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How do you say "I love you" in words other than "The moon is beautiful"...?

Episode #142 blog

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HARUNA: This time, we're going to focus solely on reading messages.



On the 24th of next month, on Christmas Eve, I will be getting married to the guy I've been dating thanks to SCANDAL! We'll be going to BEST Xmas that night!

All: Congrats!

RINA: Nice!

HARUNA: Happy to hear thatー

TOMOMI: I'm really happy!

HARUNA: Let's make it a great night.


Regarding what was mentioned the other day about how to tell someone you love them without outright saying it: I put a lot of thought into it as a married person, so I'll be reporting about it here.

It happened one day. A message before my husband came home from work: "There's a dessert that looks like something you'd like, so I'll buy it for you."

" what it is...! To love...! He's telling me he loves me...! !" is what I thought haha. I don't usually notice it that my daily life had been overflowing with love. Thank you for noticing such a wonderful thing.

TOMOMI: This really is "love."

RINA: Yeah, I get it.

MAMI: What they're always thinking about is "love."

TOMOMI: Heading to the cashier while thinking about the other person...

HARUNA: It's "love."

RINA: They're connected.

TOMOMI: It's great how these are all happy messages.

RINA: Lots of warm messages.

Yumu Yumu

In episode 140, I heard the topic of conveying love without using the words "I love you." I suddenly remembered the words my girlfriend said to me and felt love from, so I'm sending a message about it!

I have a girlfriend I've been dating for 3 months! About a month ago when we were out driving, she suddenly said, "Don't die before me, okay?" I was surprised at that time but thought that was cute, and I replied, "I'll live a long life!"

I happened to get a phone call from her right after listening to Catch up, so I told her about this time and the love I felt!

MAMI: Nice!

HARUNA: There are many ways to convey love.

RINA: It's a word that comes out naturally because you want to be with that person forever.

TOMOMI: Are you unsure about whether to die before or after your partner?

HARUNA: Yeah, I'm unsure.

RINA: I get it.

MAMI: Eh? eh? Unsure!?

TOMOMI: Wondering which way to go.

RINA: If you had a choice, which one should you choose?

TOMOMI: You'd feel like you want to keep going, but you could also feel like you might be able to endure it.

HARUNA: I might want to keep going...

TOMOMI: Both are forms of "love."

RINA: There's also the pain of being left alone.

TOMOMI: Which one should you choose?

MAMI: Eh, is that something you can choose??

HARUNA: But wouldn't it change with age?

MAMI: It depends on your health at that time.

RINA: Realistically, there are various things to consider.

MAMI: Let's get to the next message. This is another way of saying "I love you."


(*Another way of saying "I love you" expressed by novelist Soseki Natsume) "The moon is beautiful, isn't it?"

You can eat the edge of the tonkatsu!

RINA: Eh, shouldn't it be from the middle?

MAMI: It says the edge.

RINA: Why the edge??

TOMOMI: There's no denying the theory that the edges are delicious.

RINA: Ah, true.

HARUNA: Doesn't Touch! always send messages about fried foods?

TOMOMI: True - they did send a message saying they didn't know the difference between a croquette and a mince cutlet!

RINA: Do they like fried foods?

MAMI: Is their parents' house a bento shop or something??

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 141

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•The episode starts with this. HARU wonders where in Nagoya the listener wants to live. TOMO asks if there's an area that she'd recommend living in. HARU says she doesn't know, which makes TOMO laugh.

•Gotta be honest, this episode was honestly not very interesting. They talked about so many things mostly related to Nagoya that aren't really important/interesting, that I don't even know what I could pick up to I am not going to translate any of it. Apologies haha

•Though I will translate this: At the end, TOMO asks if HARU and MAMI would like to live in Nagoya. There's a pause before they both go, "...that's okay." TOMO, RINA, and their staff laugh hard at this. RINA says that it's sad how they said that as their answer. TOMO says that this segment was probably pointless. MAMI quickly says no, and thanks them for trying to inform them about Nagoya.

*As always, you can send in a message to the program here. I've made a guide as how to input your info and message for those who need assistance (click to enlarge):

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*A list of all episode summaries can be found here

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Presenting the merits of Nagoya to HARUNA and MAMI! Is Nagoya too humble!?

Episode #141 blog

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HARUNA: We're doing a feature on Nagoya...??

RINA: Yeah, we are.

TOMOMI: That's right. We will tell MAMI and HARUNA, who are from the Nagoya area, about the wonders of Nagoya: "Living in Nagoya city"!!

RINA: There it isー!

HARUNA: What is this...

TOMOMI: When Nagoya comes up in conversation and things like, "Nagoya is the best!" or "Nagoya is a nice placeー!", the two of you are like, "Well, I do like it" or "Nah..."

HARUNA: I mean, we do love it.

MAMI: We do love Nagoya.

RINA: Yeah, we understand that.

TOMOMI: But you guys go, "Nah..."

RINA: It was like that the other day.

TOMOMI: This exchange happens over and over again.

RINA: Yeah, it does.

TOMOMI: So, we'll be conveying the wonders of Nagoya.

HARUNA: That means that you two will be telling us, right?

TOMOMI: Yes, it's a special about Nagoya.

MAMI: That's great for everyone from Nagoyaー!

HARUNA: Well...thank you.

TOMOMI: First, we'll be covering the basics. Nagoya Castle! The castle was built by Tokugawa Ieyasu as the last step to unify the whole country.

MAMI: That's right. I'm aware of that.

TOMOMI: There are also the Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology! Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium! Nagoya City Science Museum, with the world's largest planetarium! Legoland Japan! And most recently, Ghibli Park!

MAMI: The Science Museum is where you go to on field trips.

HARUNA: It's a lot of fun.

TOMOMI: (*A bit surprised at how fired up they are) ...ah, that's right.

HARUNA: Like we said, we love Nagoya!

TOMOMI: What's the best thing about the museum?

HARUNA: ...not sure. I don't know that.

MAMI: ...I also don't know.

TOMOMI: Our listeners are worried; we've received emails about it.

MAMI: But we love Nagoya.


During a recent episode, HARU and MAMI said that they love their hometown of Nagoya but don't want to live there. I actually really want to live there (I've never lived outside of Kanagawa Prefecture).

I'm planning to move to Nagoya next year. When I talk to my friends from the Aichi region, they all say that there's nothing in Nagoya. I've been to many places for concerts and events, and there are many tourist spots that I like, but the first place that's ever wanted to make me live somewhere is Nagoya. It's thanks to HARU that I've come to like Nagoya so much. I love listening to HARU and MAMI talk passionately about Nagoya as well as diss it on radio programs and the like.

TOMOMI: It seems it's thanks to HARU??

MAMI: I wonder what made them want to live in Nagoya...

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 140

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Topics tagged under catchup on SCANDAL HEAVEN XRA06WJ

•The episode starts with this.

•RINA reads the next message from a listener who says that they started listening to SCANDAL because of their girlfriend and has become a big fan. Their job has gotten pretty hard due to the pandemic, but their girlfriend and SCANDAL's songs help them do their best. They say that they hope to one day go with their girlfriend to a SCANDAL show. The band thanks them. RINA says that it was a simple message but made them happy, and that a lot of couples attend SCANDAL shows in general.

•MAMI reads the next message from a listener who is writing in as part of that "one sentence" message topic where they encouraged listeners who have never written in before to write in for the first time. The message simply goes: "The other day I boiled some eggs at my new house." The band laughs and says that was a good message.

•They then say they're going back to the regular messages. TOMO asks if only one message for that topic was sent in. A staffer says that wasn't the case, which makes the band glad. HARU says that those messages are spread out across the ones they'll read today, and then reads the next message from a listener whose previous message was read during episode 134 about how they asked them to play SCANDAL as background music when they had surgery. They also mention the "playing songs while giving birth" topic and says that they were told that most mothers who request that don't actually have the leeway to be listening to the songs. Another thing they mention is that children's heart rates are fast (100-ish), so it's easy to get a feel for that by listening to a song like "Anpanman no March," which is 96 BPM. They say that a SCANDAL song close to that would be "one more time." RINA talks about how she listened to a click track when she took her driver's license test, and laughs that that was something she could have done forever. HARU says that listening to/doing something along to a click track is basically what she does for a living, anyway. They also say that it's good to keep in mind that "one more time" is good for what the listener mentioned.

•TOMO reads the next message from a listener who is writing in for that "one sentence" topic. They say: "I broke up with my girlfriend of 7 years because of SCANDAL. Give this a listen: 'Ai ni Naranakatta no sa.'" The band goes, "What??" since the message isn't worded very clearly. MAMI wonders if it's because of SCANDAL that they broke up with their gf. HARU says that it's more likely that they had originally met their girlfriend because of SCANDAL. They're still unsure of what exactly the listener meant: Is it thanks to SCANDAL that the couple met one another, or is it because of SCANDAL that the couple broke up? RINA says that they're sorry if it's the latter, which makes the others laugh. MAMI says that maybe they should take it that it's because of SCANDAL that they broke up, since they mentioned "Ai ni Naranakatta no sa." HARU says that perhaps they saw the lyrics and realized that what they had wasn't true love. RINA says that that could be possible. TOMO says to send in a reply telling the band exactly what they mean.

•RINA then reads the next message from a listener who is writing in for the Smental segment and asks the band, "What number seems like it would be [physically] slippery?" The band says that all/a lot of them seem slippery. HARU says that there aren't any that don't seem like they would be. They then say their answers all at once. MAMI, TOMO, and RINA answer "0" while HARU answers "9." MAMI, TOMO, and RINA seem to think that maybe they all answered the same, but HARU says that they didn't. TOMO asks who answered differently. HARU says that she thinks it's herself. TOMO goes, "Did you say 'mochi'?!" (in reference to episode 137), which they all laugh at. HARU says she didn't, and that she answered "9." TOMO and MAMI go, "Nine??! It's gotta be zero!!" They try to guess/wonder why she would choose 9, but HARU just says that she can't really answer that; she just went by feeling. HARU says that the more they do Smental, the more the realizes that she'll be off the mark when answering. TOMO says that she doesn't get her explanations at all. RINA says that her answers are good ones, though.

•MAMI reads the next message from a listener who is writing in for that "one sentence" topic. They ask the band what their top 3 oden ingredients are. TOMO says that she definitely knows what her top one is. RINA says she thinks she knows what her own ones are but is unsure of their rankings. RINA says that they probably don't need to match up their answers since it's supposed to be about their own top 3 ingredients. MAMI says that one that she always has to have is mochi kinchaku, which might rank #1 for her. Eggs are also on her list. RINA says that eggs are #1 for her. TOMO says that she definitely has to get daikon, which HARU and MAMI also agree with. TOMO says that jagaimo (potatoes) are also on her list. HARU says that wieners are good. Another ingredient MAMI lists is ganmo. Another ingredient RINA lists is atsuage.

•HARU reads the next message from a listener who is writing in for the first time and mentions stuff like how they'll be attending BEST Xmas. The band says that they are deciding on things for that a little at a time. TOMO then reads the next message from a listener who basically asks the band how you tell someone that you love them without outright telling them you love them. The band is unsure and tries to think. RINA says that this is kind of the same as when you're racking your brains when writing lyrics. MAMI says that nothing's coming immediately to mind. RINA says that they might need six days in order to figure it out, which makes the others laugh. TOMO says that this will be their homework for the next episode. HARU says that they might like to hear from other listeners what they think. TOMO then asks their program director what he thinks about the question. He also is unsure how to answer. They again say that this is difficult to answer.

*As always, you can send in a message to the program here. I've made a guide as how to input your info and message for those who need assistance (click to enlarge):

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What color is Osaka?? Their answers to a "Smental" question finally all match up!?

Episode #140 blog

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HARUNA: We'll be reading messages this episode. Let's get right to it!


If you were to express Osaka as a color, what color would it be?

TOMOMI: What was "Smental," again?

MAMI: It's that one, you know...

HARUNA: The one where all have writing paper and try to give the same one answer to a question.

TOMOMI: Aah...

RINA: The one where we match our answers.

Staff: Hey! Make sure you remember it since it's a popular segment!!

MAMI: Shall we try it?

TOMOMI: Let's try it. Smental! "What color would Osaka be?"

HARUNA: Eh? What would it be...

MAMI: Hm...

RINA: Well, it does have an image of it being energetic and lively.

TOMOMI: Doesn't "Osaka" already have a color in its name?
(Staff note: What she meant by this is a little unclear)

MAMI: I do picture Osaka as having a color... But are there any colors that represent that atmosphere?

