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A fan who attended SCANDAL WORLD TOUR 2022 “MIRROR” tells their too-perfect thoughts to the band, which makes HARUNA go, "You should write a live report exactly as is!"

Episode #121 blog

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HARUNA: We'll be doing the "MIRROR-rete shimatta!" special this time too!
"MIRROR-rete shimatta"...comes from "MIRROR."

RINA: Yep, that's how it flows!

HARUNA: Let's call some listeners now and hear their thoughts! Hello!

(*On the phone with "Rinati")

Rinati: Hello! Good evening! This is Rinati!

All: Helloー!

HARUNA: Thanks for coming to our tour!

Rinati: It was so much fun!

TOMOMI: Happy to hear!ー!

HARUNA: First, let's hear your thoughts on the tour!

Rinati: Yes, I attended the Kanazawa and Tokyo performances. My impression of the song "MIRROR" changed when I saw it live. It's so cool and it gave me chills.

The times when I let my body move to the music felt so comfy! Also, there were so many songs you guys haven't played in a while, especially "DOLL" played during the encore of the Tokyo finale performance. We had waited so long for that song to come back...

All: Ohー!

TOMOMI: We didn't play it for a long time.

Rinati: Spinning the towels, everything getting exciting... Also, it was so much fun when TOMOMI suddenly started singing during "SCANDAL BABY" in Kanazawa!

HARUNA: Kanazawa, huh? Yeah.

Rinati: At any rate, I was captivated by your outfits, production, performance, MCs--everything about the four of you, and I felt so much happiness with these concerts! Thank you so much for these special concerts and awesome album!

TOMOMI: Thank you tooー

HARUNA: That was perfect!

MAMI: That was wonderful!

RINA: You sure summed it upー!

HARUNA: You can write this up as a live report exactly as is, can't you??

TOMOMI: Why not get a job at Natalie (*A music-related news site)?

Rinati: Actually...

All: What is it??

Rinati: The first venue I went to for a solo SCANDAL concert was Nakano Sunplaza for BABY ACTION (2011). After our high school classes ended, I went with my friend who taught me about SCANDAL. This time as well I went with this friend to the MIRROR tour...

All: Ehーー!?

Rinati: The two of us have been SCANDAL fans for over 10 years.

TOMOMI: That makes me happy...

HARUNA: I'm all emotional.

RINA: Too emotional...

MAMI: Thank you...

TOMOMI: You guys are good friends.

Rinati: 10+ years went by in no time. I'm also getting emotional...

HARUNA: Wait, Rinati, you don't live in Kanazawa...?

Rinati: Right. I live not in Kanazawa but in Kanagawa.

MAMI: Meaning...

Rinati: This also served as a trip for my friend and I. We came from Kanagawa to Kanazawa.

MAMI: That's awesome. I'd love to take a trip!!

HARUNA: Seeing your favorite band, going on a trip--that's the best...

Rinati: Kanazawa was the best!

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 120

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•The episode starts with this. They mention how TOMO had LASIK done about 11 years ago. She says she had to wear unbelievably oversized, lame sunglasses afterwards, which the others laugh at and say that they remember those. MAMI says that she remembers her saying that it was so bright and tears wouldn't stop coming out. RINA asks if it's okay to go to work on the same day you get it done (which is what TOMO did - they were in the studio on that day), and the others say that it should be. TOMO says that you feel emotional the next day after realizing that you can see better.

•Next, they say that they'll be calling some of the listeners. The first one they talk to is from Tokushima and went to the Kobe and Osaka performances of the tour. She says that she was really close basically right in front of TOMO and it was pretty overwhelming; it was very moving for her. The band says that makes them happy to hear. HARU asks her if she's seen them live before. She says she has, but this was her first time attending an album-based tour. RINA says that for her to have such a good seat, she must be a MANIA member. She says she is, and a MANIA PREMIUM member at that. HARU says that there was about a three-month gap in between those two shows, and asks if there were any differences between them. She says that for the Osaka performance (the latter one) she could feel more strongly that this was a tour that was done in support of an album. HARU asks if she attended alone. She says that they attended both shows with her boyfriend.

•HARU asks her if there's anything she'd like to tell them. She says that about four years ago, she and her bf had decided to break up. Six months later she told him that she'd like for them to try dating again; they did so, and are still dating to this date. She says that around the time when she wanted them to get back together, he was really into SCANDAL. She watches anime and thought of them as being an artist who did some anime songs 10 years ago, and didn't really know much about them. She then borrowed all his SCANDAL stuff like CDs, albums, Blu-rays and also watched stuff together. That's when she realized how cool and great of a band they are. She also mentions that she's the same age as RINA. She was really impressed how someone like her is in a rock band, and decided that she wanted to see them live. About three months after they got back together, SCANDAL was on their Fuzzy Summer Mood tour and they decided to go together. This was both their first times seeing them and so were both really impressed. She says it's one thing to see them on a screen or listen to their recorded music, but it's a completely different thing to see/hear them live. That's how she got really hooked on SCANDAL. She says that she and her bf still have uneasy times when they're really cautious of each other, but even so, since they have such a huge thing in common when it comes to being passionate about SCANDAL, their bonds now are deeper than they ever were before. She says that getting to directly tell them about how they've given her such wonderful times is something she's really grateful for. The band goes, "Aww!" and thanks her. They say they're really happy to hear that. RINA says that it's kind of crazy that that happened around the time that "Fuzzy" came out, and says, "Sorry about that!" while they all laugh.

•The next listener they call went to the first Tokyo performance (the semi-finale of the tour). He says that this was his first time going to one of their album tours in about 10 years. The band goes, "Ohh!" RINA goes, "That's quite a big gap." The listener laughs and says that it was. He says that from the first song it encapsulates you in the world of the album, which he thought was impressive. He mentions that he's read the interviews they've done for this album, and while watching the concert he could tell that the band really holds this album close to them. That's why he was really happy he was able to see this vibe and all that. The band says it makes them happy to hear that. RINA says wanting to convey that feeling was even stronger than usual with this album. TOMO asks what album tour the listener attended 10 years ago. The others think it's Queens are trumps, which the listener says it was. MAMI says that they're now basically totally different people compared to back then. HARU asks what the trigger was for him to come to an album tour of theirs for the first time in 10 years. He thinks a bit and says that there isn't really any one clear thing. He then says that he started liking SCANDAL when he was a student but apologizes that he kind of distanced himself from them. Several years passed of him not listening to them. Then, he saw the music video for "Stamp!" and it made him go, "Oh, was SCANDAL always like this?", which makes the band laugh. He started listening to them again and decided to go to BEST Xmas last year after seeing news about it. It had been about two years since he had attended a concert in general due to the pandemic and thought why not go. He then decided at the last minute to get tickets to the tour. The band thanks him and say it makes them happy to hear that.

•They then close out the episode. They say it was fun and that they had good convos. They're also impressed at how well their fans can express/convey their feelings, thoughts, etc. MAMI says that it feels like the band's expressiveness is at zero percent, or even in the negatives. Like, "It was great!" or "Love you guys!" HARU says that they'll continue with phone calls for the next episode too. They also say they'll be starting the North America leg of their tour soon. They wonder how things are going to be, especially since people are able to vocalize during concerts (unlike in Japan). They ask their overseas listeners to come out to the tour.

*As always, you can send in a message to the program here. I've made a guide as how to input your info and message for those who need assistance (click to enlarge):

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Directly hearing impressions of listeners who attended the Japan leg of SCANDAL WORLD TOUR 2022 “MIRROR”!!

Episode #120 blog

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HARUNA: This time, to celebrate the completion of the Japan leg of our world tour...

This is a special called "MIRROR-rete shimatta!" (見られてしまった; mirarete shimatta; to be seen) where we'll be reading impressions of our concerts & talking on the phone to fans!

HARUNA: It's called "MIRROR-rete shimatta."

RINA: "MIRROR" is the only pun... Yeah, it flows.

HARUNA: Let's read one message.


Good evening. Good work on your back-to-back concerts in Fukuoka and Hiroshima!

I had LASIK surgery today. I'm in good health and have no major injuries nor illnesses, not to mention never having surgery before, I was pretty nervous while sitting in the waiting room.

At that time, a music box version of "Ivory" suddenly started playing in the waiting area in front of the operating room! At first I thought I was mishearing things, but the soft rhythm was definitely the one from "Ivory," and MAMI's singing started playing in my head.

Thanks to that, I felt a little less nervous, and the surgery was a success!

It's nice to go see concerts, but it's also nice when SCANDAL suddenly pops up in your everyday life!

TOMOMI: I'd love to hear that! I'm sure a music box version of it would be good.

HARUNA: There are versions like that out thereー

MAMI: We've never listened to them...

RINA: I have.

MAMI: No way!

HARUNA: What song?

RINA: "Yoake no Ryuuseigun."

HARUNA: Ahー! But I totally get that.

MAMI: What kind of genre would that fall under...

TOMOMI: But this makes us happy.

HARUNA: It's nice when "SCANDAL suddenly pops up."

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 119

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•The episode starts with this.

•Before TOMO reads the next message, she realizes that it's from a listener who is writing in for the "Life before SCANDAL" segment (where listeners talk about what their favorite artists were before SCANDAL). The listener says that they previously used to like the singer-songwriter Vaundy. Since SCANDAL knows Vaundy and did a joint-band concert with him last fall, the band all goes, "Ohh!" TOMO pauses and then goes, "That makes me happy!", which makes everyone laugh. The listener says that they still do love Vaundy, though. They say that they started to get hooked on SCANDAL and wanted to listen more to them after attending that joint-band show with Vaundy, and that originally their father really loved SCANDAL and they really loved Vaundy. They also mention that they and their father went to the Hiroshima stop of the MIRROR tour. The band says that they're happy to hear all that. HARU says that she's happy they did the joint-band show with Vaundy. TOMO says that they invited Vaundy to play a show with them since they like his music and also wanted his fans to hear SCANDAL's music. To hear that someone did become a fan of theirs that way makes them happy. They say that they're also grateful to the father, and that they'd love for them to attend another concert together. TOMO says that this might be the first time they're hearing about someone whose former top favorite artist was one who debuted after they did (he debuted pretty recently - 2019)

•RINA reads the next message from a listener who says that they went to karaoke by themselves for the first time the other day and sang SCANDAL songs the entire time. They ask the band what they think the first song they sang was. The band laughs and goes, "They're quizzing us about our songs?" TOMO guesses "SCANDAL BABY" (*bzzt). HARU guesses "Shunkan Sentimental" (*bzzt). TOMO wonders if it might be a song that only hardcore fans would really know, and then guesses "Ring!Ring!Ring!" (*bzzt). RINA then says that the correct answer is "HELLO." The listener says that they love that song. They also say that they had fun jumping around and waving their arms like they were at an actual concert. RINA laughs and goes, "Is it really that kind of song for that?!" The others laugh and HARU says that they're probably talking about the songs that they sang after "HELLO." The listener then asks them what they think the last song they sang was. The band laughs hard and wonders what it was. HARU says that it must be "SCANDAL BABY," which is the correct answer. They say that this was a cute message and wonder what other songs they put together for this "setlist." RINA wonders what songs of theirs are popular for karaoke, and says that ShunSen is probably one of them.

•MAMI reads the next message from a listener who says that in their final year of high school they had gone to an TEMPTATION BOX event, bought a copy of it, and won an instant photo of the band. After going to many of their concerts, it became clear to them that they wanted to study more about the music/entertainment industry. They did study at a vocational school related to music and was able to get a job as an entertainment manager, though they currently work in a completely different field. They still carry the photo in their wallet as a good-luck charm. MAMI says that the photo is more than 10 years old by now, and its colors have probably faded quite a bit by now. They talk about how they used to do a lot of a lot release events during that time. They thank the listener and wish them luck with their work.

•HARU reads the next message from a listener who says they want to 'confess' something and so sent in a message. They have a dog and say that they've placed the blame on the dog for a lot of things that the listener themselves did. An example they give is that they slightly bent the pages of a book they borrowed from their little sister, and in order to avoid being yelled at by her, they blamed the dog for getting rough and messing up the book. They also say that whenever they blame the dog for something, they give it a lot of treats after. They say that they can't apologize to the band directly, but they did want to confess this to them. The band laughs and HARU says that "Catch up" is apparently like a variety store where any subject goes. They mention the "giving more treats when this happens" part and HARU laughs and says that giving your pet a lot of treats like that is not really a good thing to do.

