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【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Bulgaria Yogurt』 - Season 2, Episode 55

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•The episode starts with this. And like the few previous episodes, HARU is absent for this one as well.

•MAMI reads the next message from a listener who has been recently wondering about their problems and where their boundaries really lie. They're currently in a relationship with someone who, to put it nicely, is a calm person who accepts their opinions. To put it badly, they're also a person who doesn't have the will to express their own opinions. When they go out to have fun, it's almost always up to the listener to decide where to go. Even when they want to make a decision together, the listener always makes the final decision. They're grateful to their SO in the sense that they respect their wishes. But there will be more and more moments in their lives when they will have to make more important decisions. They end up thinking that they might end up being more like a mother where they ask their SO what they're doing, what they're thinking, and ask them to complete tasks. They ask the band where the fine line is between kindness and irresponsibility.

•The band says that they really get that. RINA says that you feel lonely when too much is left up to you. TOMO says that kindness is an action based on consideration for the other person. If the SO is living this way with the intention of going to placed that the listener really wants to go to, and the listener will definitely find it fun, then maybe it's kindness. MAMI says that rather than asking where they want to go or what they want to eat, or what they're thinking about, she thinks it would be better to ask them why they're doing what they're doing. RINA says that the next time they decide to go on a date, it might be good idea for the listener to say they want to go where their SO wants to go. MAMI thinks it would be a good idea to start by making a decision by consulting with each other. RINA says to try speaking in a way that allows them to come up with ideas. TOMO says that, for example, when it's the listener's birthday, the listener can tell their SO that they're leaving the planning up to them. If you give them the task of planning something once in a while, it should become a habit. RINA says that it'd be good to talk to each other properly about this.

•RINA reads the next message from a listener who has had a crush for three years on a younger person they met in college and is the same gender. During the time they've had a crush on her, she's had two boyfriends and seems to be doing well with the second one. After noticing that there was a mutual understanding between the two of them, the listener decided to stop thinking what they wanted to do about her. However, it doesn't mean that their feelings for her will disappear, and also don't know how to get rid of them. They don't get to hang out often due to living in different regions now, but when the listener had some time to spare where her crush was, they happened to find out that they were in the same area and decided to meet up. When they got to the meeting place, the girl and her boyfriend were there since they were out on a date. The bf knew they were good friends and wanted to meet the listener. They went to have tea and the friend + bf sat next to each other with the listener across from them. While she and the listener were having a good time talking about trivial things, the bf was sleeping peacefully next to her the whole time. She smiled at him, which made the listener's emotions get all jumbled up. When they parted, the two of them stood side by side while waving the listener off, and as soon as the listened got on the train, they burst into tears and cried silently for a while. They didn't know what they were about at the time, but they cried the next day and the day after that, and then they realized that they were tears of self-pity. If they told her they loved her, she might be more considerate, and they might have less chance of getting hurt. But they don't want to mix that kind of trouble into their relationship with her. They tell the band they want to reach a place where they can go as far as they want, even if they have to suffer in a gray area that is not black or white. They always are empowered by SCANDAL's songs, words, and attitude.

•RINA says that she's sure everyone means well, including the bf, but what a love triangle this is. TOMO says that it's sad. RINA says that the listener feels so much for the girl that it makes them cry. MAMI says that they probably didn't know what to do because their feelings are so strong. TOMO says that it's a really lovely thing to fall in love with someone and that it's not easy to find a love that makes you cry for three days straight, though it is painful. RINA mentions the song "Watashi-tachi" on LUMINOUS and that she wrote the lyrics with exactly these kinds of feelings in mind. If you have a relationship that doesn't have a name to it, or if you're in a situation like this, it might not be possible to date that person right now. But when you feel like you love someone, it's painful, but it can also be a very happy thing, like what TOMO just mentioned. When you become an adult, even that is a form of happiness, even though it is painful and warped. RINA wrote this song while thinking about having someone that you care about, so she hopes it'll give them a moment of peace when they listen to the song. She thinks it'd be better if the listener could be in a special position while supporting her and her bf. MAMI says that it would be great if they could continue to have fun together. RINA says that while cherishing the person important to them, the listener should also keep an eye on a new kind of world and hopes that they'll find people who will make them happy.

•They end the segment + episode by talking about how they received all sorts of messages today: godlike powers, fine line, and love advice. They were all long messages, too. TOMO says that she hasn't seen many other radio programs that get lengthy messages like the ones they get, which is something unique to their program. RINA agrees. They say they welcome all kinds of messages, though, whether it be lengthy messages or one-line long messages.

*As always, you can send in a message to the program here.

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*All episodes of Season 2 can be found here

#front-page #catchup
TOMOMI's legs are like the ocean?? What unusual incidents have occurred because of someone's godlike powers?

Season 2, Episode 55 blog

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TOMOMI: This time...we'll just be reading messages. We've received a lot of them.

MAMI: Thank you!

TOMOMI: Let's get right to reading them.

RINA: Yes, please do.

Nekojarashi, 28 years old

Regarding the theme of "godlike powers," I would like you all to decide whether I myself am a "god" or "not a god."

For a long time, I have had a lot of trouble wherever I go, and things often don't go as planned.

When I go to the supermarket in a hurry, I end up taking the one cart from among many carts that contains items that the previous person left in their eco-bag after paying for it, and I have to look for an employee to explain.

When I take the shinkansen to my destination, delays due to bad weather are a given...

Whenever Russian roulette takoyaki is ordered at an izakaya, it's always me [that gets the one filled with wasabi].

If it suddenly rains while I'm out and I buy an umbrella, the rain will stop the moment I leave the convenience store.

When I bought a full-length mirror online, it arrived at my house broken.

Three or four times in my life, I've found a lost wallet while walking and took it to a police box.

I often feel sorry for causing trouble to those who work with me, but I have come to the conclusion that perhaps this is because I am a "god."

I'm a god who takes care of the people around me who are "a little unlucky! If my taking care of the "not-so-lucky" moments increases the number of "happy" moments for the people around me, then that is an act of God, isn't it?

If I were a god,  I would take all the "not-so-lucky" moments of SCANDAL's and increase the number of moments of joy and happiness as much as possible. And above all, the members of SCANDAL, who always save me when I feel sad and depressed, will always be my "gods."

RINA: Hmm, what beautiful writing! ...Yes, you are a god.

TOMOMI: A god...I guess they're a god.

RINA: Aren't they a "god of absorption" who can become a kind person?

TOMOMI: If the number of moments when people around them are truly happy is increasing, then they really are a god.

RINA: It's great that they have the ability to accept things like Russian roulette and umbrellas. That's amazing.

TOMOMI: Yeah, they're positive.

MAMI: They're eating the spicy takoyaki and thinking that they're glad they got it.

RINA: Yeah, they got it, and they're enjoying it.

TOMOMI: Instead of thinking that they're unlucky.

MAMI: That's positive and wonderful.

TOMOMI: The reason they think they might be a god is because they are a god.

RINA: Good thought process.

MAMI: Our slightly unpleasant things might be heavy... for 4 people.

TOMOMI: There's enough for four people. We have our share of bad luck, too.

MAMI: As we've said before, a lot of stores...

TOMOMI: We're gods who destroy stores.

RINA: I don't like it. I hate it the most.

MAMI: We absorb everything up.

Staff: What kind of "bad luck" have you had?

TOMOMI: Twice in two days, bird droppings fell on me.

RINA: That's amazing. Amazing probability.

TOMOMI: It happened was when I was in middle school. On the way home, my friends and I would always sit in the middle of the road, chatting, and stretch our legs. I was sitting there, legs outstretched, and it hit me right on the leg. At first I thought, "Gross! Why is it warm?" Then I wiped it off, and a little while later, more droppings fell on the same was hilarious.

RINA: Maybe the bird thought it was their house.

MAMI: Right here!

RINA: Maybe it was where their toilet was.

TOMOMI: I heard that when birds see something shiny, they think it's the ocean and drop their feces. My legs were probably glowing.

RINA: How positive!

MAMI: Godlike...

TOMOMI: They were truly divine legs.

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Bulgaria Yogurt』 - Season 2, Episode 54

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•The episode starts with this. And like the few previous episodes, HARU is absent for this one as well since, as TOMO says, her voice is very nasal right now.

•TOMO then reads that there are 200 types of jellyfish in Japan. MAMI interrupts a bit and reads off a few jellyfish-eating animals, which include sea turtles, sunfish, penguins, thread-sail filefish, and chub mackerel. TOMO wonders if they eat tiny jellyfish. MAMI thinks that it means they eat jellyfish that are small enough to fit in their mouths. Kawai (a staffer) is heard in the background wondering if the animals eat jellyfish for the taste. The band doesn't think so. Kawai then wonders about penguins. RINA wonders if they eat jellyfish that don't have a taste. MAMI wonders how they eat jellyfish; perhaps they slurp them up. They laugh and say that sounds probable.

•The next jellyfish fact TOMO reads is that they're 95% or more water. They say they get that, and that they are like jelly. TOMO then reads that they don't seem to have a cerebral cardiovascular system. TOMO wonders what that means, and if they are considered a living thing. MAMI wonders what the definition is of a living thing. TOMO wonders if it means that something has a life force, and what is life if there's no heart? She goes, "Is this now a philosophical discussion?" The others chuckle. TOMO then wonders how they're able to move. The staff says they move using nerves alone. MAMI wonders how that works without a brain, and then reads a fact that says that instead of blood vessels, jellyfish have "water vessels" that carry nutrients throughout their bodies. TOMO says that they do sound like they're closer to plants, and that plants are living things. They then all laugh at this. TOMO wonders if that when they sting humans, it's not to protect themselves from being attacked but because their neres were touched. MAMI says that they probably can't control them since they don't have brains.

•TOMO then reads that jellyfish have existed for about 500 million years, and some say that they've been around for 1 billion years. TOMO wonders how long humans have been around. Ohno says 5 million years. TOMO says jellyfish are greatly their seniors, and that if you really go back to the source, there might have been a time when humans were jellyfish. She also mentions how in textbooks it says how life came from the oceans, after all. RINA says that at the museum in the Tower of the Sun in Osaka, there's a section on the history of life, and at the beginning there is a jellyfish-like creature on the bottom floor. TOMO says that they're like family to humans. Ohno mentions something about how ascidians (sea squirts) are closely related to humans. The band is surprised by this. MAMI says that humans eat ascidians, so wouldn't that make it cannibalism? They laugh. TOMO says that she gets humans evolving from primates, but starting as an ascidian is a bit too unexpected.

•TOMO then seemingly reads how jellyfish are nothing but mysteries. Ohno says something about how they sleep. TOMO and RINA say that's really cute. TOMO says that humans sleep to rest their brains, so why do jellyfish sleep? Ohno says to rest. MAMI goes, "Even though they just float?" TOMO then reads what is a bit of a scary fact about jellyfish: It's said that there's a jellyfish that is immortal. TOMO says, "What is an 'immortal' jellyfish anyway?" MAMI wonders if it's one from a billion years ago. Ohno seems to explain it but it's pretty hard to hear him, so instead you can read this page about that jellyfish instead lol. TOMO wonders if there are male and female jellyfish. MAMI reads that with moon jellyfish, it's a female if the underside of the body of a mature individual has a frilly skirt. They say that's cute. TOMO says that it's kind of scary that jellyfish will probably survive until the earth dies or the oceans dry up.

•Another jellyfish fact TOMO reads is that there was a jellyfish that was 37 meters long. She laughs while reading it and says that's scary. MAMI wonders if the person who found that jellyfish is in the Guinness World Records for it. The staff laughs and says that's a good question. Another fact is that a fishing boat capsized under the weight of jellyfish in 2009.

•Ohno asks the band to explain why they put jellyfish on the album covers. TOMO explains that the word luminous means "to emit light" or "to shine bright," and since jellyfish also shine brightly, they decided to go with them. They're also cute. But they didn't expect them to be such scary creatures. MAMI chuckles.

•Next, they play a game where they have to guess the name of jellyfish based on pictures shown to them. They're shown the first one and they say it's cute. TOMO says it looks like a wind chime and Ohno says that's a pretty good guess. MAMI guesses a bell jellyfish, which is not correct. TOMO guesses a blown glass jellyfish. Ohno pauses and says that they're right about the jellyfish being name after something made by humans. TOMO then guesses chocolate and then glass, which are both incorrect. MAMI guesses tea cup jellyfish. Ohno says that the name of this thing itself is a bit difficult, and that it appears in period dramas at night. MAMI guesses paper lantern jellyfish. Ohno says that's a good guess but it's called something else. TOMO guesses bonbori (another name for paper lantern), but it's still not quite it; it starts with 'an.' TOMO guesses "andon jellyfish (jimble jellyfish)," which is correct. TOMO wonders if the jellyfish pictured is a male since it doesn't have frills.

•The next jellyfish is shown. MAMI guesses a fan jellyfish. RINA guesses flower. TOMO guesses rose. MAMI guesses marguerite daisy. TOMO guesses chrysanthemum. Ohno says that it's not named after a flower. MAMI guesses typhoon, then hurricane. TOMO guesses windmill (fuusha). Ohno says that this one is also named after a man-made tool. TOMO guesses wheel and says it a bunch of times, which makes the others laugh. Ohno says its name contains a Japanese word. MAMI guesses sharin (which means 'wheel' in Japanese). Ohno says that that's kind of close. RINA guesses fuusha (windmill), which TOMO had already guessed earlier, though lol. Ohno says that it's something that all of them have right now. TOMO says motor. Kawai asks if she has a motor on her right now, which makes them all laugh. TOMO says she doesn't. MAMI guesses battery. Ohno says that again it's something they all have on them right now. RINA goes, "What could it be? An iPhone?" They all laugh. Ohno again says that it's something they all definitely have that you can hold in your hand. RINA guesses kasa (umbrella). Ohno says that answer does make sense since it's raining today, but that's not it. TOMO guesses bag. Ohno says that it's something that you have every day, especially when you go out. TOMO shouts out kagi (key) jellyfish. Ohno says it's key something. TOMO says kagi no ana (keyhole), which makes him laugh. They go back and forth a bit before they guess "kagi no te jellyfish (clinging jellyfish)."

•The last jellyfish is shown. They say it looks pretty. MAMI says it looks like a Tangela. RINA guesses hanabi (fireworks). Ohno says that it is named after something spectacular, and that it does contain the word 'hana.' He says that it may have been used at obon festivals in the past. MAMI guesses hanakazari (floral decoration). Ohno says that 'kazari' is a good guess. TOMO guesses hanakanmuri (flower crown). MAMI guesses hanakaza, which is close enough to be the correct answer: hanagasa jellyfish (flower hat jelly). Ohno mentions that it's located in Japan as well as South America, and TOMO wonders how that even happened for them to pop up in two very different locations at the same time. MAMI says that maybe a bird took it with them. TOMO goes, "It took a trip inside of a bird??" They laugh and RINA says that birds are amazing. They mention the jellyfish on the LUMINOUS covers are CG and even though there could be actual jellyfish that resemble them, they're original jellyfish specifically made for the covers.

