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This is a notification.

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The roadside store in Shibuya
For "FEEDBACK," the apparel brand
Produced by the four of us,
Will be permanently closing
At the end of the month.
From this point forward,
We think it'd be great to start up
Pop-up shops in all kinds of places
While delivering our clothes via our online store☺
So, although the store is closing,
It doesn't mean that our brand is going away.

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We thought it'd be nice if there was a fun place
Where our fans could gather
Aside from live venues, so we opened a physical store
And things came about out via trial and error.
We continued to convey what we are trying to do
And gradually began to be understood.
We felt that it was becoming the space
That we were striving for.

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People who happened to pass by the store
Shopped here without knowing
That this store was produced by us,
And some people asked the shop staff about the items we make
And listened to our music.
There were many new encounters.

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I'm happy
That we got to make items
In collaboration with FILA,
And that makeup artists and stylists
In the fashion scene
Were interested in and knew about it.

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It's open for one more month
And we still can't loudly say
「Please come out to the shop, everyoneー!」
But if you keep an eye on how things are going and there's a day on which you're able to come out,
Please drop by as a momento☺
We are operating
While taking as much precautions as possible!
Feel free to take pictures or video inside the store!

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With this brand that we started in 2012,
What we feel and what we currently like
Will continue to be fed back to our clothes,
So we ask for your continued support☺

Address: 〒150-0041
Tokyo, Shibuya-ku, Jinnan 1-3-1


2020/8/1 18:05



アパレルブランド "FEEDBACK"













2020/8/1 18:05

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FEEDBACK Shop in Shibuya permanently closing

The FEEDBACK Shop in Shibuya has been visited by many customers since March 2016.

However, the store will be permanently closing on August 31, 2020 (Mon).
We would like to express our deep gratitude for your continued patronage.
We will continue to develop new products centered on online sales, and plan to expand our scale by opening pop-up stores for a limited time in each region [in Japan].
Please look forward to it.

【Translated Summary】
TOKYO FM's Sunday Special - 『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 16 ELhtJZJ
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•This special episode was broadcast live on TOKYO FM on July 12th. During this episode they also aired "SPICE" in its entirety for the first time anywhere. The band also mentions that this program has been around since March, and they didn't think they'd be getting to do a live broadcast so quickly. They're happy and grateful about it. They also say that they will playing songs chosen for a "spice" theme as well as asking listeners to send in any "spicy" stories they have. Whoever they pick as the "Best of Spice" will win a SPA-isu ("spa chair," but it's a play on the words "supaisu" = spice and "isu" = chair).

-TOMO: "This wasn't our idea (laughs)."
-RINA: "We would have never thought of something like this."
-MAMI: "When they heard it we were like, 'Oh, I get it!'"
-TOMO: "It's a lame joke that our older guy staffers came up with (laughs)."
-RINA: "Perhaps it's a generational gap (laughs)?"
-HARU: "It didn't come from our brains."
-TOMO: "It's program director Ono-san's fault."
-MAMI: "'SPA-isu,' a chair to be used in the bath?"
-All: "Yeah."
-MAMI: "But it's really good chair."
-TOMO: "It surprised us. When we were reading the notes we thought it'd be a plastic one, but it's one made out of cypress wood. They picked a good one."

•After "Masterpiece" plays, they go over what their program is about and mention things such as how they learned from their program is that there are a lot of teachers among their fanbase. They also go over segments on their show such as "Life Before SCANDAL."

•TOMO reads the first message from a male listener who was asked by a married female colleague if they'd like to start a relationship together. He says their colleague is a capable worker whom he gets along with, so he was surprised she asked him that. He says he of course turned her down, but that was the first time in a while that they've felt this amused and are still feeling a little tingly. However, if they had accepted the offer, they'd probably be feeling bad it right about now. MAMI goes, "That's quite spicy." The band agrees. MAMI also says that there seems to be a lingering feeling to their message, and HARU says that they sounded interested in their colleague judging from what they said about still feeling tingly. RINA says that stopping it from going anywhere and making this spicy memory was praisable on their part as no one would be feeling happy about it. They're glad that they didn't end up feeling bad about it. They also say that they're off to a spicy start from the first message.