•They then talk about how they read messages that covered a wide range of topics/segments. RINA says that they surprisingly didn't get/read any love-related messages this time, and wonders if everyone's solved their love problems. They laugh at that. TOMO says that that sudden quiz was fun.

•To close out the episode, they play audio recorded right after finishing the tour finale of their Japan leg of the tour in Tokyo. They say that they're 'burnt out' and that the tour went out in a blaze of glory, and also that it was a great tour. HARU says that they wish they could have played more dates, but they feel that what they wanted to convey has been conveyed. They say it was a lot of fun. TOMO mentions that they changed out the first encore song for every date. RINA says that the level of freedom they had was really high for this tour. She says that though every performance had a different vibe to it, they feel that their current feelings were definitely conveyed. They feel very satisfied. HARU says that they especially felt that way during the last two performances of the tour. RINA says that they cried a lot during their Hiroshima date and HARU cried a lot during the first Tokyo date (HARU: "That surprised me"), and says that it was crazy how emotional and teary they got when those weren't even the final stops of the tour. HARU says that was the first time that's happened, that their emotions were really brimming over suddenly, and that they can tear up just by talking about themselves + what they've gone through. She also says, "It's mysterious that we ended up feeling that way, but it's proof that right now is the best time for us. That made me happy. It also feels that that's been conveyed to our fans." A staffer mentions that it might not be good that they said they're 'burnt out' now. RINA gets what the staffer is alluding to, and mentions that their overseas dates are about to start next. HARU says that they were 'allowed to burn out,' and RINA says that they're charging up for more. MAMI says that the overseas dates will be something completely different than their Japan dates, especially since they weren't able to tour with Kiss from the darkness and will mix in songs from it into the setlist, which is why they were like, "Let's burn it all up!" with today's performance. They thank everyone who attended the Japan dates.

*As always, you can send in a message to the program here. I've made a guide as how to input your info and message for those who need assistance (click to enlarge):

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SCANDAL is "CANDALS"? A place's original terms makes RINA go, "It increases communication and sounds fun!"

Episode #119 blog

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HARUNA: We'll be reading messages this episode. We always forget to give out presents, so we will give out a program sticker to everyone whose messages are read!

TOMOMI: Let's give them out!

HARUNA: It's not that we don't give them out; it's that we forget. Program stickers, Kyoukai-sen no Kyoukai membership badges, Apollo Pouches... We have all kinds. At any rate, we're giving presents to everyone whose messages are read. Sorry for the extremes. Let get right to it!

...ah, it's been so long!? What is this? I'll read it, at any rate. It's "GyouColle"!!

All: GyouColle!!

*Staff note: This is one of the earliest segments of the program where you can learn words that can only be used among an industry, occupation, group, etc.


Good evening, SCANDAL! I work at an izakaya in Tokyo. So, this is a GyoColle term that I'd like to introduce!

*Note: This message is way too long and I don't feel like translating lol. But basically, the izakaya takes the first syllable of a word and sticks it onto the end of the word instead. It's kind of like pig latin.

So, with "SCANDAL," since the Japanese spelling of it is "Sukyandaru," it would become "Kyandarusu"/"CANDALS" with this izakaya's spelling thing.

TOMOMI: That seems like a fun place.

HARUNA: So, what is a "kurikokataa (cutter)"?

TOMOMI: It seems like it's the name of a technique.

HARUNA: Yeah, it sounds strong.

RINA: Isn't it just "katakuriko" (potato starch)?

HARUNA: That's correct!

MAMI: Ah, so that's how it is!

RINA: So our name was also flipped.


TOMOMI: Glad it's not "DALSCAN."

RINA: It seems like it would take time to learn the rules.

HARUNA: It might be hard for newbies.

RINA: But it increases communication and sounds fun.

HARUNA: It does sound fun. Just by reading this message it seems fun.

MAMI: Everyone seems like they're close.

TOMOMI: Yeah, that's important.

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 118

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•The episode starts with this. You can also refer to this post to see what the final drawings look like.

•MAMI and HARU finish drawing melons pretty quickly. After everyone finishes, they all show their drawings to each other at the same time. They say that everyone's drawings do look like melons. RINA laughs at TOMO's and how many lines there are on it. MAMI says they're pretty thick lines, too. TOMO says that she doesn't often see/look at melons to begin with. They also talk about the paper of their sketchbooks is nice and easy to draw on. HARU jokes that they're too good to waste these drawings on. She also mentions that all of them except for TOMO, who is using it vertically, are using it horizontally. TOMO goes, " should be horizontal," which everyone laughs at.

•The next thing they have to draw is a crab. They're all surprised. RINA wonders if she'll be able to draw one, and says that she'll probably draw one like how she would in kindergarten. As they draw, they all mention that drawing crabs is pretty difficult to do. They show each other their drawings and laugh. They realize that all of them except for MAMI forgot to draw claws. They say that MAMI's is really good. HARU wonders if crabs do have mouths where the others drew them. The others say they have no idea. RINA asks if HARU's has a mouth. HARU says it doesn't since she didn't know what to do or draw for it. RINA says that HARU's looks the most realistic, which the others agree with.

•Next up is a turtle. TOMO says that that's difficult to draw. RINA says that there are many differents kinds of turtles. They show each other their finished drawings. There's a pause before they all go, "Ahhh!" and say that they all do resemble turtles. They laugh about RINA's and mention how hers is of a turtle as seen from above. RINA laughs and says that it's been years since she's drawn a turtle. They say that the mouth on TOMO's is cute. RINA says that it looks like it'd be super talkative. HARU says that it looks like a type that would live in the desert. MAMI says that hers and HARU's are pretty much the same. RINA says that they're both pretty good. HARU says her family has had a pet turtle for a long time now, which they first got when she was around kindergarten age = about 27 years. TOMO asks what its name is. HARU goes, "Its name...what is its name? It might not have a name." The others laugh and are surprised that it wouldn't have a name, despite them having it for so long. HARU then goes, "Kame!" (the Japanese word for turtle) as if it's its name, which the others laugh at (RINA: "There's a lack of love there!").

•Next up is a giraffe. They go, "Giraffe??" and seem unsure on how to draw one. MAMI starts drawing and then goes, "Oh no, I think the legs are too short! What do I do?" HARU says that the neck on hers is too short. RINA says that giraffes are cute, which MAMI agrees with. RINA also says that drawing them is difficult, and HARU agrees with that. Another thing RINA says is that the drawing level was raised a bit with this. They finish and show each other their drawings. RINA and TOMO go, "That's so good!" TOMO says that the shape of HARU's is good, but its face kind of looks more like a goat's. HARU says that TOMO's resembles the turtle that she drew. They laugh and TOMO says that maybe they come from the same world. RINA says that it looks like it could be a toy. TOMO says that she forgot to draw ears on hers. RINA says that real giraffes' legs probably do look like the ones that TOMO drew (the others didn't draw complete legs + hooves), which their staff does confirm is true. MAMI says that HARU's drawing kind of looks like a dalmatian. They laugh and HARU agrees with that. They say that MAMI's is good. MAMI says that she didn't really do the legs right. RINA says that the pattern on it does look like a real giraffe's, and also goes, "She really is good at drawing." One of the staffers asks what they think of RINA's. They pause for a second, and then HARU goes, "It's L-shaped," which they laugh at. TOMO says that everyone's drawings do pretty much resemble giraffes. HARU says that the patterns/spots are kind of dubious, though.

•Next up is a lion. They draw for a bit. HARU finishes and then goes, "I give up," which the others laugh at. MAMI says that she can't picture what to draw. HARU says that unlike giraffes, you can get away with not drawing a lion's entire body. If she were asked to draw just a giraffe's head/face, she probably wouldn't be able to do it. After MAMI finishes, they show each other their drawings. They say that they're all pretty good. HARU says that TOMO's looks pretty strong (TOMO: "Lions are pretty muscular, after all"). RINA says that with HARU's she can tell that it's a lion with just its head, like what HARU mentioned earlier. They say that MAMI's is good, and that you can definitely tell that it's a lion. She also mentions the joints that she drew. MAMI says that she pictures lions sitting down like that, like how they do so at zoos. TOMO says that she wouldn't be able to draw a lion sitting down like that, which the others agree with. RINA says that she couldn't make her drawings sit down, and that her drawings all have the same sort of body. They laugh and HARU says that RINA's looks like a sun and cucumber put together. MAMI says that it's at least in what looks to be a grassy area, though that's pretty much the same landscape she's drawn for all of her drawings so far. They then mention how they've basically only been drawing animals so far.

•The next thing they have to draw is a Daruma doll. They're all surprised at this (TOMO: "I can't draw that! What does that even look like again, anyway?") and say that that's going to be difficult to draw. They attempt to draw while still being very unsure of what they're trying to draw. HARU says that hers is looking more like an owl (RINA: "The animal-drawing series is still going on"), and then when it's done she says that it looks like an egg ghost. They then show their drawings to each other. They might have been shown a photo of what actual Daruma look like because they all go, "Ah, that's it!" and say that they don't appear to have mouths. TOMO wonders why she pictures them as having frowning mouths, then. The staff says that Daruma don't talk, after all. RINA says that HARU's has a lot of lines. TOMO says that she forgot to give hers a body. RINA says that hers and TOMO's look more like the heads that are rolling around in the Ghibli movie Spirited Away. HARU says that RINA's is basically the manga/anime character Perman. They laugh and RINA goes, "In that case, it's really good!" MAMI says that it looks like HARU gave up halfway. RINA laughs and says that it looks scary.

•The next one is the last one. The staff says that it's a very hard one. When it's revealed that they have to draw a helicopter they're all surprised (TOMO: "That's totally impossible!"). As they're trying to draw, HARU wonders what a helicopter even really looks like. MAMI finishes hers and then laughs because she caught a glimpse of HARU's drawing. RINA asks if it's good. MAMI laughs and says, "It's really good!" They draw for a bit more before HARU goes, "How do I finish drawing this?" MAMI laughs and goes, "What do you mean??" They finish and show each other their drawings. RINA and HARU go, "That's so good!" (referring to MAMI's). MAMI points out that helicopters have 'feet' (landing skids) like what she drew on hers. RINA says that she can tell that TOMO's is supposed to be a helicopter. TOMO says that she tried to make it like the helicopter emoji (🚁). MAMI says that HARU's looks like a present box. They then say how difficult it was to try and draw a helicopter.

•They close out the segment + episode. HARU says that they mainly had to draw animals. RINA says that it was pretty difficult to draw the ones that weren't animals. TOMO says that, for example, she knows what a giraffe looks like and everything, but she couldn't remember/recall it what it looks like when trying to draw it. HARU says that she's always been interested in how MAMI inputs stuff like that into head since she can draw things solely from memory pretty well. TOMO says that she's always drawing things in 3D form. MAMI basically says that whatever she draws is from memory.

*As always, you can send in a message to the program here. I've made a guide as how to input your info and message for those who need assistance (click to enlarge):

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*A list of all episode summaries can be found here

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A series of unusual plays! "Sketch up" is held to check SCANDAL's drawing abilities! ※The illustrations drawn by the members are included

Episode #118 blog

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HARUNA: Good evening, everyone. This is SCANDAL


MAMI: Guitarist MAMI,

RINA: And drummer RINA.

HARUNA: We've got a new project this time.

RINA: Another new one!?

HARUNA: I feel that it's a new one every time.

RINA: Yeah.

HARUNA: This is another new project that director Kawai put all her effort into.

RINA: All right, let's do our best.

HARUNA: This new project is called... "SCANDAL Sketch up"!

MAMI: It's not "Catch up" but "Sketch up," huh.

RINA: Ah, so that's it, using "Sketch up" in place of "Catch up."

MAMI: So, what is it?

HARUNA: "Sketch up" is... a picture-drawing segment that aims to improve our drawing abilities.

TOMOMI: I'm grateful for that.

HARUNA: The theme is for the four of us to draw! Just draw!
This is an audio-only program, but we'll just draw!

RINA: I see.

HARUNA: And everyone will show off what they drew.
I don't know what the subjects are! We'll be drawing whatever we're told to.
I mean, we do draw things on a regular basis.

RINA: That's true. We've been having to draw since our teens and twenties... Why is that, I wonder...

HARUNA: They make us draw quite often for our fan club videos...

RINA: We also used to draw a lot on TV programs in the past.

