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【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 54

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•The episode starts off with this.

•RINA reads the next message from a listener who had inserted a 1,000 yen note into a vending machine at work and bought only one drink, which meant they got a lot of change in return: eight 100 yen coins and ten 10 yen coins which filled up their wallet. They were thinking, "Eh? Seriously?" as the change poured out and was hard to grab hold of. The band says that this kind of thing totally happens and fills up your wallet. TOMO says that wallets have been getting smaller recently, which makes it hard to put a lot of money in. The staff informs the band that this message was sent in after the live broadcast. TOMO goes, "You're making excuses again," which the others laugh at.

•MAMI reads the next message from a listener who had their message about boxing read on the previous live broadcast. Their story this time is about something that happened during a match of theirs. They always wear a mouthpiece to protect their mouth, and their trainer always inserts it for them just before the gong rings. However, one time their trainer did not do so. They were shouting at their trainer to put in the mouthpiece, but the trainer did not (SCANDAL: "Why?!"). The listener was thinking that they were basicallly done for, but their opponent politely waited for them to put in their mouthpiece even though the gong rang. The fact that their opponent was that kind to them, even though most would go all-out as soon as the gong rings, is basically the exact example of "Eh? Seriously?" They also mention that they were utterly defeated by their opponent. The band again wonders why the trainer did that. HARU says that they simply might have forgotten. TOMO says that maybe the traienr thought they already put it in. They say that it was very nice and sportsmanship-like for the opponent to wait, and that they're glad they realized it. The staff says that this was another message sent in after the broadcast, which TOMO laughs at and says, "Again with the excuses."

•HARU reads the next message from a listener who is married and is the one who usually prepares dinner, but sometimes she'll ask her husband to make it when she thinks won't be able to do so. One time he made saba yakibidashi (mackerel served in cold broth). When she opened the container up, she saw something else besides the saba and green onions floating in it. She reconfirmed with her husband that he made saba yakibidashi and asked him how he made it. He said he looked at a recipe to make it, and after she asked him in detail, she found out that he had used panko (bread crumbs) instead of tempura batter. So, he had coated the fish in panko, cooked it, and then put it in the broth. His mistaking panko for tempura batter is what made her go "Eh? Seriously?" But she did think she should be grateful that her husband, who usually doesn't cook much, did his best to make it, and although it looked gross it was delicious and ate it up, including the panko that soaked up the broth. The band goes, "So cute!" They think it's understandable since he's not used to cooking much, but they're sure that the wife appreciated that he tried hard. They say how this was such a cute and fluffy story. HARU mentions that it was White Day recently and she saw someone tweet that their husband told them they would make curry. HARU says that she'd be happy if she was told that, and that maybe the husband thought that they'd do something for the wife that the wife normally does herself. TOMO asks what HARU means, and she says it's like they're giving you a gift by doing something for you that you normally do. RINA agrees and says that they'll both understand how hard it is to do something. The staff asks the band if they know what the dish is. HARU and MAMI don't so TOMO explains it to them and also says that eggplant is often used for yakibidashi. They and the staff members talk a little more about knowing/not knowing what the dish is which I don't think really needs to be translated haha

•TOMO reads the next message from a listener who only recently became a SCANDAL fan and whose former favorite bands included ALFEE and KISS. They were talking to a friend and said how they recently started listening to SCANDAL, and the friend was surprised that they started liking SCANDAL after being a fan of bands like ALFEE and KISS. TOMO says she's happy that they recently became a fan, and that SCANDAL possibly has something in common with ALFEE and KISS (since other listeners have said in the past that they used to be fans of those bands before being a SCANDAL one). HARU says that she can kind of understand and MAMI says those are two formidable enemies, which the others laugh at. They wonder what the common points could be, and MAMI says that all of the members sing and that there's at least one flashy member in each band. They chuckle at that and TOMO says that from ALFEE it would be Takamizawa and from SCANDAL it would be MAMI.

•RINA reads the next message from a listener who says they can sleep well if they sleep while listening to SCANDAL songs. HARU goes, "Ehh." RINA continues reading the message, which says, "You're probably thinking, 'Eh? Seriously?', right? It was the same for me too," and then ends. They laugh and say that was cute. They wonder what songs they listen to, and TOMO says that they don't have a lot of songs that can make you fall asleep easily. RINA says that she'd recommend "eternal" for that, which the others agree with, and says that it'd be a good one to help you dream. She also says that there are a lot of fans that use their songs to wake them up [lol I'm one of them--I use the Budokan version of "Switch" as my alarm] since they have a lot of songs that are good to wake yourself up with.

•They then close out the episode. They say how this made them want to eat some yakibidashi. TOMO says that she wants to make eggplant yakibidashi for dinner and says that the listeners should make some too.

*As always, you can send in a message to the program here . I've made a guide as how to input your info and message for those who need assistance (click to enlarge):

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#front-page #catchup

REC. - 2021-03-19 (RINA) - Fri Mar 19, 2021 7:18 pm


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Today was a recording day

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We recorded a really fresh, nice song!
We only just released "eternal,"
But whenever we make a new song,
We always want you guys to immediately listen to it...haha

Ah, also, this morning we posted
A DAISY PROJECT activity report^^

I've been seeing that those who have received their items
Have been posting about them on social media in turn,
And it really makes me feel all warm and fuzzy^^So happy
I'll be looking at all of the posts that tag the account,
So I'm looking forward to seeing more〜!


2021/3/19 19:06







2021/3/19 19:06

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A day wrapped up in feelings

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Packing day for DAISY PROJECT items〜!

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 LlTlmWe

Every single item
Was carefully wrapped by hand^^

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The room turned into a mountain of cardboard in the blink of an eye!

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We also made a delivery note
In a color that matches the image of our brand〜^^

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Taking a lunch break in between

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After the aroma candles
Were the pajamas〜!
Since the ones used in the shoot were sample items,
It was so moving to touch the completed pajamas
For the first time after making fine adjustments...!
They're awesome, perfect, and adorable.

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 KA3f7Ld

There was so much it went out the door...!
It was warm and felt great all day today^^

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 24tyhmH

We also packed the message cards one at a time

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 WftNB2Z

Everything luxurious and super cute. I love them.

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 GY3NSku

We also put all the labels on the envelopes
By ourselves^^
There truuuuly were orders from all over the country--
Thank you. We're so touched.

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 BRzDUf8

They're ready to ship〜!
They'll finally start shipping to everyone starting tomorrow!
When you receive your order, please share it on social media
And spread the word about this project.

Also, above all, we'd be so happy
If you guys like each and every item^^
We'd be so happy if they can add some fun to everyone's daily lives^^

We'll be letting you know
The amount of money we were able to donate
To women / child-rearing support groups!