*As always, you can send in a message to the program here.

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*A list of all episode summaries from #1-160 can be found here

*All episodes of Season 2 can be found here

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The jellyfish on the cover of LUMINOUS... What are jellyfish anyway??

Season 2, Episode 54 blog

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TOMOMI: This time... actually, "one problem" has arisen regarding the new album...
It's about the covers.

All: ...!

TOMOMI: So, we'd like to solve this "problem."

MAMI: ...yes.

TOMOMI: The title is... "Kurage wo Furage"!! ("Flying Get the Jellyfish"; kurage = jellyfish; furage = flying get, which refers to getting something like a CD one day it before officially goes on sale)

RINA: Isn't it way past furage time (for LUMINOUS it was March 19)?

MAMI: What? What does that mean?

TOMOMI: The covers of LUMINOUS feature jellyfish, but how much do we, SCANDAL, know about jellyfish? I don't think we know anything at all. This is a big problem.

RINA: I see.

TOMOMI: What about you guys? Do you know anything about them?

RINA: I heard that there are a lot of jellyfish in the ocean during obon season and it can be dangerous, so you shouldn't go near them.

TOMOMI: I heard that the end of summer is scary.

RINA: Because they're poisonous.

MAMI: They sting you. Does that mean they have spikes?

TOMOMI: When you get stung, you get a tingle and it swells.

MAMI: Like a cut.

TOMOMI: I wonder what it is. Electricity? I don't really know.

*Staff remarks: It's a big problem that you have only vague knowledge about jellyfish even though your album covers feature jellyfish!

TOMOMI: ...So, we ought to know the basics of jellyfish. We'll be studying them today. First, jellyfish are apparently plankton.

RINA: I see... When I think of "plankton," I think of something much smaller.

TOMOMI: Like a red tide, right?

Staff: They're the same as water fleas.

TOMOMI: Water fleas, huh?

MAMI: Does that mean that they're big plankton?

TOMOMI: Microorganisms?

RINA: Plankton that doesn't need to be seen under a microscope?

TOMOMI: Well, if that's the case, wouldn't it be really scary?

RINA: I'm suddenly feeling scared...

MAMI: Isn't "plankton" the oxygen for fish?

TOMOMI: Oxygen for fish?

RINA: Food?

MAMI: Don't they eat plankton?

TOMOMI: Oh, that's right.

RINA: Whales and stuff do too, right?

TOMOMI: So are there creatures that eat jellyfish?

RINA: Are there? I wonder.

TOMOMI: Humans eat jellyfish.

MAMI: Yeah, they're in Chinese dishes. Are those real jellyfish?

TOMOMI: Those are delicious.

MAMI: Yeah.

TOMOMI: And there are over 3,000 types of jellyfish in the world.

RINA: There are that many??

TOMOMI: That's what it says.

RINA: I didn't know there were that many.

TOMOMI: They have roughly the same shape. They're divided into so many different types.

RINA: I wonder what the differences are.

TOMOMI: I like going to aquariums and looking at the jellyfish area...

MAMI: They're cute, aren't they?

TOMOMI: I was thinking that the shapes and colors are slightly different from each other...

MAMI: Wouldn't it be hard to tell if you were in the sea?

TOMOMI: The shapes are similar.

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Bulgaria Yogurt』 - Season 2, Episode 53

Topics tagged under catchup on SCANDAL HEAVEN Rnu8TBHi_o
Topics tagged under catchup on SCANDAL HEAVEN Lp8ybTqh_o

•The episode starts with them eating some yogurt, and then this happens. And like the previous episode, HARU is absent for this one as well.

•MAMI reads the next message from a listener who likes to enjoy their time alone. They spent two days with friends last week and it was a bit exhausting. They aren't very good at speaking, and even when they try to convey something to others, they can't find the words to do so. They ask the band if it's okay to say no if they say no to hanging with friends if they feel too tired to do so, though they do want to hang out. They say it hurts to be alone, but it's difficult when there are times they feel lonely. The band says that they totally what the listener is saying. RINA says she thinks it's totally fine to say no to hanging out, and that there's nothing wrong with that at all. She doesn't think they need to force themself to see someone, so if for example they don't feel like they're in the mood the day before, she thinks it's okay to be honest and say so. MAMI says that, as her bandmates are well aware, that there was a time when she almost never asked them if they wanted to go out to eat together. TOMO says that that did happen a lot in the early days. MAMI says that she likes being alone and spend time alone, so there are times when she says no. That's why she's the kind of person who doesn't think anything of it when someone else turns her down. She thinks it's not good to be too cautious about it and end up feeling uncomfortable. TOMO says that it's natural to have days when you're tired and you don't have to force yourself to do something you don't want to. But, for example, if you made plans to go to the movies and tickets have already been bought, it would be better to go. RINA says that she has a friend who lived overseas for a few years and that you don't need to be as cautious in such situations compared to Japan. Many of them live by their own standards, so they can just tell each other things like they're not feeling it today and will be canceling their plans to hang out. She thinks it's really nice to be able to say yes or no to each other casually without leaving each other feeling bad. TOMO says it takes courage to say no at first, but your friends will come to understand eventually. So even if it takes time, it's a good idea to take care of yourself first. RINA also adds that being alone is not a negative thing at all.

•RINA reads the next message from a listener who found someone they like and was wondering if they might be interested in the listener since they were very close when they talked, and talked to them when hanging out with a group of friends. And even though they like different types of music, the listener recommended SCANDAL to them and they got hooked, and asked the listener to go to their next tour with them, which made the listener very excited. This person had a girlfriend a little while before, which they didn't know until a mutual friend told them, so although the listener didn't confess their feelings, they knew how they felt about them and it made things awkward. They're now sure that they'll be attending the SCANDAL concert alone. The band basically says that it's a learning experience to know that there are people like this, and that they're sure they'll meet someone else that they like.

•TOMO then says that a "Quminous" (Queen of LUMINOUS) message has arrived. The listener says that their Quminous is their big sister who's 13 years older than them. When they were little, they used to make sweets and stuffed animals together; she would praise the listener no matter what picture they drew; etc. They hadn't seen or heard from her in 8 years, and the reason why they were able to see her again was because the Nagoya concert for Kanshasai Vol. 2 was on her birthday. She was kind as ever and praised them a lot, even though they're all grown up. They say that they want to properly tell her one day that she admires her more than anyone else in the family. The band says that's wonderful. TOMO says that it's really wonderful that they're able to say they love their big sister so much. They say that the listener is only 23 years old, so they might be embarrassed to say things like that to their sister. TOMO says that they might be able to say it when they're in their 30s. RINA says that relationships can change suddenly. She has 4 siblings, and there was a time when she didn't contact any of them for several years. They didn't speak a single word for many years, but somehow they became very close, and now three of them are adults and they've become more like friends. RINA thinks that the same kind of moment may come for the listener, and it would be wonderful if they could talk about what they've been thinking all this time.

•MAMI reads the next message from a listener who is writing in for the "godlike powers" segment. They say that their godly person is their husband. There's this kind of negative ion atmosphere around their husband that makes them feel very safe and peaceful when they're near him. Even their sister said the same exact thing when she was around him. MAMI says that maybe the husband is emitting negative ions, which the others agree with. TOMO says that they should bask in it a lot. MAMI says that when they're feeling down about something to just go and sit next to him. TOMO says that it's impressive when these kinds of people are part of your family; it's like coming home to a spiritual hot spot every day. She also says that they should do a whole episode of just these kinds of messages since she's really interested in them.

*As always, you can send in a message to the program here.

I've updated the guide as how to input your info and message for those who need assistance (click to enlarge):

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*A list of all episode summaries from #1-160 can be found here

*All episodes of Season 2 can be found here

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SCANDAL has often encountered bats for some reason. Are there any in your city? No?

Season 2, Episode 53 blog

Topics tagged under catchup on SCANDAL HEAVEN RLrxhEEy_o

TOMOMI: This time, we'll just be reading messages.

MAMI: Yay! Then let's keep reading.

TOMOMI: Let's read them.

Aoi (26 years old)

I was completely ready to send my thoughts on LUMINOUS, but because I couldn't help but symphathize with your recent stories about bats, allow me to share that message instead.

TOMOMI: Here's a bat story!

MAMI: Ehー?

I was born in the countryside of Yamaguchi Prefecture and lived there until I changed jobs the year before last and came to Hiroshima. There were so many bats. Especially in middle school. The end of the hallway and the gym at my middle school were pretty crazy.

MAMI: Eh, they mean inside the school??

TOMOMI: That seems to be the case.

MAMI: Isn't that crazy!?

The floor gets pretty dirty when there are bats... I was in the school band, and especially when we stayed late and it got dark, the music room would be filled with them.

All: Ehー!?

MAMI: Close the windows!

RINA: Why!? Why are there so many inside?

Of course, we had them at home, too. Bats, wild boar piglets, foxes, wild rabbits... There was so much nature. I guess it's just the way it is in the countryside.

RINA: There are too many...

MAMI: There are as many as in a small zoo.

TOMOMI: Were there really that many bats??

RINA: On the contrary, this is too much.

TOMOMI: Yamaguchi, huh...

RINA: Does that mean that even if bats come inside, everyone just accepts it and lives their lives?

TOMOMI: I guess so? I guess it's just everyday life now.

RINA: That's pretty unusual.

TOMOMI: Do you mean that the further west you go, the more bats are there?

MAMI: I wonder...

(*Director Kawai, who is from Okayama: "There aren't any in Okayama...")

TOMOMI: So there aren't any in Okayama!

MAMI: They are there!

TOMOMI: You just haven't seen them!

MAMI: They're all over the place in the evening.

TOMOMI: There are a ton.

MAMI: I'll ask my local friends again. I'll ask, "They're there, right?"

TOMOMI: I'm sure they're there.

MAMI: Yeah. I'll talk to them.

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Bulgaria Yogurt』 - Season 2, Episode 52

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•The episode starts with this. They also mention that HARU is absent this episode due to feeling under the weather.

•TOMO then talks about when she went to promote in Sendai. She says there were people at the event who said they had been a fan for 13 years but this was their first time going to an event, and that the upcoming tour will be their first time to see SCANDAL live. There were also many fans who cried and told her stories that moved her. She says it was a very happy time. She was actually delayed in her promoting due to an earthquake that happened that morning in Ibaraki Prefecture, which affected the shinkansen going to the Tohoku area where Sendai is. Her first promo job for the day was to make a live radio appearance. She couldn't make it on time, so she had to ask them to move her time slot a bit later. In between schedules, she was able to go to Benyland, a local amusement park. MAMI says that TOMO's schedule said that she could go for about 15 minutes and asks her what she did in that time frame. TOMO says that because the band has been mentioning Benyland on "Catch up" for a long time, the staff said that she could go for just a little bit. Due to the delay with the live radio appearance and other factors, they had to fit the visit in in the middle of her schedule, but she actually ended up being able to be there for about 30 minutes. She rode the Yagiyama Cyclone roller coaster and says that it was pretty powerful and it was also scary how there was only one seatbelt for two people in each car. She says she'd love to go there again with the entire band.

•Next, they read messages from listeners. TOMO reads the first one from someone who says they've been a fan since elementary school, but so far has only listened to this program and read social media posts from the band, and hasn't sent many messages to the band. However, when they went to TOMO's event in Sendai, she gave them the pseudonym "Marguerite," so from now on they'll be sending many messages. RINA asks if that did happen. TOMO says yes, and that they wanted a name to use for when they send in messages, so they asked TOMO what name she'd give them if compared to a flower. TOMO thought they were really cute and looked like a marguerite (daisy), so she named them as such.

•MAMI reads the next message from a listener who says there's one thing they're wondering about, which is what Igari of HEY-SMITH said in his release comment for LUMINOUS about how there's probably one part that the band re-recorded many times. As an amateur, they don't understand what Igari meant no matter how many times they listen to the album. They ask the band what they think Igari heard that made him think that. The band laughs at this. MAMI says that Igari had LINE'd her a little before the comment was posted and said that it might sound a little condescending, but the comment made her really happy. She says it wasn't condescending at all. TOMO laughs and says that they wouldn't have minded even if it was. She also wonders what part he thought they re-recorded a lot, but since there are a lot of parts where each of their instruments stand out, that might be what he's referring to. MAMI says the guitar solo on "Gunjou pleats" sounds like it was recorded by chance. However, she did record variations of that solo as many times as she could. TOMO says that all of those solos were different, depending on the take. MAMI says that it's because sometimes they have to do a lot of editing and cutting. TOMO says that you'd be surprised if you listened to all of the different takes, and would have a hard time believing it's the same song.

•RINA reads the next message from a listener who says that they got their driver's license and looking forward to listening to SCANDAL's songs on the way to school. The band congratulates them. Ohno seems to ask RINA how her driving is going. RINA says that it's the same and that the furthest she's driven is still Tokyo Disneyland. MAMI asks her if she's just stuck to driving in the Kanto area. RINA says yes, and that she'll do her best to drive further.

•TOMO reads the next message from a listener who bought the Magazine Edition of the album and when reading TOMO's 100Q + 100A and read TOMO answered Awaji Island as the place she'd like to live. As someone who was born, raised, and live on Awaji Island, they were so surprised that they screamed. They can't help but wonder what about that rural island made her like it so much. TOMO says that she's from Hyogo Prefecture so it's easy to get to the island, and so she has a lot of good memories of it. She remembers going there with her grandma. It's nice because it's the countryside and is different from the kind in her hometown of Kakogawa. There's the ocean and mountains, and the food is delicious. It's a place that makes her feel relaxed and at home, which is why she wants to live there. MAMI says there's a Hello Kitty place there (probably referring to this), which makes the others laugh. TOMO says there didn't used to be trendy stuff like that on the island. MAMI says that she's signed up for email newsletters about Awaji tourism. TOMO laughs and asks why. MAMI laughs and says it's because of the Hello Kitty resort. She was thinking that if she's able to go, she'd like to stay a few nights and enjoy different parts of the island. TOMO says that glamping's pretty popular there right now. Ohno then mentions onions, and TOMO says that the onion soup there is great. She then says that she chose Awaji Island because a quiet place in the countryside would be ideal for her lifestyle.

•MAMI reads the next message from a listener who tells the band their thoughts on the album, which they loved (way too long; will not be translating it lol). The band thanks them and that that was some great feedback. They also say things like they're happy the album's resonating with everyone more than they imagined. TOMO says there are a lot of songs that they wrote for themselves and for everyone who listens to them, and they're really happy that everyone's taking it all in.

