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【Kiss from the darkness】 "her" Magazine Vol. 2 Translations C6c7b89b74ef7924412f611c02d05ee8

"her" Magazine Vol. 2

Their voyage so far and what's ahead

One year has flown by since their big departure

Their voyage so far and what's ahead

【Kiss from the darkness】 "her" Magazine Vol. 2 Translations HE4ARwX

One year has flown by since the establishment of their private label "her." Embarking on a new voyage, SCANDAL has enjoyed doing things their own way. Scenery has come into view through their many experiences together with their fans. Additionally, they have completed their album Kiss from the darkness, which will guide them on the path ahead. No matter where they go, they want to continue riding with pride as members of this ship.

―It's been one year since "her" was founded. What's it like looking back on things now?

HARUNA: It went by so fast. In 2018 it felt like things had really come to standstill, so it feels like a lot of things have started for us. We toured, played festivals, and then recorded in the studio.

RINA: It feels like we've broken free. It's the same with songwriting, and we feel it even when being interviewed. In a sense, we're speaking to everyone about what's truly on our minds rather than being selective of the words we use. It also feels like we're more accepted. Of course, we've been allowed to do what we want to, but we also feel that we have more new members of our family who have discovered a place where it's okay for us to make outrageous music, and who thinks of ways on how to spread it. We're very happy to be able to take on music with these new feelings.

TOMOMI: Even small things make us happy.

RINA: Yes. Mentally, it's the best to be able to able to newly do something that's a given (laughs).

MAMI: We're very grateful because the environment around us is like if we had purchased a new house and made a mess inside of it, it'll be super clean when we get back! It's the same as before! It's kind of like that (laughs). We're so much freer than before. It feels like we've been able to relocate where SCANDAL belongs. I don't think it's clear what genre we belong to since we haven't belonged to any in a long time. If you look at J-Pop or bands as a whole, we had no choice but to affirm our place for ourselves. I wouldn't say we were confident in this, but we went with "her" since we had no other choices. However, this past year seemed like that was the right choice. We want to take care of this house that we bought and built, including the soil (laughs).

RINA: We'll live our entire lives here (laughs).

HARUNA: For me, I was surprised because I didn't expect that starting "her" would really affect me mentally. After all, we just launched our own label. Apart from that, nothing has changed in the last 10 years, and even though we just launched our label I was able to discover a new side of me. I'm very happy that I can now make my own decisions. This year has been a lot of fun, and it essentially changed my life. Above all, this really made me think of how awesome SCANDAL is (laughs).

―All of your fans are also very pleased with this departure.

TOMOMI: That makes us happy.

MAMI: If I was a listener and someone told me to start my own label, I think I'd start from, "What's a label all about anyway?" Speaking for myself. If you don't like an artist all that deeply, you don't care where a CD is being released from. However, we have fans that understand that. That makes us very happy. When we think of how our fans really understand SCANDAL, we again feel grateful for the love we're shown.

―SCANDAL = "her." "her" = SCANDAL. I think you'll be even more recognized this year.

RINA: We want things to take root so that'll happen. After we launched "her," there have been quite a few people on Instagram posting pictures of our CDs and using the "#her" hashtag. That high level of awareness is pretty awesome. As they're songs born from the "her" mentality, we feel that the fans sympathize with that as well. It's very encouraging and motivates us. They understand things to that extent.

TOMOMI: This of course applies to our fans, but we also very much care about our staff involved with "her" and our good friends. We love them so much. They always come out to our live shows and tell us, "That was so great!" They also always bring us snacks (laughs).

RINA: They're our refreshments (laughs).

TOMOMI: It sounds very trivial to put it into words, but those small considerations shown to us as we're working have an influence on everything.

RINA: Yeah. That's right.

TOMOMI: That's why we feel we've gotten so much healthier after starting "her." When we go, "How's this?!", they go, "That's it!", which makes us feel like we're moving forward. I really like the relationship we have now.

RINA: I don't remember being told "No, you can't do that" after starting "her" (laughs). I have no memories of being denied for anything. We're creating things in a really great atmosphere, so we hope we can go around the world feeling this way.

―Your world tour starts on March 7, 2020.

RINA: We're playing at halls in Japan, which makes it easy for families to attend. We'd also like to have many newcomers see us for the first time.

HARUNA: We'll be going to my hometown of Konan as well. I never thought I'd be coming back home as part of a band who's playing at a venue I'd gone to so many times as a kid (laughs).

MAMI: The MC's probably going to be long (laughs).

HARUNA: Seriously (laughs). We'll also be heading overseas starting at the end of May.

TOMOMI: Ah, the last show of my 20s will be in Singapore (laughs)! Recently we've never failed to tour in Asia each time we release an album.

HARUNA: But this tour is going to be a long one. I think they'll be announced by the time this interview gets read, but there'll be quite a few more dates after Asia.

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"Kiss from the darkness" Album Liner Notes
Posted Wed Dec 23, 2020 8:01 pm



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【Kiss from the darkness】 "her" Magazine Vol. 2 Translations C1kPDqh

Kiss from the darkness Album Liner Notes

M1. Tonight

HARUNA: Despite being a vocalist, I hadn't been confident when speaking until recently. When we were on our "Fuzzy Summer Mood" tour, there was a moment when my desire to help out our fans with our words and music changed into conviction.

MAMI: During HARU-chan's MC you could really understand her needing to become a formidable hero, or rather her trying to be one. I thought that that needed to be turned into a song, so I wrote it as such.

RINA: Unlike other bands, our vocalists don't make all of our music, which is an interesting quirk of ours. However, even though HARU doesn't write all of our songs, standing in the center and sharing her thoughts ultimately got turned into a song. We felt that again with this song, and we really thought that this song ought to encompass this past year since starting "her."

TOMOMI: What was amusing is that the phrase 〈creation of heaven and earth (天地開闢; tenchikaibyaku)〉 is in the lyrics. Since I was unfamiliar with that word, I asked, "What does this mean?" MAMI-chan, who wrote the lyrics, said, "What did it mean again?" and started looking it up (laughs). It was pretty shocking and amusing (laughs). It's like a Buddhist term, right?

MAMI: That's right. It's because I like temples and Buddha statues (laughs).

RINA: Also, it includes stuff from our daily conversations over the past year, which is really interesting. I can't explain the whole thing, but it's science fiction-like, like Stranger Things (laughs). We also added in how we're going to kick into high gear after starting "her" and doing our best, and if we're still feeling sharp. It's quite exquisite. It's not round, it doesn't have the fieriness of a newcomer, but it really feels like our flame is still burning properly.

TOMOMI: It was quite challenging sound-wise.