Looking forward to your continued support for


2021/3/18 19:30





























2021/3/18 19:30

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Here's MAMI singing "LOVE ME DO (Acoustic)" at FM802 Hikigatari-bu -Haru Urara Hen♪-, as broadcast on FM802 earlier:

#front-page #mami_hikigatari-bu
Going into overtime for "Eh? Seriously?", the message theme for the live broadcast on March 4th!

Episode #54 blog

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HARUNA: So, today...
We're going into overtime for "Eh? Seriously?", the message theme for the live broadcast on March 4th.
We'll be reading messages we weren't able to during the hour-long live broadcast.

According to Ono-san, "Eh? Seriously?" is apparently the original song that SCANDAL's new song "eternal" is based on.

MAMI: ...what do you mean by "original song"?

TOMOMI: You're using it incorrectly.

HARUNA: Apparently, "eternal" is a tie-in song to "Eh? Seriously?"...

TOMOMI: Yeah, a self-tie-in.

MAMI: At any rate, thanks for letting us do a tie-in...

HARUNA: It seems that messages came in even after the live broadcast...

TOMOMI: That makes me happy.


When I was a high school student (about 10 years ago), a local tournament for the summer baseball tournaments was held during the summer. I was able to go to cheer on the teams on a public holiday. On the day I went, I skipped school with my friends and played in the fields outside of school, which is when I heard a cat crying. I searched for the source of the cry and found a kitten submerged in puddle on the field. I scooped it up and it looked like it was injured and not moving, so my friends and I were wondering what to do. We called a nearby vet clinic, but they wouldn't talk to us because we were high schoolers... We thought that maybe it belonged to someone in the neighborhood, so we decided to drop by some houses. When we were about to go up to one house, the lady of the house noticed us from the balcony and said, "Ah! That's our cat!!!" and we were able to safely return the cat to its owners. A few years passed. The president of the company I work for lives close to my old high school, so I thought, "Could it be...!?" I talked to the president's wife about what happened in high school, and yes. You may have already realized this, but she was the woman whom I gave the cat back to when I was a high schooler. Meeting her again after several years, I can't help but feel a strange connection to the fact that I had this kind of encounter. Do things like this really happen!? That's the end of my "Eh? Seriously?" story.

TOMOMI: That was in return for saving the cat.

RINA: That's crazy...

All These kinds of things happen!?

HARUNA: They've always had a connection.

MAMI: That was a nice message.

(Staff "This message was so good that it couldn't have been read during the live broadcast")

HARUNA: Too good?? Is there such a thing??

(Staff "There's not enough time during a live broadcast to react properly to these...")

HARUNA: At any rate, I'm glad we were able to introduce it.

TOMOMI: Continuing on...

Daidai Orange

This is my first time sending in a message. My story is from when I was to go on a school trip in high school. Since we would be in Hokkaido for 2 nights and 3 days, we were supposed to send our large luggages to the hotel the day before departure to avoid troubles when getting on and off the plane. I dropped off my luggage as planned, but I had been having chest pains from a few days before that, and then went to the hospital after dropping off my luggage. I was diagnosed with having air leaking from my lungs due to spontaneous pneumothorax (a collapsed lung), and due to the pressure changes in airplanes, I could not participate in the school trip. I was hospitalized on the same day. After the luggage I dropped off earlier was sent back to me, which provided me with changes of clothes for my hospitalization. I had to undergo surgery for the first time in my life and had a tough time afterwards. I didn't expect this to come of the school trip I had been looking forward to - It was a "Eh? Seriously?" occurence.

RINA: That's tough...

MAMI: I'm glad they figured it out before they got on the plane.

TOMOMI: Seriously.

(Staff "This one as well... We were tough on the ones chosen for the live broadcast in order to get proper reactions... Sorry about that")

HARUNA: The reason for these selections will be revealed today...

【Translated Summary】
TOKYO FM - 『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 〜ON AIR〜, #3 + After Talk

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 BU7Jn6K
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 HbCtWfJ

•This third special episode was broadcast live on TOKYO FM on March 4th (the first special aired last July and the second one aired in November). This program was broadcasted in commemoration of the recent release of SCANDAL's new single eternal.

•The theme listeners were asked to send in was "Eh? Seriously?" Those whose messages were read were given Meiji sweets selected by the band. RINA chose Choco Baby, MAMI chose Coffee Beat, TOMO chose Twinkle Chocolate, and HARU chose Almond Chocolate. They talk a little how their program's segment titles are pretty punny, so the main segment for this episode was a play on "eternal" (explained in detail here).

•HARU reads the first message from a listener whose story is from when they were a first-year high schooler. They got a rather hardcore message on Christmas from a friend who suddenly called them. Their friend had been at a love hotel and the guy they had been with left and never came back, so the hotel wasn't allowing the friend to leave without paying. Since the listener was a student and didn't have any money, they and their mom had to go and rescue the friend. So, their first time being at a love hotel was with their mom on Christmas. It made them go, "Eh, seriously? How did this happen?" and was a Christmas they'll never forget. The band goes "Oh wow," and says that must have been tough.

•TOMO reads the next message from a listener whose story is from when they were a first-year middle schooler. Their first love was a girl in the same class as them (will be referring to her as FLG, first-love girl, from here on). FLG didn't seem like they were the same age as the rest since she was very mature, good at studying, and helped out other girls in the class. One day, FLG suddenly asked the listener to meet them at the library on the fourth floor after school. The listener's heart felt ready to burst, and when they went there after school, they saw FLG standing there talking to another girl classmate. FLG asked the other classmate what she thought of the listener--this was to help the other classmate confess their feelings about the listener. The listener was happy that the other classmate wanted to confess to them, but the listener couldn't forget how disappointed they were that FLG wasn't the one who wanted to confess to them. Much after that, the listener says that FLG didn't attend a coming-of-age ceremony (which is kind of weird, since those happen when one's 20 years old--the gap between first year of middle school and then is about eight I guess nothing happened between then lol) since her dad's job took them overseas. The listener wished they had confessed to FLG. However, the girl that FLG had introduced to the listener is now currently their wife. The band goes, "Ehhh?!" They wonder if the listener's currently listening in to the program with their wife.

•MAMI reads the next message from a listener whose story is from when they were a high schooler. They liked a guy they were close with, but they didn't want to ruin the relationship they had so they decided to seal their feelings away and support their friend's love life. About six months later, he confessed to the listener, who asked him, "Eh, didn't you like so-and-so?" He said his feelings changed after wondering what to do. The listener turned him down since they had already decided to move on. The band mentions how timing is very important and that once a girl makes up her mind it's unshakable.

