHTERS」 it's exactly the opposite--we wanted to a killer tune packed with our best aspects. We began writing from the lyrics, keeping an intense melody and coolness in mind.

MAMI: We decided to include 「HELLO」 first, so we thought of how we wanted to include the exact opposite essence. The members discussed it and completed 「FREEDOM FIGHTERS」. 「FREEDOM FIGHTERS」 made the ideal form of SCANDAL. It feels like we included all of our special moves in it. It's a song we're very happy with, in regards to being able to write this kind of song at the same timing of our tenth anniversary and being able to include it in this best album. It became a culmination song in a good way. Of course, it doesn't mean that we have no future; it's that it means that it's a culmination of our ten years.

――It certainly is a song that includes everything. But, it's a bit surprising that the lyrics came first. You'd imagine that the music came first.

RINA: Right. There's a message we really want to convey. We wrote this song while imagining a scene of asserting your freedom and marching on the streets. There's an overwhelming amount of middle and high school students among our listeners, and the message we most want to convey to them is "We want you to live freely." There are many times when you ask yourself "Who am I?", and I think the influences from your favorite music around that time in your life has a profound effect on you. It also has the power to greatly influence your life from then on and your future, so we wanted to say to those kids, "You can live freely" and "Choose the future you want for yourself." It was necessary to have original views to put those words into lyrics, so we took our time to carefully write it. We're making songs during various conflicts while asking ourselves questions. It actually took a long time to give a shape to 「FREEDOM FIGHTERS」. We were worried; it was clear that there was something we wanted to convey, and because it was so strong, it was hard to grasp and it took a long time. Because we will be telling people strong messages, we must write only the songs that we truly want to do. We have many ways to make songs, but we can only make songs that we can continue to perform for the rest of our lives--we thoroughly stuck with that as we wrote it.

――Your feelings towards yourselves shows there too.

RINA: That's right! We wanted to reach all of our fans, but it became a song that also encouraged the band. It feels like we're fighting together.

――That's true. But, you four are still in your 20s. Even though there are still people in the world who have not yet determined their own paths, it's because the four of you have been living your lives as SCANDAL from early on, that you were able to create 「FREEDOM FIGHTERS」 as real feelings.

RINA: That's right. There truly are words and sounds that we couldn't have produced if we didn't go on this journey. But, you know, that's why it's also been a challenge for us to release this song into this world. We, who have been able to continue saying this, must stay as we are. We worked hard in order to proudly be able to send out this song. That got us fired up again.

――You didn't want to support everyone irresponsibly.

RINA: Yeah. If we lived in such a way where we wouldn't have been able to proudly send out a song, we couldn't have been able to properly convey this message.

MAMI: Right. I really think that's our mode right now. It feels like, without having to say anything, all of our consciousnesses are focused on the band when the four of us talk about what kind of lives we want to play and what kind of stages we want to stand on from this point on. By being in this mode we believed that we were able to deliver 「FREEDOM FIGHTERS」 and were able to put it on this album. It's because I think that this song is one where we needed that kind of resolution and had to do it. We made sure to confirm it together and include it in the album, so we hope to prove our feelings we entrusted here over the course of our tenth year..

◆What are words that have supported MAMI and RINA?

―― There's a phrase in 「HELLO」, "Words you gave me." Do you each have words that support you?

MAMI: There are words that made me take notice of something. We have times when we want to do many things ourselves; like, I had a time when I suddenly went blonde. Everyone told me "You've changed, haven't you?" at the time. I had only changed the color of my hair, but it definitely was a time when I was able to naturally be ambitious in regards to lives and song production. Those around me all said "You've changed, haven't you." It didn't really occur to me at the time, but I understood it later on. This made me realize again that everyone's words made me develop self-awareness.

――That's a great story. How about for RINA?

RINA: For me, it was something that our long-time manager said. I feel that we have the same ways of thinking. That manager always tells me, "There isn't anything you can't do, so feel free to do whatever you'd like. You guys aren't 'goody two-shoes' ; just go out and do what you want to do." Those words give me courage to play music. After we started SCANDAL I've always thought, "Someday we'll all die." Someday our lives will come to an end, so when there's something that I want to do, I make sure to do it. That perfectly describes 「FREEDOM FIGHTERS」 right there (laughs)!

◆What feelings do you want to convey to each of the members?

――May we ask about messages you'd tell the members since it's your tenth anniversary?

RINA: This is kind of embarrassing.

MAMI: Eh~. I wonder.

――All right, how about HARUNA first?

MAMI: HARU-chan? Okay. SCANDAL's beginning was special, so we started off from not knowing anything. But, amidst that, we became a band and sang while playing instruments. I think that must have been especially hard on HARU-chan, who became our leader. She was a third year high schooler at the time. HARU-chan had a dream of being a singer, and being in a leading position, she had to pull us along. When I think about those times, I think of how she really put up with a lot. She's someone who is well-attuned to many things and can deal with them too. Being together for such a long time, I've come to understand the parts she's not too good at. She's the type that gets stronger, doesn't complain, and has endurance, so I think the three of us must follow and support each other. I think SCANDAL will become more and more band-oriented from here on, and I understand that HARU-chan will desperately be trying to change, so I'm really looking forward to what she'll become!

RINA: Thanks as always. I've always been watching HARUNA from the back. She's always standing firm at the last second even when it seems like she has time to spare, and she's worked hard to stand on stage, so I think that that's really cool. She's a rock goddess. She's always fighting with herself. I want her to become who she wants to be and always shine on. Together, let's do a ton of things you want to do! Love you.


MAMI: TOMO-chan, huh. I've truly always respected her dexterity. What comes from TOMOMI is like turning a jack-in-the-box upside down. Her lyrics are also unique and she has something that others absolutely do not have. I think she's someone who is very talented, so I want her to keep continuing on without changing; like, "It's okay to have more confidence in yourself." The members, staff, and fans all recognize TOMO-chan; have more confidence in yourself! That's what I'd like to say.

RINA: Yeah. TOMOMI can do anything, so it feels great watching her. We say that a dexterous person is someone who's like TOMOMI. Although I think she's often told that she's spontaneous or flighty, she's a very capable person who has her own way of thinking and is a lovely woman of principle. So, I think that it would be great if everyone knew the TOMOMI that only we know. She's such an interesting person......I love her (laughs).

――Ahahaha. A confession (laughs)!? All right, how about each other?

MAMI: We have many responsibilities among the SCANDAL members: HARU-chan is our leader, TOMO-chan is our life and soul, I'm the bandmaster, and RINA-chan is the leader in back who has always been supporting the three of us. We're all inspired by RINA-chan's words and actions. She often says, "Okay let's do our best!" HARU, TOMO, and I are motivated by RINA. She's even speedy with her songwriting, she tells us when she understands us, and we can really count on her. I hope the two of us can continue to write the core parts of SCANDAL's music. Please continue to be a great partner.

RINA: Okay! That makes me happy! But honestly, that does make really embarrassed.

――Finally, RINA to MAMI.

RINA: I think MAMI currently stands at the helm of SCANDAL. The band's future has significantly lengthened due to MAMI's explosive songwriting abilities; she opened a new door for us. We write the songs we want and can go on tours--we're here now because MAMI is here. She's so interesting and so much fun even when we're just having normal conversations. It makes me really happy that we have a member like this in our band. She's an asset of the band and a member I'm proud of. So.......I love her (laughs).

MAMI: Ahahaha. Thank you very much (laughs)!

RINA: I truly do want the four of us to continue to stay together for a long time. Truly.


SCANDAL × Village Vanguard collaboration goods will be offered for sale!
A collaboration with the popular character Betty Boop!

A t-shirt, sweatshirt, and tote bag will be for sale.
They're stylish designs that can be worn to lives, of course, and casually!
They will go on sale for a limited time from 3/1 at select Village Vanguards!

More info:

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M & R - 2017-02-19 (RINA) - Sun Feb 19, 2017 9:36 pm

M & R

Were one-day managers at HMV&BOOKS TOKYO✌︎
I was so happy
That so many people came out
Thanks so much, everyone〜!
It was a great Sunday
Maybe we'll see each other next on tour?
Until then, listen to our album
While doing your best at work or school, okay!
This best album is packed with songs
That'll make your days brighter
We too are still moving forward


2017/2/19 21:39

M & R




2017/2/19 21:39

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Being store managers - 2017-02-18 (RINA) - Sat Feb 18, 2017 12:14 pm

Being store managers

Our duty as one-day store managers
In Osaka and Nagoya have come to a close✌︎
It was so much funー!
What the heckー!

It was over so fast
But I'm glad that we were able to make some some time
To be able to experience and hear everyone's thoughts✌︎
It's a feeling of happiness that's different from a live
Everyone who came to see us, thanks so much!

We also left messages and autographs
At Tower Records
So try going to see them by chance, okay(´-`).。oO
I'm looking forward to seeing everyone on our tour!

All right, we'll be breaking up into two teams and will be store managers tomorrow✌︎


HMV&BOOKS TOKYO (Shibuya MODI 7th floor)


Tower Records Shinjuku

Come out and see us
To pick up your postcard✌︎

We're chowing down on sandwiches from Nagoya's famous Konparu
While heading back to Tokyo
(´-`).。oO(They're delicious,,,
Everyone in Osaka & Nagoya, see you laterー!


2017/2/18 20:59



2017/2/18 20:59














2017/2/18 20:59

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Osaka Day - 2017-02-18 (TOMOMI) - Sat Feb 18, 2017 2:10 am

Osaka Day

Although yesterday we did recordings for radio and TV in Osaka,

We were part of the public recording for ROCK KIDS 802 at Nishinomiya Higashi High School in Nishinomiya City in Hyogo Prefecture!

