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What's the advice given to listeners unsure of the fine line between "persistence" and "aggressiveness"?

Episode #73 blog

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HARUNA: This week we'll be doing everyone's favorite "Fine Line Association."
Incidentally, in English that would be...
"Association of Borderline on Catch up"
Or "ABC" for short.
This "ABC"'s quite pervasive...

(Staff: It's not...)

HARUNA: It's not...

RINA: It's because we also have overseas listeners.

HARUNA: Yeah... So this is meeting #5.

TOMOMI: The association members have submitted a new fine line subject. Let's read the message.


I'd like some love advice! There's someone I'm currently interested in.

We had the same college classes but only talked in person like one time. Then, the first state of emergency was declared. We are currently chatting and calling each other via LINE. I happened to find their Twitter account and saw they had tweeted about me. They had written that our phone convos are fun but bothersome to talk with me every single week on the phone. We haven't seen each other in person, and I regret trying to close the distance just with LINE. Incidentally, we talked twice per week.

We said we'll go clothes shopping together after the SOE's lifted, but I'm unsure if I should go. How should I treat them from here on?

Also, where is the fine line between "persistence" and "aggressiveness"? Please tell me!

All: I seeー

HARUNA: That's difficult...

MAMI: They wrote that it's bothersome talking once a week...

TOMOMI: I wonder if their convos are boring...

RINA: If the listener didn't find those tweets saying it was bothersome, it means that the other person responded like they don't think of it like that. Isn't being considerate like that really hurtful? They seem like they're enjoying it but are thinking those things.

HARUNA: Yeah...

RINA: I mean, what do they talk about on the phone??

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 72

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•The episode starts with this.

•They then read messages from listener who attended the joint band concert with Hump Back. HARU reads the first one from someone who wrote this message on the train back from the concert. They say they're big fans of both bands and felt like this concert was meant for them. They talk about how, like the "A Stronger Sound" title suggests, powerful they both sounded. TOMO reads the next message from someone who was really looking forward to it after giving birth in May--it was like their reward for working hard. They say both bands were cool and that they liked the bonus pictures of the bands in RINA's blog entry about it.

•The band says that that concert was a lot of fun. They first talk about how it was rescheduled from its original date in June and that they were really glad they were able to hold it after all. RINA mentions how they're grateful for everyone who came out since everything (the date, it being on a weekday, moved to a new venue) had completely been changed. HARU says it was their first double band concert with another all-girl band in a long time. RINA wonders how long it's been. They don't seem to remember as it's not something they do often [Note: I can't find any past concerts that were similar--I wonder if it's actually their first with an all-girl band]. They do say that they have at least played a ton of events and the like with all-girl bands. RINA says that holding an all-girl band joint concert at a slightly large venue wouldn't have been realistic 10 years prior. She finds the progress of this era a bit impressive and it made her happy to be able to hold it. HARU says that although they both have different approaches to music, it seems like they can become good friends with each other. They say that the first time they met in person was on the day of the concert, but that day did feel very long. TOMO says they got to talk to each other for a bit after the concert. They talk about how after rehearsals were done before the concert, they all took photos together and Hump Back went to look at what kind of settings and equipment SCANDAL uses (those are the photos posted in the blog). They say they hope they can do another concert with them. TOMO goes, "Tsuyoku Naru Oto 2?"

•RINA reads the next message from a listener who also attended the joint concert and says that it was a lot of fun. Then, they say they're changing the subject to dialects. HARU goes, "" while the staff laughs in the background. The listener says they live in Gifu Prefecture and says that HARU and MAMI might already know these since they're from around that area too, but there are some dialect phrases like "Tsukue wo tsuru" (机をつる; literally means 'lift up a desk' - it refers to picking up a desk and moving it) and "Okane wo kowasu" (お金を壊す; literally means 'to break money' - it refers to breaking a bill). The band laughs and says they were surprised by that sudden curveball of changing the subject. TOMO says that she knew the first one since HARU and MAMI say it often, but the second she's never heard. She can infer the meaning of it, though, since the standard way you say to break a bill is "Okane wo kuzusu" (お金を崩す). RINA asks if they also use "kuzusu." HARU says that they don't really use it often. MAMI says that she hasn't really used "kowasu" since moving to Tokyo, which HARU does agree with. RINA says that she's never heard them say "kuzusu." TOMO says that she thinks they've been using "kowasu" since they first met. HARU says that she means she understands what it means when "Okane wo kowasu" is said, even though she doesn't use it herself.

•They then talk about the first phrase. TOMO wonders if the standard way to say it is "Tsukue wo okuru" (机を送る; literally means 'to send a desk'), but HARU and RINA think that's also a dialect way to say it. A staffer confirms that that's also a dialect phrase. RINA says that's also the first time she's heard of a phrase like that. TOMO asks her what they say in Nara. RINA says that they say "Tsukue wo sageru" (机を下げる; literally means 'to lower a desk'), which the others say they don't use. MAMI says that everyone says this phrase differently. HARU says that she thinks the standard way to say it is "Tsukue wo hakobu" (机を運ぶ; literally means 'to carry/move a desk'). She and MAMI say that "Tsukue wo tsuru" is only used when school desks are being moved; it can't really be used for any other time. RINA says that it's really limited as for when that phrase can be used. HARU says that that phrase is pretty famous when it comes to Nagoya dialect--it might even be one of its representative phrases.

•MAMI reads the next message from a listener who mentions the previous episode where they talked about the dialect phrase "tege" (てげ; very, really). HARU had said that she thought it was a dialect from the southern part of Japan, but the listener says that it's from the dialect used in Miyazaki Prefecture. They're from Miyazaki, and when they heard the band talking about it, they thought to themselves, "That's Miyazaki dialect!" The band says that's a very cute dialect word. HARU says that she thinks there's a word in Korean that sounds like that and means the same thing (which is true ). RINA says that she wants to visit Miyazaki. MAMI says that she wants to eat mangoes from there.

•HARU reads the next message from a listener who says there's something they really enjoying doing by themselves this time of year, and that is to eat a lot of melons, which they say MAMI loves as well. Their family sends them melons that can't be sold and/or are damaged. So far they've eaten about 14 melons. They ask SCANDAL if there's anything they can eat a lot of. HARU asks MAMI how many melons she thinks she could eat. RINA says that when they appear at ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL, which always has melon soda that comes in actual melons, MAMI always has about two of them. MAMI says that it's water, and RINA goes, "...I think you're mistaken." They and the staff laugh and MAMI goes, "What?" and then explains that she can drink it so quickly it's basically like drinking water for her. RINA goes, "Oh, that's what you meant? It's at that level for you?" MAMI talks about how they usually have fruits for refreshments on concert days, and one time the melons were replenished every time she ate one (i.e. she came back from rehearsals and they had been replenished, and the same thing happened after the concert). RINA says to say thanks to their event planner, which they all laugh at and MAMI does say thanks. HARU does say that it was funny how often they were replenished. HARU says that in that same vein TOMO can endlessly eat fruits. TOMO says that fruits like strawberries, kaki (persimmons), and pineapple she can eat endlessly. She then adds that she can eat Meiji Apollo chocolates endlessly, making the staff laugh. MAMI says that she can probably eat chocolate endlessly, which RINA agrees with too.

•HARU says that one thing she thinks she can eat a ton of is soba. The others loudly go, "Aahh!" TOMO mentions how HARU can eat a ton of wanko soba [and here HARU mentions her previous two attempts before that]. HARU says she can't eat huge servings of things, but she's able to eat a ton of wanko soba since the amount in every bowl is pretty small. RINA says that was seriously impressive. TOMO says that she has no idea how HARU's stomach is shaped [as in perhaps it's like a black hole for soba]. MAMI wonders if it's she can eat a lot because they're noodles and can eat a lot at once. HARU says that doesn't think she could eat a lot of ramen due to how rich the broth is. RINA says that eating several bowls of ramen at once is impossible, but when they're in Sapporo, for instance, they can go out to eat ramen for dinner and again and breakfast, although MAMI's not able to do that. She also says that it's totally doable to eat ramen during the course of several days, which HARU agrees with.

•TOMO reads the next message from a listener who had written in previously about a girl [not sure which one he is], and although it's not the same girl he had mentioned, he now has a girlfriend who has been classmates with him since elementary school. He says, however, that there's a very big problem: They're both students who are studying for college entrance exams and can't just hang out all the time. He says he thinks it's good to have a proper sense of distance but isn't sure what a proper sense of distance is and asks SCANDAL for advice. TOMO says that since they've been classmates for so long, they probably live close by to each other and wonders if it possible that they could see each other every day. She says that they could just have enough time for each of them to study. HARU says that's possible if both of them can come to an understanding on that. MAMI says they should take a day on the weekend to let loose and have fun since just studying is boring. RINA says they should support each other while doing what needs to be done, and that it's better to be in a relationship while enjoying your time together and working hard--if you're able to do that as a student, you're likely to continue that romance when you're adults. TOMO says that if there's a curfew they can use the time afterwards to study, and that they should just spend their time together normally. RINA says they could decide on rules, like they'll only hang out until 7-8 pm. They tell them good luck with their studies/entrance exams.

•RINA reads the next message from the same listener who sent the previous message above this one. As soon as she reads the name, TOMO goes, "Hold up! I just read his message!" RINA says that it seems like this is part 2. TOMO goes, "Did something happen?" RINA continues reading the message. He says that he sent in a message a week prior to this one about getting a girlfriend, but they broke up within a week. HARU goes, "Ehhh?!" The listener says that there's no helping it if his first message is read, but if possible to not read it. HARU chastizes their program director and goes, "Ono-san!" TOMO says, "You're so bad!" HARU says that they just answered the question so seriously. They wonder what happened between them. TOMO goes, "They couldn't maintain a sense of distance." They say they'll give him an Apollo pick, though, and tell him good luck with college and studying.

•MAMI reads the last message from a listener who was sick and had to have their leg amputated below the knee last October. They credit SCANDAL with making them feel uplifted and positive, and that they're not afraid of change. They can now walk with no problem and credit SCANDAL for that as well. They thank them for existing and say that they got tickets to SCANDAL's "magic show" at Osaka-Jo Hall. The band laughs at this and TOMO says that she completely forgot about the magic tricks. HARU says that she forgot as well. They mention how last October is pretty recent and that the listener worked really hard with their rehab. MAMI is surprised someone would be able to walk normally in such a short amount of time. RINA says that knowing their music makes people feel positive in turn makes the band themselves feel supported. HARU says they'll do their best with their "magic show."

*As always, you can send in a message to the program here . I've made a guide as how to input your info and message for those who need assistance (click to enlarge):

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*A list of all episode summaries can be found here

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SCANDAL's stamp of approval! The Apollo pick and stickers merch for the program are finally complete!

Episode #72 blog

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HARUNA: Since's this is episode 72, it's "72 Desu na" ("It's 72 / It's Summer") ["72" here is pronounced "natsu"; it's a pun on a lot of words - "natsu" = summer; 7 in Japanese = nana; 2 is pronounced as "tsu," which is the Japanese spelling of the English word "two"]...

RINA: It really is!

MAMI: It's 7 and 2.

TOMOMI: The rainy season has just ended (*as of the day this is being recorded).

RINA: It's gotten super hot.

HARUNA: We'll just be reading messages this time.

Before we read them, we have an important announcement...

Unbelievably, finally, the stickers for this program are here!

All: They're hereー! (*Super excited)

HARUNA: That's not all... The Apollo picks are also here!!

All: They're hereー! (*Super excited)

HARUNA: It was worth it to have a ton of meetings with the staff about them.

RINA: They're right before us... The quality's so good!

MAMI: They're adorable!

TOMOMI: The picks are a bit stiff.

RINA: They're rigid ones that can be used regularly.

MAMI: Yes, yes! They're great for acoustic guitars!

HARUNA: But they're too good to use - they're too cute!

RINA: Aren't the stickers awesome? The quality's wonderful...

HARUNA: There are two types of stickers. A program sticker and a "Fine Line Association" sticker.

TOMOMI: They're super simple but took forever to figure out.

RINA: We were super picky about them.

TOMOMI: Yeah, we were surprisingly picky.

RINA: An explanation of the segment is written on the back... You can feel a culture to it.

MAMI: Yeah, I think it being surreal is good.

RINA: You can stick it on your phone or put it in a case.

HARUNA: There's a reason why we have such a full lineup of picks and stickers... Also, getting an Apollo pouch is quite the hurdle in a lot of ways...

All: Yeah...

HARUNA: The production cost is high... Therefore, the hurdles given to listeners will be higher as well...

※The staff also apologizes...

HARUNA: So, we made picks and stickers. Starting today, if there are any messages that make us go, "Should we give this listener something?", we will give them something.

All: Yes, we will.

HARUNA: We won't give them to everyone, so please send in good messages!

All: We'll be waiting!

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 71

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•The episode starts with this.

•While TOMO goes off to practice, RINA reads a message from a listener whose message had been read during episode 64 (the one who asked them to say "Hey! Barber!"). He talks about some dialect words in Kyushu related to hair, which is honestly too hard to translate into English lol. The band discusses what those words would be where they're from, and at the end MAMI says to have pride in the words used in the region you're from.

•TOMO finishes practicing, which the others say was really fast. TOMO explains that the trick first consists of drawing a hole on the memo pad, passing a coin over the hole, and the coin disappearing by "dropping" into the hole. MAMI goes, "Even though it's a flat surface?" TOMO says yes. She does the trick and the others go, "Eh?? That's so awesome!" TOMO laughs and says she's super happy it worked. The next part of the trick involves her making the hole into a bucket and dropping another coin into it. She goes, "Disappear!" and then asks if they heard a sound just now. They say yes, and TOMO says that was the sound of the second coin hitting the first one. She goes, "That's my magic trick!" Everyone applauds and say that was awesome. RINA wonders where the coins went. TOMO says, "They disappeared." RINA goes, "Ehh??" HARU says that was great, and TOMO says that makes her happy to hear. RINA says she doesn't understand at all what happened. MAMI thinks that's a difficult trick to do. TOMO says that she thinks MAMI might be good at it since her hands are big. MAMI laughs and says that it seems like big hands are good for doing these tricks. TOMO says that all magicians might have big hands. They again say that that was a complete success and that they really could these at Osaka-Jo Hall. [Here's what the trick looks like ]

•RINA then goes off to practice. The others say that it seems like it'll be difficult to do. TOMO then reads the next message from a listener who says that after they get back home from work, they drink while listening to SCANDAL songs. They ask the band what they do while drinking. They say they don't really drink at home by themselves, but if someone's over then they'll eat while they drink. TOMO says that they don't really drink much to begin with. HARU says that they haven't really drank much since the pandemic started. MAMI says that she'd sometimes drink when she'd go out with friends, or would drink while eating during get-togethers with friends, but since no one's really getting together, you don't really drink. They agree and HARU says that she hasn't drank any alcohol at all recently. TOMO says that since she and HARU live in the same direction, sometimes after work she would drive back with HARU to her place and visit her dog and go on walks, and would also eat dinner. On very rare occasions would they drink some alcohol. HARU mentions that TOMO's only became able to drink a bit of alcohol within the past year, and so they had more occasions to drink. TOMO says that since she doesn't like to drink alone, she'd bring some alcohol with her to HARU's and they would drink together. MAMI starts to bring up how TOMO was hooked on drinking at home at one point during the past year. TOMO says that drinking while staying at home = happiness. She says that when she does that, she usually watches TV. MAMI says that during those times you're just casually watching things instead of really being into what you're watching. HARU says that it sets a mood. TOMO says that drinking occasionally is fun.