RINA: Yeah, it's the color of the symbol of Osaka.

HARUNA: What is "the color of the symbol"??


RINA: In any case, let's go for it.

HARUNA: Let's say it outloud. But what does that mean? I don't understand.

MAMI: I picture Osaka as being three colors.

HARUNA: True...

RINA: What colors is MAMI thinking of...

HARUNA: At any rate, let's go for it. One, two, three!

All: (*All answer verbally in unison)

RINA: Eh, what did you guys say?

TOMOMI: Did we all answer the same?

HARUNA: I said red.

RINA: I also said red.

TOMOMI: I also said red.

MAMI: ...I said orange.

TOMOMI: Ah... Yeah, it was basically all the same.

RINA: I totally get answering with warm colors.

MAMI: Yeah. I was unsure between orange, red, and yellow.

HARUNA: I was unsure about going with [orange or] yellow.

RINA: Orange basically is red.

TOMOMI: A reddish orange.

HARUNA: So, we all got the correct answer for "What color would Osaka be?"!

Staff: You did not - Game-wise, it's a "Non-Smental"!

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 139

Topics tagged under catchup on SCANDAL HEAVEN PEvoDjf
Topics tagged under catchup on SCANDAL HEAVEN 3MrUYnL

•The episode starts with this. RINA says that electronic money is becoming the norm all around the world. HARU also mentions that overseas it's all about using credit cards. TOMO says that the use of electronic money has increased since the pandemic began to limit physical contact between people. RINA says that it's probably good if you use both cash and electronic money.

•TOMO reads the next message from a listener who asks what the fine line is between "oishii" (おいしい) and "umai" (うまい) is (both words essentially mean "delicious"), and ask if the band uses the two differently. They also ask when they're eating with friends which word they would use. RINA says that she basically never says "umai," which HARU agrees with. RINA also says that she might have never used it even once, but TOMO says that she has heard her say it before, and that it comes out naturally quite a bit. They agree that all of them do frequently say "Umaaa!" HARU says that she does say that a lot. MAMI says that they don't usually go, "Umai naa!", though. HARU says that they do say "Oishii" as well. TOMO wonders what the difference is between the two for them, anyway. She then says that it's faster to say "Umaaa!" the moment you eat something that tastes good. She says that perhaps "umai" is used more for B-class foods while "oishii" can be used for really anything. HARU says that you tend to use "Umaaa!" when you're eating something for the first time and it's so delicious that it surprises you, and for "oishii," you tend to use it when you eat something you know is delicious but experience it again--kind of like, "Ah, this food really is delicious." MAMI says that your first reaction to something that's good is "umai," and that you say something is "oishii" after you've had the chance to bite into and savor it. TOMO says that it does seem the difference might be related to speed (initial reaction: umai - later reaction: oishii). The staff talks about something in the background that is pretty inaudible, though it does seem to be related to generations since RINA says that differences could be a generational thing.

•RINA reads the next message from a listener who asks them what the fine line is between the "red thread of fate" belief vs. the "red line (? lol) of fate" belief. Basically, they say that the former is about the person you're fated to be with while the latter is about personal connections.

•MAMI reads the next message from a listener who asks them what the fine line is between what "okashi" (お菓子) and "dagashi" (駄菓子) is (both essentially mean "candy" or "sweets," though the latter usually refers to inexpensive sweets). They also mention how they heard someone on the radio list their favorite dagashi and said that Yan Yan was one of them. The listener thought that was odd since they don't consider Yan Yan to be dagashi. TOMO says that she doesn't consider it as dagashi either--rather, it's a "luxury item" (since she really likes it). The staff laughs at this and MAMI says that she agrees. HARU talks about how she considers dagashi to be something that's small and can get a large quantity of for fairly cheap, and so she also does not consider Yan Yan to be dagashi. MAMI says that nostalgia is also a factor; if you see something that you used to buy when you were younger and it makes you feel nostalgia, then that could be considered dagashi. Yan Yan doesn't give off that factor for her. They conclude that Yan Yan isn't dagashi; it's okashi.

•To close out the segment, they try to decide what the topic should be for the next Kyoukai-sen Kyoukai meeting by looking at pieces of paper that have topics written on them. They decide to pick one about what the fine line is between the different types of Kansai dialect there are. An example would be how, despite both TOMO and RINA being from the Kansai region, their dialects are slightly different since they're from different parts of the region.

*As always, you can send in a message to the program here. I've made a guide as how to input your info and message for those who need assistance (click to enlarge):

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*A list of all episode summaries can be found here

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Using different methods when you're alone vs. when you're with someone? Where is the fine line between when to use electronic money vs. cash?

Episode #139 blog

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HARUNA: We will be holding the fall 2022 meeting of "Catch up Kyoukai-sen Kyoukai" (Fine Line Association).


This isn't about the fine line between words, but do the SCANDAL members have a fine line between when to use cash and when to use electronic money?

I'm a cash person, and when I went to a botanical garden cafe the other day, I couldn't pay cash and so I couldn't order from the café. I'm glad it wasn't a date lol. If this was a date, I'd have definitely been dumped, wouldn't I?

RINA: You wouldn't get dumped.

HARUNA: This topic makes sense in today's society, the fine line between cash and electronic money.

RINA: Yeah, it seems that many people pay with electronic money these days.

HARUNA: The number has grown.

MAMI: I certainly do use electronic money when I go shopping alone or to a cafe, but I do need to carry cash when I go out to eat with others.

HARUNA: Yeah, when you split the bill.

MAMI: Yeah, you can also send money (via an app), but it is better to go with cash.

TOMOMI: Not everyone can send money.

HARUNA: Sending money (electronically) is getting more common.

RINA: It is.

TOMOMI: On days when I have a lot of coins, I really want to use them because they're heavy...

HARUNA: Maybe if it's over 1,000 yen.

RINA: What do you mean by that?

HARUNA: If it's over 1,000 yen, you should go with cash. When you buy a bottle of water at a convenience store, should you use electronic money?

MAMI: With the spread of electronic money, people tend to forget to carry cash.

HARUNA: That does happen. You may not even know your cash balance.

MAMI: You might not even know how much you have in your wallet...

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 138

Topics tagged under catchup on SCANDAL HEAVEN GttQFI7
Topics tagged under catchup on SCANDAL HEAVEN FlIMZYW

•The episode starts with this.

•MAMI reads the next message from a listener from Japan who attended the London performance. They say that was their first time seeing SCANDAL live in nine years since their STANDARD tour in 2013, which was when they were a second-year high schooler. Seeing SCANDAL now brought back memories from when they were in high school. RINA says that it's impressive that the listener has continued to follow SCANDAL all these years. HARU says that getting messages like this one makes them think once more about how touring overseas is really great. She says that it used to be a yearly tradition for them to go overseas at least once per year before the pandemic hit.

•HARU reads the next message from a listener who is a middle school teacher. The band all goes, "Hey! Teacher!" and laugh, saying that this the first time they've done that in a while. The listener tells them about a recent happening where a student of theirs said to them that the "Poallo" chocolate was delicious. After asking them about it, they realized that the student was actually talking about Apollo Chocolate. They told the student such, but the student kept saying that it was "Poallo" (SCANDAL: "How cute"). The listener wants to show them what a piece of Apollo actually looks like, so they ask the band for an Apollo pouch and say that they'll make sure to fix that student's thinking. The band laughs, says that's cute and that they'll give them a pouch. TOMO says that this might be a made-up story. They laugh and say that that might be true.

•TOMO reads the next message from a listener who is also a teacher (SCANDAL: "Hey! Teacher!"). They talk about looking up real-life places that SCANDAL has visited around Tokyo and brings along their boyfriend with them, though he hasn't realized that they've taken him to these spots because they're SCANDAL-related. They want him to realize this, though. Another thing they mention is that MAMI takes a lot of roadside photos, with some being taken in front of public toilets in the Koenji area of Tokyo. This makes the band laugh hard. MAMI says that those photos are probably the ones that her photographer friend takes of her. HARU asks if MAMI writes in her captions that the photos were taken in Koenji. She says no, and HARU says that that means the listener looks up/finds that info out on their own. They say that that's pretty impressive. MAMI seems to look up what photos the listener was referring to, and apparently she didn't even realize herself that those were public toilets. Another thing that the listener mentioned was that they plan to attend SCANDAL's joint-band concert in Sendai with SiM. TOMO says that maybe MAMI should take some photos in a weird place in Sendai, which makes the others laugh. She also says that it could be a game to see whether or not the listener can find the place. MAMI says that the boyfriend will probably wonder why they're going to a weird spot.

•RINA reads the next message from a listener who is a fourth-year college student who has been a fan since they were about 13, and says that SCANDAL has helped them out/supported them through hard times while in school and work. RINA says that it's crazy to think how much of an impact they've had on peoples' lives like this. HARU says that they've changed some great peoples' lives in a big way. TOMO says that it really makes them happy. RINA says that it really makes them glad that they've dedicated everything to the band when they hear things like this. HARU says that hearing things like this makes them realize that they do need to keep working hard as well.

•MAMI reads the next message from a listener who is from the Goto Islands in Nagasaki Prefecture. In their 20s they lived on an island but wanted to live in Tokyo, but in their 30s they say they've finally realized the appeal of living on an island. They ask the band if they've had the same kind of thoughts. HARU says that they've been getting a lot of messages lately regarding places to live. TOMO says that she'd love to live in the Goto Islands in the future, which makes the others laugh. RINA says she left the rural area she was from to move to Tokyo for the band, and she longed for Tokyo so much that she had really thought that once she visited, she'd never want to leave or live anywhere else. However, she's grown to learn about the merits of her hometown over the years, and going back to visit has made her realize that the way people lives their lives there really does fit her. HARU says that that's really surprising to hear. RINA agrees and never thought that that kind of day would come, and also says that since learning how to drive she's been having stray thoughts like how she might live in Nara or Osaka one day in the future.

•MAMI says that she is definitely not returning to her hometown. HARU also says that she won't be either. RINA goes, "The pair from Nagoya is so harsh about their hometowns!", which makes all of them laugh. MAMI says that she does love Nagoya, though. TOMO says that it does seem like everyone from Nagoya is the same way--they love Nagoya but will not go back to live there. A staffer says something to them and MAMI + HARU say that they do like Nagoya. HARU says that once you go to Tokyo, you realize how much better Tokyo is. TOMO asks what she means. HARU talks about the commercial aspect and it's because the number of trendy food places have increased in Nagoya that Tokyo is so much better. MAMI says that it's that Nagoya is always one step behind in the trends; it's like, "Why is this older trend so popular here now?" HARU laughs while wholeheartedly agreeing. TOMO says that that aspect is cute. HARU says that that lag was actually something frustrating when she was in high school. MAMI again says that she does love Nagoya, but it is a little frustrating to be there. HARU says that food from Nagoya such as miso is something that you can buy there and bring back with you, but there's really nothing else. Anything else you could just buy in Tokyo. RINA wonders what their families who have always lived in Nagoya think. MAMI and their staff burst out laughing at this. HARU says that it's not really about that, and that their families and friends do seem to enjoy living there. It's just that HARU herself doesn't want to--that's something she's felt since she was a kid and would say that when she was grown up, she'd definitely go to live in Tokyo. MAMI says that her family lives pretty far from any bus or train station, which always makes her think of how much of a pain it must be for them.

•They then close out the episode. They say that they're recruiting messages for a new segment related to Yan Yan day (November 11, since 11/11 looks like four Yan Yan sticks next to each other), which encourages listeners who have never sent in a message to the program before, to send in a message about anything they'd like. Those whose messages are read will get some Yan Yan sent to them. They say that the message could be really short like a tweet if you'd like.

•Another thing they talk about are their recently-announced upcoming live performances. HARU mentions the MERRY ROCK PARADE that will take place in Nagoya, which makes the staff laugh. HARU asks what's up, and the staff seems to say that they laughed because Nagoya was mentioned. MAMI says that she's happy when they're able to play a show in her hometown. HARU says that she doesn't want people to get the wrong idea, and that she does love Nagoya. MAMI also says that she loves it. TOMO goes, "There's something wrong with you guys! You're contradicting what you said before!", which makes everyone laugh. MAMI again says that they love Nagoya, and that they're happy to be able to perform at the festival there.

*As always, you can send in a message to the program here. I've made a guide as how to input your info and message for those who need assistance (click to enlarge):

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Presenting the impressions of overseas listeners who attended the European tour! What's the overseas M&G situation that's totally different from how it is in Japan?

