Excite Music - A Lecture On Coordinate Points
Posted Fri Mar 11, 2016 11:20 pm



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That popular girl band unveils their casual clothes! A lecture on coordinate points

Excite Music - A Lecture On Coordinate Points HHmCtyT

SCANDAL's songs, of course, and each of the members' characters garner attention. Especially in regards to fashion, there are surely many people who aren't fans but are interested in the girls who wear items that suit them even while changing their image from time to time. Therefore, we asked the members about their usual fashion and what kind of fashion they're interested in, as well as unveiling their casual clothes on this day! The coordinate points taught by the members are also a must-see.

We love secondhand clothes

――How do you usually choose your outfit coordinates?

RINA: It's kind of like, "I'm going to this place and seeing this person, so I'll wear this."

MAMI: The feelings from clothes change, like wearing something tight-fitting today would be good, or for today's recording I want to play it in a rough feeling so I'll wear something loose. Also, items. Like, I want to wear these shoes so I'll wear these pants with it.

TOMOMI: It depends on my physical condition too. Like, "I think I'll be warm today" (laughs).

HARUNA: I usually decide based on my feelings when I wake up.

――What have been your favorite items or coordinates recently?

RINA: Because I love secondhand clothes, I have a rule that I must put on at least one secondhand clothing or vintage item. I want to wear tons of dresses in the spring. I think lace-up shoes would look cute with those.

MAMI: For winter, it's either a tight fitting jacket or a loose one that's like a sweatshirt.

TOMOMI: For some reason, a lot of the stuff I've bought while thinking I'll wear it in the future have been green. Maybe that's my current mood?

RINA: Even though we're releasing 『YELLOW』 (laughs)?

TOMOMI: It's kind of close to that. They're similar colors (laughs).

HARUNA: My everyday coordinates don't change. I usually go with monotone colors with a sweatshirt on top and skinny pants on the bottom. But, for only my shoes, I add an accent of color with sneakers.

――Do you have any fashion references?

HARUNA: Magazines. I buy a few when I go to a convenience store. They're both a fashion magazine and a source of information!

MAMI: No matter how short the stay time at a hotel is, she makes sure to buy them.

TOMOMI: I often look at the Instagrams of my favorite stores and brands. Like, I wonder what will appear.

We want things that accent our coordinates

――What are the items you've been wanting recently?

MAMI: Chokers. There are tons of chokers at the stores I go to often, and I'm interested in them because there are all kinds of design variations like ones with beads attached, gaudy ones, and simple black leather ones. I don't get many accessories because I lose them quickly, but I think I'd be okay with one around the neck.

RINA: Vintage accessories are super cute. Ones that use gems and have a toy-like feel to them are good. They're pretty but casual and cute, so I choose ones that are like ones that actresses in old French movies wear.

HARUNA: What I have my sights set on is a clutch bag that you can customize and attach a mini bag to. One that has a street-saavy and snappy feeling.

TOMOMI: Caps. I want ones that accentuate my coordinates with their color.

――How do you choose your outfits for lives or jacket covers?

RINA: For lives, the four of us roughly decide on things that would match our live concepts, and consult with our stylist while deciding and matching them to our characters. The four of us talk about things like, 「Wouldn't this be better?」 It was the same for our album cover outfits this time.

MAMI: We put an emphasis on balance for the cover outfits. Since my black dress is shiny velour, we had RINA wear lace. You can see a balance in the materials as well.

HARUNA: It's the same with our hair colors. Because our tour outfits were simple this time, we made our hairstyles gaudy.

Excite Music - A Lecture On Coordinate Points ZerMaZv

On this day I had on a coordinate that was easy to move around in because it made me more skillful while I was at driving school (laughs).
I put together monotone outfits especially in the winter, so I chose sneakers that had impact.
Although I bought these sneakers a year ago, it's a tweed fabric so I love that I can show a rough style as well as a slightly elegant one!

Excite Music - A Lecture On Coordinate Points EbXwJo5

A large sweatshirt makes for a loose style♪
The blue coat gives an accent color to the monotony.
I've been loving chokers recently!

Excite Music - A Lecture On Coordinate Points 9hHRH5X
Excite Music - A Lecture On Coordinate Points Jy6oy0y

A side lace-up knit dress and a pink courderoy cap make for a coordinate that protects against the cold while taking in spring early.
On the cap I put on 3 cute pins I found at a vintage shop.

Excite Music - A Lecture On Coordinate Points DBx4Cwh

My white top, bag, earrings, and scarf wrapped around my neck are all secondhand items.
Style comes out in a coordinate just by using vintage items as your basic ones.
My shoes are from miu miu. I went for a monotone look this day.



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Oh no Tomomi...the ETAM lingerie pin badge is quite okay but I doubt she knows that the Lesieur one is also a french brand...but for vegetables oils, vinagrettes and sauces!! Teehee
I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it ha ha!!
Aah, she can have strange taste like that jacket she wore recently during the Yellow promo tour that is inspired by the 80's Miami erotic scene...yep, to each his tastes!!x)

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