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"her" Magazine Vol. 2 Translations - Wed Dec 23, 2020 8:00 pm

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"her" Magazine Vol. 2

Their voyage so far and what's ahead

One year has flown by since their big departure

Their voyage so far and what's ahead

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One year has flown by since the establishment of their private label "her." Embarking on a new voyage, SCANDAL has enjoyed doing things their own way. Scenery has come into view through their many experiences together with their fans. Additionally, they have completed their album Kiss from the darkness, which will guide them on the path ahead. No matter where they go, they want to continue riding with pride as members of this ship.

―It's been one year since "her" was founded. What's it like looking back on things now?

HARUNA: It went by so fast. In 2018 it felt like things had really come to standstill, so it feels like a lot of things have started for us. We toured, played festivals, and then recorded in the studio.

RINA: It feels like we've broken free. It's the same with songwriting, and we feel it even when being interviewed. In a sense, we're speaking to everyone about what's truly on our minds rather than being selective of the words we use. It also feels like we're more accepted. Of course, we've been allowed to do what we want to, but we also feel that we have more new members of our family who have discovered a place where it's okay for us to make outrageous music, and who thinks of ways on how to spread it. We're very happy to be able to take on music with these new feelings.

TOMOMI: Even small things make us happy.

RINA: Yes. Mentally, it's the best to be able to able to newly do something that's a given (laughs).

MAMI: We're very grateful because the environment around us is like if we had purchased a new house and made a mess inside of it, it'll be super clean when we get back! It's the same as before! It's kind of like that (laughs). We're so much freer than before. It feels like we've been able to relocate where SCANDAL belongs. I don't think it's clear what genre we belong to since we haven't belonged to any in a long time. If you look at J-Pop or bands as a whole, we had no choice but to affirm our place for ourselves. I wouldn't say we were confident in this, but we went with "her" since we had no other choices. However, this past year seemed like that was the right choice. We want to take care of this house that we bought and built, including the soil (laughs).

RINA: We'll live our entire lives here (laughs).

HARUNA: For me, I was surprised because I didn't expect that starting "her" would really affect me mentally. After all, we just launched our own label. Apart from that, nothing has changed in the last 10 years, and even though we just launched our label I was able to discover a new side of me. I'm very happy that I can now make my own decisions. This year has been a lot of fun, and it essentially changed my life. Above all, this really made me think of how awesome SCANDAL is (laughs).

―All of your fans are also very pleased with this departure.

TOMOMI: That makes us happy.

MAMI: If I was a listener and someone told me to start my own label, I think I'd start from, "What's a label all about anyway?" Speaking for myself. If you don't like an artist all that deeply, you don't care where a CD is being released from. However, we have fans that understand that. That makes us very happy. When we think of how our fans really understand SCANDAL, we again feel grateful for the love we're shown.

―SCANDAL = "her." "her" = SCANDAL. I think you'll be even more recognized this year.

RINA: We want things to take root so that'll happen. After we launched "her," there have been quite a few people on Instagram posting pictures of our CDs and using the "#her" hashtag. That high level of awareness is pretty awesome. As they're songs born from the "her" mentality, we feel that the fans sympathize with that as well. It's very encouraging and motivates us. They understand things to that extent.

TOMOMI: This of course applies to our fans, but we also very much care about our staff involved with "her" and our good friends. We love them so much. They always come out to our live shows and tell us, "That was so great!" They also always bring us snacks (laughs).

RINA: They're our refreshments (laughs).

TOMOMI: It sounds very trivial to put it into words, but those small considerations shown to us as we're working have an influence on everything.

RINA: Yeah. That's right.

TOMOMI: That's why we feel we've gotten so much healthier after starting "her." When we go, "How's this?!", they go, "That's it!", which makes us feel like we're moving forward. I really like the relationship we have now.

RINA: I don't remember being told "No, you can't do that" after starting "her" (laughs). I have no memories of being denied for anything. We're creating things in a really great atmosphere, so we hope we can go around the world feeling this way.

―Your world tour starts on March 7, 2020.

RINA: We're playing at halls in Japan, which makes it easy for families to attend. We'd also like to have many newcomers see us for the first time.

HARUNA: We'll be going to my hometown of Konan as well. I never thought I'd be coming back home as part of a band who's playing at a venue I'd gone to so many times as a kid (laughs).

MAMI: The MC's probably going to be long (laughs).

HARUNA: Seriously (laughs). We'll also be heading overseas starting at the end of May.

TOMOMI: Ah, the last show of my 20s will be in Singapore (laughs)! Recently we've never failed to tour in Asia each time we release an album.

HARUNA: But this tour is going to be a long one. I think they'll be announced by the time this interview gets read, but there'll be quite a few more dates after Asia.

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On November 18, the "Kiss from the darkness" livestream will be released on Blu-ray and DVD!

The Limited Editions will also include a CD with audio tracks of the songs played during the livestream, as well as a 56-page booklet featuring pictures taken during the show by their photographer Takeshi Yao!

It will come in a total of four editions:

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『SCANDAL WORLD TOUR 2020 “Kiss from the darkness” Livestream』, the one-night-only phantom concert streamed around the world on SCANDAL's 14th anniversary, will be released on Blu-ray & DVD on November 18th!

The Limited Editions will come in a special package that includes a CD with all 21 songs on the setlist, as well as a special photo booklet (56 pages / full color) of photographs from the concert taken by photographer Takeshi Yao.

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Flashback No.5

Living in the city

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SCANDAL LIVE Blu-ray&DVD 『SCANDAL WORLD TOUR 2020 “Kiss from the darkness” Livestream』 releasing on November 18, 2020

Limited Edition (includes Blu-ray+CD+Special photo booklet+Special packaging): VIZL-1808/ 7,500 yen
Regular (includes only Blu-ray): VIXL-325/6,000 yen

Limited Edition (includes 2 DVDs+CD+Special photo booklet+Special packaging): VIZL-1809/ 6,500 yen
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Finally got around to translating the KFTD special that aired earlier this year!

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【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 23

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•Due to recent upticks in COVID-19 cases in Japan, the band is recording this episode too remotely: HARU and MAMI are at their own homes while RINA and TOMO are both at their management's office. The episode then opens up with this.

•The first question:

This is a question relating to August 7th. On August 7, 2016, baseball player Ichiro Suzuki on the Miami Marlins got a triple in the seventh inning at the Colorado Rockies and reached his 3,000th hit in his Major League Baseball career. He was the ____ person in history to achieve this feat.

There's a pause after RINA finishes the question before HARU goes, "Eh?!" RINA says that it's written on the script that HARU has many chances to get the correct answer. HARU says, "What in the world? I know nothing about baseball. But that's a big thing, right?" MAMI emphasizes that this was for MLB. HARU answers that he was the first person to achieve this. This answer is incorrect. HARU again goes, "Eh?!" and answers the third person. This answer is also incorrect. She then basically guesses any number: second (incorrect), fourth (incorrect), fifth (incorrect). TOMO goes, "What the heck?" and the band laughs. They say that they want her to guess it correctly, so RINA gives her a hint that the correct answer's in the double-digits. HARU asks if they can give her anymore hints. RINA says that it's close to HARU's age. She says 30, which is the correct answer. Epic-sounding music plays and RINA asks her if she feels like she has a sense of achievement. HARU goes, "No."

•The second question:

This is a question relating to August 10th. On August 10, 1990, the Tokaido Shinkansen line was stopped due to a typhoon, and the baseball game that was scheduled to take place on that day was canceled. This was the first time a baseball game at a baseball stadium had been canceled in Japan due to a typhoon. Which team was supposed to play the Yomiuri Giants then?

Immediately, TOMO goes, "Why are these all baseball questions?!" RINA also goes, "Yeah, why?!" TOMO says that she can only imagine that it's because of the program producer Ono-san. HARU asks if he likes baseball, and he says he doesn't. TOMO goes, "You don't? Then why all the baseball questions?" MAMI says, "HARU, you were two years old when it happened. Do you remember anything from when you were two?" HARU says that of course she doesn't, which MAMI chuckles at. RINA says that she could probably get it just by listing off the baseball teams that she knows. TOMO says that this team is part of the Central League (one of the two baseball leagues in Japan, and also comprises of the country's most well-known baseball teams). HARU says that she doesn't really know the differences between the two main leagues anyway. They assure her again that she can keep guessing until she gets it right. HARU first says Hanshin Tigers (incorrect). She then says Chunichi Dragons, which is the correct answer. HARU is surprised and goes, "Oh, I got it right?" RINA says that she answered all of the questions correctly. TOMO says, "Ogu-chan (their manager who delivered the present), you can come back now." RINA jokes and says, "Yeah, since she's on standby in front of the building [to take away the present if HARU didn't answer the quiz correctly]." RINA says that was fun, and they just wanted to celebrate her birthday and wish her a happy birthday.

•After "SPICE" plays, TOMO says that there's one more present from Apollo. She mentions that she had wanted to come out with an Apollo-shaped pouch, and that they had been proceeding with plans to make it. Soon, it will finally be finished and they'll be giving some out to listeners.

•The band then closes out the episode. RINA says that Ogu-chan is already back at the office (HARU: "So fast!"). She asks HARU how the quiz was. HARU says that she thought she would only get one chance at answering the questions, but this whole thing made her happy. RINA then goes, "I'm unsure if I should ask this, but is there anything you want to do for your birthday this year?" HARU laughs and says that a lot of things are restricted right now, but she wants to play shows as well as do whatever SCANDAL can do right now. The episode closes out with HARU saying thanks and the rest of the band wishing her a happy birthday.

The fate of gifts for listeners depends entirely on HARUNA!
Episode #23 blog

Topics tagged under kissfromthedarkness on SCANDAL HEAVEN PXszY6B

HARUNA: We're also bringing you this week's episode remotely due to the uptick of COVID-19 cases [in Japan].

(*HARUNA and MAMI are at home. TOMOMI and RINA are at their management's office)

All: Yeーp

〜Ding-dong (a sudden doorbell ring)

Lady (HARUNA's dog): Woof woof woof!

HARUNA: ...!? Hold on a sec...

MAMI: Was that the doorbell [at HARUNA's place]??

RINA: The doorbell's ringing at HARU's place?

TOMOMI: Answer it〜

HARUNA: Ogu-chan (*their female manager), why are you here...??

All: (laughs)

MAMI: Eh, Ogu-chan's there?

RINA: ...that's weird, going over in the middle of us recording.

MAMI: I wonder why.

TOMOMI: I wonder.

(*Everyone waits for a little bit)

(*The doorbell is rung once more, and HARUNA is given something...)

HARUNA: ...something really heavy came.

RINA: It was delivered to you?

HARUNA: Yeah, it was.

TOMOMI: Try opening it?

RINA: No!! Don't open it!

TOMOMI: Ah...sorry! Hold on a sec!

HARUNA: Eh, I shouldn't open it?? Then I should just leave it alone for now?

RINA: ...the feeling of being made to wait is intense.

HARUNA: What should I do? Eh, is it okay to open it?

RINA: Hold off for a bit!


RINA: All right, shall we hear the first song?

HARUNA: ...we're going into a song now?

MAMI: It's our latest song.

RINA: It's a good one, so we'll have you listen it.

