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mtg - 2022-02-17 (RINA) - Thu Feb 17, 2022 8:56 am


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This afternoon
I had a DAISY PROJECT meeting.
There are a lot of things planned for this year as well☺

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On DAISY days, I wear DAISY clothing.
Today I wore the long-sleeve shirt in charcoal

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By the way,
It also comes in light olive, which is also popular.
Ah, I'm wearing it in M in both colors☺

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Our hair accessories are also cute...
The scrunchies and leopard-print hairclips
Are really convenient and things that I use often☺
Some colors are sold out,
So those interested, check them out soon

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It seems like the mugs
Have already started being delivered.
Ah, I'm so happy...
Thank you for accepting them!

Since there are so many things that I want to make,
I feel that my life is becoming more enjoyable
Every time we come out with a new DAISY item.

I'd love for you to check out
Our online store☺


2022/2/17 17:32

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SCANDAL talks about why they were able to let their true selves show in their 15th year
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15 years ago, four girls who attended a dance and vocal training school unexpectedly formed a band. Traversing down an unexpected musical path, SCANDAL walked alongside their fans while overcoming many hardships and conflicts due to their peculiar origin story, and have reached the point where they feel that they're currently "the best they've ever been."

In this interview, we traced the changes in the emotions of the quartet while unraveling the feelings contained in their latest album MIRROR that they were able to produce more naturally than ever before. Please take a look at SCANDAL's real and heartful human drama.

―You celebrated your 15th anniversary on Aug. 21, 2021, and released your 10th album MIRROR on Jan. 26, 2022. How do you feel about being able to reach this point?

HARUNA: Just being able to do this for 15 years with the same members makes us very happy. We also feel blessed that we feel that we're the best we've ever been in 15 years.

―What, for example, makes you feel that you're the best you've ever been?

HARUNA: Now we can work more like regular human beings. Up until now we had been very wrapped up in it all and in a hurry—or rather, we continued working while rushing a lot of things. But due to the pandemic, each of us were able to reflect on ourselves and became able to play music as mature women in their thirties. That's a big thing for us.

―It's now possible to work in a more natural state, then.

HARUNA: I think it's the same for everything. It's like that for recording, and especially for our live performances. We can finally stand in front of our audiences and speak our own words and behave in our own way. Until now there was a part of me that had worked hard to create a persona called "HARUNA of SCANDAL." I felt that it would be difficult to continue playing music as SCANDAL in the future [if I kept up that persona], but it was pretty hard to stop. However, the pandemic made me stop and reflect on myself, so that I could reveal my true self.

―When you show your true self, you may be scared of how the fans will react. What was it like for you, HARUNA?

HARUNA: I felt that showing my true self conveys my feelings better. The more I tried to make myself sound good during MCs, the more I often felt that things weren't being conveyed. But when I started to do my best to make my feelings reach everyone, even if I'm not good at it, I felt that the fans had come to accept that.

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 16 3e8d0be1e44c220594e27646290977d0

―RINA, you're nodding next to her—do you feel that same kind of change?

RINA: Watching HARUNA from the back as she talks, I really feel that she's opened the door to one kind of freedom, and that we're alive and breathing naturally on stage. Because of that reliability, the other three of us have more freedom, and I think that we really can live naturally while creating music and expressing ourselves. That's why it's not about us "transforming into band-mode"—it's that music is part of our lives.

―I see. How would you answer if I asked you what kind of band SCANDAL is?

RINA: They're a super-unique and super-free band (laughs).

―It took you 15 years to get to that point.

RINA: That's right. There was a time when we wanted to keep being the people that we desired to be, and of course we still have the mentality of wanting to live up to those expectations, but we've realized the importance of wanting to play and make music true to ourselves, just as much as that. MIRROR is full of songs we wrote while cherishing that. Having reached a 15-year career with all of us in our thirties, the feeling of "wanting to play music for a long time, and wanting to create music that we can keep expressing for a long time" got stronger. That's now manifesting for us in a lot of different aspects.

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 16 03b094b31b3265305673b46b7da3e38d

―I think the song "Ivory" that MAMI does lead vocals on is the perfect embodiment of a natural song. MAMI, what kind of impression do you have of SCANDAL right now?

MAMI: During the pandemic we celebrated our 15th anniversary and played an anniversary concert at Osaka-Jo Hall. When I thought of how we're overcoming another wall and heading towards an unknown world, it too made me want to play music that we as a band can continue to play in the future. A lot of things may happen because we're women, but I thought that it'd be great if we had songs that we could sing and perform even if those things happen. I wanted to record these moments of ours.