•MAMI reads the next message from a listener whose spicy story involves her being left behind/ghosted at a movie theater by a man she just met for the first time. They met on a dating app and made plans to see a movie. When they got there he said that he needed to use the bathroom, so she went ahead and grabbed seats in the theater. However, he never came inside the theater and she ended up watching the movie alone. He didn't reply to her messages afterwards, which made her realize that she had been ghosted. The movie she watched then was (presumably) Christopher Robin , so she has both sad and warm memories about it. A lot of couples were there watching the movie too, making her feel even sadder. She was also traumatized a little, which comes up when she sees Pooh Bear. Now, she's cautious whenever she goes on a movie date. She asks SCANDAL if they've had some hardships related to love. MAMI says that this message was also quite spicy. The band agrees and also says that that was a horrible thing to have happened to her. HARU asks for clarification that she heard right that the listener was ghosted almost as soon as they met. TOMO and MAMI say yes and recap the story a bit. TOMO says that it's not like they were just acquaintances since they had been talking on the dating app up until then. MAMI says that making a date to go to the movies must have meant that things were going well, and HARU agrees and says that even matching with one another can be a big thing. RINA says that things like meeting up with people you've connected with on these apps and them being not what you were expecting does happen, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but you shouldn't do things like ghosting. The band once again says how awful this was to happen to the listener.

•HARU then goes, "Oh, I was also left behind at a movie theater after watching a movie." The band is really surprised and says they've never heard this before. HARU says that she doesn't think she's told them about it, and that she forgot about it herself--hearing this story made her remember it. They ask her if it was a boyfriend who did it, and she says no; it was a guy friend who she was interested in. TOMO, who has been the one questioning her about it the hardest so far, goes, "When was this?! Who was this?!" HARU says that this happened a long time ago. TOMO asks if this was in high school, and HARU says no, but it was some time soon after that. She says that they watched the entire movie together, and that she said she wanted to watch the credits as well. While the credits were rolling, the guy stood up from his chair and left without saying anything. She thought he might have gone to the bathroom and would be waiting outside for her after the credits finished, but he didn't wait for her. TOMO goes, "He left?" HARU says yes. The band goes, "What if this is the same guy [that the listener mentioned]?!" HARU goes, "Yeah, maybe!" The band laughs and TOMO goes, "It's the wrong era, though." She also says, "This the era where you can easily meet someone on a dating app, so doesn't that give people the impression that they can just as easily ghost someone?" MAMI says, "Well, ghosting someone isn't something people should do." She also says that this was quite stimulating, HARU's story included. The band says that this was also quite spicy. RINA goes, "Nice spice." They also tell the listener to keep her chin up, and thank her for telling her story.

•Right after this message they air "SPICE" for the first time. After it plays, the band talks about the song and "XPICE," most of which they talked about in this interview. Other new things they mentioned: RINA says that the "XPICE" story about heroes defeating a villain is a very common one, but these heroes carry complexes about themselves--they're heroes, yet they have complexes. Their worries such as "I wish I had this ability," or "Why am I like this?" is very human-like. RINA thinks that this is anime that the world needs right now as it has themes of accepting others for who they are, even though they may be different than you. MAMI mentions that right now is a time where anyone can say anything they want on the internet and you can be pulled in all kinds of directions, which can make you question who are you as a person. That's why the anime's themes of "courage and understanding" and "fighting together" are ones that we need to keep in mind from this point forward. She also thinks that it feels like getting to write this song as this point in time was destiny. TOMO says that it certainly fits the current state of things and also mentions BLM. She's really happy that they were able to release the song right now.

•The band mentions the SPA-isu prize and wonders if people are understanding what it is exactly. TOMO says that she'll post a picture of it on Twitter, which she does do.

•HARU reads the next message from a listener who lives in Okinawa where the rainy season has ended and summer has begun. He wanted motivation to build up their strength, so he bit into a lemon. It was "SUPAkatta" (suppai/suppakatta = "sour"; he was trying to make a "supaisu/spice" pun like the SPA-isu one). The band laughs and TOMO goes, "Hold on a sec. That's the same as Ono-san's pun!" They thank the listener for the cute message.

•RINA reads the next message from a listener who just started teaching in April and have been repremanded after making quite a few mistakes already. Their life had been going well up until now, so there have been times when their heart broke after realizing how many things they can't do. There have also been times when they've been reduced to tears and did not want to go to work. It's now been one month since school has resumed, and each day has been very fun and busy. They're often asked what their favorite band is and they answer that it's SCANDAL. Though there will be more days full of spiciness ahead of them, they'll prepare SCANDAL's music and radio program and dispatch delicious days. HARU says that even teachers get repremanded/yelled at. RINA says that every profession has the same troubles. She also says that there are also tough times that musicians also go through up until a song is released. When a song's put out they're worried about whether or not they'll get the results or reactions they expected to get. She says that everyone's got it hard, but let's all get through it while trying to find something enjoyable or something that will give you strength. She also says that she thinks a living a life where you only have fun is not fun at all since you can't accept joy when it happens. HARU agrees and says that you wouldn't be able to grow as the result of something painful happening; that's why spice is sometimes needed in life.