HARUNA: ...okay.

(*The song plays)

RINA: That was SCANDAL's song "Kinenbi" (Anniversary; can also refer to a memorial date such as a birthday).

HARUNA: That wasn't "SPICE"...

RINA: Today's a "Kinenbi,"
So, usually HARUNA is our host, but today I will be the host!
You know, today is HARUNA's birthday! August 10th! Happy birthday!

All: Happy birthday!

HARUNA: Thank you...

RINA: Also, August 7th is [the candy] Apollo's birthday! It was created on August 7, 1969.
Since this is a very auspicious time, this will be a joint birthday party for HARUNA and Apollo!

All: (*Getting excited)

HARUNA: This is a first for me.

RINA: What do you think of how things have been since this episode started? Something arrived at your house, right?

HARUNA: Well, I can't help but to be interested in it.

RINA: That's understandable. How about opening it now?

HARUNA: It's okay to open it?

TOMOMI: Go ahead.

MAMI: I wonder what'll come out?

HARUNA: Lady can't help but to be interested in it.

RINA: That's understandable.

HARUNA: Ah, it has a ribbon that says "SCANDAL Catch up!" on itー

RINA: A high level of awareness.

HARUNA: Eh......there are so many sweets!

RINA: This is a "HARUNA Special" comprised of an assortment of Meiji sweets. Since you're now 32, we put together an assortment of 32 kinds of sweets!

HARUNA: Thanks so much!

MAMI: So auspicious!

RINA: Take your time eating them. What was included?

HARUNA: Chocolate bars, Apollo (of course), Pucca in both chocolate and strawberry flavors...

RINA: There are so many.

HARUNA: Horn, Galbo, Poifull...

MAMI: Are you going to list them all for us? I think that's enough...?

HARUNA: There's also that type of Apollo that you can make yourself! I finally get to make itー

RINA: Is it satisfactory? You seem really happy...

TOMOMI: Let's get on with the rest of the episode as you make the Apollo.

HARUNA: Right now?

RINA: Ah, wait a sec! Actually, we need you to give a correct answer for this quiz...

TOMOMI: ...wait a minute. Really? Sorry; I need to read the script better.

RINA: I was also surprised. You can give gifts in this way??

HARUNA: Even though it was already delivered...

TOMOMI: Yes, it can be confiscated.

RINA: We'll now be giving a quiz related to August 7th and August 10th. If you answer correctly, you'll get to keep your gift.

TOMOMI: We'll confiscate it if you get the answer wrong.

HARUNA: Seriously?

RINA: The "HARUNA Special" with 32 kinds of sweets will also be given out to our listeners! First, though, we're going to have HARUNA take the quiz!

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 22

Topics tagged under kissfromthedarkness on SCANDAL HEAVEN 3aA0VTh
Topics tagged under kissfromthedarkness on SCANDAL HEAVEN 8Dz0hqP

•Due to recent upticks in COVID-19 cases in Japan, the band is recording this episode remotely: HARU and MAMI are at their own homes while RINA and TOMO are both at their management's office.

•After "SPICE" plays, they go over what's talked about here.

•MAMI reads the next message from a listener who says that they started like "Tsuki" right after Kiss from the darkness was released, and their daughter in fifth grade has been like "A.M.D.K.J." a lot recently, which they're worried about (?). The band laughs and goes, "Why?" The listener also says that their favorite band was Yellow Magic Orchestra in middle school. The band mentions how a lot of listeners have said that their past favorite band was YMO. The listener also says that they've been a fan of the band UNICORN for over 30 years. One of the things about UNICORN that attracts them is that UNICORN is their own genre, just like how SCANDAL is their own genre. RINA is also a really big UNICORN fan and is glad that there are fans of them among their fans. TOMO says she also like them. HARU says that liking "A.M.D.K.J." isn't a cause for worry.

•After "A.M.D.K.J." (lol) plays, HARU reads the next message from a male listener who is a civil engineering teacher at a technical high school (All: "Hey! Teacher!"). He was in a SCANDAL cover band in college with three girls. Whenever they played a show, he would wonder why he's the only guy in the band and was more nervous about that than playing bass in front of people. However, he thinks that that experience helped him become mentally stronger. He asks the band if they've had an experience like that. TOMO says that there are many guy bands that have one female member in them, but it's pretty rare to see the opposite of that. RINA says that he probably was nervous, but it doesn't seem like he was uncomfortable by it. TOMO says that that's cool [he was the only guy member of the band]. They circle back to the question he asked the band. RINA says when she was in her second year of high school and had tranferred from an all-girls school in Osaka to a school in Tokyo so that the band could make their major label debut, she was the only person who spoke in Osakan/Kansai dialect. Everyone gathers around to welcome new transfer students, and when they did so for RINA they told her to speak in her Osakan dialect. It made her feel embarrassed or even more alone, like she was the only person alone in the world. She says it's kind of like when people who speak English are told to speak it and it made her feel really weird. She'd be really careful when doing aizuchi to avoid saying ones that Kansai dialect speakers say. That's why she, jokingly, says that she speaks such beautiful standard Japanese now [Note: RINA still very much speaks using Kansai dialect]. She says that it was a good experience, though. HARU says that sometimes you change depending on what you think. RINA says that she was glad to learn about different things since their job involves speaking in front of others. HARU says that between kindergarten and a few years of elementary school, she wore sneakers intended for boys. Teachers and other students her age would be like, "Why are you wearing boys' sneakers?" They didn't mean it in a mean way, but she was kind of hurt by that. RINA mentions how randoseru backpacks come in all kinds of colors and how it used to be that girls had pink/red ones while boys had blue/etc. ones, but that's slowly fading out little by little. TOMO says that everyone should wear whatever they like.

•RINA reads the next message from a listener who often plays keyboards and love SCANDAL so much that they dream of becoming a member of the band. When they started playing the bass in high school, they bought TOMO's Bluetus bass. They're very happy they have the same instrument as someone they look up to. They also say that their message is for their Nicknames segment. The band laughs and says, "But we got rid of that one!" In high school the listener was in the swim club where they had a tradition of seniors giving nicknames to juniors. Nicknames would always be decided by the person's favorite thing or by a word association game, but the nickname they were given was "Dyson." It wasn't given to them via a game--it was given to them by a senior whose nickname was "Roomba." The band wonders why they're nicknamed after vacuum cleaners. They were called that nickname all three years of high school, which is why they consider that nickname to be dear to them. After graduating high school, they attended college with the aim of becoming a teacher. TOMO says that she wishes they had explained why they had vacuum cleaner nicknames. HARU says that maybe they're good at cleaning.

•TOMO reads the next message from a listener who thanks them for reading a message from an ultimate frisbee player on a national team during episode 20, and although they've gone to the FEEDBACK Shop many times, they are not that guy who met TOMO there--they're a woman. The band is amazed at how there are two ultimate frisbee players on national teams that are SCANDAL fans (RINA: "What kind of probability is that?!"). The listener says that she was supposed to compete in a worldwide tournament held this summer, but it's been postponed until next year. She'll do her best at qualifiers to be able to compete next year, as well as do their best at their job. Her job right now, by the way, is a lecturer, but is studying to get her teaching license (All: "Hey! Teacher!"). The band says they'll be cheering for her.

Finally caught up on all the episodes! Will try my best to keep up with the eps as soon as they come out now!

And if you enjoy my translations, please consider leaving a tip! (This supports me directly rather than the site) Happy

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Interested in what people of the same generation are listening to!
Episode #22 blog

Topics tagged under kissfromthedarkness on SCANDAL HEAVEN R62hxZW

HARUNA: We cut the number of segments we had with the "Midsummer clearance messages." So, this is a message for the "GyoColle" segment. It's from Almondobondo-san.

This is for GyoColle. I work in the aviation industry. In this industry, when reporting a seat number via telephone or the like, we use unique wording so that there are no transmission errors. For example, in the case of an air ticket with the number "3B," we'd say it as "3 Baker." We use jargon in order from A onwards. I can't introduce that jargon here, but I'm sure you often use airplanes when on tour, so please use one of those terms for fun.

RINA: I see.

TOMOMI: It seems like a pain to memorize.

HARUNA: There are a lot of them.

TOMOMI: You need to be careful not to confuse "B" with "D."

HARUNA: Is that what that's about?

TOMOMI: Like, "3 APPLE"?

RINA: I've heard of this happening in other industries too.

TOMOMI: Really?

RINA: When talking with a customer, you say a word that starts with the alphabet [Note: She probably means something like this].

MAMI: Ah, yeah!

HARUNA: Go ahead, MAMI-san.

MAMI: This is when I worked at a beef bowl place. When referring to the number of beef bowls, you'd use the counter "chou (丁)," so one bowl would be "icchou." Two bowls would normally be "nichou," but that could be mistaken for "icchou," so you'd have to say "futachou."

TOMOMI: It'd be a big mistake if you got it wrong.

RINA: I see.

TOMOMI: On to the next message... It's a message from Ichigomen-san for the "Life Before SCANDAL" segment.

【Life Before SCANDAL】 First, before we get to the main subject...I am a nursery teacher who has a license to teach elementary school!

TOMOMIRINA: Hey! Teacher!

HARUNAMAMI: Ah, we forgot to say it...

TOMOMI: weren't able to say it.

RINA: This is great. This is fun, TOMO. Shall we do it again? "...I am a nursery teacher who has a license to teach elementary school!"

All: Hey! Teacher!

TOMOMI: It's a lot fun. I'm glad we made it a segment.

Before favorite artists were SPEED, Morning Musume., Ayaka, AI, YUI, etc.! I generally tend to be drawn to female artists, and I was into ones who sing/dance or are singer-songwriters! I'm 27 and am in basically the same generation as SCANDAL, so I was wondering if you guys were on the same kind of path as me. SCANDAL fans (particularly those who are seniors in life) whom you can consider comrades have an unchangeable past before SCANDAL, but conversely I'd like to know what kind of path SCANDAL fans of the same generation walked! The "Chaotic summer playlist" you did recently where you showed your musical roots was interesting, but each of your personal memories were even more interesting, so I'd love for you to do it again!

TOMOMI: We're also in the same generation as SPEED and Morning Musume., you know...

RINA: That's true.

MAMI: Didn't all of those artists they listed walk the same path?

TOMOMI: All of those can be sung at karaoke.

RINA: A lot of those songs were assigned to us for recitals when we attended dance school. It's generational.

TOMOMI: Just seeing that line-up makes me excited.

RINA: I wonder what kind of music our generation listens to, and if they listened to the same things as TOMO.

HARUNA: There have been more messages from adults for our LBS segment.

RINA: That's because it's a topic we made for older guys lol

TOMOMI: We'd certainly like to hear about peoples' favorite artists in their lives [in the same generation as us] between your late 20s to early 30s.

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 21

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•The episode opens with this.

•MAMI reads the next message from a male listener in his 50s who answered their "Life Before SCANDAL" segment. He first saw SCANDAL during their HELLO WORLD tour stop in Anaheim, CA, USA as he had been working at a sales company in LA at the time. Before SCANDAL, he was a fan of British hard rock bands. The band is happy that he first saw them in LA.

