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Snack time - 2020-09-30 (RINA) - Wed Sep 30, 2020 11:37 am

Snack time

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Good evening〜

Today, when we arrived at the practice studio,
Which we always go to on Wednesdays,
Our promoter we've been with for years
Sent us some Shine Muscat grapes as snacks〜!
So chic〜! That made us happy〜!

We had our recording for Catch up after that,
So we enjoyed them before that〜◎

Since Wednesday SCANDAL
Will be posted today too,
Those in SCANDAL MANIA should check it out.
We'd like you guys to watch this one in particular.


2020/9/30 20:28






そのあと、Catch upの収録だったから




2020/9/30 20:28

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Heーy - 2020-09-29 (RINA) - Tue Sep 29, 2020 6:13 pm


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The new newsletter is ready☺

Backstories about 821 of this year,
Our current feelings about
Next year's performance at Osaka-Jo Hall...
We focus on topics we haven't talked about elsewhere.
We also included plenty of other things,
So look forward to it being delivered to your house〜!

Today, we recorded remotely, as we always do,
For Wednesday SCANDAL

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 FnN8N7y

It was so amusing...
I'm worn out from laughingʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

A new episode of Catch up is out too〜!
If you listen to the program on days such as when you have no energy,
I think you'll feel really loosened up☺

Thanks again for today.
Good work today too!


2020/9/29 18:24








Catch upも更新〜!

#30 SCANDAL Catch up supported by 明治アポロ - SCANDAL Catch up supported by 明治アポロ
#30 今週も都内某公園で青空Catch Up!いつも以上にリラックスした状態でメールを読んでいきます。 【今回の聴きどころ】 ・今週も都内某公園でのびのびと収録です! ・SCANDALのメンバーが挑戦したいこととは?



2020/9/29 18:24

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This week's Catch up is also being brought to you from a park in Tokyo under the blue sky! Taking it easy and reading messages
Episode #30 blog

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 CVSeIYW

HARUNA: The cicadas are buzzing...

TOMOMI: They are.

HARUNA: Those who listened to last week's episode will know that we held the 1st Mölkky Championship at a park in Tokyo, and today's episode is being brought to you from that same park.

TOMOMI: We're well acquainted with this bench.

RINA: Catching up under the blue sky.

HARUNA: "Catching up under the blue sky" sounds great! It's refreshing.

RINA: Last week's episode was amazing. Matsumoto-san commentated for us...

TOMOMI: It was so moving.

HARUNA: In my head I'm picturing Matsumoto-san wrapping up the episode.

RINA: I thought he'd come this week too and read messages with us.

(An announcement in the park starts... Recording temporarily stops)

RINA: It was fun. Having commentary makes things really exciting.

HARUNA: Everything is picked up on.

RINA: Like, "They're rolling up their sleeves!"

TOMOMI: Or, "It's being held in both hands!"

RINA: It's like we were the star athletes being interviewed after the game.

HARUNA: During those interviews, as soon as you're asked something you always answer, "That's right."

TOMOMI: Like, "It happens."

HARUNA: They really do say "It happens."

RINA: It really felt like we were players.

HARUNA: It did, thanks to Matsumoto-san.

TOMOMI: HARUNA was so cool.

MAMI: She was awesome.

HARUNA: It was a lot of funー.
All right, "Catching up under the blue sky." First off, let's eat some snacks in the great outdoors.
What we have are Kinoko no Yama and Takenoko no Sato...they're perfect for the park.

TOMOMI: It's like a picnic.

MAMI: Next time we should have a picnic while recording this.

HARUNA: At any rate, we'll be taking it easy reading messages among the buzzing of cicadas.

RINA: We can't fully make the most of being outside.

MAMI: That's true...

HARUNA: Let's read a message.


I always enjoy listening to your program.
My spice in life is blood vessels. I have a blood vessel fetish and I really like HARUNA and MAMI's blood vessels, which is why I fell in love with SCANDAL. I started playing the guitar because I wanted my blood vessels to be visible under my skin, and now I'm also playing the bass. Right now I'm in my second year of high school and can't do club activities nor study for entrance exams, but I'd like to form a band when I go to college.
Also, my dream is to someday stand on the same stage as SCANDAL!
P.S. By the way, my blood vessels are now visible(*^^*)

RINA: Their motive to start playing [guitar] sure is something.

MAMI: This could be the first time we're hearing about someone starting to like us because of that.

RINA: There certainly are people whose blood vessels show easily and those whose doesn't.
Both of you may be ones whose blood vessels show relatively clearly.

MAMI: Yes, perhaps. They show when my hands are below my heart, which is when I'm playing guitar.
They've always been out.

HARUNA: They are right now too.

MAMI: They are.

RINA: They're in good condition even now.

MAMI: They're in place.

HARUNA: Blood vessels, huh... I wonder what sparked that. Perhaps when they saw photos.

TOMOMI: That's what I figured.

HARUNA: Maybe they liked other bands and had chances to see them live, but none of them made them go, "Their blood vessels are awesome!"

RINA: Maybe they're obsessed with SCANDAL's blood vessels.

TOMOMI: We're grateful for that.

MAMI: We are. Doesn't it mean that we have good blood vessels?

TOMOMI: Right?

HARUNA: That makes us happy.

RINA: We're releasing a live DVD soon, so there will be many chances to see those blood vessels.

MAMI: Yeah, our hands were filmed. I want you to see our blood vessels.

TOMOMI: Please look forward to it.

HARUNA: They said, "My blood vessels are now visible"... They got them to come out.
That's not something we were ever aware of for ourselves.

RINA: They made the effort to make them come out.

MAMI: That's new to hear that people are starting guitar because they'll make your blood vessels visible.

HARUNA: Please look forward to them in the future too.

MAMI: When they go to college, will they choose members based on their blood vessels?

RINA: A blood vessels audition!

HARUNA: That's crazy.

TOMOMI: Is someone more talented if they have visible blood vessels?
That's kind of craftsman-like.

MAMI: I seeー. I'm hoping that you come across your favorite kind of blood vessels.

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The 20th upload from RINA to her YouTube channel:

English subs:

If you enjoy my translations, please consider leaving a tip! (This supports me directly rather than the site) Happy

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 FdtTi4P

#front-page #tinychannelbyrina

Surprisingly... - 2020-09-28 (RINA) - Mon Sep 28, 2020 11:08 am


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Good work today
With school/work/housework〜!

