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【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 46

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•The episode starts with this.

•MAMI reads the next topic from a listener: shuuji (習字) and shodou (書道) [this page explains it in English ]. TOMO says she isn't sure but thinks that "shuuji" is when you look at an example and carefully write it exactly as it is, while "shodou" is painting with the brush however you'd like to. The others agree with her. HARU says that she thinks that they were taught shuuji in school, which the others agree with too. The staff interjects and tells them that what TOMO said is correct. The others clap and RINA goes, "As expected." They say that this was a good topic.

•HARU reads the next message from a listener who suggest the topic of "anshin" (安心; relief, peace of mind) and "shinrai" (信頼; faith, trust), which they got from the book they're reading now that discusses the difference between the two. After thinking about it, they've concluded that "anshin" is when you feel relieved/have peace of mind just by being near someone [dear to you], and "shinrai" is when you leave something up to another person, you're trusting that they will do it for you. They say that they feel peace of mind ("anshin") every day because of SCANDAL's music and that they have faith ("shinrai") that they'll send them an Apollo pouch. The band laughs and TOMO says that she wants to give them 10 pouches (MAMI: "They don't need 10 pouches!"). After contemplating the topic for a few seconds, HARU says that it's probably what the listener mentioned, which is true. MAMI says that she doesn't think there needs to be a line drawn between the two. RINA agrees and feels that they more or less go together: You have faith in someone, so that's why you can have peace of mind. The band agrees to give them a pouch (TOMO: "Even if they didn't mention it, we would have given it").

•As the final part of the "meeting," they decide on the next topic for consideration by picking a card. The one TOMO draws is: tastefully done paintings and badly done paintings. The band thinks this will be an interesting one. HARU thinks it's a topic with one of those paper-thin differences, which TOMO says they've basically been doing all along. The others laugh and agree. MAMI says that there are basically no "badly done" paintings as there will probably always be someone who will be willing to pay for any painting. RINA says that it's kind of like testing out who is interested in something; she says, for example, she's bad at painting, but there probably would be fans who would think it's nice and make it into their profile picture. TOMO says it's also about whether or not something captivates you. RINA is reminded by the staff and she mentions that she bought some acrylic paints during their time off and painted something. She said that people said positive things about it, such as that it looks very RINA-like, but there were also negative things said about it, such as that it's sloppy. Then TOMO starts talking about a book she's reading about how Japanese arrived in Japan and how humans haven't changed in 38,000 years. I will not be summarizing this part, however, because it's too long lol

•As they close out the episode, they talk about how everything they were "saving up" during their break was released all at once today. They agree that the listeners' topics were good ones.

The third Fine Line Association! Can you eat oden or okonomiyaki with rice?

Episode #46 blog

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HARUNA: Two episodes have aired since the year started, but this is our first time actually recording an episode this year. Moreover, as our work this year is starting off with Catch up,
We're looking forward to your continued support. Let's have fun. So, this week is the Fine Line Association.

RINA: Yay!

TOMOMI: I'm happy.

HARUNA: RINA and TOMOMI's favorite Fine Line Association. By the way, if you put it in English, it'd be:
"Association of Borderline on Catch up," which is "ABC" for short [Note: A bit Engrishy, but I guess it's fine since the staff apparently wanted the ABC acronym lol. I'm still going to refer to it as the "Fine Line Association"].

All: Ohー!

RINA: It turned out nicely.

TOMOMI: That's so unusual. Good job!

HARUNA: Listeners continue to send in their opinions to ABC. This will be the third regular meeting.

→The fine line between kissaten and cafes


At kissaten, the owner is wiping down plates forever!
At cafes, they have fun with their name tags!

MAMI: I kind of get the atmosphere they're going for...

TOMOMI: I guess there are places like that... That's what it feels like.

RINA: I get the whole "owner is always wiping down plates at kissaten shown in drama or anime series." But have you ever seen that in real life? An owner wiping down plates the whole time?

HARUNA: That means that they're not actually working.

TOMOMI: Maybe they have some free time...

MAMI: Maybe the kissaten they frequent have unique cups and saucers, and that they wash the dishes right after a customer leaves, so that's why they're wiping them all the time.

→Bringing up a new item on the agenda


I love the Fine Line Association - it's so interesting and sometimes silly!

It's been cold days these days, so I have a theme that I came up with when I ate oden because I craved it.
When I was working in a nursery school, oden would be given for lunch.
On oden day they would have "furikake over rice," maybe because oden doesn't go well over rice.
However, I thought that some people might eat rice without eating oden.
It's the same kind of topic of whether you should eat okonomiyaki with rice on the side or not.

This might be a matter of personal taste,
But SCANDAL, by all means,
Please draw the line on what's a side dish or not!
Also, do the members eat oden or okonomiyaki with rice as a side dish?

RINA: Can you eat rice with okonomiyaki?

MAMI: You can.

HARUNA: You can, but I don't think anyone does.

RINA: I'd totally eat rice. It feels strange if you don't eat it.

MAMI: We wouldn't eat rice with it when I lived at home. But after getting to know everyone and knowing that there is a culture of eating it with rice, I actually started liking it.

RINA: It's normal for people from the Kansai area too.


MAMI: Even with takoyaki ?

RINA: Totally. If you put sauce on it, you can totally do it.

MAMI: You may be right.

RINA: What about oden?

MAMI: For oden, I totally think so.


HARUNA: I don't know if I could eat rice with that.

TOMOMI: I know that feeling too, but if there is rice, I will eat it.

RINA: If you add rice to the last bits of oden broth, it kind of turns into ochazuke ...

MAMI: I really like to put oden tofu on top of rice, mix it with broth, and eat it.

RINA: I really like that.

TOMOMI: It's delicious.

HARUNA: I see. It could fill you up.

TOMOMI: I want to be filled upー

RINA: Same!

HARUNA: I don't want to fill my stomach with rice...

RINA: I want to be stuffed with rice.

MAMI: I totally get that.

TOMOMI: I want to get rid of all the empty space in my stomach.

RINA: I want to fill it up! I want to eat until I can eat no more!

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 45

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•The episode starts with this.

•HARU reads the next message from a listener who is attending a vocational school specializing in music, broadcasting, and film at which they are a film major. Every year the school puts on an event where each major works together to put on one performance. They usually hold it at the Zepp Sapporo venue in front of an audience, but this year's event had to turn into a livestream event due to COVID. The listener was in charge of doing video switching and felt a lot of pressure when they heard it was going to be a livestream. There were some bad days and days when things didn't go right leading up to the event, but listening to SCANDAL's music made them feel more at ease. They said that they all studied camera work by watching live videos, and they, of course, watched live SCANDAL videos. Although there were some mistakes during the stream, they had a very good experience at the end of their student life. They also say that they'd love to shoot SCANDAL live in the future. The band thanks the listener and notes that they're working really hard. HARU mentions that this was yet another event that had to be turned into a livestream. RINA says that SCANDAL's team that films them are really amazing, so she thinks that studying their videos will be very helpful.

•TOMO reads the next message from a listener who went to the SEASONS concert and says it was so exciting to absorb music with their whole body at a concert for the first time in forever. They say that they can't keep depending on their parents and works a job to help support small things, which is tough for them and which they will continue to be busy with, but they thank the band for charging them up and say that they're looking forward to the fan club tour in the spring. The band reiterates that they're holding that tour in the spring.

•RINA reads the next message from a listener who also went to SEASONS. Due "Departure" being played and the video played, it reminded them of their graduate school graduation ceremony that couldn't happen due to COVID and thank them for the best entertainment. They say that the band's shadows reflecting on the backdrop, especially RINA's as she was playing the drums, was so cool, and ask if that was intentional. RINA says that a lot of people have told them about the shadow thing, and that she didn't know that was happening, but it's probable that their team thought about that and shone the light on them to have the shadows on the backdrop.

•MAMI reads the next message from a listener who also went to SEASONS, which their first time seeing SCANDAL live. When "HARUKAZE," one of their favorite songs, was played, they got teary-eyed. They say they're sure that the band was really worried about holding the concert considering everything going on, but they say it was the best Christmas present and thank them for it. The band thanks them for the message.

•HARU reads the next message from a listener who also went to SEASONS and say that they were really worried at first, but when it started, they were so happy that they cried. They say that seeing the band playing happily made them happy, and they had so much fun that they almost couldn't have cared less about everything that's happened. They say it might be difficult for them to go to a concert again due to them getting a job at a restaurant, but they're looking forward to when the band's able to play concerts again where everyone can get loud. They also say they'd like an Apollo pouch if possible. The band says that it's cute the way they asked for the pouch and say that they'll give one to them (RINA: "We're giving out a lot of them today"), especially since they're starting a new chapter in their lives.

•HARU asks the band what they thought of their concert. TOMO says that having fans in front of them made her realize how happy it makes her, and that even though everyone was wearing a mask and the band couldn't see their facial expressions, a lot of things were still conveyed. It was very touching for her. HARU says that they were pretty emotional even during rehearsals. RINA says that sitting on her drum chair made her realize that they were playing in front of an audience again, which made it feel like she was brought back to life. MAMI talks about their KFTD livestream and that there were only empty seats in front of them in the hall they were playing at, so at this concert the presence of the audience was directly conveyed to them. She really felt the difference between the two and felt happy they had a live audience. HARU says they might have been able to see everyone's faces more calmly than usual as they and the audience are usually making a lot of noise and everything. She mentions that they can make eye contact with the audience during ballads but can't really take that same approach with other songs, which is something they experienced for the first time. TOMO says that it has do with the selection of songs too. Everyone was listening intently while watching the screen too. RINA says that because they'll all be in their 30s as of this year, they like this kind of style of playing concerts. She also mentions the NAKED team and how they praised the band afterwards, and that all of them would love to work together again. HARU says that this concert was all thanks various coincidences and possibilties overlapping with each other. TOMO says that the warm applause they received when they first went on stage made her the most emotional. They then mention their upcoming fan club tour and their anniversary concert in August and hope that they get to see a lot of people.

Reading messages about impressions of the "SEASONS" concert held at the end of last year! Lavishly giving away Apollo pouches in place of New Year's presents!

Episode #45 blog

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HARUNA: This week, we will be reading messages about impressions people sent about "SEASONS," SCANDAL's first and last solo concert of 2020 with a live audience.
...We will proceed while trusting our staff.

All: Understood.

HARUNA: We still don't really trust them...

RINA: We're recording two episodes in a row, and for the last one there was the "Basic Mistake Championship"...

HARUNA: So let's read some messages.

Ma〜kun (35 years old)

Good work with the "『SEASONS』collaborated with NAKED" concert the other day!
I was thrilled to see the SCANDAL members in person for the first time in a year! Though there were 12 songs, I wanted to hear more SCANDAL songs.
The clarity of the images of the four seasons was also the best!
I was thrilled to receive Apollo chocolate at the exit afterwards!

I remember coming across Apollo when I was in kindergarten when it was served to me as a snack at my friend's house. It resembled the shape of Mt. Fuji and tasted like strawberries. I still like Apollo the most among sweets, and now that I've grown up, I especially love "Apollo my style."
Now, even my 4-year-old niece loves Apollo! We enjoyed the Apollo I received together! Thank you for a nice Christmas gift!

Delving more into my "Kinenbi" that I talked about before, I decided to leave the photo studio due to the downturn of the company. I talked about being unemployed, but I finally got a job! It's a construction-related job where I don't know right or left! I will do my best in photography as a hobby.

Being an Apollo lover, I would appreciate it if I could be gifted an Apollo pouch to celebrate my finding a job. I will also attend the MANIA TOUR 2021 next year!

I also want to see the members soon!

TOMOMI: They want an Apollo pouch after talking about their memories about Apollo...

HARUNA: They did find a job.

RINA: That's right. As a gift...

MAMI: Yeah, let's gift it to them! Congrats!

Nonbiri Necklace to Kiiro Down

SCANDAL, Happy New Year.
Thank you for the wonderful Christmas Eve at the end of last year.
If I were to write down my impressions, it would not fit into one program,
So I just want to say that TEAM SCANDAL and NAKED, inc., you guys are the best!

Since we were notified before the concert started that we'd be given a present when we entered, I was happy when I got it,
But I didn't think that we'd also be given a present when we left (and from Meiji Apollo, too...!).

Before the performance, I received the present at the time of admission because I had been notified in advance, but after the performance, when I returned (and from Meiji Apollo ...!)
I was so happy that the next day I bought all kinds of Apollo at a nearby store.
There are so many types out now!
Coupled with the memories of SEASONS, Apollo has become a sweet that makes me feel emotionl. My addiction to Apollo has begun. I would like to ask SCANDAL.
I would like to take a commemorative photo of the Apollo pouch with these different kinds of Apollo, so why not give me an Apollo pouch as a New Year's present?

I always feel happy because of RINA and I feel bad for begging, so I'll send even more messages this year [than I did last year]. I'd really appreciate it.

RINA: They've all sent in a bunch of messages. And they're being very considerate when asking for them...

MAMI: Yeah, it feels like they're closing in little by little.

HARUNA: Let's give it to them. It's a new year, after all!


Good evening, SCANDAL.
I had a lot of thoughts in my head going to "SEASONS," but I'm glad I was able to go! It was a wonderful night.
I'm from Niigata, so when I thought, "Oh, I would have seen you guys on tour in April," I almost cried at the cherry blossoms in full bloom.
I finally cried when you took me along to see a fireworks display, which I couldn't go this year.
Those of us who were watching in the back also got a Christmas present with the acoustic song on the substage!
I usually only watch you guys performing happily on stage, but this time I was fascinated by the production and my time was split 50/50 between watching the two.
I thought, "The members can't see this happening in real time. Poor things."
It was a really nice night. Thank you very much!
I was happy to be given Apollo! As expected of Meiji!
Please give me an Apollo pouch! I beg of you!
An Apollo pouch, please!

MAMI: They're pressing us hard.

RINA: They're very straight-forward.

TOMOMI: What a sharp curve at the end.

RINA: Should we give it to them?

MAMI: Yeah!

HARUNA: Let's treat them!

Goriki Jizou

I went to the concert on 12/24
Thanks so much
My seat wasn't very good
So from a distance, MAMI looked like Emma from The Promised Neverland
That was the message I wanted to convey
A ticket to the MANIA tour might be hard for me to get, but I'd like to go to the Osaka-Jo Hall concert if I can get a ticket
Thanks to SCANDAL, I can do my best amidst everything going on!
Thanks so much!

If you input "Mamitasu" (マミタス) into the Simeji keyboard, it predicts it as "mmts"
And if you put in "Timo" (てぃも), it suggests "TOMOMI"
And for "Rinariー" (りなりー), it suggests "RINA"
So, how can we get "HARUNA" to appear?

MAMI: Just put it in like that.

All: That's awesomeー

All: What is Simeji?

MAMI: It's an app called Simeji that allows you to change the background of your smartphone keyboard.

RINA: It's like changing a wallpaper.

All: ......

RINA: If you change your keyboard to that app and enter a name, the predictive text shows you related names even by just putting in nicknames.

MAMI: That's awesome.

HARUNA: I wonder why I don't appear...

RINA: I wonder. Maybe it knows that she doesn't have a nickname, but wouldn't "Haruna" [in katakana: ハルナ] come up as "HARUNA"?

TOMOMI: Maybe if you input "Haruna" in hiragana (はるな), "HARUNA" will appear in English.

HARUNA: I think it will. Yeah, let's go with that.

MAMI: Yeah, let's.

TOMOMI: Ah, they didn't ask for a pouch!

RINA: Oh yeah.

TOMOMI: they not want one??

RINA: They said they just wanted to convey what they just told us.

TOMOMI: Then I guess they don't get one...

RINA: Please send in another message.

MAMI: Please ask for one.

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 44

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•The program starts with this.