•RINA reads the next message from a listener who had gone out shopping with a student (? didn't specify but seems likely) who's their junior to buy a present for his girlfriend. Since the listener wants to care for their nails, they said to the junior that if it was them, they'd be happy with a nail care set. The junior did end up buying it. However, one week later the junior contacted the listener and said that he had been dumped by his girlfriend and then decided to give the present to the listener. The listener couldn't believe that they got what they had been wanting in this way. The band says that's tough but was lucky for the listener.

•HARU reads the next message from a listener whose story is from when they were in college and did racewalking . They sprained their right leg about 10 days before an important match--it was so swollen that they couldn't see the shape of their ankle. They thought they couldn't heal in time for the match, but they did play in the match and was in very good shape. They even did their personal best and earned a spot in the national competition. However, they were more surprised that all that happened. RINA says that she thinks there are times when your mental strength during times when you think you're not in the best condition leads to good results. HARU says that sometimes when you try a new method you discover that it's better than your old one. They all say that mentality is important.

•TOMO reads the next message from a listener who says they worked super hard at work on March 3rd to get off work early but didn't end up getting off until past 9:30 pm, which meant that they thought that this live program (which aired between 8-9 pm) had already finished airing. They checked the program's site to see if it had already been posted, which is when they realized that the live program wouldn't be airing until the next day, March 4th. The band laughs and says that they must have thought it was on the 3rd due to the release of the single. TOMO says that up until halfway through reading it she was wondering if this message was even okay to read. The band laughs and they also say they're glad the listener does get to actually listen to it live.

•After "Living in the city" plays, a loud zipping sound plays, which startles the band and they start laughing. HARU says that they're not really used to doing live broadcasts. RINA laughs and says that's not true as the band has been around for 15 years, which the others laugh at.

•They then announce the second round of program merch: an Apollo-shaped pick and a sticker. This means that they now they have tiers of presents they will be giving away on the program: Top, which is the Apollo pouch; middle, which is the pick; and low, which is the sticker.

•MAMI reads the next message from a listener whose friend who went to a nearby convenience store for lunch during lunch break, so they asked that friend to get two rice balls for them: one "sea chicken" (AKA tuna ) mayonnaise and one salmon. When their friend came back, they said how they thought the "sea chicken" is surprisingly big. The listener was wondering if they were talking about the size of the rice ball, but when they looked at what their friend got them, they realized they had actually picked up a piece of spicy chicken ("sea chicken" in Japanese is shii chiken, while "spicy chicken" is supaishii chiken) from the hot foods section of the store. They asked their friend why they bought chicken, and their friend went, "Eh, isn't that 'sea chicken'?" and the listener said that no, this is "spicy chicken." The friend also says that they bought the spicy chicken they first noticed when they went into the store. The band laughs and TOMO says she's worried about the friend. RINA goes, "It doesn't mean that the friend misheard, right?" The others agree and HARU wonders if it's a matter of the friend not knowing was "sea chicken" actually is. RINA mentions that the friend said it was the first chicken item that they saw when they entered the store. MAMI says that they probably just saw the words "shii" and "chicken" without noticing if it said "rice ball" or not and thought it was what the listener wanted. TOMO goes, "That's not what 'sea chicken' is, though!"

•RINA reads the next message from a listener who lives in Sapporo and has been dating their boyfriend for four months. His job is transferring him to the city of Nemuro, which is on the eastern side of Hokkaido (and the easternmost city in Japan). The distance between the two cities is as far as the distance between Tokyo and Kyoto if you were to measure it using straight line distance (about 200 miles = 6-hour train or car ride). They had been dating with the intent to get married one day, so he asked the listener to come with him and they said yes, and they are now planning to get married in May or June. They say that the bf's birthday is August 21st, the same as SCANDAL's and RINA's, which makes her feel some kind of connection there. The couple hasn't been dating for a long time yet, so the consecutive things like marriage and job transfers made both them, the bf, and their parents go, "Eh? Seriously?" The band congratulates them and HARU recognizes that the listener's been a fan of theirs for a while. RINA says that a lot of happy things have been happening to their fans recently, such as getting married or having kids.

•HARU reads the next message from a 4th-grade girl who always listens to TOKYO FM and noticed that this program took the timeslot of the usual program, looked it up, and realized that this was a special program. Since she loves sweets, she sent in a message right away (SCANDAL: "That's so cute!"). This was her first time learning about the band and wants to listen to them. She also says they're easy to listen to. The band is super happy about the message and TOMO goes, "Let's give her an Apollo pouch!" They also say this was a "Eh? Seriously?" moment for them, and that doing a special program leads to encounters like this.

•TOMO reads the next message from a listener whose story is from their birthday last year. His girlfriend surprised him with a cake while they were at a resort, and the chocolate message plate on the cake said, "Happy birthday, Kazuo!" when it should have actually said "Kazu" since that's his nickname; his full first name is "Kazuki." This was a mistake on the resort's part. He and his girlfriend laughed really hard at the mistake. He also says that, by the way, his grandpa's name is Kazuo. The band laughs and says that's pretty funny.

•MAMI reads the next message from a listener who ordered some takoyaki and they basically didn't get exactly what they ordered. They ordered 6 takoyaki with some toppings and sauces, but instead they got 9 with some toppings and no sauces. The band is kind of weirded out by the message but still wonders how the order turned into that.

•RINA reads the next message from a listener whose story is from when they went to at night market while in the Philippines and there was pork in them instead of octopus. The band wonders why that is but says that it sounds good.

•HARU reads the next message from a listener whose older sister had made a healthy and nutritious bento for their dad as a present for Labor Thanksgiving Day and went to give it to him. However, she returned a few minutes later and said that he wouldn't eat it. The listener wondered why, and when they inquired about it, their dad told them that he doesn't eat homecooked food except for what the mom makes. TOMO goes, "What kind of stubborness is that?", which the others laugh at. HARU says that maybe the mom told the dad a long time ago only to eat her cooking (RINA: "How lovey dovey").

•TOMO reads the next message from a listener who had gone camping in Hokkaido when it was -25C/-13F. Even if they turned on a heater in the tent, it would still be -10C/14F. The water used for rice would freeze and take a long time to cook. In the end it was too cold so they moved to a bungalow. MAMI wonders what it would be like camping in that temperature. TOMO says that your life's in danger at that point while the others laugh. HARU says that of course TOMO, who loves camping, wouldn't do that. TOMO says that -8C/18F is doable with a campfire and is almost comfortable, but without a campfire, the only thing that camping in those temps would be is harsh. She says that camping when it's -25C really is dangerous, and that moving to a bungalow was the correct answer.

