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Thanks - 2018-07-03 (RINA) - Tue Jul 03, 2018 5:00 am


We finished our performance in Taiwan
The finale of our Asia tour
And have returned to Japan☺️
We're homeー!
It truly was a great tour

In no time at all we're in July
And only half of the year is leftー
We're taking a break from playing summer festivals this year,
And we have two more tours inside and outside the country
We'll store up plenty and make it explode again

We have no live shows in Japan until November
So it feels a little far off
But it'll probably go by in no time☺️
We'll do our best and are looking forward to the day we'll be able to see each other


2018/7/3 13:50







2018/7/3 13:50

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Taipei @ Clapper Studio - June 30th

Set list:

01. Platform Syndrome
02. OVER
04. Oh! No!
05. Kan Biiru
06. Short Short
07. Mado wo Aketara
08. Departure
09. Futari
10. Midnight City
11. Electric Girl
12. Space Ranger
14. Shunkan Sentimental
15. Flashback No.5
16. Take Me Out
17. Koisuru Universe

18. Sisters
19. Image

HARUNA:『Taipei・Taiwan, thanks!
Our 「HONEY」 tour is now over!
All in all, it was a really great tour. I love our album as well as playing lives even more now
TYSM to everyone who came out to our tour in Japan and our Asia tour
Thanks for making the best tour with us!』

TOMOMI:「Thank you Taipei

RINA:「The finale of our Asia tour! Taiwan, thanks 28 performances in total on our "HONEY" tour that began in Japan in March. Thanks so much to every single person who came out, and everyone who watched over us. It really turned into something special. From here on out too we'll make music you like, and our quartet's journey will continue on and on」

A combined total of 28 performances in Japan and Asia are all finishedー
Thank you so much to everyone who came out These past four months were the best journeyー We're not playing at any summer festivals this year, so we're taking a break from playing lives until our US tour
We'll do something great again! We'll definitely see you again!」

MAMI:「Thanks so muchーーー!!!

RINA:「Our Asia tour is done! Thanks so much†††」

and HONEY TOUR has finished!! We had so much fun!!
Thank you everyone!! We love u

RINA:「Live shots from Taiwan



Thanks!!! Taipei!!!!
thank you everyone!!!!
Our first time in Taiwan in two years
We're happy that we were able to deliver
A set list we love and live show to everyone in Taiwan too
Also, the finale of our tour was Taiwan
But there's a mysterious feeling like it didn't begin nor end
We can continue this tour forever
To everyone who was associated with HONEY
#thank you

#Xiao long bao
#so delicious
#Boba tea
#so delicious
#50 Lan
#In Japan
#it's read as "Igarashi"
#Love you, Taiwan

SCANDAL:「June 30, 2018
SCANDAL ASIA TOUR 2018 "HONEY" IN TAIPEI at Clapper Studio.」

in Manila - 2018-06-26 (RINA) - Tue Jun 26, 2018 6:04 pm

in Manila

We played a live in Manila〜✌️
Those in the Philippines
Had been continuing
To send us hot messages on social media
For several years
So this was a long-awaited live☺️
It was really exciting,
And really super hot!
So happy,, thanks!

After the live
While we were eating
(At an okonomiyaki place called "Dotonbori" haha)
We watched a soccer game!
It was cool〜✌️

There's one performance left
On our HONEY tour that began in March!
Finishing a good tour
Is a bit more sad than usual☺️
We'll have fun doing our best✌️


2018/6/26 23:41

in Manila





2018/6/26 23:41

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Manila @ SMX Convention Center - June 24th

Set list:

01. Platform Syndrome
02. OVER
04. Oh! No!
05. Kan Biiru
06. Short Short
07. Mado wo Aketara
08. Departure
09. Futari
10. Midnight City
11. Electric Girl
13. Space Ranger
14. Shunkan Sentimental
15. Flashback No.5
16. Take Me Out
17. Koisuru Universe

18. Sisters

TOMOMI:「Thank you Manila

RINA:「Performance #4 of our Asia tour in Manila is doneー! It was so awesome Thank you Manila

HARUNA:「Our first live in the Philippines Thanks, Manilla
Since those in Manila have waited quite a bit longer compared to other countries in Asia, that amount of heat today was really awesome! Manila was nuts So great!」

MAMI:「Thank u Philippines
Thank u Manila

Thank you for the really crazy cheers!!!
Manila was awesome!!
So moving

Then we went to watch the World Cup
The hot night's still not over yet〜」

Next stop→TAIPEI

SCANDAL:「June 24, 2018
SCANDAL ASIA TOUR 2018 "HONEY" IN MANILA at SMX Convention Center」

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CHINA - 2018-06-19 (RINA) - Tue Jun 19, 2018 4:01 pm


Our Asia tour is going well!
For our first solo lives in Beijing and Guangzhou
We were moved by the huge amount of heat that greeted us
The cities were beautiful and the people were lively
There were a lot of things you won't understand if you don't actually go there,
And it'd be great if we could come play here again☺️
It was so much fun〜
Performing "HONEY" at a live house
Was also awesome!

The day we came back home
We learned about the large earthquake in Osaka and were very worried
Let's do what we can, and be careful too

We'll be in Japan until the weekend☺️


2018/6/19 18:56






2018/6/19 18:56

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Guangzhou @ TUTU - June 17th

Set list:
1. Platform Syndrome
02. OVER
04. Oh! No!
05. Kan Biiru
06. Short Short
07. Mado wo Aketara
08. Departure
09. Futari
10. Midnight City
11. Electric Girl
12. Space Ranger
14. Shunkan Sentimental
15. Flashback No.5
16. Take Me Out
17. Koisuru Universe

18. Sisters
19. Awanai Tsumori no, Genki de ne

TOMOMI:「Thank you Guangzhou!!!!

RINA:「Performance #3 of our Asia tour in Guangzhou is doneー! Thanks It was a really great night! It felt close to a live in Japan〜 So hot」

HARUNA:「Guangzhou・China, thanks
Our first time playing a live here was exciting to a surprising degree and really sweaty! So awesome! We're filled with so much deep emotion that we wouldn't have known if we didn't come to China

MAMI:「Thank youGuangzhou
It was super hotー!!

We also atechimaki (rice dumpling wrapped in bamboo leaves)

Next stop→MANILA

SCANDAL:「June 17, 2018

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SCANDAL in Guangzhou - Sat Jun 16, 2018 7:58 pm

SCANDAL arrived in Guangzhou and went to check out Guangzhou Tower.


TOMOMI:「We've arrived in Guangzhou!
All of the pictures we took were blurry

RINA:「We've arrived in Guangzhou We all went to Guangzhou Towerー! It got lit up and made the city really cool-looking✌︎」

RINA:「I'm in Guangzhou†††」

TOMOMI:「A city of twinkling lights」

RINA:「What are they laughing at so hard behind me

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SCANDAL Confirms Weibo Account - Sat Jun 16, 2018 7:46 pm

SCANDAL officially has confirmed their Weibo account on their recent Instagram Stories.