•The next segment features the members comparing their chosen songs with "spice" as the theme. The first song played is "Uptown Funk (feat. Bruno Mars) " by Mark Ronson. MAMI reveals that she chose this song. She says that starting in the beginning of the year she and TOMO have attended dark exercise classes (literally exercise classes in the dark/barely any lights on), which HARU says they've talked about every day lately. These places have you work out to these kinds of upbeat songs in very high temperatures. They played a remixed version of this song as part of a medley and were playing the music video on a screen in the place. When this came on, she realized that things were going to start to really pick up and they were going to sweat a lot. She says that this song has provided their muscles with a lot of spice.

•The second song played is "Make you happy " by NiziU , chosen by HARU. She explains a little of their backstory: a Japanese girl group formed by Korean label JYP through a survival reality show. HARU watched all of the episodes and got super hooked on them; she was even crying while watching the last episode. As for "spice," while watching it and seeing all their efforts, it made her think that she too needs to work hard every day. RINA says, "Did it make you go, 'What am I doing?!'" HARU says yes and the band laughs and says it must have really resonated with her.

•The third song played is "Unknown " by Friday Night Plans, chosen by TOMO. It's a very recent song and she thinks she heard it on the radio. She thought it was a really spicy song. There are very few piano melody notes, but there are so many fresh notes on top of that--that imbalance to her is very "spicy." She first heard about Friday Night Plans a while back but didn't really get into them until this song and she thinks they're really cool.

•The fourth song played is "Sour Candy " by Lady Gaga and BLACKPINK, chosen by RINA. She was really impacted by this collaboration between two really big music artists, and how they hyped it up on social media before it was released. When she first listened to it, she thought it was so cool and felt like thanking them for the song.

•HARU says that this playlist is also a chaotic one. RINA says it's all over the place, but it makes sense on the whole--it's very SCANDAL-like. TOMO says it has a "This is what we've been listening to recently"-feel to it, which presumably fits theme of "Catch up" well.

•MAMI reads the next message from a listener who worked at a curry restaurant before COVID hit and everyone who worked there was fired. However, she was really happy when she heard that SCANDAL's new song was titled "SPICE." The band laughs and says that it sounds like she can live in any generation with no problem. RINA says, "Things may be difficult right now, but let's all support each other and do our best."

•TOMO reads the next message from a listener who is living by themselves for the first time, which happened after breaking up with her boyfriend who did things like forget to shut the entryway door. She says it's kind of lonely to live alone, but listening to "Catch up" makes her realize that she's not alone. She then apologizes for sending in a message with no spiciness to it, but she does want some spice in her life.

•The last message is read by RINA. The listener is currently listening to the radio program live while grilling some takoyaki with a friend. As for their "spicy" story, they say they recently got hooked on shichimi . The band laughs and tells them to enjoy hanging out with their friend. They're also surprised that that's all the message said, but it was the perfect message to read since they're running out of time for the program.

•The band then closes out the episode. They say that time just flew by, and that it was a lot of fun. They also mention that they'll be doing an after talk after this. They thank the listeners for their "spicy" stories and wish they had time to choose the best stories during this show, but they will be choosing them during the after talk.

•Since there's still a little bit of time left, HARU asks the band how their first live broadcast of this program was. TOMO says this SPA-isu gift is limited to this episode only; they're unfortunately not able to do it for every ep. HARU mentions that "Catch up" merch is starting to be made. They'll announce when those will be available for purchase. There are 20 seconds left and the band isn't sure how to fill the time; they laugh and go, "What do we do?!" HARU then gives the release info for "SPICE" and the "XPICE" short.

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 18

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 16 CPYm520
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 16 ZgJzN4s

•The episode starts with this.

