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【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Bulgaria Yogurt』 - Season 2, Episode 19

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•The episode starts with this. Continuing where they left off, RINA says that to be honest, they had already turned down the Anime Friends offer once, and told the band's company + office that they thought it would be better to take a period of time to save their energy. But even after they turned down the offer, the convention really wanted them to appear, especially since it was the 20th anniversary of the event this year, and the band felt that they needed to accept the offer. Their desire to do what they could prevailed and thus they decided to attend and were really glad they did so.

•Ono then says something inaudible, and RINA says that there was only a max number of 100 tickets [for the M&G on day 1]. HARU says that the fans were so enthusiastic that they went over the scheduled time. RINA talks about the interviews they did and says that she was impressed the interviewers did a lot of research. There were more questions about the band than ones related to anime. They also knew it's their 17th anniversary this year and asked a lot of music-related questions such as what they think is important when writing songs.

•HARU says that on day 2 they started rehearsing early in the morning for the concert. RINA says that the stage was huge and the venue could fit about 10,000 people. They couldn't believe that so many people would show up. She says the rehearsals went well, and after that they had another M&G. HARU says that there were about 200 people this time. After that it was time for them to play their concert. RINA says that they were all ready to go, but the band before them went over by about an hour. MAMI says that that band had gotten so excited that what was supposed to be a one-hour slot turned into a two-hour one. HARU says that it was apparently a local band. MAMI says they couldn't figure out how that band went over by an hour. 15 minutes would be understandable, but an hour is crazy. HARU says that maybe they talked too much. RINA says that SCANDAL just had to be like, "Well, it can't be helped; we'll just do what we can when it's go time."

•When they first went on stage finally, they were really impressed and shocked. MAMI says that she was really moved to know that so many people had been waiting for SCANDAL on the opposite side of the earth, and that she was really glad they went to Brazil. She says that if she wasn't in SCANDAL, she wouldn't have been able to see that view. She was grateful for everything. HARU says that it was like they were able to affirm themselves. RINA says that there have been a lot of times when they've felt saved by that passion. She also mentions how by appearing at this event meant that they weren't able to play at any festivals in Japan which were going on at the same time, which is why they had no choice but to focus on this one event. But they felt like it was the right choice them to make and that they did the right thing.

•HARU says that there were many happenings on stage, including something that had never happened to them before. MAMI says that it was a mess. RINA says that she was terrified. The first song they played was "Line of sight," and at the end of it RINA's in-ear monitors started to make a buzzing noise. She called her roadie over to tell him, and he found out that the mixer coming back to her was no longer receiving power and so they had to turn it off once. Meanwhile she was already playing a song that had a lot of bouncing back and forth. She was wondering why it had to happen during a song like that rather than a simpler one. The noise started happening again, this time cutting off the sound completely, and her in-ears became completely useless. They decided that the only way to play would be to make eye contact with each other while playing, and that's how the rest of the show went on. RINA says that she closed out a song as if going into an MC when there wasn't supposed to be, and the other three realized that something was wrong. MAMI says that she had noticed RINA lost the sequence in the middle of the song, so they all stopped after the second song and tried to figure out where the timing was. HARU says that since they were already on stage, they didn't want the audience to know that something was happening, but they wanted to hear RINA's decision. They all gathered by the drums to talk about the situation and whether or not they could continue the show like that. RINA thought as she played that she might not be able to do it but decided to just go for it and they managed to play their entire set. They say that this made them realize that this was only possible because they've been together for so long.

•HARU also mentions that she and their interpreter decided what words in Brazilian Portuguese to say during the MCs and then practiced what they picked out. She says that in the past she would have been scared to say it after a happening such as the one that just happened to them, but she was just like, "I think I can totally do this." RINA says that they were all panicking but also remained really calm. After their set, RINA's roadie came into their dressing room and shook her hand, saying that she did a great job. RINA says that she's never been told that before. She says it was great that everyone worked together and somehow managed to make the show as good as it could be. HARU says that the roadie posted an Instagram Story about it on the way back to Japan and it made her tear up a bit. RINA says that going to Brazil gave them a new sense of confidence and accomplishment, and gave them a lot of strength. HARU says that the SCANDAL community is amazing and wishes that the Japanese fans would be more proud of it, and that they have comrades all over the world. RINA says that that's why they want to remain as a band that can make their fans feel self-confident and love themselves.

•HARU then reads two messages regarding Brazil. The first one is from someone who attended the con and thanks them for coming, and also asks them if they had a favorite Brazilian food or drink while they were there. The second one is from a fan in Japan who has a SCANDAL fan friend in Brazil who attended the con. They basically say that they've had a lot of fun talking about SCANDAL via social media the past 2 years they've known each other, that they translated their friend's letter to SCANDAL, and that they could tell how excited the friend was to finally see SCANDAL. HARU says that she felt like tearing up while reading that message. To answer the first listener's question, MAMI says that they had gone to eat churrasco twice at the same place. RINA says that they couldn't get enough of it. HARU says they also got to walk around a bit and do some shopping. They say again that they were really glad they went. HARU says that they're focusing on their next event, which is their anniversary one, and says that it's really encouraging to know that they have so many fans around the world, and that they're really proud to be able to go for the "sekai ichi" title.

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I'm finally caught up on all the episodes (although another one is coming out in a few hours lol)! Glad I was able to do so before their anniversary TOMO smile
"Maybe it's too early for us to go to Brazil..." - SCANDAL's true feelings that they can only talk about now.

Season 2, Episode 19 blog

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HARUNA: During the last episode we had planned to talk about our first concert in Brazil via SCANDAL's "Brazilian Mix" segment, but we ended up only talking about the flight to Brazil...

RINA: As expected, we wanted to arrive in Brazil.

HARUNA: Yeah, we had talked about what happened before we arrived in Brazil.

RINA: Our convo is still taking place in Dubai.

HARUNA: The previous one was really exciting, so we'll be bringing you SCANDAL's "Brazilian Mix" for this episode as well!

RINA: Let's get through the entire trip this time. Let's pack it in.

HARUNA: Let's start from when we arrived in Brazil!

RINA: Yeah, let's do that. So, we arrived. It was like we passed out that day.

HARUNA: We arrived at night.

MAMI: And it was really cold.

HARUNA: It was so cold!

RINA: It's the middle of winter there, after all.

HARUNA: Oh yeah, the seasons are reversed.

MAMI: I was so exhausted from traveling that it was like I was sleeping without knowing it.

RINA: The next day we had an M&G with the fans and interviews.

HARUNA: The "Anime Friends" festival itself had already started, and we joined it right away.

RINA: The M&G was really short, but the fans' feelings were overflowing. Some of them cried, others tried their best to speak in Japanese, some of them told their feelings to the interpreters, and sometimes the interpreters cried, too...

HARUNA: I want to talk about Minoru!

MAMI: Keep the Minoru story short!

(Staff: "Minoru"? We'll talk about that another time...!)

RINA: Minoru started crying hard. They were like, "I'm cryingー!" And we all ended up crying together... It was a whole thing. But it was a happy time.

HARUNA: Many people waited a definite number of years, like some said, "I waited 12 years", and they got to know us through the anime "Bleach." They wanted to go to Japan themselves and see SCANDAL, but SCANDAL came to Brazil before that. That's why they were really happy.

RINA: Seeing the expressions on everyone's faces and hearing what they said made me really glad that we went.

HARUNA: To be honest, after touring the US and Europe last year, there were times when I got a little nervous, like when we had COVID during the US tour.

RINA: Yeah, in regards to going overseas. We talked at length about how we could continue our activities overseas while protecting our bodies and minds.

HARUNA: We thought a lot about whether it was too early to go overseas again, and wondered if it would hurt the people who were waiting for us to come back. So when we heard about Brazil, we thought carefully about it.

RINA: We did.

HARUNA: But I'm definitely glad we went.

RINA: Yeah, same.

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Bulgaria Yogurt』 - Season 2, Episode 18

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•The episode starts with them saying that TOMO is absent today due to feeling under the weather, then trying some Bulgaria Yogurt ice cream/frozen yogurt, and then this happens. They talk a little more about the person in between RINA and MAMI and say they seemed to be part of this big tour group and even had on a shirt that said "samurai" on it.

•HARU then talks about the person in between her and TOMO, who was a Japanese girl. She says that while she didn't really talk to her, TOMO talked to her a lot and they found out she was a college student on her way to go study abroad in England by way of Dubai. She asked them if they were going to Dubai for work. TOMO said yes and the convo started expanding more and said that she was in a band. The girl said that she likes rock bands and often goes to festivals and such. They then wondered if she may know of SCANDAL. They asked her what bands she likes. She said she likes go!go!vanillas and Tempalay. She asked what the name of their band was, and when they told her, she was like, "Ah...I might have heard of you guys before." MAMI goes, "She didn't know of us!" RINA says that she might have recalled who they were if she dug a little deeper, going from go!go!vanillas to SCANDAL. The girl asked what bands they're friends with. They said they've played festivals with GGV before. They also said how they've played a joint-band show with Hump Back before, and the girl had apparently really liked HB's collab with GGV. HARU goes, "I can't believe she did know of SCANDAL!" The others laugh and RINA goes, "How can she know all that and not know of SCANDAL at all??" HARU says she thought that they need to keep working hard.

•Ono says they've been talking quite a bit (said at the 18:30 mark of the episode). HARU laughs and says that they still haven't reached Brazil at this point, though, and this convo so far has only been up until they reached Dubai. The others laugh at this as well. Ono says that's all the time they have for this week's episode. HARU says that they'll continue this convo on next week's episode as well. Ono says they'll only get to talk about Brazil for only like 2 minutes at this point, which the band laughs hard at this. MAMI says that there's still the return trip to talk about as well. Ono says again that they have 2 minutes to talk about Brazil during this episode. MAMI says that a lot of incidents happened during the concert. RINA says that they had finally reached Brazil, and MAMI goes, "We've reached it now [at this point in the convo]?", since, again, they had only gotten to talk about the plane trip to Dubai so far. HARU asks if is okay to talk about the rest next week. Ono seems a little done at this point lol but the band keeps laughing about how long they've talked about only the first leg of the journey so far. MAMI says that the journey did take 30 hours after all and a lot of things happened, so talking about it for only 20-30 minutes isn't enough to cover it. They say to look forward to next week's episode to hear more.

•They then close out the episode. HARU says while laughing that they had a lot more to say today that they thought they would, and again says to look forward to next week's episode for the rest of their convo about Brazil.