―I see.

MAMI: A lot of things were difficult when we weren't able to do what we wanted, but there were also a lot of things that we could do our own. I felt positive about it, and when I thought about making that into a song, the melody and lyrics for "Ivory" naturally came to me as I was just living my life. I think being able to write a song like this is related to my age and career. This was at the same time when we had paused due a lot of things, and it seems like we were able to make a song like "Ivory" because we were able to work in a very natural way. I think that can be said for any of the songs on MIRROR.

MIRROR may reflect the results of each band member confronting SCANDAL and music exactly as they are, and as human beings. TOMOMI, what do you think?

TOMOMI: Because this was made during the pandemic, we wanted to convey the sort of things we should be expressing in this situation. Like, how should we put on live performances, and what we should be doing so that people can have fun without vocalizing? We really thought about a lot things we never had to consider before. We didn't get any clear answers to that, but even though we didn't, we thought about how the music we—who don't have the answers—are creating right now is beautiful. Though we don't have any messages that reached a conclusion, I think this is an album that is able to reflect our current situation, and a work that gives us hope to continue playing music for the next 5, 10 years.

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―The other day I interviewed Goto of [the comedy group] Yonsentoushin, who is a big fan of yours, TOMOMI. He said that when he was a student and didn't have a place to belong to, "SCANDAL brought me back to life. No exaggeration—they really did save me."

TOMOMI: That makes me really happy. To think that we supported him that much...makes me most happy. We get a lot of messages every day from fans who aren't able to join a circle of friends or those who have uncommon worries, which makes me proud that SCANDAL's music reaches those kinds of people. I think it's because we've accepted everything about ourselves. We had a lot of hang-ups, but we've accepted ourserlves and have been around for the past 15 years, so it would make us happy if you could see and support us. It would also give us courage and confidence. We're grateful.

―SCANDAL isn't a band that made your debut filled with self-confidence, and there was a time when you were viewed from a biased perspective—that's why you were fighting against the difficulty of acting like yourselves. But the fans who responded to you overcoming those barriers were saved by you. That connection put together the story leading up to your 15th anniversary. The bigger picture is hard to see, isn't it?

RINA: I think I'm in the majority in terms of sexuality, but there are moments when people aren't able to like what they like, or when a majority vote is taken at school, and I was always in the minority. When the opinion of the majority passed, I thought, "Why don't you listen to the opinions of the minority?" That's how I spent my time as a student. I've had a lot of experiences like that since I was little, but ever since I started playing in a band, I've been able to express my feelings with music. I too feel saved by the band and our music. Because I can understand the feelings of those in the minority through my experiences, I always want to keep in mind that there are different kinds of "normal." I want to tour while telling everyone that you're the best exactly the way that you are.

―That feeling is reflected in SCANDAL's songs, isn't it?

RINA: I think all of our songs are studded with those elements. At first we were unintentionally working in a state where we didn't fully understand ourselves, but we gradually started to understand our dispositions and personalities on our own. We're making this kind of music now that we understand those, so there are tons of fans who have experienced feeling lonely due to being in the minority. Every time we feel that, we think that what's on the inside is being conveyed, and that we'll keep shining a spotlight on those fans. It also helps us out.

―HARUNA, how do you feel about the relationship between SCANDAL and the fans?

HARUNA: There were times when I wasn't confident that we were being "SCANDAL." The reason is that I was enrolled at that dance and vocal training school before SCANDAL formed and thought I would keep going down that path until I suddenly became a person in a band. That's why I've been worried about the differences between me and those in bands close to me. Even if I try to do something that's like the ideal picture of a band member I've drawn in my head, it doesn't feel right. I continued to feel really down from not being able to do that. However, there are fans who will follow me even if they see me like that. They sympathized me with even when I was feeling down but continued onwards while thinking that there may be something good that'll happen one day. We're around right now because they felt sympathy... We're nothing but grateful for it, and we want to make sure to help out those people.

―Since your formation was unique, you might have felt out of place in the band scene at first and therefore not be accepted. That might have made you feel bad and made you worry about what to do. However, I think those who understood SCANDAL the most were your fans. Therefore, you want to make sure to help them out.