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Beijing @ Tango - June 15th

Set list:
1. Platform Syndrome
02. OVER
04. Oh! No!
05. Kan Biiru
06. Short Short
07. Mado wo Aketara
08. Departure
09. Futari
10. Midnight City
11. Electric Girl
12. Space Ranger
14. Shunkan Sentimental
15. Flashback No.5
16. Take Me Out
17. Koisuru Universe

18. Sisters

RINA:「Performance #2 of our Asia tour in Beijing is done! Although it was our first time here, we were surprised that so many people were waiting for usー! I'm glad we got to come hereー!」

HARUNA:「Beijing・China, thanks
It was our first time coming here, but we're happy we got to meet this great city and great audience! It was so much fun!」

TOMOMI:「Thank you Beijing!!!

MAMI:「Thank you!!

It was a very good night
Beijing was so much funー!!
Next is Guangzhou〜

Thanks!!! Beijing Thank you
Scenery we didn't think we'd see in a place we went to for the first time
Thanks, Beijing! See you later
#First time here
#The Great Wall of China
#was so moving
#gave us muscle pain
#It was memorable
#and difficult
#The Chinese food is also delicious
#and satisfying

#China-like clothes
#Love you, Beijing

Next stop→GUANGZH

SCANDAL:「June 15, 2018

RINA:「Thanks, Beijing」

TOMOMI:「Hello Beijing」

peachclub wrote:Like some others already mentioned, it is very loud. I've never attended any other concerts in my whole life so I can't tell if they are louder than other usual concerts, but still, it was really loud.

IMO, how loud it is depends on the venue and country. In my experience, SCANDAL shows in Japan are not nearly as loud as they are in other countries. In Japan, the volume is reasonable enough to the point that you don't need earplugs; in other countries (like the US), you kind of do need earplugs because it's just way too loud.

I was kind of disappointed how the audiences kept taking photos and videos when there were anouncements that told the audiences, no photos, videos, or recordings are allowed. But that's not the band's problem.

Sigh. People in mainland China are notorious for being rude, and unfortunately it seems to have showed at this show as well. :/
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SCANDAL in Beijing - Thu Jun 14, 2018 11:30 pm

SCANDAL arrived in Beijing yesterday and went to the Great Wall of China!

RINA:「We're in Beijing We climbed the Great Wall of Chinaー! It was awesomeー!」

TOMOMI:「The Great Wall of China

SCANDAL:「Great Wall of China
Beijing, See you tomorrow!!」

RINA:「We climbed the Great Wall of China†††」

TOMOMI:「The Great Wall of China - I'm out of breath

HARUNA:「Beijing, China We went to the Great Wall of China.
I lightly trained to climb up these stairs,,
But the scenery was so moving!」

「Having a Spirite at the top is heavenly」

RINA:「Shopping at a market」

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Our Asia tour has begun!


Performance #1 of our Asia tour
Is doneー!

Since the first time we came to play a live in Hong Kong
Was in 2008, it'll be exactly ten years this year!
This solo live was our seventh live here
We're so happy
That there are people who have loved us all this time,
And have been waiting for a live of ours! Such passion!

I'm glad we were able to bring along HONEY〜!
I think we played the best live so far here
We're off to a great start☺️

The food was also delicious as always〜
We're energized when we all eat together〜

I'm updating my Instagram and Twitter
With their each respective differing angles
So enjoy them, okay〜✌️


2018/6/12 15:46









2018/6/12 15:46

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SCANDAL's official international store is back up and offering HONEY tour goods for sale!

#front-page #scandal_honey
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Hong Kong @ MacPherson Stadium - June 10th

Set list:

01. Platform Syndrome
02. OVER
04. Oh! No!
05. Kan Biiru
06. Short Short
07. Mado wo Aketara
08. Departure
09. Futari
10. Midnight City
11. Electric Girl
12. Space Ranger
14. Shunkan Sentimental
15. Flashback No.5
16. Take Me Out
17. Koisuru Universe

18. Sisters

MAMI:「Opening day of HONEY Asia tour
We'll be starting off from Hong Kong〜

When I wear sandals, even though I get the right size, just my toes stick out

We're back
Mac Pherson Stadium

TOMOMI:「Thank you Hong Kong!!!!!


RINA:「Asia tour day 1, the best start in Hong Kong! Thanks

MAMI:「Thank you
Hong Kong

It was fun!!
Tonight's a pizza party

Next stop→BEIJING

SCANDAL:「June 10, 2018
SCANDAL ASIA TOUR 2018 "HONEY" at MacPherson Stadium, HONG KONG.」

Can someone confirm which song this is from?

Please put your reply under a spoiler tag.
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SCANDAL Arrives in Hong Kong - Sat Jun 09, 2018 8:27 pm

SCANDAL arrived in Hong Kong today and, after being welcomed at the airport by fans, did some press coverage and went out to eat.

Arriving at the airport:

More Instagram Stories from the band:

MAMI:「We've arrived in Hong Kong and are traveling by car」

HARUNA:「Our ASIA TOUR is starting!
We arrived in Hong Kong a little while ago, and today's a press coverage day

MAMI:「The "sticky rice pudding in cinnamon-flavored sweet soup" is delicious!」

RINA:「I'm in Hong Kong

Our Asia tour finally starts tomorrow from Hong Kong. We're very happy. We've brought along our beloved album HONEY, so we'd be happy if those seeing for the first time this time like it too. See you at the venue tomorrow! We'll be waiting!

H: We'd love to do a live in Macau too someday!
R: Right? I wonder how it'd be!
H: Look forward to it, and please wait for us!

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Animax Asia is currently holding a contest for SCANDAL's show in Manila where 1 person will win two Fan Meet passes + two "VIP section" concert tickets, and 3 people will each win two Fan Meet passes + two GA concert tickets.

Contest info:
Good news, fans of SCANDAL!

If you’ve been waiting to watch Japan’s #1 girl group perform live, this is your chance. Give us your most creative and original answer to the contest question below, and you just may win tickets to SCANDAL Asia Tour ‘Honey’ in Manila!

Question: In less than 50 words, why do you want to watch SCANDAL Asia Tour ‘Honey’ in Manila?

All entries must be submitted via E-MAIL to with your full name, contact number, email address, country of residence and residential address. Participants can submit only one entry throughout the entire duration of the contest. Entries can be in English or Tagalog.

The contest begins on 1 June 2018 at 10:00AM Philippines time and ends on 10 June 2018 at 11:59PM Philippines time. Any entries received by the Channel after 10 June 2018 at 11:59PM Philippines time shall be deemed invalid and void.

The four (4) most creative and original answers to the contest question will win tickets to SCANDAL Asia Tour ‘Honey’ in Manila (the “Event”).