•HARU says that the remaining five mistakes might be a little harder to discern. TOMO then asks about staff member Kawai-chan presumably holding an acoustic guitar (RINA: "They look like a singer-songwriter"). HARU says that they'll continue the program while some background music plays. The others are confused, and TOMO goes, "Wait, wait, wait. I don't understand! What kind of reply is that?!" HARU laughs and Kawai-chan starts playing the guitar. TOMO goes, "That's so scary!" The three of them are confused at what's going on. HARU then says that six mistakes have been found. The others are confused again and RINA asks what the most recent mistake was. HARU says that the staff member playing guitar as their BGM, as they normally do not do this, is one of the mistakes.

•MAMI then asks HARU if there are any other mistakes that can be seen in plain view, which she says yes to. TOMO guesses that their program director now has 22 cups, which is wrong. They continue looking around before HARU and TOMO say that they should start reading some messages. HARU does reconfirm that there are things in plain view. MAMI goes, "Ah, our chairs are different!" HARU laughs and says that they're the same as before. RINA says that their chairs were always all different to begin with. HARU says that there are two mistakes that can be seen, and also says that they did the Kinoko no Yama thing a while ago but no one noticed. They're still confused and MAMI says that she doesn't know what they could be at all. HARU then gives them a hint that it's near their program staff members. After a few seconds, TOMO notices something about one of the computers, which then makes them break out into laughter. They go, "What's with that?! It's sooo small!" The "ding dong" sound plays and HARU confirms that it's a toy Macbook Air. RINA says that she didn't notice that before.

•They continue looking for more mistakes, which HARU and the staff laugh at. She gives them another hint that it's around their program writer Ono-san, who then tells the band to list their New Year's resolutions. HARU asks RINA to go first. RINA pauses and says she doesn't have any at all, which HARU and the staff laugh at. RINA says that this year is the band's 15th anniversary and the year that RINA will turn 30. Since she'll have been in the band half of her life so far, she wants to cherish both music and her life. HARU says that you start to think about things like that when you turn 30. RINA wonders if that's true, and that it's something she hasn't thought about until recently, and that she wants to have more fun things happen.

•HARU suddenly asks if MAMI's doing okay, which the staff laughs at, since she's still looking for what the remaining mistakes could be. HARU says that they might be hard to get. TOMO guesses that Ono-san is wearing an unfamiliar ring, which is wrong. MAMI mentions something about a white piece of paper, which makes HARU go, "Ah!" MAMI seemingly looks closer and wonders if one of the staff members lost their script. RINA says that it's blank, which is the right answer.

•There are now two mistakes remaining. HARU says that they may have already noticed one of them, and that the last one is pretty hard to spot. TOMO asks if it's something they've touched. HARU says no, but they should have already seen it. They wonder what it is for a little bit until HARU asks MAMI to say her resolutions. MAMI goes, "Eh? Resolutions? Resolutions...... What should I do in 2021...... Eh, I'm kind of unsure." HARU and the staff laugh at this. MAMI then says that she's kind of thought about it and then pauses for a long time again. They laugh again and RINA brings up the mistakes, asking if it has to do with a lot of packages that were brought in to where they're recording. HARU says that's not quite it, but that that's a good observation. They then wonder if someone's in disguise. RINA asks if it's someone they know, which HARU says yes to. She then says to remember back to the first championships. MAMI asks if she's talking about how there was different person (Yamada-chan, a woman) doing audio for the episode instead of their usual person (Kawai-chan, also a woman). HARU goes, "And...?" MAMI is confused and says that Kawai-chan is here for the recording today. HARU goes, "Instead of Kawai-chan was...? Who was that person?" MAMI says that Yamada-chan was the person who brought in all of the packages today, which HARU says is correct: Yamada-chan works for a takkyubin service. The others are surprised. MAMI says she didn't see her and RINA says that she had no idea at all. HARU says that she thought the others had seen her, which is why she gave the hint that she did. When they're recording Catch up, it's usually that a delivery man comes to deliver packages. Since Yamada-chan is a woman, they considered it a "basic mistake." The others say that was difficult.

•They go back to MAMI's resolutions, which she's still unsure about. HARU says there is one more mistake remaining but they're most likely not going to figure it out, so MAMI should focus on deciding what her resolutions are. She still doesn't know what to go with. The others say they can be anything. She finally decides that, as she love to make her own clothes and buys a lot of fabric for that, she will organize her fabrics. The others chuckle and HARU asks how many she's bought. MAMI says she's bought a ton. HARU asks if she's collecting them, and MAMI says that she often buys 2-3 meters of fabric at a time, so she has a huge pile of them.

•HARU then asks TOMO about her resolutions. TOMO says that she grew a vegetable garden on her balcony during the stay-at-home period last year but it didn't work out since the weather was too rainy. She basically could only grow one cucumber and a few strawberries, so she'd like to try doing it again this year and hopes that the weather's more stable.

•They then return to the last mistake. MAMI asks if it has something to do with Ono-san, which HARU says yes to. RINA thinks that it has something to do with the script. MAMI says that she doesn't see one. HARU says that they're close, and that you can see it if you change your viewpoint. TOMO says that there are loose threads [on Ono-san's clothing, presumably], which isn't correct. RINA says that they give up. HARU says that she'll then announce what it is. The correct answer is that Ono-san mistakenly brought soy sauce instead of coffee. The others say that they had no idea. MAMI says that she did notice that he wasn't drinking anything. HARU says that Ono-san often makes mistakes in the script too. They look at it and TOMO says that it says "Catch uppy." HARU says that it actually says "Cutch uppy." RINA asks if he actually made that mistake, which he says he did.

•The staff asks HARU what her resolutions are. She says that she's been drinking miso soup once a day for a bit now to improve her constitution. She used to eat bread for breakfast, but now she drinks miso soup instead. She adds in things like wakame (seaweed), mushrooms, and tofu. She'd like to try continuing doing this for as long as possible. She says that this alone helps to change her body, which the staff asks her in what way it changes it. She says a lot of stuff that I'm not going to list lol but basically, it's good for capillaries and your body feeling lighter overall.

•As they close out the episode, they say that since they already had this championship during the first episode of 2021, that means that this relaxing and peaceful atmosphere will continue, since that's how Ono-san does things. MAMI asks if that means that they're not going to do any recordings on-location, which HARU says yes to. RINA and TOMO both go, "What's with that?!" at the same time. They both say how doing those were pretty fun and that they were really looking forward to doing more. HARU says that they originally planned for that but can't do so anymore, but above all, the staff is enjoying this program, which the staff laughs at.

The first episode of 2021 is the second "Basic Mistake Championship"! Is it possible to find all of the basic mistakes?

Episode #44 blog

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HARUNA: Happy New Year! This is SCANDAL's vocalist HARUNA,


MAMI: Guitarist MAMI,

RINA: And drummer RINA-chan.

All: (laughs)

RINA: Hey! Why does my program script say this?? This is so embarrassing, having this happening in the beginning! I just read it as-is... What's with today's script?

HARUNA: Our staff suddenly gave these to us...
Well then, for this first episode of 2021, we'll be having fun while eating Meiji snacks this year too.

MAMI: The snacks in front of us prepared today... There's a pile of "Kinoko no Yama" (TL: Mushroom Mountain) which truly makes it a "yama" (mountain)... What's with this?

HARUNA: Today... A lot of things have already begun.


RINA: ...what have?

TOMOMI: I mean, didn't HARUNA get to the recording location before us?

RINA: It wasn't a comment taken from a different program??

TOMOMI: That's what I'm saying...

HARUNA: Our staff suddenly gave these to us, and they're going to collect them in a bit.


RINA: What?

MAMI: That's scary... What?

TOMOMI: Ah... Are we restarting the episode?

RINA: Eh, eh?

HARUNA: Yes, yes, calm down a bit.
Let's begin!
This may be sudden, but...
A New Year special! The second "Basic Mistake Championship"!

RINA: So there's a second one...

HARUNA: NO MOO-RE basic mistakes in the Year of the Cow!
So, we will now give you your real scripts.

(*The fake scripts given to them initially were collected, and they were given new, actual scripts...)

MAMI: Yeah, the script that was given to me is huge...

RINA: MAMI's script is insane (laughs).

TOMOMI: The championship has already started!

HARUNA: To celebrate the new year of 2021, this project is back as a "New Year's special"! Does everyone remember it? The first one was back in August of last year... and today, there are 10 basic mistakes to be found during this recording. This project is about the three of you joining forces and finding them. By the way, I know what they all are. The person who finds the first mistake will be crowned "The Second Miss Basic Mistake"!
To celebrate the New Year, the "Basic Mistake Championship" is being held early in the new year!
Around the recording location there are 10 basic mistakes that never should have happened. This project in which the three other members aside from HARUNA work together to find the mistakes. The first one was in the summer, and this one today marks the second one.

RINA: I wonder how many we've already seen.

TOMOMI: I know one!

MAMI: Yes! Only my script is gigantic...

HARUNA: Ding dong! Only MAMI's script being huge is a basic mistake.

RINA: The figurine of the Victor dog (Nipper) that's always around [the recording location] is now a cow figurine...

HARUNA: Ding dong! Carelessly leaving this figurine because it's the Year of the Cow is a basic mistake.

Topics tagged under catchup on SCANDAL HEAVEN SeqUuKf
*Cow figurine

TOMOMI: Ah, I know...!
"Chopped brown mushrooms" are hidden within the mountains on the "Kinoko no Yama" boxes!

RINA: Is that why they're piled so high...

HARUNA: It is a basic mistake that we prepared actual mushrooms instead of "Kinoko no Yama."

MAMI: (*Staring at the script) I know! The character for "cow" (牛) is wrong... It says "horse" (午).

HARUNA: How observant - ding dong! You guys are getting them fast.

RINA: Ah... So is the "Drummer RINA-chan" in the opening one of the mistakes too??

HARUNA: That's also a mistake!

RINA: Ehー! I just read it as-is...

By the way...the fake script looked like this⬇⬇

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Look forward to hearing about the remaining five mistakes of the "Basic Mistake Championship" during the program!
Thanks for your continued support for "Catch up" this year too!

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 43

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Topics tagged under catchup on SCANDAL HEAVEN JQGOA7v

•The program starts with this.

•The band mentions that this is the last "Catch up" episode of 2020, and that time's flown by since the program started in March. This then happens.

•This entire episode is basically them expanding on the answers to the questions asked.

•HARU's Q&A:

•For the second question, RINA asks if HARU had taken the test to become certified; HARU says no, and that she's still studying for it. For the third question, MAMI originally asks HARU to describe 2020 in one letter. HARU takes a long time thinking of one and says that she can't think of one at all, so MAMI asks her to describe it in one word. HARU still takes a long time answering and says that a lot happened in 2020 (RINA: "This is taking a long time"), and then finally answers "healthy."

•After her Q&A ends, she expands further on her answers. For the first question and learning to "wake up early," TOMO asks if she wakes up early to go on walks, which HARU confirms. RINA asks what time HARU wakes up. She says it's usually around 8 am (RINA & MAMI: "That's early"), and since she gets stressed more easily than before, she needs to go on walks twice a day.

•For the second question and the livestream, HARU says that of course it's best when they have a live audience, but that the feelings of everyone watching the stream were somehow conveyed to them, and this was something they could have only done in 2020.

•For the third question and becoming a dog specialist, RINA asks if it's difficult to study for the cerfication. HARU says no, and that it's fun. Everything on it you would be able to understand if you own a dog. There's a lot of lingo, but test itself isn't very hard as it's multiple choice. RINA wishes her good luck for when she takes it, and HARU says that she'll try to take it in the first half of 2021.

•For the fourth question and HARU choosing "healthy," RINA says that she was super unsure of what to go with. HARU laughs and agrees. She says that she also thought of the word "accumulate" (蓄える; takuwaeru) since of course there were a lot of things that couldn't be done in 2020, but she thought it was a year in which she lived very humanly. Until 2020 they had been very busy doing stuff year-round like touring around Japan/the world, but in 2020 she was able to step back and take a good look at herself and also live healthy, which is why she went with "healthy."

•For the fifth question and what she wants to be praised for (becoming fond of speaking), she says that like her sense of responsibility (like how she's always the one speaking during the band's MCs at concerts) disappeared a bit and started to like talking about herself. She also really likes listening to others. These things are what she wants to be praised for. The staff reminds her that she also did some narrating for a TV show. HARU says that she's happy there are surprisingly a lot of things she wants to be praised for.

•For the sixth and final question about the moments when Lady made her heart twinge the most, RINA says that Lady did her tricks properly when she went to HARU's place, which also impressed her. HARU says that of course there are things that Lady doesn't want to do, so when that happens and HARU uses treats to train her, Lady does learn how to do them.

•TOMO's Q&A:

•For the first question, the others are surprised to learn that TOMO can now eat a little bit of cilantro (TOMO: Only a little bit"). HARU asks her if there was a trigger for that. TOMO says that she tried eating rice with some cilantro in it, and it made her think that maybe that small amount might be okay. She says that the tantanmen at a place called "Benitokage" in the Sakura-Shinmachi area of Tokyo has a little bit of cilantro in it, and she thinks that that amount makes the food taste good.

•For the second question and the livestream, the others agree that they don't really get loud outside of concerts, and TOMO says that it'll probably be the same in the future as well.

•For the third question and her laptop she can't set up, TOMO says that it was delivered about a week prior to the taping of this episode and hasn't been able to access any emails. MAMI says that she just needs to input her email address and password, but TOMO says that she can't
"solve" her password. The others laugh and MAMI goes, "This isn't a quiz!" HARU asks about the security questions you can answer when you can't remember your password, but TOMO never set those up in the first place. HARU goes, "It's probably impossible then," which TOMO agrees with and says that she might need to make a new email address.

•For the fourth question and TOMO choosing "unusual," she goes, "This year certainly was unusual, wasn't it?" She lists things like canceling so many concerts and going so long without seeing the fans, but she was glad that this period of time was the way it was, experience-wise--however, she hopes that this doesn't happen again and wants things to go back to normal.

•For the fifth question and wanting to be praised for making tons of meals, TOMO says that she would often call a friend who lives nearby and invite them over to eat, but since they haven't been able to do that, she made a different dish every day for herself, which made her body happy.

•For the sixth and final question and cabbage rolls, TOMO says that this is her favorite dish that her mom makes, which are roll cabbages eaten with Kansai-style udon soup stock. HARU has tried it before and confirms that it's delicious.

•RINA's Q&A:

•For the first question and video editing, RINA says that she didn't think she'd try YouTubing, but since she didn't have many things she would output to the world, she thought she'd try challenging herself and is editing/posting videos at her own pace.

•For the second question and houseplants, TOMO says that she'll go with RINA to pick out some plants. RINA says that she wasn't sure what places would be good to go to, and didn't know what plants would be good for beginners. She also says that she wants to film their outing for a YouTube video, which all of them say is a good idea.

•For the third question and RINA choosing "living," she says that springtime was might be the first time since the band formed that she's taken a good look at herself, which she's grateful for. It also made her think that cooking and eating your own meals at home every day is important.

•For the fourth question and the computer being RINA's most useful item, for a long time now she's been bad with computers and would basically only use them to listen to music or watch movies, but since this year they've had to communicate remotely and everything, it was a great learning experience for her since she had to master learning how to use it. HARU comments that RINA also uses it for video editing, and RINA says that she didn't think she'd become able to do so much on a computer. She also says that she might have had too much time to do various things.

•For the fifth quetion and wanting to be praised for blogging a lot, up until recently RINA had basically only been blogging after concerts, but since they no longer had any concerts to play, she wondered if it was okay to write about other similar things. She thought about stopping and didn't blog for about a week, but she got a bunch of DMs saying things like, "I'm looking forward to another blog entry," which made her realize that there are people who are pleased with blogs about nothing in particular. HARU mentions that RINA even blogged about HARU's stint as a narrator for a TV show, which she's very grateful for. RINA says that how good or not the members are at updating the social media accounts varies, so they all decided that the members all have individual socials, their blog would be written by RINA on behalf of the entire band. She says that she won't keep updating it forever, but she'll convey all of their pertinent info, and hopes that everyone views it with that in mind.

