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Involuntarily heart-pounding♡ SCANDAL studies the spring/summer 2016 trend of tacky outfit coordinates

Mery - SCANDAL Challenges the Trend of 「Tacky」 Fashion Jdgv76p

The four piece girl band SCANDAL makes their appearance in Bourbon's 「Fettuccini Gummi」 commercial! This CM features the new song 「LOVE ME DO」 from their new album 「YELLOW」 that released on 3/2! It was heart-pounding for SCANDAL, who incorporated 「tacky」 elements of trendy 2016 spring/summer fashion♡

SCANDAL Challenges the Trend of 「Tacky」 Fashion♡

Mery - SCANDAL Challenges the Trend of 「Tacky」 Fashion CELw48y

SCANDAL, the four-piece girl band who is also active overseas, challenged the spring/summer 2016 trend of tacky fashion!

For makeup to go with their fashion, they enlisted the help of popular makeup artist Shinobu Igari-san who too is active overseas♡

What did the four members transform into....

We asked SCANDAL about their favorite outfit coordinating tips, notable spring/summer fashion, and makeup!

HARUNA (Vocal & Guitar)
Mery - SCANDAL Challenges the Trend of 「Tacky」 Fashion SsjjMFY

I really liked this 60s-style retro print dress that packs a punch being colorful with keynotes of black while also having an elegant design! In fact, it's a bit of an unnerving design since the back is open! I don't normally wear dresses, but I want to try wearing this in my private life as well.

Also, we had Shinobu Igari-san, who we wanted to work together with someday, do our makeup this time! My femininity was enhanced with a juicy, glossy finish. Naturally subtracting makeup around the eyes made for makeup with a lovely impression.

Adding a flashy print and colors on a dress with a base of monotone colors. A dress with a design that moves softly and cute makeup really suits her♡

TOMOMI (Bass & Vocal)
Mery - SCANDAL Challenges the Trend of 「Tacky」 Fashion GRZUBSh

Since I don't normally challenge myself to do all-pink outfit coordination, it felt fresh and innovative. By pairing it with a fur hat of the same color but different material, it became a coordinate that's fresh and gathers attention. Since I bought many cute socks for this spring, I want to wear fashion that makes the best of them!

I normally don't do anything special to my eyebrows, but this time I had them drawn on darker to go with my pink outfit. It wasn't a look I'm used to, so I'd get startled every time I looked in a mirror (laughs).

When you really look at her all-pink coordinate, you see that her outerwear and skirt have different lace materials! It's a mix of laces that's not a simple one-tone coordinate, and she's a stylish master that incorporated tacky elements casually! The furry beret is also a cute, girly accent♡

MAMI (Guitar & Vocal)
Mery - SCANDAL Challenges the Trend of 「Tacky」 Fashion P64ant1

We went with a 60s fashion motif this time. A retro, pop, kind of quirky combination is adorable! My top, skirt, and blouson all have print on them! It's a coordinate where you can enjoy the combination of different patterns. Since I'm currently making clothes myself that I want to wear, maybe I'll wear original clothes when it gets warmer! (Laughs)

Regarding Shinobu Igari-san's makeup, I was surprised at the techniques she used where she utilized freckles and imperfections that I usually cover up and incorporating them as natural charm! There were so many points I want to take note of!

Unified by prints even with her hairband--a full body coordinate from her head on, combining pop colors and retro prints, this is THE top tacky style to pay attention to this spring and summer!

RINA (Drums & Vocal)
Mery - SCANDAL Challenges the Trend of 「Tacky」 Fashion LNrI72I

The merits of the surprising compatibility of vivid green and pink was impressive. The oversized earrings with a vintage feel were also my favorite. The dress was elegant and had a very lovely shape; I again thought that a leading dress is a woman's best ally. For spring, I'm paying attention to pajamas; for colors, I'm interested in pink and blue items!

For our makeup, we went with "less is more," and having our faces made up to match the season also lifted our mood. Igari-san substitutes eyeliner for eyeshadow. I think "Not going overboard" is stylish. (Laughs)

The feminine, soft design of the dress and the prominent color scheme of the exact opposite colors of pink and green are very fresh and adorable! It looks like you can incorporate tacky fashion cutely into girly styles as well.

The truth is that the MV for their new song 「LOVE ME DO」 is associated with the commercial for Fettuccine Gummi!

Mery - SCANDAL Challenges the Trend of 「Tacky」 Fashion 0Ur4BbN

SCANDAL's tacky style can be seen in the MV for 「LOVE ME DO」, which is a new song on their new, seventh album 「YELLOW」 that was released on 3/2♡

This MV that's packed with heart-pounding scenes for the girls is too cute!

Bourbon Fettuccine Gummi × SCANDAL Collaboration MV 「LOVE ME DO」

The new song and MV is also used for the CM for the popular, regardless of gender, 「Fettuccine Gummi」 by Bourbon! You can enjoy both the CM and MV♡

In Bourbon's 「Fettuccine Gummi」 TV CM, the four members of SCANDAL are dressed up in stylish, cute fashion while being in different situations and having happy, heart-pounding accidents♡
The very fashionable world filled with happiness is way too cute!!!
The MV and TV CM have scenes packed with heart-pounding scenes for the girls, but what kind of guy makes their hearts pound in real life...?

Mery - SCANDAL Challenges the Trend of 「Tacky」 Fashion 3LaCrFI

HARUNA: A guy who opens the door and lets me in first and can casually do "ladies first" makes my heart pound.

TOMOMI: There are couples who come out to live houses, and seeing a guy who was protecting his girl while the both of them were having fun made my heart pound.

Guys who treat you as their own special girl definitely make our hearts pound♡


Mery - SCANDAL Challenges the Trend of 「Tacky」 Fashion 39iLxaW

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