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Posted Sat Oct 31, 2009 3:52 pm



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01. No bashing, underestimating, mocking or any type of bad action against SCANDAL. This is a place for SCANDAL fans only. Respect SCANDAL as a band and especially the band members. What we mean by this includes but is not limited to: rude remarks against their appearance, musical ability, and style choices. Comments of an inappropriate nature will not be tolerated. Any post disrespecting them will be given immediate warning or an immediate ban, depending on what was done.

02. The selling or buying of any item is NOT allowed. This includes tickets. Proceed to other places if you wish to sell anything.

03. In this forum SCANDAL is number 1. If you're here to talk about how other artists are better, you might as well just leave. However, even though SCANDAL is number 1 here, this doesn't give anyone the right to disrespect other artists. Respect other artists as well.

04. Respect other forum members. Be nice to each other. No swearing, flaming, bashing, trolling, taunting, or sexually harassing members. Any sort of racism is not allowed as well. Showing aggressive actions towards a member publicly is also an offense. If you want to be respected, then respect others around you and  NEVER CROSS THE LINE. SCANDAL HEAVEN is not your typical internet community; there is a higher expectation for self-control and civility among its members. Remember that everyone on this forum is entitled to their own opinion. We are allowed to express our complete opinions, and this includes anything we may not agree with or dislike in the form of constructive criticism. Respectful language should be considered when voicing an opinion and responding to someone else’s. When someone expresses their disapproval of something, we should know when to "agree to disagree." For a general example of respectful commenting see here.

05. Show proper etiquette. Foul language and vulgar words are not allowed.

06. NO PORN ALLOWED! Posting images or links that includes pornography is not allowed. Posting other inappropriate images is also not allowed. Keep these kinds of things for yourself or show it somewhere else.

07. Discuss topics properly and do not SPAM. Never go off-topic. No spamming. If you think your post is senseless, keep it to yourself. Don't forget to read the SPAM PREVENTION SYSTEM. Ignorance of this is not an exemption.

08. Observe the use of emoticons. Putting too much emoticons in your post is not allowed--you may not post more than 3 emoticons in total in one post. Posting more than 2 emoticons continuously is not allowed. Putting only emoticons in your post is also not allowed, as using only pure emoticons for your post is a heavy indication of spamming. Same rules apply for Smileys.

09. No double-posting. Double-posting will only be allowed for important posts. If your double-post does not contribute to the topic, it will be considered a violation of this rule. There's always the edit button if ever you want to add something to your post.

10. Create topics in the proper area. Provide appropriate topic titles for the posted topic.

11. Never take or use in other sites the graphics of the members here without crediting them. You should either ask for permission, or simply give credits to them.

12. Always include your sources. We don't want any plagiarism happening here.

13. Stick to one account. One user, one account. The use of multiple accounts or allowing more than one person access to an account is expressly forbidden. If you want a different username, contact the administrator to get a username change. Those found committing this offense will be given extreme punishment.

14. Use English only. This is an English-speaking forum. If ever you want to write in other language, you must provide a translation for it or request a translation of it.

15. Never criticize members because of their English. Not everyone is good at speaking English. The most important thing is that one tries their best.

16. SCANDAL HEAVEN supports anti-piracy. Absolutely NO official releases are allowed to be posted in the forum. This includes, but is not limited to: CDs, DVDs, scans, etc. Please also do not post any links or the like. Support the band and purchase their releases!


Below are the Private Messages that will be given to you. The message title are the ones mentioned below.

- Will be given once an offense is done.
- Continuity of actions despite of the attention given, WARNING will be given immediately.

- Will be given once a offense is heavily done.
- Continuity of actions despite the WARNING given, PUNISHMENT will be given immediately

- Will be given once an offense is done despite of the warning, message will contain your punishment.
- Will be given immediately when violations are done despite past warnings.
- Depending on the situation, punishment will be decided by not only the Administrator, but also of the staffs.

NOTE: We will also be considering the weight of the violation. You may be warned or immediately punished depending on the weight of the violation you did. So do not expect just warnings from heavy violations.


~ Temporary Account Suspension
-  1-week to 1-month suspension.

~ Permanent Account Suspension
- Repeated violations despite past punishments.
- Those proven to have multiple accounts.
- Those who showed disrespect to SCANDAL


Ignorance of the violation is not an exemption.

These are the forum rules. If you don't understand some of the things written here, kindly PM the staff so that we can explain to you. It's much better to ask and understand than to unknowingly commit the violation. Always remember to follow them. Help the staff too by reporting members you see violating any of the listed rules. Everyone's cooperation is good for the forum.

If you have any problems or anything you want to report, kindly PM the staff. Rest assure that proper actions will be done. You can also report forum staff that abuse their power. I will personally look into the scene and give the proper action.

Always remember and follow the rules to avoid trouble. Behaving properly is always the key to peace and enjoyment.

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