MAMI: I had originally arranged for our four instruments to be played, but when we talked about the song's arrangement, we came up with the idea to ask a track maker rather than an arranger.

HARUNA: So, we asked SASUKE, a teenaged musician who's attracting a lot of attention. This was a complete coincidence, but immediately after making our offer we were set to appear on "7.2 Atarashii Betsu no Mado" and were to perform the song "#SINGING" that SASUKE provided to Atarashii Chizu.

MAMI: Since he said this would be his first time working with a band, we created a LINE group and talked with him many times over. When we heard his arrangement, we thought it sounded so fresh and so cool. You could feel the uniqueness of a different genre. He included a new essence of an idea that we couldn't have come up with.

M2. Masterpiece ~ マスターピース

MAMI: I originally sang this in nonsensical English on the demo. It's crazy that the actual lyrics came to mind from them.

RINA: Your mentality allows you to write anything if you don't quit until you're able to write something (laughs).

MAMI: It's all about willpower (laughs).

RINA: I misheard and thought the word "masterpiece" was said at the start of that nonsensical English, so I thought I'd try expanding on that. It took longer than usual to complete the lyrics, though, since this was our first single after starting "her" and we wanted to properly write a song about who we are now.

HARUNA: If it wasn't for this song, I don't think this year would have happened. This was always the first song we played on our tour. It really feels like we're raising our own curtain, and it just feels good to perform it.

TOMOMI: It was the first song we played on tour, and we had a manipulator make an intro opening track that connected to it. Since our tour was titled "Fuzzy Summer Mood," the sounds are reminiscent of summer. They made something really great, despite us giving a messy order that was like us listing off related words like the sounds of the ocean, the sounds of water, seagulls, etc., and us being like, "Build it up little by little, insert a beat..." (laughs). I think the sound effects on that tour truly were amazing (laughs).

RINA: They were great.

TOMOMI: Also, the opening lyrics as the song starts. When we played it, I always thought, "Isn't this awesome!?"

HARUNA: The mood gets brighter all at once.

TOMOMI: There are a lot of minor chords in the songs we usually play at shows. However, that's not the case with this song; it has such a presence when played live. This song is a little different from the usual songs we've played live before. It feels like we have more staples for our live shows now.

HARUNA: I remember being unusually nervous when recording vocals for this. I should have been accustomed to singing it since it was recorded it after we had played it live several times prior, and because it contains a bunch of memories, I really got into it. It took quite a while, but I think I was able to record a take that shows I worked hard on it.

RINA: Yeah. With this song you can really feel the path we've walked down (laughs).

HARUNA: It's not just the past year, either.

RINA: Right. I totally get that (laughs).

M3. Fuzzy

MAMI: This song was made at the same time as "Platform Syndrome" and "OVER." I thought that we weren't going to release this song.

RINA: Yeah, same. During pre-production the members thought this was a really cool song. However, our staff didn't have great reactions to it, even though we thought that the audience would like it if we played this at a show. They were like, "I guess." And we were like, "Hey now!!" (laughs).

MAMI・HARUNA・TOMOMI: They did say that (laughs)!

RINA: I thought they'd never forgive us (laughs). But when we dug this song back up and they told us, "This really is a cool song," we thought that we had gone too far (laughs).

HARUNA: About a month after the song first got rejected, we said as we were rehearsing, "This song really is cool, isn't it?" (laughs). We were like, "Should we try turning it in again?"

RINA: They'll pick up on songs like this months or even years later. Our staff calmly waits until the right time, but I can't stay calm (laughs).

MAMI: So funny (laughs).

RINA: The lyrics were written first. I sent them to MAMI and she replied with the first melody, which I thought was awesome. It's so uptempo too.

TOMOMI: It being uptempo means that bass finger picking is limited (laughs). I have to use a pick if it speeds up even once (laughs).

MAMI: That's when our songs got faster and faster (laughs). It was when we were in the mood for indie rock. We wanted it to be simple yet flashy, and the tempo gets so fast that you're like, "What's going on?"

RINA: Festivals too. Our want of playing a more aggressive song was at its max. So, as a basis for the songs we make, one big point of judgment is whether or not we can win over people at festivals, so we raised the tempo too. I think that period of time was when our standard was to be aggressive.

MAMI: It's because HARU-chan's really good at singing lyrics fast (laughs).

RINA: She is good. HARU doesn't need to take a breath either (laughs).

HARUNA: I was trained well (laughs). A lot of songs that came out after this one are all ones where I don't take a breath (laughs).

M4. Saishuuheiki, Kimi ~ 最終兵器、君; You, the Ultimate Weapon

RINA: I got the demo from MAMI, and on my first listen, the lyrics that are part of the chorus, "You're the ultimate weapon," came to mind. When I got to the end of the song and heard the sound of a pistol, I remember thinking, "It's perfect!" (laughs), since those words came to me without knowing the arrangement of the song.

MAMI: That's right. In my head I had an image of a super Western-sounding song and wrote it while imagining a diva singing at the top of her lungs, but you came up with words even stronger than that (laughs). You wrote it at the same time as "YOU GO GIRL!", didn't you?

RINA: Yeah. I was crying during this song's pre-production too (laughs). Even though I finished a lot of songs with a mentality of "I won't sleep; I'll write songs," our manager was like, "It doesn't make sense to be in a rush to write a lot of songs." I was so hurt that I cried (laughs).

TOMOMI: There were several days like that.

RINA: But I certainly was spinning my wheels. That was when I didn't get good responses to anything I wrote, and I really wasn't sure what to do. It's the same with the way we work, but it felt like every year was a repeat of the one before it, and we were wondering what we should do to make things feel new and fun.

HARUNA: That was before we started "her."

RINA: That was exactly when we were wondering if we should start from scratch and what we should do. So, no matter what we were told and even if we were told no, we made this song feeling like, "Let's go full blast and make music not found anywhere else!"

HARUNA: But at first I had no idea how I should sing this song. The sound and lyrics are both aggressive, and I struggled a little at first since we were taking a different approach than before. However, by putting effects on the vocals and putting some playfulness on my voice, I think this song properly took shape.

TOMOMI: I came down with a high fever during pre-production. The audio was sent to me after I recovered, and it sounded like HARU was having a bit of trouble since the key was high. I liked the arrangement; it seemed like it would definitely do well live; and I thought it was really great since we didn't have many songs with this kind of tempo that could build up a show, but I was a little worried that performing it in that key wasn't realistic. However, in the end we were wondering if we should raise it another 2-3 times.

HARUNA: That would be impossible (laughs)!

MAMI: But you'd be able to sing it (laughs).

TOMOMI: Yeah. HARU has evolved. She's still developing after 13 years. I think that's amazing.