One (1) grand winner will win prizes worth PHP 16,000 in total:

- Two (2) passes to the Fan Meet, inclusive of two (2) autographed posters
- Two (2) “VIP” admission tickets to the Concert

Three (3) consolation prize winners will each prizes worth PHP 9,200 in total:

- Two (2) passes to the Fan Meet, inclusive of two (2) autographed posters
- Two (2) “General” admission tickets to the Concert

* The Fan Meet will be held on 23 June 2018 at 4:00PM Philippines Time at the Luna and Hidalgo Function Rooms of the World Trade Center located at 2/F WTCMM Building, Gil Puyat Avenue Extension corner Diosdado Macapagal Boulevard, Pasay City, Philippines. The Concert will be held on 24 June 2018 at 7:00PM Philippines time at SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay, Metro Manila, Philippines. Each prize winner shall be responsible, at his/her own expenses, for all travel arrangements between his/her point of origin and the venues of the Event.

**By entering this contest, you agree to the Official Rules ( and Privacy Policy ( and you voluntarily consent to the processing of your personal data as set forth in the Privacy Policy (

Our domestic tour is done!

Our performances in Japan are done!
It truly was a great tour
Thank you!

Ah, since we had a lot of live shots taken,
We made a tour pamphlet☺️

You can now pick it up,
So check it out if you'd like!

All right, our Asia tour starts next month!
After that is our US & Mexico tour!
Then, when we get back to Japan
We'll be touring again!

We'll be celebrating the 10th anniversary of our major label debut this fall!
We'll reciprocate with a lot of music!


2018/5/26 19:37





さぁ 来月からはアジアツアー!



2018/5/26 19:37

#front-page #scandal_honey
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SCANDAL announces a new tour! 「We will prepare a set list fitting for the name "giving thanks"」

SCANDAL held the finale of their hall tour 『SCANDAL TOUR 2018 “HONEY”』 at Kobe International Kokusai Hall in Hyogo on 5/25. They completed their 23-performance-3-month-long tour that began on 3/3 at Misato City Cultural Hall - Large Hall in Saitama.

This tour was in support of their 8th album 『HONEY』 that was released in February. In addition to the stage set, the coverings of the amps and drums were unified with a chic red, which is the theme color of 『HONEY』, and the members too appeared on stage wearing red outfits.

The live show started from 「Platform Syndrome」, the lead track off of 『HONEY』. It then connected to 「OVER」, the second track on the album, with a flowing series of rhythms, and they went on the attack with an aggressive rock sound. Following that was 「SCANDAL BABY」, the song voted as #1 by the fans for their best album released last year. They quickly dropped essential live songs usually played towards the end of the live, proceeding towards a hot development that betrayed the fans in a good way.

After inserting a short MC, they played mainly medium rock numbers that makes you feel the core strength in suppleness and kindness that can be expressed because they're women, such as the MAMI-lead song 「Oh! No!」; the TOMOMI-lead song 「Kan Biiru」; 「Short Short」 from their latest album; 「Mado wo Aketara」 with the arrangement done by Negoto's Mizuki Masuda; and 「Departure」, the first single song with lyrics+music written by the members.

With the theme 「Since we're going across the country, things about SCANDAL that you want to be made clear」, they collected questions in advance from their fan club. After going through a unique MC corner where the members will respond and each of characters will be markedly exposed, they played from their new album 『HONEY』 the tracks 「Futari」; 「Midnight City」; and also 「Electric Girl」, the song that they're proud of that has grown the most on this tour. Additionally, they fueled the venue with the familiar live song 「EVERYBODY SAY YEAH!」, and the live headed towards the home stretch.

The last block interlaced both new and old songs with 「Space Ranger」, 「Shunkan Sentimental」, 「Flashback No.5」, 「Take Me Out」, and 「Koisuru Universe」. They colorfully, stoically, and powerfully fired off rock numbers as if to say 「This is SCANDAL!」, and they ran through the main performance in no time at all.

The members reappeared in response to calls of an encore that keep sounding out.

「This fall, SCANDAL will be celebrating the 10th anniversary of our major label debut! We have not celebrated the day of our debut specially, but the number "10" naturally comes with feelings of "thanks." We will prepare a set list fitting for the name "giving thanks," and will be waiting for everyone at the live houses!」, and with that, they announced 『SCANDAL TOUR 2018 "Kanshasai"』 that will be held in November.

Then, with 「Sisters」, 「Image」, and 「LOVE SURVIVE」, the performance and sound of a quartet who embodied an all-girl band until the end pierced through the venue, and the curtain of their hall tour closed.

Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture @ Kobe International Kokusai Hall - May 25th

Performance #23 of 23

Set list:

01. Platform Syndrome
02. OVER
04. Oh! No!
05. Kan Biiru
06. Short Short
07. Mado wo Aketara
08. Departure
09. Futari
10. Midnight City
11. Electric Girl
13. Space Ranger
14. Shunkan Sentimental
15. Flashback No.5
16. Take Me Out
17. Koisuru Universe

18. Sisters
19. Image

From the previous performance:

MAMI:「in Gifu
Gifu Civic Auditorium
Thanks to everyone who came out
My last live as a 27-year-old was with everyone in Gifu
Also, since there was a room hall with tatami mats, I was a sandwich lady in it
Presentation style
#I posted just before my birthday
#The chicken-chan
#was really delicious
#Endless chicken-chan
#A shot with sarubobo (an amulet associated with Gifu)
#are adorable
#From that
#to my adorable clothes
#If you look closely
#on the back
#is romaji
#for "Shopping with mom"
#So adorable

#My head
#and my clothes
#are pink
#Is that a flower garden on my head
#There is only one truth
#Conan-kun [from the manga/anime series "Case Closed/Detective Conan"」

SCANDAL:「Performance #23, the finale for SCANDAL TOUR 2018 "HONEY" at Kobe International Kokusai Hall is done!!

The best finaleー
We'll take this 23rd performance's power, bring it with us to Asia, and come back powered up again

Before that we have Million Rock Festival next week
Let's get loud⚡️

TOMOMI:「Thanks, Kobe! It was the finale of our Japan performances on this tour

HARUNA:「Thanks, Kobe
That was the finale of our tour in Japan! Next up is our Asia tour

MAMI:「The finale of our domestic tour got me so excited that I was shaking and my face turned out blurry in this picture
Thanks, everyoneーー!」

RINA:「Performance #23 of our tour at Kobe International Kokusai Hall We finished our performances in Japan! Thanksー!」

Next stop→Hong Kong

(We successfully celebrated the finale of our tour in Japan! All of the 23 performances truly made it a great tour!)」

RINA:「This is the new drum set I've been using starting from this tour I really like the color and the sound

HARUNA:「They always play around with me like this

SCANDAL:「Last night

SCANDAL:「TOMOMI's Instagram coming very soon」

Q&A corner:


Q. MAMI, what are your aspirations for your 28th year?

T: You're told this every year every time, but you're not particularly worried about anything

M: Not particularly lol

R: You didn't think this question would come around? lol like, 「I'll make this tour finale the best culmination live ever!」?

