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【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 16

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•This episode is all about the "Quiz time! TOMOrocco!" quiz as talked about here.

•HARU asks the second question:

Q2. What generation is Mohammed, Morocco's current king?

1) VI (sixth)
2) XII (twelfth)
3) XXIII (twenty-third)

TOMO goes with 1, while both RINA and MAMI go with 2. HARU reveals that the correct answer is 1. She also says that his father is Hassam II. The band laughs and TOMO goes, "Wait a second. What?! What does that mean?" MAMI says she's going to Google this later.

-MAMI = 1 point
-TOMO = 1 point

•The third question is asked:

Q3. The total area of Morocco is how many times larger than Japan?

1) 1.2
2) 1.5
3) 1.8

TOMO says that she didn't think it was that big to begin with, but it really isn't that much larger than Japan. HARU says you just have to go with your gut. All of them go with 1, which is the correct answer. RINA is happy that she got it right.

-MAMI = 2 points
-TOMO = 2 points
-RINA = 1 point

•The fourth question is asked:

Q4. What is the population of Morocco?

1) 36 million
2) 40 million
3) 50 million

HARU says that the population count was taken in 2018. TOMO goes with 1, RINA goes with 2, MAMI goes with 3. The correct answer is 1. TOMO goes, "Yayyyy~" and that she's just going with her gut rather than actually knowing what correct answers are.

-TOMO = 3 points
-MAMI = 2 points
-RINA = 1 point

•The fifth question is asked:

Q5. According to the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the ethnic composition of Morocco is 60% Arab. What makes up 30% of the rest?

1) Berbers
2) Casablancans
3) Othmani

TOMO goes with 1, RINA goes with 2, MAMI goes with 3. HARU asks TOMO if she just has a feeling that that's the correct one. She says that she thinks she's heard of that group before, but she'll be embarrassed if she gets it wrong. The correct answer is 1. TOMO goes, "That's the first piece of knowledge I know about the country!" HARU says that 2, Casablanca, is the biggest city in Morocco. TOMO says that she knew that, though that was the only thing she knew. HARU goes, "You're quite knowledgeable [about Morocco], aren't you?" TOMO says, "That's the only thing I knew!" HARU says that 3, Othmani, is the name of the current prime minister of the country. She then says, "We're now five questions deep. How has it been?" TOMO goes, "I'm fine. I can do this."

HARU reads off the points, with TOMO in the lead with 4 points. RINA goes, "You've basically won already!"

-TOMO = 4 points
-MAMI = 2 points
-RINA = 1 point

•Before HARU reads the sixth question, she says, "You guys have noticed some things, so let's go ahead with the rest of the questions." TOMO goes, "What does that mean?!"

Q6. Known as the gateway to Morocco, what is the name of the international airport in Casablanca?

1) Mohammed V International Airport
2) Muhammed V International Airport
3) Hassam II International Airport

TOMO says that the name "Hassam" popped up before, and HARU says that he's the father of the current king, Mohammed VI. MAMI is wondering how the things they've noticed ties in to what HARU said earlier (TOMO: "I haven't noticed anything!").

TOMO goes with 1, RINA decides to go with 1 too, MAMI goes with 2. TOMO goes, "Mohammed V is the name of a university too?" HARU says yes. RINA goes, "So it's both the name of the college and their airport?" HARU laughs and goes, "You're getting a little too ahead of things!" The correct answer is 1. RINA reasks her question, which HARU says the answer is yes. MAMI goes, "Ah, so that's what you meant earlier about noticing things." RINA also understands, but TOMO doesn't seem to.

-TOMO = 4 points
-MAMI = 2 points
-RINA = 2 points

•The seventh question is read:

Q7. What does "Casablanca," the largest city in Morocco, mean in Spanish?

1) White house
2) White flower
3) White castle

MAMI goes with 1, RINA goes with 2, TOMO goes with 3. MAMI gives her answer right away and with so much conviction that RINA goes, "Why is MAMI so confident in her answer?" The correct answer is 1.

-TOMO = 4 points
-MAMI = 3 points
-RINA = 2 points

•HARU reads the eighth question:

Q8. Morocco is actually the number one country that Japan imports this seafood to. What is it?

1) Octopus (tako)
2) Squid (ika)
3) Shrimp (ebi)

HARU says that Morocco's famous for it. All three of them go with 1, which is the correct answer. TOMO says that she's confident in getting the right answer for the next question and laughs. RINA goes, "So that is what that was after all." (She's referring to the fact that all of the correct answers were 1 lol)

-TOMO = 5 points
-MAMI = 4 points
-RINA = 3 points

•After "Mabataki" plays, HARU says that it seems like all three of them realized what she meant by what she said earlier. She then says that this last question will not be a multiple choice one. The three are surprised and go, "Eh!?" 10,000 points (lol) will also be given.

Q9. What is Morocco's traditional leather footwear called?

HARU asks TOMO go answer first. She wishes she had three options to choose from. HARU gives her a hint as to what it is: she says it starts with "ba" and that TOMO has probably heard the word before. HARU says the next part of the word is "bou." TOMO goes, "Ba?! Babou?! Eh?! Ba, baboushoe?" HARU goes, "You're almost there!" She basically gets it: The correct answer is "babouche." MAMI says she's heard that word before.

•HARU says that they basically don't need to check to see who won (TOMO: "I won 10,000 points after all"), but she announces the results anyway: MAMI with 4 points, RINA with 3 points, and TOMO with 10,007 dirham (RINA: "We knew from the start that we'd lose"), making TOMO the winner. As a present, she is given a guide book for Morocco. TOMO is happy with the prize, but also goes, "I thought I'd be getting babouche," and RINA agrees, given how things were going. TOMO seemingly flips through the book and says that it looks like Turkey, and that there seem to also be a lot of cats there (there were also a lot of cats in Turkey when they went there back in 2015). HARU goes, "With the quiz today, you've become more knowledgeable about Morocco now, haven't you?" TOMO says yes, but she kind of stopped thinking hard about things halfway through it. RINA points out how all of the correct answers were 1. TOMO says that MAMI did well to notice that when neither she nor RINA did. MAMI goes, "The correct answers for questions 1-3 were all 1. There's a law that states that all correct answers after that will also be 1." HARU says she also noticed that as she was going through the questions. RINA says that she wishes she realized that too. HARU then says how this was a quiz intended for TOMO as she wants to take a solo trip there, so she tells MAMI and RINA to let them know if there are any places they're interested in going to and they'll do the same kind of thing. TOMO says that she's happy that they did a quiz for her for something that she expressed interest in only once. HARU wonders if they have any fans in Morocco. RINA says that when they toured in Europe, one of the local staff there told them that they do have fans in Morocco. HARU then says that if they have any listeners in Morocco who listen to this program, they'd like for them to write in to them. They wrap up the episode talking more about the quiz, and how this episode was only about this. TOMO says that the listeners probably fell asleep halfway when they were talking about Muhammed/Mohammed.

Our digital program has started

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 FiI5ztw

It started this week〜!
Have our SCANDAL MANIA members
Already watched our
Fan club-only digital program
『Wednesday SCANDAL (水曜日のSCANDAL)』〜?

We will be
Uploading videos on Wednesdays,
So we'd be happy
If this could be something new for you to look forward to〜☺

I'm glad that we're able to evolve and continue
Our weekly Instagram Lives
That we did every week during quarantine
And tried out all kinds of things〜◎

We'll take in
Many of your ideas
And will make it an interesting program〜!
It'll be archived,
So take a look whenever you'd like〜!

We also got to make the opening really adorable--
I like it a lot☺
It was produced by Okazawa-chan,
Who has been shooting videos of us ever since our major label debut
And made all kinds of things together with us,
And most recently she edited
The "Living in the city" remote video☺︎ So grateful

We're thinking of other things
We can do for the fan club〜!

May this four-day weekend be peaceful...!


2020/7/24 16:45





STAY HOME期間に毎週してた


最近だと"Living in the city"の





2020/7/24 16:45

A special project for TOMOMI: "Quiz time! TOMOrocco!" Who will shine as champion!?
Episode #16 blog

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The band held a special project for TOMOMI, who said that she'd like to take a solo trip to Morocco during her 30th year if possible, called, "Quiz time! TOMOrocco!"

HARUNA: Let's try a new project this week.

All: What is it?

HARUNA: Here it is..."Quiz time! TOMOrocco!"

TOMOMI: What is that...I don't understand. What does that mean?

HARUNA: Let's get to it today!

MAMI & RINA: Is this okay?

TOMOMI: I'm really worried.

