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The completed Fan Letter Project is officially in, and as you can see it turned out amazing! Again, thank you so much to everyone who participated, and everyone who donated!

#front-page #scandal_spthx
SCANDAL HARUNA professes the existence of a lover - 「I have a very natural love」

When HARUNA, who turned 30 years old on August 10th, was asked about any aspirations for her 30s, she commented, 「Living how I've always lived even after entering my 30s is my current goal」. She continued, 「Also, for example, having a child while continuing to play music is a current goal of mine」; 「Before I turn 35 I'd like to get married and have a child」.

Reminiscing, she said, 「SCANDAL continuing on for 10 years is, in a sense, is a miraculous thing. Four girls playing music for 10 years is not something ordinary. At the same time there are also many bands that have broken up」. She excitedly said, 「Having been able to continue on for 10 years really gave us confidence, and my outlook from hereafter is for the four of us to continue on as long as we can」.

In regards to her private life, she revealed the prescence of a lover by saying 「I have a very natural love」. When she was asked 「Is it going well?」, she said, 「Yes」 with a smile. She made a comment about her partner, saying, 「I'll refrain [from talking about them]. Naturally」.

This photo book was shot in Cebu [in the Philippines]. Taking on the challenge of doing her first swimsuit shoot, HARUNA's healthy body and mind are reflected in this. Although it was only just released on her 30th birthday, she said this about her current mentality and felt relief: 「I'm a little relieved」. She recollected, 「This is the first time I'm releasing something on my own and doing something outside of music, so I couldn't at all picture how many people would buy it, or how many people would see it」, and when a second pressing of the photo book was decided as well as seeing for herself its popularity in person at the store after its release. 「It made me very happy」, she said.

It seems that the band members told her, 「It's amazing to be able to dispatch all sorts of things in the form of a photo book as you're turning 30」. She said, 「Honestly, I thought they would say things like, 『I wonder how it'll be, a band member releasing a photo book』, but I'm confident that we have worked towards and have broken down things like "There are things we shouldn't do because we're a band," or "We're a band, so it should be this way" in a sense, so a band's vocalist releasing a photo book in this way also gives me confidence」, and put the feelings she included in her photo book into words: 「I think this is the most I've ever enjoyed life so far, so I hope everyone can simply see that」.

HARUNA looked back, saying, 「Since I went to the gym for this and trained my body, I rather enjoyed shooting this instead of resisting it」, and, 「As I was having my pictures taken, I unexpectedly realized that I like having my picture taken, so that was a good discovery」. She gave a glimpse into fulfilled state of mind, saying, 「It feels like 『There's nothing to be scared of anymore!』」. Smiling, she said, 「100 points. I'll deliver it with confidence」.

HARUNA WEEK - 2018-08-14 (HARUNA) - Tue Aug 14, 2018 6:06 pm


Everyone who came out to "HARUNA WEEK" at Feedback! from 8/8〜13, thank you so much!

A lot of people came out in the middle of the rain due to the typhoon, and in spite of it being a busy period during obon ^ ^

When I went to the shop, I helped out those who bought my photo book with the lottery [where you could win an autographed copy]ー!

My heart beat so fast the moment a lottery ball was opened,,
Congrats to those who won I worked hard on the autographs, so please cherish them. haha
Those who didn't win received stickers as a present. It had the same design as the t-shirts and tote bag,
And was limited to Feedback! only!

It was also held during my birthday, and having everyone celebrate my birthday and having a lot of people right in front of my eyes pick up my photo book that I made for turning 30 made me happy.
Though it was a little embarrassing seeing everyone looking at the exhibition of the off-shots from the photo book.
It's been 10 years as of this year since we had our major label debut, and this was the first summer we've spent like this (member weeks), so it turned out to be a very valuable time!

Ah, in the photo book I look back on what's happened so far, and I also talk about a lot of things like what's next and personal things too. If you carefully read the interview, you'll understand why I went with the title 「SOMEWHERE」, so don't just look at the pictures; read the interview too. haha

Again, thank you to everyone who came outー!
I also left a message in the shop's notebook, so those going there from this point on, check it out, okayー!

"RINA WEEK" starts from the 15th
Look forward to that tooー!!


2018/8/14 19:15



8月8日〜13日まで、Feedback! "HARUNA WEEK" に来てくれたみなさん、ありがとうございました!