•TOMO reads the next message from Joe from Seattle. He says he's simply a fan of their music, which reminds him of the music he listened to when he was young. He gives examples such as how he can imagine The Supremes singing "Sunday Drive"; Crosby, Stills & Nash singing "SUKI-SUKI"; and that Rod Stewart could perhaps be singing "Sayonara My Friend." He also says that their songs can sometimes make him feel sad, such as with "Winter story." The band is amused by the Rod Stewart comment and says it's nice how he thinks their music can sound like those artists. RINA says that they're happy to hear that the result of the band doing whatever they want without really aiming for something or knowing about it is making this kind of an impression on people like him. They can link them to songs the band has no connection to, which she says can be kind of scary. The band laughs at this. TOMO says that they're happy that their music reaches places like Seattle. She also says it was hard reading all the katakana characters (presumably for the artist names). The band says that this message could fit in the "Life Before SCANDAL" segment.

•RINA reads the next message from a listener who started working at a hospital this past April as a dietician (the band actually called and spoke to her during this episode). They say they're in the hospital's kitchen every day preparing food. She also gives out tea and soup to nurses. The system is set up where you return the dishes when you're done eating. Most people tell her "Thanks for the food," but there's one male nurse who always looks her in the eyes and tells her, "The food was great today too. Thanks so much as always!" She says she's bad at making eye contact while talking to people so she looks away right away. Despite that, this person never fails to make eye contact with her. She calls him a good person for this. She's also always been interested in him and always looks forward to seeing him despite her not being good with eye contact. She's never been in love before and is confused by what she's feeling. She also doesn't know his name and doesn't know what his entire face looks like due to them having to wear masks. However, the next time she sees him, she's aiming to make eye contact. She asks the band to cheer her on. TOMO asks what segment they're writing for, and the others say it's for their love advice segment "SCA-Ren" (SCANDAL no Renai Soudan = SCANDAL's Love Advice). HARU mentions that it's a listener that they talked to before on the phone. RINA thinks that the guy must be aware of what he's doing, like thinking, "Ah, I get to see her today too. She's pretty cute," and appealing to her. MAMI says that making eye contact and talking to her could also be common courtesy; that's just how they treat everyone. TOMO and RINA say that even if that's true, that still means they're a good person. They tell her to first start greeting him as if to make friends with him and try talking to him.

•The band starts trying to recall the segments they have on the show: SCA-Ren; A.D.A.N.A. (Nicknames); Hey! Teacher; HOME-TE; GyoColle; Life Before SCANDAL (LBS). They say they should trim it down to around four and that they don't really need the nicknames segment, but then MAMI says that her friend's nickname is "Agedori (fried chicken)." It was given to them because they were called that by a convenience store worker. The friend always got agedori when they went to a convenience store. RINA goes, "Do you mean karaage?" MAMI says yes, but "agedori" is what one convenience store (TOMO says it's 7-Eleven) calls their karaage/fried chicken. One time, they asked for agedori but the worker forgot to put it in the bag. After the friend left the store, the worker ran out and told them to hold on. The friend went, "What is it?" The worker was trying to tell them that they forgot to give them their agedori, but the worker only said, "Agedori-san!"

•The band decides to keep the segments LBS, GyoColle, and SCA-Ren. The staff then reminds them of the "Nice spice" segment, which is formally titled "Jinsei no SPICE (Spice of Life)." They decide to keep these four segments going forward.

lol that's unfortunate that the Nicknames segment was cut. Although I think I've already told the band about the story in a past Fan Letter Project, just for the heck of it I recently sent in a message about my "Fifth member of SCANDAL" nickname Tongue
Organizing the disordered segments that we can't even understand!
Episode #21 blog

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HARUNA: Let's get right to it while eating our sweets.

RINA: Ingesting sugar!

MAMI: Raising our blood sugar.

RINA: Apollo!

TOMOMI: Poifull!

HARUNA: Apollo My Stage...ah, I mean "My Style"

RINAMAMI: What did you just say?

HARUNA: ..."My Stage"

TOMOMI: My Stage!

RINA: It's been way too long since we've played a show... Did [the word "stage"] just happen to come out?

MAMI: You're passing through your stage.

TOMOMI: We've been making basic mistakes like that a lot recently, haven't we?

MAMI: ...that's true.

RINA: It can feel a little embarrassing...but "My Stage" is a good one!

TOMOMI: Was that segment called "Living in the home"?

HARUNA: No, it's "Living in the house" [Note: No, TOMO was right, HARU lol]...
There are have been a lot of embarrassing moments...

MAMI: "Apollo My Stage" sounds very stoic.

RINA: You'd want to eat it a little more at ease.

TOMOMI: Maybe we should do a collab?

HARUNA: Well then, we've started a ton of segments since March and received a lot of messages. Everyone's gotten good at sending in messages recently. We expected to get messages that comprise of one topic, but we usually get mixtures of two or three topics, which is awesome. That in itself is fun, but we thought we should sort them for now... So this segment is called "Catching up on midsummer clearance mail"!

All: Yep yep.

RINA: We sure like puns...

HARUNA: "Clearance" means to clean up, and is a term used when there's a sale. In short, we'll explain to new listeners what segments we have and get them to understand. We'll be getting rid of segments we don't need anymore!

TOMOMI: We also don't really know what's going on.

MAMI: It's like we're saying, "What happened, again?"

HARUNA: (*Reading a message) This is for our "GyouColle" segment...

TOMOMI: GyouColle!

MAMI: That's from when we first started the program.

HARUNA: Isn't this the very first topic we created? "Gyoukaiyougo Collection (A collection of industry terms)."

TOMOMI: It's the one where we ask people to tell us the terms used in their profession.

I'm an electrical engineer. This is a story from when I was talking with a friend who is also an electrical engineer, as well as another friend who has a completely different job. This is related to COVID-19. When an employee's temperature rises to [some degrees] ℃, they can't come into work. When it's down to [some degrees] ℃, they can go into work. My engineer friend said, "I can't come to the office at 37.5°C and the hysteresis is 0.5." I went, "I see," but my other friend said, "What??" There is a phenomenon called hysteresis due to electrical characteristics, which I will omit because it's difficult to explain, but if you apply to this story, it means that you can't go in to work if your temperature rises to 37.5°C, and you can go to work if it falls down to 37.0°C. It's a term I use quite regularly, but this made me go, "I guess this is an industry term?" SCANDAL, have you ever heard of the word "hysteresis"?

RINA: ...I have no idea what they're talking about.

MAMI: I've never heard that word before...maybe it refers to a numerical value going down?

HARUNA: Yeah, perhaps...

MAMI: What does it mean? I looked it up just now, but a figure popped up...what is this?

RINA: It's like a graph, but I don't get it. It's difficult to say...

MAMI: I have no idea. What does it mean?

HARUNA: Well, they said it's okay if it drops 0.5 degrees.

TOMOMI: I guess that's what it is.

RINA: It's more like a technical term.

HARUNA: It's related to electical stuff.

RINA: It's a everyday term, but it's cool.

TOMOMI: I wonder if our roadies would understand it, since they handle stuff with electricity.

RINA: They provide instrument support. When we start up rehearsals, shall we try using it like it's a normal term for us to say?

TOMOMI: Try using it?

MAMI: Like, "How many hystereses is this?"

HARUNA: Doesn't it seem like you could use it for when your microphone is buzzing and you ask for the voltage to be lowered?

TOMOMI: Like, "Isn't the hysteresis kind of high? Maybe we should lower it a bit?"
...Is that how you use it?

MAMI: Google it, everyone!

TOMOMI: I don't know what to Google...

RINA: But it's a good word. It's a new one for us.

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 20

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Topics tagged under kissfromthedarkness on SCANDAL HEAVEN IzCaaQq

•The band starts the episode by talking about their recent live broadcast of "Catch up" and recapping it a bit. They then read messages from listeners who sent in their thoughts about their new song "SPICE." The first listener says the song is very spicy. They also say that they're currently a college student whose had to transition to online classes only due to the pandemic and has lost a lot of motivation, but SCANDAL's activities are very stimulating for them. The second listener says the new song is very cool, and that it'll be a very stimulating spice for them in their lives.

•After "SPICE" plays, they talk about what's covered here.

•TOMO reads the next message from a listener whose spice in life is the ex-boyfriend she had during their first and second years in high school. She was at the mercy of him until she came to her senses and dumped him. However, he more or less stalked her after that and it turned into a police case where they rushed his house. The police told her they had him in custody and gave her the backpack she lent him with all of the two years' worth of letters and purikura she gave to him. She said she didn't want that; she wanted the money [that I guess he took?? idk the listener was super vague on the details here lol]. Because of the relationship with him, she feels like she's upgrading every time she has new boyfriend. The band says that that's crazy that happened in high school.

•MAMI reads the next message from a listener whose spice in life is darts. When they were in high school nothing was going well and they became a shut-in. That's when they discovered a dartboard. They didn't want to go to school and wasn't motivated to do anything, but they decided to throw darts and got hooked on it. Mysteriously, it helped them forget about everything bad they were feeling. Eventually, they were able to leave home thanks to darts, became a pro darts player, and aims to go to England. Their dream is to become the best darts player in the world. They say that a lot of things in life may not go well, but you don't know what will happen as a result of them. They also say that they're cheering them on.

•HARU reads the next message from a listener whose a first-year pharmacy student. Their current spice in life is this pandemic as they've only been able to go to campus twice since school started three months ago. They want to make new friends soon and want to see their teachers in person instead of through a computer screen. They also want to cash in their EXP gained during this time so that they can play an active role as a pharmacist involved in medical treatment in the future. The band first talks about what they said about online classes, and they think they probably are taking a lot of them. They also say that they're trying to say that they never want something like this pandemic to happen again. Though this is a difficult time, there are merits that are realized.

•TOMO reads the next message from a listener who is currently 20 years old. At the start of summer before his first year of high school, his girlfriend whom he loved very much that he got together with during his third year of middle school suddenly started ignoring him. They graduated and his still didn't know the reason why she broke up with him. Five years passed, and last year a mutual friend told him that the ex wanted his contact info. That made him nervous and excited, and he let the friend tell the ex his info. She contacted him and apologized for what she did. She loved him, but at that time her parents getting a divorce and she ignored a lot of things going on her life then. He accepted her apology, and she said that she still loved him and missed him. However, he turned her down as he currently has a girlfriend. Still, he can't help but be interested. TOMO says that breaking up without giving a reason is tough to go through, and that the person who was dumped may continue to have feelings for the other person. RINA and MAMI wonder why he would "be interested" in the ex now, and laugh a little about it. TOMO thinks that he probably has good/fun memories with his ex, and that every person probably will have one or two people that they can never forget about their whole lives. TOMO says that everyone seems to want to have some spice in their lives.

•RINA reads the next message from a listener who is about to take a teacher certification exam, and whose spice in life is ultimate frisbee. They're now on Japan's national team but is still aiming to improve as it's a competition that's still developing, and every practice session of their spice in life. They're a working adult so they work on weekdays and practice on days off. TOMO says that they know that this person has visited the FEEDBACK Shop in Shibuya before holding a frisbee. They told them that they're a pro and were on their way to a match. The band thinks that's awesome, and awesome that they have a fan on a national sports team. HARU wonders if it's a woman, but TOMO says that it's a man. MAMI looks up the sport and says that there is a women's team. TOMO says that she'd love to see a match as it sounds interesting. The others agree. RINA says that it's surprising that people like them are fans of theirs.

hogradish wrote:Pretty sure I get to embarrass myself again in 20.