•For the sixth and final question and her favorite piece of clothing, RINA says that she just answered without really thinking about it, which the others laugh about. She said she chose it based on memories of the tour they were on at the time she bought the piece, which is when she had blonde hair. Since toning down her hair considerably to a darker color, she's enjoyed wearing the same clothes while giving off different impressions.

•MAMI's Q&A:

•Before it starts, MAMI says that going last has made her really consider what her answers will be, but isn't sure at all. For the first question and being able to draw on her eyebrows, MAMI first goes, "Well...", which both she and the others laugh at. RINA says that it seems like there would be a lot of things that she learned how to do this year. MAMI wonders if that's true, but she doesn't really remember the year, which she's surprised at, and then settles with drawing on eyebrows. Before, she couldn't draw them at all, so she asked their makeup artist when they were doing her makeup tips on how to make them symmetrical. She didn't own any eyebrow products before but has started to buy some and can now draw her eyebrows on.

•For the second question and setting up her TV to play all kinds of videos being the most moving thing that happened to her, she says she can now watch stuff from services she subscribes to on her TV. RINA asks if she bought a new TV. She says no, and that she connected stuff to her TV to watch that stuff. She subscribes to a bunch of different services and would always watch it on her computer or phone prior to this. Being able to watch it on her TV now makes for a very comfortable experience.

•For the third question and MAMI asking HARU when she wants to go eat budae-jjigae next, HARU says that they've been going out to eat that a lot recently. RINA says that she had no idea they were doing that. MAMI says that she's always liked Korean food, but she's really been addicted to it lately. HARU says that they go out to eat Korean food almost every time they meet up. RINA asks if they go to the Shin-Okubo part of Tokyo (Tokyo's Koreatown) to eat. They say yes, and that they also go to Shibuya. MAMI says the band should all go together next time, and that she hopes she can eat Korean food in South Korea when they hopefully go in 2021.

•For the fourth question and MAMI choosing "quiet," she says home is where most people basically had to spend most of their time, which made for a quiet year.

•For the fifth question and 20 hours being the longest MAMI spent sleeping in one day in 2020, RINA asks if she did something the previous day that would have worn her out. MAMI says no, and that it was probably when the first emergency declarations were made and she didn't have anything to do at home. She thought she'd get up early, but she forgot to set her alarm and it was nighttime by the time she woke up.

•For the sixth question and MAMI now being able to write songs while singing and playing to her own accompaniment, she says that when she previously wrote songs, she would have perfect songs in her head that were a combo of a driving rhythm she had in mind and guitar sounds that she'd make outside of stuff for the band. Her rule was that she would need to reproduce that and send it to everyone as a demo. Otherwise, she felt like what she wanted to say wouldn't be conveyed. She was able to break that, and now it's more efficient for when she writes songs. RINA notes that all of the recent demos have been like that, which is why their range when it comes to arrangement has grown. She also says quietly to look forward [to future releases].

•For the seventh and final question where MAMI answered that pink was her favorite hair color in 2020, she wonders what hair colors she's done this year. The others say brown, and mention that she also did navy blue around her birthday (although it doesn't look blue in photos). They say she had three hair colors: brown, navy blue, and pink. MAMI says that she tried brown since she had never done a brown color before, but she felt that something was lacking, which is why she bleached the hell out of it and made it pink. The others agree that bright colors suit her best. MAMI says that her stance is that trying a lot of colors out is SCANDAL MAMI-like, and TOMO says that it makes her and the others feel more at ease since they're used to seeing her with crazy hair colors. RINA says that they do want MAMI, their lead guitarist, to be brightly colored. TOMO mentions that their stylist had trouble styling MAMI when she had brown hair, feeling that there wasn't enough punch to it. MAMI's is a necessary position because the balance of their outfits changes. MAMI says that she wanted to make her hair pink to also rev her engines up.

•The next segment is the "Parallel Q&A" conducted directly after the "SEASONS" concert on December 24th. Before closing out the first Q&A, HARU says that they will each need to think of any kind of question to ask the asker of their personal Q&A. They each write down a question which will be asked in the "Parallel Q&A."

•It starts off with the band reminiscing over "SEASONS." TOMO says that she isn't sure what kind of faces she made, and that she's scared to find out. RINA says there was an air of tension since the audience was all masked up and couldn't shout/could only clap their hands, but they felt a sense of security by having a live audience to begin with. She also felt like tearing up when the lights went on. HARU says that the applause they received when the first went on made her teary. The others agree, and TOMO says that that applause felt so warm. They say they're glad they decided to see everyone at the end of the year, how grateful they are that everyone came out in the midst of everything going on, and that everyone followed the rules (note: no cases have been linked to this concert). They also mention how photos and videos were allowed during "Tsuki," and that those who weren't able to come can check out users' photos/videos, as well as the stream of the concert.

•One staff member then asks them if they remember the questions asked to each other. TOMO says that she doesn't. The staffer then asks them if they're okay with him deciding which member to kick things off with. The band says that's fine and he starts with RINA who asked a question to MAMI. The question is, "What was the best thing you bought in 2020?" MAMI isn't sure at first, but eventually decides on a ceiling light that looks like a glass sphere with a lightbulb inside.

•Next is MAMI's question to HARU: "What did you eat for lunch?" HARU says KFC and sushi (MAMI: "It is Christmas after all").

•Next is HARU's question to TOMO: "What was the best camping equipment you bought in 2020?" TOMO says a mini portable gas stove from the brand Iwatani. HARU asks if it's just for using when she's solo camping. She says that she did buy it for solo camping, but it's pretty big that it'd also be great to use if others were to come with her. MAMI says that these stoves and gas canisters are about half the size of regular ones. TOMO says that it does fit large pots and can serve four people, and tells them to tell her if they would ever like to go camping. RINA says that she would like to go. TOMO says that they shouldn't go in winter since they'd likely die, but maybe when it gets warmer.

•Lastly is TOMO's question to RINA. She doesn't remember the question at all so she has to get help from the staff. The question is, "What will be your first meal in 2021?" They all laugh and say that that's a future future question. RINA says that since she's been at home by herself all year and will not go visit her parents, she'll probably eat something like chikara udon , which they say sounds very RINA-like. They again all laugh at how TOMO's question was meant for something even further in the future.

•They close out the episode by reminiscing more on "Catch up": This program was the only thing that was a constant this year, and it started right around the time they had to postpone/cancel their tour and no longer had a place where they could see everyone, so it feels like everything was linked to each other. They say they were saved by it, and that they'll be waiting for everyone's messages in 2021 too.

Looking back by doing a Q&A at the end of 2020! They also do a Q&A for themselves in the future!?

Episode #43 blog

Topics tagged under catchup on SCANDAL HEAVEN Vp3fGLJ

HARUNA: This is the last episode of "Catch up" for 2020.

This week we will be bringing to you "Catch up 2020, SCANDAL's Q&A"
And SCANDAL's "Parallel Q&A"
Conducted directly after the "SEASONS" concert on the 24th.

TOMOMI: That sounds difficult...

MAMI: A parallel Q&A??

HARUNA: Today, we'll first be doing a Q&A. That'll consist of us looking back on this year.
And, the day we're recording this episode is December 10th... We haven't yet held our concert.
So, the episode today combines this "2020 Q&A" we'll now be doing,
As well as the "Q&A" that will be recorded after our concert.

RINA: I see.

TOMOMI: Yeaーh, that's complicated.

RINA: Well, hopefully everyone just has fun listening to it...

HARUNA: We're the only ones who are confused...

RINA: Basically, we're recording today and the day of the concert.

MAMI: Understood.

Sorry for making things complicated.
In other words, there will be two Q&A conducted over two days.

Let's get right into the "2020 Q&A."

MAMI: Starting from HARUNA.

What did you learn how to do this year?

Waking up early

What moved you most this year?

I wonder... Our livestream on August 21st

Is there anything this year that you don't need to say but want to say since it's the end of the year?

I tried to qualify as a dog rearing specialist by the end of the year, but I wasn't able to... I'll carry it over to the next year

How would you describe 2020 in words?


What do you want to praise yourself the most for this year?

I wonder... Ah, I became fond of speaking thanks to the radio. Maybe I want to be praised for knowing I'm not good at it

Which moment was it that your dog made your heart twinge the most this year?

Ehー... She makes my heart twinge every day, but she does make it twinge when she learns something I taught her...

HARUNA: Next up is TOMOMI.

What did you learn how to do this year?

I can now eat a little bit of cilantro

What was your loudest moment this year?

The song I sang [lead on] during our August 21st livestream.

Is there anything this year that you don't need to say but want to say since it's the end of the year?

I bought a laptop but I can't set it up...

How would you describe 2020 in one word?

Unusual (珍; chin - short for 珍しい; mezurashii)

What do you want to praise yourself the most for this year?

I made a ton of meals

What was the most delicious dish you cooked this year?

Cabbage rolls!


What did you learn how to do this year?

Edit videos

Is there anything this year that you don't need to say but want to say since it's the end of the year?

I want some houseplants,
But since it's hard for me to choose, please come along with me, TOMOMI.
(TOMOMI: Okay)

How would you describe 2020 in one word?

Living (暮らす; kurasu)

What was your most useful item this year?

My computer

What do you want to praise yourself the most for this year?

I blogged a lot

What was your favorite outfit this year?

A blouse I bought at a secondhand clothing store in Osaka. It would have been great to wear it after a long time

RINA: Lastly, MAMI!

What did you learn how to do this year?

I don't really remember this year...
Ah, I can now draw on my eyebrows

What moved you most this year?

This is super recent, but I was so moved by setting up my TV so that I can watch video streaming sites too

Is there anything this year that you don't need to say but want to say since it's the end of the year?

Hーm, HARU-chan, when should we go eat budae-jjigae next?

How would you describe 2020 in one word?

Quiet (静か; shizuka)

How many hours did you sleep on your most sleepiest day of this year?

20 hours!

What do you want to praise yourself the most for this year?

When writing a song, I can now make it by singing and playing to my own accompaniment

What was your favorite hair color this year?


【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 42

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Topics tagged under catchup on SCANDAL HEAVEN C2iZfpp

•The program starts with this.

•TOMO reads the next message from a listener who is talking about their female friend. Basically, they say that their friend works in a place where it's mainly men, and that the men often invite the friend to after-work functions. However, she hasn't been able to say no to going out to one-on-one things despite having a boyfriend since she wants to talk about work and such with her coworkers. TOMO goes, "There are no periods in this at all!" The band laughs and TOMO says she'll keep reading. The listener says that it then became a matter of determining when something like that is considered a date instead. According to the friend, it's not right to go out to eat with someone of the opposite sex whom you've recently met, and it's also not right to go eat somewhere trendy with a coworker or friend since it'll be like a date (MAMI: "Oh no" [in English]), but it's fine if it's a place like a ramen shop since you're there for a short amount of time and that you're mainly there for the food. The listener asks SCANDAL what they think is the fine line between a date and not a date. MAMI says that it's kind of difficult to tell where it is in this case, but it should be fine for them to go if they tell the boyfriend that it's a work socialization thing. TOMO says that it's more of a matter of the bf being aware of what's going on, and if the bf doesn't like the situation then he could go along, and/or they could invite others along as well. HARU says that going to eat after work isn't really something you would consider a date anyway. RINA says that, like what the message said, the place you go out to matters; if you were to purposely go out to a hip/fancy place, then that's kind of unusual. HARU agrees that you usually wouldn't go somewhere like that with a coworker. The staff asks them if going to a ramen place would be okay, like what was mentioned in the message. The band agrees that somewhere like that would be fine, and that it's for sure something that happens with coworkers. TOMO says that however much they're willing to allow is up to the two of them.

•RINA reads the next message from a listener who's a 25-year-old guy who looks rugged but likes cute things and food that girls tend to like, and is often told that he's strange. He also mentions that he never gets a reply back from RINA when he comments on her YouTube videos. The band laughs and HARU goes, "He suddenly put up a wall between us." He then asks the band for love advice. The girls he likes don't see him as a man and see him more as a little brother. His friends tell him that it doesn't seem like he doesn't want to be any more than just friends. He asks the band how he can be seen as a man. RINA addresses the first part of the message and says that she thinks it's best to live your life according to the appearance and gender that suits you. You like what you like, and that's totally fine. She also talks about gender-related stuff that's been mentioned in the news recently like with how toys are gendered , and the same goes for fashion. She thinks that everyone should wear what they really want to wear and live their lives happily, and that if, for example, she had a child who was a girl and the child wanted a toy car, she would absolutely give it to her. They then address the love advice part. MAMI says that she thinks if a guy simply wants to be seen as a man by the women around him, then he's probably being too passive. She thinks that they should appeal themselves a little more. HARU says that she thinks this is likely to happen to her own little brother since he's so kind to everyone and treats them all the same, whether it be his friends or someone that he's romantically interested in, which is why she thinks that whomever he's interested in probably doesn't feel that they're being treated in any special way and they don't realize that he likes them. She says that he's so kind and super attentive to detail, and that he's not mysterious enough to make you want to find out more about him. Going back to the listener, TOMO says that she thinks he should show his romantic interests that he's interested in them in that way, and to not pay attention to what his friends think. They basically all agree that the listener should appeal themselves more and be a little more assertive.

•MAMI reads the next message from a listener who says that they looked for but can't find the Meltykiss chocolate in the Butter Caramel flavor. They also talk about the snow in Hokkaido and reference the lyrics to SCANDAL's song "HELLO" ("Midwinter ballerinas floated down to the city"). They planned to spend Christmas with a wonderful boyfriend, but they remained single this year too. They're currently 21, and ever since they were dumped by a boy in their third year of high school, they've been traumatized and are scared of love. As they put up a barrier so that they wouldn't get hurt, they lost sight of what love truly is. They ask the band at what moment have they thought, "Oh, I like/love this person." They want to be more honest with themselves while referring to what the band says. They also say that since they don't have an SO that can be Santa for them, they ask the band to give them an Apollo pouch as a Christmas present. The band laughs and says that they will give them a pouch. They also wonder what love truly is. HARU says that that's something she's really been wondering recently. RINA says that to put it simply, it's kind of like being so excited that you can't control yourself. MAMI agrees and says that you think about the person 24/7. TOMO says it's when you think about what you can do for or give to that person, and when you want to make the other person to be happy instead of wishing for own happiness by being with that person. RINA agrees that that's what love is for adults. MAMI wonders if the listener hasn't felt that way about someone since they were in their third year of high school since they wrote they're scared of love. TOMO thinks that they've basically stopped in their tracks in that regard. She also thinks that if you stay in the same place, you won't be able to forget exes. That's why if you keep evolving and growing, someone new will likely turn up for you in the future. MAMI agrees says that it's important to take a step forward instead of standing still. RINA says that it might be better to deal with love by thinking of it as a new experience, like "Oh, this person might be *the* one." They think the listener will be fine and say they should experience various types of romance.