*As always, you can send in a message to the program here. I've made a guide as how to input your info and message for those who need assistance (click to enlarge):

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*A list of all episode summaries from #1-160 can be found here

*All episodes of Season 2 can be found here

#front-page #catchup
A look back on their first concert in Brazil! What unusual incident occurred during the 30-hour plane ride?

Season 2, Episode 18 blog

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HARUNA: Where did we go in July...

RINA: Brazil!

HARUNA: So we will be bringing you SCANDAL's "Brazilian Mix"!
We went to Brazil to play a concert there for the first time and returned home safely the other day!
We will talk about our impressions of Brazil and our thoughts on the "Anime Friends" Japan culture festival,
I will talk about my impressions of Brazil, my impressions of the Japan Culture Festival called "Anime Friends," and other such topics, "mixed" by each of us. It's okay if we just talk about things in a casual manner, right?

(Staff: Of course!)

RINA: Brazil, first of all, was tough to get to. I thought it was an amazing experience.

HARUNA: We've been going overseas since before our major debut and have performed in many places, but this was our longest plane ride ever.

RINA: 30 hours each way. That's how long we were on the planeIt was like, "How many hours did it take me to get from my house to the hotel in Brazil!? It's like my sense of time was bugged. We were on the move all the time.

HARUNA: It took like two days.

RINA: That was our first time experiencing that.

HARUNA: This time we went to Brazil via Dubai, and from Japan to Dubai was 10 hours. The transit time in Dubai was 4-5 hours. And from Dubai to Sao Paulo was about 15 hours. A total of 30 hours!

RINA: That's the time it takes to get to Europe and back, even though it's one way. We had plenty of time to get to Dubai, though.

HARUNA: Yeah, that was a time that we experienced.

RINA: I was looking forward to the rest of the day, but the last 10 hours or so made me go like, "Huh, this is not how it usually is."

HARUNA: I started to lose track of when to go to bed. No matter how many times I went to bed, it never changed...

MAMI: You think you've slept a lot, but when you wake up, it's only been an hour...

RINA: Yeah. And then they serve so much in-flight food.

MAMI: Yeah.

RINA: I knew it was going to be a long flight, so I made sure to bring some in-flight countermeasures.

HARUNA: I thought I'd be used to it by now.

RINA: I prepared my back by buying a neck pillow and a cushion for the seat, and it helped.

MAMI: I'm glad I bought a seat cushion. It protected me a lot.

RINA: Also, the band members were sitting on the window and aisle sides, leaving the middle seat open. The other person would sit in the middle, and there would be three of in a row. Depending on the disposition of the guest in the middle seat, the damage taken would be different...  The person who sat between MAMI and me was very intense.

MAMI: They were intense.

HARUNA: They even went to Sao Paulo.

RINA: They were an energetic student, and in back of them was their friend. They kept looking back like crazy while playing a game, but halfway through I started to think, "They should be a little quieter..." Everything about them was intense.

MAMI: Even when they turned around, they'd be intense!

RINA: It was cute, though.

MAMI: They were so young. Maybe a high schooler?

RINA: They were holding a stuffed animal the whole time.

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Bulgaria Yogurt』 - Season 2, Episode 17

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 CEm0hmt
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•The episode starts with this. TOMO then guesses 101 (*bzzt). HARU starts saying 300 before going, "We're off by a lot??" TOMO then guesses 1,800 (*bzzt), then 18,000, which is correct. HARU asks if it's exactly 18,000. Ono says that it's approximate. The others wonder how TOMO was able to guess the 8 part of the number correctly. TOMO goes, "That's because I'm awesome." RINA says that she's embarrassed she guessed a lower number like 151, and says that number's a Pokemon number. The others laugh at that. TOMO says that there are people who travel around the entirety of Japan, but it would be really difficult and time-consuming to do that in Indonesia/you wouldn't be able to go to all of them.

•HARU reads the next message from a listener from Hong Kong who attended a few shows of the UU tour and also attended some of the Line of sight signings. The next quiz is then about Hong Kong: "SCANDAL performed in HK in 2009. There was an article about it in a local sports newspaper at the time. What did they call SCANDAL? Please answer in 12 kanji characters." RINA, HARU, and TOMO say that they kind of remember it. RINA says that it had the word "joshi" (女子; girls) in it. HARU says it was "joshi kousei (女子高生; high school girls) something-something." Ono asks them to each write it out. MAMI wonders what it started with, and if it was "Nihon" (日本; Japan) or "sekai (世界; world)." HARU says she doesn't know. TOMO says that sounds plausible. MAMI says that those kanji they mentioned already would only be around 4 characters. They say that 12 characters is a lot. RINA says that there was a poster that said this. They try writing down their answers while counting outloud how many characters they've written down so far. After they're all done, they read their answers outloud. HARU goes first and guesses "日本的女子学生4人音楽団" (basically means "Japanese high school girls' 4-piece musical group"). The others say that they do remember the "teki" (的) character was used. TOMO goes next and guesses "日本女子高生4姉妹音楽団" ("Japanese high school girls' 4-sister musical group"). MAMI guesses "世界飛学生的日本女子楽団" ("world-famous Japanese womens' band"). RINA says that that sounds likely. RINA guesses "日本女子高生最高音楽集団" ("best musical group of Japanese high school girls"), which the others laugh hard at. HARU says that that's basically just Japanese.

•Ono says that none of them got it right. They all say that they're not surprised. Ono says that he'll read the characters in order. It starts with "Nihon," which TOMO and HARU cheer at since they got that part right. Next is "saikyou" (最強; strongest), and then "joshi koukou" (女子高校; girls' high school), and then finally "ongaku gakudan" (音楽楽団; music band). Together, it was "日本最強女子高校音楽楽団" (here's proof of it). RINA says that it was pretty close to hers. Ono says that a comment from HARU was in the article. HARU asks what it was. It said: "Since we had released CDs by this point [referring to how they didn't have any out when they first went to HK before their major debut], many people memorized our songs and it felt like we were one with the audience." HARU says that it did feel like that, which MAMI laughs at and says that comment was cute. Ono says that it says HARU was 21 at the time. MAMI says that was admirable. HARU says that that's why she's always hated her age being listed. She was over 20 years old while the other members were still in high school, which is why she didn't like it when people would go out of the way to say she was 20 or 21. Ono says that that's a rule when it comes to newspapers. HARU goes, "Ah, I see."

•Ono also reads that it says they did two performances, which was a first for Japanese artists to do at an HK live music club. RINA says that they've certainly done a lot of things and have been doing this for a long time, and that it feels like they've been doing this since they were born. HARU says that it must especially feel that way for RINA since she's been in the band since she was in middle school. RINA says that middle schoolers basically are still babies, thinking about it now. HARU agrees, and says that they were already trying so hard back then, though. TOMO says that when she sees people in their teens and early 20s working hard now, she thinks it's great that they've worked so hard ever since they were young. RINA says that she really wants to cheer them on and hope they do their best, be happy, and have fun. TOMO says that there's a type of strength that can only be produced at that time, which the others agree with.

•They close out the episode by playing audio they recorded after their performance in Brazil. They say it was awesome and that they played in front of 8,000 people. HARU says that a lot of fans they met at the M&G had been waiting 15 years for them to come. She says it was a great performance, and you could really feel that those fans had waited that long for it. She also says that there were some things that happened on stage that they never experienced before. RINA says that those things included not being able to hear themselves on stage, the equipment was broken, etc. They discussed on stage about changing the setlist and changing where the MCs would be. They really pulled through and overcame the situation. MAMI says that they were able to do so because they've been together for 17 years. RINA agrees and says that they wouldn't have been able to pull through today if they hadn't. She also says that despite not being about to hear themselves/each other on stage, they were able to perfectly match each others' playing, which was a miracle. TOMO says she felt like crying since she saw a lot of people in the audience crying with smiles on their faces. They say they're really glad they were able to come and play there.

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*A list of all episode summaries from #1-160 can be found here

*All episodes of Season 2 can be found here

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How many islands are there in Indonesia? Taking on questions unique to SCANDAL, who have many overseas fans!

Season 2, Episode 17 blog

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 Ifaousl

HARUNA: We'll be doing "I see - The Catch up"!

All: Yayー!

TOMOMI: We love thisー

RINA: It's been a whileー

HARUNA: We'll be bringing you world news and cultural quizzes! It's a segment that's typical of SCANDAL, who has fans all over the world...if we say so for ourselves.

MAMI: We're grateful.

RINA: Saying for ourselves that we have fans all over the world... Thank you!

HARUNA: Yes, thank you. Thank you, everyone around the world. I mean, it's apparently been a really long time [since the last time we did this segment].

RINA: It doesn't feel like it...

HARUNA: Apparently, it's been about a year.

TOMOMI: Eh, really??

HARUNA: Because we did special editions.

MAMI: Like the one about Bulgaria.

HARUNA: That's right. It's been a long time since we done an episode based on messages from overseas listeners. We'll explain it again. Based on messages from overseas, our staff comes up with quizzes related to the country of the person who sent it to us, and the members are then asked those questions.

So far...
We have done quizzes based on e-mails from Estonia, Malaysia, Argentina, Italy, Russia, the US, Australia, the Philippines, Taiwan, India, and Indonesia.

MAMI: That's awesomeー

HARUNA: Let's get going. I'll read this message.

A fan of grape-flavored Meiji Kaju Gummy

Good evening, SCANDAL. This is my first message.

I'm currently living in Indonesia for a year and a half for work, and I'm thankful for this being on Spotify.

I have been a fan of SCANDAL since I was a student, but I still haven't been able to go to a concert because I don't have other MANIA members around me, and I feel it's hard to attend concerts by myself.

About 5 years ago, I made a music friend and started going to various concerts, and now I can go to them alone! But then the pandemic happened, and then I was assigned to work in Indonesia, which made me miss the concerts.

I have to preface this by saying that I would love to see you perform live in Indonesia as well! I could also go to Thailand or the Philippines!

I will definitely go if there is a concert when I go back to Japan for a temporary visit.

Supporting you from Indonesia.

All: Thanks!

TOMOMI: Was it about 5 years ago that we were last in Jakarta?

HARUNA: Hasn't it been longer?

TOMOMI: Then we haven't been there for a long time.

RINA: We've been to Thailand, the Philippines, and Indonesia.

TOMOMI: We went there frequently in our early days.

HARUNA: We toured Asia.

TOMOMI: I want to go back.

MAMI: I want to go!

TOMOMI: Was it "satay"? It was delicious, wasn't it?

HARUNA: Satay is grilled chicken.

RINA: We did eat that.

HARUNA: Now, here is a quiz about Indonesia.