M: That's it...! I'll make this tour finale...

All: Hey, that's exactly the same lol

R: That's the first time I heard that; what a nice aspiration〜 lol

Q. Will you play a live for when you turn 30?

H: Not this year! We talked about doing it, but since 30 came out surprisingly quickly, we weren't able to do it...

M: Weren't we checking venues and stuff?

R: There are still the other members aside from HARU

All: Then we may decide to do it for each member one by one

Q. Isn't RINA's Osaka dialect odd?

R: It's gotten weird, but there's a reason why!
My Osaka dialect is written out weirdly in magazine interviews

T: Like "ちゃいまんがなでんがな!" [lol I'm not going to attempt translating that]
We never say things that, but it's written like that lol. People from Kansai are written exaggeratedly in interviews lol

H: Our standard Osaka and Nagoya dialect gets all jumbled up, so I'm sure everyone thinks we're weird lol

Q. What username on Instagram would you go with?

T: Isn't that assuming that I would start one? My friends are also telling me to start one

H: Everyone wants you to start one, right?

T: Not really?

H: Clap harder, everyone!

T: I got it; I'll start one after my birthday...

R: Play around with Instagram and enjoy it lol

T: I'll do my best...

*TOMO's energy was low the entire time after this

Q. What song has grown on the HONEY tour?

All: I wonder? It has to be that one, right?

H: We'll be playing that song after this!

〜They said "Let's play 'Electric Girl,' the song that has grown on this tour!"


joameba wrote:Thoseguiltyfans  

lol I approve of this  

Before the tour finale in Kobe today, here are my translations of the Q&A corners from performances 9 to 22!

*You can find the Q&As for the past performances by searching through this thread.

Q&A from performance #9 in Niigata:

Q. When you're spotted [on the streets, etc.], is it okay for fans to call out to you?

All: We want people to call out to us

H: When I was sleeping on the shinkansen before, I was woken up because I was called out to, and when I thought it over, I realized that I had been kind of curt

Q. TOMO, you won't be starting an Instagram?

She doesn't think she'd keep at it long enough, but she'll think about it

MAMI suggested that she link it to her Twitter but put different pictures

Q. How many songs did you make for the album? Are there any songs you discarded?

M: We made 11 songs this time

R: It was dependent on our mood, so there are ones that we made but are unreleased. We put out one album per year, so we wanted Sony to praise us

Q. What makes you start liking someone of the opposite gender? Do you confess for yourselves?

H: There's a gap

T: Do people who seem that they would like Japanese food eat French food?
I've never confessed, but I'll induce someone to confess

H: Apply for it

T: Before I die, I'd like to confess to someone one day

H: Please do so

Q&A from performance #10 in Kanazawa:

Q. Do you have salaries? A commission system?
How much honey can you buy in a month?

All: We get salaries from our office and royalties from our record company lol

T: Well, if we're talking about manuka honey, it's about 500,000,000 bottles lol. To be honest, it came out to around 300 bottles last month!

H+R: Hold up; that's way too much lol

R+M: A bandsman's life is hard lol

Q. Do you have any complaints about the tour schedule?

M: Honestly speaking, yes lol

H: Same here lol. I wanted to go to the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art [here in Kanazawa], but it's closed tomorrow

M: Eh? I've gone before

T+H+R: Wait, when?? Stop going out on your own lol

M: I want to eat soft-serve ice cream with gold leaf tomorrow

T+M+R: Tomorrow? Let's go somewhere this time together, okay? Let's not have someone go by themselves?

Q. Do you still want to continue [to be a band] even when you're grannies?

T: Of course! Is what I'd like to say...

R: Rather, would you still come and see us even when we're 80?

H: I'd be in my 90s lol

T: Maybe we could only do songs where the tempo's 150 bpm. We'd be sitting down when doing ballads

R: We'd like to continue on until a member passes away, so keep following us, okay!

Q. How do you decide to do a song with dual vocals?

T: I actually made "Kan Biiru" thinking that I'd have HARU-chan sing it because HARU-chan would be able to drink during the 「Moshi mo nomeru nara akete shimaitai (I want to open it if I can gulp it down)」 line
H: I'd have to open it that much lol

T: I can't drink so my way of singing was rooted in reality, so I ended up singing it!

Q. Are you looking forward to Million Rock Festival 2018?

R: This year we got to choose which festivals to appear at. There aren't many chances to be able to see us at festivals. We don't want it to seem like it would be nice to see us a festival without going to a solo live of ours.

H: I want to play not only fast songs but ballads as well, and we also want to show the best set we can give.

Q&A from performance #11 in Hiroshima:

Q. Are there any sparks between you and other all-girl bands?

A: We view them as rivals in a good way!
We're not on bad terms, and we respect all all-girl bands☺️

Q. Have you been hit on by celebrities?

A: We won't name names, but we have!
When she thought that this person seemed hopeless, RINA turned them down and said she doesn't have a LINE account (haha)

Q. What do you think about fans who wear tokkoufuku jackets [like the ones SCANDAL wore at their first Budokan performance during "Scandal Nanka Buttobase"] or jumpsuits to live shows?

A: We're happy that people cosplay those, but it can look boorish when you're at the venue or in line for goods and can give a bad impression, so let's maintain order, okay.

Q. It feels like the members make eye contact [with fans] during live shows, but are you really making eye contact?

A: We look at everyone more than you think, and we do make sure to make eye contact! We also see those moments when you're yawning or being absentminded, haha

Q. Timo, you won't be starting an Instagram?

A: Not today! haha

Cannot find the Q&A from performance #12 in Yonago.

Q&A from performance #13 in Nagoya, day 1:

Q. Which famous person have you been happy to meet so far?

R: Ayumi Hamasaki! I love Ayu

H: When we were together with SMAP at FNS and I got a high-five from Takuya Kimura, I died lol

R: At that time, I was frantically sticking close to the back of Ayu and I was sent a ton of screenshots on Twitter lol

T: You went ahead of SMAP at that time lol

Q. Have there been any unappetizing foods you've had at places you've been to so far?

T: A fruit in Indonesia. It smelled like mud lol

H: It smelled like a wet cloth lol

R: It smelled like the underside of a shoe lol

M: I think it smelled like when there's saliva under your nose lol

All: When they had Marius-kun eat it on M-STATION, the way he ate it made it look so good. Idols are amazing, aren't they lol

Q. Are there any names you don't like to be called by?

T: Timo! After MAMI wrote "Tも" (t-mo) and left out the "O" in a text she sent, I started being called that!