•HARU reads the next message from a 34-year-old listener who asks a question about love. They confessed to a woman at their work whom they fell in love with at first sight and who is also a SCANDAL fan. She told them that she's sorry but she has a boyfriend. The listener sustained trauma from that and says it's painful to see couples. They ask the band how they should meet new romantic interests. TOMO goes, "How about not falling in love at first sight?" The others laugh and agree. TOMO also says they should get to know people a little deeper. MAMI says that falling in love at first sight is okay, but one should confirm some things before you tell a person that you like them. HARU agrees, referencing how the listener confessed to the woman without knowing that she already had a boyfriend. TOMO does agree that falling in love at first sight is okay, but if they had learned about the boyfriend and still continued to like the woman, then they could have tried continuing to appeal to her. If they still wanted to say that they like her, then they should consider the fact that they're trying to steal her away from her SO. MAMI says that the listener should think about things for a longer period of time. TOMO says that the listener was too hasty, and RINA comments on the fact that the listener confessed without knowing anything about the coworker's relationship status at all. MAMI puts on an old man-sounding voice and goes, "It's like they went, 'This girl is cute, she likes SCANDAL, we have the same interests--I love her!', right?" The others laugh and RINA says understands their feelings and thinks that having that kind of passion is important, but they should have spent more time trying to appeal themselves. MAMI says that maybe this listener would do well with the previous listener and would break down their barrier. They laugh and TOMO says that they should match them up. HARU laughs and disagrees, saying that their types are a little too different from each other. For this current listener, the band says that they should slow down and not be in a hurry. They're only 34, and supposing they live until 100, they still have a lot of time left.

A special right before Christmas! Answering tons of love advice questions from listeners! Can they become saviors?

Episode #42 blog

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HARUNA: Well then, this week...

A midwinter clearance sale!
A special right before Christmas!
What is the fine line between "ai" and "koi"?
"A huge release! Inventory clearance of love advice messages 2020!"

RINA: That's a long title.

HARUNA: It's already a midwinter clearance sale??
Even though just the other day it was a "midsummer clearance sale."

TOMOMI: That's true. That was fast.

HARUNA: What's more, since Christmas is this week and we received a bunch of love advice messages, we're going to do a huge release and get through them all at once.
Here's the first one.

RINA: It's so long!!

MAMI: It is!!

O-uchi [home] Chef (Living alone)

Good evening, SCANDAL. I always enjoy listening to this program.

My "kinenbi" is December 1st, when I met the woman who gave SPICE to my life.

I belonged to the light music club when I was a college student, and she was a junior student a year below me. We have been on good terms since she enrolled, but it never developed into a romantic relationship because she was already dating someone.

However, I saw her again for the first time in a few years when I participated as an alumnus in the last concert put on by graduates on December 1st last year. I asked her, "What's been going lately?" When we both arrived at our own homes that day, she revealed that she broke up with her boyfriend. Hearing that made my feelings start to change.

Until then I had thought of her as a "cute junior," but from that day on I thought of her as a "wonderful woman."

I couldn't keep my emotions in check and contacted her at a later date, telling her that I wanted us to meet up. Her response was good and we decided to do so.

And on that day, our conversation was more exciting than I expected it'd be--it was so nice that it made me forget about everything else. After that, due to how far away I lived from her and our jobs, we could only see each other once a month. However, we sometimes talked for more than an hour at night. Honestly, I felt that things were going well and it was smooth sailing, but...

Due to the orders to refrain from going out due to the spread of COVID, we no longer had plans to meet each other.

At first, even though we couldn't see each other in person, we continued to talk. However, those opportunities gradually decreased and we lost contact. It might have been due to my inadequacies, but I think it was due to COVID and feelings that I cannot explain.

Many months have passed, but I still can't forget the day when I was able to see her smile again. It was due to COVID that we couldn't see each other.

Should I contact her again when the COVID situation dies down someday?

SCANDAL, please let me know what you think.

TOMOMI: I see. I'm sure there are many people in the same boat.

RINA: But he says that felt a good response and thinks they both liked each other.
So even if they can't see each other, I think it's better if he contacts her right away.
Don't wait to contact her until after you guys can meet again. It's better to keep telling her how you feel right now.

HARUNA: It's not like their relationship was that deep, but it's difficult to keep calling for more than an hour every day. That can be a burden. So, it's okay to call once a day.

TOMOMI: You don't have to decide on any rules. You don't have to feel guilty when you can't [talk on the phone].

RINA: They can't meet but they want to date each other. She'd probably be happy if you told her [you'd want to go out]; why not try saying that?

MAMI: She wouldn't say she broke up with her ex to someone she's not interested in. She was interested in the listener too, and since she probably did so because she wanted him to be interested in her, I don't think she doesn't want him to contact her. She won't mind it no matter how many times you send her messages.

RINA: I think she'll be happy. Contact her right away.

HARUNA: You don't have to wait.

MAMI: Yeah, you don't.

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 41

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Topics tagged under catchup on SCANDAL HEAVEN MkpkYgd

•The program starts with this.

•After "Living in the city" plays, HARU says that this episode will be a "cleaning out the mail" one. MAMI reads the next message from the listener from the previous episode that didn't know the difference between menchi-katsu and korokke. The next day they went out and got some menchi-katsu pan (bread) and a gratin korokke sandwich. The band laughs and TOMO goes, "That's not exactly the right item," and RINA goes, "They're a goofball." MAMI reads the next part of the message, which said, "Both of them were delicious!" (RINA: "Baka "). The listener then says something about different types of korokke, and after they finished eating them, they suddenly had some doubt and then ask the band where the line is between gratin korokke and potato korokke. The band laughs and HARU goes, "Cut it out already!" RINA jokingly says she's ticked off and wonders if the listener's making fun of things now. This conversation kind of goes on for a bit more and I'm not interested in translating the rest of it lol

•HARU reads the next message from a listener who is answering their question from last time about "cafe vs. kissaten ." They looked into it and it seems that both of them have different legal business forms. A cafe operates as a restaurant and a kissaten operates as a coffee shop, so the line between the two is whether you can or cannot drink alcohol at the establishment. They think, however, that that line's not satisfactory for people in Aichi Prefecture, which has a firmly-rooted kissaten culture, so they the line is that kissaten will give you mamegashi (a snack consisting of peanuts, among other things) while cafes do not. The reason for that is because a peanut company in Nagoya proposed mamegashi to coffee roasters as a kissaten product. Since those sweets and coffee go hand in hand, it spread to kissaten. MAMI says that it's definitely a cultural thing in the Tokai region where Aichi is (and where MAMI is from), and that a standard set in the morning would be bread, a hard boiled egg, and mamegashi. HARU, who is also from that region, confirms that mamegashi really does come with orders of coffee at kissaten and used to think that that was a given for any part of Japan. TOMO says that that may be the fine line for Aichi, but it's completely different for the rest of the country.

•TOMO reads the next message from a listener who is also answering the cafe vs. kissaten question. In their mind, the image they have of a kissaten is a place that has an old-fashioned, retro atmosphere and serves melon soda ice cream floats. The image they have of a cafe is a place that has a modern and pop atmosphere, and its specialty is a hamburger with thick meat. They also say that they think this theme will bring out a lot of personal differences. The band agrees that it's easy to understand those differences and that they image they personally have of kissaten are about the same.

•RINA reads the next message from a listener who sent them four "fine line" topics: full album vs mini album, mini album vs EP, EP vs. single, and rojiura vs uraroji (they both basically mean "back alley," but according to some sites on Google, "rojiura" also includes any place facing a back alley, while "uraroji" just refers to the back alley itself). RINA says that the difference between a full album and mini album are the number of songs and the length in minutes of it. EPs are about how many songs are on a release, which she thinks is six. Anything below that would be considered a single. Basically, the difference between all of those different types of releases are song counts and how long in minutes a release is. As for rojiura vs uraroji, HARU says that it's kind of complicated. RINA mentions that the only difference in spelling between the two is that the location of "ura" is different (路地裏 rojiura - the "ura" is the third character; 裏路地 uraroji - the "ura" is the first character). TOMO says that she's never used the word "uraroji." MAMI talks about what she thinks is the difference between the two (basically the same thing I mentioned at the beginning of this paragraph) and reads it to the others. They go, "Ah, I see. I get it now" and say that these were good topics. TOMO then Googles the differences between the two and says that MAMI was correct, which MAMI is happy about.

•MAMI reads the next message from a listener who is a 61-year-old bike rider living in Ishikawa Prefecture and is a rhythm guitarist in a band made up of older guys at his work. Sometimes he can't hear what he's playing and makes mistakes. He asks SCANDAL if they mistakes while playing on stage and to tell him if they have a story to go along with it, and also asks them how to recover from mistakes like that. TOMO says that she doesn't really want to talk about how they cover up mistakes. HARU laughs and says that they'll be found out. RINA asks the guitarists how they recover from mistakes, and if there are any mistakes they've made that they remember doing. MAMI says that rather than mistakes, there are a lot of things that happen to her such as her falling down a lot. She doesn't make mistakes then because she literally can't play the guitar when things like that happen, and that all you can do is laugh it off. TOMO says that when HARU sings the wrong lyrics, HARU will yell out that she made a mistake. HARU says that's true, and that her yelling out she's made a mistake depends on the song. RINA says that something she remembers happened during their first time playing at Yokohama Arena. They had played "Haruka" for the first time in forever, and during the very last lyrics of the song where it's just HARU singing, she sang the completely wrong lyrics. She says it surprised her, and HARU says it surprised her as well. They laugh, and HARU says that she was like, "What am I going to do?!?" and she doesn't really remember the rest; only that she needed to finish the song up. They talk about missing chords and RINA says that even if they mess up one, they can basically just cover it up with no one the wiser, unlike singing. They then talk about the bass and that if TOMO were to mess up then it would be noticeable, though MAMI says that TOMO barely makes mistakes. RINA talks about drum mistakes and that she made mistakes during the outro of "Sunday Drive" during their 2016 Europe tour, and that she probably confused the audience a bit. She also talks about the mistake she made during SCAFES where she forgot to countdown (RINA: "I was done in by the heat"). MAMI mentions that HARU had a wet towel on her neck the entire time (TOMO: "Even though she had such a cute outfit made" - RINA: "Our stylist was in tears"). HARU laughs and says that she felt like she was going to die, and that it was pretty hellish [Note: I was there and it definitely was hellish lol]. RINA says that that was probably the best show they've ever done, which the others agree with.

•HARU reads the next message from a listener who drives a 1.5 ton truck in the delivery industry. They passed the company's qualification trainer this summer, and just the other day they were teaching newcomers for the first time. However, since it's their first time teaching, they're not sure how to teach. They ask SCANDAL if there's something they try to be careful with or aware of when teaching others how to do something. HARU wonders if there have been times when they've taught others, and RINA mentions things like seminars (she's held a few drum seminars before). HARU says that she's bad at teaching others. RINA says it's difficult to do since a lot of time you learn via feeling stuff out for yourself. HARU agrees and says that it's difficult to verbalize that. MAMI says that trying to play/teach guitar you can verbalize sounds and strokes, and that their knowledge on how to teach things is limited to music. As for the listener, RINA says that learning by example visually is important, and that the more detailed things can be taught verbally. The staff asks the band if they've been taught about music. TOMO says no, so they probably wouldn't be good at teaching others. MAMI said they didn't have a teacher so they would copy songs and stuff by ear. HARU says that not being taught formally means that music terminology isn't one of their strong suits. RINA says that they don't know the rules, which they all laugh at. MAMI says that they play it by ear when making songs. RINA says that this advice probably isn't good for the listener, so she says that they should teach others visually and also explain important parts to them in words.

At what timing is seldom-seen (?) Apollo pouch given out?

Episode #41 blog

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HARUNA: We're bringing this week's "Catch up" surrounded by tons of Meiji sweets today too... Here's one message.


Good evening, SCANDAL! Since "Catch up" means "What's been going lately?", I will be writing about what's been going on with me lately. I was curious about the Meltykiss Butter Caramel flavor that you mentioned the other day and immediately bought one♡ It really is melty and makes you happy. I then suddenly thought about how many Meltykiss pieces would fit in the Apollo pouch. Maybe 3 or 4 of them? I'd like to try, so please give me an Apollo pouch!!!!
I'll definitely let you know the results via the program's message page♪

RINA: I see...

TOMOMI: How skillful...

MAMI: Yeah, skillful at begging...

HARUNA: This is the first message of the day--are we really going to give away the pouch with the first message?

RINA: Yeah, wasn't that a good one?

TOMOMI: Hm? What should we do... What about deciding after we've read the other messages?

RINA: Can't we just give it to the first one?

HARUNA: It's not like we've decided to give out one pouch per episode; what we decided was that if a message is good then we'll give them it...

TOMOMI: We did say that we wouldn't be giving them away so easily.

MAMI: But you're the only one who has that stance, TOMO-chan.

TOMOMI: Eh, really?

HARUNA: Wondering how many Meltykisses would fit in an Apollo pouch and letting us know the results...that's pretty skillful.

RINA: Also, I think this was the first time someone's followed the "Catch up" title properly...

HARUNA: Yeah, for sure.

MAMI: On episode 41...

HARUNA: Yeah...

RINA: Let's give it to them!

HARUNA: All right, we're giving them an Apollo pouch!

TOMOMI: I wonder how many will fit...

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 40

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•The program starts with this. TOMO adds that she sawHiroto Komoto on TV the other day and that he's an oddball but a genius, and that everything he says makes you tear up. RINA agrees and says that everything he says sounds like they could be lyrics of a song. TOMO then apologizes for digressing, and says that what he said words that she wants to hear right now--many people, she adds, were probably helped out by those words as well. She says that things are a little gloomy right now, but having someone who thinks like that can give hope to the world. HARU wonders if he's someone who has a high level of sensibility, which is why he can consider things from different angles. She also says that both geniuses and oddballs are both positive thinkers, which is why there's a paper-thin difference between them.

•RINA reads the next message from a listener who asks them to draw the line between something they've always wondered about: Being "more than a friend but less than a lover" is pretty common (AKA the friendzone), but how far do you have to go in order to be considered more than friends? They understand the boundary between friends and lovers, but they think that if someone says that you're more than friends but not in an intimate relationship, then you're considered a friend. HARU goes, "They're not wondering whether or not Person A views Person B as a love interest, right?" MAMI says that it's probably that Person A thinks of Person B as a friend, but Person B now thinks of Person A in a romantic light. So in Person B's mind they view Person A as more than a friend, but they're not dating Person A so they're more than friends but not in an intimate relationship. HARU says it's someone who likes someone else but they don't necessarily have a need/want to date them. TOMO says that maybe they're being pulled in the direction of getting married without actually agreeing to date, which could mean that their relationship is basically "more than friends but less than lovers" until they'd get married. In that case, they're still not considered lovers. RINA says that not a lot of adults actually have a "Will you go out with me? - Okay" discussion. MAMI says that if two people think that they are more than friends and less than lovers, they may already be lovers. HARU says it's hard to draw the line. TOMO says that they're not necessarily thinking that they want to be with this person forever, but instead are thinking that they want to kiss this person now, which in that case they would be more than friends since friends don't usually kiss friends. They're not considering the future but the present. RINA says, "That's such a sad relationship to have!" The others laugh and agree. HARU says that there are people who don't want to be bound by a relationship. RINA says that if there's someone who you'll only show a certain side of yourself to, then your relationship might be more than friends. The band says this is pretty much where they draw the line, and that they hope their listeners can make progress in their relationships.

