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SCANDAL's concerts can be enjoyed across all ages! Reading impressions about "BEST☆Xmas 2021" held at the end of last year!

Episode #98 blog

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HARUNA: "Catch up" has been released in 2022, but this is our first time recording it this year. So, again, Happy New Year!

All: Happy New Year!

HARUNA: Best regards this year as well!

All: Best regards!

TOMOMI: This is our first job of the year!

HARUNA: That it is. It's our first job of the year and we're already bursting into conversation...

RINA: But it might good for "Catch up."

HARUNA: That's true.

RINA:'s because we can start off leisurely.


MAMI: In a good way!

All: Yep.

HARUNA: Now then, let's eat some snacks while we start off leisurely.
We'll be reading a bunch of messages this week as well.

Kurukuru Hitsuji

Hello, SCANDAL! Good work on your first Christmas concert in two years.

From the start the setlist made me feel that you guys were hating on your fans, who weren't able to vocalize, and I was desperate to avoid vocalizing (haha)

Today, I'm writing in about the line "SCANDAL is an odd band" that HARUNA said during the concert.

I was sitting in a middle seat, and to my left was a white-haired older man, while on my right there was a young girl who looked to be elementary school-aged (who came with her dad). Once the show began, we, of all different ages and genders, put our arms up and had fun in the same way. I did think that SCANDAL certainly is an odd band, but at the same time it hit me that SCANDAL's music is enjoyed by people of all ages. Thank you for the amazing Christmas concert. I'll definitely go next year, too!

RINA: What a happy message.

HARUNA: We got a lot of messages about our Christmas concert "BesuKuri" [Japanese abbreviation for "BEST Xmas].

RINA: Thanks!

TOMOMI: But BesuKuri really was funー

RINA: It wasー

HARUNA: It was our first "BesuKuri" in two years.

RINA: As written in that message, SCANDAL certainly might be a band with a wide range of fans or live audiences.

HARUNA: That's always been the case.

RINA: That's true.

TOMOMI: There's also been a big increase in people coming with their families.

MAMI: There has.

HARUNA: Isn't that something to be proud of, that this is something that families across generations can enjoy?

RINA: That's so true. It makes us happy.

HARUNA: It's a happy thing that people of different generations can have fun in the same way at live music clubs or halls.

RINA: We are happyー

MAMI: Does that go beyond happy??

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 97

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•The episode starts with this. TOMO says that MAMI could try doing a punch perm once and she might end up liking it. RINA says that an undercut would suit MAMI. MAMI says she's still unsure. RINA says to just keep thinking it over, and the staff and other band members chuckle at this.

•TOMO reads the next message from a listener who says that they and their husband are elementary school teachers (SCANDAL: "Hey! Teacher!"). They say that they want to talk about what happened for them in 2021 (it was originally sent in for this segment), and for them that was getting married on Aug. 22nd, the day after SCANDAL's "INVITATION" concert. They say it was originally scheduled for March but had to be postponed due to the state of emergency. Things got worse and worse as August got closer and so they and their families were unsure whether or not to hold it. They did end up doing so, though, after deciding to take plenty of preventative measures. They say they played SCANDAL's songs "Uchiagehanabi" and "LOVE ME DO" during their reception and that they're happy they got to use their songs. The band congratulates them and TOMO says that it really makes them happy when fans use their songs at weddings. She then says that a phone number is listed and asks the others if they want to try calling them. RINA enthuastically says they should to congratulate them. They decide to call, even though they're not sure whether or not the listener will pick up. TOMO says that they might not pick up a call from an unknown number. MAMI laughs and says that also wouldn't pick up. They do try calling the listener. It rings a few times before playing a "This number is not available right now" message and automatically hanging up. MAMI says that it is Thursday at 3 pm when this recording is happening, after all. They again congratulate the listener and TOMO goes, "We just tried calling you! Sorry we couldn't reach you!"

•RINA reads the next message from a listener who is also writing in for the same segment. She says that 2021 was a year where everything changed for her, such as moving to a new area where she didn't have any friends, but she was grateful that her message was read during the live broadcast to celebrate the release of eternal. She says that she also has another thing to report: On Aug. 10th, HARU's birthday, she found out that she was pregnant and that the baby is due some time in spring 2022. She says that it's looking like her life is going to change yet again next year. She says that a dream of hers is to attend concerts with her kids and so is having the baby listen to SCANDAL songs while it's in the womb. She doesn't know what the baby's name will be yet but is hoping to get a hint from SCANDAL's songs, including ones on the new album. She says she doesn't know the baby's gender as of the time she's writing the message, but if the band calls her and she knows by then what the gender will be, then she will tell them. The band congratulates her and decides to call her. She also does not pick up, but the band leaves her a voicemail congratulating her and saying to send in another message when she knows the gender of the baby.

•HARU reads the next message from a listener who is also writing in for the same segment. He says that he turned 26 last year and, like his girlfriend, didn't have any dreams and was worried about the future, including their jobs. He then starting having a sort of vague dream about making things and began liking candles in particular recently. He wants to try making them and is current looking for candlemaking classes. He's always like to make things and so wants to make and sell candles one day, or convey the charm of candles in some day. Although it first started out as a hobby, he's happy that his dream is currently growing. The band decides to call him but it also plays a "This number is not available right now" message and automatically cuts off. They again mention how trying to call people at 3 pm on a Thursday afternoon is too difficult to do as it's after peoples' lunch breaks and are currently in the middle of working. TOMO says that she's tried candlemaking a bunch of times and that it's a lot of fun. RINA says that the candles she made are really cute and are good enough to sell. The band says that they'd love for TOMO to make them some candles if she decides to make some in the future. TOMO says she totally will and still has a bunch of ingredients to make them, which the band says they're happy about. HARU says that it's nice when you can turn your hobbies into a job. RINA says that it's pretty easy right now to advertise your stuff online such as on social media.

•HARU reads the next message from a listener who is also writing in for the same segment. They're an engineer and passed several exams that they were striving for last year. Several times while studying they felt like giving up, but listening to SCANDAL's songs helped them out and get through it. When they'd feel down, they'd listen to "Image." When they needed to get fired up, they'd listen to "FREEDOM FIGHTERS," etc., etc. They also mention that they found out about SCANDAL was via RINA's solo exhibition. They were really impressed with how RINA views the world and then got really hooked on SCANDAL. They also say that they were crying as they watched "INVITATION." RINA thanks her and says that it makes her really happy to hear, and also that the listener became such a big fan that they even listen to this program. The band is surprised that the listener found out about them only in July and then watched "INVITATION" in August, and even knows older songs like "Image." And not to mention that they were studying for exams as well (HARU: "That's impressive"). MAMI says that it's impressive how people who start liking SCANDAL end up delving into the band's history like this. They laugh and HARU says that they do have over 10 years worth of history after all. TOMO says that there still manages to be new and different ways people find out about SCANDAL. They all laugh and say it's true; HARU says that people don't necessarily find out about them via their music. MAMI jokes and says that they've been growing at the rate of about 1 cm these past 15 years.

•TOMO reads the last message from a listener who is also writing in for the same segment. Their message had previously been read in episode 81 (the one at the very end). They say they felt encouraged by that and kept practicing on the bass little by little. Last fall, they decided to form a band and play at their college's school festival. They felt really moved when they played loudly at a studio the band rented out. A month before their performance, however, the festival was changed to an online streaming event because the situation with COVID didn't allow it and they had to record their performance for the stream. It was a pity the festival was changed to an online one, but they say they had a lot of fun playing with their band members and their goal is to play in front of an audience in person someday. They say they feel that their bass playing improved during the pandemic and that they'll continue to play bass at their own pace this year. TOMO says that she's glad that they were still able to at least technically perform in front of an audience. HARU says that it must have been a good experience to be able to record for that. TOMO says that there's a different kind of nervousness that you feel compared to when you're playing in front of a live audience, which the others agree with. HARU says that there's likely a small number of college students who have gotten to experience that. RINA says for them to keep playing and preparing to play in front of a live audience someday.

•The band then closes out the episode. The band says that they unfortunately weren't able to talk to any listeners on the phone this time, though they were able to leave a voicemail for one of them. RINA says that that listener's sure to be surprised when she hears it. MAMI wonders if you need to set up the voicemail function in order for it to work. RINA says that people probably don't usually leave voicemails in general anyway, even if that function's set up on someone's phone. MAMI says that even if someone can't reach someone by phone, they could reach them other ways such as messaging apps. TOMO says that listeners should register Tokyo FM's phone number just in case. The others laugh and HARU says that they should register the number when they send in a message. They say that they will call more listeners in the future and that they're hooked on doing episodes where they do so. HARU says that they do need to be in an official radio recording room in order to do so [as opposed to their office where they've recorded a majority of their past episodes]. RINA says that they should increase their studio visits this year. TOMO goes, "This really should always be done in a studio!", while the others and the staff laugh. RINA jokes that their goal for this year is to come more frequently to record in the studio.

*As always, you can send in a message to the program here . I've made a guide as how to input your info and message for those who need assistance (click to enlarge):

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*A list of all episode summaries can be found here

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MAMI takes a step forward with punch perms!?

Episode #97 blog

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HARUNA: We'll be reading messages this week.


Good evening, SCANDAL. Have you tried Melty Kiss's new Tahitian vanilla flavor? I'm eating right now and it's insanely delicious. When I gave it to my wife, she seemed to like it very much and was happy to eat it, saying "It's so delicious!"

Suddenly, my wife got all weird and went, "This charred garlic (kogashi niniku) flavor is the best!" I corrected her, saying, "Tahitian vanilla (tahichi banira) flavor." She said she didn't realize she made a mistake and was surprised by herself, saying, "I said 'charred garlic'!?"

I think the reason for the mistake was that she was preparing dinner while eating Melty Kiss. The Tahitian vanilla flavor is so delicious that it derails peoples' trains of thought.

The vanilla scent is very distinct and it does taste of vanilla, so I'm kind of worried if it's okay for Meiji to use this vanilla at this price point.

At any rate, it's insanely delicious. SCANDAL, do you have some? If not, please buy some after this recording's done.

TOMOMI: That's such a warm and fluffy story.

RINA: And we're eating it right now!

MAMI: It's really good!

TOMOMI: The packaging's cute, too!

MAMI: I've already eaten half of mine...

RINA: We're just gobbing it down.

TOMOMI: Tahitian vanilla is said to be the most strongly flavored kind of vanilla.

RINA: Yeah...

HARUNA: Anyway! You guys should try it as well!
We'll be giving an Apollo pick and a program sticker to Biwasshiー.

TOMOMI: Yeah, let's do that.

HARUNA: Let's give lots of presents this year.

MAMI: Here's the next message...


Good evening to SCANDAL and the staff. I always enjoy listening to this program.

I listened to episodes 90-92 yesterday. This is the listener whose message about punch perms was read in 91. I'm sending this message since you were worried if this style would damage your hair.

Punch perms damage your hair!!! Since your hair is treated at a high temperature with a chemical solution, it may cause protein denaturation and make the hair stiff, coarse, or brittle. (Protein denaturation turns egg whites transparent to white and hardens them)

We pre-treat and post-treat the hair to prevent as much damage as possible. As such, your hair won't get worn out if it's permed once. However, you need to be careful when it comes to hair that's already been damaged by coloring it.

So, if MAMI decides to get a punch perm, I think it would be perfect if she gets it done only on the lower half of her head (like an undercut) and hide it with hair from the top part of her head. If she likes, it, try getting it done in the back as well! haha. (Or, you could get your hair rolled like a Daibutsu without using chemicals)

Even if MAMI does get a punch perm, I'll still love SCANDAL and will continue to be a fan!! haha

I'm looking forward to the new album.

MAMI: ...get a punch perm underneath only, huh.

RINA: It'll probably just make MAMI look stylish...

MAMI: Wait, wait, wait - Can you picture it??

HARUNA: Actually, are there any hairstyles that wouldn't suit MAMI?

MAMI: Yeah, so, picture it!!

TOMOMI: Yeah, I think it'd be insane...

MAMI: Right??

TOMOMI: I think it would be... But I think it'd be nice. Anything suits her.

HARUNA: I think you should do it if you want to.

MAMI: Would it be okay?

TOMOMI: Don't you think it'd be insane??

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 96

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•The episode starts with this. Also, you can hear a better version of new song "Ai ni Naranakatta no sa" during the episode here (from 1:39).

•The next one suggested is from the 20:28 mark of episode #54 , related to something MAMI said about agebitashi and that she says something about putting eggplant the broth? lol not entirely sure. The clip is only a few seconds long, which makes the band laugh at how short it is (RINA: "It's so short and it's funny!"). TOMO laughs and says that the way she said something in it feels gross to her now. HARU wonders why they were talking in that kind of way and sounding excited. TOMO says that she remembers that a staffer didn't know what the subject was about (yakibidashi/agebitashi) and therefore she started talking about it, but she's like, "Why did I say it in that way??" MAMI says that she still feels the same: that agebitashi is the most delicious, and that she still wants to try adding eggplant to it.