•Then, TOMO says that they're going to try and directly hear some thoughts on the album and call a listener. After the listener, a woman, picks up, RINA reads the message that she had sent. She mentions that "Fanfare" in particular resonated with her. TOMO had mentioned that she wrote the lyrics while her autonomic nerves were in disarray, and the listener says her nerves were also in disarray. After the message is read, TOMO asks the listener if she upset her nervous system with the song. The listener laughs and says it was very much in disarray, which makes the band laugh. They then talk more about things related to the listener, such as who she's going with to the tour and how/when she discovered SCANDAL, which I don't particularly feel like translating lol

•They then close out the episode. MAMI says that although their tour ends on May 25, they'll be playing at the MORI, MICHI, ICHIBA festival in Nagoya the next day on May 26. She also mentions that her mom will be there. TOMO says, "Ah, of course!" and they laugh.

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LUMINOUS was released on March 20. Talking about the promo they each did in different cities!

Season 2, Episode 52 blog

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TOMOMI: On March 20, we successfully released our new album LUMINOUS!
Thankfully, we received a lot of feedback right away, which means that tonight, we will open the "LUMINOUS Customer Center!"

MAMI: A customer center, huh.

TOMOMI: Yes, a customer center!
In order to make LUMINOUS an even better album and loved by many people, we will strive to further improve the quality of the album and introduce the "voices" of our listeners regarding LUMINOUS.

Before that... you were each a "manager for a day" in different cities, weren't you?

All: Yes!

TOMOMI: First, we'd like to start with a "work report" for our customers.
First, let's start with Nagoya's manager, MAMI! Take it away.

MAMI: Yes. I went to the Tower Records at Nagoya Parco as a one-day manager.

TOMOMI: Thanks for your hard work.

MAMI: Thanks for your hard work. As a report, many people said they were seeing me for the first time. They had never been to a concert of ours, and although they've heard our songs, they had come to this event first. I was impressed by these first timers.

RINA: That's a good start.

MAMI: It makes me happy.

TOMOMI: I wonder if they discovered us recently.

MAMI: They said they discovered us during the pandemic, which was when it was difficult to hold concerts, so they missed the chance to go initially. They decided to try going to an event first.

TOMOMI: I'm grateful for that.

MAMI: I did feel grateful.

TOMOMI: That's all for your report?

MAMI: That's all, but what else is there to report...?

TOMOMI: Promoting in Nagoya.

MAMI: Ah, promo. Let's see. I also made a radio appearance, and I'm always interviewed by the Chunichi Shimbun newspaper when I do promo in Nagoya...

TOMOMI: The reporter is adorable, aren't they?

MAMI: That reporter has been replaced...

TOMOMI: Eh? Oh, that's right. They retired, didn't they?

MAMI: But the person who replaced them was very knowledgeable and did a lot of research on us.

TOMOMI: That makes me happy to hear.

MAMI: It was an atmosphere filled with love.

TOMOMI: Thank you very much.
Next, Osaka's manager, RINA!

RINA: Since I was in Osaka, a huge number of people came out, which made me happy. I had announced on my Instagram Live that I was allowed to stay as the store manager until the very last minute, so also the store was located in Tennoji, there were many people who worked nearby and came running in 10 minutes after getting off. I also got the impression that many of them spoke to me in a polite manner.I'm glad we were able to communicate with each other.

I was the only one who stayed the night for promo purposes, so I was given the chance to do radio and TV appearances for two days. They were so passionate about digging into the album, perhaps because Osaka is the band's hometown, but it made me really happy. They were all DJs who knew us, and also appeared on [Satoko] Nii's radio program. She listens to "Catch up" and said how impressed she was with what we talked about during the episode where International Women's Day was mentioned, and other details. I felt the love that Osaka has for us. It was great.

MAMI: Nii was also the MC when we got our Guinness World Record.

TOMOMI: She's always been a great help to us. Manager RINA, thanks for your hard work.

RINA: Thanks for your hard work.

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『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Bulgaria Yogurt』 - Season 2, Episode 51

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•The episode starts with this.

•Ohno asks them what song from LUMINOUS they'd recommend for cleaning. TOMO tries thinking about it for a minute before RINA suggests "Gunjou pleats," which they all agree to go with. Then, after the "whole roasted pig thing," Ohno is still surprised and says he had no clue that happened. The band laughs and says he should come with them next time.

•The fourth one is to change the direction of your pillow. West-facing ones are believed to increase wealth, as the west direction symbolizes abundance and prosperity. East-facing ones improve health and career luck, as the east direction is associated with growth and advancement. HARU says that that's not something she's paid much attention to. TOMO says the same and thinks hers is facing west right now. MAMI says that hers is facing north, which she says has many theories/beliefs about it that are not particularly good (usually that you shouldn't sleep with your pillow facing north since that's traditionally the position for dead bodies). HARU says that only stuff about west and east are written on the script, though. MAMI says she feels a bit hesistant to say this, but she says she believes it all comes down to one's own feelings about it, which is why she's never paid much attention to such things/beliefs.

•The fifth one is to not cut your hair on Wednesdays, which originates from a superstition in Thailand. TOMO says that she's probably never cut her hair on a Wednesday anyway. The others say the same. TOMO says it's because every Wednesday they're always busy with meetings and rehearsals and don't really have time to go to the salon that day. She says they're doing a good job of avoiding that superstition, then. Ohno asks them if they understand the reason for the superstition. They say they don't. Ohno says something that isn't audible, but apparently the reason is that it used to be considered a day of agriculture/farming in ancient Thailand, so cutting something was thought to be bring bad luck.

•The sixth one is that cutting your hair on a full moon night brings good luck, which is a superstition from the UK. They go, "At night, huh." TOMO says that they could cut their own bangs at night. MAMI says that maybe this comes from a new cycle starting.

•The seventh one is to drink tea. TOMO says that she loves tea. HARU reads that tea is said to be a symbol of good fortune worldwide. Ohno repeats that it's a worldwide thing, which the others sound surprised at. HARU says that there are all kinds of tea, after all. RINA wonders if it matters if it's hot or iced. HARU says that the band all likes tea. RINA says that this one sounds doable for them.

•The eighth one is "fukurou," which means "owl" but can also be written in kanji as 不苦労 (no bad luck). In Roman mythology, the owl is a symbol of intelligence, and in Egyptian mythology, it is said to be a "mystical spirit." TOMO wonders if that way of thinking was applied when deciding on the Japanese word for owl. HARU thinks that owls are only known as fukurou in Japan, which Ohno seems to confirm. MAMI says that her mom really likes owls. RINA says that that seems to check out. MAMI also mentions that they went to an owl cafe together.

•The ninth one is to come across a white dove/pigeon. HARU says that she and TOMO saw one at Tsukiji Market earlier that day. TOMO says it was really round, which they laugh at. They say it must eat a lot of fish. TOMO says that pigeons in that area are really happy and round. MAMI says that's cute. HARU says that they get really close to you since they're used to humans. She also says that white doves/pigeons are symbols of peace. TOMO says that you hear that often.

•The tenth one is to find a bat (koumori). TOMO says that bats seem a bit ominous, though. Ohno says that that's not the case here. HARU reads that "koumori" has kanji phonetic equivalents meaning happiness and protection. They're actually considered auspicious, and in China there's auspicious merch featuring bats. When five bats gather, they symbolize a super beast of cleverness, wealth, health, and abundance. They laugh and MAMI says that sure is everything. RINA says that they're super strong. MAMI says that a ton of bats come out when it's night in her hometown. RINA says that they do live under things like bridges. MAMI says that you could just be out biking and a bat will hit your face. They laugh at this. MAMI says that you can also find a lot of them around telephone poles. TOMO says that she once took care of an injured bat in elementary school. HARU says that they have really cute faces. TOMO says they do, and that their noses look like pigs. Ohno asks what she did with the bat. TOMO says that after they took care of it, they put it back in a tree. They had originally found it under a vending machine. MAMI wonders if it fell. TOMO says that after they looked after it and gave it something, they put it back in a tree. She also mentions that there don't seem to be any bats in Tokyo. RINA says that there are a lot of them in Osaka. TOMO says that bats appear so suddenly at dusk that you wonder where they possibly even came from.

•HARU then says that there was a time when a bat had gotten into her parents' house and it took a long time to get it out. Ohno wonders what's up with all of them having bat-related stories, which they laugh at. TOMO wonders why bats aren't in Tokyo. Ohno thinks that there don't seem to really be any in the Kanto region (where Tokyo is). They agree and say they've never seen one in the region. Ohno says that there are apparently zero kinds of small bat in Chiba Prefecture (which is next to Tokyo). TOMO wonders why and says that's odd, and that she's going to look into it later. Ohno again seems to say something about how surprised he is to hear such detailed stories about bats from them. They laugh. TOMO says that they're a part of daily life. RINA says that when she was little, she thought she saw a bird but realized the shape wasn't that of a bird. She asked her parents what it was, and they told her it was a bat. There's a pause before Ohno asks if there's any, as it seems like TOMO is trying to look up info about bats. She suddenly says that there are in fact bats in Okayama (even though that's in the Chugoku region, way west of Kanto lol), which the others laugh at. Ohno says that there aren't, but TOMO insists that they are, and that what Ohno saw in the sky (I think lol) is a bat, not a pigeon. HARU chuckles. Ohno says that there aren't any in Chiba, though. There's a pause before TOMO goes, "There aren't?" RINA wonders if bats are more likely to be found in the Kansai region. MAMI seems to look it up as well and says that they're apparently found throughout Japan except Hokkaido. Ohno says he's never seen one in person (he's from Chiba), and also has never bumped into one while riding a bike. RINA says that Tokyo's probably too urban for them to be here. TOMO says that they apparently are here, though. RINA says that it's likely they (or maybe just Ohno) just never noticed them. Ohno repeats the thing about good luck and such that bats are associated with, and TOMO says that the countryside must be really lucky since they have so many bats.

•The last and eleventh one is to "give the gift of LUMINOUS." There's a pause before they go, "What?" and wonder what that means. TOMO asks if that means they're supposed to talk about the album. RINA asks if something will happen if they "give the gift of LUMINOUS." HARU reads that they'll give some important people (AKA all the fans) the album. Ohno says something inaudible about bats. They laugh and HARU says that they actually have pretty good luck. The others agree. Ohno says that the band are the only 4 people in the studio that have stories about bats, with one even entering a house. TOMO wonders if their bat experiences were due to them having good luck. Ohno says that most people wouldn't be able to say those kinds of things happened to them. MAMI says that she thought stories like theirs were the norm. Ohno laughs that he didn't know that bats are cute. TOMO says that they are cute, enough that she wanted to keep it as a pet. MAMI mentions that there was a bat area at the Singapore night zoo they had gone to, and there were some pretty big ones there. RINA and HARU say they were kind of scary. There was bird meat hanging on a wire above them for the bats to eat, which was pretty surprising to see. TOMO says that meat-eating bats have cute faces as well. RINA says that they do have a lot of bat-related stories. TOMO says that they see bats as often as they see sparrows. MAMI says that the ones in residential areas are about that big, as in they're pretty small.

•RINA says that out of the 11 things mentioned, there were quite a few of them that they've done when they consciously thought about them. HARU says that the pig ornament one might be the only one they wouldn't be able to do right away. They then mention that a piggy bank could count. MAMI tries to remember if there's a pig Sanrio character and realizes that there is one. RINA asks which one it is. TOMO says that it's a minor character, but neither she nor MAMI remember what its name is (it's Pippo). RINA says that they could get something of that character, then. TOMO wonders if they can play the role of a pig properly. They laugh and RINA says she's sure it can. TOMO says that there's also an owl character. HARU knows what it is and says it's PataPataPeppy. Ohno asks if there's a bat character. TOMO and MAMI don't think there is. MAMI jokes that they should make Sanrio create 5 bat characters.

•Since this episode came out a few days before LUMINOUS was released, HARU asks the band how they're currently feeling with the release date almost here. TOMO says that their hearts are racing. RINA says that happens every time they release something, particularly an album. Both she and HARU say it also feels like summary because it takes a long time to make and it's all they're thinking about the entire time. RINA says it feels like, "Finally!" HARU says that this album's a good one. RINA says it's a really good one. HARU also says that it's cheerful and bright. RINA says it's really satisfying to have finally arrived here after going through all kinds of experiences, and that she's looking forward to having everyone listen to it. HARU says that she'd also like the people who say they learned about SCANDAL via this program to listen to it as well. She hopes that they will get to know the band not only through this program, but also get to know their music properly.

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*A list of all episode summaries from #1-160 can be found here

*All episodes of Season 2 can be found here

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Listen to the upcoming 11th album LUMINOUS and improve your luck!

Season 2, Episode 51 blog

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HARUNA: This time...we'll be doing a project just before the release of our new album LUMINOUS on March 20!
"Good-luck charm! LUMINOUS! 11 things you can do right now."


RINA: Good-luck charm...?

MAMI: Good-luck charm, huh. I want to have good luck!

HARUNA: Recently, we've been sharing stories from "people with godlike powers"...and there's now even a segment for those kinds of people. We hope that people will listen to our new album LUMINOUS and get even a little "luckier," and that as many people as possible will listen to it... This is a special project with those wishes in mind.

TOMOMI: I see.

HARUNA: This album has 11 songs, so we will introduce "11 things we can do right now" that will increase our luck. Our staff has researched all kinds of tips for "boosting your luck" around the world.

MAMI: Thank you very much.

TOMOMI: I want to boost mine!

RINA: I wonder what kind of things there are.

HARUNA: Here's the first one: Cleaning!

RINA: Ah, that's important.

TOMOMI: That's really important.

RINA: I think that'll definitely boost it. The cleaner the better.

HARUNA: Especially the entryway. Cleaning is the basis for improving your luck, so let's do some light or serious cleaning while listening to LUMINOUS. Also, March 20, the release day, is the spring equinox, which means it's the start of a new season, so it's a perfect day for cleaning.

MAMI: That's really wonderful.

TOMOMI: The release date itself is an auspicious day.

HARUNA: Let's clean our entryways.

TOMOMI: Cleaning also motivates you, and when your place is clean, you feel motivated to do anything.

MAMI: When your mental health is affected, your place becomes a mess.

HARUNA: I totally get that.

TOMOMI: Your mental health reflects in your place.

RINA: When you're busy.

HARUNA: Here's the second one: Open all of your windows first thing in the morning.

MAMI: Open the windows!

HARUNA: "Air" is "empty energy," so by emptying it, good things and good "energy" will come in.

MAMI: I see.

