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What is SCANDAL's stance on songs that do not change with age?
Episode #34 blog

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HARUNA: We'll be reading a lot of messages today. Let's get to it...


Thank you for always making this a fun program.
The other day, I learned on a TV program that the word "logihara" ("logical harassment ") is prevalent. It essentially means "the act of 'cornering and chasing someone down with a logical argument.'" When I heard about that, the first thing that came to mind was the lyrics for "Sisters" and the line "Don't let [logical] arguments upset you." I hadn't able to understand that part ever since that song came out, but now I understand that it means to not give in to "logihara." If that is what it means, then you guys were ahead of the times (That's awesome!). Or did TOMOMI mean something else by it? Please tell us.

RINA: I see...
Now that you mention it, that could also be a part of it. I, RINA, am the one who wrote the lyrics... and aren't there times when you're told "That's a fair argument" when you know you're right, and you get irritated at yourself?
Times like those are when you should be able to control your anger, which is what I strongly thought back then. That's what my intent was when I wrote that, but when considering it in this era... There are times when that logic is correct, and there are times when you're like, "Isn't it better to update that way of thinking?" In that could say we were ahead of the times.

HARUNA: That's not limited to certain periods of time. But this kind of thing has been getting more attention recently.

TOMOMI: It's been around for a long time; it just has another name to it now.

HARUNA: It used to be pretty difficult to say if you didn't like something... Or rather, it's now considered a problem due to it being possible to assert one's own opinions via the spread of social media.

RINA: Couldn't it also be considered a generational gap?

HARUNA: It's possible.

TOMOMI: But that message...they're quite the SCANDAL fan. That makes me happy.

MAMI: Yeah, me too.

HARUNA: But it's easy to look ahead of the times...

TOMOMI: A premature theory.

MAMI: They might happen once in a while...

TOMOMI: What do we think about what we say...

HARUNA: We're not really looking ahead of the times. There are times when things that we've always thought happen to fit better in the present, which can be convincing. That happens a lot.

MAMI: If there's something that we're thinking about that we think everyone else will be thinking about as well in 5, 10 years, then we decide to say it.

RINA: Essentially, the style of the band SCANDAL is for the four of us to properly affirm all sorts of things from all sorts of aspects, so our songs naturally turn out like so. Our values rapidly change because we've been a band since we were kids, and we may think differently about things we've said in the past, but we truly do want to affirm everything like that and find a good place. However, our stance of having our own opinions hasn't changed... "Sisters" might be packed full of that.

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 33

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•The episode starts out with this. They then watch the video of the goat and are surprised at how big the goat is. After the video plays, they say that it was kind of heart-warming. Their staff tells them this happened recently, and the band is surprised at how they were able to find this kind of video. RINA asks the staff what keywords fans should search for in order to find it, and they say "US - patrol car - goat" (which is the text on the board that MAMI is holding in the photo at the top of this post).

•HARU then asks the second question which relates to something that happened in the Philippines.

Q. When Christine Amurao woke up in the morning, she noticed that the room was different from usual. The floor was dyed bright red like blood. As soon as she jumped up in surprise, she searched for her dogs Toffy, Sparkle, and Sushi. When she found them in her makeup room, they were also bright red. What had happened?

The band pauses and is unsure. HARU says that she feels like she's seen this news item before. MAMI tries answering and guesses that they ate lipstick, which the staff says is the correct answer. They're confused as to the dogs would be dyed red by eating lipstick, and they're given the details: The dogs got into a plastic bag that contained colorant powder for lip tint and scrub (you can read about the story here ). They look at the photos and go, "Eh, that's so scary!" RINA says, "Isn't that super Instagrammable? It's like a pink filter." They think it's cute but must have been a pain to clean up. They also wonder if the dogs are pretty much dyed this color now as they're dogs with white fur. RINA wonders what kind of dogs they are, and HARU guesses they're Shih Tzus. The keywords that they give that fans can search with are "Philippines - pink - dogs."

•They move on to the last question which is related to Japan.

Q. Winners of the Ig Nobel Prize, which is a parody of the Nobel Prize and is awarded for unique research, were announced. The Acoustics Prize was given to a researcher at Kyoto University studying the mechanics of animal vocalizations had an animal inhale helium gas. What is that animal?

RINA says that she thinks she's seen this before. HARU says, "It can't be birds, can it?" RINA thinks that this happened recently and that she did see it, but she can't remember the details. MAMI guesses that it's a myna bird (*Bzzt), then guesses an elephant (*Bzzt). TOMO says that it's most likely an animal with a low voice, which is why they gave it helium, and then guesses a gorilla (*Bzzt). HARU guesses a lion (*Bzzt). MAMI guesses a fur seal (*Bzzt). TOMO guesses an earless seal (*Bzzt). HARU asks if it's related to marine animals, which the staff says yes to. She then guesses a dolphin (*Bzzt). She asks if it can be found in the ocean, which the staff says no to. TOMO says, "It's not related to the ocean, but it's related to marine animals?" MAMI guesses a hippo (*Bzzt). TOMO guesses an otter (*Bzzt). MAMI guesses a penguin (*Bzzt). RINA says that she feels that it's an animal that you can't really picture vocalizing. Out of what the band has guessed so far, the staff tells them that the answer is closest to a hippo. MAMI guesses a sea lion (*Bzzt). HARU guesses a capybara (*Bzzt). MAMI guesses a polar bear (*Bzzt). TOMO guesses a rhino (*Bzzt). The staff tells them that it lives on both land and water. TOMO guesses a frog (*Bzzt). MAMI guesses a duck (*Bzzt). TOMO guesses a turtle (*Bzzt). MAMI guesses a flamingo (*Bzzt), and then guesses an alligator. There's a long pause, which the band guesses is because an alligator is the correct answer, and it is (link to that story ).

•The band claps and are surprised that it's an alligator, and says that it's true they don't really picture it vocalizing. HARU reads an article about it and RINA says that she did learn about this before, and that it's frustrating she didn't get the correct answer. TOMO and HARU both want to see a video of it to confirm, and they are shown the video. They comment that the alligator's vocalizations got higher just like what happens to humans. RINA laughs and says that this quiz was surprisingly a lot of fun, which the rest agree with.

•The band then closes out the episode. HARU says that they'd probably be up for another Animal SCANDAL quiz again, and also says that they welcome messages from listeners who tell them about recent scandals involving their own pets. TOMO says that it might be hard for people to understand "scandals" (due to it being the same word as their band name). HARU says that this has been problematic ever since they had their major label debut, and that they're quite often told things like, "Please tell us about the recent scandals in the name of the band SCANDAL." TOMO says they should ask the comedian BAKARHYTHM how they could avoid things like that [Note: This could be what she's referring to but I'm not completely sure lol]. RINA agrees that saying things like "We're accepting scandals" sounds weird. The band says that a pet-related episode sounds interesting and would like people to send in messages related to that.

Why is it about animals...? Taking on an animal-themed quiz while being puzzled
Episode #33 blog

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HARUNA: About "SCANDAL Catch up"...
In Japanese it means "Saikin, dou? (What's been going on lately?)", and there's also...
"Saikin, doubutsu dou? (What's been going on with animals lately?)"

TOMOMI: What? What's the angle?

RINA: It sounds weird in Japanese too...

HARUNA: I mean, that's what's written on the script...

MAMI: Well, that's what written...

HARUNA: A new project will be adapted from "Saikin, doubutsu dou?"

MAMI: Oh...

HARUNA: It's titled, "Quiz! Animal SCANDAL!"

TOMOMI: I don't understand...

HARUNA: They just made me say it.

MAMI: "Saikin, doubutsu dou?" is new, first of all. What's this "adapted from" about?
Also, it's a new project. Wouldn't there be too many elements to it?

RINA: This radio program is hosted by musicians. What demographic are we targeting?

HARUNA: No idea...

RINA: It means "An animal-related quiz taken by musicians," right?

TOMOMI: Don't we have too many quizzes?

HARUNA: We couldn't really answer the previous quiz...

RINA: If it's about animals, we might still be able to answer...

HARUNA: I think it's good to have a warm-hearted project like this sometimes.

TOMOMI: It's gotten colder too...

(Regardless of whether it's getting colder or not, this is a new project that involves a quiz about scandals involving animals.)

HARUNA: This is about scandals involving animals worldwide.

RINA: What? Is that really a thing?

HARUNA: At any rate, it seems like this quiz is about animal-related scandals.

TOMOMI: Eh, what does that mean?

RINA: Are animals also targeted by tabloids?

HARUNA: What is this written here... Before the quiz starts, introduce yourselves...?

HARUNA: Best regards, everyone! This is SCANDAL's vocalist Panda,

TOMOMI: Bassist Tokage (lizard),

MAMI: Guitarist Mantohihi (hamadryas baboon),

RINA: And drummer Risu (squirrel).

HARUNA: I don't get it...

RINA: This is kind of weird...

HARUNA: Let's just get on it with! Let's try it out!
Here's the first question!

Q. A quiz question from Georgia, USA!

A sheriff's deputy unexpectedly fought a fierce battle with a goat in their patrol car. What happened inside of the patrol car?

TOMOMI: Is it not multiple choice?

MAMI: Isn't this a riddle?

RINA: Did this really happen?

HARUNA: Yes, it really did.

TOMOMI: I know! The goat unlocked the car and went in!

RINA: Isn't it already in the car...?

TOMOMI: I suppose so...

RINA: The goat was about to give birth (*Bzzt)

TOMOMI: The goat was about to drive the car (*Bzzt)

TOMOMI: It was actually about to escape (*Bzzt)

MAMI: It almost ate the sheriff's clothes... (*Ah, that's close)

MAMI: Eh? It's close?

HARUNA: It ate something, perhaps.

RINA: Um, it started eating police documents (*Ding-dong)

All: Ohー!

RINA: That's a problem...

HARUNA: Well, it's a goat after all.

MAMI: Does that mean that it was in the car?

TOMOMI: Why was it in it?

HARUNA: Why was the goat in a patrol car?

(Staff: There's a video)

TOMOMI: Even though this is a radio show!

Here's a link to the story about the goat:
【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 32

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•The episode starts out with the band eating snacks as usual. HARU tells TOMO to pick the first song to play, which surprises TOMO. She goes, "So then...give this a listen...uh......'Tonight'!"

•After "Tonight" plays, HARU reads a message from Ricchan, who is writing in to give them a follow-up to her previous message. She got up the courage to ask her boyfriend about the girl he went to Disneyland with, and it turns out that the girl is his cousin. She had him show her a photo and she was relieved that he was telling her the truth. She also had him listen to that episode and he laughed at all of the beeps, and also regretted not having considered Mickey's feelings. The band laughs and RINA goes "What a great boyfriend." She says that they've decided to go to Disneyland at the end of October, and thanks SCANDAL for giving her courage. The band is glad to hear about this. RINA says that it really is important to ask about the things that you're uncomfortable with since things can be misconstrued. MAMI says that it's great that they listened to the episode together and laughed about it. RINA says that it feels like people are sending in messages that detail their flirting/bragging about their love lives. The band laughs and TOMO says that they want people to brag about that.

This happens next.

•After "Tsuki" plays, RINA reads the next message from a listener who passed the teacher employment exam and will be a middle school teacher next spring (All: "Hey! Teacher!" - HARU: "It's been a while since we've done that!"). The teacher is writing in for love advice. She met a [Japanese] guy while doing educational volunteering at an elementary school in Cambodia last December, and although they're not dating she finds him to be a great person. They live far apart--she lives in Kanagawa Prefecture while he lives in Aichi Prefecture (about 4 hours away by car). Also, she says, since he became a middle school teacher this year, he's busy on weekends too and cannot make plans to meet-up. They also communicate about once per day. She misses him and wants to call him, but considering how busy he is and she doesn't want to be a burden to him, she can't honestly tell him her feelings. She's hoping they can continue to have a good relationship through daily exchanges since they can't often see each other in person, but she doesn't know what she should do. She asks the band if they've had experiences like hers and also asks for advice. RINA says that since they contact each other once per day it sounds like they seem to have a good relationship. HARU says it sounds like she wants to go out with him, which the band agrees with. RINA says that he might not notice if she doesn't say anything about it, and HARU says that due to that it's possible that he's okay with how things are right now. HARU says that it's possible he's a little slow on the uptake when it comes to love, so maybe the listener should tell him how she feels. TOMO says that it seems like Kanagawa and Aichi are far apart, but they're actually very close: It takes about 2 hours by shinkansen, 4 hours by car, and you can also take a bus. The band says she should ask about his schedule and see if there's a day when they can meet up. HARU says she should be try being assertive. MAMI says that since they'll both be middle school teachers, that could be a kind of reason to meet up. RINA says that that that's a strong common topic that they have. MAMI says that she could ask him for advice in preparation for when she starts her job next spring. RINA agrees and says try going for an approach of wanting to ask for advice.