HARUNA: TOMO recently turned 30, and she said that she wants to take a solo trip. She wants to go to Morocco, so the special project for TOMO-chan is called "Quiz time! TOMOrocco!"

TOMOMI: Hold on a sec! I never thought it'd be taken this far.

MAMI: ...this will be a good episode just with TOMO-chan.

RINA: Good work.

MAMI: Thanks so much.

TOMOMI: Wait a second; I don't know what to do.

HARUNA: Only TOMO's going to do it? MAMI and RINA, you guys have to participate too.

RINA: Ehー?

MAMI: Ehー? Us too!?

RINA: I don't know anything about Morocco.

TOMOMI: Do you mean that this is quiz about Morocco?

HARUNA: That's right. After you answer this quiz about Morocco and deepen your knowledge of it, we'll have you go on a solo trip to Morocco.

TOMOMI: Well, I'm grateful, but I have no prior knowledge of it.

HARUNA: You three will participate, and the person who's crowned the champ will be given a prize.

TOMOMI: Is it related to Morocco??

MAMI: A prize related to Morocco...? I wonder.

HARUNA: The three of you will compete for first place, but perhaps MAMI and RINA won't need the any rate, it says [on the program script], "Please fight fair and square."

MAMI: This is way too mysterious.

RINA: Well, let's go ahead and try it.

HARUNA: There are quite a few questions.

TOMOMI: Can we get through them in this one episode?


RINA: That was very firm.

HARUNA: We have no choice.

TOMOMI: I hope it's fun...let's hear it.

HARUNA: Let's do it..."Quiz time! TOMOrocco!" There will be three options per question.

RINA: All right, maybe we can do this.

HARUNA: Question 1. What is the currency in Morocco called?

TOMOMI: I have no idea...

HARUNA: 1) Dirham. 2) Rabat. 3) Fez.

MAMI: They all sound like they could be it...

RINA: We've never been there, after all.

HARUNA: Please choose your answer. Who thinks it's 1?

MAMI: I do.

HARUNA: Who thinks it's 2?


HARUNA: Who thinks it's 3?

RINA: I do.

TOMOMI: It's split up.

HARUNA: The correct answer is...1! MAMI-chan got it right.

MAMI: Thanks so much... Is it okay to answer correctly??

HARUNA: The correct answer is 1) Dirham. By the way...2) Rabat is the capital of Morocco. And 3) Fez is a historic town known as a "city of mazes," a center of arts and culture, and is a World Heritage Site.

All: I seeー

RINA: That was very educational.

TOMOMI: This is very educational.

RINA: This might turn out to be fun.

MAMI: Like, we'll learn three pieces of trivia with each question?

TOMOMI: I might be appreciative of this.

HARUNA: Let's keep it up.

...there are eight more questions after this. Who will be crowned champion of "Quiz time! TOMOrocco!"??

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 15

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 Z30ClpL
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 Boo4y8k

•The episode opens with the band saying they're again recording all together + eating Meiji snacks. This reminds HARU of something and she mentions how their fans seem to now associate Catch up with Meiji Apollo chocolates (i.e. they hear the words "Catch up" and they immediately think of the chocolates).

•After "Living in the city" plays, they start their "STAY HOME HOME-TE" segment. RINA reads a message from a listener who likes to make bracelets and necklaces as a hobby. They had only been able to make simple ones, but they improved so much during quarantine that they're now able to make them at a level where they could sell their stuff. They've been using RINA's YouTube videos and SCANDAL's live DVDs as inspiration and encouragement as they're making their jewelry. They ask the band if they have to psych themselves up when it comes to making songs, or if they just relax and let songs come about naturally. What follows is what is talked about here. RINA also mentions that the lyrics for "Platform Syndrome" and "OVER" were pretty much both completed in one day.

•Next, they mention their livestream to be held on August 21st, their 14th anniversary. To anyone who needs reassurance: RINA mentions they're setting up a way that fans overseas can also watch it--it's a livestream that anyone around the world can watch.

•TOMO reads the next message from a listener who is, not surprisingly, a teacher. One of their "HOME-TE"'s is a paper shredder (MAMI: "This is basically me!"), and they hold "shredding parties" occasionally (MAMI: "It's a one-person party").

•They then announce a new segment: "A.D.A.N.A. Corner" (Nickname Corner, which they first talked about doing during episode 12). It's stylized after, of course, their "A.M.D.K.J." song. The segment is about listeners' nicknames and how they got them. HARU reads a message from a male listener who got the nickname "Kinoko" (mushroom) in their first year of high school. "It's not because I loved mushrooms; it's because I had a mushroom-shaped hairstyle...actually, that's not it either." The band is surprised by the latter sentence (TOMO & RINA: "I thought that was the reason..."). The real reason was because he and his friends were asking each other if they were "Team Kinoko no Yama" or "Team Takenoko no Sato." The listener said Kinoko, and his friends were like, "Eh, you're Kinoko?" To this day he's still called that by a few people. RINA says that she could totally imagine that naming process happening between guys. MAMI says that she thought it could have come from a mushroom-style haircut, and TOMO and RINA say so too. They also say that "Kinoko" is a cute nickname.

•MAMI reads the next message from a listener who got the nickname "Anpanman " in elementary school because they were told their face looked like the character. Since then, and even now as a graduate student they're still told that their face looks like Anpanman's, and have been convinced that it does. While wondering "What does it mean to have a face that looks like Anpanman's?!", it has now completely become part of their identity. HARU says she's interested to know what they do look like. RINA says that it sounds like they're a good sport about it.

•TOMO reads the next message from a listener who got the nickname "Hiromi" from a male classmate in elementary school after letting her classmates know she loves cats. She asked the classmate why, and he said, "You like cats, don't you?" She said she still didn't get it, and he said, "It's like the female version of Neko Hiroshi ." The listener also wrote in her message, "Well, it's fine to be called any name by the boy you like." The band laughs and goes, "That's so cute!" RINA says that it has a lovey-dovey feel to it. RINA then starts talking about something that happened in elementary school that this message reminded her of. In the first or second grade she used to use the pronoun "uchinaa" to refer to herself, which she says is common in the Kansai area where she grew up in (but in standard Japanese, "uchi" means "[your own] home"). During a field trip she was talking to the boy she liked and used that pronoun, and the boy was like, "What? Then just go home." That really hurt her and she stopped referring to herself in that pronoun. RINA then laughs and says, "That's what this story reminded me of!" She was shocked that that happened, but also glad because he--her crush--talked to her.

•The band closes out the episode after "A.M.D.K.J." plays and goes over the segments covered today as well as asks listeners to keep sending in their messages for their many different segments.

Annual tradition - 2020-07-23 (RINA) - Thu Jul 23, 2020 8:35 am

Annual tradition

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 WbBHab2

Our annual
Member-designed t-shirts that come out in the summer
Have been completed〜!
This year too we put together fun designs
That are unique to each of us☺

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 Q3mSuoK

My designed t-shirt
Looks like this〜

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 K331nq4

On the front
It says "sheer."
Which carries the meaning of being "straightforward and transparent."

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 ELxSIbH

On the back is
A fictitious airplane ticket and a bar code.

You'll get through thick and thin with sheer spirit.
I'm wishing for the day when we can go around the world
And are able to go see you guys.
It looks like this year's shirt
Will be a memorable one〜

I think it's
Really adorable and easy to wear☺
It's printed in a position
Where the design isn't hidden even when tucked in,
So you can wear it in all kinds of ways〜◎

It's now on sale as of today
At FEEDBACK Shop in Shibuya and our online store.
By the way, I'm wearing an M in these pictures.
I also have it in XL〜!
(Height - 160cm)

Any gender can wear it,
So check it out〜!


2020/7/23 17:11








"まっすぐで 透き通ったような"
の意味を持つ "sheer." の文字







S…着丈:65 身幅:49 肩幅:42 袖丈:19 M…着丈:69 身幅:52 肩幅:46 袖丈:20 L…着丈:73 身幅:55 肩幅:50 袖丈:22 XL…着丈:77 身幅:58 肩幅:54 袖丈:24


2020/7/23 17:11

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How do SCANDAL songs come into being? Talking about how they each write songs!
Episode #15 blog

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 LZS4Mbn

For this episode we had each of the members talk about how they make songs and their secrets of music production.

MAMI: I write music, but I also like making clothes using a sewing machine. So, during quarantine I tried making a satin shirt.

But it was difficult to handle and you can only get rid of wrinkles by putting a cloth over it and ironing it at a low temperature, so I sprayed it completely with water. For songs, I use my head/concentrate more than I do when making clothes, and my ability to concentrate breaks in about two hours...