HARUNA: I think the fans know our drawing abilities, but this time it's difficult since we have to convey it via our voices.

RINA: That's difficult!

TOMOMI: That's the most difficult thing to do!

HARUNA: By the way, MAMI is good at drawing and can generally draw everything well.

RINA: That's true.

HARUNA: The other three of us each differ in our drawing abilities.

RINA: I feel that there will be a wide range of drawing abilities.

MAMI: HARU is a dark horse.

RINA: True.

HARUNA: I think there's a big difference between when I'm able to and when I'm not able to.

RINA: When you draw people, their eyes really sparkle.

HARUNA: I think I can draw people pretty well since I love manga...

RINA: What are we drawing?

HARUNA: I'm told that it'll be a range of easy things to difficult things...

TOMOMI: Oh wow. I'm not confident at all.

RINA: I have no confidence. (*Said while gazing at her sketchbook)

Staff: There's no time limit...

HARUNA: No time limit? That means that you'll let us draw until we're satisfied? Ehー

MAMI: It might never end.

RINA: Actually, I'm worried about there not being a time limit.

HARUNA: So let's get to the subjects! MAMI, are you ready?

MAMI: (*Putting on hand cream) Hold on a sec...

RINA: You're getting pretty fired up, putting on hand cream.

MAMI: No, just too much hand cream came out!

RINA: Those who are good at drawing do it after moisturizing.

MAMI: Too much really did come out!

HARUNA: Now then, let's do "SCANDAL Sketch up"!
The first subject is... "Melon"!

RINA: Melon, huh...

TOMOMI: Melon...

MAMI: Can we draw however we want to?
...ah, oh no. Huh? Huh? The cap on my marker won't come off...
I applied too much hand cream and now it's too slippery.

HARUNA: You squeezed out too much!

RINA: The fighting-spirit of putting on hand cream is going in a bad direction!

What are the quartet's drawing abilities and creativity??
Can they convey it using only their voices!?

◎Drawings by the band◎

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Are what they did◎

If you want to know the locations of each members' drawings (they're the same for all of them):

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 117

Topics tagged under catchup on SCANDAL HEAVEN J388Dzf
Topics tagged under catchup on SCANDAL HEAVEN 807JKES

•The episode starts with this.

•RINA reads the next message from a listener who had been planning to SCANDAL at the recent JAPAN JAM festival with a friend from college. However, the listener found out right before the festival that due to work they would be unable to make it on time to see SCANDAL's set. They really wanted their friend to see SCANDAL perform, though, so they asked them to go see them by themself. The friend ended up sending a bunch of text messages about how good they were and ended up really liking them. They even want to go to one SCANDAL's solo concerts one day. The listener then asks the band how they chose the setlist for that day, which included RINA- and TOMO-fronted songs ("Kanojo wa Wave" and "Ai no Shoutai"), and if they were aiming for some kind of concept. Before answering the listener's question, TOMO then reads a message from a listener who also attended the festival. They also ask a similar question about how they decide on setlists where they can only play a limited number of songs. They also ask what festival setlist they worried the most over.

•TOMO says that they consider how limited the setlist will be, as well as who is appearing before them. HARU says that for this year's JAPAN JAM setlist, they decided to condense the setlist that they're currently playing on their world tour and focus primarily on playing songs from MIRROR. RINA says that singing "Kanojo wa Wave" was the first time she had sung main vocals at a festival, and she's really happy that people enjoyed that. She also says that when the band first began appearing at festivals way back when they would perform songs that 'represented' them, but now they perform songs that they feel suit who they are at that point in time. HARU says that they're highly confident in their solo concerts, and because they want to show who they are in a current era to people all over the country via their solo concerts, they want to do performances that only they can do while keeping their current mood/vibes intact. RINA says they also want to dispell any misconceptions people may have about them, and those feelings are also included when they put together setlists for festivals/events. HARU says that it is difficult to get across what kind of artist you are within a limited amount of time, which is precisely why it's worth doing. They feel very accomplished the moment it feels like who they are has reached people.

•TOMO then ponders the question about what festival setlist they worried the most over. RINA goes, "Isn't it the first time we appeared at ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL?" TOMO says, "Not really worry, but it's more like, 'What was wrong with us??'" They laugh, and RINA says, "That simply was a miss for us." TOMO mentions them playing "24 Jikan Plus no Yoake Mae," which at the time could only be found on a B-side for their AwaTsumo single, but they figured people would know about it since the AwaTsumo song itself was a movie theme song = people would have listened to this B-side as well...but pretty much no one knew the song. RINA laughs and goes, "We should have done 'Shunkan Sentimental.'" TOMO agrees, but says that that was a time when they didn't want to play it. HARU says that they were kind of 'edgy' then. RINA says that they wanted to really 'go on the attack' with their setlist because a lot of people who were fans of rock would be there. TOMO again says, "There was something wrong with us," and that they went about it the wrong way; they kind of wanted to get revenge [for not being able to appear at many festivals before this]. RINA says that they might have had a "Let's do what's not standard" mindset then. HARU says that they wanted to show that SCANDAL has more than one side to them, and they based their festival/event setlists on their solo concert setlists--they were basically saying, "Our album and B-side songs are really great ones too" and wanted show those songs to people.

•TOMO says that it's hard determining setlists for festivals because they have to have a balance of songs that show off who they are, and songs that people want to hear. Things like those are what they worried about. She says that they now like playing album-only songs and songs that non-SCANDAL fans wouldn't have heard. RINA says that it's might also because they're confident right now that even if they play songs that most non-fans wouldn't know, they know that they'll get through to them. TOMO says that it was really emotionally moving when they first performed "SCANDAL BABY" at a festival, which the others agree with. She says that though it's their top song that'll get everyone excited at their solo concerts, it's also an album-only song--more specifically, the first track of their first album--and so most non-fans are not likely to know it. However, when they played it a festival, it was basically like how it is when they play it at their solo concerts. RINA says that things like that (having songs being acccepted, etc.) is a result of continuing on for a long period of time. HARU says that they hope to continue having confidence like this.

•MAMI reads the next message from a listener who likens SCANDAL to the band THE ALFEE. TOMO says that they get that a lot. The rest of what they talk about isn't all that interesting lol so I will not be translating it.

•HARU reads the next message from a listener who saw SCANDAL in Kanazawa and says that that was the first time he attended a tour with their wife. He says he doesn't believe that you should keep things from your spouse, so one of the things that he had to tell his to-be wife before they got married was that he wanted her to let him continue being a MANIA member. She said that was fine, and so he was able to keep his membership. After the Kanazawa show, she told him that it was nice and that they were able to have fun together. He also says that she likes "eternal" and was happy to hear it live. They thank the listener and say that that makes them happy to hear.

•TOMO reads the next message from a listener who says they got their license back when they were in high school, though they didn't really drive until last year. They now drive on the weekends, but they're bad at parking and asks their parents to help them with that. They ask the band for tips on parking. They thank the listener and also laugh at them asking for tips on parking. MAMI says to look at the backup camera when reversing, and that she's never really had a hard time parking. HARU says that parking also isn't too difficult for her. TOMO says that Teslas apparently can do autopark. She then says that giving actual tips for parking is difficult to do. MAMI wonders if the listener has problems when they're backing up or has problems with the sides. HARU and TOMO think it's the sides. MAMI says to look at the parking lines on either side of the car via the side mirrors the entire time you're parking. TOMO says that you can get confused at first about which way to turn the steering wheel when you're backing up, but practicing doing that over and over will help. HARU says she thinks it's mainly an intuition thing. TOMO says that this situation of the listener asking for tips on parking is kind of like riding a bike: you can't ride it at first but you then learn to, though it's difficult to tell someone what your tips on riding a bike are. She also says it's hard to explain any tips solely through the radio. MAMI recommends going to a market with a big parking lot and practicing. HARU says that wide-open places like those are usually where people first start practicing driving. She also says not to rush it, which the others agree with. You might feel rushed due to things like the car behind you, but there's basically no other way to do but to apologize in your head and taking your time to park. They again say to take things slow and repeatedly attempt to park. They wish them luck.

•RINA reads the next message from a listener who says they have someone whom they've had a crush on for a long time (though they've only just realized this): their same-sex, good friend from high school. The friend has had a boyfriend since college. This spring the listener started off a new life in Aichi while the friend started off a new life in Tokyo. They had been planning to hang out, but the friend then said she couldn't because of something regarding her boyfriend and the listener felt all weird after hearing that. They've never met the boyfriend, but they felt all jealous whenever the boyfriend was talked about. They then soon realized that they feel this way because they like their friend. They ask the band how to deal with feelings of jealousy. HARU says that those totally do happen when it comes to love. RINA says that thinking back on it, she's probably never dated someone who has exhibited feelings of jealousy. She says it may just be because she's been lucky, and also that this isn't quite the same thing that the listener is going through, and wonders how they can sort out their feelings. HARU says that things like this are something that you notice after they happen. TOMO wonders if the friend still hasn't realized the listener's feelings, which HARU thinks is the case. She then wonders what the listener should do if the friend ever figures out their feelings. RINA says that if the listener feels like it'll help if they tell the friend what they feel, then it might be good. HARU says that, on the other hand, if they want to continue their relationship as is, then they don't need to tell the friend how they feel. MAMI says that the listener has no idea how the friend would react to this. HARU says that if the listener wants the friend to be happy, then the only they can do right now is to not do anything. If they do care about the friend, then it's important to hold back.

•They then close out the episode. They talk about how they read a bunch of different messages this time, and that they're happy they have a great connection with their fans.

*As always, you can send in a message to the program here. I've made a guide as how to input your info and message for those who need assistance (click to enlarge):

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*A list of all episode summaries can be found here

#front-page #catchup
A listener's first SCANDAL concert 11 years ago had been held at the venue in Sendai the band just played at! ...Their growth makes RINA go, "They've sure grown up"

Episode #117 blog

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HARUNA: Good evening, everyone. This is SCANDAL's vocalist HARUNA,

TOMOMI: ......bassist TOMOMI,

MAMI: Guitarist MAMI,

RINA: And drummer RINA.

HARUNA: Hold up! It felt kind of weird because TOMOMI was eating sweets while doing her intro.

TOMOMI: This is really good! It's a limited edition Fruit Gummy in the flavor "Salty Lychee"!

HARUNA: Yeah that does sound good. Anyway, we'll be eating while talking. We'll be reading messages this time.

Yuri Desu Yuuri

Your concert in Sendai the other day was awesome!

I think during the MC you talked about how that was your first time playing at the venue in 11 years. I was really surprised to hear you talk about that, so I've sent this message.

Actually, that concert 11 years ago was my first time going to a SCANDAL concert. I was in middle school back then, and fter my school club activities ended I had my parents drive me to the concert. I still remember how excited I was arriving at my seat, and this being my very first concert ever.

I was very surprised that it had been more than 10 years since then, and at the same time I was very happy that I've grown up together with SCANDAL. Thanks for letting me love you guys for such a long time. I want to continue listening to your music and continuing to go to your concerts.

RINA had said during an episode of "Catch up" that SCANDAL's really good at "continuing on." Now that I've grown older and have reached the age of 25, I know how difficult it is to continue to do something, and I'm full of respect and gratitude.

I'll keep following you guys. Love you!

All: Thanks!

HARUNA: Their first concert was 11 years ago...

TOMOMI: The venue's full of memories.

HARUNA: We received a similar message before about how a listener saw a concert of ours at a venue that they had gone to [see us] many years ago. Live venues hold so many memories, which is why it's important for us to play at all sorts of venues.

RINA: And 11 years passed.

HARUNA: They're 25 now, huh.

RINA: They've sure grown up. I'm really happy that they've been listening to us for a long time.

HARUNA: Of course "continuing to do something" is difficult for us as well, but it's more awesome that our fans stay with us.

RINA: That's definitely true.

HARUNA: Not only music, but we keep coming out with new things. It's something for us to be proud of because they keep liking us despite things steadily changing.

RINA: SCANDAL as a band still continues to change, but having fans who enjoy what we come out with and stay with us is something we're grateful for, and it encourages us. Like...we can keep going because those people are there for us.

HARUNA: I hope we can forever continue to share these thoughts together.

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 116

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Topics tagged under catchup on SCANDAL HEAVEN OQDwJKk

•The episode starts with this.