The weather's been great in Tokyo.
I woke up a little earlier than usual
And while finishing up some plans,
I snapped some photos as I took a stroll☺

The video I uploaded to my YouTube channel yesterday
Contains clips of us
In the studio editing footage for our live DVD/Blu-ray,
And I surprisingly got a lot of comments saying,
"I didn't know the members were so involved in the editing!"☺

It certainly can be hard to imagine
How we make a video release
Rather than music〜◎
I'm glad we filmed it!

We members worked with our video team
On even the fine details,
So look forward to it

As for my YouTube video,
I chat about all kinds of stuff while painting my nails,
So check it out whenever you'd like〜☺

I hope everyone can spend their time calmly
This week too☺


Pre-order it on DVD:

Pre-order it on Blu-ray:


2020/9/28 19:52



学校 お仕事 家事などお疲れ様ぁ〜!









SCANDAL | SCANDAL WORLD TOUR 2020 "Kiss from the darkness" Livestream(初回限定盤) | ビクターエンタテインメント
ビクターエンタテインメント公式サイト。SCANDAL「SCANDAL WORLD TOUR 2020 "Kiss from the darkness" Livestream(初回限定盤)」の作品情報をご覧いただけます。


SCANDAL | SCANDAL WORLD TOUR 2020 "Kiss from the darkness" Livestream(初回限定盤) | ビクターエンタテインメント
ビクターエンタテインメント公式サイト。SCANDAL「SCANDAL WORLD TOUR 2020 "Kiss from the darkness" Livestream(初回限定盤)」の作品情報をご覧いただけます。


2020/9/28 19:52

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Big unveiling - 2020-09-27 (RINA) - Sun Sep 27, 2020 7:27 am

Big unveiling

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 QYegzSM

How are you guys spending it?

I'm taking my time editing a video for YouTube☺
It's been my daily routine to watch something on YouTube
For about a year now,
And after watching videos from YouTubers
And then watching mine, I'm a little self-conscious
That I'm speaking too slowly...haha

But that's fineー◎

I'll be uploading a new video tonight at 7 pm JST,
So please subscribe to my channel and wait for it〜!

Ah, that's right;
New FEEDBACK items are now available〜!

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Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 CoCG6QM

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 PmmEvXT
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For this t-shirt we took the word "FEEDBACK"
And made it into a rose design.
This is easy to use
As an accent piece◎

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 DYR2IKW
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 OhRWdw7

This t-shirt features the words
"Hankyo Tokyo,"
Which was made with the image of translating "FEEDBACK" into Japanese,
Embroidered onto it.
The embroidery is similar in color to the body of the shirt and doesn't stand out too much,
But it's unique and easy to use.
It's made with a heavier fabric
That makes the shape of it look very beautiful.
I also recommend this for men and adults〜!

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 M6LCKQs
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 Z4mwowG
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 6bloK2g
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 VjJIva8

This DANCE T-shirt
Is what the members like the most this time!
A street-like design
Printed with delicate lines◎

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 UO0oZae
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 GE7JTcG

We're wearing FEEDBACK from head to toe☝

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 UznFEQa
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 RIUrsXS

We're coming out with a cap, which is always super popular and sells out!

This time they were made as a
So awesome〜!

There are some pre-order-only items,
So those interested in them,
Check them out soon!


2020/9/27 16:08







tiny channel by rina
SCANDAL RINA 生活のなかでのちょっとしたこと、そのとき好きなことを発信していけたらな〜と思ってます。 毎日の小さな楽しみにしてもらえたら嬉しいです。









DANCE T-shirt!









2020/9/27 16:08

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"Hankyo tokyo" FEEDBACK T-shirt - Fri Sep 25, 2020 9:31 am

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 12
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 10

Also releasing on September 26th is a "Hankyo (echo/response) tokyo" FEEDBACK T-shirt.

Hankyo tokyo T-shirt
Size: 2/3(M/L)
Price: 4,800 yen (+tax)

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N e w i t e m s - 2020-09-24 (RINA) - Thu Sep 24, 2020 7:53 am

N e w i t e m s

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 Chx5Zib

It suddenly cooled down〜
It's also a little easier to wear a mask◎
This is FEEDBACK's new mask
That went on sale a little while ago.
We members have also washed them several times and use them regularly.

The material is soft and gentle on the skin,
And its design makes your face line look beautiful.
The inside fabric color is also black, so those who wear makeup
Can use it without worrying about it.
Even if I wear it all day
My ears don't hurt◎

It comes in both Small and Regular sizes
(I'm wearing a Small in the photo)

The Regular size, which is currently sold out,
Will be restocked next month,
So wait a little longer...☺

We're going to be posting other new items on Instagram,
So I'd be happy if you'd check it out〜!

Here's a video of me wearing the mask

☝︎The Muscat grape tart I ate that day
Was so delicious♡

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 65aWE8A


2020/9/24 16:44

新 作 で き た





サイズ:Regular 本体 W17cm×H12.5cm ゴム紐 21.5cm     Small 本体 W15cm×H11cm ゴム紐 16.5cm 【ネコポス対象商品】※ご利用のお客様は必ずご確認ください。 ・クレジットカード決済のみ購入可能です。代金引換でご注文いただいた場合、自動キャンセルとなりますので、予めご了承ください。 ・梱包サイズには制限がございます。数量や購入アイテムの組み合わせによって通常配送に切り替わりますので、予めご了承ください。 ・ポスト投函となりますので、お名前、ご住所に誤りや省略がありますとお届けすることができません。詳しいご住所の記載をお願いいたします。 ・配達日時の指定はできません。予めご了承ください。 ・ポスト投函後の紛失・破損・盗難等が発生した場合、弊社では補償ができかねます。配送業者原因の破損・紛失・遅延・誤配は配送業者へ直接お問い合わせくださいますようお願いいたします。



FEEDBACK(@feedback_tokyo) • Instagram写真と動画
フォロワー16.3千人、フォロー中4人、投稿149件 ― FEEDBACK(@feedback_tokyo)のInstagramの写真と動画をチェックしよう





2020/9/24 16:44

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Wednesday - 2020-09-23 (RINA) - Wed Sep 23, 2020 11:30 am


Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 LAhRYWV

We had rehearsals as we discussed all kinds of things
Had a meeting about what's next

We brought along new ideas
To try and figure out how playing live shows
Can be fun in the future...
We'll do things that'll make you excited〜◎

Ah, today
The latest episode of
"Wednesday SCANDAL" is now out〜!