HARUNA: Because we're a band that has taken such a unique path, I'm sure there are those who felt a little embarrassed to be a fan, or maybe those who liked us but couldn't say that they do. That's why, from here on, we'll accept ourselves for who we are and be confident in ourselves so that all fans can proudly say that they like SCANDAL.

―When a famous Japanese bandsman told Western music fans that they liked THE YELLOW MONKEY when they were a student, they were made fun of. The [artist's] fans got mad at that, so after listening to all of the Western music that those other people liked, they bluntly said, "THE YELLOW MONKEY really is the coolest band in the world." SCANDAL probably has a lot of cool fans like that, I'm sure.

RINA: We think they're really cool.

MAMI: On our radio show we have a segment called "Life Before SCANDAL" where the fans tell us what bands they used to love before SCANDAL. So many different bands were mentioned such as The Rolling Stones and The Beatles, as well as THE ALFEE and Seikima II. Doesn't that mean that our fans had felt that SCANDAL was similar somehow to those great bands? When I think about it, I think that we're a strange band (laughs), but I'm glad that fans who listen to all kinds of music have accepted us. Although it's not the same as the THE YELLOW MONKEY story, it's really encouraging to think that people can finally say that they like SCANDAL!

―SCANDAL's 10th album MIRROR was released in 2022. You mentioned earlier that it consists of songs that were born because of how SCANDAL is right now. What made you decide to title it MIRROR?

RINA: The title wasn't really decided until the last minute. But when we put together the words that popped up over and over again during meetings to decide on the title, somehow what the four of us were picturing were the same. "Light," "softness," "femininity" that we feel; "kind but strong." We had always been thinking about what kind of title it would be if we put that all together. Ultimately, when we had a meeting where we were like, "If we don't decide right now, we won't make it in time," the word "MIRROR" popped up. We've been reflecting on ourselves a lot; reflecting on the times that have changed drastically and responding just right to them; and thinking about ideas like throwing a counterpunch and occasionally bouncing back—an album born amidst that could only be called MIRROR.

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 16 51ec1180e02769844d3eae049b25b559

―I see.

RINA: When we gave it that title, I wrote the lyrics for the title song "MIRROR" with the intention of using the images that came from our many discussions. So, we finished the album as if foreshadowing it, saying, "This was what we wanted to say and do."

―What was your impression of the album when it was finished?

MAMI: I think it's a mysterious album. Until now, we had always wanted to make songs individually and have lead vocals sung by the person who wrote them, as well as composing and writing lyrics in different combinations. However, as we talked about previously, I think it's interesting that the songs produced by each of us have more individuality that ever before due to all kinds of things that have happened in the last few years. We didn't try to cram it full to make it rich in variety, but naturally and inevitably there happened to be a collection of such unique songs. Even though we didn't aim to make this album, it's like a collection of songs that we've been looking for from the start. It felt natural to follow up three singles with an album, and it feels like you're reading a diary of the production period for this album. In that sense, it's a "mysterious album."

―How would you like this album to resonate with others?

TOMOMI: People might still be worried that we put the current state of affairs of the world on this album. Even so, I hope this will be a work that'll make you think "I can just be myself."

―Please tell us what you'll be doing after releasing MIRROR. You'll be holding a world tour this year. What kind of year would you like it to be?

HARUNA: After celebrating our 15th anniversary, we're looking forward to "continuing on" after making this album. Before that, we couldn't irresponsibly say that we'll "continue to be a band forever." We didn't know how long we could continue doing this as women who are over 30 years old. However, while we were playing our anniversary concert at Osaka-Jo Hall, we vaguely thought, "We can still do this." We feel that we've been able to to keep SCANDAL going for a long time because we can be our natural selves, which makes us very happy. We don't really see us doing different things in the future, and we're simply excited that we're likely to be able to keep going for a long time. Also, we're happy to be able to play concerts not only in Japan but overseas as well. It's very on-brand for SCANDAL.

―It's not as if a new member will be joining at this point in time, but it's a very happy thing to mentally be like, "It's the rebirth of SCANDAL," and to be in a state of "We can still keep doing this." To put it in extremes, from here on out it can be regarded as your actual start.

HARUNA: I think it took us a long time to get here (laughs), but we didn't know if we could reach our current state unless we continued on. But if we had quit before that, I would have regretted it for the rest of my life, and I think I would have lived feeling hazy all of the time. So, now that we've reached the point where we feel that we're currently the best we've ever been, I think that I lead a very blessed life.