I think you mean#21. Tongue
What kind of passion did they put into their new song "SPICE"?!
Episode #20 blog

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The band revisits their new song "SPICE" that was aired for the first time during their live broadcast [of this show].

RINA: We started working with the team who was handling the animation project for "XPICE" after receiving an offer from them. Production started off in a way we never experienced before.

HARUNA: We got to participate starting from the meeting about the anime.

RINA: We were invited to the planning sessions, we got to see the characters in their rough stages of the anime that hadn't been completed yet, and we listened to the thoughts they included in the story. The passion that the staff had made us get fired up to make something better--or should I say, we're grateful that their hearts were so pure.

HARUNA: We started making it around the end of last year, but I'm glad it we're able to send it out at this point in time. It's a song that has a very straightforward and powerful message. We hope you listen to it together with the animation.

HARUNA: During the live broadcast we asked for your "spicy" stories... We didn't have enough time to read a lot of these messages, so we'll be introducing "Nice spice" messages during this episode. We don't have a SPA-isu to give away this time, though...

RINA: Let's read them.

Nickname: Yamadato
"This is the person whose message about shichimi you read earlier. My friend whom I was grilling takoyaki with also sent a message, and since my message was read, both of us were really excited. What is your favorite spice (as in seasoning)?"

HARUNA: They're really persistent about spices.

MAMI: But the characters in "XPICE" were named after spices too. The main character is Wasabi-chan. So it's okay since it's kind of the same theme. Favorite spices, huh? What do you guys like?

RINA: Hmm...

MAMI: Perhaps black pepper for me. Isn't its taste determined by how you prepare it? I went through about two bottles during quarantine.

All: That's crazy!

MAMI: I put it on everything.

RINA: You used two bottles in three months?

MAMI: Maybe in two months. One bottle per month.

RINA: Is that much safe to consume?

MAMI: Isn't it?

TOMOMI: Isn't that excessive consumption? It's the same for everything else.

MAMI: Really?? Don't you use it every day? And the amount lessens?

TOMOMI: You use quite a bit every day? Are you overusing it to the point where your food's completely black?

MAMI: That doesn't happenー

RINA: But using up one whole bottle in a month is crazy.

MAMI: It just disappears.

RINA: ...I've never heard of that happening.

TOMOMI: I like garlic salt.

RINA: I totally get that. I like crazy salt.

HARUNA: I always have a stock of dashi soy sauce from Kagawa. I think they have them in supermarkets in Tokyo now. You can pour it over tofu or even directly on rice.

All: Ahー!

hogradish wrote:What's the deal with all the teachers?

They kind of speculated as to why in this episode:

hogradish wrote:Does Scandal tend to write with more sophistication than other bands?

FWIW, I've tried translating a few songs from other artists and SCANDAL's lyrics are by far the easiest to translate. They tend to write things and use words/phrases that are clear and easy to understand.

For example, a friend asked me to translate some lyrics from a Japanese group called and they made no sense at all. To give an example, here's one of their songs that someone else translated to English lol
【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 19

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•The band starts out the episode by eating Meiji snacks. After "A.M.D.K.J" plays, they start their "Life Before SCANDAL" segment. HARU reads the first message from a listener who says they didn't have a favorite band before SCANDAL, who was their first favorite band. Their family isn't really interested in listening to music, but thanks to SCANDAL the listener can feel the strength and splendor of music. Also thanks to SCANDAL, they gained an interest in music and are currently in a light music club where they cover SCANDAL's songs and hope to feel closer to the band. They'll keep listening to music and will prepare for their life after SCANDAL. However, they say, SCANDAL will always be their #1 band even after they grow up. The band says that they're happy to be their first favorite band. MAMI laughs and goes, "Life...after SCANDAL? I feel kind of conflicted about that."

•MAMI reads the next message from a listener who asks them this question (and since this was kind of in part with the "Life Before SCANDAL" segment, the listener says that their favorite artist before SCANDAL was aiko). After talking about the foot bath story, they say that RINA's heat resistance also applies to food. RINA mentions when they did a barbeque with the comedian Takeda BBQ for a SCANDAL MANIA video and they were grilling sausages on top of veggies, RINA just picked it up with her bare hands when it was done. TOMO says that no one else could touch it.

•After "Tsuki" plays, RINA reads the next message from a listener who says she'll tell them their nickname in elementary school. The band goes, "Wait, this is a different segment we're doing now?" since they were previously doing the "Life Before SCANDAL" segment. HARU, who seemingly forgot they have a nickname segment, goes, "Anything goes?" TOMO reminds her that they do have a nickname segment. RINA continues reading the message. The listener was an avid swimmer who had tanned skin due to that, so their friend called them "Ganguro Tamago-chan," which is a character in an anime series. They didn't really mind being called that, though, since they thought the character's cute and eggs (tamago) are delicious and go with any dish. The band laughs and goes, "Eggs certainly are delicious." At the end of their message, they say, "By the way, I'm also a teacher." The band is surprised and goes, "There really are a lot of teachers among our fans."

•TOMO reads the next message from a listener who was nicknamed "Avocado" by a fellow teammate on their volleyball club in middle school. It wasn't that they liked avocados; the player just started calling her "Avocado." After that, they started to be called "Avo" by other teammates. Soon, everyone, including the teachers, in all of their classes started to call her that too and she started to be made fun of. When she graduated middle school, people wrote "To Avocado" in her yearbook. She really didn't like being called that back then but didn't have the courage to speak up about it. However, when the former club members meet up now, they call her by her actual name. She's unsure if they've matured or if they forgot about the nickname. She also mentions that she's the same age as RINA. The band wonders why she was called "Avocado," and HARU says that avocados weren't really a thing in Japan back then (early 2000s) as the band doesn't have any memories of eating avocados at that time at home. MAMI thinks that maybe the teammate saw avocados on TV and just picked up the name. RINA says that when she was in elementary school there was a girl who'd tie her pigtails with hair ties with realistic-looking chocolates on them every day, and before long she started to be called "Choco." She wonders if there were any avocado-themed hair accessories back then. The band laughs and says that's not likely. They, like the listener, don't like how she was given that nickname for no reason and was basically bullied because of that name. RINA says that people should be more cautious when giving someone a nickname. The band says that "Avo-chan" is kind of cute-sounding nickname, though.

•HARU reads the next message from a male listener in his 50s whose listed name is "Otousan (dad)" who likes how the band plays their instruments and lists what he likes about them, such as how MAMI and HARU play the guitar differently, or how RINA holds her drumstick upright during a specific line in "LOVE SURVIVE" [Note: The message is kind of long and weird/creepy...I will not be translating it further lol]. TOMO goes, "That's creepy," and the band bursts out laughing. She also says, "That's creepy, but that makes us glad too [that they pay so much attention]." RINA mentions that he gave really specific examples. HARU goes, "'Otousan'...I see..." TOMO says it's kind of fetish-like and that maybe they should start a segment for that. HARU goes, "I'm sure we'd get a lot of messages for that."

Talking about the SCANDAL members' idiosyncrasies. RINA is heat-resistant!?
Episode #19 blog

Topics tagged under kissfromthedarkness on SCANDAL HEAVEN TeGeWZJ

The band talks about their physical constitutions. First, they start off with this message.

MAMI: This message is from Kon-san in Aichi Prefecture.

"I have a question for the members. Are any of you jealous of the others' bodies or features? I'm jealous of Mamitasu's strong stomach that can withstand the coldness of shave ice and the spiciness of spicy food. I've had serious stomach issues since I was young. I would be grateful if you could share your thoughts on how to strengthen your gastrointestinal tract."

MAMI: Increase the amount of heat. You'll get used to it and you'll be able to train yourself.

TOMOMI: Is that so?

MAMI: Go for something that suits your level, but if it suddenly gets too spicy then you might be traumatized by it--rather, your unpleasant memories of it will get stronger. So, I think you'll be able to eat it if you get used to little by little.

TOMOMI: Why should someone have to go through training like that?

All: (laughs)

HARUNA: But you're not talking about the stomach; you're talking about taste, right?

MAMI: Your stomach will also get used to it, and your mucous membranes will get stronger. If you eat spicy food that's more than you can handle, you'll feel as if your stomach's boiling.

TOMOMI: Heat-wise?

MAMI: It's hot, and how should I put it... it kind of feels like you're boiling hot and burning.

HARUNA: Isn't that bad?

RINA: Does that mean that if you endure it, you're then able to eat something a bit more spicy?

MAMI: You're like, "I can do this."

RINA: You've been able to handle spicy things from the start, haven't you?

MAMI: I didn't go out of my way to eat super spicy things. I started to eat it after coming to Tokyo and grew a lot stronger.

HARUNA: So you did have to build a resistance to it.

RINA: I think she did.

MAMI: I don't know about cold stuff like shave ice, but it seems like one can grow used to spicy food.

TOMOMI: I see...

RINA: Are you saying that people should train themselves?

MAMI: It's not about strengthening your stomach but about [strengthening yourself to be able to eat] spicy food.

HARUNA: So the only way is to get used to it.

RINA: But don't overdo it.

MAMI: Yes. It's important to start off by eating something spicy yet delicious.

HARUNA: don't have to work that hard at it?

RINA: I don't think so.

MAMI: You understand that you want to try eating it.

HARUNA: But you know you want to challenge yourself.

TOMOMI: At a healthy level, though.

MAMI: Is anyone jealous of something about the other members' bodies?

RINA: Not really a body part, per se, but I'm jealous of HARUNA's good memory.

TOMOMI: Right?

MAMI: Totally.

RINA: She can memorize someone's name right off the bat. If she were to meet them again years later, she could immediately recall it, right?

HARUNA: I could.

TOMOMI: She can remember dates and small details, like what day or month something was.

HARUNA: Yeah, I'd probably remember.

RINA: I've always thought that was great.

MAMI: Her memory certainly is good.

RINA: ...I think we three are really lacking in that area, though.

TOMOMI: That's true.

RINA: There are times when we can't remember anything...she really helps us out.

TOMOMI: She does. Also, I'm jealous of how RINA is super resistant to heat--actually, it's really mysterious.

RINA: You've always said that.

TOMOMI: She's unusually strong against heat.

RINA: It happened when three of us used a footbath.

TOMOMI: Yeah, that footbath was basically scalding; you'd put your foot in only a little and it'd turn bright red.

HARUNA: You couldn't put your feet in it.

TOMOMI: RINA was just soaking in it normally. It was hot but she could totally withstand it. But her feet had also turned bright red afterwards.

All: (laughs)

TOMOMI: That's why I'm jealous of that perserverance of hers.

【Translated Summary】
TOKYO FM's Sunday Special - 『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - After Talk

Topics tagged under kissfromthedarkness on SCANDAL HEAVEN GWPponn
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•The band laughs about how they had to end the episode rather abruptly and how that was probably the first time they've had to rush through ending a radio program like that.