•The band does jan-ken and MAMI ends up winning. HARU asks if there are any that seem doable for her. MAMI goes, "They all look iffy!", which make HARU and TOMO laugh. MAMI says that she thinks she could probably do the "thread the needle" one. RINA seems a little confused on what they have to do and asks if they only have a limited amount of time to complete their mission. HARU says there isn't, and MAMI says that you only have one chance to do whatever you pick. They all say that everything looks hard to do in one go. MAMI says that the state of the tip of the thread is important for this. She does decide to go with this mission, though she says that she's not aware of ever successfully getting the thread through the eye of a needle on a first try. She tries and does get it in on her first try. They all clap and cheer for her and say they're off to a good start. TOMO goes, "Let's all be successful."

•The remaining three do jan-ken and HARU wins. She wonders which she should do. TOMO repeats what MAMI said earlier about all of them looking iffy, which HARU agrees with. RINA asks if she can play the recorder. HARU says that she's never gotten it to sound clean and doesn't know how much pressure she should apply with her fingers. She then says that she feels that she can do the "touch both index fingers together in front of your eyes" one. The others agree that that seems doable since you're doing it of your own accord. MAMI says that it's about the speed and angle at which you do it. HARU tries it out and succeeds. They laugh and TOMO goes, "That is something that's definitely doable!" The others seem to try it out and MAMI goes, "It's difficult!" TOMO gasps and says, "Can I not do it?!" MAMI says that it's doable if you do it slowly.

•TOMO and RINA do jan-ken and TOMO wins. She says that the toy pipe is nostalgic. The band clarifies what would qualify as passing, and apparently you need to make the ball in it float for 10 seconds ("It's all about lung capacity"). TOMO says that that'll probably be difficult to do. HARU wonders if any of them have had actually had to exhale for 10 seconds straight. TOMO wonders if any of them have had to blow air to make the ball float for 10 seconds straight. HARU laughs and says no. TOMO then decides to do the "Take only one piece of Apollo chocolate out of the box." RINA says that she feels that it's doable for TOMO. TOMO says that she thinks she can do it. HARU says she doesn't remember how many fall out when she usually eats them. MAMI says that it's usually that a bunch of them come out all at once. TOMO seems to look at the box and goes, "Oh, I see." HARU goes, "Oh, it's that type." MAMI is confused and asks what type. They say that it is the type of box where a bunch of them will fall out all at once. RINA says that she thinks it's possible to only get one out. TOMO then gives it a go. She rattles the box around and laughs quietly, muttering, "Hold on a sec." She then succeeds and the others laugh and clap. They laugh at the sound made by the one piece dropping onto the table (RINA: "It sounded cute!"). HARU says that that was definitely the sound of one single piece dropping onto the table.

•Last up is RINA. HARU says that the remaining ones do seem more difficult to do. RINA thinks it over a bit before saying that she thinks she'll go with "Playing Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do on the recorder." The others are surprised and go, "Seriously?!" MAMI asks her if she remembers where to place her fingers to play the notes. RINA says that she does remember, which makes MAMI go, "Wow!" She says that she remembers because that's the first thing she learned about the recorder in class. They laugh and go, "Impressive!" HARU asks RINA when the last time she played the recorder. She says probably back in elementary school. TOMO goes, "Didn't you guys play alto recorders in middle school?" They all seem to remember and agree. HARU says that she thinks it'll be hard and that she definitely wouldn't want to do that herself. MAMI says that the recorder is bringing back memories, and that she really wanted a clear recorder like the one they have today. HARU goes, "You only get one chance at doing it. Think you can do it?" RINA says yes and then tries it out. The very first sound she makes cracks a bit, which makes TOMO go, "That's already no good!" RINA continues playing and stumbles on the last note. The others laugh and clap. TOMO says, "We need to deliberate [on if that counts or not]!" RINA starts playing it again and starts it off better this time, which makes TOMO go, "Ah, you're doing it." RINA stumbles on the last notes again and makes them laugh. They say that that was impressive, though. HARU asks their program director Ono if that counts. He says, "Well, she got the basics down," and they all laugh and clap.

•They clap and say that all members were successful. HARU then says that they'll be doing round two now. They say that only the really difficult ones are left. They do jan-ken to determine the order this time as well. TOMO ends up winning first. They name the ones that are left: kendama, snapping, tongue twisters, toy pipe. TOMO says she'll try the toy pipe. RINA thinks that TOMO has the right lung capacity for it. HARU then asks the staff how long you're supposed to keep the ball floating and asks if it's five seconds. TOMO says that they had said it was 10 seconds, but they do seem to change it to five seconds instead. TOMO tries it out. The rest all laugh, and after they stop laughing HARU says that TOMO did it for seven seconds (? I think? lol). She first says "Seven minutes--no, seven seconds," and the rest laugh at that. HARU says TOMO should do it again. She does do so, and seems to do it more easily than the first try. RINA says that she did really well on this second try. TOMO says that you have to blow harder than she thought you'd have to, and also didn't think that a sound would be produced when blowing into the pipe. They laugh and RINA says that it does sound funny. HARU says that it's like on this program TOMO is in charge of playing things that have to be blown into (like the slide whistle).

•The remaining three members do jan-ken and MAMI wins. For the kendama, she asks where she should aim to place the ball. They tell her that anywhere is okay. She says that this is going to be difficult and that she's scared. She tries it and actually does manage to place the ball on it. They all clap and laugh while going, "That was awesome!" HARU says that the sound it made was definitely one where you could hear that it landed correctly. They all say that that was cool. MAMI says that she's surprised she was able to do it. HARU says that she's a capable woman, which the others immediately agree with.

•HARU and RINA do jan-ken. RINA wins and says almost right away that she thinks she'll try snapping. HARU is surprised and goes, "Snapping??" RINA says that she's scared to try out tongue twisters. TOMO says that she thinks HARU would be able to do that, which RINA and MAMI also agree with. RINA then says that she's never snapped in her life and wonders how you can produce a sound. She tries it out and it sounds a little muffled/not like a clean snap (to me it kind of sounds like knuckles cracking lol). They all laugh and ask Ono what he thinks. He laughs and says that it's iffy. HARU says that that was her first time hearing a sound like that. TOMO says that it kind of sounded like the wind. Ono tells the band to all try it out. RINA says that TOMO's good at it; TOMO immediately snaps and does a loud, clean one. The others go, "She's so good at it!" HARU says that she doesn't think she can do it and tries it out. It sounds muffled like RINA's. MAMI also says she doesn't think she can do it. Her first one isn't that great, but she keeps trying it and TOMO thinks that she does actually improve. RINA says that she doesn't think her fingers will bend that way, which they laugh at. They ask TOMO to snap again. She does another loud, clean snap and they again say that she's really good at it.

•Lastly is HARU and tongue twisters. She tries it out and has to read this one: 青巻紙赤巻紙黄巻紙 (aomakigami akamakigami kimakigami; red rolled paper, blue rolled paper, yellow rolled paper). The staff decides that it was a no-go (since she kind of tripped up on "kimakigami" at the end). The others go, "That was so close!" HARU says that the repetition of "makigami" made her have a bit of Gestaltzerfall. HARU says that "kimakigami" (yellow rolled paper) tripped her up because she was expecting the word following "akamakigami" (red rolled paper) to be green. RINA says that starting right after the "start" sound that plays is something she dislikes. The countdown noise and start sound is then immediately played and makes them go "What??" and laugh. TOMO then tries the tongue twister but messes up on "akamakigami." They all laugh. HARU says that that countdown is pretty scary. They say that the level of success in general was pretty high, and that MAMI was the only one able to successfully do both her missions. HARU says that that feeling of excitement after suddenly being told to do things like this is nice.

•They then close out the episode. HARU says they used their voices a lot this episode, which makes the others laugh. She says that it was fun, and to send in any ideas like those that you'd like for them to try in a later episode.

*As always, you can send in a message to the program here. I've made a guide as how to input your info and message for those who need assistance (click to enlarge):

Topics tagged under catchup on SCANDAL HEAVEN 6WYlmoJ Topics tagged under catchup on SCANDAL HEAVEN WvLQhcz

*A list of all episode summaries can be found here

#front-page #catchup
SCANDAL takes on simple missions that anyone can do, where you only get one shot at doing them!

Episode #116 blog

Topics tagged under catchup on SCANDAL HEAVEN TUagezC

HARUNA: We're bringing you this episode from TOKYO FM's Hanzomon studio... It really has been a super long time since we last did "Catching up under the blue sky"...

...we were planning to do that, but we came to the studio instead since we were a little worried about the weather. This is the "big studio" that we come to when we do special live broadcasts, but what on earth are we going to do... I honestly don't know.

RINA: Probably something that can only be done in the studio.

HARUNA: I wonder what we'll do...
(*They were finally given the script...)
Now then, let's do today's project!

All: What is it?

HARUNA: Today's project is called "NOT ONE MORE TIME"!

RINA: Another new one...

HARUNA: It seems to be a new project that can only be done in the studio.

TOMOMI: So what is it?

HARUNA: "NOT ONE MORE TIME" translates to...
"You only have one go"→"Only once"→and in a sense, "Only one shot."
It seems that the program staff planned for each of us to do a prepared "mission" in "only one shot."

TOMOMI: Missions, huh.

RINA: I see. I'm nervousー

HARUNA: It's written that the "missions" are easy ones that anyone can do.

MAMI: Is it like that "ILLUSION" one!?

RINA: Ehー?

TOMOMI: What is it?

HARUNA: I haven't heard anything about it yet.

MAMI: HARU also doesn't know?

RINA: Does anyone know?

HARUNA: No, no one knows. ...!? (*She realizes something)

All: What's up??

RINA: Oh? There's something hidden there...

HARUNA: Ah, the white bag on top of the table, right?

(*The staff opens the bag)

All: Ah!!

HARUNA: I see now.

RINA: So that's what they are.

(*The "mission" and "explanation" are on the table)
HARUNA: (*Introducing & reading it aloud as is) "Kendama," "Ring toss," "Join your index fingers together in front of your eyes"...

MAMI: What??

RINA: Your own fingers?

TOMOMI: What is that...

HARUNA: I'll read the rest... "Thread a needle," "Tongue twisters," "Take only one Apollo chocolate out of the box."

All: Okay.

HARUNA: "Play Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do on the recorder," and lastly, "Toy pipe." (*It is a toy shaped like a pipe - when you blow into it, a small ball floats in the air)

Topics tagged under catchup on SCANDAL HEAVEN TRXJ7Xk
(Kendama, recorder, toy pipe)

All: Ahー!

HARUNA: That's what the missions are. We'll each get one shot...

Staff: We apologize...

HARUNA: For what?

Staff: We forgot the ring toss...

HARUNA: You forgot it... But we're only doing one mission each, right?

Staff: We want you to do it twice.

HARUNA: Eh, twice? So you want us to play a one-shot game twice?

Staff: Yes.

HARUNA: I see.

Staff: In place of the ring toss, it's "finger snapping."

All: "Finger snapping"!?

HARUNA: Meaning that we have to make a clean snap?

TOMOMI: Isn't the difficulty level different for each of us??

RINA: That's right.

HARUNA: It says to do jan-ken (rock, paper, scissors) to decide on the order, and then choose what you want to do.

RINA: Choose what we want to do!?

HARUNA: You can choose a "mission" that you think you can do in only one shot.

RINA: Is that so... I see.

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 115

Topics tagged under catchup on SCANDAL HEAVEN CqXUDh4
Topics tagged under catchup on SCANDAL HEAVEN EO91Fv1

•The episode starts with this.

•RINA reads the next message from a listener who went to the Nagoya performance of the tour. They say that they had mistaken where to board their bus after the show and wasn't able to return to Osaka. They couldn't find anywhere to stay in Nagoya since all rooms were booked (first day of Golden Week). Just went they were thinking of going to a manga cafe to stay there until morning, a business hotel called them back and said that there was a cancellation. The next day they were able to go back home safely on a shinkansen (bullet train). The band says that it's lucky that they did find a place to stay that night.

•HARU reads the next message from a listener whose previous message was read during episode 104 (the medical student). They say they're in their eighth year of being a midwife, and that they originally chose the profession because they were excited to bring babies into the world. However, they're scared every day that they might cause a person to die. The more experience they gained, the more they were scared of that possibility. But they say that what the band said helped them out and thanks them. RINA says that she thinks that people who do jobs like that are awesome, and that they'd like to continue to transmit things knowing that there are people like that among their fans. They say that they hope the listener continues to do their best.