Despite the busy time of taking the exams and tests, everyone gathered around for the people of the light music club.

Everyone, right in the middle of their youth, was sparkling and gave us so much pure energy!

We were so happy the light music club's all-girl band FaimxFaimFaim performed "DOLL" as a surprise after the recording!
Their performance was powerful and awesomeー.

All right!
Today we will be one-day only store managers at Tower Records Umeda Osaka Maru Building and Tower Records Nagoya Parcoー!

Come out and see us, okayー!


2017/2/18 11:00



ROCK KIDS 802では、兵庫県西宮市立西宮東高校にお邪魔して公開収録してきたの!








2017/2/18 11:00

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English subs added to the "FREEDOM FIGHTERS" studio live video (also convenient for those who live in countries that can't watch it on YouTube):

This isn't in 1080p, but I've also added subs to a rip of "HELLO" from the web broadcast:


SCANDAL is in charge every Monday in February! Tonight's TOMOMI's turn.

I'm bassist TOMOMI.
Tomorrow is Valentine's Day; maybe that means that you'll sleep thinking of the person you love?
I've never given chocolate to a person I liked, nor confessed to someone
I wanted to experience that when I was a student.
Secretly bringing chocolate to school,
Thinking of how you could give over the chocolate after school,
Spending the day with your heart pounding
I wish I had done something like that.
Good luck to the people who plan to profess their love tomorrow.
Our best album 「SCANDAL」 comes out on 2/15.
For this album we had our fans vote for their favorite songs and ranked them.
The top 34 songs and 2 new songs are on it, making it quite a voluminous album.
It has content that you can enjoy from any era of ours.
We'll be going on a 47 prefecture tour in support of this album.
It will be the longest tour in our history, touring for five months until July.
I hope to be able to tour around while having fun.

The theme of tonight's selected songs are love songs I want to hear on Valentine's.
As tomorrow is Valentine's, I've chosen romantic songs.

1. Tsumibukaku Aishite yo [Love Me Guiltily] / CHARA
CHARA-san's lyrics can be perceived in many ways,
And she has many lyrics where the recipient's power of imagination spreads out,
But this song is a very straightforward love song.
I chose it because it's a very upbeat song that might give you the courage to confess if you listen to it on Valentine's.

2.Versace on the Floor / Bruno Mars
It's a ballad that's sexy and romantic--"Take off that Versace dress for me"
But picks up an urban atmosphere in the middle of it. It's a very cool song that I love.

3. (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman / Carole King
"I can be a natural woman when I'm with you"
It's such a deep love song.
This song, Carole King and her husband--rather, her ex-husband,,,
It's a song that Gerry Goffin and Carole King offered to Aretha Franklin.
I love Carole King and chose her self-covered version. Softly...

4. Bitter Chocolate / SCANDAL
I chose this song, thinking that there might be some people who aren't happy in love.
It's also included in our best album.
So far there haven't been many opportunities for it to be played on the radio as it's an album-only song,
But actually, we wanted to be more appealing by having a middle song like this.
Which is why I picked it.


Nagoya DAY - 2017-02-16 (MAMI) - Thu Feb 16, 2017 4:05 pm

Nagoya DAY

HARUNA and I went to Nagoya

We did radio and TV interviews
We talked about our best album in all kinds of places✌︎

Have you already gotten the album?( ᷇࿀ ᷆ )
It'll be warm tomorrow, so head to a closeby CD shop…☺︎

We'll be returning to Nagoya on the 18th!
We'll be one-day only managers at Tower Records Nagoya Parco〜
I'm looking forward to meeting everyone( ᷇࿀ ᷆ )


2017/2/16 21:56





もうみんなアルバムは手に取って頂けたかいね?( ᷇࿀ ᷆ )

みんなに会えるのを楽しみにしているよお( ᷇࿀ ᷆ )


2017/2/16 21:56

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RINA in CW-X CONDITIONING MAGAZINE - Thu Feb 16, 2017 6:58 am

RINA (SCANDAL) vol.1 - Feelings of "Let's challenge myself" every year

【vol.1】 Feelings of "Let's challenge myself" every year.

SCANDAL: their solo performance at the Nippon Budokan in 2012, just 4 years after their major label debut, was a huge success; they held a world tour in 2015 and visited 9 countries; and they have an overwhelming presence as a representative of Japanese all-girl bands. We asked drummer RINA, the youngest among the members and who supports the band with emotional drumming, about building up her body.

I've been making music with the feeling of being reborn once a year.

――SCANDAL is entering their eleventh year this year. Looking back on the past, what is your current mental state like?

「SCANDAL began when I was in my third year of middle school at 15 years old, and at the same time I started up the drums. Back then, I honestly did not think that the band could have continued on this long. We had been working furiously every day, and as we put our focus into playing lives, lives became something very precious for us. We started getting more and more particular about things, and it truly makes me happy that it seemed like the band would always be an enjoyable thing. I am so proud that we had been able to continue on for ten years with the same members as an all-girl band.」

――What is the secret to have been able to continue the band enjoyably all this time?

「Compatibility with the members is very important, but since we're such good enough friends that we hang out with each other on our own time, it's a huge thing that members who get along with each other were able to meet one another. Also, making music with the feeling of being reborn once a year is also a big thing. It's like a feeling of "Let's challenge myself" every year.」

――So, all of the members share feelings of wanting to challenge themselves.

「I think so. I think we've been able to continue the band because we all have those feelings, and there is an infinite number of things we haven't yet done. We'll be going on a 47 prefecture tour this year and touring live houses around the country. Being able to tour around to many venues including small live houses is a huge dream for an all-girl band--or any band. We are genuinely happy to be able to do this. Because we're a band that can and wants to play lives at live houses, halls, and arenas, we want to entertain even more audiences.」

I wasn't good at swimming, so lesson days were depressing (laughs).

――RINA, what kind of sports have you done so far?

「I started gymnastics and swimming when I was in kindergarten at the recommendation of my mother. When I was in elementary school, I started short-distance running and high jump. Because I wasn't good at swimming, I'd get depressed every time lesson days would come around (laughs). When I was little my body was weak and I had a small appetite, so I went to swim lessons to train my body. Since I joined the soft tennis club in middle school, I had constantly been playing sports until SCANDAL formed in my third year of middle school.」

――Are there any exercises or sports you do regularly?

「I'm currently doing Pilates. When you overuse your body playing the drums, damage is likely to accumulate in joints such as wrists and ankles. So, I'm doing Pilates for core training and to maintain accumulated damage.」

――What kind of movements do you specifically do in Pilates?

「It's similar to yoga, but, in contrast with the spiritual element of yoga, Pilates emphasizes physical aspects. The inner muscles are trained while using tools, but the tools used are changed out and matched to the parts you want to train. I am in a position to firmly support the center of the body, I mainly do core training, and I'm working a trainer to expand the spaces between my backbones in order to reduce damage in my lower back. There's surprisingly a position in yoga where you bend the body to 90 degrees, but Pilates will gradually soften your body as you move. So, it seems that Pilates fits for those who have injured their body or want to rehabilitate their body.」


「SCANDAL」 - 2017-02-15 (HARUNA) - Wed Feb 15, 2017 1:24 pm


BEST ALBUM『SCANDAL』 is out today!
We made the strongest best album that lets us take a proper look back on our ten years since forming the band.
Again, everyone who participated in the voting, thanks so much!

It's not only about taking a look back, but we also included two new songs that lets you look forward even more to who we'll be from here on out.
I hope many people listen to them.

I got a TOMOMI sticker when I opened up the Regular Edition.

A bit later today

AbemaTV special program
"A SPECIAL LIVE to commemorate the release of SCANDAL's BEST ALBUM"

Is what we'll be doingー!
We'll be showing our new songs with this special liveー

Make a viewing reservation here

Definitely watch it, okayー!


2017/2/15 18:47


本日、BEST ALBUM『SCANDAL』がリリースになりました!










2017/2/15 18:47

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BEST ALBUM『SCANDAL』 Lyrics - Wed Feb 15, 2017 1:00 pm


Disc 1:
02. Stamp!
03. Shoujo S
04. Pin Heel Surfer
05. S.L.Magic
06. Switch
07. Departure
08. Hello!Hello
09. Take Me Out
10. Kagen no Tsuki
13. Taiyou to Kimi ga Egaku STORY
14. Aitai
15. Chiisana Honoo
17. Image

Disc 2:
01. Shunkan Sentimental
02. Taiyou Scandalous
03. Satisfaction
05. Yoake no Ryuuseigun
06. Bitter Chocolate
07. Awanai Tsumori no, Genki de ne
08. Welcome home
09. Sisters
10. DOLL
11. Flashback No.5
12. Kagerou
14. one piece
15. Koe
16. Your song

CTRL+F for easier browsing.

Lyrics: TOMOMI, Yuichi Tajika ~ Music: Yuichi Tajika ~ Arrangement: Keita Kawaguchi, Yuichi Tajika

Yarushikanai nante kuchi de itte wa mita kedo
Atashi no chiisa na omoi ja totemo sekai wa ugokanai
Tanoshii koto bakari no mainichi ja nai desho dakedo
Soredemo egao de itai sonna jibun wo shinjita

Itsudatte omotteta imeeji ni todokanai
Ima datte goshiipu nanka ni furi mawasarete
Demo asa nante kurikaeshi yattekuru wa

Oh sukyandaru beibee
Yuzurenai no konna atashi ni mo afureteru?
I KNOW sainou kakuninchuu demo dareka no tame ja nai
S.O.S itsu no manika kaze ni tokete todokanakutemo
"Ai" wa ima koko ni aru no hitori bocchi na wake ja nai
Itsumo ima dake miteitai

Happii endo bakari ja nai to shitte wa ita kedo
Aimai no mannaka de saita himawari wo miteta
Uso de fukuranda fuusen wa itsuka tooku e tonde yuku no?
Tameiki dake no kokyuu ja tsuyoku nante narenakatta

Dokomademo shinjiteta kiseki wa okoranai?
Bane datte chijimenakya mou nobinai koto ni
Kizuita asa ni anata no kao ga mieru Oh yeah!