•RINA and the staff are heard making a lot of noise. TOMO wonders if RINA's done practicing. RINA is heard saying that she doesn't like it. The others are surprised and wonder what she means. TOMO wonders if that means she's done preparing, and MAMI wonders if that means she's prepared too much that she doesn't like it. RINA is then heard saying, "How does this work??" HARU goes, "Ah, she doesn't understand it. Can you really call that magic, then?"

•They decide to read one more message in the mean time. MAMI reads the next message from a listener who says their message about how they're married but still loves their ex-boyfriend's face was previously read in a past episode [I don't remember which lol]. She says that there's been a development and someone who looks like her ex happens to be on the same survival show (related to idols) that her friend's been making progress in. She's happy to be able to support him without hiding the fact that she likes his looks from the people she knows. She says she can't tell her husband the fact that the guy looks like her ex (HARU: "Well of course"), but she has bought merch that is delivered when her husband's at work--she's legally savoring her fill of good-looking guys. The band laughs and MAMI says that that's a healthy way to go about things. HARU wonders what program he's on. MAMI seemingly reads another line that says the listener sometimes has dreams about him, but she doesn't know if it's the ex or the idol guy. The band is surprised and goes, "They look that similar??" MAMI says, "On the contrary, isn't that crazy?" TOMO goes, "Isn't that guy the ex, then??" MAMI and HARU laugh and say it could be possible. Since the listener said she bought merch, the band deduces that this group must have already debuted. They go, "Wow, her ex debuted!" and laugh. TOMO talks about how bassist SiN from the band SiM reminds her a lot of Reo from the group GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE. HARU says she totally gets it and that they don't really look alike, but their personalities are similar. TOMO says that she does think they look alike--she was watching a TV program with Reo and thought he was SiN. MAMI says that SiN does dance around while he plays bass. TOMO says that no one would likely notice if they switched places, and that she wants them to do it. She says, "How do I tell them that??", which MAMI and HARU laugh at. HARU says that there are a lot famous people in all kinds of places that can look like each other. MAMI wonders if there's anyone [famous] who looks like them. TOMO says that she doesn't think there's anyone who closely does. MAMI says that they don't really often get told that they look like someone else, which TOMO and HARU agree with.

•RINA is done practicing her trick. HARU asks her what kind of trick she'll be doing. RINA says that she'll be guessing the card that someone draws. She starts explaining while shuffling the deck, which HARU says very pro-like. TOMO says to do it one more time. She does so and the others laugh while going, "Ohh!" RINA says that she'll have someone put their finger on whatever card they want, and HARU tells MAMI to do it. RINA tells MAMI that she can choose whichever one she likes. MAMI chooses one and then shows the card to everyone but RINA. RINA asks her if she's memorized her card. MAMI says yes. RINA then says, "Five of diamonds." They all go, "Eh?? Eh??" RINA asks if that's wrong, but they say she was correct. RINA goes, "I did it?" They also say that she knew it so quickly. RINA goes, "I guessed correctly!" and they clap for her. HARU keeps saying, "How'd you do it??" RINA says that she knew the moment the card was drawn. TOMO says that she wants to try doing it too. RINA pauses for a second and then goes, "I can't." They all laugh and go, "You can't??" RINA laughs and says she can only do it one time. TOMO jokes and says that the card picked will always be the five of diamonds. RINA says that she was really nervous about doing it. HARU says that she was surprised at how fast she knew the correct card. RINA says that she knew that right away. MAMI says that they probably can't do this trick at OJH. They ask RINA again, and she again says that she can only do the trick once. A staffer says in the background that she could if she practiced more. RINA pauses for a second and then says while laughing, "I can't." She says that she could do another form of magic, just not this one. TOMO says she should do the trick again when everyone forgets what card was drawn. MAMI says that they might forget by the time OJH happens. TOMO agrees and says that it's a month away. RINA says that she was really scared while practicing this trick since it was so mysterious. HARU asks if she understands it now, and RINA says that she does, but she was really scared. MAMI goes, "What were you scared of??" RINA says that she was scared of messing it up, which the others understand. MAMI and HARU say that they don't at all understand how this trick works and that this was impressive. They all clap again for RINA. [This is basically what RINA does, sans the envelope part. ]

•They then close out the episode. HARU says that surprisingly they can do these tricks with a little bit of practice. RINA says that it was fun. MAMI says it probably doesn't go over well on radio, but it was a lot of fun. TOMO says that it makes you really happy to impress people with your tricks. HARU says that it'd probably be even more interesting if they had a lot of time to practice. HARU again says that it was fun, and she wonders what it was like for those listening. They say that maybe they can do this on video so that people can see what's going on. A staffer seemingly says to do it at OJH since the band laughs and HARU goes, "They really want us to perform these at OJH." HARU says that RINA seemingly can't do it again. RINA says, "Thanks so much! I'm retiring as of today."

*As always, you can send in a message to the program here . I've made a guide as how to input your info and message for those who need assistance (click to enlarge):

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*A list of all episode summaries can be found here

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The second half of "ILLUSION" at Osaka-Jo Hall! SCANDAL will make miracles happen with magic!?

Episode #71 blog

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HARUNA: Continuing from last week...

RINA: Those were awesome. Complete successes.

TOMOMI: Yeah, they were impressive.

HARUNA: We somehow did them in a short amount of time.

MAMI: Somehow.

[*TOMO and RINA will be doing their tricks this week.]

HARUNA: It takes quite a long time to prepare.

RINA: It's pretty complicated.

TOMOMI: It requires a bit of initialization.

HARUNA: Maybe the difficulty is getting higher and higher...
So, #3 is TOMOMI.

TOMOMI: I'll go practice.

HARUNA: We'll be reading messages while you're preparing.

Suzu Castella

Hello, SCANDAL. I'm sending this message after getting nostalgic hearing you talk about Aomori dialect.

In my hometown, when you're "getting rid" (捨てる; suteru) of trash, you call it "throwing out" (なげる; nageru) the trash. I remembered that when I moved to Tokyo, people didn't understand me when I said I'd throw out the trash...(haha)

I remembered how happy I was when you talked about things regarding my hometown, like the double doors at convenience stores and English toast, when you talked about your 47-prefecture tour the other day. Topics like that make me feel so nostalgic and happy as I can't return home due to the pandemic, so it'd be great if you could tell us more memories of dialects from when you were on tour. I'm looking forward to future episodes.

There are still many places in Aomori that use "tage" or "waya" (すごい; sugoi = very, really) if you look for some, so I would also like to hear dialects from other regions.

I'm really looking forward to future episodes [This was said using a bunch of dialect words] (haha)

MAMI: "Tage" sounds cute.

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 70

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•The episode starts with this.

•HARU, TOMO, and RINA do another round of janken to determine who goes next. HARU wins, with TOMO being the runner-up. and wonders which one she should go with. MAMI looks at the remaining items and says she has no idea what "mental magic" entails. RINA says that she thinks mental magic would be good for HARU. The others laugh and say that RINA's already gone and decided that, so HARU does go with mental magic (AKA "ESP cards "). RINA says that HARU would have the best poker face and thinks that she'd be good at doing those tricks. TOMO, the runner-up, is the next one to choose. RINA asks her which one she'd want to do, and TOMO says that both of them look difficult to do. MAMI explains the "coin magic" one, which is actually more of a "magic memo pad"--you draw a cup on the pad, pass a coin over it, and it disappears (info + a video on it ). HARU says it looks difficult. TOMO says that she'll give it a go. She's handed the box and says it's heavy. By process of elimination, RINA gets the card magic. MAMI says that all cards have the same pattern on them. HARU goes, "There's such a thing?" RINA wonders if she'll be able to do it.

•HARU says that the first person will go into a separate room to practice. The others are surprised by this until the staff says something inaudible, which is likely something about keeping the trick a surprise. MAMI opens her item and goes, "Eh, will I be able to do this??" and says that the balls are pretty big [lol]. She says, "Seriously, how do I do this?" While she heads to another room, HARU says that since the other members will just be waiting until she's ready, they'll be reading messages to pass the time. RINA and TOMO laugh, and RINA says, "That's such a crude way to introduce that." MAMI reaches the place where she'll be practicing and HARU goes, "That's where she's practicing?" while the staff laughs in the background. TOMO goes, "That's not a separate room!" HARU says, "We can totally see her!", which likely means that MAMI's simply in a different part of the same room.

•HARU reads a message from a listener who used to be a fan starting from BABY ACTION (their 3rd album, released in 2011) but started drifting away after he started listening to other artists, and has recently come back to SCANDAL after learning about this program. He says that he'll share an "Eh? Seriously?" story. His wife also started listening to SCANDAL after hearing him play them while in the car or while doing chores. He says that she also applies to lotteries for tickets to concerts of musical artists that he's a fan of. When he came home the other day, she asked him if he can take July 12th off. That usually doesn't happen, so he was wondering why and suddenly remembered that it's the day SCANDAL is playing a concert (the joint one with Hump Back). He wasn't able to get tickets and therefore decided not to go, but his wife actually won some. He appreciated how kind she was to get them for him. As this is his first concert, he asks the band if there's anything he should bring with him. They say that makes them happy. RINA says that they're a great couple. HARU says that anything's fine to bring. RINA says, "The tickets, right?", which the other members and the staff laughs at. RINA says that since towels aren't allowed to be spun at concerts right now (as it agitates the air), it's more of a chill style at venues. TOMO says that you can still bring one to wipe away sweat. HARU says that you can just wear it around your neck. TOMO says that people can pick up merch before the concert (online). As for things to bring, RINA says to bring money. They all laugh and HARU goes, "Yes, money is a must-bring." HARU says that the band will do their best so that everyone can enjoy the concert, and also says to look forward to it. Then, they wonder if MAMI is done practicing. She's not. They laugh and RINA goes, "She's so serious about it!" TOMO says that the staff is helping her out. HARU says that it looks like it'll take a little bit longer since it's pretty difficult.

•TOMO reads the next message from a listener who had previously sent in a message about rescuing a cat. They say that they actually have resigned from that company. They weren't sure about resigning, but when they thought about their age and future, they decided to live true to themselves. They decided to go into video production, which was something they had previously gone to vocational school for a few years ago but gave up on. They fortunately have someone that can help them and are studying with that person. When they listened to "Ivory," the lyrics resonated with them and thank them for making a wonderful song. The band thanks them for the nice, heartfelt message. TOMO says that MAMI's still practicing her magic trick and the others laugh, saying that she unfortunately wasn't able to hear the message. RINA says that the moment you decide to take on a challenge is when you're most filled with courage, and although this is a kind of obvious thing to say, it's better to do what you want to do since life only happens once. She also says that they hope to support them with their music so that things will turn out well. They say that perhaps they'll meet/work with them one day. HARU says that the band also needs to work hard. She also says that that "Now I feel like I can do this" attitude is so mysterious, even if there's no basis to it. RINA says she totally gets that. They tell the fan to take care and to do their best. TOMO wonders if MAMI's ready to go, but she's still practicing. RINA says that it looks like she's having a pretty hard time. HARU says that it looks like they'll be reading a lot of messages today.

•RINA reads the next message from a listener who says that their first impression of SCANDAL was that it was like George Harrison from The Beatles released a single. They also say that they thought HARU would always do lead vocals on singles, but it does seem like the pandemic has had an effect on a lot of people and that their lifestyles have changed. TOMO says that this is the first time someone's said they remind them of George Harrison. RINA says that they sometimes are told they remind people of The Beatles, including their staff. HARU says that like what's going on the world now, it's not always a given that she'll do lead vocals on a song.

•HARU then goes, "Oh, is MAMI done?" MAMI says something like how she can only do the trick with two of the balls at this point with that much practice. RINA says that's still an impressive thing, and that MAMI could be the only member who could do that. TOMO says that it's impressive to learn how to do a magic trick in only 10 minutes. MAMI says she can only do one ball, and the others go, "Wait, you're starting to do the trick??" They tell her to wait for a second and she seemingly goes a little further away from the recording area to do the trick. She says she'll split one ball into two and then does it. HARU and the staff laugh and TOMO goes, "Aaahh..." RINA goes, "Eh, that was great!", which the others do agree with. MAMI says that she still needs to practice more to do three of them. RINA says that the ball multiplied into two very smoothly. They again say it's really impressive, and MAMI goes, "Really?" TOMO goes, "Do it at Osaka-Jo Hall!" There's a second of silence before the staff and HARU laughs, and MAMI goes, "Eh?? Seriously?" HARU says that MAMI won't be able to play the guitar if that's the case, and then says she should do it in between songs. RINA again says that that's awesome. HARU says that people who can do this trick with four of those balls are awesome. MAMI says again that as of right now she can only split them into two, which the others again say is impressive and clap for her [if anyone's interested, this is what the full trick is supposed to look like ]. HARU says that it's crazy she learned that in such a short amount of time. MAMI says, "Next!", meaning HARU, and she goes off to practice. MAMI wonders what "mental magic" is, and if they might be manipulated/controlled. RINA says that talking is probably important to this trick. TOMO asks MAMI if her trick was difficult to do. She says it was, and that the box it comes in is small and that the instructions took up about half of that, and that they were very abridged. She says that you have to return a ball to its original place once you multiply it, which she wasn't really able to do. She also says that like what RINA said earlier, the spaces between your fingers is very important for this trick and that it's better to have big hands to do it. RINA says that it *was* the right answer to have MAMI do this trick. MAMI says that playing the guitar might not be relevant for this, especially since her left hand is the one that can stretch far and she used her right hand for this trick, which everyone laughs at. RINA and TOMO tell her good work. MAMI says thanks and jokes to pardon her for only getting so far today.

•MAMI reads the next message from a listener who says they discovered SCANDAL when they were in elementary school and happened to see the music video for "Shoujo S," and says that from that time on they were their "goddesses." They turned 20, the age you're considered an adult in Japan, at the end of June but is still pretty unsure about the future and all that. They ask SCANDAL for any advice or words of encouragement and tell them to take care of themselves (ご自愛ください, which is a polite term not often used). The band congratulates them on turning 20 and comments on their use of politeness (TOMO: "We never used that term when we were 20"), and MAMI says she totally thinks they can make it in society since they're able to write such polite things.

•TOMO asks the others what they released when they were 20 (which would be 2010-2011 for TOMO and MAMI, 2011-2012 for RINA). MAMI says, "'Shoujo S,' right?" and thinks they might have released it in 2010, but TOMO says it was in 2009 [yes, it came out in June 2009 lol]. Then, both MAMI and TOMO go, "What about 'ShunSen' ["Shunkan Sentimental"; released in February 2010]?" RINA talks about the one where they wear kimonos, which TOMO says is SCANDAL SHOW (which was early 2012). RINA says they played their first show at the Nippon Budokan when she was 20 (SCANDAL vs Budokan, March 2012). MAMI isn't sure of the year and goes, "2012? 2011?" [lol MAMI apparently isn't very good with dates]. RINA then laughs and mentions "ScaButto" (Scandal Nanka Buttobase, released in November 2010). TOMO goes, "Aah, 'ScaButto'!" RINA says that they played it at Budokan. MAMI wonders who shortened the song as "ScaButto." Both RINA and TOMO say fans did. TOMO says it's probably likely that when they first released that single, fans on Twitter were like, "I bought 'ScaButto'!" and the band started calling it that too.

