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NEW - 2022-12-20 (RINA)
Posted Tue Dec 20, 2022 11:59 am



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NEW - 2022-12-20 (RINA) Bh6IdUr

Modeling the BEST Xmas merchー!
The main logo this time
Is of Santa eating pizza☺
It's full of Christmas cheer!

NEW - 2022-12-20 (RINA) 66DBHaE

On the back is a message in a cute font

NEW - 2022-12-20 (RINA) IiIHaJE

The brown silicone band
Goes perfectly with the t-shirt◎

NEW - 2022-12-20 (RINA) S9Hv04T

Here's what the towels look like〜!

NEW - 2022-12-20 (RINA) 6msPqAl

The backside also looks very neat and tidy◎

NEW - 2022-12-20 (RINA) E9MuVHU

The t-shirt also comes in black!

NEW - 2022-12-20 (RINA) CYQdAdp

This perfect blue looks nice with it◎

NEW - 2022-12-20 (RINA) Zble7Y3

There's also a green towel〜!

NEW - 2022-12-20 (RINA) ZVtpAb2

Both colors are adorable〜

NEW - 2022-12-20 (RINA) KBunV7e

There's also a blue silicone band◎

NEW - 2022-12-20 (RINA) EeMu9rJ

And the super-popular long-sleeve shirt

NEW - 2022-12-20 (RINA) 2Bk1xQZ

On the front
Is our band name in fancy letters.

NEW - 2022-12-20 (RINA) IJ33SeL

On the back is a different design.

NEW - 2022-12-20 (RINA) 6wBizdt

It looks like this paired with the towel,,,!
So awesome!

NEW - 2022-12-20 (RINA) KyHxH8G

I have a feeling
These will be popular at festivals as well...!

NEW - 2022-12-20 (RINA) 76gMZqP

The two-tone silicone band
Is also cool☺
It's nice to wear it on top of sleeves, too〜

NEW - 2022-12-20 (RINA) UZrJsdU

The shirt also comes in black◎

NEW - 2022-12-20 (RINA) FaWgllO

There are accent lines on the arms

NEW - 2022-12-20 (RINA) FAzHaPl

It's something easy to wear not just at concerts
But during everyday life as well☺

NEW - 2022-12-20 (RINA) 1XAdqdq

Those able to come to BEST Xmas or the festivals we'll be at,
Feel free to come wearing this new merch〜!
Those unable to come to see us, please pick some up as a keepsake☺
I'd be happy
If you guys enjoy this merch〜♡

NEW - 2022-12-20 (RINA) A6aRXVY

Ah, also,
The blanket looks like this☺
It's suddenly gotten really cold this winter,
So warm yourselves up with this〜!

NEW - 2022-12-20 (RINA) KDg2Ch1

You can buy these via our online store
Until midnight JST tonight☺⭐
Don't miss out〜!


2022/12/20 20:39

NEW - 2022-12-20 (RINA) 39iLxaW

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