TOMOMI: I open the windows quite a bit, but right now, in front of my house, a big construction project has started and they're tearing down the remains.

MAMI: Isn't there a lot of dust?

TOMOMI: The air purifier reacts to it quickly. So I thought it would be better not to open them too much. I'm trying to open them at night after the construction work is finished. There's also pollen at this time of year.

HARUNA: Yeah. It seems like 5 minutes is enough.

TOMOMI: Yeah, that's right. Even 5 minutes can change the air.

HARUNA: So far, we understand two things.

RINA: They seem doable.

HARUNA: Now for the third one: Pig ornaments.

MAMI: What??

TOMOMI: Maybe from China?

HARUNA: First of all, "things are moving along swimmingly" ('pig' in Japanese can be read as 'ton,' and 'rapid pace' in this instance is 'tonton byoushi')

RINA: Ah. So that's how it is.

HARUNA: So, in Germany, there's a custom of giving presents with a motif that combines "pigs and clovers" on birthdays and anniversaries.


RINA: I see. So it's a set of those.

TOMOMI: But you know, when we perform in China...

HARUNA: In Hong Kong.

TOMOMI: Hong Kong, huh. I guess the pig is an auspicious animal worldwide, since they prepare a whole roasted pig as a kind of prayer for the success of a concert.

HARUNA: Maybe so.

Staff:  Seriously??

RINA: Seriously. Every time.

TOMOMI: The pig grow in size according to the size of the venue.

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『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Bulgaria Yogurt』 - Season 2, Episode 50

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•The episode starts with this.

•MAMI says that, although she didn't see this during the marathon since she wasn't able to look at her phone, TOMO was watching her running status during the Osaka Marathon the whole time and sent over screenshots of videos taken before the marathon that were posted to YouTube. They laugh and TOMO says she did keep sending her messages since before the marathon started and also watched the moment MAMI finished the race. MAMI says they had a system where people could track runners via GPS and had videos of the runners passing certain points of the marathon. She mentions that their radio program director Kawai had run in the Tokyo Marathon and was really fast + faster than MAMI, and was 2 hours faster than her at 4 hours, 9 minutes. She also had gone to cheer her on. HARU says that everyone's so impressive. TOMO says that that includes Kawai, MAMI, and the listener Pii-chan. MAMI says also includes TOMO and they laugh. TOMO says good work to herself for working on her abs. MAMI says the last time she ran the Osaka Marathon was 7 years ago with HARU. Her time then was about 6 hours. This time she walked a lot, so it took her about 6.5 hours. HARU says that it was raining, too. MAMI says it was also cold. The previous marathon took place in November so the temperature was different. She kept thinking that she'd be able to run it, but 7 years had passed, after all. TOMO says that the video at the 25 km mark showed MAMI walking, but at the 35 km mark she was running. RINA says that she made a comeback. TOMO says that watching MAMI working hard had made her cry. MAMI says she ran as hard as she could and her knees still hurt even now, but it was a great experience. Ono asks her if she regularly runs and MAMI replies that she doesn't. HARU asks Kawai, and she seems to say she doesn't and had done training for it. MAMI asks if she's run since the Tokyo Marathon, which Kawai seems to say no to. HARU and TOMO say that that's impressive that she seems to like to run.

•TOMO reads the next message from a listener who says their mom is a solid person who everyone can rely on, but sometimes she can be a little out of character. She's recently started taking care of some houseplants and sends the listener photos of them via LINE. One day when they went to her house, they saw some cacti and thought were cute all clustered together. They held it in their hands and it seemed as if it was growing. The band laughs and is kind of confused by this. The listener says that when they told their mother this, she laughed and said she had been watering it for a long time. The band says that's cute. RINA says that her mom had been taking care of a small cactus that she and her siblings had given to her as a birthday present in the kitchen, but over the years it grew into a very tall cactus. HARU says that small cacti like golf ball cacti look like golf balls at first but will look different as they grow. MAMI says that HARU seems to have a knack for raising things and mentions the turtle her family had. HARU laughs and says that the turtle did live for a long time for over 30 years.

•MAMI reads the next message from a listener who says that their queen in their black cat Coco. She can be selfish and cleverly takes over a warm bed that another cat was sleeping on when the other cat moves, but when another cat tries to get on the bed or sofa where she's sleeping, she'll cat-punch it. And even though she sleeps on top of the listener, when they try to pet her she runs away. Although she's selfish, she'll sometimes bare her belly and let the listener pet her. When they go to the vet, she buries her face in their armpit, shivering and with her butt sticking out. She's a 15-year-old grandma queen with a very cute side to her. The band says that's adorable. RINA says that cats are tsundere types, after all. HARU says that she's extremely cat-like. MAMI laughs and says that hiding her face but not her butt is very cute. TOMO says that's nice that it sounds like they have many cats. MAMI says she wishes Coco lives a long life.

•RINA reads the next message from a listener who talks about Season 2, Episode 49 and says that as she listened to the person who sent in the message of not liking herself, she thought of how she also doesn't like herself. She's a childcare worker who doesn't think she's doing her job well, and she ends up thinking the kids aren't cute, or that she's useless and not needed, or that they're better off without her. But she hopes that she can gradually learn to love herself with the band's words in mind. She knows it'll take time, but she'll do her best and thanks them. RINA says that she got a lot of feedback on that episode, such as messages on Instagram. She was reminded again that everyone is dealing with similar feelings on a daily basis. As she said in that episode, she thinks it's really important to be kind to yourself as well. HARU says when they get messages like this, people can realize that they're not alone in their thinking. RINA says we should all accept each other.

•HARU reads the next message from a listener who has been struggling with this for the last 14 years: When they went to karaoke with someone they used to date, the listener was so tone-deaf when singing that the person asked them, "Are you chanting?" After that, the listener found it difficult to sing in front of people, and can only sing in front of people they're close to (who would not hate them even if they know they're tone-deaf). They ask the band if they could give them some advice about how they can learn to sing in public. RINA is surprised there are people (like their SO) who would say something like that. TOMO says that it's likely never the case that someone wouldn't like someone else because they're tone-deaf. RINA says no, but it hurts a lot and makes you afraid to sing. HARU says that she thinks the person who said that to the listener is nonsense. TOMO says that it's possible it could have been meant as a joke if they were very close to each other. HARU says that the listener was hurt by it, though.

•HARU also tells a story of how in middle school there was a girl the same age as her that wanted to be a singer but wasn't very good at first. However, she loved karaoke so much that she went almost every day for fun, or even by herself. By going there every day, she got really good at singing. TOMO says that's a good story. HARU says that maybe the listener could do the same by going to karaoke by themselves. MAMI says that if you're aware of yourself, you can become better. RINA says that she knows how scary it can be to have that happen even once. She's not a very good singer herself and is a little scared of singing, which she thinks comes from being a little traumatized from her school and audition days. She doesn't know how to solve that, which is why she doesn't sing at all outside of work. She doesn't even go to karaoke for fun; she only sings when the band needs her to. She thinks the only way to get rid of those feelings a little at a time, though it is really hard to do. HARU suggests that the listener decides on one song to sing and commit themselves to getting good at singing it, so when they go to karaoke with someone, it'll be nice to be able to sing that song well. MAMI says they can ask their friends to help them practice or go to karaoke with those who can sing well. HARU says that to be realistic, they could record themselves singing and then analyze it. They agree that the listener should try going to karaoke to practice alone at least once.

•TOMO starts reading the next message and reads the line "New segment about people with godlike powers." She pauses, laughs, and asks what that's about. Ono begins to mention gods and HARU and MAMI seem to remember. MAMI says that they had asked in a previous episode that they asked people with "godlike powers" to send in messages. TOMO goes, "So we named that segment 'People with godlike powers.'" There's a pause before Ono laughs and says they didn't. TOMO continues to read the message. The listener says that they've been baking for a long time, and even though they usually keep their bread completely cold, it starts to warm up when they touch it. It feels like they're turning bright red and their blood is flowing through them. They say they also know a hairdresser who sometimes gets their strength sucked out of them when they touch a client's hair, and can tell a person's state of mind and body just by touching their hair. They ask the band if they've gained any divine power during their 17 years of being a band, such as being able to hear sounds that people usually cannot, or being able to understand what birds are saying. TOMO laughs and asks what's up with this person. HARU says that maybe they're someone with godlike powers. RINA says that maybe the sound thing could be related to an occupational hazard. Ono asks if they know what birds are saying. They laugh and MAMI + TOMO say they don't. They ponder and then say that they don't really have any 'powers.' TOMO asks Ono if a lot of people have sent in messages for this new supposed segment. Ono says a lot of people have. TOMO says that as they listen to stories of people with godlike powers, the moment may come when the band also realizes the powers hidden within them.

*As always, you can send in a message to the program here.

I've updated the guide as how to input your info and message for those who need assistance (click to enlarge):

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*A list of all episode summaries from #1-160 can be found here

*All episodes of Season 2 can be found here

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MAMI completes the Osaka Marathon! A listener who was motivated by this decides to try something?

Season 2, Episode 50 blog

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HARUNA: This time...we'll just be reading messages. We have less than 10 days until the release of our new album LUMINOUS...

RINA: It's almost here.

HARUNA: Let's read some "Quminous" messages!


MAMI-chan! Good job running the Osaka Marathon.

All: Good jobー

MAMI: Thank you!

I'm glad you were able to complete the race without any injuries! I wasn't able to be there to cheer you on, but I was moved by tracking your run online that I couldn't stand still and decided right then and there that I wanted to try something, too! The week after the full marathon, I decided to take on the challenge of riding around Lake Hamana on my bicycle!

What MAMI-chan did is a billion times more difficult, though I don't mean to compare one challenge to another. Ever since I became a SCANDAL fan, I've always looked up to you four who always remember stay positive and take on challenges, and that has been my guiding principle in life ever since I became a fan of SCANDAL.

I've been on a diet lately so I've been trying to avoid sweets, but on this particular day, I had my favorite chocolate banana as a reward!! It was delicious!

Not only this time, but whenever I've been troubled or had a hard time in my life, you've always shown me the future and shined a light on me.

I have not been able to give anything back, but I will continue to support you in your life, even if it's only in a small way!

All: Thank you!

TOMOMI: I wonder how long it takes to go around Lake Hamana. Doesn't that sound impressive?

HARUNA: Even if they say it's "just" biking...

TOMOMI: It must be tough.

RINA: I wonder how many hours it takes.

HARUNA: I wonder.

RINA: There's also Lake Biwa, right?

HARUNA: There is.

TOMOMI: Lake Biwa is huge.

RINA: Is there an event where you cycle around Lake Biwa... I don't know.

Staff: It says that one trip around Lake Hamana is 71 km/44 miles.

All: 71 kilometers!? Lake Hamana!?

TOMOMI: That's tough!


RINA: I wonder how long it takes to bike it?

MAMI: Isn't that really difficult? Didn't their legs get swollen? Were they okay?

Staff: The estimated time required is 4 hours and 44 minutes.

RINA: Ehー? That's tough.

HARUNA: They're doing something totally amazing.

TOMOMI: Good job!

RINA: Good workー

MAMI: Good work!

TOMOMI: But they were inspired by MAMI-chan.

HARUNA: Yeah, they did it the following week.

MAMI: That's amazing.

TOMOMI: It is.

MAMI: I think it's amazing that they were able to decide to do something now and take action.

HARUNA: It really is amazing.

TOMOMI: Oh, I did sit-ups too! After seeing MAMI-chan running the full marathon.

MAMI: Eh, did you work hard on your sit-ups?

HARUNA: You were definitely influenced.

TOMOMI: I was, and I was moved!

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Bulgaria Yogurt』 - Season 2, Episode 49

Topics tagged under catchup on SCANDAL HEAVEN XwygifLT_o
Topics tagged under catchup on SCANDAL HEAVEN RaHDpKJY_o

•The episode starts with this.

•TOMO reads the next message from a listener who is 40 and has been playing darts as a hobby for 16 years, and will be participating in the qualifying round of the soft darts world tournament. The preliminary round is an online match where you compete against competitors and professional players from all over the country, and after winning the first round and the second round, the final round is a tournament to decide who will be the finalist to participate in the main event. In the main tournament, you compete in a tournament against top-ranked men's pro players, women's pro players, and winners of overseas tournaments. If you win and become number one in the world, you will receive a prize of 10 million yen ($68,000 USD). Their dream is to participate as an amateur in this tournament, which is attended by professional players that they've admired for many years, and to become number one in the world. The band says that's impressive and also wonder what soft darts are. RINA guesses that the tips are soft. They say they don't really know much about the darts world, but they have played darts before at places like bars and backstage at festivals. They laugh and say they've never met anyone who was good at it, though it's likely most people they've seen had been tipsy while playing. They say they're cheering the listener on and hope they can be the best in the world.

•MAMI reads the next message from a listener who says there's something they're too embarrassed to tell anyone: they can't ride a bicycle, partially because they're not too athletic and also because they gave up practicing when they were little. They actually bought a bike two years ago and tried to practice at the park at night but gave up. They tell people they're really close to, but they just say that it's okay. The listener also thinks it's okay because they have a driver's license, but they get a strange feeling when they see kids or adults riding bikes around town. They ask the band what they would think if someone their age told them they can't ride a bike. They also ask them for a pouch for their birthday so that they can put their car keys in it. The band laughs and says they'll give it to them. MAMI says that they can eventually put a bike (lock) key in there. HARU says the band could practice with them, with the listener having asked about practicing riding a bike. They laugh and RINA says that the listener would be under a lot of pressure with the four of them watching. HARU says that it might be better to do the same thing people usually did when they were little where your parents took off your training wheels and they would hold you in the back. RINA says that they already have a sense of fear regarding riding a bike and think that they can't do it, so it's best to get rid of that mindset first. HARU says that it must be hard to practice alone in the park as an adult if you think someone might be watching you. TOMO says that it might be a good idea to try out an e-bike, which is easier to ride, to get a feel for it, and then try riding a regular bike. MAMI says that she doesn't think riding a bike has anything to do with athleticism. HARU says that you just have to get a feel for doing it.