M5. Laundry Laundry ~ ランドリーランドリー

TOMOMI: I always had a concept and lyrics for this song. When frustration builds up, and on days when you feel like crying a little, you need to eat something and clean up your place. That's how you have to live your life, and I realized that housework purifies those negative emotions for me. I didn't know what the subject would be, but I had hoped to make it someday.

RINA: I feel this in all of TOMO's songs—as well as for the genre of music that we make—that the feeling of life we write about is full of words and feelings that only those who live like this can come up with. I think there are many children who want to live like this when they grow up, and it's good to have this kind of reality even if it's a bit painful. This song fits the album very well; I think it's what makes this album an album.

TOMOMI: The lyrics came at the same time as the melody, but I didn't know what to do since the melody was too simple. But since they came to mind at the same time, I couldn't change the melody no matter how much I tried to. So, I felt really uneasy sending it to everyone (laughs).

MAMI: But we thought it was so complete that there was nothing to change. Everyone has a part of themselves that they're not completely satisfied with, but as a band member or an outsider, we thought it was totally fine.

TOMOMI: The arrangement was done by Takeda-san from RADWIMPS, whom I've hung out with before. I almost cried when the arrangement first came back to me. I felt that the trifiling melody I made was really rewarded—or rather, saved by this arrangement. I wasn't sure if was time for us to use acoustic instruments, but when I received this arrangement it seemed like it was time for us to challenge ourselves to do it. That's why I told everyone that I wanted to go with this arrangement.

HARUNA: It was a lot of fun playing the acoustic guitar. My fingers got all stiff since I hadn't played an acoustic guitar for an entire song (laughs).

MAMI: HARU-chan's fingers looked like nothing I had ever seen before (laughs).

TOMOMI: It was like shape-memory materials (laughs).

HARUNA: And yet I also play acoustic guitar on "NEON TOWN ESCAPE" and "Tsuki" on this album. Since we recorded it all in the same time frame, the string marks remained on my fingertips (laughs).

MAMI: They were so deep—I had never seen any so deep before (laughs).

TOMOMI: They were basically injuries (laughs).

HARUNA: I thought I wasn't that good at playing the acoustic guitar before, but I wanted to be able to do it someday. In that sense, this song greatly expanded my range.


HARUNA: At the beginning of last year I went to eat with Chiaki Sato and we talked about our goals for 2019. I said, "I'll write a song!" I then started writing it. I made a part of it, but I couldn't write something that fit it just right since I had mixed feelings in regards to work and my personal life. But, touring really cleared things up for me—rather, there was a moment when I made up my mind as a vocalist as well as a human being. That finally completed the song.

TOMOMI: It's very HARU-chan-like and a great song.

HARUNA: The melody and the lyrics both changed. It took quite a lot of time.

MAMI: When all of us entered the studio and tried it out, we were able to shape it to fit the band very smoothly. It felt like we had been able to shape it to an extent, so we then sent the recording over to Chiaki-chan, right?

HARUNA: Yeah. Chiaki and I made a promise at the start of the year about her arranging the song and what she should do for it. This song is pretty 90's J-POP, which Chiaki also likes, and it fits perfectly since she also does solo work.

TOMOMI: She arranged the basic instruments as we did during pre-production, and then added a keyboard and horns on top of that. This was our first time having horns recorded live.

HARUNA: The horn player who usually plays at LUCKY TAPES's live shows came out. That was also Chiaki's suggestion. LUCKY TAPES is a band I personally listen to all the time, so the sound became more of one that I liked.

RINA: It was so cool!

HARUNA: The saxophone solo at the end is pretty explosive.

RINA: But having the music fade out is unusual for us.

TOMOMI: It's because we have to play the ending three times longer (laughs).

MAMI: We just play while thinking, "How much longer should we do this for?" (laughs).

RINA: It's difficult to do a fade-out recording.

MAMI: Isn't it surreal? Like it cuts off before you know it (laughs).

RINA: We're told, "Please keep playing," but we don't know for how long we should be playing (laughs). We did it while keeping constant eye contact with each other.

HARUNA: But the guitar phrases that come out from within that conflict were really great.

RINA: Yeah. The last guitar part is really cool.

M7. Ceramic Blue ~ セラミックブルー

MAMI: I wanted a very rough song that started off with singing. That's all I had in mind when I started writing this song. I pictured HARU-chan immediately singing while playing, and it turned into a speedy song where there's no room to take a breath.

HARUNA: None at all (laughs). But at first I didn't think these were lyrics written by MAMI-chan at all.

RINA: When the first chorus was done, MAMI sent me the synth melody and said, "Write any lyrics that come to mind." Before I sent her the lyrics I wrote, she said, "Anyway, I tried writing the first chorus," so I thought that it'd be faster for her to write the lyrics and that they would be of a higher quality. I told her, "Why don't you write all of it?" When I saw the finished lyrics, they were so clean that I wished I had written that kind of world view too. I really liked her word choices and thought it was really cool. In the middle of writing, the word 〈ceramic〉 also came to mind; it was such a coincidence that she had the same word in the lyrics. I didn't share that part with her either.

MAMI: When I thought, "What's hard but breakable?", the word "ceramic" came to mind. It's strong, but it doesn't mean it won't break. Though we're together now, we don't know what'll happen in the future. It's currently in one piece, but it may break even though it's so tough... When I told the band I wanted to call it "Ceramic Blue," RINA-chan told me she also thought of the word 〈ceramic〉, so I was like, "No way!" (laughs). Our link might have been stronger this time.

RINA: Perhaps an image came from the sound.

MAMI: I wonder. But it surprised me. I went with 〈blue〉 because I was drawn to blue at the time. No matter what lyrics I wrote they would always have a slightly blue image to them, so I included the word 〈blue〉.

HARUNA: I think the chorus's melody is very MAMI-like with the balance between a natural voice and a falsetto.

MAMI: It goes up and it goes down (laughs).

HARUNA: I was like, "Thanks so much for another difficult song to sing" (laughs). But, my falsetto has been strengthened quite a lot due to MAMI-chan's melodies.

MAMI: It just comes out normally.

HARUNA: The high parts come out on the basic mix, but I wonder if I use falsetto a lot on newer songs compared to before. It comes out very effortlessly, which is probably connected to me maturing.

TOMOMI: Starting off with a breath gives the impression that you're taking a breath before diving into the sea. We wanted to make the final sounds sound like you're diving deeper into the sea. We put a lot of delay on the guitars and did a lot of experimenting, and as a result it's like you're entering the world of the movie "The Shape of Water." We quite like how it turned out (laughs).

M8. Kinenbi ~ 記念日; Anniversary

MAMI: We've always wanted to make an boundlessly bright, peaceful song.