Sou iu imi nanka ja nai dakedo... atashi nani ittemo
"Mou ii kara" nante iwaretara baka ne honki ni suru no
Sou iu imi nanka ja nai... mou nanimokamo kowashitaku naru yo

Hontou wa itsumo anata ni wakatte hoshii to omotteta yo
Nakitai toki mo atta kedo mou furimukanai to kimeta kara

Oh sukyandaru beibee
Yuzurenai no konna atashi ni mo afureteru?
I KNOW sainou kakuninchuu sou dareka no tame ja nai kara
Itsumo sukyandaru beibee
Korekurai no koto de shippo maku atashi ja nai
"Ai" wa ima koko ni aru no hitori bocchi na wake ja nai
Itsumo ashita wo miteitai

やるしかない なんて口で言ってはみたけど
私の小さな思いじゃ とても世界は動かない
楽しいことばかりの毎日じゃないでしょ だけど
それでも笑顔でいたい そんな自分を信じた


Oh スキャンダルベイベー
ゆずれないの こんな私にも溢れてる?
I KNOW 才能 確認中 でも誰かのためじゃない
S.O.S. いつの間にか風に溶けて 届かなくても
「愛」は今ここにあるの ひとりぼっちなわけじゃない

曖昧の真ん中で 咲いたひまわりを見てた
嘘で膨らんだ風船は いつか遠くへ飛んでいくの?
ため息だけの呼吸じゃ 強くなんてなれなかった

どこまでも信じてた 奇跡は起こらない?
バネだって縮めなきゃ もう伸びないことに
気づいた朝に あなたの顔が見える Oh yeah!

そういう意味なんかじゃない・・・ だけど私何言っても
「もういいから」なんて言われたら バカね本気にするの
そういう意味なんかじゃない・・・ もう何もかも壊したくなるよ

泣きたいときもあったけど もう振り向かないと決めたから

Oh スキャンダルベイベー
ゆずれないの こんな私にも溢れてる?
I KNOW 才能 確認中 そう誰かのためじゃないから
いつも スキャンダルベイベー
「愛」は今ここにあるの ひとりぼっちなわけじゃない


English Translation

I tried saying "It's now or never"
But my small conviction won't make the smallest bit of difference to the world
Life isn't all fun
But I wanted to keep smiling; I believed that I could

I haven't lived up to the image I always had
I keep being swayed by gossip and things
But the morning always comes

Oh scandal baby
Even I am filled with the will not to be moved
I know, I'm testing my talents, but not for anyone but me
Even if my S.O.S disappears into the wind and nobody hears it
I have love here; I'm not alone
I want to always live in the present

I knew there wasn't always a happy ending
But I stood in the middle of the vagueness and looked at the sunflowers in bloom
That balloon full of lies will one day fly far away
I couldn't get stronger when my every breath was a sigh

Will the miracle I always believed in never happen?
I need to shorten my run-up or I won't make any progress
On the morning I realized that, I saw your face; oh yeah!

I don't mean it like that... But at the end of the day
When someone says "Give it up already"
It's silly, but that makes me all the more serious about it
I don't mean it like that... I want to break everything down now

The truth is, I always wanted you to understand
There were times when I felt like crying, but I've decided not to look back anymore

Oh scandal baby
Even I am filled with the will not to be moved
I know, I'm testing my talents, but not for anyone but me
It's always scandal baby
Not like me to walk away from something like this with my tail between my legs
I have love here; I'm not alone
I want to always look to tomorrow


Lyrics & Music: MAMI ~ Arrangement: Kenji Tamai, Masahiro Tobinai

Machigatta tte you shouganai
Ningen da mono
Mainichi ga saikou ja nai hazu na no

Kitto everybody onaji bun
happy wa matteru
Kyou ga sono hi ja nai dake
Kao wo agete

Nitsumatta tte uh mondainai
Motto tsuyoku
Gutsugutsu nikonde choudo ii hazu na no

Shaapu de soriddo na dake ja
Tsumannai yo
Manmaru no otsuki-sama wa itsumo akarui

Hoppu suteppu janpu
Nidan tobashi de iku yo
Koko kara wa keiki yoku OK?

ya ya da da
Aisowarai wa good-bye baby
Ookiku kuchi wo akete smile and more smile
you & me just do it
Chikyuu wa mawaru yo hareruya
Dakara dokomademo aruite ikou

Watashi wa nee kiite yo
Buruu na toki
Makka na lip de kuchibiru irozukeru no

Chotto shita omajinai de
Sekai wa kawatte yuku no sa
Ima da you akushon okosou yo

love & peace
Aritoarayuru koto wa
Dokoka de tsunagatteru oh yeah

ya ya da da
Namida no bun dake good-bye baby
Ooki na koe de utaou a favorite song
you & me forever
Chikyuu wa mawaru yo hareruya
Dakara te wo tsunaide aruite ikou

Nari yamanai rizumu ni mi wo makasete
Ashibumi to hajikeru clap clap

ya ya da da
Ano hi no jibun ni good-bye baby
Ookiku iki wo sutte always been this way
you & me I like it, too
Chikyuu wa mawaru yo hareruya
Dakara dokomademo aruite ikou

Everything's gonna be alright
Everything's gonna be alright
Everything's gonna be alright

Everything's gonna be alright
Everything's gonna be okay
Everything's gonna be alright

間違ったってyou しょうがない

happy は待ってる

煮詰まったってuh 問題ない


ホップ ステップ ジャンプ
ここからは景気良く OK?

ya ya da da
愛想笑いは good-bye baby
大きく口を開けて smile and more smile
you & me just do it
地球は回るよ ハレルヤ

私は ねぇ聞いてよ
真っ赤なlipで唇 色付けるの

今だyou アクション起こそうよ

love & peace
どこかで繋がってる oh yeah

ya ya da da
涙の分だけ good-bye baby
大きな声で歌おう a favorite song
you & me forever
地球は回るよ ハレルヤ

足踏みと弾ける clap clap

ya ya da da
あの日の自分に good-bye baby
大きく息を吸ってalways been this way
you & me I like it, too
地球は回るよ ハレルヤ

Everything's gonna be alright
Everything's gonna be alright
Everything's gonna be alright

Everything's gonna be alright
Everything's gonna be okay
Everything's gonna be alright


English Translation

You can't be right all the time
You're only human
Every day isn't supposed to be the best one there is

The same amount of happiness
Is waiting for everybody
Today's just not that day
Keep your head up

It's no problem when it all boils down
Simmering down even more strongly
Should be perfect

Just being sharp and solid
Is no fun
The round moon is always glowing

Hop, step, jump
Take it two steps at a time
Let's keep this up from here, OK?

ya ya da da
To fake smiles, I say good-bye baby
Open your mouth wide; smile and more smile
you & me, just do it
The world is spinning; hallelujah
So let's walk to anywhere

Hey, listen
When I'm feelling blue
I paint my lips bright red

The world changes
With just a bit of magic
Who you are now will start an action

love & peace
Every single thing
Is connected to each other somewhere; oh yeah

ya ya da da
To my tears, I say good-bye baby
Sing at the top of your lungs a favorite song
you & me forever
The world is spinning; hallelujah
So let's walk holding hands to anywhere

Entrust your body to the endless rhythm
Stamp your feet and clap clap

ya ya da da
To who I was then, I say good-bye baby
Take a deep breath in; always been this way
you & me, I like it, too
The world is spinning; hallelujah
So let's walk to anywhere

Everything's gonna be alright
Everything's gonna be alright
Everything's gonna be alright

Everything's gonna be alright
Everything's gonna be okay
Everything's gonna be alright


Shoujo S ~ 少女S; Girls
Lyrics: TOMOMI ~ Music: Yuichi Tajika ~ Arrangement: Ken Ijima

Sakki made to itteru koto chigau ja nai
Chotto dake sugao miseta keredo
Zutto ira ira ira ira shite wa
Atashi wo mono mitai ni atsukatte
Sakki made to itteru koto chigau ja nai

Dareka no sei ni shite wa nigekakure shiteru hibi
Ate ni naranaiwa I'm sorry toriaezu sayonara

Anata ga inai to iya iya tte ieru wagamama
(Zutto kienai you ni kesanai you ni)
Aijou, yuujou, shiritai koto wa nandemo
(Aimai sugite wakaranai yo)
Itsuka kokoro no oku no doa wo tataku
Anata wo matteiru

Sakki kara jibun no koto bakkari ja nai
Chotto gurai kizutsuite mitara?