We're getting used to it little by little,
But to shoot this so much
Inside of our own places is a little, well...haha
We show off all kinds of things in this ep,
So enjoy it!


2020/9/23 20:19









2020/9/23 20:19

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FEEDBACK×NEW ERA Collaboration Cap - Wed Sep 23, 2020 9:12 am

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 HFKVj9U
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 2gtxhcO
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 MRw8sbi

On September 26th, a FEEDBACK×NEW ERA Collaboration cap will be available for pre-order until October 5th.

FEEDBACK×NEW ERA Collaboration cap
Size: Free
Price: 5,800 yen (+tax)

【Pre-order Info】
Dates: 9/26 (Sat) 20:00~10/2 (Fri)23:59

Expected delivery date: Mid-January 2021 - Scheduled to be shipped in order received
※Please note that shipping may be delayed.

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Day off - 2020-09-22 (RINA) - Tue Sep 22, 2020 11:22 am

Day off

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 1JaCIsg
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 YFHYHNr
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 KwoNtNm

Good evening〜!
Did you have a good holiday ?
The weather was also nice

As for me, my little sisters came over
And we relaxed and had fun〜
I uploaded a video about my day off on my YouTube,
So check it out if you'd like!

[English subs:]

My sisters have grown up
And it feels like I'm hanging out with friends,
So it's so much fun when we're together
And it feels like my heart's been restored.

Let's keep keeping on with good vibes
At our own paces◎


2020/9/22 20:13








2020/9/22 20:13

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【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 29

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 RmG7mA8
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 D3PEaun
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 NsPhZfA

•The episode starts off with this.

•After "SPICE" plays, Matsumoto asks the band what they think of Mölkky, and they say it's their first time playing it, and that they don't quite understand the rules. He then explains the rules to them and how to play it. He also says that as a special rule they'll each be throwing twice, and their total score will comprise of the number of pins knocked down during both throws. Whoever knocks down the most pins wins.

•When he asks the band if they're ready to play and they say yes, he introduces them as such: "Morocco-loving TOMOMI"; "My Stage HARUNA"; "Roundoff MAMI"; and "Gutsy Youngest Child RINA."

•He then asks the band to give their comments. HARU says, "I'll do my best and have fun." TOMO says, "I'll give it my all for this game of Mölkky." MAMI says, "I'll be aiming to knock down the #12 pin." RINA says, "I'm aiming to win the championship."

•The game then starts. Matsumoto asks how the band is going to decide the order in which they go, and they choose to decide with rock-paper-scissors. They do so, and it turns out to be the same order of their ages: HARU, MAMI, TOMO, RINA. HARU goes first while Matsumoto gives play-by-play commentary. She hits the left backside and knocks down two pins. HARU isn't sure where to throw next, and MAMI says to just throw it. She does and knocks over seven pins for a total of nine pins knocked over. She says that it's pretty hard to do, and that it was nerve-wracking as it's hard to control. MAMI goes next and knocks over three pins. On her second throw she overshoots it and doesn't knock down any pins. She goes, "It's so difficult!" Her total is three pins knocked over. TOMO goes next and, like MAMI's second throw, she overshoots it and doesn't knock down any pins. On her second throw she knocks over four pins. She also says, "It's so difficult!" RINA's the last to go, and she knocks over four pins. HARU goes, "She's good at it!" On her second throw she doesn't knock down any pins as the Mölkky stick passes between pins instead of hitting any.

•Matsumoto then says he's been given a memo, and asks the band if they'd like to redo it and play to get a total of 20 points, which they yes to. TOMO says that [the first game] was over in a instant, and RINA says that they have a feel on how to play now. HARU goes first and knocks down one pin. With her second throw she knocks over three, for a total of four pins knocked down. MAMI goes next and knocks over four pins. On her second throw everyone is surprised at how powerful it is, and knocks over a total of 11 pins. Matsumoto says that that was quite the progress she made, and MAMI says she's the type to improve while during a game. TOMO goes next and knocks over five pins. She then knocks over two more on her second throw, for a total of seven pins. Matsumoto says that they've improved with this second round. TOMO says that this game is fun. RINA goes last and knocks over three pins. On her second throw she knocks over five pins for a total of eight pins. They don't yet know the totals for the pins they knocked down, which they have to wait a little bit more for.

•After "Saishuuheiki, Kimi" plays, Matsumoto announces the rankings. With a total of 19 points, HARU gets first place. RINA is in fourth place with 15 points, TOMO is in third place with 16 points, and MAMI gets second place with 17 points (MAMI: "Ah, only two points!"). Voice effects are then placed on Matsumoto and HARU, which makes it sound like it's being announced at an arena. He congratulates HARU and asks her for her thoughts. She says she never expected that she would win, and that she's glad she was chosen to play. He then asks her who she'd like to convey her joy to. She laughs and says her dog at home (AKA her dog Lady). She says, "Lady-chan! Your mom won! I did my best!" TOMO goes, "What in the world?!" RINA laughs and says this is kind of scary. He then asks her to tell everyone her enthusiasm for the next step in her future aspirations. She says that she thinks she got a feel for it today, so if they have a second championships then she'd like to win that one as well.

•The episode then comes to an end. Matsumoto starts reading the "The next episode will be out on..." part and then goes, "Wait, why am I reading this?", which the band laughs at. He also mispronounces Spotify as "Spotifee." The band thanks him for being on.

Who will get the glory!? The first recording done outside will be accompanied by play-by-play commentary! The 1st "Catch up" Mölkky Championship Cup
Episode #29 blog

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 EveQrRj

This is the program's first time recording on-location. Furthermore, it involves sports.
The quartet gathered—no, they were forced to be gathered in a pleasant park that showed signs of autumn.
However, there was already a man there holding a microphone...
What kind of sports will they play? The episode began with commentary.