Episode #138 blog

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HARUNA: This week we'll be reading a bunch of messages.

~This week's episode will be focused on overseas listeners who attended the world tour!

Joe from Seattle

I am writing to tell you how much I enjoyed your concert in London. I had a dislocated toe that made it difficult to walk, I had severe jet lag, and I wasn't doing my best. I'm sorry if I couldn't participate as a decent scandal fan. Believe me, I was dazzled, amazed, and overjoyed. Everyone was so interested that they didn't know where to look, and their heads were spinning. My favorite song is "Prism." The melody is the best. I'm sure you're one of the best bands I've ever seen. I like MAMI's guitar in the chorus of "Tonight." Her true talent is like the secret she keeps from her enemies, waiting for the decisive moment in her fight to reveal it. Thanks for a great show.

All: Thanks!

TOMOMI: I mean, is he doing okay?

RINA: To go in that condition...

MAMI: Take care.

RINA: I wonder if it's gotten better already... He was having fun in the front row.

HARUNA: Thanks for your continued support.

Gary from England

I'm Gary and I live in a seaside village near Brighton, England. I discovered your music during the pandemic and became an instant fan. I recently saw you live in London. It was also the first concert I attended. I was lucky enough to get a VIP ticket and have a picture taken with you. You lit up London with your performance and smiles. Finally, I got the pick that TOMO threw to the audience. I was very happy. It is a treasure that I want to cherish forever. As someone who likes to hide in crowds, when I looked back at the official photos from London, the green "Saishuuheiki, Kimi" shirt that I was wearing stood out because it seemed to glow in the dark (laughs). An unforgettable night full of memories. For these two and a half years, SCANDAL has been a very meaningful existence to me. Thank you for giving me the strength to overcome my fears and helping me smile even in the worst of times. I am happy to meet such four people. Thank you for your hard work.

All: Thanks!

RINA: I wonder how he found out about us...

TOMOMI: Maybe something like YouTube.

HARUNA: The last two and a half years have been tough, haven't they... I'm glad we were able to help even just a little.

RINA: We're also supported.

Torin from Paris

To my favorite band, I went to your show in Paris and it was a lot of fun.

I've been a fan since I was in middle school, so I'll never forget that moment during the meet & greet. You are even more beautiful and cute.

All: Thanks!

HARUNA: They took part in the M&G and took a picture with us, is what they're referring to.

RINA: Happy to hear. Thanks so much.

(Staff: When are the M&Gs held?)

MAMI: We hold the M&G with VIP ticketholders before the concerts. So when doors open, they are able to go to the front.

(Staff: How many people buy VIP tickets?)

TOMOMI: Maybe between 100-300.

RINA: It depends on the size of the venue.

HARUNA: We asked them to form groups of five and take a picture together. We're not able to talk to each other for a long time, but we're able to say greet each other.

TOMOMI: You can chat a bit.

RINA: In Japan there isn't anything before a performance. This is how it's done overseas.

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 137

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•The episode starts with this.

•They continue trying to give the same answer. RINA says that they should go with the answer that's the most "homey." The others are confused and go, "What??" HARU asks if that means that they should go with something that they all like. RINA says yes. MAMI is still confused and doesn't know what that could be. RINA and HARU say that they should go with something that gives you warm feelings. TOMO asks if it has something to do with giving back. RINA says no, and that it's something that fits in with everyday life. MAMI is still confused, and HARU then says she's now confused. RINA then says it should be something family-oriented. TOMO goes, "What are you talking about?" HARU laughs and says that RINA's leading them on. MAMI still says that she doesn't know. HARU says that she thinks she has an idea, and that RINA probably likes it. RINA says that she does when it's cold. MAMI then goes, "Maybe this is it? I don't know, though..." RINA says that she doesn't think that she's the one that likes it the best. TOMO then goes, "Ah, I think I might like it the best!" and that she knows. HARU goes, "What??" TOMO says that the others probably didn't realize that she likes this the best. Then HARU says that all of them probably do like it. There's a pause before MAMI goes, "What?? I don't get it!" HARU asks if it's in line with New Year's. The others say it's not. RINA says that it's really something that goes with everyday life, and that you do this several times when it's winter. MAMI is still confused. TOMO says that it's something that you don't do in summer. RINA says no, but you could do it then as well. It's good to eat in the summer but even better in the winter. TOMO says that you want to be particular about the vessel in which you eat it from. RINA says both she and TOMO like it equally. HARU says that she doesn't get it. MAMI says that she thinks she knows what it is, and just to go ahead and see what everyone wrote.

•They reveal their answers and laugh hard--they didn't give the same answer. RINA says that they were all so close. HARU says that everyone else but her wrote Japanese cream stew; she had written mochi. TOMO and RINA say that RINA does in fact like mochi. HARU goes, "Right??" and mentions that TOMO also likes mochi. TOMO says that she does like it, but she doesn't LOVE it. HARU says that she thought it could be mochi because RINA loves it and she also started talking about it. RINA apologizes for everything, which makes them laugh. MAMI says that when she thinks of cream stew, she thinks of RINA. RINA says that though they didn't all match, it was 100% amusing. They basically say that they should just move on to the next question because they probably can't all match up on this. A staffer tells them they should all match for this question. RINA says that it wouldn't be interesting/funny anymore, and that she thinks it's really funny to her that HARU answered mochi. HARU sounds incredulous when she asks why, and RINA says while laughing that it was just cute and not something that she'd think of. She also says that though mochi is colored white, she didn't think HARU would go in such a Japanese-oriented direction. HARU says that she was panicking, which makes them laugh.

•They again try to give the same answer. TOMO goes, "A return gift for Valentine's Day, okay?" (in reference to White Day). The others burst out laughing. MAMI says that she gets it. HARU says that she guesses that's the only option they have. RINA jokes + wonders if mochi would count. They then reveal their answers. There's a pause before they cheer and HARU sighs in relief. They go, "Smental!" They all wrote down White Day. HARU says that she's worn out. The others laugh really hard at this.

•Before HARU reads the next question, she goes, "There it is..." The next question is: "What katakana character do you want to hold in your hand?" MAMI goes, "Another question about holding [a character]?" HARU goes, "Eh???" MAMI laughs and says that it's basically the same question as before. A staffer says that it's different. HARU asks what the hiragana character they all answered with was; TOMO says that it was あ (a). MAMI says that the katakana character she'd choose would be for the same reason as the hiragana one. They wonder if they should try matching their answers from the get-go. MAMI says that they'll not likely match during the first round, so first they should just write what character they'd actually want to hold and state the reason why. RINA and HARU both aren't sure which to go with. They then all reveal their answers. Of course they don't all match, but HARU and RINA both answered the same: コ (ko). TOMO answered ヘ (he). MAMI answered ク (ku). MAMI asks why they chose コ. RINA says that her and HARU's answers are probably the same, but RINA picked it because it looks like a bag. HARU agrees right away. RINA says that the shape of it looks like it could be a bag. There's a pause before MAMI goes, "...what?" HARU says that it looks like you could put something inside of it. They must have turned the drawing on the side because MAMI goes, "Oh, like that?" TOMO says that you'd have to hold it with both hands, though. TOMO says that she chose ヘ for the same reason she chose く (ku) last time: it looks like it'd come back if you threw it. MAMI says she chose ク also for the same reason she chose て (te) last time: you can cut down plants with it. RINA says that they didn't reflect on their answers at all. MAMI says that she was just thinking of how they're basically the same kind of characters. RINA laughs and says that they're not trying to match up at all.

•Taking their answers into account, they wonder what they should do about answering the same. RINA says that all of them chose their answers based on things they could actually use, so maybe they should focus on how could they use them. TOMO decides to talk about the "using a character as a bag" aspect that コ has, and says it could have separate compartments for stuff like your phone and another for cosmetics/etc. The others are confused at first with how TOMO was trying to explain it but RINA and MAMI then start to understand what she's getting at. HARU goes, "Wait a second!" and doesn't seem to understand it. There's another pause before she goes, "Ah," and seems to start getting it. TOMO goes, "You can carry mochi in it!", which makes everyone laugh. They write down their answers and reveal them. They still fail to all answer the same. RINA goes, "What happened??" TOMO says that everyone except for HARU answered ヨ (yo; it looks just like コ except for the extra line in the middle, which TOMO was hinting at by mentioning compartments). HARU answered エ (e). RINA says that HARU must have been thinking about the Chanel logo since エ looks like two コs back to back.

•They wonder how they could actually try to match up this time. TOMO says that the most easy-to-hold character is probably one consists of only one stroke, and one that could be used as a sword. MAMI goes, "A sword??" TOMO says that it could also be a wooden sword. MAMI says that there are two choices that look like that. TOMO goes, "Two choices??" and that what she's thinking of looks like a bent stick. They all seem a little confused but write down their answers. HARU says that she thinks they got it this time, though the rest don't seem that confident. They reveal their answers, but again, it's a Non-Smental. RINA answered ヘ while the rest answered ノ. RINA says that she thought they'd go with a character that someone had answered before. She also says that ノ does in fact look like stick/sword. MAMI says that ナ could work as well.

•They go, "This is bad!" TOMO says that this'll never end. MAMI says that they should do what they did before. They laugh and agree to go with the classic/standard character. HARU says that they could have done this from the start. They reveal their answers and finally get a Smental. They all answered ア (a), like they did for the hiragana question before. HARU again says that they should have done this from the start while the staff laughs in the background. HARU asks if they're done with this segment. There had been four questions prepared, but she says that they've done enough. They say that doing this is difficult. HARU says that Smental takes a lot of stamina to do, which they all agree with and laugh at. HARU says that it makes them laugh and think a lot.

*As always, you can send in a message to the program here. I've made a guide as how to input your info and message for those who need assistance (click to enlarge):

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SCANDAL struggles to all answer the same in an association game!?

Episode #137 blog

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HARUNA: Today, we'll be doing part 2 of "Smental"...

TOMOMI: ...Smental?

RINA: Was the title actually "Smental"??


RINA: I remember doing something that was really exciting.

HARUNA: We're doing part 2 relatively fast. To explain what it is again...

It's a project that tests our unity--our shared mentality--through an association game for the four of us who have deepened our bonds during our European tour.

We'll read each other's feelings and thoughts so that we can give the same answer to a question.

"Smental" is a combination of "SCANDAL/Sukyandaru" (スキャンダル) and "mental/mentaru" (メンタル).

RINA: S-Mental - I'll remember that.

MAMI: When I saw today's script, I thought, "What is Smental?"

HARUNA: Yeah... I actually thought that.

TOMOMI: Me tooー

RINA: I was like, "I think I've heard of that before... What was it, again?"

Staff: Please don't forget what Smental is!!

HARUNA: Yes, we'll all remember what it is. The goal is to get everyone to have the same answer. We are not writing down our own preferred answer. If we don't get it in the first round, the second round will be based on the answers from the first round. We'll keep going until everyone gets there!

RINA: Huh, it says this on the script... Everyone will show their answers, and if they're all the same, we go, "Smental!!" If they don't match, we go, "Non-Smental!! Try again!!"

Staff: It was written on the previous one as well...

RINA: It was? This is my first time learning about it.

MAMI: Eh? We're not saying "Non-Smental!", are we?

Staff: We'd like you to, if possible... This is audio only, after all.

RINA: So it's better to say it. Okay, let's do that.

HARUNA: All right, let's get right to "Smental."
Question 1! What kind of white-colored thing do you think of when you think of winter...??

TOMOMI: Eh, what kind of white-colored thing...?

MAMI: We just need to match answers, right??

RINA: It's asking us what we associate with "white," right? ?

TOMOMI: White as in "白" (shiro; 'white' in Japanese)??

RINA: As in, what do the four of us associate with white.

MAMI: Yeah, got it.

HARUNA: Ehー!! Is there even something that the four of us commonly associate with white!?

RINA: There are a lot of white-colored things.

MAMI: A typical white-colored thing, right?

TOMOMI: Yeah, something typical.

RINA: What's the most classic thing?

HARUNA: Eh!? Classic??

RINA: Yeah, like the most classic, large-scale one.

TOMOMI: Yeah, let's go with that.

RINA: A large-scale one.

TOMOMI: Something that'll happen in about two months.

MAMI: Ahー, okay, that's fine.

HARUNA: Eh!? A global-scale thing??

※Everyone writes down their answers on a piece of paper

RINA: Let's all match.

HARUNA: Ah, okay. I think we can do it, right?

RINA: Can we?

HARUNA: So, let's reveal our answers all at once! One, two, three!!