•TOMO reads the next message from a listener who says that they got hooked on SCANDAL six years when they first started working and would listen to them every day. That was also around when they started dating a coworker who joined at the same time as them. They told him that they wanted him to listen to SCANDAL. He did, and they then ended up going to SCANDAL concerts together. They would share things like, "This song's good" - "I hope we can go to a concert again together." However, three years later they broke up. The listener eventually left their job, and some time later they hung out with a former colleague who said that the ex had stopped working at that job. The listener wondered if something had happened to him. Worried, they sent a text to him but received no reply. They would wait each month for a reply. Eventually, they heard from him that everything was due to him falling ill. The listener would send him photos of SCANDAL, info about their concerts, etc. each month, and he replied thanking them for sending those messages and that he's glad they still listen to SCANDAL. The listener says that looking back, they realized that they would listen to SCANDAL at all times--whether they were happy, sad, or anything in between. They're also glad that they introduced their ex to SCANDAL. They thank the band for making wonderful songs. The band thanks them and says that that makes them happy. MAMI says that it's commendable that the listener didn't give up and kept sending messages to the ex. They thank the listener for telling them this.

•RINA reads the next message from a listener who is writing in for love advice. They say they confessed their feelings to someone last month. The person said that if they were to say if they like or dislike them, then they would say they like them--however, they are not looking to get married eventually. The listener was unsure of what to do, but they did realize that they really do like the person and want to always be with them. They ask the band what they should do now. RINA says that there many people who see marriage as one form of happiness, but of course there are those who don't see it as such. TOMO says that marriage can be a separate thing, and it's perfectly fine if you just want to stay with a person forever. RINA says that the other party is probably happy that the listener likes them, so the issue is more if the listener can stand being with them while knowing that they're not looking to get married. TOMO says that "not necessarily wanting to get married but still wanting to always be together" is a common thing these days, and therefore thinks that there are a lot of people in the same boat as the listener + other party. MAMI says that it's possible that the "not looking to get married" aspect might change one day. They all agree, and HARU says that it's possible the other party might realize, "Oh, I wouldn't mind getting married to this person." They basically say to just go for it and see what happens.

•They then close out the episode. HARU mentions that they talked about all sorts of different subjects during this episode. RINA says that she's really happy that they get to talk about things like these with their fans. TOMO says that they have so many different kinds of people among their fans. MAMI says that it's nice that when people hear certain subjects being talked about on this program, it can make them feel that it's okay to talk about these things, and that it can help take a weight off your shoulders. TOMO says that SCANDAL is a band that fans of all sorts. HARU goes, "We sure are a fun band!" She also says that there are things that people can't speak about directly to others and can only do so in text form, and to send anything like that into the program.

*As always, you can send in a message to the program here. I've made a guide as how to input your info and message for those who need assistance (click to enlarge):

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Reading impressions of 「SCANDAL WORLD TOUR 2022 "MIRROR"」 (no spoilers)!

Episode #115 blog

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HARUNA: This episode we'll primarily be reading messages.

TOMOMI: Can't wait!

RINA: All sorts of messages have come in.

MAMI: We're really grateful.

Momoka no Papa

I attended the concert at Kanazawa City Cultural Hall with my daughter who is in college.

It's been nine years since she and I have started to like SCANDAL. Nine years ago, I went to a SCANDAL concert for the first time on the STANDARD tour, held at Kanazawa City Cultural Hall. My daughter was a middle schooler at the time and had school. As such, I went to the concert alone. I remember my daughter being in a bad mood for a while.

Since then, she and I have gone to several places to go to SCANDAL's concerts. We've made so many memories together, and have made many concert buddies.

And now, nine years later, I felt deeply moved to be able to go to SCANDAL's concert at Kanazawa City Cultural Hall, the place where I first saw you guys, with my daughter.

The reason why I'm still close with my daughter and can be concert buddies with her is because SCANDAL has continued to exist as a band. No one knows what lies ahead, but I'd like to listen to SCANDAL's songs as much as possible--even just one song. It would be great if I could someday take my grandchildren to your concerts and have three generations take part.

I pray that the MIRROR tour can be completed safely and bring smiles to many fans.

All: Thanks~!

TOMOMI: His daughter has grown up...

HARUNA: We also mentioned during the concert MC that it had been nine years since we last played at Kanazawa City Cultural Hall. And there are people who have memories like this...

RINA: That's awesome...

HARUNA: I'm really happy when people have their own attachments and memories to one hall or venue, and are glad that we played a concert there again...

RINA: Thank you for coming, seriously.


Good evening, SCANDAL. I went to your MIRROR tour concert in Kanazawa!

KFTD was canceled due to the pandemic, and I was a bit surprised that it had been four years since your last time here when you toured here for HONEY.

I was very satisfied with all 21 songs from the opening to the ending, and the picks from various albums including MIRROR.

The pandemic's still ongoing, but I sincerely hope that the tour will be completed safely.

P.S. Standing for two hours was a little tough for me at 62 years old.

TOMOMI: It's totally okay to sit down.


TOMOMI: We're finally playing at halls again, after all.

MAMI: That's right.

TOMOMI: They were counting the songs during the concert... 21 songs, right? That's right, right?


TOMOMI: That's right, right?

HARUNA: I don't remember, even though I played them.

MAMI: I think we did do 21 songs...

RINA: Yeah.

TOMOMI: Well, that's about right...

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 114

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Topics tagged under catchup on SCANDAL HEAVEN NGMAVlX

•The episode starts with this.

•TOMO reads the next message from a listener who says that a person who is your "bias" is someone you don't really have romantic feelings for. They have a woman at work who is their "bias" (AKA someone they root for) at work, but they don't have any romantic feelings for her. They say that some coworkers got the wrong idea about what they think they feel for that woman. They like her as a person, but they have absolutely zero romantic feelings for them. TOMO laughs at this (particularly at the "absolutely zero" part), which makes everyone laugh as well. MAMI laughs and says that she feels kind of bad for the woman. TOMO reads the rest of the message. The listener says that "bias" is a word that they would use for SCANDAL as well. RINA says the word "bias" isn't limited to just musical artists but is also used for real-world things. She also says that she's never had anything in her life that would say is her "bias." TOMO then starts talking about their photographer Takeshi Yao and how she thinks that him calling them "cute" when taking photos and such of them in the green rooms is like supporting them as a "bias." MAMI gives a better example of how among a bunch of different sweets they're eating, her favorite/recommended one is the grape-flavored Kaju Gummy Candy. TOMO then goes, "So it basically means something you'd recommend," which MAMI agrees with. MAMI also says it does kind of mean closer to "something that you support." They then talk about what the listener had said about people getting the wrong idea that it meant romantic love. RINA asks if it means that "bias" is different from "respect." The others say that it's included in that meaning. HARU says that she has a lot of biases especially when it comes to K-Pop. She respects and looks up to them as people, but she doesn't necessarily want to date any of them. They again laugh at how the listener said that they didn't want others coworkers to get the wrong idea of how they feel about their female coworkers.

•RINA reads the next message from a listener who says that they view it as being more like "love" and "like." "Like" is to like something, and "love" (bias) is to not just like something but to love it and hold it dear to you. There's a slight pause after RINA finishes reading the message before HARU goes, "I totally get that" and laughs, which makes everyone else laugh as well. She says that she gets the "holding something dear to you" part, and that there's no other happiness like feeling that way about others + others feeling that way about you. She also says that with "biases" you're not seeking something in return; you just simply want to support that person.

•MAMI reads the next message from a listener who says that it seems like "bias" started becoming a buzzword within the past 10 years or so with idol groups like AKB48. They say that "bias" is more about support and "like" is something more emotional. HARU agrees that "bias" has become more popular within the past 10-ish years. TOMO says that the only thing that's new is the word, and that support [from fans and such] has always been around. HARU says that there are many ways to say "bias," and that Japan has had a few unique ones in the past for various groups. MAMI says that admiration is part of the "bias" meaning, which HARU agrees with. MAMI elaborates more and says things like you want to be more like your bias by copying the makeup, hairstyle, etc.

•HARU reads the next message from a listener who is writing in to discuss the fine line between "akogare vs. shitto" (憧れと嫉妬; admiration vs. jealousy). They say that it seems to have something to do with a sense of distance of what you want to be. They give an example of how you'd admire a pro sports player but not be jealous of them. However, you can get jealous of those who are close to you. "Admiration" = further, "jealousy" = closer. The band agrees that this may be the case. MAMI says that she admires the singer aiko, including her personality. She went to go see her at a Zepp venue where the audience was close enough that they could reach out and touch her--but of course that shouldn't be done. HARU jokes that MAMI must have been jealous of those people, which makes her laugh. MAMI does say that she wish she could have touched her. They all laugh at that. She says that she felt both admiration (since aiko is someone she looks up to) and jealousy (jealous of the fans that were close to the stage). TOMO says that it sounds like she also "biases" her as well, which MAMI agrees with.

•TOMO reads the next message from a listener who is writing in to discuss what the fine line is to what extent you should tell something that's hard to say to another person. They say that how close they are to that person is a big factor. The band says that they can tell each other basically anything. MAMI says that it'd be totally different if you were to try telling something to a stranger on the train, which they all laugh at and go, "Well, of course!" HARU says that it's definitely better to tell someone if their backpack was wide open for all to see, for example, though. Another example: MAMI says that they would let a stranger know if they dropped something.

•They then close out the episode. HARU mentions that they have three more performances remaining on their hall tour in Japan: one in Osaka and two in Tokyo. They encourage people to get tickets to their first Tokyo show (since the second one is sold out).

*As always, you can send in a message to the program here. I've made a guide as how to input your info and message for those who need assistance (click to enlarge):

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Thoroughly discussing the fine line between "oshi" and "suki"! HARUNA's sympathy is not stopped by the opinions of listeners!

Episode #114 blog

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HARUNA: This week we'll be doing the popular segment "Kyoukai-sen no Kyoukai."
We'll be considering the previous agenda.
The new subject was the listeners' homework.


Good evening, SCANDAL. I'm an elementary school teacher.

(All: Hey! Teacher!)

I'm writing in to discuss the "bias vs. like" (押しと好き) topic brought up in episode 108.

I'm currently dating a man I met on a certain streaming app. From the start he was my top "bias" among streamers. Then, I wondered what made me "like" him, but I couldn't think of much... I'm sure that this "like" is an extension of him always being my "bias." If I had to say, I think that if you see [someone you fancy] being nice to others, you feel all gloomy and want to turn that towards yourself. By doing so, you end up "liking" them. (Maybe a desire for exclusivity?) But basically, "bias" only has an image of being fun, and "like" is a feeling that slightly includes negative emotions.

HARUNA: Yeah, I think I get that...

MAMI: Eh, but how did they start dating the streamer!?

RINA: I guess things like that are possible...

TOMOMI: She must have DM'd him, right??

All: Maybe so...

MAMI: But streamers must get a lot of DMs and get a lot of propositions, so why? How come?

RINA: Maybe she commented a lot...enough to be remembered.

MAMI: Like the more you're recognized.

TOMOMI: But that's totally possible!

MAMI: There are ways to get acquainted and meet each other.

HARUNA: Yeah, there are all sorts of ways.

MAMI: A friend of mine also dated someone who sometimes uploads videos on Twitter.

All: Ehー!

MAMI: It's not unusual that they're dating; it's unusual how they got to that point.

HARUNA: So, getting back to the main subject...
When it comes to "bias." it feels like a one-way street.

TOMOMI: Do they feel that they're are unilaterally energized?

HARUNA: Yeah. But it turning into "like/love"...the situation is a little different.

MAMI: You want them to turn their attention towards you. It makes you feel down when you see them being nice to others.


MAMI: "Bias" is in line with fan service, and it means getting cheered up including when people are cheering for you. That's why I think "bias" and "like" are different emotions.

HARUNA: They are separate from each other.

MAMI: If you find yourself expecting something in return, it may turn into "like."

HARUNA: That might be a negative emotion.

RINA: I see.

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 113

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•The episode starts with this.