Sou yatte yasashii kotoba de gomakasanaide
Shinjirarenaiwa kakko tsukenaide yo

Nannen tatte mo itsu ni natte mo yamenaide

Atashi ga inai to dame dame tte sunao ni
(Motto hoshigatte yo tsuyogaranaide)
Ai no zanzou yumemiru shoujo esukeepu
(Tsukamattari nigekittari)
Itsuka kokoro no kagi wo kowasu you na

Anata ga inai to iya iya tte ieru wagamama
(Zutto kienai you ni kesanai you ni)
Aijou, yuujou, shiritai koto wa nandemo
(Aimai sugite wakaranai yo)
Itsuka kokoro no oku wo daite kureru
Anata wo matteiru

Hokani wa nanimo iranai iya iya iya

Ashita mo shinjiteitai iya iya iya iya iya iya iya


I'm sorry とりあえずサヨナラ

(ずっと消えないように 消さないように)


そうやって優しい言葉で 誤魔化さないで
信じられないわ かっこつけないでよ



(ずっと消えないように 消さないように)




English Translation

That's not what you were saying before
I was able to show you just a little of the real me
But you just get annoyed, annoyed, annoyed
And treat me like an object
That's not what you were saying before

Those days you spent blaming someone else and running and hiding
Won't get you anywhere
I'm sorry, but it's goodbye for now

The selfishness that allows me to say I need you
(May I never lose it, never get rid of it)
Love or friendship, I just want to know
(It's too vague; I just don't get it)
I'm waiting for you to someday knock on the door to my heart

It's not just about you anymore
I think you need to get hurt a little

Don't deceive me with kind words like that
I can't believe them; don't try to look cool

No matter how many years go by, don't stop

Just tell me honestly that you need me
(Want me more; don't act tough)
An afterimage of love is a dreaming girl's escape
(Always getting caught and getting away)
Someday you'll break the key to my heart...

The selfishness that allows me to say I need you
(May I never lose it, never get rid of it)
Love or friendship, I just want to know
(It's too vague; I just don't get it)
I'm waiting for you to someday accept my true heart

I don't need anything else

I just want to believe in tomorrow


Pin Heel Surfer ~ ピンヒールサーファー
Lyrics, Music, & Arrangement: Sho Wada

Let's Go!!!

Yume tte nanika to kikaretara shoujiki bonyari shiterunda
Hade na kakkou shiteiru no wa sonna yowasa no kakuremino

Chikutaku jikan bakari sugite ano hi no watashi wa Long time ago
Demo yume dake katatte nemuru yori me no mae no koto aishitainda

Kattobakku surashuubakku kakkoyoku ikiru manyuaru wa nai kara
Zasshi no kiji maniuketarishite hitomazu koukaku ageru no

Pinhiiru saafaa makenaide pinhiiru saafaa kakenukete
Kosei bosei dakishimete watashi-tachi faitaa
Kyou no egao ga ashita no nami wo okosunda
Kakato funbatte ne Ah Ha! pinhiiru saafaa

Aitsu no shashin deriito shinai sonna jibun wo deriito shitai
Douse namida ga afureru nara marugoto kisu shite sutechau wa

Mabushiku miageta matenrou meiippai suikonde miru Oh
Mada minu areyakoreya kare ni wakuwaku suru no mo kore mata saga

Sheipuappu meikuappu shigoto ni koi umaku korogase shuugyousou
Isshoukenmei tenohira wo ekusasaizu shite sutanbai

Pinhiiru saafaa kirameite pinhiiru saafaa ano sora e
Mirai jidai konnichiwa nani ga okitatte
Ii nami mo warui nami mo jibun de kimerareru no
Sekai wo tanoshime Ah Ha! pinhiiru saafaa

Kattobakku surashuubakku kakkoyoku norikonasenakute mo One more time!
Kitto sono toki me no mae ni aru hikari ga watashi no watashi-tachi no yume..yume..yume!!

Pinhiiru saafaa makenaide pinhiiru saafaa kakenukete
Kosei bosei dakishimete watashi-tachi faitaa
Kyou no egao ga ashita no nami wo okosunda
Kakato funbatte ne Ah Ha! pinhiiru saafaa

Sekai wo tanoshime Ah Ha! pinhiiru saafaa

Let's Go!!!

夢って何かと聞かれたら 正直ボンヤリしてるんだ

チクタク時間ばかり過ぎて あの日のわたしはLong time ago
でも夢だけ語って眠るより 目の前のこと愛したいんだ

カットバック スラッシュバック カッコ良く生きるマニュアルはないから

ピンヒールサーファー 負けないで ピンヒールサーファー 駆け抜けて
個性 母性 抱きしめて わたし達ファイター
かかと踏ん張ってね Ah Ha! ピンヒールサーファー

アイツの写真デリートしない そんな自分をデリートしたい
どうせ涙が溢れるなら 丸ごとキスして捨てちゃうわ

まぶしく見上げた摩天楼 めいいっぱい吸い込んでみる Oh
まだ見ぬアレやコレや彼に ワクワクするのもこれまたサガ

シェイプアップ メイクアップ 仕事に恋 うまーく転がせ修行僧
一生懸命 手のひらを エクササイズして スタンバイ

ピンヒールサーファー キラめいて ピンヒールサーファー あの空へ
未来時代 こんにちは 何が起きたって
世界を楽しめ Ah Ha! ピンヒールサーファー

カットバック スラッシュバック カッコ良く 乗りこなせなくてもOne more time
きっとそのとき目の前にある 光がわたしの わたし達の夢・・夢・・夢!!

ピンヒールサーファー 負けないで ピンヒールサーファー 駆け抜けて
個性 母性 抱きしめて わたし達ファイター
かかと踏ん張ってね Ah Ha! ピンヒールサーファー

世界を楽しめ Ah Ha! ピンヒールサーファー


English Translation

Let's Go!!!

If you ask me what my dream is, honestly, I'll be vague
Wearing flashy clothes covers up that weakness

Time just ticked away for that me a long time ago
But rather than sleep and only talk about my dreams, I want to love what's in front of me

There isn't a manual on cutting back, slashing back, being cool, how to live
So I'll just believe those magazine articles and smile for now

Pin Heel Surfer, don't give up; Pin Heel Surfer, keep running
Embracing our maternal personalities, we're fighters
A smile today will cause a wave tomorrow
Plant your heels down; Ah Ha! Pin Heel Surfer

Rather than delete his picture, I want to delete myself
If tears start overflowing, I'll just kiss and break up

I take a deep breath as I look up at the sparkling skyscrapers
Getting nervous about him and things that are still unseen as another saga begins

Shape up, makeup, loving your job, letting go
With all my might I'll exercise these palms and standby

Pin Heel Surfer, you're glittering; Pin Heel Surfer, to that sky
Say hello to the future age; whatever happens
Good waves or bad waves, you can decide for yourself
Enjoy the world; Ah Ha! Pin Heel Surfer

Cutting back, slashing back, being cool; One more time, even if you can't ride it out!
It'll surely be right in front of us, a light to my, to our dream..dream..dream!!

Pin Heel Surfer, don't give up; Pin Heel Surfer, keep running
Embracing our maternal personalities, we're fighters
A smile today will cause a wave tomorrow
Plant your heels down; Ah Ha! Pin Heel Surfer

Enjoy the world; Ah Ha! Pin Heel Surfer



Ah ichiban boshi hikaru suteki da na yozora no naka STATION
Ah akai hoshi aoi ni kawaru kumo ressha "anata wa doko made?"

Ah kaketa tsuki ga yureru oikosu yo hoshizora ILLUMINATION
Ah hibiki wataru anaunsu kowareteru bureeku kikanai

"Tonneru koetara 'kataomoi dani' yuki desu
Kataomoi no kata suteki na koi wo kanaemashou"

Moshimo kono tabiji ni mahoutsukai ga ite
Hitotsu dake negai kanaete kureru nara
Mayowanaide kou tsutaeru no darou
"Tokenai koi wo kudasai."

Ah mado kara mioroseba irozuita machinami MERRY GO ROUND
Ah nagareboshi ga furisosogu me wo tojite fumidashite miru no

Yumemita basho e to
Tsuzuiteru hazu sou shinjite

Akogare no koiji ni natsu no kaze ga fuite
Fuan na kokoro fukitobaseru no nara
Osorenaide suki to iitai kara
"Makenai yuuki kudasai."

Ah yozora wo kazaru hana mitsuketa no tobikkiri SITUATION
Ah STAR LIGHT de terashita dokidoki wa mou tomerarenai

Ima atashi no me ni wa anata shika utsuranai
Donna hoshi yori kagayaite mieru yo
Itoshii kara namida wa ame ni nari
Karenai hana wo sakaseru

Moshimo kono tabiji ni mahoutsukai ga ite
Hitotsu dake negai kanaete kureru nara
Mayowanaide kou tsutaeru no darou
"Tokenai koi wo kudasai."

Ah 1番星光る 素敵だな 夜空の中 STATION
Ah 赤星青に変わる 雲列車 『アナタはどこまで?』

Ah 欠けた月が揺れる 追い越すよ 星空 ILLUMINATION
Ah 響き渡るアナウンス こわれてる ブレーキ利かない

片思の方 素敵な恋を叶えましょう』

もしも この旅路に 魔法使いが居いて
一つだけ願い 叶えてくれるなら
迷わないで こう伝えるのだろう
『トけない 恋を下さい。』

Ah 窓から見下せば 色付いた町並 MERRY GO ROUND
Ah 流れ星が降り注ぐ 瞳を閉じて 踏み出してみるの

夢見た場所へと続いてるはず そう信じて

憧れの恋路に 夏の風が吹いて
不安な心 吹き飛せるのなら
恐れないで 好と言いたいから
『負けない 勇気 下さい。』

Ah 夜空を飾る華 見けたの とびっきり SITUATION
Ah STAR LIGHT で照らした ドキドキはもう止められない

今私の目には アナタしか映らない
愛しいから 涙は雨になり

もしも この旅路に 魔法使いが居いて
一つだけ願い 叶えてくれるなら
迷わないで こう伝えるのだろう
『トけない 恋を下さい。』


English Translation

Ah, the first star in the evening shines; a beautiful station in the night sky
Ah, a red star turns blue and the clouds form a train; "Where are you headed?"