•The next one suggested is from the 20:50 mark of episode #55 , related to something that TOMO said. That episode was in commemoration of the one year anniversary of "Catch up" and the band was trying to play ocarinas for new program jingles (they did 3 in total). The clip is of them playing one of the finished jingle. As it plays, the band starts laughing and saying, "This is so scary!" They also say that HARU's voice suddenly coming on to say "SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo" was also scary. TOMO says that she's glad this is an online show; if it was on the actual radio, it would probably scare listeners who have just decided to tune in. HARU asks the others if they still remember how to play the jingle they made. The jingle is played and they again go, "That's so scary!" MAMI says that they have no idea if what they're playing is good or not. The second jingle is played and they crack up while again say it's scary. MAMI says that it sounds like music for when a ghost appears. The third one is played as they crack up again and say that this one is really fast-paced. RINA says that she wants to do a new jingle this year. HARU asks she means she wants to do a properly-done one. RINA says that she wants to do one that would be easier on the ears of new listeners.

•The second-to-last one suggested is from episode #44, related to something that RINA said during this first episode of 2021. HARU says that they got a lot of entries for this one. The clip features the band introducing themselves normally aside from RINA, who says, "Drummer RINA-chan! Hey! Why does my program script say this?? This is so embarrassing, having this happening in the beginning [of the year]!" They're surprised that this episode was about finding "basic mistakes," and this happened a year ago already. HARU says that they all like things like that. RINA jokes and says that everyone likes doing things that relate to pranking her. She also thanks everyone for sending in a lot of entries for this one. HARU says that that must mean that everyone was really focused on finding stuff for this segment.

•The last one suggested is from the 11:05 mark of episode #61 , related to something RINA said about the fine line between having a lot of hobbies/interests vs. being fickle, and says that fickleness can be wonderful. RINA says that she does clearly remember saying that. HARU then reads a message from the person from episode #61 that RINA said had a wonderful kind of fickleness. They say they were able to pass an employment exam and thinks that what RINA said was a message from the gods. The band congratulates the listener on becoming employed.

•The band then talks about their plans for "Catch up" for 2022. They say they'll first be starting off with their new album MIRROR that comes out on Jan. 26th, and then will be starting their world tour in March. HARU says they're glad that they're starting to look forward to touring again. RINA says that it feels like little by little they can start doing again things they used to do. She also says that because they weren't able to tour when it was first scheduled, they feel more strongly about conveying all the things that they need to whenever they're able to see their fans. That's also why they consider that time when they weren't able to do activities like touring to be important to them. She thinks that this truly will be a great tour. TOMO says that when this upcoming tour was announced, they really could tell that the fans had been waiting so long for this. She too thinks that this will be a good tour and that they're really looking forward to it. HARU says that like the album itself, there are songs on it that they were able to make by stopping for a while and stopping themselves, which led to new ideas. She says she's really looking forward to being able to tour around the world after having that time frame when time had stopped for them and is now a part of who they are. She also wonders what they'll be like standing in front of everyone in so long, and hopes that fans can come out and see the new side of SCANDAL. TOMO says that she wants to do more on-location recordings for "Catch up" (like this episode where they played Mölkky). They mention the listeners who have written to the program before who own apple orchards or even mountains. HARU says that they hope to go out to places mentioned by listeners and record episodes there. She also hopes that their fans listen plenty to their new album and come out to see a concert of theirs.

•They then close out the episode. HARU says that she's sure many new things will come about on the program thanks to listeners' messages. She also says that perhaps those who attend their concerts overseas will send in messages with their thoughts on the ones they've attended. TOMO says that the band should get souvenirs from overseas and then send them to listeners as presents. The others say that's a great idea and that they should do that. They also say that maybe they can record the program while they're overseas. They say they're excited for everything's that to come. And at the end, RINA calls herself "RINA-chan" again while the others laugh.

*As always, you can send in a message to the program here . I've made a guide as how to input your info and message for those who need assistance (click to enlarge):

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*A list of all episode summaries can be found here

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A barrage of quotes? Odd remarks? Holding "SCANDAL Catch up Power Word Awards 2021"!

Episode #96 blog

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HARUNA: Happy New Year, everyone!

TOMOMI: The year's begun.

RINA: The year's begun!

HARUNA: It has begunー! Please continue supporting "Catch up" as well as SCANDAL in 2022.
Now then, for the first "Catch up" episode of the new year, we'll be looking back on 2021 while talking about our 2022 resolutions and plans.

A new project!
"SCANDAL Catch up Power Word Awards 2021"!

TOMOMI: Power word...awards?

HARUNA: We had the listeners choose "power words"--remarks the band members have said that have stuck with you, emotionally-touching comments, etc.--among the episodes that came out in 2021. We will present them in an awards-show format! Thank you very much for the many entries!

RINA: I see.

HARUNA: We asked listeners to send them in!

RINA: You can see a red carpet since this is an awards show after all.

MAMI: The words are walking over.

RINA: Yeah, they are.

TOMOMI: The words are walking over!?

HARUNA: It feels like the players have entered the ring.

RINA: That's right.

MAMI: Yeah, the words will first be interviewed on the red carpet. It's being streamed around the world, after all.

HARUNA: Let's get right to it.

"SCANDAL Catch up Power Word Awards 2021"!
I am from the HARUNA department.
Listener Tomatoma entered this power word from episode #49 !
Please listen to these words HARUNA said at 18:54 while reading a message about a proposal:
"He'd better do it properly!"

MAMI: "You better do it properly"? Why did she say that?

HARUNA: Let's just listen to it.

→Let's all listen to episode #49.

HARUNA: I want to ask a little more about the boundary line when it comes to [marriage] proposals...

RINA: What?

HARUNA: Can you call it a proposal when a conversation like that comes up, or is it when you officially get an engagement ring?

TOMOMI: I wonder...

MAMI: If that's the case, then just wanting to talk about marriage means that it's not an official proposal yet.

RINA: It's not yet. It's like a provisional proposal, like the boyfriend is suggesting he'll propose later.

MAMI: It basically means that he will propose at some point.

TOMOMI: He's confirming that he will do it at some point.

RINA: Yeah.

HARUNA: He'd better do it properly.

TOMOMI: ...did something happen??

→Going back to the studio.

MAMI: Ahー! So that's what it was.

RINA: That did happen.

TOMOMI: It did. It was in regards to a provisional proposal from a boyfriend and wonder what'll happen with that. On the other hand, HARUNA suddenly "You better do it properly" started pressing on him with that.

MAMI: Yeah.

RINA: ...but we sounded like we were having so much fun!

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 95

Topics tagged under catchup on SCANDAL HEAVEN APzTLD1
Topics tagged under catchup on SCANDAL HEAVEN Veuonms

•The episode starts with this. The listener says that it happened in a parking lot of a theme park, which surprises the band. She had had a good time at the park, but as she was going back to leave, she saw that her car was sandwiched together with the cars next to her. TOMO asks if there weren't any people hurt since it happened in a parking lot. The listener says that there weren't (TOMO: "So glad about that"). She says that her parents bought a car catalog and everything for her to choose a new car, but she loved her old one so much that she was unable to choose a new one. The band laughs hard at this. HARU says that the listener's love for that old car sure is something. The listener then says that she did end up buying the same model car in a different color. HARU asks what color she got. She says she got it in navy blue, which gives it more of a grown-up feel. TOMO asks how she got back from the theme park. She says that it was in the same area as where her parents live and so they came to pick her up. The band says that 2022 will probably be a good year for her, and she says that she already feels rewarded getting to talk to the band. MAMI wonders how the car got crushed and where; "From the side? From the top?" They laugh and RINA says that it being crushed from the top probably wasn't likely. The listener says that two cars were speeding and crashed into a few cars, which sandwiched her car between the ones next to her. TOMO gives a PSA and says when you're in a parking lot you should only go as fast as you're able to abruptly stop safely. The listener asks the band to be careful as well, which they thank her for.

•The listener then starts talking about a different topic and says that they had actually read a message of hers before on the program about how she became a fan of SCANDAL's because of her ex who really liked SCANDAL. She watched the 15th anniversary concert livestream and found the determination to contact her ex and settle things once and for all. Her ex told her that they had gotten married. It was really tough for her to hear everything, and she thought she wouldn't cry but she couldn't stop crying. However, hearing her message read on "Catch up" really helped her out, and SCANDAL's music has really cheered her up ever since the breakup. She's currently moving forward and says she's really grateful she gets to say her thanks to the band directly. The band is really touched by this and say this is making them tear up. RINA says that she seems like a lovely woman with the way she talks and thinks about others. HARU brings up how she says she started playing the guitar earlier in the year. The listener says there were so many bad things that happened this year for her that she wanted to try out something new and hopes to one day be able to play "Koe," one of her favorites. HARU says that her being positive is great. She says that she used to always borrow her ex's SCANDAL CDs, so MIRROR will be the first SCANDAL album that she purchases. She also says that 2021 being SCANDAL's 15th anniversary and this being their 10th album really makes her feel like this album will be special for both her and the band. HARU, in a hoarse voice, says that this is about to make her cry. TOMO jokes and says that they should just end the episode right now. HARU says that she wants to give her an Apollo Pouch, which the others say they should do. RINA says she's really happy that people like her listen to their music. TOMO says to come out to one of their concerts in her navy blue car. They thank her and end the call. MAMI says that they always read others' messages about stuff like saying thanks to the band or happy messages, but it's a lot more emotional when they hear it from the people themselves.

•They then contact the next listener. The listener says that they have two things: that they're soon going to be a Japanese language teacher, and that they're going to be obtaining a working holiday visa . TOMO asks where she's going, and she answers Vancouver, Canada. The band congratulates her and says she must have worked really hard. TOMO asks if being a "Japanese language teacher" is different from teachers teaching Japanese in Japan, and instead are teaching Japanese to foreigners. The listener says yes and the band says that that's cool. TOMO says it seems like it'd be difficult to do. RINA wonders from what point do you start to teach [foreigners] Japanese. They mention that Japanese has a lot of nuances and also things like sound effects and onomatopoeia, which they had previously talked about on the program before. They ask the listener if she'll be teaching things like that. She says that she'll actually be doing the opposite and will not be using words like that as they won't really be conveyed properly. HARU reads that the listener decided to become a Japanese teacher after learning that overseas fans of SCANDAL study Japanese and wanted to be of help in some way, which surprises the band. RINA asks when she started studying for this. She says October 2020; the band is surprised that she's been doing this for a year now. MAMI asks if she decided to do so because she already speaks a foreign language and wants to help people learn Japanese. She says that she can't really do so, but she does like K-Pop and really understands the want to understand foreign languages. She realized that overseas SCANDAL fans feel the same way, which made her start down this path. HARU reads that she's already going to head out in January. TOMO goes, "Is she...going to our...overseas tour?" HARU says that it says she is going and already has tickets to dates in Canada and the US. TOMO is surprised and goes, "Eh?? No way!" RINA asks if teachers are allowed to teach stuff aside from what's in textbooks, like stuff about music, for example. She says yes and that she wants to teach using SCANDAL's music as an example. RINA says that it might be difficult with their music because it's music that's filled with a lot of Japanese heart and soul. They say they'd love to take a lesson. The listener says that it's her goal to run into a SCANDAL fan overseas by coincidence. The band tells her to stay safe and do her best, and also to send in a message telling them what it's like for her overseas.

•Next, they call the last listener who says the top thing that happened to her this year is that she discovered SCANDAL. The band is really surprised and goes, "That's so cute!" She says that she watches and anime and did know of SCANDAL through their anime-related songs, but they only knew those songs and didn't know what the band's names were nor what they looked like. She says she grew up and starts mentioning that she was originally a fan of the rapper Rude-α (Rude Alpha). When she mentions his name, the band, whom are friends with Rude-α, get excited and go, "Rude-α!!" She says that two years ago she saw a picture of SCANDAL and Rude-α [most likely this one ] and went, "Oh, that's SCANDAL, and Rude's a fan of theirs!" Then, in April 2021, she was renting CDs and saw that they had a special if you rented 5 of them. She already had 4 picked out and was wondering what other CD she should get. It was then that she remembered that photo from two years ago and decided to rent a SCANDAL CD. Because they have so many releases she was unsure of which to go with, but she ended up going with BEST ALBUM "SCANDAL" (TOMO: "That rental system's amazing!"). She says that she thought their music was really cool and ended up renting all of their CDs as well as buying live DVDs, watching all their videos on YouTube, listening to all of the past "Catch up" episodes, and is now a SCANDAL MANIA PREMIUM member (the highest tier of their fan club). The band laughs and says that that's awesome.

•They thank her and say they're really happy to hear that. She says she also went to their joint-concert with Hump Back in June and "INVITATION" in August. They're really surprised that the listener turning into such a big fan happened in such a short amount of time. She also says that she won a signed sticker when she purchased eternal and then a signed t-shirt when she did the stamp rally at "INVITATION." The band is also surprised at this, considering how few of those they had signed. RINA asks her what song really hooked them in. She says that it was "Kagen no Tsuki" as she listened to their best-of album. RINA goes, "That's so chic!" TOMO says there probably aren't many people who like both Rude-α and KNT. She also wonders why the listener suddenly remembered SCANDAL at that time when renting the CDs; the listener also doesn't know why. TOMO says that it was fate. The listener also says that they're also attending BEST Xmas. The band laughs really hard and RINA says that her ability to get tickets is amazing; TOMO agrees, since BEST Xmas is their concert with the highest applicant-to-acceptance ratio (AKA the concert that gets the most ticket requests). A staffer also mentions her luck with this phone call as well. The listener says that she was really lucky when it came to SCANDAL this year. HARU says that they'll be touring next year and the listener says she hopes to get tickets to that as well. RINA laughs and says she thinks she will get them. The listener also mentions that MIRROR is coming out on her birthday. MAMI says that there's so much overlap when it comes to them and her. They tell her to send in more messages in the coming year. RINA says that their fans are awesome. TOMO says they're really interesting.