•As for giving the listener any advice or words of encouragement, RINA says that it'll be fine, though they are saying this as misfits of society with being in a band and all (TOMO: "That's totally true, though"), and that they hope they can continue to play music for a long time together. MAMI wonders if the listener is working or if they're a student, but either way, she says that they support them so they can continue doing whatever it is they're doing right now. TOMO says to live positively and that if you look at things negatively when you can't find what it is you want to do, you do end up not being able to find it at all. She says that it's important to stay positive.

•They then wonder if HARU's done, but it seems she needs a little bit more time. TOMO then reads the next message from a listener who, like the previous listener, is 20 and says that he's a third-year college student who has been listening to SCANDAL since they were in elementary school. He says he'd like to thank SCANDAL for the song "Fuzzy." When he was a first-year student, he and his girlfriend had broken up because of stuff about the future and their mutual values. At that time SCANDAL had released "Fuzzy," and the lyrics about wanting to keep loving someone forever despite not knowing what the future will hold left a deep impression with him and told his girlfriend he wanted them to give it another try. As a result, they're still going out to this day. He's gotten her hooked on SCANDAL and so will attend the OJH concert with her. They also started a SCANDAL cover band and he says that he wants to cover "Fuzzy." The band thanks him for the message and mentions how these two messages were from 20-year-olds that have been SCANDAL fans since they were in elementary school. TOMO talks about how they know a lot of people who were kids when they first started going to SCANDAL concerts and how they've grown up so much. RINA says that sometimes they can see those people from on stage, and when they're back in the dressing room, they'll talk about how much those kids have grown. TOMO mentions that there used to be twin boys from Fukuoka who would always be in the front row of concerts they'd hold in the Kyushu region, which made her look forward to going to that area. She wonders what they're up to now.

•One of the staff members says something in the background, signaling that HARU is done practicing. The others say that that was really fast. Right away she starts doing her trick and asks RINA to choose a card (the cards are not normal playing cards but have symbols on them) without showing it to her, set it aside, and she'll guess what the symbol RINA chose is. RINA does so and HARU says she's divining right now. RINA goes, "You can get that much power in 10 minutes??" After a few seconds, HARU goes, "Ah, I think it's coming into view." MAMI and TOMO go, "That's so scary!" HARU keeps saying things like, "Ah, I think I know! I think I see it!" MAMI says there's no real "mental" aspect of this for the player, and HARU says that the mental aspect is for the one doing the trick. They all laugh and RINA says, "This is totally a game for HARU!" HARU asks if it's okay to reveal what it is. RINA says yes. HARU says it's the card with the three wavy lines on it. RINA goes, "Ehh! Wow!" since it is the card that she had chosen. HARU goes "Yay!" and they clap for her. RINA and TOMO go, "How'd you know??" HARU says, "I divined it." TOMO says that's super impressive. HARU says she'll do another one and RINA says, "She's so confident, isn't she?" HARU says that she might not get it right but MAMI doesn't think so. RINA picks another card and right away HARU goes, "Ah, I think it's coming to me." RINA says, "What is coming, I wonder?" HARU says more things like, "I think I can do this. It's coming to me a little at a time. The correct answer is...the plus symbol." That is the correct answer, and everyone again claps and RINA goes, "Wow! That's so impressive!" TOMO wonders how she's doing it, and that she thought she wouldn't get any of them right. RINA says she has no idea how HARU would know what she chose. They seemingly go over to look at the cards and MAMI goes, "Wait, they're kind of all different, aren't they? You should do this at OJH!" The staff and the members both laugh and RINA goes, "We won't be playing music at all at this rate. It'll just be a magic show." They again say how impressive it is at how HARU learned this in such a short time span. HARU says she learned how to divine, which the others clap for and again say it's impressive. She also says that there are quite a few different ways to do this trick, and she learned how to do the one that she'd be able to do in a short time frame. RINA says that both HARU and MAMI are just plain awesome. TOMO says that she's lost confidence in her being able to do her own trick. HARU says that the next episode will feature TOMO's and RINA's tricks and to look forward to them. [This video explains the trick, and this video is of the exact cards HARU used]

•They then close out the episode and say that this was "Catch up"'s first magic show. HARU says that nothing probably was conveyed to the listeners (due to how you can only listen and not watch anything). MAMI says that it feels like she didn't do anything, but the others say how she turned one ball into two and that it was impressive. MAMI goes, " it. Thanks!" They go back to what HARU said about nothing being conveyed. TOMO says that it's always like for "Catch up," like with the "spot the mistakes" thing they did before, and that they're always doing things that are better meant for video rather than radio. They and their staff laugh and RINA says that the listeners can somehow follow along, despite that--or at least that's what the fans seem to tell them. They laugh again and say that they're being indulged by the listeners. They say that they'll do their best with the remaining tricks.

*As always, you can send in a message to the program here . I've made a guide as how to input your info and message for those who need assistance (click to enlarge):

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SCANDAL will show off magic tricks at their Osaka-Jo Hall concert in August

Episode #70 blog

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HARUNA: So, for this week...
We're preparing for our 15th anniversary concert "INVITATION" at Osaka-Jo Hall next month...
And our "Catch up" staff wants to help us as much as possible for this big moment...
What they concluded on is: "We think it's better for the band to learn tricks for this concert"

TOMOMI: It's not like that...

RINA: But it depends on what it is.

HARUNA: And so, it's "ILLUSION" at Osaka-Jo Hall!

All: *silence*

TOMOMI: (*whispering) That's not right...

TOMOMI: That's going in an entirely different direction.

MAMI: "Illusion"??

Staff: The concert's called "INVITATION," so this is called "ILLUSION"...

HARUNA: All of us will learn a magic trick and show it here...

TOMOMI: Right now!?

MAMI: Not at Osaka-Jo Hall?

HARUNA: They're "tricks" in preparation for OJH... Well, we'll be given the topic.

All: (*reluctantly*) Understood.

HARUNA: They've prepared some magic-related items, so let's get right to it.

TOMOMI: It's unusual to have four pages in the script. They must be excited.

RINA: It's twice the normal amount.

HARUNA: It's like two weeks worth of illusions.

TOMOMI: Two weeks worth of excitement.

HARUNA: There are four kinds of magic-related items.

Topics tagged under catchup on SCANDAL HEAVEN KCyfjoq
※Four types: ball magic, coin magic, card magic, mental magic

RINA: They look pretty difficult. We'll be able to do these?

HARUNA: Now we'll each practice and then show them off.

MAMI: I wonder if we can do these.

TOMOMI: I'm not confident...

MAMI: I know how to do simpler magic tricks...

HARUNA: Then shall we start from MAMI-chan?

MAMI: What? Let's decide by janken (rock-paper-scissors).


MAMI: I won...

HARUNA: Choose your favorite magic item.

MAMI: What should I go with...

RINA: I think the "magic balls" would be good for you, MAMI.

MAMI: Why's that??

RINA: Because it's advantageous to have someone who can open their fingers super wide.

MAMI: I see... But I don't know...
Okay, why not? I'll go with the "magic balls."

RINA: There was no point in doing janken.

With that said, the small first step has begun for each of the four SCANDAL members to make a flower named "ILLUSION" bloom at Osaka-Jo Hall! The results will be revealed during this episode and the next.

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 69

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•The episode starts with this.

•RINA reads the next message from a listener who is a 25-year-old shimeji (a type of mushroom) farmer in Nagano prefecture. Until last year they were the manager of a national izakaya chain in Tokyo, but due to the pandemic they had to close. The listener decided to succeed the family business (shimeiji farming) five years earlier than expected. Their lifestyle has changed dramatically and now wakes up at 4 am and sleeps at 9 pm. On their days off they want to stay up late and sleep late. They ask the band if when they have a day off do they stay up late and go to bed late, or if they get up early to make the most of their day. They also tell the band they can come mushroom picking. The band says they'd love to do so. Answering the question, TOMO says that there are days that she wants to sleep a lot, but there are also days when she wants to do something like fishing the next day and would need to get up at 3 am. She says it's difficult to choose one and that both are good. HARU says that she thinks they're all basically the type to wake up late in the day. RINA says that it's because they all basically stay up late. MAMI says that it doesn't really change whether or not they have a day off the next day because they always go to sleep late. HARU says that there are a lot of fans that have to wake up early to go to work and will sometimes get really worried about the band if the members post at 1 or 2 am, saying things like, "You'll get sick so hurry up and go to sleep!"

•MAMI says that no matter how early she takes a bath she can't go to sleep early (RINA: "I totally get that"), and that she feels a little guilty about sleeping early. HARU says that MAMI's been that way for about 10 years now. MAMI says that she'll always be likely to be awake at 3 or 4 am. RINA says that writing music usually occurs late at night, and both she and MAMI go, "Seriously, why is that?" MAMI talks about quizzes online that'll tell you what kind of person you are (i.e. early bird, super early bird, night owl, super night owl etc.), and she says that she's basically one step away from being a "super night owl." RINA says that among the four of them, HARU is the one who wakes up early. TOMO says that it's because HARU has a dog, and HARU says that is one of the reasons why she needs to wake up early every day. TOMO says that she would love to be an early bird. RINA says that that is the most healthiest to be. HARU says you can feel how long the day is when you do that. She also says that it's pure happiness when you don't have to set an alarm for the next day, which they all agree with. MAMI sums it up by saying that they're all night owls.

•MAMI reads the next message. The listener mentions a message that was read during episode 64 (the last listener who mentions the type of girl the guy she's dating likes is one that's like an "unknown creature"), and says that he's the boyfriend in question. The band all goes, "Ehh?!" The message is kind of hard to understand haha but he says that in reference to his type that he's referring to humans. His girlfriend is a very cute human, though he doesn't know what she's thinking and can't read her train of thought. He does, however, like that fantastical side to her, and says the band, whom she loves, probably also has a weird way of thinking like her, so he asks them to share any fantastical stories that have happened to them recently. He closes it by saying that both he and his girlfriend will be attending the 15th anniversary concert. MAMI goes, "What the heck?" and HARU goes, "He's quite blunt," which they all laugh at. They say that they worried about them for no reason; they seem pretty lovey-dovey. RINA says that what he's talking about is that he wants the person's personality to be distinctive, and that they both seem to go well together. They wonder if the bf sent this in after talking with each other, and TOMO wonders if it was sent as a surprise. They say they'll do their best for the concert.

•HARU reads the next message from a listener whose message has to do with appearances. He's not very confident in his appearance, but the other day he was suddenly praised by a business partner at work for being handsome. He thinks the person was joking, but for a while after being told that, every time he saw himself in the mirror or in the window, he would be like, "Oh? I'm definitely a little cool." They laugh and TOMO goes, "That's so cute!" The listener says that if you look at the comments on SCANDAL's Twitter and Instagram you'll find a lot of ones that say "kawaii," "pretty," or "cute." He asks them if those make them happy, or if that isn't the case. He also asks if they think if you praise the appearance of a friend or lover, that person will become more and more cool and cute. As an example, he says that when he praised his quiet ex-girlfriend and called her cute/beautiful, she became even more cute and started smiling a lot. She was, however, taken by a handsome guy, so he thinks that the more you praise someone, the more you grow and smile more. The band says that was a great message and TOMO again says how adorable this story is. They also agree with the "praising appearances" thing. RINA says that it's a positive thing for both parties and makes everyone feel good. TOMO says that it's the same for plants; they'll get cuter if you praise them. HARU mentions this theory about water. They say that words have magic to them.

•TOMO reads the last message from a listener who writes their nickname as "Mouhin," but they write "Mouhiin" in their message, which makes TOMO goes, "Wait, which is it?" The others laugh and say it's not really important. A staffer speaks up and says that it was their mistake for writing the name wrong (the one that came first) and that the listener's listed nickname actually "Mouhiin." Getting back to the message, the listener says that they became a SCANDAL fan because they worked in Thailand six years ago. At that time they were in a long-distance relationship and would go between Japan and Thailand. They were dumped by their girlfriend and returned to Japan temporarily, and on that flight they heard "Awanai Tsumori no, Genki de ne." Then, they say, "This is sudden, but I have a question for you. It's 'I see - The Catch up'!" The band laughs and goes, "Eh?!" The question goes, "In Japanese, the word 'kirei' = 'beautiful.' Thai has a word that sounds like 'kirei' - what is it? The correct answer is 'ugly' (見にくい; minikui)." HARU and RINA are surprised and say that it's the opposite. The listener says that if you say "kirei" to a Thai woman, they'll be like, "What are you saying to me, looking like that?" They also mention that the Japanese name "Arai" means "What?" in Thai, so if you introduce yourself as Arai, the Thai person will be like, "What the heck is your name?" They close out the message by saying that after being dumped they became friends with a Thai woman who was a senior at work and was helping him out, and they got married a year later. They now have two children and are doing well living in Japan. MAMI says that if someone from Japan went to Thailand, saw the sights and said "Kirei," it would have the opposite effect to whomever hears it. She also wonders what the word for "beautiful" actually is in Thai. They say that they need to be careful with things like this during their concerts in Thailand when they're speaking Japanese.

*As always, you can send in a message to the program here . I've made a guide as how to input your info and message for those who need assistance (click to enlarge):

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SCANDAL is also confused by the slightly scary dialect of Fukui Prefecture!?

Episode #69 blog

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HARUNA: We'll be reading messages this week.


Good evening, SCANDAL. I'm the one who had written in previously about Tsugaru dialect.

I've sent in this message because I wasn't thorough enough in what I said.

The "は" [can be read as either "ha" or "wa"] character in "わいは" (oh my) is read like the "ha" in "happa" (leaf) [in that episode they pronounced it as "waiwa"].

HARUNA: It seems it's actually pronounced "waiha."

TOMOMI: When you say "waiha," I immediately think of "Hawaii"...

〜People in Japan used to call it "Waiha" instead of "Hawaii"...
(An industry term used in the music and TV industries. A "Gyo-Kai" term, if you will)

HARUNA: We got another message about "waiha"...


Good evening, SCANDAL. I'm from Aomori and now live in Tokyo.

This is in regards to when you talked about Tsugaru dialect in your episode released on June 7th. You read it as "waiha." Incidentally, the emphasis is on the "wa."

Since you read it as "waiwa," the anime series "Pro Golfer Saru " came to mind and I couldn't concentrate on what you were talking about lol

TOMOMI: I see.

HARUNA: The emphasis is on the "wa."

MAMI: WA-iha!

〜The quartet lets loose a barrage of "Waiha!"'s

RINA: Thanks for letting us know.


Good evening, SCANDAL!

As you now have the new segment "Yappa Hougen Suki Ya Nen!", let me introduce you to my home, Fukui Prefecture and Fukui dialect!

Typical Fukui dialect words include "tsurutsuruppai," "kazenetsu," and "jamijami." "Tsurutsuruppai" = the state where drinks, etc. are poured into a cup. "Kazenetsu" = canker sore. "Jamijami" = TV static!

One dialect word that surprises those outside of the prefecture is "hayoshine." You might be surprised if someone were to suddenly say this [in standard Japanese, this would essentially mean hurry up and die lol] to you, but "shine" here means "__shinasai" (do this). Basically, "hayoshine" means to "hurry up and do this." Even when citizens of Fukui mean to say "yukkuri shinasai" (take it easy) in a welcoming kind of way, they say it as "yukkuri shine" (die slowly lol), which instantly confuses the other party and makes them go, "What?!" haha

All: Ehー!

HARUNA: That surprised me... How scary

RINA: In Kansai we also say "shii" [also means death lol], which means "shite" (to do).

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 68

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•The episode starts with this.