•MAMI reads the next message from a listener who used to apply for prizes that magazines would give out. One time there were 3 pairs of beach sandals from a snowboard brand up for grabs, and the listener ended up winning a pair. They didn't use them since they were a little pricy, but they thought it'd be more of a waste not to use them, so they took them out after a year and tried them on. One side fit perfectly, but one side was a little small. When they checked the sizes they realized they had been sent one side in an M and one side in an L. The magazine they had won it from had already gone out of business and they had applied for the prize a year ago, so there was nothing that could be done. They thought about it and realized that the other winners might have had the same problem. They then recommend that everyone should open up and check their packages when they get them. They also say they'd like an Apollo pouch, which the band laughs at. HARU says that they might be able to find the other winners if they looked for them. MAMI agrees and says they could look for them via social media. She also says that they might find them by looking on selling apps. The others laugh and HARU says she could totally picture people selling sandals in different sizes on them.

•After "eternal" plays, they talk about the song and the process behind it, all of which they've already talked about elsewhere. Things they mention: The sound is a little different than ones they've done before, they took a different approach to recording the song (they recorded at a producer's home studio instead of a studio like usual), RINA recorded her drum parts entirely on drum pads and not on an actual drum kit, nothing lasts forever which is why the present is very important, they want their listeners to live in the now while cherishing themselves.

•RINA reads the next message from a listener whose story is from when they were a college student and went to a guy friend's house to return a bike they borrowed from him. When they got there, the friend was sitting on a motorbike in front of the house for some reason. He told the listener that he was going to an athletic field and asked if they'd like to come along. It didn't look to them like he was going exercising and thought it was kind of weird, but they decided to go since they didn't have any other plans that day. The listener wanted to ride on the motorbike, so they sat on the back seat behind the friend. When they got to the place, they had actually arrived at a (horse) race track. According to the friend, it's an "athletic field for horses." RINA says that telling someone they're "going to an athletic field" is a pretty tricky way to invite someone, and HARU mentions going by motorbike too, which RINA laughs at. She also says that maybe they were trying to act cool, which HARU laughs at. TOMO says that maybe the friend wanted the listener to be like, "What?!", which the others seem to agree with. She says that the friend's a guy after all, which makes the others laugh.

•HARU reads the next message from a listener who came across a "lucky vending machine" (basically, you can win something by buying something from the machine) on a station platform. He bought a bottle of tea, won, and got another bottle free. However, the bottles got stuck in the opening when he went to retrieve them. He pulled on the bottles with all his might for about a minute. He thought he probably looked like someone who was struggling to get his drinks since he made the mistake of buying two at once. In his head he was shouting, "I got two bottles of tea for the price of 120 yen - I'm actually a lucky boy today!" TOMO says that she's never won a bottle of tea before. The others say they haven't either.

•TOMO reads the next message from a listener whose friend started going to a gym for health reasons a while back, and they were surprised when they saw them for the first time in a year recently. The friend had gotten muscular, tanned, and looked like a martial arts fighter. A lot of people were into bodybuilding at the gym the friend joined, they became friends with those people, and got hooked on it too. The friend has even appeared in smaller competitions. The listener was surprised at the unexpected development and was envious of their friend's muscles, so they also started going to the gym. RINA says that people definitely are influenced by things like the gym. They mention the tanning part and wonder if it's to make the muscles look better, especially if they were to apply oil. They also say that's awesome that they've even taken part in competitions.

•MAMI reads the next message from a listener who is a firefighter and was dispatched since there was possibly a person who had fallen in their house. The entrance was locked and they couldn't enter, but they did hear a groaning noise coming from inside. They hurriedly unlocked the door and went inside. Right after entering they saw the source of the groaning: A parrot doll with a motion sensor that cries out when it detects movement. There was of course no one actually at home. The band is surprised at what happened but say that these things do happen. They also wonder why it had been set to make a groaning noise, and that maybe it was due to its batteries dying out. MAMI says that they've gotten a lot of odd messages today.

•HARU says that time's up for the program. The band says that it was a lot of fun and interesting. HARU also says that after this they'll recording an after talk segment where they'll read messages they couldn't air on this special due to "various circumstances." She wonders what the "circumstances" are, and that they're probably weird stories. The other laugh at that. HARU says that perhaps the overall winner is the "sea chicken" story. The others laugh and say it's quite mysterious. MAMI says that the latter half of the episode was filled with mysterious stories.

【Translated Summary】
TOKYO FM - 『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 〜ON AIR〜, After Talk

•The band says that their third special program was a lot of fun and that the "Eh? Seriously?" theme was a good one. RINA says that she can't believe so many people have stories that fit the theme. They also mention how a lot of people sent in messages for the first time; TOMO estimates it to be about 80%. HARU says that that's what special programs are all about: finding and getting new listeners. They then start to read stories that they weren't able to on the special.

•HARU reads a message from a listener whose story is from 15 years ago when they ordered a birthday cake for their first love. When they were asked what name they should put on the cake, the listener said, "Aki (autumn), like the season" since their SO's name was Aki. The listener waited excitedly, and when it was done, the cake had said, "To Aki, like the season" on it. RINA said that that kind of thing does happen. TOMO says that the name sounds like a nickname someone would use to write into the show with. RINA wonders if the person who was writing it didn't wonder if they had gotten the name wrong. TOMO wonders if the listener had said something like, "[Their name is] Aki. Aki, like the season." HARU says that's probably the case. MAMI wonders if the kanji that makes up "Aki" isn't the same as the one that's on makes up the kanji for "autumn," so perhaps they didn't understand. HARU says due to the listener submitting this for the "Eh? Seriously?" theme means that it's probably more due to the employee mishearing.

•TOMO reads the next message from a listener who lived alone in an apartment as part of dorm life when they were in high school. Two kids in the same class as them dropped by before summer vacation and asked the listener to lend them some money. They had come all the way to the dorms so the listener couldn't refuse them and lended them tens of thousands of yen (hundreds of USD). When the listener came to school after vacation, they found out that the pair had left the school and wasn't able to get in contact with them, so it resulted in the listener being robbed of tens of thousands of yen. The band groans and says that's the worst. TOMO says that she also lent money and it was never repaid. They say that that losing that amount of money is a lot of a high school student. HARU says that those two in the listener's story probably did a lot of other bad things and couldn't come to school anymore.