•They say this episode was fun and that talking to listeners on the phone makes them happy. HARU again says that this is the last episode of 2021 and asks how this year has been. She says that they recorded this show remotely, mainly in their office. RINA says that despite having to do the show in different forms, she's really glad that they were able to do continue to do this show. She also says that their fans are way too awesome and that they really support the band. HARU says they did a bunch of segments and received many messages from overseas fans, the latter of which inspired people like the second caller/listener during this episode. MAMI says that next spring will mark their second full year of doing this show. They all go, "So fast!"

•Finally, they close out the episode with a recording of them right after finishing their BEST Xmas concert on December 24th. They thank everyone and say it was a lot of fun. TOMO says that this might have been the most fun BEST Xmas they've ever had. They say this year they wrote an album, wrote new songs, played a lot of concerts--they really worked hard this year. TOMO says that this was the 10th BEST Xmas and that she saw people wearing shirts from the past BEST Xmas's over the years, which made her go, "This really is our 10th one, huh?" HARU says that they recognized a bunch of people there who came to the first one/have been coming out to see them for over 10 years, which made her realize that the band has been around for quite a while. HARU says that she wants to keep playing BEST Xmas's forever and the others agree. TOMO goes, "Let's only continue playing BEST Xmas's!" There's a pause before they laugh and MAMI goes, "That's it?!" They say they're looking forward to seeing everyone on tour in 2022.

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This thing of a listener's got squished flat! Was this a premonition of dramatic happenings during the "Debriefing session of things that happened this year"!?

Episode #95 blog

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HARUNA: Now then, this is 2021's last "Catch up" episode.

All: Ohー!

HARUNA: This is the last one, and we're recording it in a studio for the first time in forever...

RINA: We are.

HARUNA: It's been over a year and a half...

TOMOMI: Not since the very first episode...

RINA: Yeah...

HARUNA: ...right?

TOMOMI: We do come here for when we do live recordings of special programs, but aside from those... The last time really was the first episode...

RINA: So this is our second time recording it in the studio? And today's episode is #95?

HARUNA: That's right.

TOMOMI: We usually record it at our office.

RINA: Yeah.

HARUNA: True...

RINA: It feels kind of fresh.

HARUNA: I think it'll be relatively easy to hear our voices today.

RINA: Train sounds and the like won't be included in it.

MAMI: That's right!

TOMOMI: And director Kawai-chan is making her "mixing debut."

All: Congrats!

※Explanation: For radio directors, recording a program while giving instructions in front of the mixing board in the studio's control room is a sign that they're a fully-fledged director. This happened for this episode.

TOMOMI: Today, she'll be giving us instructions from the control room and playing songs.

HARUNA: She's all fluttery.

TOMOMI: She said she's excited.

RINA: So cute.

TOMOMI: She's all dressed up, too.

RINA: Right? She's so adorable.

MAMI: She really is.

RINA: I mean, it's the equivalent of a band's major debut day. It's quite a big thing.

HARUNA: It's wonderful.

TOMOMI: Let's take a photo later.

RINA: Yeah, we should.

HARUNA: This is a great way to wrap up 2021.

MAMI: It is.

HARUNA: So, we'll be doing this project at the end of 2021.
"A year-end party! A debriefing session of things that happened this year"
We'll be talking to listeners on the phone for the first time in a while.

TOMOMI: We're at the studio so that we can do the calls.

HARUNA: That's right. We've received many entries. They will be telling us via a phone call what happened for them this year. Although we'd love to call everyone who entered, due to time limits we will be calling three selected people.

Let's get right to it. First, we'll be talking to "Kapoko." from Fukushima Prefecture. Helloー?

Kapoko.: Hello! This is Kapoko!

RINA: Ah, it went through!

TOMOMI: Thank youー

Kapoko.: I always have fun listening to this program!

MAMI: Thank youー!

HARUNA: Let's get right to it. Please tell us what happened for you this year!

Kapoko.: Okay. My beloved light-blue car got squished flat...

All: Ehー!?

TOMOMI: Flattened??

RINA: What happened!?

TOMOMI: Did a meteorite fall on it??

RINA: What happened??

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 94

Topics tagged under catchup on SCANDAL HEAVEN FxEBf3W
Topics tagged under catchup on SCANDAL HEAVEN MOgZig1

•The episode starts with this. MAMI suggests they talk things over and then reconsider things. TOMO says that maybe they could live apart for a bit, and if the listener misses their SO/realize they do love their SO, then they should stay together. If not, then they should go for the other guy or perhaps someone else entirely. She says they could rethink things in a more broader sense. RINA says that they could try figuring out what's most important to them and what would make them feel most satisfied. They discuss things a little more, but basically conclude that they should try talking with their SO more and figure out what their future will be like.

•TOMO reads the next message from a listener who says they got their first girlfriend this year. They are interested in both men and women, and although they've dated men before, this is their first time dating a woman and each day feels fresh and fun. However, it's a long-distance relationship--far enough that flying would be the only option to see each other--and they actually haven't met in person yet since they met on Twitter. But they do fall asleep talking to each other every day. They're planning to meet each other next year--they're both SCANDAL fans and hope to go to the band's upcoming tour together. They end their message by saying they love both SCANDAL and their girlfriend. The band goes, "That's so adorable!" They say there are a lot of things to look forward to. RINA mentions the long-distance thing, but if they're both in the same country then that's totally doable. TOMO says that it's possible they're in different countries. RINA says that it's a pain to travel right now, but if they really care about each other then distance shouldn't be too much of an issue. They say it's so cute that they fall asleep talking to each other every day, and that the band will put on a good concert for when they see them.

•RINA reads the next message from a listener who got married this past October and had their ceremony in early December. They were unsure if they should hold the ceremony since there were no signs that COVID infections would be decreasing, but they were able to hold the ceremony safely and with a limited number of guests in attendance. They say that "eternal" played when their wive gave them a letter as a surprise, and they used "Chiisana Honoo" as their exit song. The band congratulates them and says they're happy that their songs were used. TOMO says that she attended a friend's wedding recently where they played "Taiyou to Kimi ga Egaku STORY" during the toasts. She demonstrates by saying they said "Cheers!" immediately followed by the intro to TaiKimi. She says that made her really happy. MAMI says that when her older brother got married, they used "Kinenbi" and "Yoake no Ryuuseigun." They say hearing all of these make them happy. RINA talks about the listener's message and jokes that it must have been really emotional during those times they played the songs. The others laugh and HARU mentions the "Make this moment last eternally" line. They say that they can tell how happy the listener is.

•MAMI reads the next message from a listener who is a teacher (SCANDAL: "Hey! Teacher!") and writes in about dialect onomatopeia related to "rock paper scissors" and how you singsong the chant when you're a kid in Akita Prefecture where they're from. I will not be translating this into English since it doesn't really translate well lol but the band all had different ways of saying it when they were kids. They do talk quite a lot about this and say at the end of it that they really love talking about things like this.

•They then close out the episode and decide to give Apollo Pouches to the second and third listeners to as Christmas presents.

*As always, you can send in a message to the program here . I've made a guide as how to input your info and message for those who need assistance (click to enlarge):

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Someone wants to be scolded by SCANDAL!? The band members give a pep talk to a listener's waivering feelings!

Episode #94 blog

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HARUNA: Since it's almost Christmas, our recording location is also Christmas-themed.

All: Yayー! Thanks so much!

RINA: There's a tiny Santa...

Staff: That's not it!

HARUNA: Ah, um...let's see. A 3-meter Christmas tree, and balloons that director Kawai-chan blew up with all her might: A 4-meter snowman and a 5-meter Santa.

MAMI: The Santa that RINA-chan mentioned is two inches high...

RINA: Its head and body are a combined two inches. Adorable.

HARUNA: We'll be reading lots of messages amidst this Christmas mood.


Good evening, SCANDAL.
I always enjoy listening to this radio program.

I've sent in this message because I want you guys to get mad at me.
I have a significant other that I live with.
It's been almost three years since I was told we should get married.

Also, I currently am having an affair with a co-worker.
It's not that I love them, though.
But since my SO and I are dating under the premise we'd get married, he keeps hounding me about marriage.
As long as I have accepted that, it's almost like an affair from his point of view.

My SO is a very nice person who works and also does housework, so I want him to be happy. I hope he meets someone good for him.
He also knows that I'm having an affair.
But I love him. I don't want to inconvenience him, but he wanted to be with me.

It's not that things aren't going well with him,
But no matter how tired I am, I will do the housework--our rhythms don't match. I can't really see a future with him.
We're together because he loves me, right? But he never says he loves me.
I want him to pat my head but he never tries to.

But cheating is bad.
If it was the other way around, I'd be very sad to be cheated on.
Please give me, whom he accepts despite me having an affair, a pep talk.

RINA: I see... They feel guilty and sent in this message.

TOMOMI: Are they saying that they don't yet love their partner?

MAMI: Isn't it that their feelings of guilt are beating the other feelings out?

HARUNA: But do they not like that?

MAMI: If they break up with the person they're currently dating, they might be able to fall in love with the other person...

TOMOMI: If they think there's no future with him, isn't it better to break up? Do they love him?

RINA: I think there are times when three years' worth of time comes with attachments, stability, is something you can't really separate from. In situations like that, I think that they may be under the illusion they might like the other person because they feel a thrill for this new person.

HARUNA: You're told to get married, so if you want to get married I feel like you can leave things as is.

MAMI: Isn't it better to face him now with this as an opportunity?

...they're quite heated up.
Love consultations and heavy content are also welcome. The four band members give serious thought together.

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 93

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•The episode starts with this.

•The next thing they talk about are the different editions (info on them can be found here). They first talk about the DVD Edition and say that they talked a lot during the interview. Next, the Magazine Edition. They say they also talked about a lot of things and that each member was photographed in different locations for their solo interviews (most likely like Vol.1). After that, they talk about the DVD+Merch version. They say the long-sleeve shirt is really cute, and taking the time of year into account, they went with a long-sleeve shirt this time instead of their usual short-sleeve one. The design is one where they want fans to use a mirror to take selfies in while wearing the shirt.

•Their upcoming tour in support of the album is talked about next. HARU says the Japan dates run from March to June, which is a pretty long time. After that they'll head out on their first world tour in forever. They say they feel like they're coming back little by little. HARU mentions how it says "and more" in the tour promo image and that more info will be coming soon. She says that their overseas listeners must also be looking forward to this tour (RINA: "We finally will get to see them"), and that they always get a bunch of messages from overseas fans sent in to the program. RINA says that they've never gone this long without going overseas before (since they had been going overseas at least once per year from 2008-2019), and that the fans must have been passionately waiting for this to happen. They say they're looking forward to it, and that they'll keep talking about info related to MIRROR on "Catch up."

•They then start the seventh "Kyoukai-sen Kyoukai" (Fine Line Association) segment. HARU reads the first message from a listener who asks them what the fine line is between autumn and winter. TOMO says that the period of time when it felt like it was autumn felt very short this year, which the others agree with. RINA starts to say something but her voice is all scratchy. The others laugh and TOMO asks her if her voice is okay. RINA laughs and says that her voice is gone due to the several days in a row they've been doing interviews. MAMI says that RINA's hoarse voice surprised her, and then says that it feels like winter when baked sweet potatoes are offered for sale at the market or convenience stores. HARU says that it feels like winter when you have to break out a coat. RINA agrees and says that it feels like winter when it's so cold you can't bear it anymore and have to wear a coat. TOMO says when she has to bring out a futon. RINA says a big part of realizing when it's winter is when your skin feels it, like, "It's so cold right now--it feels like winter." They also talk about how it's kind of hard to tell when autumn starts and begins. It's kind of like a transition period that happens in September-October and between summer when it's really hot, to winter when it's really cold. RINA says it's completely different now than how she remembers it when she was a child in her hometown, which the others agree with. MAMI says that the Halloween decorations at Disneyland or Universal Studios Japan changing to Christmas ones makes it feel like winter's. HARU says that Halloween might have a big deal to do with the transition from autumn to winter; as soon as it's over, it's like everything's in Christmas mode. That's why from November onwards it's like it's winter. TOMO says that not being able to visit theme parks recently may attribute to the fact that it's hard for them to tell what season it feels like. They also talk about packaging for products, such as limited edition ones for winter. HARU says it's like December onwards = winter, June-August = summer, September-October = autumn. They say it's kind of vague, though.

•TOMO reads the next message from a listener who asks the band what the fine line is between cool and cute, and if something can be both at the same time. HARU says it's also vague, and that both words are both compliments. TOMO says the meaning differs between each person, which the others agree with. She then asks the others if they think SCANDAL has any "cute" songs. They wonder if they do. RINA starts saying, "If it's starting from when we started 'her'...", but HARU goes ahead and says that she thinks "Kinenbi" is cute. The others agree. TOMO says that the rhythm's cute. HARU says that lyrics are cute (TOMO: "They're very cheerful"). RINA says that she thinks "Mabataki" is cute as well. TOMO says that there are also moments when you're listening closely to the music and will think it sounds cool, and asks what they think their "cool" songs are. TOMO says "Masterpiece." RINA says "Ceramic Blue." HARU says "Saishuuheiki, Kimi." RINA says "A.M.D.K.J." Both HARU and TOMO agree that "A.M.D.K.J." is cool. RINA wonders if you could also call it cute, which the others laugh at. TOMO says that the music video for "Saishuuheiki, Kimi" is an example of something that's both cute and cool. They say that it's difficult to say what the fine line is between the two. TOMO combines the words "kakkoii" (かっこいい; cool) and "kawaii" (かわいい; cute) in Japanese into "kakkokawaii." RINA says that there are clothes that are both cute and cool, and gives the example of lolita fashion . HARU says that it can be the opposite where a thing that someone thinks is cool may be considered cute by someone else. TOMO says that there are people in Germany who come to their shows dressed up all punkish and with mohawks that do look cute. MAMI says that there are people who dress coolly but their faces look all cute/dolled up. HARU says that in general the word "cute" is used for women, which the others agree with.