•RINA draws the second song, which is "Natsu no Hi no 1993" (A Summer Day in 1993) by class. This song was also chosen by MAMI. The band laughs and is surprised her chosen songs were drawn in a row. MAMI's memories of this song stem from her third year of high school when this song was really popular. TOMO asks why it was so popular, but MAMI doesn't know. MAMI says that when a girl started singing the lyrics "1993," the entire class started singing too. This would happen every time someone would start to sing it. It was also frequently sung at karaoke (HARU: "Seriously?"). TOMO says that her dad has also sung this song. RINA wonders if this song that their parents' generation listened to [Note: This song came out in--you guessed it--1993, so it is possible], which is why it was popular with MAMI's class. MAMI doesn't think that has anything to do with it; a friend just heard the song and thought it was good.

•MAMI draws the third song, which is "Namida" (Tears) by Ketsumeishi. This song was chosen by TOMO. TOMO's memories stem from her second year of middle school when she and her family were living in a condo where small festivals would be held. She got to run/participate in one of the stalls and made things like yo-yo tsuri and kujibiki . During this time she would be over at a friend's place and they would be listening to this song while they made those things. They wanted something to help draw in customers, so they created an original character called "Negi." Although "negi" (ねぎ) means green onion, the character was a mouse and was made out of cardboard. MAMI says, "That's youth for you." The band also wonders if songs by Western artists are in the box.

•HARU draws the fourth song, which is "I Feel the Earth Move" by Carole King, and was one of HARU's chosen songs. When HARU visited New York for the first time privately in the summer of 2018, she watched the Carole King musical called "Beautiful ." Her memories from that time are still very strong, and that trip was what got her hooked on New York. She says that she first heard this song when she was attending their dance & vocal school and they were covering Western songs. She's always liked the song, but seeing it in the musical and learning about its roots made her fall even more in love with it. TOMO says that recent memories are good as well. She also says, "This playist had already gotten chaotic."

•TOMO draws the fifth song, which is "OVER DRIVE" by JUDY AND MARY. This song was chosen by MAMI, which the band isn't surprised with. She says that when she was in nursery school, her mom and other moms from the nursery school formed a band with her mom on keyboards and vocals (RINA: "That totally fits her"). This was one of the songs they sang. During the year that MAMI graduated from the nursery school, it put on a summer festival kind of like what TOMO mentioned. The band was invited to play at it and they sang this song. She points out that there are a lot of summer memories associated with when you're a student, which the band agrees with. She also says that has quite a few memories like this before the band got together/before they had their major label debut. She then says how her three songs have already been picked (TOMO: "That was fast"). RINA says that they were all good songs she chose. MAMI asks if they were summer-like, and the band agrees.

•RINA draws the sixth song, which is "Another Days" by w-inds. This song was chosen by TOMO, and band all says how emotional this song is. TOMO says that the dance & vocal school that they went to had a recital every summer, and at one of them almost every student (200-300) participated in singing a w-inds medley. TOMO was one of the ones who sang "Another Days." HARU goes, "[The] Nagoya [branch of Caless] also participated in that, right?" MAMI says yes, and HARU says that she sang "try your emotion." There were medleys for three artists in total and TOMO says she participated in each of them, but the dance she did for w-inds is what she remembers the most. HARU asks if she practiced a lot, and TOMO says she probably did.

•RINA says that she hopes the next song will be hers, and the others realize that none of her songs have been drawn yet. MAMI draws the seventh song, which is the RINA-chosen song "Papillon" by Hitomi Shimatani. The band gets excited that RINA's song was picked and RINA goes, "That's crazy!" When RINA was in elementary school, she was good friends with a girl who lent her the CD. RINA was also in a dance club where they would cover songs and dances every week, and this was the song that she and her friend were to sing one week. The song has "Thank you" sung in different languages in the chorus ("Maraming salamat, dhanyabaad, terima kasih, xiăo huā, nĭ hăo"), which the band starts singing together. Her friend told her to memorize the lyrics by the next day, and even though she has them memorized now, back then she couldn't remember them perfectly by the next day.

•HARU draws the eighth song, which is "Dancing Hero" by Yoko Oginome and was chosen by HARU (RINA: "It's like you to choose a song like this"). She says that it's a bon odori song that's a classic in Aichi Prefecture (the prefecture HARU's from). She says that bon odori has a "old people in high spirits," kind-of-boring image to it, but using this song to dance to makes it more exciting. HARU liked the song so much that she played the taiko drums for this song during bon odori in sixth grade, and says that she can still play it on the drums. The band says they should do a "HARU playing the taiko" segment during their live shows.

