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TabiSche - Interview: SCANDAL
Posted Fri Apr 01, 2016 12:25 am



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TabiSche - Interview: SCANDAL
TabiSche - Interview: SCANDAL PoLmVcp

TabiSche, a Hiroshima travel information magazine, has conducted a travel interview with SCANDAL for their April 2016 issue.

Hiroshima is like their second hometown. A sense of security where they can take a relaxing breath.

We talked to SCANDAL, whose fans continue to increase not only in Japan but all over the world since their debut.

――What is your top favorite place you've been to so far? Please tell us your favorite places at home and abroad.

TOMOMI: I want to go to Hokkaido. The food is delicious and just walking around the city is fun. The fact that it's low on pollen makes it appealing (laughs).

MAMI: Turkey. We went last October and we were overwhelmed by the scenery that mixed together Asia and Europe!

――What country was the most memorable on your world tour that spanned 9 countries last year?

HARUNA: We ate ant eggs in Mexico. It seems to be a fairly high-class food, and we had it since a local interpreter was happy to eat it♪

RINA: We went to Soho and Abbey Road in London and recreated cover pictures from OASIS and The Beatles. There were more cars traveling on Abbey Road than I expected, and we did about 10 round trips on the crosswalk until we were able to take the right picture.

――What was the most delicious food you've eaten on a trip?

RINA: Musashi's wakadori (fried chicken) bento. We go to many cities, but there really isn't anything else that comes close to this bento!

HARUNA: The potato skins we ate in London. I couldn't stop once I started eating the fried potato skins with mayonnaise on them!

――What's a trip you'd like to take before you die?

TOMOMI: The salt flats of Uyuni! I'd like to see that scenery once with my own eyes. It's a world of mirrors.

MAMI: I want to go to the northernmost point, the southernmost point, the westernmost point, and the easternmost point of Japan! I want to know one end of Japan to the other.

――What's a memory of when you've visited Hiroshima?

RINA: The Hiroshima Flower Festival. I'm happy that we were able to perform our song 「Shoujo S」 that became one of our turning points for the first time in Hiroshima♡

――Lastly, please give your fans in Hiroshima a message!

HARUNA: Since we've been playing lives in Hiroshima since our debut, it feels like this is our second hometown. We'll be playing two lives over two days in April, so please come out!

RINA: We've completed a bright, funky album called 『YELLOW』. Please give it a listen. Come out to our tour too, okay!

MAMI: We'll be playing two days in Hiroshima on our live house tour in support of our album 『YELLOW』! Hiroshima is such a beloved place to us that we couldn't miss going here on a nationwide tour! It'll be at a live house, which means that I'm excited that the audience can enjoy our music with us at a close range.

TOMOMI: We've truly loved Hiroshima for such a long time. People there always tell us 「Welcome back」, and we're enveloped by a sense of security where we can take a relaxing breath. We'll be coming here on our tour this year too. Please let us say 「We're home」!


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