•TOMO reads the next message from a listener who is also writing in about dialects. They mention episode #108 too and say that they heard a dialect word: "yuwaku" (結わく). That was also in context of tying/putting your hair up, so that also means "musubu" (to tie). They ask the band if they've heard of that word. HARU says that she has. MAMI says that she doesn't use that word but can understand what it means. TOMO agrees that you can understand what it means. HARU says that it's kind of an elegant way of saying that verb. RINA wonders if it's standard Japanese and explains why she thinks so: When she attended elementary school in Nara Prefecture, a student transferred in from Tokyo and also used that word. RINA didn't know at the time what that word meant. MAMI says that it doesn't sound like a dialect word and so might actually be a standard Japanese language term. RINA says that it does sound like a fancy way to say the verb. TOMO says that she does understand the "yu" part of the word (結, which is also what 結ぶ "musubu" starts with).

•RINA reads the next message from a listener who is also writing in for the "musubu" thing. They're originally from Kagoshima and use the word "kibiru" (きびる) instead of "musubu." They say an example would be "Kami kibitta hoga yokake?" (Wouldn't it be better if you put your hair up?). The band says that Kagoshiman dialect is cute. TOMO says that she wouldn't understand "kibiru" if it wasn't explained to her; she'd think the meaning is closer to "kiru" (to cut), so the example sentence would then mean, "Wouldn't it be better if you cut your hair?" MAMI says that to her, it's more like "katameru" = "Wouldn't it be better to harden up your hair?" They all laugh. HARU says that there are apparently an infinite number of variations of this verb.

•MAMI reads the next message from a listener who is also writing in for the "musubu" thing. In Aomori, they say "yuwagu." They say that this kind of goes with the "yuwaku" mentioned earlier. MAMI says that she looked it up, and apparently "yuwaku" is an older term that was part of standard Japanese and not a dialect word. RINA says that language is really interesting.

•A staffer seemingly hands them a paper with the next message on it and says it's about dialects as well. RINA goes, "That's so long!" HARU reads the message. The listener is from Yamagata Prefecture and says that there are many cute dialect words in Yamagata. These really do not translate well to English lol so I will not be translating them, but you can read about some words mentioned here. Some of the words make the band say that they sound very anime-like.

•TOMO reads the next message from a listener who is writing in from Canada and says that Jollibee is now open in the country as of early March. They say they can enjoy the foods that they wish to try...if they wait in line for two hours. The band goes, "Eh??!" MAMI goes, "It's so popular!" The listener says that they saw the Jollibee mascot but didn't see the others like Hamburger Man (Mr. Yum) ir Ice Cream Woman (Twirlie). They also recommend eating poutine while the band is in Canada. The band seemingly looks up poutine and say that it looks really good. MAMI says that it looks like Jollibee is about 10 minutes away by car from the Vancouver venue. HARU goes, "Oh, that's close." TOMO seemingly looks at photos of poutine and says, "Didn't we eat this a lot in our indie label days?" (referring to the Japan Nite 2008 US tour). HARU goes, "From Wendy's, right?" RINA goes, "Wait, did I ever eat that?" HARU goes, "It's from Wendy's!" TOMO then says, "Fries with chili beans..." [I think they're referring to Wendy's chili cheese fries because they certainly do not serve poutine here lol] MAMI goes, "Wait, that's not [what poutine is]." They say that those two dishes look similar but they aren't quite the same. RINA reads off that poutine consists of gravy and cheese over fries. MAMI says that it looks like almonds are on top of the fries. HARU says that the toppings probably differ depending on the region [lol I don't think nuts are ever a topping??]. RINA says that poutine definitely must be delicious. HARU says that it looks like something they'd like for sure, and that it's the "flavor of youth." RINA laughs and says that sounds cool. HARU also says that it looks like something they ate when they were rooming together in Osaka, though they don't know if what they ate was actually poutine or not; it just looks similar. They then talk about Jollibee again and are again surprised at the 2-hour line. TOMO says that it must be worth it to wait for two hours [lol they should wait until they come to LA where we have a bunch of Jollibees and you don't have to wait two hours].

•They then close out the episode. They say to write in with any other Japanese dialect words that the band would seemingly like.

*As always, you can send in a message to the program here. I've made a guide as how to input your info and message for those who need assistance (click to enlarge):

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"Untangle" the string! What does the unique dialect word mean used by HARUNA's parents' generation?

Episode #113 blog

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HARUNA: We'll be reading messages!

All: Okay!

HARUNA: All the while eating Meiji sweets, of course!


Good evening, SCANDAL. I have a smile on my face when I listen to this program, all the while thinking how you guys love dialect words as always. haha

You talked recently about the words like "musubu" and "kukuru" to describe tying up hair, and my message is regarding that!

I live on the southern tip of Osaka, close to Wakayama.

We use the verb "kukuru" for hair. Also, it makes me want to call "kami" [hair] "kaminoke" [also means hair, but is specifically referring to hair on the head] instead (haha). RINA and TOMO, what say you guys? Do you understand the nuance?? haha

Also, we say "musubi" for tying shoelaces. When you want to tie something up tightly, we use "shibaru." When you tie many things together with a string, you use "tabaneru."

HARUNA: Kansai really does use "kukuru"?

TOMOMI: Yeah, "kukuru"!

RINA: Yeah, "kukuru"...

MAMI: And it makes you want to say "kaminoke"?

TOMOMI: "Kaminoke"

RINA: I think "kami" is more standard Japanese...

HARUNA: That so?

RINA: It feels kind of weird to just say "kami"...

HARUNA: So "kaminoke" instead of "kami"...

MAMI: It's not "kami shibaru" (*MAMI is placing an emphasis on "mi")?

RINA: The emphasis is on another syllable. If you just say "kami," the emphasis is more on "ka."

TOMOMI: I use "kukuru" also for shoelaces, as well as when putting together magazines.

MAMI:'s probably "shibaru."

HARUNA: Shoelaces are..."shibaru"? No, "musubu"?

MAMI: I think you use "shibaru" for string-like things.

HARUNA: Ah, string...string, string.

MAMI: Eh, what is it??

HARUNA: When my parents gather up magazines and trash, they say, "Karage toite!"

MAMI: "Karageru"??


MAMI: Why "karageru"?

HARUNA: I don't really say it, but my parents' generation and prior say "Karage toite!"

MAMI: I had no idea...

TOMOMI: This is my first time hearing that...

HARUNA: Yeah, what does "karageru" mean in the first place?

RINA: Maybe it's a dialect word closer to Gifu Prefecture?

HARUNA: My grandma also said it, so I don't think it's Gifu dialect.

MAMI: Where's your grandma from?

HARUNA: She's a total Nagoyan.

MAMI: She's one of the Nagoyan higher-ups.

RINA: Maybe it a generation thing.

MAMI: It might be.

HARUNA: (*Looking it up) "Karageru" seems to mean "shibaru."

RINA: Is that a Nagoyan dialect word?

MAMI: It does clearly seem like a dialect word...

RINA: Maybe it's a deeper dialect. You wouldn't know what someone means if they said to you, "Karagate!"

TOMOMI: You need context to understand it.

MAMI: Dialects are so much fun!

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 112

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•The episode starts with this. They decide to attempt the 3-3-3 stack.

•They seemingly try to get ready to set up the cups. RINA says that the texture of the table they're at might make it hard to do. MAMI asks if it's okay to practice beforehand. She seems to try it out first, which makes the others laugh. HARU asks for a towel to see if it'd make things easier/make the cups less prone to sliding around. MAMI keeps practicing and says, "This is impossible!" HARU says that it seems like it's only doable if you stack the cups all in one go. When HARU practices, she says it is pretty hard to do. After a few tries, she comments on how you need enough space in order to have them stacked correctly.

•They then do jan-ken-pon (rock-paper-scissors) to determine the order in which they go. TOMO is the first one to lose. RINA then wins against HARU and says, "That's unusual!" TOMO says it's not and that she's always really good at jan-ken-pon, which they all laugh at. The order ends up being RINA, MAMI, HARU, TOMO. RINA says that she's kind of embarrassed to go first and they laugh.

•RINA goes, "I'm scared!" as the rest laugh. Her turn starts and she immediately goes, "Ah, I'm too slow!" MAMI goes, "No, you're fast!" Her time clocks in at exactly 7.03 seconds (7 seconds on the dot is the time beginners should aim for). She goes, "Ahh, I was SO close!" TOMO says that she probably doesn't need to stack the cups back together right after building one stack (it's best to do that all in one go after you've finished building all the stacks), which their staffer agrees with.

•MAMI goes next. Right after she does, she's heard going, "Ahhh!" After she finishes, they say that it collapsed in the beginning. Her time clocks in at 7.61. HARU says that it seems pretty difficult to get a time of exactly 7 seconds.

•HARU goes next. She seems to have some trouble doing it since the band is laughing the entire time and going, "You can do it!" She clocks in at 13.7. RINA laughs and says that she looked chic when doing it, though. HARU goes, "It really is impossible to do [in 7 seconds]!" and that you need to have your heartbeat as low as possible to do it right.

•TOMO goes last and, unlike the others, makes no noise at all when stacking the cups. RINA goes, "She's so calm!" She clocks in at 6.86 seconds. RINA goes, "That's crazy!" They clap for her and congratulate her. Their staffer says they should do finals now. MAMI says it would be down to TOMO and RINA. TOMO goes, "Yayyy," while the others laugh. MAMI says there's only a 0.17 second difference between TOMO's and RINA's times. HARU says that RINA's time would probably be shortened if she didn't do that thing in the beginning. TOMO seems to say something along the lines of "I can't believe we're doing this on the radio." They laugh and say that they also did stuff like the magic show or TOMOrocco (HARU: "We do whatever we want on this radio program").

•The finals start. RINA goes first and seems to have a more difficult time than the first one. She clocks in at 9.64. RINA laughs and goes, "So slow! I was overwhelmed by the pressure!" HARU says that she thought she'd do it faster. RINA does as well, and thought she could do it in 6 seconds ("It's not good to aim for something specific"). TOMO goes next and immediately the others start laughing. She clocks in at 7.something seconds. MAMI goes, "How come you guys got slower?" RINA laughs and goes, "We both got worse the second time around!" She says it was fun to do. MAMI says it was scary to do.

•Then, HARU announced that the sport stacking winner this time is TOMO. They clap and congratulate her. HARU asks her questions as if interviewing a sports player:

H: What did you think of it?

T: Yes, this was my first time playing this. I played it while not really knowing what kind of sport it is, but I think I surprisingly did well. I will practice more.

H: Who would you like to thank?

T: I would like to thank my mother who gave birth to me.

H: What are your future prospects?

T: I'm aiming to compete in the world championships (RINA: "So you are?"). I'll do my best.

All: Good work! Congratulations!

R: This has been player TOMOMI.

•They talk about how fun this was. RINA says that a good thing about this activity is that parents and kids can play it together. They say that the time limit aspect of it is really difficult. TOMO wonders where you should build muscle in order to be good at this. HARU says that this is meant to be a sport that even those who are not sports-inclined can play. RINA goes, "This is a sport that is easy on everyone...or at least it's supposed to be." They laugh and MAMI says it was pretty difficult to do. TOMO says that the first time you try this is pretty nice, though. HARU says that they tried the 3-3-3 stack this time, but there are a lot more variations out there. MAMI says that maybe they could keep increasing how many cups they stack. They say that since these cups were bought, it would be a waste if they never played this again. HARU jokes that maybe they could stack them in between reading messages. They laugh and MAMI goes, "No, that's scary!" HARU says to let them know if there are any games you'd like to have them play that would be suited for radio. TOMO says that there basically aren't any. MAMI says that people can at least suggest ones that involve things that make sound.

*As always, you can send in a message to the program here. I've made a guide as how to input your info and message for those who need assistance (click to enlarge):

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How much of it can be conveyed on the radio?? SCANDAL takes on sport (cup) stacking!

Episode #112 blog

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HARUNA: We'll be doing something new. It's something new that director Kawai put her everything into!

All: What is it?

HARUNA: It is... any rate, let's just try it out!
Cup stacking in the spring!

RINA: Hm? What is that?

HARUNA: Have you guys heard of "sport stacking"?

MAMI: I...don't think I have.

HARUNA: I just read the words that are on the script. I'm drawing a blank...
Anyway, I'll read a description of it.

Sport stacking, also known as cup stacking or speed stacking, is an individual and team sport that involves stacking 9 or 12 (usually 12) specially designed cups in pre-determined sequences as fast as possible. The cups are specially designed to allow for speedier times. Participants of sport stacking stack cups in specific sequences, by aligning the inside left lateral adjunct of each cup with that of the next. Sequences are usually pyramids of 3, 6, or 10 cups. Players compete against the clock or another player.