•RINA says that the word "cute" transcends its meaning; for example, you could even refer to a microphone as being "cute," or if they weather's nice, you could say that the sky looks "cute." HARU laughs and agrees. TOMO says that the sky can look cute at times. RINA says that the sky at 5 pm looks super-cute. TOMO says that the sky can also look cool. HARU says that times when you think something's nice, you'll just inadvertently end up saying it's "cute." TOMO says there's not much of a difference between the two words. MAMI says that there might be a difference when it comes to guys, though. RINA asks for an example, and MAMI says that there's probably a difference in calling a guy "cute" and calling a girl "cute." She then says, "Everyone's cute and cool!", which they all laugh at. RINA says that you consider a lot more things to be cute when you grow up, which they all agree with. She says that when you're a kid you think that things that are soft or have a soft vibe to them are cute, but when you grow up, the range of things you consider to be cute expands. An example would be considering the people who enjoy wearing punkish fashion to be cute, but everything in general is cute. She also says that SCANDAL's fans are the cutest in the world.

•TOMO says that it feels like you do use "cool" in its actual meaning. HARU says that people say their long-sleeve FEEDBACK shirts are cute but the actual print on them is cool. TOMO says that a lot of the time people who think something is nice will call it "cute." RINA says that it's usually used to refer to something that a person likes, and that it's a word that doesn't hurt/offend anyone. HARU says that there are people who might not like it if a friend called them "cute," though. TOMO says that there are definitely people who don't want to be called "cute." RINA is surprised at that since she thinks "cute" is such a complimentary word. A staffer seems to ask them if they prefer being called cute or cool. They say that either makes them happy. HARU says that "cute" has more of a charm to it. RINA says that a lot of people seem to call SCANDAL "cool" when they first become fans, but she wants them to first realize that they're cute. The others laugh at this. RINA says that people at first think they're sharp/prickly likely due to their music, but then realize via listening to "Catch up" and the like that they're pretty soft/gentle. HARU talks how on Twitter she saw recently saw her name mentioned in a convo that involved at least one person who wasn't a fan, and that someone said that their "favorite rascally female vocalist" is HARU. It made her go, "Rascally??" She says that it's probably from the impression of herself that she gave off previously. RINA says that it's probably due to their previous music. TOMO says that SCANDAL never really had that kind of era, though. They laugh, and RINA says that there probably was a time when she/the band came off as being more prickly. TOMO says that the word for "rascally" (やんちゃ; yancha) is cute, which the others laugh at and agree with. HARU says that it is cute but doesn't fit the impression she gives off now, but that being talked about now makes her wonder if she still gives off a "rascally" impression. TOMO again goes, "The word 'yancha' is so cute!", making them laugh again. MAMI says that it probably just means she gives off the image that she has a lot of freedom to do what she wants.

•They then close out the episode. They talk about BEST Xmas and TOMO says that it's their first one in two years, since their Christmas concert last year was the "SEASONS" one. They say they're looking forward to it.

*As always, you can send in a message to the program here . I've made a guide as how to input your info and message for those who need assistance (click to enlarge):

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Talking about their new album MIRROR that's straight from the oven! Its keywords are "strength" and "fragility"?

Episode #93 blog

Topics tagged under catchup on SCANDAL HEAVEN JEp5eUq

HARUNA: This week we'll be talking about our new album MIRROR out on Jan. 26th.
It's titled... "Mirror mirror on the wall, tell us about MIRROR!!"

RINA: I see - so that's what it is this time.

TOMOMI: It's pretty normal.

HARUNA: I read it just as it says on the script.
Now then, we're releasing info about the album little by little,
And we'll be talking about what we're able to as of Dec. 13th...

RINA: Well...can't we talk about whatever?

HARUNA: We can.

TOMOMI: What's important to note is that we haven't yet completed it... After we record this episode, we'll start mastering it. It might be done tonight [it was done that very night!].

RINA: We do hope we finish it today.

HARUNA: It'll finally be done...

RINA: Yeahー

HARUNA: I'm glad we finished itー

RINA: I'm happyー We worked so hardー

HARUNA: The title "MIRROR" was also decided on at the last minute.

RINA: That's true.

HARUNA: Maybe around autumn.

RINA: Yeah.

TOMOMI: Autumn, huh...

HARUNA: Our concert at Osaka-Jo Hall was done, and we had meetings [for the album] some time after that.

TOMOMI: We couldn't decide on it after three meetings.

RINA: Yeah.

HARUNA: It felt like we were even more undecided.

TOMOMI: I think it was like we weren't able to decide after several meetings, so we felt like we should carry it over to the next one.

RINA: The four of us shared the same image of it in our heads, though.

TOMOMI: We had shared keywords like "light."

RINA: We wanted to go with a one-word title that was delicate and catchy... We were always picturing something delicate and fragile like glass. But when we thought back, we realized that we were in production for this album for the past year and a half while facing the changing times and facing ourselves. We went with "MIRROR" because all of the songs were made during that period. Some songs express exactly who we are, and some are like a counterpunch to the current era.

HARUNA: We weren't sure if it was okay for it to have both strength and fragility--or rather, it's been a few months since we finally learned how to face up to our strength. After playing at Osaka-Ho Hall, that is.

RINA: That's true. "eternal" and "Ivory" show off a softer, gentler side to us, but the title song "MIRROR" has, in a bit of a good way, a obstinate feel to it. It was given an exquisite title.

HARUNA: I'm glad that the album-title song turned out to be a song that symbolizes who we are right now.

RINA: I'm glad we made it after deciding on the title.

HARUNA: We were able to find the final piece of the puzzle.

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 92

Topics tagged under catchup on SCANDAL HEAVEN 4lxH9zr
Topics tagged under catchup on SCANDAL HEAVEN 3Vg4tdD

•The episode starts with this.

•After RINA's guess, TOMO guesses that they came to see the huge fireworks show in Japan since it was the year 2000 (*bzzt). RINA wonders if it has something to do with the Year 2000 problem . She guesses that since the world was said to end when the year 2000 ended and so they escaped to Japan (*bzzt). HARU asks if the correct answer is close to the Y2K problem, and the staff says it does have something to do with it. MAMI guesses that since it was the year 2000, India wanted to spread their culture around (*bzzt). They all laugh at this and then ask for a hint. The staff says that they came here in need of help. TOMO starts guessing that it was because of heavy rains, which makes the staff laugh. She then goes, "So that it wouldn't rain..." The others laugh and ask what the heck she's trying to say (*bzzt). TOMO says that they're religious people so maybe they came to Japan to pray for it not to rain in India (*bzzt). MAMI then goes, "Oh, the Buddha!" HARU asks if she's trying to guess that they came to Japan to pray to the Buddha for help, which the others laugh at too (*bzzt). TOMO goes, "Midnight nembutsu (chant the name of Buddha)!" and they all laugh again (*bzzt). MAMI says, "To fix curry in Japan!" (*bzzt). HARU guesses that they brought a lot of curry over (*bzzt). The staff reminds them again of the "came here in need of help" hint. MAMI goes, "Technology! Um...what kind of technology...??" She's unsure and keeps going, "Um...umm...!" RINA suddenly says, "Oh, I know it. Calculations?", which is the correct answer. HARU reads the explanation, which is basically just a reiteration of the Y2K problem and that Indians engineers came to help out with any problems and the like.

•HARU then reads a few messages from listeners in Indonesia that basically only say that they're fans. And so the next quiz question relates to Indonesia:

Indonesia is a Southeast Asian country with thousands of volcanic islands. What does "Indonesia's messiah [?]" mean?

After a pause, both HARU and MAMI say "Islands" at the same time, which is the right answer. They laugh and MAMI goes, "That had to be the case!" (RINA: "We got it in one try"). HARU reads facts about it: It is composed of more than 13,000 islands, large and small, and boasts the world's fourth largest population of more than 270 million people. The staff says that the number of messages coming in from Indonesia to the program have increased recently and wonders if something happened recently in Indonesia [Note: Well, a volcano did erupt there on Dec. 4th lol but this episode was recorded well before that]. TOMO says that there are a lot of passionate fans in Indonesia--it's enough to make her wonder if they've turned into Justin Bieber.

•HARU reads the next message from a Japanese listener who had lived in Singapore, India, and Thailand for work in the past. When they were in India, they basically lived in a dormitory. The dorm manager, who was Indian, worked hard to cook Japanese food for the listener every day--however, it was really bad. They put it up with it for a few months before they told the manager that they wanted to eat Indian food, which surprised the manager. After that, they had a good time eating delicious Indian food after that. However, the spices were so powerful that they had to go to the bathroom after eating.

•RINA says that the band's the type to eat local foods whenever they're traveling overseas. But during the latter half of the tour/the final night of a tour is when they'll start eating Japanese food again. A staffer asks if that happens often. They say that it does. Another staffer seems to ask them what foreign foods they've liked the best. MAMI says that Turkish food was good and that they loved it so much that they ate it again when they came back to Japan. TOMO says that that food has an easy-to-get-used-to flavor for Japanese people. She also says that the sausages in Germany are awesome, and that the ones they had were basically as big/thick as an arm. RINA says that she likes the food in Mexico, which the others agree with. A staffer asks them what they ate. RINA says tacos, and that tacos were basically what they ate the entire time but surprisingly didn't get tired of eating them. They had a bunch of different kinds of tacos such as dessert tacos. MAMI says that they ate cactus. RINA says that was good and was like aloe. TOMO mentions that they ate ant eggs as well. HARU says that they've eaten a lot of weird foods. She also says that they don't really like this, but there was this green noodle dessert in Thailand that they had eaten before. They say they've forgotten what it's called. RINA says that she's sure it'll pop up right away if you search for it. MAMI does and finds it: Lod chong .

•She also says that there was this jelly-like dessert in Taiwan that they liked but isn't sure what it's called. HARU says that it's like shaved ice [probably this ]. RINA says that when they were there and no other stores were open since it was late, they furiously searched on Google, found a shaved ice place, and they all ate it together on the bus. HARU says that they wanted an after-dinner dessert. MAMI says that in Asia especially there must be many odd/unusual desserts that exist. A staffer says something inaudible but RINA says that they just kind of go with it when ordering stuff when there are no photos and they can't read the language, so they're basically unsure of what they're actually eating--but it's always delicious. TOMO says that when they were in Hong Kong they got something that was peach-shaped and so thought it was a dessert, but the filling inside was hard egg yolks. She says that it would probably be good with soy sauce poured over it, but to have that as a dessert was surprising to them. HARU says that bak kut teh in Singapore was good. They all agree. TOMO says that it tasted like black pepper, and that it'll definitely make you swell up (due to how salty it is? lol). RINA says that satay in Indonesia is delicious.

•They then close out the episode. TOMO says that she hopes they are able to go overseas this year. The others correct her and say that it's next year. HARU says that they're releasing their tour schedule little by little and hope they're able to go to all these places safely.

*As always, you can send in a message to the program here . I've made a guide as how to input your info and message for those who need assistance (click to enlarge):

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The sixth "I see - The Catch up"! Why did so many people from India move to the Nishikasai area of Tokyo!?

Episode #92 blog

Topics tagged under catchup on SCANDAL HEAVEN 9q2ZBSU

HARUNA: This week we'll be bringing you the first "I see - The Catch up" in half a year!

TOMOMI: I love this segment.

HARUNA: It's the sixth one.

TOMOMI: We've done that many?

HARUNA: Delivering world news and national news in the form of a quiz! It's a segment that's fitting for SCANDAL, who has fans around the world. Based on messages from overseas fans, staff members come up with quizzes related to the country of the people who send them, and then give questions to the members.
So far...
We have delivered quizzes based on messages from Estonia, Malaysia, Argentina, Italy, Russia, USA, Australia, Philippines, and Taiwan.

MAMI: We've done that many?

HARUNA: We have.
Now then, which countries will these come from?
Let's get to the messages.


I am an Indian living in Mumbai. My Japanese is self-taught, so I apologize if there are any mistakes.

I've been listening to SCANDAL songs for over 11 years. The first one I listened to was "Shunkan Sentimental." Also, I listened to "Pride" and understood how awesome the band is. I then listened to all of your albums and watched a bunch of videos on YouTube, becoming a big fan.

The lines, the melody, and MAMI's strong vocals in "Koe" brought warmth to my heart. Thank you so much for making such a wonderful song.

I haven't been able to see SCANDAL live yet, but I will when the pandemic is over.

Oh, I also have a silly story. Since my name is Ankur, I was really surprised when I heard HARUNA say "Thanks for the encore [ankooru]" during a concert. I thought, "Huh? Is she saying my name?" From here on out too, I'll pretend that's what's being said lol

"Catch up" is a very fun program. I love hearing about all sorts of topics. I'm grateful to both the staff and the band members. Please be careful and do your best. I'll always support you guys.