•TOMO draws the ninth song, which she immediately knows is HARU's as soon as she pulls it out: "Boogie Wonderland" by Earth, Wind & Fire. SCANDAL played at the festival SUMMER SONIC 2013, which is when EWF also performed at it. HARU had to see them no matter what as she's loved them since middle school. She thought she'd leisurely watch them from the area that other performers/etc. could watch from, but the moment that they started playing "Boogie Wonderland" as the first song she immediately went over to the general area. She's glad she was able to see them before leader Maurice White passed away a few years after that. She also says that the reason why she got into Western music was actually because in middle school she saw w-inds (the band who sang one of the songs that TOMO picked) covering this song on TV. She thought the song was cool and started listening to EWF after that. TOMO goes, "What a great playlist this is."

•RINA draws the 10th song, which is "Please Mr. Postman" by The Carpenters chosen by TOMO. Every year since she was little until around middle school, she and her family would go camping and stay at a log house, and this song would always be played then. MAMI says that her mom really likes songs/artists from that generation, like ABBA. TOMO says that songs from ABBA, Arabesque, and The Carpenters would be played a lot by her parents. When she hears these songs, she can remember super small details from when she was camping. RINA says that she really thinks that memories and music are things that go hand-in-hand with each other.

•The remaining two songs are RINA's. MAMI draws the 11th one: "Manatsu no Magic" by Lead. The band gets really excited, laughs, and goes, "That's crazy!" They also start singing a part of the chorus and say that it's really nostalgic. RINA says that they would dance and sing to this song too in her dance club. Listening to it now, she realizes how great the chorus is and the band starts singing it. She likes the way the words are sung, and HARU says that it's very EWF-like.

•HARU draws the 12th and final song and laughs hard before announcing it. MAMI and TOMO go, "Eh? What is it?" The song is "Lonely Chaplin" by Kiyomi Suzuki with Rats & Star. They all laugh loudly. RINA discovered this song while watching Ayumi Hamasaki's "Ayuready?" late-night TV program on Fuji TV when she was in elementary school. A guest musician would come on the show for a talk segment, and then they and Ayumi would play a song together at the end. RINA heard this song and thought it was really cool. She memorized all of the parts that Ayumi sang and practiced at karaoke. During summer break, her family went somewhere where there was a small stage set up and they told her to sing. She sang this song, which was apparently a hit with all of the people who were there. She also says that there would always be palm trees in the background of "Ayuready?" no matter what season it was, so there was always a summer-like feel to it.

•The band agrees that this playlist was rather chaotic. TOMO says that the meaning of "chaotic" is different every time. HARU goes, "So this is what summer is for us" and the band laughs. TOMO says that she'll probably listen to this playlist three times. MAMI thinks that this will be a fresh playlist for their fans.

1. "Locolotion" - ORANGE RANGE [Chosen by MAMI]

2. "Natsu no Hi no 1993" - class [Chosen by MAMI]

3. "Namida" - Ketsumeishi [Chosen by TOMOMI]

4. "I Feel the Earth Move" - Carole King [Chosen by HARUNA]


6. "Another Days" - w-inds [Chosen by TOMOMI]

7. "Papillon" - Hitomi Shimatani [Chosen by RINA]

8. "Dancing Hero" - Yoko Oginome [Chosen by HARUNA]

9. "Boogie Wonderland" - Earth, Wind & Fire [Chosen by HARUNA]

10. "Please Mr. Postman" - The Carpenters [Chosen by TOMOMI]

11. "Manatsu no Magic" - Lead [Chosen by RINA]

12. "Lonely Chaplin" - Kiyomi Suzuki with Rats & Star [Chosen by RINA]

SCANDAL-like! Transported back to the past with the creation of a chaotic summer playlist!
Episode #18 blog

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 16 Hc6tVbt

This week's episode features 「SCANDAL's Catch up Playlist 2020 - Early summer!」

This is actually their first music project for this show...

HARUNA: For this episode we'll be featuring "SCANDAL's Catch up Playlist 2020 - Early summer!"

RINA: This is the first time we're doing this here.

HARUNA: It's surprising. Making a Catch up playlist means...

Although it's the summer of 2020, all festivals this year have been canceled; there is no beginning nor end; and there are too many feels.

TOMOMI: Emotionally, yes.

HARUNA: We will be creating a chaotic playlist filled with very personal memories of each member.

RINA: Chaotic

TOMOMI: Can't wait

HARUNA: We make playlists for a lot of things, and each time the songs we choose are pretty chaotic.