RINA: [MAMI] told me that she'd try giving shape to a melody we put into our reserves quite a while ago, and in that text she wrote, "The image I have is to make a song that suits weddings, birthdays, and days of celebration." I thought, "All right, let's make it an anniversary song," and wrote the lyrics.

MAMI: Once more a lot of friends have been getting married lately.

TOMOMI: The first one happened after we graduated high school and then tapered off a bit, but now that we're almost 30, people are starting to hold all these weddings again.

MAMI: People tell us that they want to play a SCANDAL song at times like those, and we wondered "What's something that could be played?" (laughs). My older brother got married recently, and when he came out during the ceremony it made me think, "I wish there was a song of ours that could be played at times like this," which is how it started off.

RINA: The title at first was "Futari no Kinenbi" (2人の記念日; Our Anniversary), but we talked about how it could be understood in a broader sense if we just went with "Kinenbi," so we went with that one word.

MAMI: If you think about it, "kinenbi" means a lot of different things [Note: In Japanese it has a broader meaning and can be used to describe any kind of celebratory day].

TOMOMI: I remember a lot of little details from when I was a kid, but now I don't even remember what day it is (laughs). But, I'd want to cherish something like a wedding anniversary.

HARUNA: Isn't that why pretty much everyone gets married on "Good Couple Day"?

RINA: It's easy to remember.

HARUNA: We played this song during our anniversary concert on August 21 of last year. We didn't announce its release or anything beforehand, but we debuted it since it was our anniversary. We got great responses from the girls. There are a lot of couples who come to our shows, and there were some whose anniversaries recently happened that were really pleased with the song. There are quite a few people who decide to start dating or even get married on SCANDAL's anniversary.

MAMI: I think the theme of our label "her" removes any limits from songs. When we embody being a woman and playing music in a band, I think it's a very big deal that we've started thinking that it wouldn't be odd for us to be singing a song like this.

RINA: Yeah. Creating "her," writing frankly, and making easy-to-understand music really is cool. It personally makes me very happy and puts me at ease when writing songs. It was such a big thing to be able to add to that range. Even if we don't have unique ideas or things have some bite to them, I think it's because we made "her" that properly making a good, frank, and pure song can feel like it's the epitome of rock. That was great.

M9. Mabataki ~ まばたき; Blink

RINA: We completed "Masterpiece," and although we wanted to pair it with another song to make it double A-side single, we didn't know what we should write. So, it wasn't that we wrote it intending it to make them a pair; it just happened to be that a song I wanted to try writing was completed at that time. So, when I sent it to the members, they said, "Why don't we go with this?" It made me very surprised and happy since I'm not the type to be able to write songs that would be made into a single.

TOMOMI: HARUNA and I did dual lead vocals for the first time in forever. I've sung on album songs that I've written, but since it's usually HARU singing, I was a little uneasy. My voice might have been good for the content we were singing about in our early days, but when we grew up and our songs became age-appropriate, I wondered if my voice would still be okay for these songs. But, I think this song, including the arrangement, feels like it's a good match.

HARUNA: I think the arrangement is awesome. I was surprised when I listened to it after it was sent it over.

RINA: It's not very MAMI-like—or rather, it's because she turned over an arrangement that feels really new.

TOMOMI: There are a lot of things about this song's arrangement that are praise-worthy.

MAMI: There's actually a little bit of discord in it, like in "Take Me Out." If you were to transcribe it to sheet music, I think there would be places where the notes would collide with each other. However, since this song is one where it's like, "If it feels good, then do it," it completely prioritizes that feeling.

RINA: Also, the arrangement was done pretty fast.

MAMI: I tried not to overfill it. I tend to overfill things (laughs). For the outro I was given the idea, "Why not insert a phrase with a short sound that feels a little crude but charming?" so I tried doing that, but when it came to actually making it, I was like, "What is 'crude but charming' anyway!?" (laughs). So without thinking too hard about it, we discussed how cute it'd be if HARU-chan and I played different things. I tried making it feel like our two guitars are in harmony with each other.

RINA: When I wrote it, I thought that it might turn out to be a song that we'd only play on the tour we were on at that time, but now it's a song that we often use in unexpected situations (laughs). I'm glad I finished it.

M10. A.M.D.K.J. (Amidakuji) ~ Ghost Leg

RINA: We never knew how we should express anger in our songs, but after finishing this song we had several emotions in an album for the first time. Shortly before I wrote these lyrics there were news topics about ads and commercials belittling women. Commentators and critics on an infotainment TV show bashed and criticized them by prefacing it with, "I don't understand art, and I have no knowledge nor interest at all in it〜." I really thought that that ignorance was unacceptable. If they didn't know about it then they should have learned about it, and it was unpleasant to consider that that was what they truly thought. It made me think that on top of bashing coming from an unexpected place of a new expression, there are actually many times when you can only see what lies on the surface, so I wrote that into these lyrics. It's such a waste to keep having a cynical point of view on things you don't know about. That applies to all kinds of things.

MAMI: The lyrics came first. When I got them, I saw the "Unmei no amidakuji (Amidakuji of fate) line in the second verse and thought, "That's so catchy!" It was so good. We debuted this song at our concert in Singapore a little while ago.

HARUNA: I have a feeling it'll become a very popular song at our concerts.

MAMI: I want to sing this with everyone at a festival. It's because I included my feelings of wanting the audience to sing it (laughs).

RINA: I want them to say the "Sonson!" part.

TOMOMI: The chorus too.

MAMI: It's because we hope that our audiences will enjoy it too. It's a song that has a lot of tricks and stories to it.

HARUNA: I wonder if it'll overtake "Shunkan Sentimental" at our shows.

RINA: Yeah. I want to cultivate this one.

MAMI: Since it's a song that has destructive power.

M11. Tsuki (月; Moon)

HARUNA: I sang this alone in a dark vocal booth using a handheld microphone. During pre-production we only had the band in the studio while MAMI-chan played minimally on an acoustic guitar, and the take then when I sang using the handheld mic was really good. I liked that relaxed feel, so I reproduced that environment a bit. Or rather, I thought that I wouldn't be able to sing if I didn't create that worldview.

MAMI: The instrumentals were good too. There's a synthesizer at the beginning, but the only acoustic instruments are HARU-chan's acoustic guitar and her voice.

RINA: The vocal recording was done in great detail.

HARUNA: It's a ballad and is a difficult song in terms of tempo. The tone of my voice and taking short breaths are what I myself was particular about.

RINA: I could tell that she really tried to convey the lyrics, which made me happy. When it was completed, I thought it had a very high quality sound source.

HARUNA: I wanted to properly make it gentle and bright. Of course the lyrics have a loneliness to them, but since they are positive, and since this is the last track on the album, I wanted to make it so that you could see what the future will hold.