台風の影響で雨降る中、お盆中の忙しい時期にも関わらず、たくさんの方が足を運んでくれました^ ^



当たった方おめでとう サイン頑張って書いたので大事にしてくださいね。笑





15日からは "RINA WEEK"


2018/8/14 19:15


*I'll do my best to translate the interview in the photo book, but it won't be until after the "Special Thanks" tour!
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HARUNA WEEK Recap - Mon Aug 13, 2018 9:30 pm

A recap on HARUNA WEEK:

HARUNA:『1st photo book「SOMEWHERE」will be available early only at Feedback! Shop in Shibuya starting tomorrow!』

Feedback!:「HARUNA WEEK - 8/8~8/13」

HARUNA:『Thank you for the many messages
I turned 30 today(I tend to hold these kinds of balloons on my birthday)

Also, my 1st photo book 「SOMEWHERE」 is out today!
I'd be happy if you enjoy the photos, of course, and the interview too
HARUNA WEEK is currently being held at Feedback!ー!』

HARUNA:「Autographing rally

HARUNA:「HARUNA WEEK at Feedback! is open from 12:00 today too

「I went to HARUNA at Feedback! for a little bit
Those who I got to meet, and those who picked up the photo book, thank youー!
"HARUNA WEEK" runs until tomorrow!
Ah, if you'd like, tell me your thoughts on the photo bookー!!」

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Submissions for SCANDAL HEAVEN Fan Letter Project Vol. 9 are now officially closed. Thank you so much to everyone who submitted something for this, and everyone who graciously donated as well!

Because of the generous donations, I'd also like to announce that we were able to also get a huge vinyl banner which we will be bringing along to the three New York and California shows that everyone attending will be able to sign! Again, thank you guys so much for making this possible as well.

For those curious, we were able to hit 80 pages for the FLP, which the most we've ever had for one! Here's a sneak peek at all of the entries:

I will upload a video of me quickly flipping through the finished book once it arrives!

Once more, thank you so much to everyone who contributed!

#front-page #scandal_spthx

The deadline to submit any letters, fan art, thank you messages, etc. for the Fan Letter Project is TOMORROW, August 10th @ midnight PDT!

#front-page #scandal_spthx

RitsuTainaka29 wrote:I have submitted my letters already! I also donated to help keep these projects going! Aaaaaahhh! I'm so excited for them to get this fan letter project!!! LOVE

Thanks so much for donating! Your donor button has been added Happy

Also, thank you so much to everyone who has donated towards this project! You guys are awesome! This project is definitely going to turn out even more awesome than past ones! Happy

MAMI WEEK! - 2018-08-07 (MAMI) - Tue Aug 07, 2018 4:30 am


Thank you so much for these past six days!
There were people who lined up from early in the morning under the blazing sun, those who came to the shop from far away for this, those who dropped by during breaks from work on studying,,
So many people came by, and we were able to successfully close it out!
Thank you so much

Each past SCANDAL item that I remade & the scrunchies, hangers, pouches, etc. that I made for this week,,
All of the handmade items were lined up during MAMI WEEK
And were welcomed by everyone,,

Seeing everyone take the items home with them with smiles on their faces
It felt like I was sending my children off on a journey and was so emotionally moving(;_;)

Ah, I'm so glad I worked hard,,
Thank you so much to everyone,,(;_;)

Someday, truly someday, someday before long, I hope I get to do something like this again♪
I'm thinking of something, something, something

I will never forget these past six days, truly

I'll be waiting for your pictures of you wearing/using the remade items I made

Thank you so much for these past six days!!!!


2018/8/7 13:17




MAMI WEEKではすべて手作りのものを並べて









2018/8/7 13:17

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The final day of MAMI WEEK + updates on HARUNA WEEK & RINA WEEK:

MAMI WEEK, day 6:

MAMI:「The final day of MAMI WEEK Today at Feedback! from 12:00

A "ta-da" tote will be appearing today

Hm? I attached eyes to them」

MAMI:「Today's line-up, part 1」

MAMI:「Today's line-up, part 2」

MAMI:「The final day

Sold out

Thank you so much to everyone who dropped by

MAMI:「The final day of MAMI WEEK
Thanks for selling out all of the remake goods, handmade items, and small items!!
This is probably the hardest I've ever worked on something
It felt like my hobby turned into work (although not full-blown), and it was really fun!
Thank you so much to everyone who came out and lined up from early on in the heat!! Love」