P.S.: My favorite bands before SCANDAL were Linkin Park and L'Arc-en-ciel.

RINA: That makes me happy to hear.

TOMOMI: I'm happy that our music reaches all the way to India.

HARUNA: That's awesome.

TOMOMI: I'd love to go.

MAMI: Same.

HARUNA: Self-studying Japanese? That's awesome.

MAMI: That was very good.

HARUNA: It's also awesome that we understood it.

RINA: Yeah.

HARUNA: Now here's a question about India!

Many Indians live around Nishikasai Station in Edogawa-ku, Tokyo, so much so that it's called Little India. It seems that that number has increased sharply since 2000. What happened in 2000?

TOMOMI: What??

RINA: Did something happen in 2000...?

MAMI: Many Indians came to Japan...

RINA: ...a curry craze?


What is the correct answer?
Think about it together with us!

Pretty sure this message is from yet another SH user! MAMI wink
【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 91

Topics tagged under catchup on SCANDAL HEAVEN AFAVLHy
Topics tagged under catchup on SCANDAL HEAVEN Qv7xUDr

•The episode starts with this.

•HARU suddenly goes, "Oh, Manhole Cards !" - it's likely that the band is given these cards to look at. MAMI says that these aren't what she was expecting them to be like. HARU says they really are like trading cards. She mentions that one of them has Godzilla on it, which is from the Shinjuku area of Tokyo. TOMO says that seeing these makes her want to collect them. The others agree. They read the numbers on the front of the cards that seem to act as the card's HP (HARU: "It really is like Pokemon"). They say that these cards are really interesting.

•MAMI reads the next message from a listener who is a barber and had previously asked them to say "Hey! Barber." The listener says he will tell them what he knows about punch perms. He lists a lot of the things that MAMI had already covered and also says that he himself has never given a punch perm to a customer before, but it is a very valuable technique that seems to be dying due to not many barbers knowing how to do it these days, so he encourages the band to try out punch perms for themselves. RINA says that this message was sent before the band did their presentations, which is why there is overlap in the info said, but obviously what MAMI presented was all true. MAMI says that she would like to try it out one day, though it seems like it would be a painful experience. RINA says that it does seem like it would damage your hair to an extent.

•TOMO reads the next message from a listener who basically praises their 15th anniversary concert. The band thanks them and mentions that it's now out on Blu-ray/DVD. RINA reads the next message from a listener who talks about how her little sister's message was read in episode 86, and how they both love SCANDAL. She also talks about how she discovered them. TOMO says that both sisters' messages have now been read on the program.

•MAMI reads the next message from a listener who says that they live in the countryside, and when they listened to the "MAMImume, uninhabited islands" episode, it made them go, "Oh, that's right; my family owns a mountain." The band is surprised by this, of course. The listener says that it's not being used right now for anything, though. They had also asked their dad how much he thinks it would sell for; he replied that he thinks it could go for 6 million yen ($53,000 USD). They say that mountains for sale in the countryside are probably easier to find than uninhabited islands. They also ask TOMO, who loves to go camping, if she'd be interested in this privately-owned mountain that could be used for camping. TOMO goes, "That sounds lovely, but what prefecture is it located in?" The others also wonder. MAMI mentions that they said something about "Biwa," which could refer to Biwa Lake in Shiga Prefecture (500 km/300 mi away from Tokyo). TOMO says that that would be hard to get to for her and declines the offer.

•They then close out the episode. They talk about the year-end project (details here).

*As always, you can send in a message to the program here . I've made a guide as how to input your info and message for those who need assistance (click to enlarge):

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TOMOMI is shocked by the reality of manholes: "We had such high hopes..." *A year-end project has also been announced!

Episode #91 blog

Topics tagged under catchup on SCANDAL HEAVEN NSTFHQA

HARUNA: We finally can announce that we're releasing a new album!

All: (*Big applause)

HARUNA: Our album titled MIRROR will be out on January 26th! the summer we said during a concert MC that we had about 3 songs left to write. We somehow made it in time and plan to finish recording by the end of the year.

TOMOMI: So glad! We haven't recorded them yet as of this episode's taping, though... We haven't shot the promo photos, either.

HARUNA: We'll do our best so that we're able to get them out to everyone on 1/26.
Now then, we'll reading a bunch of messages this week...
There are quite a few reactions to "ONE MORE TIME...STUDY!" There's one about manholes.


HARUNA: I'll read one.


Good evening, SCANDAL. I'm sending this message because you're covering the topic of manholes on "ONE MORE TIME...STUDY!"

My previous job was related to sewerage and I would go inside manholes to inspect and clean them.

Basically, when you open a manhole cover, there is only a hole with the same size as the manhole, and there are a number of handles (steps) to descend the wall. Sewage flows at the bottom like a waterslide.

It's often depicted in anime where someone goes down a manhole to escape, but there's almost no space that wide that people can run through lol

Also, since manhole covers typically have locks on them, you won't even be able to open it unless you have a special key that'll unlock it lol

Furthermore, the inside of a manhole may have small amounts of oxygen or is filled with toxic gas from the sewage, so you might die instantly if you try to run away lol

Of course, you typically first measure the oxygen and gas concentration inside before entering!

RINA: It's awesome when a pro explains stuff. You really understand it.

TOMOMI: I thought that there was something grand that was sprawling under the manholes...

RINA: It's like that in movies and anime.

TOMOMI: I thought the [sewers] spread out all over the city.

MAMI: I had the impression that they were subway-like tunnels that people could just walk through.

TOMOMI: ...then, where do you find things like that?

RINA: They're movie sets.

TOMOMI: Sets??

RINA: Yeah, sets.

MAMI: You're rather sure about that.

RINA: Those [kinds of places] are staged and not real.

TOMOMI: We had such high hopes...

HARUNA: Even though your dreams were broadening, inside of manholes...
Aren't they like that overseas?

RINA: That seems likely, and that aliens seem likely to come out of them.

TOMOMI: It does.

RINA: Are they there, I wonder...

HARUNA: The cover's locked in the first place, so it won't open.

RINA: That's true.

We're still waiting for any additional info on manholes, punch perms, kokeshi dolls, and ladybugs!

Also! We'd like to announce that we're looking for all sorts of messages to be sent in!

①「A debriefing session on what happened this year」

A lot of things happened in 2021.
Let's report what was good this year, and what was a little disappointing!
Friday, December 10th is the entry deadline.

⇨An assortment of sweets will be given out, so please apply!

②「SCANDAL Catch up Power Word Awards」!

Phrases that the band mentioned that stuck with you,
Things that stuck with you, things that made you laugh, things that were interesting, things that were touching,
Quotes, rare remarks, comments, reactions... Please tell us about those kinds of "power words"!
Replay the older episodes and select your applicable words!
Those who send messages in may get a program sticker or Apollo pick, perhaps?

We'll be waiting for your messages!

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 90

Topics tagged under catchup on SCANDAL HEAVEN PxaMUNT
Topics tagged under catchup on SCANDAL HEAVEN GKyedcp

•The episode starts with this.

•TOMO says that there are four types of kokeshi that originated in Miyagi Prefecture. The first type she talks about is Naruko . She says this is probably the most popular type of traditional kokeshi and that you can move its neck around and it makes a sound when you do so. One of their distinguishing features is that they often have chrysanthemum patterns on them. The second type of kokeshi she talks about is Togatta . Children would wrap cloth around it as a dress-up doll. What's characteristic about these are that they are very thin and can be easily knocked over. The third type she talks about is Yajiro . They look fashionable, with a pattern on their head that looks like a beret and kimono patterns on their body. She says that this is the one that many people choose as their first kokeshi doll, which surprises the others. Their popularity is due to them being stylish and nice-looking. The fourth type she talks about is Sakunami . The others say they've never heard of this type before. TOMO says that kids used to play with them, which is why they're thin in shape and easy to hold.

•Next, TOMO talks about the fifth type, Tsuchiyu , which is from Fukushima Prefecture. They often come in a striped pattern and have double eyelids. TOMO says that unlike other typical kokeshi where most dolls are girls/women, these can be "takobouzu" (men with bald/shaven heads). The sixth type she talks about is Hijiori from Yamagata Prefecture. These have heads like Naruko but bodies like Togatta. The heads are hollow and so beans can be put in it to make it sound like maracas. The seventh type she talks about is Zao Takayu from Yamagata. These have huge heads (MAMI: "They're cute!"). She then talks about the eighth type, Yamagata , which is essentially the same as the Sakunami one. She explains the origin of the name [which can be found by clicking on that previous link]. The ninth type she talks about is Kijiyama from Akita Prefecture. MAMI says that this type doesn't look like the usual kokeshi dolls. TOMO says that these usually wear kimono and have lonely-looking expressions on their faces. Right before she talks about the 10th one, Nambu , the others seem to look at photos of them and go, "Oh!", which makes TOMO laugh. HARU says that they look like the kendama toy. TOMO says that they started off as 'teething' dolls, and that they are usually plain with no patterns on them. The final and 11th type she talks about is Tsugaru from Aomori Prefecture. These often have Daruma doll patterns on them. MAMI says they have very kind-looking expressions.

•TOMO then talks about "sosaku [creative] kokeshi " and that they started to be made in Gunma Prefecture and Kyoto after WWII. They became very popular in Europe in the early 2000s with an upwards of 10,000 exported there per month, which surprises the others. She says the most popular maker of sosaku kokeshi is Usaburo Kokeshi, and that they now produce kokeshi of popular characters from series like Star Wars . TOMO shows the others the different character dolls . They all go, "Eh??! They're so adorable!" and look through the lineup for a bit. TOMO explains how detailed they are and MAMI says she's not surprised they're so popular overseas.

•TOMO says that something called "kokesu" sprung forth from kokeshi and asks them what they think it is. She says that it originated from high school students in Aomori Prefecture. MAMI asks for a hint. TOMO says it's a game. MAMI guesses that it's a game that uses kokeshi as pieces. TOMO says that's close, and that it's chess [it's likely a pun: chess = チェス "chesu" in Japanese, so "kokesu] where every piece is a kokeshi doll, which surprises the others. TOMO says that these were made as a disaster-relief item, and that when the king piece falls over, an LED light will shine from it. She says that in researching kokeshi, she fell quite a bit in love with it all, and that the Hijiori ones with the hollow heads appealed to her the most because you can turn them into maracas. She ends it with saying that the more you look into it, the more you'll discover how charming they are, so she implores everyone to research kokeshi for themselves. The others clap for her and say it was interesting. HARU says it was a wonderful presentation.

•Lastly, RINA presents her topic: ladybugs. She first asks the others how many types of ladybugs exist in Japan. MAMI guesses 50, TOMO guesses 7, and HARU guesses around 50 as well. RINA says that there are about 180 types in Japan alone, which highly surprises the others (MAMI: "That's too many!"). There are differences in colors, sizes, patterns, etc., but they're typically divided into three types based on what they eat: bugs, moss, or plants. She then talks about the meaning behind the Japanese word for ladybug, which is "tentoumushi " (てんとう虫) and has to do with how they climb upwards towards the sun/heavens, and then talks about the English name for them and that "lady" comes from the Virgin Mary. She mentions that they're said to bring happiness and luck, especially in love--if you see one, it could mean that you're likely soon to get married.

•RINA says could basically only find good things that were said about ladybugs and wished that there were more interesting/stimulating things that are said about them, which the others laugh at. She says that she did find a few things and that she'll talk about the scariest one she found that was an actual incident that was reported in August 2012 . A British woman named Danielle Eccles, who had previously always been in good health, suddenly started having problems with her right ear starting from three years prior (2009). She went to different hospitals and doctors who kept telling her that nothing was wrong. She went to the doctor's about six times in total and was prescribed painkillers, though they didn't help with her condition at all. Her ears started to hurt so much that she couldn't bear it--she couldn't even go to work. When she was transported to a different hospital and they put in about three times the usual amount of eardrops, a ladybug's head fell out of her ear. HARU and TOMO say that as they listened to the story they thought that would be the case but kept wishing that it wasn't. MAMI wonders why no one noticed the ladybug. RINA says that the woman said that when the ladybug's head fell out, it was then that she remembered that she thought something had crawled into her ear wayback when. They all laugh and go, "Well, of course!" RINA says that the rest of the ladybug's body was removed within five minutes and the woman's hearing was restored. The others say they're glad to hear that.

•With that, RINA's presentation concludes and they all clap for her. HARU wonders how many types of ladybugs there are in the world. They say they come in all kinds of colors and not just red--there are also ones that are, for example, yellow. RINA brings up that "lucky/happy" aspect to them again and says that that superstition must be pretty old since getting married was apparently the #1 most happy thing that people thought could happen to someone. HARU says that the only thing she can think of when she thinks of ladybugs is the mascot of Philippine fast food chain Jollibee . The others say that that's not a ladybug but a bee. HARU is surprised and goes, "That's a bee??" RINA say that she does kind of get what she means because it does resemble a ladybug more than it does a bee. HARU goes, "Isn't it a ladybug??" RINA laughs and MAMI goes, "Eh?? It's a bee!" RINA says that it does look like if a bee and a ladybug got married to each other, and that if you had to say which insect its face more closely resembles, it would have to be a ladybug. They say that the food is really good. MAMI says that when they were in Philippines and she mentioned they ate Jollibee, it was like 500,000 people were cheering for that. RINA says that talking about Jollibee made the crowd more excited than any song they performed. HARU says that it isn't a ladybug after all.