•MAMI reads a message from a listener whose "spice" story relates to their parents. They had some tough times with their parents growing up and would occasionally have fights. However, after growing up and getting a job, they realized how hard their parents worked to support them. The band is surprised at how mature this message and listener are. TOMO says that there are a lot of things you realize once you're an adult. MAMI says that this listener is a male in his late 20s but didn't list what kind of job he has. She tries saying something about parents but starts to get tongue-tied and goes, "Uh, what am I trying to say?" as the band laughs.

•TOMO reads the next message from a listener whose "spicy" story is that they confessed their feelings to someone for the first time in their life last year. They had a crush on that person for a year, talked to them via [the messaging app] LINE, and would hang out together. One day they decided that they would confess to the person; however, they couldn't say the words "I like you" and ended up creating a puzzling time for about a minute. It was the most they had ever been nervous. RINA says their message is very lyric-like. MAMI says that it seems like time stops during times like these, and that a couple of seconds can feel like a couple of minutes instead. The band agrees with that. RINA says this is a little off the topic, but when you make a mistake when playing a live show, it feels like two seconds are five minutes. The rest all laugh and say they totally get that.

•They then decide on the "Best of Spice" story to determine who will win the SPA-isu. HARU asks if there are any stories that resonated with them. MAMI says yes, the one from the former curry restaurant worker, as they and the entire staff got laid off. The band also says how the listener seemed very positive about the whole thing. RINA says that the listener who told the "being ghosted at the movie theater" story told her story well. TOMO says that HARU's related story was also impactful (MAMI: "Girls who were ghosted at movie theaters..."). HARU says that this definitely does happen in real life, and MAMI says that she's leery of going on movie dates now. HARU says that things like that shouldn't affect your thoughts about the movie, and that, by the way, the movie that that happened to her for was Sherlock Holmes (probably this one). They say that the movie theaters aren't at fault--it's the guys who are at fault. They crown the listener as the winner, and say that they'll send her this nice chair.

【Translated Summary】
TOKYO FM's Sunday Special - 『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』

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•This special episode was broadcast live on TOKYO FM on July 12th. During this episode they also aired "SPICE" in its entirety for the first time anywhere. The band also mentions that this program has been around since March, and they didn't think they'd be getting to do a live broadcast so quickly. They're happy and grateful about it. They also say that they will playing songs chosen for a "spice" theme as well as asking listeners to send in any "spicy" stories they have. Whoever they pick as the "Best of Spice" will win a SPA-isu ("spa chair," but it's a play on the words "supaisu" = spice and "isu" = chair).

-TOMO: "This wasn't our idea (laughs)."
-RINA: "We would have never thought of something like this."
-MAMI: "When they heard it we were like, 'Oh, I get it!'"
-TOMO: "It's a lame joke that our older guy staffers came up with (laughs)."
-RINA: "Perhaps it's a generational gap (laughs)?"
-HARU: "It didn't come from our brains."
-TOMO: "It's program director Ono-san's fault."
-MAMI: "'SPA-isu,' a chair to be used in the bath?"
-All: "Yeah."
-MAMI: "But it's really good chair."
-TOMO: "It surprised us. When we were reading the notes we thought it'd be a plastic one, but it's one made out of cypress wood. They picked a good one."

•After "Masterpiece" plays, they go over what their program is about and mention things such as how they learned from their program is that there are a lot of teachers among their fanbase. They also go over segments on their show such as "Life Before SCANDAL."

•TOMO reads the first message from a male listener who was asked by a married female colleague if they'd like to start a relationship together. He says their colleague is a capable worker whom he gets along with, so he was surprised she asked him that. He says he of course turned her down, but that was the first time in a while that they've felt this amused and are still feeling a little tingly. However, if they had accepted the offer, they'd probably be feeling bad it right about now. MAMI goes, "That's quite spicy." The band agrees. MAMI also says that there seems to be a lingering feeling to their message, and HARU says that they sounded interested in their colleague judging from what they said about still feeling tingly. RINA says that stopping it from going anywhere and making this spicy memory was praisable on their part as no one would be feeling happy about it. They're glad that they didn't end up feeling bad about it. They also say that they're off to a spicy start from the first message.

•MAMI reads the next message from a listener whose spicy story involves her being left behind/ghosted at a movie theater by a man she just met for the first time. They met on a dating app and made plans to see a movie. When they got there he said that he needed to use the bathroom, so she went ahead and grabbed seats in the theater. However, he never came inside the theater and she ended up watching the movie alone. He didn't reply to her messages afterwards, which made her realize that she had been ghosted. The movie she watched then was (presumably) Christopher Robin, so she has both sad and warm memories about it. A lot of couples were there watching the movie too, making her feel even sadder. She was also traumatized a little, which comes up when she sees Pooh Bear. Now, she's cautious whenever she goes on a movie date. She asks SCANDAL if they've had some hardships related to love. MAMI says that this message was also quite spicy. The band agrees and also says that that was a horrible thing to have happened to her. HARU asks for clarification that she heard right that the listener was ghosted almost as soon as they met. TOMO and MAMI say yes and recap the story a bit. TOMO says that it's not like they were just acquaintances since they had been talking on the dating app up until then. MAMI says that making a date to go to the movies must have meant that things were going well, and HARU agrees and says that even matching with one another can be a big thing. RINA says that things like meeting up with people you've connected with on these apps and them being not what you were expecting does happen, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but you shouldn't do things like ghosting. The band once again says how awful this was to happen to the listener.

•HARU then goes, "Oh, I was also left behind at a movie theater after watching a movie." The band is really surprised and says they've never heard this before. HARU says that she doesn't think she's told them about it, and that she forgot about it herself--hearing this story made her remember it. They ask her if it was a boyfriend who did it, and she says no; it was a guy friend who she was interested in. TOMO, who has been the one questioning her about it the hardest so far, goes, "When was this?! Who was this?!" HARU says that this happened a long time ago. TOMO asks if this was in high school, and HARU says no, but it was some time soon after that. She says that they watched the entire movie together, and that she said she wanted to watch the credits as well. While the credits were rolling, the guy stood up from his chair and left without saying anything. She thought he might have gone to the bathroom and would be waiting outside for her after the credits finished, but he didn't wait for her. TOMO goes, "He left?" HARU says yes. The band goes, "What if this is the same guy [that the listener mentioned]?!" HARU goes, "Yeah, maybe!" The band laughs and TOMO goes, "It's the wrong era, though." She also says, "This the era where you can easily meet someone on a dating app, so doesn't that give people the impression that they can just as easily ghost someone?" MAMI says, "Well, ghosting someone isn't something people should do." She also says that this was quite stimulating, HARU's story included. The band says that this was also quite spicy. RINA goes, "Nice spice." They also tell the listener to keep her chin up, and thank her for telling her story.

•Right after this message they air "SPICE" for the first time. After it plays, the band talks about the song and "XPICE," most of which they talked about in this interview. Other new things they mentioned: RINA says that the "XPICE" story about heroes defeating a villain is a very common one, but these heroes carry complexes about themselves--they're heroes, yet they have complexes. Their worries such as "I wish I had this ability," or "Why am I like this?" is very human-like. RINA thinks that this is anime that the world needs right now as it has themes of accepting others for who they are, even though they may be different than you. MAMI mentions that right now is a time where anyone can say anything they want on the internet and you can be pulled in all kinds of directions, which can make you question who are you as a person. That's why the anime's themes of "courage and understanding" and "fighting together" are ones that we need to keep in mind from this point forward. She also thinks that it feels like getting to write this song as this point in time was destiny. TOMO says that it certainly fits the current state of things and also mentions BLM. She's really happy that they were able to release the song right now.

•The band mentions the SPA-isu prize and wonders if people are understanding what it is exactly. TOMO says that she'll post a picture of it on Twitter, which she does do.

•HARU reads the next message from a listener who lives in Okinawa where the rainy season has ended and summer has begun. He wanted motivation to build up their strength, so he bit into a lemon. It was "SUPAkatta" (suppai/suppakatta = "sour"; he was trying to make a "supaisu/spice" pun like the SPA-isu one). The band laughs and TOMO goes, "Hold on a sec. That's the same as Ono-san's pun!" They thank the listener for the cute message.

•RINA reads the next message from a listener who just started teaching in April and have been repremanded after making quite a few mistakes already. Their life had been going well up until now, so there have been times when their heart broke after realizing how many things they can't do. There have also been times when they've been reduced to tears and did not want to go to work. It's now been one month since school has resumed, and each day has been very fun and busy. They're often asked what their favorite band is and they answer that it's SCANDAL. Though there will be more days full of spiciness ahead of them, they'll prepare SCANDAL's music and radio program and dispatch delicious days. HARU says that even teachers get repremanded/yelled at. RINA says that every profession has the same troubles. She also says that there are also tough times that musicians also go through up until a song is released. When a song's put out they're worried about whether or not they'll get the results or reactions they expected to get. She says that everyone's got it hard, but let's all get through it while trying to find something enjoyable or something that will give you strength. She also says that she thinks a living a life where you only have fun is not fun at all since you can't accept joy when it happens. HARU agrees and says that you wouldn't be able to grow as the result of something painful happening; that's why spice is sometimes needed in life.

•The next segment features the members comparing their chosen songs with "spice" as the theme. The first song played is "Uptown Funk (feat. Bruno Mars)" by Mark Ronson. MAMI reveals that she chose this song. She says that starting in the beginning of the year she and TOMO have attended dark exercise classes (literally exercise classes in the dark/barely any lights on), which HARU says they've talked about every day lately. These places have you work out to these kinds of upbeat songs in very high temperatures. They played a remixed version of this song as part of a medley and were playing the music video on a screen in the place. When this came on, she realized that things were going to start to really pick up and they were going to sweat a lot. She says that this song has provided their muscles with a lot of spice.

•The second song played is "Make you happy" by NiziU, chosen by HARU. She explains a little of their backstory: a Japanese girl group formed by Korean label JYP through a survival reality show. HARU watched all of the episodes and got super hooked on them; she was even crying while watching the last episode. As for "spice," while watching it and seeing all their efforts, it made her think that she too needs to work hard every day. RINA says, "Did it make you go, 'What am I doing?!'" HARU says yes and the band laughs and says it must have really resonated with her.

•The third song played is "Unknown" by Friday Night Plans, chosen by TOMO. It's a very recent song and she thinks she heard it on the radio. She thought it was a really spicy song. There are very few piano melody notes, but there are so many fresh notes on top of that--that imbalance to her is very "spicy." She first heard about Friday Night Plans a while back but didn't really get into them until this song and she thinks they're really cool.

•The fourth song played is "Sour Candy" by Lady Gaga and BLACKPINK, chosen by RINA. She was really impacted by this collaboration between two really big music artists, and how they hyped it up on social media before it was released. When she first listened to it, she thought it was so cool and felt like thanking them for the song.

•HARU says that this playlist is also a chaotic one. RINA says it's all over the place, but it makes sense on the whole--it's very SCANDAL-like. TOMO says it has a "This is what we've been listening to recently"-feel to it, which presumably fits theme of "Catch up" well.