RINA: We don't plan to do so, but it gets pretty chaotic when the four of us get together...I wonder why.

HARUNA: This time we selected three songs related to summer. We don't know what the others chose. Each song is written on a piece of paper in the box in front of us, so we'll arrange them in the order in which they are drawn.

Also, this playlist will be released by Spotify. Please check it out!

Shall we start drawing them?

RINA: Let's do it.

HARUNA: TOMO-chan, you want to go?

TOMOMI: It's okay that I start it off?

MAMI: We don't know whose songs will come out.

HARUNA: Only the name of the songs are written on the papers.

TOMOMI: (*Picking one out the box) Ah, this is a very long and thin one (Note: It's in the shape of a strip)

RINA: So thin...

MAMI: So thin! Long and thin.

TOMOMI: Ohーthis one's goodー

RINA: What is itー?

TOMOMI: ORANGE RANGE - "Locolotion" !

RINA: Ah, that's a good one! So summeryー!

HARUNA: ...who chose that one?

MAMI: Yes! I did! We're off to a good startー

TOMOMI: It's so excitingー! It's a very "first song"-like song!

MAMI: As for very personal memories, in my first or second year of middle school...

TOMOMI: Wasn't it the first year?

MAMI: First year, huh. It was the song used for the cheering squad during a sports festival.


MAMI: It's a song that reminds me of summer vacation when a lot of us got together to practice for the cheering squad, and we were all super sweaty in the gym.

TOMOMI: I also danced to this song during orientation of a ski training camp I went to in my first year of middle school.

MAMI: Seriously?

TOMOMI: Yeah, the same song.

RINA: training camp??

TOMOMI: A ski training camp. It was winter.

RINA: You were okay with that sense of season?

TOMOMI: It was an ORANGE RANGE medley, and most of them were summery songs.

HARUNA: You guys listened to ORANGE RANGE all year round that year.

TOMOMI: I sure did.

MAMI: When I think of summer, this immediately comes to mind... A great opening song, if I do say so myself.

HARUNA: It's going to get really exciting.

They each picked out three songs in this way, by using the special box (?), randomly announcing them, and creating a chaotic playlist. Please take a listen to the rich stories of each member for each song!

The reason that the paper with the selected song in the box is thin is because they were to paste the songs on the playlist one by one on a piece of paper. The person who pasted them was HARUNA. Only she could "haru" (貼る = haru; the verb that means "to stick/paste") them.

Check here for the completed playlist!

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 17

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•The band starts out the episode by talking about what Meiji snacks they're eating, and then this part happens.

•After "Tonight" plays, HARU says that they will be reading messages pertaining to the segments "Life Before SCANDAL" (listeners favorite bands before SCANDAL) and "LOVE SURVIVE 〜SCANDAL's Love Advice〜." The band decides to go with the former segment first. MAMI reads the first message from a listener who was a fan of Brahman before they were a SCANDAL fan. They became a big SCANDAL fan after attending one of their shows and thought that HARU's MC was as passionate as Brahman's vocalist's MCs, and although SCANDAL's domestic tour had to be canceled they are looking forward to hearing HARU's MCs once again in the future. The band wonders what show it was that they went to. TOMO thinks it could have been a festival that both bands appeared at.

•They then switch to questions for their love advice segment. HARU reads the next message a listener who's a rehab worker and has never made any good memories with the people they've dated so far. She'd buy birthday presents [for their significant other?], but when her own birthday came around she would only get back half cost-wise of what she put in (I think lol). It's also now common for her to only communicate once a week with an SO (again, I think lol; the words they chose are kind of vague). She's currently enjoying being single, but she wants to boost their ladylikeness just in case. She asks the band what "ladylikeness" is. TOMO goes, "They've lost their ladylikeness?" RINA brings up the "communicate once a week" thing and wonders what happened. TOMO goes, "They're the bad guy, aren't they?" The band laughs and agrees. HARU thinks that the listener is too loving to their SOs (RINA: "They're a rehab worker after all"). They're happy to receive birthday presents but they don't get back the same amount they spent on giving presents. HARU also thinks the communicating-once-per-week thing isn't very good. Since the listener wants to be happy in their next relationship, she wants to boost her ladylikeness. TOMO goes, "They got a lot of things wrong!" RINA says that they should stop being so nice and also overdoing things, and that it's probably not a matter of ladylikeness. HARU says that "ladylikeness" is a word she's never liked, and RINA agrees and says that feels out of place. There's also "masculinity," but being able to cook or do laundry shouldn't be one of a woman's high points. She also says that it's better not to try to change yourself for the person you're dating, but to be with someone who says that they like the way you live your life. The band kind of goes on for a while about this, but ultimately says at the end that the listener should learn to love themselves first.