•MAMI reads the next message from a listener who asks about the line between menchi-katsu and korokke (Japanese croquettes), and that they also didn't care about the difference as well as what hashed beef curry/hayashi rice is until recently, so they thought that they were all the same dish. The band laughs and goes, "That's so cute!" MAMI goes, "The first two are completely different from hayashi rice!" As for menchi-katsu and korokke, MAMI says that the latter has potatoes in it while the former only has meat and onions in it. The others agree and RINA says that the ingredients differ. They burst out in laughter again at how simple the difference is between those two. TOMO says that appearance-wise they're both similar, and RINA and MAMI say that from the same angle they might look the same. They also talk about how they're typically shaped differently, although one could shape them to look the same. RINA says you could try to deceive someone and the others laugh. TOMO says that you could make it a quiz and have someone guess which is which, but once you cut into one you'll know which one it is. HARU says they probably must never think something like, "Oh, I want to eat menchi-katsu/korokke" since they don't know the difference between the two. TOMO says they're probably like, "I want to eat something deep fried and covered in panko," which the others laugh at. HARU goes, "So it's like they try eating one, and they're like, 'Oh, I suppose I'm eating this one today'?" MAMI thinks it's more like, "'Oh, I want to eat korokke but I can't tell which is which just by looking at them,' and when they pick one and taste it, they're like, 'Ah, I guess it's menchi-katsu today' (HARU: "How random!")." RINA and TOMO remind them that the listener says they didn't really care about the difference between the two, so they probably don't care which they're eating; they just think it's delicious. HARU wonders if it's like a scenario at a restaurant such as when you order a specific dish like curry but something you were not expecting comes out instead. TOMO disagrees, and it's probably like if they ordered curry but they were given beef stew instead, they'd probably be like, "This is delicious!" HARU says, "Is that because they think there's three different types of curries?" They say they don't think so, and that they just think that they're all the same dish. RINA says the listener should try to tasting the dishes a little more seriously. The staff laughs and MAMI chuckles and goes, "That's funny." HARU says that there are different kinds of korokke such as ones made with kabocha squash. TOMO goes, "This isn't the topic to be spending this much time discussing!", which they laugh at. RINA says that the listener should try savoring the tastes of them more than usual starting from tomorrow. TOMO mentions again how cute they found this message and RINA says it surprised her. The staff says this came from a 25-year-old male listener, which the band is surprised at. TOMO goes, "This would have been cute if they were 14 years old, but 25 years old..?!" RINA goes, "25 years old...that's not very cute," while the other members and the staff laugh. They say the topic was interesting and thank them for it.

•HARU reads the next message from a listener who's curious about the line between musicians and artists and asks the band what type they are, and also asks them if there's anyone who've they've worked with who they've thought are the top musician/artist among musicians/artists. MAMI says that artists can be found in all kinds of different arts, and that if someone plays an instrument then they're a musician. However, there can be people who do things like dance and also be a musician. HARU says that there's no real line between the two, and TOMO says within the big umbrella of "artists," the people who play music are musicians. RINA says that musicians are very diverse, and that there are times when someone might feel more comfortable being called an artist. MAMI says that she thinks she feels more comfortable being called an artist. TOMO says that when she writes down what her profession is, she writes "musician" and has never written "artist." MAMI says that people in bands probably feel that "musician" fits them best.

•TOMO reads the next message from a listener who asks what they think is the line between koi and ai . The listener thought about it in their own way, and they think that "koi" is when you don't seek something in return, and "ai" is when there's no concept of getting something in return. They give an example: They love ramen (koi), but they're not in love with ramen (ai). In that sense, "koi" is when there's something given in return but it's not something you seek; "ai" is when something given to you in return doesn't exist. They chuckle at the ramen example. RINA says she wouldn't think that ramen would be given as an example for this kind of topic, and that it's scary to think that someone would want something in return from ramen. HARU says she thinks there are people who are in love with ramen have a different form of emotion than others, which the others agree with. TOMO gives an example that people overseas fall in love with things like buildings and get married to them (RINA also gives a roller coaster as another example). HARU says that for example, a ramen dish someone has tried for the first time recently and the feeling of them wanting to eat it every day is the same kind of uplifting feeling as "koi." They don't want to eat it every day for a year, but they really want to eat it for a week - that's kind of like "koi" (RINA: "What a short romance"); you can keep eating the same thing. TOMO goes, "This turned into a discussion about ramen," which they laugh at. RINA says that they're taking the example in the wrong direction. MAMI thinks that establishing a want for something in return although you're not seeking it could be considered "ai." HARU says that "koi" is more about passion and "ai" is a little more reserved. RINA says it's like the difference between dating and being married, and TOMO says it's like the difference between 100°C/212°F boiling water and comfortable 30°C/86°F water. MAMI asks if the boiling water is "koi," and TOMO says yes, but then says she needs to rethink it over again because of all the ramen talk clouding her head.

•HARU then says that they'll be drawing another topic from other themes they've been sent to have listeners send in their thoughts on the topic. TOMO draws a card that says "cafe vs. kissaten ." The band laughs and says that's an interesting topic. As they close out the episode, MAMI asks what they should do about giving out an Apollo pouch. TOMO says that they shouldn't give any out this week, which they laugh at. HARU says that if the listener who sent in the menchi-katsu/korokke one can properly remember the difference between the two, they'll give them a pouch.

Fine Line Association #2! The members agree with the fine line between "geniuses" and "oddballs" as contrived by the listeners!

Episode #40 blog

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HARUNA: We have Meltykiss chocolates today too...

MAMI: I ate two of them beforehand.

RINA: These are new kinds.

HARUNA: It's the "Butter Caramel" flavor.

RINA: I really want you guys to try this.

TOMOMI: It's really delicious.

HARUNA: You can't stop eating them.

TOMOMI: It's also pretty reasonably priced.

RINA: It's also high quality.

TOMOMI: It costs 1,500 yen depending on the serving size...

The four of them were captivated by Meltykiss's Butter Caramel flavor... This episode was recorded as they ate.

HARUNA: Today we're holding the Fine Line Association. People will be joining one after another.

So let's hold the second meeting.
There's a fine line among all things that seems like it does not exist.
The line is different depending on the person and area.
Let's seriously consider this "fine line."
That will be the "Catch up Fine Line Association."

This is our first regular meeting with our listeners.
There are three items on the agenda this time.

① Introduce opinions from new members in regards to previous themes
② New "fine line themes" brought up by new members
③ Examination of new "fine line themes" by the four directors

RINA: We're directors... When did that happen?

TOMOMI: Thank you very much.

HARUNA: Let's start with the first item. I'll read a message.


Good evening, all
I really enjoyed the Fine Line Association the other day. I have my own idea of a fine line between "geniuses and oddballs," so I would appreciate it if I could present it and get permission to join the organization.

If you consider it in a school setting, it's accurate that a "genius" is at the top of their class in all subjects and teaches their friends. This person will solve problems that others don't understand. An "oddball" is very average in most subjects. They're at the top in one subject only and are a bit nosy--if a friend asks them one question about that subject, they'll get 10 in return. I do not think either of them have bad relationships with others. When both of them join society, I think they will become professionals in their respective ways, so I could sympathize with what you said about how they're people you can respect.

That is all. I hope you grant me permission to join the Fine Line Organization.

RINA: It seems that they gave us the correct answer about "geniuses and oddballs"...

TOMOMI: We grant you permission to join.

All: Welcome to the Fine Line Organization.

TOMOMI: We have another applicant.

Nonbiri Necklace to Kiiro Down-san

I'd like to join the Fine Line Association!
This is what I think about the fine line between "geniuses and oddballs."
Both of them are oddballs.
However, how is a "genius" different from your average "oddball"?
I thought that the "oddball" would jump over the line and become a "genius" the moment when they're "recognized by society," and would contribute to society + those around them and have a great impact.
Take great people currently recognized as a "geniuses"--they were acknowledged by society after their death,
But were thought of as "oddballs" while they were alive.

RINA: Yes, they've got a point.
Steve Jobs, too, I think he was far too ahead of everyone and many people around him weren't able to catch up with him. But we're living the way we do now because of his genius...

HARUNA: It's the same for Einstein.

TOMOMI: Edison and Van Gogh too.

RINA: But as a musician, I want to be evaluated while I'm alive.

HARUNA: You want to experience it for yourself.

RINA: Yeah, I want to be loved forever, though that may be a little greedy...

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 39

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Topics tagged under catchup on SCANDAL HEAVEN Zm2XGGr

•The program starts with this.

•TOMO reads the next message from a listener whose "kinenbi" is December 26th, the day that they proposed to their girlfriend last year. So that it would be a once-in-a-lifetime proposal and that she would be happy from the bottom of her heart, they proposed to her at Disneyland. They went to Disneyland on the 25th, and although they were planning to propose to her that night after heading to a Disney hotel, the timing didn't work out and they ended up proposing in the afternoon of the 26th. The band says that's wonderful. TOMO says that it'll soon be Christmas and that the first anniversary of their engagement is coming up. They congratulate them and wish them happiness.

•RINA reads the next message from a listener whose "kinebi" is the day that she and their boyfriend she's currently dating consolidated their debt. October 23rd of this year was their first anniversary. They didn't plan to do anything special, but her boyfriend gave them a cake and flowers as a surprise, which made her happy. However, he then confessed that he was in a lot of debt. The listener's head went completely blank after hearing the high amount, but they then made sure to talk things over and decided to consolidate their debt. She says a special kind of "kinenbi" where it was a day that all kinds of feelings intertwined with each other. MAMI says that calling it a "kinenbi" is very positive-thinking. RINA says that their love must be very strong. MAMI says, "Don't become his guarantor," which the band laughs at and agrees with. She also says that it's great that they talked it out and accepted the facts positively. RINA says that she hopes the boyfriend will work hard to repay the listener.

•MAMI reads the next message from a listener whose "kinenbi" is October 3rd, the day they opened their own osteopathic (bonesetting) clinic. Their 9th anniversary was this year, so they are currently in their 10th year. They also say that since they got the national qualification of judo therapist the same year as SCANDAL debuted (2008), they think to themselves how they're in the same grade as SCANDAL. The band says that's great they've been in business for so long. RINA says that being a musician is also a job that makes full use of one's body, which is why there are many times when they rely on doctors/physical therapists. She also mentions how she had a doctor come on tour with them, which she had previously talked about in this video, and says she's grateful for people like that. The band also talks about how continuing something for 10+ years is pretty awesome, and TOMO says that SCANDAL is also pretty awesome for doing the same. The others laugh, and RINA says that they recently realized that being a band for so long is the thing that gives them the most confidence and that it's important to recognize how hard they've been working.

•After "Masterpiece" plays, HARU reads the next message from a listener whose "kinenbi" in a sesne is March 31st when they decided to quit their job at a photo studio they worked at for five years. Since their company was going to be downsized due to a downturn in business, they told the listener to quit. It was so sudden and they're still unemployed. When they talk to others about how them quitting their job, the reason almost always gets confused with a COVID-related reason since it happened right around when it started getting bad. They say they'll patiently wait to get a new job, and that they're looking forward to SCANDAL's upcoming concert, which they've secured tickets for via the fan club lottery. RINA says that even though they're in this situation, they're still in their fan club and are going to attend their show. She says that they need to make this day an energetic one, which the band agrees to. They also hope that they find a new job soon.

•TOMO reads the next message from a listener whose "kinenbi" is October 6th, the day they stepped on a cockroach. TOMO goes, "I might not be able to read this!", which the band laughs at. HARU says that she'll read it instead since TOMO also can't stand the word "cockroach." When the listener arrived at school that morning and took off their loafers, they noticed insect legs stuck to the white socks they were wearing. A friend looked inside their shoe and said, "Oh, there was a cockroach in here," which meant that they had been stamping on a cockroach for the past hour and a half they left their house to the time they got to school. They say they were at least happy to have contributed a funny memory to their friend. RINA goes, "They are way too positive." They wonder if the listener really didn't notice it when they put their shoes on. RINA says that maybe they're the type that's okay with insects. HARU says that she might be more of that type. RINA asks what type, and HARU clarifies that in this type of situation the others would be surprised/scared while HARU would of course be surprised, but she'd also be like, "Well, I guess that happened." TOMO says that she'd probably faint. RINA says that the listener should make sure the same thing doesn't happen twice.

•TOMO reads the next message from a listener whose "kinenbi" is the moment she found her pet cat 12 years ago. When her husband had said that there was a cat under the stairs of the apartment they lived at the time and she crouched down to take a look, that was when the cat ran out and jumped on her shoulders and wouldn't move for the next 30 minutes. The cat was still a palm-sized kitten so they waited for the mother cat to show up. It never did, so they decided to adopt the kitten. Even now they still talk about how the cat was "born" from her shoulders. She thanks the cat for leaping out to her 12 years ago, says that she's happy they chose her to be their mother, and for it to continue living a long and happy life. The band goes, "That's so adorable!" RINA says that the cat got adopted by such a loving family, and HARU says that it's living a great life. HARU also mentions that there are a bunch of happy "kinenbi" that people are sending in. The others agree, and RINA says that "kinenbi" usually do refer to a happy happening.

•RINA reads the next message from a listener whose "kinebi" will be their 10th anniversary of taking drum lessons, which they started in 2011. Every year from 2011 to 2018 they had appeared in recitals but have not been able to since 2019 due to COVID. They hope that they will get to do it next year. RINA says that to play an instrument for 10 years, and drums at that, takes a lot of physical strength and energy, so it's great that they apparently really like playing the drums. They talk about how you need to work hard for recitals, which they liken it to the four of them always going to the studio.

•MAMI reads the next message from a listener whose unforgettable "kinenbi" is January 8, 2018: their coming-of-age ceremony. They didn't want to go because they had few friends in their hometown, but as it was a once-in-a-lifetime event; their grandparents were looking forward to it; and they wanted to wear their mother's beautiful furisode , they decided to take part in it. Their older sister also helped them practice doing hairstyles and manicures that would match the furisode. However, the night before the ceremony they came down with a fever and was not able to attend it. They're sorry that they made it an unforgettable "kinenbi" in a sense for their mother and sister. They then decided with their friends to wear furisode at their college graduation party, but due to COVID the party was canceled and they were not able to wear the furisode. They are, however, glad that they got to wear it for a photo shoot preceeding the coming-of-age-ceremony, and hope that they're able to wear it again one day. They also tell the band that they'd like to be given an Apollo pouch. The band laughs and says that they completely forgot that they're to give out a pouch to a listener. They go back to the story and say that that's good that they at least had a pre-shoot where the listener wore the furisode. MAMI says that she wasn't going to do one of those before her own ceremony since she didn't think it was necessary, but her mom thought she should so she did one unwillingly. RINA mentions that MAMI had taken pictures of her holding a guitar, which probably turned out to be like promo pictures of a solo artist. They also wonder what the next event in the listener's life would be where she'd get to wear the furisode, and HARU says that perhaps it could be for their wedding. The rest agree and think that might be nice. They decide to give the pouch to them since they asked for it. TOMO says, "I wonder if the pouch will go with the furisode."

•The band then closes out the episode. HARU wonders when they'll get to do another special program again. MAMI says that for better or worse everyone's so positive about their "kinenbi," which she thinks is awesome. RINA goes, "That's why they like SCANDAL's music, right?" They laugh and MAMI goes, "Yeah, since we've been doing a band for so long."

Going into overtime for the "Watashi no Kinenbi" message theme from the 11/22 live broadcast! Anniversaries not found on the calendar are created one after another!

Episode #39 blog

Topics tagged under catchup on SCANDAL HEAVEN NITutSm

HARUNA: A pop-up special program was aired on 11/22 on TFM...
On that we asked for messages with the theme "Watashi no Kinenbi" (My Anniversaries / Commemorative Days), and since we got a bunch of them that we still would like to read, we'll be going into overtime.

All: Nice〜

HARUNA: You mustn't waste food, so in the same vein we shouldn't waste any mail/messages...

RINA: It certainly would be a waste. We're being eco-friendly.

HARUNA: Yes. We gave away special presents during the live program, but today we will be giving out Apollo pouches to messages that wow us, as per our usual "Catch up" rules. There are no more Beethoven items.

TOMOMI: It's safe.

HARUNA: We don't have the "Present from the darkness Box" either.

RINA: That's good.

HARUNA: We also will not be shouting "Catch and up!"

RINA: Thank you very much.

TOMOMI: It's so subdued...

HARUNA: I'll read a message.

Good evening, SCANDAL.
This is my first year being a teacher!
My "kinenbi" is October 24th.
It's a bit of an exaggeration to call it a "kinenbi," but on 10/24 of my first year of high school, I started texting a female classmate of mine. Back then LINE didn't exist and smartphones had just come out, so everyone was texting each other. I had a flip phone at the time. It's already been eight years since then, but we still talk to each other every day. We switched from texts to LINE about two years ago, and we keep in touch in some way or another every day. Even when we're both dating other people, our boyfriends/girlfriends were accepting of it. We talk about random stuff, though lol. Stuff like, "My futon hasn't been letting go of me in the mornings recently." - "I totally get that." Things like that.
At this point, we also mysteriously have a common understanding where we aren't able to date anyone who tells us we can't talk to each other.
I don't know how long it will last, but this is my texting "kinenbi."