MAMI: HARU-chan's good at singing ballads. Songs like this really suit her.

HARUNA: But this had a nuance unlike anything we've done before. A lot of ballads confront things head on, right? In that sense, the way I sang seems a little different than before.

TOMOMI: For the arrangement, this was our first time working with Yusuke Tachizaki-san. We asked him to make some patterns and all of them were way too good.

RINA: He was an artisan.

TOMOMI: So, as a result, it basically incorporates all the arrangements.

RINA: He has been making pop music and is not in a band, so he definitely included all those good parts. This is a song made with great care.

MAMI: There was some distance between us at first, but when we were recording, Tachizaki-san's voice when giving us feedback grew louder and louder and things started getting exciting (laughs).

RINA: This time, we wanted to ask for help from many people—in the best sense. We wanted to make good songs by relying on those necessary to do so. The songs themselves are so diverse that we were wondering how they would come together, and what kind of album would it be. We didn't know until it was done. It has a humanity to it, each song is high quality, and we incorporated fresh ideas from outside the group while having our individual colors included in it. This album contains music that's the closest to who we are than ever before.

Bonus Track: YOU GO GIRL!

RINA: During the time I wasn't really able to write songs with good tempo, I thought that SCANDAL and myself were going to permanently be at a standstill. I hated that so much, so I contacted the other members at 5 in the morning. I said, "I want us to meet up tomorrow." Then, I talked about everything I was thinking and feeling. Honestly, I was overthinking what would happen to the band and with my life, and I couldn't write songs—it was pretty bad (laughs). However, for better or for worse, no matter how things turn out, we're all in the same boat and they told me, "It's okay—you will never be left alone." So, this song was completed the next day. I put in a lot of the things that the members told me then.

MAMI: But this is exactly the song I didn't expect we'd record (laughs).

HARUNA: That's right. It's a good song, but we didn't have good enough reason to use it. However, when we got the entire picture of the album, we talked about including a bonus track on the physical CDs only. When we listened to the songs in our backstock, we went, "Ah...wouldn't this work?" (laughs). Everything finally fell into place—or rather, given the stories of the other 11 songs, this song seemed rather a good one to end the album.

TOMOMI: We had a lot of ideas for the bonus track such as something that made it seem like we were talking on the radio, a version of "Tsuki" with just HARU singing and playing, a very rough demo that was made when we first entered the studio, etc.

RINA: But we talked about how including a new song would probably make our fans the most happy.

MAMI: I really didn't think this song would be brought back. But our efforts were finally rewarded. I think this was an element that we needed to put out somewhere. The songs made during the period we wrote "Saishuuheiki, Kimi," and "YOU GO GIRL!" will be rewarded if you listen a lot to them.

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HARUNA's Personal Data
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【Kiss from the darkness】 "her" Magazine Vol. 2 Translations 9tCmEn9

Vocals & Guitar

【Kiss from the darkness】 "her" Magazine Vol. 2 Translations Yk1j9KB

This project aims to analyze SCANDAL's personalities. HARUNA, whose selection of low-key items stands out, introduces a few things she's been using heavily lately. Let's take a look at it for your own reference!

【Kiss from the darkness】 "her" Magazine Vol. 2 Translations 4BhRJOv

I like my cosmetics and clothes soft and not too stiff


【Kiss from the darkness】 "her" Magazine Vol. 2 Translations G7NHloQ
【Kiss from the darkness】 "her" Magazine Vol. 2 Translations RJa60LI

HARUNA's days off are more content-rich than anyone else's

HARUNA leads a regular life even on days off. "Because it's my day off, I want to cram it with a ton of things I can't usually do. Meet up with friends, go to the salon—that's exactly what I want to do. I want to do everything I can." We'll say it again: This is a day off. It's amazing how HARUNA operates at full swing even on days off.


【Kiss from the darkness】 "her" Magazine Vol. 2 Translations 6IOj6T9

Since my skin isn't that strong, I choose cosmetics that'll wash off with soap

①MOTEMASCARA from (former brand) FLOWFUSHI and eyeliner from UZU are nice, and the liner is easy to draw with.

②I like MiMC's series since they fundamentally can be washed off with soap. I like coral blushes that aren't too over-the-top.

③P.G.C.D.'s base serum, which also serves as sunscreen, is something I have trust so much that it's the only thing I use when going outside on my days off. These items really are the ones I usually use (laughs).


【Kiss from the darkness】 "her" Magazine Vol. 2 Translations HyzNI5J

Sing Street

Director: John Carney

Lately, I've realized how much I love 80's-themed works. I love Stranger Things, IT, and E.T., all of which feature children in active roles. I also really love the songs in these works. The kids [in Sing Street] didn't intend to be in a band, but started one to look cool. But it's good to see them change by being in a band.

【Kiss from the darkness】 "her" Magazine Vol. 2 Translations OZSOoxf

Avengers: Endgame

Directors: Anthony Russo, Joe Russo

There are about 20 Marvel-related works from Iron Man to this Avengers movie, and I watched them all this year (laughs). When you watch them all, you notice that the weight of Avengers: Endgame is completely different. There was an internal rift along the way, and when everyone gets together makes you want to cry.


【Kiss from the darkness】 "her" Magazine Vol. 2 Translations HtCSHyR

I grew up being told to hide the spot where my head connects to my neck

That's why I want to protect my wrists, ankles, and neck area (laughs).

①This sheer OPENING CEREMONY sweater is easy to use as a layer worn on either the inside or the outside.

②This turtleneck knit, something I tend to buy a lot of, from UNITED ARROWS has a good shape to it and is mixed with cashmere, which feels good on the skin. When it gets cold, I layer something like a hoodie on top of it.

③This jouetie knit is cropped and easy to put on.

What's in my bag

【Kiss from the darkness】 "her" Magazine Vol. 2 Translations Wkml1C3

I want to keep my bag small, so it's getting more and more compact

①I don't really like vintage items all that much, but I usually fell in love at first sight with this CELINE purse. It can be used during any season, so it's been my go-to recently.

②I put in a minimal amount of makeup: Colored lip balm from THE PUBLIC ORGANIC, a lip scrub by Revlon, and hand cream from L'Occitane.

③I put my cards and receipts in this Opening Ceremony card case.

④This pack of tissues sent by my cousin who lives in Germany are thick like paper napkins and easy to use.

⑤I don't want to use a bigger bag, so I've downsized my wallet and have been using this Balenciaga one recently.


【Kiss from the darkness】 "her" Magazine Vol. 2 Translations HKTsLpx

Omoidashitara, Omoide ni Natta.

(When Remembered, It Will Become a Memory.)