Competitions are held all over the world, and the world championships held in April every year are the most exciting ones. Regional and national competitions are also held in Japan, and athletes are sent to the world championships.

TOMOMI: Ohー! But this is a radio program... Can this be conveyed just from our voices?

HARUNA: Yes, we'll convey it with just loud voices. It'll be like the second round of Mölkky. I mean, if it seems fun, we'll do anything here on "Catch up."

TOMOMI: That's true.

RINA: Oh? Since it's April, does that mean that the world championships are being held right now?

HARUNA: Yes, since it is April.

*The sport stacking world championships were held on April 10th. 613 players from 12 countries competed.

HARUNA: When I read the description, it made me think, "Ah, I know about sport stacking!"

RINA: I think I've seen it before.

HARUNA: I think it was popular when we were kids.

TOMOMI: ...I don't get it at all.

HARUNA: Let's watch a video of it.

RINA: There are even world championships...

*They all watch an explanatory video

MAMI: The cups come in all sorts of colors... You make a pyramid shape with three of them.

HARUNA: And then you take it apart...

MAMI: You make a shape, and then you take it apart.

TOMOMI: I think I can do it if I go slow...

All: (*Watching a video) That's so fast!!!!!

RINA: It looks difficult...

MAMI: ...7 seconds for beginners? I don't think I can do it as fast as I feel like I can...

HARUNA: How long would that normally take...

RINA: That's awesome... They're so fast. Let's just try it out.

HARUNA: Yeah, let's. Kawai bought some for us.

All: Let's do it.

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 111

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Topics tagged under catchup on SCANDAL HEAVEN DwuaSDZ

•The episode starts with this.

•TOMO reads the next message from a listener who has a video-related job and does media coverage for various things. One recent thing they covered was the earthquake in Sendai last month. They say that everyone they spoke to was so kind. They also say that in times like this they think that SCANDAL's music gives people strength [I guess they're trying to say that their music helped them while working this?]. RINA says there's a lot of strength to be found in saying things like this in text form. TOMO says that it helps the band out when people say things like SCANDAL's music helps them out. HARU says that the band makes music in that sort of mindset as well, which also includes them performing concerts. She also says that she hopes people living around Sendai + those not living around there will come out to their rescheduled Sendai concert in May.

•RINA reads the next message from a listener who went to the first performance of the tour in Atsugi, which was their first time seeing them live. They then start talking about themselves and mention that for a long time now they've been dating their same-sex partner who is 10 years older than them. Right before the concert they had a pretty bad fight. They did want their partner to learn about how wonderful SCANDAL is and so invited them to the concert. They went, and afterwards they told them that they're glad they invited them and that SCANDAL is a great band, and also that it's great that they have a band that they support straightforwardly. They did make up, and the listener says they're grateful to SCANDAL for everything. They say they feel like tearing up and laugh. RINA says that they know that everyone who comes to see them is carrying something (feelings, etc.), but they feel it even more when people share their stories with them. She says that she's really glad they enjoyed the concert. MAMI says that she'd love it if they came to a concert of theirs again together. RINA says that she thinks concerts are a place where a lot of things are resolved, which is why she's glad that they came out to one of theirs.

•MAMI reads the next message from a listener who says they're sending a message to convey their gratitude. They say that when a senior at their work whom they were close to passed away, they felt like they couldn't get back on their feet. A year or so later when they were drinking on their balcony during a cloudy and cold spring night and thinking of that person, they looked for a song that would help envelop their feelings and chose "Ao no Naru Yoru no Sukima de." While being touched by the lyrics, the song that followed that on shuffle was "Kinenbi." It reminded them of their senior since they were always so cheerful and upbeat like a "kinenbi" (celebration). It made them think, "Although I'll never see my senior again, this is like a celebration that reminds me of the conversations and times I had with them," and made them cry. They say they're grateful from the bottom of their heart to SCANDAL for making them feel that way. The band again says that they feel like they're about to cry. HARU says, "Music sure is awesome." RINA again says how everyone who comes to see them live is carrying/shouldering something, and that everyone is the same. It's a space where you're touched by music while carrying burdens/etc., and knowing that it touches people that much makes them feel emotional. Every time they hear stories like this, they think of how what's most important is to make music that reaches peoples' hearts. It also makes them happy. HARU says that it really comes through that the listener is a good person. MAMI sniffles and says that she can't stop crying and then blows her nose, which the others laugh at.

•HARU reads the next message from a listener who mentions how the band loves dialect-related stuff and so asks them how they sang a certain 'song' (the first few lines of this song; the lyrics roughly translate to "I'm going to tell the teacher on you") when they were in elementary school. It's kind of difficult to explain this, as well as translate into English, but basically they say that they never actually sang this song + RINA says that none of them seem to have been the tattletale type when they were kids. They say again how they really like dialect-related stuff.

•They then close out the episode. HARU mentions that they're currently on tour in Japan until June and that they would love it if fans would come out to it if it fits their schedule. She also says that they believe that your life can change in some ways after coming to a concert and experience the same things together, so they would be grateful if people could create a live concert together with them.

*As always, you can send in a message to the program here. I've made a guide as how to input your info and message for those who need assistance (click to enlarge):

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What is the startling Nagoyan food that HARUNA and MAMI have never eaten?

Episode #111 blog

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HARUNA: This is the 111th episode of "Catch up." There no particular meaning to it, though there are a few "1's" in a row.

All: Ohー!

HARUNA: We'll be reading a lot of messages! While eating sweets! Let's read some.


Good evening, SCANDAL! I'm from and live in Aichi Prefecture!

I really sympathized with how HARUNA and MAMI were having trouble recommending food from Nagoya haha.

I actually live in a corner of Aichi rather than Nagoya, but it is true that when someone from another prefecture will ask me to tell them any recommended spots in Nagoya, I will answer that there's nothing in the first place.

Let me say this first! I love Aichi haha

You guys had read a message from someone who said they want to live in Nagoya, and I do feel that Aichi is a comfy place to live in! With each year I feel that it's easy to live in Aichi because there are urban areas, moderately rural areas, and rural areas!

By the way, my favorite Nagoyan food is ankake spaghetti!

HARUNA: Have you ever eaten ankake spaghetti?

TOMOMI: ...I don't think so.

HARUNA: It's really good.

RINA: In the car on the way to record for our program today, there was a "Nagoya food special" on...and they introduced an ankake spaghetti specialty restauarant.

HARUNA: I see.

RINA: I've never eaten it, but it sounds really good.

TOMOMI: When we go to Nagoya, we often eat other kinds of Nagoyan food.

HARUNA: That might be so.

RINA: Like miso katsu.

TOMOMI: And miso nikomi udon.


TOMOMI: And tebasaki.

MAMI: Right.

TOMOMI: That's why I would like to go have some ankake spaghetti.

HARUNA: Miso katsu, tebasaki, miso nikomi udon... Sometimes I think that ankake spaghetti is next in line, in terms of trends for Nagoyan food.

MAMI: Yeah, maybe for teppanyaki and ankake.

TOMOMI: There's also some crazy pasta in Nagoya, right?

RINA: Like a dessert pasta?

MAMI: Yeah, it's at a place called Mountain.

HARUNA: "Kissa Mountain." They have stuff like strawberry pasta and matcha pasta.

TOMOMI: I don't have the guys to eat that...but I'd like to see it.

HARUNA: I've also never eaten that before.

MAMI: Me neither.

HARUNA: I'd like to do so at least once.

MAMI: You'll say you'll eat a little, but then it'll look like you're about to finish it.

TOMOMI: You'll be going, "This is okay..." while eating it.

HARUNA: Yeah, I think I'd eat it.

MAMI: Going back to ankake spaghetti, from what I remember it's ketchup, or maybe it's sour? That's what's popular, right?

HARUNA: I think so. They put sauce over spaghetti napolitan with an egg on top, served on an iron plate.

TOMOMI: Really?

RINA: It suits the palettes of people in Nagoya.

HARUNA: That might be why it's a little strongly-flavored.

MAMI: I don't think it's the same kind of sauce consistency as tenshinhan or soup.

RINA: It's not?

TOMOMI: Is it like sara udon sauce?

MAMI: Yeah, it's not Japanese-style. I'd love for you guys to try it once!

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 110

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•The episode starts with this. Continuing from where the blog left off, RINA's answer of donuts is incorrect. TOMO then says ice cream, which is the correct answer (you can read more about that here on Wiki). They wonder if the ice cream sold there is still popular. MAMI says that she likes the sauce used on their burgers. They say that they'd like to go again, and that if/when they do, they'll order some ice cream. TOMO wonders if they only have standard flavors like vanilla. MAMI thinks that they must have Philippines-like flavors. TOMO guesses that they might have banana-flavored ice cream (unfortunately, it looks like don't really serve ice cream at all anymore/if they do, it's usually vanilla).

•HARU reads the next message from a listener who is also from the Philippines and claims that they first learned about SCANDAL's music in 2007, and that their music has helped them a lot. They say that they have a connection to "Ai ni Naranakatta" since they're part of the LGBT community and that it's hard to find love. MAMI says that a lot of messages regarding love seem to come in from overseas listeners, which makes them happy.

•HARU then starts to read the quiz question and goes, "Philippine fast food chain Jollibee beloved by everyone." The others laugh and go "Eh??" since it starts the same way as the first quiz question. TOMO goes, "Ice cream!" They laugh and go, "Is that correct?" (*Bzzt). HARU starts reading the question: "Philippine fast food chain Jollibee beloved by everyone has many mascots such as their signature bee." The band is surprised by this. MAMI goes, "No way!" HARU continues, "There's 'Hamburger Man' (Mr. Yum)..." They go, "Eh??" and laugh. HARU then says, "Ice Cream Woman (Twirlie)." They again all laugh and say that they're crying tears of laughter. HARU tries to continue saying it while laughing: "Hamburger Man and Ice Cream Woman's little sister..." TOMO goes, "HARU's crying!" HARU continues with, "Fried Man's (Popo) little sister..." They laugh again and MAMI goes, "What does he fry? Everything??" So this is the question in its entirety:

Philippine fast food chain Jollibee beloved by everyone has many mascots such as their signature bee. There's Mr. Yum, Twirlie, etc.

Who is Mr. Yum and Twirlie's little sister, and is also Popo's twin sister?

TOMO goes, "It's probably something-something Woman" and answers "Potato Woman." This is incorrect. HARU repeats the question and TOMO goes, "Oh, it's not their child?" They go over the familiar connections again before MAMI answer, "Juice Woman" (*Bzzt). They then list the types of foods that have already been used: burgers, ice cream, and fried food. RINA guesses "Shake Girl" (*Bzzt). They laugh and say it probably is something "Woman." MAMI says that they can't know that for sure, though. Then then say that maybe it is something "Girl" due to her being the little sister. TOMO goes, "It's not boy, right?" They laugh and say no. TOMO then guesses "Fresh Lettuce Woman" (*Bzzt). MAMI guesses "Tomato-chan" (*Bzzt). TOMO goes, "It definitely wouldn't be named that!" and they all laugh. She then says that since they're twins and the other one has "Fried" in his name, then maybe it's something like "Chicken Woman" (*Bzzt), and then "Potato Woman" (*Bzzt), and then "Onion Woman" (*Bzzt). MAMI guesses "Apple Pie Woman" (*Bzzt). The staff says that it's definitely something that they've eaten before. HARU guesses "Nugget Woman" (*Bzzt), and then "Salad Woman" (*Bzzt). MAMI asks for a hint and if the character's named after a popular item. The staff says that they wouldn't know that.

•MAMI then says, "What about in Japan?" They then say that yes, it is a popular item in Japan. TOMO asks if it's found at other fast food places. They say that it probably isn't but gives them a hint: Her nickname is "Hetty." The band goes, "Hetty??" TOMO guesses "Healthy Woman" (*Bzzt). They give another hint that she is a cheerleader. RINA thinks that she definitely has to be associated with potatoes, but the buzzer sound is played. MAMI guesses "Hash Brown Woman" (*Bzzt). TOMO guesses "Onigiri" (Rice Ball) (*Bzzt). They laugh at her guess being Japanese food. MAMI then guesses "Iced Tea Woman" (*Bzzt). The staffer gives them a hint of it being a staple food. TOMO guesses "Rice" (*Bzzt), then "Fish" (*Bzzt), then "Beef (*Bzzt). MAMI guesses "Buns Woman" (*Bzzt), then "Patty Woman" (*Bzzt). The staffer says something else inaudible before RINA answers "Pasta," which is the right answer. The staffer says the correct answer is "Miss Spaghetti." They go, "That's so cute!"