•MAMI reads the next message from a listener who talks about "Catch up" and the segments and stuff featured on it? lol it was really long so I will not be writing more about it =P

•RINA reads the next message from a listener whose son decided to attend college and therefore decided to take driving lessons. Basically, during the eyesight test they told him to come back after he gets some glasses. They then had to meet up with their son to take them to an eyeglasses place. The band says there's no helping that. MAMI wonders if an eye test wasn't written about in the instructions. TOMO says she thinks it is, and MAMI thinks that it's probably because the son didn't realize that his eyesight wasn't at the acceptable level. TOMO says that everyone's eyesight is probably getting worse because of smartphones and the like, and that we need to be careful. She also mentions that there's some brand (?) of glasses that are said to improve your eyesight just by wearing it for an hour a day. The others are surprised by this. MAMI asks if it's true that they'll improve eyesight, and TOMO says that it apparently is. HARU says that there are contacts that supposedly do this too that you put in before you sleep and take out when you wake up. TOMO says that there may be a future where everyone's eyesight is at normal levels without having to do stuff like surgeries. RINA says that this is basically like Doraemon . MAMI says that it's like Doraemon's gadgets. HARU then goes, "What are we even talking about?" which they all laugh at.

•They then close out the after talk and say once more that the special program was a lot of fun.

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Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 FdtTi4P

A day off + tell us about this, will you?

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 UuELfoG

Today I went to a lifestyle shop
I had been interested in〜^^
Combined with how things are right now,
I realized that I have less chances
To do what I like doing,
So I felt that it really charged me up.
It was fun talking a lot with the staff◎
It was exciting to see a vintage store for the first time in forever!

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 T6eY8oQ

I also got new tableware
And am looking forward to my meals starting from tomorrow^^

What kind of fun things have happened for you recently?
Stuff like, "Looking back now, that was a really important time in my life〜,"
Or, "That thing I ate that day was delicious"...
Or talking about a graduation ceremony〜.
Or memories from a wedding.
From big events to trivial moments in everyday life.

We're currently doing a sharing campaign on TikTok,
So if you'd like, please give a peek into your everyday lives〜^^

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 Z9PMn2c

The image I had of TikTok
Was that it was relatively popular among students,
But after opening our official account and opening the app from time to time,
There are surprisingly a lot of things that adults are hooked on,
And it's pretty fun^^

Follow us,
And feel free to take part in the campaign〜!


2021/3/14 20:48











@scandal_band_official 7640 フォロワー、0 フォロー、19.0k いいね - SCANDALの投稿動画を楽しみましょう


2021/3/14 20:48

Fender's American Professional II Series - THE ONE. FOR ALL. featuring TOMOMI

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 ETo6QPt

The latest series by Fender, "American Professional II," was announced in the fall of 2020. With the series concept "THE ONE. FOR ALL." = "For everyone who loves the guitar/bass," leading artists in Japan were asked about their history and their vision for the future. This time, bassist TOMOMI from the leading Japanese all-girl band SCANDAL makes an appearance. She talked about her roots, overseas activities, and how she's spent her time during the pandemic.

I want to take pride in us being an all-girl band.

―In 2020 the world was completely changed by COVID-19. How did affect SCANDAL's activities?

TOMOMI: We had planned to go on a world tour all year last year. However, COVID started spreading right around the time our tour was to start, and in the end we had to cancel/postpone all of the dates. Our schedule was then completely empty since we had almost no plans outside of the world tour. Although we did release a few things, we were basically at home the whole time.

―What was your state of mind like?

TOMOMI: Ever since the band formed we'd never had a year where we basically couldn't play any concerts, so I honestly felt depressed. Concerts are SCANDAL's main livelihood, and it's not only an output but also an input. By not having that, it's difficult for us to create new things. It may have also made our song production come to standstill. Most of all, it truly was tough for us who love concerts.

―How did you move on from there?

TOMOMI: At any rate, we had no choice but to move forward. First, we did a livestream concert called 〈“Kiss from the darkness” Livestream〉 on August 21st, the band's 14th anniversary. Although there was no live audience, we had monitors right in front of us so that we could see comments in real time from those tuning in. It was like each of the viewers' inner voices, which we wouldn't have been able to hear if this was a normal concert, were being visualized, and we felt extremely close to everyone. That truly saved me. Also, this was a precious experience that reminded us that we really do love playing concerts.

―This year is SCANDAL's 15th anniversary. What's it like to look back on it all?

TOMOMI: I think it's amazing, if I do say so myself (laughs). By saying how we've been at this for 15 years, it feels like a lot of things happened. We belonged to a dance & vocal training school, which is where the band formed and we picked up instruments. Back then I didn't even know that the bass was an instrument and I couldn't even hear the sounds the bass makes (laughs). That's where I started from.

―Wow (laughs). How did you improve from there?

TOMOMI: We focused on doing covers. We covered Sadistic Mika Band, JUDY AND MARY, other J-Pop acts that were popular at the time—we did everything from A to Z. We didn't even think of doing scale practice because we were just doing covers (laughs).
YouTube wasn't as developed as it is now, and we got tabs that were printed in magazines.
But since we started doing street performances about a year after we formed, I feel that that us trained both mentally and technically.

―Who is a bassist that you look up to?

TOMOMI: I was told about the Red Hot Chili Peppers soon after I started my musical activities. I thought the way Flea plays the bass is really cool. Looking back, we used to dance to funk music like songs from when RHCP first started—perhaps that's why I like hip-hop now. I've always liked low tones.

―SCANDAL also does activities overseas. Do you have pride in being a "band from Japan"?

TOMOMI: I want to take pride in us being an all-girl band more than being a band from Japan. Globally too, all-girl bands often aren't around for that long. I want to have confidence in us being around for 15 years. Besides, there are so many all-girl bands in Japan compared to overseas, so in a sense it can be said that all-girl bands are part of Japanese culture.

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 42fQRrB

―You made your major label debut as a high-school band when you were a teenager. What was your turning point as a professional?

TOMOMI: I had the opportunity to play in a guest backing band for a weekly TV program, and at that time I felt super on edge. It's not possible to get the performance to stop if you make a mistake. When I was placed in that environment, I realized how professional it all was.

―What's something that you currently value as a professional?

TOMOMI: I'm proud that we're the gateway for middle and high schoolers to pick up instruments. It often happens that those who want to play an instrument will choose a SCANDAL song to cover. That really makes me happy. We'll never forget the songs that we covered when we were in high school―they'll forever be some of our favorite songs. I want to continue valuing being that kind of band for someone.

―What memories of Fender basses do you have?

TOMOMI: The first time I came across a Fender bass was when I inherited one from a dance school teacher. Up until then I had been doing our street performances with a "beginner's kit" that I had bought, and when I was asked, "Do you want to try out a proper bass?", that teacher lent it to me. I then used it for all of the performances after that, and when I was about to move to Tokyo and tried returning it with a thanks, they said to me, "Isn't that your bass?" (laughs). Even now I always bring that bass with me to our weekly rehearsals.

―Lastly, do you have a message for beginner players and those who are starting to play bass?