M: For RINA, isn't it "RINA-riー"? Your little sister calls you that

R: But I definitely don't say "Please call me RINA-riー" to RINA fans lol

H: For me, I don't like being called "HARU-nee"!

Q. When you have a song that you want to have done, how do you make it come true?

T: I open a window and wish every day to the night sky that it'll come true~

R: Like we'll sing it if you're able to say it three seconds before a shooting star falls?? But we refer to the songs that we reply to each other with!

Q. You've said that the band will go to an onsen, but have you gone?

All: We haven't lololol

R: Even when I LINE them things like, "This place looks good," I'm left on read... They probably don't want to go...lolol

Q. Do you have any regrets with naming the band "SCANDAL"?

R: Just one! Since our name's "SCANDAL," there have been times when we hadn't been used for commercial tie-ins lol

T: We knew right after we debuted that there was a bad image [attached to the name]

H: When we introduce ourselves to higher ups, it catches their attention and they're like, "That's quite a name..."

Q&A from performance #14 in Nagoya, day 2:

Q. Why did you change your logo?

T: In the past it was useful as a uniform emblem

R: Our goods also got more stylish-looking after we changed our logo. We thought everyone would think it was cool too, but we were dissed about it lol

H: We just changed our logo into one that suits who we are now!

Q. Do the four of you not live together?

T: When we moved to Tokyo we lived in a single-family house with a boy ghost, so the five of us lived together

H: I thought TOMO's room was above mine, and since you could always hear the sound of footsteps, I thought that she was practicing dancing in the middle of the night, but that wasn't it. There wasn't a room above me in the first place

After that we went to the convenience store while crying and bought some salt

Q. What's the most expensive thing you've bought recently?

R: A TV stand. I bought nice furniture after I moved last summer

T: Maybe pork...

H+R+M: Why pork lol

H: I spent around 200,000 yen (~$2,000 USD) at IKEA a little while ago

T: I remember now! I've been obsessed with making candles recently and bought 10 kilos of beeswax

H+R: What are you, a merchant? lol

M: The Sagawa or Yamato (shipping companies in Japan) people were probably surprised too lol

Q. Why do you sound unenthusiastic during the "Let's go" part in "SCANDAL BABY"?

R: You mean on the CD?
Those are HARU's and MAMI's voices

T: I always sing it wrong at lives lol

M: I don't sing it at lives lol

R: It's cute when it's enthusiastic

T: It's because it was a song that expressed our commitment at the time

H: Thanks to you guys, it's now the top song that gets everyone excited

T: It's okay; I'm enthusiastic lololol

Cannot find the Q&A from performance #15 in Takamatsu.

Q&A from performance #16 in Nara:

Q. What songs would you recommend as an intro to SCANDAL?

All: Let's all say them together!

H: "Shunkan Sentimental"


M+R: "Platform Syndrome"

R: I'd want them to hear a new song! You can't cling on to past glories forever

T: That song is definitely not one of those, though lol

H: TOMO, why do you have that POV lol
Quit that lol

Q. How about making a song [you're currently playing on tour] into the new towel-spinning song?

T: We thought you wouldn't realize that we're not playing "DOLL" nor "Taiyou to Kimi ga Egaku STORY" this time

R: How about "Oh! No!"?

M: Isn't the tempo too fast?

R: Maybe spin them slower? But that wouldn't look good lol

H: If we choose one now, it has to be done next time

All: Let's make a new one! It'll be homework♡

Q. What's the difference between live shows that are made into DVDs, and ones that aren't?

H+R: The [ones made into DVDs] are at big venues or commemorative lives

M: For this tour there aren't seats reserved for camera locations, and it was impossible to do since we were told that at the very last second!

R: Ultimately, it's Sony who decides lol

Q. What live was physically the toughest?

H: SCAFES [their 10th anniversary live]! It was 40°C/104°F on stage; I thought I was going to die

R: SUMMER SONIC! It was intense and we thought about not doing the last count during "Taiyou Scandalous" lol

M: Taiwan! All of the sweat and enthusiasm made it seem like we were playing a live underwater lol

T: SCAFES! There were buckets placed behind the amps

All: But that was the best day ever

Q. What do you do with your outfits after you wear them?

H: I happen to know, but what do you think happens to them?

T: They're auctioned off?

M: They're stored in a warehouse?

H: We got rid of all of them!

T: That's a waste; we could have sold them on a flea market app lol

H: No good; they'd know who's selling them

T: Eh? But that's not really an issue lol

R: Let's leave memories behind from here on out too

Q&A from performance #17 in Osaka, day 1:

*A few announcements from HARU during the MC:

-Spin your towels during the chorus of "Electric Girl"!

-About the 8/21 Mystery Tours: They're very sad that people are saying things like, "It's a happy thing that SCANDAL's anniversary event are held in Osaka, but did you sell your souls to Kansai?!" [They've celebrated all of their anniversaries in Osaka only] It's not that; it's just that Osaka is their precious hometown. They look at every region equally.

Q. Aren't you tired of being asked about the origin of the band's name?

H: We are

T: We wouldn't be asked that if our name had been something like 「Kizuna」 (Bonds)

All: What the heck; that's a tacky name lol
We wouldn't have been around for 12 years with a name like that

R: "Kizuna," huh. lol
Recently we've been abbreviating it and saying that our name comes from an adult shop lol

M: We should abbreviate it even more and say to look on Wikipedia lol

Q. What would you want to do after your tour's done?

M: I want to eat shaved ice

R: You're already eating it now lol
What has been the most interesting place so far?

T: Hiroshima was interesting

M: That's right!

R: Don't ignore my question lol

H: I want to travel! Like Okinawa or Guam...
Ah! I want to go to the beach

T: No, the ocean's too big lol

T+R: 70% of the world map is blue lol

Q. How do you decide on set lists?

H+M: We put in our newest songs and songs we want to play!

H: We write them on a whiteboard and have a meeting about it!

R: We decide while considering what would make the audience have fun. We're probably doing it the way that everyone imagines us to

M: We decide on them surprisingly really seriously lol

Q. Are there times when you play the same song but use different instruments?

T: When there's no time to change instruments leading up to the next song, we just play with what we have on

H: There are also times when we know [some instruments] won't work with a specific song

T: Like, I bought a new bass and want everyone to see it, so I'll use it. Look at it...

R: There are times when we want everyone to see them

M: No (with a serious expression)

Q&A from performance #18 in Osaka, day 2:

Q. Is there no general name for SCANDAL fans?

R: Something like "Uniqlo" lol [Like the clothes brand, but she seemed to be making a joke that's related to how the band UNISON SQUARE GARDEN's fans are called "UniClu," short for 'Unison Cluster']

H: We can't use Uniqlo lol

T: Personally, I call them "fan-chan"

R: Our fan club members are special, so we call them MANIA. Should we call them "fans"?