※Everyone reveals their answers all at once

All: Ehーーーー!!!!

RINA: Ehー, no way!

HARUNA: Non-Smental!

TOMOMI: But, but, it's basically all the same... MAMI and HARUNA wrote "snow," RINA wrote "Christmas," and I wrote "White Christmas"... They're all about a snowy Christmas, so it's Smental! Right??

RINA: You're right! Smental!

Staff: It's a non-Smental...

TOMOMI: It can't be a Smental?

HARUNA: Ehー. "Snow" is the biggest large-scale one!

MAMI: Yeah, we mentioned doing the biggest large-scale one.

RINA: "Large-scale" is not the same as snow!

TOMOMI: It's different...

MAMI: Christmas is an event.

TOMOMI: Yeah, it's a large-scale event.

MAMI: Snow is...on a global scale!

HARUNA: Yeah, it's worldwide! It's the top one!

TOMOMI: Snow is not an event; it's a phenomenon!

MAMI: Then you should have said to go for an eventー!

TOMOMI: At any rate, we were close!

RINA: Yeah, it was close!

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 136

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Topics tagged under catchup on SCANDAL HEAVEN EKhWFOd

•The episode starts with this.

•HARU says that they'll be discussing each of the three cities one at a time. First up is Berlin, Germany. HARU says that that was their first time playing in Berlin, and asks the others what they thought. RINA says that the audience was really close to them since there was no barricade--close enough that the audience could see the setlists taped on the ground. TOMO says that people were probably pretending not to notice. RINA says that they really felt like everyone had been waiting a long time for this concert. HARU says that they got to sightsee a bit, and that they really liked the city. She mentions again that it was their first time in Berlin, though they've been to Cologne and Hamburg before (lol they totally forgot about Essen, the first city in Germany they played at on their first world tour). TOMO says that they thought of Germany as being a cool country based on the past cities there they went to, and that Berlin was very bright and cheerful. The others agree with this. RINA says the vibe was different. MAMI says that it has an impression of being a city comprised of people from all kinds of countries--this is why she feels that everyone was very accepting and welcoming. TOMO says that they basically only ate sausages and potatoes there. HARU says that everything was really delicious, and that they walked around while snacking. RINA says that they rode the train as well. HARU says that they'd love to go back again.

•A staffer seems to ask them what the audience was like. RINA says that the usual fans were there as well as first-timers. Everyone was really upbeat and pumped up, which made for a good atmosphere. She says that she's glad this was day 1 of the European tour. HARU says that everyone was so enthusiastic that it didn't seem like day 1. RINA says that they changed the M&G rules a bit due to what happened during their North American tour (as in them testing positive for COVID) and implemented rules such as masks being required and being a little further away. She says that all of the thoughtfulness was good.

•The second city they performed in was London, UK. HARU says that they played at the venue they've played at several times before (RINA: "It's now a total of 3 times"), which is why it felt like, "Ah, we're back!" to them. She asks how the concert was. RINA mentions that all 3 performances were sold out; HARU goes, "Wasn't London the first one to sell out?" The others say that it was. TOMO says that a lot of people there were first timers. HARU says that the previous time they were there six years ago, there were people who were teens at the time; this time, those teens were grown up and attending as adults. That also made the band happy. TOMO says that the number of females in attendance had grown a lot. HARU mentions they got to see the venue elevator that artists take to go to the stage, which has shutter-like doors and is pretty loud (you can see it in the HELLO WORLD documentary; it refuses to work as they were going back to change for the encore), for the first time in forever, too. RINA and TOMO say in unison, "Ah, we're back!" as they laugh. TOMO says that they couldn't find their setlist from last time on the wall where performers would stick their setlists on. She mentions that for the longest time ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION's setlist has been the highest one up on the wall. SCANDAL wanted to put theirs right next to it but forgot to do so. RINA wonders if the setlists are actually put up by the staff since they were the ones to tell the band to stick their setlist on the wall. MAMI wonders why AKFG's setlist is the highest one; TOMO says that it's probably too much of a hassle to try and put one all the way up there. They say that they'll stick one up there next time. They also mentioning coincidentally running into fans at the hotel they stayed at.

•The third and last city they performed in was Paris, France. HARU says that it had also been six years since they were last there. TOMO says that a 5-year-old girl had come to the show along with her dad, and that apparently she had become a fan three years ago and had always wanted to see them live--that means she's been a fan for over half her life so far. They say that she was really cute and that they sat in the front row of the balcony. A staffer asks how the Paris venue was set up. They say it was at a fairly big venue, had a balcony, is used as a venue for Fashion Week, and had an LCD screen in the back of the stage. MAMI says that it felt similar to the live music clubs in Japan. RINA says that that concert was really awesome. MAMI says that they really gave it everything they had. HARU says that they were pretty overcome with emotion. RINA says that on stage they don't usually cry as much as they did then. TOMO says that HARU cried even during the finale in Japan. HARU says that during the Paris encore as she was speaking her thoughts, TOMO was crying next to her--seeing that also made HARU cry. HARU says that the tour really was a good one, and it made them realize again how much they love to perform on stage. Although what she said was in Japanese and was probably difficult for those in France to understand what she was saying, she thought that she ought to say what she was thinking. She says she hopes that her sentiments at least were conveyed.

Here is my summary of the entire encore MC they did in Paris:

-They're really sad that the MIRROR tour has come to an end. MIRROR's a really important album to them, and so they're really happy they a lot of people in Japan, North America, and Europe got to listen to it. Though they're really sad, seeing everyone having fun made them think of how much they enjoy performing on stage.

-The band members talked a lot with each other while touring around to all these places. A lot of things happened within this past year--tough things included, of course--but days like this day make them realize that standing on stage is where they're meant to be. Moments like these make them very happy, and them being able to be this happy is all thanks to the fans. SCANDAL is supported by all of their fans, which is something that makes them feel very blessed and happy. Feeling this happy not only in Japan but in France as well makes them feel like SCANDAL is the best all-girl band in the world.

-At the end of the MC, HARU says that they had thought it'd be good to let everyone know today how happy they are to be the band SCANDAL, and that they love their fans.

•Getting back to the program: MAMI talks about how the concert environment is different from Japan vs. overseas, with overseas being more liberal right now (i.e. vocalizing at concerts is still mostly not allowed in Japan). She's really happy that they were able to play overseas due to things like getting to hear the audiences cheers/voices and being close to the audience. Since those things are still difficult to do in Japan, for them they really felt how these three years have passed of not being able to do/experience those things. It was a pretty big thing for them. It made her really want to hear the voices of audiences in Japan as soon as possible. HARU talks about how having the crowd sing the bridge of songs like "Shunkan Sentimental" or "SCANDAL BABY," like they usually do in Japan, is kind of difficult to do overseas (as in it's difficult to do because it's sung in Japanese). Due to this, they were totally fine if they weren't able to do it overseas, but a lot of people surprisingly did sing along. They also understood and listened to what she was saying in Japanese during the MCs. The band really felt how compassionate everyone was, and they were glad to have been able to go overseas after such a long time.

•RINA says that just by the act of going overseas requires a lot of energy + stamina and can tough physically, especially when bringing over stuff like instruments all the way from Japan and traveling with a lot of people. They thought that it wasn't enough to just put on good concerts like usual--that's something they felt strongly before the tour started. Just doing it with the strength that they had wasn't enough, and they really wanted to surpass that. That's why the four of them wanted to cherish what they could leave behind with more strength than they had. They don't know for how long the pandemic and such will last, and they feel that they need to give more than everything they've got when they're able to. They don't know for how long people will stay fans. So for this tour they felt like they needed to do more than what they usually do. Feeling that they were able to do that and feeling a sense of accomplishment made them realize again that they want to show something a little more awesome to everyone, and that they want to express who SCANDAL is even more.

•TOMO says that they truly felt happy, and that they basically had to make the fans overseas wait due to the pandemic and all, though they of course didn't want to make them wait. Seeing the fans shouting out in excitement and even crying really made the band feel truly happy. She says they'd love to do it again. RINA says that they pulled it off. HARU says that it made her think how great of a band they are. TOMO goes, "That MC was so great!" They laugh and HARU thanks her. MAMI says that when they were all crying, it was HARU that was most flustered. RINA goes, "All four of us crying on stage shouldn't happen! We're in our 17th year, after all!" HARU says while laughing that she was so emotionally moved as well as sorry for making their fans wait for so long. RINA says that it wasn't like the atmosphere was bad, nor were they openly wailing or anything, and MAMI adds that it wasn't anything negative. RINA says that it was more that they pulled the tour off and went all out, and that the audience was cheering them on. They were so happy that they were able to be in that venue overflowing with euphoria. TOMO mentions that people were able to take photos + video at the shows. Videos of HARU's MC in Paris were uploaded to social media and the like, and when TOMO got back to Japan, friends contacted her and told her that they watched those videos and cried. HARU says that it seemed like a lot of people there likely didn't understand Japanese and therefore misunderstood why TOMO was crying at first (they thought she was sad rather than happy) and told her to stop crying. They laugh at that and RINA says that the Paris show was interesting one. They conclude by saying that it was a great tour and thank everyone.

•They close out the episode by talking about how they'll be appearing on SiM's joint-band tour this month, and that while the concert in Nagoya will not be allowing vocalizing, the one in Sendai will allow it. They also mention that they'll be playing a free outdoor concert at Osaka Castle Park in between the dates. HARU says that they'll probably be remembering Shiroten Street (the street inside of the park that leads up to Osaka-Jo Hall, and where they had performed when they were first starting out as a band). RINA goes, "HARU will cry!" They all laugh and HARU goes, "That's enough of that! I don't want to cry!" TOMO goes, "We'll be like, 'This is where we got our start!'" RINA says that that would all be embarrassing. TOMO says that it really was where they got their start, and that they're grateful to be returning.

*As always, you can send in a message to the program here. I've made a guide as how to input your info and message for those who need assistance (click to enlarge):

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Their European tour where they were touched by the kindness of overseas fans has successfully been completed! Looking back on 『WORLD TOUR 2022 “MIRROR”』 right after returning home!

Episode #136 blog

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HARUNA: We as SCANDAL have returned back home after successfully completing our European tour. So, this episode will be a special where we'll talk about all three cities we went to on the tour!

TOMOMI: We're back home.

HARUNA: It really does feel like it.

RINA: Did you guys get over jet lag right away?

TOMOMI: No, I'm still jet lagged...

RINA: I can totally relate. There's a general 7-hour time difference between Japan and Europe. It's the toughest when the difference is 7 hours or so.

HARUNA: I think so.

RINA: Since it was basically the total opposite time in the US, it actually made it easier.

HARUNA: By the time I went to bed I was getting really hungry...

RINA: Totally relate.

HARUNA: I can't sleep at all.

TOMOMI: Thinking that not being able to sleep would be bad for my body, at around 3:30 in the middle of the night I ate melon bread and donuts...

RINA: The first night I got back home I ate yakisoba.

TOMOMI: Otherwise you won't be able to sleep.

HARUNA: Surprisingly, I stay up until morning.

TOMOMI: After all, jet lag comes from the internal organs, right?

RINA: Yeah, it's the food cycle.

MAMI: Even if you ate plenty while in Japan time, you'd still be hungry in the middle of the night...


MAMI: Why is that?

HARUNA: The speed of digestion is really something.

MAMI: I guess my body is adjusting to European time.

HARUNA: That's right.

RINA: We were fine in the US, though...

HARUNA: Let's do our best little by little and live our lives in JST.
So, we've safely returned back from Europe, and our MIRROR tour that we've been doing since spring in Japan and overseas has ended. We played in Japan, Canada, the US, Europe...

RINA: It's like, "Good work!"

TOMOMI: Thanks so much!

MAMI: Thanks so much!

HARUNA: We're really happy that people from all over the world came to see us live! But it feels a little lonely--or rather, it feels like we haven't made it all the way through yet...

RINA: That's amazing!

TOMOMI: Eh, we still haven't done it at all yet.

HARUNA: It's not about stamina, but about wanting to put on more shows.

TOMOMI: We didn't want it to end.

RINA: Yeah, it was a great tour. It was tough, but we want to keep cherishing the songs from MIRROR from here on out as well when we perform them.

HARUNA: It made us think again of how we were able to create a good body of work.

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 135

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•The episode starts with this. HARU says that it was pretty impressive that their choices were split evenly in two at first.