•MAMI reads the next message from a listener who worked at a curry restaurant before COVID hit and everyone who worked there was fired. However, she was really happy when she heard that SCANDAL's new song was titled "SPICE." The band laughs and says that it sounds like she can live in any generation with no problem. RINA says, "Things may be difficult right now, but let's all support each other and do our best."

•TOMO reads the next message from a listener who is living by themselves for the first time, which happened after breaking up with her boyfriend who did things like forget to shut the entryway door. She says it's kind of lonely to live alone, but listening to "Catch up" makes her realize that she's not alone. She then apologizes for sending in a message with no spiciness to it, but she does want some spice in her life.

•The last message is read by RINA. The listener is currently listening to the radio program live while grilling some takoyaki with a friend. As for their "spicy" story, they say they recently got hooked on shichimi. The band laughs and tells them to enjoy hanging out with their friend. They're also surprised that that's all the message said, but it was the perfect message to read since they're running out of time for the program.

•The band then closes out the episode. They say that time just flew by, and that it was a lot of fun. They also mention that they'll be doing an after talk after this. They thank the listeners for their "spicy" stories and wish they had time to choose the best stories during this show, but they will be choosing them during the after talk.

•Since there's still a little bit of time left, HARU asks the band how their first live broadcast of this program was. TOMO says this SPA-isu gift is limited to this episode only; they're unfortunately not able to do it for every ep. HARU mentions that "Catch up" merch is starting to be made. They'll announce when those will be available for purchase. There are 20 seconds left and the band isn't sure how to fill the time; they laugh and go, "What do we do?!" HARU then gives the release info for "SPICE" and the "XPICE" short.

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 18

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•The episode starts with this.

•RINA draws the second song, which is "Natsu no Hi no 1993" (A Summer Day in 1993) by class. This song was also chosen by MAMI. The band laughs and is surprised her chosen songs were drawn in a row. MAMI's memories of this song stem from her third year of high school when this song was really popular. TOMO asks why it was so popular, but MAMI doesn't know. MAMI says that when a girl started singing the lyrics "1993," the entire class started singing too. This would happen every time someone would start to sing it. It was also frequently sung at karaoke (HARU: "Seriously?"). TOMO says that her dad has also sung this song. RINA wonders if this song that their parents' generation listened to [Note: This song came out in--you guessed it--1993, so it is possible], which is why it was popular with MAMI's class. MAMI doesn't think that has anything to do with it; a friend just heard the song and thought it was good.

•MAMI draws the third song, which is "Namida" (Tears) by Ketsumeishi. This song was chosen by TOMO. TOMO's memories stem from her second year of middle school when she and her family were living in a condo where small festivals would be held. She got to run/participate in one of the stalls and made things like yo-yo tsuri and kujibiki. During this time she would be over at a friend's place and they would be listening to this song while they made those things. They wanted something to help draw in customers, so they created an original character called "Negi." Although "negi" (ねぎ) means green onion, the character was a mouse and was made out of cardboard. MAMI says, "That's youth for you." The band also wonders if songs by Western artists are in the box.

•HARU draws the fourth song, which is "I Feel the Earth Move" by Carole King, and was one of HARU's chosen songs. When HARU visited New York for the first time privately in the summer of 2018, she watched the Carole King musical called "Beautiful." Her memories from that time are still very strong, and that trip was what got her hooked on New York. She says that she first heard this song when she was attending their dance & vocal school and they were covering Western songs. She's always liked the song, but seeing it in the musical and learning about its roots made her fall even more in love with it. TOMO says that recent memories are good as well. She also says, "This playist had already gotten chaotic."

•TOMO draws the fifth song, which is "OVER DRIVE" by JUDY AND MARY. This song was chosen by MAMI, which the band isn't surprised with. She says that when she was in nursery school, her mom and other moms from the nursery school formed a band with her mom on keyboards and vocals (RINA: "That totally fits her"). This was one of the songs they sang. During the year that MAMI graduated from the nursery school, it put on a summer festival kind of like what TOMO mentioned. The band was invited to play at it and they sang this song. She points out that there are a lot of summer memories associated with when you're a student, which the band agrees with. She also says that has quite a few memories like this before the band got together/before they had their major label debut. She then says how her three songs have already been picked (TOMO: "That was fast"). RINA says that they were all good songs she chose. MAMI asks if they were summer-like, and the band agrees.

•RINA draws the sixth song, which is "Another Days" by w-inds. This song was chosen by TOMO, and band all says how emotional this song is. TOMO says that the dance & vocal school that they went to had a recital every summer, and at one of them almost every student (200-300) participated in singing a w-inds medley. TOMO was one of the ones who sang "Another Days." HARU goes, "[The] Nagoya [branch of Caless] also participated in that, right?" MAMI says yes, and HARU says that she sang "try your emotion." There were medleys for three artists in total and TOMO says she participated in each of them, but the dance she did for w-inds is what she remembers the most. HARU asks if she practiced a lot, and TOMO says she probably did.

•RINA says that she hopes the next song will be hers, and the others realize that none of her songs have been drawn yet. MAMI draws the seventh song, which is the RINA-chosen song "Papillon" by Hitomi Shimatani. The band gets excited that RINA's song was picked and RINA goes, "That's crazy!" When RINA was in elementary school, she was good friends with a girl who lent her the CD. RINA was also in a dance club where they would cover songs and dances every week, and this was the song that she and her friend were to sing one week. The song has "Thank you" sung in different languages in the chorus ("Maraming salamat, dhanyabaad, terima kasih, xiăo huā, nĭ hăo"), which the band starts singing together. Her friend told her to memorize the lyrics by the next day, and even though she has them memorized now, back then she couldn't remember them perfectly by the next day.

•HARU draws the eighth song, which is "Dancing Hero" by Yoko Oginome and was chosen by HARU (RINA: "It's like you to choose a song like this"). She says that it's a bon odori song that's a classic in Aichi Prefecture (the prefecture HARU's from). She says that bon odori has a "old people in high spirits," kind-of-boring image to it, but using this song to dance to makes it more exciting. HARU liked the song so much that she played the taiko drums for this song during bon odori in sixth grade, and says that she can still play it on the drums. The band says they should do a "HARU playing the taiko" segment during their live shows.

•TOMO draws the ninth song, which she immediately knows is HARU's as soon as she pulls it out: "Boogie Wonderland" by Earth, Wind & Fire. SCANDAL played at the festival SUMMER SONIC 2013, which is when EWF also performed at it. HARU had to see them no matter what as she's loved them since middle school. She thought she'd leisurely watch them from the area that other performers/etc. could watch from, but the moment that they started playing "Boogie Wonderland" as the first song she immediately went over to the general area. She's glad she was able to see them before leader Maurice White passed away a few years after that. She also says that the reason why she got into Western music was actually because in middle school she saw w-inds (the band who sang one of the songs that TOMO picked) covering this song on TV. She thought the song was cool and started listening to EWF after that. TOMO goes, "What a great playlist this is."

•RINA draws the 10th song, which is "Please Mr. Postman" by The Carpenters chosen by TOMO. Every year since she was little until around middle school, she and her family would go camping and stay at a log house, and this song would always be played then. MAMI says that her mom really likes songs/artists from that generation, like ABBA. TOMO says that songs from ABBA, Arabesque, and The Carpenters would be played a lot by her parents. When she hears these songs, she can remember super small details from when she was camping. RINA says that she really thinks that memories and music are things that go hand-in-hand with each other.

•The remaining two songs are RINA's. MAMI draws the 11th one: "Manatsu no Magic" by Lead. The band gets really excited, laughs, and goes, "That's crazy!" They also start singing a part of the chorus and say that it's really nostalgic. RINA says that they would dance and sing to this song too in her dance club. Listening to it now, she realizes how great the chorus is and the band starts singing it. She likes the way the words are sung, and HARU says that it's very EWF-like.

•HARU draws the 12th and final song and laughs hard before announcing it. MAMI and TOMO go, "Eh? What is it?" The song is "Lonely Chaplin" by Kiyomi Suzuki with Rats & Star. They all laugh loudly. RINA discovered this song while watching Ayumi Hamasaki's "Ayuready?" late-night TV program on Fuji TV when she was in elementary school. A guest musician would come on the show for a talk segment, and then they and Ayumi would play a song together at the end. RINA heard this song and thought it was really cool. She memorized all of the parts that Ayumi sang and practiced at karaoke. During summer break, her family went somewhere where there was a small stage set up and they told her to sing. She sang this song, which was apparently a hit with all of the people who were there. She also says that there would always be palm trees in the background of "Ayuready?" no matter what season it was, so there was always a summer-like feel to it.

•The band agrees that this playlist was rather chaotic. TOMO says that the meaning of "chaotic" is different every time. HARU goes, "So this is what summer is for us" and the band laughs. TOMO says that she'll probably listen to this playlist three times. MAMI thinks that this will be a fresh playlist for their fans.

1. "Locolotion" - ORANGE RANGE [Chosen by MAMI]

2. "Natsu no Hi no 1993" - class [Chosen by MAMI]

3. "Namida" - Ketsumeishi [Chosen by TOMOMI]

4. "I Feel the Earth Move" - Carole King [Chosen by HARUNA]


6. "Another Days" - w-inds [Chosen by TOMOMI]

7. "Papillon" - Hitomi Shimatani [Chosen by RINA]

8. "Dancing Hero" - Yoko Oginome [Chosen by HARUNA]

9. "Boogie Wonderland" - Earth, Wind & Fire [Chosen by HARUNA]

10. "Please Mr. Postman" - The Carpenters [Chosen by TOMOMI]

11. "Manatsu no Magic" - Lead [Chosen by RINA]

12. "Lonely Chaplin" - Kiyomi Suzuki with Rats & Star [Chosen by RINA]

SCANDAL-like! Transported back to the past with the creation of a chaotic summer playlist!
Episode #18 blog

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This week's episode features 「SCANDAL's Catch up Playlist 2020 - Early summer!」

This is actually their first music project for this show...

HARUNA: For this episode we'll be featuring "SCANDAL's Catch up Playlist 2020 - Early summer!"

RINA: This is the first time we're doing this here.

HARUNA: It's surprising. Making a Catch up playlist means...

Although it's the summer of 2020, all festivals this year have been canceled; there is no beginning nor end; and there are too many feels.

TOMOMI: Emotionally, yes.

HARUNA: We will be creating a chaotic playlist filled with very personal memories of each member.

RINA: Chaotic

TOMOMI: Can't wait

HARUNA: We make playlists for a lot of things, and each time the songs we choose are pretty chaotic.

RINA: We don't plan to do so, but it gets pretty chaotic when the four of us get together...I wonder why.

HARUNA: This time we selected three songs related to summer. We don't know what the others chose. Each song is written on a piece of paper in the box in front of us, so we'll arrange them in the order in which they are drawn.

Also, this playlist will be released by Spotify. Please check it out!

Shall we start drawing them?

RINA: Let's do it.

HARUNA: TOMO-chan, you want to go?

TOMOMI: It's okay that I start it off?

MAMI: We don't know whose songs will come out.

HARUNA: Only the name of the songs are written on the papers.

TOMOMI: (*Picking one out the box) Ah, this is a very long and thin one (Note: It's in the shape of a strip)

RINA: So thin...

MAMI: So thin! Long and thin.