Announcer Matsumoto: To the 30 million fans of Mölkky across Japan, good afternoon.
Although we'd like to say that the autumn sky is clear and blue, there are a few clouds around.
Below a chorus of cicadas, the sunlight filters through the trees in this park in Tokyo as crows caw.
The battle of the century is about to begin...
The 1st "Catch up" Mölkky Championship Cup is starting!

Mölkky, which was born and raised in Finland, is now here in faraway Japan.
This is the moment when the chosen four are about to blossom...!

Oops, this is a little late to be saying this now, but I, announcer Hideo Matsumoto ,
Will be commentating on today's Mölkky match.
I have covered many sports such as pro baseball, horse racing, soccer, and golf, but in my 35 years of sports announcing experience this will be my first time covering Mölkky!
Now it's time for these four elite players, who will be playing an exciting game, to enter!

(The quartet is confused...)

HARUNA: We are SCANDAL, and this is vocalist HARUNA,


MAMI: Guitarist MAMI,

RINA: And drummer RINA.

Matsumoto: You guys are pumped up! Sparks are flying.
The fighting spirit of these ladies just before the match is setting the park on fire!

(The quartet is even more confused...)

HARUNA: Hold on a sec. What is this?
Matsumoto-san just suddenly started things off...

RINA: What's happening??

HARUNA: "The 1st 'Catch up' Mölkky Championship Cup"?

RINA: You said we were chosen, but there were no prelims.

TOMOMI: I guess we were seeded.

MAMI: We're grateful for that.

TOMOMI: This is the first time we're meeting in a park to record for radio.

HARUNA: I guess anything goes.

RINA: What's going to happen...

MAMI: Can this be conveyed properly...

TOMOMI: But since Matsumoto-san is here...

MAMI: Isn't it great that we have an announcer here?

RINA: This is legit.

HARUNA: He's our first "Catch up" guest. We're looking forward to working with you today.

Matsumoto: Thank you very much! I'm honored to be here!

And so this Mölkky episode contains the first ep filmed on-location, the first time playing sports on the show, the first time having a live announcer, and their first guest.

Mölkky is:
A game from Finland where you throw a wooden stick called a "Mölkky"
To knock down wooden pins called "skittles,"
And the person who scores exactly 50 points wins!

A quick explanation of the rules of Mölkky:
※If you throw Mölkky and multiple skittles fall, the number of fallen pins will be your score.
※If only one pin falls, the number written on the fallen pin will be your score.
※After a throw, fallen pins are put upright at the place where they fell. The game ends when the first player reaches exactly 50 points.

As a special rule, they will be asked to throw each twice...and compete with the total points from those two times.

Despite this being their first time playing Mölkky, the quartet got really excited in a park in Tokyo.
Moreover, it was a close battle. Who will win the championship...whose head will the crown shine above?

The 18th upload from RINA to her YouTube channel:

English subs:

If you enjoy my translations, please consider leaving a tip! (This supports me directly rather than the site) Happy

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#front-page #tinychannelbyrina

Rhythm & Drums Magazine, October 2020 - Thu Sep 17, 2020 6:00 pm

RINA in Rhythm & Drums Magazine, October 2020:

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 Rinarhythmdrumsmagazine202010-1
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 Rinarhythmdrumsmagazine202010

Order from CD Japan

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The SH Cover Band is looking for fan-taken videos to include in their upcoming cover video of "Chiisana Honoo"!

The deadline to submit them is this Sunday, September 20.

More details from Kudo:

The content should be of you and fellow fans at the airport greeting the band, or being in the line waiting for a show, or wefies in the audience during the show (not of the band performing), or you holding a ticket to the SCANDAL show you've been attended (you need to hold up the ticket to the camera so people can see it's a SCANDAL one) or even better, you holding up the photo of you and the band from the pre-show photo op.

Shows/events I am particularly interested in are those from the early days eg cons in the US, the ekiden in Hawaii, and the shows in Japan especially the landmark gigs - Budōkan, Ōsaka Jō Hall. Of course, any of the shows from any part of the globe will be fine!

If chosen (no prizes, I'm afraid - sorry), you will be credited.

Please send me a private message (kudō maharizu ) on Facebook or SCANDAL HEAVEN with the video file (Google drive link or anything that works), your name or SH nick on the forum (preferred) and which show/event the video was taken at.

This was taken from Kudo's post in the SH Facebook group.

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 28

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•The episode starts off with the band eating Meiji snacks. HARU once again calls the My Style snack "My Stage." The band all goes, "Ehhh!" TOMO goes, "Stop that!" MAMI goes, "W-what? What is 'My Stage'?" HARU laughs and says she'll probably always be calling it that. RINA says that it's probably because she wants to play on stage. MAMI says that if you were to insert whatever word that comes to your head that follows "My," then "stage" would be HARU's word.

•After "Living in the city" plays, this happens next.

•Following that, TOMO reads a message from a listener whose favorite band before SCANDAL was RADWIMPS. He got hooked on SCANDAL after his senior at work had an extra ticket to SCANDAL's HELLO WORLD tour back in 2015 and invited him to go. On the way back from BEST XMAS is when the tracklisting for Kiss from the darkness was released, and of course he was super excited for the track "Laundry Laundry" produced by bassist Yusuke Takeda from RADWIMPS. He thinks it's a great song just as he expected it to be, and wants them to do another collab if they get the chance to. The band says that it was surprising to see that there have been many people who are fans of both bands. HARU asks TOMO how she met Takeda-san and TOMO says they met at a party where bassists met up. She also says when she was playing bass as part of a TV program's band, Takeda-san helped her with reading sheet music as she wasn't able to read it. She calls him her "bassist sensei." She also says that she didn't think the day would come when they'd do a collaborative song together.

•RINA reads the next message from a listener who thanks the band for putting on the recent livestream. He's a baseball player at a medical university but hasn't been able to play or practice since March, and since then the seniors on the team have retired. He normally used baseball and concerts as part of his vitality, and it was difficult for him to lose both at the same time. The livestream SCANDAL held helped to give him courage, and he says he's going to work hard while following SCANDAL, who keeps moving forward in any situation. The band mentions Koshien and how they almost cried hearing the news of the cancelation since the players had been working basically all of their lives to make it there, and those players no longer have a place to direct their energy. However, to hear that their show made people like him feel more positive feels really rewarding for them. They want to continue to be a musical artist that keeps coming up with different ideas to do things even if they can't do something, and that they'll continue to support everyone.

