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Starting from 12 pm JST on 6/23 (Sat.), SCANDAL × E hyphen world gallery collaboration items will go presale! Collaboration items by each member and a unisex t-shirt will be for sale in limited quantities!

The members themselves were engaged in the planning, and items that are full of each of their emotions have been created.

Don't miss out on these limited items that you can only get here!

【Presale Details】
Reception period: 6/23 (Sat.) 12:00 ~ 7/2 (Mon) 23:59

Product details
E hyphen world gallery OFFICIAL WEB SHOP

※The collaboration items are scheduled to be delivered around mid-July.
※Because of the limited quantity, it is possible that the presale will close even during the reception period.
※Depending on production, there is a possibility that the delivery time might differ by a few days. Please be aware.
※They will not be sold on SCANDAL OFFICIAL WEB SHOP, nor at Feedback! Shop in Shibuya.

SCANDAL Vintage Print T-Shirt
4,000 yen +tax (4,320 yen)

Two designs!
Available in two sizes: M & L

The vintage-like texture produces a sense of spirit◎ We recommend the large for men, of course, and also for women to wear it loosely and have a big silhouette.

TOMOMI - Flower Print 2-Way Dress
7,500 yen +tax (8,100 yen)

"The vivid color usage is gorgeous! This can be enjoyed as a cache-cœur dress, of course, as well as a gown. It also goes well with denim◎"

HARUNA - Off-Shoulder Top
5,000 yen +tax (5,400 yen)

"The effortless fashion of an off-shoulder style makes for a feminine top. The back has a o-ring zipper and spices up the top!"

RINA - Dot Flare Romper
7,000 yen +tax (7,560 yen)

"A moderately sweet romper with the sleeves and hem having a flared silhouette. The dot pattern and the healthy showing of the v-neck is mature and adorable."

MAMI - Dot Tulle Pullover
5,000 yen +tax (5,400 yen)

"A dot tulle top that catches your eye with distinctive colors. The tulle is sheer and summer-like◎"


2011.7.3 AM2 - Anaheim, CA 2012.3.28 SCANDAL vs BUDOKAN 11.3+4 SCANDAL HALL TOUR 2012 @愛知 11.10 Happy MUSIC Live 2012 2013.3.3 SCANDAL OSAKA-JO HALL 2013 @大阪城ホール 2014.6.1 HNL Ekiden & Music 2014 6.2 Fan Meeting 2015.4.25 SCANDAL WORLD TOUR 2015「HELLO WORLD」 Paris, FR 4.26「HW」London, UK 4.30「HW」Essen, GER 5.15「HW」Chicago, IL 5.20「HW」Mexico City, MEX 5.22「HW」LA, CA 5.23「HW」Anaheim, CA 2016.1.12+13 PERFECT WORLD @武道館5.21 Welcome Fan Meeting 5.22 HNL Ekiden & Music 2016 5.23 Farewell Fan Meeting 8.21 SCAFes @泉大津フェニックス 2017.7.14 47 Prefecture Tour @Ibaraki 7.15 Mito 7.17 Tokyo 2018.9.5 SCANDAL US & Mexico Tour 2018 "Special Thanks" @NY 9.7 @SF 9.9 @Anaheim 9.12 @MTY 9.14 @MEX 9.16 @TX
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Indie Artist
Indie Artist
Within the first 30mins Tomomi's one piece dress sold out first, then Rina's.

T-Shirt A. SIZE L sold out, then M sold out.

Mami's top sold out, as of now still two Haruna tops left. 
(This is after post on Scandal Official Instagram story, I guess some people put in basket and then didn't check out later)

Update, still 2 Haruna top left 18:00 JST Happy
Update, 19:00 All SOLD OUT.

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