RINA: We're getting more and more unusual stories... That's awesome, and it surprised me. Eight years--that's pretty awesome!

HARUNA: That is.

MAMI: Are there really people who keep in contact for eight years straight?

RINA: Do they talk that much each day??

HARUNA: They said they talk about random stuff.

RINA: That's still awesome.

TOMOMI: Isn't it like moral support now?

HARUNA: That means they're like best friends, right?

RINA: I wonder if it's like their wavelengths are inseparable.
But there really are people like this, people who are good friends with the opposite sex and have no romantic feelings between them.

HARUNA: There are. It's like childhood friends.

MAMI: If either of them tells [a new partner] they've been talking for eight years, I wonder if the partners aren't bothered by it...

TOMOMI: Isn't that totally possible?

HARUNA: They might not like it at first...

MAMI: Well, maybe they're like, "Please continue."

TOMOMI: Even if they looked at their messages, they would only see things like, "My futon wouldn't let go of me today," wouldn't they?

RINA: But I'm sure there are those who would be a little bothered by because that exchange has been going on for eight years, right? They have a special relationship that allows them to talk about random stuff.

HARUNA: They totally do. It's not something they need to do.

(Staff: Wouldn't you think [as a boyfriend/girlfriend], "Talk to me about random things"?)

TOMOMI: I don't need that at all, wanting to be told about every single random thing like about futons.

RINA: I wonder if they'd understand it if their partners think that they should be the ones they're talking about random stuff with.
That would mean that their daily conversations would increase.

HARUNA: I get that.

RINA: Wouldn't it be a pain to be sent all these things that have meaning to them because of a boyfriend like that?

MAMI: There are times when that's not the case. They wouldn't need to be told about the random stuff...

RINA: I feel that you connect more when you have silly conversations.
There's something special about it.

HARUNA: A type of friendship between men and women.

TOMOMI: Either might get married someday.

RINA: Yeah, they know all about each other.

MAMI: Even if they get married to other people, they'll still text each other...
If they ultimately don't get a boyfriend or girlfriend, then maybe they should go out with each other...

Overtime is exciting! They continue to read more messages that were not able to be read on the live broadcast. After this, there's a tiny incident where TOMOMI will not be able to read emails ...?

【Translated Summary】
TOKYO FM's Sunday Special - 『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 #2 - After Talk

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•The band talks about the live episode and the Beethoven prizes. TOMO says that every kind of Beethoven prize was given out, and she and RINA say that they started to want the prizes too after pulling so many of them.

•TOMO reads a message from a listener who bought a new tent last July and says that TOMO, who likes camping, should understand how exciting is it to buy a new tent. They also say that they're currently listening to the program while camping in that tent. The band goes "Ehhh??! That's so nice!" TOMO wonders if they're camping in a certain area, to which HARU replies, "You know where they are?" TOMO also mentions Ogawa tents , which she says are pretty expensive, and says that she's jealous that they're camping right now. MAMI says that it'd be nice to eat sweets while camping. TOMO agrees and says that she hopes they'll pull that prize. After a few seconds of silence, MAMI goes, "Ah, you aren't going to say it?" TOMO goes, "Ah, sorry! Let's do that again." HARU says that they're kind of in a daze after the live broadcast. TOMO pulls out a "HARUNA Special" prize. HARU goes, "Eh, we're giving that away?" The rest are confused and wonder what she thinks the prize is (TOMO: "Could you quit being so airheaded?!"), and she laughs and says she thought it meant they were giving away another "rinser cleaner." Directed at their staff, RINA says, "You should give us an explanation as for what the prizes are!" The staff shows them the actual prize, which is this set of 32 Meiji sweets dubbed the "HARUNA Special" that they had originally given away for HARU's birthday. MAMI says that you can eat this with everyone you're with when camping. She also mentions that her present still hasn't been chosen.

•MAMI reads the next message from a listener whose "kinenbi" is the day the bring out their kotatsu for the colder seasons. MAMI says her present isn't related to kotatsu, but she hopes she pulls it...and she does! The band goes "Yay!" The item is a diatomaceous earth bath mat (like this ). MAMI asks if the others know what it is. HARU and TOMO say yes and that they both own them. Essentially, when you stand on the mat after bathing, the diatomaceous earth in it absorbs all of the water dripping off. MAMI says that she didn't use to use one because she didn't believe they were that absorbent, but after seeing it in variety shows and on shopping sites, she decided to go ahead and buy one online. Now, it's something she basically can't live without. TOMO says that it's a pretty unbelievable item, which HARU also agrees with. RINA is interested and says that she'll buy one too. MAMI says that the water evaporates as soon as the mat absorbs it. RINA says that's nice, and that it's a practical item. The band says they're glad this present was finally pulled at the end.

•RINA reads the last message which is from a listener whose "kinenbi" is 10 years ago when their quit their job at a paint shop they worked at for 15 years and started an independent company. They and two junior workers worked hard, and now they have eight artisans and one clerical worker. The band congratulates them. RINA then pulls the last prize, which is a Beethoven pass case. The band bursts out in laughter and goes, "There were still Beethoven prizes left?!" They jokingly talk about the pros of the case such as it being reflective and able to stretch far. They then close it out and say it was fun.

【Translated Summary】
TOKYO FM's Sunday Special - 『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 #2

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Listen to the episode:

•This second special episode was broadcast live on TOKYO FM on November 22nd (the first special aired back in July). This program was broadcasted in commemoration of the recent release of SCANDAL's live DVD.

•HARU reads the first message from a listener who is writing in about "kinenbi" (anniversaries/commemorative days). They say that their "kinenbi" are full of SCANDAL, such as the first time they saw them live. HARU then says how the main segment of the show today is "Watashi no Kinenbi" (My Anniversaries/Commemorative Days), and that November is actually the month with the most commemorative days; the day they're broadcasting this show, November 22nd, is coincidentally "Good Couple Day " as well as "Button Day," the anniversary of conveyor belt sushi , and "Carpenter Day." HARU also mentions that they have a song called "Kinenbi" on their most recent album Kiss from the darkness. She asks listeners to send in any messages regarding "kinenbi" of any kind--important days, days when something big happened, etc. TOMO says that they will be giving out presents drawn from slips picked out of the all-black box they have called the "Present from the darkness" box (All: "That's so scary!") to listeners. She gives out some examples of potential presents: snacks from Meiji, as well as presents chosen by the members (things they've bought this year that they've liked). They're surprised by the latter present option since they had not been told that would happening, and wonder why it was kept secret from them. TOMO also mentions that there are presents selected by the program's staff. Nothing was written on their papers as to what those presents could be (RINA: "Just as the name implies, they're probably pretty dark stuff"). HARU asks the staff if it's okay to say what it is, which the staff says yes to. She explains that this year is the 250th anniversary of the birth of Beethoven. TOMO goes, "Congratulations," which the other members and the staff laughs at. As such, the staff's presents involve Beethoven items . The band says they're interested to know what they are.

•RINA says that she thinks they should give a present to the first listener. TOMO, while yelling, "Catch and up!" (they were asked by the program's producer to do so), draws a slip from the box which happens to be the "RINA Prize" present: A Blu-ray copy of the film "Eighth Grade ." RINA explains that it's a movie she recommends. It's full of energy and is about middle schoolers spending their last week of middle school, and she thinks it's a movie that does well to depict the melancholy and frustration that kids have at that age. She says that those who are currently 13 years old are part of a generation that's had social media since they were born, and this movie unfolds a story that's unique to this kind of generation. She also mentions how the director is a 30-year-old of the same generation as the band and was originally a YouTuber .

•After "Ceramic Blue" plays, HARU says that they had originally planned to air the KFTD album versions of their songs, but they decided at the last minute to air the livestream versions of their songs instead. Then, after they eat some snacks, MAMI reads the next message from a listener whose "kinenbi" is March 27th, the day that they had their debut pro boxing match. The band is surprised and goes, "That's awesome!" They unfortunately suffered a crushing defeat, but they were happy that one of their dreams came true. The band decides to give a present to them. MAMI also yells "Catch and up!" while pulling a slip out (RINA: "Are you transforming or what?"), and draws the "Beethoven clear file " prize. The band laughs and wonders if they'll be okay with this present (RINA: "They'll probably be surprised when they receive it!").

•TOMO reads the next message from a listener whose "kinenbi" is November 11th, the day that they broke up with their ex-girlfriend. On that day they went to the movies at the request of their little sister who was in middle school. As he was sitting next to his sister and looking at her side profile, he noticed a girl who looked just like his girlfriend at the time with a muscular, macho man. She noticed the listener and was fidgeting throughout the movie. Afterwards, she gave him an absurd reason as to why she was there with the guy and then dumped the listener. They say it's a funny story they can tell now, but at the time they loved her so much and was so depressed that they couldn't swallow any food. They also say that the movie they watched was a romantic comedy, but they don't remember any of it at all. The band is touched by the story and TOMO goes, "Poor them!" and then says that they'll give them a present (TOMO: "Something that's not Beethoven would be good"). She says the phrase and pulls out the "HARUNA Prize": a "rinser cleaner ," which is basically a fabric vacuum cleaner that sprays water as it cleans. RINA mentions that HARU has a dog at home, and HARU says that this helps out with cleaning messes and it gets rid of any odors. The band thinks it's a nice item.

•After the Oasis song "Wonderwall " plays, RINA talks about how she took part in a special feature about the 25th anniversary of Oasis's (What's the Story) Morning Glory? album. HARU then starts talking about "kinenbi" and mentions that SCANDAL has another "kinenbi" in October, which the others then quickly remind her that the current month is November. HARU laughs and goes, "What month did I just say?" TOMO says that sometimes HARU will get stuff wrong and won't notice it, and will just keep going. HARU corrects herself and says that another "kinenbi" that they have in November is now the release of their live DVD.

•RINA reads the next message from a listener whose "kinenbi" is November 9th, the day that their favorite soda was replaced by a different, warm beverage in the vending machine. The band laughs and RINA compliments their writing ability. She draws from the prize box and pulls out the "Beethoven memo pad " prize. The band laughs and wonders if that's a real thing. The staff shows it to them and they all go, "Oh wow!" RINA laughs and goes, "What's up with these presents?"

•HARU reads the next message from a listener whose "kinenbi" is the day that they were proposed to, which also happens to be their birthday. They also remember the day that they were confessed to, and say that Meiji snacks go great with listening to SCANDAL's songs. The band congratulates the listener and HARU pulls another "Beethoven memo pad" prize. The band goes "Ehhh! There are two of them?!" HARU says that there are several of the same prize, which TOMO guesses that there are probably a high number of Beethoven prizes. The band is disappointed that they weren't able to give the listener the Apollo prize instead and apologizes (MAMI: "Please forgive us! Sorry!").

•TOMO reads the next message from a listener whose "kinenbi" is the 15th of odd-numbered months because "kinenbi" between them and the person who confessed to them and dated coincidentally have all happened on the 15th of odd-numbered months. They're grateful that they never forgot anniversaries, but since they've broken up with that person, the 15th of odd-numbered months is a date that they now want to avoid. TOMO then draws from the box (HARU: "Now I'm looking forward to seeing what Beethoven items there are") and pulls the "TOMOMI Prize," which is a 3.5L hot water bottle . TOMO often goes camping and this is an item that essential to bring during winter months. If you put it by your feet in your sleeping bag, it'll keep you warm even in the middle of winter. MAMI says that she expected it to be a lot bigger for something that holds 3.5 liters.

•MAMI reads the next message from a listener who has a 24-year difference between them and their partner, and it's been almost two years it's been since they stopped doing a LDR between Tokyo and Nagoya and started living together. Their "kinenbi" is November, which is when they started cohabitating. HARU says that something sweet for the two of them would be nice to give. MAMI draws the "Beethoven mug cup " prize. They're disappointed they didn't draw one of the Apollo prizes. They see the mug and RINA thinks it's cute; MAMI says it's kind of stylish and is a portrait of Beethoven she's never seen before. They also realize that Beethoven's holding a cup in the photo of him on the mug. TOMO says for the couple to use the cup together. MAMI says they're only sending one cup, so make sure to be civil with using it and to use it carefully.

•After the U2 song "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For " plays, HARU explains that this year is U2's 40th debut anniversary and that November 22nd is the 37th anniversary of their first performance in Japan. An ad for Meiji's My Style chocolate voiced by HARU is then played (they most likely chose My Style for the ad because of instances like this).

•RINA reads the next message from a listener whose 27th birthday is today. They received a birthday present for the first time from their five-year-old son who gifted them chips and soda (All: "That's so cute!"). The band says they hope they can pull a Meiji prize for them. RINA pulls out another "Beethoven mug cup" prize and the band laughs. RINA says that this mug is probably a good size for the listener's son since it's on the smaller side. They congratulate the listener, but TOMO says they can't honestly congratulate anyone who's winning the Beethoven prizes; it's more like they should be apologizing. They say they'll try pulling the Apollo prize next.

•HARU reads the next message from a listener whose "kinenbi" is December 25th, which is the day that they were supposed to go to year-end rock festival with a girl from school that they liked. They were planning to meet up with the girl in the afternoon, but they never did meet up with each other. When they saw her on the way back home, she was holding hands with a guy from school. They grew apart after that. It was hard at the time since they felt like she liked them, but now it's a good memory. HARU reaches into the box, pauses, and laughs as she says she's pulled a "Beethoven t-shirt " prize. The band laughs and is amused by the "Da da da daaa" text on the shirt (MAMI: "You can go to a festival in this shirt!").

•TOMO reads the next message from a listener whose "kinenbi" is November 19th, which was when they first received words of gratitude from a customer while working at a clothing store after graduating college, and they learned how wonderful it is to put feelings of gratitude into action. They say that if this message is read, they're hoping for any other presents besides the Beethoven ones. The band laughs and HARU goes, "Oh, the pressure!" TOMO says she's going to draw anything else but the Beethoven ones, pulls one out, and immediately starts laughing and goes, "Sorry! It's a Beethoven t-shirt!" HARU goes, "How did we pull the same prize twice in a row?" MAMI recaps that they've pulled Beethoven t-shirt, memo, and mug prizes already. RINA goes, "Why haven't we pulled the Apollo prize yet?!"

•MAMI reads the next message from a listener whose "kinenbi" is November 14th, which is when while on a trip to Hokkaido they ran into a woman they had secretly liked when they were in school. They got back in touch and then started dating. The band is surprised and RINA goes, "It's just like a drama" while TOMO goes, "This perfectly describes fate!" The others immediately start loudly talking over each other while laughing and going, "Wait, wait; it's too soon to say!" TOMO also laughs and goes, "Sorry! Keep reading the message!" MAMI continues. The listener says that they later found out that the lady had also liked them when they were in school, and this miracle is still continuing on. The band goes, "Ahh! That's so nice!" MAMI goes, "We kind of jumped the gun a bit," and the others laugh and agree. MAMI pulls the "Beethoven train pass case " prize. They're shown the case and they laugh hard at it. RINA goes, "Wait, isn't this kind of awesome?" since it's an extendable case. MAMI says that they'll pull a different type of prize for sure next time. TOMO and HARU say that there are too many Beethoven prizes to begin with.

•RINA reads the next message from a listener who says that they don't know if this could be called a "kinenbi," but their parents' house has been set to be demolished on the 24th. They say that it's a little sad that proof that they've lived there for years will be gone, but a new point in their life will start. TOMO says that the number of Beethoven slips have gone down, so it's possible they could draw a different prize. RINA pulls a slip out and says that it's a "Beethoven clear file" prize (TOMO: "Didn't the number of those go down?!"). One of their staff says to pull another slip. The band is surprised and RINA goes, "Really? Can I?" (TOMO: "Pull all of them out!"). She pulls another one, which turns out to Apollo prize! The band cheers and goes, "Yay!" They're shown the prize and they say that even the bag it comes in is cute. It contains a bunch of different kinds of Apollo and other Meiji sweets.