TOMOMI: Ohーthis one's goodー

RINA: What is itー?

TOMOMI: ORANGE RANGE - "Locolotion"!

RINA: Ah, that's a good one! So summeryー!

HARUNA: ...who chose that one?

MAMI: Yes! I did! We're off to a good startー

TOMOMI: It's so excitingー! It's a very "first song"-like song!

MAMI: As for very personal memories, in my first or second year of middle school...

TOMOMI: Wasn't it the first year?

MAMI: First year, huh. It was the song used for the cheering squad during a sports festival.


MAMI: It's a song that reminds me of summer vacation when a lot of us got together to practice for the cheering squad, and we were all super sweaty in the gym.

TOMOMI: I also danced to this song during orientation of a ski training camp I went to in my first year of middle school.

MAMI: Seriously?

TOMOMI: Yeah, the same song.

RINA: training camp??

TOMOMI: A ski training camp. It was winter.

RINA: You were okay with that sense of season?

TOMOMI: It was an ORANGE RANGE medley, and most of them were summery songs.

HARUNA: You guys listened to ORANGE RANGE all year round that year.

TOMOMI: I sure did.

MAMI: When I think of summer, this immediately comes to mind... A great opening song, if I do say so myself.

HARUNA: It's going to get really exciting.

They each picked out three songs in this way, by using the special box (?), randomly announcing them, and creating a chaotic playlist. Please take a listen to the rich stories of each member for each song!

The reason that the paper with the selected song in the box is thin is because they were to paste the songs on the playlist one by one on a piece of paper. The person who pasted them was HARUNA. Only she could "haru" (貼る = haru; the verb that means "to stick/paste") them.

Check here for the completed playlist!

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 17

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•The band starts out the episode by talking about what Meiji snacks they're eating, and then this part happens.

•After "Tonight" plays, HARU says that they will be reading messages pertaining to the segments "Life Before SCANDAL" (listeners favorite bands before SCANDAL) and "LOVE SURVIVE 〜SCANDAL's Love Advice〜." The band decides to go with the former segment first. MAMI reads the first message from a listener who was a fan of Brahman before they were a SCANDAL fan. They became a big SCANDAL fan after attending one of their shows and thought that HARU's MC was as passionate as Brahman's vocalist's MCs, and although SCANDAL's domestic tour had to be canceled they are looking forward to hearing HARU's MCs once again in the future. The band wonders what show it was that they went to. TOMO thinks it could have been a festival that both bands appeared at.

•They then switch to questions for their love advice segment. HARU reads the next message a listener who's a rehab worker and has never made any good memories with the people they've dated so far. She'd buy birthday presents [for their significant other?], but when her own birthday came around she would only get back half cost-wise of what she put in (I think lol). It's also now common for her to only communicate once a week with an SO (again, I think lol; the words they chose are kind of vague). She's currently enjoying being single, but she wants to boost their ladylikeness just in case. She asks the band what "ladylikeness" is. TOMO goes, "They've lost their ladylikeness?" RINA brings up the "communicate once a week" thing and wonders what happened. TOMO goes, "They're the bad guy, aren't they?" The band laughs and agrees. HARU thinks that the listener is too loving to their SOs (RINA: "They're a rehab worker after all"). They're happy to receive birthday presents but they don't get back the same amount they spent on giving presents. HARU also thinks the communicating-once-per-week thing isn't very good. Since the listener wants to be happy in their next relationship, she wants to boost her ladylikeness. TOMO goes, "They got a lot of things wrong!" RINA says that they should stop being so nice and also overdoing things, and that it's probably not a matter of ladylikeness. HARU says that "ladylikeness" is a word she's never liked, and RINA agrees and says that feels out of place. There's also "masculinity," but being able to cook or do laundry shouldn't be one of a woman's high points. She also says that it's better not to try to change yourself for the person you're dating, but to be with someone who says that they like the way you live your life. The band kind of goes on for a while about this, but ultimately says at the end that the listener should learn to love themselves first.

•After "Kinenbi" plays, the band jokes that they have too many segments now. TOMO reads the next message from a listener who currently works at a bakery but has a teaching license. They love how MAMI says "te" and how it sounds like her voice is cracking in the clips of the band saying "Supported by Meiji" during each Catch up episode, enough that they can listen to it over and over again. They also really like how MAMI's blood vessels can be seen in live photos of her (like this). The listener also asks the band if there are things like that they like and notice in other people. TOMO says that fans bring up MAMI's blood vessels a lot. MAMI says that hearing that someone likes how she says "te" so much makes her feel bashful. They then play MAMI's clip of her saying the "Supported by Meiji" line and they all go, "Ahhh!" and get what the listener was saying. They then answer the listener's question. MAMI likes hands, and since her hands are big, she likes smaller and rounder hands on girls and bigger hands + rugged-looking joints on guys. HARU says that something she's only been liking recently is facial hair on guys. When she was younger she thought that having no facial hair was better, but recently she's been thinking that it's sexy when a guy has facial hair. MAMI gets it and TOMO says she also like facial hair. RINA says that everyone in the audience will have facial hair at their next show, which the band laughs at. TOMO says that she likes that the day-off kind of look, and HARU mentions that during quarantine there were quite a lot of celebrities that grew their facial hair out, which may have led to her starting to like it. MAMI says that it immediately gives off a sense of maturity. RINA says that she likes to look at legs regardless of gender, and likes ones that have a good shape to them. TOMO says that she likes guys with long eyelashes, long enough that they cast a shadow. RINA says that she's envious of guys like that.

•RINA reads the next message from a listener who works at a movie theater but also has a teaching license for elementary school. Theaters are taking many precautions against the virus, and they feel that movies, which provide things such as excitement and emotions, are important to the world. RINA says that it certainly is a trying time for movie theaters right now, and that movies and music provides power mentally. Like what precautions movie theaters are taking right now, TOMO talks about how if a 150-person-capacity live house were to hold a show right now and took social distancing measures into effect, only about seven people could be allowed to enter. RINA says that deciding that if it's right or not to play a show, or to respond to everyone's feelings is something they're unsure of. TOMO says that guidelines to play a show right now have been released, but the issue of whether or not people will enjoy it/be satisfied with it, or if the band's feelings will be conveyed is a completely different, difficult issue. They also talk about how they wouldn't be able to go all out, and the audience wouldn't be allowed to sing. TOMO also brings up how people on roller coasters aren't allowed to scream right now. She was surprised to read that and wonders who would actually go on them. The band agrees that something like this is the right thing to do, though.

•The band talks a little about the future. TOMO says how they're really considering what kind of life they'll be living from this point forward, and that they know no one will be able to go back to how their lives used to be. It's a challenge as to how to live a positive and fun life. HARU says they're thinking about ways to have fun while also protecting themselves. They'll probably be spending more time at home still, but they hope that everyone can still enjoy this radio program weekly. They ask for people to keep sending in messages, and they'll keep doing things like that Morocco quiz during the previous episode. The band laughs and MAMI goes "We didn't talk about anything else then, did we?" HARU says there's quite a difference between last week's episode and this week's, but it's very radio program-like.

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SCANDAL WORLD TOUR 2020 “Kiss from the darkness” Update

First, we would like to appreciate all of our loyal fans for your constant support.

SCANDAL regretfully announces the postponement of its highly-anticipated 2020 “Kiss From The Darkness” Europe & North American WORLD TOUR, due to COVD-19.

“Kiss from the darkness” Europe WORLD TOUR Canceled 2020 dates:

September 4 – YOYO – Paris de Tokyo, Paris
September 6 – O2 Academy Islington, London
September 9 – Musik & Frieden, Berlin

We sincerely apologize to all fans who were looking forward to the shows. We are currently working very closely with all parties involved to be able to safely hold this tour. Please do hold on to your tickets and keep an eye out for updates.

The tour which was originally set to kick off on September 17 in Anaheim, CA has been rescheduled for FALL 2021. The updated 5-city run of dates includes a NEW show at Sony Hall in NYC on Saturday, November 13. See canceled and updated dates below.

“Kiss from the darkness” North American WORLD TOUR Canceled 2020 dates:
September 17 – House of Blues, Anaheim
September 19 – Canton Hall, Dallas
September 21 – The Masquerade, Atlanta
September 23 – Queen Elizabeth Hall, Toronto

November 11 – Queen Elizabeth Hall, Toronto
November 13 – Sony Hall, New York (New additional show!)
November 17 – House of Blues, Anaheim
November 19 – Canton Hall, Dallas
November 21 – The Masquerade, Atlanta

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HARUNA has brought something unbelievable!!
Episode #17 blog

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It seems that HARUNA has brought a slightly crazy, secret item from home...

HARUNA: There's something that I'd to show you guys...

RINA: What is it?

TOMOMI: What is it?

MAMI: What is it?

HARUNA: During the episode three weeks ago...


MAMI: What did you bring?

TOMOMI: ...stop it!!

RINA: So, what is it?

HARUNA: I talked about getting rid of clutter and tidying up stuff, and I said I found something, right?

M, T, R: was a picture.

HARUNA: Yes, I brought it!

M, T, R: ......(*at a loss for words)

RINA: Wow...why did you do that..oh man!

HARUNA: I found it and talked about it, so I thought it should see the light of day at least once.

TOMOMI: It doesn't need to...

MAMI: "See the light of day"; what??

RINA: That should never be posted on the blog, shouldn't it?

HARUNA: I'll leave it up to you to decide if you want to post it there or not.

TOMOMI: Yeah, let's see it.

MAMI: Hold on!

RINA: When was that taken?

MAMI: You're going to post that photo?

HARUNA: It's mostly of our upper halves.

RINA: When was that taken?

HARUNA: Probably before our major label debut.

TOMOMI: When we played street shows on Shiroten?

MAMI: Eh, was that when we wore torn-up outfits?

HARUNA: It's a picture of when we were wearing that skull t-shirt.

RINA: That skull shirt...

HARUNA: For the time being, just the four of us will look at it. Here we go. Ta-da!

All: Ahーーーーーーーーーーーーー! (*screaming)

TOMOMI: That's awesome.

MAMI: This is too much.

RINA: The skull kind of looks like me.

HARUNA: It does kind of look like you.

TOMOMI: That's true.

RINA: I can't believe we did that.

MAMI: Wowーthat's crazyー

TOMOMI: I don't like this.

RINA: It's okay. Everything's fine.

MAMI: Yeah, it's okay. Everything's fine.

TOMOMI: You say it's okay...but I don't like that either lol

RINA: I remember when we took this.

HARUNA: Where was this?

RINA: It was probably at the live house ESAKA MUSE [in Osaka], right?

MAMI: Who shot this?

RINA: So nostalgic...

MAMI: How did we do our activities wearing this shirt, the first six months? One year?

HARUNA: It wasn't a year yet, right?

RINA: But those were some great memories, truly.

HARUNA: I suddenly felt a sense of fear coming from the inside of my house lol. It surprised me.

RINA: It was so cute how the the four of us were looking so hard for t-shirts at the supermarket, and that the four of us made this our outfit.

TOMOMI: Our makeup looks around then were something.

MAMI: We were still in middle and high school. But they're all good memories.

HARUNA: We'll be bringing you today's episode as we look at this photo, while also staring at our past...