•The next question is: What hiragana character do you want to physically hold in your hand? Before HARU finishes reading the question, TOMO goes, "Ahh, that's a good one!" The staff and MAMI laugh at this. RINA also says that is a lovely question. MAMI says that she's really unsure of which to go with, which the others agree with. A staffer reminds them that if their answers are not in unison, they'll have to do a second round. HARU says that's okay, and that they'll try to adjust their answers in the second round. They then reveal their answers all at once. There's a pause before they all start laughing hard and RINA goes, "They're all different!" and then says that she can see the reasons why they all chose the ones they did, and that the reasons are probably all similar. MAMI says she chose て (te) because she'd like to grab it by the curve and swing it around. The staff laughs hard at what she says about "wanting to swing it around." HARU says she chose ひ (hi) because she could hold it by the 'handles' at either side and walk around with it since it looks like bag. RINA says that the tricky-looking characters do kind of look like a bag that a high-fashion brand might come out with. TOMO says she chose  く (ku) because it looks like it'd return to her if she threw it. The others laugh and say that that's like a boomerang. She says it could probably be used as a weapon as well. RINA says that she chose も (mo) because she'd like to grasp it in her hand, and thinks that it'd feel soft. She also says that this is the character that best resembles toys that are squishy and feel nice to squeeze. She observes that the way they perceived this question all differed.

•A staffer seems to remind them that they'll need to do a second round. TOMO goes, "So, for example..." and makes everyone laugh since they're not supposed to outright discuss being in unison for the second round. She then says that if you think about it as trying to choose a character you'd bring with you to a deserted island, you'd want to bring one with you that can help you do stuff such as get food from a tall tree (referring to the く character she chose). RINA goes, "TOMO's very practical." MAMI says that in that case, the character て that she chose can help you cut down plants and such with its curve (like a scythe), and it could also be used as a telescope if you climb the island's highest point. TOMO says she gets it, but then goes, "Putting it that way..." and starts to defend く again, saying that it could be used as a scythe as well. She then says, "What can you do with ひ?? Appeal your case for it!" RINA goes, "It's for fashion, isn't it?" HARU says that you could dig with it. TOMO goes, "You can't dig with that!" HARU says that you can (she's likely trying to say that the bottom part of it looks like a shovel blade). MAMI says that it's too thin to dig with. TOMO then goes, "The only thing you can do with it is jump rope!" MAMI says that you could put it around your neck. RINA again says that it's more a luxury item.

•RINA thinks that they need to think in more everyday terms in order to all answer the same way. TOMO says that a character you "want to hold in your hand" can go in a lot of different ways (probably since the verb used, 持つ; motsu, does have a lot of definitions). MAMI says in this case it just means a character that you want to physically hold in your hand. RINA says that maybe they should think of it in terms of helpfulness. They say that it's pretty difficult to think of how to all match their answers. RINA says that TOMO's and MAMI's choices are ones that would be more helpful in survival situations rather than everyday ones. TOMO goes, "You can use mine in everyday life!" She also brings up that the character へ might be a good contender. The others agree and say that it seems like it'd be easy to hold. TOMO says that she doesn't know if it would return [after throwing it], though, which makes the staff laugh. RINA says that it would be good to use on a tall tree. They then talk about how a character that consists of one 'piece' would be easier to hold, as opposed to one that has several 'pieces' such as た (ta).

•They decide to go for it and say to just write whatever comes to mind. They reveal their answers and burst out laughing, having failed to again all write the same answer + all wrote different answers again. RINA says that they're getting closer than before, though. MAMI wrote ん (n), RINA wrote の (no), HARU wrote つ (tsu), TOMO wrote し (shi). RINA says that they're basically all kind of matching. HARU and TOMO agree that つ and し are basically the same character written at different angles. HARU says that they thought in the same way. RINA says that she and MAMI probably thought the same as well, which makes MAMI and the staff laugh. MAMI says that she thought they'd be able to all match this round. TOMO says that she'd want to try sitting on ん. The others agree that it does look like you could recline on it. RINA says that ん is a really stylish character and jokes that it's something that Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto (one that SCANDAL has collab'd with many times before) would come out with. They say that they'll try one more round.

•TOMO mentions how for her iPhone keyboard there are symbols that represent what kind of keyboard you could switch to (specifically: hiragana, katakana, English keyboards - and to switch to the hiragana keyboard, it's usually designated with the character あ [a]). HARU says that that doesn't really relate to what the question is about. RINA asks TOMO if that is a character that she'd want to hold in her hand. She says yes. They want to try and get their answers to match up with this 'character that represents hiragana.' They each write their answers down and reveal them. There's a slight pause before they all go, "Ahh!" and reveal that they all wrote the same answer: あ (a). RINA says that they kind of cheated a bit. HARU says that they did not exactly follow the prompt, though. TOMO asks if they would want to hold this character in their hand, which they do say they want to.

•The next question: What is a delicious-looking color? TOMO says that she thinks there's probably only one answer for this. HARU goes, "What??" RINA then wonders if it would be a color of a specific food. They decide that it's not, and is referring to just the color. TOMO says that they definitely won't match up. RINA says that they should just try it once and see. They try discussing it a bit before HARU says they should just write down the first thing that comes to mind. RINA says that she thinks they'll match up in the second round. They reveal their answers and again fail at all writing the same answer. MAMI chose red, HARU chose yellow, RINA chose orange, and TOMO chose white. TOMO goes, "Let's all match up!" which makes MAMI and the staff laugh. MAMI says that this is the only color that comes to mind for her, though. RINA says that she understands why everyone chose the colors that they did.

•They do the second round and do all write the same answer: brown. RINA says that karaage (fried chicken) is that color, after all. TOMO says that curry is as well. HARU agrees that brown foods are delicious. A staffer asks them why they chose the colors they did in the first round. MAMI says that when she pictures red foods, she imagines them being red fruits/vegetables like strawberries and tomatoes--it gives her a 'fresh' image. RINA says that her reasoning was also the same, and that she pictures orange as being fresh too as well as juicy. TOMO says that white also gives her a 'fresh' feel as well. HARU says that she chose yellow because of foods like purin (pudding) and sponge cake--she pictured sweets. RINA wonders if they had decided to avoid writing the color brown down in the beginning. HARU says that she thinks everyone must have all thought of the color brown at first. TOMO disagrees and says how this is a game where they're all supposed to eventually match up, which makes them laugh. They say this game was fun and that they'd like to do it again.

*As always, you can send in a message to the program here. I've made a guide as how to input your info and message for those who need assistance (click to enlarge):

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The bond between the four of them in their 17th year together will be tested! "Smental" will unite their hearts as one!

Episode #135 blog

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HARUNA: Now then, for this episode...we're doing a special project! It's called "Smental" (it's spelled as スメンタル in Japanese, which is close to the Japanese spelling of "SCANDAL" スキャンダル).

TOMOMI: "S"...what?

MAMI: ..."Smental"?

HARUNA: After celebrating our 16th anniversary, this project is one that will once agian unite the four of us during our 17th year together via an association game! We'll read each other's feelings and thoughts so that we'll all give the same answer to a question - That is "Smental."

MAMI: "SCANDAL/Sukyandaru" (スキャンダル), "Smental/Sumentaru" (スメンタル)...that's what it is.

RINA: "Smental"; ah, so that's what it is.

HARUNA: It is. This being an association game, the goal is to get all of us to answer the same thing. If we don't match up in the first round, we'll reflect and do a second round.

TOMOMI: A second round?

MAMI: Meaning that we'll keep doing it until we all give the same answer to a question.

HARUNA: We will.

RINA: I feel like we can do it.

HARUNA: It's ideal if we all match up in the first round!

MAMI: Yeah, let's try it!

HARUNA: ...but it seems that the topics are difficult ones.


MAMI: What do you mean?

HARUNA: At any rate, let's get to it! First question!
When going on a picnic, what is the rice ball filling that all of us can enjoy?

HARUNA: One that all of us can enjoy!? That means the four of us, right??

TOMOMI: You mean the one that we all like, right??

RINA: Wait, hold on a sec...

TOMOMI: I think it's this one...

HARUNA: Hm, I don't know. I don't know, but maybe it's this one...

MAMI: I'll go with this one. Eh, wait...

RINA: We're talking about classic fillings, right?

MAMI: For us, you mean?

HARUNA: The four of us, you mean?

(*Staff: "Write your answer down on the other side and then reveal them all at once!")

All: Ehー!! No wayー!! We were so closeー!!

HARUNA: It's split between "salmon" and "tuna mayo"!

RINA: RINA and HARU went with salmon.

HARUNA: TOMO and MAMI went with tuna mayo.

TOMOMI: We all went with seafood... Wouldn't that be correct?

(*Staff: "It is not.")

MAMI: Salmon was of course another option... So, are we going to do another round?

TOMOMI: We're doing it again??

(*Staff: "Next, let's all provide the same answer. After seeing everyone's answers, read each other and try to be in unison next time. That is 'Smental.'")

RINA: Meaning that we should write something other than salmon or tuna mayo?

MAMI: No, it's okay to write those.

HARUNA: The second round is the hardest!

(*Staff: "You cannot discuss it among yourselves. Please try to read each other.")

RINA: We all like both of those, but if we were to take them on a picnic, I thought my answer would be this one...

HARUNA: I was drawn to the 'picnic' aspect of it, too.

MAMI: Considering the situation, that's true... There could be days when you'd go on a picnic under the blazing sun, so it might be dangerous to carry that around all that time... So the filling needs to be one that'll be okay and won't go bad.

HARUNA: It's not that we'd be buying them at a convenience store, but would make it ourselves and take them with us.

TOMOMI: Like when you use those jar ones sold at markets because you don't want to spend time making it.

HARUNA: Ones you can do in the mornings.

(*Staff: "Show your answers all at once!")

HARUNA: One, two...

All: "Salmon"ー!!

RINA: I'm relievedー

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 134

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•The episode starts with this. Since this was a "Heart Poppo" message, they spin the roulette wheel to see how many pieces of Poifull the listener will be given. It lands on 20 pieces. TOMO wonders if that's the biggest number they've landed on so far.

•TOMO reads the next message from a listener who says that their "Heart Poppo" story is that they've been pooped on four times by birds, with one of the times being that it landed on top of their head. The times have been when they were walking around, waiting for the train, taking photos in Malaysia. TOMO begins to read the last time by starting with, "Also, there was one time when I was walking, and my mouth (くち; kuchi)..." TOMO then pauses and starts to laugh while the other members go, "What??" TOMO corrects herself and says it was actually "shoes" (くつ; kutsu). The staff laughs and HARU laughs and says, "Stop that!" The listener does say that the poop landed on their shoes, and that people tell them that it's a sign of good luck.

•The band says that it's crazy this has happened to the listener four times. They then say that that has happened to all of them once before. TOMO says that their own luck must be good as well. RINA asks them when it happened for them. MAMI says it was when she was heading to high school on a bike. HARU says that hers also happened when going to (middle) school, most likely when she was heading to a hang out at a friend's place. TOMO says that it also happened for her in middle school; after school, everyone would meet up at a spot and sit there. While sitting there, a bird pooped on her leg and she laughed really hard at it. The others laugh (HARU: "All you can do is laugh in that situation"). RINA says it's better to laugh in that situation. TOMO says that the poop was really warm. HARU asks if it was on her bare leg, which TOMO does confirm. RINA says that it happened for her in elementary school during a sports day. She was bored due to waiting for it to start. It looked like it was about to rain and held her hand out to the sky. In that moment, she caught the poop in her hand. She says that she wasn't the type to call attention to herself, so she wiped it on the bottom of her shoe. The others laugh and TOMO goes, "Why would you wipe it on your shoe??" RINA says that the bottom of your shoe is top thing you can 'sacrifice.' She then says that she went and joined the events right after that, which makes the others laugh. RINA says it was really embarrassing. HARU says that her luck was really good to have caught the poop in her hand. TOMO says that all four of them must have good luck thanks to these birds. RINA says thanks and that she's grateful.

•MAMI mentions how it's possible to get pooped on by a bird as you're driving at a high speed, and that when she had gone to Okinawa it was pretty crazy. When she wondered why that was happening and looked it up, it said that birds tend to think that shiny things are things like the ocean and think they're about to dive into it. She thinks that it probably was the same for their bicycle experiences. TOMO goes, "Ah, since they sparkle. My legs must have been shining, too." They laugh, and MAMI says it must have been the same for RINA's hand. RINA goes, "I guess that's what they thought of me," which makes HARU laugh really hard. They then spin the roulette for Poifull. HARU says that TOMO will be spinning it, despite her almost always landing on 1 piece. MAMI reminds TOMO that this message was about pigeons. There's a pause before TOMO goes, "What?", and RINA and MAMI whisper, "Do the bird call!" TOMO does it and the others laugh while she says, "Wait, that was the wrong one!" She then says that she landed on 15 pieces of Poifull.

