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BEST★Xmas 2022 - 2022-12-25 (RINA)
Posted Tue Dec 27, 2022 8:14 am



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BEST★Xmas 2022

BEST★Xmas 2022 - 2022-12-25 (RINA) CeFVU0D

Yesterday was BEST Xmas!

Everyone who came out to Toyosu PIT,
Thank you so much!
It was so awesome!

The ban was lifted on it being standing room-only
As well as vocalization,
Even though loud cheering wasn't,
And the capacity rules were relaxed at the last minute.
It's been such a long time
Since we've seen such a packed crowd,
And we really enjoyed it!
It was a dreamy time filled with hope!
It turned out to be a lovely Christmas concert☺

We also did things
Such as dusting off songs
We haven't performed in a while

It made me excited to see you guys all happy...!

We also did a lot of our standard live songs,
But there were also people
Who had stopped listening to us for a bit
And were like, "This is the first time I'm hearing this!"
I felt that we were able
To reach new people
Even in the last few years.

We did our customary BEST Xmas dance time!
It was pretty exciting this year as well haha
It was fun,,, haha

This year-end party feeling is nice
Dancing, singing, laughing

And, for the first time,
We did a public recording of Catch up〜!
Our script writer Ono-san
Appeared on stage! Thanks!
I can't wait to see what the episode will be like!

Those who haven't yet listened to our program,
Please take this chance to do so!

It makes us happy
That people participated so well
By sending in messages
And creating a great atmosphereー!

And on this day as well,
Our vocals were in great shape for a certain segment.

After that,
Since it was Christmas Eve after all,
We also did a present corner!
Congrats to those who wonー!

When you look back on these photos,
You can really tell how much stuff we did! haha

This year
Was yet another year
Filled with all kinds of days,
But I hope that
The moment you come into contact
With our live performances, music, and us in SCANDAL,
You will feel happy,
Be strong and positive,
And enjoy being the person you want to be

This year we--and I--were really saved
By the presence of each and every one of you who supported us.
Thank you!

There's one more week left this year!
So fast,,,!

We have two live performances left!
I'm looking forward to both
We'll do our bestー!
Let's wrap up the year nicely♡

Best regards next year as wellー!

Thanks for reading until the end!

Have a nice night

Merry Christmas!

BEST★Xmas 2022 - 2022-12-25 (RINA) Z6tqop3


2022/12/25 18:24

*There is no way I am going to post every single one of the 62 photos RINA uploaded with this blog and intersplice them between EVERY.SINGLE.SENTENCE like she did 😂 You can check all of the photos out in the original blog entry lol

BEST★Xmas 2022 - 2022-12-25 (RINA) 39iLxaW

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Re: BEST★Xmas 2022 - 2022-12-25 (RINA)
Posted Tue Dec 27, 2022 10:17 am



Indie Artist
Indie Artist
Yeah, and it's not like every shot was great. She could easily have trimmed it down to 59 or so, lol.

Friendship. Effort. Victory.
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