•They then close out the episode. They say that there was a lot of content among all of the presentations and that everything was super interesting. HARU says it's nice to learn about things that never really knew about before. A staffer says that they've already received messages regarding their topics from pros such as barbers, which surprises the band. They say they'll read those messages starting from next week's episode and that they're grateful all these pros sent in messages. They also say that this was fun and that they'd love to do this kind of project again.

*As always, you can send in a message to the program here . I've made a guide as how to input your info and message for those who need assistance (click to enlarge):

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*A list of all episode summaries can be found here

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Week 2 of "ONE MORE TIME STUDY"! TOMOMI's completely obsessed with kokeshi dolls!?

Episode #90 blog

Topics tagged under catchup on SCANDAL HEAVEN Bc1MAvX

HARUNA: Continuing from last week... "ONE MORE TIME…STUDY!"
RINA and TOMO will be presenting. Who will start it off?

RINA: Let's decide with jan-ken (rock, paper, scissors)!
(*They do jan-ken)

TOMOMI: I won, so we'll start from me... Is that okay?

HARUNA: What was your topic, again?

TOMOMI: Kokeshi dolls!

MAMI: Can't waitー

RINA: That's a world I don't know at all...

TOMOMI: I also had no idea at all, but I ended up really liking them as I started to research them... I might buy some...

All: Ehー!?

TOMOMI: I'm a little worried whether or not I can convey their appeal, but I'll do my best!

HARUNA: If you would.

TOMOMI: Now then, once more... Do you know what kokeshi dolls are?

RINA: Yeah, we do.

TOMOMI: They're dolls made of wood. Kokeshi dolls can be divided into roughly 2-3 types. Today, I will be talking about two types.

MAMI: Okay.

TOMOMI: The first is the "traditional kokeshi" that have been passed down in the Tohoku region. The second is the "creative kokeshi" that are made in various parts of Japan, done with unconventional thinking.


TOMOMI: I will first talk about "traditional kokeshi." This was born in Tohoku in the latter half of the Edo period, and it seems that it started when a craftsman who made wooden bowls and trays made dolls from surplus wood for children.

All: Wowー!

TOMOMI: 90% of people at the time were farmers in the latter half of the Edo period, and it was customary to go to hot springs in the winter when farming season ended in the Tohoku region. It seems that the dolls were made as souvenirs for children in the hot springs areas. Therefore, hot springs and kokeshi dolls are very closely related.

All: Is that soー?

TOMOMI: Many other toys began to appear after that and the popularity of kokeshi has died down, but they have become popular after garnering attention as works of art.

All: I seeー

TOMOMI: Presently, to celebrate a birth, a kokeshi doll is made that's the same height and width of the baby when it's born... Aren't those ones red?

HARUNA: Were they red?

TOMOMI: Many of them are made red.

RINA: There are all sorts of designs.

TOMOMI: Yes, there are different designs, but many of them are made red. Red is said to be auspicious. These dolls were once considered talismans that would protect children.

All: Got itー

TOMOMI: And "traditional kokeshi" can be divided into 11 types.

HARUNA: There are that many!?

TOMOMI: Eh, don't you mean there are only 11 types? The patterns, shapes, and faces differ depending on the production area and craftsman. I found it easy to understand. I will explain all 11 types one by one.

All: ...if you would.

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 89

Topics tagged under catchup on SCANDAL HEAVEN OuA3DUN
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•The episode starts with this.

•MAMI continues with her presentation [she's actually reading the Wikipedia entry about it word for word lol]. One fact she reads is that since hairdressers' sales in the 1970s were sluggish due to the trend of people having long hair, the group "Zenkoku Riyou Seikatsu Kankyou Eisei Dougyou Kumiai Rengou-kai" (全国理容生活環境衛生同業組合連合会; it's basically a union consisting of barbers and the like - HARU goes, "That's so long!"), AKA "Zenriren," formed an emergency project team and set out to develop highly fashionable short hairstyles--the punch perm was one of those. MAMI then talks about how punch perms have evolved and in Gifu Prefecture, barbers are now doing it so that the sides are shaved and only the hair at the top of the head is permed [like this ]. This new style is called "New Punch." TOMO asks if that's what's in fashion now for these perms. MAMI says that it's one type of punch perm.

•MAMI also says that there are also different types of punch perms known as "Nure Pan (濡れパン; "nure" = wet)" and "Yuru Pan (緩パン; "yuru" = loose)" [link ]. "Nure Pan" is a perm that makes it look like your hair is wet. After perming it, the hair is combed through with a comb with dipped in gel or grease. "Yuru Pan" is a perm that gives you much more natural curls than the "Nure Pan" and also gives your hair volume. TOMO says it basically isn't a punch perm anymore. MAMI agrees and says that she's seen pictures of it and that it's so different looking from a typical punch perm that you wouldn't know it was associated with them. She also says that punch perms are a barber technique rather than a hairdresser's one. But since the numbers of barbers are decreasing every year, it's getting harder to find ones who still know how to do the original one/keep the techniques going. She concludes it by saying she's looking forward to how punch perms will evolve in the future.

•RINA says that punch perms have quite the history to them. MAMI says that there are many techniques like this that many people are sure to want to try and pass down/keep alive. RINA says that there are a lot of fields like that. TOMO says that for a time she really liked watching videos related to punch perms. They talk about how doing stuff like that takes a lot of skill. MAMI says that a detailed hairstyle like this is unique to Japan, and that it's a hairstyle that can be done because delicate work is done carefully. She says that if they were to go out on the streets, they'd probably guys walking around with these newer perm styles and might not know the name or them, or where they originated from. The others agree that these styles do not resemble OG punch perms at all. MAMI says that listeners should look up pictures of punch perms afterwards. The band and staff clap for her. MAMI goes, "Was that okay??" HARU says that was plenty. RINA says that the research done traced back the topic's history quite a bit. TOMO and HARU say it was interesting.

•Next up is HARU's topic: manhole covers. The others say this topic sounds like it'll be interesting. HARU first explains what a manhole is and its function (a vertical hole made in the ground so that workers can enter and exit from the ground for the purpose of management of underground sewers/culverts, buried electricity/communication cables, etc.), and that recently they've been referred to more in Japan as "maintenance holes." She also says that it doesn't matter if a manhole has a cover on it or not. MAMI goes "Eh??" TOMO asks if there are ones that are left open as is. HARU continues that it doesn't matter if there's a cover on it or not, but they usually will have a cover on it so that people don't fall down it. She says that many of them are made with iron so that they're not blown away by the wind and can withstand heavy objects like vehicles, and that its circular shape is to prevent it from falling into the hole. She then talks about how the first thing you usually notice about a manhole cover is its design, which the others agree with. There's also apparently a thing called "Manhole Cards " (trading cards that have manhole cover designs on them) that you can get by going to specific places. She says that those who are into them will go around the country to collect these cards. Some manholes feature anime characters on them--an example she gives is that Chiyoda City in Tokyo has Astro Boy characters on them. In Shinagawa, there are ones with Cinnamoroll on them, who is Shinagawa Tourism Ambassador. The others are surprised by the tourism ambassador thing. MAMI says she's surprised they've never seen them, given how much they go to Shingawa Station (which is a main transportation hub for the shinkansen and such). HARU also says that there are ones with Ultraman on them in Setagaya since Tsuburaya Productions, the studio responsible for creating Ultraman, was founded there. Additionally, there are Pokemon covers that can be found all around the country. Those are known as "Poke Futa," or "Poke Lids."

•HARU then mentions the movie Roman Holiday and that what seemed to formerly be a manhole cover was featured in it. RINA goes, "That one's huge!" TOMO asks if that means it was used on the streets where people would walk over them. HARU says no, and that it seemed to have been hole for draining water from inside of a building rather than from its basement. She then talks about how there's a "completion festival " involving manhole covers that takes place in Tokyo. TOMO asks if it's like a stamp rally (visit different places to get stamps). HARU says that it's more of an event. There are 14 million manhole covers in Japan with about 3 million of them aging out due to not being managed well. With this event, the general public is asked to take photos of 400,000 manholes in the 23 wards of Tokyo and post them to a specific app. Those who take photos of a lot of covers will receive prize money. HARU says that this project is one encourages people to take care of the city infrastructure together. RINA says that the people who thought of this idea are really smart, and that it must feel like a game to the general public. TOMO says that she might try participating in this. HARU says that the top goal is to take photos of 8,000 covers, and that everyone who participates in this gets free entry into an onsen (hot springs). Those who post a lot of photos will get special prizes like specialty crabs. The others are surprised by this (MAMI: "I want to eat that" - TOMO: "That's awesome"). HARU says that it'll likely spread out to other cities and to keep an eye out for when it'll happen in listeners' cities.

•HARU says that the covers are usually pretty cute and colored, which surprises the others--they don't seem to know that fact about the covers. They and their staff seemingly look at photos of colorful covers. RINA isn't sure if she's ever seen colored covers in person. HARU says that manhole covers aren't usually something that you would regularly notice in the first place. RINA says they're basically art. HARU says that that's why there are a lot of people who are crazy about them. MAMI wonders how much a manhole cover costs. HARU says that you can get ones that go in house driveways for about 1,500 yen ($15 USD), and that you can also get ones made of iron on Amazon. A staffer is surprised and goes, "Amazon?" HARU says that Amazon does offer them for sale . MAMI looks it up and says that it is true. HARU seems to look up the manhole festival thing again and says that the top monetary prize is 200,000 yen ($2,000 USD), which surprises the others. MAMI says that manhole covers are appealing and mentions the shirt she had made that featured a manhole cover on it. HARU says that they should go see the character-themed covers together. They all clap for her and say that it was interesting + it made them think about things they've never really considered until now.

•They then close out the episode. HARU says that they had planned to do one episode that featured all of their presentations but they talked a bit too much. RINA says that it's interesting to learn about stuff they've never looked into before. HARU says that it's nice to have this program to learn about stuff they wouldn't normally know/learn about. They all agree that this is a good project.

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Time to finally present "ONE MORE TIME STUDY," where each member has studied a given topic!

Episode #89 blog

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HARUNA: Today's the day to present "ONE MORE TIME…STUDY!" All of us are a bit excited.

TOMOMI: I've already fallen in love with what I studied. I might be nervous about conveying their charm.

HARUNA: I see. For this project, the four of us are turning in homework. It's a very, very, very late-summer independent research project, that it's basically a winter independent research project now. The four of us each studied a given topic. Let's present our findings and go over the topics:

My (HARUNA) topic is manholes. TOMOMI's is kokeshi dolls. MAMI's is punch perms. RINA's is ladybugs. We'll decide on the order by jan-ken-pon.

All: (*Doing jan-ken*)

HARUNA: So we'll be starting from MAMI!

RINA: If you would.

HARUNA: Present it however you'd like.

MAMI: Now then, guitarist MAMI will be presenting her research on punch perms.

HARUNA: I'm really interested in this topic...

MAMI: Really? That makes me happy to hear!

TOMOMI: We're interested, so please continue.

MAMI: Okay.

As you may know, punch perms originated in the 1970s in Japan and became popular in the 80s. At the time, models were given punch perms at haircut shows--it was a fashionable style. However, in the Heisei Era, due to its "scary" and "tough-guy" image, and is now a hairstyle that you hardly see these days.

All: I see.

MAMI: A punch perm is a permed hairstyle with small curls. In contrast to perms for women that give loose curls, this tight-curled perm is aimed towards men with short hair. It's similar to an afro perm but different in length. It was once popular with athletes such as pro baseball players, boxers, and golfers because sweat doesn't affect it and it's convenient to wash.

All: Ohー

MAMI: The punch perm is said to have been invented by a barber in Kitakyushu, Fukuoka in the 1970s. A hair iron heated to 160°C/320°F is applied to the hair and permed by turning one's wrists. If a person has a lot of hair, it can be wrapped about 600 times... Apparently, because there isn't anything else that goes higher than that + press it, it was named "champion press" at first.

All: Ahー

MAMI: After that, it was named after the magazine "Heibon Punch" that was popular at the time, and it came to be known as a "punch perm" among barbers in the Kansai area.

All: Is that soー?

They were all pretty serious about their presentations...

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 88

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•The episode starts with this. A staffer asks them if they fell asleep on a sofa, which they say yes, it was a large sofa by a round table. HARU asks if all four of them fell asleep; RINA says yes. TOMO says she's really glad nothing happened, which the others agree with. The staffer asks if the band was sleeping there by themselves. RINA says yes. MAMI goes, "Oh yeah, there weren't any adults with us!" TOMO wonders why that was. RINA wonders why the meeting didn't take place in a room rather than the lobby. MAMI says that maybe they were told to wait a bit, which is when they all fell asleep. They talk a little about the tour they were on and that they basically ate nothing but pizza.

•MAMI then starts talking about right before their major debut when HARU had moved to Tokyo, MAMI and TOMO were still commuting from their hometowns, and RINA hadn't yet transferred to a high school in Tokyo. The three of them (MAMI, TOMO, RINA) would stay in this hotel every week--it was basically like their home. MAMI says that they would all be excited to eat breakfast there. RINA says that it was buffet-style, and because none of them had much money then, they would stuff themselves full there. MAMI says that they were the only high schoolers there eating breakfast mixed among the salarymen there.