―I think it's a really great story. On the other hand, no members are thinking, "No, I think it's about time for me to leave...", right?

All: (laughs)

RINA: There's no such thing as leaving for us (laughs). We don't want to change the members, and I don't think we could do that. The four of us will go as far as we can go together!

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3rd booklet - 2022-02-15 (RINA) - Tue Feb 15, 2022 9:09 am

3rd booklet

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 16 6Xg44bk

I sent in my passport to be renewed today〜
10 years go by so fast!
As I flipped through the pages,
I really felt once more
How many different places we've been to.
There are so many special memories in all kinds of countries.

I wonder what our trips will be like this year^^
At the end of this month we'll finally
Start overall rehearsals.
We'll do our bestー!
First up is our nationwide hall tour that starts in March.
I'm excited☺


2022/2/15 17:38

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 16 Hhtd3xO

Today is Valentine's Day, isn't it〜
The band members did our customary
Valentine's jan-ken (rock-paper-scissors) this year too...
(The person who wins gives presents to the other three)
This year, I gave out the presents♡
Every year it's basically either me or HARU giving them out (haha)
A mystery of being good at jan-ken or bad at it☺

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 16 3aKG8Cj

An original mug
From DAISY PROJECT, which I run,
Is now available for sale〜!

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 16 LP0zxOC

It'll come
In a chocolate-colored box〜

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 16 75OJvTd

It's so cute!
It kind of makes me happy every time I use it...
If you'd pour in the black tea we're currently selling or milk tea
And it makes for a relaxing time,
That would make me happy☺

A portion of the proceeds for this mug as well
Will be donated to non-profits that support women/child-rearing☺
Please enjoy it and give your support〜!


2022/2/14 19:35

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OK? - 2022-02-13 (RINA) - Sun Feb 13, 2022 7:38 am


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In the blink of an eye, there's a month left
Until our world tour starts〜

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 16 A2gqelS

Have you already checked out the merch?

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 16 DMGoNXW

I'm happy that it's being well-received by you guys this time too☺

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 16 NB8fJa1

We'll also be bringing with us
The ever-popular
"one more time" merch〜!

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 16 JLseuGP

The hoodie comes in

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 16 PW6dy5Y

White and black!

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 16 R2dTgc6

Printed on the back are words
Selected from the lyrics

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 16 TNfPN62

The long-sleeve shirt comes in

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 16 8C2Zhle

Indigo blue

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 16 Vps1yvX

And white!

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 16 IqPEkQ3

It seems that preorders for merch
Run until today☺

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 16 HM3ErsS

There are some things that are already sold out,
So make sure you check the rest out soon〜^^

This is what our entire world tour schedule
Looks likeー!

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 16 Dz6YSA7

We added shows in
Boston, Chicago, Vancouver, and Seattle.
So there will be 11 dates at halls in Japan, 12 dates overseas!
We'll be playing a total of 23 performances!

You can get tickets to the tour in Japan

Since we don't have any livestreams planned,
We want you guys to come out to the venues.
Let's spend right now togetherー!
We'll be waiting!


2022/2/13 14:59

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weekend - 2022-02-12 (RINA) - Sun Feb 13, 2022 7:30 am


My serialization column for Movie Natalie
Was updated a little while ago

I also write about mental health,
Which was derived from the movie,
So please read it if you'd like〜!

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 16 CuRn81c

As usual, on my days off
I like watching things at home...haha

Recent things I've watched are
Don't Look Up
All of Us Are Dead
The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window
The Cured
The Privilege

As for reality shows,
Single's Inferno
Love is Blind: Japan
Are what I've watched...haha


2022/2/12 18:13

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【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 101

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 16 CK4lGJY
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 16 B9kVO4i

•The episode starts with this.

•MAMI reads the next message from a listener who works as the head of a prep school for university extrance exams, and that their "100" story is that 100% of their examinees passed, which happened two years ago. They say that college entrance exams are pretty fierce competitions and that it's about that season right now. The band is surprised by this message and HARU goes, "They're the head of a prep school, right? So..." They then all go, "Hey! Teacher!" but at slightly different timings. TOMO says that they completely forgot to say that. They say they're hoping that the listener's school gets 100% of examinees passing again. Next, they wonder what to give the listener. RINA suggests that they give them sweets, a program sticker, and Apollo pick. They agree, and MAMI says that a package of Cola Up gummies weigh exactly 100g. TOMO says that that technically isn't chocolate, so they decide to give that plus Apollo My Style Chocolates.