Ah, I pass over the waning moon as it sways; a starry sky illumination
Ah, an echoing announcement: they're broken; the brakes don't work

"At the end of the tunnel is the 'Valley of Unrequited Love'
One-sided lovers, let's find a wonderful love"

If I met a sorcerer on this journey
And I was granted one wish
I wouldn't hesitate to say
"Please give me a love that never ends."

Ah, looking down from the window, there's a colorful city merry-go-round
Ah, the shooting stars rain down; closing my eyes, I take a step forward

And believe that it'll lead me to the place I've dreamed of

If the summer breeze could blow down the road of love I've longed for
And blow away my fears
I wouldn't be afraid to say I love you
"Please give me the courage not to give up."

Ah, flowers decorate the night sky; I've found an extraordinary situation
Ah, illuminated by the star light, the pounding in my heart won't stop

All I see now is you
Shining brighter than any star
I'm so in love that my tears become rain
Nurturing a flower that will never wither

If I met a sorcerer on this journey
And I was granted one wish
I wouldn't hesitate to say
"Please give me a love that never ends."


Switch ~ スイッチ
Lyrics: TOMOMI, Tajika Yuichi ~ Music: Tajika Yuichi ~ Arrangement: Keita Kawaguchi

Aitai nante iwanai imasara himitsu mo nai
Kyou mo tashika onaji kotoba de kimi wo dakishimeta
Deatta imi wo sagashitatte kotae wa doko ni mo nai darou
Aa dakedo motto shiritai to kimi wa fukureteru
Itsumo no you ni

Tanjun na riyuu de koi ni ochiteita
Sore wo kantan na aizu de kimi wa ukeireta
Aeba itsumo kenka bakari kimochi wa tsuyokunatta no ni
Nee dakara motto shiritai to sara ni fukureteru

Nanimo shinai
Dakedo keitai no denchi ga kireta
Boku wa suicchi wo sagasu

Sora wo mireba aoi na to
Gitaa wo hikeba tanoshii na to
Konna ni mo kanjittete mo
Doushite darou tsutawaranai ya
Nee donna fuu ni hanaseba ii?

Tsuki wo mireba marui na to
Yume wa sameru to sabishii to
Kimi wa totemo kirei dato
Doyoubi ni wa ai ni yukou
Konna ni mo kanjittete mo
Doushite darou tsutawaranai ya
Nee donna fuu ni hanaseba ii?

Aitai nante iwanai
Imasara himitsu mo nai
Ashita mo kitto onaji kotoba de kimi wo dakishimeru

会いたいなんて言わない 今さら秘密もない
あぁ だけどもっと知りたいと君はふくれてる

ねぇ だからもっと知りたいとさらにふくれてる


ねぇ どんな風に話せばいい?

ねぇ どんな風に話せばいい?



English Translation

I won't tell you I miss you; it's no secret by this point
Today, once again, I said the same words as I embraced you
We can look for the reason we met, but we probably won't find an answer
You pout and say, "Aww, but I wanted to know more about you"
Just like you always do

I fell in love for a simple reason
You gave an easy-to-read signal that you accepted that love
We fight whenever we meet, although our hearts have grown tougher
You pout, saying, "See, that's why I want to know more about you"

I won't do anything
But my phone's run out of battery
I look for the switch

When I look up at the sky it's so blue
When I'm playing my guitar it's so much fun
My feelings are so strong
But for some reason I can't express them to you
Hey, how should I talk to you?

When I look at the moon it's so round
When I wake from a dream I miss you so much
You're so beautiful
Why don't I go see you on Saturday?
My feelings are so strong
But for some reason I can't express them to you
Hey, how should I talk to you?

I won't tell you I miss you
It's no secret by this point
Tomorrow, I'm sure that I'll say same words again as I embrace you


Lyrics & Music: MAMI ~ Arrangement: Seiji Kameda

Sakura no kisetsu ga kita ne
Shoutengai no ano kouen mo
Samusa ni makezu ni hirahira to
Kotoshi mo mankai wo mukaetemasu

Issho ni aruita yoru wa
Kirei ni akari ga tomotteta ne
Mijikai hohaba de chakuchaku to
Watashi mo ippozutsu aruitemasu

Are kara dore kurai
Tsukihi ga tatta no ka nante sa
Wasuresou ni naru na
Tachidomatte miageta sakura

Deai mo areba wakare mo aru nante
Dareka ga kimeta kisetsu ni
Mata ne to ookiku te wo futte
Sayonara ja nai koto tashikameta
Kotoba ni naranai kimochi wa
Kono hanabira ni nosereba iin da yo
Tte kimi ga oshiete kureta koto
Ima demo chanto oboeteiru kara

Sakura no kisetsu ga sugiru to
Shoutengai no ano kouen mo
Yakume wo oeta you ni shizuka de
Nandaka sukoshi samishiku narimasu

Ima demo kawaranai?
Shiranai koto mo kitto fueta ne
Amaetakunai kara
Ano hi ni oite kita futatsu no kage

Saisho no namida mo saigo no egao mo
Mimamotte kureta kimi wo
Mabataki suru no mo kowagatte
Nandomo nandomo yakitsuketeta
Kotoba ga tarinai
Sonna wagamama wo
Sakende wa komaraseta
Kimi ga omotte kureta koto
Kizukenakatta wake de wa nai kedo

Are kara takusan no
Tsukihi ga watashi wo kaeta kara
Chigatte mieta no kana
Kirei ni sakihokotta sakura

Deai mo areba wakare mo aru nante
Dareka ga kimeta kisetsu ni
Mata ne to ookiku te wo futte
Sayonara ja nai koto tashikameta
Kotoba ni naranai kimochi wa
Kono hanabira ni nosereba iin da yo
Tte kimi ga oshiete kureta koto
Ima nara chanto wakatteiru kara
Ima demo...



立ち止まって見上げた サクラ




最初の涙も 最後の笑顔も見守ってくれた君を

綺麗に咲き誇った サクラ

いまなら ちゃんと分かっているから


English Translation

The season of cherry blossoms has arrived
In that shopping district's park
They reach full bloom this year again
Braving the cold and fluttering in the air

The lights glowed beautifully
On the nights we walked together
In a short stride
I too steadily walk one step at a time

How much time has passed
Ever since then?
I'm starting to forget
The cherry blossoms we stopped to look up at

In a season where someone decides that
If there are encounters, there are partings as well
We said "See you later" and gave a big wave
To make sure it wasn't goodbye
I hope the feelings I couldn't put into words
Are carried out on these flower petals
Even now I still remember exactly
What you taught me

The season of cherry blossoms passes by
And as if fulfilling its role
That shopping district's park
Becomes quiet and somehow a little lonely

Has it still not changed?
There are so many things that are unfamiliar
Because we don't want to be dependent on each other
Two shadows were left behind that day

You protected those first tears and those last smiles
I was scared to blink my eyes
It burned into my mind over and over
Words aren't enough
I was embarrassed
About shouting out such selfishness
I noticed the things
You felt about me

All of those days since then
Have changed me, so I wonder if
The cherry blossoms that have bloomed beautifully
Seem different

In a season where someone decides that
If there are encounters, there are partings as well
We said "See you later" and gave a big wave
To make sure it wasn't goodbye
I hope the feelings I couldn't put into words
Are carried out on these flower petals
I understand exactly now
What you taught me
Even now...


Lyrics: TOMOMI, Hidenori Tanaka ~ Music: Hidenori Tanaka ~ Arrangement: Keita Kawaguchi

Hello tooku de yonderu koe ga suru
Mou naki tsukareta yoake no mukou e
Mimi wo sumaseba

Sou donna yakusoku shiteitatte itsuka wa
Kitto wasurechau sore dake no koto na no?
Jiwari jiwari to mune ga netsu wo ageru

Riesetto sareru machi mo hito mo kaze mo
Kinou no kanashimi sae mo
Hanarebanare no te to te wo nigittara
Fuan datte harete nanairo no merodii

"Zutto hitori bocchi" nante
Nageichau watashi ni naritakunai yo
Itsudatte utau you ni yobikakeru
Kimi ni todoku you ni
I say "Hello! Hello!"

Motto iitai koto ga takusan atta
Fuman mo wagamama mo chippoke na nayami mo
Tsutaekirezu ni ijiketeita

Surechigau koto mo butsukaru koto mo
Mou heiki kowagattenai yo
Sukima darake no kokoro ga sagashiteru
Itsumo atatakai kimi no tenohira

Zutto hitori ja nai yo!
Kodoku nante minna kakaeteru kara
Itsudatte bukiyou ni mogaiteru
Nakigao no jibun ni
I say "Goodbye, goodbye"

Hanarebanare no te to te wo nigittara
Fuan datte harete nanairo no haamonii

Motto koe wo kikasete
Namida mo egao mo sono mama de ii
Wasuresou na omoide nara
Mada chanto poketto no naka ni arunda

"Zutto hitori bocchi" nante
Nageichau watashi ni naritakunai yo
Itsudatte utau you ni yobikakeru
Kimi ni todoku you ni
I say "Hello! Hello!"

Hello 遠くで呼んでる声がする
もう泣き疲れた 夜明けの向こうへ

そう どんな約束していたっていつかは
きっと忘れちゃう それだけのことなの?
ジワリジワリと 胸が熱を上げる


「ずっと 一人ぼっち」なんて
嘆いちゃう 私になりたくないよ
I say "Hello! Hello!"