•RINA asks if any of them have ridden a bike recently. HARU says no. MAMI says no as well, but the last time she rented a bike, she was able to ride it like normal. RINA says that she thinks it's important to not feel like you're not good at it, but even if they're not able to do it in the end, it's fine to just drive their car, and geting a license is many times more impressive. MAMI says that it's not the same feeling as driving, though. Even if you haven't driven for a month, you'll still be able to drive. TOMO says that she thinks riding a bike is similar to walking since you don't think about how to walk. Once you learn how to ride a bike, you don't think about how to do it afterwards. You don't remember the first time you walked as a baby, but you probably practiced hard enough to finally be able to walk. That's why you shouldn't give up on practicing. MAMI says that maybe they could first practice on a stationary bike like those found at the gym. RINA says that it isn't dangerous, after all. HARU wonders if they would be able to get a sense of balance like that. RINA says while laughing that there's this horse-like thing you can experience. The others aren't sure what she means until HARU asks if she's talking about the 'rodeo' ones (I think they're talking about mechanical bulls). They laugh at this but don't think that would help. MAMI says that unless they first step on a bike pedal, they won't be able to move forward. And if they don't move forward, they won't be able to balance. TOMO says that if you're scared, you won't be able to pedal at first. MAMI says that this is a pretty lively convo, which makes the others laugh. HARU says that they want the listener to do their best and be able to ride a bike. TOMO says the first step is the scariest, which they all agree with. They ask the listener to let them know if they make any progress.

•There's then a pause before they go, "What?" and MAMI seems to read this from their script: "Although you've never spoken about it, what is something you can't do?" HARU says that she can't whistle. RINA says that she doesn't think she can either. MAMI says that she can whistle but not change the pitch. RINA says that she thought a high percentage of people who can sing well can also whistle well. HARU says that she can't. RINA says that she thought she could do it well. MAMI says that TOMO can whistle. HARU says that she doesn't know how to whistle. She then seems to try whistling but all that's heard is what sounds like a quiet breeze. They laugh and HARU says it's just the wind. RINA asks if she's trying to cool something down. TOMO says it sounds like the window's open a bit. MAMI says that she herself was able to whistle better in elementary school. TOMO seems to try and a whistling sound does come out a bit. She says she used to be able to whistle melodies but it's not possible for her anymore. Another attempt at whistling is heard, and seems to be coming from MAMI. They laugh at this. RINA says that whistling's difficult to do. MAMI tries whistling again and RINA says she's doing it. MAMI says that she can only whistle this note, though.

•HARU asks if there's anything else they can't do. MAMI says she's really bad at ball games like baseball and softball, and can only really catch a ball about as big as her head. RINA says that's really surprising. MAMI says that she can't catch them and don't know where they'll fall. She'd always get hit in the face and get a bloody nose. HARU says that she's probably been traumatized by that and she's convinced that she won't be able to catch it. MAMI says she probably can't see it the moment she'd be able to catch it because it blocks her vision. When she looks at it, it hits her in the face. HARU says that maybe she's seeing the ball right to the end, but perhaps not. MAMI says that she doesn't know the distance between the racket and ball when playing tennis, for example. RINA says that it's more like you're using the racket as an extension of your hand. MAMI asks if it's like she's trying to touch it with her hand. RINA says yes, and that it's all about feel.

•TOMO says that she's rather unsure of her sense of distance. She bumps into people and doesn't notice when she drops things. Her iPhone flies off so often that she wonders sometimes if it's even still working. She doesn't know why this is and says there's something wrong with her hands, and that her senses are dull. HARU says that she kind of gets that, though. RINA says that she's amazing when it comes to the playing the bass, though. TOMO goes, "Am I even playing the bass?" They all laugh hard. HARU says she's a prodigy. MAMI says that she seems to be okay when she drives and doesn't come close to bumping into anything. TOMO says that she does when she rides a bike, though. MAMI says something about once having to hold her hand while walking to keep her going straight (it's hard to understand since they're all kind of talking and laughing at the same time). TOMO says that there are lines on the ground when driving, so if there could always be lines on the ground when she's walking, then she could probably walk straight without having to depend on others. RINA laughs at how narrow the lines would be. HARU says that she'd probably be okay if she walked in bike/pedestrian lanes. TOMO thinks so as well. RINA says that there are tons of things they can't do, and jokes that it really feels like they're in a band and barely getting by with what they are able to do. MAMI says she doesn't know if they're doing a good job or not. RINA goes, "What do you think, guys?", directing this to the fans. They all laugh. HARU says that they're probably good at being SCANDAL, which they laugh and agree with. TOMO says that what SCANDAL can do and what the band members can do are two different things. They all agree.

•RINA reads the next message from a listener who is encouraged by the messages that SCANDAL puts out every year on March 8, International Women's Day. She feels that SCANDAL is always there for each and every one of their fans, regardless of gender or age. When she hears that they're proud to be women and in an all-girl band, and then sees their message on IWD, it pushes her to take better care of herself. She says she don't like who she is. She's not pretty, slim, confident in herself, or knowledgeable--she has so many negative aspects about herself that she can't even begin to list them all. Even so, every time she gets a message from SCANDAL, she's reminded that it's okay to accept herself more and she feels relieved that she is who she is. March 8 is also her birthday. RINA pauses, laughs, and says this is getting kind of heavy. The listener says that every year she takes the liberty of thinking that SCANDAL's IWD message is a birthday message to her. She's also come to love mimosas. RINA's voices starts wavering and says that she's starting to cry. The listener says it'll take her a long time to love herself, but thanks to SCANDAL, she's sure she'll love herself a little bit more every time her birthday comes around. She thanks them for all of their love.

•The band thanks the listener. RINA says she really doesn't want the listener to say that they don't like herself, and that she thinks she's a really good girl. When they send out a slightly sensitive message like their IWD ones, they find themselves thinking about how difficult it is to choose the right words and how to send them out. She says she's so glad they kept going without stopping. The listener is from the same generation as the band and right now is likely a point in time when her life will change a lot and has to deal with a lot of conflicts, so being able to to be kind to yourself is really cool and important. Since the listener has this kind of heart that can write something like this for the band, RINA wants her to direct that love towards herself as well. Although she's never met her and doesn't know what she looks like or what her body shape is, she thinks she's really cute and cool no matter what. Of course there's beauty in delicate things, and there are some clothes that can worn because you have the right physique for it, bit there's nothing cooler and more beautiful than living a life where you love every minute of it. She's really happy that their message and music resonate with her mentality, and that RINA's the one that should be thanking her. She says she's really adorable.

•MAMI says that she doesn't think there's any difference between who's pretty, who's cool, or who's not. It may seem like everyone's looking at you, but they probably aren't. People don't look at others as much as you think they do. That's why MAMI's been thinking a lot lately that it's all about self-satisfaction. It's okay to wear what you think is cute, or put on makeup that you think is cute. She used to be overweight, which is why she understands how the listener feels. RINA asks if it has to do with wanting to lose weight. MAMI says that it was more that she had to lose weight and was always told to lose weight. RINA says that was what the 'right' thing to do was when they first debuted, and the world back then wasn't one where people could talk about lookism like is done now. It was like the thinner you were, the more successful you were. HARU and RINA agree that that was how things were. MAMI had always thought of herself as overweight, so when promo photos were taken, they would make her appear thinner. But since she was pretty rebellious, she would say things like she was going to lose weight but never did. The others laugh and RINA says that's nice. MAMI was concerned about that back then but wasn't so concerned that she thought her life would be over if she didn't lose weight. Now, we're living in an era where there's a lot more diversity, and that all body types are good. RINA says that that's been true for thousands of years, but it's only recently that everyone's starting to finally realize that.

•TOMO says that being cute or cool is all a matter of taste and is up to each person, so it's best to stick to your own preferences and be who you want to be. MAMI says that Kuromi (a Sanrio character) always says to be the person you want to be. They laugh at this. TOMO says that that's what Kuromi does enjoy saying the most. MAMI says that Kuromi is cute because that mentality makes her cute. RINA says that instead of thinking of yourself in terms of negatives that make you feel bad about yourself, change your way of thinking so that you can enjoy the process of becoming more like what you want to be. But if you find something you surprisingly like about yourself, leave it as it is. She wants you to make yourself the kind of person you want to be so that you can become more beautiful as you get older. HARU says that she thinks it's normal to compare yourself to someone else--she does that as well. It's something that happens every day, so it's not a bad thing at all. It's totally normal to feel bad about yourself, so just try to choose what you like as much as possible. If you accumulate a lot of happiness, even in trivial things like "I'm glad I ate this today" or "I'm glad I bought these clothes," she thinks you'll feel fulfilled.

•MAMI says that there's sure to be a lot of people who aren't able to send this kind of message, no matter how much they love themselves or think they're cute, so taking that first step like the listener is something special. TOMO says that what the listener thinks isn't something exceptional; it's something that everyone thinks but doesn't say. So don't think you're unhappy because you don't like yourself, because everyone's the same. She thinks it'd be good for her to try something that'll make her like herself. RINA says because the band's job is one where they're able to send messages like this, that they want to break this kind of binding spell, even if just a little bit, that people have on them. MAMI says that she thinks there are a lot of people who can relate to this message, so they're really grateful that the listener sent this in. RINA says that she really hopes that SCANDAL's music will give people confidence. She hopes that when people hear their words and music, it'll be like a switch that helps to ease peoples' hearts and minds.

•They then close out the episode. HARU says they read quite a lot of deep content today. RINA laughs says that there were so many kinds of messages, and that she wasn't expecting to go from talking about bikes to crying.

*As always, you can send in a message to the program here.

I've updated the guide as how to input your info and message for those who need assistance (click to enlarge):

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*All episodes of Season 2 can be found here

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A friend who has something that you don't have... Introducing "outrageous queen stories"!

Season 2, Episode 49 blog

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HARUNA: This time...we'll just be reading messages.
In celebration of our new album LUMINOUS on March 20, we have started a segment called "Queens of LUMINOUS," or "Quminous" for short. We've been receiving many "outrageous queen stories" about people you know.

Aoi (*26 years old)

For me, my friend Shi-chan is a Quminous. We connected because we'e fans of the same actress. We liked the same idols from the time we were in the upper grades of elementary school until we graduated from high school, and we became fans of SCANDAL around the same time. We have been going to SCANDAL concerts and events in Kansai together for about 6 years now.

We have a lot of similarities in our family structures and positions at home, so we are very comfortable together, but the thing I like most about her is that she is somewhat nonchalant. I tend to think deeply about many things, like whether I should do ___ in this case, but when I ask her for advice, she responds surprisingingly light-hearted about it, like, "Isn't that okay?"; she makes me laugh with her unique use of words; she goes "I dunno" (知らんけど; shinran kedo), which is very Kansai-like of her... I don't know why, but when she told me, "Well, just do your best" after listening to my problems, it felt more comforting than any other "Do your best" I'd ever been told. I always think that she has something that I don't have.

RINA: That's wonderful.

TOMOMI: They're a good friend. I don't think there are many people who have the same favorite thing for so long. I think it's rare.

RINA: It is very rare.

HARUNA: Yeah, they've been friends since elementary school.

RINA: I guess their interests really do match.

HARUNA: They're in their late 20s now. That's amazing.

RINA: It's a great thing to have someone by your side who understands you so well at a time in your life when you are going through a lot of changes. It's wonderful.

HARUNA: But I think Shi-chan is also helped a lot by Aoi, who is different from her.

RINA: You can tell that they support each other.

HARUNA: This kind of "Quminous" is great, isn't it?

RINA: It's really good.

(A staffer asks, "Do people in Kansai use 'Shiran kedo' a lot?")

RINA: I say it unconsciously, but it's not something you should pick up on, so I don't think it's appropriate.

HARUNA: But don't you say it a lot?

RINA: I do!?

HARUNA: I think you do.

RINA: That's so embarrassing!

HARUNA: I think you say it right away.

RINA: Really!? I'll be a little more aware of it...

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Bulgaria Yogurt』 - Season 2, Episode 48

Topics tagged under catchup on SCANDAL HEAVEN PlbO2zMV_o
Topics tagged under catchup on SCANDAL HEAVEN 2jyLrBZh_o

•The episode starts with this.

•TOMO then guesses beef (*bzzt). MAMI guesses jalapeno (*bzzt). HARU guesses chocolate (*bzzt). RINA guesses wheat flour (*bzzt). MAMI guesses cactus (*bzzt). TOMO says they had eaten tacos for every meal when they were there and asks what were in them. RINA then guesses chicken (*bzzt). TOMO guesses pork (*bzzt), and then breaks down what the taco consisted of, starting with a corn tortilla. MAMI says there were some tacos with chocolate on them, and then guesses cabbage (*bzzt). HARU guesses onions (*bzzt). MAMI guesses tomatoes (*bzzt). She laughs and says, "You've gotta be kidding me!" TOMO guesses cheese (*bzzt). Ono says that they kind of were close earlier. TOMO then guesses chili peppers, which is correct. The others go, "Ahh." TOMO asks if that includes jalapenos, which Ono says that it seems to. The band says that "chile" being chili peppers does make sense. TOMO says she really wants to eat some tacos. HARU says she does, too. MAMI says she really want to eat jalapenos (lol). RINA says that Mexican dishes really suit Japanese palettes. MAMI says that what you usually think of when you hear tacos is the American version of them with ground beef in them (like Taco Bell tacos), but in Mexico they put the tortilla first, then the ingredients, and you can eat it with a fork and knife (lol idk about that). Ono then says that this question actually came from Meiji's site. RINA kind of repeats what MAMI says about tacos = American style tacos. HARU says that tacos sold at chain restaurants are usually American style. TOMO says that they didn't see any tacos with ground meat in them in Mexico. They also mention how they were given a lot of tequila and gave a lot of them to their staff, which they happily accepted.

•HARU reads the next message from a listener whose message was previously read, who is a Japanese person married to a Brazilian and had been planning to go to Brazil. They say that they went during the New Year's holidays and mention things like how they asked a local relative to find the churrasco place that SCANDAL had gone to. The quiz question is then read: "In Brazil, breakfast is called 'café da manhã,' but what does it mean when translated literally?" RINA guesses "ohayou no hitokuchi" (good morning sip/bite) (*bzzt), which HARU laughs at. TOMO guesses "coffee and sugar," in English (*bzzt). MAMI says that since "cafe" is in the name, it probably has something to do with coffee. HARU guesses "coffee and muffins" (*bzzt). TOMO guesses "coffee and milk" (*bzzt). RINA guesses "pancakes and black tea" (*bzzt). TOMO guesses "pao de queijo" (Brazilian cheese bread) (*bzzt). MAMI guesses "coffee and bread" (*bzzt). TOMO guesses "coffee and wheat" (*bzzt). Ono says that the "cafe" = "coffee" part is correct. TOMO guesses "sunny-side up eggs" (*bzzt). RINA guesses "sausage" (*bzzt), then "potatoes" (*bzzt). Ono then says that it's "___ coffee." MAMI guesses "morning coffee," which is correct. She goes, "That's correct?? Yay!" Ono says that this question also came from Meiji's site. They all laugh and say that everything can be found on their site. HARU reads a little more info that came from the site and mentions that fruit juice is also an indispensible part of breakfast. They all recall that the fruit juice they had there was really good. TOMO says it was so good that she thought she was going to die.