•Continuing what RINA was saying, she says that they're bad at recording for things like TV. She says they did a recording for TikTok recently, and even though they were warmed up by playing other concerts recently and were warmed up physically and mentally, it had been a long time since they did a TV program-like recording and they were really nervous. She says that for the rest of her life she'll probably always be nervous about doing recordings, despite having played thousands of concerts in front of people--it's like if they don't have an audience, they can't really do it. HARU says that speaking of reflections, she says that they're bad with doing recordings/tapings for things. RINA agrees right away and goes, "It's like, 'Don't record us! Stop the cameras!'" The others and the staff laugh and HARU says they were really tired on that day since the recording started in the morning and ended in the afternoon and so they had time to do other stuff afterwards, but they were too tired to do anything. RINA says that they were so tired that they went to a Candy Stripper exhibition while reflecting on it, which they all laugh at. She again goes, "Why are we so bad with tapings and being in front of the cameras?" and talks about how at home she watches the TV programs they appear on, but when she watches them, it's like she's not watching her own self. She's talking normally and like she does on "Catch up," but there are times when it's like she's trying too hard. HARU asks if it's done unconsciously, which RINA says yes to.

•RINA says that it might be weird coming from them, but since they're all very mindful that perhaps it's a bad thing. They all laugh and HARU says it's the opposite: being mindful is a good thing. RINA says that it always feels weird. TOMO goes, "Shall we just quit it all?" and everyone laughs. Their program director says not to quit, and HARU and RINA say that he's saying that because he works in the TV industry. HARU says that they're nervous to stand in front of the camera and they're always thinking about how they'll appear on film. RINA says there's also editing that's involved with that, and says that that's why she only wants to play concerts [and not appear on TV and the like]. Their director goes, "Is that a reflection?" They laugh and RINA says that it's not. They talk about it a little more and RINA says that they're a delicate band. The others laugh and the staff says things in the background that are very hard to hear that I will not try to translate lol

•TOMO says that they do get nervous if they don't continue playing concerts. She mentions that they didn't see the fans for about a year last year, and when they did get to see everyone at their concert near Christmas, they did feel super nervous. HARU says that they also felt nervous during their livestream concert last August. RINA says that musicians ought not to be feeling this way, which the others laugh at. TOMO says that them feeling nervous probably also has to do with the pressure that they put on themselves.

•HARU talks more about the TikTok recording they did the other day and says that after listening to the recorded audio she has a lot of personal thoughts about it, but it was better than she was expecting it to be--she thought it'd be worse since she was really nervous, so when she watched it objectively later, she found that she didn't do anything as "bad" as she was thinking she did. That's why she thought about how it'd be great to not worry about things too much and do things more roughly. TOMO says that she doesn't think the recording hasn't aired yet, which HARU also thinks. TOMO then goes, "What's everyone going to think when watching it now?!", which they laugh at. They do say that the finished recording did turn out well. MAMI says that it seems like they'll probably get a lot of messages from fans saying that it's all good and to not worry. They laugh and RINA says to send them because it'll encourage them.

•They then talk about their outlook for the second half of the year. MAMI says that they should start with August, which means their 15th anniversary and their "INVITATION" concert on their anniversary. HARU hopes that they can pull it off. MAMI asks how long it's been since they last played at Osaka-Jo Hall. HARU and RINA say that it's been seven years (June 2014). TOMO says that they'll never get used to playing at OJH, especially since it's been seven years. MAMI says that because it's a memorable and super important place for them, it's like a switch is turned on that makes it like a sacred place for them and they get fired up. HARU talks about when they went to the venue to take promo photos for the concert announcement. She says that when they went inside for the first time in so long and saw it all, she thought about how it felt like things were going to be okay this time since the previous times they felt pretty nervous. RINA says she totally gets that and that it felt overwhelming back then. HARU says that they were so nervous back then that it felt like they were going to get swallowed up, but this time it feels like they can stay grounded. TOMO says that she hopes they remain feeling this way until the concert, which the others agree with. HARU says that she hopes they can keep that momentum going through their performances in July and August that will be held before "INVITATION." She also says that they're making new songs and hope they can release them.

•RINA asks the others if they have any personal goals they want to achieve. The others pause for a second and then go, "Personal...?" They think for a little longer before MAMI says that she wants to go peach picking. A staffer goes, "...that's a goal?" They laugh and RINA says, "Plans, then?", which MAMI agrees with and says that she wants to go picking for something every season. She talks about how she went loquat picking recently where it was all-you-can-eat and it was great. She says that she wants to go picking for stuff in summer and the other coming seasons. MAMI asks the others if they have anything they want to do. They again pause and HARU says she hasn't thought about it at all. MAMI says that finding things you want to do are usually things that just suddenly pop into your head. TOMO says that she'd like to do another on-location recording of "Catch up" like they did last year. The others say that it'd be nice. MAMI says that recording on-location is nice. TOMO says that it'd be nice if they could go on-location and do peach picking. HARU suddenly says, "Live life to the fullest," which is seemingly in reply to MAMI's question of what you want to do. There's a pause before the others laugh and go, "That's so rigid!" MAMI says, "Let's lead healthy lives!" RINA adds on "peaceful" too. HARU also says that she wants to improve her stamina a bit too, which she thinks has fallen a bit. She says she'll do her best with training.

•They then close out the episode. RINA says that she's glad they were able to openly talk about stuff and unravel it all. HARU says that perhaps some fans may have realized that. RINA says that there probably are, but there are probably also those who think the band's a super-strong, invincible female band, and they'd like those people to understand that the band consists of four normal human beings. HARU says that with this episode, ultimately, they've determined they'll do their best to lead healthy lives, which they laugh at. RINA says that they also want their 15th anniversary concert to be great.

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What is SCANDAL's unexpected weakness that RINA has noticed during their 15th anniversary year...?

Episode #68 blog

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TOMOMI: This is super banana-flavored.

MAMI: Did you eat this?

RINA: Eh? This might be my first time seeing that...

TOMOMI: But it's delicious. It's super banana-flavored.

RINA: Yeah, it looks good.

〜Despite it being right before they start recording,
They were so enthusiastic about the Meiji snacks that we secretly recorded them.

HARUNA: ...!? Are we starting!?


RINA: Let's do it.

HARUNA: All right, once again...

*All members pull themselves togethter

HARUNA: Good evening. This is SCANDAL's vocalist HARUNA,
MAMI: Guitarist MAMI,
RINA: And drummer RINA.

HARUNA: So, what kind of sweets were you talking about, MAMI?

MAMI: It's Meiji's Puchi Assortment and has Apollo, Marble Chocolate, Choco Baby, Coffee Beat, and Banana Chocolate, which we were talking about earlier.

RINA: Hey, did you know about Banana Chocolate?

HARUNA: I did. Those small ones are great.

RINA: They're great. They're great even after you grow up.

MAMI: Wow, the Apollo included in it is so tiny...

〜Please hurry up and start the program!

HARUNA: June is halfway through, and we're about to reach the halfway point of 2021.
So, we'll be doing this project again...
「SCANDAL's reflections on the first half of 2021 and their outlook on the second half」
It's a fairly put-together project.

TOMOMI: It's greatー

RINA: This one's nice.

HARUNA: Let's start with reflections...

RINA: Reflections, huh...

HARUNA: We held a fan club tour...

MAMI: We did.

HARUNA: We've moved more than last year...

TOMOMI: We had a lot of chances to see everyone.

RINA: Yeah.

HARUNA: So even if it's called "reflections," we might not have any...

TOMOMI: None?? But it's funny there are no reflections. A life without reflection...

HARUNA: Specifically... at any rate, only happy and emotionally moving things happened.

RINA: It was such a big thing to be able to play concerts because we were able to go on a tour.

TOMOMI: That was when we didn't know if we could actually tour or not.

HARUNA: We were able to go around the entire country for the first time in forever.

MAMI: It also felt fresh to be on the move. We were like, "So this is what it was like."

HARUNA: What else is there...

RINA: This is a very recent story, but...

And so the band talks enthusiastically (with Meiji snacks in one hand) about the first half of 2021!

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 67

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•The episode starts with this.

•MAMI talks more about "Ivory," most of which she talks about in this interview. Things she mentions include coming up with the melody while in the bath, sending it via a voice memo to RINA; it turning out to be a soliloquy-like song; how she hasn't been able to write songs ever since the pandemic started and was worrying about it + she realized that she was worrying about the same things she usually does anyway; and how everyone thought that it'd be a good idea to have MAMI sing lead vocals on it. HARU says that it took a long time to complete the song. MAMI says that writing the song itself didn't take that long, but it did take long to complete the song (recording, etc.). HARU says that this song is suits what's going on the world right now and that it's a song that has a lot of sympathy because it doesn't feel like it's being foisted on to you. MAMI says that it was written as a monologue and she didn't know how it would come off to others until the members told her what they thought of the song. She couldn't really see what kind of position this song would take in everyone's everyday lives, but when the members told MAMI there were points that everyone could sympathize with, she felt like she then understood the position of the song quite clearly.

•HARU says that she's glad MAMI is the type of person who brings her phone into the bath with her. MAMI and TOMO are confused and ask her what she means. HARU says that most people don't bring their phones with them, like herself, so for those people, if something comes to mind while they're in the bath, they can't immediately jot it down somewhere. But since MAMI brings her phone with her, she's able to jot things down the moment they come to mind, such as in the case of "Ivory." MAMI being able to do that is what HARU is glad about. MAMI says that if they didn't release the song right now, it probably would have stayed as a demo and not given shape. HARU mentions how MAMI sent the demo to RINA. MAMI says that she's not sure what she and RINA were talking about that the time, but RINA says it was probably them talking about songwriting like usual. That was when the melody came into her head.

•HARU asks RINA what she thought of the demo when it was first sent to her. RINA says that she felt it was a reassuring and very honest song, and that although it came from what MAMI feels, she thought that it contains the feelings from all four band members. She says that like MAMI, she too wasn't able to write anything during the past year and couldn't find the right words to make into lyrics. Durings times like this, it's more about having the listeners feel something rather than giving some kind of message to someone. She says she was happy to be able to make music very honestly, which has been the case starting from "eternal," and also says that "Ivory" is a good song that's neither too heavy nor too light.

•RINA then talks about how the decision to have MAMI do lead vocals and HARU, the main vocalist of the band, being accepting of that is really great. She thinks that HARU has her own pride and of course pride in being the vocalist, and for her to say she'll take a step back and focus on playing the guitar + singing harmonies isn't something that your average vocalist would do or say--as such, she says this is a very SCANDAL-like and HARU-like thing. It's also a very SCANDAL-like thing to be like, "Let's try anything and everything if it means the song will turn out good." HARU says that she does have pride in being the vocalist, so it'd be a lie if she didn't say that she didn't have any hesitations in having MAMI do lead vocals. However, she thought it was a good idea and the #1 thing she wanted was for SCANDAL to explore new possibilities. She wants everyone to think that SCANDAL is always doing something new and tackling new challenges. She listened to the demo and thought that MAMI's lyrics, songs, and singing were persuasive as always, though she didn't quite understand that persuasion, but she did think that the song should be released now--it'd be a waste to confine it to being an album-only song, which is why they wanted to release the song now. They thought that having MAMI on lead vocals was the best way to convey it, so they tried it out. RINA says that this wouldn't have something they could have done if hadn't have been together for 15 years. HARU laughs and says that if SCANDAL wasn't the one doing this song, it probably wouldn't sell. She also mentions that MAMI has done lead vocals on album-only songs, as have TOMO and RINA, and that they divy up songs based on whose vocals suit it best. Therefore, it's not an odd nor a new thing to have MAMI on lead this time, but to have it out in the world and released as a single on many forms (CD, vinyl, cassette) is special and that doing something big like this is most important.

•MAMI says that she honestly did feel a big pressure in doing lead vocals. She also talks about how in SCANDAL's music videos, the first person you see singing might not be the last one you'll see singing, and she was worried that the song might end with a strange feeling. To her, HARU = SCANDAL's vocals, and she says that there are fans that must think the same too, but it's not like they're breaking that down completely. She says she was grateful to sing lead and that that was a point in time where she felt like trying something new. RINA says that MAMI must have felt nervous, which MAMI says that she really did. TOMO says that there might be people who might not realize it's a SCANDAL song at first, and that new possibilities might open up, such as appealing to those who weren't fans before. HARU agrees and says that there probably are a lot of people who recognize her own voice, but when they hear MAMI's voice, they might not know whose song it is and so might properly listen to the song for what it is without any preconcieved notions.

•They then mention that the "Ivory" teaser was posted to their YouTube channel, and MAMI says that she's in a bathtub because she thought of the song while in the bath. RINA says that if someone doesn't know about that fact, they might be wondering, "What the heck is she doing?" MAMI also mentions how people realized why she's in the bathtub after watching the "her" Diary video about them recording the song (which came out three days after the teaser).

•They talk about the recording of the music video and how they had a 16-year-old pro skateboarder do the skateboarding scenes (the scenes were the MV director's idea). MAMI says she got to try out skating and then bought a skateboard afterwards because of how fun it was. They did the scenes early in the morning amidst nice weather. HARU talks about how they filmed the performance scenes on the roof at 2x speed in order to have it slowed down in the completed video and that she was surprised at how fast they had to move. MAMI says that it was like the song was now a punk song due to how fast it was. She also says that she personally really likes the shots of the four of them standing against an ivory backdrop, and those scenes make her want to tear up for some reason. The others laugh and HARU goes, "We're just standing there!" They do also feel the same as MAMI and say that those scenes have a "We made it"-kind of feeling to them.

•HARU asks TOMO, who has been pretty silent the entire episode, what she thinks. She says that the future's pretty murky right now and there are probably a lot of people wondering what to do next, which includes herself, but hearing the song really helped her out by knowing that it'll help out those kinds of people. She then talks about the MV shooting and there was a black kite bird circling over them during the performance scenes. It was the first time she had seen one so close, which made her happy. They say that they were so close to it that they could see when it picked up some food.

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Thorough dissection of the new song "Ivory"! Digging deeper into the production process and the back side!

Episode #67 blog

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HARUNA: Now then, for this week... We'll be doing a thorough commentary--no, dissection of our new single Ivory releasing on 6/16. It is called, "Fukabori! Aiborii!" (深掘り! アイボリー!; Digging deep! Ivory!)

RINA: I get a chill from that title...

TOMOMI: "Fukabori, Aiborii"...

MAMI: Wow. Bring it on...

TOMOMI: It sounds like a rap.

MAMI: It rhymes. We let our guard down...

RINA: Why is it giving me chills?

MAMI: Like, it's not the usual kind of title.

TOMOMI: It's because it's from Ono-san. We need to remember that he absolutely comes up with something every time.

HARUNA: It's always like this.

MAMI: For "eternal," it was "Eh? Soo naru?" (え?そーなる?; Eh? Seriously?).

TOMOMI: We didn't get it at all when we first heard "Eh? Seriously?"

RINA: No, we didn't.

HARUNA: We certainly didn't get it right away, but this time it's "Digging deep! Ivory!", which is a little nicer, right?

RINA: It feels kind of gross...or rather, it feels weird.

TOMOMI: He didn't give it his all...

RINA: What's up with that...

TOMOMI: But...on second thought, this isn't the right place to be dissecting it thoroughly.

HARUNA: Yes, we won't be digging further into this title!

This week, we will thoroughly be explaining our new song "Ivory"!

HARUNA: Again, this song is our second single celebrating our 15th anniversary. The lyrics and music, as well as the main vocals are by MAMI.

MAMI: I thought of the melody while in the bath last summer... I was in the bath, so naturally I didn't have any instruments nor a guitar with me, so I went with the momentum and recorded it as a voice memo and suddenly sent it to RINA, saying, "I just thought of this. What do you think?" That's how this song started. I didn't make it thinking that I'd be the one singing it, but as I had written it as a sort of soliloquy, everyone was like, "Why don't you do main vocals for it?" when they were listening to the demo.