•RINA reads the next message from a listener who says that their "100" story is that they made it their goal to make 100 friends after moving to Tokyo, and they fulfilled it within two years. They also say that it's now been four years since they've moved there, and their LINE friends have gone from 100 to 500. They ask the band if they've ever had a hard time making friends. The band is really surprised that they have 500 friends on LINE. RINA says that she barely has any friends on LINE. MAMI wonders if that's not counting the "official accounts" you've added (i.e. music artist accounts like SCANDAL). HARU wonders if it's possible to even disable that feature. MAMI seems to be looking at the app on her phone and says that it is possible. She says that she has around 300 friends in total. HARU says she has around 250 excluding official accounts. MAMI then says that she has around 280 excluding official ones. RINA says she has 220. HARU says that TOMO has a lot. TOMO confirms this, but she says that a lot of accounts have the same display names and doesn't know which accounts are new/updated ones. HARU then goes back to what the listener said and says that having 500 LINE friends is impressive. They decide on presents: a pick, a sticker, and a few sweets. TOMO says that a large box of Coffee Beat would give the listener the energy to keep up with their many friends. They also decide to include Apollo.

•HARU reads the next message from a listener who works in the delivery service and says that their "100" story is that feel like they've done their best when the number of deliveries with barcodes exceeds 100 in one day. However, their original dream was to work in music and is currently wondering whether or not to change jobs to work in concert production. Since they're unsure, they ask the band to give them a scolding. The band laughs and says that that really did seem to turn into a segment. They say that changing jobs isn't something you should be scolding someone for. MAMI wonders if they should be like, "Go for your dreams!" They all say that going for your dreams is a good thing to do. RINA says that delivering things is very physically demanding, so it's very impressive that they're able to do 100+ deliveries in one day. HARU says that age doesn't matter and to pursue your dreams whenever you want. They say they're rooting for them. Next, they pick out presents. They choose Galbo Chocolate, Apollo My Style, a sticker, and a pick.

•TOMO reads the next message from a listener [sounds like this one from episode 97] who says there are 100 days left until they give birth to their child. They say they're full of excitement and anxiety, and hope that their child is born healthy. RINA says that they've done well to do so well so far. HARU wonders what the listener must be feeling right now. MAMI says that babies develop a lot during this time. TOMO wonders what it'll be like 100 days after the baby's born. They wish the listener luck and hope that the baby's born healthy. For the presents, TOMO says that they need to pick out two peoples' worth of sweets. They choose Kinoko no Yama, Takenoko no Sato, sticker, and pick. They close out the segment by saying that their listeners are really good at incorporating more than one segment into their messages. TOMO says that there weren't any Valentine's-themed messages, though.

•They then close out the episode. They say that the next episode will feature stories of Valentine's Day experiences from the listeners. HARU says that there's actually one more message they'd like to read. The listener says that they have a 4-year-old daughter, and when she saw TOMO on the clear file that came with copies of MIRROR (the one with the entire band on it), she said, "That person's surprised!" Then, when she saw the photo of TOMO on her solo file, she said, "That person is not surprised!" The band goes, "That's so cute!" The listener says that their daughter now keeps repeating "Surprised! Not surprised!" TOMO says to send them a video of that to them somehow. The listener closes out their message by saying that they'll be attending SCANDAL's concert in Nagoya as a family. MAMI says that they should say "Surprised! Not surprised!" at that concert, which the others agree with. They decide to send them Yan-Yan, Apollo, a sticker, and a pick.

*As always, you can send in a message to the program here. I've made a guide as how to input your info and message for those who need assistance (click to enlarge):

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 16 6WYlmoJ Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 16 WvLQhcz

*A list of all episode summaries can be found here

#front-page #catchup

girl, purple night. - 2022-02-11 (RINA) - Fri Feb 11, 2022 10:28 am

girl, purple night.

Alone, spacing out in your usual spot
In your apartment
While the person that you miss but can't see
Comes to mind.
A girl's melancholy and reality.

Drew an illustration
To go with "Ai ni Naranakatta no sa."
The neon worldview is really adorable.

A lyric video for it has been posted to our TikTok,
So please check it out.

I wonder
If there are TikTok creators among our fans?
If there are ones who work hard to post videos,
Try making one using our music, if you'd like〜
We'll share it if we find a good one✌

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 16 51cBtBl

Everyone, thank you for your hard work
This week as well〜! You all get 100 points!