T: All fans are called fans though lol

Q. Have you ever thought that HARUNA is crude?

T: A lot of times

R: She repeatedly pushes elevator buttons really hard

H: I was shocked when I was told that and stopped doing it

T: This isn't related, but can I tell the story of Conan?
It seems like people who repeatedly push buttons have no room in their hearts

H: I'm being driven into a corner lol

R: I'll say this on behalf of everyone, but aren't you living at your own pace? lol

Q. Since when have [TOMO and MAMI] been getting in HARUNA's way during "SCANDAL BABY"?

R: Actually in the way?

H: In the way lol

R: Even though I'm alone stoicly drumming away! Thankfully lol

T: HARU's eyebrows are all glittery, and MAMI's speaking things into her ear

H: I can't understand what's being said due to my in-ear monitors, so that's creepy lol

T+M: Maybe because you realize you've lost something important? lol

Q. How do you decide which goods to produce?

H: We make what we want to have

R: I personally use our mirrors and pouches

T: The bear on the goods this time is adorable. Ah! The people wearing it are adorable♡

R: Don't suddenly start hitting on them lol
We're selling a key case this time, but it seems that the key chain is shockingly not selling well lol

All: Everyone, buy the key chain! lol

Q. TOMO-chan, why won't you start an Instagram?

T: Because I'm playing hooky!

H: Playing hooky is okay, but why don't you simply just make an account?

R: I'll make an account for you lol

M: It's like we're doing a growth diary for TOMO-chan today; she's been childish lately, hasn't she?

T: Eh!? I'm childish? lol
I won't start account today♡

Q&A from performance #19 in Tokyo, day 1:

Q. What would you do if someone close to you told you to quit the band?

T: We don't have people like that!

R: We don't know anyone like that in the first place, so it's okay! Please don't worry lol

Q. What would you do if your child says they want to be a singer?

R: If it was a band, I would say to stop lol

H: How come lol

R: Because there are many tough things about it, and I don't want to make my kids think about them

All: It's surprising that RINA would say something like that

R: Well, it is fun, isn't it? People who are always cheerful have a deep darkness

M: I would say "Why not try it out~?"

All: So lighthearted lol

Q. What are the details behind the word 「kiss」 in "Koisuru Universe"?

H: Eh? What does that mean?

T: So, this'll be a secret between us
Don't spread it around, okay
Actually, I'm dating

Q. What does the 「No.5」 in "Flashback No.5" mean?

H: It doesn't really mean anything

R: We wanted to make a song that was enjoyable without having to think about anything, and we took the 「No.5」 from the Chanel perfume

T: The tune is not Chanel-like at all though
Rather than having the scent of Chanel, it's more like it has the scent of sweat…

R: So what about Nike?

M: Eh? What about the scent of Flashback? lol

Q. Why did you do a hall tour this time?

R: Recently people who have wanted to get excited at live houses are coming to our live shows, so now is the perfect timing to show SCANDAL on a hall tour to everyone

Q. TOMO-chan, why won't you start an Instagram?

T: Everyone's really stirring me up, aren't they? The staff is also being really pushy

H: Doesn't that mean that only that question will be coming up?

T: I'll think about it leisurely

M: It's already been close to two months

T: When this question is asked, I want the cut-off music to start playing and for this question corner to end
I won't be starting one today

Q. What do you think about the way of saying that you're an "oshi" of so-and-so member?

H: It doesn't really matter either way

R: I see that people who say "〜oshi" are pointed out, but I think that's really in poor taste. I don't want you to arbitrarily decide things like bands are better than idols

H: We want you to stop involving us and quarreling on Twitter

Q&A from performance #20 in Tokyo, day 2:

Q. Do you to try not to have SCANDAL-like happenings occur?

H: No, that'd be troubling

T: Isn't it great that we've been around for 10 years and there haven't been any articles on us on Friday?

R: There'd be headlines like, "A scandal within SCANDAL!" So tacky lol

R+H: Rather, to love isn't a bad thing, isn't it?

M: You're just normally living life lol

Q. Are there foods that you're not able to eat?

H: Boiled eggs! I hate the thick feeling of hardened yolk! When I was in elementary school, I was forced to gulp down a boiled quail egg. I hated it so much that I threw it up lol

T: It was like you were a human pump lol

M: I put them on my Instagram Stories lol

R: I hate oysters! It looks alien-like and has a scary appearance

Q. Timo, you won't be starting an Instagram?

T: Hold up; again? The atmosphere gets bad every time after this question is asked...

All: Like yesterday?

T: I've been saying this over and over again, but I won't be starting one

Q. Timo, what's the reason why you won't get an Instagram?

T: What? Come on! Isn't this like the seventh time this question has come up?

H: A flow's been established lol

T: That's why I've been saying this over and over again, but I'm playing hooky. Would you be okay with me posting once every six months?

Fans: That's okay!

T: You guys are so nice~

H: Don't trick them like that!

T: I won't be starting one today

Q. Honestly, isn't it odd when Japanese come to your overseas tours?

H: It always makes us happy

R: We think their enthusiasm is awesome, and not something that's super easy to do due to the amount of effort and money it takes, so it simply makes us happy when they come overseas

M: It makes us more relieved when we see familiar faces

H: There are also overseas fans who come to Japan

M+H: And 9.5% are locals

Q. Lily Franky offered you a song, right? What kind of song was it?

H: He said he'd even offer lyrics. But, even though we waited on that day until 5 am, he didn't come

T: A few years later he started back up, apologized, and gave us a letter with a cute illustration, which became the cover for OVER DRIVE.
We broke even with this lol

Q. Is there something you'd like to say to the fans?

H: On the contrary, did you run out of ideas and get sloppy? lol. We'll be coming out with a tour pamphlet on the day of the Kobe show!

All: Eh? That's not a great response from you guys? lol

R: It won't only be offered at Kobe; we're making it so that everyone can buy it, so don't worry!

M: It's because we work hard for you guys♡

Q&A from performance #21 in Shizuoka:

Q. Have you eaten at Sawayaka (a restaurant in Shizuoka)?

All: We haven't

T: Isn't it really delicious?

M: The meat they serve is rare

T: The meat is fresh, isn't it

H: Next time we'll all go to do an article for our magazine for MANIA members! The next one will have a special feature on shaved ice

M: Even though TOMO comes with me, we never move around lol

H: It's because it's cold

M: That's a given (said with a straight face)

Q. Do you have any occupational diseases?

M: Yes! I measured a car blinker's tempo at 172 lol

R: The same as "Kan Biiru"

H: I hum while walking

M: I drum along to the rhythm of the drums and hum bass sounds

T+M: Benben

T: That was the bass sound on "SCANDAL BABY." Did you catch that? lol

R: Looking around, those in bands might understand, right?