TOMOMI: Nowadays, there are a lot of instructional videos and cover videos that explain how to play the bass on YouTube. I think it's a good idea to use that as a base to take on new challenges. You'll find lots of styles that look cool. Perhaps increasing the number of your favorite songs, favorite music phrases, and favorite bass players is the fastest way to improve.

―Rather than deciding at an early stage what style you'll go with, it might be better to try out several things and increase your choices.

TOMOMI: I really think so. I think that those who are interested in anything until they finally find something that makes them go, "This is it!" are amazing.

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 DjtQdRw

Secret base - 2021-03-13 (RINA) - Sun Mar 14, 2021 6:16 am

Secret base

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 LDWVJGW

It's raining a lot today〜
Those going outside, please be careful...

Yesterday, all of us
Fine tuned a demo of a new song.
We did it at the studio of Satori Shiraishi,
Who arranged "eternal" with us...!
It really is like a secret base.

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 KsfjXJh

It seems that his music friends overseas
Are making speakers from Spam cans,
And we all played around with them^^
So cute^^

Ah, I had missed blogging about this before,
But I wrote another lyrics essay
For UtaNet〜!

Those who haven't read it yet,
Please do〜^^


2021/3/13 19:40









SCANDAL 今までの痛みと喜びがちゃんとポケットに入ってたから、書けた。
今日のうた - 歌ネット


2021/3/13 19:40

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The 38th upload from RINA to her YouTube channel:

English subs:

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Links to English subs for all of RINA's videos can be found here:

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Appearing in Shiseido's commercial

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 WZHpoLs

I'm appearing
In a web commercial for "ULTIST,"
Shiseido's new hair color product^^

The shoot wrapped up last year,
So I'm happy I finally get to tell you about it!
The day we shot it was so much fun^^

I also made a behind-the-scenes vlog of it,
So please check that out〜!

English subs:

I'm looking forward
To your comments and opinions〜!

And, you can watch the completed commercial here:

English subs:

It made me so happy
That continuing to post what I like
Led to a new gig and encounters^^

I've used "ULTIST" after the shoot too
For touch ups,
And my hair color looks like how it does now.
I also summarized in a video how you can get my hair color,
So I hope it's useful
To those who'd like to have the same color^^

English subs:

It always makes me really happy
When people mimic my hair color and makeup^^

For me, "ULTIST" was a hair color
That faded beautifully
And gave little damage,
And really fulfilled everything I was looking for.

I'll keep on having fun
With different hair colors and hairstyles^^


2021/3/12 19:35



ヘアカラー剤 "ULTIST" のweb CMに








"ULTIST" は、色落ちの過程もかなり綺麗で



2021/3/12 19:35


spring - 2021-03-12 (RINA) - Fri Mar 12, 2021 3:43 am


Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 Dg881sU

Spring's here〜!
Surrounded by nice weather
We shot on location somewhere yesterday^^

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 OowbQZL

It'll be in our SCANDAL MANIA
Newsletter and on the site as a video,
So those in our fan club, please look forward to it〜!

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 JjPnNEs

Speaking of our fan club,
The day when we'll be able to finally see you all on tour
Is getting closer〜^^
We finally get to tour around the country! I'm so happy!

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 ZTvHHef

On our fan club tour that starts next month,
We'll be putting together the setlist
While referencing our popular song contest that has been going on for a while now,
And this tour will be like an interim announcement
Of the popular song rankings〜

So far, many of the songs that do well at concerts
Are in the top ranks,
And it's turning out to be a setlist that'll be at the max peak the whole time haha

It's still not possible to have fun
By getting loud and shouting at concerts,
But you'll be getting
A special feeling unique to fan club members
Plus the feel of it being like, "This is what concerts at live houses are all about!"^^
This time will be one where you can relish feeling good after such a long time.

There's a lot to look forward to,
Like playing at a newly built live house for the first time!
At any rate, let's let everything out as much as we can.
We haven't started rehearsals yet,
But the excitement keeps growing each day...haha
Wait for usー!


2021/3/12 12:22














SCANDAL - イープラス


2021/3/12 12:22

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【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 53

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 VOqA06z
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 AevMtN6

•The episode starts off with this. The title in Japanese, "MAMImume, Mujintou," is a play on the "m" syllabary order in hiragana (ma, mi, me, mu, me, mo).

•HARU says that there is only one site, Aqua Styles , that sells islands. The three-island-deal that their staff mentions is this one . The staffer says that the areas of the three islands are 1692 ㎡, 575 ㎡, and 317 ㎡. They also say that the listing says, "You can enjoy fishing on the weekends and also create your own kingdom." MAMI says that sounds tempting. They also say that it says, "Those with cruiser boats, how does this sound to you?" TOMO wonders about getting to each of the islands and if they're close to each other. The staffer seemingly repeats the part about it being your own "kingdom," and MAMI and TOMO say that you could probably build bridges to connect them. They then try guessing how much these islands would be. TOMO wonders how much rent in Saga Prefecture is. MAMI wonders if there are animals living on those islands, which the staffer says of course to, and she says that you'd have to co-exist with them. TOMO says that you can buy mountains for several millions of yen, so taking that into account she doesn't think that islands would cost hundreds of millions. MAMI says that when you buy a mountain you're only getting a mountain, but an island faces the sea and sky so you're able to get those areas too. They're shown a picture of the islands from above and notice that they're pretty close to the mainland. TOMO says that it looks like you could do SUP around them, and HARU, who likes to do SUP, agrees. TOMO then guesses the price and says 50 million yen, RINA guesses 30 million, MAMI guesses 65 million, HARU guesses 35 million. The staffer says that correct answer is 30 million ($300,000 USD), which RINA had guessed. She goes, "No way!" TOMO says that each island would then be 10 million and that it feels like 30 million is a little cheap for three islands. HARU says that it's cheaper than a condo in Tokyo, which the others agree with right away. MAMI says it might be cheaper than condos in her hometown (Nagoya) too. TOMO goes, "It's in Saga, too - The fish there are delicious!" A staff member says something inaudible, but the band laughs and says that they've taken an interest in this.