Author: Shigesato Itoi

I got hooked on Shigesato Itoi's works and even bought a collection of his poems at one point. The way his poems enter my mind so smoothly is very pleasant. Reading isn't really my thing, but this one is an easy read. I've read it many times already, but since it's a book of poems, I can just pop it open when something comes to mind and reflect on those words as if they were divination.


【Kiss from the darkness】 "her" Magazine Vol. 2 Translations HhMV1d4

A basic omurice that'll make you want to eat it again and again

This is omurice from the restaurant called "YOU" in Higashi-Ginza. It's an omurice from a long-established coffee shop, but it's like the standard among standards. On top of the ketchup rice is an omelet so fluffy that it'll make you wonder how many eggs they used, and when you cut into it, it's like it's overflowing. Simple is best!

【Kiss from the darkness】 "her" Magazine Vol. 2 Translations QwRZXwq

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MAMI's Personal Data
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【Kiss from the darkness】 "her" Magazine Vol. 2 Translations 1NJeGDI

Guitar & Vocals

【Kiss from the darkness】 "her" Magazine Vol. 2 Translations UJk8HwX

Next is MAMI. Her selection of unique, independent apparel brands and subculture-inspired books exudes a unique sense of style. There's a mix of interesting and strange things here and there, so be sure to check them out carefully.

【Kiss from the darkness】 "her" Magazine Vol. 2 Translations JcmiGzU

Items that reflect her love for subcultures


【Kiss from the darkness】 "her" Magazine Vol. 2 Translations NLVyANR
【Kiss from the darkness】 "her" Magazine Vol. 2 Translations J7lAtkI

MAMI's time off almost never starts

Since she spaces out before and after sleeping, it's no exaggeration to say that MAMI's time off is practically just spent sleeping. She spends a good three hours watching TV and getting ready to go out, so there's a good chance she's half asleep here, too. In fact, she seems to fall asleep twice while browsing through apps during her "Spacing out" time.


【Kiss from the darkness】 "her" Magazine Vol. 2 Translations UWQbyKc

The ultimate lineup after trying out a lot of things

①Lipstick comes off of my lips right away. However, PEACH JOHN's collection feels like a serum and can be whenever you want without coming off at all.

②Elegance PARIS's mascara primer is the best because it has incredible curl-staying power!

③MAKE UP FOR EVER's face powder is convenient because it keeps oiliness at bay and reduces the appearance of pores. I'll continue to buy more of it.


【Kiss from the darkness】 "her" Magazine Vol. 2 Translations CLrmx1u

The Grand Budapest Hotel

Director: Wes Anderson

People tell me it's surprising that I own this movie, but I love it. It's so cute. In a nutshell, the story's about a hotel's bellhop and its concierge. Shot like there's only one camera filming, the pink-based coloring and each set are really wonderful and beautiful. It's like watching a piece of art. It's a world view that I can leave on forever, so I play it all the time while I'm working. It's visually stunning.


【Kiss from the darkness】 "her" Magazine Vol. 2 Translations Mvk8NEj

It's getting harder to get dressed

①A super-oversized shirt from a Japanese brand called "my beautiful landlet." It can be used as both a jacket and a shirt. It's cute!

②It's so versatile! It's a sweatshirt dress from "i am i." Since my hair color's now silvery, I've been liking these ivory and natural colors these days.

③This jacket from "liroto" looks like a poncho and is really cute and warm.

What's in my bag

【Kiss from the darkness】 "her" Magazine Vol. 2 Translations 1SVxVwG

I can't remember having to touch up my makeup on the go in the past few years, so I don't have a makeup pouch!

①My bag is a Comme des Garçons one that I bought in the summer of 2018. The many pockets it has makes it very easy to use.

②My wallet's from the same brand. I've been using it for a long time, and it goes well with this bag since it's small. I thought, "Will a yellow wallet make me lucky with money?" (laughs).

③I have my AirPods and a charger in this Melon Kuma pouch I bought as a souvenir.

④A key case I got 3-4 years ago. The key chain I attached to it is a key that says "Hotel Mamitasu, Room 521" on it that a fan gave to me (laughs).

⑤A Mabo-Harusame pouch I got from an official Nagatanien gacha machine. I put useful items in it like medicine and cough drops.

This story is about high schoolers becoming college students. It has the sweet and sour elements of romance and youth, but it's frustrating that the characters can't enjoy it because the earth is constantly being invaded by aliens. It's crazy how very similiar it is to my high school days. The subculture girls end up spending all day doing silly things. The characters Kadode and Ouran are similar to me and my high school friends.

【Kiss from the darkness】 "her" Magazine Vol. 2 Translations N7OXb7X

Genkan no Nozoki Ana Kara Sashitekuru Hikari no You Ni Umareta Hazu da

(We Must Have Been Born Like Light Shining Through a Peephole on the Front Door)

Authors: Tatsuya Kinoshita, Daiji Okano

This is a collection of modern tanka (tanka = a Japanese poem of thirty‐one syllables). They've written out all of those feelings you have and know about but don't know how to put into words. It'll make you go, "I totally get that." Don't you totally get this sentence, "Humans are a little like angels when they're carrying cakes and trying not to drop them"? It'll make you feel surprised.


【Kiss from the darkness】 "her" Magazine Vol. 2 Translations Sgi0kHA

Too spicy for one person to eat

I'm addicted to spicy foods, and this is a super spicy habanero Korean pancake that you need to sign a waver for before you eat it. It's a dish from "Akai Tsubo," which specializes in spicy foods, in Omotesando. It's really delicious. There are items that can or can't be ordered depending on the day, and this was the spiciest thing they had on the day I went.

【Kiss from the darkness】 "her" Magazine Vol. 2 Translations QwRZXwq

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Today's A.M.D.K.J. URANAI
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【Kiss from the darkness】 "her" Magazine Vol. 2 Translations 0UufpRl

Despite having no divination abilities, the members of SCANDAL have taken the liberty to predict everyone’s fortunes!

Don’t take it too seriously—just use it as a reference for your day!
Have a good day♡

Open this page at the start of your day, choose the first character that comes to mind, and play the ghost leg by tracing your finger down any lines you come across. The comments from the members at the end of it will tell you your fortune for the day!

You’ll gradually remember the answers, so if that happens, add your own lines!

【Kiss from the darkness】 "her" Magazine Vol. 2 Translations FJxkJFW

【Kiss from the darkness】 "her" Magazine Vol. 2 Translations Ye9rD58


A = If you declutter, your luck will skyrocket↑

It's time to get rid of those things you've stored and wondered when you'll ever use them! If you can keep your surroundings tidy, you should be able to naturally refresh your mind and heart〜!

Good-luck charm = Drink a hot drink

Taking a break will improve your decision-making ability〜.