•RINA talks about their 2016 Europe tour where they toured around in a bus the whole time. After a performance, the band members and their female staffers would rent a hotel room close by and take turns bathing, while the male staffers would take showers at the venues. After, they would meet up again at the bus--RINA says that was how they spent the month [the tour actually only spanned 15 days, though lol]. She then talks about how in one of the countries, their hotel was smack dab in the middle of a bunch of adult shops. After showering, all of them had to go back to the bus together (rather than one by one). They did wonder what kind of shops they were and what kinds of themes they had. TOMO says that this city was cool, though.

•MAMI then asks which country "Ubaga ubaga" happened in. HARU goes, "What the heck's that??" and then goes, "Ah! Ah!" as if she was starting to remember it. TOMO thinks it's Turkey but HARU says that's not it. MAMI says that they went to a hotel's restaurant to eat lunch and "Ubaga ubaga" was playing over the loudspeakers the entire time. They were all like, "What is this??" HARU says that maybe it was warning people of danger. They laugh and MAMI says that maybe they were telling people to make a run for it. She also says that their European staff also had no idea what that meant. They looked it up and couldn't find anything about it. TOMO says that no one around them was reacting to it. MAMI says that because it sounded like an alarm that they thought that maybe it was to signal some kind of training, and that they ate very watery ramen hearing that the entire time. The staff asks them where it was, but none of them can remember. RINA says that the hotel itself was nice, though. TOMO wonders if it was in Poland. HARU says that that might be it. The staffer seems to ask them if they were sure that what they heard was "Ubaga ubaga." They're pretty confident in that, and RINA says that it would be "ウバガ" in katakana. TOMO says that it could have even been in hiragana: "うばが." RINA wonders what it means. Another staffer asks them if that word played the entire time. They say that it went, "Ubaga ubaga, something-something, something-something, ubaga ubaga." RINA goes, "Why didn't the local staff know about it??" She also says that a small platoon did come while they were eating, so maybe it really does have something to do with training. TOMO seems to get a hit on Google and says that "ubaga" means "attention" in Polish. They all go "Ah!" HARU asks if it really is "ubaga." TOMO says that it's spelled "uwaga" but pronounced as "ubaga." She says that the writer of the blog she found writing about it says that that "uwaga" is the only Polish word they've memorized, which makes everyone laugh and go, "They're the same as us!"

•MAMI says that when they're overseas and it's the morning of the day they'll be returning back to Japan, they all go to the breakfast buffet at the same time and eat as if they're dying. HARU goes, "We love buffets, after all!" RINA says that the band members and staff who drink are kind of hungover yet can eat a ton. TOMO says that if there's a pool, they always have to go in it. HARU and RINA say that when they're in Japan they don't do those things--RINA goes, "We play around as if our personalities have changed!" MAMI says that the hotels on Sentosa Island in Singapore are really adorable and fairy tale-like, and that there are bunk beds in the hotels there. RINA says that maybe things are designed like that there because there are a lot of attractions that are kid-oriented, like Universal Studios. HARU says that she watched their staff at the pool running around. RINA asks if this happened when the band was first starting out. HARU and TOMO says it wasn't, which makes RINA go, "They've really gotten used to going overseas!" TOMO talks about when they were in Mexico and she was at the pool of the hotel where she took a picture with someone who was clearly a Mexican celebrity. RINA says that the band and their staff are pretty serious people, but they will bring a swimsuit with them when traveling just in case.

•They wonder if there are any other stories they can talk about. HARU says that she can only remember scary happenings. She talks about something that happened in Germany: before sleeping she brushed her teeth and left the toothbrush on a towel. When she got up and was going to brush her teeth, the towel flew away and fell down. She says that she originally wasn't planning on telling the others about it at the time, but the others said that they experienced sleep paralysis which made her think that that place was bad news. MAMI asks when this was. HARU says it wasn't that long ago [but the only times they went there were in 2015, 2016, 2017 lol]. RINA says that it happened when they weren't in the country for that long. She mentions that the beds were very narrow and the comforters were paper-thin. MAMI says that the "comforters" may as well have been sheets, and it was super-cold then too. They say that this did happen while on a tour and they only stayed in the hotel for four hours or so. RINA says that everyone experience sleep paralysis (HARU: "That's weird..."). MAMI says that the shower room was only as big as a telephone booth and that her shower wasn't really working, which kind of made her panic.

•TOMO then talks about a hotel where the housekeeping staff came in while she was changing. She says that if that happens in Japan, the staff would apologize and then leave to come back later. However, the staff didn't leave and was there the whole time she was changing. At first she was kind of confused, but she was like, "Well, this is overseas after all," though the entire time she wasn't sure if the staff would suddenly pop up. They all laugh and HARU asks if they talked. TOMO says that they did, and that they got pretty well acquainted. MAMI says that it happened a lot that staff has come in while she was sleeping and just started cleaning rather than letting her sleep some more. RINA says that it is kind of rude to clean while you're still sleeping. HARU says that a cleaning person complemeted her shoes once. RINA says that comments like that do make anyone happy. She then talks about tips you leave the cleaning staff and how at first they didn't know how much they should leave--she and MAMI say that they left a lot. RINA says that cultures where you leave tips like that under the pillow are cool. MAMI says that they left quite a lot in tips they went to France for the first time. RINA says that they probably wondered why kids were leaving such large tip amounts. They say that you learn a lot while experiencing it all. They also talk about how their fans also travel to see them and wonder if they also have stories like theirs. HARU says that they must, given how many things they themselves have experienced. They say they're waiting for stories like that to be sent in.

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What slightly dangerous thing happened to the band when they were 16 on their first tour in the US...?

Episode #88 blog

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HARUNA: Starting from this year, November 11th will apparently be "Yan Yan Day"... It seems that it was officially certified as such.

RINA: An official day, huh?

MAMI: Congrats!

TOMOMI: It's also "Bass Day."

RINA: Oh, yeah, it is.

MAMI: That's right.

HARUNA: TOMOMI's all about Yan Yan.

TOMOMI: I've loved them since I was a kid. If I see one, I'll buy it. I love these the most.

RINA: They certainly are delicious.

HARUNA: Though we get a lot of sweets from Meiji, the other day when TOMOMI came to my place, she was like, "Oh yeah, do you have any Yan Yan?" I thought we were going to share, but she seriously ate it all up in seconds.

TOMOMI: Yeah, I ate it all by myself.

MAMI: When it comes to sweets, TOMO-chan eats them as if she's inhaling them.

RINA: She eats them really fast.

HARUNA: They're gone before you know it.

TOMOMI: I really, really love Yan Yan. It'd make me happy if I keep getting a bunch of them...Meiji.

RINA: And this episode is #88 - It's Yan Yan [*The number 8 in Japanese can be read as "ya"].

MAMI: Yeah, Yan Yan.

TOMOMI: It really is!

HARUNA: It's surprising.

And so, we have a new project.

The number of projects keeps growing, but this one is called...
"Hotel SCAlifonia"!!


RINA: The Eagles , huh.

HARUNA: We have constantly been traveling these past 15 years.
The four of us have visited various lands,
Not only Japan, but also various parts of the world across the sea.
We will be talking about these journeys of SCANDAL's...
That is what "Hotel SCAlifornia" is.

RINA: Niceー

HARUNA: Memorable journeys of SCANDAL's. This includes stories about happenings at hotels, while on the move, etc. Do you guys have any?

RINA: What hotel left the biggest impression on you?

TOMOMI: It was when we toured in the US for the very first time. We grew up in Japan and so didn't feel that it's dangerous to go abroad. Because we had no sense of danger, we carried all of our luggage and slept in the hotel lobby...

RINA: Ah, that's right...

HARUNA: Ah...!

RINA: We said we'd hold a post-concert meeting in the lobby, but the four of us were super tired due to the time difference and fell asleep right there.

TOMOMI: We were around 16 at the time.

HARUNA: Oh yeah, that did happen.

RINA: Was that in New York?

HARUNA: Yeah, New York.

TOMOMI: 16-year-olds shouldn't be sleeping in the lobby of hotels in New York...

HARUNA: They definitely shouldn't.

RINA: We were all wearing matching outfits... I fell asleep holding my notebook and the staff of our record label at the time tapped my cheek. I had been in a deep sleep, and while in a hazy state, I was like, "What's wrong? I thought we were having a meetingー"... Thinking back on that now, that isn't something that one should be doing.

HARUNA: That did happen...

RINA: That did...

TOMOMI: It totally did.

MAMI: It did.

HARUNA: I mean, that was our first time in the US.

RINA: Our first time in the US was our first time touring overseas. I was so excited that I took note the entire time, like thoughts I had during our performances.

HARUNA: RINA jotted things down in her notebook the whole time.

RINA: I was like, "Let's talk about this more," but I fell asleep...

HARUNA: You were exhausted, after all.

RINA: Yeah, I was. That's so nostalgic.

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 87

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•The episode starts with this. HARU also says that it seems like a message from an "alien" was sent in (TOMO: "Yay!" - RINA: "So one was sent in after all...").

•HARU then wonders if a lot of messages from "aliens" were sent in. RINA reads a message from a listener who says they too have wondered since they were a kid if there are such things as aliens and also thinks the same way about them as the band does. They say that while listening to episode 85, they were reminded of their own alien story. They were sleeping in their pitch-black room with the shutters drawn when all of a sudden they saw a flash of light coming from outside their windows (HARU: "That's the same thing that happened to me!" - TOMO: "Did that happen on the same day, I wonder?"). They say they remember going out onto their balcony, but they don't remember what happened after that (All: "Ehh??"). They were able to wake up normally that day, though, so they thought it was just a dream--however, after hearing HARU's story, it made them go, "Oh, what's this??" and send in this message. HARU goes, "They have no memory of it?? Wow!" TOMO thinks it must have been erased--they might have seen something they're not supposed to see. RINA says that there's a possibility they were taken into a UFO, which makes HARU laugh loudly. They then talk about how this likely happened before HARU's experience, and that possibly the aliens were testing things with the listener to see how much they should reveal. So, when the time frame came for when they went to HARU's place, they decided that only letting humans see that bright light was okay. HARU says that the difference between her and the listener's stories is that HARU did not go out on her balcony. The band says that if she did go out on the balcony, her memory might have been erased. HARU says that she took a video rather than go out on the balcony.

•MAMI reads the next message from a listener who also mentions HARU's story and says that their mom told them she's also seen aliens: she says that she remembers seemingly being taken away by aliens several times (HARU: "She has memories of that?!" - RINA: "This is the uncut version!"). They also say they apparently have a mysterious physique. A long time ago they got stabbed by the thorns of a rose and a bump formed on their finger. They had that bump for over 20 years, but suddenly when they were sleeping one night, they were struck by a mysterious sensation. When they woke up, the bump was gone. Not only that, but after that, the same kind of bump appeared on their abdomen and was there for a while. Their mother said that the bump must have been first taken away for experimental research and then returned later. The listener also says they're cheering for them to go to space. TOMO says that it's not possible for a thorn to leave a bump like that for 20 years. They also discuss whether or not the listener went to the doctor during those 20 years to check out that bump. They think that maybe they went to the doctor but nothing came of it--perhaps they told them they can't really do anything about it and to just leave it alone. A staffer mentions something inaudible in the background that makes TOMO say that the bump could have been the aliens keeping a watch on things. She says that maybe the rose was a trap set by aliens and whomever pricked their finger on it would be observed. MAMI says that they could have put something like GPS in it. TOMO continues that the listener might have tried finding out what it was, which made the thing break down/stop functioning, like it was being updated.

•HARU reads the next message from a listener who says that when they were a kid, a light blue-colored foreigner-looking man wearing a black suit and who had two horns suddenly opened their living room window. The band is really surprised by this and goes, "Eh??" The listener says that they were kindergarten-aged at the time, but they remember that the person was trying to kidnap their little brother who is a year younger, and that their mom and dad were going, "Give him back!" They don't remember what happened after that. After they grew up and mentioned that story to their family, all three family members went, "What are you talking about? Was that a dream you had?" and have no memory of that at all. But the listener says that they do remember that it was something that happened in reality, not in a dream. They ask the band what they think. RINA says she believes in it 120%. TOMO says that it sounds like it was a robbery gone wrong. MAMI brings up the horns the listener says this being had. RINA says that she doesn't know if that was an alien but she believes it was definitely real, and brings up the topic she's talked about before, that she's seen a tengu before after all. HARU laughs and TOMO says that she has mentioned that before. RINA says that she saw it in Osaka in the Konohana Ward. HARU mentions that all of these listeners have said that they have no memories of what happened after the first event. TOMO wonders if there's anyone who actually has memories of what transpired after. RINA talks about the listener again and says that maybe that happening did actually occur and the parents do remember what happened, but they decided to pretend like nothing happened. MAMI says that maybe aliens choose which people to spread the word about them and then take them to their UFO, like they're the chosen ones. They talk about the 'alien's' appearance and mention the suit. TOMO says that they probably came on a business trip to Earth. The others laugh and HARU goes, "They were all proper about it."

•TOMO reads the next message from a listener who says they are a 26-year-old alien. They all go, "An alien has appeared!" The listener says that they're currently working as a cellist in a rock band, and that because they're an alien, they have a special ability. They ask the band if they've heard of synesthesia . They say that some humans seem to have it as well. An example for them is that music chords are each colored differently, such as a C-chord is yellow and a D-chord is ultramarine. They say that when they first started playing music they would copy things based on colors. They ask the band if they have any special abilities or know someone who does. They also say that they will be returning to space next year and ask if there are any good souvenirs from Earth they could give to aliens. And as a PS, they say that penguins are in fact aliens (All: "So that's true!").