•They move on to another island that's in Okinawa, which the staff member says is the only uninhabited island property in Okinawa. RINA says that it looks really pretty. HARU says that it's likely expensive. The staffer says that you can walk to it from Iriomote Island. The band is surprised and TOMO goes, "It's an island, right?" The staffer says that you can walk to the island when the tide's low, which RINA thinks is cool. The staffer also mentions that it's 11,000 tsubo (about 40,000 sq ft). The band all goes, "Eh?!" and says that that's pretty big. TOMO says that the fact that the tide gets that low probably means that it's hard on the fish. I'm guessing that the staffer shows them more pictures of the island that illustrates what the area around the island looks like since TOMO goes, "Ah, I see." The staffer says that you can also name the island. The band thinks that this island is more expensive than the previous one. TOMO says you could even build a theme park on it. TOMO guesses 60 million. RINA guesses 80 million. HARU says that she thinks around 60 million too. MAMI says she thinks it's probably really expensive and takes a while to guess a price before finally guessing 78 million. The staffer says none of them are correct and that the correct answer is 500 million yen ($4.6 million USD). The band immediately goes "Ehhhh?!?" loudly and are surprised by the huge leap in price. They say it's a really cool island. TOMO wonders if no one has ever lived there before. RINA says that by contrast, the previous island at 30 million yen seems more attainable. They say that this site is interesting and TOMO says that she'll probably check it out when she gets home. MAMI says that she wants to learn more about it.

•The next island is one in Shirahama in Wakayama Prefecture. They say it's a really pretty island. The staffer says it's five minutes away by boat and reads the description about how it's surrounded by the clear sea, has a white sand beach, and two basketball courts. MAMI asks for the area and is told it's 3,384 ㎡. TOMO guesses 15 million, MAMI guesses 9 million, RINA guesses 85 million, and HARU guesses 20 million. The staffer says they're close and says it's 22 million--but it looks like they actually got it mixed up with this other island that's in Mie Prefecture. The island the staffer described was definitely this island that is 150 million yen lol

•HARU then asks what's something they'd like to do on an uninhabited island. They list things like fishing, making a fire, grilling salted fish over a fire, SUP-ing, and building a house if they were to purchase an island. The staffer also mentions that the site has overseas islands for sale too and shows them one located in Maine in the US that has cottages already built on it and is 28,320 ㎡ (7 acres). The band says they really like this one and that it looks pretty expensive. MAMI guesses 95 million and TOMO says that that sounds right. HARU says that she thinks it's over 100 million. TOMO guesses 120 million and tries to convert that into USD and says $1.2 million (which is the right conversion). HARU guesses 200 million. RINA says that because the previous owners built houses on it and spent a lot of time and money on it, she thinks it's pretty expensive and guesses 180 million. The staffer says they were close: it's $1.5 million/157 million yen. They also mention islands being sold in the Carribean and Maldives, which HARU and TOMO say they'd like to visit the latter. HARU says that it's fun to guess what the prices are on overseas islands. TOMO says that it might be lonely to be on an island if you don't get enough people to make a small town on it. The staffer also mentions a chain of resort islands for sale in Australia.

•The band then closes out the corner with HARU seemingly reading from the program script and asking MAMI to take responsibility for making this segment exciting in the future too. The others wonder if this means a second one will be done in later episodes, which the staffer says might happen and that it might be about buying an island. RINA goes, "Ah, buying one. Wait, buying one?!" and the band laughs at this. MAMI goes, "That can't be true!" RINA says, "What a frightening segment." MAMI asks if there's anyone who's purchased an uninhabited island before to send in a message. RINA says that it might be better to broaden the horizon and also include those who have purchased a mountain. They say that people around the world listen to this program, so perhaps someone who fits the criteria might write in.

*As always, you can send in a message to the program here . I've made a guide as how to input your info and message for those who need assistance (click to enlarge):

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 6WYlmoJ Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 WvLQhcz

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Premium MelodiX! (March 8, 2021) - Thu Mar 11, 2021 8:00 am

English subs for SCANDAL's appearance on "Premium MelodiX!", March 8, 2021:

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Here is the "SWEET MEMORIES" cover (original by Seiko Matsuda) performed as the final song during "FM802 Hikigatari-bu -Haru Urara Hen♪-" with all of the performing artists singing/playing the song.

MAMI's main parts can be heard between 0:55-1:28.

#front-page #mami_hikigatari-bu
The second TOMOrocco-like project! "MAMImume, uninhabited islands"!?

Episode #53 blog

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 VLB8xDr

〜The usual sight. The quartet is munching on Meiji sweets.

MAMI: ...the Coffee Beat candy is delicious.

All: Yeah, it is.

RINA: It seems too delicious after becoming an adult.

〜They eat for a while...

HARUNA: It looks like we have a new project today...

All: (*A suspicious mood's in the air)

HARUNA: Let's just do it...
The "Quiz! TOMOrocco" project that previously featured TOMOMI is still a very popular one...

TOMOMI: No, I don't believe it.

HARUNA: It does seem true, though?
But since we can't do a Morocco quiz, so this new project is a relaunch!

It features MAMI...
"MAMImume, uninhabited islands!"

All: ...!!??

MAMI: What? What?

TOMOMI: MAMI-chan, have you ever talked about unhabited islands?

MAMI: I haven't...

HARUNA: Well then, this project goes back to when we did a quiz question about the Philippines during a previous "I see - The Catch up." Do you remember what the question was?

MAMI: Let's see...

HARUNA: The question was, "Like Japan, the Philippines is an archipelago nation composed of islands of various sizes. Japan consists of 6,852 islands. How many islands does the Philippines consist of?"

MAMI: Oh yeah.

HARUNA: And you were the one who gave the correct answer.
You answered 7431, and the correct answer was 7641.

MAMI: That's right.

HARUNA: At that time you were surprised that Japan also has a ton of islands...and so we forced this out...
Entangled with MAMI, who gave the right answer, is a MAMI-featured project... It has turned into "MAMImume, uninhabited islands!"

MAMI: ...I see. Thank you very much.

HARUNA: The script says... "It's a waste to not make use of all of your surprised reactions,
So with this MAMI feature, we're considering making it into more projects in the future"...
"This is the first uninhabited island project we're doing as an artist!", apparently.

RINA: Doing this project on the radio... Well, we wouldn't be doing this normally.

HARUNA: It's not a "MAMImume, a deserted island!" quiz... You'll look only at uninhabited island real estate sites and then talk about it...

MAMI: Got it.

HARUNA: By the way, it seems that Japan has 6430 uninhabited islands...

MAMI: There are so many uninhabited islands!

HARUNA: It seems that you can buy some...

MAMI: How are they sold? Like on a real estate site?

*Looking at an uninhabited island real estate site...

RINA: They really do sell them...

TOMOMI: Where is this island??

Staff: This is in Saga Prefecture. Three uninhabited islands are sold together.

HARUNA: Are we guessing how much it is??

Shocking "uninhabited island real estate"!
Astonishing facts are revealed one after another to the members who were confused at first.
Completely captivated by uninhabited islands! What will happen now during the new project "MAMImume, uninhabited islands!"...!?