I'll be like, "Ah, I can't do this anymore." So if I want to take a break, I need to be able to slack off for at least double the time I spent focusing. If not, I no longer feel motivated.

RINA: I see. Like, if you feel really motivated, start making music on the computer, and concentrate on it for two hours, you'd then take a break for four hours?

MAMI: That's right.

RINA: So you're the type to make music by flipping on a switch?

MAMI: I think switching it on is important, but I can make clothes all in one go.

RINA: As for me, I'll have the mentality like, "Okay, I'll be able to make this on this day"--or rather, I'll feel like I'll be able to make it. I haven't been able to analyze this cycle myself, but there times when words will just come flowing to me.

I'll aim for that time and keep switching myself on when I get into a groove.

It's not tiring at all--it's actually fun. But on the other hand, there are also times when I'm not able to write anything for a month. I might be the type that concentrates on finishing something when it seems that I'm able to do it.

HARUNA: When you're fast, you're fast. We're like, "You did this amount (of lyrics) in a day?"

MAMI: I can't catch up. Like, RINA will write the lyrics to a one-chorus demo, but she'll also write them for the second chorus so I'll be like, "I'm not able to write [the music for] the second chorus right now..."

TOMOMI: I save up lyrics when they come to me, but for music I can't do it unless I want to do it, and sometimes I can't even do it when both the lyrics and music come to me at the same time.

RINA: What about "Living in the city"?

TOMOMI: The lyrics came a little earlier, but the melody also came around the same time as well as the chorus. I can do things I like, like making dried flower swag and candles endlessly, and I can also play "Animal Crossing" without sleeping. I went to fans' islands and got a lot of materials for DIYs. My island was made with the help of the fans.

MAMI: You're grateful, aren't you? (*All laugh)

TOMOMI: I am grateful. Thank you so much.

HARUNA: I'm also the type to do things suddenly. I'm not one to normally save things up. I'm more likely to focus on it all at once when I think, "I need to do this now." That applies to songs, but also for the period of time I was making earrings. I suddenly had a moment when I was like, "I'll make earrings," and started doing so.

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 14

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 OEVIxmG
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 EUFoJdh

•The episode begins with what is talked about here. After HARU says that they should do a recap on the little things that happened during the two-and-a-half-month quarantine, she then says, "By the way, this is news from our [program] director Yoshioka-san: Sega announced on its 60th anniversary that they are releasing a handheld Game Gear Micro to mark its 30th anniversary. I don't really know what this is all about, though (laughs)." MAMI asks if that means that it's a game, and TOMO says that it's more like a Game Boy. They're also surprised that Sega has been around for 60 years.

•Getting back to news about the band: RINA says that, like a lot of people, she started cleaning up around the house when quarantine first started. When she started tidying up her closets, she found matching t-shirts that the band bought at a supermarket and that they had worn back when they played street shows on Shiroten Street [in Osaka]. TOMO and MAMI go, "The one with the skull on it?" (it's this one ). TOMO describes it and says how there's lots of threads coming out of it. RINA goes, "We really had no money at all and it was cheap, cool, and kind of flashy." They also recall that they cut them up with scissors to give them a damaged look (RINA: "We were playing street shows in worn-out clothes!"). RINA also recalls how they washed them so much that they shrank a bit, and when that happened they pinned rabbit pins on them. She says that she didn't want to throw these shirts away so she's taken them with her whenever she's moved. When she took them out this time they were still all clean and she was getting all emotional by herself at home (MAMI: "That's quite emotional"). TOMO says that she can clearly remember that time in their lives, and also says, "I remember it now, but I had forgotten all about it until now."

•MAMI also talks about nostalgic things, and how she found some old lyrics while shredding papers. These lyrics (from unreleased songs) were from around the time when they started writing their own music. When she looked at them, she started feeling embarrassed (also, she filed these away rather than shred them). She also mentions how she found lyrics to a song called "Don't Stop" that they wrote right around when the band first formed. This whole experience for her was pretty emotional.

•HARU says that she too was cleaning up and found pictures of her when she was little. She also found a picture of them taken when they played the ESAKA MUSE venue in Osaka while wearing those skull shirts that RINA found (pretty sure it was this show). She too says that this was pretty emotional, and that she doesn't know why that picture was among her childhood pictures. She also mentions how their makeup back then was completely different. "That, our skull-print shirts that we thought was so rock-like, and mini skirts...that was pretty crazy." They then recall other things they wore like pink and black armwarmers, thick belts with studs, knee-high lace-up shoes. MAMI says that they were in a dance school so their outfits were reflective of that--a kind of a hybrid style. TOMO goes, "That was probably a fashion no one else was doing. They never thought of doing something like that. It was so tacky."

•TOMO also talks about finding old things like music scores such as when they performed with Chisato Moritaka . She found a lot of scores for songs they performed for TV shows, which felt very nostalgic for her. RINA says that it's hard to throw away things like that, and that you have the same feelings for it when you find it years later. HARU then talks about how they've all hard to start spending more time on the computer after quarantine began and her computer got a little too full, so she's also been trying to tidy up her pictures on there as well. The band laughs and says that sounds awful. She further says that the pictures have just continue to increase so she recently realized that she has around 10 years' worth of them to go through, like pictures from their first ever tour in 2008 when they went to the US (MAMI: "No way!") and pictures from her old flip phone. She too says that is pretty emotional. She also says, "I say I'm tidying them up, but I've only gone through and looked back on them." RINA mentions that they all wore the same outfits every day when they did that US tour. TOMO goes, "Well, thinking back on it now, our casual clothes were way too lame."

•HARU sums it up by saying how all of them discovered the same kind of things at home during quarantine (RINA: "It really gives you the sense that we've been together for 14 years"). She also says that they can easily throw away recent stuff but not this older stuff. RINA says that that was a special period of time. HARU also says, "No matter how much time passes, our formation days will always have the most impact on us. Like, we musn't get rid of these memories. We'll always feel that way." MAMI says, "We were super serious back then, but now we think of it being an amusing time."

•After "Living in the city" plays, the band reads a message from a soon-to-be 36-year-old female listener. She says that hearing about how TOMO said that she wants to take a solo trip after turning 30 made her remember that she too wanted to do that. She wasn't able to, but has traveled solo to see SCANDAL play in many places. She also says that SCANDAL is their favorite first musical artist that they discovered on their own, they started playing the guitar because of SCANDAL and is in a cover band, and that they now have a lot more fun things in their life after entering their 30s and discovering SCANDAL for the first time five years ago. They also ask HARU, who was the first person in the band to hit their 30s, if there's anything new she's started doing [since hitting her 30s]. HARU says that her 30s have been fun, and she's had more time to spare compared to her 20s. She also mentions that she took a solo trip to New York when she turned 30, got a dog, and started studying English pronunciation. She sums it up by saying that she started doing a lot of new things in her 30s--she wants to take in all kinds of things. TOMO says that she's become proactive, and HARU agrees and also says so many things that were right in front her in her 20s, but she didn't understand herself that well back then. "It's not about having a mindset to learn about things--it's about enjoying these things. Like, when I went to New York, I wished I had been able to speak a little more English. And this year, since we had planned to go overseas, I thought I'd try a little harder with my pronunciation. I want to learn what I can give back to the band--my job--and that's what I want my life to be. That's how I've been living my life lately. Your 30s is a great time." TOMO says she's looking forward to it. HARU also asks TOMO where she'd want to take a solo trip to; she says Morocco. She likes Moroccan interior designs and would like to see them in person. HARU also realizes that this day they're recording this episode is the first time they've all seen each other since both MAMI and TOMO turned 30 back in May (TOMO: "Nice to meet you! It's the 30-year-old me"). MAMI says that she'd like to challenge herself a lot. She also says that in her 20s she wished that she studied more when she was a student, but in her 30s she does want to study/learn more.

Making the mics POP-like

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 XM9Psyr

Today's Wednesday〜!
Which means...
Today we did our weekly meet-up at the studio
And had meetings〜!

Oh yeah, as of today
We've newly installed antivirus microphone covers!
They sell them on Amazon,
And the red and yellow colors
Mysteriously give them a really pop-like color variations! haha
It's like a clown nose☺
But this alone gives us a sense of security〜
We tried them out while talking.
If you look for them, you'll see that there are all kinds〜☺

The sample of my zine that I worked hard on
Finally arrivedー!

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 5MeRtfh

It's still unfinished,
But it's looking like it's really going to turn out lovely
And just as I want it!

