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SCANDAL Profile Thread
Posted Mon Nov 02, 2009 5:21 pm



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SCANDAL Profile Thread Profile

SCANDAL is a Japanese pop-rock all-girl band from Osaka, Japan. The band members HARUNA (lead vocals & rhythm guitar), MAMI (lead guitar & backing vocals), TOMOMI (bass & backing vocals), and RINA (drums & backing vocals) attended and met at a dance and vocal training school they attended called Caless. HARUNA and MAMI attended the Nagoya branch of the school while TOMOMI and RINA attended the Osaka branch, and it was at the Osaka branch that the band formed on August 21, 2006 following a request from Kitty Entertainment for Caless to form an all-girl band1. Auditions to find band members were conducted by the school. HARUNA, MAMI, and TOMOMI were selected as the first members of the band; later, on August 21, 2006, RINA officially joined the band.

They would rehearse in a studio called STUDIO BROTHERZ, located in a building shared primarily with adult stores. The band decided to name themselves "SCANDAL" after the shop with the biggest sign in the building. In 2007, they began playing at concerts at live music clubs in and around the Osaka area, as well as playing street performances on weekends on Shiroten Street located in Osaka Castle Park.

This is currently being revised with more detailed, correct info.


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