Q. How do you detox when things are tough?

T: My hobby recently has been to make dried flowers, and I dry them in my room. Before I know it the whole day has passed

R: That's pretty serious

H: I'm in the car, think, 「That rough draft sounds good!」, and get out quickly lol

T: On days off I go to the park by myself and pick flowers. My hands get covered in dirt

R: That's really doubtful lol

(The fan who asked the question): I can get through tough times by listening to "Mado wo Aketara"

T: 2015, the year I made "Mado wo Aketara," was hard for me. I wrote the lyrics as detox in order to get that out of my system. That's why saying that makes me happy! Thanks!

Q. Do the members feel jealousy towards one another?

R: I was jealous about 15 minutes ago lol
I'm always alone during "SCANDAL BABY"! The fans too are only looking at the other three members, and no one was looking at me...

H: The third song [we play on this tour, which is "SCANDAL BABY"] is all that's being talked about today lol

*After this, the other three gathered around RINA during a song and she looked happy

Q. Which comes first, music or lyrics?

R: There isn't much of a span, and it can go either way since we write them while a tour's going on

M: We finished a new song yesterday

T: I'm really interested in it--the tag on HARU's clothes has come out

H: Oh yeah! That's embarrassing

R: Since we have matching outfits this time, our names are written on the tags

T: The "H" came out lol

Q&A from performance #22 in Gifu:

Q. Have you gone sightseeing in Gifu?

M: I went to a shaved ice place called Akawani! There were around 20 people lined up before it opened! I had fresh lemon milk

R: Before tour started you were excited to go to Gifu since you'd be able to go to Akawani

T: I ate it too, but I wish I had gone with a different one!

M: The person next to us ordered kinako which looked delicious, and when it came we had (´◉ω◉`) expressions on our faces lol

Q. What fond memories do you have about SCANDAL music videos?

R: We went to Guam to shoot "Stamp!", which was fun! A local boy called out to me, and when he talked to me, his girlfriend misunderstood, thought he was hitting on me, and got mad lol
I dove into the ocean from that spot to escape lol

M: Even though I had just gotten my license from 6 in the morning, I had to drive a left-handle car lol

H: We shot "Sisters" with everyone so we have fond memories of that!

M: It took around 27 hours to shoot "Taiyou to Kimi ga Egaku STORY"! We didn't have a sense of how much time had passed, so when we went outside after it was done, we were like, "What? Is today starting again?" lol

T: We were excited (ギンギン; can mean a different kind of 'excited' lol)

H: Don't use "ギンギン" lol don't say it like that lol

Q. Are there songs you've never played live?

T: That one! I know what it is, but I can't think of the name...the one that goes "Haruka kanata no~"♪

M: Isn't that "Midnight Television"? I think that's it?

〜The members all broke out into a loud chorus〜

T: (Standing on a platform) "Watashi wa kako desu" lol

H: Today was the first time we sang it at a live!

All: Are there others?

M: Eh, I can't hear [what the audience is saying]! What? Humming?

(Fan) I came from Chile!

T: I see; then if we play a live there, maybe we'll sing it! We'll translate "Midnight Television" to Spanish...
"Watashi wa kako desu" - they definitely wouldn't understand that lol

Q. Is there a song that you think has grown through live shows?

H: I think it has to be "SCANDAL BABY"?

R: Also, maybe "Flashback No.5"? We didn't think it'd turn out to be a song that pumps up our lives that much!

All: Are there any others?

R: Ah, maybe "Kagerou" too!

T: We kind of whisper it on the CD lol

R: We thought that was cool and went with that kind of effect

Huge thanks to knd3131 on Twitter for posting practically all of these!

To the finale! - 2018-05-20 (RINA) - Sun May 20, 2018 8:56 am

To the finale!

We did
Two days in Tokyo
And then Shizuoka and Gifu☺️
Thanks for waiting!

Our last performance in Japan
Is finally just the tour finale in Kobe!
It's been such a great tour
That it's sad that it's ending〜
These lives are ones
That we want to show to many people, or even just one person
And to just a single person again and again
Come and have fun if your schedule works out!
We're looking forward to seeing everyone on the 25th✌️


2018/5/20 17:18





2018/5/20 17:18

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Gifu Prefecture @ Gifu Civic Auditorium - May 19th

Performance #22 of 23

Set list:

01. Platform Syndrome
02. OVER
04. Oh! No!
05. Kan Biiru
06. Short Short
07. Mado wo Aketara
08. Departure
09. Futari
10. Midnight City
11. Electric Girl
13. Space Ranger
14. Shunkan Sentimental
15. Flashback No.5
16. Take Me Out
17. Koisuru Universe

18. Sisters

SCANDAL:「SCANDAL TOUR 2018 "HONEY" performance #22 @ Gifu Civic Auditorium is done!!

Gifu, the semi-finale! It was as exciting―no, more exciting than a live houseー Thanks so much for this precious Saturday

Next week's finally the tour finale in Kobe
Let's have funー!」

TOMOMI:「Thanks, Gifu!

HARUNA:「Thanks, Gifu Such a lovely excitement!
There's one performance remaining on our domestic tour.
It's been a really great tour, so although it's sad that it's ending, we want to enjoy the tour finale in Kobe with a ton of people Come and see us if you have time!」

RINA:「Performance #22 of our tour at Gifu Civic Auditorium! It was an outrageous semi-finale We're so glad we got to play a live in Gifu this year too〜 Thanks! Love」

MAMI:「The rabbits on the really adorable clothes I wore today are adorable

Next stop→KOBE

(The excitement that felt like one of a live house even though it was at a hall was insane)」

Shizuoka Prefecture @ Shizuoka City Shimizu Cultural Center Marinart - May 18th

Performance #21 of 23

Supposed set list:

01. Platform Syndrome
02. OVER
04. Oh! No!
05. Kan Biiru
06. Short Short
07. Mado wo Aketara
08. Departure
09. Futari
10. Midnight City
11. Electric Girl
13. Space Ranger
14. Shunkan Sentimental
15. Flashback No.5
16. Take Me Out
17. Koisuru Universe

18. Sisters
19. Awanai Tsumori no, Genki de ne

SCANDAL:「Performance #21 of SCANDAL HALL TOUR 2018 "HONEY" @ Shizuoka City Shimizu Cultural Center Marinart is done!!

Shizuoka was so pumped upー
Thanks so much to the many people who came out on a busy Friday night!

Two more performances left on this tour

Tomorrow's Gifu Can't waitー!」

TOMOMI:「Thanks, Shizuokaaaー

RINA:「Performance #21 of our tour at Shizuoka City Shimizu Cultural Center Marinart Large Hall Thanks, everyone! Happy there was so much energy✌︎」

HARUNA:「Thanks, Shizuokaー
We'll have our revenge and go to Sawayaka restaurant someday!」

MAMI:「That warm applause from everyone in Shizuoka was everything
We really do have luck on our side as performers - thank you

MAMI:MAMI:「I applied for the first round of presales that started today on e+ for ELLEGARDEN's live and am feeling relieved
It doesn't go in order of arrival, but I was rushing

RINA:「Since my hair has grown out, today was the first time on this tour that I did a natural inward curl

Next stop→GIFU

It was a really great night☺️︎」

MAMI:「in Shizuoka
Shizuoka City Shimizu Cultural Center Marinart
Thanks to everyone who came out
There was motsu curry at catering today...!!
The spicy scent of curry and the wild fragrance of motsu mixed together!