B = Active actions are bad luck!

This might be a day when the actions you considered good, backfire! It might be safer to spend today laying low, no matter what happens. Otherwise, there's a possibility of a catastrophe! Eek!

Good-luck charm = A smile

You leave a good impression when you raise the corners of your mouth and smile!

C = It's a normal day

For better or worse, it's a peaceful day! Sometimes it's nice to have a day without any stimulation and discord. Let's take a good rest today so you can work hard again tomorrow!

Good-luck charm = Nothing in particular

It's just a normal day no matter what you do, so there's nothing special!


A = Good luck will come if you listen carefully to others

You tend to force your own opinions on others! You may be surprised by an unexpected comment from a friendー!

Good-luck charm = Cleaning your place

Cleaning up your surroundings will broaden your horizons and make you feel better!

B = At any rate, it's a super lucky day!

Things will go your way today, and someone will give you something you've always wanted as a gift!

Good-luck charm = Eating sweets

Indulge yourself today by eating something sweet!

C = Stoic mode in full swing

It's a day when you can concentrate and take action, so it's a perfect day to learn or start something new!

Good-luck charm = A morning run

Get some exercise in the morning to keep your mind and body energized!


A = You're going to be very hungry today!

Eat a lot and you'll be happy!

Good-luck charm = A hamburger

Your lucky food is a hamburger!

B = You're going to be very sleepy today!

Sleep a lot and you'll be happy!

Good-luck charm = Memory foam pillow

Your lucky pillow is a memory foam pillow!

C = Very good things will happen today!

Walk a lot and you'll be healthy!

Good-luck charm = Sneakers

Your lucky shoes are sneakers!


A = Don't be impatient!

Have you been working too hard lately? Spoil yourself once in a while♡ Eat delicious food, do what you love, and enjoy your me time!

Good-luck charm = Hot cocoa

Let's take a break and relax.

B = Head out in new clothes and your luck will be so-so

If you dare to wear a color you don't normally wear, something happy might happen!? Maybe your mood'll do a 180 and you'll encounter a new you!?

Good-luck charm = Glasses with non-prescription lenses

Wear small items to improve your luck!

C = You'll have excellent luck if you take a different road than usual

It's looking to be a day where a bunch of different things will go well! You'll find hints for shortcuts in unexpected places. Solve your worries all at once!

Good-luck charm = Wireless earphones

Listen to your favorite music and feel great!

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TOMOMI's Personal Data
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【Kiss from the darkness】 "her" Magazine Vol. 2 Translations YBZtr8m

Bass & Vocals

【Kiss from the darkness】 "her" Magazine Vol. 2 Translations VwfqRG7

TOMOMI has the least amount of possessions among the members. It feels like she's carefully selected the items necessary for a minimalist lifestyle. The items that give the feeling of a relaxed everyday life will make you feel relaxed as well.

【Kiss from the darkness】 "her" Magazine Vol. 2 Translations YneWUrf

My lifestyle's becoming becoming more and more organic and minimalistic


【Kiss from the darkness】 "her" Magazine Vol. 2 Translations NCiZnVW
【Kiss from the darkness】 "her" Magazine Vol. 2 Translations Cx2wram

TOMOMI's life: natural and healthy

TOMOMI loves an organic and relaxed lifestyle, such as taking care of plants on her balcony or going for a walk. Her lifestyle basically consists of basking in the sun from when she wakes up until the time she goes to bed at night. She also takes plenty of time to have dinner with her friends and chat. She takes her time doing her hobbies until four in the morning.


【Kiss from the darkness】 "her" Magazine Vol. 2 Translations JyHuy0f

My favorite cosmetics with my favorite colors

①ZAO's lip polish's doesn't budge once applied, just like a lip tint.

②This shu uemura and Pokemon collaboration lipstick is a bordeaux color, just the way I like it. I got it from a fan.

③Laura Mercier's "Secret Brightening Powder for Under Eyes" brightens the tone of your skin. I recommend it.

④THREE's orange concealer erases bluish parts of your skin nicely.


【Kiss from the darkness】 "her" Magazine Vol. 2 Translations KbBPFgU


Director: Wayne Wang

This is about a tobacco shop in Brooklyn. This movie isn't terribly dramatic either, it just depicts events that occur in everyday life. There are all kinds of people in it, both children and adults, and they all bear some kind of scar. Not everything is resolved, but the story is about people being saved little by little through their interactions with others. When winter comes, it makes me want to watch this.


【Kiss from the darkness】 "her" Magazine Vol. 2 Translations QfPWt4Z

My friends' brands are my favorite ones

①The coat is from this season's line of my friend's brand SYU.HOMME / FEMM. It's so warm like a futon, it's like I can get through the winter with just this. It feels like it's in men's sizing, but the buttons and details are ones used for women's items. It has a genderless feel to it.

②This matching top and bottom are from HENZA. The shape and material are distinct and interesting. It's so comfy it feels like loungewear.

What's in my bag

【Kiss from the darkness】 "her" Magazine Vol. 2 Translations 541PGot

A set of items minimalist enough to talk on a walk*

(*Note: This is exactly what RINA's said as well. I wonder if that's a coincidence or a mistake?)

①This bag from SYU.HOMME / FEMM is interesting since you can wear it in many ways, such as around your neck or on your shoulder.

②I'm addicted to this Moisteane lip product.

③This phone case by ajew also has a coin pouch and carabiner on it, which are very convenient. I can go out with just this.

④I've been using this Louis Vuitton key case for a long time now.

⑤I bought this agnès b. cow print wallet around Christmas of 2018. I like that it's compact.


【Kiss from the darkness】 "her" Magazine Vol. 2 Translations CAlTREE

Saikyou! Niku Recipe
(The Ultimate! Meat Recipes)

Author: Takeda Barbecue

Takeda Barbecue has a serialization on the site Camp Hack, which I often go on to find recipes. I've always wanted to meet him and finally got to when we had him participate in a project for our fan club. This is the recipe book he gave me then. There are many recipes that use pre-prepared ingredients that you can use not only when barbecuing but also at home.

【Kiss from the darkness】 "her" Magazine Vol. 2 Translations 59WjDlD

Shishuu - Sumiwataru Yozora no You na
(A Collection of Poems - Like the Clear Night Sky)

Author: Natsuo Giniro

Originally, my mom made me listen to the song "Soshite Boku wa Tohou ni Kureru" (And Thus, I'm At a Loss) by Yoshiyuki Ohsawa, with lyrics written by Natsuo Giniro. After I fell in love with it, I did some research and bought my first collection of poems. I can relate to the simple but dramatic worldview.