The total land area is about 1.89 million square kilometers (about 5 times that of Japan), and the distance from east to west is about the same as the east and west coasts of the United States, which is about 5,000 kilometers. With a population of approximately 238 million (2010 government estimate), it ranks fourth in the world. Indonesia is made up of the largest number of "islands" in the world. Approximately how many islands are there?

MAMI: Eh, we did the "number of islands" thing before, didn't we?

HARUNA: Yeah, we did. What was it for?

MAMI: The Philippines, I think...


MAMI: Um, 186!


TOMOMI: 450!


RINA: 151!


HARUNA: 230!


TOMOMI: 125...


RINA: 160!


TOMOMI: 380!


MAMI: 142!


MAMI: 201!


17th Anniversary Project for SCANDAL - Wed Aug 09, 2023 7:36 am

The book arrived yesterday and it looks amazing! Here's a quick flip through of it:

Again, thanks so much to everyone who submitted something for it and/or donated! We hope to get this to the band a few days before their anniversary!

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Bulgaria Yogurt』 - Season 2, Episode 16

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 5ACRwGr
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 Fgn3uKS

•The episode starts with this.

•MAMI reads the next message from a listener who says that they play baseball every month with members of their company, and the other day they rented a ballpark with a sound system. They decided to play a song for each person as they appear on the field, and they chose "Saishuuheiki, Kimi." They say it was the best cheering song ever. The game didn't go that well, but afterwards they talked about the bands with their co-workers and decided to go to a festival together this year. They also wonder if there are any pro baseball players among the program's listeners. TOMO goes, "Are there??" HARU says that there was a pro sports player who had written in before. RINA goes, "A soccer player, right?", but HARU isn't sure. HARU also says that "Yoake no Ryuuseigun" was used during a pro baseball game before. RINA says that they've seen a few athletes here and there come to SCANDAL concerts along with their staff. MAMI again wonders if there are any pro baseball players among the listeners. RINA says they'd love for them to send in a message if there are. MAMI says that music is played at pro baseball stadiums when a player enters the batter's box, and it's interesting to hear what athletes like which artists and songs. She also says that you can instantly feel closer to the players. TOMO says that she'd love for a song of theirs to be played at some summer pro baseball games. MAMI says that it'd be really cool if they did use "Saishuuheki, Kimi" due to how the song starts off.

•RINA reads the next message from a listener who says they were once dumped because their ex said they hate them because they're too serious. Due to that, there was a time when they distrusted others and questioned if they really are that serious, and isn't being serious a good thing? They ask the band what the fine line is between "being serious" and "being too serious." They also ask what the band thinks of people who are too serious. TOMO wonders in what ways are they serious, and says that being serious about work is a good thing. She wonders if they're 'serious' enough that they can't joke around. RINA says there would be no room for them to have fun. HARU says that a person is probably a very serious person if they're facing this problem straight on. RINA says that she really likes people who are serious and face themselves like that, and likely live their lives with this attitude toward those around them. HARU says that being serious a good thing. RINA says there's nothing wrong with people rejecting you because they don't like how serious you are. HARU says that the way it was told to the listener meant that the person didn't love them enough. RINA agrees that was really strong and she'd be really hurt if something like that was said to her. TOMO says that she wants more details and wonders what situation led to this happening. HARU says that it also might depend on their ages and the situation. MAMI says that maybe the listener is so serious that they pointed out all the other person's mistakes and things they wanted to fix, and the other person felt too constrained by that. RINA says that the earnestness of imposing one's own righteousness on others may be a bit painful. TOMO says for the listener to send in more details right away. RINA says to send in all kinds of stories, which makes TOMO laugh. MAMI says that the listener seems to be very considerate, which the others agree with. She also says that she's sure they're someone with a decent amount of love, but she'd like a few details. RINA says they'll draw the line after hearing those.

•HARU reads the next message from a listener who tells an onomatopoeic story that happened to them recently. The other day they were in the car with their wife and it started to drizzle. The wife, who is Thai, was sitting in the passenger seat and said that the rain was falling "piru-piru." They corrected her and said that it's actually "potsu-potsu" (basically means something, like rain, is falling in drops), but the wife went, "It is 'piru-piru!" They say they've been married for 7 years but are still discovering new things. The band goes, "That's so cute!" MAMI says that it might be the wife's unique sensibility. RINA says that maybe it's just something she says when among family, and also that that was a nice conversation that can make the rain more fun. HARU brings up how there were still onomatopoeia messages left. Ono laughs and says something inaudible. The others laugh and HARU says that they did get rid of the segment the other day. RINA says that this one was just too good.

•TOMO reads the next message from a listener who says that since the band told people to send in messages about anything, they will be telling them a thought they've been unable to express anywhere for a long time. They lost their father to an illness when they were 14 years old. This summer 11 years will have passed since then. It was a sudden and difficult thing to accept, and at the time they were unable to sleep alone, but they're doing well now thanks to their older sister, whom they love very much. They loved her too much that when she got married 3 years ago, they couldn't honestly say congratulations due to their mixed feelings. After that, they started living on their own, and both of them each started going their own ways. When they talked again, the listener heard for the first time that the sister thought she'd protect the listener when their father passed on. The listener remembers they couldn't stop crying because they were so happy to think that they're here now because of their sister. The sister recently had a kid and they were able to congratulate her. They want to be more mature and continue to wish for the happiness of their sister's family. RINA says that they spoke so honestly, and that it makes one glad to have siblings. HARU says that she really thought that. RINA says that all 4 members have siblings. MAMI says that there are things that you think about a lot but can't tell anyone, and there are some things you'll take to your grave. This is especially true when there's no one else in the same situation you can talk to. She also says that she's really happy this program is a place where you can vent your feelings and feel a little better, and that she'd like it if the listener can be a little more positive. RINA says she can tell in their writing that they're feeling more relaxed as time goes by, and that knowing their sister did that for them makes them love her more, or makes them accept her more. She thinks that's a part of being older, and that siblings truly are your allies. TOMO says that the band is on their side as well. She then says that they're also their big sisters, which makes the others laugh and makes RINA go, "That sounds scary!" HARU says that experience is important and that perhaps living on their own was a big part of it. The others agree. HARU also says that she hopes their listeners will continue to send in messages about anything. TOMO says that they hope they can support them music-wise and in other aspects as well.

•They then close out the episode. HARU says that she's glad everyone's sending them their feelings in such long messages. Like they mentioned before, they want people to send in messages about anything, and they want everyone know that SCANDAL is here for them. She hopes that the presence of SCANDAL will be a source of support for them, whether it's at a concert, on a CD, or on the radio. She says they're so dedicated that it's really no exaggeration to say they're doing activities to help be of comfort to everyone, so please don't hesitate to send in anything you want to talk about.

*As always, you can send in a message to the program here. I've made a guide as how to input your info and message for those who need assistance (click to enlarge):

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*A list of all episode summaries from #1-160 can be found here

*All episodes of Season 2 can be found here

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"I lent money to my best friend but they never returned it..." - What did SCANDAL say to the confused listener?

Season 2, Episode 16 blog

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 SSZCzSU

HARUNA: This time...we're just reading messages. There isn't even a single page of script...


Today I wanted to send a message to give you a one-sided report. I broke up with my boyfriend of two years on my birthday in 2020, three years ago. I had sent a message before to "Catch up" about how to get over it and whether I would be able to get over it in the future.

I was really saved by you guys who said, "You met a wonderful person, your first great love," "If you have a chance, you can be together again," "If it's someone different, you can think that you had a future because you broke up with him," and "You don't have to force yourself to get over it; just think that it might be enough." I was really saved by your words.

Since then, we have been able to look at the things that were holding us back and grow together, and through fate, I was able to start over again with my then boyfriend.

After about a year of moving forward with him again, in July of 2022, he and I got married and in December we gave birth to our daughter and became a family!

When we broke up, I never imagined that three years later we would be a family, nor did I think we would be together again, but now we are living a happy life together with our daughter.

I know this is very personal, but your words saved my life at that time, so I wanted to send this message to you.

I took my 5 month old daughter to Nagoya to see HARU at the signing event in May! Now I am raising my daughter with the dream and pleasure of going to a SCANDAL concert with her when she gets older. I will continue to support SCANDAL with my whole family!

All: Thank you~!

RINA: To think that such a story exists...

HARUNA: The daugher did come to see me. She was so cute.

RINA: It's nice to see them grow up and get back together. Things like this do happen, huh?

HARUNA: They really do have a connection.

RINA: The timing was right.

HARUNA: Yeah, that's wonderful. Thanks for the good report. We wish you all the best in the future.

RINA: Good luck with childcare.

TOMOMI: Next...

Eyebrow beam is out of stock

Hello, SCANDAL. This happened a few years ago, but there's an incident that comes back to me every now and then, and I would like to talk about it.

I had a great friend whom I trusted more than my lover and sometimes more than my family! I won't go into details, but my best friend needed a large sum of money, and I lent her about 200,000 yen if I could help her.

I lent her money (verbal agreement) with the understanding that if it would help her, it would be no problem at all, and that she could pay me back little by little when she could. Then she got a boyfriend and started a new hobby community, and I stopped hearing from her...

I honestly didn't care about the fact that she didn't return my money. I was simply in shock that the girl I trusted had disrespected me, and I was unable to recover for a while.

I still never lend or borrow money from people because of this experience, and I have become a little traumatized by the idea of having deep relationships with people...

There is a saying that it is worse to lend money, and I wonder if that might be true.

There are moments when I feel sad, thinking that if I had made a different choice at that time, we would still be friends, but I still don't know what the right response was for me at that time.

What would you have done? I would like to use this as a reference for the future.

I know this is a bit heavy-handed, but I love you, SCANDAL! I'm looking forward to the 821 anniversary event!

RINA: That's sad...

TOMOMI: About money, huh...

RINA: When you lend out money, lend it while thinking that you'll never get it back.

TOMOMI: True...

MAMI: It was the right thing to do at that time? I think. Also, I think that a rift over money is a rift in relationships...

HARUNA: Didn't they lend the money knowing that?

RINA: That's how much they wanted to do it for them. They followed their feelings and lent it to them. They were doing the right thing at the time, and I don't think there's any need to blame themselves for doing the right thing at that time, and wondering if it was the right thing to do.

HARUNA: That's true.

RINA: It may not be the case that they're a little distant from each other due to that incident. They went in different directions at the same time, so it might have been natural that there were times when they were close and times when they weren't.

HARUNA: But in the end, if they're going to regret it, they shouldn't lend money...

MAMI: They also said that they learned from this, and that they've decided not to lend money. They learned from this, and they might not be able to forget that friendship, but it'd be nice if they could go back to being close and get along again. I think it would be better to spend some time with that thought in the back of their mind.