•MAMI seems to look her up online and says she looks really cute/has a lot of character. HARU laughs and says she looks nothing like what the Jollibee mascot looks like. The staffer mentions that Jollibee has no familial connections to the other mascots. They laugh and say that's so complicated. They say that they've never eaten that spaghetti before, and that they didn't know Jollibee offered that. The staff says that many of the mascots have been cut, as in they don't appear on Jollibee's official site and such. RINA says that they wanted to go to a Jollibee in person but were told they didn't have time to do so. MAMI mentions that there was a Jollibee next to the place where they held the fan meeting the day before the concert. The staff then says that Jollibee used to have a green motif when they first started (as opposed to the red they have now). The band is surprised and MAMI goes, "No way!" TOMO wonders if it changed when they decided to start selling things other than ice cream. Next, the staff explains the meaning of "Jollibee," which literally means "a jolly bee." They say that it is quite a jolly-looking bee. TOMO then goes, "If it wasn't jolly, it'd look like it just infiltrated a family." They laugh at this, and that this quiz was only about Jollibee.

•They then close out the episode. HARU says that their program director goes to a Jollibee, he probably will find the food irresistable. TOMO says that he could eat some if he came to Canada with them. He seems to say something probably along the lines of, "Is it even in Canada?" MAMI says that they'll look for some, and that she thinks there are locations in Canada [there are several in Toronto and one in Vancouver]. HARU says that they haven't any quizzes about Canada so far (meaning that no messages from listeners in Canada have been read before on the show). MAMI laughs and wonders if their shows in Canada are going to be okay.

*As always, you can send in a message to the program here. I've made a guide as how to input your info and message for those who need assistance (click to enlarge):

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The seventh "I see - The Catch up"! SCANDAL is quizzed about an overseas fast food chain that they love!

Episode #110 blog

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HARUNA: We'll be bringing you the seventh "I see - The Catch up," the first one in forever!
Bringing you worldwide news or cultures in the form of a quiz!
A SCANDAL-like segment that comes from messages sent from fans around the world

TOMOMI: Can't wait!

HARUNA: I feel like we're doing it a lot more...

TOMOMI: Isn't it one volume for each time?

HARUNA: So far we've done quizzes based on message from Estonia, Malaysia, Argentina, Italy, Russia, USA, Australia, Philippines, Taiwan, India, Indonesia.

MAMI: Wow... People from all over the world really do tune in.

TOMOMI: Yeah, hearing all of those countries again, it really impressive. We're also holding a world tour this year.

HARUNA: Let's learn about the world before that.
Now let's read a message! This was written in Japanese.

AD (*I will not be translating the entire message, just the parts that the band mentions)

Hello! I'm AD from the Philippines. I made fan art based on the teaser of the "MIRROR" MV. I'm currently drawing a short manga for RINA.

TOMOMI: We do see fan art!

HARUNA: They said they're also drawing a short manga.

RINA: This person might have sent me a DM.

HARUNA: We'd love to see more in the future!
Thanks, AD! Now here's a quiz about the Philippines!

When Philippine fast food chain Jollibee beloved by everyone began in 1975, they didn't serve burgers nor fried chicken.

What did they sell when they first opened?

MAMI: Ehー!

TOMOMI: Really?

RINA: What did they sell...?

TOMOMI: Me! Honey!

MAMI: Me! Fries!

RINA: Desserts! Parfait!

HARUNA: Fruit!

RINA: Donuts!

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 109

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Topics tagged under catchup on SCANDAL HEAVEN OSjYfy5

•The episode starts with this.

•TOMO reads the next message from a listener who attended their recent concert in Kobe and says that after the concert, he confessed to the girl that they went to the concert with and they are now dating. The band squees and claps (MAMI: "Wow!"). They're both from Kansai, though he's currently living in Nagoya for work. After they talked about how they would be apart for a bit though they just started dating, he decided to transfer to Hyogo Prefecture to be closer to her. The band is surprised and goes "Eh??!" They're all impressed with the story. TOMO goes, "SCANDAL concerts are places of power, aren't they?" They thank the listener for telling them.

•RINA reads the next message from a listener who says their first anniversary with their boyfriend is March 4th. He loves SCANDAL, and before the listener knew it, she started liking SCANDAL as well. They also plan to go to their tour in April. She quotes the lyrics to their song "Kinenbi" and hopes that they can "keep stacking up the trifiling anniversaries." RINA then reads that the listener says she's happy when she listens to "Catch up." HARU laughs and goes, "Did she actually say that?" RINA rereads the message and says that it seems that their program director handwrote that line in, which the band laughs at. RINA says that she wants to start a hashtag for these love-related stories like these last two. The director says to read this next message. RINA goes, "What is it?"

•HARU reads the next message from a listener whom the band had called for the program at the end of last year (the one whose car got squished flat). She thanks them for making her feel happy and blasting away residual feelings and such from last year, such as ones involving her ex that got her into SCANDAL. She then says that about a month after the phone call, she got a new boyfriend. She then says a ton of stuff about new BF that I don't really feel like translating lol. She ends her message by asking the band to give her a pep talk. The band laughs at this and says that they're glad she got a new BF. One of the things she did mention was that she was scared to fall in love with her new BF due to having trauma from her past relationship. RINA says that the new guy is a completely different person and she should be embracing who is he is rather than comparing him to her ex, and that the same thing won't happen again. HARU mentions how they've talked about a lot of things on this program and that a lot of listeners have found happiness. TOMO goes, "Places of power, I tell you!" They all laugh. MAMI goes, "For us, is it whittling down our own power?" They all laugh again and say that they're bequeathing power to everyone, so that's okay.

•MAMI reads the next message from a listener who says they got married last year, but their wife doesn't like that they like SCANDAL. She got angry when they watched one of SCANDAL's live DVDs when they first started dating, and she gets mad when she hears their songs. She doesn't like the fact that he likes female artists. Even if he explains that what he likes is their music, she won't listen to him. He says it makes him sad to think that he might not be able to go to their concerts in the future. He asks the band if there's a good solution for this. TOMO says that it's difficult for them to think of a solution because they can't really say anything, which the others laugh at. HARU says that she's sure that the opposite exists, where men don't like that women like male idols or the like. RINA says that it sounds like she's jealous, and that the listener ought to try explaining his side to her. MAMI brings up that he said that she won't listen to what he says. TOMO says to decrease the speed of their songs so that their voices sound like guys. They all laugh and TOMO continues that he'll then be able to listen to SCANDAL's songs and the wife might not be able to tell it's them. HARU asks what to do when it comes to going to their concerts. TOMO laughs and says that's difficult to say. MAMI says that maybe he could take her to a concert at least once. RINA says that it probably has to do with appearances, so maybe he could try telling her about the band's personalities. MAMI basically says that he should try talking directly with his wife about the band. She also wonders how they themselves could be explained. RINA wonders what DVD and what songs of theirs he showed his wife, which they all laugh at. MAMI says that it is true that they're completely different now than how they were 10 years ago. They say that maybe he could try showing her their most recent stuff.

•TOMO reads the next message from a listener who has a boyfriend that is five years older than them, and that they've been dating for three years. They don't dislike him, and they feel a sense of security being with him, but they aren't quite sure if they do love him. They ask if it means their romance is over, despite likely being able to keep staying together (quoting the lyrics from "Ai ni Naranakatta no sa"). They also ask what the moment is when lust turns into true love. HARU says that the longer you go out with someone, the more likely something like that will happen. RINA says that it could be due to time. MAMI says that if they don't want a person that's not their current BF to make their heart skip a beat, then she thinks that they could just stay together while thinking of what steps to take next. TOMO says that the longer you're with someone, the more likely it'll be that they no longer "make your heart skip a beat," but if you don't want to hurt them or if you want to do something for them, then it's likely that it'll end up being true love. She also says that feeling bored might be a sign that the romance is over with. TOMO says that maybe it'd be good to think things over while considering how you'd likely feel if you were no longer with that person.

•RINA reads the next message from a listener who says that they found something that sounds very similar to a song of SCANDAL's: In a video of foreigners pounding cacao beans with a hammer, the sound of the hammering sounds just like the intro to "one more time." The band then seemingly listens to the video and bursts out laughing, saying that the tone does sound like the song's intro [it's the first few seconds of this video]. HARU wonders how they stumbled across this video. MAMI laughs and says that that was the first time she's heard this. The intro to OMT is played and they say that it sounds exactly the same. They seemingly play the cacao video again and they once again go, "It's the same!" They say that it seems that newer fans are able to spot these similarities. RINA says that maybe they're able to because they're coming into it with fresh ears.

•They then close out the episode. They mention that their postponed Sendai performance has been rescheduled for May 6th. They also say that they'll be performing at the JAPAN JAM festival the following day.

*As always, you can send in a message to the program here. I've made a guide as how to input your info and message for those who need assistance (click to enlarge):

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The first "SCANDAL Catch up" episode in the new fiscal year! What kind of program is "Catch up"??

Episode #109 blog

Topics tagged under catchup on SCANDAL HEAVEN KjHpz3v

HARUNA: It's April! As such, we'd like to explain the program once more.
This program is titled "SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo"
..."Catch up" means "How are things going?"
It's a weekly program where the four of us and the listeners
Get excited and talk frankly, freely, and have fun.
Huh... It's written on here, "Tell us each what's appealing about the program!"!?

All: Eh!

(*Everyone takes a moment to think)

TOMOMI: Well, we enjoy tons of Meiji sweets as we record...

MAMI: Sometimes we do live broadcasts on Tokyo FM, talk on the phone to listeners...

RINA: I wonder if our personalities outside of music are showing in a good way...

TOMOMI: And we also have a lot of original program merch!

HARUNA: That's important! Yeah, we immediately forget to give them out...

TOMOMI: We have stickers, picks, Apollo pouch, which we give out only once a year.

HARUNA: It's a rare item from this program.

MAMI: It's such a nicely made pouch that's in the shape of an Apollo chocolate.

RINA: It's so adorable!

HARUNA: It's a genuine, original item made just for this program.

TOMOMI: I think it's big enough to hold 9 Meltykisses...

HARUNA: We give presents out to those whose messages we read.

TOMOMI: Ah, we also have segment-only stickers.

HARUNA: That's right. We have a "Kyoukai-sen Kyoukai" sticker. It has such a nice design.
We have a lot of other segments! "Yappa Hyougen Suki ya nen," which introduces local dialects; "Naru Hodo - The Catch up," where we read messages from listeners worldwide while we're given a quiz about those countries; "Consult SCANDAL," where we answer inquiries about love advice, life advice, etc.... And I have a feeling there are even more...
At any rate, we'd like to continue to get excited with you guys!

Now then, let's read a message.


Good evening, SCANDAL. I survive the gloomy beginning of the week looking forward to new episodes [of "Catch up"] every Monday night.

I've always enjoyed listening to the radio, and recently I've started sending in messages to programs. There was something I discovered after starting to send in messages, so I will be submitting it here.

I've always been the type of person who can't get back up right away if something goes wrong, and I tend to feel excessively regretful.

However, ever since I started sending in messages to radio programs, I've been reflecting on my mistakes and they don't drag on for as long as before. I realized that I was thinking positively about things and trying to turn my messups into funny stories to be read on the radio.

When I noticed that change in my emotions, at first my posts started winning stickers and other prizes. Besides the free gifts, I felt that it had a huge positive effect on me, and I became even more fond of the radio.

SCANDAL, do you feel that there's something positive for you about doing this radio program?

HARUNA: How wonderful!

RINA: That's lovely!

MAMI: That's a great way to listen to the radio~

TOMOMI: There can be a lot of moments when you get to know yourself better by talking about what you think.

MAMI: There are.

RINA: You can organize your thoughts.

HARUNA: Since "Catch up" started, I may have lost my adversion to speaking. I think that really is the case. That's why it's important to put things into words. Listeners, please feel free to send us messages about all sorts of things!

TOMOMI: A lot of our segments were created from messages.

HARUNA: That's right; we're not necessarily the ones who decide which segments to have. Things that get us and the listeners excited become segments.

RINA: It's the best.

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