•MAMI reads the next message from a listener who, as a child, used to often listen to THE ALFEE and GLAY due to his mother's influence. They're writing this message because they've recently thought that SCANDAL, THE ALFEE, and GLAY are similar to each other. They say that all of the members are unique and close friends among their own bands, and their music is mainly rock but they also do pop songs, ballads, acoustic songs, etc. that are memorable. HARU says that she kind of understands that, and RINA says that the conversations between the bands' own members are playful and fun. TOMO says that SCANDAL hasn't changed out any members (unlike the other bands mentioned). HARU says that it's because of this relationship they have that they can be a band without changing out members. RINA says what they've often said before: If they didn't have the members they do now, they wouldn't be SCANDAL. MAMI mentions that all members of THE ALFEE sing lead vocals, which is similar to SCANDAL. They say that it's an honor for them to be considered similar to those bands. RINA talks about when she performed as a guest drummer for GLAY's drummer TOSHI's anniversary. When she rehearsed with GLAY, they rehearsed songs of theirs that RINA says they must have performed hundreds or thousands of times at that point, but they would be like, "Let's do it one more time! RINA-chan, are you doing okay?" and says how such nice people they are. HARU mentions that both they and GLAY performed at DREAM FESTIVAL last year, and guitarist Takuro talked to them at the end when all of the artists went on stage.

•The band closes out the episode by talking about how they read a lot of love advice messages today. They say they were glad to hear about the continuation of Ricchan's story. TOMO says that the whole thing sounds like a development in a romcom with the revelation of the girl being the boyfriend's cousin. MAMI says that it sounds like it could be part of a Korean drama storyline.

What advice do they give a teenager who agonizes over a faint love noticed in hindsight?

Episode #32 blog

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HARUNA: We'll start from love advice today.

TOMOMI: I'll read the first message.

Michelin Seven-Spotted Ladybug

I am a male 20-year-old second-year college student.
I am working as a part-time cram school teacher, and this spring a girl who is one year younger in age and grade joined. She always responds with a lovely smile to both students and teachers. It wasn't love at first sight, but when I invited her out to eat because I wanted to get to know her, she seemed to be enthuastic about it, the conversation went well, and we decided on going out on a small date.
While looking forward to that day, the other day she told me, "I now have a boyfriend," and our plans got canceled. It surprised me since she seemed to be looking forward to it when we were talking to each other. Trying to give her my best adult-like response, I told her to not worry about it.
However, I've been thinking about her more ever since then, and I keep thinking, "What would have happened if we made plans earlier?", and, "Why do I like her?" Right now, as I'm feeling these things for the first time, I can't concentrate on my college lessons and assignments relentlessly falling down on me. Should I just convey my feelings to her? Or should I keep these things to myself?

RINA: I seeー

TOMOMI: That's so sad.

RINA: I'm not sure. I wonder if he should say it despite what their relationship could turn out to be.

HARUNA: If they really are able to give a mature response, I think it's better if he doesn't say it for the sake of the girl...

RINA: She might get baffled. Like, "I didn't mean it like that..."

HARUNA: Yeah, like, "I wanted us to be friends..."

TOMOMI: Considering that they're both going to continue working at the same part-time job, things might go more smoothly if he doesn't say anything--or rather, she'll be able to spend her time without worrying about anything... I don't know what he should do.

MAMI: I think he should say it while laughing... If he can't, he won't be able to honestly support her. When a little more time passes and he can tell her that he liked her back then, she could be like, "Oh, really?" and things can end on that note.

HARUNA: Should he tell her now?

MAMI: Isn't it better if he doesn't tell her now?

TOMOMI: Doesn't it depend on how he feels about her in the future? If he keeps falling more in love with her, he can convey his feelings. It's not like they'd be getting married. He likes her, and it could make him happier. However, if it ends with him thinking this experience was a good memory, it would be easier for the girl to interact with him if she isn't told anything.

RINA: It may be possible for them to have a good relationship without incident. He should recheck his feelings for himself.

HARUNA: That's true.

RINA: If it's not something that can be put up with, then try conveying things to her.

HARUNA: He should let things be for the moment.

RINA: He should organize his thoughts.

MAMI: Things could change over time.

HARUNA: It's because he's fired up right now and also has too many regrets.

RINA: Try to sort things out right now. If you can't hold back, then just go.

MAMI: Spill the beans.

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 31

Topics tagged under catchup on SCANDAL HEAVEN 9zTWa2Q
Topics tagged under catchup on SCANDAL HEAVEN KQ9vgw2

•The episode starts off with this. MAMI finally gets the answer by going down the alphabet: drinkable salad . The band says it was frustrating that they weren't able to get it easily. [Note: This one thing took up over half of the episode lol]

•HARU reads the next message from a listener in Russia (I believe this is another SH member lol) and mentions that their program producer Ono-san Google Translated it. The listener says that SCANDAL's their favorite Japanese band, that they've watched all of their live DVDs, and that they went to the Nagoya stop of the HONEY tour. They also say that not many Japanese bands come to Russia, and those that do usually aren't all-girl bands. TOMO says that hard rock/metal seems to be more popular in Russia. MAMI says that those types of music seem to be popular in cold areas. The band also says that they'd like to go to Russia one day. And so the next question relates to Russia:

The band Mumiy Troll, who sings the Russian version of the theme song for the Mobile Suit Gundam Narrative movie, is a famous Russian band. The band's name is based off of a world-famous character. What character is it?

HARU knows right away and says Moomintroll , which is the correct answer. MAMI and RINA thought that as well. The band laughs at how easy it was for them to answer this question compared to the first one.

•HARU reads the next message from a listener in Italy who saw SCANDAL when they performed in Milan in 2016 (I think this is yet another SH member). They apologize in the name of Italian fans for the concert not being very organized, and they hope that they come back to Italy soon. TOMO mentions something about how the venue was held at a public hall-type place and it was unfinished (or something along those lines). She also mentions that the venue staff prepared homemade food for them. RINA says that they were the first Japanese artist to play at that venue, and also that after eating the meal and leaving the venue two hours after the show ended, there were fans still there and they were all singing "Sayonara My Friend" in unison. They talk about the food again and say how they never had homemade Italian food like that before. HARU then reads the question regarding Italy:

Portofino, a fishing village in Genoa, Italy, is known as one of the most beautiful towns in Italy, and is even used as a model name for the luxury car maker Ferrari. This city was also used a model for a well-known establishment that is very popular in Japan. What is that establishment?

The band is kind of confused at first, thinking that Portofino is the place that was based on an establishment in Japan when it's actually the other way around. Their staff helps clear that up. RINA asks the staff if it's something that people from the Kansai area (like RINA) would easily know. They say no, and that that it's something that everyone in Japan knows about. HARU says, "Wouldn't that be Disney Sea?" It's silent for a few seconds, and HARU goes, "Was that correct?" The band laughs and TOMO goes, "Play the ding-dong noise!" A few seconds later it does go off, meaning that HARU guessed correctly. MAMI says that "Sea" is a big hint. HARU says that they have gondolas there, and looks like it's quite Italian-based. RINA says that it's great how they were able to answer two questions in a row right away.

•The episode then comes to a close. HARU asks how it was, and RINA says it was fun but chaotic. HARU says that they overthought the answer for 1 but just carelessly answered 2 and 3. They also say that they can probably do one or two more "I see - The Catch up" quizzes with all of the overseas messages they've gotten so far and will continue to get. The band jokes that they shouldn't be recording these episodes right after rehearsals. TOMO says that they usually record at 11 am. RINA says that it's currently 4:30 pm, and TOMO says that they've gotten sleepy (HARU: "These excuses are crazy"). They say that maybe they should record before rehearsals instead.

An episode comprised entirely of messages from SH members! That's awesome, and awesome they've featured a lot of us so far. Let's keep it up and keep sending in messages Happy
Struggling from the first question! The second "I see - The Catch up" will be held!
Episode #31 blog

Topics tagged under catchup on SCANDAL HEAVEN Ttfo092

HARUNA: The second "I see - The Catch up"!
Since the first one went so well...

TOMOMI: Did it really go that well...?

(Staff: It did! We got messages from 10 different countries around the world!)

RINA: It really did...

HARUNA: Here's a message from Argentina.

(Staff: This is the second quiz about Argentina. The previous time the answer was "choripan")

All: Ahー!

HARUNA: Let's read the message.

Jony (Argentina)

It's been a while! In my previous message I didn't write about the times I met SCANDAL. On February 18, 2017, I went to an event for BEST ALBUM 「SCANDAL」. Although I didn't meet you guys at the Osaka event, I did meet you at the Nagoya one. Then, the next day I met you guys again at an event in Shinjuku. Timo-chan said, "See you later!", which made me very happy, so I couldn't say anything in reply. I went to the Takamatsu, Hiroshima, Nagoya, Fukuoka, and Osaka stops of the Fuzzy Summer Mood tour in June 2019. I saw you guys while waiting for the shinkansen at Fukuoka Station. I actually couldn't believe it. I had traveled to Japan this past March, but I couldn't go to your shows due to COVID. Also, I went home 10 days early in order to get back to Argentina. I want to see SCANDAL live next year!!!

HARUNA: So, thank you from Argentina!
Now we'll have a quiz on Argentina.

Maté , a beloved drink in Argentina, is high in iron, calcium, vitamins, and chlorophyll. It is also known as a 「drinkable ***」. What words go where *** is?

RINA: What are they... It's really popular in Japan too! I've drank it too.

TOMOMI: I wonder...what was it called again...

MAMI: Drinkable essence! Drinkable medicine for a cold! (*Bzzt [wrong answer])

HARUNA: Drinkable IV! (*Bzzt)

RINA: ...was it beauty-related? Maybe health-related?

MAMI: Drinkable gym! (*Bzzt)

RINA: You'd likely get all muscular.

TOMOMI: Drinkable vegetables! (*Bzzt)

MAMI: Drinkable euglena ! (*Bzzt)

TOMOMI: Drinkable spinach (*Bzzt)
Drinkable leafy vegetables, green or yellow ones (*Bzzt)

RINA: Drinkable energy! (*Bzzt)

(Staff: You can answer using katakana [AKA foreign words]!)

TOMOMI: It's probably not drinkable vitamins...

HARUNA: We're thick-headed today...

RINA: We rehearsed too much today. We had been performing until just our brains aren't working.

TOMOMI: Drinkable energy!

RINA: I already said that! This is nuts; this episode's chaotic too.

(Staff: It's a word that kindergarteners can understand)

All: Ehー

TOMOMI: Drinkable healthy! (*Bzzt)

RINA: Drinkable sapuri [supplements]! (*Bzzt)

HARUNA: Are we close?

TOMOMI: Drinkable calories! (*Bzzt)

(Staff: It's three letters [in katakana]!)

TOMOMI: Drinkable sapuri [supplements]!

HARUNA: That was already said!

TOMOMI: Drinkable sain [autographs]! Drinkable sauna! (*Bzzt)

MAMI: (*Starting by saying words one by one in order of Japanese syllabary) Drinkable saa...sai...sau...

TOMOMI: Drinkable satou [sugar]!

HARUNA: Say it in katakana words!

MAMI: Drinkable sari...saru...sare...drinkable sango [coral]!

TOMOMI: Drinkable satetsu [iron sand]!
...there was a time when we were hooked on that, wasn't there?

RINA: Yeahー

MAMI: Samu...same...samo...

RINA: I got it! Drinkable sanso [oxygen]!

MAMI: That's a word in kanji!

RINA: Is it close to drinkable sanso [oxygen] or sapuri [supplements]?

MAMI: Drinkable saji...sazu...

HARUNA: The whole episode is going to be just about this!

(Staff: You'll get it soon!)

RINA: We'll get it that soon?

HARUNA: Drinkable Santa! (*Bzzt)

RINA: That's too scary.

TOMOMI: Let's finish this with no cuts!

RINA: I don't know what it is!

MAMI: Geez! Jony from Argentina!

TOMOMI: It's because he didn't ask any questions!

HARUNA: It's unbelievable we don't know…

MAMI: (*Starting again by saying words one by one in order of Japanese syllabary) Drinkable saa...sai...sau...

HARUNA: The word's in katakana...

MAMI: Drinkable sata...sachi...satsu...sate...

RINA: There's no word that fitsー

MAMI: Drinkable sama...sami...samu...same...samo...sayu...sayo...

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 30

Topics tagged under catchup on SCANDAL HEAVEN Sihj2f6
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•The episode starts off with this.

•RINA reads the next message from a listener who says they want to scream when remembering past mistakes/embarrassing things, and they bury their face into a pillow and flail their arms around. They ask the band if they have any experiences that would make them act the same way. The band says that they don't really have many of those. TOMO says that she could 100% sympathize with how the listener feels, though. She also says that there could be things that only you yourself were concerned over and that other people probably didn't notice. She then suddenly goes, "What was that?! That was so scary! Our manager just suddenly started throwing rocks!" RINA says, "He reverted back to being a young boy." HARU says that maybe he did so to just let off steam like what the listener did, and the manager confirms that. HARU then says that perhaps guys are more bothered by past things they've done, and the band also says that it depends on the person. RINA says that perhaps there are girls who do what Nene on "Crayon Shin-chan" does.