RINA: While remembering our starting days

HARUNA: As we approach the second half of 2020...

The Anaheim and Dallas shows on the world tour have officially been postponed and rescheduled to November 2021. Atlanta and Toronto have not yet posted their new dates.

These are the first dates of the world tour that have concrete rescheduled dates.

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Edit: Live Nation sent out this email about the Anaheim show. If you've purchased a ticket and are unable to attend the rescheduled date, you have until August 26 to get a refund.
Topics tagged under kissfromthedarkness on SCANDAL HEAVEN GEoxrAG

Topics tagged under kissfromthedarkness on SCANDAL HEAVEN LGRe7XC

Edit: AXS sent out an email about the Dallas show. Like Anaheim, you have a month to request a refund if you cannot make the rescheduled date.
Topics tagged under kissfromthedarkness on SCANDAL HEAVEN 2psZk2K

Also, a New York show has been added: November 13, 2021 @ Sony Hall. Tickets go on sale this Thursday (?!), despite the date being so far off.

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【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 16

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•This episode is all about the "Quiz time! TOMOrocco!" quiz as talked about here.

•HARU asks the second question:

Q2. What generation is Mohammed, Morocco's current king?

1) VI (sixth)
2) XII (twelfth)
3) XXIII (twenty-third)

TOMO goes with 1, while both RINA and MAMI go with 2. HARU reveals that the correct answer is 1. She also says that his father is Hassam II. The band laughs and TOMO goes, "Wait a second. What?! What does that mean?" MAMI says she's going to Google this later.

-MAMI = 1 point
-TOMO = 1 point

•The third question is asked:

Q3. The total area of Morocco is how many times larger than Japan?

1) 1.2
2) 1.5
3) 1.8

TOMO says that she didn't think it was that big to begin with, but it really isn't that much larger than Japan. HARU says you just have to go with your gut. All of them go with 1, which is the correct answer. RINA is happy that she got it right.

-MAMI = 2 points
-TOMO = 2 points
-RINA = 1 point

•The fourth question is asked:

Q4. What is the population of Morocco?

1) 36 million
2) 40 million
3) 50 million

HARU says that the population count was taken in 2018. TOMO goes with 1, RINA goes with 2, MAMI goes with 3. The correct answer is 1. TOMO goes, "Yayyyy~" and that she's just going with her gut rather than actually knowing what correct answers are.

-TOMO = 3 points
-MAMI = 2 points
-RINA = 1 point

•The fifth question is asked:

Q5. According to the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the ethnic composition of Morocco is 60% Arab. What makes up 30% of the rest?

1) Berbers
2) Casablancans
3) Othmani

TOMO goes with 1, RINA goes with 2, MAMI goes with 3. HARU asks TOMO if she just has a feeling that that's the correct one. She says that she thinks she's heard of that group before, but she'll be embarrassed if she gets it wrong. The correct answer is 1. TOMO goes, "That's the first piece of knowledge I know about the country!" HARU says that 2, Casablanca, is the biggest city in Morocco. TOMO says that she knew that, though that was the only thing she knew. HARU goes, "You're quite knowledgeable [about Morocco], aren't you?" TOMO says, "That's the only thing I knew!" HARU says that 3, Othmani, is the name of the current prime minister of the country. She then says, "We're now five questions deep. How has it been?" TOMO goes, "I'm fine. I can do this."

HARU reads off the points, with TOMO in the lead with 4 points. RINA goes, "You've basically won already!"

-TOMO = 4 points
-MAMI = 2 points
-RINA = 1 point

•Before HARU reads the sixth question, she says, "You guys have noticed some things, so let's go ahead with the rest of the questions." TOMO goes, "What does that mean?!"

Q6. Known as the gateway to Morocco, what is the name of the international airport in Casablanca?

1) Mohammed V International Airport
2) Muhammed V International Airport
3) Hassam II International Airport

TOMO says that the name "Hassam" popped up before, and HARU says that he's the father of the current king, Mohammed VI. MAMI is wondering how the things they've noticed ties in to what HARU said earlier (TOMO: "I haven't noticed anything!").

TOMO goes with 1, RINA decides to go with 1 too, MAMI goes with 2. TOMO goes, "Mohammed V is the name of a university too?" HARU says yes. RINA goes, "So it's both the name of the college and their airport?" HARU laughs and goes, "You're getting a little too ahead of things!" The correct answer is 1. RINA reasks her question, which HARU says the answer is yes. MAMI goes, "Ah, so that's what you meant earlier about noticing things." RINA also understands, but TOMO doesn't seem to.

-TOMO = 4 points
-MAMI = 2 points
-RINA = 2 points

•The seventh question is read:

Q7. What does "Casablanca," the largest city in Morocco, mean in Spanish?

1) White house
2) White flower
3) White castle

MAMI goes with 1, RINA goes with 2, TOMO goes with 3. MAMI gives her answer right away and with so much conviction that RINA goes, "Why is MAMI so confident in her answer?" The correct answer is 1.

-TOMO = 4 points
-MAMI = 3 points
-RINA = 2 points

•HARU reads the eighth question:

Q8. Morocco is actually the number one country that Japan imports this seafood to. What is it?

1) Octopus (tako)
2) Squid (ika)
3) Shrimp (ebi)

HARU says that Morocco's famous for it. All three of them go with 1, which is the correct answer. TOMO says that she's confident in getting the right answer for the next question and laughs. RINA goes, "So that is what that was after all." (She's referring to the fact that all of the correct answers were 1 lol)

-TOMO = 5 points
-MAMI = 4 points
-RINA = 3 points

•After "Mabataki" plays, HARU says that it seems like all three of them realized what she meant by what she said earlier. She then says that this last question will not be a multiple choice one. The three are surprised and go, "Eh!?" 10,000 points (lol) will also be given.

Q9. What is Morocco's traditional leather footwear called?

HARU asks TOMO go answer first. She wishes she had three options to choose from. HARU gives her a hint as to what it is: she says it starts with "ba" and that TOMO has probably heard the word before. HARU says the next part of the word is "bou." TOMO goes, "Ba?! Babou?! Eh?! Ba, baboushoe?" HARU goes, "You're almost there!" She basically gets it: The correct answer is "babouche." MAMI says she's heard that word before.

•HARU says that they basically don't need to check to see who won (TOMO: "I won 10,000 points after all"), but she announces the results anyway: MAMI with 4 points, RINA with 3 points, and TOMO with 10,007 dirham (RINA: "We knew from the start that we'd lose"), making TOMO the winner. As a present, she is given a guide book for Morocco. TOMO is happy with the prize, but also goes, "I thought I'd be getting babouche," and RINA agrees, given how things were going. TOMO seemingly flips through the book and says that it looks like Turkey, and that there seem to also be a lot of cats there (there were also a lot of cats in Turkey when they went there back in 2015). HARU goes, "With the quiz today, you've become more knowledgeable about Morocco now, haven't you?" TOMO says yes, but she kind of stopped thinking hard about things halfway through it. RINA points out how all of the correct answers were 1. TOMO says that MAMI did well to notice that when neither she nor RINA did. MAMI goes, "The correct answers for questions 1-3 were all 1. There's a law that states that all correct answers after that will also be 1." HARU says she also noticed that as she was going through the questions. RINA says that she wishes she realized that too. HARU then says how this was a quiz intended for TOMO as she wants to take a solo trip there, so she tells MAMI and RINA to let them know if there are any places they're interested in going to and they'll do the same kind of thing. TOMO says that she's happy that they did a quiz for her for something that she expressed interest in only once. HARU wonders if they have any fans in Morocco. RINA says that when they toured in Europe, one of the local staff there told them that they do have fans in Morocco. HARU then says that if they have any listeners in Morocco who listen to this program, they'd like for them to write in to them. They wrap up the episode talking more about the quiz, and how this episode was only about this. TOMO says that the listeners probably fell asleep halfway when they were talking about Muhammed/Mohammed.

A special project for TOMOMI: "Quiz time! TOMOrocco!" Who will shine as champion!?
Episode #16 blog

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The band held a special project for TOMOMI, who said that she'd like to take a solo trip to Morocco during her 30th year if possible, called, "Quiz time! TOMOrocco!"

HARUNA: Let's try a new project this week.

All: What is it?

HARUNA: Here it is..."Quiz time! TOMOrocco!"

TOMOMI: What is that...I don't understand. What does that mean?

HARUNA: Let's get to it today!

MAMI & RINA: Is this okay?

TOMOMI: I'm really worried.

HARUNA: TOMO recently turned 30, and she said that she wants to take a solo trip. She wants to go to Morocco, so the special project for TOMO-chan is called "Quiz time! TOMOrocco!"

TOMOMI: Hold on a sec! I never thought it'd be taken this far.

MAMI: ...this will be a good episode just with TOMO-chan.

RINA: Good work.

MAMI: Thanks so much.

TOMOMI: Wait a second; I don't know what to do.

HARUNA: Only TOMO's going to do it? MAMI and RINA, you guys have to participate too.

RINA: Ehー?

MAMI: Ehー? Us too!?

RINA: I don't know anything about Morocco.

TOMOMI: Do you mean that this is quiz about Morocco?

HARUNA: That's right. After you answer this quiz about Morocco and deepen your knowledge of it, we'll have you go on a solo trip to Morocco.

TOMOMI: Well, I'm grateful, but I have no prior knowledge of it.

HARUNA: You three will participate, and the person who's crowned the champ will be given a prize.

TOMOMI: Is it related to Morocco??

MAMI: A prize related to Morocco...? I wonder.

HARUNA: The three of you will compete for first place, but perhaps MAMI and RINA won't need the any rate, it says [on the program script], "Please fight fair and square."

MAMI: This is way too mysterious.

RINA: Well, let's go ahead and try it.

HARUNA: There are quite a few questions.

TOMOMI: Can we get through them in this one episode?


RINA: That was very firm.

HARUNA: We have no choice.

TOMOMI: I hope it's fun...let's hear it.

HARUNA: Let's do it..."Quiz time! TOMOrocco!" There will be three options per question.

RINA: All right, maybe we can do this.

HARUNA: Question 1. What is the currency in Morocco called?

TOMOMI: I have no idea...

HARUNA: 1) Dirham. 2) Rabat. 3) Fez.

MAMI: They all sound like they could be it...

RINA: We've never been there, after all.

HARUNA: Please choose your answer. Who thinks it's 1?

MAMI: I do.

HARUNA: Who thinks it's 2?


HARUNA: Who thinks it's 3?

RINA: I do.

TOMOMI: It's split up.

HARUNA: The correct answer is...1! MAMI-chan got it right.

MAMI: Thanks so much... Is it okay to answer correctly??

HARUNA: The correct answer is 1) Dirham. By the way...2) Rabat is the capital of Morocco. And 3) Fez is a historic town known as a "city of mazes," a center of arts and culture, and is a World Heritage Site.

All: I seeー

RINA: That was very educational.

TOMOMI: This is very educational.

RINA: This might turn out to be fun.

MAMI: Like, we'll learn three pieces of trivia with each question?

TOMOMI: I might be appreciative of this.

HARUNA: Let's keep it up.

...there are eight more questions after this. Who will be crowned champion of "Quiz time! TOMOrocco!"??

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