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SCANDAL's HARUNA & MAMI complete their first full marathon

 ◆The 7th Osaka Marathon, Sponsored by Junichi Shimbun (11/26・Osaka Castle Park~INTEX OSAKA・42.195 km)

Vocalist & guitarist HARUNA and guitarist MAMI from four-piece all-girl band 「SCANDAL」 took on their first full marathon as part of FM802's event and completed the course.

Practicing during breaks between recording their new album, HARUNA, who ran it in 5:47:46, was satisfied and said, 「The sense of accomplishment is amazing. I've started to like running」. MAMI too, who ran it in 6:08:39, excitedly said, 「It was way more fun than I had imagined」.



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HARUNA & MAMI & the Osaka Marathon
Posted on Sat Jan 06, 2018 6:09 pm

The Sherwood Shinobi

Caless Student
Caless Student
Total congrats to HARUNA & MAMI for completing the Osaka Marathon in such excellent times. How they managed to get the training in with their hectic schedule of composing music, rehearsing, recording, performing etc I really don't know. I ran the Osaka Marathon in 2016 in 4-57-11 but, with not working, have more spare time to train. I'm really pleased to learn that, like so many young Japanese, they are keen distance runners.

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