•RINA then tells a story of when they had an opportunity to talk with the comedy duo Hige Danshaku . They were doing their higuchi cutter joke at the time, which RINA didn't know about. When they did it, she gave an awkward smile. She realized later on when she was about to go to sleep that she was actually supposed to go silent after the joke happened (?) [Note: I don't really get the gag myself so I'm not 100% sure on this lol]. She says, "I was the worst!" and says that she recalls that memory every once in a while. MAMI then says how after she and TOMO came of age to drink alcohol and had put wine in some wine glasses, they tried toasting their glasses together like Hige Danshaku's renaissance gag but did it too hard and the glasses shattered. She says that it's a good memory, but it also depresses her. HARU says that it's understandable since they just came of age and didn't know not to clink their glasses together that hard. TOMO says that remembering this now kind of makes her want to shout.

•After "A.M.D.K.J." plays, TOMO reads the next message from a listener who plays the trumpet in their brass band at work. They usually play about 10 performance per year, but since the pandemic hit they only got to play one performance apiece in January and February, and have no performances for the rest of the year. The other members' motivation is also declining. The listener thought how they needed to do something and has tried to take action, and right around the time when they started to get tired of it all they watched SCANDAL's livestream, which allowed them to reconsider a lot of things. Now, they want to challenge themselves by practicing from a new perspective and using content they've not used before. They ask the band if there's something they'd like to attempt doing in the future. TOMO says that she wants to try fishing. A friend of hers started to go fishing, and although TOMO wasn't necessarily interested in fishing, she went with them and had a lot of fun. That's why she wants to try getting a boat license. MAMI says that the world becomes bigger when you can operate your own boat. RINA says that they would then be able to record Catch up on a boat.

•MAMI says that she doesn't know if she'll actually do them, but there are a lot of things that she wants to do, like bungee jumping, pottery, climbing a mountain like Mt. Fuji. HARU says that MAMI should go bungee jumping sooner rather than later. TOMO mentions that they did go bungee jumping before. HARU says that she wants to have commentary done [of when MAMI bungee jumps]. The band laughs and TOMO says they're hooked on having commentary done. MAMI says she wants to have experiences like the ones she listed on a regular basis. TOMO says that that's surprising. MAMI says that she wants to run in a full marathon again if she has the chance. RINA says that it's a little unexpected, given how MAMI has always been. MAMI agrees, and says she's gotten quite active. HARU mentions that MAMI also goes fruit picking pretty often. MAMI says that she also wants to go mushroom picking, and says that they'll grill them for you on the spot, as well as pick ones that are the size of your palm.

•HARU says that she's studying to get a qualification as a dog rearing specialist. She says that it's pretty difficult to become a pet caregiver, so she thinks she should start by acquiring the knowledge to properly raise her own dog, and she might be able to make use of that in pet-related activities in the future. She also says that it's a little difficult to keep a dog in an apartment so it needs to be trained properly. RINA mentions that a lot of women have been getting licenses to work at saunas recently, and that it's great how people are pursuing what they truly love and getting a license for it.

•RINA says that she hasn't set her sights on anything like that yet, but she's been wanting to draw at home. She says that she's really bad at drawing--if she was asked to draw a picture of a dog, it'd turn out really bad. HARU says that her drawings are pleasantly different. RINA laughs and says they could no longer be called art and are devastatingly bad, and says that she wants to try expressing it only in colors [rather than with actual line drawings]. HARU says that that's perfect to do now since everyone's spending more time at home.

•MAMI reads the next message from a listener who won the "32 types of Meiji snacks" gift given away for HARU's birthday. They then ask the band for love advice. They started working at a pharmacy's medical office in April and went to another branch for help for one day only. There, there was a second-year pharmacist who was nice, cool, puppy-like, and cute. They were interested in them and wanted to be friends, but never had the experience of outright talking to someone to get closer to them. They ask the band how they could get closer to this person. The band says to perhaps establish a mood that allows each of them to talk to each other a little closer. They say they could try starting with a mutual topic such as work, and perhaps get each other's info and go out to eat. They also say that it would be great if they shared mutual hobbies. They say they'll be waiting for a follow-up report, and tell the listener to do their best.

This week's Catch up is also being brought to you from a park in Tokyo under the blue sky! Taking it easy and reading messages
Episode #30 blog

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HARUNA: The cicadas are buzzing...

TOMOMI: They are.

HARUNA: Those who listened to last week's episode will know that we held the 1st Mölkky Championship at a park in Tokyo, and today's episode is being brought to you from that same park.

TOMOMI: We're well acquainted with this bench.

RINA: Catching up under the blue sky.

HARUNA: "Catching up under the blue sky" sounds great! It's refreshing.

RINA: Last week's episode was amazing. Matsumoto-san commentated for us...

TOMOMI: It was so moving.

HARUNA: In my head I'm picturing Matsumoto-san wrapping up the episode.

RINA: I thought he'd come this week too and read messages with us.

(An announcement in the park starts... Recording temporarily stops)

RINA: It was fun. Having commentary makes things really exciting.

HARUNA: Everything is picked up on.

RINA: Like, "They're rolling up their sleeves!"

TOMOMI: Or, "It's being held in both hands!"

RINA: It's like we were the star athletes being interviewed after the game.

HARUNA: During those interviews, as soon as you're asked something you always answer, "That's right."

TOMOMI: Like, "It happens."

HARUNA: They really do say "It happens."

RINA: It really felt like we were players.

HARUNA: It did, thanks to Matsumoto-san.

TOMOMI: HARUNA was so cool.

MAMI: She was awesome.

HARUNA: It was a lot of funー.
All right, "Catching up under the blue sky." First off, let's eat some snacks in the great outdoors.
What we have are Kinoko no Yama and Takenoko no Sato...they're perfect for the park.

TOMOMI: It's like a picnic.

MAMI: Next time we should have a picnic while recording this.

HARUNA: At any rate, we'll be taking it easy reading messages among the buzzing of cicadas.

RINA: We can't fully make the most of being outside.

MAMI: That's true...

HARUNA: Let's read a message.


I always enjoy listening to your program.
My spice in life is blood vessels. I have a blood vessel fetish and I really like HARUNA and MAMI's blood vessels, which is why I fell in love with SCANDAL. I started playing the guitar because I wanted my blood vessels to be visible under my skin, and now I'm also playing the bass. Right now I'm in my second year of high school and can't do club activities nor study for entrance exams, but I'd like to form a band when I go to college.
Also, my dream is to someday stand on the same stage as SCANDAL!
P.S. By the way, my blood vessels are now visible(*^^*)

RINA: Their motive to start playing [guitar] sure is something.

MAMI: This could be the first time we're hearing about someone starting to like us because of that.

RINA: There certainly are people whose blood vessels show easily and those whose doesn't.
Both of you may be ones whose blood vessels show relatively clearly.

MAMI: Yes, perhaps. They show when my hands are below my heart, which is when I'm playing guitar.
They've always been out.

HARUNA: They are right now too.

MAMI: They are.

RINA: They're in good condition even now.

MAMI: They're in place.

HARUNA: Blood vessels, huh... I wonder what sparked that. Perhaps when they saw photos.

TOMOMI: That's what I figured.

HARUNA: Maybe they liked other bands and had chances to see them live, but none of them made them go, "Their blood vessels are awesome!"

RINA: Maybe they're obsessed with SCANDAL's blood vessels.

TOMOMI: We're grateful for that.

MAMI: We are. Doesn't it mean that we have good blood vessels?

TOMOMI: Right?

HARUNA: That makes us happy.

RINA: We're releasing a live DVD soon, so there will be many chances to see those blood vessels.

MAMI: Yeah, our hands were filmed. I want you to see our blood vessels.

TOMOMI: Please look forward to it.

HARUNA: They said, "My blood vessels are now visible"... They got them to come out.
That's not something we were ever aware of for ourselves.

RINA: They made the effort to make them come out.

MAMI: That's new to hear that people are starting guitar because they'll make your blood vessels visible.

HARUNA: Please look forward to them in the future too.

MAMI: When they go to college, will they choose members based on their blood vessels?

RINA: A blood vessels audition!

HARUNA: That's crazy.

TOMOMI: Is someone more talented if they have visible blood vessels?
That's kind of craftsman-like.

MAMI: I seeー. I'm hoping that you come across your favorite kind of blood vessels.

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【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 29

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•The episode starts off with this.

•After "SPICE" plays, Matsumoto asks the band what they think of Mölkky, and they say it's their first time playing it, and that they don't quite understand the rules. He then explains the rules to them and how to play it. He also says that as a special rule they'll each be throwing twice, and their total score will comprise of the number of pins knocked down during both throws. Whoever knocks down the most pins wins.

•When he asks the band if they're ready to play and they say yes, he introduces them as such: "Morocco-loving TOMOMI"; "My Stage HARUNA"; "Roundoff MAMI"; and "Gutsy Youngest Child RINA."

•He then asks the band to give their comments. HARU says, "I'll do my best and have fun." TOMO says, "I'll give it my all for this game of Mölkky." MAMI says, "I'll be aiming to knock down the #12 pin." RINA says, "I'm aiming to win the championship."

•The game then starts. Matsumoto asks how the band is going to decide the order in which they go, and they choose to decide with rock-paper-scissors. They do so, and it turns out to be the same order of their ages: HARU, MAMI, TOMO, RINA. HARU goes first while Matsumoto gives play-by-play commentary. She hits the left backside and knocks down two pins. HARU isn't sure where to throw next, and MAMI says to just throw it. She does and knocks over seven pins for a total of nine pins knocked over. She says that it's pretty hard to do, and that it was nerve-wracking as it's hard to control. MAMI goes next and knocks over three pins. On her second throw she overshoots it and doesn't knock down any pins. She goes, "It's so difficult!" Her total is three pins knocked over. TOMO goes next and, like MAMI's second throw, she overshoots it and doesn't knock down any pins. On her second throw she knocks over four pins. She also says, "It's so difficult!" RINA's the last to go, and she knocks over four pins. HARU goes, "She's good at it!" On her second throw she doesn't knock down any pins as the Mölkky stick passes between pins instead of hitting any.

•Matsumoto then says he's been given a memo, and asks the band if they'd like to redo it and play to get a total of 20 points, which they yes to. TOMO says that [the first game] was over in a instant, and RINA says that they have a feel on how to play now. HARU goes first and knocks down one pin. With her second throw she knocks over three, for a total of four pins knocked down. MAMI goes next and knocks over four pins. On her second throw everyone is surprised at how powerful it is, and knocks over a total of 11 pins. Matsumoto says that that was quite the progress she made, and MAMI says she's the type to improve while during a game. TOMO goes next and knocks over five pins. She then knocks over two more on her second throw, for a total of seven pins. Matsumoto says that they've improved with this second round. TOMO says that this game is fun. RINA goes last and knocks over three pins. On her second throw she knocks over five pins for a total of eight pins. They don't yet know the totals for the pins they knocked down, which they have to wait a little bit more for.

•After "Saishuuheiki, Kimi" plays, Matsumoto announces the rankings. With a total of 19 points, HARU gets first place. RINA is in fourth place with 15 points, TOMO is in third place with 16 points, and MAMI gets second place with 17 points (MAMI: "Ah, only two points!"). Voice effects are then placed on Matsumoto and HARU, which makes it sound like it's being announced at an arena. He congratulates HARU and asks her for her thoughts. She says she never expected that she would win, and that she's glad she was chosen to play. He then asks her who she'd like to convey her joy to. She laughs and says her dog at home (AKA her dog Lady). She says, "Lady-chan! Your mom won! I did my best!" TOMO goes, "What in the world?!" RINA laughs and says this is kind of scary. He then asks her to tell everyone her enthusiasm for the next step in her future aspirations. She says that she thinks she got a feel for it today, so if they have a second championships then she'd like to win that one as well.

•The episode then comes to an end. Matsumoto starts reading the "The next episode will be out on..." part and then goes, "Wait, why am I reading this?", which the band laughs at. He also mispronounces Spotify as "Spotifee." The band thanks him for being on.

Who will get the glory!? The first recording done outside will be accompanied by play-by-play commentary! The 1st "Catch up" Mölkky Championship Cup
Episode #29 blog

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This is the program's first time recording on-location. Furthermore, it involves sports.
The quartet gathered—no, they were forced to be gathered in a pleasant park that showed signs of autumn.
However, there was already a man there holding a microphone...
What kind of sports will they play? The episode began with commentary.

Announcer Matsumoto: To the 30 million fans of Mölkky across Japan, good afternoon.
Although we'd like to say that the autumn sky is clear and blue, there are a few clouds around.
Below a chorus of cicadas, the sunlight filters through the trees in this park in Tokyo as crows caw.
The battle of the century is about to begin...
The 1st "Catch up" Mölkky Championship Cup is starting!

Mölkky, which was born and raised in Finland, is now here in faraway Japan.
This is the moment when the chosen four are about to blossom...!