•HARU reads more info, which mentions pao de queijo, and says that it contains mandioca flour, which makes it very springy. MAMI goes, "What does 'mandioca' mean?" and asks it like a quiz question. TOMO guesses glutinous rice (*bzzt), which makes the others laugh. RINA guesses "flour that makes food springy" (*bzzt). TOMO guesses rice flour (*bzzt). Ono says that the word is actually defined on Meiji's site, which surprises them. HARU says that she happened to see the answer and info, and says that it was once a staple food of indigenous peoples. TOMO guesses taro (*bzzt). MAMI also seems to know the correct answer and says that she's close. TOMO then guesses satoimo (which is also taro, though lol) (*bzzt). TOMO then just says potato, and MAMI says that it is a potato. HARU says that it's something they've likely heard more about in recent years. TOMO goes, "What?" MAMI laughs and says that doesn't help. RINA guesses Japanese mountain yam (*bzzt), which makes everyone laugh (HARU: "What a refined answer"). RINA says that she thought that'd be the right answer. HARU says that it's used in something that's popular these days. TOMO and RINA are still confused by this. TOMO then guesses "maritozzi" (I think lol? which are Italian cream buns). There's a pause before the others laugh and say that that has been a popular item recently. MAMI laughs and says that's not a potato.

•HARU clarifies that it's something potato related that's used in something that's popular. TOMO says that she can't think of anything. HARU starts saying that it was probably more popular a little while ago, before TOMO suddenly goes, "Tapioca!" HARU goes, "Tapioca, what?" TOMO asks what tapioca is, anyway, and if it is a potato. HARU says that it's the potato used to make tapioca. RINA asks if it's a white potato, which HARU says it is. TOMO says that she thought tapioca was made from gelatin, and then wonders if gelatin comes from a potato (lol it's derived from animals). TOMO then guesses "konjac potato" (*bzzt). RINA asks if it's "___ potato." HARU says that it is. TOMO again guesses satoimo (taro) (*bzzt). HARU says that it's not really talked about in Japan. Ono says that they've likely heard about it before, though. TOMO and RINA try thinking of what tapioca is made of. TOMO says that she's surprised tapioca comes from a potato. Then, she goes "Ca-?" Ono says that it does start with "ca." They then just start saying words that start with that, like "cabinet." TOMO guesses "casket" (*bzzt). RINA laughs at this. MAMI says that it's "ca" plus the name of a fish (spoiler: she's referring to "saba" (サバ), which is mackerel). TOMO says "cagyo" ("gyo" means "fish") (*bzzt), which they laugh hard at. MAMI starts to explain something else when TOMO suddenly answers "cassava," which is correct. She goes, "I've never heard of it, though!", which they all laugh at. RINA says that she's never said it outloud before, and when she said it, that was the first time her mouth ever moved that way. They laugh. MAMI says that it resembles taro but is a different kind of potato.

•HARU reads the next message from a listener from the Philippines who mentions things like how they and their friends won first place in a digital art production contest at their school, which was scary at first since it was their first time collaborating with local friends. They had little experience collaborating before, which had been with online friends in far away countries. They say to also wish them luck as they're working on a piece to give to someone for Valentine's. The band says that's awesome they got first place. RINA wonders if designs created by AI were used. They also say that it's great how we live in an era where you can make art with people you've never met before, and wonder what kind of art they're making for Valentine's. Ono says that Meiji doesn't have a page about the Philippines on their site, so this is a question he made up especially for them. HARU starts reading it: "'Everyone loves Jollibee, but...' Wait, what does this say? 'Men'..." MAMI goes, "'Men'?" Ono takes a look at it and says that it says "menu." The others laugh and RINA says she was wondering what that 'men' was all about. HARU reads the question again: "Everyone loves Jollibee, but what is the local food 'palabok' on the menu?" HARU says that TOMO did go to Jollibee. RINA asks if she ordered it. TOMO says that she didn't. MAMI guesses sweet banana (*bzzt). RINA says that that does seem probable. TOMO says that the mango peach pie was delicious (*bzzt). RINA guesses fried chicken (*bzzt). TOMO guesses sweet meat sauce (*bzzt). MAMI guesses meatball (*bzzt). There's a slight pause before they ask if they're close. Ono says no. They laugh and say that he was making a face that seemed to indicate they were close.

•Ono says that this is a difficult one and that it's not a dessert food. TOMO guesses a hot sandwich (*bzzt). MAMI guesses salad (*bzzt). Ono tries to explain stuff to them and mentions that it's close to a Chinese dish. TOMO guesses bun (*bzzt). HARU guesses manju (*bzzt). MAMI guesses glass noodles (*bzzt). TOMO guesses yakisoba (*bzzt), then pad thai (*bzzt). RINA says beef. There's a pause before they all get excited and start clapping. Ono says that that's not an incorrect answer, and that it's "___ beef." TOMO guesses eggs and beef (*bzzt). HARU guesses tofu (*bzzt). RINA guesses chicken (*bzzt). TOMO guesses seafood (*bzzt), then onions (*bzzt). MAMI guesses garlic chives (*bzzt), and then vegetables. There's no buzzer sound played, which makes the band confused. MAMI then guesses ground beef (*bzzt). TOMO guesses cassava (*bzzt). MAMI laughs and RINA says that's definitely the right answer. Ono says that it describes the shape/size of the beef. TOMO guesses finely cut beef (*bzzt). HARU guesses soup (*bzzt). TOMO guesses ankake (basically refers to food covered in a thick starchy sauce), which is correct. Ono seems to show them photos of the dish. They say it looks good and would like to try it.

*As always, you can send in a message to the program here.

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The first "I see - The Catch up" in forever! What is "chile," an essential ingredient in Mexican cooking?

Season 2, Episode 48 blog

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HARUNA: This time we're doing... "I see - The Catch up"!

TOMOMI: We love this segment!

HARUNA: It's been a while.

TOMOMI: It's been a really long while, hasn't it?

HARUNA: Not since last summer.

RINA: That much time has passed, huh.

HARUNA: Last summer, too, it had been a while since we'd done "I see - The Catch up."

TOMOMI: Once every 2 cours.
(*1 cour equals 3 months)

RINA: That's right.

HARUNA: It seems like we've been doing it quite a bit, but at any rate, it's been a while.

RINA: Once is a lot.

HARUNA: "I see - The Catch up" is a quiz about world news and countries! Based on messages from overseas listeners, the staff comes up with quizzes related to the countries of the people sending n messages and ask the members questions. So far...we have delivered quizzes based on messages from Estonia, Malaysia, Argentina, Italy, Russia, USA, Australia, Philippines, Taiwan, India, Indonesia, and Hong Kong.

RINA: The number's growingー

HARUNA: We get to know a lot more about the world. Which countries will they be from this time? First, we'll read the messages.


Hi, im Tony from Mexico

This is my first time to send you a message and I am using a translator so I am sure there are many things wrong, but I was very happy to hear that SCANDAL has a new album and a new tour this year. I hope they will have a concert in my country, I want to go too, in 2015 and 2018 you already had concerts there, but at that time I was not yet a fan of yours, I was hoping MIRROR would have a date here, though that did not happen, hope to see more scandals this year and next!

(*Note: I translated this message to English through another translating service to retain the machine-translated feel)

All: Thank you very much!

TOMOMI: We'd like to go to Mexico tooー.

MAMI: We doー.

TOMOMI: I wonder what made them like us after 2018.

HARUNA: I wonder.

TOMOMI: There might have been some trigger related to Japan, like TV or magazines. If it's overseas...

RINA: YouTube? When we went to Mexico for the first time, we heard that many people came after watching our music videos on YouTube.

TOMOMI: I wonder if that's still true today. We don't update YouTube at all...only music videos.

HARUNA: There's no content that can be easily watched. (lol unfortunately, you guys are too naive)

TOMOMI: It'd be nice if there was more.

HARUNA: That's true.

RINA: If you hit upon a video and watch one, there are quite a few music videos to watch.

MAMI: There are quite a few.

TOMOMI: On the contrary, there are only music videos.

HARUNA: We made a few documentaries during the MIRROR era, so perhaps they watched them.

TOMOMI: We'd love to go back to Mexico.

Staff: SCANDAL fans overseas enjoy this program, too. That's why they send in messages.

HARUNA: That's true; if people want to know more about us, they could eventually end up here.

TOMOMI: But since we only talk in'd be difficult [for them to understand] even if they ended up here.

RINA: We're very grateful.

TOMOMI: Thank you very much.

HARUNA: Now then, let's start "I see - The Catch up" with a question about Mexico.

The essential ingredients for Mexican cuisine are corn, beans,
And "chile." Now then, what is "chile"?

TOMOMI: Chile??

MAMI: Chire!? Wait, wait, wait...avocado!

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Bulgaria Yogurt』 - Season 2, Episode 47

Topics tagged under catchup on SCANDAL HEAVEN Ly96Vm8C_o
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•The episode starts with this.

•TOMO reads the next message from a listener who says they're sending in a topic for Smental: When eating oden, which ingredient do you start from? Ono says to try and do it. HARU says that she has hers decided. RINA says that there's one that she usually starts with. MAMI says that she has two in mind. TOMO says that hers depends on her mood that day. MAMI then wonders what some of the official names are for the ingredients. RINA and HARU both say that theirs are very standard ones. Ono says they should try and match their answers. RINA says that the one she's thinking of is one she'd imagine about 90% of people would order when eating oden. They say they think they'll match up and all answer "Daikon" at the same time. HARU says that she hasn't eaten oden much this year. MAMI says she's hasn't eaten it. TOMO says that she's eaten it around 3 times. RINA says she's eaten it as well.

•MAMI reads the next message from a listener who says that they really sympathized with the recent story the band told about absorbing luck and say that they have similar experiences where something bad always happens to someone who treats her loved ones badly. An example would be mysterious leaks in the roof above the three people who treat her husband badly, and all those people sat in the different locations. Also, good luck always seems to happen to her loved ones. She's always had this kind of luck but wants to get rid of it since it scares her. She's also scared that she's the only one like that. HARU says that her mom is the same way, and lists an example of people working with her quitting right away. TOMO says that they're on a higher level than SCANDAL. The band just absorbs luck, but it's like these people are punishing bad guys. MAMI says that HARU's mom isn't the same as the listener. HARU says that her mom will wish things like "I wish they'd leave" and they usually do. TOMO says that the listener in particular is kind of close to being a god. MAMI says that maybe they were in a past life. They then talk about how it's the opposite for them with liking stores that seem to inevitably close down. RINA says that maybe they're pouring out a lot of twisted love, which they laugh at. They ask people who have these "godlike powers" to send in messages.

•RINA reads the next message from a listener who says that they spoke some power words in early 2024. They were worried about the environment of the place they'd been working at since the end of last year, and even after the start of the new year, they found themselves being consumed with work and exhausted by it. They came down with the flu at the start of the year, yet the owner gave them a tough schedule. The listener asked if they cared about their employees at all, and owner said they've never been told that before. The next day they talked and made peace, but the listener did eventually quit. RINA says that all built up and exploded when those words were said. TOMO says it takes courage to say something like that, and it's great when that courage improves things for others.

•Before HARU reads the next message, she goes, "What was 'Shunkan Plain,' again?" None of them remember what it is. TOMO says that they probably don't have this segment anymore. HARU then reads the message from a listener who sent in a message to the recent "Catch up" live broadcast for a "song you want a loved one to hear," which he dedicated to a follower of theirs, though the message + song weren't chosen to be aired. A few days later when they were feeling down, they were so happy to hear from their follower and told her about the message + song they sent in to express their gratitude for the follower. She said that she had actually done the same, and their messages ended up being almost the same. Although they live in different places and have never met in real life, they met on social media because of SCANDAL and are very important to one another. The listener was so happy that they couldn't put into words when they found out they both had written the same kind of thing. They say it's their dream to meet the follower at a concert one day. The band says that's lovely. HARU apologizes for not reading their message. They say they have several concerts this year, including their upcoming tour, so they'd love for them to come out and finally meet.

•TOMO reads the next message from a listener who lives in Kagoshima Prefecture and ask if they remember the call-and-response regarding a local commercial they did when SCANDAL went there on the 47-prefecture tour. They're referring to this commercial for a vocational school where one person asks, "Shourai, nani ni naru no? (What will you be in the future?)" and the other answers, "Koumuin (civil servant)." They say that the school hasn't showed the commercial for a few years now, but it's so ingrained into the bodies of people from Kagoshima that they'll definitely answer back if they were asked during another MC. They also give a tip to stretch out the "no" at the end. MAMI says, "We didn't absorb the luck out of the commercial, right?", which makes them all laugh. TOMO says that's possible. They laugh at how they were even given a tip to say it properly. TOMO says that they'd do this kind of local commercial call-and-response thing during their 47-prefecture tour, which made the crowds excited.

•MAMI reads the next message from a listener who saw TOMO's post from when she went to the Philippine and had Jollibee. They say also went to the Philippines and had Jollibee for the first time. TOMO says that Jollibee was great. HARU asks what she ate. TOMO says she got the kids meal because she wanted the toy of Jollibee that came with it. She says it came with some bright yellow 'clay' (was actually Play-Doh) but didn't understand the directions on how to do it (you put a piece of Play-Doh into the food mold on the figure's back, press it down, and put the Play-Doh on the figure's tray it's holding), so she asked fans via social media for help.

*As always, you can send in a message to the program here.

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*All episodes of Season 2 can be found here

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What did someone really want to tell HARUNA with their first-ever message?

Season 2, Episode 47 blog

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HARUNA: This time...we're just going to introduce messages. Let's get right to it.


I became a fan of SCANDAL when I was in middle school, and although I was away from the band for a while in high school due to studies and club activities, I am now a nursing student and am hooked on SCANDAL again. In that vein, I belatedly listened to all past episodes of "Catch up," and I really wanted to tell HARUNA something, so I'm sending in a message to a radio program for the first time in my life.

During Smental (game where all 4 members of SCANDAL try to give the same answer to a subject), HARUNA has given answers such as mochi and tofu, but what I imagine while listening and what HARUNA gives as an answer are always the same.

The other members would say, "Why would you answer that? That's so funny!", I was pleased to see that my thought process was exactly the same as HARUNA's, but at the same time felt down and thought I was a weirdo, so I had mixed feelings about it (haha).

I got the impression that HARUNA feels down every time Smental is played, but she has like-minded comrades, so don't be discouraged! That's all I wanted to say.

On a personal note, the national nursing exam is coming up in a week, so I'm feeling anxious every day no matter how much I study. But I will get through it by listening to SCANDAL songs every day!

HARUNA: Thank you!

TOMOMI: Good luck! National exams sure are nerve-racking.

RINA: But their message is so cute.

TOMOMI: HARU has a comrade.