•After "Kinenbi" plays, the band jokes that they have too many segments now. TOMO reads the next message from a listener who currently works at a bakery but has a teaching license. They love how MAMI says "te" and how it sounds like her voice is cracking in the clips of the band saying "Supported by Meiji" during each Catch up episode, enough that they can listen to it over and over again. They also really like how MAMI's blood vessels can be seen in live photos of her (like this ). The listener also asks the band if there are things like that they like and notice in other people. TOMO says that fans bring up MAMI's blood vessels a lot. MAMI says that hearing that someone likes how she says "te" so much makes her feel bashful. They then play MAMI's clip of her saying the "Supported by Meiji" line and they all go, "Ahhh!" and get what the listener was saying. They then answer the listener's question. MAMI likes hands, and since her hands are big, she likes smaller and rounder hands on girls and bigger hands + rugged-looking joints on guys. HARU says that something she's only been liking recently is facial hair on guys. When she was younger she thought that having no facial hair was better, but recently she's been thinking that it's sexy when a guy has facial hair. MAMI gets it and TOMO says she also like facial hair. RINA says that everyone in the audience will have facial hair at their next show, which the band laughs at. TOMO says that she likes that the day-off kind of look, and HARU mentions that during quarantine there were quite a lot of celebrities that grew their facial hair out, which may have led to her starting to like it. MAMI says that it immediately gives off a sense of maturity. RINA says that she likes to look at legs regardless of gender, and likes ones that have a good shape to them. TOMO says that she likes guys with long eyelashes, long enough that they cast a shadow. RINA says that she's envious of guys like that.

•RINA reads the next message from a listener who works at a movie theater but also has a teaching license for elementary school. Theaters are taking many precautions against the virus, and they feel that movies, which provide things such as excitement and emotions, are important to the world. RINA says that it certainly is a trying time for movie theaters right now, and that movies and music provides power mentally. Like what precautions movie theaters are taking right now, TOMO talks about how if a 150-person-capacity live house were to hold a show right now and took social distancing measures into effect, only about seven people could be allowed to enter. RINA says that deciding that if it's right or not to play a show, or to respond to everyone's feelings is something they're unsure of. TOMO says that guidelines to play a show right now have been released, but the issue of whether or not people will enjoy it/be satisfied with it, or if the band's feelings will be conveyed is a completely different, difficult issue. They also talk about how they wouldn't be able to go all out, and the audience wouldn't be allowed to sing. TOMO also brings up how people on roller coasters aren't allowed to scream right now . She was surprised to read that and wonders who would actually go on them. The band agrees that something like this is the right thing to do, though.

•The band talks a little about the future. TOMO says how they're really considering what kind of life they'll be living from this point forward, and that they know no one will be able to go back to how their lives used to be. It's a challenge as to how to live a positive and fun life. HARU says they're thinking about ways to have fun while also protecting themselves. They'll probably be spending more time at home still, but they hope that everyone can still enjoy this radio program weekly. They ask for people to keep sending in messages, and they'll keep doing things like that Morocco quiz during the previous episode. The band laughs and MAMI goes "We didn't talk about anything else then, did we?" HARU says there's quite a difference between last week's episode and this week's, but it's very radio program-like.

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SCANDAL WORLD TOUR 2020 “Kiss from the darkness” Update

First, we would like to appreciate all of our loyal fans for your constant support.

SCANDAL regretfully announces the postponement of its highly-anticipated 2020 “Kiss From The Darkness” Europe & North American WORLD TOUR, due to COVD-19.

“Kiss from the darkness” Europe WORLD TOUR Canceled 2020 dates:

September 4 – YOYO – Paris de Tokyo, Paris
September 6 – O2 Academy Islington, London
September 9 – Musik & Frieden, Berlin

We sincerely apologize to all fans who were looking forward to the shows. We are currently working very closely with all parties involved to be able to safely hold this tour. Please do hold on to your tickets and keep an eye out for updates.

The tour which was originally set to kick off on September 17 in Anaheim, CA has been rescheduled for FALL 2021. The updated 5-city run of dates includes a NEW show at Sony Hall in NYC on Saturday, November 13. See canceled and updated dates below.