RINA: They could also try to take up new hobbies, join new communities, etc., and not just be friends with that person.

HARUNA: I agree.

TOMOMI: But that was sad...

RINA: That's because that person was important to the listener.

TOMOMI: More than money or anything.

RINA: Yeah, it's sad. But I don't think they made a mistake. I think they'll make new friends and stuff.

MAMI: I think so.

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Bulgaria Yogurt』 - Season 2, Episode 15

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 Rw9Toxd
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 JgcYE6b

•The episode starts with this.

•Ono says that HARU's guess of "A lot of rain" was the closest so far. HARU asks if it's weather related. Ono says no. MAMI guesses "High temperature" (*bzzt). TOMO guesses "Where lots of plants grow" (*bzzt), but HARU goes, "Eh?" and TOMO goes, "That's close?", inferring that they were told that was a close guess. RINA guesses "Easy for animals to live in" (*bzzt) and then she laughs. HARU guesses "There are a lot of flowers" (*bzzt). RINA guesses "___ is pretty" (can't tell what the first word said is) (*bzzt). Ono says they're on the right track. MAMI wonders if it's plant related. TOMO guesses "Seeds flying in the wind" (*bzzt), which makes the others laugh. HARU guesses "Lots of greenery" (*bzzt). MAMI guesses "Lots of mountains" (*bzzt). Ono says that 'greenery' is close. MAMI guesses "Country of trees" (*bzzt), then "Lots of parks" (*bzzt). The others laugh at the park one and say that was a cute guess. TOMO guesses "Vegetables high in beta-carotene (ryoushoku yasai)" (*bzzt), and then jokingly says "Ryoushoku Shakai" (the name of a Japanese band that, like her previous guess, starts with the word 'ryoushoku' and sounds similar lol). The others burst out laughing at her second guess. HARU says that that band should really go to Anime Friends, then. MAMI guesses "Lots of specialty vegetables" (*bzzt). TOMO guesses "Coffee grows well" (*bzzt), then "Beans" (*bzzt).

•Ono asks another staffer what they should do. MAMI and HARU say to give them hints. Ono says that he can't give them any hints because they're close to the right answer. TOMO guesses "Lake in the forest" (*bzzt), then "Spring/fountain" (*bzzt). HARU goes, "'Forest' is part of it?" They then all go, "'Forest'??", as the staff probably hinted that that part is correct. TOMO guesses "Forest spring" (*bzzt), which the others laugh at. Ono confirms that "forest" is part of it. TOMO then guesses just "Forest" (*bzzt). MAMI guesses "Lots of trees" (*bzzt). TOMO guesses "leaves" (*bzzt). MAMI guesses "Planting lots of trees" (*bzzt). Ono says that that's not correct, but it's on the same track. RINA says that that probably means it has something to do with lots of greenery. The others say they already guessed that. Ono says they're overthinking it. TOMO then guesses "Trees," which is the correct answer. Ono says that it means "Lots of trees on this land" (Wiki says specifically, "The name Brazil is a shortened form of Terra do Brasil ['Land of Brazil'], a reference to the brazilwood tree"). MAMI says that the origin is the same as Japan's name ("origin of the sun"). RINA wonders if you can see a lot of trees when you go to Brazil. They say that learning stuff like this is really interesting. HARU says that "I see - The Catch up" is really beneficial, and that she's glad they decided to keep this segment. The others laugh and agree.

•Next, they start talking about Sao Paulo where the convention is held. HARU reads off that about 1 million Japanese-Brazilians live in Sao Paulo, which has strong ties with Japan. In the center of the city is the largest Japanese community in the world outside of Japan, called Liberdade. MAMI says that Nagoya has a very strong connection with Brazil and that probably more Brazilians live there than anywhere else in Japan. RINA wonders why, and if they feel comfy living there. MAMI says she doesn't know, but there were some Brazilians that had transferred to her school. She also mentions that a hairdresser friend told her that many of their clients who are models are Brazilian Japanese, and when they say they're going back home, they all mean that they're going back home to Nagoya.

•HARU says that now they've talked about that, they'll be going to the next question: "Where is Sao Paulo's sister city in Japan?" MAMI goes, "It's not in Aichi [Prefecture, where Nagoya is]?" (*bzzt). TOMO guesses Chiba (*bzzt), then Saitama (*bzzt). MAMI guesses Shizuoka (*bzzt). HARU guesses Tochigi (*bzzt). TOMO guesses Okinawa (*bzzt). Ono says that it was the first area that he thought of. HARU asks why, but RINA immediately guesses Osaka, which is correct. She then also asks why, which makes the others laugh. Ono says, "Don't you guys have ties to this place?" There's a pause before HARU goes, "That's what you meant by that??" RINA asks why they're sister cities. Ono says that there's no real reason, but Osaka is in fact a sister city of Sao Paulo. RINA says that she feels an affinity to it all of a sudden. HARU says that that probably means that a lot of Brazilians live in Osaka as well. TOMO and HARU say that there could be people doing homestays or studying abroad there. Ono says that he wants them to include this info in their MCs they'll do in Brazil. TOMO wonders if people in Sao Paolo know that Osaka is a sister city to them. Ono says that there are 45 sister cities of theirs around the world, though. MAMI says that she checked and Aichi Prefecture and the state of Sao Paulo are sister cities (or states?). Ono says that he was talking about cities, not states. MAMI says that this is all very detailed. Ono says that 2019 was the 50th anniversary of Osaka and Sao Paulo being sister cities. The band says that's a long time.

•Next, HARU reads info on the con/anime. She says that Japanese anime is so popular in Brazil that Anime Friends is held there. The most popular anime there are Naruto, Dragon Ball, Inuyasha, Bleach, Rurouni Kenshin, Saint Seiya, etc. RINA says that those series are really popular everywhere they go, including Europe. TOMO says that a lot of people cosplay. RINA says that Bleach really is popular. Ono says that there was no real data for this info, so he used four different sets of data to come up with it and thinks that Bleach is definitely one of the most popular. The band agrees. Ono says that SCANDAL did songs for the series as well. HARU says yes, and that they did two songs.

•The next thing is to learn some everyday words used in Brazil that the staff has selected. Brazilian Portuguese is spoken there, which is a little different from Iberian Portuguese spoken in Portugal. "Good morning" is "bom dia." "Good afternoon" is "boa tarde." "Good evening" is "boa noite." HARU says that even these seem hard to pronounce. RINA wonders how Rs are pronounced. MAMI says that there are some countries where you can pretty much read things as is. TOMO says one of those is Spanish, and is katakana-like. They say that "bom dia" sounds European-like. RINA says it's kind of like French. HARU then reads that the ending of "thank you" changes depending on the gender of the speaker. Men say "obrigado" while women say "obrigada." RINA says that this kind of thing is also similar to French. HARU then says that "yes" is "sim" and "no" is "não."

•Then they move on to phrases that the staff has chosen. The first one is "I'm hungry" = "eu estou com fome." RINA says that might be the phrase they use the most, which makes them laugh. The second one is "I'm sleepy" = "eu estou com sono." RINA says that she doesn't want to be one of the appearing artists at the con that only uses these phrases. They all laugh at this. MAMI says that it seems that "estou com" means "I'm ___." RINA then jokes that they could use these on the plane and eat udon a bunch of times. TOMO says that they should keep saying this while eating churrasco. HARU says that she would have liked to have learned a few more positive words. RINA says that these are positive words, which they laugh at. TOMO says they probably shouldn't say these on stage, though. As for traveling to Brazil, RINA says that she hopes they'll get there safely and in good health, and to survive the 30 hours of travel time each way. TOMO says that she'll download some things to watch/do.

*As always, you can send in a message to the program here. I've made a guide as how to input your info and message for those who need assistance (click to enlarge):

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 6WYlmoJ Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 WvLQhcz

*A list of all episode summaries from #1-160 can be found here

*All episodes of Season 2 can be found here

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The 92nd upload from RINA to her YouTube channel:

English subs:

It's a little embarrassing to make a training video,
But I tried doing it( ◜ᴗ◝ )
Thanks for coming to watch this video today!
Good work todayyyyy

If you enjoy my translations, please consider leaving a tip! Happy

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Links to English subs for all of RINA's videos can be found here:

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Special edition of "I see - The Catch up"! A study session on Brazil before going to Anime Friends 2023!!

Season 2, Episode 15 blog

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 O9ZRAqh

HARUNA: This time...we're doing a special edition of "I see - The Catch up"! Brazil edition!
That's right - We will be appearing at Anime Friends 2023 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, held July 13-16.

RINA: This'll be our first time thereー

HARUNA: Anime Friends is not only a celebration of Japanese culture in Latin America, but also the main event for all anime, manga, and video game fans. Every year, there are a total of over 120,000 participants from Brazil, other Latin American countries, and Japan.

TOMOMI: People come from Japan!?

HARUNA: ...that's what it says.

RINA: People from Japan take part in in - That's impressiveー

HARUNA: You can tell that Anime Friends is a worldwide eventー

RINA: That's awesome.

HARUNA: To begin with, this is our first time in Brazil... There are so many things we don't know. Do you guys know anything about Brazil??

RINA: About Brazil, huh...

TOMOMI: Like, the seasons are reversed?

MAMI: That's right.

TOMOMI: And Carnaval in Rio?

RINA: And we have the impression that we have a lot of fans there.

TOMOMI: Since our early days, we've gotten messages every day on social media and such saying stuff like, "From Brazil with love."

HARUNA: It's been more than 10 years.

RINA: That's true.

HARUNA: This year will be our first time appearing at Anime Friends, but let's do some thorough preparation about São Paulo, Brazil, where the event will be held... So, even our staff who have absolutely no knowledge about Brazil dug deep and prepared this... First, here is our profile as it appears on the official Anime Friends site, as it was when we ran it through the translation software.

The best female Japanese pop rock! The band SCANDAL is scheduled to perform on the main stage of Anime Friends 2023 on Sunday, 16/07. Formed in 2006, the superpowered quartet will shake up the structure of this 20-year edition. Characterized by their multi-faceted vocals that do not concentrate solely on the main vocalist, they are also responsible for a number of sensational songs.

HARUNA: "Superpowered quartet"!

MAMI: Wow, that's the first time we've been called a "superpowered quartet" instead of an all-girl band or the like.

HARUNA: Now then, here is the Brazilian version of "I see - The Catch up"!
It's quiz time.

What is the origin of the country's name?

All: Ehー!

MAMI: I've never thought about that..! I wonder...

TOMOMI: A country of passion?


HARUNA: A warm country?


TOMOMI: Soul-stirring.


HARUNA: A lot of rain.


RINA: I don't know...