Oops, this is a little late to be saying this now, but I, announcer Hideo Matsumoto ,
Will be commentating on today's Mölkky match.
I have covered many sports such as pro baseball, horse racing, soccer, and golf, but in my 35 years of sports announcing experience this will be my first time covering Mölkky!
Now it's time for these four elite players, who will be playing an exciting game, to enter!

(The quartet is confused...)

HARUNA: We are SCANDAL, and this is vocalist HARUNA,


MAMI: Guitarist MAMI,

RINA: And drummer RINA.

Matsumoto: You guys are pumped up! Sparks are flying.
The fighting spirit of these ladies just before the match is setting the park on fire!

(The quartet is even more confused...)

HARUNA: Hold on a sec. What is this?
Matsumoto-san just suddenly started things off...

RINA: What's happening??

HARUNA: "The 1st 'Catch up' Mölkky Championship Cup"?

RINA: You said we were chosen, but there were no prelims.

TOMOMI: I guess we were seeded.

MAMI: We're grateful for that.

TOMOMI: This is the first time we're meeting in a park to record for radio.

HARUNA: I guess anything goes.

RINA: What's going to happen...

MAMI: Can this be conveyed properly...

TOMOMI: But since Matsumoto-san is here...

MAMI: Isn't it great that we have an announcer here?

RINA: This is legit.

HARUNA: He's our first "Catch up" guest. We're looking forward to working with you today.

Matsumoto: Thank you very much! I'm honored to be here!

And so this Mölkky episode contains the first ep filmed on-location, the first time playing sports on the show, the first time having a live announcer, and their first guest.

Mölkky is:
A game from Finland where you throw a wooden stick called a "Mölkky"
To knock down wooden pins called "skittles,"
And the person who scores exactly 50 points wins!

A quick explanation of the rules of Mölkky:
※If you throw Mölkky and multiple skittles fall, the number of fallen pins will be your score.
※If only one pin falls, the number written on the fallen pin will be your score.
※After a throw, fallen pins are put upright at the place where they fell. The game ends when the first player reaches exactly 50 points.

As a special rule, they will be asked to throw each twice...and compete with the total points from those two times.

Despite this being their first time playing Mölkky, the quartet got really excited in a park in Tokyo.
Moreover, it was a close battle. Who will win the championship...whose head will the crown shine above?

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 28

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•The episode starts off with the band eating Meiji snacks. HARU once again calls the My Style snack "My Stage." The band all goes, "Ehhh!" TOMO goes, "Stop that!" MAMI goes, "W-what? What is 'My Stage'?" HARU laughs and says she'll probably always be calling it that. RINA says that it's probably because she wants to play on stage. MAMI says that if you were to insert whatever word that comes to your head that follows "My," then "stage" would be HARU's word.

•After "Living in the city" plays, this happens next.

•Following that, TOMO reads a message from a listener whose favorite band before SCANDAL was RADWIMPS. He got hooked on SCANDAL after his senior at work had an extra ticket to SCANDAL's HELLO WORLD tour back in 2015 and invited him to go. On the way back from BEST XMAS is when the tracklisting for Kiss from the darkness was released, and of course he was super excited for the track "Laundry Laundry" produced by bassist Yusuke Takeda from RADWIMPS. He thinks it's a great song just as he expected it to be, and wants them to do another collab if they get the chance to. The band says that it was surprising to see that there have been many people who are fans of both bands. HARU asks TOMO how she met Takeda-san and TOMO says they met at a party where bassists met up. She also says when she was playing bass as part of a TV program's band, Takeda-san helped her with reading sheet music as she wasn't able to read it. She calls him her "bassist sensei." She also says that she didn't think the day would come when they'd do a collaborative song together.

•RINA reads the next message from a listener who thanks the band for putting on the recent livestream. He's a baseball player at a medical university but hasn't been able to play or practice since March, and since then the seniors on the team have retired. He normally used baseball and concerts as part of his vitality, and it was difficult for him to lose both at the same time. The livestream SCANDAL held helped to give him courage, and he says he's going to work hard while following SCANDAL, who keeps moving forward in any situation. The band mentions Koshien and how they almost cried hearing the news of the cancelation since the players had been working basically all of their lives to make it there, and those players no longer have a place to direct their energy. However, to hear that their show made people like him feel more positive feels really rewarding for them. They want to continue to be a musical artist that keeps coming up with different ideas to do things even if they can't do something, and that they'll continue to support everyone.

•MAMI reads a message from a listener whose favorite band before SCANDAL was THE BLUE HEARTS. They say TBH's and SCANDAL's live performances are similar. They also say that they'd like to see HARU jumping up and down like Hiroto Koumoto (lead singer of the band). The band laughs at this. MAMI says that when they saw THE CRO-MAGNONS (another band that Hiroto Koumoto is in) at COUNTDOWN JAPAN, Hiroto threw off his leather jacket since it was hot, and started off their set by saying, "This is a real leather jacket." She says that HARU could wear that jacket, which the band laughs at. RINA also mentioned that they played a joint show with them a while back. They still can't believe that happened and that SCANDAL was invited to play that show with them. MAMI says that they had a smile on their faces when SCANDAL's set was over and applauded them. It felt so surreal for them. MAMI also says that her mom really likes TBH. TOMO says a friend of hers makes leather pants for Mashi (the guitarist), and that the pants get all beat up within the course of a year since they play shows almost every day, though she doesn't think they've been playing recently, obviously. RINA says that he does a lifetime's worth of moving within a year. She also mentions that while waiting in the line for taxis at Shinagawa Station, she saw Mashi there and wearing those leather pants. TOMO wonders if he was traveling in his stage outfit. HARU says that there's probably no concept of a stage outfit for him (probably because they apparently play shows more often than not). MAMI goes, "They're real leather pants, aren't they?", which the band laughs at. TOMO says it's like his skin, and HARU says he must wear them all days of the year. TOMO also says that apparently the size of his pants never changes, which the band is impressed with. They talk about how there's no real common point when it comes to fans' favorite bands before SCANDAL.

How do you get over someone you love? A yell of encouragement from SCANDAL to a listener!
Episode #28 blog

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HARUNA: Here's a message.


I turned 21 on August 25th.
And, on the day of my birthday, I broke up with my boyfriend of two years. (He's a year older than me)
He was the first person I loved like this. I wanted to fall in love with this person, and thankfully I was able to confess to and go out with him.
I was really happy to be with him, and I was happy that he was thinking about a future with me. We both wanted to always be with each other.
Still, there were many things that happened, and even though we both "loved" each other, we couldn't see a future together.
I was wondering if I could keep dating him, and I still liked him so I stayed with him. He seemed to think the same way, and as a result of a discussion we had, he said he honestly could not see us getting married nor having a future together.
He told me, "Then let's end things for now. Let's fix the points we both need to have more growth with, and if someday in the future we still feel the same about each other, let's think things over again and be together."
Thinking about the future, I was wondering if things would be okay as they were. I'm only 21, and if we liked each other now then things should be okay. I didn't want to break up but understood what he was saying. It made me sad.
Since I was sad, I told him my feelings. However, I couldn't change his feelings and also had to make a decision.
In the end we broke up. I've been crying every day.
Still, as a way to connect this breakup to growth, I want to become a wonderful person, both as a woman and as a person, and someday I want to be able to think of this event in this way: "Thank you. I was able to grow thanks to you."
Also, if time passes and we still have feelings for each other, I'd like for us to think about each other and how we've grown.
Even if there's a future where we're not together, I hope that these two years will be very important memories for me.

RINA: I see.

TOMOMI: She's so grown up. At the age of 21 she's had to think about the future and go through a breakup.

HARUNA: She's 21 and he's 22. This about the right time [when things like this happen].

RINA: That's true.

MAMI: That's the time when you're finishing out your life as a student.

RINA: It's really great that they were dating each other in earnest, enough that they were able to think about it in that way.
I think it'll be a great plus in her future relationships.
The day will definitely come when your wounds will be healed.

HARUNA: It will.

RINA: I don't think she needs to worry about it, but they did go out for two years...

TOMOMI: I'm sure she has a lot of memories with him.

HARUNA: Don't force yourself to get over things. Time will heal your wounds. There's probably nothing you could have done at that time.

TOMOMI: Maybe so.

MAMI: Rather than getting a new SO or doing something to take your mind off of it, I truly do think it's better to wait to let time heal your wounds. All you can do is wait. You might cry every day, and it might be painful and sad, but I think even that could be a good memory.

TOMOMI: Just have a good time right now.

RINA: She loved him that much.

HARUNA: Think about things to the point where you think you've thought enough.

MAMI: Be proud in yourself for thinking about someone and crying over someone. I think it's wonderful that you can be that kind of person for the one you're going to date next.

TOMOMI: I hope you meet someone wonderful.

HARUNA: You might find someone else and want to stay with them. There could be a future like that because you broke up after starting to like someone else.
Now, she might need to have positive feelings in order to overcome this.

RINA: A little at a time.

MAMI: I think that's a great experience.

RINA: It's hard at first. You'll keep growing, and the day will come when you realize who you were at that time and see a little of the big picture.

HARUNA: Since she was able to write that much, she probably doesn't feel as thrown into despair anymore.

TOMOMI: Yeah, she's able to organize her thoughts.

RINA: I think it can feel great to tell someone your thoughts, and you feel a little lighter.

HARUNA: I think it's admirable that she didn't say anything bad about him.

RINA: I don't know if the word "level-headed" is suitable to use here, but I think she was able to properly have a great romance. It'll be nice after she gets older and it'll seem like she was such a child then. I think it'll be a great memory for her.

HARUNA: Please continue to have great romances.

RINA: I think she'll be able to. There'll be lots of fun in the future.

HARUNA: Do your best.

MAMI: She's very level-headed 21-year-old.

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 27

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•The episode starts off with HARU reading a message from a listener who proposed a new segment based on this quiz they did about Morocco a while back, with them doing a quiz based on different countries. TOMO goes, "We just cut back on the number of segments! They're growing again." HARU says that they're going to go with this new segment because their program producer Ono-san likes the idea. TOMO says that the quiz about Morocco was pretty fun. RINA asks her if she remember anything from it, and she says she doesn't at all. The band laughs and tries to recall any of the things covered in the quiz. TOMO says that there was a question about a college there (which is kind of true, but the question was specifically asking about the airport). MAMI says that all of the answers were the first option.

•After "SPICE" plays, they talk about this.

•After that, they read my (thoseguiltyeyes) message! It was originally for their "Nickname" segment that they got rid of a little while ago. This is what I wrote:

Hello, SCANDAL! My nickname among some of my friends is "The Fifth Member of SCANDAL."

The reason: Nine years ago when SCANDAL came to the AM2 anime convention in the US, I did some SCANDAL cosplay! I copied HARU's CUTE! , Pride , and BABY ACTION outfits. My friends were surprised when they saw me and said, "Eh, you're the fifth member of SCANDAL!" Then when you guys saw me, you said, "Kawaii! Kanpeki (perfect)!" That made me very happy.

Since then I've always cosplayed whenever I go to SCANDAL shows, and you guys always notice! Thank you!

It's unfortunate that the world tour's been postponed, but there's no helping that. However, fans around the world will always continue to support SCANDAL! I hope that the world tour is held next year! Let's all do our best! Hope to see you soon!

-TOMO: "Her cosplays really always are perfect."
-RINA: "Right? They're awesome!'
-HARU: "We're like, 'Where does she even find them?'"
-TOMO: "Right after we released an album cover, didn't she wear the same outfit basically the next day?" (she's talking about the BABY ACTION cover; the promos were released two weeks prior to to the convention)
-HARU: "She did. She comes and sees us all over the world, doesn't she?"
-All: "Yeah!"
-HARU: "Also, an outfit I wore at a show, she wore the same one the next day."
-All: "Yep."
-TOMO: "It was exactly the same as HARU's."
-All: "Thank you!"

•And so, since I'm from the US, they asked a question about it:

Joseph Grisamore, who lives in Minnesota, put his all into this certain hairstyle, which is even listed in the Guinness World Records. Which hairstyle was it?

MAMI says afro (*Bzzt). RINA says the longest hair in the world (*Bzzt). HARU says dreadlocks (*Bzzt). MAMI says pompadour (*Bzzt). RINA says the shortest hair in the world (*Bzzt). The band laughs and wonders if that's even possible. TOMO says pigtails (*Bzzt). MAMI says something that was really high, and the staff tells them that they're close. They say together, "Mohawk?", which is the correct answer. RINA wonders what it looks like and they're shown what it looked like. They go, "Wow! That's so long!" HARU goes, "Doesn't that look like the hairstyles we had on the DOLL cover?" TOMO wonders if the guy's mohawk was achieved with hairspray. HARU mentions that the same guy tried out for the record back in 2017 but wasn't able to qualify for it then. She also mention that he had been growing it out since 2007 (13 years). They say how awesome it was for him to persist for so long. RINA says, "If you think about it in terms of growing it out since elementary school, then that's pretty crazy. It's enough for two people." TOMO says it looks like a pain to upkeep, and it could fall over easily. MAMI wonders how many cans of hairspray he used [Note: Only half a can, apparently!], and that she'd want to touch it. RINA mentions that when they went to Germany, there was a fan there with a really pretty mohawk. It was a good length and colored green. The band is surprised that there are records like this one in the Guinness World Records.