“Kiss from the darkness” North American WORLD TOUR Canceled 2020 dates:
September 17 – House of Blues, Anaheim
September 19 – Canton Hall, Dallas
September 21 – The Masquerade, Atlanta
September 23 – Queen Elizabeth Hall, Toronto

November 11 – Queen Elizabeth Hall, Toronto
November 13 – Sony Hall, New York (New additional show!)
November 17 – House of Blues, Anaheim
November 19 – Canton Hall, Dallas
November 21 – The Masquerade, Atlanta

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Metal bottles and eco bags!

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It's okay to start with small things.
I decided that I want to live my life
As an environmetally friendly person.
For our on-stage drinks for several years now
We have been using
Tumblers and stainless steel straws,
And in my everyday life I have been putting drinks in my own reusuable bottle
To take around with me.

I'm still not perfect at it
And there are times
When I'll buy drinks in PET bottles when I'm out and about,
But my awareness of things like, 「Use what you have right now until it's out」
「Buy new things that are environmentally friendly」
Is getting stronger year by year.
When it comes to clothes too,
If there's something I like
And want to use for a long time,
I will work in the same clothes I wore when shooting in our casual outfits,
Which makes me feel positive about it.
I think that it's equal
To wearing different clothes each time☺

By being able to create original
Eco-friendly items from our brand
At the same time as when plastic bags are now being charged for,
It would be awesome
If this kicks off someone's awareness
And will be things
That are used for a long time.

The bottle comes in different colors
And the eco bag comes in different sizes,
So please check them out online!


2020/7/27 18:19











2020/7/27 18:19

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HARUNA has brought something unbelievable!!
Episode #17 blog

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It seems that HARUNA has brought a slightly crazy, secret item from home...

HARUNA: There's something that I'd to show you guys...

RINA: What is it?

TOMOMI: What is it?

MAMI: What is it?

HARUNA: During the episode three weeks ago...


MAMI: What did you bring?

TOMOMI: ...stop it!!

RINA: So, what is it?

HARUNA: I talked about getting rid of clutter and tidying up stuff, and I said I found something, right?

M, T, R: was a picture.

HARUNA: Yes, I brought it!

M, T, R: ......(*at a loss for words)

RINA: Wow...why did you do that..oh man!

HARUNA: I found it and talked about it, so I thought it should see the light of day at least once.

TOMOMI: It doesn't need to...

MAMI: "See the light of day"; what??

RINA: That should never be posted on the blog, shouldn't it?

HARUNA: I'll leave it up to you to decide if you want to post it there or not.

TOMOMI: Yeah, let's see it.

MAMI: Hold on!

RINA: When was that taken?

MAMI: You're going to post that photo?

HARUNA: It's mostly of our upper halves.

RINA: When was that taken?

HARUNA: Probably before our major label debut.

TOMOMI: When we played street shows on Shiroten?

MAMI: Eh, was that when we wore torn-up outfits?

HARUNA: It's a picture of when we were wearing that skull t-shirt.

RINA: That skull shirt...

HARUNA: For the time being, just the four of us will look at it. Here we go. Ta-da!

All: Ahーーーーーーーーーーーーー! (*screaming)

TOMOMI: That's awesome.

MAMI: This is too much.

RINA: The skull kind of looks like me.

HARUNA: It does kind of look like you.

TOMOMI: That's true.

RINA: I can't believe we did that.

MAMI: Wowーthat's crazyー

TOMOMI: I don't like this.

RINA: It's okay. Everything fine.

MAMI: Yeah, it's okay. Everything fine.

TOMOMI: You say it's okay...but I don't like that either lol

RINA: I remember when we took this.

HARUNA: Where was this?

RINA: It was probably at the live house ESAKA MUSE [in Osaka], right?

MAMI: Who shot this?

RINA: So nostalgic...

MAMI: How did we do our activities wearing this shirt, the first six months? One year?

HARUNA: It wasn't a year yet, right?

RINA: But those were some great memories, truly.

HARUNA: I suddenly felt a sense of fear coming from the inside of my house lol. It surprised me.

RINA: It was so cute how the the four of us were looking so hard for t-shirts at the supermarket, and that the four of us made this our outfit.

TOMOMI: Our makeup looks around then were something.

MAMI: We were still in middle and high school. But they're all good memories.

HARUNA: We'll be bringing you today's episode as we look at this photo, while also staring at our past...

RINA: While remembering our starting days

HARUNA: As we approach the second half of 2020...

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