HARUNA:「My 1st photo book「SOMEWHERE」 will be offered for sale early during HARUNA WEEK that will start from the 8th at Feedback!ー
It'll only be offered for sale early at Feedback! Shop!
Those able to come, please come and get them early


RINA:「I made my first ZINE, a book that puts together pictures and poems! It'll be sold in limited quantities during RINA WEEK from 8/15〜8/20 at Feedback! Shop! I wrote the poems in a different taste from lyrics, so it would make me happy if you'd be excited to see it〜, it becomes the chance to experience various things and broaden your interests, and fall in love with music and words even more - I can't wait✌︎」

#front-page #goods
Off-shots from HARUNA's 1st Photo Book『SOMEWHERE』 + details on the release events:

■Pre-order from CD Japan

HARUNA:『「SOMEWHERE」off shot... For the release of my photo book, I'll be posting off-shots a little at a time starting today☺️』

HARUNA:『「SOMEWHERE」off shot...

HARUNA:『「SOMEWHERE」off shot...

HARUNA:『Preorders for my 1st Photo book「SOMEWHERE」 out on the 10th are going well, and a second pressing has been decided before its release! So happyー

Also, the event details have also been released
8/18 (Sat.) in Tokyo at HMV&BOOKS SHIBUYA 6F event space
8/25 (Sat.) in Osaka at Standard Book Store, Shinsaibashi location
Are where the release events will be held!
Check out our homepage for more details!』

Event details:

【Schedule】 2018/8/18 (Sat.) 13:00~
【Venue】 HMV&BOOKS SHIBUYA 6F Event Space

【Special bonus details】
■1 book ticket: Photo book (signed) handed to you by HARUNA
■2 book tickets: Two photo books (signed) + original alternate cover handed to you by HARUNA

※The 1 book ticket/2 book tickets for the autographs will be given out beforehand.

【How to participate in the event】
・Reserve in-store at HMV&BOOKS SHIBUYA 6F checkout counter (inside Shibuya MODI) only
Reservations begin 8/6 (Mon.) 10:00~

・Reserve by phone: 8/8 (Wed.) 10:00~ 8/16 (Thu.) 21:00
 ※Reservations by phone will be taken between 10:00~21:00 (weekdays) / 10:00~18:30 (Weekends + holidays)

【Contact information】
HMV&BOOKS SHIBUYA tel: 03-5784-3270

【Schedule】 2018/8/25 (Sat.) 12:00~
【Venue】 Standard Book Store Shinsaibashi

【Special bonus details】
■1 book ticket: Photo book (signed) handed to you by HARUNA
■2 book tickets: Two photo books (signed) + original alternate cover handed to you by HARUNA

※The 1 book ticket/2 book tickets for the autographs will be given out beforehand.

【How to participate in the event】
・Reservations in-store: 8/6 (Mon.) 11:00~
・Reservations by phone: 8/8 (Wed.) 11:00~

Please check here for more details:

#front-page #haruna_somewhere

MAMI WEEK, Days 3-5 - Sun Aug 05, 2018 8:49 am

MAMI WEEK, days 3-5:

Day 3:


Today's line-up, part 1」

MAMI:「Today's line-up, part 2」

Day 4:


We'll be open until 18:00 today too

Today's line-up, part 1」

MAMI:「Today's line-up, part 2」

MAMI:「Small items

Feedback!:「MAMI WEEK


MAMI:「MAMI WEEK day 4 was fun too

I wore really adorable, flower garden-like clothes from SIIILON, and although I had only just put clothes on hangers, (of course) I let the hangers wear the clothes is what I murmured to myself

I couldn't hide it from the customers

Thanks to everyone who came out

Manager MAMI ⇆ Fairytale lady

Haa! The return of the lady series?!」

Day 5:


Today's line-up, part 1

I didn't really show the the first plaid dress t-shirt

MAMI:「We're open from 12:00

Today's line-up, part 2」

MAMI:「Tomorrow is the final day of MAMI WEEK

Which means that, tomorrow, there will be scrunchies and headbands that MAMI and TOMOMI actually wore for the lives on our 47 Prefecture Tour last year

MAMI:「Tomorrow's finally the last day of MAMI WEEK!
Which means!! The scrunchies MAMI and TOMOMI actually wore on our 47 Prefecture Tour

Remake items
SCANDAL MANIA-only pouch
Perfect World tote

Will be added!
Adding in newly-made scrunchies,
This extravagant line-up will be waiting for you

#front-page #goods
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Say Thanks to SCANDAL - Sun Aug 05, 2018 5:53 am

For this "Special Thanks" tour, we'd like to ask fans to say thanks to SCANDAL to also be included in the Fan Letter Project!