•MAMI reads a message from a listener whose favorite band before SCANDAL was THE BLUE HEARTS. They say TBH's and SCANDAL's live performances are similar. They also say that they'd like to see HARU jumping up and down like Hiroto Koumoto (lead singer of the band). The band laughs at this. MAMI says that when they saw THE CRO-MAGNONS (another band that Hiroto Koumoto is in) at COUNTDOWN JAPAN, Hiroto threw off his leather jacket since it was hot, and started off their set by saying, "This is a real leather jacket." She says that HARU could wear that jacket, which the band laughs at. RINA also mentioned that they played a joint show with them a while back. They still can't believe that happened and that SCANDAL was invited to play that show with them. MAMI says that they had a smile on their faces when SCANDAL's set was over and applauded them. It felt so surreal for them. MAMI also says that her mom really likes TBH. TOMO says a friend of hers makes leather pants for Mashi (the guitarist), and that the pants get all beat up within the course of a year since they play shows almost every day, though she doesn't think they've been playing recently, obviously. RINA says that he does a lifetime's worth of moving within a year. She also mentions that while waiting in the line for taxis at Shinagawa Station, she saw Mashi there and wearing those leather pants. TOMO wonders if he was traveling in his stage outfit. HARU says that there's probably no concept of a stage outfit for him (probably because they apparently play shows more often than not). MAMI goes, "They're real leather pants, aren't they?", which the band laughs at. TOMO says it's like his skin, and HARU says he must wear them all days of the year. TOMO also says that apparently the size of his pants never changes, which the band is impressed with. They talk about how there's no real common point when it comes to fans' favorite bands before SCANDAL.

Taking a deep breath - 2020-09-15 (RINA) - Tue Sep 15, 2020 8:26 am

Taking a deep breath

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It's been a little bit since I blogged.
These past few days we recorded for Catch up,
Recorded new songs,
Shot for a FEEDBACK lookbook,
Went to the studio...
We're spending each day the same as always〜
Are you guys doing well?

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It's gradually been getting cooler recently
I really do love it when the season's ambiguous like this
Today I basked in the sun in the afternoon,
And the wind blowing by felt great〜

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We were recording while being surrounded by nature,
And it was comfortable talking in the shade of the trees.
After it was done, no one left for a while...
It felt like we were on a picnic...!

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For my next vacation, perhaps I'll go somewhere
Where I can take it easy and relax〜


2020/9/15 17:17



この数日もCatch up収録したり、








2020/9/15 17:17

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How do you get over someone you love? A yell of encouragement from SCANDAL to a listener!
Episode #28 blog

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HARUNA: Here's a message.


I turned 21 on August 25th.
And, on the day of my birthday, I broke up with my boyfriend of two years. (He's a year older than me)
He was the first person I loved like this. I wanted to fall in love with this person, and thankfully I was able to confess to and go out with him.
I was really happy to be with him, and I was happy that he was thinking about a future with me. We both wanted to always be with each other.
Still, there were many things that happened, and even though we both "loved" each other, we couldn't see a future together.
I was wondering if I could keep dating him, and I still liked him so I stayed with him. He seemed to think the same way, and as a result of a discussion we had, he said he honestly could not see us getting married nor having a future together.
He told me, "Then let's end things for now. Let's fix the points we both need to have more growth with, and if someday in the future we still feel the same about each other, let's think things over again and be together."
Thinking about the future, I was wondering if things would be okay as they were. I'm only 21, and if we liked each other now then things should be okay. I didn't want to break up but understood what he was saying. It made me sad.
Since I was sad, I told him my feelings. However, I couldn't change his feelings and also had to make a decision.
In the end we broke up. I've been crying every day.
Still, as a way to connect this breakup to growth, I want to become a wonderful person, both as a woman and as a person, and someday I want to be able to think of this event in this way: "Thank you. I was able to grow thanks to you."
Also, if time passes and we still have feelings for each other, I'd like for us to think about each other and how we've grown.
Even if there's a future where we're not together, I hope that these two years will be very important memories for me.

RINA: I see.

TOMOMI: She's so grown up. At the age of 21 she's had to think about the future and go through a breakup.

HARUNA: She's 21 and he's 22. This about the right time [when things like this happen].

RINA: That's true.

MAMI: That's the time when you're finishing out your life as a student.

RINA: It's really great that they were dating each other in earnest, enough that they were able to think about it in that way.
I think it'll be a great plus in her future relationships.
The day will definitely come when your wounds will be healed.

HARUNA: It will.

RINA: I don't think she needs to worry about it, but they did go out for two years...

TOMOMI: I'm sure she has a lot of memories with him.

HARUNA: Don't force yourself to get over things. Time will heal your wounds. There's probably nothing you could have done at that time.

TOMOMI: Maybe so.

MAMI: Rather than getting a new SO or doing something to take your mind off of it, I truly do think it's better to wait to let time heal your wounds. All you can do is wait. You might cry every day, and it might be painful and sad, but I think even that could be a good memory.

TOMOMI: Just have a good time right now.

RINA: She loved him that much.

HARUNA: Think about things to the point where you think you've thought enough.

MAMI: Be proud in yourself for thinking about someone and crying over someone. I think it's wonderful that you can be that kind of person for the one you're going to date next.

TOMOMI: I hope you meet someone wonderful.

HARUNA: You might find someone else and want to stay with them. There could be a future like that because you broke up after starting to like someone else.
Now, she might need to have positive feelings in order to overcome this.

RINA: A little at a time.

MAMI: I think that's a great experience.

RINA: It's hard at first. You'll keep growing, and the day will come when you realize who you were at that time and see a little of the big picture.

HARUNA: Since she was able to write that much, she probably doesn't feel as thrown into despair anymore.

TOMOMI: Yeah, she's able to organize her thoughts.

RINA: I think it can feel great to tell someone your thoughts, and you feel a little lighter.

HARUNA: I think it's admirable that she didn't say anything bad about him.

RINA: I don't know if the word "level-headed" is suitable to use here, but I think she was able to properly have a great romance. It'll be nice after she gets older and it'll seem like she was such a child then. I think it'll be a great memory for her.