17th Anniversary Project for SCANDAL - Mon Jul 31, 2023 9:20 pm

Update on the project:

The book has officially been ordered!

Thank you so much to everyone who submitted something for it and/or donated!

Here is a preview of the book:

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 N1e6LXC

Due to not receiving that many messages, my friends and I decided to primarily focus on doing a book that looks back on SCANDAL's releases/tours/events that also includes photos from our travels to see SCANDAL on said tours/events. Of course, though, the messages that we've received are in it too, in the middle of it! Can't wait to see what the entire thing looks like in person!

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Bulgaria Yogurt』 - Season 2, Episode 14

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 4HEEpbW
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 XaJ4C7W

•The episode starts with them eating the top 6 yogurt flavors in the Meiji Bulgaria Yogurt popularity poll that was currently going on (this part lasts for about 9 minutes lol), and then this happens.

•TOMO is still really confused about the "A.D.A.N.A." segment and asks what it was. HARU and RINA say it was about peoples' unusual nicknames (they even read my message for it back in 2020 lol). Their program director Ono mentions "A.M.D.K.J.", which is what the segment is styled after. TOMO asks if that means this segment started around when the song first came out. He says yes. TOMO asks if any messages for it have come in recently, which the answer is no to. TOMO says they should get rid of it then (even though they did technically cut it back during episode 21 lol). The others agree. HARU says there's another segment, "Shunkan Plain" where you send in messages about moments that have no words to explain them. TOMO says it was a vague segment. RINA says that they only did it once, but that was when Ono wasn't there and they didn't quite know how to do the segment. Ono says that they have received messages for it. They decide to keep it. TOMO then brings up the theme park one and wonders if they only did it for a single theme park. The others say no, and that it was mainly about people writing in about their local theme parks. TOMO asks if they've gotten messages about it. Ono says no. They decide to cut this one as well.

•MAMI asks if they had ever done an onomatopoeia segment, which is one of the segments listed on this clean-up list. RINA says they should cut it. HARU says that they've done it a few times. TOMO asks if they should cut it. Ono says that he doesn't remember it. The band laughs and says they'll get rid of it. TOMO then brings up the "Consult SCANDAL" segment and says that it wasn't originally planned to be like that, giving people pep talks. HARU says that the listeners decided that on their own. RINA says they haven't read any messages for that recently. Ono says they haven't gotten any messages for that, but they have gotten ones for advice. RINA says that they should just get rid of the name then. HARU laughs at this. They rename it to just "Messages seeking advice" (相談メール). TOMO then asks if they've gotten any messages for GyouColle recently. Ono says they haven't. TOMO says that this one was the first segment they did on this show along with "Life before SCANDAL," the latter of which they occasionally still get messages for. RINA says it's interesting and should be kept. TOMO says that the band wants to learn about info like that. HARU says that they must not have gotten messages for it recently. Ono says that they have but they're long messages. TOMO says that they won't read them on air but will read them off air. RINA says that if they keep this segment going, they can see how peoples' former favorite musicians change. HARU asks if they're getting rid of GyouColle. RINA says they should.

•TOMO says that they love "I see - The Catch up" (where they read messages from overseas listeners and do quizzes based on the countries they're from) and ask if any messages have come for it. Ono says that a lot have. RINA says that it connects their overseas fans with them. They agree to keep it. TOMO brings up "Kyoukai-sen Kyoukai" and that they've even made stickers for it. RINA says that they're obviously keeping it. Next, TOMO mentions the dialect one and RINA immediately says to get rid of it. HARU is surprised and goes, "Get rid of it??" RINA say yes. TOMO goes, "Even though we all love it?" RINA says that they talk about dialects at times even when it's not for the segment specifically.

•HARU says that they're cutting a lot of segments. TOMO goes over a few of the ones they're cutting: theme parks, onomatopoeia, Consult SCANDAL. HARU asks about the Bulgarian quiz one. RINA laughs and says they can't cut that. HARU laughs and Ono says too that they can't cut it. HARU asks about ShunkanPlain. They say they'll keep it for now. TOMO says that's good enough for now. HARU says that they'll have around 5 segments left now. The others say that's good. The segments left are "Life before SCANDAL," love advice, "I see - The Catch up," "Kyoukai-sen Kyoukai," "Last-minute cramming! Bulgaria quiz!", and ShunkanPlain. HARU says that these are pretty much what recent messages have been sent in about anyway. Ono then brings up the "MAMImume, uninhabited islands" segment and say that they're waiting for someone who owns an uninhabited island to write in (but they did back during episode 57 lol). MAMI wonders if there's anyone like that [that listens to this show].

•TOMO brings up the "Catching up under the blue sky" episode they did where they played Molkky and says that she really liked doing that. HARU says they've talked about doing it again several times, but it's been raining and they haven't been able to do it. Ono then mentions the magic shows they did. HARU and MAMI wonder if they were conveyed via just audio. Ono laughs in the background. RINA says they probably weren't. TOMO says that in that sense, their Molkky game probably wasn't either. MAMI says they'll do something else if they do another recording like that. TOMO then says that they last did an original jingle about a year ago. HARU says yes, with unusual instruments. RINA says that the Power Word Awards at the end of the year are exciting. TOMO says that talking on the phone to listeners was also fun. She then brings up the "ONE MORE TIME...STUDY!" segment and she researched kokeshi dolls. Now, whenever she sees those dolls, it makes her smile. The others laugh. RINA says that she's fallen in love with them. TOMO says she has.

•MAMI says that she likes the one where they get one shot to successfully do something. The others also say they like it as well. TOMO asks what they had done for that. HARU and MAMI say they've done it a few times. They say they've done kendama, snapping, recorder. MAMI says they have fun doing this, but whether or not these are translated via sound is another matter. TOMO says that "Smental" is fun.

•They then close out the episode. They say they've cleared out a lot of segments and HARU laughs at this line written on the script that says to not write in anymore for the segments that were cut. Again these are the segments that are still being kept:

-Life before SCANDAL
-Love advice
-I see - The Catch up
-Kyoukai-sen Kyoukai
-Last-minute cramming! Bulgaria quiz!

*As always, you can send in a message to the program here. I've made a guide as how to input your info and message for those who need assistance (click to enlarge):

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*A list of all episode summaries from #1-160 can be found here

*All episodes of Season 2 can be found here

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A general election to declutter the ever-increasing number of segments! Will your favorite one survive...?

Season 2, Episode 14 blog

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HARUNA: We'll be doing this project...
"A general election to declutter Catch up segments!"

RINA: What is that...?

MAMI: Ah, it's a general election for survival...

HARUNA: "Catch up" is now in its fourth year...

TOMOMI: That was fastー!

MAMI: Really...?

TOMOMI: Four years??

HARUNA: Yeah, really.

MAMI: I see... That's right.

RINA: We've been doing this for so long...

HARUNA: As you'd expect, the number of segments has grown too much...

RINA: Even though we've been doing this for four years, do we still have that many segments and projects?

HARUNA: I mean, sometimes there are more added every week.

RINA: It's an abnormal speed.

TOMOMI: There are a lot of times when we just do something and then don't do it again.

HARUNA: We must have done a cleanup about two years ago.

RINA: Yes, we did.

HARUNA: We did, but they just keep increasing.

(Staff note: Sorry for making more and more...)

HARUNA: Let's declutter some of them here and now! And that's the general election for decluttering. In the document I have with me, the "segments we've made so far" are listed, and there are about 13 of them. At the top of the document is "GyouColle."

TOMOMI: Yes, I remember that one.

HARUNA: "Life Before SCANDAL" (listeners' favorite bands before SCANDAL).

RINA: We know that one.

HARUNA: "Hey! Teacher!"

MAMI: Yeah.

HARUNA: And "A.D.A.N.A."

TOMOMI: ..."adana"? What was "adana" again? (adana = nickname)

RINA: Yeah, we did do that once.

HARUNA: There's also "Love Advice" and "I see - The Catch up."

TOMOMI: That's my favorite one.

HARUNA: "Kyoukai-sen Kyoukai" (Fine Line Association).

RINA: That's a popular segment.

HARUNA: "Talking about dialects" (Staff note: It's called "Yappa Hougen, Suki ya Nen")


MAMI: "Interesting Theme Parks" and "Consult SCANDAL"...?

HARUNA: Wasn't "Consult SCANDAL" about us giving people pep talks?

MAMI: What? Was it about that...

TOMOMI: There are a lot of ambiguous ones...

RINA: At any rate, let's sort them out in order!

TOMOMI: Is "Hey! Teacher!" a segment?

MAMI: A shoutout?

HARUNA: It's not even a segment anymore!.

TOMOMI: When people say they're a teacher, we say, "Hey! Teacher!"

RINA: There are fans at M&Gs that tell us they're teachers, right? They want us to say "Hey! Teacher!"

MAMI: There are!

TOMOMI: There are also fans that say, "I'm a doctor, so please say 'Hey! Doctor!'," right?

RINA: There are!

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Bulgaria Yogurt』 - Season 2, Episode 13

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 EJzfUOQ
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•The episode starts with this.

•MAMI reads the next message from a listener who says they became a new employee in April and met one their classmates there. They became very close since they live close to each other. The listener's friend had started dating a guy and they wanted to congratulate the friend for it, but the listener found out that the guy has a 9-year-old kid (the guy is only 23 years old) and he used to do some bad things. The listener then distrusted him. If he was just a loser, the listener wouldn't stop the friend from dating him, but he seems dangerous and the listener wants the friend to get away from him before something happens. The listener talked to the friend recently about this, and she said that she still loves him, and that she knows in her head that she should break up with him, but she can't do it. The people around her are just watching from the sidelines, thinking that it's a life experience and that it would be better if she herself realizes the painful situation she's in. The listener understands what they're saying, but the listener would feel sorry if something happened to their friend and would regret that they couldn't stop them. They ask the band what they think they should do. They end the message by saying it's a "warui mushi" situation (literally means "bad bug," but it actually refers to being in a situation with an undesirable lover). RINA goes, "Ah, again." HARU and TOMO aren't sure what she means by that. RINA mentions that the "bug" topic was brought up again, which MAMI laughs at. TOMO says that she doesn't remember asking people to send in messages about bugs. The staff says something and TOMO and HARU make a sound of recognition (maybe they didn't know the phrase "warui mushi"? lol).