The deadline to order them was yesterday,
And getting more pre-orders than I thought there'd be
Made me so happyyyyy
Thank youー!
I'll carefully finish it up,
So please look forward to itー!


2020/7/22 20:21










2020/7/22 20:21

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At last...the quartet meets up to record together!
Episode #14 blog

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 ZnlDDFd

HARUNA: It's been so longー!

TOMOMI: I'm so happy!!

HARUNA: Yayー!!

RINA: Has it been about two and a half months?


RINA: We've never gone this long without seeing each otherー

HARUNA: This was the first time!

RINA: I'm so happy!!

HARUNA: Since the emergency declaration has been lifted for the time being, we have decided to record Catch up in a new format. The four members got together for the first time in forever. Now we don't have to worry about slight lag...

TOMOMI: When we were recording remotely, if someone talked over another person who was talking, one of them would be muted. There were a lot of times when we'd go, "What? What did you just say?" so I'm glad we were able to meet back up...

HARUNA: We only recently discovered that we knew we could of course do it.

RINA: I'm glad we got to use remote software.

HARUNA: Yeah. Well then, we've gotten together for the first time in forever and will be delivering a noisy episode.

(*Following a song)

MAMI: I'm glad HARU-chan looked so happy introducing that song today.

RINA: She's filled with happiness.

HARUNA: This really is great. I'm happy that the four of us got together to record.

HARUNA: Now, onto this segment... 「Living in the home de... Aenai, Tsumori ni Tsumott...Genki datta? (Living in the homeで… 会えない、つもりにつもった…元気だった?)」 [Note: This doesn't really make sense, which the other members also comment on. If I had to try translating it, it might be something like, "Living in the home and...I thought we couldn't see each other...Have you been well?" but that's also not really close lol. It's supposed to be a play on the song titles "Living in the city" and "Awanai Tsumori no, Genki de ne")

TOMOMI: I don't understand that...

RINA: It's really jumbled.

MAMI: What's mixed with what?

TOMOMI: I could understand it if I saw it in writing, but I have no idea what that means just by hearing it.

MAMI: There are too many elements to it...

HARUNA: In one of the previous episodes we used the title 「STAY HOME HOME-TE」 to describe how the four of us spend our time during quarantine...and we've somehow been given names.

「Home cook HARUNA」
「Ukulelist TOMO」
「Shredder MAMI」
「YouTuber RINA」

MAMI: There are no changes to the latter half...

HARUNA: I talked about how I now cook for myself more.

TOMOMI: I learned to play the main theme of "Animal Crossing" on the ukulele...

MAMI: (I bought a paper shredder) and am getting rid of a lot of documents that I couldn't dispose of easily.

RINA: I started a YouTube channel.

HARUNA: Since we finally got together, I wonder if we should do a briefing session on the little things.

SPICE - SCANDAL's "SPICE" Interview - Mon Jul 20, 2020 9:00 pm

SCANDAL: The quartet that changed their complex into a weapon speak frankly about weaknesses they've confronted and strength that has sprouted during the pandemic

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 Nlxw0bM

SCANDAL released their new song "SPICE" on July 15. The verse "Even this sense of inferiority won't go away - After all, it's a part of us" sung alongside with the band sound that can be considered "classic SCANDAL," is also about SCANDAL themselves. Their title of being an 'all-girl band' that was a complex for them has now become a huge weapon for them.* Even the sadness they dealt with in the past was turned into a weapon, and with the lines, "So that we can meet up here again and again - We get stronger just as much as we've been hurt - Let's keep running towards tomorrow", they belt out a powerful message that breaks the current situation surrounding the world. In this interview, the quartet openly confesses the emotions they faced after all their performances in Japan were canceled and could no longer hold live shows. SCANDAL shows both their strengths and weaknesses in this interview. SCANDAL, who've become stronger just as much as they've been hurt, will take on the challenge of holding a new type of concert with 『SCANDAL WORLD TOUR 2020"Kiss from the darkenss" Livestream』 on August 21st, the band's 14th anniversary.

――First, please tell us about your stay-at-home period. I'm sure it was the first time in SCANDAL's history to go for such a long time without seeing each other and unable to do musical activities. Could you tell us what you rediscovered about yourself and what you thought about your music, SCANDAL as a band, and what you felt during this time?

TOMOMI: Band-wise, we digitally released a song called "Living in the city" on June 3rd. This was a song we had previously written, but we released it now as we felt that this was exactly what we wanted to convey at this point in time. We recorded everything at home since we couldn't go to a recording studio. Aside from the guitars and vocals, everything else was done electronically. We're a band, so until now we definitely wanted to put in a "live" band sound when we recorded something, but it made us realize that there are many different ways of making songs. I've always like listening to electronic music, but for our releases we have always wanted to deliver a live sound because we're a band. However, we decided to not let that tie us down and thought that we could give it a SCANDAL-like sound.

――Oh! That's a big change, isn't it?

TOMOMI: Yes. Releasing this means that our range is likely to keep expanding.

HARUNA: Each of us members of SCANDAL have our own different strengths. For the last few years, I've especially been aware that when I act as the face of SCANDAL, I'm the vocalist who of course pulls the band along, and I also deliver our words to our audiences such as during MCs. Shows were a very important part of that, and when we could no longer hold those I lost sight of my worth. That was very tough for me. During the stay-at-home period, we recorded for our podcast and did livestreams on Instagram. When it comes to outputting words in places that are different from shows, you wonder about things like, "What kind of position should I have when saying this?" or "What words would reach the many people who find it hard to stay positive during this time?" I've had more opportunities to really think about my words.

――Even when you had no live shows, you were actively creating a place where you could output the words and deliver them.

HARUNA: Yes. Our IG Lives in particular were started because we wanted to do something to connect with those who support us. It made me realize that it's very important for me to get responses back from our audience when I'm on stage expressing my feelings via words. So, in the future, we want to do whatever we can to connect with everyone even outside of shows.

MAMI: Each of us thought hard about what we could do. We were doing things digitally, but we couldn't play shows nor go on tour. We were constantly thinking about what each of us could do to contribute to SCANDAL. We were really motivated when quarantine began. We thought about the future, saying things like, "Let's make this kind of song as SCANDAL during this time, and then release it when quarantine's over." However, since we were gradually losing sight of things along the way, we started feeling down. We were like, "Just what should we do?" But after quarantine ended and our activities restarted little by little, those feelings were gradually adjusted. Right now, we're thinking positively about this situation and about what we can do as a band.

RINA: When we could no longer play shows and we had no choice but to stay at home, I thought, "This is my chance to save up some stuff! I'll write a ton of lyrics!" But even though I had time, I wasn't able to write anything.


RINA: That was the first time that happened in regards to lyrics. I've always been an indoor person, so I thought staying at home would make me feel stress-free. I realized that choosing to spend time at home is not the same as staying home after being told to not leave it. I hardly went outside. This isn't exactly the same as what HARUNA said, but I really didn't like it when I thought I couldn't do anything. I couldn't write lyrics even after a month had passed, so I temporarily gave up on writing music. It was no use. And so, although this is a completely different outlet, I tried making a zine and I started a YouTube channel. I shifted gears, wanting to get people interested in SCANDAL in a way that can be done right now that didn't involve attending a show of ours. Even though we don't know when we'll be able to play shows again, I don't think we should be turning songs that get things going at shows or words that are established at shows, into lyrics. So, we're looking for a new image of how our music should be.

――I'm a little surprised that I've seen a glimpse of negative aspects of you guys from the start of this interview.

HARUNA: But when you start to feel negative, you're able to say you "give up"―and I think that's a strength. Instead of giving up, falling to the very bottom, and being unable to crawl back up, shifting gears in another direction and looking for a way to output something else can be considered a strength.

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 P3aZnzn

There were still moments during our performance when we could feel the power of the audience. It made us feel like we weren't alone. It made us tear up.

――That's true. During this time SCANDAL appeared on "Choushidoukan," an audience-less event held before the state of emergency declaration in Japan. Did you feel something different from usual via your appearance at this event?

HARUNA: That was when the domestic (Japan) performances of our album tour in March were getting postponed and we were feeling very negative, unsure of what will happen to our shows in the future. The promoters in Osaka that we've always worked with launched a streaming live event with the message of "We're not giving up on shows/live entertainment." We participated in it because they immediately asked us if we'd want to take part, and we immediately replied yes. Though livestreaming concerts have been done in all kinds of ways, during this event the performers could see comments from viewers on the overhead monitor while they performed. We weren't able to see the audience in person, but there were still moments during our performance when we could feel the power of the audience. It felt very mysterious and fired us up. The audience's feelings came through to us, making us feel like we weren't alone. It...made us tear up.