•After "Kinenbi" plays, the band closes out the episode. They say that it went by really fast. HARU says that she was really interested in the Beethoven pass case that MAMI pulled earlier and took a picture of it. They say that messages they didn't yet read during this episode will be read on future episodes of "Catch up." They also say that they will be doing an after talk shortly after this and wonder if they will be able to read more messages. MAMI mentions that her prize still hasn't been drawn. They say that recording this episode was great and that it was nice to give out presents. They also mention the overabundance of Beethoven presents. HARU says that they'll do their best to do a third live broadcast of "Catch up."

I will be posting the after talk segment soon~

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 38

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•The episode starts out with this. The band then wonders what this medicine is exactly and their staff explains it to them (here's more on it ). HARU says it sounds very Harry Potter-esque.

•TOMO reads the next message from a Malaysian listener who lives in the UK (AKA SH member kudo_maharizu). Also, for future reference, the program confirmed that all messages sent in in another language will be run through a translation site like Google Translate to be translated into Japanese, which can make your message sound clunky/a little unnatural in Japanese, but the band can still understand what you're trying to say. Getting back to the message, the listener mentions he's seen SCANDAL live several times in different countries around the world. One of his favorite moments was when he and his friend bumped into TOMO, their former photographer Shin Nakajima, and the director of the HELLO WORLD documentary. He also mentions that he collects the band's signature instruments and apologizes to RINA for only having her drumsticks. TOMO says thanks, and although the listener lives in the UK, the quiz question will be about Malaysia.

Kuala Lumpur is the capital city of Malaysia. In the Malay language, it refers to a place where *this* converges. What is it?

TOMO reads the hint: "The Gombak River and Klang River converge." MAMI guesses "life" (*Bzzt), and then "water" (*Bzzt). TOMO guesses "fish" (*Bzzt). HARU asks if it's not related to animals, which the staff says yes to. MAMI guesses "miracle" (*Bzzt). TOMO guesses "light" (*Bzzt). The staff tells them it's related to rivers. TOMO guesses "sea" (*Bzzt), and then "river god" (*Bzzt). The band laughs and RINA goes, "Spirited Away " [referring to one of the main characters who's a river spirit]. HARU asks their staff if the thing is something they've seen before, which they say they have, and have quite a bit. TOMO guesses "rainbow" (*Bzzt). MAMI guesses "horizon" (*Bzzt). HARU guesses "tree" (*Bzzt). TOMO guesses "mud," which is the correct answer [Kuala Lumpur means "muddy confluence" in Malay; kuala is the point where two rivers join together or an estuary, and lumpur means "mud"]. The band is surprised, and TOMO says that she didn't think that would be the right answer. MAMI says that she was thinking it meant "hell." The band laughs and says that's scary (HARU: "Hells converging together!").

•TOMO then goes back to the listener's message and says that it's crazy that they knew who Nakajima is as well as the director. HARU thinks that perhaps they bumped into each other by the venue's entrance. MAMI mentions how they've seen them in a lot of different places, including several times in Japan. HARU says that they've certainly traveled a lot. A staff member in the background says something inaudible, which HARU says that she thinks there are a lot of people--most likely the staff member mentioned that there are several people that they know of that travel to many places to see SCANDAL live. RINA says that there are about 10-20 people who travel together to see SCANDAL [I think my friend group and I are included in this lol]. TOMO mentions there's someone from the US who always sees them in Japan, and MAMI adds that they don't just attend their tours but also their one-off shows [and I'm pretty sure they're talking about one specific person who's a friend of mine who goes to basically every show of theirs he can in Japan, thanks to the perks of living in Hawaii and working for an airline lol]. TOMO says that they're thankful.

•MAMI reads the next message from a listener in Seattle (AKA SH member hogradish) who says there are many spices that are said to warm blood in the cold winter months such as ginger, cayenne pepper, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, nutmeg, black pepper; and tells MAMI that black pepper can be found in Indian cooking. She then pauses for a few seconds, laughs, and goes, "Hold on a second." The band laughs and asks what's up. TOMO goes, "Read it! Hurry up and read it!" She rereads the last thing she said, and then reads the next sentence that is addressed to TOMO, which says that if she eats too many spice cookies, she might need to buy new clothes (TOMO: "Because I'll get fat"). There's also something mentioned about cooked things like apples and kabocha being fitting for this season as well. After she finishes reading it, she says that there's no quiz question involved. The band is confused and laughs. HARU goes, "There's no question for this? There aren't three quiz questions in total?! What's with that?! You should have made one for it!" [since the previous two "I see - The Catch up" had three questions each]. The staff says something in the background that's inaudible, but it makes the band laugh and go, "So that's why." TOMO comments on how the listener's concerned with her getting fat, which the band laughs at (HARU: "They think you like cookies"). RINA mentions how there was nothing written about her and HARU, which they also laugh at (HARU: "They have no impressions of us"). HARU mentions that the listener had sent a message for MAMI and TOMO's birthdays, probably because they're their favorite members. They thank the listener for always sending in messages. They then discuss what a potential quiz question could have been, and they think that it could have been something related to spices.

•The band then closes out the episode. RINA wonders what their listeners in Japan think when listening to these quiz episodes. The band laughs and TOMO thinks that they're learning alongside them. HARU mentions again that this is the third "I see - The Catch up" quiz, and that it's a segment that they can do because of the many messages they receive from overseas fans.

The third "I see - The Catch up"! What's the truth behind unusual medicine found in Estonia?
Episode #38 blog

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HARUNA: This week we're doing the third "I see - The Catch up."

All: (*excited*)

RINA: That's crazy it's the third one.

HARUNA: For this to be the third one on Catch up...

TOMOMI: But I like doing this.

MAMI: Yeah, it's interesting.

"Catch up" receives many messages from people overseas.
...This is actually quite an unusual thing as it rarely happens with other radio programs.
It's unique to SCANDAL who have actively continued to do activities overseas!
Therefore, even unusual messages from overseas is a very common thing for the girls...
(All staff members think it's great)

HARUNA: Let's start by reading a messages from overseas...

(*This is a direct machine translation from French... [Note: I then used Google Translate to translate it to English])

JMarlock (a French person living in Estonia)

Hello, girls!
I am a Frenchman living in this small Eastern European country called Estonia.
Since I discovered your music, I've frequently been sending links to listen to your songs, which has been a bit annoying to my family and friends. I'm the kind of person who really wants to understand music and artists, so I've been looking for translations of the lyrics and loved the songs even more (as a book lover, I must mention it as a literary song, a special place in my heart).
It is not possible to make a list of all the emotions your songs gave me inspiration. However, I wrote a series of short stories in my free time, and one of the stories included a character inspired by HARUNA (more precisely, her looks and facial expressions in the AMDKJ music video inspired me). I would appreciate it if I could send it to you four (especially HARUNA) so that you can convey your thoughts about it. Anyway, thank you

MAMI: He loves HARU-chan...

HARUNA: Thank you very much. So, here's a quiz about Estonia.

Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, is home to "Raeapteek " (Town Hall Pharmacy), Europe's oldest pharmacy founded in 1422. For centuries, it has been known for its secret medicine that heals a certain affliction. What affliction is it?

All: What??

MAMI: Does that mean that there are still are people who can cure that affliction with medicine?

TOMOMI: I know; cold medicine! (*Bzzt)

(Staff: We won't be giving any hints...)

RINA: Medicine for blind people? (*Bzzt)

HARUNA: Headaches (*Bzzt)

MAMI: Stomachaches (*Bzzt)

RINA: Dizziness (*Bzzt)

TOMOMI: Eczema (*Bzzt)

HARUNA: Sensitivity to cold (*Bzzt)

All: What is it...

RINA: Ah, I know! Love!

(*Ding dong!)

All: Ehー!

MAMI: An affliction of love...

TOMOMI: But isn't it wrong to cure lovesickness?

HARUNA: It must mean it cures broken hearts, right?

RINA: I see...

MAMI: What kind of medicine is it??

*This medicine has been prescribed for centuries as a medicine to heal heartbreak.
The manufacturing method is confidential. 72% of the ingredients are almonds and the remaining 28% are secret...

Those of you who are lovesick, feel free to head over to Estonia...

After I do a summary of this episode, I'll be doing a summary of their recent live broadcast of "Catch up" that was aired on Tokyo FM the other day.
【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 37

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•The episode starts out with this.

•TOMO reads a message from a listener whose previous message that asked SCANDAL for love advice was read during episode 32 (the teacher who lives in Kanagawa Prefecture while the guy she likes lives in Aichi Prefecture). She took their advice and they've been able to get along well. They've hung out several times and started becoming more than friends, so instead of letting things remain ambiguous, she decided that she'd properly tell him how she feels--but then she got worried about it being a long-distance relationship and worried that he had his hands full with work, so she wasn't able to take that step. However, since if they never went out she wouldn't know what their future would be like, so after talking it out, the two of them are now officially dating. She thanks SCANDAL for giving her courage and then asks them for new advice: At the age of 22 this is her very first boyfriend and thus doesn't know the first thing about it, so what does dating entail anyway? The band congratulates her and says they're happy they're now dating. They do talk about how being in a long-distance relationship is a little different than couples who live closer to each other, and that they hope that they can find a distance that's comfortable for both of them. They say that the listener doesn't need to think too hard about dating in itself; it's fine to just have fun and that they don't need to rush things. They also say that it'd be best if they could have a relationship where they can talk about anything with each other, and that they wish them happiness.

•RINA reads the next message from a 17-year-old high schooler who really likes a girl at school. He wants to get to know her, but she's so cute that he gets nervous when he thinks about talking to her (TOMO: "That's so cute!"). He says that she's a quiet person while he's the type of person who gets loud with his friends, which is why he thinks it might bother her if he talks to her and hasn't really tried doing anything. He asks SCANDAL for advice on what to do. The band laughs and goes, "That's sooo cute! That's so nice!" HARU goes, "Why is he so honest?!" while laughing. RINA wonders if he does kendo as his name referenced it. They keep going, "That's so nice!" (TOMO: "That's all we're able to say!"). They say that this is the best time in one's life, and MAMI says how the listener seems happy just by seeing his crush. TOMO then goes, "Wait, what did he ask again?" and everyone laughs. HARU and MAMI recap, and TOMO laughs and again goes, "That's so nice!" MAMI says it's definitely difficult for a quiet girl to join a group of noisy boys, and since it'd most likely be hard to join a group like that, it's probably better if they could create a space where it's just the two of them. She says to work up some courage and talk to her a bit while they're heading home from school.

•HARU says that it's important to also make her aware of his presence and make her go, "Ah, he talks to me every day, doesn't he? He always says good morning and says bye when we leave." By doing so, she'll become more aware of him and will make it easier to talk to her. TOMO agrees and that he should start by greeting her before and after school. HARU says that if that keeps repeating every day, they'd likely start talking about other things. TOMO says that she probably would be happy if he simply just said good morning to her every day, but MAMI again brings up that he's still at the point where all he can do is look at her. They laugh and HARU says that he probably should be oddly noisy around her. RINA wonders how he knows that she's a quiet type of person, and that seeing someone at school doesn't necessarily give you the entire picture of how someone is. TOMO says that it's probably that she's very quiet in the classroom. MAMI says that if they were to talk somewhere that wasn't school, he might get to see a different side of her. HARU says that this message was like one from a shoujo manga, which the rest agree with. They again tell him to try starting things off with greetings.

•MAMI reads the next message from a listener who's a third-year college student interested in a co-worker he calls Y-san who's two years older than him. They finally exchanged info around three months ago and then went to places like the aquarium, and he says they LINE each other every day. These have all made his feelings grow for her. However, when they were talking about going to the movies next, he found out she has a boyfriend after she told him that there were a lot of movies she wanted to see since her boyfriend doesn't have the same interests as her. He was really shocked and didn't think she was dating anyone since the two of them had been hanging out. He says that she only seems to view him as her junior and doesn't seem to realize how he feels about her, which means she doesn't see him as a potential love interest. Though he still has mixed feelings, they continue to talk to and LINE each other as well as hang out about once a month. While he's happy to get closer to her as a friend, he's hurt by the difference in their feelings. He also says that it seems like she's not telling her boyfriend when she meets up with the listener, which makes things even more complicated. There aren't many women at the science university he attends, so he says he's still fine with being friends. He asks the band what kind of relationship he should have with this woman going forward, and how he should organize his feelings.

•HARU thinks that Y-san is also unsure. MAMI agrees, stating how Y-san told the listener she and her boyfriend don't share interests and she had a lot of movies she wanted to watch, and says that she's probably also wavering. She says that if she talks about the boyfriend again, ask her a little about him. RINA says to ask about how much she likes her boyfriend, and if she seems hesistant to talk about him, the listener should appeal to her and tell her something like, "If I was in his shoes, I'd treasure you more," to make her realize how he feels about her, and to tell her that he's waiting for her. MAMI goes, "Ah, that's good," which makes a few of the members and staff laugh. RINA wonders if he should just confess his feelings, which HARU thinks could work too and TOMO thinks is the best course of action. RINA, the movie lover, goes, "Having a boyfriend who's not interested in movies, that's a little..." The band cracks up at her comment. MAMI says that since the listener says he's fine with being friends and is unsure what would happen if he confessed his feelings, he seems to want to leave it up to the right timing, but the band thinks that he should tell her how he feels. RINA says that it seems like they're both feeling half-hearted about it. TOMO says that it's sad when there's a relationship that's born out of convenience, and it's also a waste. HARU says that it's also not good to keep dragging things on. MAMI says that he should have her clearly spell things out, like whether or not this is how she usually treats her junior friends. HARU agrees, and that she should do it for the sake of the boyfriend too--and for the listener's sake too, adds TOMO. They tell him to ask her about these things and tell her how he feels. TOMO says that if he tells her, she'll probably feel moved, which the other agree with. They wish him luck.

•HARU reads the next message from a listener who became a father at age 21 and lives at his wife's parents' house. He says that while living together has its merits, his mother-in-law is often in a bad mood for very short periods of time. In addition to raising a child for the first time, he often gets mentally affected by the stress of living with the parents. He asks SCANDAL to send him a yell of encouragement. The band goes, "You're working so hard!" RINA says that it's hard to take the plunge into marriage unless you're prepared. HARU wonders what it's like to live with your in-laws, and that having to share the use of the kitchen and bathroom in itself can be very difficult, such as deciding the order in which you use them, as well as how much you should clean around the house. RINA talks about how the four of them lived together under one roof at one time, and that they weren't all that careful around each other until they started living together. It felt like there were more hurdles to jump. TOMO mentions that it's hard to live with anyone, especially parents. MAMI wonders how long the listener's family has all been living together. She then references the character Masuo (the dad) from the anime Sasae-san and how when he goes drinking with his dad, the dad gets super drunk. She says that they could take cues from the show and that there could be opportunities for them to have fun together, such as drinking alcohol, watching TV programs or movies--basically, it'd be nice to find something that they can all enjoy as parents.