HARUNA: Please continue to have great romances.

RINA: I think she'll be able to. There'll be lots of fun in the future.

HARUNA: Do your best.

MAMI: She's very level-headed 21-year-old.

The 14th upload from RINA to her YouTube channel (video posted on August 16th):

English subs:

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I FINALLY finished the subs for this video!

RINA, please never upload a 20-minute video of nonstop talking again Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 1f62d

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XFLAG×SCANDAL: An interview about the original animated short "XPICE" | The themes of "courage and understanding" and "battling together" expressed in music × video

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"XPICE," the original animated short sent out via the collaboration between XFLAG and all-girl band SCANDAL, is out on YouTube.

It features the star hero Red Pepper and rookie hero Wasabi. Wasabi, who possesses a healing ability but has lost confidence due to the gap between herself and the image of a hero she has in her head, takes action when her comrade's in trouble――That is the rough outline of "XPICE."

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With the themes of "courage and understanding" and "battling together," this animation that depicts the success and growth of the heroes features no spoken dialogue but the fusion of music and video makes it a moving work.

We held a discussion between SCANDAL, the band in charge of the music, and "XPICE" producer Hiroaki Kato.

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What are the themes of "XPICE"? And the reason for offering the job to SCANDAL...


――Please tell us how this project began.

Hiroaki Kato: My company's main content is the mobile game "Monster Strike," and this project began as a result of wanting to create new content that could be delivered to the world in a different way. We first decided to start with something short, and we thought about doing a 4-5 minute animated short with no dialogue.

We realized that the power of music is indispensible for expressing what you want to convey, and after talking it over with the director and team we thought that it'd be better to express it in a form that resembled a music video.

――Is that when SCANDAL became a candidate?

Kato: Though we're borrowing the power of music, we knew exactly what we wanted to draw and express, and that was "courage and understanding" and "battling together." SCANDAL was the first band that came to mind when we thought about how it'd be great to work with an artist who understands and expresses those themes, so we immediately made them an offer.

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――You were a SCANDAL fan to begin with, right?

Kato: Yes. I've been been as a fan since their 5th album STANDARD (released in 2013). Also, when I listened to their 6th album HELLO WORLD (released in 2014), I was quite shocked.

This album features solo songs with each member writing their own music + lyrics and doing lead vocals for. I was fascinated by this individuality and how wide their range of expression is.

I've been listening to them since then, and last year I saw them live at Victor Rock Matsuri 2019. When I heard "Masterpiece," it made me realize how they keep evolving and that they'd fit the theme of this short.

――While each member has their own distinct personality, they produce a great power when they come together as a band, and that certainly matches the project. SCANDAL, what did you think when you received the offer?

HARUNA: Just like what was just mentioned, he presented us with a very passionate offer.

He knew our songs and told us that our individual strengths would match this project.

We were happy that, on top of knowing our personalities, he gave us this offer. Also, above all we were happy that he named SCANDAL [as the band to go with].

――You certainly didn't have a reason to decline it.

HARUNA: Not at all. At the initial meeting they showed us the storyboard and the character profiles in detail, which also made it easy to imagine how it'd turn out.

TOMOMI: When we were shown the storyboard, we knew what it would be about and that it'd be perfect for our current era.

Although they're heroes, they aren't overwhelmingly strong but instead carry their own complexes. We sympathized with how they're battling enemies while grappling with their inferiority complexes. In this current era we must live our lives while acknowledging a wide variety of things such as racial discrimination, so it was exactly what we wanted to see right now.

That's why it really rang true for us, and why at the meeting we considered it to be an honor to be able to do this together.

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――MAMI wrote the music for "SPICE" while RINA wrote the lyrics.

MAMI: Like what HARUNA said, I first and foremost was happy that they chose us.

During the meeting I already had the image of the song in my head, so that was also very easy to understand. I was able to write it smoothly since the song that they mentioned as a reference was also a tune we're good at doing.

RINA: There was a clear message I wanted to convey when we heard about the story during the meeting, so I thought it'd be great if the lyrics could play a role in this story of an animated short with no dialogue.

But because of the animation, I think I was able to put the message directly into words. It was very rewarding due to how exciting it was; the people on the "XPICE" team were enthusiastic and warm-hearted; and above all, I was happy that they sought out our music. Ever since that meeting we were so excited to make this with them (laughs).

――This truly is a creative piece of work, but I heard that it had so much passion at its base, which had a lot of influence on every aspect.

RINA: At that meeting they told us what was just mentioned, and told us why they wanted SCANDAL for this project and to add our music to this story.

They also showed us a video of the storyboard, and I wrote down lyrics as I watched it. At the meeting they said, "We also have an image of breaking out of one's shell and leaping out into the world," which is why I put that exact line "Leap out of this confined world" in the chorus.

I jotted down the words that came up during the meeting and turned them into lyrics.

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 0m1WK9o

――I'd love to see the material [they showed you].

RINA: It was so impressive!

Kato: It's a little embarrassing looking at it now, but I think we put in all kinds of thoughts into it in advance.

RINA: That made me happy, though!

Kato: We also told them that a song we referenced was specifically what we were going for. If anything, I told them in words what the team and I were thinking.

Also, the production team and I got to see SCANDAL perform live a few days before that. The words conveyed during the planning meeting were written again after watching that performance...

At that show, HARUNA said, "We're all walking the path of life together, so come see us if you feel down or depressed." The nuances might have been a little different than that, but I thought that what she said was really cool.

I wanted to make a work that would inspire me to support the people who see it, so I was inspired by HARUNA's words and compiled the material in my own way.

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What kind of thoughts did SCANDAL put into "SPICE"?


――You mentioned earlier that you had the story and storyboard video done, but did the animation production start before the song's production?

Kato: The actual CG work was done after we talked to SCANDAL, but we started building the worldview and story in advance.

MARZA ANIMATION PLANET, who did the animating, and Spooky graphic, who did the character designs, were originally partners who we worked with on the "Monster Strike" anime, and to an extent we all shared the same image of what we wanted to make. So, we were going ahead with what we could do.

So, although it was at the storyboard stage, we made a video storyboard and showed them the story and development.

――What was it like when you received the song?