RINA: It was so moving, wasn't it? I felt like I was about to cry as we were performing. We weren't in our usual standing positions and were in a circle, performing while we all met each other's eyes. That style was nice. We, the staff, and audience were all filled with a power to make this a good time despite the situation. SCANDAL went on from 12 pm JST (*They actually went on at 1 pm! ). That was because we asked the staff to let us perform at a time when our overseas fans would be able to watch it too. We did, and we got a lot of comments on that date from people overseas. We're so glad we got to participate in that event.

MAMI: That was right around the time when things were getting worse and not looking very good, so we thought things like, "We don't know when we're able to play a show again," and, "We might have to use this method in the future to deliver live performances." So, when we appeared in this event, each and every word in the comments felt very important. We also realized how valuable and how important live performances that we used to take for granted are. This show really made us tear up. We're so glad we realized that before the full-blown quarantine started.

TOMOMI: Simply put, we were saved, weren't we? If that show never happened we'd still be feeling down. We originally planned to go on a domestic tour starting in March. We were really proud of the tour. Even our staff who created this tour with us had lot of opinions like, "The shows this time are definitely going to be good," so we definitely wanted to do it. So, even though we had no choice but to cancel the domestic dates and we understand why, we felt very disappointed and sad. We felt really down. That's when we appeared in this event. I knew that I always liked shows, but this made me realize once again how important they are. Making sounds together had been something I considered commonplace until recently, but since they no longer were commonplace I was so grateful and happy for that space. The comments sent by everyone and everyone getting loud, raising their hands, and singing together like our past shows had a completely diferent style of emotion. I felt that there was a passion in this livestream that was different from our in-person shows. If this type of show becomes the standard in the future, perhaps the day will come when you can experience the same level of passion felt at an in-person show. We thought we had to change our way of thinking about live performances. We don't want to forever feel like we were completely happy with our previous shows―we want to keep being reborn. This show made us think that.

――You're saying that this event made you realize that this is the new way that shows are going to be.

All: Yes.

HARUNA: That's why we're confident in saying that we'll be fine with our next show (SCANDAL WORLD TOUR 2020 “Kiss from the darkness” Livestream). This is a new sensation for us, but we knew with this show that we were able to connect with the audience from across the screen and felt how warm and hot it was, so we're not worried at all. With that sense of security, we're now thinking about what methods of communication we should use.

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 5BNVcry

We realized how valuable and how important live performances that we used to take for granted are. We're so glad we realized that.

――Before this show, you will be releasing your new song "SPICE" as a digital single on July 15th. Thank you so much for going as far as to write a song for our site SPICE.

All: Ahahaha (laughs).

――All jokes aside, I heard you wrote this song as the theme song for the original animated short 『XPICE』 by XFLAG.

RINA: Yes. We received an offer saying they wanted SCANDAL to make the music for the anime they were making. We participated in it starting from the initial planning meeting.

――SCANDAL has made written quite a bit of tie-up songs so far, but to make the song after participating in even the planning meeting?

RINA: This was the first time. That's why making it in itself was interesting, and I was happy that they felt so strongly about our sound and asked for it.

――Basically, your new song "SPICE" is a work that was co-produced by this anime and SCANDAL?

RINA: That's right. The story of the anime contains a theme about recognizing differences and accepting them. We're an all-girl band in this scene dominated by male-band and have continued to search hard for our style. That part overlapped with the anime. In 『XPICE』, there are heroes with their own special powers but no one is satisfied with themselves. They're heroes who, at the same time, hold complexes about themselves—they're not invincible. We really sympathized with that very human aspect. All of the characters are wondering, "What's so good about me?" So, I included those weaknesses and complexes as if I was writing about myself. As there's no dialogue in the anime, I hope the lyrics can play the role of lines that tell the story.

――So the lyrics are also straightforward.

RINA: With the help of anime, we wanted to deliver a universal and straightforward message at this point in time. I think the next thing that we will release as SCANDAL has taken a proper shape.

――When was the recording done?

MAMI: We had been working on the song since last year, so we finished recording in mid-February. Its release was coordinated with the progress of the anime.

TOMOMI: We were quite picky about the sequence before the intro and tried a lot of patterns out. I think this was also a new approach for us. The sound itself is our standard sound.

HARUNA: The lyrics are straightforward and full of lines that make you go, "I totally get that." I think this song can really hit home for those right now who are finding it hard to stay positive, and those who are worried about who they are as normal life returns little by little. If this can help listeners even a little, they can affirm the meaning of their existence. Though this song was made after we accepted this offer from the anime staff, I'm happy that we were able to make something that fits well into the world right now.

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 WVrvkQM

We don't want to forever feel like we were completely happy with our previous shows―we want to keep being reborn.

――I have a question related to the song's title. What is a SPICE that's important to SCANDAL?

TOMOMI: I wonder? I have no idea (laughs).

RINA: I don't think it's important to make something your "SPICE," but I would have to say that being an all-girl band has naturally become our SPICE. The band scene's still a male-dominated one, so the existence of SCANDAL, who actively thinks about how all-girl bands should be, is a "SPICE" in the band world.

――Personally, I feel that since you launched your private label "her," SCANDAL has been releasing lyrics that contain an intense SPICE.

RINA: That has changed. I think that's what comes forth because our label staff lets us be free.

――SCANDAL is currently preparing for the livestream on August 21st, the band's 14th anniversary. I've heard that the performance, setlist, and production will be an exact one-night only reproduction of your domestic tour that was canceled.

HARUNA: Yes. It'll be a complete reproduction of the tour we were supposed to start in March. Since it's a livestream, we had to think about how to show it in a completely different way. After all, we want to first and foremost deliver what we prepared for, and what seemed like would be our best tour yet. So, we will do everything we prepared for.

――Will you be wearing the outfits made for the tour?


MAMI: That's because that and our set had been completed.

RINA: Since our domestic tour was canceled before we got to use these, we'll be using all of it for the livestream. That's why we rented a hall for this show and will set up around 20 cameras. I think you'll be content with it even watching it via video on the other side of the screen.

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 W2SwnTi

We want to build up feelings from scratch and send forth fun ones. We hope to show a new side of SCANDAL that goes along with the current state of the world.

――How do you feel about it right now?

HARUNA: We're looking forward to it.

RINA: As we prepare for this day, we want to build up feelings from scratch and send forth fun ones.

MAMI: This is also unknown territory for us, so we're really looking forward to it. When we announced that we're playing a show that will be livestreamed, we included a comment saying, "Everyone will be front row. There's no limit on capacity." We of course are feeling positive about this show, and our audience/fans who will be watching it are also staying very positive, so that has doubled the fun. I'm sure there are also people who think "A show's not a show if you can't go to it in person," but we're happy to know that there are people who are really looking forward to it.

TOMOMI: We're overjoyed that we finally get to show what we wanted to show everyone. Since our tour was scheduled to be over 30 dates, we have the drive to pack that passion into this one night.

――Please tell us if there are any highlights unique to doing a livestream.

HARUNA: First of all, we took a different approach with our album Kiss from the darkness itself. It was made based on the idea that it's only natural for human beings to have both light and dark sides to them. We wanted to properly express that flow with our tour as well, so we put together a setlist with the idea of wanting to show a side of SCANDAL that hasn't been felt before. That's why it'd be great if that gets properly conveyed through the screen. I think those changes can be seen more calmly through the screen. In that way, being able to pursue the depth of live shows is something unique to livestreams.

――I see. Will you be performing your new song "SPICE" during the show?

HARUNA: We will.

――I'm interested in your activities after this show.

RINA: We have many ideas for what we want to do! We hope to show a new side of SCANDAL that goes along with the current state of the world.

*RINA was surprised by the writer writing the line "Their title of being an 'all-girl band' that was a complex for them has now become a huge weapon for them," as she tweeted "Ehー!? We've never thought that being an all-girl band is a "complex" of oursーTopics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 1f602" and also mentioned it in her recent vlog (8:55). Looks like the writer took too much liberty/misunderstood things.

1week - 2020-07-19 (RINA) - Sun Jul 19, 2020 8:10 am


(English subs: )

I uploaded a new video to my YouTube channel〜!

This was my first WEEKLY VLOG,
Which means that I put together
What a week in my life's like〜!

I kept the camera recording for as much as possible,
And I was able to capture a bunch of different things.