•RINA reads the next message from a listener who says that their "Heart Poppo" story is more about a time when their heart skipped a beat. Their previous message was read during episode 117 (the last one about the crush on a same-sex friend). The other day, they hung out with that friend in Tokyo and did stuff like go shopping and sightsee. In the evening they met up with the friend's boyfriend for karaoke, which made the listener feel conflicted. They drifted into talking about the listener and were constantly asked if they've found someone good. They dodged the question by saying they haven't. It was then that the friend was like, "Oh yeah, don't you like me?", which surprised the listener. The listener never really planned to tell the friend, but since they felt like their friendship wasn't going to end by telling her that, the listener does admit that they like her. She had been aware of the feelings that the listener had only come to realize recently, which surprised the listener. The listener is also grateful that they'll continue to be friends. The listener also thanks SCANDAL for the kind words they said to them in the past. HARU says it was good to hear what the friend thought. RINA says that just by realizing what the listener was feeling, it sounds like it made the listener happy. They say that they probably each think of each other as being special friends to each other. They also say that they're glad the listener and the friend became friends. They spin the roulette next. They say that they hope it's at least two pieces. It lands on 10 pieces, which RINA says is an easily splittable number. HARU says that higher numbers are actually being landed on this time. They wonder if the "1 piece" slots have been removed, but they are still there. HARU says that's awesome and that they're lucky today. MAMI says that she hopes they do land on the "100 piece" slot.

•MAMI reads the next message from a listener who says that when they had surgery recently, they asked them to play SCANDAL as background music. One of the nurses knew about SCANDAL and said that they had seen them at a festival before. They say that they were able to relax thanks to SCANDAL's music, and that the surgery went well. They talked about more things they had in common, and it made their heart go "poppo poppo." The band is glad that the surgery went well, and they're also surprised at how they'll play songs for you during the operation. RINA says that apparently you can do so as well when you're giving birth. They say that a song with a fast tempo like "Tonight" might be too fast to give birth to lol (RINA: "Maybe a slower song"). MAMI spins the roulette and lands on 10 pieces too. She goes, "The '100 piece' slot was right next to that!" They all go, "That was so close!"

•HARU reads the next message from a listener who says that their "Heart Poppo" story is from when they were in high school. They had a friend group that consisted of six people (mixed girls and boys), and they had lots of fun doing typical young people things like going to the pool by bike, lighting fireworks, etc. One boy told the listener that they liked them, but the listener was having too much fun with the whole group that they kind of brushed it aside. They say that the boy would say that they'd like them when the group was all hanging out, so they thought the boy was just going with the flow. During one of those times the group was hanging out as usual, one friend said to them, "Even though ___ likes you so much, you're not going out?" The listener was surprised and asked the boy if they liked them. The boy said in a loud voice, "If this isn't love, then what is it?" (TOMO: "That's cute!"). The listener says that this is now a nice memory, though it also stings. TOMO again says that that was cute. RINA says that the listener didn't think the boy was serious. HARU laughs and says, "Well, things like this do happen." She also says that you do start to take notice of things once someone else points it out to you, and wonders what happened after that story ended. TOMO says that the listener said it "stings," so things probably still stayed the same. RINA says that that was probably fine, and it's enjoyable in and of itself when someone likes you. HARU spins the roulette and it lands on 25 pieces, which is the highest number they've landed on so far. They say that things are going pretty well today and have given out about 80 pieces. HARU says that it feels like they'll be able to give out a total of 100 pieces today.

•TOMO reads the next message from a listener who recently looked up places in real-life that are related to SCANDAL (locations where they shot music videos, etc.) and found the two locations where they shot the "Saishuuheiki, Kimi" music video, with one being in Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture. They're from that region and told some friends about it, and there was one friend who didn't know about SCANDAL and learned of them for the first time. They say that it's fun to write in to "Catch up" about recent happenings like this one. RINA says that they did shoot that video in two locations: the one the listener mentioned, plus another in Chiba Prefecture (Daikeien, an amusement park). TOMO says that she was the only one who shot in only Iwaki since some troubles popped up. HARU says that they had originally planned to only shoot in Iwaki, but at the last minute a second location was decided on. TOMO says that she was the only member who had that day off. HARU says that going to Daikeien was really fun, though. MAMI says that she had been there once before with a friend. HARU says that since the video starts off with RINA at Daikeien, it was actually good that they had decided to add that second location in. They talk about how there are real-life locations related to SCANDAL all throughout Japan, with the most popular being places in Osaka: the dance + vocal training school they attended, shops they used to go to, etc.

*As always, you can send in a message to the program here. I've made a guide as how to input your info and message for those who need assistance (click to enlarge):

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"Too-too, too-too"? "Hoo-hoo, hoo-hoo"? Differences in the interpretations of turtle dove calls??

Episode #134 blog

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HARUNA: We'll be reading many messages this week. We'll start from this one.

Super Gunma

Good evening, SCANDAL.

On the subject of "Heart Poppo," I think MAMI had said previously that there is a pigeon that goes "Too-too, too-too." Have you clarified the matter?

The pigeon that goes "Too-too, too-too" is the turtle dove, and the pigeon that goes "Hoo-hoo, hoo-hoo" is a domestic pigeon. They're actually different species. The turtle dove lives in the countryside while the rock pigeon lives in Ueno Park. Turtle doves are more brownish and slender than normal pigeons, so please try observing them the next time you hear them.

TOMOMI: A "hato" (pigeon) message really was sent in.

HARUNA: They said there are two types of pigeon...

MAMI: "Too-too, too-too"

HARUNA: That one!

TOMOMI: Isn't it "Hoo-hoo, hoo-hoo"?

HARUNA: ...what? There are different interpretations here.

MAMI: But that's only in the countryside. You don't hear that in Tokyo.

TOMOMI: You do!

HARUNA: You hear it sometimes!

TOMOMI: "Hoo-hoo, hoo-hoo"

MAMI: It's that rhythmic??

TOMOMI: They definitely do this rhythm.

MAMI: "Too-too, too-too"

HARUNA: It's the same! Those are definitely the same. Both are turtle doves.

MAMI: But they can only be heard in that person's hometownー

RINA: Maybe it's quiet where they are?

MAMI: I see. Maybe they don't notice it when they're in Tokyo.

HARUNA: It seems that the turtle dove is in the countryside, and the rock pigeon is in Ueno Park.

MAMI: Why is it limited to Ueno Park?

HARUNA: Don't know. I guess it means that hearing "Coo, coo, coo" is more common.

MAMI: Have you ever heard "Coo, coo, coo" in real life?

(*TOMOMI mimics the "Coo, coo, coo" sound really well, and it sounds very realistic!)

RINA: Wow, that was good!! That was so good that it was kind of scary!

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 133

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•The episode starts with this. The band comments that 248 yen is really cheap for such good chocolate. HARU says that this is a product that was originally sold in convenience stores and such, after all.

•Next, HARU says that in order to learn more about Brazil, Venezuela, Peru, and the Dominican Republic (the countries that the cacao used in these chocolate are from), they will be doing a very "Catch up"-like thing and doing a quiz on them. HARU says the first question is about Peru. Before she can say it, TOMO goes, "Is this 'I see - The Catch up'?" HARU says yes; TOMO answers, "I see." The staff laughs, and then TOMO laughs. MAMI asks if it's about places in the world, or if it's about chocolate. HARU clarifies that they won't be reading any messages this time, and that the quiz is about chocolate. The first question: "If you were to write 'Peru' in kanji, it would be '__ 露.' What is the first kanji?" TOMO guesses "taira" (平; *bzzt). HARU says it's kind of similar. MAMI guesses "hen" (辺 I think; *bzzt). TOMO guesses "hei" (兵; *bzzt). A staffer tells them to go away from kanji that start with "he/pe." HARU guesses "nami" (波 or 並; *bzzt). The staffer then says that the kanji used will make them go "What the heck?" They laugh and TOMO says that's not a hint at all. The staffer then says it's a kanji that starts with "hi" (pronounced 'hee'). They all go, "Hi??!" HARU guesses this 'hi': 日 (*bzzt). RINA guesses the 'hi' (秘) that's in the word 'himitsu' (secret; 秘密), which is the correct answer. They all go, "Ah, that makes sense," probably because the full kanji for Peru (秘露) translates to "secret exposed."

•The next question is about Venezuela: "The origin of Venezuela's name is said to be 'Little ___' in Italian. What city is it named after?" MAMI goes, "City??" The others seem confused so HARU rereads the question. The staffer says not to overthink it. TOMO guesses Milano (*bzzt). MAMI says two other guesses that I'm not sure about, but they are incorrect. The staffer reiterates Venezuela means "Little ___." RINA guesses Venice, which is correct: It means "Little Venice" in Italian. The others go, "Oh!" and laugh. RINA says that she's guessing a lot of right answers today.

•The next question is about the Dominican Republic: "The Dominican Republic is part of the Greater Antilles in the West Indies. The capital is Santo Domingo. Now then, where is the embassy of the Dominican Republic located in the Minato Ward of Tokyo?" They laugh at the seemingly pointless setup to the question. MAMI goes, "What?? Hold on a sec..." TOMO wonders if she's seen it before. RINA says that she has seen it before. The incorrect answers that the band guesses are: Roppongi, Mita, Aoyama, Azabu-Juban, Akasaka. TOMO then guesses Nishi-Azabu (西麻布), which is correct. The staffer points out how the question said the Dominican Republic is in the West (nishi; 西) Indies. The band laughs at this and jokes that that wasn't really a hint.

•The last question is about Brazil: "Brazil is famous for its modern architecture. Oscar Niemeyer is a well-known name in Brazilian architecture. There is a female architect whose modernist architecture is as famous as his. Her name is '__ Bo Baldi.'
What is her first name?" Before HARU finishes reading the question, TOMO goes, "That's too difficult!" The staffer says it consists of two [Japanese] letters and is definitely something they could guess. TOMO and HARU correctly guess "リナ." The correct name is Lina, but those letters can, of course, be read as "RINA." They laugh and RINA goes, "Really??" The staffer says the architect was really famous. They seem to learn more about Lina and say that she was really cool.

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RINA is unrivaled in a quiz about the production of Meiji's "The Chocolate" that will be updated!?

Episode #133 blog

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HARUNA: New Meiji sweets are all lined up in front of us...
We'll be introducing a Meiji sweets newcomer. This autumn, chocolate, chocolate, chocolate means Meiji...

MAMI: ♪Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate means Meiji, huh...

All: ♪Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate means Meiji!

HARUNA: They are launching new products one after another. When you mention Meiji chocolate, it has to be "The Chocolate."

MAMI: It's pretty stylish.

HARUNA: They've been totally overhauled.

TOMOMI: They're really cute.

HARUNA: Overhauled with a sense of sustainability, both the package and shape of the chocolate are inspired by each cacao production area. Releasing on September 20th.

TOMOMI: Do they have "flying get days" (*refers to getting a CD one day ahead of its official release date) for sweets?

MAMI: Also known as "furage" (フラゲ).

TOMOMI: The packaging's nice enough to give as a gift.

HARUNA: It's now box-shaped.

TOMOMI: It's so luxurious.

MAMI: The package is also easy to fold when finished, making it easy to throw away.

TOMOMI: It's also considerate that they have a production area chart for acidity and roasted taste.

HARUNA: There are four types of cacao producing areas: Brazil, Venezuela, Peru, and the Dominican Republic.

MAMI: Let's open them!

HARUNA: Which should I eat?

RINA: I opened the Peru one.

MAMI: Then I'll go for Brazil.

TOMOMI: I'll do Venezuela.

RINA: Oh, it's easier to eat.

HARUNA: Nice - they're all divided into smaller portions.

MAMI: It is niceー

TOMOMI: So luxurious.

※All members eat the chocolate...

RINA: Ah, it's so good...

MAMI: The Brazil one seems to have fruity-scented cacao.

RINA: The Peru one is a floral-scented cacao. It's really delicious and refined. Great for a break at work.

TOMOMI: Oh, this is delicious. The Venezuela one is a nutty-flavored cacao.

MAMI: It's really good! 70% is a high amount of cacao.

HARUNA: This is so good!! The Dominican Republic one is a little spicy, with just the right amount of bitterness.

