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I've subbed SCANDAL's interview about Nena:


Here's the goods line-up for SCANDAL's Joint Band Tour! The goods will also be available at Feedback! in Shibuya from the day of the first show, 10/6.

The joint band goods feature parodies of the Powerpuff Girls (Tokyo - UNISON SQUARE GARDEN), Sesame Street (Nagoya - 04 Limited Sazabys), and The Simpsons (Osaka - BLUE ENCOUNT).

A bonus A2 size poster featuring all of the parodies will be given as a bonus to those who purchase 5,000 yen or more at both the venues or Feedback!.


It's beginning - 2017-10-01 (RINA) - Mon Oct 02, 2017 1:42 am

It's beginning

10/1 was the start of fall festivals
And our first time at Magurock!
Thanks so muchー✌️

It's now October
Meaning that our joint band tour is finally starting!
Those who were able to get tickets,
Listen to all kinds of songs
And prepare for those days, okayー✌️
I want you to also listen
To songs from the other bands
That'll already get you plenty pumped up☺️
We'll make this a great tourー!
Best regardsー!


2017/10/2 10:35




2017/10/2 10:35

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October - 2017-10-01 (MAMI) - Sun Oct 01, 2017 6:40 pm


October began with Magurock, a festival in Shizuoka

It was our first Magurock
I'm happy that many people came to see us◎
Thanks so much!

I wore a matching Dalmatian print top and bottom today

They're not pajamas

Let's do our best from tomorrow too, okay*✴️


2017/10/1 22:34








2017/10/1 22:34

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The Daily SCANDAL - October 1st - Sun Oct 01, 2017 10:34 am

October 1st:

SCANDAL performed at Magurock 2017 festival in Shizuoka Prefecture today!

Set list:

01. Image
04. Awanai Tsumori no, Genki de ne
05. Take Me Out
06. Shunkan Sentimental

SCANDAL:「An awesome sightー!
Amidst the many people who saw us for the first time, the feeling that the groove with everyone was built up every time we did a song was awesome! So happy that you sang along in a loud chorus to 「Shunkan Sentimental」ー⚡️︎ See you again!」

TOMOMI:「Magurock, thanks!
Keep having fun, okay!」

From TOMOMI's Twitter



HARUNA:「Magurock 2017, thanks so muchー
Although it was our first time here, everyone was so pumped up that I cried out too It was the bestー!!」

MAMI:「A pair from the band Mrs. GREEN APPLE
Memories of Magurock

RINA:「A loud chorus during ShunSen at our first time at Magurock✌︎ So happyー! Thank you!」

SCANDAL:「#SCANDAL #ShunkanSentimental #Magurock」

HARUNA:「Both of us wore red clothes today

From SCANDAL's Instagram

From RINA's Instagram Stories:「A game of who can roll up their sleeves the fastest

From SCANDAL's Instagram Story

ICYMI, I posted how to get "Koisuru Universe" if you're outside of Japan.

And, after finally finding a format that works, I've established a media schedule thread. Every time a new SCANDAL media appearance is announced I will make a new post about it in that thread, so be sure to watch the topic (located just under the banner selector thumnails). Wink

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SCANDAL will appear in the 40 year anniversary show of Nena, a famous german artist. The show is hosted by Thomas Gottschalk, a famous German show master.

The show will be broadcasted on  7th October 2017, at 20.15 (UTC+1) at ZDF (equivalent to NHK). 

ZDF livestreams its whole program, which can be found here:
Sadly only accessible from Germany. VPN helps, for example the VPN option of Opera Browser.

The show should also be available for streaming for up to one week after the original TV broadcast ath the ZDF Mediathek. Streams from the Mediathek are only partially viewable from abroad. Seems like we will have to wait until it's online. (Link tba)

Trailer for the show:

Here's how to purchase and/or stream "Koisuru Universe" if you're outside of Japan.

1) Pre-order the single through iTunes Japan

By pre-ordering the entire single (1,000 yen), you get to download the title track "Koisuru Universe" right away, and will be able to download the other 3 songs when the single officially releases on October 22nd. Or, you can just buy "Koisuru Universe" for 250 yen. In order to do so:

■You're going to need an iTunes Japan account first of all, which is the most difficult part.

If you have an Apple device (iPhone, iPad, Mac), the easiest way to do so is to follow these directions (if you don't have an Apple device, this unfortunately will not work for you, as you need to be able to access Apple's App Store). If you don't have an Apple device or it's not working for you, the easiest way might be to have a shopping service such as FromJapan set up an account + buy the single for you.

■Once you have your iTunes Japan account, you'll need an iTunes Japan gift card to buy the single. Although some stores are sold out of 1,000 yen cards right now, some options include:

-SEA Gamer
-Japan Code Supply
-Japan Codes

■Once your gift card is purchased and you're e-mailed the code, redeem your code on your iTunes account and simply buy the single.

Also: It's possible that the single will be added to international iTunes stores after the release date and you can just buy it how you normally would on your own iTunes store.

2) Stream it via Spotify Japan

It's region-locked to be streamed in Japan only, so in order to listen it you'll need to connect to a Japan VPN (here's a good one), sign up for a Spotify Japan account, log in to Spotify on the app or desktop program, and search for "SCANDAL 恋するユニバース".

3) Purchase "Koisuru Universe" (song only as of right now) via Amazon Japan

"Koisuru Universe" is up on Amazon Japan to purchase as an mp3 download. This might or might not work, but if you decide to attempt it, make sure you read this first.

If you're willing to wait until release day, the single will then most likely be up for people to purchase worldwide. It is confirmed to at least be available on Amazon UK, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain on 10/22. Watch this page and/or sign up for e-mail alerts for new releases.

4) Have a shopping service purchase the song and/or single for you

If all else fails, you can ask a shopping service such as FromJapan or Rinkya to buy it for you. Sign up for an account, go to their custom order page, explain what you want, and they should be able to get it for you.

Also: "Koisuru Universe" is also available to buy on other sites such as mysound, mora, or Recochoku (they're higher quality as well at 320kbps, compared to 256kbps on iTunes or Amazon). A shopping service will be able to get them for you. FLAC may also be available on Recochoku when the single is out.

5) Order it via European iTunes stores

The single is now up for pre-order on European iTunes stores. Not sure if the same thing applies for how to get it via iTunes Japan; you might only be able to get it if you can establish a European iTunes account.

#front-page #koisuruuniverse

Image change - 2017-09-29 (RINA) - Fri Sep 29, 2017 10:32 am

Image change
Theme: RINA

I'm back to red hair for the first time in a while✌️
My mood's also changed and feels great☺️
The nice weather felt pleasant today〜


2017/9/29 19:16




2017/9/29 19:16

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CD Japan - Free Shipping Over 10,000 Yen - Thu Sep 28, 2017 8:16 pm

In case anyone's interested in completing their SCANDAL collection, CD Japan is offering free shipping on orders 10,000 yen and above on CDs/DVDs/Blu-rays for 5 more hours!

■Link to SCANDAL's releases on CD Japan

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NYLON JAPAN - November 2017 - Thu Sep 28, 2017 6:40 pm

MAMI with comedian Kazutoyo Koyabu in the November 2017 issue of NYLON JAPAN:

■Purchase from CD Japan

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