It's made me happy
That there have been people popping up recently
Who learned about me via YouTube
And then started following my social media accounts and listening to our music.
Taking videos is a lot of fun.

Those who read my blog posts
Are mainly people who already know about us,
So this is my favorite place to go,
And it's also a place where I can freshly send out words
Without having to choose a certain meaning for them.
YouTube feels very much like an entrance
And is interesting.

I hope you'll enjoy
Both my blog posts and my YouTube channel〜☺

Day 1
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Day 2
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 BB5NrgL
Day 3
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 LpOSvxK
Day 4
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 G27hVvq
Day 5
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 876J5KA
Day 6
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 ZRxWsys
Day 7
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 J1mjmze

If you're tired, rest up and be kind to yourself,
And let's go about the upcoming week
At our own paces

I too worked hard this week,
So I'll relax a little next week✌

I'll blog againー!


2020/7/19 16:50













2020/7/19 16:50

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tiny channel by rina - Vlog #8 - Sun Jul 19, 2020 6:52 am

The eighth upload from RINA to her YouTube channel:

English subs:

If you enjoy my translations, please consider leaving a tip! (This supports me directly rather than the site) Happy

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【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 13

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 FuHazlq
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 2XVyeGS

•The band begins the episode by talking about how they're still recording these episodes at home but are looking forward to when they're able to meet up and record again.

•After "Living in the city" plays, RINA reads a message from a listener who says that hearing this song at this point in time is very moving. They ask what the first line in the chorus is (apparently they don't understand what TOMO is singing). TOMO says she's saying "Living, living, living in the city" and there's no real meaning to repeating "living"; she thought that repetition would fit the flow of the lyrics. The written lyrics have "living" written only once, so if you don't understand what she's saying in the song and try to look at the lyrics, you might be confused. MAMI mentions that during their past weekly IG Lives they had a hashtag that fans could use to post about misheard SCANDAL lyrics, and someone thought that those LITC lyrics were "Everybody living in the city" instead (RINA: "It makes it more lively"). MAMI and RINA are surprised that a lot of people seem to mishear that line, but even HARU says that she didn't know what was being said at first (MAMI: "No way! Really?!").

•They then talk about the Meiji snacks they have. After that, they have their love advice corner as talked about here. TOMO says that as they've gotten older, those younger than them have also matured as well. RINA agrees with TOMO and says that now that she's older, her mindset's changed and is now completely open to the idea of dating someone younger. She says that she used to be like their listeners and was only open to the idea of dating someone older, but she's come to realize that talking to someone younger is totally something doable and can be enjoyable now. HARU says that that's a big change, and RINA says that this also surprised her. MAMI says that those younger than them have matured to an extent as well, which is a big thing. She talks about how when you're a student, dating someone who's even a year younger than you makes it feel like a senpai/kouhai thing; however, it's completely different when you're an adult. RINA says, "I think it's totally doable as long as they're like, older than your younger brother. I have a younger brother, and dating anyone younger than that..." HARU goes, "He's quite a bit younger than you, right?" RINA says yes, and that he's eight years younger than she is. She's currently 28, and someone who's 20 is someone she considers to be pretty young. HARU says that the main thing is that women want someone they can rely on. They might automatically associate reliable with someone who's older, but being older doesn't always mean reliable. Someone who's younger could be reliable as well. TOMO says that you really start to understand yourself when you become an adult, but if a little bit of leeway is born then a kind of maternal instinct is born at the same time. Having someone support you at that time is a big thing, but you don't necessarily need someone who's older and has more life experience. She says there are times when she's seen guys younger than her and thought they were cute, and wished that they'd invite her to go eat somewhere--the other members start laughing (RINA: "As a romantic interest?" - TOMO: "I don't know!"). Going back to the listeners' stories, MAMI says that with Parupon it's either maternal instinct or romantic love that she's feeling, and that it seems like maternal instinct did come out. RINA says that those two need to talk more to each other to find out what it is. MAMI brings up what the listener said about shey'd probably feel jealous if the guy got a girlfriend, so it probably is romantic love that she's feeling. HARU says that age shouldn't matter if you truly have feelings for a person. MAMI says that the listener should probably give it a little bit more time. TOMO brings up how unsure they seem with their constant use of "however." RINA says, "It seems like they've considered this a lot." She feels the same as MAMI and says that the listener should give it a little bit more time to confirm things while also determining if this will make her happy ("Deciding for yourself is important"). TOMO says the same thing goes for Sawa-chan, the second listener.

•The band was also asked if there had ever been a time when a guy younger than them had their hearts skipping a beat, or did something memorable. RINA says that it seems like it would be hard for someone to make MAMI's heart to skip a beat. MAMI says there have only been guys who have made her ticked off while she and the band laugh. She then recalls a time when she was a high school student. Her friend group usually hung out in school uniforms and would only dress in casual clothes on days off from school. There was a guy who was in middle school, and on one of those days off when their group hung out dressed in casual clothes, he told MAMI that she should dress more often like that since it suited her well. He probably thought that was a positive thing to say, but MAMI was thinking to herself, "How annoying." TOMO says that a guy younger than her told her, "You come to me just like a dog!" TOMO says that it didn't make her heart skip a beat, but it was certainly memorable. MAMI says that you have to be brave to say that, but that was probably just due to innocence. HARU goes next and says it isn't something specific, but she mentions how people in Tokyo usually speak in standard Japanese, so when she hears someone here speak in her home area's dialect , it makes her heart skip a beat.

•After "Mabataki" plays, they read a message from a listener whose boyfriend is 48 years old, which is twice as old as she is. They met each other via a friend of a friend at a SCANDAL show, have been dating for about a year, and are currently living together. Her parents are surprised that she's dating someone who's older than them, but they support the two. Her current situation is different from others she knows, and gives it an odd sort of feeling. The band thinks that their situation is completely fine. MAMI says that someone who's 48 gives off a dandy, refined sense. TOMO says that their parents support them, so there's nothing to be worried about there. RINA goes, "It's already been resolved!" HARU mentions the "maternal instinct" they talked about earlier, but this would be a different kind of "maternal instinct." The band reiterates that this is perfectly fine, and that they're rooting for them.

MAMI's & RINA's comments about "SPICE" - Thu Jul 16, 2020 9:47 am

Here are MAMI's and RINA's comments about "SPICE" that were posted on the XPICE video :

I too have parts of me that I don't like and parts that I feel are inferior to others. I have a lot of things that trouble me,
But as I wrote the music for this song while watching the animation, my way of thinking about my strengths and quirks changed.
Everyone has something that only they can do, and there is definitely someone out there who is seeking that.
Those quirks of yours might be seen as something wonderful by someone else.

I think there are many people who are struggling with their feelings in that same way.
It may not be easy, but it'd be wonderful to be a person who has the courage to think positively about themselves and come to love themselves little by little. That is the kind of person I want to be.

It made me very happy that SCANDAL was offered the chance to have our music set to this theme.
There are many feelings that overlap with both the XPICE story, us as a band, and us as individuals. Watching this animated short together with our song makes me cry. haha
We have created a song that can give you strength when you're feeling defeated or want to look away.
May both it and the animation reach people around the worldー! (MAMI)

We got to collaborate with the XPICE team after receiving a passionate, fervent request from them. I'm so happy about that!
We participated in this work starting from when it was in its early stages. While we were in a conference room hearing about the concept and the image they had for a song, pieces of the lyrics came floating into my mind one after another.
Everyone showed such great energy with this work. We too were very excited.
The characters in this animation are heroes battling while grappling with their own inferiorities.
Having the kindness and strength to be able to coexist by accepting one's weakness and the differences between one's self and others—these are the heroes we need during this point in time.

Since there is no dialogue, we wrote this song while keeping in mind the "lyrics" that convey the variety and message of this animation.

Its title is "SPICE." I was able to straightforwardly give a reply to this straightforward story.

P.S. We submitted this song last December. When the XPICE team sent a reply to us on the 25th saying, "Thank you so much for the best Christmas present ever!", we went numb.
I'm very happy to have collaborated with such a warm and exciting team. (RINA)

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SPICE - 2020-07-16 (RINA) - Thu Jul 16, 2020 6:49 am


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Our new song's out! The animated short too!
That being said,
Yesterday, we did a livestream on YouTube
And talked about lots of things〜!
Thanks to everyone who watched〜!

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 8ZixR43

Creative director Kato-san
And director Nakai-san
From the production team at XFLAG joined us
And we streamed it in a talk show-style format〜!

It'll be available until 7/17 (Fri) at 23:59 JST,
So those who missed it, or those who want to rewatch it,
Please check it out☺

Watching the completed animation,
I once again thought of how
Truly glad I am that we got to participate
In this beautiful workー!

