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RINA @ 『Sisterhood』 Movie Talk Event
Posted Thu Apr 04, 2019 7:30 pm



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RINA @ 『Sisterhood』 Movie Talk Event RGPoo8f

RINA will be appearing at a talk event for the movie "Sisterhood" on April 14th.

RINA's recent tweets:

After a screening of the movie "Sisterhood" on 4/14 at Yokohama Cinemarine, I will be speaking with the director Takashi Nishihara. I had gone to see the movie privately and tweeted about how much I liked it, and the director saw it and reached out to me. I was surprised by the unexpected development, but it makes me very happy.

I would like to talk about things I felt while watching the movie, my thoughts on feminism, and my attitude towards making music. Above all, I want to talk about how I want all kinds of people to watch this movie. Those interested, please come out to it. I'll be waiting!

RINA's original tweet about the movie:

RINA @ 『Sisterhood』 Movie Talk Event Aiav78l

I went to go see the long-awaited "Sisterhood" movie. It was really great. Similar to how we gave the name "her" to our label, I've been really fascinated by the increase in opportunities to think about gender once again. Look it up, and if you're interested in it, I'd like for you to go see it.

Event details:

After the screening of the movie 『Sisterhood』 currently out nationwide, drummer RINA of the all-girl band SCANDAL, Japan's leading all-girl band who boasts a huge popularity among teenage girls, will make an appearance!

A multi-faceted conversation with director Takashi Nishihara will be held relating to the thoughts of women living in the present, and how SCANDAL's private record label "her" that was established this spring led to its first release on 3/27: the double A-side single 『Masterpiece / Mabataki』.

4/14 (Sun.)
13:50〜15:17 - Movie screening
15:20〜15:50 (approx.) - Guest talk

Yokohama Cinemarine

Takashi Nishihara (This movie's director)
※ The speakers are subject to change without notice.
※ Please be aware that there will be media coverage.
※ No picture-taking/recording is allowed.
※ Presents are not allowed to be given directly to the guests.
※ Please note that the time schedule may be delayed for convenience.

General: 1,800 yen
University student, technical school student: 1,100 yen
High schooler: 800 yen
Middle schooler: 800 yen
Children: 800 yen
Senior: 1,100 yen
People with disabilities: 1,000 yen

More info here


RINA @ 『Sisterhood』 Movie Talk Event 39iLxaW

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Re: RINA @ 『Sisterhood』 Movie Talk Event
Posted Thu Apr 04, 2019 9:35 pm



Shiroten Performer
Shiroten Performer
OMG, these kids are so grown up now!   RINA @ 『Sisterhood』 Movie Talk Event 1f609 
And they've grown up to be such amazing people whom I admire very much.

This seems like quite an honor. It's great to see that SCANDAL is not just another rock'n'roll band, but has become a force for social good.  RINA @ 『Sisterhood』 Movie Talk Event 1f44d

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