•RINA says that while they may live together, it's important to value your own time. She says that he and his wife should ensure that they have some time to themselves at home. She then also talks about Masuo from Sasae-san and how he likes art and likes to draw. She says he uses Sasae-san (his wife) as a reference model, which TOMO recognizes is from the most recent episode of the show. RINA then talks about how she watches Chibi Maruko-chan every day, and that she really likes anime series that depicts families like that. She thinks that it's important to find your own place in your family. HARU brings up the part about what the listener said about his MIL and her temper, and she thinks that he should just treat the MIL very kindly. He's probably thinking about how this-and-this will make her made so he basically can't do anything, but if he treats her kindly to an extent every day, she'll probably start opening up. TOMO mentions that the relationship you have with your family as a whole and the one you have with individual members can surprisingly be different, and that it's the same for the band too. She says that it's important to talk to every family member. MAMI wonders if the wife knows about this problem, which HARU thinks she does. MAMI says that it'd probably make the listener happy if the wife helped him out with this, and that she could ask her mom why she's doing that, then both of them could figure it out with the mom. RINA says that if he tells her that he's hurt by it, she might realize it and go, "I see!", which RINA considers to be a magic word; it signifies that the speaker was understood and the listener accepted it. The band wishes the listener luck, and that he's doing an admirable thing and that they respect him.

•The band then closes out the episode. They ask each other if they want to give out a pouch. They say they do, and they decide to give it to the last listener, who they jokingly call Masuo. TOMO goes, "We don't give these out that easily, though." They laugh and say how they're already giving the pouches away starting from the first episode they're offering it.

The program's novelty "Apollo pouch" item is finally complete!! The members are also very satisfied with the finished item!

Episode #37 blog

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HARUNA: Thanks for waiting... The Apollo pouch is finally complete!

All: Yayー!

TOMOMI: This is adorable.

RINA: It's seriously so cuteー

MAMI: They faithfully reproduced what we had talked about... It's shaped like a piece of Apollo and it's see-through!

TOMOMI: The quality's really good for it being a novelty item...

MAMI: It's a wonderful collaboration.

HARUNA: Yeah, the size is good too.

MAMI: Ah, oh yeah! You can slip it right into your bag., we're so excited that it's as if we were on an infomercial, but it really is a wonderful collaboration item.

TOMOMI: So, how would one be able to get this, again?

HARUNA: Yes, we'll give it to those who really make us go, "That message was so good!!"

All: Wow!!

TOMOMI: The bar's pretty high. You won't get us to say "That message was so good!!" that easily...

HARUNA: We'll decide when it comes time to, so we'll be waiting for your messages.

That's all for our important announcement.

This is what the Apollo pouch looks like⬇

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It has SCANDAL's logo on it⬇

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HARUNA: Now then, today we'll be reading messages.
We've already gotten a message for the "Fine Line Association" segment.

Kirara Kaidou
【Fine Line Association】
Eating breakfast at 11:30 am and eating lunch at 11:30 am

MAMI: "Eating breakfast at 11:30 am and eating lunch at 11:30 am"...the fine line between those!?

TOMOMI: So the question is, is 11:30 am considered breakfast or lunch...I see.

MAMI: I personally would say it's lunch.

HARUNA: Even if you get up at 11?

MAMI: Yeah, I think you'd start with lunch. What do you guys think?

TOMOMI: You don't have another meal before maybe it's lunch.

RINA: I totally get that.

MAMI: Breakfast menus for cafes and fast food places run until 10:30 am, right?
So from 11 onwards it switches to lunch. That's why it might be considered lunch.

HARUNA: In the general sense of the world, that time would be considered lunch.

RINA: That's true.

HARUNA: But the first meal you have might be considered breakfast...

MAMI: Eh, no matter what time you wake up??

TOMOMI: The point is, what do you call the first meal of the day?

HARUNA: That's right.

TOMOMI: Breakfast?

HARUNA: Breakfast...yeaーh.

MAMI: So there's breakfast, lunch in the middle, and then you wait for nighttime... No, that means you have breakfast, and then it's already nighttime?

TOMOMI: That means you only eat in the morning and evening. Yeah, that's another way to think about it.

MAMI: I see.

All: (Silent for a while)

HARUNA: In short, it doesn't matter which one it is...

TOMOMI: If that's the case, then the Fine Line Association will be breaking up.

MAMI: Well, it means that whether you consider it breakfast or lunch is up to you...

HARUNA: Yeah. That's it!

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 36

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•The episode starts out with this.

•The band continues talking about geniuses/eccentrics. RINA says that for musicians it can be a compliment for someone to say that they're odd since it could make them look cool. TOMO says that there are nothing but people (musicians) who think they're cool and that they're geniuses. MAMI says that there might be a paper-thin difference since musicians are in a position to express themselves, but there might be different boundary lines for people who work at regular companies. RINA agrees and says that there might be times when you're happy to be called an eccentric and times when you're not. MAMI says that whether or not someone is happy to be called weird depends on what kind of life they're living. RINA wonders if people overseas view SCANDAL like this. The band laughs and MAMI says she doesn't think so while HARU says she doesn't know. She also says that she doesn't think people strive to be either a genius or an eccentric. RINA agrees and says it's something out of one's control. HARU then says that it's all about talent, and says that it was difficult to give an answer to this question. TOMO says, "We don't have to give an answer, right?"

•After "A.M.D.K.J." plays, MAMI draws the next card which is "sugoi (awesome, crazy, to a great extent, etc.) and yabai (crazy, awesome, bad, dangerous, etc.)." The band goes, "Uwahh," and RINA says she really likes this theme. She also says that "yabai" basically fits any situation. MAMI agrees and says that it can be used in all kinds of ways, like "that yabai sports player" [Note: In this context, it could either mean the player is either really bad or really good]. HARU says that originally "yabai" most likely was used in a negative way. MAMI says that "sugoi" is a pretty normal and has a comparatively straight-forward meaning while "yabai" has a lot of different meanings. HARU thinks that "sugoi" probably originally was used as a more mild term. MAMI wonders what the origin of these words are and decides to look them up. She first looks up "sugoi," and says that the word in hiragana has a more mild meaning compared to when it's in its kanji, like it looks more stiff. This site kind of explains its supposed origin. They then move onto "yabai." HARU wonders when it first started being used. RINA says that when she was in elementary school the students were told to stop saying it when they would use it too much. MAMI then reads the origin of the word, which is explained here. TOMO says that the word "egui " has been a popular slang term recently. It originally had negative connotations, but now it's also used to describe when something's cool. HARU says that the band uses another word, "shindoi" (tough, painful) in the same way. MAMI says an example: "That's so cute it's painful." RINA mentions social media and that people use "bad" words in a good/positive way to convey passion through text. MAMI says that young people have an affect on how things are perceived.

•TOMO chooses the next card which is "kindness and meddling." She says it's pretty easy to understand the differences between the two, which RINA asks her in what way. TOMO says that both are for the other party, but kindness is doing something for the other person because you want them to be happy while meddling is when the other person wishes that you didn't do something. RINA says you can tell which it is by the end results. She also says that they both start with good feelings, but the end result may depend on what the other person thinks. MAMI says that if the other person tells you "I didn't really ask for this," then it's probably meddling. TOMO says that they both begin from the same place.

•The band then recaps on the themes they covered, and HARU says that they hope the listeners can join the Fine Line Association and send in themes for them to discuss on the program.

Steadystate wrote:Iirc "tennen" was used to describe Tomo in at least "SCANDAL IN THE HOUSE" lyrics and this 2016 interview  (thanks TGE for subbing it)

Yes, I did both of those translations, but the thread I was referring to was something else completely. I think it was some interview thread in 2017-ish where people thought that "airhead" sounded like a negative way to describe TOMO, and I agreed. I started off the whole "airhead" thing because I wasn't aware of the nuances of the word in Japanese and chose a less accurate translation of it. I should have changed them in my other translations that mentioned that word but forgot to.

So, to reiterate what I said earlier, I think it'd be more accurate to translate the word as "goofball." It's more silly and less negative.
Fine Line Association established! Find the line between two ambiguous words!

Episode #36 blog

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HARUNA: Let's start with a message.

Otou-san ("otousan" = "dad")
Good evening, SCANDAL.
When do you feel that autumn's here?
I feel that it's autumn when I'm on the toilet seat. When I sit on the toilet seat and go, "So chilly!", it makes me go, "It sure is autumn〜," and turn on the toilet seat heating. I turned it on this year too. I then put on my favorite corduroy pants.

RINA: That's definitely dad-like...

MAMI: Corduroy is effective [against the cold]...

RINA: He has that dad vibe through and through...

MAMI: It's certainly autumn.

RINA: It is autumn.

HARUNA: Switching from summer to autumn... Here's one more message.

I always have fun listening to your program. Thank you very much.
Recently, I cheated on my girlfriend of two years and we broke things off as a result.
Also before that, I dated someone for about 2 1/2 years and we broke things off since I cheated on her too.
Me cheating was not my partner's fault; it's that I'm lacking something. I'd like for you to tell me the secret to staying in a happy relationship for a long time (cries).

RINA: Something should pop up after two years, right? Like some aspect that should be changed should just come up to the surface.

MAMI: It's great that think they have faults in themselves as well.

HARUNA: That's because it's not the first time it's happened; it's something they've already experienced.

MAMI: Something definitely should have popped out...

RINA: You should get your head on straight after two years.

HARUNA: The word "cheating" came up, but from where...
Well, there's something ambiguous about it, right? We get a lot of messages like this, so we've created a new segment.
"Catch up Fine Line Association"

RINA: I like that...

TOMOMI: Me too.

HARUNA: It sounds good.

MAMI: I think that's awesome.

TOMOMI:'s unusual.

(Staff: This is the first time we've been stung [by your guys' words]...)

HARUNA: I'm glad we cast a lot of them.
And so,

There's a fine line among all things that seems like it does not exist.
The line is different depending on the person and area.
Let's seriously consider this "fine line."
That will be the "Catch up Fine Line Association."

There are several themes here written on these flipped-over cards.
You can open whatever card you want and talk about its fine line.

RINA: (*Drawing a card) "Geniuses and eccentrics."

All: Wowー

RINA: There's certainly a paper-thin difference. Both lead solitary lives. Which one is misunderstood by others... That's the question, isn't it?

HARUNA: For geniuses...

RINA: Geniuses are so advanced that they understand so many things, and there are a lot of things they don't see eye to eye with the people around them.

TOMOMI: It's said that [Thomas] Edison was odd when he was a child, but it's because he was genius.

MAMI: It's difficult to say; they're two peas in a pod. Geniuses are eccentrics, eccentrics are geniuses. When you talk to someone who's said to be a genius, you'll find that they're quite the eccentric person.

HARUNA: I feel like you can tell the difference between a genius and a bright person. Like, is it inherited or acquired? Do geniuses have the potential from the start?

TOMOMI: I think they have the potential.

HARUNA: Eccentrics also have potential.

RINA: "Genius" has a better ring to it. The reason why they can't convey what they want to do is because they're too advanced, which is a positive thing. But those around them can't understand them as they're too far ahead. Eccentrics focus on themselves.

MAMI: This is difficult...

RINA: What do you think, TOMO?

TOMOMI: Hm, I don't know... I look up to both.

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 35

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•The episode starts out with the band celebrating the 12th anniversary of their major label debut. They're holding party poppers in their hands, which TOMO says she's nervous about (due to the loud noise they make when popped), and MAMI goes, "Wait, which way do we face [to pop them]?" They decide to point them upwards. HARU goes, "Congrats on SCANDAL's 12th major label debut anniversary!" and they pop the poppers. HARU says that unfortunately they cannot play their debut song ("DOLL"), so "Masterpiece" is played instead.

•After "Masterpiece" plays, HARU reads a message from a female listener who recently passed their teacher employment exam, and asks the band to do their usual line. The band laughs and goes, "Hey! Teacher!" She says that she did their best on this year's exam because she wanted the band to say that. She then says that originally wasn't going to take the exam this year due to it overlapping with ultimate frisbee tournaments, but the tournaments were postponed until next year due to COVID, and so she was able to take the exam after all. She says it's unfortunate that the tournaments were postponed, but it was also a good opportunity to fulfill another dream of hers. In times like this people tend to feel down, but instead of just looking at the bad things, she's going to thoroughly digest each small piece of happiness that happens and be positive. She then asks the band what are some moments of happiness that have happened to them recently.

•The band recognizes her from this episode and congratulates her on passing the exam. MAMI says that something happy that happened to her recently is that she finally got to air out her futon (airing it outside helps to keep it fluffy and helps prevent mold and mites). It's been raining lately, so on a day when finally happened to be sunny she got to air it out. TOMO says that hers is that she got to touch an owl for the first time, which happened to be at a cafe she went to. The band confirms with her that she didn't go to an owl cafe , which TOMO says no to, and that it was a cafe that happened to have an owl there. She says that when she first touched it, it felt like a futon (RINA: "That's how you're connecting it [to MAMI's]?"). She says that its eyes were so adorable and huge. MAMI mentions that her mom loves owls and that she went to an owl cafe with her. There, you can have owls jump on your arm, and MAMI says that their grip strength is pretty tough. The band talks more about owls, like how there are different types and how cute their expressions are. RINA asks if they're friendly, and MAMI says it depends on the type; some are friendly while some don't want to be touched. For RINA, this happened a little while ago, but her small happiness was getting to meet [who I'm guessing to be, because she doesn't outright say his name,] Masafumi from the band Seven Billion Dots. She's been writing new songs and going to the studio more often recently, and when she was in the studio for pre-production, a producer she knows was in the studio next door and asked her to come over and meet this artist they were with. She thought the artist's voice seemed familiar, and she realized that he's on the Abema show "Who is a Wolf?" , which she's currently in the middle of watching, so it made her happy to meet him. She said that she had a lot of questions she wanted to ask but the show still isn't done airing. TOMO says that he'd probably sidestep the questions, and that the only thing he could probably say is that he isn't the wolf. HARU says that seeing RINA excited like this is a bit rare. TOMO mentions Seven Billion Dots, which is the band that Masafumi is in [which is why I think he's the person RINA met], and calls them a refreshing band. HARU says that her small happiness was when she watched NiziU's live performance in TV that morning. MAMI points out that none of their happinesses had to do with their 12th anniversary, which the band laughs at.

This happens next.

•HARU reads the next message from a listener who happened to see them when they performed at the now-defunct Knitting Factory back in 2008 on the Japan Nite tour. When they saw SCANDAL then, they could feel that they were powerful girls. They then rediscovered SCANDAL when they released their cover of "DAYDREAM" by JUDY and MARY. They thought, "Ah, they're young but they're wonderful" and ends their sentence with "de gozaru," which is an archaic way of saying "desu" and in modern times is used when characters in film/TV want to sound like a samurai. The band laughs and MAMI goes, "Are they a samurai?" They joke that the listener's in the wrong century and that perhaps they're a time traveler. HARU goes back to reading the message. The listener says that they recently learned about the "Catch up" program and apologizes that they only started catching up on their newer music after learning about "Catch up." The reason they say they're writing this message is because of what MAMI said in a previous episode about being interested in mountain climbing, and hopes that she get even more interested in it (they also end their sentence with "de gozaru" again). MAMI had also said she's interested in mushroom picking, and they say that their parents in Japan own a mushroom farm and hopes she visits. However, since they in LA, they will most likely not be able to help her out. After HARU finishes reading the message, RINA goes, "They've lived abroad so long that they've forgotten how to speak in keigo ," which the band cracks up at. They deduce that the listener is from Japan, and RINA says that they sound like what people abroad who love anime think the average Japanese person sounds like. As for mushroom picking, MAMI says that she'd love to go, and that there are a lot of places that have planters with mushrooms in them that were taken from elsewhere, and that there are a lot of ones that have you go picking in plastic greenhouses, so picking them on a mountain is pretty cool. RINA says that you'd need to go with someone that's able to tell which mushrooms are which since there are edible and inedible kinds as well as poisonous ones. HARU says they should go mushroom picking and asks their program staff what they think. They say it sounds interesting. HARU mentions that they already shot a program outdoors and on location before, so they're already experienced with it. The band says they'll be waiting.

•They then close out the episode. They talk about how they're getting quite a few love advice messages, and that a lot of people from their generation seem to be having worries about love. RINA says that knowing that people around their age have similar problems makes her want them to take it all a little more lightheartedly as there's no need to rush.

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