もっと 言いたいことがたくさんあった
不満もワガママも ちっぽけな悩みも
伝えきれずに いじけていた

すれちがうことも ぶつかることも
もう平気 怖がってないよ

孤独なんて みんな抱えてるから
I say "Good-Bye, Good-Bye"



「ずっと 一人ぼっち」なんて
嘆いちゃう 私になりたくないよ
I say "Hello! Hello!"


English Translation

I hear a voice far away say hello
Beyond the dawn when I've cried myself out
When I listen carefully...

Yeah, no matter what promises you make
You'll forget one day – is it just that?
The passion in my heart gradually rises

The streets are reset, and the people and the wind
And even the sadness of yesterday
When two people who are apart join hands
The anxiety clears and a rainbow melody takes its place

I don't want to someone who laments
And says "I'll be alone forever"
I'll keep calling out in a song
To you
I say "Hello! Hello!"

There was so much more I wanted to say
But I couldn't voice my complaints or selfishness or little worries
And just sat there feeling sorry for myself

I don't care about misunderstandings or clashes now
I'm not afraid anymore
My heart full of holes is searching
For your palm that's always warm

I'm never alone!
We're all lonely
We're always struggling clumsily
To my tearful face
I say "Good-Bye, Good-Bye"

When two people who are apart join hands
The anxiety clears and a rainbow harmony takes its place

Let me hear your voice more
Cry and smile freely
Even the memories you're about to forget
Are still right there in your pocket

I don't want to someone who laments
And says "I'll be alone forever"
I'll keep calling out in a song
To you
I say "Hello! Hello!"


Take Me Out ~ テイクミーアウト
Lyrics: RINA ~ Music: MAMI ~ Arrangement: Ryo Eguchi

Amai kaori ni sasoware
Yasashii me ni koi wo shita

Ashita wa kitto motto shiritai
Kimi no koto dake

Doko ni deru kamo wakaranai
Mirai e no ruuto tadotte

Nandodemo nobotte kuru taiyou ni
Kodou wo kasanete odorou

AH watashi ni wa kimi to mitai sora ga aru
Koete shimae boodaarain
AH dare ni mo mitsukaranai rakuen made
Te wo tsunaide teiku mii auto

Kage wo narabete aruitemo
Mitasarenai koi wa tsumi?

Namida de kakimazerareru hodo
Nichijou wa doramachikku

Kimi ga kureta kotoba dakishimetara
Mata umarekawareru

Marui chikyuu no katasumi de
Soba ni irareru koto ga shiawase

AH chikazuite hanarete no kurikaeshi
Himitsu wo toite Wandaarando
AH chikazuite hanarete no kurikaeshi
Futari ni hitotsu no wooainii

AH watashi ni wa kimi to mitai sora ga aru
Koete shimae boodaarain
AH dare ni mo mitsukaranai rakuen made
Te wo tsunaide teiku mii auto





AH 私にはきみとみたい空がある
AH 誰にも見つからない楽園まで





AH 近づいて離れてのくりかえし
AH 近づいて離れてのくりかえし

AH 私にはきみとみたい空がある
AH 誰にも見つからない楽園まで


English Translation

A sweet scent tempted me
And I fell in love with your kind eyes

I want to know more about you

I'll follow a route to a future
Where I don't know where I'll end up

Let's dance as our heartbeats overlap
With the sun that rises over and over again

Ah, there's a sky I want to see with you
We've crossed the borderline
Ah, hold my hand and take me out
To a paradise no one can find

Even if we walk side by side to our shadows
Is this unfulfilled love a sin?

Everyday life is dramatic enough
To be stirred by a tear

If I embrace the words you gave to me
I can be reborn again

The things right beside me in the corners of the round earth
Give me happiness

Ah, we keep coming closer and getting separated
I've solved the secret and am in Wonderland
Ah, we keep coming closer and getting separated
The two of us have one love

Ah, there's a sky I want to see with you
We've crossed the borderline
Ah, hold my hand and take me out
To a paradise no one can find


Kagen no Tsuki ~ 下弦の月; Waning Moon
Lyrics, Music, & Arrangement: Takashi Yamaguchi

Ai sekai zenkai emooshon nukete
Shinjidai renai suteeshon ni tatte

Merankorii ni motometa
"Tarinai" no shiiku ga "setsunai" no chiiku nurashite
Shinzou ni toge wo tsukisashiteku

Boku wo terasu kagen no tsuki akari aitai kimochi ga bousou shite
Kanashii kurai ni tsuyogatte tadashii koe wo kakushita
Yoru no yami ni hisomu keimono datte chikazuku tabi mata tachidomatte
"Ashita nanika kawaru kana" tte yoake no doa nokku wo shiteru

Sousa kentai genkaiteki futari ga (Seigisei saisei meirei)
Renshin fukanzennenshou wo sasotte (Reisen nikaisen)

Nurui dasei no naka
"Aimai" no piiku ga "oshimai" no biipu narashite
Ruisen ni sabi wo tamekondeku

Kimi wo terasu kagen no tsuki akari taikutsushinogi ni kiridashita hanashi
"Nihiki no usagi-tachi ga jareatteru" tte itta
"Toriaezu uso ka hontou ka raishuu tsuki ni tsuretette"
Nande mune ga kurushiku natte hagereta mekki hiroiatsumeteru

Aa hijou suicchi de dokusei no izon ni tsukatte kairaku ni mushaburitsuiteru

Aikawarazu kagen no tsuki akari umaku kokoro tsutawannakute
Hitori egao toritsukurotte tsumetai shizuku koboshita
Ano hi kureta mirai no kotoba nante zenbu wasurete shimaitai na
Kyou mo tsugatte yorisotte yoake no sora matte tarishiteru

Aa kagen no tsuki akari

愛 世界 全開エモーション抜けて

【たりない】のシークが【せつない】 のチーク 濡らして

僕を照らす 下弦の月明かり 会いたい気持ちが暴走して
悲しいくらいに強がって 正しい声を隠した
夜の闇に潜む獣だって 近づくたびまた立ち止まって
「明日 何か変わるかな」って夜明けのドア ノックをしてる

そうさ倦怠限界的二人が (セイギセイ サイセイ メイレイ)
恋心不完全燃焼を誘って (レイセン ニカイセン)

【あいまい】のピークが【おしまい】のビープ 鳴らして

君を照らす 下弦の月明かり 退屈しのぎに切り出した話
「とりあえず嘘か本当か 来週月に連れてって」
なんで?胸が苦しくなって 剥げれたメッキ 拾い集めてる

ああ 非常スイッチで 毒性の依存に浸かって 快楽にむしゃぶりついてる

あいかわらず 下弦の月明かり うまくココロ伝わんなくて
ひとり 笑顔とりつくろって 冷たい雫こぼした
あの日くれた 未来の言葉なんて 全部忘れてしまいたいな
今日も番って寄り添って 夜明けの空 待ってたりしてる

ああ 下弦の月明かり


English Translation

Fully open emotions of love are missing from the world
We're standing on a new era station of passion

And I asked for melancholy
My insufficient seeking wet my painful cheeks
And thorns pierce my heart

The light of the waning moon illuminates me; I'm missing you so much it's getting out of control
I acted so tough it's almost sad; the voice of reason was hidden
Even the beasts lurking in the darkness of night come to a halt again each time they come close
I wonder what will change tomorrow as I knock on dawn's door

Yeah, the wearied pair (A sacrificial regeneration order)
Invited the incomplete combustion of love (A second cold war)

Inside a lukewarm momentum
A peak of ambiguity rings out the closing beep
The rust in my tear glands is piling up

The light of the waning moon illuminates you; with a story that cuts into the boredom
We talk about two rabbits playing together
"Whether it's true or false, take me to the moon next week"
Why is my heart starting to ache? I gather up the pretenses that have faded away

Ah, with the emergency switch I sink into my dependence on toxicity and jump into pleasure

The unchanging light of the waning moon; I can't convey my true feelings well
I fix up my smile alone as a cold drop of water spills
I want to forget everything you told me that day about our future
Today we again draw close together as we wait for the dawning sky

Ah, the light of the waning moon

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Northern music life in the north

Happy Valentine's Day♡
Did you have a good day?
Today, the day our precious best album arrives in stores
Was a day of campaigning
With the members each going to different locations
I wore lined 160 denier colored tights
And went on a day trip from the morning to Sapporo!

I did TV + radio tapings and visited CD stores
While snow piled up on my head
I did interviews for newspapers and the like
And then was a one-day only store manager at HMV✌︎
It was soooo much fun!!
I talked all day〜
Above all, I'm glad
That we were able to make an opportunity to see everyone up close before our tour
Thanks for coming out,,,
Although it was a short amount of time
I was really powered up
Everyone is so important to us
We'll be returning to Sapporo in June on our tour
Listen lots to our CD, okay!

Also, tomorrow
Our BEST ALBUM『SCANDAL 』 is finally out!
I hope this strongest best album made together with everyone
Reaches you


2017/2/14 23:26








2017/2/14 23:26

Between radio appearances

We ate pie! It was deliciousー♡

HARU-chan and I did radio appearances today!

Soon, we'll be on the live broadcast of
FM YOKOHAMA「YOKOHAMA RADIO APARTMENT Door wo Aketemasu (Opening the Door)!」!

Tune in, okayー!

Also, our album finally arrives in stores tomorrow!

The four of us will be scattered around different areas and doing best album PR!
I'm going to Hiroshima!
Everyone in Hiroshima, I'm looking forward to seeing youー♡


2017/2/13 21:09




/ 0:28







2017/2/13 21:09

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After pouches - 2017-02-12 (MAMI) - Sun Feb 12, 2017 8:11 pm

After pouches

I thought I'd try starting up embroidery.