Also, even my beloved melon was included in our refreshments
Next time I must go to a Sawayaka restaurant!!
Yes, for their Hamburg steak
#Hamburg steak
#People come to Shizuoka
#just to eat
#Sawayaka's Hamburg steak
#I haven't eaten it
#I want to eat it
#I want to go to Shizuoka
#just to eat
#Sawayaka's Hamburg steak
#You often see people going there
#particularly on Instagram
#You do often see them, right
#I wanted to give off
#an Ore no Catering (a curry restaurant) vibe
#but I wonder if it does
#There were
#sandwiches today too

#I can't stop
#Hold on a sec
#What happened to my arm?
#Isn't it bending in a way that doesn't bend?
#Tomorrow 's Gifu
#Yoro Tenmeihantenchi (Site of Reversible Destiny; a park in Gifu)
#I want to go there」

Tokyo @ Nakano Sunplaza, day 2 - May 12th

Performance #20 of 23

Set list:

01. Platform Syndrome
02. OVER
04. Oh! No!
05. Kan Biiru
06. Short Short
07. Mado wo Aketara
08. Departure
09. Futari
10. Midnight City
11. Electric Girl
13. Space Ranger
14. Shunkan Sentimental
15. Flashback No.5
16. Take Me Out
17. Koisuru Universe

18. Sisters
19. Image

SCANDAL:「A tour pamphlet based on SCANDAL TOUR 2018 "HONEY” currently being held will go on sale as early as 5/25 (Fri.) at Kobe International Hall Kokusai Hall!

Additionally, it will also go on sale from 5/26 (Sat.) at Feedback! Shop in Shibuya and SCANDAL OFFICIAL WEB SHOP!」

TOMOMI:「Nakano Sunplaza day 2, thanks!

HARUNA:「Tokyo day 2, thanks so muchー✌

SCANDAL:「Performance #20 of SCANDAL TOUR 2018 "HONEY" @ Nakano Sunplaza in Tokyo day 2 is done!!

Today was awesome tooー
Thanks so much to everyone who chose SCANDAL's live on a precious Saturday night Let's keep updating the awesomeness!

Next is Shizuoka Can't waitー!」

RINA:「Performance #20 at Nakano Sunplaza, day 2 It felt great〜! Thanks〜!」

RINA:「I wore a Feedback! matching set today
「OOTD in Tokyo†††」

Next stop→SHIZUOKA

HARUNA:「Thankyou TOKYODay2.」

rikaikai wrote:About the present box thing, I was wondering if they have that in tours outside Japan? My friend and I were thinking of giving something if ever they did have it.   Shy

Sometimes (not always) they have present boxes outside of Japan. Also, if you attend a show and have a VIP ticket that allows you to meet the band, you're also usually able to directly hand them your present when you meet them. If you just have regular tickets, you should ask the venue staff if you're able to hand it over to them to then give to the band/management.

Tokyo @ Nakano Sunplaza, day 1 - May 11th

Performance #19 of 23

Set list:

01. Platform Syndrome
02. OVER
04. Oh! No!
05. Kan Biiru
06. Short Short
07. Mado wo Aketara
08. Departure
09. Futari
10. Midnight City
11. Electric Girl
13. Space Ranger
14. Shunkan Sentimental
15. Flashback No.5
16. Take Me Out
17. Koisuru Universe

18. Sisters

From the previous performance:

MAMI:「in Osaka, day 2
Orix Theater
Thanks to everyone who came out

The catering (lady) series I had been intending to post
Sorry I was late in posting this for some reason〜
There was mizutaki (hot pot dish) on day 2
Hot pot warms up your body and heart
And it really is awe & some
There's truly always so much food at catering in Osaka
Grateful that it's prepared for us
#Today too
#there were a ton of things
#aside from mizutaki
#When there are a ton of things
#it's exciting
#so exciting

#A festival?

#This chicken
#a real bird

#Tomorrow's Tokyo
#Nakano Sunplaza
#We'll do our best
#Raising a clenched fist

#I really made everyone wait for these pictures - I really messed up - I apologize from the bottom of my heart」

RINA:「Performance #19 at Nakano Sunplaza, day 1 Happy it turned out to be a really great day! Thanks!」

HARUNA:「Tokyo day 1, thanks
We'll be waiting at Nakano Sunplaza tomorrow too!」

TOMOMI:「Nakano Sunplaza, thanks!
Best regards tomorrow too

SCANDAL:「Performance #19 of SCANDAL TOUR 2018 "HONEY" at Nakano Sunplaza in Tokyo day 1 is done!!

Tokyo was exciting as always!
Our first time at Nakano Sunplaza in a while was fun
Thanks so much to the many people who came out on a Friday night! Good job with work or studies! Let's definitely make some noise together again

Tokyo tomorrow too Fired up

SCANDAL:「Thank you Tokyo
See you tomorrow

HARUNA:「Thankyou TOKYODay1.
(Let's have fun tomorrow tooー!)」

MAMI:「in Tokyo, day 1
Nakano Sunplaza
Thanks to everyone who came out
After the live today
There was a modest basket left in the dressing room
It had onigiri (rice balls) and sandwiches
In the evening, the large amounts of karaage (fried chicken) and inari-zushi (sushi wrapped in fried tofu)
Disappeared when the live was over
Everyone was so naughty
I'm a lady who secures enough to eat before the live
Since food always disappears quickly
#I took a picture
#with that basket⤴️
#Oh yeah
#as part of the refreshments
#the mysterious
#were super delicious
#I wondered
#were they

#were from
#It was too delicious
#and all of them were eaten
#so the box was already empty
#with jam? in the center
#and numerous
#When I sat on my sofa after coming home, I dozed off - So sorry about posting at this time - My sofa's an evil sofa and there's nothing special to it, nor is it soft, but I realized that I always fall asleep on it when I lie on itーso scary」

Hometown - 2018-04-28 (RINA) - Sun Apr 29, 2018 7:16 pm

Theme: RINA

2 days in Osaka
Were so much fun!!!
There really is a special enthusiasm
In our home area,
Where the band was formed
Our precious hometown of Osaka☺️
It lets us say that we're home again
Thanks as always


New items from Feedback! are out✌️

With Shibuya Tower Records on your right
Go straight ahead and you will find the shop on the left
Drop by if come close to it〜!
Details on the items are on Instagram☺️

The weather's great today too☀️
Have a fun day off〜✌️


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2018/4/29 19:00

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