Write a few sentences saying thank you to SCANDAL, and if you'd like, you can include any SCANDAL-related photos and/or photos of yourself, and any of your social media usernames!

*If you've already submitted a letter or plan to submit one, you may also submit a message for this section too!

You can e-mail your messages to us at, or submit them here in this thread!

#front-page #scandal_spthx
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MAMI WEEK, Day 1 + 2 - Thu Aug 02, 2018 5:51 pm

MAMI WEEK, day 1 & 2:

Day 1:

MAMI:「MAMI WEEK starts today

Here's the small items corner

MAMI:「Adorable hangers

MAMI:「Today's line-up, part 1」

MAMI:「Today's line-up, part 2」

MAMI:「Em Zed Eych's candles add color to the shop's interior

Feedback!:「8/1 ~ 8/6 - MAMI WEEK at Feedback!」

Day 2:

MAMI:「The final summer of the Heisei period


MAMI:「Today's line-up, part 1」

MAMI:「Today's line-up, part 2」

Day 2
Today, I came to Feedback! Shop in Shibuya
And watched over
The remade goods and small items
Traveling over to everyone
It'll be held for six days
Please take a look if you'd like
#An explanation of the wool
#An explanation of the buttons
#An explanation of the lining
#An explanation of the fabric
#to everyone
#who was wondering
#and came to mind for
#Sorry about that
#It made me want to talk about them
#So cute
#I want to emphathize
#with the violence of cuteness
#Manager MAMI」

#front-page #goods
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The deadline for FLP submissions is next Friday, August 10th!

Please submit any letters, fan art, etc. that you'd want to send to the band!

#front-page #scandal_spthx

botany tiny craft - 2018-07-30 (TOMOMI) - Mon Jul 30, 2018 4:54 pm

botany tiny craft

Many people came out during these six days, and the several hundred flowers that I continued to make all went on a journey to everyone's locations.
Thank you so much!

I grew, plucked, added color, and dried them, and I put love into making each and every one.
Everyone picking one up with shining looks on their faces and saying that they're cute was kind of like I was being praised for my children.
Also, it makes me happy from the bottom of my heart that these children are going on a trip, but it's also a bit sad.
This is the first time I've felt like this.
By the way, I've never had a child. Apologies.

At any rate, it was thanks to everyone that we could have a having a wonderful and fulfilling time.
Since the shop is in Tokyo, I heard that a lot of people couldn't come.
If another chance comes around one day, I hope they can be delivered to all of those people.

Everyone who took home flowers
I'd be happy if you'd cherish them.

Have flowers as a part of your life.


2018/7/30 21:02

botany tiny craft








2018/7/30 21:02

#front-page #goods
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The final day of TOMOMI WEEK + more details on MAMI WEEK:


Feedback!「Feedback! Member Week・TOMOMI "botany tiny craft" is finished as of today!

Thank you very much to the many people who came out!」


Feedback!「MAMI WEEK will be held from 8/1 (Wed.)〜8/6 (Mon.)!

Remade clothes & misc. goods handmade by MAMI, as well as MAMI-designed t-shirts & knapsacks will be available in abundance!

※Attached is one part of the items that will be available. Please note that, because there are a limited number of products, there will be times when we will limit the number of items one person may purchase.」

#front-page #goods
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All of the recent updates on TOMOMI WEEK + items from MAMI WEEK & HARUNA WEEK:


TOMOMI:「I went to work at the Feedback! Shop today
I'm so happy that a ton of people came out today too!
I'll come againー!」

Feedback!:「TOMOMI "botany tiny craft" open」

TOMOMI:「Thanks so much for coming to botany tiny craft today too!
Tomorrow's finally the last day


HARUNA:「I made a SOMEWHERE shoulder tote bagー!
It'll be on sale at Feedback! during HARUNA week(8/8-8/13)


MAMI:「Remade fanny pack/hip sack

This is how one turned out

It's a different one from yesterday's

MAMI:「An oversized tank top with a hood

There will be three hood colors: white, black, and gray

MAMI:「Fanny pack - So cute

MAMI:「A decorated travel pouch


There will be a set amount of remade items, scrunchies, hangers, etc. per day, and there will be a a different line-up each day

However, please understand that quantities are limited

We plan to have the same amount of items available for each day of MAMI WEEK

Things like "We put all of them up for sale on the first day and sold out; sorry There won't be anything from day two onwards! " will NOT happen, so don't worry!