2022/2/11 19:14

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Valentine's special! Meiji sweets and program merch given away based on SCANDAL's swee〜〜〜t criteria!

Episode #101 blog

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 16 P8y04IJ

HARUNA: Now then, it's the 101th episode of "Catch up"!

All: (*applause*)

HARUNA: For this 101th episode, we will be doing a "right before Valentine's Day" special since it'll be posted in February!
We're celebrating with chocolate in gratitude to our listeners!
Chocolate and sweet presents!
"My Boundary Valentine"!!

TOMOMI: Valentine's Day is exactly a week after this episode comes out...

HARUNA: That's right.
Our popular segment "Kyoukai-sen no Kyoukai" is now called "Boundary Boundary" in English.
We'll mainly be reading messages sent in to "Kyoukai-sen no Kyoukai,"
And since it's almost Valentine's, there will be more chocolate and sweetness than usual...
We'll be giving away Meiji sweets and program merch!
Let's read some messages!


Good evening, SCANDAL. Congrats on 100 episodes of "Catch up"!

Where I live, we say "100 percent" as "hyappa." In many areas it's often shortened as "hyakupaa," right? My intent to talk about 100 got kind of dialect-ish or borderline-ish.

HARUNA: They're from Niigata. They say "hyappa," huh.

MAMI: We do say "hyakupaa."

HARUNA: Yeah, "hyakupaa."

TOMOMI: Yep, "hyakupaa."

RINA: Then let's give them a "hyakupaa" gift.

TOMOMI: Let's give them something sweet.

HARUNA: What should it be?

RINA: Apollo Chocolate and an Apollo pick.

MAMI: Sounds good.

HARUNA: All sorts of Apollo.

TOMOMI: On to the next message...


Good evening, SCANDAL. Congrats on 100 episodes!

My "100" story is "wanting to make 100 friends." And so, I'll combine it with "Kyoukai-sen no Kyoukai": How do you consider someone to be a friend?

There was a time when I had a little more than 100 friends on LINE. However, I only had about 10 people who'd I hang out with and talk to. I don't stay in touch with my classmates from when I was a student, but if I meet up with them and can converse happily, are they considered friends? Then what's the boundary when it comes to acquaintances? I sometimes think about that. Since I'm a teacher...

All: Hey! Teacher!

When I talk to my students about their classmates, sometimes I get a little confused about whether they're just classmates, or friends, or acquaintances.

Hey! SCANDAL! What do you think is considered an acquaintance, and what's considered a friend? And can you really make 100 friends?

TOMOMI: The boundary between "friends" and "acquaintances" is hard to say.
...maybe it's whether or not you'd talk about matters of the heart. I've been thinking that recently.

RINA: I see.

TOMOMI: If someone's an acquaintance, you might not talk that much to them. Like, "The weather's nice today..."

MAMI: Yeah, that would be an acquaintance.

RINA: Even if you have their contact info, there's still a borderline.

HARUNA: That totally happens.

TOMOMI: Sometimes you exchange contact info and then never actually contact one another.

HARUNA: You're not like, "I need to be active about this - let's hang out!"

TOMOMI: If you think of it like that, all of your friends from when you were a student would always be your friends.

HARUNA: You were all somehow all together every day, back then.

TOMOMI: Even if you don't get in touch that often, once you meet it's like you've gone back to those days.

RINA: The thing that TOMO first said about talking about matters of the heart or not might be close to the right answer.
All right, let's give them a present.

HARUNA: Teacher Gorori has sent us quite a few messages in the past. It feels like there have been quite a few.

RINA: That's right.

TOMOMI: We often read them.

HARUNA: All right, let's give them an Apollo Pouch!

TOMOMI: Shall we?

Fender Cover Artist | SCANDAL - Thu Feb 10, 2022 11:00 am

Fender Cover Artist | SCANDAL, Part 2
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"It turned out to be such an important work for us that we wouldn't have been able to move forward without it."

SCANDAL, who released their 10th album MIRROR on 1/26, makes their appearance in FenderNews's Cover Artist feature. In part 2 of their interview, we asked about SCANDAL's future. MIRROR, packed with different kinds of challenges, seems to have been the beginning of further evolution while leaving great results.

"We want to make music that fits us well so that we can continue to play music for as long as possible"

──When I listened to your latest album MIRROR, I got the impression that you broke out of your shell even further by having all of these varied songs and new sounds. What kind of work do you feel you've made?