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 JM2pRQB

The energy is amazing
When a song and animation are combined.

Comments from me and MAMI have been pinned
In the comments section
Official YouTube channel.
It would make me happy
If you guys let the XPICE team hear your voices
By also leaving your thoughts in the comments section!

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2020/7/16 15:19









2020/7/16 15:19

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【English Subs】SPICE x XPICE - Wed Jul 15, 2020 12:14 pm

【English Subs】SPICE x XPICE

#front-page #spice

Meph1766 wrote:If anyone has this picture in good resolution, please upload it somewhere.

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 Xk8yKyK

1280 x 720:
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 Z6tfJCY
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 U4dUP5r
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 3NSg4go
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 DVhCJkQ
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Full Version of "XPICE" - Wed Jul 15, 2020 10:11 am

The full version of the animated short "XPICE" is now up on YouTube:

#front-page #spice
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SCANDAL Gacha @ FEEDBACK Shop in Shibuya - Wed Jul 15, 2020 9:11 am

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 Xk8yKyK

The customary "SCANDAL Gacha " will be offered at the FEEDBACK Shop in Shibuya this year from July 23 to August 31. The top prize this year is an illustrated XPICE special poster made in collaboration with XFLAG, with some randomly being signed!

【SCANDAL Gacha details】
S-Prize: Poster (may come signed)

A-Prize: Past SCANDAL t-shirts, laptop cases, big totes, etc.

B-Prize: Past SCANDAL towels, SCANDAL merch

C-Prize: Small SCANDAL merch

Participation Prize: Illustrated button badges

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SCANDAL releases their new song "SPICE"

「It's practically a miracle how we're able to identify with and understand each other」

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 Nlxw0bM

SCANDAL's new song "SPICE" is the theme song for the original animated short XPICE produced by mixi's XFLAG, known for works such as the mobile game Monster Strike. Featuring an extremely powerful band sound, the music was written by guitarist MAMI and lyrics by drummer RINA.

RINA: The anime team for XPICE has been listening to SCANDAL songs for a long time now, so they presented us with this offer. They showed us a rough cut of the short, and we also got to participate in meetings where the concept of the work and specifics for the music were discussed. We really sympathized with how the two main heroes were both unsatisfied with their own abilities, continuing to fight while harboring complexes about themselves, and how, despite being heroes, they're not invincible. I based the lyrics on that theme.

MAMI: The team has a desire to spread Japanese animation technology to the world. We perform shows overseas, so we sympathized with that attitude. They liked the melody to "A.M.D.K.J.", a song off our album Kiss from the darkness, and requested one like that, so I made it while making subtractions I had never before challenged myself to doing, and while also valuing a powerful melody and band-feel. Also, we also challenged ourselves to put effects over HARUNA's vocals and played around with not having instrumentals in some parts.

The themes of XPICE are "courage and understanding," as well as "fighting together." They are also applicable to SCANDAL's journey in regards to sharing the common link of being in a band, and continuing to create works without stopping.

RINA: The band scene still continues to be a male-dominated one, and how to survive by expressing ourselves in our own way is also one our themes. We were able to sympathize with the fact that the characters in the anime continued to try on their own, and to connect to something like diversity as a bigger theme. This is an era in which the number of people who are knowledgeable about many things is growing and that comprehension is spreading, but I feel that there are still more details that are needed to know. It gave us an opportunity to think about gender, race, and the way each person lives their life. I dared to write very straightforward lyrics this time, but I don't think that would have been possible without the anime offer. After that is when COVID-19 got worse, and it made me feel more strongly that I want to keep making songs that are universal and straightforward.

The line "The tears that spill as you think of someone are the best spice" in the chorus is especially refreshing.

RINA: One of the issues with Kiss from the darkness was that we thought it'd be good if we could properly express our weaknesses through music, as well as express negative phrases. However, it feels like with "SPICE," which was done after our album, is very much connected to it. As our career and ages have advanced, we're starting to feel a sense of discomfort with music that can only be completed while on stage. We thought that we needed a song that lets us go on stage without changing our mentality.

Kiss from the darkness is the first album written after establishing their private label "her." What kind of influence did their experience of showing their frank selves have?

MAMI: What made us the most happy was that people who listened to SCANDAL felt close to us. It's not like we were trying to this until now, but we felt like we had to be strong and had to always be a version of SCANDAL who was always smiling and sunny. This album was one where we thought about how we're living creatures who share the same feelings as everyone else, so that naturally turned into music. There had been a lot of fans who listened to us in preparation for seeing us perform live, but it was also a really big thing that our music became a little more like everyday background music.

TOMOMI: Challenging ourselves to do an acoustic song on that album was difficult, but I'm happy that it doesn't sound too different from our past songs. Also, our artwork recently hasn't featured us—we've instead been collaborating with our favorite creators—so they accept us very naturally in that sense as well.

Even if words aren't spoken, everyone has respect for each other.

It's been 14 years since their formation. "Courage and understanding" and "fighting together" are also important factors in sustaining the band.

RINA: All four of us have completely different personalities and strengths. We accept each other's good points and weak points and forgive each other. We're the first people who are likely to forgive each other any number of times. That's why we can always be together, and why it's not possible for us to play music if it's not the four of us doing so. To speak in extremes, there are only two options: to continue on as SCANDAL, or to stop being a band altogether. This band has no options for someone to withdraw, nor to have another member join (laughs).

HARUNA: It's a courageous thing to continue on, and I think it's practically a miracle how, while being in a different mode year by year, we are able to identify with and understand each other. Each day we're happy to be able to see each other and our staff. In the midst of recently being limited in what we can do, the four of us thought about what we could do and released 'Living in the city' right away. It's really important to have the courage to deal with many different things.

MAMI: Everyone has respect for each other—we don't need to put it in words. Even if it's a scary thing to release something as an individual artist, the four of us come together to become one individual known as SCANDAL, and when we do so we're filled with a desire to take on new challenges—that holds true because we all have an understanding of that. That's something I've been thinking about in particular recently. As with the launch of "her," we were no longer afraid to take responsibility for the songs and lyrics we make. Ever since we started to write our own songs from scratch, we have naturally become more responsible for our songs.

TOMOMI: I hadn't seen anyone since the pandemic started, and I also hadn't seen the other members in three months. However, I felt that something very important to me was becoming clear. I once again thought of how SCANDAL is the biggest axis for me. Every day I wanted to see the members. Every day I thought about what they were doing, and that I wanted to talk to them. If you think about it, we've been together for about half of our lives so far. But we never get tired of each other (laughs). I wasn't aware of it myself, but I think that courage and understanding sprouted before I knew it. Although it's difficult to continue being a band, it's very easy if you're compatible with each other. I think the most difficult thing is to put together members with good compatibility. That's only because the teachers of the dance school we attended at the time did a good job with selecting the four of us. It's not that difficult for us (laughs).

RINA: We've always been thinking that we can do a little more. It's the same with the results that have been produced, and also with the music we make. We can be come to an agreement depending on the occasion, but I've always wondered that when we're able to do something, that if we can do a little more. As long as that heat remains, I think we can continue doing this. But, after all, I think we're doing a great job to have been an all-girl band for 15 years (laughs).

They will be holding a one-night-only concert via livestream on August 21, the day of the 14th anniversary. They will be reproducing not only their setlist for their tour that was canceled that was supposed to begin in March, but also their outfits, set, videos shown on stage, and lighting.

HARUNA: We do a lot of things on August 21st every year, so we had planned a lot of things. However, we first had to cancel all of the Japan dates on our tour that was supposed to start in March. We were very confident in delivering our album, and we had completely finished dress rehearsals for the tour—all that was left was to go show it to everyone. After all, we really wanted to deliver that live performance to audiences. With the help of our staff, we're able to hold a one-day live performance.

MAMI: You can enjoy an angle that's different from our past livestreams. We're able to put cameras in places we can't put them in when we have a live audience. Everyone is in the front row because it's online, and we can say we have infinite capacity (laughs).