Wait just a little bit longer for details on the items, okay

I want everyone to see them right awayー」

MAMI:「Mesh switched dress

You can adjust the waist with the shoelaces

The mesh skirt will come in purple and black」

MAMI:「HAWAii t-shirt with ribbed trim

Wide ribbing

There will be other colors of ribbing


MAMI:「Suspender skirt t-shirt

The skirt is attached to the t-shirt

Since it's a suspender skirt, the plaid will come in yellow (small t-shirt) and blue-green (large t-shirt)」

#front-page #goods
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HARUNA's 1st Photo Book『SOMEWHERE』 - Thu Jul 19, 2018 8:43 am

HARUNA's photo book 『SOMEWHERE』 is now up for pre-order on CD Japan!

■Pre-order from CD Japan

#front-page #haruna_somewhere
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More Details for MAMI WEEK - Thu Jul 19, 2018 7:59 am

More from MAMI:


Remade fanny pack/hip sack

A colorful bag with crochet Afghan and embroidered tape

So cute

#front-page #goods

2many2no wrote:Sorry, I didn't mean for that to sound exclusionary in any way.

I have the greatest admiration for all of these young women as imaginative, multi-talented artists.

Totally get you, but I was just surprised that you were surprised that TOMO's handmaking stuff as if she was the only one doing so, even though MAMI is also handmaking stuff and she was the one who had announced first that she'd be selling handmade-stuff.
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TOMOMI WEEK @ Feedback! Shop in Shibuya - Wed Jul 18, 2018 4:00 pm

TOMOMI WEEK at Feedback! Shop in Shibuya - "botany tiny craft"

7/25 (Wed.) - 7/30 (Mon.)

TOMOMI WEEK is titled "botany tiny craft"

Herbarium, swag, and handmade items using dried flowers will be for sale

Videos from TOMO's Instagram Stories:

#front-page #goods
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More details on RINA, HARUNA, and MAMI WEEKs at Feedback Shop in Shibuya have been released.


"RINA WEEK" at Feedback!

A poem and photo exhibition called "ROSE HOTEL" made in collaboration with artist SAYAKA ENA will be held. Please come and experience this space where artwork and words that emit love, glamour, and occasionally poison have a session together.

ー ー ー ー

A solo exhibition that was one of my goals!
It's okay to take pictures of everything inside, so I'd be happy if you enjoy pictures and words spelled out with a different touch than lyrics while keeping records of them☺️︎ I'll do my best at finishing up the production〜

Duration: 08/15 〜 08/20

RINA WEEK at Feedback! - A poem and photo exhibition called "ROSE HOTEL" made in collaboration with artist SAYAKA ENA will be held

We also made some goods

Clear bag - 3000 yen
Pouch - 1800 yen
Key holder - 1500 yen

There's also one more special item currently in production, so look forward to it

Let's make it a great summer〜✌️


MEMBER WEEKS will be held at Feedback! in Shibuya!
For HARUNA WEEK there will be a special bonus item included with my photo book 『SOMEWHERE』 that is limited to the SHOP only, and a photo display that has shots that were not included in the book.
A SOMEWHERE t-shirt will also be for saleー!
Come out, okay



Basketball jersey remake
Switched sweats
Waist: 100 cm max
This is what it's like on me who's 160 cm

Basketball jersey remake
This is my jersey fabric series

#front-page #goods

HARUNA's 1st Photo Book『SOMEWHERE』 - Fri Jul 13, 2018 11:31 am

On August 10th, HARUNA will be releasing her first photo book titled 『SOMEWHERE』!

HARUNA, all-girl band SCANDAL's frontman, will be releasing her first photo book on her 30th birthday. 110 pages of her first expressions she showed on a trip to the south. Additionally, she talks about work and love in an interview that's over 15,000 words...

HARUNA ran through her 20s as the frontman of SCANDAL and will be celebrating her 30th birthday on 2018/ 8/10. She set off on a journey after their tour in Japan had just finished. A word that expresses her current self is 「SOMEWHERE」, meaning "everywhere but here." There is no destination--it's still yet to be seen.