HARUNA: I think this album gave us an opportunity to reflect on ourselves, likely because we celebrated our 15th anniversary during the pandemic. The enjoyment we have of being a band that formed 15 years ago at a dance and vocal training school is expressed once more, and it's a solid work in which you can feel our current ages in. When it was completed, the first thing I thought was how interesting we are.

──During "BEST★Xmas 2021" last year, RINA said, "There might be people who want us to play more intense songs, but we wanted to make a work that could accept listeners of all kinds." Was accepting listeners of all kinds a big theme for you when making MIRROR?

RINA: First, we wanted to make music that fits us well so that we can continue to play music for as long as possible. So, for this album we thought a lot about what kind of songs are right for our current ages. As a result, there are quite a few changes tempo and sound-wise. We of course also know that there's a demand for songs where we can go all out and that have distorted guitar sounds, but this time we were more egotistical about it and wanted to be allowed to challenge ourselves to go in a different direction for the time being.

──That led to a variety of songs that could be accepted by listeners of all kinds.

RINA: This is a work we're confident in that conveys a new kind of fun by listening to it. We felt that it was a very important time to make something true to ourselves and go through with it, so we tried it out. It turned out to be such an important work for us that we wouldn't have been able to move forward without it. That's why we're convinced, and now we're telling you guys that this work is a fun one.

──I'm sure each of you had new challenges to tackle; how was it?

MAMI: For composing, I tried to keep the tempo down really low. Also, I used to make 100% complete demos, give them to everyone, and then decide how to record it. This time, we made the songs together: I would send them voice memos of me singing to my own accompaniment, and then we'd all discuss how to arrange them. I'm sure plenty of bands make songs that way, but that was something I couldn't do until now. That's why it was very challenging for me—or rather, it was a new way of doing things.

──RINA, you also tried something for the first time, right?

RINA: Yes. Each member has a song that they did lyrics, music for, and lead vocals for. For me, I did the lyrics, music, and lead vocals for "Kanojo wa Wave," and I used computer music for the first time to arrange it.

──It's an 80's-like new wave funk song.

RINA: I really like the funky guitar cutting (laughs). Including that, I chose all of the components in GarageBand, sent the demo assembled as a song to the members, and had them play in their own nuanced ways.

──Is it likely that more songs will be arranged in this way from now on?

RINA: If I come up with something, I would like to give it shape.

──TOMOMI, what was a new challenge for you?

TOMOMI: We worked with producer Satori Shiraishi for "eternal" and "Ai no Shoutai" and went one by one to record at Satori's home studio. That was a new thing. Since we went one at a time, you were able take your time if you wanted to, or you could record right away. We did things pretty liberally, so it was fun to be able to do whatever you wanted (laughs).

──You did lyrics, music, and lead vocals for "Ai no Shoutai." I was a little surprised by the gospel choir that joins in midway through, but I thought it was really nice.

TOMOMI: Gospel is part of our roots since we all studied it at our school. I've always liked that kind of music, so when making this song I told Satori, "I wish we could include a choir in this part," he said, "I have some acquaintances." When I said, "I want a horn section here," he said, "I'll introduce you." This song was made in that way, with Satori's connections.

──Since Satori likes that kind of sound, he was probably really into it.

TOMOMI: Satori also had fun. Because the choir consisted of Americans, we asked them to record it in the US and send the files to us. Due to the time difference, Satori was directing them remotely in the middle of the night.

──HARUNA, as a vocalist I'm sure you were challenged in terms of singing unprecedented songs.

HARUNA: Up until now, I found it fun to sing each song as if I were singing it as a character rather than myself. Since this work is a reflection of ourselves, I tried to keep myself in the song instead of trying to change my voice, though that wasn't my intention from the get-go. I think we're really great as we are right now, so I wanted to finish recording all of the songs exactly the way I am.

──Even so, the expressions are different for each song because you've added to your expressiveness as a vocalist.

HARUNA: That might be true. If so, that's something that's automatically done.

"I think that it being fun to all play in sync motivated me to continue playing my instrument"

──You'll be going on world tour, which runs from March to June and will be held at halls all over Japan, and then in July in North America and September in Europe. Please tell us how much you're excited for this tour.

TOMOMI: We think that MIRROR is an album that suits halls. We want to create that world view using the atmosphere found in halls. At any rate, we're looking forward to it.