HARUNA: Yeah, I do. But there are a few others as well.

MAMI: Hmm?

HARUNA: I get DMs from quite a few people who say, "I also thought of tofu!"

MAMI: Before that, HARU, you felt down!?

TOMOMI: You felt down?

HARUNA: Well...

RINA: You did?

HARUNA: It doesn't make me feel down that my answers are different than your guys' answers. I'm surprised that you're so surprised. I'm more surprised than disheartened.

All: Ah!

MAMI: I see. But it's not something to be disheartened about.

RINA: There's no right answer.

TOMOMI: It's just a game.

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Bulgaria Yogurt』 - Season 2, Episode 46

Topics tagged under catchup on SCANDAL HEAVEN Ciuz0Xoi_o
Topics tagged under catchup on SCANDAL HEAVEN UX9KjJ3n_o

•The episode starts with this.

•RINA also says that it was raining on the day they stayed overnight in Kyoto, but it was really cool to see Kyoto in the rain. She spent a nice and luxurious day relaxing and thinking how grateful she is to have been able to spend her time like that. She also mentions that she went to Tokyo Disneyland. HARU is surprised and says that she successfully drove outside of Tokyo/the prefecture (one of RINA's 2023 resolutions was to drive outside of Tokyo, which she didn't get around to doing--until recently with this trip). RINA laughs and says she did accomplish that. MAMI congratulates her. HARU asks how it was. RINA says she was really nervous but managed to get there safely. She mentions how the Disneyland staff is so smiley when they guide you when parking. It made her think, "Thanks! I've arrived!" and says she was really happy. HARU says that she's glad she drove outside of Tokyo, RINA says she's glad she was able to report this.

•Next, HARU says that TOMO did a lot of traveling. TOMO says that she first went to Kumamoto for New Year's with her family and saw Mount Aso, the castle, and relaxed in the hot springs. After that, she went to South Korea with her high school friends for 2 days, 3 nights. Following that, she went to Cebu in the Philippines with her elementary school friend for about a week. Following that, she went to Toba Aquarium and Ise Jingu Shrine (in Mie Prefecture) for a day. HARU says that's a huge distance traveled. TOMO says she was almost never in Tokyo and was always somewhere else. Because they usually don't have much time to do private traveling and don't know when they'll have a vacation, this might have been the first time in her life that she was able to properly enjoy a trip. She also brings up how they usually have travel plans taken care of for them (when they travel for concerts) by travel agents and such, so this was her first time doing all of this herself. She had to do stuff like rent a pocket Wi-Fi and such. She says that she had so much fun taking these trips that she thought she was going to die. The others laugh at this. MAMI mentions how she invited TOMO to go to a parfait place that they like and she brought her a bunch of souvenirs. TOMO had said she had gotten back the day before and will be leaving again tomorrow. TOMO says that MAMI had invited her at a good time.

•HARU says that contrary to TOMO's packed schedule, she spent a very relaxing time at home. She did travel once, and also went to Mie with her mom. She's been going to Toba Aquarium on family trips since she was little and so is familiar with the aquarium, and recently videos of the sea otters there have been going viral on social media. HARU really wanted to go see them again and found them so cute that she watched them for about two hours. She says that the reason why the otters started doing the stuff they're going viral for is for the keepers to check their health, like if they're able to move parts of their body normally or if they feel well or not. RINA says that it's comforting to hear they weren't taught that to make humans happy. TOMO asks HARU if they stayed in Toba. HARU says they did. TOMO asks if there were a lot of stalls, like ones selling grilled oysters, set up in front of Toba Station. HARU says that there were. MAMI wonders if it's because it's near the sea. TOMO says yes, and that there are lots of places that sell seafood caught that day and grill them on the spot, which makes it so much fun to visit those places. It was in fact so much fun for her that she delayed her return train. HARU says she probably did the opposite schedule from TOMO where she went to Toba first and then to Ise (also in Mie) the next day, and then went back home. TOMO says that she was in Toba for 2 days. MAMI goes, "In front of the station?", which they all laugh at. RINA asks TOMO what she ate. TOMO says she ate spiny lobster, grilled oysters, clams.

•Next, they read messages from listeners who sent in messages for the new segment to celebrate the release of their album, titled "Queen of LUMINOUS," or "Quminous" for short. HARU reads a message from a listener who says that her family's "Quminous" is her mother Sacchan. She mentions things like how there are three daughters and they usually listen to their parents' complaints, but when Sacchan gets a little tipsy, she gets a little pouty and says stuff like, "Is it my fault?" and then falls asleep. She asks SCANDAL if they can award Sacchan, who is always working hard, the Quminous Award. The band laughs and MAMI goes, "Were we giving out awards?" TOMO says that it's not that kind of segment. HARU wonders if they'll make an award later. They say that Sacchan sounds lively and joke that they'll give her the award. Ono says they can send her a pouch, which they agree on.

•TOMO reads the next message from a listener who also writes about their mom. They hadn't been able to return home for a while due to the pandemic and such, but had finally been able to do so for the year-end holidays and was reunited with their family for the first time in about 5 years. They told their mom that they had been having fun going to SCANDAL's concerts, and she asked them to tell her about SCANDAL's next album. When they gave her a copy of the Highlight no Naka de Bokura Zutto single, she listened to it every day in the car and now supports SCANDAL. The band says that makes them happy to hear that fans are starting conversations like that.

•MAMI reads the next message from a listener whose short Quminous story is about their wife who is ridiculously good at making tamagoyaki (rolled egg) and calls her the Tamagoyaki Queen. The taste, the shape, the color all look like ones found at an izakaya, and frankly, they are even better than the ones served at restaurants. The listener says that, by the way, they're the Chawanmushi (steamed egg custard) Minister The band laughs at how this couple's all about eggs. TOMO says that telling someone something like what the listener mentioned would definitely make them happy. They say that the Tamagoyaki Queen and Chawanmushi Minister sound really cute. TOMO says they'll give them an egg award. There's a pause before MAMI goes, "...egg?" They laugh and say they don't have that kind of award.

•They then close out the episode. HARU asks the others how it was to record an episode after so long. RINA says that it went by in a flash, which they all agree with. HARU says that it always feels like that, though. MAMI says that they conversed like they usually do. RINA says it felt good to talk and have things feel fresh.

*As always, you can send in a message to the program here.

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*All episodes of Season 2 can be found here

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Their first long vacation in 18 years! What did each member do??

Season 2, Episode 46 blog

Topics tagged under catchup on SCANDAL HEAVEN 4KVCq831_o

HARUNA: This time... It's been a month since we recorded for "Catch up"??

RINA: That's right. Not since the end of last year. It's been quite a while.

TOMOMI: We recorded a surprisingly large amount of episodes at the end of the year.

RINA: Yes, we recorded several rounds of three episodes.

HARUNA: Yeah, we recorded about two months worth. That's why we said "Happy New Year" in December. The reason for this is that SCANDAL took a whole month off in January.

RINA: That was a first. It was the first time we took such a long break.


RINA: I'm grateful.

HARUNA: We've been at this for 17 years, so we took this opportunity to take a little vacation, and each of us decided to do something we liked for a month... Let's talk about how we spent the month.

RINA: What did you guys do?

MAMI: I went to Sanrio Puroland about once every three days.


RINA: What a crazy pace...

MAMI: I also went to Harmonyland in Oita with my mother. Or rather, my main reason was to go to Harmonyland.

RINA: Your long-cherished wish...?

MAMI: Yes, my long-cherished wish.

RINA: You did mention that. Was that your first time going?

MAMI: No, it was my third time.

HARUNA: You've been there quite a bit.

MAMI: It was a day trip. We took the plane at 6 am and came back at 7 pm. This was probably my second trip to Oita Prefecture where I wanted to do some proper sightseeing, The first time I went to Beppu, and this time I went to Yufuin.

TOMOMI: Sounds great!

RINA: Did you go to an onsen?

MAMI: That's right. Also, I think I got sculpted gel nails for the first time in my life.

TOMOMI: You play the guitar, so you can't usually do that.

MAMI: Yeah, I can't. Now they're all removed and shortened. When your nails are cute, you get really excited.

HARUNA: That's right.

MAMI: The moment you hand something to someone or hand them something, a conversation is born into this world, like, "Your nails are cute!" It was my first time experiencing that. I was so pumped.

TOMOMI: It's nice, isn't it?

HARUNA: I grew my nails a little longer, too.

MAMI: You grew them longer??

HARUNA: I grew them longer than usual.

RINA: Did you do your nails?

HARUNA: Yes, I did them myself.

TOMOMI: Nice... I can't grow mine at all. I cut them right away.

MAMI: I had my nails taken off at the place where I had them done, and I told the tech, "Thank you so much. I can't believe how happy it made me..." I told her everything I was feeling, and then she took them off.

TOMOMI: You sound like a first-year gyaru.

HARUNA: We all took trips, right?

RINA: We did. I went to Kyoto with my sister, and we went to an Italian restaurant next to the five-story pagoda, where you can eat while looking at it. It's really cool; the interior is Western style, but the view is cool Japanese style. That contrast is wonderful. Chihara Junior went there with Yuichi Kimura (both comedians). It's a creative Italian restaurant, but it's not exactly Italian. It's all a little different. We ate a course there and then relaxed at a ryokan (Japanese inn).

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Bulgaria Yogurt』 - Season 2, Episode 45

Topics tagged under catchup on SCANDAL HEAVEN XbQPSqzb_o
Topics tagged under catchup on SCANDAL HEAVEN S8EeJy69_o

•The episode starts with this.

•TOMO reads the next message from a listener whose message was read during Episode 156 where she asked the band whether she should be happy with the person she loves, or the person who loves her. She's sent in this message because there's been some progress, but says that she's not in a relationship with either guy. MANIA-kun had come to Kansai to visit her and then came again for SCANDAL's unlimited UTOPIA tour, though they didn't attend the concert together. They kept in touch after that, but his social media profile happened to be recommended to her and the difference between that and how he is in real life was so drastic that it kind of woke her up and made her feel uncomfortable. She thought that if she kept contacting him, she might get his hopes up, so she deliberately reduced the frequency of her replies. Even so, she felt sorry for being unable to respond to his feelings, which outweighted how happy she was that he was thinking of her. She just told him that she'd see him if there was another concert and then stopped contacting him. She had made plans to hang out with the other guy she likes on the day of SCANDAL's signing event in Tokyo, and afterwards he accompanied her to the venue. She was planning on confessing her feelings when they parted, but in the end she didn't have the courage to do so and they remain friends to this day. As time went by, she thought that she could have a better relationship with him as a friend rather than a lover. She says that there may come a day when she'll regret this decision, but it was one she made after much consideration so she'll enjoy her single life to the fullest so that she doesn't regret it. The band talks about the social media aspect and that, for example, you'd be really excited after a concert and that could come across in your posts. They say that it's important how you use social media, though it's okay to just be yourself. There's nothing wrong with there being a big difference between your online and offline personalities, and that it's a matter of compatibility. They thank the listener for sending in an update.

•MAMI reads the next message from a listener who is sending a "just between you and me" type of message from something that happened when they attended a SCANDAL concert a few years ago. They say that they were front row on MAMI's side and was raising their hand during one of the songs when a hair strand of MAMI's, who was whipping her hair around, floated into their hand (TOMO: "That's scary!"). They say that since they attend concerts solo, they haven't had a chance to tell other fans about this incident, which is why they're sending in this message. MAMI goes, "You don't really need to mention this story!" They all laugh. TOMO wonders if the fan took home the strand. MAMI says (or hopes, more like it) that they probably threw it away. Ono states that the listener is a woman. The band is surprised at how the listener was able to notice the single strand of hair and wonder if it was illuminated by the lighting. They say that MAMI's hair is pretty easy to see, especially when it's blonde. TOMO says that she thought there'd be a scary story that followed, which they all laugh at. MAMI says sorry and thanks for finding it, while TOMO says congratulations. MAMI then says that she has no idea what to say to this. RINA laughs and says it's an odd feeling. Ono says that this message was sent in as part of the "secret conversations" message theme for the live broadcast.

•RINA reads the next message from a listener who says that their secret is that they dress up like a woman. They started doing their own makeup about six years ago but couldn't imagine going out like that. Once they went out wearing a mask, they gained a strange confidence because most people weren't concerned about it, especially those who were looking at their phones. Since they started growing their hair out, switching from a wig, they've been wearing women's clothes to SCANDAL concerts. They went to SCANDAL's signing in Osaka in a t-shirt, skirt, and sandals after much deliberation. RINA thanked them for wearing a "SHE IS A WAVE" shirt and said that it looked nice on them. When they told RINA that they were a guy, she looked them straight in the eye and said "Oh? That's great!" They were so happy that they were tearing up. They still feel guilty for dressing up as a woman but still want to continue doing so. RINA says that she remembers them. HARU says she does as well. RINA says that they don't get to talk much to each fan due to limited time, but she was really happy that they told her that, and she thought it was really wonderful that a fan was truly living their life the way they want to. HARU says that she thinks people can express themselves however they like to. MAMI says that she really loves the YouTuber Himenii who also dresses up like a woman and that they're really cute. She says that Himenii says that cross-dressing is the best thing that only men can do, which she thinks is true. RINA says that the reverse is also true, where there are many women who like things that only guys are supposed to like. That's also something that she thinks is totally fine. She mentions that they often get DMs and fan letters about things like this, and she wants to tell all of these people that it's totally fine. TOMO says that it's the most wonderful thing when you live your life faithfully to what you love.

•HARU reads the next message from a listener who is sharing an embarrassing story that he experienced in middle school. One morning in his first year of middle school, he was riding the train as usual when he noticed a slightly scary high school boy staring at him. They had grown up watching lots of drama series so they figured that they couldn't look away because the boy would see that he was scared and would take advantage of him. When he didn't look away, the high schooler started slowly making his way towards him. He thought he would get beaten up like in dramas, but instead the high schooler whispered to him that his fly was open. That was what he was trying to communicate to the listener. The listener realized that it was in fact open and felt like he wanted to just disappear. TOMO says that was a good story and that both boys were really cute. HARU says that you do get pretty nervous when someone stares at you like that and you wonder if you did something. MAMI says all the more when it's someone older than you.

*As always, you can send in a message to the program here.

I've updated the guide as how to input your info and message for those who need assistance (click to enlarge):

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*A list of all episode summaries from #1-160 can be found here

*All episodes of Season 2 can be found here

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Giving away more and more newly created program pouches!

Season 2, Episode 45 blog

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HARUNA: So, this time...we'll just be reading messages!


This is my first time sending a message.