I was able to get the materials,, an embroidery book, thread, and cloth✌
I'll post about it if I can make one I can post about again☝

It was chilly today too, wasn't it〜

Our best album
『SCANDAL』 finally comes out next week
I'm excited
Check it out, okay
I'm excited


2017/2/12 22:13










2017/2/12 22:13

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New items - 2017-02-10 (RINA) - Fri Feb 10, 2017 2:29 pm

New items

Feedback!'s new "Long sleeve T-Shirt"
It's devilishly cute✌︎
It'll go on sale from Valentine's Day♡

It snowed in many places today, didn't it
It seems like it's really cold in Sapporo,,
I wonder how many layers I should wear on the 14th
That's what I've been wondering recently haha
Take care to not catch a cold, okay
They're going around right now
I'm looking forward to the event!

Four more days until our best album hits stores early✌︎


2017/2/10 23:13



Feedback!の新作 "Long sleeve T-Shirt"




2017/2/10 23:13

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SCANDAL's 10th Anniversary Site Updated - Fri Feb 10, 2017 3:26 am

SCANDAL's special site for their 10th anniversary/best album has been updated! On it you can find SCANDAL's history, comments on the songs from fans, messages from SCANDAL's friends, and more!

Here are translations of SCANDAL's history + messages from their friends.

SCANDAL's History


Four middle and high school female students of an Osaka dance & vocal school form the band.

Began performing street lives at 「Shiroten」 in Osaka-Jo Park not long after forming, then moved on to performing at live houses in their home area of Kansai.


•Released 3 consecutive TOWER RECORDS limited indie singles monthly starting from March.
•First release 「Space Ranger」 reached #2 on the TOWER Indies Charts.
•Second release 「Koi Moyou」 + third release 「Kagerou」 consecutively reached #1 on the TOWER Indies Charts.
•Their October major label debut single 「DOLL」 earned over 40 power plays from FM/AM/CS stations.


Went on a tour going to 6 major cities in the US before their major debut! Invited to the Japanese cultural festival 「Sakura-Con」 in the US. 7,000 enthusiastic people.

Participated in Japanese cultural festival 「Japan Expo」 in France. 10,000 people enthusiastic about Japanese Girl Rock.

Participated in 「Ani-Com Festival」 in Hong Kong. 8,000 people were in attendance!


Their first album 「BEST★SCANDAL」 debuted at #5 on the Oricon Charts. They achieved being the first all-girl band in 7 years since ZONE to have their first album in the top 5 of the Oricon charts.

With their 3rd single 「Shoujo S」 they won a New Artist Award at the 51st Japan Record Awards.


Their second album 「TEMPTATION BOX」 debuted at #3 on the Oricon Charts, their highest self-record.


Were top performers at the 「12th Animation-Comic-Game Hong Kong」, the largest anime festival in Asia. Also held a solo performance in Hong Kong. Tickets for the 700-person capacity venue instantly sold out!

Appeared at the 「ANIME FESTIVAL ASIA 2010」 event in Singapore. 3,000 people rushed into their solo concert.


Their 3rd album 「BABY ACTION」 debuted at #4 on the Oricon Charts.

They set a huge record for being the first all-girl band in 20 years since PINK SAPPHIRE to have 3 consecutive albums starting from their debut album to rank in the top 5 of the Oricon Charts.


Performed at the Japanese cultural festival 「AM2」 in the US.

Held an Asia tour (Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore). 2,500 people were in attendance.
※Their 3rd album 「BABY ACTION」 held the #1 monthly spot on Singapore HMV's Overseas Artist Charts.


They achieved a huge success in record time with their live at Nippon Budokan on 3/28, 5 years and 7 months after forming the band. Tickets completely sold out within minutes!

Their single 「Taiyou Scandalous」 was a big hit, reaching #2 on the Oricon Charts.

Their 4th album 「Queens are trumps -Kirifuda wa Queen-」 debuted at #4 on the Oricon Charts.

They achieved being the first all-girl band in history to have 4 consecutive albums starting from their debut album to rank in the top 5 of the Oricon Charts.


Were the first Japanese artists to have a song used in a worldwide commercial for Microsoft Windows 8!
Directly appointed by the US Microsoft headquarters. Famous rock artists such as Lenny Kravitz and The Rolling Stones had their songs used in past commercials.

Held a solo concert in Malaysia. The 1,600 capacity venue sold out.
KL Live Center where the venue was located is where European and American artists such as Sum 41 and Fatboy Slim also performed concerts.


Their special collection album 「ENCORE SHOW」 made it to #1 on the Oricon Daily Charts.

Held a solo concert on 3/3 at Osaka-Jo Hall, their dream stage since their indie days. Tickets completely sold out in 5 minutes! 10,000 people were in attendance and was a huge success.

Their 5th album 「STANDARD」 debuted at #3 on the Oricon Charts. They personally updated the achievement they had attained with their 4th album.


Held their second Asia tour (Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia). 5,500 were in attendance.

Appeared with Kyary Pamyu Pamyu as artists representing Japan at Thailand's first large-scale festival 「SONIC BANG」.


Held East-West arena concerts and were the second all-girl band since PRINCESS PRINCESS to perform back-to-back days at Yokohama Arena.
They achieved their second performance at their dream stage of Osaka-Jo Hall, attracting 35,000 people.

Their 6th album 「HELLO WORLD」 debuted at #3 on the Oricon Charts. They updated their achievement of getting all of their albums into the top 5 of the Oricon Charts.


Appeared at the large-scale South Korean rock festival 「2014 Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival」 with artists such as KASABIAN and Travis.


Held their first arena tour 『SCANDAL ARENA TOUR 2015「PERFECT WORLD」』 from December with 40,000 people in attendance!


Their world tour 『SCANDAL WORLD TOUR 2015「HELLO WORLD」』 spanned 41 performanced  in 9 countries (Japan・France・United Kingdom・Germany・USA・Mexico・Singapore・Taiwan・Hong Kong) starting from January with 80,000 people in attendance!


Their 7th album 「YELLOW」 debuted at #2 on the Oricon Charts + #1 on the iTunes Album Charts!

They celebrated their tenth anniversary on 8/21 with an outdoor live in their hometown of Osaka. About 12,000 people were in attendance!


Held an Asia tour (Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand) in support of new album 「YELLOW」.

Held a solo tour 「SCANDAL TOUR 2016“YELLOW”IN EUROPE」 in Europe.


Erika Toda

You can feel SCANDAL's history in this work
I was slightly amazed at myself that I could mostly sing along together with the songs; I was convinced that I was ready to join SCANDAL

BLUE ENCOUNT's Yuya Eguchi (Guitar)

Congratulations on your 10th anniversary as well as the release of your best album

You're all powerful and cool. You're so stylish and overflowing with a city-like vibe although you're not from Tokyo. There's so much to envy it's unfair. Please play a show together with us this year

We personally love "Take Me Out" so much that we covered it, haha

Yu Takahashi

I consider SCANDAL comrades.
Aside from age, some go as far to assume presumptions about girls considered as superiors. However, while being aware of that, I've considered you comrades for the past eight years.
We first met at an event called 「Rock no Gakuen」 held at Misaki High School in Kanagawa Prefecture in March of 2009. At the time SCANDAL had just debuted and my activities centered around doing street lives before I debuted. SCANDAL performed all clad in school uniforms. I was playing on the street half naked. I had something in mind that didn't make sense, and I think that both SCANDAL and I were shouting out our emotions for ourselves or our surroundings. We were playing to audiences that were half full. When you greeted me for the first time, I have memories of you having smiles on your faces. We both had sharpness and a danger to us that we would break if touched. There was no doubt that SCANDAL left an impression with me. I thought, "They're not stopping here; they're looking towards what's up ahead." I hautily thought, "It's the same for me! I get it; we're comrades!" Aside from whether or not we could become friends, I was excited imagining the future where I'd be working hard with these people. I was happy that I was able to meet SCANDAL when they were just getting started. I felt that, when we'd meet again, a future where we could see each other's evolution and growth would be waiting.

It's been eight years since then.
SCANDAL's success since my encounter with them at Misaki High School up until today is known without me having to say it. There are many people now in various countries around the world waiting for what's next for SCANDAL. Every time I see that, it feels like the impression left behind from Misaki tingles and it makes me feel, "Ah, SCANDAL's doing this next. Okay, I can't lose out; I'll do my best." I'm looking forward to the day when we can work shoulder to shoulder again someday.

Eight years ago SCANDAL played "DOLL" at Misaki High School, and I have personally checked out every new release of theirs from their debut song to their current releases by chance. SCANDAL's best album is a release that follows my comrade's tracks, and you can receive it together with the recorded tracks that make you look back on yourself when you listen to them. It is important to reconfirm the impressions that they have left behind in the world as I look forward more and more to what's in store for them. If I listened to it now I'd go past tingling--I'd probably start crying.

Asami Mizukawa

A unique all-girl band who are both cute and cool.
You've recently combined that with being dignified, which I think is amazing.
It's so wonderful.

Continue to evolve as both a band and as women. I want us to stay close until we're grandmas.
Please keep delivering things only SCANDAL can do!!!

Negoto's Mizuki Masuda (Guitar)

Hope you're doing well! Mizuki here!
Congrats on the release of 『SCANDAL』~!
Each song is packed with SCANDAL's spark and it's exciting to hear any one of them.
Both old and new songs have brightness and sadness to them,
Which is why I think they enter and embrace our minds.

You'll be going on a 47 prefecture tour.
I hope it's a huge success! Enjoy it. Please text me when you're tired! haha
I'll always support you. Love the four of you.