RINA: It comes in packs of 12. And there are different meanings and reasons why they're shaped the way they are.

MAMI: When it comes to new products like this, when do you start thinking about things like size and flavor ratio?

RINA: I think you should always be updating them.

HARUNA: This is so delicious... You won't be able to stop eating it with these smaller pieces.

TOMOMI: Let's eat and compare them.

HARUNA: That'd be nice - we really won't be able to stop.

MAMI: But..."The Chocolate" is so rich; it has to be expensive, right?

HARUNA: ...are you curious?

MAMI: Of course I am!

HARUNA: The price you're curious about... Including tax, it costs 248 yen ($1.72 USD).

All: Ehー!!

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 132

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•The episode starts with this.

•TOMO reads the next message from a listener who also attended the Mystery Tour. They say there's so many things that they want talk about regarding that, that they will actually be talking about a different topic instead. The band is surprised at this and laughs. The listener says that all the fans had fun doing stuff like talking about dialects, but the thing that surprised them the most is how there are different pronunciations for things. This really doesn't translate well to English + I also don't really understand it that well lol so I will not be translating the rest.

•RINA reads the next message from a listener who's writing in for the "Heart Poppo" topic. They also attended the Mystery Tour, and they say that they fell in love at first sight with the person seated directly in front of them. The band all goes, "Eh?!" The listener says that during the concert they 'raised their hand modestly,' and that due to "Catch up"'s program's director Ono telling everyone to make group chats on LINE, they were able to get that person's contact info. They finish off by saying, "Please cheer me on." TOMO says, "We're cheering you on!" MAMI explains what the listener meant exactly. She talks about the bingo tournament during the event and explains that at the end of it, Ono said to raise your hand if there's anyone you've fallen in love with at first sight that day. She says that there were about three people who did so, and that this message is apparently from one of those three. RINA goes, "[Falling in love at first sight] really did happen, then. I thought that maybe people were just going along with the hand-raising thing. This is great." The band then spins the roulette wheel to see how many pieces of Poifull the listener will get. MAMI spins it and it lands on 5 pieces.

•MAMI reads the next message from a listener who also attended the Mystery Tour. They're from Shizuoka and live pretty close to Kakegawa (the city that Tsumagoi Resort is in), so when they got the shinkansen ticket that listed the destination, they were like, "Oh, it's gotta be at Tsumagoi, huh." The band laughs hard at this. They say they have a bitter memory related to Tsumagoi: They were rejected while on the way back from seeing the illumination event there, and the Mystery Tour had been their first time being back there since the rejection happened. They thank the band for rewriting those memories with better ones. RINA says that the listener's very big-hearted. HARU brings up the thing they said about seeing that they're going to Kakegawa = the destination had to be Tsumagoi Resort. The band laughs at this again. TOMO explains that the participants met up in either Tokyo or Osaka and then headed from those locations to Kakegawa. She says how the listener must had to have gone from Kakegawa to Tokyo, then Tokyo to Kakegawa, then Kakegawa to Tokyo, and then finally Tokyo to Kakegawa. They laugh and apologize for that. HARU says she's glad their memories were rewritten with better ones.

•HARU reads the next message from a listener in Hokkaido who was really looking forward to the Mystery Tour but came down with a fever right before and had to end up canceling everything like flights and hotels. Messages from their family, friends, and coworkers worried about them being sick made their hearts go "poppo." The band says that it's unfortunate they couldn't make it but hopefully they can make it to another concert/event. TOMO says that she wants to give them 100 pieces of Poifull. They spin the roulette and it lands on 1 piece. TOMO goes, "Sorry!" while the others laugh.

•HARU reads the last message from the listener who competes in Ultimate Frisbee and reveals that in the world championships they placed 5th out of 40 teams. They thank everyone who's cheered them on, such as their teammates and even those in the opposing teams. They also say that SCANDAL's support was also a big thing for them. The band thanks and congratulates them. They're impressed that the team ranked 5th in the world. TOMO says that she'd love to see them play. HARU says that by talking about Ultimate Frisbee here, those who listen to the program will know of the sport and think of it if they happen to hear about it elsewhere, or possibly take interest in it. MAMI says that it's so awesome that a person like that listens to them. They say that they too will keep working hard.

*As always, you can send in a message to the program here. I've made a guide as how to input your info and message for those who need assistance (click to enlarge):

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Reading impressions from listeners who participated in the "Mystery Tour 2" held on August 21st!

Episode #131 blog

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HARUNA: We'll be reading "Heart Poppo" messages today as well. Getting right to it...


I participated in my first Mystery Tour! I was in Group 10.

In the back of my mind I honestly thought that there was a possibility you guys wouldn't show up due to the pandemic and all, but I was happy to see you guys that day.

The Mystery Tour itself made me forget about my daily life. I enjoyed it from the bottom of my heart, but running around Tsumagoi Resort all day in that hot and humid weather as soon as we arrived was quite hard for this out-of-shape 31-year-old who works from home all day (haha)

After that I ate the infamous oyakodon, and also thought about how I can't believe I'm experiencing a sports club training club-like event at my age. I felt that this was only possibly on a Mystery Tour (haha). I'm really sorry to the hotel staff for not being able to finish that large portion of oyakodon after running around.

After that, during the photo op with the band, it made me happy that RINA noticed my RINA-designed t-shirt, but I was so nervous that I couldn't say a word (haha)

By the way, during the bingo tournament I was seriously aiming to win RINA's personal item or panel, but unfortunately I couldn't get a bingo orz

Also, I was able to preorder RINA's zine while waiting for the shinkansen.

Up until now I didn't have any friends who liked SCANDAL and so went to concerts/events solo, but the other people in my group and those I've been communicating with on social media reached out to me - Now I have SCANDAL friends, which makes me so glad that I was able to participate in this event.

HARUNA: Our "Mystery Tour" concluded successfully.

~On August 21st, SCANDAL held a "Mystery Tour" event--a completely mysterious event where where no one knew where it would be held nor what what would go on until the day of.
~The venue it was held at was Tsumagoi Resort Sai no Sato in Kakegawa City, Shizuoka Prefecture.

TOMOMI: I'm really happy that everyone gets along.

HARUNA: Still not knowing where they were being taken to, as soon as everyone arrived at the venue there was a quiz--or rather, a scavenger hunt called the "SCA-venger hunt" where they all ran around.

TOMOMI: A map was handed out to randomly-assembled teams immediately after arriving. There were many spots marked across a vast plot of land. First, there was a riddle related to the place everyone was at, and the answer to the quiz could be found there... That was what the scavenger hunt was about.

HARUNA: It seemed fun, but it must have been hard because you had to come back within the time limit.

TOMOMI: It was really hard to solve the riddle to find the location of where that quiz was with a map in hand. We were shown [the answer], and it was impressive that people solved it.

HARUNA: Also, the infamous oyakodon.

MAMI: The lunch options were curry or oyakodon, and for some reason the oyakodon was super-sized.

~The Mystery Tour consisted of several things such as a team scavenger hunt, a mini surprise (prank?), a mini concert + talk session, a bingo tournament, commemorative photos. Thank you to everyone who participated.

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 131

Topics tagged under catchup on SCANDAL HEAVEN FzV5duV
Topics tagged under catchup on SCANDAL HEAVEN 7IchoDG

•The episode starts with this. TOMO reads what the record is about: "The most skips over a person's own hair in 30 seconds is 60 and was achieved by Laetitia Ky (Ivory Coast), in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, on March 2, 2021. For the attempt, Laetitia - an artist known for creating sculptures from her hair - braided her natural hair before adding the longer extensions and connecting the two sides together to form a 'rope.'" TOMO says that she had thought that the record entailed braiding your hair with someone else's to form a rope, rather than the person doing with their 'own' hair. She sighs and goes, "Should I aim to break it?" while a staffer laughs in the background. She wonders how many years it would take for hair to grow out to that length. HARU says that it would be impossible for TOMO to break that record right now. TOMO laughs and wonders why they recommended that record to her. She says that her hair probably won't grow out enough in, say, two years. A staffer jokes and says, "How about 30 years later?" TOMO says that she'll have to have enough stamina at 61 years old to do it. She also says that it's impressive that lady was able to achieve this record of 60 jumps in 30 seconds, jumping twice per second. MAMI jokes and says, "We'll see TOMO on TV and will be like, 'Ah, TOMO's breaking a Guinness record.'" TOMO says to look forward to that in 30 years.

•MAMI says that it seems like these records are ones that are suggested to them, not ones that they can break then and there. HARU looks at the list and says that it seems like the next one might be able to be done right away. She says that it's recommended for RINA, which is the "Longest duration spinning 30 hoops simultaneously" record. The band goes, "Wow!" RINA reads the record as it being 35 seconds and achieved in 2020 by Mariam Olayiwola of London, but actually that's incorrect as the record holder beat her own record in 2021] and brought the time up to 2 minutes, 9 seconds. RINA reads that in attempting this record, "Mariam wanted to demonstrate the strength and mental resilience required in the circus arts and particularly for all the strong women in circus arts." They say that it's impressive that the record holder did it for all women in circus arts. A staffer asks RINA if she thinks she could do that for that long. RINA says it's not likely. They and HARU ask if she'd be able to do one hula hoop. RINA says she thinks she could, but she might not have ever properly hula hooped before. HARU says that it even seems impossible to with two without them hitting each other. TOMO says with 30 hula hoops, the places on the body that each hoop would hit would be different--they wouldn't all just hit the stomach area like only one would do--so it'd be equally as hard to do it right so that they don't hit each other.

•HARU then reads the record suggested to MAMI: "The strangest diet." MAMI goes, "That's intense!" TOMO says that she thinks MAMI could compete for that. MAMI laughs, "No, I can't!" HARU wonders what the record is referring to. MAMI reads the record, which is about Michel Lotito from France eating odd things that contain metal and glass; some examples include 18 bicycles, 15 shopping carts, 7 TVs, 6 chandeliers, 2 beds, 1 pair of skis, 1 computer, 1 coffin, and 1 Cessna aircraft. MAMI goes, "Did he eat them because he found them delicious??" TOMO says that it sounds like a movie that came out recently but forgets what it's called; RINA says that it's Swallow. TOMO asks MAMI if she thinks she could do something like this as a staffer laughs in the background. MAMI laughs and says that she'd need to make sure what kind of 'ability' she'd need for that. TOMO says that it doesn't seem like MAMI would be able to do it. There's a pause before HARU laughs and says, "Of course she wouldn't!" They say it's not like MAMI could be able to break this record but sort of imitate it. MAMI talks about metal parts and then starts to say, "Ah, my guitar frets..." TOMO goes, "You ate some?" They all laugh and MAMI says that she hasn't eaten any, and that she's trying to say that her hands sweat so much that her guitar frets get melted down. TOMO says that rather than eat metal, she has the ability to melt it. MAMI laughs and goes, "I guess if I'm constantly touching it." HARU says that this record is a pretty old one since the text that MAMI read said that this happened in 1959 (not quite--the guy started eating things at 9 years of age, which was in 1959, but he ate weird stuff until 1997).

•They then seem to move on to the next one that's about body art, and it's supposedly suggested to the entire band and has to do with the most number of tattoos of the same musician, which happen to all of be of American rapper Eminem. HARU mentions that some of their own overseas fans have tattoos of them. TOMO goes, "Yeah, it's amazing!" MAMI says that some get tattoos of all four of them, and that some came out to their recent North America tour. TOMO says that both men and women that have them came out. They talk about how the record is about the same musician, and that that record would be hard to break with them since there are four of them. HARU says that the band is working hard towards their own Guinness record, and if a fan gets enough tattoos of SCANDAL then there could be two Guinness records relating to SCANDAL. MAMI goes, "What kind of proposal is this??" and she and HARU laugh. HARU says that it could totally be possible.

•For the next one, HARU reads the title and goes, "What is this??" and says that it says it's related to humans--more specifically, the largest afro, which was achieved in 2021 by Aevin Dugas in the US with the afro being 24 cm (9.45 in) tall, 25 cm (9.84 in) wide, and 157 cm (5.15 ft) in circumference. MAMI wonders how long the hair of the woman in the "skipping with a person's own hair" record would be if she made it into an afro. HARU goes, "Aevin, you're in trouble!" They look at photos of the afro and say that it looks pretty heavy.