•RINA says that the listener's a nice person who's considerate of their friend. TOMO wonders how "bad" this guy has been. MAMI says that the listener's very distrustful of the guy and keeps referring to him in the message as "that guy." The others laugh at this. TOMO wonders if the listener was told a story about why he's bad. MAMI thinks so. RINA brings up the fact that the guy has a 9-year-old son even though he's still young himself, so there are a lot of question marks about what kind of life he's led so far. MAMI brings up how the friend says she just can't break up with the guy, and that is understandable to not want to leave someone you love. HARU says that it's hard to stop things when you feel so passionate about someone. RINA says that people can get angry when someone else is telling them to stop doing something that makes them happy, even though it's from a place of kindness. That's why she says they should keep an eye on the situation. MAMI says to let the friend know when they think she's really in danger and perhaps talk to her more often. RINA says that rather than talk about the guy a lot, she thinks it would be better if they could continue to be friendly with them normally. If they can maintain a relationship with the friend so that she can talk to them if something dangerous happens, they can help protect her at that time. MAMI agrees that they should keep an eye on things and help them out if something happens.

•RINA reads the next message from a listener who says they've been a picky eater since they were a child, but recently they found they they could now eat/drink things that they couldn't before (such as coffee). They ask the band if there are any foods that they're now able to eat or like since growing up. TOMO says she's exactly the same and can drink coffee now. A few years ago she used to almost throw up when drinking coffee because the aroma was too strong and she didn't like it. HARU says that that's why she couldn't go to cafes with her. RINA says that things like your tastes change, and for her it was natto. A day suddenly came where she thought it looked good and she'd now be able to eat it, so she did and found it to be delicious. TOMO says that there's a theory that your taste buds become dull after you become an adult so you're able to eat things that are normally bitter, and that children's tongues are so sensitive that if something doesn't taste good, it really doesn't seem good to them. She says she hates that theory, and then laughs. HARU laughs and asks why. TOMO says that she doesn't know about senses getting dulled or whatever, but good food is good food. MAMI says that she thinks green peppers are very bitter. RINA says that although she likes those, she understands why people don't. MAMI says that she also doesn't like carrots nor green peas. The latter are beans, which she usually likes, but she doesn't like those. RINA says to each their own, and that she still can't eat shellfish. HARU says that she can't eat boiled eggs. RINA says that everyone has something they can't eat. TOMO says that she doesn't think she has any. HARU says that that's the best. She then asks about things that have a strong aroma, like things with leaves. TOMO says she prefers if it's not there, but it's not like she wouldn't eat it; she'd allow it. MAMI says that it's great she can do that. HARU says that on the contrary, there are more and more things that she doesn't like now that she's grown up. One example is liver. When she was in her 20s, she thought it was good because everyone said it was, but the moment she thought it wasn't good was when she realized she couldn't eat it anymore. TOMO says that she was overreaching.

•HARU reads the next message from a listener writing in about that 113 thing. They say if you add up the nine numbers associated with SCANDAL, you get 113 (8, 10, 5, 31, 5, 21, 8, 4 for the four members). TOMO goes, "That's 109! Why does 4 have to be added?" MAMI says that that's impressive the listener thought of this.

•TOMO reads the next message from a listener who says that MAMI is the number one person they'd like to meet at the supermarket. They laugh and wonder what this all about. RINA asks if there's any explanation. TOMO says there isn't--the rest of the page is totally blank. TOMO asks MAMI what she thinks. MAMI goes, "Uh, let's meet" and laughs.

•HARU reads the next message from a listener whose previous message was read during episode 6 (the person who's been posted to the Japanese Embassy in Bulgaria). They thank them for reading their message and say that they sincerely hope that many more Japanese people will become familiar with Bulgaria through this program. They bring up how SCANDAL talked about some Bulgarian words on the program before, and then they talk about body language: In Bulgaria you shake your head horizontally to say yes and shake your head vertically to say no, which is the exact opposite of the Japanese way and why they can't get used to it. They say they'll send them more info about Bulgaria. The band thanks them and says how the body language thing seems very confusing. TOMO says that if Bulgarians were to watch Japanese programs, they'd probably think it's unpleasant.

*As always, you can send in a message to the program here. I've made a guide as how to input your info and message for those who need assistance (click to enlarge):

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*A list of all episode summaries from #1-160 can be found here

*All episodes of Season 2 can be found here

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17th Anniversary Project for SCANDAL - Sun Jul 23, 2023 10:08 pm

Thanks to everyone who has sent something in for the anniversary project!

Since there's been a good increase in letter/fan art submissions, we will 100% be going ahead with the book! Thanks again! (The video project will be canceled instead due to lack of submissions)

Today is the deadline for letter/fan art/photo submissions (11:59 pm PDT), so please make sure to get them in on time!


SCANlover wrote:When you ask for the mail, it's in case some re-submit is needed. In the case that it happens, would it be sent back using the same form? I don't have much idea about those things, I just have to cross my fingers that it turns out perfect.

The "resubmit" line was mainly added in regards to videos since there usually aren't any problems with letters/fan art, but if ever we do need to contact someone to resubmit something, we would send a brand new email to the person's listed email address.
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On October 4th, SCANDAL will be releasing their new single Highlight no Naka de Bokura Zutto (ハイライトの中で僕らずっと; We're Always In the Highlights)!

It will be available in 3 editions: Regular, Blu-ray, and DVD.

The title song, written and composed by MAMI, is a song that expresses the wish of the four band members that the moments spent with listeners are always the best times of their lives, and that each moment will be the highlight of their lives so far and in the future.

Preorder from CD Japan
(includes A4-size clear file + Original Sticker D bonuses):




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The title of SCANDAL's 17th anniversary concert has been announced:

SCANDAL 17th ANNIVERSARY 『Sekai Ichi』 (世界一; best in the world)

On August 21, 2023, SCANDAL, who is currently seeking to establish GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title for “Longest-running rock band with the same musicians (female),” will announce the results of their challenge at Namba Hatch in Osaka, the venue where they held their first-ever live concert.

The merch lineup has also been released, with the online presale period running from 7/22, 12 pm JST to 8/2, 11:59 pm JST.

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 Qryj7gl

Posted in: Live Performances  Topic: SCANDAL 17th ANNIVERSARY 『Sekai Ichi』  Replies: 18  Views: 1006
Someone has inherited the "sixth sense" of MAMI's ex-boyfriend from middle school?

Season 2, Episode 13 blog

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HARUNA: We'll be reading a bunch of messages today. Let's get started.

Fukuoka no Nikuyakisuto

I have a good female friend at work. She may be a little perverse, but she's a wonderful woman who is adored by everyone. She also told me about SCANDAL!

I went to see fireflies with her. We were walking along a route where we could see more and more fireflies little by little, and at the end we could see many, but because it was in the countryside, there were bugs other than fireflies and spider webs.

She hates insects, so we walked while avoiding the insects that were attracted to the light, and I was inwardly wondering if it was a bother that I invited her to see fireflies even though she doesn't like insects.

I wondered how I could break out of this situation and find a way to get out of it. I thought desperately. It was then that it came to me! A new sensation came from within me! A sixth sense!!

I fended off insects that suddenly appeared in the dark night road, ripped through spider webs, protected her while sacrificing myself a bit, and was able to reach a place full of fireflies!

The light of fireflies have a fleeting beauty to them, and the sight of so many glowing fireflies was truly beautiful.
It was a tough road, but I was glad I came to see them with the girl. It was tough to get there, but I was glad that I came to see them with her.

We are both going to the concert on August 21 for the first time!

MAMI: That's not the boyfriend I dated in middle school, is it? He would be like, "Sixth sense!" and he would walk down the mountain path, shooing away grass and cobwebs with his hands.

HARUNA: ...then, maybe it is him?

TOMOMI: Isn't this message from him? This person is currently in Fukuoka...

MAMI: I don't knowー; I have no idea where he is now.

TOMOMI: Behaviorally, this is him, right?

MAMI: Well, that's what I mean...

RINA: You can tell by his message that he has a great personality.

TOMOMI: He's really adorable.

RINA: They must have had a lot of fun when they went to see fireflies together.

MAMI: And they're coming to the concert together.

HARUNA: That's rightー

RINA: August 21st will be their first concert. That's special.

HARUNA: Indeed. It's a special event and will be different from the usual concert atmosphere.

RINA: She must have a strong character. And a beloved character.

HARUNA: I hope they get along with each other.

TOMOMI: That was a cute story.

(Staff note: Please check out this past episode for the sixth sense story about MAMI's roundoff-doing boyfriend she dated in middle school)

TOMOMI: Next...


I have been alive for 38 years, and am raising beetle larvae for the first time. I have hated bugs since I was a child. I never wanted to do such a thing because I didn't want to touch even the smallest insect.

During Golden Week in May, my wife's parents took our five-year-old son alone to the countryside for four days and three nights, and when he got back:

Son: "I bought souvenirsー♪"
Me: "Thank you. What did you buy me?"
Son: "Here you go!"

And with a wonderful smile on his face, he showed me the beetle larvae in his insect cage.

I decided to be hands-off...

A little while later, the soil had to be replaced, and for some reason, that task fell to me. My wife and child, who were just as scared as me, said, "If you don't do it quickly, we'll feel sorry for the beetles!" I steeled myself, put the larvae in my hand, changed the soil, and put the larvae back in the cage. Then my son squirted mist into the cage and the larvae moved. I was kind of shocked when I saw that.

Then one day, when I was casually tapping my one-year-old son on the side of his stomach, he wriggled his body. I discovered that the way he moved was almost the same as beetle larvae!! haha

I started to think the larvae were kind of cute, so I watched them every day. Now they're pupae and are starting to look like beetles.

I think my eldest son will be happy when they turn into beetles, so I'll do my best just a little bit longer.

TOMOMI: Why are you all talking about bugs!?

HARUNA: Isn't this the same as the previous person??

TOMOMI: Are they the same person?

HARUNA: Isn't the vibe the same?

TOMOMI: This is a rare type of vibe for our program. It's fine, it's fineー. We're suddenly getting all these bug stories. Did we ever talk about bugs?

Staff: We haven't.

TOMOMI: So that's the mood we're in now...

MAMI: Fireflies and beetles.

HARUNA: Maybe because it's getting warmer?

RINA: But these are heartwarming stories.

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Bulgaria Yogurt』 - Season 2, Episode 12

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 VCCst8V
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 Sd35t6Z

•The episode starts with this.