【Kiss from the darkness】 "her" Magazine Vol. 2 Translations Ck7GYv3

The best restaurant where everything is delicious no matter what you eat

This is from the restaurant "BOWERY KITCHEN" on Komazawa Koen-dori. They're open from morning until late at night, so they're always open whenever I'm hungry. Every item is delicious and soothing. I like this teramo soup so much that I order it every time.

【Kiss from the darkness】 "her" Magazine Vol. 2 Translations QwRZXwq

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RINA's Personal Data
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【Kiss from the darkness】 "her" Magazine Vol. 2 Translations D2PxLui

Drums & Vocals

【Kiss from the darkness】 "her" Magazine Vol. 2 Translations FcrLMbz

Carrying around an Olympus camera and a DJI Osmo pocket camera, RINA gets her creative inspiration from videos and photo books. Please take a look at the personality analysis, which reveals the high level of her creative spirit.

【Kiss from the darkness】 "her" Magazine Vol. 2 Translations BDMfClT

Items that also lead to inspiration


【Kiss from the darkness】 "her" Magazine Vol. 2 Translations E86GiWW
【Kiss from the darkness】 "her" Magazine Vol. 2 Translations N2BHhUE

RINA's time off is spent indoors and not seeing a single soul

RINA spends her time off being super withdrawn and watching streaming services such as AbemaTV, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and YouTube from morning until night. She doesn't go outside aside from going to the supermarket! She's the type of person with the most intense rebounds from her usual days of being stoic (laughs).


【Kiss from the darkness】 "her" Magazine Vol. 2 Translations 6URM7wJ

I like shades of brown that make you look gentle

①Dior's Lip Maximizer, which is one of my favorites, makes your lips full and healthy. A fan gave this to me.

②I bought this red Tom Ford lipstick when I went to South Korea with my little sister. They're travel-sized, playful lipsticks with each of the colors in its line being named after a boy. The one I'm using is called "Tony."

③This gold glitter gloss by to/one looks cute when applied over a red lip color.

④This is an UZU eyeliner in a reddish brown color. It's long-lasting and goes on easily.

⑤I've used different kinds of brown mascara, but this one from SUQQU has the best color, is easy to use, and doesn't clump.


【Kiss from the darkness】 "her" Magazine Vol. 2 Translations F00KglQ

Favorite Girl

Author: Ramiro E.

This is a photo book from the photographer Ramiro E. that I unexpectedly found at the TSUTAYA Daikanyama location and bought because of the cover. The paper quality and binding are cute, and the photos inside are really nice. He only has about 1,700 followers on Instagram, but his work is really good. He posts pictures as he takes them. When I posted about it on my Instagram Stories, he then reposted it (laughs).

【Kiss from the darkness】 "her" Magazine Vol. 2 Translations Oph6lZB

OMG! I'm being killed!!!

Author: Petra Collins

Petra Collins is a photographer who is very good at taking pictures of women in a feminine way. This zine's theme is to break the styles of your past, kill your old self, and try new ways to express yourself. The odd Japanese that seems like it was machine translated is cute. The different genre made me think that everyone must be wanting to destroy what they've built so far and try something new.

【Kiss from the darkness】 "her" Magazine Vol. 2 Translations 926nLfW

Andrew Durham: Set Pictures Behind the Scenes with Sofia Coppola

Author: Andrew Durham

This is a photo book of behind-the-scenes shots taken during films directed by Sofia Coppola. Because her films are so well-produced, it's interesting to see the reality in these BTS shots. For example, for Marie Antoinette, they recreated gorgeous dresses from the French Revolution, but the gap between that and her drinking coffee in a modern cityscape is insanely cute.


【Kiss from the darkness】 "her" Magazine Vol. 2 Translations CwstH7B

Design is important, but comfort is also incredibly important to me

①THE AD+ A-line cutsew top that I bought at STUDIOUS has a velour-like material that is gentle on the skin and can be worn for a long time.

②I fell in love this bucket hat I bought at CA4LA because I fell in love with its sense of balance between being unique and transformable, and also being able to use it all the time.

③This is also a dress from THE AD+. I like the silhouette and how snugly it fits.

What's in my bag

【Kiss from the darkness】 "her" Magazine Vol. 2 Translations C6awJ96

A set of items minimalist enough to talk on a walk*

(*Note: This is exactly what TOMO's said as well. I wonder if that's a coincidence or a mistake?)

①I bought this Balenciaga purse 2-3 years ago.

②I like this hand cream by Aesop that a fan gave me. It smells really nice.

③I put my Olympus PEN camera for taking photos and my DJI Osmo Pocket I use for taking videos inside of this pouch handmade by MAMI!

④A toothbrush is also one of my necessities.

⑤There are supplements and chargers inside of this pink pouch that was being sold at Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum. I bought it because I thought it was cute.

⑥The leather case was a piece of merch made for our "HONEY" tour. We make merch that we can use too, so we really do properly use them.

⑦I've been using this wallet by MARC BY MARC JACOBS for a long time. The size makes it easy to use.


【Kiss from the darkness】 "her" Magazine Vol. 2 Translations C9mxcdh

Dessert made with body-friendly enzymes

Crepe Alisa is a crepe shop in the Yutenji area that kneads enzyme juice into its dough. The interior has adorable decorations inspired by French sweets shops. Since they only use ingredients good for your health, it doesn't upset your stomach at all. I recommend strawberry topping for the white gateau chocolat.

【Kiss from the darkness】 "her" Magazine Vol. 2 Translations QwRZXwq

【Kiss from the darkness】 "her" Magazine Vol. 2 Translations 39iLxaW

2011.7.3 AM2 2012.3.28 SCANDAL vs BUDOKAN 11.3+4 QAT Tour @名古屋 11.10 Happy MUSIC Live 2012 2013.3.3 SCANDAL OSAKA-JO HALL 2013 2014.6.1 HNL Ekiden & Music 2014 6.2 Fan Meeting 2015 HELLO WORLD @ Paris - London - Essen - Chicago - MEX - LA - Anaheim 2016.1.12+13 PERFECT WORLD 5.21 Welcome Fan Meeting 5.22 HNL Ekiden & Music 2016 5.23 Farewell Fan Meeting 8.21 SCAFes 2017.7.14 47 Prefecture Tour @ 茨城 - 水戸 - 東京 2018 Special Thanks @NY - SF - Anaheim - MTY - MEX - Dallas 2022 MIRROR @Toronto - NY - Boston - Atlanta 2023 UU @ 福岡 - 東京 08.21 Sekai Ichi 2024 LUMINOUS @ 名古屋 - 横浜 - 大阪 - 奈良
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Indie Artist
Indie Artist
They are such interesting people. Wonder how their roles will develop through the era of their thirties—? After all, they will become middle-aged!

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