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 66

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•The episode starts with this.

•Right after TOMO guesses Germany, she guesses France, which is the correct answer. HARU asks the staff if there's a city in France called Orleans [yes, there is ]. She then reads how it's named after Philippe II, Duke of Orleans, and how there's still a French Quarter there that has a French-like atmosphere to it. The band say that they'd like to go there.

•HARU reads the next message from a listener in Taiwan who actually gives them a quiz question themselves:

There are still Japanese words used in the Taiwanese language. There's one peculiar word that was born in Taiwan. What does "Atama konkuri" (アタマコンクリ) [Note: it literally means 'head concrete'] mean in Japanese?

•TOMO guesses "ishiatama" (石頭; hard-headed) (*Bzzt), then "ganko" (頑固; stubborn) (*Bzzt). She then says that it probably doesn't mean what it seems to mean, but the staff says something like it's kind of similar to what she guessed? MAMI guesses "karada katai" (体固い; stiff body) (*Bzzt). TOMO guesses "majime" (真面目; serious) (*Bzzt). HARU guesses "atama ga ii" (頭がいい; smart) (*Bzzt). MAMI guesses "bukiyou" (不器用; clumsy) (*Bzzt), then "yuuzuu ga kikanai" (融通が利かない; inflexible) (*Bzzt). The staff then gives them a hint that it's related to how a person thinks. HARU and MAMI guess "atama no kaiten ga osoi" (頭の回転が遅い), which means someone's slow on the uptake, but the staff says isn't quite it. TOMO then guesses "atama no kaiten ga warui" (頭の回転が悪い). It basically means the same thing but seems to be more negative and so would probably translate closer to "stupid," which is the correct answer. HARU reads more about it and how it has a slightly different meaning than words like stubborn or hard-headed. The staff seems to say that it's like mixing concrete, AKA someone who's thick. MAMI says it gives off a heavy feeling. RINA says that it's kind of a harsh word. They say that they didn't know this word existed in Taiwan despite the many times they've been there.

•The listener also requests for them to live stream their 15th anniversary concert since foreigners cannot enter Japan at this time, and also asks for them to release it on DVD. MAMI goes, "Is this person Japanese or what?" (since the way they write sounds close to what native Japanese speakers would write), which they all laugh at. HARU goes, "Let's do it!" MAMI says that they'll do as much as they're able to. TOMO says that they do want many people to see it. HARU says that they'll do their best to live stream the concert!

•The "I see - The Catch up" segment then ends and they start reading messages from fans in Japan. HARU reads the next message from a listener who writes in about Tsugaru dialect and how single words are used to express other words. The examples they list are "か・け・め・わ・な" (ka, ke, me, wa, na). "Ka" means "douzo" (どうぞ; go ahead). "Ke" means three things: "choudai" (ちょうだい; please), "tabete" (食べて; eat), "kayui" (かゆい; itchy). "Me" means "oishii" (おいしい; delicious). "Wa" means "watashi" (私; I, me). "Na" means "anata" (あなた; you). The band says that that's interesting but difficult to remember. They talk a little more about this, but I won't be translating it because it's too hard to translate into English lol

•TOMO reads the next and last message from a listener who asks them if they like soft or firm foods like rice better. MAMI says that she likes firm foods better since she wants to feel that she's chewing food. This includes udon, soba, pasta, and rice. HARU says that she also likes firm foods better. RINA talks about rice and how she likes rice on the softer side--when she cooks rice, she puts enough water in so that it rises a bit over the rice. MAMI says that she makes it even with white rice and puts a little more in with brown rice. HARU says that it can also vary according to what rice cooker you're using. RINA says that she likes pasta and udon to be on the firm side. They talk a little about how those in Nagoya like stuff like udon cooked in miso, that udon in the Kansai region are more firm, and also say that they liked the firm udon in the Shikoku region. They agree that both soft and firm are good. TOMO says that it depends on the day. The staff asks them about ramen noodles. TOMO says she likes them at regular doneness, but she admires those that order firm ones. The staff and band laughs at that. HARU says that she likes them firm when the noodles are thin, like Hakata-style ramen. She says that their preference varies depending on what kind of food it is.

•They then close out the episode. They say how they're grateful they have listeners worldwide, and RINA laughs and says that their goal with "Catch up" is to increase their listeners in Japan and that they'll do their best on that front. MAMI says that Spotify lets people worldwide listen to the program. RINA then mentions that her Japan follower count on Instagram has finally reached 30%, which HARU laughs at. MAMI goes, "That many?!" RINA says that her goal for this year is to get her Japan followers to reach 50%. HARU goes, "The year's already halfway over...", which RINA laughs at and goes, "That's true." They also joke and go, "We're speaking Japanese, right?"; "We're Japanese, right?"; and RINA goes, "I was born in Osaka, right?" HARU says that they'll keep making this a program that both people from around the world and Japan can all enjoy.

*As always, you can send in a message to the program here . I've made a guide as how to input your info and message for those who need assistance (click to enlarge):

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jamie87 wrote:This is the message I sent in about a month ago! I didn’t know that they had actually read it. I enjoyed listening to them read the message. I’m learning Japanese and am going to try translating it, too. It will help me continue learning Happy Thank you for posting these translations!
HARU peace

HARU peace
Holding the fifth "I see - The Catch up"! Questions from overseas listeners for SCANDAL are "educational"!

Episode #66 blog

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HARUNA: All right, this week... Everyone around the world, HELLO WORLD! It's "I see - The Catch up - The fifth"!

RINA: Eh, we're already on the fifth one??

HARUNA: Apparently this is the fifth one.

TOMOMI: Wouldn't it be "The fifth! I see - The Catch up"?

HARUNA: Yeah, maybe so.

TOMOMI: On the contrary, [the title that way] is unique... Even so, the fifth one came around fast...

HARUNA: A segment we can have precisely because SCANDAL has fans around the world! We do quizzes based on messages from overseas!

So far...
Estonia, Malaysia, Argentina, Italy, Russia, USA, Australia, Philippines are the countries we've based quizzes on.

What country will we be quizzed on this week?

Let's get right to the messages.


My name is Jamie and I live in Louisiana. Congrats on your 15th anniversary!
I saw "Kagen no Tsuki" for the first time two years ago. Then, I watched a lot of SCANDAL videos.
I love SCANDAL!!
I started studying Japanese last fall because I want to talk to SCANDAL.
Everyone is so talented that the music is great!
Presently, my favorite songs are "Weather report" and "Tsuki" because they are beautiful songs.
How did you decide on your positions in the band?
I think your current positions are perfect.
What is the most memorable thing in the last 15 years?
I can't wait to see your concert in Dallas this November!
Work hard!!!

RINA: Thanks.

MAMI: We're grateful.

RINA: They listen to our albums a lot too.

MAMI: They listen to both old and new songs.

Staff: We did not [auto-]translate this message. It was sent in Japanese.


RINA: It's perfect.

HARUNA: So here's a quiz question about Louisiana.

New Orleans is the largest city in Louisiana. It was once ruled by a country. What country is it?

TOMOMI: Orleans... The Netherlands? [Note: In Japanese, the Netherlands are called Oranda, AKA Holland]

MAMI: Canada!

HARUNA: Russia!

TOMOMI: Germany!

What country is the correct answer?

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 65

Topics tagged under catchup on SCANDAL HEAVEN NnhaJg7
Topics tagged under catchup on SCANDAL HEAVEN QyxwuGb

•The episode starts with this.

•They then discuss the line between stingy vs. frugal (in Japanese, ケチ [kechi] vs 節約家 [setsuyakuka]). They talk a little too much about it lol so I'll try to keep it short. They say that "stingy" has a negative feel to it, and that everyone's probably frugal in some way/a saver. Those that are savers can devise ways to review living expenses for themselves and others, or to save because they want to buy something, and those that are stingy think about how something can be given back to them (ie. "I did/bought this for you, so do/buy this for me"). They say that stingy would be thinking that it's useless to spend money on something that you think won't benefit yourself. The husband's opinion that the tube of butter is expensive for how much product you actually get, but buying something for the convenience of it is also very important, and they say the wife should continue to buy the tubes of butter. They also mention how their own habits when buying clothes have changed in recent years. They used to be like, "Oh, there's this shoot coming up so I'll buy this just for that" and only wear it that one time, but now they wear things that they truly like and will wear it several times when they're working too--it gives it more of a real feel when they wear things for shoots/jobs and whatnot that they wear during their downtime too. They say something like that might be related to age.

•RINA reads the next message from a listener who cleans before going to work since they want to come home to a clean place. When they get home they return their bag to a specific place in preparation for the next day, and on days off they start their day off by cleaning in the morning. They're aware they like to be tidy, but the people they know call them "fastidious," which they don't think they are. They ask the band to draw the line between "cleanly person" and a "neat freak." The band thinks that being neat is a good thing and that you can't generalize wanting to keep your place clean or having a routine as being "fastidious"; it's like it's lifting up your own mood. RINA says that coming home to a messy place only makes you feel more worn out. She also mentions how she's never been able to directly eat the food from a utensil like a fork or spoon when she eats out--she uses her teeth to grab the food from the utensil. She says this could be considered being fastidious [Note: Uh, RINA, this sounds more like OCD tendencies lol]. She also mentions how she doesn't touch elevator buttons with her fingertips but rather the second knuckle on her fingers, which is something she's done since she was little. The other members know exactly what she's talking about. RINA also says that when going through non-automatic doors, she slips into the space that the person in front of her leaves instead of opening it up herself. HARU says that everyone likely has something different that they're fastidious about. For example, someone could be like RINA and not eat from a restaurant's utensils but are okay with going in hot springs. RINA says that something may be fastidiousness if it reaches a level that interferes with your life. HARU says that the more of fastidious you are, the more it'll stand out. MAMI says that it's not a bad thing to be a "cleanly person" nor a "neat freak." TOMO says that it's probably better to be one of those right now (amidst the pandemic), which the others agree with.

•MAMI reads the next message from a listener who asks the band what the line is between a "fan" and an "otaku" (AKA geek/nerd), in the context of musical artists. TOMO says it's not exactly correct to call people "otaku" when they're well-versed on one specific topic. She says that fans are people who simply love an artist, which is why otaku are also considered fans, but they're also very well-versed on a specific topic like an artist. They say it can be considered a talent and a good thing. Construction sounds can be heard in the background all the while they're talking about this topic, which they do mention (RINA: "The construction sounds are intense right now"). They say that the line could be the amount of knowledge you know about the subject, and they again mention that they think that's a good thing. RINA says that talking with "otaku" can be very interesting, and that the YouTuber Sakana-kun is really interesting. TOMO says that she loves his videos and explains what the channel's about: In the Animal Crossing games, there's this owl character that will give you information about the fish or bugs you catch in the game--however, some of the info given is incorrect, and Sakana-kun makes videos that correct that info. RINA says that the video he made about brass musical instruments was really interesting. They end it by saying again that otaku are interesting, and as an example say that Sakana-kun is a fish otaku.

•HARU reads the next message from a listener who asks them what they like better: yakiudon or yakisoba. The staff laughs and the band goes, "Obviously we like both!" HARU says she's really unsure, but RINA says there's one she overwhemingly favors. TOMO says that she's good with both. MAMI says that she's decided. They laugh and say that this "Which do you like better?" topic surprisingly really gets them excited. RINA says they'll all say their choices together. HARU and RINA say yakiudon while TOMO and MAMI say yakisoba. MAMI says that it depends on what toppings are included on it, such as a sauce; in that case, she'd go with yakiudon. TOMO says that she really loves yakisoba that you eat from stalls at festivals. At home, RINA says that she cooks way more udon such as yakiudon in soup. HARU agrees and says that she eats more udon than soba. TOMO also agrees and says that she eats more udon. They say that there's definitely something special about yakisoba sold at stalls. TOMO says there's some kind of magic put into it, which the others agree with. She says that Fujinomiya yakisoba in particular is really delicious, which others also agree with too. They again say how much they love this topic.

•TOMO reads the last message from a listener who asks them what they like better: firm pudding or creamy pudding. The band says right away they know which they like more. HARU, MAMI, and RINA go for creamy while TOMO goes for firm. TOMO says she doesn't like pudding that's has the consistency of whipped cream, and that firm pudding reminds her of ones she's had way back when at cafes. MAMI says that firm ones make her feel like she's eating jello--it's a matter of texture. TOMO asks her what she thinks about the pudding in cups that you put on a plate (like these ; they're usually firmer in texture), and MAMI says that she doesn't like those as they're too firm for her. RINA says that when she was in elementary and there was a time when they served really soft pudding, she went, "Wow, what is this?!" and started to love creamy pudding. HARU says it was similar to what happened to her too; she was super shocked when she had really good creamy pudding for the first time. They say again that both are good. TOMO says that creamy pudding seems more popular; she often sees those kinds at convenience stores.

•They then close out the episode. RINA says that she'd like for people to send in non-food-related topics as there's a bit of a limit to those. HARU says that people probably send in food topics due to the program's "supported by Meiji Apollo" tagline, and that food topics are easy to understand. They again say that different topics are welcome.

*As always, you can send in a message to the program here . I've made a guide as how to input your info and message for those who need assistance (click to enlarge):

Topics tagged under catchup on SCANDAL HEAVEN 6WYlmoJ Topics tagged under catchup on SCANDAL HEAVEN WvLQhcz

*A list of all episode summaries can be found here

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Holding the fourth "Fine Line Association" meeting! Where's the line between a "live" and a "concert"?

Episode #65 blog

Topics tagged under catchup on SCANDAL HEAVEN 6ezWjxZ

HARUNA: Today we'll be holding a "Fine Line Association" meeting for the first time in forever.

RINA: Yayー!!!

HARUNA: This is probably the fourth one... We keep saying "probably."

Staff: Officially, this is the fourth one. We've been introducing topics here and there...

HARUNA: Let's get straight into reading messages from members. This is one of the agenda items already under consideration.


The fine line between "concerts" and "lives (AKA shows)" is, as far as I know, and in the true sense of the word, all general concerts that are not recorded are "'live' concerts."

There's also things like "Something performed solo (or solo plus accompaniment) is not a concert but a recital." In that sense, lives put on by bands or idol groups are also "concerts," and concerts put on by classical/jazz musicians are also "lives."

Also, I think it's like adding or not adding "live" to the name, or calling it a "gig" or "performance" according to one's liking.

It's normal in Japan to say "I'm going to a live," but "live" can mean "living" or "in person"--that's why in most cases overseas, you need to say "I'm going to a concert" in order to convey the same thing [Note: I previously mentioned this very thing lol].

TOMOMI: Saying "live" wouldn't really be conveyed overseas.

RINA: It basically means you're playing a "concert."

MAMI: Is that why Gian calls it a "recital " [in Doraemon]...?

HARUNA: You're right!

TOMOMI: It's a live, as well as a concert, as well as a recital.

HARUNA: The performers are solo, hence "recital."

MAMI: For us, we mean a "live concert."

TOMOMI: Here's a new agenda.


There's a fine line topic I want to hear you guys talk about, so I sent in this message!

That would be: stingy vs. frugal.

Since I am married, I had planned to manage my own food expenses. However, I was surprised to hear this story the other day about my friend's husband.

There are tubes of butter that make it easy to put on bread, right? His wife bought it and he flipped out. According to the friend, it's expensive since it's convenient and there isn't much product in it. He thinks it's a waste. I feel a bit sorry for the wife, with the husband getting mad at simply over a tube of butter.