•After "Living in the city" plays, HARU reads the next and final question.

The German Minister of Food and Agriculture announced a controversial new ordinance that would require owners to ____ their dogs at least twice a day. What is it?

TOMO says bathe (*Bzzt). HARU goes, "Whatever it is is controversial, right?" TOMO then says walk , which is the correct answer. HARU, who is the only dog-owning member of the band, says, "That sounds like a pain." She also says that she kind of gets why this thing was introduced as management like this is very strict in Germany since pet shops don't exist there and only selected people can adopt dogs. TOMO says that dogs also need to be licensed. HARU says that dogs are so important to them, which is probably why they introduced that bill. RINA asks HARU how long a single walk with Lady usually takes. She says about 30 minutes, but it can go up to an hour if she has enough time to do so. TOMO says that she sometimes runs into them on a walk, and when Lady doesn't want to move then she really will not move. She doesn't like to move from her favorite places. MAMI says that there have been times when Lady wouldn't move out of an intersection. HARU says she usually decides on a course and they take a break about halfway through not because Lady's tired but because she has to wait for Lady to finish doing something like sniffing another dog, or they're stopped by women coming up to them who seem to like dogs. MAMI asks if they start walking again after that's done. HARU says yes, but then they immediately have to wait again for another person or dog. That can keep repeating and can take more than an hour. RINA goes, "You spoil [Lady] too much." TOMO says that that bill in Germany could be hard on dogs as well as there can be days when they don't feel that great. RINA says that it's great that the country's having these kinds of discussions for the sake of their dogs.

•The band closes out the episode. They say the quiz it was fun and that they liked it. They also say that the previous quiz was too hard, though it did get easier after they learned the rules (as in every answer was the first option), but it still wasn't that fun. They also ask overseas fans to send in messages so that they can use them in this quiz segment.

A new segment created from listeners' messages: "I see - The Catch up"
Episode #27 blog

Topics tagged under catchup on SCANDAL HEAVEN TaP2jiX

HARUNA: We have a new segment created from listeners' messages: "I see - The Catch up"!

RINA: HARU looks really happy.

HARUNA:'s going to be fun.

MAMI: Are there going to be tricks in this quiz too?

HARUNA: ...I don't think so. I'll be giving the quiz, but I don't know the answers. Let's solve them together.

MAMI: I see.

TOMOMI: I see.

RINA: All we're saying is "I see"!

MAMI: Ah...

HARUNA: I mean, that's ripped straight from the title...

TOMOMI: That's right.

RINA: That's basically our program.

HARUNA: So, we will be bringing you world news and countries' characteristics in the form of a quiz.
Let's get to it.
Before that, let's read a message. This is from someone in Argentina!

Jony (Argentina)

Congrats on your 14th anniversary! And your concert as well! I'm an Argentinian and live in Buenos Aires. Could you give me some love advice? It's about a love that could never happen. I'm in love with that person, but dating them is impossible. I no longer want to date anyone else. So, my beloved Timo-chan, it's better if you reject my confession. I love you, Timo-chan!!! SCANDAL is the best!!!

TOMOMI: Thanks...

MAMI: They love TOMO-chan but since they can't date her, they no longer want to date anyone else?

TOMOMI: It's better to reject themー. It's difficult to go on a date in Argentina, especially now.

HARUNA: It's not really possible to go there right now. They said, "It's better if you reject my confession."

TOMOMI: Then I reject it... I appreciate the sentiment. We get quite a lot of messages asking us to come to Argentina. We've been wanting to go there someday.

HARUNA: As this message came from Argentina, a question about Argentina will be asked.

"What is the name of the chorizo sandwiched between crispy bread, which is said to be the national dish of Argentina, a country that loves meat?"

TOMOMI: Eh, hot dogs? (*Bzzt [wrong answer])
Chorizo means a spicy sausage, right?

HARUNA: Eh, is the answer hidden in the question??
"What is the name of the chorizo sandwiched between crispy bread, which is said to be the national dish of Argentina, a country that loves meat?"

MAMI: Is it "The chorizo is sandwiched between crispy bread," or is it "The chorizo is grilled until it's crispy, and then sandwiched between bread"?

TOMOMI: The bread is crispy (カリッと; karrito), so "karitto"! (*Bzzt)

MAMI: Karitto pan (パン; bread)! (*Bzzt)

TOMOMI: Choritto! (*Bzzt)

RINA: Argentinian sandwich"! (*Bzzt)

TOMOMI: Chorizo pan! Pan chorizo! (*Bzzt)

HARUNA: Chorizo bread (*Bzzt)

RINA: It's not "Argentinian chorizo"? (*Bzzt)
Chorizo Argentinian! (*Bzzt) Is it close to "chorizo pan"?

TOMOMI: Chorizo hard pan (*Bzzt)

RINA: Chorizo sandwich? (*Bzzt)
(Staff: "MAMI basically said it earlier...")

TOMOMI: MAMI-chan said it?

MAMI: Chorizo sandwiched between crisp bread...
Choripan ?

All: Ehー?? (laughs)

TOMOMI: It's "choripan"!? How literal.

RINA: Seriously?

HARUNA: It's called "choripan" in Argentina?

MAMI: Is it called "choripan" by the locals??

RINA: I want to see what this "choripan" looks like.
(*All of them look it up)

RINA: You can eat it in Japan too...
It really is called gives off a meat vibe...

TOMOMI: I'm starving...

HARUNA: There isn't anything like an authentic "choripan" here...

TOMOMI: Nope...

RINA: It says you can eat it at the Yoyogi-Uehara station ... It's a regional cuisine.

HARUNA: We had no idea "choripan" existed. We'll remember that.

In this episode they read my message I sent a few weeks ago! haha. More details on it will be included in the episode summary I'll post later.
【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 26

Topics tagged under catchup on SCANDAL HEAVEN OI3qbbJ
Topics tagged under catchup on SCANDAL HEAVEN RRJqrxu

•The episode starts off with the band eating Meiji snacks. After "Laundry Laundry" plays, this happens next (also, every time they said "Mickey," it was bleeped out to prevent copyright problems and all that). The band concludes that Ricchan should talk things over with her boyfriend.

•After "Mabataki" plays, MAMI reads a message from a listener who says they're currently in a SCANDAL cover band that has two drummers. They also say that they previously wrote in saying that their favorite band before SCANDAL was X JAPAN, which prompted the band to think they were one of those older rock dudes. The listener says, "Actually, I'm 20 years old." The band is extremely surprised and goes, "Ehhh!??!" as well as,"We're so sorry!" [Note: X JAPAN has been around for almost 40 years, which is why they thought this fan was much older than 20] They also apologize to X JAPAN. MAMI then continues reading the message. The listener says they were in a light music club in high school but didn't have anyone who shared the same tastes as them, which is why they spent their entire time there not playing any songs that they were interested in. After they graduated they've been able to learn more and more SCANDAL songs and feel that the three years they spent practicing in high school helped them do so. They ask SCANDAL if what they experienced during their time at dance school is being utilized in their band activities. The band revisits the "older rock dudes" thing and apologizes again as they laugh. They go, "We're the worst!" TOMO says, "We're seriously the worst. Let's delete the older episodes!" RINA says that they're glad they got to correct this mistake. MAMI wonders how many people they've done this to as well, and RINA goes, "They're our victims," and say to send in a message if they've gotten something wrong about past listeners. They apologize once more.

•They then talk about the latter half of the listener's message and answer their question. MAMI says that there's a lot of things they learned at their dance school that they still use now. She talks about how dancers and bands feel the rhythm differs, and dancers usually count down using "5, 6, 7, 8." This countdown is what SCANDAL does before starting a song, rather than going, "1, 2, 3, 4." RINA says that they used to do that all the time when they played shows during their indie days, and how uncool that is. The band laughs and HARU says that no one said anything to them about that. TOMO says that since they were used to singing while dancing, they didn't find it that hard to sing and play an instrument at the same time when they were first starting out. RINA says that at the beginning they unconsciously cherished the way they showed themselves on stage, which probably stemmed from them watching themselves in the mirror as they danced. MAMI says that they would start with looks first before learning actions. RINA says that they would practice their performances in dance studios, which isn't something that most bands do. She also says that looking at themselves all the time certainly had an influence on how they show themselves on stage.

•TOMO reads the next message from a 16-year-old listener who has been playing guitar for three years now and has a dream to have people listen to his music, like how SCANDAL has people listen to their music. The reason for his dream is because of SCANDAL's song "Koe." He'll never forget the feeling of something stirring within them when he first heard the song. He knows that to express himself like SCANDAL will take a lot of effort, but with his songs he wants to give hope to those who had no dreams like he used to. He believes that it has enough worth to it that he'd spend his entire life doing so. As he's still in high school he doesn't fully understand all that's going on, but he will do his best. He also says that his favorite band before SCANDAL was Green Day, and that he hopes he can stand on the same stage as SCANDAL one day. The band is surprised that something like this was written by a 16 year old. They're impressed that he already has such a clear vision of his future, and that he already found a dream that he can devote his entire life to. They hope that his dream comes true.

•MAMI talks about "Koe" and that back then she didn't sing lead vocals on that many songs. It was decided that she'd sing this song after the producers, staff, and other members thought that she'd suit the song and were like, "What if MAMI sings it?" She says that it's grown into a song that makes many people a fan of SCANDAL's, which is something she couldn't have imagined being told back then. She also says that she doesn't really like the way she sings. HARU goes,"Really?" MAMI says yes, and back in dance school they always told her that her voice was too brusque. She then starts talking about the time when "Koe" was released, which she first thinks was six years ago. The others say that it was even before that. MAMI goes, "Eight years ago?! That's crazy." She continues by saying that she didn't really know what her singing style was back then but she just went for it. Everyone thought it was good, which made her feel confident in her singing, and even now it's still a very important song to her. HARU says, "You're probably going to play and sing it yourself soon, right?" MAMI says yes, and also says, "You have to do your best to sing one song alone. But they're letting me play quite a few songs so I'm like, 'What do I even do?'" She also says this whole thing is pretty unimaginable for her right now, and that when she thinks about how she'll have to do an MC alone, it's made her think of how great HARU is at doing it. She says that she'll do her best and the others say that they're cheering for her. TOMO circles back to how the listener said his previously favorite band was Green Day, and goes, "We have songs that sound like Green Day!"

•After "Tsuki" plays, RINA reads a message from a listener whose pen name is "Nonbiri Necklace to Kiiro Down (Laidback Necklace and Yellow Down)." TOMO goes, "That's such a great name!" and RINA goes, "I should put exactly that in some lyrics." For their past favorite artists before SCANDAL, they say that they grew apart from the other artists after they suddenly changed themselves and their surroundings, and they could not keep up with the magnitude of those changes. They think that they're able to keep up with SCANDAL because they change gradually, or perhaps because they put out things that are almost like hidden elements. Even if the band changes drastically in the future, they're so hooked on them that they're confident they wouldn't grow apart from them. They say to be assured that there is no "Life After SCANDAL" for them. The band laughs and says it's okay for there to be. They ask the band if there's anything that they think they'll love for the rest of their lives no matter what. RINA mentions that this listener did go into great detail about why they stopped liking their past favorite artists but they had to cut them out for the program.

•RINA also says that she does think that, as the listener wrote, SCANDAL truly does change little by little, though there are a lot of fans that couldn't keep up with the changes. Some fans have come back, and there are also those who like the change and are new fans, so she's glad that they have changed. HARU says that nowadays they're more able to show themselves naturally in the music as well as on stage, and that she wants things to keep being like this. RINA says that it's difficult to continue on unless you change, and that change truly is important, especially to continue on for 14 years. She says that the impact of making their major label debut in school uniforms was a really big thing, so there probably were people who were put off by that impression. She wants people to really see them for who they are right now, and she always thinks about how she wants to do things that'll make people say, "SCANDAL as they are right now are the best they've ever been." MAMI references something that (I think) the band SPITZ said, which is: "Things that change do not change." She says that the band enjoys change and hopes that their enjoyment is conveyed. HARU says that they've been together through their teens, 20s, and now 30s, and that change is inevitable as you get older. She hopes that it can be perceived as a matter of course. RINA says that it feels like they're playing music at their highest level.