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Love the members! 「LOVE SURVIVE 〜SCANDAL's Love Advice〜」
Episode #13 blog

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 KlDn1Mb

HARUNA: We'll read some messages as we eat our snacks. 「LOVE SURVIVE 〜SCANDAL's Love Advice〜」

All: (Getting excited)

TOMOMI: (Reading a message)

Parupon (from Osaka)
I'm a 26-year-old working at a deli. It's a shame that I can't go see you guys live, but I look forward to listening to you talk on the radio and on Instagram. Today, I'll be asking for love advice that I haven't talked to anyone about yet. This is my fifth year as a working adult, but love feels too far away from me and I no longer know what I like. However, in terms of age, I'm vaguely thinking that I would like to marry the next person I date. My favorite type has always been someone older than me and is reliable, and has that gap where they always seem to act silly but is a diligent worker. Perhaps because I have a younger brother, I have never considered dating someone younger than me. However, I currently have feelings I've never felt before, for a junior colleague. He's four years younger than me and is unreliable and troublesome. However, he's honest, cute, and fun. We talk daily on LINE or on the phone--I never get tired of talking to him. However, once in a while there are moments when I'm conscious of him being younger and that dating him wouldn't be right. He's like a younger brother to me. However, if he ever got a girlfriend, I think I'd feel extremely jealous. What kind of emotions are these? Our current relationship is enjoyable, and I don't want to be oddly conscious of it. SCANDAL, could you please give me some advice?

MAMI: That's adorableー

All: I seeー

TOMOMI: They're very shaky, aren't theyー? How many times did they say "However"? There were nothing but those...

RINA: This is already "love"; she's fallen for him.

※One more message was read

RINA: (Reading a message)

Sawa-chan who LOVES SCANDAL (from Osaka)
I am an elementary school teacher in Osaka. I have loved SCANDAL since I was in middle school, but did you know that you have a lot of teachers among your fans, and I was drawn in as well? It's been four years since I became a teacher, but until the last year all the men at work were married, so I didn't have to worry about romance at work. However, some of the new arrivals this year include unmarried people and younger men. That's when this happened. I basically work with my hair down, but I put it up for cleaning and doing PE. The other day when I finished cleaning the classroom and undid my hair, a younger man who started working here this year suddenly went, "Your hair's down!" That surprised me. I inwardly panicked a bit and went, "Eh!? What do you mean!? What are you trying to say!?" in my head. But instead, with a really serious look on my face, I said, "It was in the way of my cleaning, so I tied it up." When I thought about it later, I thought that maybe I should have given a reply with a little more leeway, like, "Which style suits me better~?" That was the first heart-pounding thing to happen to me in a while. Is there anything that men can say to you that will make your heart pound or leave an impression on you?

HARUNA: They're all falling for younger guysー

TOMOMI: Right?

MAMI: It might be an offhand remark to call that pure... Even so, this older woman has been swayed...

HARUNA: Hasn't that been a trend recently, going for guys younger than yourself?

TOMOMI: It's a trend??

HARUNA: It has been for a lot of people I know.

RINA: Reallyー?

HARUNA: There are quite a few women who have been won over by guys younger than them...

Does this mean that SCANDAL has also been charmed by younger guys...??

Find out the rest in the episode...together with some snacks!

SPICE Lyrics - Tue Jul 14, 2020 8:00 pm

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"SPICE" Lyrics

Lyrics: RINA ~ Music: MAMI ~ Arrangement: Keita Kawaguchi

Ima datte tesaguri no mama
Hontou no "jibunrashisa" nante
Kienai rettoukan sae mo
Kekkyoku wa bokura no ichibu datte koto sa

Mune ni himeta kakugo moyase
Mou, yowasa kara nigetakunai

Mamoritai mono ga tashika ni aru kara
Mata waratte tsukisusunde yukerunda
Tobidashite semai sekai kara
Dareka wo omotte koboreochite yuku
Namida wa kakushiteta supaisu

Kotoba ni sureba suru hodo
Yume kara samete shimaisou
Subete wo seitouka shitain ja nai
Seikai wa hitotsu ja nai tte
Wakari aitai

Mukidashi no sugata de idome
Mou, kanashimi mo buki ni shite

Akirame kaketa yume wo kanae ni yukou
Nandodatte kono basho de aeru you ni
Kizutsuita bun dake tsuyoku natte
Ashita ni mukatte hashiri tsuzukeyou
Nakusanaide kimi dake no puraido

Harukaze ga fuite namida wo fuite
Kisetsu ga kawatte yuku

Dokomade yukeru ka nante wakaranai kedo
Boku ni nani ga dekiru ka nante wakaranai kedo

Mamoritai mono ga tashika ni aru kara
Mata waratte tsukisusunde yukerunda
Tobidashite semai sekai kara
Dareka wo omotte koboreochite yuku
Namida wa saikou no supaisu



飛び出して 狭い世界から




春風が吹いて 涙を拭いて


飛び出して 狭い世界から


English Translation

You're still struggling
To find who you truly are
Even this sense of inferiority won't go away
After all, it's a part of us

It's all right
Burn the resolve hidden in your heart
You no longer want to run from your weakness

Because you have something you want to protect
You can smile and push forward again
As you leap out of this confined world
And think of someone, the tears that spill
Are a spice that was concealed

The more you speak
The more you'll likely awake from this dream
You don't want to justify everything
You want everyone to understand
That there's no one right answer

It's all right
Take on challenges as you lay yourself bare
Make your sadness a weapon

Let's fulfill our dreams we almost gave up on
So that we can meet up here again and again
We get stronger just as much as we've been hurt
Let's keep running towards tomorrow
Don't lose your own pride

The spring breeze blows and wipes the tears away
The seasons change

You don't know how far you can go
I don't know what I can do, but

Because you have something you want to protect
You can smile and push forward again
As you leap out of this confined world
And think of someone, the tears that spill
Are the best spice

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Present - 2020-07-14 (RINA) - Tue Jul 14, 2020 9:37 am


Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 BIgENJQ

Finally, as of midnight tonight in Japan,
Our new song "SPICE" will be released digitally!

To commemorate that,
We will be doing a giveaway〜!

On Twitter/Instagram,

【#SCANDAL新曲シェアして】 (Sharing SCANDAL's new song)

Those who post
Using that hashtag will be entered into a lottery
And may win a signed sticker☺

It'd make us happy
If you could share with us your impressions of the song〜
The members and our staff
Will be heading out to look for accounts
That use this hashtag...
So tag our band account and member accounts
In your post〜

Let's get things going together
On social media〜!


2020/7/14 17:08











2020/7/14 17:08

#front-page #spice
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On July 15 from 6:30 pm JST , SCANDAL will be doing a live talk show stream on their YouTube channel to commemorate their new digital single "SPICE"!

Japanese rock band SCANDAL, is set to release their new song SPICE as a digital single on July 15, 2020. The release of the song is going to be commemorated on a special talk show.

The song was written for XFLAG’s cross creative project series. The first project, which is called XPICE, is an original short animation that will be posted on the official YouTube channel of XFLAG ANIME at 7pm on July 15, 2020. From 6:30pm just before the video goes live, SCANDAL will livestream a commemoration talk show on their official YouTube channel.

The live talk show will see SCANDAL explaining what SPICE is all about. The audience will be taken behind the scenes to find out how the themes, setting and characters were created. SCANDAL will also be joined by special guests Hiroaki Kato and Tsubasa Nakai, who are key figures on the animation side of the project. Hiroaki Kato from mixi, Inc. is both the producer and creative director of the project while Tsubasa Nakai from Marza Animation Planet Inc. worked on the staging and animation, pulling together all the small details and directing the outstanding CG animation graphics.

The talk show is an exciting opportunity to see how SCANDAL’s song collided with XSPICE to create a breathtaking audio and visual experience.


Program title: Commemorating the release of SCANDAL's new song "SPICE"! A special just before the premiere of XFLAG's original animated short 「XPICE」

Date: 2020/7/15 (Wed) 18:30 JST~


#front-page #spice
Here are SCANDAL's member-designed t-shirts for 2020. They will go on sale from July 23rd at 12 pm JST via their online store + the FEEDBACK Shop in Shibuya.

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 Cfi0slT

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 LGyDctf
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 WtDnERj
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 TmULMHW
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 JfO4ZjK

Also, here are the most recently added FEEDBACK shirts that went on sale the other day:

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 BqbVKCx
FEEDBACK Logo T-shirt
Size: 1/2/3/4 (S/M/L/XL)
Price: 4,500 yen+tax

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 BWk56vp
FEEDBACK Circlelogo T-shirt
Size: 1/2/3/4 (S/M/L/XL)
Price: 4,500 yen+tax

And new FEEDBACK items (a reusable bag + water bottle) that will go on sale from July 23rd:

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 UoHgppO
Color: BLACK
Size: M/L
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tiny channel by rina - Vlog #7 - Mon Jul 13, 2020 8:34 pm

The seventh upload from RINA to her YouTube channel:

English subs:

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