•HARU comes back rather fast from eating the yogurt. TOMO asks her if she knows what flavor she ate (since the staff isn't letting them know which flavor they eat). HARU says she does. MAMI laughs that HARU is covering her mouth. HARU says that she's doing it because the scent of the yogurt is pretty strong. TOMO goes next. HARU says that eating the yogurt is so surreal since just one cup of yogurt is set up for them each to try, and then each person is to just eat it and come back to the recording booth. RINA asks if it's a single spoonful, which HARU says it basically is. MAMI goes, "I don't want to doubt you guys!" The others laugh and RINA says it's okay since it's a game. HARU says that this is difficult and she doesn't know what questions to ask. RINA says that the others were just talking about that, and that there are a lot of questions they could ask that'd be fitting. MAMI goes, "Let's just all eat the same flavor of yogurt, okay!" and laughs. TOMO comes back and MAMI leaves to go eat. Pretty soon after she comes back and RINA leaves to eat. TOMO says that she doesn't think that she herself is the Yogurt Wolf. Program director Ono laughs in the background and HARU says no one knows if they are or not.

•After RINA comes back, they start the game. TOMO says that the yogurt has a bright taste to it. The others agree. HARU says that it's also refreshing. The others also agree with this. RINA says that yogurt itself can be eaten any time of the day, but it's great when you eat it in the morning, flavor-wise as well. The others agree. MAMI says that there are so many different flavors of yogurt, and of course she loves the one she just had, but she might not usually choose that one. The others go, "Aah." MAMI asks what the others think. TOMO and RINA says that it's one that they do select quite often. HARU says that she may not choose it often, but it's a pretty standard flavor of yogurt. She also says that she thinks TOMO really likes this flavor. TOMO does confirm that she really likes it. RINA says that she and TOMO have similar tastes, so in that sense, RINA also really likes it. HARU goes, "Eh, didn't we all get the same flavor, then?" MAMI laughs and says that can't be right. TOMO asks how the texture of it was. MAMI goes, "Aren't you happy with the texture?" TOMO says that she is happy with it. HARU laughs and says, "Happy?" RINA says it's has a "texture of happiness," which they laugh at. HARU says that it was juicy. MAMI and TOMO agree while RINA goes, "Hmm..." TOMO goes, "There's a lot in there. It has a strong presence." The others all make sounds of agreement without actually saying anything, which makes TOMO then go, "...right?" in an unsure and quieter tone. The others laugh at this and HARU says that that "...right?" was very faint. They then all agree with TOMO.

•HARU again says that it seems like they all ate the same flavor. MAMI asks Ono if he has any questions for them. Right away he asks how many they could eat. They're kind of confused at first, and RINA asks if he means how many pieces of fruit (that correspond to the flavor they received) they could eat. He says yes. They say that's a good question. As RINA says that she could eat a lot of them, a whistle sound is played and Ono says they should answer one by one and says to start from HARU. HARU says that this question is hard to answer, which RINA agrees with. She goes, "Ehh..." and RINA says to just say how many she could picture herself eating. HARU says in that case, it'd be one. RINA says that that's totally possible. TOMO is to answer next, and she says 50. MAMI says that she'll eat as many as she's confident she could eat, even if it's only a few. RINA says she'd eat 5-6 of them. After, they're all kind of quiet and go, "I see" while then laughing.

•Question time is then over. They all say that they think they know who the Wolf is. RINA says that she's pretty confident. They each say all say the name of the person they think is the Wolf at the same time, but it doesn't sound like they all say the same thing. There's a pause before TOMO and MAMI, "Eh?" RINA says she said HARU. MAMI says the same. TOMO says the same. HARU also says the same. There's a pause before they all laugh. They ask the staff what the correct answer is, and it is HARU. RINA asks her when she noticed. HARU says at the end with the "How many could you eat" question. TOMO goes, "Was it peach?" HARU says that it was. RINA laughs and says that eating 50 of them would be a little hard. HARU says that it'd be impossible, and why she thought she must have had a different flavor when TOMO answered she could eat 50 of her fruit. MAMI says that the other 3 had strawberry. MAMI says that these two flavors are similar in regards to how they both have lots of pieces of fruit in them. HARU says that that's why they were all in agreement when they were asking each other questions. MAMI says that if the last question wasn't asked, then they would have all keep thinking they ate the same flavor. RINA says that MAMI had mentioned that she might not usually choose this flavor, which made her think that MAMI had strawberry as well. She also says that when HARU said the flavor was very "juicy," she thought that she might have a different flavor since "juicy" isn't really how you would describe strawberries.

•Then Ono says they could change things up for the second round and asks what they want to do. RINA says that everyone asked good questions when they had started the first round, so they could probably keep going as is. They decide to do so. They then say that the second round seems like it'll be harder than the first. MAMI says that they're not trying to deceive each other but telling the truth. TOMO says that rules say it's okay for the Wolf to lie, though. MAMI says that the moment HARU realized hers was different during the first round, she could have started saying the same thing as everyone and it'd all turn into a huge mess. RINA says that if HARU had been the last to answer Ono's question, she might have lied. Ono says that HARU didn't lie and said one, which everyone laughs at. MAMI goes, "So cute!" RINA says that listeners could easily play this game. Ono says that it's probably exciting to play overseas since flavors are probably different.

•The band takes turns to eat the yogurt in the same order (HARU, TOMO, MAMI, RINA). When MAMI's gone, RINA says that MAMI is the most knowledgeable about games since she plays them often with friends when drinking and such. HARU says that she can't play deduction games at all. RINA says she can't either and has never played it with friends. HARU says that she's not able to lie. RINA says that she doesn't have any friends that ask her to play games with them, which HARU laughs at.

•After RINA comes back, the second round starts. RINA says that she really likes the fruit itself. The others say they do as well. TOMO asks if they eat this fruit frequently. HARU says that she doesn't really eat it frequently. RINA says that she's a little happy to buy it when she spots it. Ono asks if it can be picked (as in fruit picking). They all say that it can. He then asks if it can be written in kanji. After some thinking, they say that they think it can be. RINA says there are a lot of ways to write it. MAMI says it can be, but she herself probably wouldn't be able to write it if you asked her right then and there to write it. HARU says that she wouldn't be able to write it if she wasn't already looking at the word. MAMI says that the kanji used is hard for her to write. HARU says that it comes in various colors. RINA goes, "It does...come in various colors...yes." TOMO says the same thing in the same way, which makes them all laugh. HARU says that rather than 'various,' there isn't just one main color that it comes in. RINA says that you could eat 50 of them. HARU agrees. MAMI laughs and says that everyone's just saying the same things.

•Ono asks what season it's picked in. MAMI says that yesterday she heard someone talking about this fruit when eating with a friend, so it's probably almost the season for it. RINA says that it's during a warm season, then. MAMI says that she might not have known the definite season, so she remembers thinking, "Oh, I didn't know that." RINA says that she guesses she's never thought about it that way because it's already so easy to get. MAMI starts to say something but trails off. RINA goes, "Please go ahead and talk," which they all laugh at. MAMI says that everyone's looking at her so intently. Ono says that it can be bought at the market, which they agree with. Ono asks how many they could eat. RINA says 50. MAMI and HARU laugh at that. TOMO says 50 might not be doable. MAMI keeps going, "How many, huh?" RINA goes, "You're that conflicted?" HARU says that she herself isn't the type to eat a lot of fruits. RINA says she gets it and says that both she and HARU get full right away when they go fruit picking. HARU says that that's why she probably can't eat too much of this fruit. RINA then jokes and says one, which HARU laughs at. MAMI says that she could probably eat around 10 of them. HARU says that that's probably as much as she could eat as well. TOMO says the same. RINA says that everyone's answered the same for this.

•Right as RINA wonders if it's been three minutes yet, the whistle sound is played. MAMI says it's really difficult to remember you need to doubt the other players while also protecting yourself. RINA says that it's difficult to tell this time around. Then then all say their answers, and they all seem to be different. RINA answered HARU again, HARU answered RINA, TOMO answered herself, and MAMI answered RINA. It turns out that MAMI was actually the Wolf this time. MAMI says that she realized this halfway through. RINA says that MAMI really is good at playing games. HARU says that she had no idea and thought it might have been herself at one point. MAMI says that everyone was thinking it was them as they played. HARU says that that's why she lied the entire time. RINA says that she was also doing the same. TOMO says that she thought hers was different from everyone else's, and that everyone else had the same flavor as RINA. RINA says that she had green apple. HARU and TOMO say they did too. MAMI says that she had lemon. RINA goes, "That's completely different!" and asks what it was that MAMI mentioned about her fruit earlier. MAMI says she mentioned the season for it. When she went to eat yesterday, she had a lemon in her drink and that the staff said it's not the season for lemons right now, which is why the lemon was hard. RINA says that she's never thought about how lemons are put in alcoholic drinks. TOMO does say that lemon gives off a summer vibe. RINA asks when the season for green apples are. The others think it's fall. MAMI says she has memories of going picking for those in October or November. TOMO says that MAMI's mention of the season made her think that they ate different yogurt flavors; she figured hers was different from MAMI's and RINA's, which made her think that she was the odd one out.

•RINA says that trying to tell lies about something you don't know about made it all confusing. MAMI says that everyone's looking for allies, but they're struggling with lying, but if they don't tell the truth, they're not going to find allies. RINA says that after you've figured out your allies, then you decide to lie on purpose. HARU says that that's why you have to tell the truth at the beginning. MAMI says that when the "various colors" thing was mentioned, she thought about how apples come in various/different colors. She lied about how hers (lemon) come in different colors, and she says she's glad she did. TOMO says that she thought everyone else had grape since those do come in different colors and it is feasible to eat 50 of them. They laugh and HARU says that that's when she thought RINA had a different flavor from the rest. RINA says that she'd want to play this game again somewhere. MAMI says that she was really bad at this. RINA says that she wants to improve. HARU laughs and wonders if there's a merit to improving with this.

*As always, you can send in a message to the program here. I've made a guide as how to input your info and message for those who need assistance (click to enlarge):

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*A list of all episode summaries from #1-160 can be found here

*All episodes of Season 2 can be found here

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17th Anniversary Project for SCANDAL - Sat Jul 15, 2023 8:15 am


Due to how few submissions we've received for the Fan Letter Project so far, it's likely that we will have to cancel it.

We'll consider still going ahead with it if we get enough submissions, but we have no idea how many more people were planning to submit something for it. If you have been working on something to send in, please leave a reply and let us know!

We will still go ahead with the video project and also extend the deadline to August 4th, though this is also in danger of being canceled if we don't get enough submissions.

Even if the projects do get canceled, we are 100% still going to send flowers to the band on the day of their anniversary (using the donations we've generously received so far) - Don't worry about that!

Looking for the "Yogurt Wolf" eating a different flavor of Meiji Bulgaria Yogurt!

Season 2, Episode 12 blog

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HARUNA: We'll be bringing you a "Food Report Word Wolf" this time.

RINA: "Food Report Word Wolf"??