•MAMI says that an acquaintance has the same condition but can turn it on and off (TOMO: "So convenient"). It's a sensory overload when they go on the train, however, as there are so many different sounds coming from the commuters, the train, etc. She also mentions that her friend is a designer and that the condition helps in with her work (RINA: "She's making good use of it"). TOMO says that a friend of hers randomly called her one day and said that they can now see peoples' auras. They told her that they can see them remotely as well and told her that her aura was yellow in color then, but it's now more of a green and signifies that she's more tired. HARU says that sometimes she sees colors pop up in her sight for a second (TOMO: "Ah, you've mentioned that before"). She thought it was strange and wondered if something was wrong with her eyes, so she went to the ophthalmologist to have them check them out. They didn't find anything wrong with them, though. TOMO mentions that when they went to see a play, HARU did tell her that she was seeing colors while watching it. HARU says that it's more likely to happen when she's watching something like a play. It also happens when she's about to go to bed. She says no one she knows experiences the same thing and wants to know if there are others like her out there. She also says that she feels that what she's seeing has to do with the energy that things give off. TOMO goes, "Are you perhaps an alien? Maybe your memory of being an alien was erased?" HARU laughs and says she's not sure. MAMI says that apparently some people can see auras after training/practicing. A staffer asks her what colors she sees. She says that she sees all sorts of colors and that she can't control when it happens, so as for the colors that suddenly pop up in her sight, she'll be like, "Oh, that's orange," or "Oh, that's blue." She also says that there are times when she'll go for a while without it happening at all, but she doesn't know in general when it'll happen. It's always been a mystery to her. She also isn't sure exactly when this started happening. TOMO says that she really might be seeing auras, and also wonders if there are any listeners who experience the same thing. The others think that perhaps this thing started when the band started, and that she emits the energy that she receives when she stands on stage.

•Before they close out the episode, RINA reads the last message from a listener who references episode 84 and says that her name "Maya" is also written in hiragana rather than kanji just like MAMI and TOMO's names, which makes her happy. When she was in elementary school and her class had to say what the meanings of their names were, she was told things like, "Does that mean your name has no meaning to it?" But now, she finds that she really likes it--it's easy to write, it's cute, and it doesn't get misread. She says that her mom's name is also written in hiragana. She also says that she's currently unsure whether to give any of her future kids names in hiragana or kanji. The band says that this was a cute message. They kind of talk a little bit more about names written in hiragana/kanji/etc., and TOMO says that her mom sometimes uses her name in hiragana and sometimes in kanji. The others ask what that means, and if she uses them for different purposes. TOMO says she isn't sure, but apparently both versions of her name are considered official. HARU mentions that they too have had 'separate' names for a while: they have their legal names that are written in hiragana or kanji, and they also have their stage names that are written in romaji--they have a lot of ways their names are set.

*As always, you can send in a message to the program here . I've made a guide as how to input your info and message for those who need assistance (click to enlarge):

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*A list of all episode summaries can be found here

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What things did SCANDAL's joint-band tourmates say to them that made them happy?

Episode #87 blog

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HARUNA: We'll be reading lots of messages this week...
But the [temperature outside] has suddenly gotten colder, hasn't it?

TOMOMI: It's really cold.

HARUNA: Meiji's sweets also now winter-themed.

TOMOMI: This is my first time seeing the "White Veil" variation of Meiji's Almond Chocolate.

MAMI: And it's now the season for Meltykiss...

HARUNA: We'll be chatting as we eat.

-Insert messages from joint-band tour attendees about their experiences, saying that they had a lot of fun-

RINA: Both of them wrote great messages...

TOMOMI: I'm so happy...

HARUNA: There were a total of four performances on this joint-band tour: Tokyo, Sendai, Hiroshima, and Fukuoka... We invited other artists to perform, and the vibe was a bit different than our past joint-band tours.

RINA: That's right.

HARUNA: Although these were artists that we haven't really had much involvement with, we really like them and listen to them regularly, so we wanted our fans to know about them as well and experience the music that we're inspired by.

RINA: Yeah.

HARUNA: There were quite a few attendees who were watching our tourmates for the first time.

RINA: SCANDAL doesn't really play joint-band shows that much, and because there are many people who listen to our music enthusiastically, I hope this was an opportunity that expanded your music horizons.

HARUNA: All of our tourmates praised our fans' sense of unity...

RINA: They all did! That made us happy.

HARUNA: Since live performances are made by all people in attendance, we wanted other artists to see our fans' sense of unity achieved because we've continued to play solo concerts, so we were really happy!

MAMI: It was a great tour.

TOMOMI: It seemed like they were some surprising pairings at first, but all of them were such awesome joint-band concerts.

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 86

Topics tagged under catchup on SCANDAL HEAVEN ZvuSakF
Topics tagged under catchup on SCANDAL HEAVEN Jq5e4nW

•They start the episode by reading messages from listeners who attended their joint-band tour. They're kind of not that interesting lol so I will not be translating them. This then follows.

•HARU then says they have an important announcement to make: The four of them will be undertaking a new 'mission' on the program, which will be titled "one more time Study" where the four of them will draw lots to pick a subject they know nothing about and then will have to study up on and read their findings on future episodes. HARU reads that this was originally supposed to be a project held during the summer, and it's now a late-summer independent research project (TOMO: "It's basically winter now - We're wearing long sleeves"). They say that they were pretty busy during the summer. HARU says that the staff has picked out four topics written out on cards in envelopes in front of them, with each member picking one. TOMO asks if they're all different topics; HARU says they are, and wonders if the staff picked topics that the members basically have no interest in. RINA wonders what they should do if the topic's too hard. A staffer confirms that they're not too hard.

•The band then decides which envelopes to pick by way of jan-ken-pon (rock, paper, scissors). MAMI wins and she chooses her envelope first, followed by RINA, TOMO, and HARU in that order. They open their envelopes all at once and immediately go, "Ehh??!" MAMI's topic is punch perms , RINA's is ladybugs, TOMO's is kokeshi dolls , and HARU's is manhole covers . They confirm with the staff that they're free to research the subject however they'd like. MAMI goes, "Is it okay if I go and get a punch perm myself?" They all laugh and HARU goes, "You'll actually experience it!" MAMI says that it would be the best way to learn about it, which the others agree with (TOMO: "Like, what it's like while you have it" - HARU: "Or whether or not it hurts"). RINA goes, "What'll happen if MAMI shows up like that next time?" TOMO says that it'll probably suit her. MAMI says that she might want to do something like have a shaved head one day.

•TOMO brings up her topic and says that there's a famous person who loves kokeshi dolls. MAMI says that that person's the other half of a female comedic duo Tanpopo; TOMO knows her name: Emiko Kawamura . She also jokes and says she wants to be friends with her by next week, and that she'll send her a DM saying that she needs to research kokeshi ASAP. A staffer says something unintelligble in the background, but based on HARU's reply, it seems that they were asking if listeners who are knowledgeable on the topics should send in messages. HARU says that they could, and that if they do the band will read it along with their own research. The staffer wonders if people will send messages in; the band thinks there will be. RINA says that there definitely are people well-versed in these topics. HARU says that there definitely must be ones who know a lot about punch perms. TOMO also says the same for those knowledgeable about insects, and that there are many people interested in manhole covers. HARU says that she's looking forward to it all.

•The staffers say something in the background to the effect of them being done with the required topics of the day, and if they'd like to simply chat--it had been a month since all four band members were together on the program, after all. HARU says this is the first chat segment. RINA says in a very monotone voice, "Anyone do anything recently?" They all laugh and HARU goes, "That's so rough!" MAMI says that she's been into making beaded accessories recently, and that she can make a beaded ring in mere seconds. The others say that MAMI has all made them things. MAMI says that doing this really has a relaxing effect on her and that she's gotten really good at switching gears.

•RINA says that she can now only fall asleep if she listens to something, which she isn't sure is a good thing or not. She says she doesn't like it if she doesn't listen to songs to fall asleep to on YouTube or the like. HARU wonders if RINA can't fall asleep because she's thinking about something completely different. RINA says it's probably the opposite--she feels very calm when music's playing. She also mentions that videos that say something like "Fall asleep in under five minutes" are actually like 12 hours long. She wonders if there are any ones that are literally five minutes long. HARU says that people do fall asleep at different rates. MAMI apparently tries looking up some videos and finds one that says "Ambiance that'll make you sleep soundly" and notes that the genre is electronic, which makes the others laugh. RINA says that there are playlists like this on Spotify, but when you play them as you go to sleep, around three hours later EDM will start playing because the original playlist runs out and will switch to another playlist. TOMO says that trance music makes you sleepy. She also says that she can just get in bed and go to sleep, which HARU says is the same for her. MAMI says that if she just can't get enough sleep, she listens to hard music and goes to sleep. RINA says that on tour overseas when they used to have two members per hotel room, MAMI would be watching SpongeBob the entire time on the TV. Since RINA was the type to sleep in the dark and in silence, she would be like, "I can't sleep like this!" They all laugh, and MAMI says that she did in fact watch SpongeBob a lot. The others verify this. RINA asks if she does that only at hotels and not at home. MAMI says she thinks it's still the same at hotels, though she does keep it silent but has to have something on that has a light. She thinks it's due to darkness having a factor of fear to it. At home she also keeps it silent when she sleeps for 6-8 hours, but when she sleeps for shorter than that, she plays music. RINA guesses that it's more comfortable to do that when sleeping lightly, which MAMI agrees with and says that she knows she'll definitely wake up in that case.

•TOMO says that when she's overseas, she can sleep better at a hotel than she can at home. Specifically, she says the hotel beds in Thailand are nice (RINA: "Those are the best!") and that she wanted to bring back pillows with her. The others agree and say that the hotels there are great. They all praise the pillows, saying they're large, soft, support your neck. TOMO wonders if they sell those in Japan. MAMI talks about when they were in Germany for a tour and had fries and sausages the night before they had to go back home. She says that they only got to sleep for 2-3 hours before they had to go to airport, but she found that the beds at the hotel were amazing. HARU says that she doesn't remember that at all. RINA asks if they were beds made of wood. TOMO asks if the beds were hard. MAMI says that the comforter was godlike. They laugh and RINA says she guesses there are godlike hotels overseas. MAMI says that it was nice because it was winter and really cold. TOMO says one time when it was really cold overseas, hot water wouldn't come out of the tap in her room. The others laugh and say that they remember her mentioning that. RINA mentions how while in Europe she wanted to take a bath but the door was ripped off. They laugh and TOMO says that in contrast hotels in Japan are very clean/neat. TOMO also brings up a story from when HARU and RINA were rooming together, and at the same time they said that there was something weird was up with their room and couldn't stay there, so they asked to change rooms. They laugh and say that that happened in the US. RINA says that the atmosphere was weird, and when they opened the window curtain, there were gravestones right outside of the room (HARU: "That was scary"). RINA says that they surprisingly have a ton of stories about hotels. TOMO then tells a story of when they were in France and a rabbit hopped into her room when she opened the window. MAMI says that she saw rabbits outside as they were eating and thought they were cute, but they were actually ones that were to be used as food. RINA says that that happened when they were still technically children [likely happened in early 2008 when RINA would have been 16] and only really knew Japanese food + didn't know about food in other parts of the world, so it really shocked them at the time.

*As always, you can send in a message to the program here . I've made a guide as how to input your info and message for those who need assistance (click to enlarge):

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*A list of all episode summaries can be found here

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More repercussions for popular segment "Kyoukai-sen Kyoukai"!?

Episode #86 blog

Topics tagged under catchup on SCANDAL HEAVEN LLTupZ7

HARUNA: We'll be reading lots of messages this week,

But as for the English title of "Kyoukai-sen Kyoukai" that's been problematic...

[So the staff basically writes that they got a message about their slightly-Engrishy, original title of the segment, then lists my message once again haha, and say that another suggestion was given to them so as to keep the "ABC" abbreviation]

HARUNA: We decided the other day that we would be sticking with the "ABC" abbreviation...

TOMOMI: It went from "ABC" to "FLA," and then back to "ABC."

HARUNA: We thought things had calmed down, but then we got another message about it.

MAMI: Ohー? Then let's read it.


Hello, SCANDAL! I'm an overseas fan from Canada. My Japanese is not very good - sorry about that. I hope you can understand my message.

My question. Does SCANDAL need to apologize for the English translation of "Kyoukai-sen Kyoukai"?
A subtle line between being cool and being accurate.
A listener wrote that "Association of Borderline on Catch Up" was cool but unnatural. They said "Fine Line Association" is more accurate but may not sound that cool.

For fun, I put "境界線境界" in Google Translate,
And the translation came out as "Boundary Boundary"!

- Boundary in English means "dividing line." Speaking of boundary, I think that overseas fans are familiar with it.
- "Boundary-Boundary" is an English repetition of "境界線境界"
- It's easy to remember
- Please sing it like "Laundry Laundry."

RINA: "Boundary Boundary" sounds nice. It has a Japanese-like nuance to it.

HARUNA: "BB" is nice.

RINA: Does that mean it also sounds cool?

HARUNA: I think so.

MAMI: Spike is saying that this sounds good.

TOMOMI: I think it is.

RINA: Yeah. Shall we call it "BB" temporarily?

lolol I slightly regret sending in that message now, now that it's this controversial hahaha. I wish I had thought of a better "ABC" abbreviation to begin with rather than focusing on accuracy.

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