•They then read a bunch of ones relating to records set in Japan. The first one is the longest line of onigiri (rice balls). TOMO goes, "That sounds so cute!" MAMI asks what the record is officially about. HARU says that the line measured 153.59 m (503 ft 10.84 in) and consisted of 2,527 onigiri. She then says that the line measured around her height. MAMI goes, "Wait, that was in meters!" Then HARU reads another one: The longest skewer of tsukune (chicken/meat meatballs), which measured at 20.69 m (67 ft 10 in). MAMI goes, "That's so long!" The next one is the longest baumkuchen, which measured at 20.87 m (68 ft 5 in). TOMO wonders where they made it and how they baked it. Then MAMI reads the most lights on an artificial tree and the largest Christmas snowflake ornament, both achieved at Universal Studios Japan. TOMO wonders if there are any records relating to Mt. Fuji. MAMI says that there might be regarding height. Another record mentioned is the most people performing the 'running man' dance move simultaneously at 660 people. The band says that sounds cute. TOMO says that they could surpass that number when they play at one of the Zepp venues. HARU says that records like these must mean that others are gunning to break them. Another record read is the largest soup tasting event.

•HARU mentions there's one about the most expensive animation--a Disney work--which then turns into a quiz when she asks the others what it is. TOMO guesses Frozen (*bzzt) and then Toy Story (*bzzt). MAMI asks what was it that made it cost the most; HARU answers that it was the CGI. TOMO guesses Moana (*bzzt). RINA guesses Monsters, Inc. (*bzzt). TOMO asks if it's a recent work. HARU isn't sure if she could call it recent or not. TOMO guesses Lilo and Stitch (*bzzt). She then goes, "Thought so," which makes the others laugh. TOMO asks if Frozen counts as 'recent.' HARU goes, "Recent... By the way, we're also debuting" (? not sure what she means lol). TOMO seems to understand and guesses Tangled right away, which is the correct answer. MAMI wonders if it was due to all of that hair that had to be animated. HARU thinks it might be. MAMI then goes, "So cute! So many princesses!" HARU says that that's from Wreck-It Ralph, which likely means that MAMI's looking at something that depicts this scene in Wreck-It Ralph 2 where all of the Disney princesses are gathered. They close out this segment with HARU saying that SCANDAL will continue working hard to enter the Guinness World Records.

•They then close out the episode. They say to let them know if there are any Guinness record holders among their fans. HARU says that as demonstrated in this episode, there are records for all sorts of stuff, so there may be some record holders.

*As always, you can send in a message to the program here. I've made a guide as how to input your info and message for those who need assistance (click to enlarge):

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SCANDAL celebrated its 16th anniversary! Challenging some Guinness World Records!

Episode #131 blog

Topics tagged under catchup on SCANDAL HEAVEN UOPHE9W

HARUNA: We in SCANDAL celebrated our 16th anniversary on August 21st, and we've continued to the point where we can break the Guinness World Record for the "Longest running all-girl band with its original members." Officially that will take another two years to break, but we've now entered our 17th year. Thank you very much.

All: Thank you very much.

HARUNA: So... The staff researched what exactly the Guinness World Records are, and if there are any other records we could try and break. This episode's theme is "Guinness World Records." It is titled... "I like Guinness"! (好きですギネス; suki de genisu - seems like it's supposed to be a quasi-palindrome)

All: (Lukewarm applause)

HARUNA:'s a very straightfoward title (*reading exactly what's on the script). We will be sharing various GWRs. In front of us is the 2022 Guinness World Records book... There certainly are many records in it. Until 2000 it was called the "Guinness Book of World Records," but now it's just called "Guinness World Records."

TOMOMI: Is that so?

MAMI: It's a bigger book than I expected...

HARUNA: It's big and in full color.

MAMI: Yeah, it's in full color. I thought the book was like the Michelin Guide.

HARUNA: Its history is...

When Hugh Beaver, then the managing director of the Guinness Breweries, went on a shooting party with friends, he became involved in an argument over which was the fastest game bird in Europe. No conclusion was reached, so he thought that a book that supplied answers such as that one would be popular. The first edition of the Guinness Book of Records was published in 1955.

HARUNA: The fastest game bird...

MAMI: Why was he that interested in it?

HARUNA: What bird was it actually?

TOMOMI: Wasn't it that they didn't reach a conclusion?

HARUNA: Now then, let's take a book at the GWRs. The staff recommended records for each of us...

TOMOMI: It sounds like we're in for a challenge.

MAMI: There's nothing we can do to break a GWR right now!

HARUNA: Nothing's been prepared; there are only sweets in front of us.

TOMOMI: Do we stack sweets or something?

HARUNA: There's a recommended record for TOMOMI.

TOMOMI: What is it??

HARUNA: "The most skips over a person's hair in 30 seconds."

TOMOMI: Eh, that's scary...

MAMI: Eh, whose hair??

TOMOMI: What does that mean??

~Looking at the GWRs...

MAMI: Eh, their own hair!?

TOMOMI: What??

HARUNA: It's so long!!

TOMOMI: Ehー! That's what that means??

The whole "the longest active all-girl band = 17 years" record thing is really confusing and seems to keep changing whenever SCANDAL talks about it lol. When you look on Google Japan, there's basically no info about this record other than SCANDAL saying in interviews and the like that ZELDA is the current recordholder. It is true that ZELDA was active for 17 years (1979 to 1996), but there's no page on it on the Japan GWR site, for example.

Then the particulars of the record that SCANDAL wants to break seem to always change. So in this episode, they claim they're aiming to break the "Longest running all-girl band with its original members" record and cite the number to beat is 17, which makes it seem like they're talking about ZELDA. But ZELDA had member changes as early as 1983, only four years after forming. So wtf, SCANDAL?? lol
【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 130

Topics tagged under catchup on SCANDAL HEAVEN ZcquEQp
Topics tagged under catchup on SCANDAL HEAVEN S2CxN6Y

•The episode starts with this.

•HARU asks the first question: "What country is said to be the birthplace of gummies?" Right away MAMI goes, "I know! Germany." There's a pause before HARU confirms it's the correct answer. She goes, "Isn't that impressive? I didn't know that." TOMO says that she did think the correct answer was Germany since there are a lot of well-known gummies from there. HARU says that this question was surprisingly easy/simple.

•The second question: "The first gummy candy in Japan was made by Meiji. Released in the 1980s, which gummy was released first? Cola Up, Poifull, Kaju Gummies, or Hi Lemon Gummies." MAMI says that she's not sure about this one. She guesses Cola Up, which is the correct answer. She laughs that she got it right. HARU goes, "This question was also easy. Things like this are easy when MAMI's involved," which makes MAMI laugh.

•The third question: "Which flavor of Kaju (Fruit Juice) Gummies was actually released in the past? ①Shiikuwasa, ②Blueberry, ③Durian." Right away MAMI answers shiikuwasa, which is correct. RINA goes, "She's sure having fun" and everyone laughs. She asks MAMI if she is having fun, which MAMI says she is. HARU says that she'd be interested in a blueberry-flavored one. RINA says that it sounds delicious. MAMI says that she's seen the shiikuwasa one before. There's a pause before HARU goes, "Wait, is the quiz over with?" The staff confirms that it is. The band laughs and HARU goes, "You really underestimated MAMI!" RINA says that MAMI got all the answers right. MAMI says that all of the band members basically knew all of the right answers.

•Suddenly, TOMO goes, "Question! What prefecture are Kaju Gummies made in?" The staff laughs and the rest of the band goes, "Wait a minute!" as it seems that TOMO decided to do a quiz question on her own (she looked at the bag of the gummies she's eating). MAMI asks if they're all made in the same place. TOMO says they're not, so she clarifies that she's asking where the grape-flavored Kaju Gummies that she's currently eating are made. RINA asks if there's a hint. TOMO says it's nearby [to the Kanto region, which is the area Tokyo is located in]. MAMI says that she's torn between two places. They laugh at how she specifically says that. RINA asks why, and MAMI says that it's because there are a lot of factories in those places. RINA asks where those places are. MAMI says that there might actually be three places: Saitama, Gunma, Ibaraki. TOMO gives a hint that the lemon-flavored gummies are made in Saitama. MAMI asks if that means different flavors are made in different places, which is the case. TOMO says that the mikan, grape, and muscat flavors are made in the same place. MAMI goes, "What close-by prefecture could it be?!" She then guesses Shizuoka, which is the correct answer. MAMI says, "So it was close that way" (the prefectures she previous named were towards the east while Shizuoka is towards the west). TOMO says that maybe saying it was 'close by' wasn't the right thing to say (since it's a few prefectures away from Kanto rather than being right next to it like the others that were named). The band says that it's more exciting to do the quiz this way, by getting facts off of the packaging. MAMI seems to look through the packages of candy for another quiz question and then seemingly picks one. TOMO says that that's not a gummy one, which they laugh at.

•MAMI then asks TOMO a question: "In which ward of Tokyo is Meiji Co., Ltd. located?" Everyone laughs at this. RINA says that this is something that they all ought to know. TOMO guesses Bunkyo (*bzzt). She laughs and then asks if the correct answer is close or further away from where they're currently located (in Naka-Meguro). MAMI says that it's further away. TOMO asks if it's in the 23 wards of Tokyo (the ones located in the heart of Tokyo). MAMI says that she'll check to see which station it's closest to. TOMO says that it'd be a pain since there are stations with ward names located in a different ward, like how there are Meguro and Shinagawa wards, but there's a Meguro Station in Shinagawa ward. MAMI looks it up and says that she thinks they might be able to get it. She says it's close to Tokyo Station but that's not the actual closest one, since that one will definitely give it away. TOMO guesses Chiyoda (*bzzt). She then guesses Chuo, which is the right answer. MAMI says that the actual closest station is Kyobashi. RINA and HARU say that they wouldn't have known the right answer even if she gave that as a hint. MAMI says that TOMO did well to guess Chuo. TOMO says that it has a "Chuo" (中央 literally means 'middle,' so like 'the middle of Tokyo') image to it: it's area that's clean and has stuff like wide streets. The staff laughs in the background while, after a short pause, HARU and MAMI agree. HARU says it's like that leading up to Tokyo Station.

•Next, HARU reads a spiel about Meiji gummies and how they have a texture chart. HARU and MAMI go, "Mogi-Mogi Fruit!", which is apparently the softest gummy that Meiji has. TOMO says that she ate that the other day, and that it was softer than she had remembered it being. RINA says that she remembers bringing those on field trips often. They keep talking about the different gummies and eating them too, which I don't think really needs to be translated lol. After, HARU recaps the "Gummy MAMI-re" segment and says that the quiz was really easy. RINA says that MAMI's too good. MAMI says that it was fun. TOMO says that they learn a lot of stuff on "Catch up."

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Gummy MAMI-re! SCANDAL sneaks into the world of gummies!!

Episode #130 blog

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HARUNA: So, every week we record episodes surrounded by Meiji sweets, and this time we'll be doing a special project themed after a certain sweet by Meiji. It's called... Gummy MAMI-re! (グミまみれ; gumi mamire - 'mamire' refers to being covered with something = covered in gummies)

RINA: ...what!?

HARUNA: "Gummy" and "MAMI" what it is.

MAMI: ...that's referring to me, isn't it.

HARUNA: That's right. This project features Meiji-loving MAMI! We'll get MAMI to learn more about gummies, and at the same time we and the listeners will love gummies even more... Is what this segment is about.

MAMI: Thank you very much.

HARUNA: This one is featured on MAMI, but all of us in SCANDAL love gummies. Why MAMI, you ask? It's because she's 'covered in gummies'...

MAMI: I certainly do eat them often.

HARUNA: According to the staff, they've often witnessed MAMI eating a bag of gummies as if possessed. It might not be too far off to say that it's a staple food for her. MAMI, please tell us how excited you are for today.

MAMI: I'll eat a ton of gummiesー!

RINA: She totally ignored the script.

MAMI: (*Hurriedly looking at the script) Ah, that's right...sorry. I'll make sure to read it... "It's a blessing of gummies!"

RINA: No one looks at the script, honestly.

HARUNA: There are a ton of gummies here. TOMO's eating them, too.

TOMOMI: Yeah, this one's a firm version of Cola Up. Meiji's gummies have a texture chart on them that ranks from 1-5. This one is a "5+."

RINA: That's a really firm one.

HARUNA: First up, "MAMI, what do you think is the most important thing when it comes to gummies?"

RINA: I'd love to know this.

MAMI: That would be the firmness and depth of flavor. That's why the "5+ firmness" is the best. (*Eating it right now) Yeah, it's good.

HARUNA: Besides eating them, we've prepared a quiz about gummies for you to acquire better knowledge about gummies.

MAMI: What??

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