Kato: I was so impressed at how cool it was. Originally, we told them as a reference that what we wanted was close to "A.M.D.K.J.", and they made us a new song that closely follows the story.

It really does straightforwardly convey the message that we wanted to convey. When we received it, we immediately put it with the video storyboard. I was so obsessed with it and felt that the video's appeal increased. The entire team was impressed and so grateful.

MAMI: "A.M.D.K.J." is easy to understand, and since we wanted to make something new for ourselves as well, I took those flavors into consideration and made it quite freely while taking a look at the short's images and material (laughs).

Personally, I wasn't all too serious about it, but I wanted to make a song that has both yin and yang to it. When I started writing it, I was able to go all out with writing the demo for it.

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 9xYjPnH

――It certainly has a pretty heavy sound to it. What did you take into consideration, performance-wise?

TOMOMI: Sound-wise, we aimed for our classic sound. Also, the speed of it; I made my bass hum while imagining the sound flying through the air (laughs).

RINA: The finished song puts the rhythm section at the forefront, with the drums also being very dense and powerful. Like the bass, the speed is important but it also feels dense.

MAMI: The guitar tone is done with the same equipment we've used so far, but the chord progression feels like nothing we've done before. We're using pretty stylish chords like a seventh chord.

Also, I play while paying attention to my ensemble with HARUNA. That was done by Keita Kawaguchi, who has arranged our songs for a long time. The Kawaguchi-ness of it is amazing (laughs).

HARUNA: It contains our classic band sound and effects done to the vocals. By doing so, we thought that we could get closer to the sound and the animation.

We thought it'd be great if it could reach a variety of people, such as anime fans who don't usually listen to bands, so that's what we took into consideration.

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――It's true that the video has a digital feel to it, so it might feel familiar to some. As for the lyrics, how did you interpret them?

Kato: I was so moved by the line "Tears are the best spice." We created this worldview and characters using spices as motifs, and they interpreted it in the way that they did and expressed it so tenderly!

I was happy that they got close to each character and really expressed them, including their weaknesses. It's such a powerful, tender song.

――It was probably easy to write it in this theme of moving forward while each person faces their weaknesses and complements one another.

RINA: Yes. Like what TOMOMI talked about earlier, amidst the human rights issues and gender issues going on in the world, we continue to be band while considering things like that as part of our identity as well. That's why we could include that into the lyrics.

There are people of various races and religions among our fans, so we hoped that this song could reach those people as well.

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 KN5rLSi


Pay attention to the deep worldview of "XPICE," and the future Spices!?


――Please give us your thoughts on "XPICE," which is a combination of your own music with an animated short.

HARUNA: To start with, we were shocked at how beautiful the short is. Since it started from a video storyboard, we were shocked at how such amazing animation came about! The lyrics take the place of dialogue, which is what we said ourselves, but we were impressed at how well they match it. I cried a little (laughs).

MAMI: The quality of the animation is simply amazing; I was pulled straight into this animated world. I don't why, but I cried too!

I thought that this work matched us as a band and our own individual thoughts. Stuff like the billboards and passers-by are so detailed. You can enjoy it over and over again!

TOMOMI: I don't meant to persist, but I also cried (laughs). You can feel the kindness of it, and you can feel the characters' changes of heart very clearly.

The colors and details are so stylish, cool, and beautiful. Wasabi-chan's final attack is also very beautiful. I wanted to take a picture of it! It was wonderful! I also felt like I could smell scents coming from the video.

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 GznfK28

――It certainly has a big sense of reality.

Kato: We were particular about that. Characters are expressed in distorted ways in fictional worlds, but this is a world where characters are properly living and breathing. Since we wanted to express that in reality, the entire team worked hard on the finer details.

RINA: I watched it again while on the train and almost cried (laughs). I was surprised at the delicacy of the character's facial expressions. Their feelings are very much conveyed.

This made me feel once again how great touching animation can be. I thought it was awesome that the townscape doesn't give off any nationality and could be in any country.

I heard that this work combines cutting-edge CG technology and the feeling of hand-drawn animation. Despite it being cutting-edge, it has roundness and warmth, and the animation has a human touch to it. The message permeated the very animation itself.

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 RyZmXAn

――SCANDAL also appears in it.

RINA: That made us so happy!

MAMI: We were so touched.

HARUNA: We made something ourselves that looks like the poster of us hanging in Wasabi-chan's room (laughs).

――Regarding video production, did you put "SPICE" into the original video storyboard and complete it while making further changes?

Kato: Yes. When we received the song it already matched the video storyboard we had. Based on the impressions we got from the song, we fine-tuned the facial expressions and gestures. After that, we matched the timing of video switching to the sound, which felt good.

What we got from the song was the work's climax point where Wasabi awakens and is surprised by her own power.

Actually, she originally was going to stand up quickly, but as the band sings the line "I don't know what I can do" at that exact point in time, we decided it was better to make it a scene where she was testing her power to see what she can do now.

I hope Wasabi's expression comes off as her gradually gaining confidence she didn't have before.

――Depending on the timestamp, the lyrics really flow in well.

Kato: I wonder if there was a synergistic effect beyond what we initially thought. We considered the theme of the work itself because we wanted to depict the importance of working together with different forces, and we also wanted to embody that in the project itself.

I wanted to prove that the result of our companies working together as partners, including SCANDAL, and the strengths of many people combined, and that we could turn out something amazing. I hope we were able to do so.

――What caught my eye during the ending are the friends of Red Pepper and Wasabi. Could you tell us about them?

Kato: One is named Garlic, and the other one―the girl―is named Mint. If we get the chance, we'd love to make a story that includes them.

――There are so many kinds of spices, so it seems like you could keep expanding the story.

Kato: This was done as a stand-alone, but as the depth of the worldview and the conflicts that each character has were created after some planning, we could always make a continuation if we'd like to. So, I would like to keep making them (laughs).

――By the way, what kind of Spices would you like to see in the future? Of course, this does not mean they'll be official.

RINA: Ehー! That's hard to say!

MAMI: By "Spices," does that apply only to heroes?

Kato: No, the villains also have their own characteristic spices. The green and purple-colored enemy in the ending is named Shiso.

All: (laughs)

MAMI: A villain with the name "Garam Masala" would be cool (laughs).