The pictures of HARUNA in this book reflect a healthy heart and body and show a wide variety of expressions. Confidence gained through band activities, an unyielding spirit that doesn't give in even in the face of setback, a look of staring at everything straightforwardly, a smile of a young girl, sadness and kindness experienced through real love, an expression of an adult, and a frankness never seen before. Please enjoy this session shot with photographer Tsutomu Ono during the few days HARUNA took of vacation away from the band.

Also included is an interview where she speaks candidly about things such as the band, work, and love. A book that'll reverberate with fans of SCANDAL and HARUNA, of course, and adult women of the same generation.

*CD Japan will most likely make this available for sale soon.

**Looks like the pictures were shot when HARU went down to Cebu in the Philippines right after the Japan leg of the HONEY tour was done!

#front-page #haruna_somewhere
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SCANDAL HEAVEN Fan Letter Project Vol. 9 - Fri Jul 13, 2018 7:02 am

Just a reminder that the deadline for the Fan Letter Project is now less than a month away!
Please make sure to get your submissions in on time!

#front-page #scandal_spthx

RINA's Instagram Question Sticker Q&A - Thu Jul 12, 2018 2:00 am

As Instagram just implemented a Questions Sticker, RINA asked if there were any questions fans wanted to ask her and answered several of them:

Q. At what age did you start playing the drums?

A. Age 15

Q. What will be sold during RINA WEEK?

A. We made some goods, so I'll post about them soon!

Q. Are you doing your own nails?

A. Yep! I currently have on a red color by Revlon

Q. I want you to sing more songs. I love RINA-chan's voice,,

A. Thanks - Words like those always give me courage

Q. How do you protect yourself from the sun? If there's a sunscreen you recommend, please tell us!

A. I love Nivea, which is the most non-sticky one I've tried

Q. Do you have plans to grow out your hair for the summer?

A. Yes, I'm growing it out for the first time in forever

Q. Do you make the music or lyrics first?

A. I'm only doing lyrics now

Q. Do you want to get married?

A. I had always thought that marriage didn't mean anything, but recently I've come to think that it is a lovely thing. I'd like to get married one day☺️

Q. What lip product have you been using often recently?

A. Dior Addict Lip Glow in 004 Coral

Q. What's your favorite kind of ramen?

A. Shio (salt) ramen

Q. Do you have any favorite body care items?

A. I'm currently using body care items by Peach John☺️

Q. I wanted you guys to appear at summer festivals~ But, since you finally finished your tour, I want you to enjoy taking a break

A. We're surprised that more people are saying that they wanted us to appear at festivals more than we thought, and it fires us up. We're really happy that there are many people who understand this decision, although it's unfortunate, and who support us. This year is the 12th year of us being a band. We're making new songs in order to play even better live shows, and we want to refine everything about our solo shows once more and head towards playing festivals. Thanks so much

Q. Hiroshima is currently going through a tough time. But, when I see updates from SCANDAL, it cheers me up! I can give it my all.

A. Yes, I've been watching the news every day. It really hurts my heart, and I'm worried when I think about how the faces of our precious fans and staff members who are in Hiroshima. When incorrect information is spread around, it causes confusion. It makes you want to be able to do something personally, even if it's something small. I too am saved when I hear that. We'll always be thinking of you guys.

Q. When did you start playing the guitar? That's really cool

A. I started practicing from 2014, although I'm still not very good

Q. What does the "ura" in your username mean?

A. Since I also have a Twitter, I wanted the content on both accounts to be separate from each other, more or less. My Twitter is my "omote" (front side), and is centered on my music career. I wanted my Instagram to have a feeling of it having private things aside from my music career, so I made it "ura" (back side)☺️

Q. What are you doing right now~?

A. I'm heading somewhere for the evening☺️

Thanks so much for the many questions
It was fun
I'll do it again☺️

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MAMI WEEK @ Feedback! Shop in Shibuya - Mon Jul 09, 2018 7:45 am

There will be remade versions of past goods,
Pouches, scrunchies, and remade sweatshirts
They'll be waiting for everyone
There's only one of each item
I used the sewing machine with all my might
This is just a small part of what'll be available
#I'll be waiting
#until the day I'll be able to unveil these to everyone
#Best regards

*MAMI had posted a sneak peek of the tie dye shirts last month.

#front-page #goods
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HARUNA @ Twiggy Tokyo - Mon Jul 09, 2018 7:38 am

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