Incidentally, I've never been told that by my husband. We use tubes of butter all the time since it's convenient (haha).

At the same time I thought that maybe their situation at home is different, and I was worried that perhaps they did so in order to make ends meet.

Also, it seems that my husband's friend is cutting down on living expenses and looking forward to buying a new car.

Whether my husband's friend is "stingy" or "frugal"...I'm very curious to know, so I'd like the members of the association to please discuss it!

All: I see...

RINA: That's something we can talk a lot about...

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 64

Topics tagged under catchup on SCANDAL HEAVEN Aw2hlEo
Topics tagged under catchup on SCANDAL HEAVEN Rs3q95R

•The episode starts with this. TOMO does the roulette to determine the prize for the listener, and it lands on five pieces of sweets. They then try determining how much of each they should give. TOMO says that since the listener's a guy, he'd probably like bitter things more. They decide that they'll give him 3 Coffee Beats and give the girlfriend 2 Twinkles.

•TOMO reads the next message from a listener who talks about how they got hooked on SCANDAL, which is in part due to their girlfriend liking them and recommending listening to them back in March. That was around the time the lineup for the JAPAN JAM festival was announced and they decided to go together. They started listening to SCANDAL and thought they were all really good songs. They had a great time seeing SCANDAL at the festival, and say that they've also listened to all episodes of "Catch up," have joined the fan club, and plan to go to the 15th anniversary concert with their girlfriend. The band goes, "Did they do all that in two months [between the festival announcement and the festival itself]?!" and say they must not have slept. They say that what they said makes them happy, and that going to festivals with someone you love is the best. They tell them several times to get some sleep. MAMI then spins the roulette app to see how many pieces of sweets they'll receive. It lands on 5 again and they decide to give them 3 Coffee Beats and 2 Twinkles. 10 pieces total have now been given out.

•RINA reads the next message from a listener whose message had been read during the Valentine's episode (U-tan). They say they've been in constant contact with the guy and they were finally able to meet in person during Golden Week, and now they can say they're finally in a real relationship with each other. They thank the band and mention that, by the way, they are a teacher (SCANDAL: "Hey! Teacher!"). The band says that's great and that must have taken a lot of courage. TOMO spins the roulette wheel and once again lands on 5. They all laugh and TOMO says that they're only landing on 5. HARU says that it did land on other numbers like 3 when they had tested it out earlier. MAMI thinks that maybe only 5s are coming up because the first one they landed on was 5. They try it again and it lands on a different number, which means that what MAMI thought isn't true. They then decide on which pieces to give the listener. HARU says that the listener's a girl so MAMI goes, "Then Twinkle..." TOMO laughs and says, "Twinkle's only for girls?", which the others also laugh at. They give the listener 3 Twinkles, 2 Coffee Beats. 15 pieces total have now been given out.

•MAMI reads the next message from a listener who is a 36-year-old barber and asks the band to go, "Hey! Barber!" like they do for "Hey! Teacher!" They laugh and say, "That's great!" and say it. The listener says that the other day on the way back from work, his wife asks him if he's bought a t-shirt recently. He says no, and that he's not wasting money. She said that a t-shirt was delivered to their house, and when he looked closely, he realized that he had been sent a signed SCANDAL t-shirt that he won from their fan clubs. He says he was really happy and was grinning a lot, and that was when his wife said, "I'll sign that t-shirt too," to which he said he politely declined. The band laughs at this and RINA says that the wife has a great personality. The listener says that they've been married for five years and that his wife is six years younger than him, and it was cute when she sang SCANDAL songs at karaoke when they first started dating. He says her birthday is in August and he wants to buy her some cosmetics and put them in an Apollo pouch (TOMO: "But the pouch is so small!"), and so asks for one. They laugh and HARU goes, "Hey, we're giving out sweets this episode!" They say that just via text they could tell how the couple both have such great personalities. The roulette falls on 3 pieces of sweets and they decide to give 2 Coffee Beats, 1 Twinkle. 18 pieces total have now been given out. HARU says it's likely more barbers will be writing in to the program now.

•HARU reads the next message from a listener who heard the words of encouragement another listener sent in to another listener during episode 57 (the one read by HARU). They thank the band for their words of encouragement, and are impressed that they were encouraged just by listening to the stories of people who are going through the same things and are cheering each other on. The listener says that their wedding ceremony, which has been postponed due to the pandemic, will finally be held in August. Due to this, as well as how things are currently are in Osaka, they will not be attending the 15th anniversary concert (they also have never gotten a chance to see them live before). But like the listener in the previous episode, they too believe that bad things won't last forever. They'll keep working hard and will go to a SCANDAL concert one day. The band says that there are a lot of listeners are connected via this program and that there will be more concerts for the listener to go to in the future. RINA says that everyone shares the same worries since no one knows what will happen in the future. They also say it's great that they made a decision based on what's more important to them. Both the concert and the ceremony are important things, but the things that are more closely related to your day-to-day life are more important. The roulette lands on 3 once more and they give them 1 Twinkle, 2 Coffee Beats. 21 pieces total have now been given out.

•TOMO reads the next message from a listener who's a graduate student and saw SCANDAL at JAPAN JAM. They also talk about their specialty, which is computational skills in the civil engineering field. It's basically about analyzing the physical phenomena of tsunamis, earthquakes, fire, wind flow, etc. by computer simulation. They say that just as SCANDAL saves people around the world with music, they're doing research every day to physically protect people from disasters. The band thinks that's really cool and thanks them for doing the work they do. The roulette lands on 3 again (TOMO: "It's only landing on 3 or 5"), and they give the listener 1 Twinkle, 2 Coffee Beats. HARU says that they'll probably end with the last message. 24 pieces total have now been given out.

•RINA reads the next message from a listener who is now dating the guy they like, who she says is loved by his friends and perfect inside and out. She says she also wants to get closer to his ideals and make herself cute both inside and out. She asks, however, how she can change who she is on the inside. She says that his type is someone who doesn't seem like a person and more like an unknown creature. HARU and TOMO seem confused, and TOMO goes, "What does that mean?" RINA repeats that line again. HARU's like, "Oh," but TOMO goes, "Wait a minute..." and laughs. HARU says that RINA should read the message in its entirety first. The listener says that she seems to apply to the guy's ideal type but says, "What would you think if I were a human being, a so-called ordinary girl? If I had to choose, I want to be a human girl who's cute both inside and out." The band laughs and MAMI goes, "Well of course." The listener asks the band if they should be an unknown creature or a human like they've always been. The band is kind of confused by this and HARU goes, "Is he an alien or something?" TOMO goes, "He's perfect on the inside??", which the others laugh at. RINA says that it probably means that he likes people that are very unique. They basically say that if the listener wants to be a human, she should say that herself and go with a way of living that's more comfortable for her. The roulette lands on 5 pieces. TOMO says they should go with 5 Twinkles because of how mysterious this message was. MAMI says that the listener doesn't need to speed up turning into an "unknown creature." TOMO then goes, "On the contrary, let's give them 5 Coffee Beats." HARU laughs and goes, "'On the contrary'?!" They say that living the way that's easiest for you is most important. 29 pieces of sweets total were given out (19 Coffee Beats, 10 Twinkles).

*As always, you can send in a message to the program here . I've made a guide as how to input your info and message for those who need assistance (click to enlarge):

Topics tagged under catchup on SCANDAL HEAVEN 6WYlmoJ Topics tagged under catchup on SCANDAL HEAVEN WvLQhcz

*A list of all episode summaries can be found here

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A project to celebrate MAMI & TOMOMI's birthdays! The key to giving presents to the listeners is a "roulette"?

Episode #64 blog

Topics tagged under catchup on SCANDAL HEAVEN Nq6ZExB

HARUNA: We usually record at our management office, but...

*Construction sounds*: Takka-takka-takka-takka...

HARUNA: What perfect timing... It seems that construction is being done on the upper floor of the office...
You may hear construction sounds occasionally, but we won't be worrying about it.

TOMOMI: We usually would go somewhere else... But this time we're being stubborn and will stay right here.

*Construction sounds*: Takka-takka-takka-takka...

RINA: It's quite loud...

HARUNA: The background music end up being construction sounds...

MAMI: I'm sure people are bothered by it. So sorry about this...

HARUNA: Now then birthday presents from Meiji have been delivered for TOMOMI and MAMI, whose birthdays are in May!

TOMOMI: Thanks so much!
MAMI: Thanks so much!


HARUNA: The presents are in front of you guys... Go ahead and open them!

*They open the presents*

TOMOMI: Isn't this crazy? This is the first time I've seen this...

MAMI: A box with 10 containers of my favorite Coffee Beat...and there are several of them.

TOMOMI: I got boxes of Twinkle Chocolate...

MAMI: I've never seen that before!

TOMOMI: Same here.

MAMI: You can't see it unless you buy it.

RINA: Never seen it.

*Construction sounds*: Takka-takka-takka-takka...

TOMOMI: Even though we're opening them right nowー!

HARUNA: It's a celebratory sound.

MAMI: Right - thanks.

TOMOMI: I'm so happy. Thanks so much.

MAMI: Thanks so much!

HARUNA: So, we were wondering if you'd share the wealth and give some Coffee Beats and Twinkle Chocolate to the listeners whose messages are read today...

MAMI: Ehー, what should I do...

TOMOMI: I'll give them some Twinkle Chocolate.

HARUNA: MAMI-chan always scarfs down Coffee Beat...

MAMI: That's right.

HARUNA: This week we'll just be reading messages.

I always stand on the left side at SCANDAL's concerts

SCANDAL, thank you for your hard work at your concerts and the festival.

I went to the Yokohama and Tokyo performances with my girlfriend who hasn't yet remembered the titles of your songs nor the names of the members.

Both of them were so much fun and my girlfriend was also very pleased.

I was particularly pleased to hear "Koisuru Universe." Only this song is special. I think I was able to start dating my girlfriend because of "Koisuru Universe."

I got to know her via social media. We didn't show much interest in each other when we met for the first time, but after meeting two or three times, we fell in love with each other. The timing wasn't right nor did I have the courage to confess, so three months passed without me being able to confess.

On the morning of a certain date, I felt a hunch that I had to confess that day, and we went on our date with nothing planned out. But in the end, I walked her home and wasn't able to say it.

She entered the entrance of the building, and just before she got to her unit, I called her on the phone and said, "Would you like to hang out again?" I asked her to come out and I finally confessed.

I was able to confess that day because I heard "Koisuru Universe" over and over again for the 40 minutes it took for me to leave my house via the bus and arrive at the place I met up with her.

While I was slightly aware of the scenery and each other's feelings that the streetlights were illuminating on the way back across the bridge at night to send her, I felt that the feelings that were timing were exactly in line with the song, and I felt at the very end. Was told.

I chose "Koisuru Universe" because I thought this song was good, and it ended up giving me courage.

I'm sure we still wouldn't have be dating without SCANDAL's "Koisuru Universe."

I've been voting for "Koisuru Universe" every day since the Tokyo performance.

HARUNA: It really is true that songs can encourage you.

RINA: And it fits perfectly the situation and their feelings. I'm glad you guys started dating without a hitch.

TOMOMI: Congrats!

All: Thanks so much!

HARUNA: Now let's give them a present. It'll be determined via roulette.

RINA: There's some kind of app for that.

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 63

Topics tagged under catchup on SCANDAL HEAVEN A5UF9s7
Topics tagged under catchup on SCANDAL HEAVEN ACMCmE1

•The episode starts with this.

•TOMO reads the next message from a listener who attended the Osaka performance. They say that they inadventently started crying the moment the band came out and played the first sound, and thank them for delivering live music despite the many risks right now. The band says they also felt like tearing up the entire time and everyone's expressions were conveyed despite the masks. RINA says that at their past concerts in Osaka, everyone would be shouting/cheering and such during the MCs, and that this time everyone still reacted well without vocalizing at all, which made for a new kind of atmosphere. HARU says that it's not at all lonesome for the band to talk solely amongst themselves. RINA agrees and says that it felt like everyone was properly doing aizuchi , which HARU says was mysterious.

•RINA reads the next message from a listener who attended the Sendai performance. They were very happy that the first song was "Aitai" since that song is how they became a fan and it's also one that has a lot of memories attached to it as it helped encourage them when they were going through hard times. They say that the lighting was impressive during "eternal" and that they're glad they went despite of being unsure until the last minute whether or not to go. RINA says that the lighting was really nice during "eternal" and that the person who's been doing their lighting for a long time now did it on this tour too. She says they create lighting that really complements the songs and that she's happy even that aspect is properly received. TOMO says that it makes her happy to hear that they're glad they went to the concert despite being unsure. She also talks about how the band felt the same and that they had to consider a lot of different things, such as how they should take responsibility in case anything were to happen to the audience or the band. She's relieved to hear things like fans saying they're glad they went and are very proud of those who wanted to come out amidst all of this uncertainty.

•MAMI reads the next message from a listener who attended the Yokohama performance. They say that what HARU said during the MC not only touched them emotionally but also seemed to purify the feelings they had in the recesses of their heart, making them glad they went to the concert. The band apparently talked about how the crowd chant during the choruses of "Awanai Tsumori no, Genki de ne" got started, and they say that they will tell them what they know. They went to the "KAWAii MATSURi" festival held in 2013 and lined up early with friends to get a good spot. Although everyone around them was a fan of the other acts like Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and SEKAI NO OWARI, they were very nice to the listener and they all got along. The listener did he best to convey to them how good of a band SCANDAL is. On the spot they and their friend decided to shout along to AwaTsumo, and afterwards the people around told them that SCANDAL's a pretty good band. Based on what they said, there seemingly was a discussion during the MC at the Yokohama "request" performance regarding how that chant came to be, and apparently HARU had guessed that it started from a taping of the song at MUSIC STATION back in 2013 that only women were allowed to attend. The listener says that they think a woman/women who attended KAWAii MATSURi decided to do the same here (the listener is not a woman and therefore was not able to attend that taping). The band is surprised by that and is happy about it, as well as happy about them trying to convert others to SCANDAL fans. TOMO says that they talked about how that chant surprised them when it first started happening since they didn't think it was the kind of song for that due to how sad the lyrics are, but now it doesn't feel like it's AwaTsumo without that chant--it's like the chant completes the song. RINA mentions how audiences abroad also do the chant, which she says is awesome.

•HARU reads the next message from a listener who attended the Tokyo performance. They say this was their first time attending a SCANDAL concert and was their first time attending a concert in general in a year and a half, which was Porno Graffitti's 20th anniversary concert. The band is happy that this was the listener's first time seeing them. They then talk about Porno Graffitti and how crazy it is that it was their 20th anniversary. RINA says that they do occasionally hear of people being both Porno Graffitti and SCANDAL fans, and that Porno Graffitti is really cool. TOMO says that "20th anniversary" does sound like a long time, but when you consider that SCANDAL is celebrating their 15th anniversary, SCANDAL has been at it for quite some time as well. She wonders if there's a five year difference between the two bands, but HARU and RINA say that the 20th anniversary is in reference to PG's major label debut and that they've actually been a band for longer than that [Note: They've actually been a band since 1994 = 27 years!].