Daimaou Kosaka

I wanted the band SCANDAL to sing with my main character's bursting sounds + Japanese musical instrument tracks. In addition, I made a mix of self-introduction songs that were requested of me!
I was so excited because I was already a huge fan!
I'll also add that the member's rapping skills at the time of recording were impressive!
Anyway, this song fulfilled one of my dreams, so it's a super super super favorite one of mine!

SCANDAL, passing through mysteries as girls and who clearly became the coolest band in Japan...your songs, sounds, your silhouettes during lives, and, above all, your performances are the coolest things on earth...
Keep on keeping on! Love you guys!

KEYTALK's Yuki Yagi (Drums)

SCANDAL, congratulations on your tenth anniversary!
I felt so moved that so many good songs can be found on SCANDAL's best album, being at this for ten years.
I was taken aback when you performed 「EVERYBODY SAY YEAH!」 at our first joint live last year.
Those drum fills before the second chorus! I also love the very gentle song 「Chiisana Honoo」. I want to see it live.
I have particularly deep memories of 「Yoake no Ryuuseigun」 as it's an MV that's played nightly... I want us to play a joint live at a live house someday!
(I respect Mamitasu for being so good at Monster Hunter...)

Yuuki Mihara (Japanese talent・model・FM802 DJ)

About 「Awanai Tsumori no, Genki de ne」
Based on the title, it's a song you'll never forget once you hear it.
The words "just before we part" really sketched out that moment precisely because music pulls out emotions.
I love that that rings out with SCANDAL-like rock and is strong and painful.

This song started playing when I got in a taxi in San Francisco.
The driver, who seemed to be a fan, heard it, and I boasted that "SCANDAL is my friend!!"
He told me to tell him my phone number, so I politely refused.

I started listening to SCANDAL's music when I became friends with TOMOMI.
We went to Nanao Tavito and KANDYTOWN's live together and walked 17km along a mountain path due to a mistake.
I was hit by her spirit and performance contrary to her kindness and cuteness reminiscent of a small animal.
Also, her sense of humor.

SCANDAL's music and diverse members are so cool and really keep me motivated as a person of the same generation as them.
It's so amazing how they started from not having any experience with instruments to continuing to be a band for ten years, and their songwriting recently has just been getting better and better!
I'm happy I was able to make goods for the first time with SCANDAL for the radio. Let's do it again!


Hearing SCANDAL on the radio or a CD, their strength and bonds get stronger each year.
Please listen to the trajectory set by SCANDAL in their ten years!
A best album is one milestone for bands as well as a new departure.
Keep looking forward to SCANDAL!

Rina Katahira

Congratulations on the release of your best album!!
Even as you continue to change and challenge new things one after another, you can feel that the strength of your core as a band does not shake.
I have been influenced quite a bit as a musician and as a woman.
Let's get together again〜!

Seiji Kameda

Cute but wild!
Girly but handsome men!


Ryuta Shibuya (Vocals)

It is brilliant how these four blossoms are arranged. Bands must have blossoms, regardless of gender.
Just being a blossom is a fun part of being in a band.
The tracks and months/days you've walked and the current shape of the members are proof that you're both blossoms and not just blossoms.
I believe that these ten years were not just for show. Congratulations.


Ryota Yanagisawa (Guitar)

Congratulations on your best album 「SCANDAL」!
By deciding the songs with fan voting undeniably makes it a "best album," doesn't it.
I am beyond happy that the songs 「Koe」 and 「Awanai Tsumori no, Genki de ne」 that I wrote and you recorded are songs that are loved.
I think that your appeal will grow even more (!), so please continue to fascinate the world by continuing to be the unique band that you are!


Kenta Uesugi (Bass)

Best album. You can feel the history in it~so awesome.
I'm looking forward even more to your activities from here on out!!
Let's play a live together again~!!


Hiroaki "28-years-old" Fujiwara (Drums)

Congrats on the release of BEST ALBUM「SCANDAL」 in commemoration of SCANDAL's 10th anniversaryー!!
It's so great that you've come this far and that this is your first self-titled release!
The staggering number of songs you've done and the depth of their contents are also wonderful!
The new songs too are great!! Congratulations, truly, on your releaseー!!(^ω^)

℃-ute's Airi Suzuki

Congratulations on your 10th anniversary and the release of your best album!!
Thank you so much for the valuable and wonderful experience when we collaborated at a Halloween live in October of 2016!
I've loved you since your school uniform days. I'm dreaming about the day we can collaborate together again, and I want to listen to the best album to the point of wearing it out♡

SCANDAL is the best! I love SCANDAL!♡



The comments I wrote for two of the songs made it in! Also, I wish they had remembered to include their appearance at Honolulu Ekiden & Music 2014 in their history. Sucks they forgot that. :(
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SCANDAL is in charge every Monday in February! Tonight we start with HARUNA.

TOKYO VAGABOND is a program that boasts a lineup of over 40 million songs from the latest hit songs to famous songs
A program where each navigator delivers the best selection from the world's largest music discovery service Spotify.
With PlayStation Music, you can wander the music world with Spotify anytime, during games, on the move... VAGABOND!

One month has already passed this year, hasn't it
My goal has been set for this year,,,
「Don't be shy」
It feels like I say this every year--it feels like I've been saying this every year since SCANDAL formed,
But I'm really going to give it my best this year.
2017 will be about
Having an increase in friends--rather, I want to have an increase in my musician friends.
SCANDAL will be releasing our best album "SCANDAL" next week on 2/15.
It's quite a voluminous work with 36 songs (including new songs).
Also, we'll be going on a 47 prefecture tour in support of our best album.
It'll be our first 47 prefecture tour, so I'd like us watch our health
While eating many delicious things and having fun.

So, the songs I've chosen tonight
Are songs I want to listen to during coffee time.
It's a blissful time for me when I drink coffee.
Taking in the aroma of coffee while listening to a CD,,,
I'll enjoy tomorrow.

1. If I Ain't Got You / Alicia Keys
The first time I heard this was when I was in high school,
But I think it's a very mature, lovely song. It's one I've always been listening to.
I attended a dance & vocal school in Osaka when I was in high school,
And this song was used during lessons. I remember not being able to sing it very well.

2. Love Is Law / Earth, Wind & Fire
I've loved Earth, Wind & Fire since middle school.
This song is on an album released in 2013.
I liked listening to 70s and 80s music when I was in middle school.
I chose it because music you can keep listening to, without it changing even 20 or 30 years later, is wonderful.

3. Change the World / Eric Clapton
I remembered this after choosing this song,
But wasn't this used in a commercial for canned coffee?
That's not why I chose it, but when my mom came over to my place the other day, she brought along a Clapton CD
The audio set in and it felt like I had gone back home.
So, I thought I'd give it a listen.
This is a song I'd listen to in a relaxed mood while drinking coffee.
I chose it because I was strangely addicted to the mood of that time.

This is a song I'd like everyone to listen to when drinking coffee.
But, I'll leave the situation to you.
YELLOW is an album you can listen to at anytime
And is a very colorful album, so I'd be happy
If you'd listen to it at your favorite timing.

※The songs introduced today have been uploaded to a monthly playlist on Spotify.
SCANDAL's playlist
→Can be found here.


PR in Osaka - 2017-02-09 (TOMOMI) - Thu Feb 09, 2017 1:00 pm

PR in Osaka

We were at MBS all day today.

We recorded for TV and radio, and also were on a live broadcast of 「Chichin Puipui」

The Chinese cabbage steak we had on Kitchen Puipui was delicious,,
I ate all of it in 3 minutes,,

We're heading back to Tokyo on the shinkansen.
On the right is RINA, on the left is MAMI, and next to me is HARUNA. We're sitting in a single row.
It was awesome that we got to buy butaman (pork buns) from 551ー. Osaka is awesomeー.


2017/2/9 21:51









2017/2/9 21:51

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New Feedback! items & a "「SCANDAL TOUR 2016 IN EUROPE」 photo album" will go on sale starting from 2/14 at Feedback! Shop in Shibuya & Kitty Entertainment Web Shop!

"Feedback! Long sleeve T-Shirt" & "Feedback! tote bag" will go on sale starting from 2/14 at Feedback! Shop in Shibuya!

Although the shop is regularly closed Tuesdays, it will be open on 2/14 in commemoration of the release of the best album!

Also, as a Valentine's present from Feedback!, the odds of winning something with the SCANDAL gachagacha machines will be increased from 2/14~2/20!

【Feedback! Long sleeve T-Shirt】
Size: S/M/L
Price: 4,500 yen

【Feedback! tote bag】
Size: W36×H37×D11
Price: 1,500 yen

A 「SCANDAL TOUR 2016 IN EUROPE」 photo album packed with shots from SCANDAL's European tour will be on sale from 2/14 at Feedback! & Kitty Entertainment Web Shop!

Those who purchase it on 2/14 will receive a Valentine's postcard present! They randomly come with autographs from the band!

< Valentine's postcard present period >
■Feedback!: 2/14 - 12:00~18:00

■Kitty Entertainment Web Shop: 2/14 - 12:00~23:59

※Please note that bonuses will only be given out to those who order on 2/14.

B5 size / 144 pages
Publication date: 2017/2/14
Publisher: Kitty Publishing Co., Ltd.
Publisher: Kitty Entertainment Inc.
Price: 4,000 yen


Recently - 2017-02-08 (MAMI) - Wed Feb 08, 2017 11:52 am


I've been hooked on making pouches

They're durable ones with lining✂︎
I can now make caramel pouches⤴︎

Well then, our best album is out next week...
My heart's pounding...
I want to hurry up and have everyone to listen to it〜☺︎


2017/2/8 20:43








2017/2/8 20:43


*caramel pouch = pouches that look like this; named so due to their resemblance to a caramel candy wrapper like this
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