•They then answer the question asked by the listener. HARU says that something she's been thinking recently is that she really does love dancing. RINA says that it came up in their daily convos that HARU was looking for a dance teacher, and RINA actually has an acquaintance who teaches private dance lessons and introduced HARU to them. HARU says that she had her first lesson the other day, which was a lot of fun. However, since she hasn't danced in 10 years, she couldn't really move the way she wanted to. She remembered that she used to be able to move more nimbly, and wished that she moved her body a little bit more--she felt like a dad at an athletic meet. However, she still wants to have a body that can move well as she gets older, especially for live shows. She mentions that after watching Nizi Project (which she mentioned here), she remembered just how much she loves dancing. She also says that even before the band, dancing was something that she's loved ever since she can remember. MAMI says that this dance teacher is actually an acquaintance of her older brother, who is also a dance teacher. He's from Nagoya and teaches there, and HARU's teacher is also from there. MAMI says that this connection surprised her. RINA mentions that the "Tonight" music video turned out to be one of HARU dancing solo. She also says that wanting to try things like this started after they established their "her" label, and that recently they've been able to be like, "Just go for it." She says that there was a time when they were worried about what rock fans would think about a band who also dances, but the band just simply thinks it's good to communicate in a way that expresses that they're doing everything that they can do. HARU says that since the band has continued for a long time, she can say it once more that she really does love dancing, and that there are things that are tough for musicians to say. RINA says she understands and that it's hard to put into words. HARU says that she's can confidently say [that she likes dancing].

At what point is it considered as cheating? Their answer to a listener's question is...
Episode #26 blog

Topics tagged under catchup on SCANDAL HEAVEN CGhOncZ

HARUNA: We'll be taking our time introducing messages today. This is a continuation of our recent henteko (weird) project...

RINA: It was henteko.

MAMI: Continuing henteko...

HARUNA: Let's get right into relationship advice.


Hello, SCANDAL! I look forward to listening to every program♪ This time I'd like some relationship advice. I've been dating my boyfriend for six months. He's a Disney maniac--he really loves Disney and has an annual pass [to Disneyland]. I finally was got a ticket and was able to go to Disneyland, but unfortunately I couldn't go at the last minute because of my job. He then made plans to instead go with a good friend who's a girl (I realized this after seeing their messages on LINE), and the first thing I thought was, "Is this cheating?" However, he loves Disney and it seems that this girl has been his friend for a long time, and I thought that [my situation with my job] couldn't be helped. He expresses his love for me every day and is fine with letting his phone be looked through so I'm not worried about him cheating, but it does kind of bother me. SCANDAL, at what point do you think something is considered cheating??

HARUNA: I wouldn't like a boyfriend going to Disney with another girl...

RINA: Yeah... Guys and girls can totally be friends, all the more so if you've been friends for a long time, but shouldn't [the boyfriend] be more considerate of his girlfriend?

HARUNA: Yeah, he didn't tell her after all; she said that she saw [their messages].

RINA: Yeah, it's easy to imagine that it doesn't feel good. He's thinking, "It should be fine to invite another girl, right?"

HARUNA: I wonder if there are any guy friends who'd go to Disney with them.

RINA: There's always the option of going another time, right?

HARUNA: She was able to get a ticket for the first time in a while.

MAMI: Annual passes have some blackout dates when you can't go.

RINA: Would his love for Mickey or his love for Ricchan win?

MAMI: Isn't that another issue?

RINA: Isn't Mickey the one who will give him unconditional love forever? He and Ricchan met and starting dating, and if he doesn't cherish her even more and lets Mickey take priority, then that's not acceptable.

MAMI: Disney's that kind of place?

HARUNA: Yeah, it's a so-called "date spot" if guys and girls go together.

MAMI: So that means that even if you don't consider yourselves a couple it could seem that way to others, and it's like Mickey supports that?

RINA: Mickey will definitely think you're a couple. So when you ask him to take a photo with you guys, he'll basically cuddle up to you both.

All: (laughs)

RINA: Mickey's surprising.

MAMI: I see; Mickey's quite active in that regard. There's a chance Mickey might get the wrong idea.

HARUNA: Yeah, totally.

RINA: If he truly loves Mickey or Disney, he needs to think through things.

TOMOMI: If he had directly told Ricchan he was going with that girl, there could have been a different kind of misunderstanding.

RINA: It's a little fuzzy.

HARUNA: So, she asked us where the line for cheating would be drawn.

MAMI: Is this cheating?

TOMOMI: It depends on the relationship. If Ricchan knows the other girl and they get along well, it's not cheating at all. I'd be fine with it,

MAMI: Same here.

TOMOMI: But I can totally understand why people wouldn't like that.

HARUNA: I don't like that.

RINA: I think I might feel jealous.

HARUNA: It doesn't matter if they're good friends; I don't like that.

TOMOMI: I totally get that.

RINA: Not telling her the details and going with another girl feels like a step into cheating territory. If Ricchan's concerned, she should ask him about it.

MAMI: It is one step.

RINA: One step into cheating territory.

HARUNA: One foot into cheating territory.

RINA: One foot into cheating territory.

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 25

Topics tagged under catchup on SCANDAL HEAVEN GgrTMud
Topics tagged under catchup on SCANDAL HEAVEN YP6LsBW

•The episode starts off with this.

•The band then read comments from listeners who sent in their thoughts about the livestream. HARU reads the first message from a listener whose first SCANDAL solo show they've watched was this one. They first saw SCANDAL at last year's COUNTDOWN JAPAN festival and didn't know much about them back then but are now hooked on them. They said that the band seemed like very quiet people compared to how good they are with chatting with one another on this radio program. The band laughs and RINA says that there's certainly a lot factors that would make them look cool. HARU says if you listen to their program, it does seem like there's a gap between how they are on stage and how they are on here. She also says that their solo shows comprise of more songs, which is why they don't talk that much. RINA says, "We've been found out." HARU laughs and says yes, but this fan's already hooked on them. TOMO says that they hope CDJ is able to held this year.

•MAMI reads the next message from a listener who watched with a senior from work who's also a fan. They list their favorite parts of the show/basically recap the whole thing, such as the lyrics for "Saishuuheiki, Kimi" and "Tonight" being overlaid on them + MAMI wearing a face shield, and also say that they'd love to hear the acoustic songs being played live in person one day. MAMI says that the visuals were pretty great, with the combination of clips and lighting + visuals being shown on the screen in back of them more than is usually done. HARU says that the band didn't know about the lyrics thing until after when they viewed the stream themselves. RINA says it's because they largely left things like that up to the staff. They say those effects were awesome. MAMI mentions that they practiced social distancing by wearing face shields during "SCANDAL BABY" to prevent droplet infection as they got closer to HARU. HARU says that their faces looked so smug in the pictures that were taken of that moment. RINA also mentions that their managers put the logo on the shields, and also mentions that the acoustic part of the set was the first time they've properly done one like that during a solo show. MAMI says that she and HARU have done performances like that before, but they've never really done it as a band before, and not really on tour either. TOMO mentions turning on the antique light gives it a feeling as if you're entering their room, and that it'd give off a different atmosphere if they had an audience there. It felt fresh not having an audience and having just the four of them there.

•TOMO reads the next message from a listener who says nice things about the stream such as feeling excited for the first time in forever seeing the silhouettes of the band as the lights fell and the intro music played, that they're happy to be a fan of SCANDAL who are able to play livestreams right now, and that they will buy as many CDs and merch of theirs as possible to try and help out the band right now. They also say that seeing RINA's set-up for playing the cajon was the first time they've seen a set-up like that, and ask her if it's common to play the play the cajon without sitting on it, or if it's something that RINA devised. The band first mentions how nice of a message this was. RINA then talks about the cajon set-up: it was placed on a snare stand so that she could sit upright in a drum chair while she played in. You usually play the cajon by sitting on it, but due to her outfit as well as the fact that she had herniated discs, she and the concert staff created this style of her playing like that to avoid putting strain on her lower back. This style, she says, is quite an original one comprised of everyone's ideas.

•RINA reads the next message from a listener who also praises the stream, saying things like how they didn't just broadcast a regular live show but added things that were unique to it such as the effects used during "Saishuuheiki, Kimi," which made it feel like you were entering the world of the song. They thank the band for such an intense show and for delivering a wonderful time in a new way, and that they can't wait for the show next year at Osaka-Jo Hall. The band comments on how nice and supportive their fans are, and that even their staff and other artists speak highly of SCANDAL fans. RINA also mentions that her friend Seina who works at FEEDBACK tells her how great the fans that visit are. They say that they're proud of their fans. They also comment on the Osaka-Jo Hall show and say that it'll be their third time performing there (1st time - Wonderful Tonight in 2013, 2nd time - 360° in 2014). TOMO asks how long it's been since they last played there, and MAMI says it'll be seven years. RINA and HARU are surprised and go, "That long?" They then ask for everyone to come out to it.

•After "SPICE" plays, they say that this was one of the encore songs for the livestream, with the other one being "Living in the city," and that these songs hadn't been released when they were supposed to start their tour in March and therefore had not been planning to play these songs on it, but they decided to play it for the livestream as the songs were released during the five-month period they hadn't played any shows.

•They try to recap what they reviewed earlier about the livestream but forget exactly what they already talked about other than being nervous. RINA then mentions MAMI going wild during the intro for "A.M.D.K.J." The band laughs and MAMI apologizes. RINA says that it made things more interesting. MAMI says that she could see the comments from the fans, which was like an evaluation meeting happening in real time. HARU says while that watching the archived stream it was nice to see MAMI smiling during that time. MAMI goes, "I'm not just stoic, you know!" which the band laughs at. They say that the livestream was fun and thank everyone who watched it.

•At the very end they give a round of applause for making it to exactly the 25-minute mark and say how awesome that is.

Bringing you an uncut review about the one-night-only livestream on 8/21!
Episode #25 blog

Topics tagged under catchup on SCANDAL HEAVEN Itt2N1l

HARUNA: For today's episode we decided to send out our excitement the way it is after our livestream the other day, and so we decided to record this after the show and are recording it on the very day [this episode is] due to be released.

RINA: We're recording it today, and it will also be released today, right?

HARUNA: So this will be an uncut episode. This is not a livestream but a radio stream.
(* A package arrives at their office...)

MAMI: A package came...

HARUNA: This also will be counted in the ep! We'll be delivering 25-minute single match.

MAMI: It kind of feels like we're in a hurry.

TOMOMI: Why is it supposed to be 25 minutes long?
(Staff: That's the usual episode length)

RINA: If we talk double that amount, will half of that be cut out?

HARUNA: Well then, here's the first song..."Ceramic Blue"
(*The song plays then and there)

RINA: Eh, does that song also count towards the episode time?? I never thought the songs would be streaming like this...

HARUNA: So, let's hear each of our own thoughts on the livestream...

MAMI: I was so nervous I could die...I thought that was the end of my life. There were dozens of cameras like when you record for a TV show, but this was for a live show. This was our first time experiencing the gap between live shows and TV recordings... I didn't know what kind of mentality I should have...but at any rate, it was a first for us.

TOMOMI: At any rate I felt happy. Although it was different from our usual shows, we've always lived our lives with shows at the center of them, so it felt just like we were dying during the time we weren't playing any. That's why it felt like it was connected to our lives.

RINA: I felt how great live shows are--or rather, that I lived my life while being supported by live shows. It made me happy to play some loud sounds after such a long time. Our whole team was united by that feeling of tension. That atmosphere was also unique, and I think that that distribution method was positively received.

HARUNA: Being able to stream our show as we looked at the comments made us feel connected to everyone's feelings.

TOMOMI: All of us looked at them a lot. We made eye contact.

RINA: We found a new way to play a show. It was a good opportunity. There were new merits as well, such as some camerawork that can't be done during a regular show.

HARUNA: I'm happy that it felt like SCANDAL was the biggest presence in the venue.

RINA: I'm happy we delivered our usual live performance with the same amount of passion.

TOMOMI: We didn't change the setlist either. Only the encore was changed.

RINA: I'm really happy with it.

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 24

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•The band opens up the episode by talking about how hot it's been recently in Tokyo. RINA mentions that practically every day there have been alerts to watch out for heatstroke. They also talk about the gap between the rainy season and now is crazy. TOMO says that there hasn't really been a hot and stuffy period this year and that it just suddenly became hot.

•After "SPICE" plays, this is what happens next. HARU then says that the mistakes aren't limited to visible things. They'll be continuing this episode like normal and reading messages from the listeners. If anyone spots any mistakes, HARU says to speak up.

•TOMO reads the first message from a listener from France. Before SCANDAL their favorite bands were U2, Oasis, Nirvana, Green Day, Smashing Pumpkins, etc. They play guitar and have covered several SCANDAL songs, and also say that they can't wait for the livestream on the 21st. RINA says that it's nice to be connected in that way to other bands.

•MAMI reads the next message from a listener in Singapore who was in an all-girl band in high school in 2003. They performed several times but didn't get along well, so they broke up in their second year of high school. After reading an interview with SCANDAL, they suddenly started missing their band members and contacted them for the first time in 15 years--however, none of the members play instruments anymore, which makes them sad. They're going to work hard to be able to play the guitar like MAMI and hope to find new members that they get along with and can stay together with forever. MAMI says that the listener contacting their old members probably occured during stay-at-home time. They say how 15 years is a long time and that it takes guts to do what they did. MAMI also points out that they said that they suddenly started missing their band members, which is pretty profound in itself. HARU says that it would have been nice if they could have gone back to how things were. The band then notes how there are a lot of messages from overseas fans.