TOMOMI: "Cinnamon" would be nice. But I'd really like to see a sequel [to "XPICE"]. I'm interested in so many things like learning about Garlic, and the cat that popped up in the middle of the animation.

HARUNA: My favorite spice is horseradish. It's a versatile spice that can be used in both Japanese and Western dishes. Plus, they could be Wasabi-chan's friend (laughs)!

RINA: I'm Googling spices/types right now; let's see... I'd like to see a character named Ginger.

Kato: Actually, we designed a character like that. We haven't decided on model reference sheets yet.

RINA: So there is a character named that! I would like to see Ginger.

――We're looking forward to seeing a sequel where these Spices play an active part!

The 17th upload from RINA to her YouTube channel:

English subs:

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【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 27

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 RtO5L43
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•The episode starts off with HARU reading a message from a listener who proposed a new segment based on this quiz they did about Morocco a while back, with them doing a quiz based on different countries. TOMO goes, "We just cut back on the number of segments! They're growing again." HARU says that they're going to go with this new segment because their program producer Ono-san likes the idea. TOMO says that the quiz about Morocco was pretty fun. RINA asks her if she remember anything from it, and she says she doesn't at all. The band laughs and tries to recall any of the things covered in the quiz. TOMO says that there was a question about a college there (which is kind of true, but the question was specifically asking about the airport). MAMI says that all of the answers were the first option.

•After "SPICE" plays, they talk about this.

•After that, they read my (thoseguiltyeyes) message! It was originally for their "Nickname" segment that they got rid of a little while ago. This is what I wrote:

Hello, SCANDAL! My nickname among some of my friends is "The Fifth Member of SCANDAL."

The reason: Nine years ago when SCANDAL came to the AM2 anime convention in the US, I did some SCANDAL cosplay! I copied HARU's CUTE! , Pride , and BABY ACTION outfits. My friends were surprised when they saw me and said, "Eh, you're the fifth member of SCANDAL!" Then when you guys saw me, you said, "Kawaii! Kanpeki (perfect)!" That made me very happy.

Since then I've always cosplayed whenever I go to SCANDAL shows, and you guys always notice! Thank you!

It's unfortunate that the world tour's been postponed, but there's no helping that. However, fans around the world will always continue to support SCANDAL! I hope that the world tour is held next year! Let's all do our best! Hope to see you soon!

-TOMO: "Her cosplays really always are perfect."
-RINA: "Right? They're awesome!'
-HARU: "We're like, 'Where does she even find them?'"
-TOMO: "Right after we released an album cover, didn't she wear the same outfit basically the next day?" (she's talking about the BABY ACTION cover; the promos were released two weeks prior to to the convention)
-HARU: "She did. She comes and sees us all over the world, doesn't she?"
-All: "Yeah!"
-HARU: "Also, an outfit I wore at a show, she wore the same one the next day."
-All: "Yep."
-TOMO: "It was exactly the same as HARU's."
-All: "Thank you!"

•And so, since I'm from the US, they asked a question about it:

Joseph Grisamore, who lives in Minnesota, put his all into this certain hairstyle, which is even listed in the Guinness World Records. Which hairstyle was it?

MAMI says afro (*Bzzt). RINA says the longest hair in the world (*Bzzt). HARU says dreadlocks (*Bzzt). MAMI says pompadour (*Bzzt). RINA says the shortest hair in the world (*Bzzt). The band laughs and wonders if that's even possible. TOMO says pigtails (*Bzzt). MAMI says something that was really high, and the staff tells them that they're close. They say together, "Mohawk?", which is the correct answer. RINA wonders what it looks like and they're shown what it looked like. They go, "Wow! That's so long!" HARU goes, "Doesn't that look like the hairstyles we had on the DOLL cover?" TOMO wonders if the guy's mohawk was achieved with hairspray. HARU mentions that the same guy tried out for the record back in 2017 but wasn't able to qualify for it then. She also mention that he had been growing it out since 2007 (13 years). They say how awesome it was for him to persist for so long. RINA says, "If you think about it in terms of growing it out since elementary school, then that's pretty crazy. It's enough for two people." TOMO says it looks like a pain to upkeep, and it could fall over easily. MAMI wonders how many cans of hairspray he used [Note: Only half a can, apparently!], and that she'd want to touch it. RINA mentions that when they went to Germany, there was a fan there with a really pretty mohawk. It was a good length and colored green. The band is surprised that there are records like this one in the Guinness World Records.

•After "Living in the city" plays, HARU reads the next and final question.

The German Minister of Food and Agriculture announced a controversial new ordinance that would require owners to ____ their dogs at least twice a day. What is it?

TOMO says bathe (*Bzzt). HARU goes, "Whatever it is is controversial, right?" TOMO then says walk , which is the correct answer. HARU, who is the only dog-owning member of the band, says, "That sounds like a pain." She also says that she kind of gets why this thing was introduced as management like this is very strict in Germany since pet shops don't exist there and only selected people can adopt dogs. TOMO says that dogs also need to be licensed. HARU says that dogs are so important to them, which is probably why they introduced that bill. RINA asks HARU how long a single walk with Lady usually takes. She says about 30 minutes, but it can go up to an hour if she has enough time to do so. TOMO says that she sometimes runs into them on a walk, and when Lady doesn't want to move then she really will not move. She doesn't like to move from her favorite places. MAMI says that there have been times when Lady wouldn't move out of an intersection. HARU says she usually decides on a course and they take a break about halfway through not because Lady's tired but because she has to wait for Lady to finish doing something like sniffing another dog, or they're stopped by women coming up to them who seem to like dogs. MAMI asks if they start walking again after that's done. HARU says yes, but then they immediately have to wait again for another person or dog. That can keep repeating and can take more than an hour. RINA goes, "You spoil [Lady] too much." TOMO says that that bill in Germany could be hard on dogs as well as there can be days when they don't feel that great. RINA says that it's great that the country's having these kinds of discussions for the sake of their dogs.

•The band closes out the episode. They say the quiz it was fun and that they liked it. They also say that the previous quiz was too hard, though it did get easier after they learned the rules (as in every answer was the first option), but it still wasn't that fun. They also ask overseas fans to send in messages so that they can use them in this quiz segment.

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