──Do you have feel that you want to take revenge for not being able to hold your original world tour due to the pandemic?

TOMOMI: The tour 〈SCANDAL WORLD TOUR 2020 “Kiss from the darkness”〉 in support of our previous album Kiss from the darkness wasn't able to happen. We only played one livestreamed concert for it, and we're hoping to be able to play some songs from it [on this new tour]. However, since cases are rising again, we're particularly worried about our overseas dates. I hope we're able to go on tour.

HARUNA: We'd love to see our overseas fans soon. They've been waiting a long time. The passion from the overseas fans is insane right now, judging from social media posts and YouTube comments. Of course you'd want to see someone when their fever's at its peak.

──Are overseas fans different from Japanese fans?

RINA: Since there are different lifestyles and cultures of each country, of course, there are many differences, but their mindsets are similar. They're all good people (laughs). Maybe there's something about our music that brings together people that share common interests. Our audiences are really great.

TOMOMI: You can't deny that. We've been around for 15 years and are playing music so different that it's enough to call us a different band. So, it's not's a normal thing for people to continue to like our music despite not being like the songs that got them to learn about us. We're grateful.

──I think that's due to the fact that even if your musicality changes, each of your four personalities are reflected in your songs and live performances. By the way, I happened to hear that you've been using new Fender models recently.

TOMOMI: I'm using that prototype in the "one more time" MV. It's a Jazz Bass. I started out with a Jazz Bass, so I wondered if there were many people who associate me with the Jazz Bass. When I was asked to make a signature model (TOMOMI PRECISION BASS), I went with a Precision Bass because it suited my mood and our music at the time, but I really do like Jazz Basses as well.

──MAMI, you're using a Stratocaster?

MAMI: Yes, a white Stratocaster. The red Strat I'm using right now (MAMI STRATOCASTER) has a standard single coil pickup, so this new one is a little more powerful so as to match SCANDAL's current songs.

HARUNA: I steathily used my new Telecaster at our 15th anniversary concert (laughs). It still has the merits of my current Tele (HARUNA TELECASTER) while being a little more powerful, and can also handle our early songs.

──This time we asked you to take a look at Fender's new Player Plus line released last fall. Can you tell us your impressions of the instruments' appearances?

MAMI: This has a color gradient I've never seen before, so I thought it was really novel. It'd be cute if more color gradients are done in the future. It's something cute to have on display, and it's also unisex—or rather, it'd look nice on anyone.

TOMOMI: At first glance, I thought it was American West Coast-like. It seems like it would go with the look of American mid-century interior design. The horizonal gradient was fresh since I had never seen something like that before.

HARUNA: If you use it in public, it'll really stand out. I think it's easy to show individuality. Whoever uses this first wins (laughs).

RINA: It's amazing that they thought up of such new models. Guitar players must get excited when new, unique guitars are released.

──Thank you very much. Lastly, please give some advice to beginners on musical instruments!

MAMI: I want you to have fun playing. I think loving music and musical instruments is a really good way to start. However, it's a waste if you find practice to be difficult and you get frustrated. Therefore, I think it's best to first keep thinking about having fun so that you don't lose your feelings of love.

TOMOMI: Thinking about myself, if I had started out alone, I might not have known what to do midway through. However, I think that it being fun to have friends starting together with me and all playing in sync motivated me to continue playing my instrument. So, find some friends and start a band. You don't have to form one, but having friends with whom you can work together is a big factor in continuing to play.

RINA: My younger sister is in her third year of middle school and is now practicing different songs on the guitar, and there are all sorts of sites where you can view easy-to-understand chord charts. Starting to play an instrument has become more casual like that, and since singer-songwriters are popular, I think there are many fun songs to play and sing along to. I want you to find music and an instrument that you like while being excited about it, and also enjoy it.

──Lastly, HARUNA, if you would.

HARUNA: Let's see. It'd be nice if you checked out the "Start Your Journey!" series on Fender's YouTube channel (laughs).

──These videos feature the members of SCANDAL explaining to beginners the appeal of the guitar and bass + how to play them.

HARUNA: There are a lot of easy-to-understand explanations that even beginners can understand, if I do say so myself (laughs). I hope you can learn various chords while watching them. They're really great videos (laughs).

RINA: We got a message on our radio program from someone who said they became a SCANDAL fan after watching those.

HARUNA: That made me think that there really are many different ways you can discover something.

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