•TOMO reads the next message from a listener who attended the Sapporo performance. They're currently taking online classes for college and find it hard to stay motivated, but they've decided that they'd work hard because they're looking forward to seeing SCANDAL again in Sapporo. They also ask a "Fine Line Association" question: What's the line between a "live" (ライブ) and a "concert" (コンサート)? The band wonders what it could be. RINA says that it could boil down to differences between types of artists and/or how the put on their live performances. She says that she feels a "concert" is one where you sit back and listen to the music, and that a "live"--or a "show"-- is one put on by a band and is lively. MAMI says that she imagines "concerts" to be a bit 'stiff' like an orchestra concert (RINA: "Like classical music"). They also say that it could be about the overall feel of it, and that it could boil down to what your own stance on it is. TOMO says that SCANDAL predominantly prefers to call them "lives." HARU says that when it's played at a "live house" (AKA live music club, which is a small venue), it more like a "live"; when it's at an arena, it's more like a "concert." TOMO asks if it's about what it feels like, and HARU says it's more like the differences in the venues. MAMI says that when she was younger she thought it was relative to how big an artist is (scale-wise) since her older brother was in a band and they would play at "live houses," and she'd go to bigger venues like arenas to see her favorite artists. They all agree it's difficult to say what the difference is exactly. RINA says that when they play arenas, though, it still doesn't feel like they're playing a "concert." MAMI says she thinks is does have to do with how big an artist is. TOMO says that their "SEASONS" performance last year gives off a more "concert" vibe, which the others completely agree with. TOMO says this was a good question, and RINA says that she'll look into it more. They wonder what the listener thinks the difference is and says they'll be waiting for their reply. They also tell them to keep working hard in school.

[Personally, I agree that's it's kind of difficult to say what the difference is between the two, but I do think that what they said about how a "live"/"show" is what you would call a live performance like SCANDAL's usual ones, and that a "concert" is one that's more laidback and that you sit down for. However, in English, you don't really refer to a live performance as a "live" (it's too broad of a term and "live" could refer to anything and not just a live music performance) and therefore I've been using "concert" to refer to SCANDAL's performances just because that word almost always refers to a live music performance. But I wholeheartedly agree that performances put on by bands such as SCANDAL are better referred to as "shows." Maybe I should start using "show" then lol but anyway!]

•RINA reads the next message from a listener who attended the Nagoya performance, which was the final stop of the tour. They say that they were glad to hear their favorite song "A.M.D.K.J." live, and that they got goosebumps over how crazy "Tonight" is live. They used to vote for "A.M.D.K.J." in the popular song poll every day but now vote for "Tonight." The band says it makes them happy to hear when peoples' favorite song changes because they hear it live. RINA says that there are songs that give off a different impression live compared to the recorded version of it. They mention the intro rhythm of the song and that MAMI plays that it alone, which is another nice aspect of the song. MAMI says that "Tonight" is a cool song, so she wants people to take notice of it. HARU says that it certainly is hard to imagine how this song would sound live. RINA says that there probably were a lot of people who were wondering how it'd be performed live since it doesn't have the typical band sound to it. TOMO says, "It's dance music, so dance to it!" They then talk about "A.M.D.K.J." and how popular it is. RINA says that it is pretty exciting live and it's probably fun to watch the band since they do a lot of big actions during it. HARU says that they do feel more powerful when playing it, and RINA says that it's like they transform. MAMI says that it's gone above "Shunkan Sentimental." She says ShunSen is of course a very important song for them and a true turning point for them, but after they became able to write their own songs, they wanted to make similar kinds of songs by themselves--that's why she's very happy to hear things like that about songs they've written themselves.

•They then close out the episode. They mention things like how much they talked on tour during the MCs (RINA: "This was a tour that should be documented"), that they were glad they were able to successfully hold it during this time (TOMO: "It really feels like a miracle"), that this tour made them feel that they can continue working hard to keep the band going because they have their fans, and that the fans also participated in creating this tour. They thank everyone for the happy times.

*As always, you can send in a message to the program here . I've made a guide as how to input your info and message for those who need assistance (click to enlarge):

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*A list of all episode summaries can be found here

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Looking back on 『SCANDAL MANIA TOUR 2021 "request"』, part 2! What did HARUNA wanted to eat before a concert no matter what...?

Episode #63 blog

Topics tagged under catchup on SCANDAL HEAVEN IqIGLL3

HARUNA: This week we'll be continuing looking back on 『SCANDAL MANIA TOUR 2021 "request"』 along with the fans' impressions.
It's titled...
"Zen Request Kansou Tokubetsu-hen"
Or for short...
"Zen Ri Kan Toku" Part 2.

We've chosen seven messages, one each per stop, about listeners' impressions of the tour.

We're starting off from day 1, Fukuoka!

Timo Sukiー

Good evening, SCANDAL.

I attended opening day in Fukuoka. Firstly, congrats on kicking it off.

I was honestly anxious in regards to the new format for concerts, but aside from not being able to vocalize, it was the same as before. I'm sure our loud chanting in our hearts during "Shunkan Sentimental" and "SCANDAL BABY" reached you guys.

My seat wasn't great--that is, since I was in front of Timo's hands (lol), every time I would make eye contact with TOMOMI playing the bass while smiling, my heart and my breathing would stop (lol).

There were also many SCANDAL-like happenings such as HARUNA's "Please stay with us, you guys" public proposal (lol); when you talked about a bakery during the MC, an employee from there was watching from the front row; when you read Shunichi Tanabe from BLUE ENCOUNT's super-long letter (lol), which probably made me laugh the hardest this day; when TOMOMI's outfit got caught on her bass; the special rhythm of the applause during the encore. Those are just a few of them.

During the special rhythm during the encore, everyone was clapping along fast at first, but those whose hands got tired started skipping a beat. A unique groove was born as a result of accenting the first and third beats.

Given how things are, I can't say that I'll definitely be going to Osaka-Jo Hall on August 21st, but I would like to celebrate your 15th anniversary and participate above all.

All: Thanksー!

HARUNA: They made sure to include a ton of details.

TOMOMI: That made me remember a lot of things about the Fukuoka performance! That's right; the bakery... HARUNA lined up for it .

HARUNA: It's called amam dacotan, and they have maritozzo and brioche bread...

Staff: Sorry, but we have no idea what you're saying...

HARUNA: The bakery's called "amam dacotan."

MAMI: That bakery's pretty popular right now.

HARUNA: "Maritozzo"

MAMI: a bread that they have,

HARUNA: And "brioche bread"... Do you know what that is?

Staff: Nope...

HARUNA: In the center after opening up the brioche...

Staff: can open it up?

MAMI: Yes, you can. They cut into it and open it up,

HARUNA: ...and it's stuffed with whipped cream. It's pretty famous.

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 62

Topics tagged under catchup on SCANDAL HEAVEN JdVUiAQ
Topics tagged under catchup on SCANDAL HEAVEN CqG6GEL

•The episode starts with this. RINA says she's glad they made this a fan club tour. HARU agrees and that the atmosphere always feels homey. TOMO mentions that they had friends in the entertainment industry request one song per performance and says that they didn't have any friends when the band first started out; it was basically just the four of them. They also mention things like how SEASONS was different from their regular concerts, but with this tour they were able to go back to their usual style albeit some differences (clapping only, etc.). They say they were impressed at how well the audiences followed the rules put in place.

•HARU reads a message from a listener who attended the Osaka performance of the tour. They say it was so much fun and that they were so happy when the lights dimmed and they played "HARUKAZE" as the first song. They tell the band they want to hear more about how the rankings changed for each performance. HARU starts with the first performance at Zepp Fukuoka and reads off the first 5 songs performed (ranks #10-6): HARUKAZE, Take Me Out, Image, Platform Syndrome, Departure. They say the songs flowed well, but this wasn't a setlist they would ever make themselves, especially following up "Platform Syndrome" with "Departure"; RINA says this would be due to the very different tempos and lyrics of the songs. They then talk about how the celebrity-requested song for Fukuoka was "Mabataki," requested by Shunichi Tanabe of BLUE ENCOUNT. They say that this wouldn't be a song they'd choose to play on the first day, and RINA says that it's troublesome to play equipment-wise, which they all laugh at. HARU mentions it's troublesome especially for the drums (since RINA plays a drum pad/machine during this song). MAMI then mentions the song that the band chose to play: "Taiyou to Kimi ga Egaku STORY." She says that it is a popular song but wasn't in the top 10 on that day, and that this song is quite powerful and makes you happy. HARU says that that was their first time playing that song in a while (last time they seemed to have played it was on their "Fuzzy Summer Mood" tour in 2019). TOMO says it's simply a good song.

•They talk about Osaka, the second performance of the tour. The rankings stayed the same as the first performance, which they chalk up to their fans not being used to this system. HARU says that the song the band chose to play was "Fuzzy" and that the celebrity-requested song was "Shunkan Sentimental," requested by Aribobo Shibata of Yabai T-Shirts Yasan. Since ShunSen was already on the setlist (#5), the band chose another song to add to the setlist: "GLAMOROUS YOU." TOMO says that it had been a while since they played it (last time seems to have been on their "SCA wa Mada Dashitenai Dake" tour in 2013). She and MAMI say that they love this song, and HARU says that while they love the song, they've been avoiding playing it since it's a little hard to play at regular concerts (different kind of tuning, the beat stops in places). As such, they decided to play it at this kind of event. RINA says that the band seemed super happy when playing this song, which they all laugh at. She says that it's really fun to perform and that they really like the song, and that since it's an album-only song that they haven't played in forever, she's sure that there were some fan club members who've never heard it live or never even heard it at all--that's why played the song in basically the key of, "It's okay if you don't know the song, but please listen to it anyway." HARU says that she's glad they got to perform the song again after growing up. TOMO agrees that there are differences, and RINA says that it suits them now. MAMI mentions how the song title's in English. They then talk about Aribobo and how they were surprised [at how she was one of the requesters, probably? I can't hear exactly what they say since they talk over each other during this line]. TOMO says that they haven't played joint concerts together but they did meet her at a festival where Aribobo told them that she had been in a SCANDAL cover band before. HARU says that meeting her really left an impression with them, and that it probably also left an impression on their staff since they were the ones who reached out to her.

•Next, they talk about Sendai, the third performance of the tour. It was their first time at SENDAI GIGS, though they say that it didn't feel like it was since it felt so comfortable. The rankings changed quite a bit due to the weeklong gap between the previous concert and this one. The #10 song was "Aitai," which HARU says is early song of theirs. She first gets it wrong and says that it's on their first album before she corrects herself and says that it's on their second album, and thinks that it likely entered the rankings due to people wanting to hear it live for the first time in forever (the last time they played it was during the 47-prefecture tour in 2017). She then mentions the celebrity-requested song "NEON TOWN ESCAPE," requested by Chiaki Sato who did the arrangement for the song. She says that they performed it during their livestream last year but hadn't been able to perform in front of an audience, so she was happy they got to play it. She says the atmosphere changes all at once when they play this song, which RINA agrees with and says it's a song that sets the mood. RINA also mentions how the song fades out on the recorded version but they decided to change it up for the live version where they all do a freestyle jam session and play however they'd like to, which means that no two performances of it are the same. She says it's fun to do and HARU says that Chiaki also really likes it. They mention how they got to greet Chiaki after the Tokyo concert, which is when she told them that. HARU adds that Chiaki said she really liked MAMI's guitar solo.

•They then talk about Yokohama, the fourth performance of the tour. The rankings also changed a bit and therefore the setlist as well, which RINA says made them feel nervous (you can hear them mentioning that in the fourth "her" Diary video) and that it was like a test of strength as it started with "Take Me Out" and then went to "Ceramic Blue." MAMI says that before Yokohama, "Ceramic Blue" did seem like it would enter the top-10 rankings, but they didn't expect it to enter them for the very first time at #9. The celebrity-requested song was "Taiyou to Kimi ga Egaku STORY," requested by rapper Rude-α. HARU says that when they met for the first time (RINA: "At SUMMER SONIC [festival] in Osaka") he had told them that he likes them and that TaiKimi is his favorite song of theirs. RINA mentions that he came to watch their set and that the promoter told them that there was someone who was a big fan and asked if they could meet with them, which is when he told them his favorite song. TOMO says it's interesting since he plays a completely different genre of music. HARU then mentions a song they had been nervous to play, which was actually their own selected song: "Flashback No.5."

•Next up is Tokyo, the fifth performance of the tour, which is when "Flashback No.5" entered the rankings at #9. Since this song is one where the audience shouts out a bunch of times, they didn't know how they could perform this song amidst all of the new concerts rules for the audiences (no vocalizing), but they felt like it could work out well for Yokohama. It did, and also for Tokyo as well, and they say that even though the audience couldn't vocalize, the band could feel their voices. RINA says that it's like they cast a spell over the tour. HARU then mentions how the Tokyo performance was a tough one, especially due to "Koisuru Universe" entering the rankings (also talked about in the fourth "her" Diary ), which is something the band was not expecting--they weren't expecting it at all, which is why they didn't even practice it during rehearsals prior to the tour. It had been in the 20s, and for Tokyo it had jumped to #7. MAMI mentions that "Shunkan Sentimental" and "Departure" switched places (formerly #5 and #6, respectively). TOMO mentions that they had to start practicing from noon since they hadn't been expecting all the changes. They say that the staff was also nervous due to having to change the lighting, changing out effects pedals, etc. The only option everyone had was just to do it. They say that it was good to play KoiUni for the first time in forever and that it's a good song. HARU says that she wishes it had entered into the rankings a little sooner. TOMO also mentions that #1 and 2 switched for the first time, with "SCANDAL BABY" taking the top rank from "Koe." MAMI says that a lot of drama certainly did happen for this performance. RINA says that the finale of SCABABY was awesome. TOMO says that at JAPAN JAM everyone was dancing during SCABABY, which was a first. They were basically wondering, "How do all of these people know this song?!" HARU says that the intro is pretty strong and RINA says that it's easy to go along with the beat even if you don't know the song. They go back to talking about the fan club tour and say that everyone probably would like to have the performances close with SCABABY. They then talk about the celebrity-requested song that was requested by Takumi Goto of comedy group Yonsen Toshin who is known for being a huge SCANDAL fan: the insane request of "one piece." HARU talks about how this song was basically written to be performed at their first performance at Osaka-Jo Hall, the venue they dreamed about playing ever since they formed, which makes this a very special song. Knowing all this, Takumi requested the song. However, this song is one they will only perform at OJH, so instead they performed "GLAMOROUS YOU." The other members start clapping and go, "We love this song [GLAMOROUS YOU]!" HARU goes, "There were too many English song titles [on the BABY ACTION album]!" TOMO says that it's kind of awful how they had to switch out OP for GY, which makes them go "We love this song!" and clap again. MAMI says that they thought how GY was a difficult song to play before, but now they understand things better and it's gotten fun to play. RINA says that their skills finally caught up. HARU says that this is their second time talking about GY during this episode (RINA: "It's because we love it!").

Sapporo, the sixth performance of the tour, is talked about next. They say it was a lot of fun and that they really want to go back. RINA says that they ate a lot when they were there. They say that they arrived there the day before the concert, making it a total of two days they were there, but they ate around four days' worth of food. TOMO says that HARU ate around three days' worth of meals by herself. HARU says that in 2-3 days they made up for the times they hadn't been able to go. RINA laughs and says that's scary. Talking about the concert, HARU first says that the setlist didn't really change much from the previous one, but MAMI mentions that "Aitai" went back in the rankings and that "Ceramic Blue" rose a place. They also say how KoiUni dropped out of the top rankings. RINA says that she liked this setlist as it flowed pretty well. HARU says it's nice to start performances with "Platform Syndrome." MAMI mentions how hot Zepp Sapporo was despite it still being cold outside, and that it made her feel like concerts are finally back and here to stay. The celebrity-requested song for that day was "Fuzzy," requested by Seiya Yamasaki from Kyuso Nekokami. RINA says that when they played a joint band concert together, he kept telling them at the after-party how much he likes that song. When they heard from their manager that someone had requested "Fuzzy," they immediately thought that the request might have come from Seiya. It did end up being from him, which made them happy. The others laugh and HARU says that they were kind of expecting that anyway. MAMI says that Seiya had LINE'd her and said thanks, that it feels like the pandemic is neverending but let's get through it, and that he hopes they can play another concert together someday. They say that they do want to play another joint concert with Kyuso Nekokami again. HARU mentions that they played "Kan Biiru" as the band-selected song since it seemed like, based on the rankings, that the fans wanted to hear a song with TOMO on lead vocals. MAMI mentions how each of the three of them had their own songs with lead vocals to sing. They all say it was a good setlist.