•RINA reads the next message from a listener whom she recognizes as having read many of their messages on the program before, and says that it's the person whose shichimi messages) they read before. She then apologizes for saying that while the band cracks up (HARU: "That's a mistake, right?"). She continues reading the message: "My friend whom I was grilling takoyaki with also sent a message," before realizing that she read this exact message before here. This is another one of the mistakes, the fourth out of 10. RINA, MAMI, and TOMO wonder if they've missed any mistakes somehow. They start wondering if there are any in their Meiji snacks, which HARU says there isn't.

•The next segment they do is the "SPICE of Life" one. HARU reads this message from a listener whose spice is that during an elementary school field trip, they stayed in the same room as the principal. The band is surprised by that. RINA goes, "Isn't that nerve-wracking?" MAMI questions if that was even okay to do. HARU says there's more to the message. The listener says that it was a really small school: in their class there were 5 girls and they were the only boy. The band goes, "Ahh." They also say that since there were three women teachers, they stayed with the principal [who was a man]. The listener disliked this arrangement that they ran away to the bath in the morning. However, this is now their surefire story/joke that gets people every time. They then ask the band if they have any surefire stories/jokes that get people every time. The band laughs and says that it was cute that they ran away to the bath. RINA says that situation must have been awkward. HARU says that they probably didn't talk to each other at all. MAMI says that it's probably scary for an elementary schooler to stay in a room by themselves, which the band agrees with.

•This story reminds MAMI of her story from middle school that she's talked about before (this one at the end of episode 9), and the band tells her to tell it again. MAMI also mentions that after the boy did the roundoff he just got back up and was like, "Shall we go?"

•TOMO reads the next message from a listener who is a 28-year-old office worker writing in for the "Life Before SCANDAL" segment after RINA was wondering who people in their same generation's favorite bands were before SCANDAL. They were in a light music club in high school who covered songs from artists like ikimonogatari, AIKO, and JUDY AND MARY. They knew about "DOLL," but they didn't start liking SCANDAL until the second year of working when a male senior at their work was telling them how great "SCANDAL BABY" is. They casually started listening to BEST★SCANDAL and fell in love with it. Time passed, and the senior invited them to go see SCANDAL's HONEY tour, which was their first SCANDAL show. They had such a good time that they joined SCANDAL MANIA after the show. They've also gone many times to the takoyaki place in Kyobashi, Osaka that the band used to frequent. They say a lot of things happened between them and their senior, but ultimately they ended up marrying other people--however, they're still good concert buddies. They end the message by saying SCANDAL always cheers them up and they're looking forward to when they can see them live again. RINA says that this was a great message and the band agrees. They comment on the "concert buddies" part and wonder if they're going to watch the livestream together, or at their own separate houses. The band also says that they tried covering JUDY AND MARY's song "Sobakasu " way back when but gave up on it because it was too hard for them. RINA says that it's not really a song that could be covered by people who just picked up instruments a few months prior. MAMI says that back then they thought there was nothing they couldn't do. RINA says that although they were all over the place and couldn't cover it at all, it was a fun experience and made for good memories. TOMO says that if they have time then maybe they should try and cover it, and RINA says that they might be able to do it now. MAMI goes, "No way!" They pause, say it's impossible, and laugh and say it's too difficult.

•After "Living in the city" plays, MAMI says she's found a mistake: their program producer's headphones are not plugged in. The rest are surprised that MAMI noticed it, and MAMI says she just noticed it randomly. With this, five mistakes have been found with five more left. TOMO goes, "Isn't it almost time to end the episode?" HARU tells them to put their heads together. They go over what they've found already: The big pencil, the unknown dog, the "she" postcard, the repeated message, and the unplugged headphones. HARU says they should see them if they look carefully, and that they're all things that can be seen in plain sight. MAMI says she'll look around. She probably goes too far, as HARU says there's nothing that far away. TOMO asks if they're close by and HARU says yes. After looking for a few more seconds, MAMI says she's found one: The script says "Cutch ap" instead of "Catch up." RINA and TOMO are really surprised at that. RINA says that this is episode 1 of "Cutch ap." MAMI says that she gets it now, and that all of them are pretty simple. They wonder if there are anymore in the script. MAMI says she thinks there's one where HARU's name is written in hiragana [instead of all caps]. HARU says that the mistake is something TOMO already found. The rest are confused by this. HARU says to keep going. MAMI keeps reading and finds it: it says "HARUNA omemetou" (おめでとう [omedetou = happy birthday] is the correct spelling, so in English the equivalent would be like, "HARUNA, happy barthday"). The band laughs and TOMO says that was difficult. HARU also points out that the "Please send us your messages" part of the script sounds weird. MAMI says she did see that part where it says "We're accepting messages for our A.D.A.N.A. (Nickname) segment like Roomba-senpai" but wasn't sure if they still kept that segment [Note: They got rid of it in ep 21]. RINA says that was probably the hardest one to find.

•There are now three more mistakes left. They're out of time, however, so they're unable to look for the rest. HARU says that the "Miss Basic Mistake" championship has now ended. TOMO and MAMI both go, "That's so frustrating!" They then crown MAMI as "Miss Basic Mistake" and congratulate her. HARU then reveals the three remaining mistakes. The first is that they have a different person doing audio for the program. TOMO goes, "Eh? I did think that that was a new person doing it..." RINA jokes and says that they went too far, and that it's kind of rude.

•HARU says that if she tells them the next one now, they'll probably be livid. They go, "Eh?! What is it?" HARU says that the mistake is that there aren't 10 mistakes in total. They go, "What the heck?!" MAMI goes, "So there's nine of them?" HARU says that they forgot to do one more mistake, so there are nine of them in total. MAMI says, "Oh, so that's what 'not visible' meant."

•As they close out the episode, HARU asks how this was. RINA and TOMO say that this was surprisingly fun. MAMI says that it felt really complicated to be doubting listeners' messages. HARU then reads the "Please send us your messages" part of the script that had the wrong info in it: "How was the "Miss Basic Mistake" championship that came from HARUNA's mistakes? We're accepting messages for our A.D.A.N.A. (Nickname) segment like Roomba-senpai. Keep sending them in! We're looking forward to hearing from you! Messages are what gives 'Catch up' life! Please send them via the program page on AuDee. Sending outrageous stories is perfectly fine. Stories that sound like lies are okay too!" The band laughs and then goes, "HARUNA, omemetou~" They say that this was tiring because they concentrated so hard, but it was fun.

•They then mention their livestream, which is already close at hand. They talk about how they'll be showing everyone their Kiss from the darkness tour they had had planned, and also say that they hope people all around the world enjoy it.

Who will be chosen as the glorious "Miss Basic Mistake"!?
Episode #24 blog

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A new segment was abruptly brought about.

HARUNA: ...all right, this is sudden, I know, but we'll be holding "The 1st Basic Mistake Championship"!

All: !!!?? What is that??
(*The other members were given a fake script)

TOMOMI: Is this some kind of revenge on us?

RINA: "Basic Mistake Championship"?

HARUNA: We will be holding a "Basic Mistake Championship."

MAMI: "Basic mistake"...are you talking about holding an actual championship?

TOMOMI: What does that mean?

HARUNA: In today's episode there are 10 basic mistakes unexpectedly made by the staff.

RINA: Isn't that too many...?

HARUNA: This is a new segment where all of us will find them together.

TOMOMI: Ahー! That's what it means! I thought something was up when we first came in here.

MAMI: Ahー!! That's what it means...

HARUNA: There are some that I'm sure you'd be vaguely aware of... Since there are 10 basic mistakes hidden, the one who finds the most basic mistakes will be given the title of the first "Miss Basic Mistake."

RINA: How cornyー

TOMOMI: You just wanted to say that, didn't you?

RINA: This is so cornyー

HARUNA: This is our first time doing this... Speaking for myself, I make basic mistakes a lot...I said "Apollo Stage" instead of "Apollo My Style"; "Living in the house" instead of "Living in the city"... This was devised due to my many basic mistakes.

RINA: So it's like we're looking for mistakes.

HARUNA: It's already begun.

TOMOMI: Can I say something first? I've been thinking this since we entered, but what's with that huge pencil that Ono-san's holding??

RINA: Right? That's what I first noticed...

TOMOMI: Did I get one?

MAMI: Is that [huge pencil] one of those mistakes?

HARUNA: Yes...

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(A super huge pencil)

TOMOMI: What is that?

MAMI: Can you write with that?

HARUNA: That [mistake] was way too easy to figure out.

RINA: ...I felt kind of scared going into the studio today.

MAMI: Yeah, that was scary. That's a mistake?
(Staff: I brought it by mistake...)

RINA: That's so scary. I've never seen a pencil that size.

HARUNA: The first mistake is that huge pencil.

TOMOMI: That might be the only one I can find.

MAMI: Do you know what they are, HARU-chan?

HARUNA: Yes, I do.

TOMOMI: Is that why you arrived early? I did think you arrived unusually early today.

HARUNA: I did have to meet up here earlier.

TOMOMI: I did think you were here early...

RINA: There are nine left.

MAMI: Are there any closeby?

TOMOMI: Ahー!!!!! Then that dog is one of them too!?

RINA: Ehー!! Really? Really?

HARUNA: Yes...

RINA: You really messed with stuff before the taping! I was wondering why the dog figurine changed. It's creepy... I told HARUNA about it but she didn't acknowledge it. That was creepy.

HARUNA: Yes, our figurine of Victor Entertainment's Nipper-kun at the office.

MAMI: Now it's some weird dog...

HARUNA: It's a Dalmatian now...

TOMOMI: I talked to the staff about it and they were like, "Okay." I was wondering what kind of response that was!

RINA: Such corny responses.

MAMI: Huh...ahー! It says "SHE" now!


RINA: It does.

TOMOMI: Yeah, it does.

RINA: That "her" postcard now says "SHE"! And it's handwritten!?

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The above now looks like this↓

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(The postcard that now says "she" and a Dalmatian)

TOMOMI: Handwritten, huh... wait, is that what "basic mistake" means??

RINA: So we really are looking for mistakes...

TOMOMI: Hey...isn't this not meant for radio?

Who shines as the first "Miss Basic Mistake"? There are seven mistakes left.

※Special bonus

We're making script writer Ono-san's program script public.
The band always reads this as they're talking.

Two basic mistakes are hidden in this script.
Find the hidden mistakes from the same perspective as the members while listening to the program!

Page 1
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Page 2
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Page 3
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↓The following image is a spoiler, so take a look at it while listening to the program!
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[The signs that RINA and MAMI are holding are the two mistakes]

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 23

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•Due to recent upticks in COVID-19 cases in Japan, the band is recording this episode too remotely: HARU and MAMI are at their own homes while RINA and TOMO are both at their management's office. The episode then opens up with this.

•The first question:

This is a question relating to August 7th. On August 7, 2016, baseball player Ichiro Suzuki on the Miami Marlins got a triple in the seventh inning at the Colorado Rockies and reached his 3,000th hit in his Major League Baseball career. He was the ____ person in history to achieve this feat.

There's a pause after RINA finishes the question before HARU goes, "Eh?!" RINA says that it's written on the script that HARU has many chances to get the correct answer. HARU says, "What in the world? I know nothing about baseball. But that's a big thing, right?" MAMI emphasizes that this was for MLB. HARU answers that he was the first person to achieve this. This answer is incorrect. HARU again goes, "Eh?!" and answers the third person. This answer is also incorrect. She then basically guesses any number: second (incorrect), fourth (incorrect), fifth (incorrect). TOMO goes, "What the heck?" and the band laughs. They say that they want her to guess it correctly, so RINA gives her a hint that the correct answer's in the double-digits. HARU asks if they can give her anymore hints. RINA says that it's close to HARU's age. She says 30, which is the correct answer. Epic-sounding music plays and RINA asks her if she feels like she has a sense of achievement. HARU goes, "No."

•The second question:

This is a question relating to August 10th. On August 10, 1990, the Tokaido Shinkansen line was stopped due to a typhoon, and the baseball game that was scheduled to take place on that day was canceled. This was the first time a baseball game at a baseball stadium had been canceled in Japan due to a typhoon. Which team was supposed to play the Yomiuri Giants then?

Immediately, TOMO goes, "Why are these all baseball questions?!" RINA also goes, "Yeah, why?!" TOMO says that she can only imagine that it's because of the program producer Ono-san. HARU asks if he likes baseball, and he says he doesn't. TOMO goes, "You don't? Then why all the baseball questions?" MAMI says, "HARU, you were two years old when it happened. Do you remember anything from when you were two?" HARU says that of course she doesn't, which MAMI chuckles at. RINA says that she could probably get it just by listing off the baseball teams that she knows. TOMO says that this team is part of the Central League (one of the two baseball leagues in Japan, and also comprises of the country's most well-known baseball teams). HARU says that she doesn't really know the differences between the two main leagues anyway. They assure her again that she can keep guessing until she gets it right. HARU first says Hanshin Tigers (incorrect). She then says Chunichi Dragons, which is the correct answer. HARU is surprised and goes, "Oh, I got it right?" RINA says that she answered all of the questions correctly. TOMO says, "Ogu-chan (their manager who delivered the present), you can come back now." RINA jokes and says, "Yeah, since she's on standby in front of the building [to take away the present if HARU didn't answer the quiz correctly]." RINA says that was fun, and they just wanted to celebrate her birthday and wish her a happy birthday.