HARUNA: We won't know until we try it... Each of us will get a container of yogurt. Only one will have a different flavor. In other words, they will be the "Yogurt Wolf." This is a test project to find the "Yogurt Wolf" who got a different flavor of yogurt.

*Staff note: This is a food report version of Word Wolf, where everyone is eating yogurt (only one person has a different flavor), they discuss the flavor, and guess who has the different flavor.

RINA: At any rate, let's try it!

HARUNA: We played Word Wolf all the time when we were on the bus during our European tour.

RINA: We didー.

MAMI: We sure did.

RINA: We did it with the local staff. We did it in English, Japanese, and French. It was really interesting since the reactions varied from country to country.

HARUNA: We played it with quite a large groupー.

MAMI: But I'm not good at games like Werewolf or Word Wolf.

HARUNA: Ah, me neither.

RINA: Really?? MAMI seems like she'd be good at it.

TOMOMI: Eh, MAMI wasn't good at it?

MAMI: Well, I used to play with my friends, but I couldn't put on a poker face...


MAMI: Also, I can't lie.

RINA: I get it.

MAMI: I end up saying it.

HARUNA: In that sense, all four of us aren't able to tell lies.

RINA: That's why I think we're all around the same level... It's been a while since we've played a game like this.

HARUNA: At any rate, let's give it a try.

Here are the rules.
★The time limit is 3 minutes. During the 3-minute discussion, look for the person who has the different flavor of yogurt (the Yogurt Wolf).

★Each person must ask a question twice. Everyone must answer the questions. Questions must be about yogurt and its flavor (fruit) only.

★No questions about specific fruit names or colors.

★Of course, it's okay to give false answers in order to deceive the other three.

★Staff members may submit a talk theme. In that case, the staff will nominate who will answer first.

★The three win if they find the "Yogurt Wolf." If the "Yogurt Wolf" gets away, they win.

HARUNA: Each person will go to a separate room and eat yogurt.

RINA: Eh, really??

MAMI: Oh, because if you don't, they will see you, won't they? The color would give it away.

RINA: So we can't make a sound while eating?

HARUNA: They said no.

RINA: Is this okay?? Really??

MAMI: While one person is eating, the other three will talk to each other. They'll connect.

RINA: ...this is new.

HARUNA: So let's take turns eating the yogurt. I'll go first!

All: Take careー

HARUNA: I'll leave the studio and eat the yogurt.

RINA: This sure is new...

TOMOMI: It's hard to ask questions.

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Bulgaria Yogurt』 - Season 2, Episode 11

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•The episode starts with the band announcing that they now have a refrigerator specially for storing Bulgaria Yogurt, and that they have a new "Catch up" sticker that resembles Bulgaria Yogurt that they'll be giving out to listeners.

•Then this happens.

•RINA reads the next message from a listener who is sending a message to ask if the band can help them with their hazy feelings. They had attended a friend's wedding and gave a speech on behalf of all of the friends. After, they went to an after-party with the bride and a few of their mutual girl friends. They went home happy and full of love. 6 months later they were hanging out with the bride and she started talking about how on their wedding day she was asked by the friend of the groom to introduce the listener to him. The listener was thinking how their time to be popular has finally come, but also why they were being told this so late. They were told that he and the groom got into a fight over it, which confused the listener. Apparently, at the after-party, the groom told the bride that the girl who gave the speech was cute and wondered if she had a boyfriend. The groom was making sure that the listener didn't have a boyfriend before introducing her to him, but after that he kept digging and asking questions about her, which rubbed the bride the wrong way. After the after-party was over, the bride was crying as she told the groom she was divorcing him and threw the ring at him. Upon hearing that, the listener couldn't keep their mouth from dropping open in surprise. The bride laughed the whole time and said that it wasn't the listener's fault, but the listener felt like she must have been unconvinced for 6 months before she told them about it. They honestly didn't want to know about this, and they haven't been able to vent their frustration. They ask SCANDAL if there's anything that happened to them that they didn't want to know about. They also say that the bride and groom agreed to reconcile if they erased the messages between them on the day of the wedding.

•MAMI summarizes the message to clarify what was said. HARU sums it up as the bride not liking the groom asking her a ton of questions about the listener. RINA says that the combination of the time gap and the details of the questions made things a little messy. HARU says that the listener also has a sense of bewilderment that the bride didn't have to go through the trouble of telling the listener about a fight that almost ended in divorce six months after the fact. TOMO says that the bride is basically telling the listener that it's their fault they fought. The others laugh and agree with that. TOMO says that that's awful and the listener didn't do anything. HARU says it's a situation where it's like, "Well, what do you want me to do about it?" MAMI says that since the bride was laughing while telling the story, then it's already a funny story to her. So although it was a little hurtful and shocking for the listener to hear it, they could just be like, "Oh, I see" and let it go. But if the bride was still a little angry and told the listener that she was, then it would be awkward. RINA says that that the latter probably is the case since this message was sent in to them after all. If it was a funny story to them, then the listener wouldn't be feeling this way. HARU says that there's really nothing that can be done about it.

•A staffer in the background says that the groom was at fault. The band is confused and asks why. He says that it's because it inconsiderate to say to the bride on the day of their wedding that the listener's cute and if they had a boyfriend. HARU says that if that is how it was phrased, then he probably is at fault. MAMI says that it'd be fine if he had just said something like his friend is interested in the listener. The staffer says that that might not have happened. HARU and MAMI say that if the former did happen, then it probably sounded like the groom was interested in the listener and implying that he thinks they're cute. The band says that it sounds like the friend said via text that the listener was cute and wondered if they had a boyfriend. TOMO says that it seems like the groom wasn't at fault. The staffer disagrees and says being told someone else is cute on the day that the bride gets the most dolled up she's ever been is something the bride didn't like. The band discusses more and HARU says that maybe the groom just blurted out something like, "[Listener] is cute; do they have a boyfriend?" instead of saying something more standard like, "My friend thinks [Listener] is cute." MAMI brings up how the listener mentioned that they thought their time to be popular has finally come, and RINA says that that it's important to be cheerful. RINA tells the listener to go vent by listening to some intense SCANDAL songs.

•TOMO reads the next message from a listener who attended the Yokohama stop of the UU tour and also went to the pop-up shop at Tower Records Shibuya. They went alone and was planning to ask someone to take a photo of them, but when they got there, there were only foreigners and not a single Japanese person there. They realized again how SCANDAL is popular all over the world and that they're proud of that. Although they didn't get someone to take their photo, they did get to see all of the items and such on display. RINA says that SCANDAL having a lot of overseas fans is an all-too familiar thing for them, and also that a surprising number of those fans understand Japanese, so she says that next time they should be brave and try talking to them. TOMO wonders if those people the listener saw were actually SCANDAL fans. RINA says that it's possible they just happened to stop by the pop-up shop area. HARU says that both are possible. RINA says that the shop was impressive, after all. MAMI says that the exclusive coasters and tumblers had sold out. TOMO says that when she was at a festival and shooting something where she talked to people camping there, there was a couple there who were using those tumblers as camping gear.

•MAMI reads the next message from a listener who attended the Tokyo stop and also one of the signing events in Shibuya. It was their first time attending a concert. When they were in elementary school, they first heard SCANDAL via an anime and was drawn to how cool they were, but they never had a chance to go to a concert due to their club activities at school. They became a college student and thought they'd finally be able to go now, but then the pandemic happened. They also talk about how they were really happy to be able to talk to the band at such a close range at the signing that they were able to forget about all the bad things they'd been through. They say that when they told HARU that their birthdays and zodiac signs are the same, it made them really happy when she smiled and said, "Let's do our best!" The others burst out laughing at this and MAMI says, "That's so cute!" HARU says that they remember this person. RINA says that it's just a brief comment, but you feel it deeply. HARU says that it's not often that you find someone who has the same birthday and zodiac sign as you. TOMO says that your horoscopes are probably the same as well. They say that maybe the listener has the same fortune as HARU. HARU says that that's why she said for them to do their best, which the others laugh at. TOMO says that HARU's pretty lucky, which HARU agrees with. A staffer mentions something about the fans that are finally coming to see SCANDAL after 10+ years of being a fan, and also how the pandemic derailed at least some of those fans in coming to see SCANDAL. HARU says that there were a lot of 22 to 34-year-old fans who came to the signing events that were like that, and a lot of them were around 24. MAMI says that there were a lot of new graduates who told them they started working for the first time this spring. RINA laughs and says, "Let's do our best!" MAMI says, "With a smile on our faces, right?"

•HARU reads the next message from a listener who says that their middle daughter joined the light music club in high school and started playing the bass. She also is hooked on SCANDAL and practices every day, wanting to be able to play like TOMO. The band says that's cute. TOMO goes, "Do your best!" HARU laughs and MAMI repeats, "With a smile on our faces, right?" RINA says that it's fun when you're first starting out on an instrument. HARU says that it's sure to be fun if she takes part in a school festival. RINA says that they'll make a lot of memories with music. HARU asks TOMO what recent SCANDAL song she thinks would be good to play on bass. TOMO says "DOLL" (although that's not a 'recent' song lol) and says that it's easy to understand for a first-time bass player.

•HARU reads the next message from a listener who is writing in for the "Kyoukai-sen Kyoukai" (Fine Line Association) segment and says that they love natto. They ask if there's a definite line between kotsubu (small) and ootsubu (large) beans, and also ask which ones the band prefers. The band talks A LOT about this topic (like 7 straight minutes lol) and I don't think most people would want to hear it/understand the differences, so I'll try summing it up in a few sentences. They discuss how there's apparently a size in between small and large, which is chuutsubu (medium). MAMI says there's also a very small size called "gokusho," which would make kotsubu the "standard/regular size" of natto. RINA, HARU, and TOMO say they prefer kotsubu while MAMI says she likes gokusho. That's all I'll be translating for that topic lol

*As always, you can send in a message to the program here. I've made a guide as how to input your info and message for those who need assistance (click to enlarge):

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*A list of all episode summaries from #1-160 can be found here

*All episodes of Season 2 can be found here

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The 91st upload from RINA to her YouTube channel:

English subs:

These two days were so fulfilling.
Those who came to see it, and those who wanted to see it,
Thank you so much( ◜ᴗ◝ ) It was so much fun〜!

The time to try, fail,
And cheerfully do something is fleeting.
To be able to photograph my 30-year-old self, to have my 31-year-old self make a collage of it and leave it as a work of art, to meet the talent that is Kina Hiraki, and to have someone who enjoyed it, were all special experiences.

I love creating things! I want to live my life feeling that many times( ◜ᴗ◝ ) Thank you

If you enjoy my translations, please consider leaving a tip! Happy

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Links to English subs for all of RINA's videos can be found here:

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