For Christmas, it's become an annual event for me to go to SCANDAL's concert. After the concert, I stay over with my SCANDAL friends, exchange gifts for things I don't need, and spend Christmas basking in the afterglow of the concert. I had a long history of unrequited love and had not had a significant other for several years, so I had forgotten the concept of Christmas.

The 24th of one such year was also a regular event with my usual friend group. A week before the 24th, a good friend of mine called me and asked me when I was free. I replied that I was going back to my parents' house at the end of the year, so I was only free on the 25th and 26th, and I could hang out on either of those days. He then suggested that I go to Yomiuriland on the 25th with a male friend, and we agreed to go.

Since I was staying over with my friend group that day, I was a little late and headed there with my big luggage. However, I had forgotten that it was Christmas, so there were many people at the bus stop of the nearest station. I had no choice but to walk there with my big luggage in the cold. As a result, I was very late.

I managed to meet up with my male friend and we walked around the park, but it was so cold and snowy that we couldn't ride many attractions because of the huge number of people.

When it was time to leave the park, my male friend suggested we take the long way around. On the way to the exit, my male friend said he wanted to talk to me. I answered, "What is it?" and my male friend suddenly confessed to me with a serious look on his face, "I like you. Please go out with me."

I had never imagined he'd say that to me, so I was surprised and said, "What? Are you serious?" In my head, I was like, "What's going on?"

As I mentioned at the beginning, I had no concept of Christmas at that time, and my male friend wasn't my type, so we just hung out as friends. So I never thought he would confess his feelings for me.

I heard later that he seemed to think it was a good idea to do this on Christmas day and was planning on confessing his feelings, but when I had been very late and when I started talking about my ideal type when we started talking about love, he realized that I had no interest in him and hesistated to confess.

However, as a result, on December 25th of this year, I will have been dating him for two years.

It's probably something normal people would understand, but I was horribly insensitive to it, so it was a slightly embarrassing story about Christmas.

Also, the 24th of this year will be my 9th Christmas with SCANDAL. Of course, I will be there again this year with my friend group! I'm looking forward to it!

All: Thank you very much!

RINA: They wrote this before coming to the concert.

HARUNA: They did.

RINA: Thank you.

TOMOMI: So on that day they decided to start dating?

RINA: Two years ago, yeah. That's amazing. I guess that's what they like about them, too. It's a special day, but you don't have to be conscious of it--there's a sense of freedom. Just enjoying each other's company as friends. I think that's wonderful.

HARUNA: But certainly, if someone said they were free on the 25th, you might be a little nervous.

RINA: Yeah, you'd be like, "It's Christmas; is that okay?"

HARUNA: That's great that they've been together for two years and have spent nine Christmas concerts with us.

MAMI: Thank you very much.

RINA: Thank you. I wish you happiness.

HARUNA: Please come to a concert with him.

MAMI: Is this worthy of a pouch?

HARUNA: Shall we give them a pouch?

RINA: Let's give it to them!

HARUNA: Then we'll give it to Ruka.

TOMOMI: The first "Catch up pouch" - how commemorable!

HARUNA: We'll give them a "yogurt pouch"!

RINA: So cuteー

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Bulgaria Yogurt』 - Season 2, Episode 44

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•The episode starts with this.

•HARU asks which instrument each person wants to play. TOMO and RINA say they'd be fine with any of them. HARU says to choose whichever one they like. MAMI decides to go with the one right in front of her, which is the ektara. TOMO and RINA still aren't sure which to choose. HARU says, "Aren't you in charge of playing the melodies?" TOMO goes, "Me?" HARU says yes (since TOMO had done them for past jingles). RINA asks if TOMO will play the bugle, then. TOMO wonders if she'll be able to play it. She tries it out and can only play a singular sound, which makes the others laugh. TOMO says that it doesn't have a key to it. She tries it again and says that you really have to use it like a trumpet in order for it to make noise; it's like she's back in a concert band club. HARU asks if she had been in that kind of club. TOMO says that she played the clarinet in elementary school. She tries the bugle again and says that it only makes one sound. HARU then reads something that says that the scale can't be changed.

•They all try their instruments a bit before HARU asks what song they should try playing. TOMO suggests "Highlight no Naka de Bokura Zutto." RINA asks what part of the song to do. Without anyone really answering, they test their instruments again. MAMI says that her instrument doesn't really do higher sounds. She then suggests doing "Line of sight," which the others say is good. HARU says that LOS is a really fast song, though. After more testing of their instruments, HARU says that it seems like it'd be impossible for them to play any new songs. MAMI wonders what about "CANDY." It sounds like TOMO tries to play it but is unable to. The others laugh and HARU asks what part she's trying to play. TOMO says the intro. HARU laughs hard, since it sounds nothing like it. HARU again asks what song they should try playing. MAMI says that "CANDY" would probably be the easiest to do, and suggests playing the chorus. RINA asks how that goes, again. HARU starts to sing it, and then MAMI says maybe they can do the "tururururu tururu" part. TOMO tries playing it but it doesn't really sound like it. MAMI then tries her instrument but laughs and says she doesn't know anymore. RINA is heard playing her instrument in the background. HARU says that it sounds like she'll be able to play the "tururururu tururu" part." TOMO tries again with hers, which makes them laugh again.

•They try out playing that part in "CANDY." HARU starts to say "SCANDAL Catch up supported by..." but laughs in the middle and says she can't do it. They all laugh at their first attempt. They do their second attempt and are able to make it the whole way through. They stifle their laughter after and wonder if that was a good take since this jingle will be used for the rest of the year. RINA jokes to not use it that often, which makes them all laugh. HARU says that was difficult to do. She also says that there really are all kinds of instruments in the world.

•They then close out the episode. The song that plays right before they close it out is "CANDY," which makes them laugh. MAMI says that real thing is playing. HARU says that the only thing they did this episode was try and make a jingle, which they laugh at. TOMO says it's always fun to do. HARU says these instruments were a good find. MAMI says that these have been the most instrument-like so far, like they actually look like commonly used instruments. HARU says they're the biggest instruments they've used so far. MAMI says they were the most interesting ones, which makes TOMO laugh. HARU says they've been doing this for four years and she's looking forward to next year's jingle as well. MAMI laughs. TOMO says that the instruments will be so leveled up next time that she'll probably be playing the flute.

*As always, you can send in a message to the program here.

I've updated the guide as how to input your info and message for those who need assistance (click to enlarge):

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*A list of all episode summaries from #1-160 can be found here

*All episodes of Season 2 can be found here

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Commemorating the program's 200th episode! Creating a jingle for the program using new ethnic instruments!

Season 2, Episode 44 blog

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HARUNA: So, this time...
Celebrating 200th anniversary! Let's produce an original jingle!

TOMOMI: Celebrating the 200th episode... we did that, didn't we??

HARUNA: (*to the staff) We celebrated it the other day, didn't we?

MAMI: We haven't done that many "commemorations" called "commemorations."

HARUNA: I guess we just talked about it, saying, "It's the 200th episode!"...

RINA: Did we say that?

HARUNA: The 200th episode came out on New Year's Day.

RINA: Yes, yes...

TOMOMI: During the live broadcast...? Oh, that's not right.

HARUNA: January 1 was when the 200th episode came out.

RINA: I see.

TOMOMI: Did we just talk about how 200th episode coming out on New Year's Day was nice?

HARUNA: That's it.

RINA: Yeah.

HARUNA: We didn't do anything for it, so we'll be making a jingle for the program again.

TOMOMI: I feel like we've been recording them consistently.

HARUNA: Don't we do it once a year?

RINA: That's right.

HARUNA: They say this will be the 23rd time we've produced an original jingle. Do you guys remember the previous ones?

RINA: I vaguely remember them...

TOMOMI: An instrument we used was the "boroboro mini" (four-hole ocarina)... and then, uh...

HARUNA: What else were there?

MAMI: A whistle!

TOMOMI: A bird whistle.

HARUNA: We played "one more time" and "eternal."

RINA: We did.

HARUNA: And this time, the instruments have been "powered up"!

RINA: What...?

TOMOMI: Powered up!?

HARUNA: You're probably wondering what that means...

RINA: What are there??

TOMOMI: There are always a lot of "ethnic instruments," though.

HARUNA: Let's take a look at the instruments this time.

*Instrument appearance!

(*Members speak freely about their impressions of the instruments)

MAMI: There's a big one.

HARUNA: They look like interior decorations.

MAMI: What's that?

TOMOMI: It's kind of cute.

MAMI: They're all usually cute.

HARUNA: Is this a bugle?

MAMI: The little bugle is called a "marching bugle."

HARUNA: And this one?

MAMI: That's a "mini bamboo xylophone."

HARUNA: Is this a guiro?

RINA: It's an "ektara/gopichand."

TOMOMI: The guiro is the frog one (frog rasp).

HARUNA: (*reads the explanation) The Indian "marching bugle" is also used by the military.

TOMOMI: How do you change the pitch of the marching bugle? Is it the mouth?

HARUNA: The mouth, right? The ektara is an Indian instrument, and the sound is changed by gripping the bamboo part on the side.

MAMI: I see.

HARUNA: The frog "guiro" is a Vietnamese instrument.

TOMOMI: That's cute.

HARUNA: Apparently it's called a "mokokku" (unsure of the correct spelling; I can't find a damn thing about how this word is spelled in Vietnamese or otherwise lol). The boroboro mini is also from Vietnam. Apparently it's called "đàn T'rưng." It's true that the instruments have become more powerful.

MAMI: They'd all make nice interior decorations.

HARUNA: Let's decide which instrument each of us will play.

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Bulgaria Yogurt』 - Season 2, Episode 43

Topics tagged under catchup on SCANDAL HEAVEN OpJ33ef
Topics tagged under catchup on SCANDAL HEAVEN WrgFVCO

•The episode starts with this.

•I'll write out exactly what the band talks about after:

H: MAMI had mentioned that when we decided on the title. So, while I think this album has a much brighter feel to it compared to the previous one, I still don't think we've completely overcome that feeling.

M: We always had a happy mindset about it, though. We're just trying to give form to some of the things we had left to say and that we're ending them here, so I feel like we titled the album with the hope that people will accept it with a 100% happy and cheerful mindset.

H: It was pretty late in the process when we decided on the title. We all came up with our own words. Nothing good really came up.

R: That [process] will probably be included in the bonus video [in the Blu-ray Edition].

H: Maybe so. It was really difficult to put the mood or our thoughts at that moment into one word, but the moment we found the word, it was like our feelings suddenly became one.

R: We were able to agree at the same time, "Ah, that's it."

H: Yeah. I think that's amazing it happens every time.

R: I know. It's a moment when all senses come together beyond explanation.

H: Yeah.

R: It's amazing. But albums are extremely important because they determine the year we'll have.

H: That's right. It can be said that it's the end of a year, and also that it's the beginning of a year. I think March is the time when all kinds of things are mixed together, so I think it's great that we can release something at that time that's filled with our feelings. Also, our tour will start. I can't wait for it.

T: It's been a while since we've done a tour with a fair amount of stops. There are 19 of them.

H: Not since 2022. And yes, there are 19 performances. We're going to a lot of places. We're mainly performing at live music clubs this time.

R: That's awesome and admirable. I would have never imagined we'd be doing a live music club tour like this in our 18th year, so I think it's awesome and admirable of us. You know, you live your life as a band member, but you also live your life as a woman, all betting on the band. I think that's really great.

T: It's also very meaningful to tour live music clubs with this album.

R: In close proximity to the audience, too.

H: SCANDAL's fired up.

R: It really is awesome.

H: We'll work hard this year, too. We always wonder how long we can keep working hard for, though.

R: Let's get through this tour one performance at a time.

H: That's right. We always want to persevere in everything we do. Everyone who's coming, please look forward to it!

•HARU then mentions that they're starting a new segment to celebrate the release of their album, titled "Queen of LUMINOUS," or "Quminous" for short. They're looking for stories about extraordinary 'queens' that you know--mothers, sisters, all kinds of 'older sisters' to you, drag queens, etc.--though these stories should exclude SCANDAL.

•Next, they read messages from listeners who attended BEST Xmas. TOMO reads a message from someone who says they didn't expect Dobondobondo to make an appearance and honestly thought that Almond Crush would follow after them. They also found out later via YouTube that DD has another song that's called "Dobondobondo Dungeon." TOMO says that DD surprisingly has 4 songs (DD no Theme, Cherry Jam, DD Dungeon, Sekapero). MAMI says that their policy is that they don't write their own music, so if someone writes a song for them, they'll do it. TOMO says that the song they performed at BEST Xmas was "Dobondobondo no Theme" that Masahiro Ehara wrote it for them. She also lists a few more people that wrote their songs, like DJ Misoshiru and MC Gohan, and says that she'd love to do this again + wish someone would work with them. They laugh at how small TOMO's voice got as she talked.

•MAMI reads the next message from a listener who went with a friend who was going to be seeing SCANDAL for the first time and didn't mention anything to the friend about how BEST Xmas is usually a special kind of concert, hoping to surprise them. When the concert started, the first 3 songs took them by surprise and was very curious to know how their friend felt about it. When they asked them afterwards, they said that they were surprised and thought, "Idols can rap too?" They both had a lot of fun and also mention that they're teachers (SCANDAL: "Hey! Teacher"). The band says they're glad they enjoyed it. MAMI says that the special segment they do at BEST Xmas is usually in the middle of the concert, so she thinks that people who saw them for the first time would be really surprised. HARU says that they didn't have their instruments on stage at the beginning, which most fans seemed to have noticed. Parents didn't seem to notice, though. They laugh and wonder why that was. TOMO says that although nothing was on the stage at the beginning, there were some markers on the floor numbered 0-2 for the band to remember where to stand when dancing. She says that's not something bands usually do, and that she thinks they're the only band who can coexist with that. HARU says that they really do do amazing things.

•RINA reads the next message from a listener who says a few things about the concert, such as how hearing "Taiyou Scandalous" in the middle of winter really warmed them up. MAMI says that the song does warm your body up like wormwood (it stimulates sweating). The band laughs at this. RINA says that the song has a very destructive power. TOMO says she's glad they played it.

•They then close out the episode. HARU mentions there was one more thing to look forward to on the day of BEST Xmas for TOMO and RINA. TOMO and RINA say that it was the finals of the M1 Grand Prix (for comedians). RINA mentions how they got to predict their top 3 for Comedy Natalie, that she was really nervous when writing it, and that she did pretty well in her predictions (her 2nd place prediction ended up winning 1st place, and the other two in her top 3 were finalists). HARU says that's impressive. RINA says that what made her happiest at the end of the year was that her sense of humor wasn't off.

*As always, you can send in a message to the program here.

I've updated the guide as how to input your info and message for those who need assistance (click to enlarge):

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*A list of all episode summaries from #1-160 can be found here

*All episodes of Season 2 can be found here

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