•After "SPICE" plays, TOMO says that there's one more present from Apollo. She mentions that she had wanted to come out with an Apollo-shaped pouch, and that they had been proceeding with plans to make it. Soon, it will finally be finished and will be giving some out to listeners.

•The band then closes out the episode. RINA says that Ogu-chan is already back at the office (HARU: "So fast!"). She asks HARU how the quiz was. HARU says that she thought she would only get one chance at answering the questions, but this whole thing made her happy. RINA then goes, "I'm unsure if I should ask this, but is there anything you want to do for your birthday this year?" HARU laughs and says that a lot of things are restricted right now, but she wants to play shows as well as do whatever SCANDAL can do right now. The episode closes out with HARU saying thanks and the rest of the band wishing her a happy birthday.

The fate of gifts for listeners depends entirely on HARUNA!
Episode #23 blog

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HARUNA: We're also bringing you this week's episode remotely due to the uptick of COVID-19 cases [in Japan].

(*HARUNA and MAMI are at home. TOMOMI and RINA are at their management's office)

All: Yeーp

〜Ding-dong (a sudden doorbell ring)

Lady (HARUNA's dog): Woof woof woof!

HARUNA: ...!? Hold on a sec...

MAMI: Was that the doorbell [at HARUNA's place]??

RINA: The doorbell's ringing at HARU's place?

TOMOMI: Answer it〜

HARUNA: Ogu-chan (*their female manager), why are you here...??

All: (laughs)

MAMI: Eh, Ogu-chan's there?

RINA: ...that's weird, going over in the middle of us recording.

MAMI: I wonder why.

TOMOMI: I wonder.

(*Everyone waits for a little bit)

(*The doorbell is rung once more, and HARUNA is given something...)

HARUNA: ...something really heavy came.

RINA: It was delivered to you?

HARUNA: Yeah, it was.

TOMOMI: Try opening it?

RINA: No!! Don't open it!

TOMOMI: Ah...sorry! Hold on a sec!

HARUNA: Eh, I shouldn't open it?? Then I should just leave it alone for now?

RINA: ...the feeling of being made to wait is intense.

HARUNA: What should I do? Eh, is it okay to open it?

RINA: Hold off for a bit!


RINA: All right, shall we hear the first song?

HARUNA: ...we're going into a song now?

MAMI: It's our latest song.

RINA: It's a good one, so we'll have you listen it.

HARUNA: ...okay.

(*The song plays)

RINA: That was SCANDAL's song "Kinenbi" (Anniversary; can also refer to a memorial date such as a birthday).

HARUNA: That wasn't "SPICE"...

RINA: Today's a "Kinenbi,"
So, usually HARUNA is our host, but today I will be the host!
You know, today is HARUNA's birthday! August 10th! Happy birthday!

All: Happy birthday!

HARUNA: Thank you...

RINA: Also, August 7th is [the candy] Apollo's birthday! It was created on August 7, 1969.
Since this is a very auspicious time, this will be a joint birthday party for HARUNA and Apollo!

All: (*Getting excited)

HARUNA: This is a first for me.

RINA: What do you think of how things have been since this episode started? Something arrived at your house, right?

HARUNA: Well, I can't help but to be interested in it.

RINA: That's understandable. How about opening it now?

HARUNA: It's okay to open it?

TOMOMI: Go ahead.

MAMI: I wonder what'll come out?

HARUNA: Lady can't help but to be interested in it.

RINA: That's understandable.

HARUNA: Ah, it has a ribbon that says "SCANDAL Catch up!" on itー

RINA: A high level of awareness.

HARUNA: Eh......there are so many sweets!

RINA: This is a "HARUNA Special" comprised of an assortment of Meiji sweets. Since you're now 32, we put together an assortment of 32 kinds of sweets!

HARUNA: Thanks so much!

MAMI: So auspicious!

RINA: Take your time eating them. What was included?

HARUNA: Chocolate bars, Apollo (of course), Pucca in both chocolate and strawberry flavors...

RINA: There are so many.

HARUNA: Horn, Galbo, Poifull...

MAMI: Are you going to list them all for us? I think that's enough...?

HARUNA: There's also that type of Apollo that you can make yourself! I finally get to make itー

RINA: Is it satisfactory? You seem really happy...

TOMOMI: Let's get on with the rest of the episode as you make the Apollo.

HARUNA: Right now?

RINA: Ah, wait a sec! Actually, we need you to give a correct answer for this quiz...

TOMOMI: ...wait a minute. Really? Sorry; I need to read the script better.

RINA: I was also surprised. You can give gifts in this way??

HARUNA: Even though it was already delivered...

TOMOMI: Yes, it can be confiscated.

RINA: We'll now be giving a quiz related to August 7th and August 10th. If you answer correctly, you'll get to keep your gift.

TOMOMI: We'll confiscate it if you get the answer wrong.

HARUNA: Seriously?

RINA: The "HARUNA Special" with 32 kinds of sweets will also be given out to our listeners! First, though, we're going to have HARUNA take the quiz!

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 22

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•Due to recent upticks in COVID-19 cases in Japan, the band is recording this episode remotely: HARU and MAMI are at their own homes while RINA and TOMO are both at their management's office.

•After "SPICE" plays, they go over what's talked about here.

•MAMI reads the next message from a listener who says that they started like "Tsuki" right after Kiss from the darkness was released, and their daughter in fifth grade has been like "A.M.D.K.J." a lot recently, which they're worried about (?). The band laughs and goes, "Why?" The listener also says that their favorite band was Yellow Magic Orchestra in middle school. The band mentions how a lot of listeners have said that their past favorite band was YMO. The listener also says that they've been a fan of the band UNICORN for over 30 years. One of the things about UNICORN that attracts them is that UNICORN is their own genre, just like how SCANDAL is their own genre. RINA is also a really big UNICORN fan and is glad that there are fans of them among their fans. TOMO says she also like them. HARU says that liking "A.M.D.K.J." isn't a cause for worry.

•After "A.M.D.K.J." (lol) plays, HARU reads the next message from a male listener who is a civil engineering teacher at a technical high school (All: "Hey! Teacher!"). He was in a SCANDAL cover band in college with three girls. Whenever they played a show, he would wonder why he's the only guy in the band and was more nervous about that than playing bass in front of people. However, he thinks that that experience helped him become mentally stronger. He asks the band if they've had an experience like that. TOMO says that there are many guy bands that have one female member in them, but it's pretty rare to see the opposite of that. RINA says that he probably was nervous, but it doesn't seem like he was uncomfortable by it. TOMO says that that's cool [he was the only guy member of the band]. They circle back to the question he asked the band. RINA says when she was in her second year of high school and had tranferred from an all-girls school in Osaka to a school in Tokyo so that the band could make their major label debut, she was the only person who spoke in Osakan/Kansai dialect. Everyone gathers around to welcome new transfer students, and when they did so for RINA they told her to speak in her Osakan dialect. It made her feel embarrassed or even more alone, like she was the only person alone in the world. She says it's kind of like when people who speak English are told to speak it and it made her feel really weird. She'd be really careful when doing aizuchi to avoid saying ones that Kansai dialect speakers say. That's why she, jokingly, says that she speaks such beautiful standard Japanese now [Note: RINA still very much speaks using Kansai dialect]. She says that it was a good experience, though. HARU says that sometimes you change depending on what you think. RINA says that she was glad to learn about different things since their job involves speaking in front of others. HARU says that between kindergarten and a few years of elementary school, she wore sneakers intended for boys. Teachers and other students her age would be like, "Why are you wearing boys' sneakers?" They didn't mean it in a mean way, but she was kind of hurt by that. RINA mentions how randoseru backpacks come in all kinds of colors and how it used to be that girls had pink/red ones while boys had blue/etc. ones, but that's slowly fading out little by little. TOMO says that everyone should wear whatever they like.

•RINA reads the next message from a listener who often plays keyboards and love SCANDAL so much that they dream of becoming a member of the band. When they started playing the bass in high school, they bought TOMO's Bluetus bass . They're very happy they have the same instrument as someone they look up to. They also say that their message is for their Nicknames segment. The band laughs and says, "But we got rid of that one!" In high school the listener was in the swim club where they had a tradition of seniors giving nicknames to juniors. Nicknames would always be decided by the person's favorite thing or by a word association game, but the nickname they were given was "Dyson." It wasn't given to them via a game--it was given to them by a senior whose nickname was "Roomba." The band wonders why they're nicknamed after vacuum cleaners. They were called that nickname all three years of high school, which is why they consider that nickname to be dear to them. After graduating high school, they attended college with the aim of becoming a teacher. TOMO says that she wishes they had explained why they had vacuum cleaner nicknames. HARU says that maybe they're good at cleaning.

•TOMO reads the next message from a listener who thanks them for reading a message from an ultimate frisbee player on a national team during episode 20, and although they've gone to the FEEDBACK Shop many times, they are not that guy who met TOMO there--they're a woman. The band is amazed at how there are two ultimate frisbee players on national teams that are SCANDAL fans (RINA: "What kind of probability is that?!"). The listener says that she was supposed to compete in a worldwide tournament held this summer, but it's been postponed until next year. She'll do her best at qualifiers to be able to compete next year, as well as do their best at their job. Her job right now, by the way, is a lecturer, but is studying to get her teaching license (All: "Hey! Teacher!"). The band says they'll be cheering for her.

Finally caught up on all the episodes! Will try my best to keep up with the eps as soon as they come out now!

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Interested in what people of the same generation are listening to!
Episode #22 blog

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HARUNA: We cut the number of segments we had with the "Midsummer clearance messages." So, this is a message for the "GyoColle" segment. It's from Almondobondo-san.

This is for GyoColle. I work in the aviation industry. In this industry, when reporting a seat number via telephone or the like, we use unique wording so that there are no transmission errors. For example, in the case of an air ticket with the number "3B," we'd say it as "3 Baker." We use jargon in order from A onwards. I can't introduce that jargon here, but I'm sure you often use airplanes when on tour, so please use one of those terms for fun.

RINA: I see.

TOMOMI: It seems like a pain to memorize.

HARUNA: There are a lot of them.

TOMOMI: You need to be careful not to confuse "B" with "D."

HARUNA: Is that what that's about?

TOMOMI: Like, "3 APPLE"?

RINA: I've heard of this happening in other industries too.

TOMOMI: Really?

RINA: When talking with a customer, you say a word that starts with the alphabet [Note: She probably means something like this ].

MAMI: Ah, yeah!

HARUNA: Go ahead, MAMI-san.

MAMI: This is when I worked at a beef bowl place. When referring to the number of beef bowls, you'd use the counter "chou (丁)," so one bowl would be "icchou." Two bowls would normally be "nichou," but that could be mistaken for "icchou," so you'd have to say "futachou."

TOMOMI: It'd be a big mistake if you got it wrong.

RINA: I see.

TOMOMI: On to the next message... It's a message from Ichigomen-san for the "Life Before SCANDAL" segment.

【Life Before SCANDAL】 First, before we get to the main subject...I am a nursery teacher who has a license to teach elementary school!

TOMOMIRINA: Hey! Teacher!

HARUNAMAMI: Ah, we forgot to say it...

TOMOMI: weren't able to say it.

RINA: This is great. This is fun, TOMO. Shall we do it again? "...I am a nursery teacher who has a license to teach elementary school!"

All: Hey! Teacher!

TOMOMI: It's a lot fun. I'm glad we made it a segment.

Before favorite artists were SPEED, Morning Musume., Ayaka, AI, YUI, etc.! I generally tend to be drawn to female artists, and I was into ones who sing/dance or are singer-songwriters! I'm 27 and am in basically the same generation as SCANDAL, so I was wondering if you guys were on the same kind of path as me. SCANDAL fans (particularly those who are seniors in life) whom you can consider comrades have an unchangeable past before SCANDAL, but conversely I'd like to know what kind of path SCANDAL fans of the same generation walked! The "Chaotic summer playlist" you did recently where you showed your musical roots was interesting, but each of your personal memories were even more interesting, so I'd love for you to do it again!

TOMOMI: We're also in the same generation as SPEED and Morning Musume., you know...

RINA: That's true.

MAMI: Didn't all of those artists they listed walk the same path?

TOMOMI: All of those can be sung at karaoke.

RINA: A lot of those songs were assigned to us for recitals when we attended dance school. It's generational.

TOMOMI: Just seeing that line-up makes me excited.

RINA: I wonder what kind of music our generation listens to, and if they listened to the same things as TOMO.

HARUNA: There have been more messages from adults for our LBS segment.

RINA: That's because it's a topic we made for older guys lol

TOMOMI: We'd certainly like to hear about peoples' favorite artists in their lives [in the same generation as us] between your late 20s to early 30s.

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