•Finally, they talk about Nagoya, the seventh and final performance of the tour. The rankings switched around a bit between the same songs as Sapporo. The celebrity-requested song was "Shunkan Sentimental," requested by Airi Suzuki. HARU says that ShunSen certainly is a popular song. RINA mentions how they did a collaboration with her for this song before.

•They then look back on the tour as a whole. RINA says that she's really happy "A.M.D.K.J.", one of their most recent songs, always remained in the top three. They hadn't really performed it in front of audiences before, but the fact that everyone seems to like it, whether it was during this tour or at festivals, makes them realize how great of a song it is. HARU says that that's what it's like now, but she wonders how it'll be like when everyone will be able to vocalize. RINA says she's looking forward to it. MAMI says that it'll be like an explosion, which HARU agrees with. RINA says that using smoke effects during this song live helps to give it a strong vibe. MAMI jokes and says it's Avengers-like. They then talk about how they performed "eternal" live for the first time(s). MAMI says that so many times she felt like crying as the last lyric ("Make this moment last eternally") was sung, and that the lyrics also seemed to reverberate with the audience. They say that a lot happened on this tour and that it was over so fast. HARU says that the number of songs they played is less than the number they usually play, but their MCs were longer than usual. The concerts were about two hours each and they joke that they spent half the time on MCs. MAMI says that it was like seeing friends again for the first time in so long. They thank everyone and say it was a lot of fun.

*As always, you can send in a message to the program here . I've made a guide as how to input your info and message for those who need assistance (click to enlarge):

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*A list of all episode summaries can be found here

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A special episode where the band looks back on all performances of 『SCANDAL MANIA TOUR 2021 "request"』!

Episode #62 blog

Topics tagged under catchup on SCANDAL HEAVEN OqFQcmc

HARUNA: For this week...
Sorry to have kept you waiting, and perhaps you've been kept waiting too long.
All performances of 『SCANDAL MANIA TOUR 2021 "request"』 have successfully been completed...
Let's look back on it along with the fans' impressions.
It's titled...
"Zen Request Kansou Tokubetsu-hen" (Thoughts on all "request" performances - Special edition)
Or for short...
"Zen Ri Kan Toku"!

All: (*Lukewarm applause)

TOMOMI: Was the title determined so that it'd end up as "Zen Ri Kan Toku"?

HARUNA: That definitely has to be the case.

Staff:, that was just a coincidence.

RINA: I don't think it was a coincidence... A new season will be out soon, and it perfectly matches it.

HARUNA: First, we'll hear everyone's thoughts. There were seven performances over the course of one month. How was it, RINA-chan?

RINA: It truly was a happy time. Concerts and performing in front of an audience is something we had taken for granted before, which I've realized is something very special and more important than I thought it was. We felt so grateful on this tour.

HARUNA: There were too many things to talk about and we said our thanks during the MCs for every performance.

RINA: Each performance certainly was emotional.

HARUNA: This year's our 15th anniversary, and our popular song poll was going on in midst of this tour... And since our method was to put the top 10 songs at the moment in the setlists, the song order ended up being different for every performance.
That was a first for us. How was it, TOMOMI?

TOMOMI: Since the top 10 songs were set when it struck midnight on the day of a concert, it was very thrilling, hot, and had unexpected developments. We were also excited as we toured, so I'm glad it felt fresh the entire time.

HARUNA: Our standard live songs consistently made it into the top 10, as well songs from our latest album.

TOMOMI: 1st and 2nd places kept switching.

HARUNA: MAMI, how was it?

MAMI: I think it's amazing that people of all ages listen to and love all of our songs up to our latest album. Five years ago we did a popular song poll for our 10th anniversary as well, and some songs ranked the same as before, some songs suddenly entered in, and people included some anecdotes when submitting their votes. 15 years went by in no time at all, but I'm glad we've come this far--that's simply what I thought.

HARUNA: For each MC we would talk about memories related to songs, like "We shot the cover at ___, right?", or "That music video took forever to shoot," which was also interesting. It was really fun having that same excitement as we do when we're just chatting on this program. I'm happy that the audiences also went along with that atmosphere.

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 61

Topics tagged under catchup on SCANDAL HEAVEN NTlDghJ
Topics tagged under catchup on SCANDAL HEAVEN 6EhCzAM

•The episode starts with this.

•RINA reads the next message from a listener who proposes a new Fine Line Association topic: having a lot of hobbies/interests vs. being fickle. They say they have a lot of things they want to do, such as playing the guitar or learning Spanish, but they don't actually do them for a long time and start doing the next thing they want to do within a month or so. They don't know if they just have a lot of interests or if they're fickle. The band says that they totally get what this person is talking about. TOMO says that she thinks that having a lot of interests means you have a lot of things you like and continue doing them, and being fickle is when you get bored quickly and lose interest in the thing you were interested in. RINA thinks that it's okay to step away from your interests for a bit, and if you come back to it then it means that you do have a lot of interests. This kind of discussion goes on for a while lol so to sum it up, they say there's a paper-thin difference between the two, and that the difference between the two is like that TOMO first mentioned: having a lot of hobbies/interests = you keep wanting to do them; being fickle = you no longer want to do them.

•MAMI reads the next message from a listener who is writing in for their GyouColle segment. They work at a hotel and use the term "komemo." They give an example of how to use it: "Please update guest so-and-so's komemo." They say it's short for "kokyaku memo" (顧客メモ; notes about a customer/patron), which is used for recording guests' requests, happenings, etc. and responding to them the next time they stay. They also say that they're also in school to become a Japanese language teacher. TOMO says that if they do become a teacher, the band will say its customary "Hey! Teacher," and MAMI says that the band will update their own "komemo" for this. They mention that promoters seem to have their own "komemo" on the band and will provide snacks and stuff. HARU says that this segment is quite interesting.

•HARU reads the next message from a listener whose previous message was read during episode 34 (the listener who had a crush on a same-sex senior three years older than them). They say they haven't made any progress and haven't been able to hang out with them, and although they don't fully understand love, they still like and look up to them. They then talk about how the middle school they attended has a sister high school nearby, and that they met a senior who attends that school at the brass band club's concert. They weren't in a brass band club at the time, but they joined one last year since they looked up to that senior. They're worried about their technique since the club participated in national tournaments before. They've been practicing because they have to do their best, but they haven't really been improving much. They often find it difficult and sometimes want to cry just by playing their instrument, but they do love playing it. They say it's amazing to hear how SCANDAL made it through their school days and lots of practicing without quitting. They ask the band what they thought and and how they practiced when wanting to improve despite it being difficult.

•RINA answers this one as she was the last to join the band as well as the dance school they attended. She mentions how she joined the most beginner class that everyone would take after first joining while the other three members were in more advanced classes and could sing well and express themselves well when dancing. After the band was put together, RINA was then suddenly put into the same classes that the others were taking in order to have them all taking classes at the same time. She of course couldn't keep up, though; she didn't understand the music terminology and their levels were much too different. She said that just by attending the classes made her cry. They laugh and HARU says, "You sure did." However, RINA says that she decided to arrive at the studio the earliest, take the seat right behind the teacher, and did her best to not let her clumsy side win. She says that although she couldn't dance or sing at all, she decided to do her best and to choose the option of always going to class. As long as she didn't give in, then crying or being bad was fine to do. She says again that she cried a lot, which HARU agrees with again and they all laugh. RINA says that when her name would sternly be called by a teacher, she'd be like, "This is so scary! I can't take it! I want to go home for today!" but she'd still do her best. HARU says that right after classes RINA would say that she didn't want to come back next week. RINA says that she really did hate that she wasn't able to do anything, but the teachers saw that she was someone who could overcome all that. She says that their other classmates probably also thought she really sucked but was interesting to watch, which felt like they were accepting of it all. That's why she thinks that technique isn't everything. TOMO says that if you keep concentrating on something and working on it, there will suddenly be a moment when it all clicks. She talks about how when SCANDAL just formed and couldn't play their instruments yet, which was when they would practice from morning until night and have snack parties after. She says that was a very important time for them--if they didn't have that time in their lives, they might not have been able to continue on. The others agree and RINA says it was very encouraging. They say the listener's not alone since they have the rest of their club with them, and something that could act as motivation would be to go out to eat something delicious after practicing. They tell the listener to do their best.

•TOMO reads the next message from a listener who is charge of conducting an orchestra and is the type of person who excels when they're complemented, so they do the same for their orchestra members when possible and give them kind advice. Due to that, they feel that the performance level of their boss, seniors, and juniors who were inexperienced in musical instruments until the listener joined the orchestra has improved. However, they feel like they won't be able to step up if they just praise everyone and wonder if they should do more of a carrot and stick approach to make things more balanced. They wonder if there's a fine line between the two and what could be considered going too far. They say that this is a rather unusual topic to talk about during the Fine Line Association segment, but they'd be happy if the band could give them some advice. MAMI says that doing something like showing them points that they need improvement on and tell them to keep doing their best is neither too much carrot nor too much stick, and that that's what she thinks is a good balance. The others agree. HARU says that they should separate those who excel by being praised and those who excel when they're instructed. It's probably easier for the former to it if the reward is big. If not, then those who get the stick might blame themselves. MAMI says she wants a lot of carrots (in Japanese it's actually "candy" as "carrot and stick" in Japanese is "ame to muchi" = "candy and whip" lol) and the others laugh and agree. RINA says that when the band started, they were the type who were raised with a lot of "love" (read: stick/whip), which is why they were really happy when they'd be told, "Well, I guess your performance today was good." She says that it's definitely important to be praised. HARU says that if you get too much stick, then you don't believe it when you're occasionally given a carrot. The staff and the others laugh and agree. MAMI says that she was the type to be defiant when she was given the stick during their dance school days. They laugh and RINA says that's cute. They say it's better when everyone's heading in the same direction to achieve their goals, which is a healthy way of doing it. TOMO says that you shouldn't give the one who's being instructed too much stick or else they'll head off in a different direction--ultimately, you just want to motivate the person into doing better or to step it up. If they're damaged mentally, they could have that scar for the rest of their lives. She also says that being a mentor/leader is probably the hardest job to do. HARU says that it's hard to be the one to dole out the stick. They say it's a hard job but to do their best.

•RINA reads the next message from a listener who says they've been addicted to boiled gyoza lately. They used to only eat pan-fried gyoza but now eat boiled gyoza in their mid 30s. They say this is a simple question for SCANDAL and ask if they prefer pan-fried or boiled gyoza. They say they like both and that both have their own merits. RINA says that the "simple question" thing was something they used to do on their previous radio show (SCANOMICS, which aired 6-8 years ago; they had a segment called "Soboku" = simple where listeners would ask them simple questions, like if they preferred A or B) and that this listener probably listened to it. They basically all say they prefer pan-fried. HARU says that the restaurant that her friend Chiaki introduced her to a few years ago has really delicious boiled gyoza with it being the main dish. TOMO says that that's pretty unusual. MAMI says that she like pan-fried ones with a lot of wings (hanetsuki gyoza). A staffer asks them what they put on pan-fried ones. TOMO says she's been putting black pepper on lately. MAMI says that she's been putting vinegar and black pepper on it. HARU says dashi shoyu (soy sauce with soup stock made from fish). RINA says she uses soy sauce, vinegar, yuzu ponzu (citrus and soy sauce). HARU says that she also uses yuzu ponzu. MAMI says that mayonnaise is also really good on gyoza, which the others say they haven't tried before. She keeps mentioning how delicious it is and RINA says that it seems she really likes mayo on it, which the others laugh at. HARU says that these "Which do you like better?" questions surprisingly gets them pretty excited. TOMO says they should make a "Which do you like better?" segment, which the others laugh at. MAMI says that they've surely talked about this gyoza debate before, and TOMO says that they've probably done so about 10 times before.

•They then close out the episode. HARU says that perhaps the "Which do you like better?" segment might be a regular fixture on the program. TOMO says that they'll probably have to do another clearing out of segments this summer too. They also mention that they're releasing their new single Ivory in June, and that they will be announcing more info and such related to it at a later date.

*As always, you can send in a message to the program here . I've made a guide as how to input your info and message for those who need assistance (click to enlarge):

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Being super moved by messages sent in with the theme "My Eternity"!

Episode #61 blog

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HARUNA: To the people who can't really go outside right now [due to lockdown],
Please have fun listening to "Catch up."

This we'll be reading a bunch of messages...
This is a message for the theme "My Eternity" (私の永遠 = "Watashi no Eien").


Hello, SCANDAL. The moment I feel like I'm eternal is from the end of April to the beginning of May every year when apple blossoms are in full bloom in Kita-Shinano [in Nagano].

Apple trees were planted by my grandfather and cultivated by my father. Whether a typhoon comes, a branch breaks due to heavy snow, and even now during the pandemic, it stays perfectly safe.

Every year I feel the permanence of nature, which is beyond the reach of human intelligence, in the appearance of white flowers in full bloom in spring and the red, sweet and rich blessings in autumn.

In order to pass this on to the next generation, I will work hard on my daily work while incorporating new things.

Of course, when I'm working I listen to SCANDAL's songs and "Catch up," and during breaks I eat Meiji sweets.

I'm sure you're busy, but if you're interested in apple picking, please feel free to come by.

It will be cold in November, but ripe nectar-filled apples will be waiting for you.

TOMOMI: That was beautifully written...

RINA: So pretty!

TOMOMI: What in the world!? It's full of emotion!

MAMI: So awesome!

HARUNA: Wow...this...this is it!

All: Eh?

HARUNA: This deserves an Apollo pouch!

All: (*All approve)

TOMOMI: It's been a while.

MAMI: Congratulations!

RINA: The Apollo pouch...the super-rare pouch! ...after all this time.

HARUNA: Let's give one to them.

TOMOMI: Yes, let's.
Also, I want to go! Apple picking!

HARUNA: It'd be around November.

MAMI: When I went apple picking, the older lady running the field would cut your apple on the spot and feed it to you. It was so delicious...

RINA: That's the best.

HARUNA: Let's do a "Catch up" field trip.

TOMOMI: Let's do it!

MAMI: Going picking is the best.

HARUNA: So this is the first Apollo pouch we're giving away in a long time.

MAMI: Take care of it! ...since it's expensive to make!

HARUNA: Here's another "My Eternity" message.


Here's a little about "My Eternity."
Whenever my friend's child asked me how old I was, I would keep saying that I was 20 years old.
However, on my birthday last year, a LINE message came from my friend's child, wishing me a happy 28th birthday.
Me being an eternal 20-year-old was shattered, but at the same time it made me happy to see how fast the child's growing up.

HARUNA: I seeー

TOMOMI: That's a nice messageー

RINA: So cuteー! I could totally imagine that.

MAMI: The kid probably knew.

TOMOMI: They understand the concept of age
RINA: Children are more mature than adults think.

HARUNA: That's true.

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