RINA featured in Shiseido ULTIST videos - Wed Mar 10, 2021 12:04 am

RINA and MINX , the hair salon she goes to, are featured in videos promoting Shiseido's new ULTIST hair color line.

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 5SZdk2o

English subs:

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The 37th upload from RINA to her YouTube channel:

English subs:

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Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 FdtTi4P

Links to English subs for all of RINA's videos can be found here:

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Advance notice - 2021-03-09 (RINA) - Tue Mar 09, 2021 9:09 am

Advance notice

We recorded for Catch up〜!
We recorded two episodes today too^^
It's released every Monday,
So listen to it when you're on the go or before bed〜◎

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 2 5iKWs0U

I too have started to listen to a lot of podcasts
Within this past year〜.
There are so many interesting programs.
This period of time is when you want to listen to a lot of stories
About all kinds of people^^


On my YouTube channel
I posted a video about what's in my bag
That I had received requests for〜

English subs:

I'll be posting another new video at 7 pm JST today,
So let's all head to YouTube then〜!


2021/3/9 18:01


Catch up収録日〜!







2021/3/9 18:01

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UtaNet - RINA's "eternal" Lyrics Essay - Mon Mar 08, 2021 9:45 am

RINA's "eternal" Lyrics Essay
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All of the pain and joy I've experienced so far was right here in my pocket, allowing me to write about it.

On March 3rd, 2021, SCANDAL released eternal, their first single of their 15th anniversary year. In addition to the new song "eternal" produced by Satori Shiraishi, who has co-wrote many of the band's songs so far, this work also includes a remix of the same song by TOWA TEI as the B-side track. Please enjoy it!

Today's song column is a lyrics essay penned by RINA. Spelled out are the words she's found through playing music with all her strength, honesty, and tact for 15 years. This essay also conveys the feelings included in their new song "eternal." Please take it in along with the lyrics.

~Lyrics Essay: "eternal"~

You wake up from a dream.
Your pillow is sunken down along with your head. You set free the humified air through the window and head to the chilly living room. You start the day by repeating the same things, and spend every day looking for similar but slightly different discrepancies.

You've been moving forward through the light that keeps shining despite being small, without deciding on where to go today. Time goes by, even if sad things happen or if you find a happiness that couldn't be better, and you forget about them or they fade away until they become beautiful memories.

We've cried and laughed a lot during the 15 years we've been a band. We have devoted the entirety of our lives to it every year. Looking back, it's gone by in no time at all and feels as if I warped here from the time I was a middle schooler. Now we've made it to the front of the 15th door.

I don't really know what it means to be successful or rewarded, but the four of us have always been carefully and thoroughly searching for the correct answers. No matter how far we go, it's like we're always in the midway point of a marathon. Sometimes it feels like we can't run anymore if we stop for even a little bit, and sometimes we get so nervous that we don't even like it, which bothers both others and ourselves. Oh boy.

Before we knew it, dreams and goals were outstripped and changed into existence and life. That happened gradually and naturally. However, we made sure that they turned into colors that we ourselves chose. We're now at the point where we can praise ourselves a little, like saying, "We've done a good job so far." By just recognizing and forgiving ourselves, we learned for the first time that there's a release that comes with it. Everyone should be able to touch/experience a gentler world, especially during these times.

Sometimes it seems that fantasy is the most continuous thing right now. I was able to write a realistic, honest, and earnest song. All of the pain and joy I've experienced so far was right here in my pocket, allowing me to write about it.

When there's fog in front of you, wait for the wind and fan each other. Even if lost or broken, it'll be restored. Leave the future to your future self in favor of this moment. This moment doesn't last forever. Even if we're scared, we'll unlock it again. Keep continuing to watch us.



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Every March 8th is International Women's Day.
It's a day to rethink womens' ways of life,
And to express gratitude
To those who are active in all sorts of settings

I hope that this day doesn't become the only day we think about this,
And that this day every year will be the trigger
To increase awareness of many things,
And for this world to become one
Where everyone can live more freely and where we respect one another.

I brought home and am enjoying
The large amount of mimosa flowers we used for the shoot^^

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Let's make this week another great one〜^^


2021/3/8 17:02









2021/3/8 17:02

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MAMI @ FM802 Hikigatari-bu -Haru Urara Hen♪-

March 7, 2021


1. Departure
2. Stamp!
4. Haru no Uta (SPITZ cover)
5. Koe

※All songs were sung and performed acoustically by MAMI

MAMI: 「Thanks so much to FM802's Hikigatari-bu for this wonderful opportunity & everyone who came out🥺✨
It was nerve-wracking (and teeth-grinding) but it was funー〜❕👽🌸

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SCANDAL: 「【Thank you】
FM802 Hikigatari-bu -Haru Urara Hen♪- at Namba Hatch・Osaka

1. Departure
2. Stamp!
4. Haru no Uta (SPITZ cover)
5. Koe
※All songs were sung and performed acoustically by MAMI」

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MAMI: 「FM Hikigatari-bu🌸
The concert ended smoothly (so steamy) with all of the new club members
Thanks so much to everyone who came out!
I got to have an extremely great experience
With my second time playing a solo performance,
And I'm grateful that I got to sing in front of an audience amidst everything going on🥺✨
I was so nervous during the concert that I reincarnated 26 times, and after it finished I reincarnated 42 times due to the lingering memories👼
(I'm super strong even if I'm reborn)
In the club room (dressing room), I couldn't get chummy with anyone due to my shyness🍠
I really wanted to get chummy with everyone...
I'll do my best next time...
If I get too nervous, I can't control the volume of my voice
Also, I shut my eyes too much」

Yesterday and today - 2021-03-07 (RINA) - Sun Mar 07, 2021 8:07 am

Yesterday and today

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I wore new FEEDBACK items as part of my casual outfit yesterday〜 

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The size I'm wearing in the pictures
Is a size 4, the biggest size^^

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I'm kind of vibing with white right now◎

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By the way,
Seems to be the most popular item right now!

This one:

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Since all of the items are unisex,
Please check them out^^

Online store:

Well then, today,
MAMI is participating solo in the hikigatari (singing to one's instrumental accompaniment) event in Osaka.
Those able to go, have a ton of fun!
Fight on, MAMI〜!


2021/3/7 14:51












2021/3/7 14:51

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Behind-the-scenes shots from today

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For the first time in forever,
We had a shoot in a studio starting from early in the day〜^^

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We took some nice photos〜!
It was so much fun〜!

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Will be appearing live on
From 20:25〜20:45 JST〜!
Those able to listen to it, please do
See you soon〜^^


2021/3/6 18:17







2021/3/6 18:17

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 52

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•The episode starts off with the band mentioning that they've been doing "Catch up" for a year now and that a lot has happened such as having to record remotely, recording outside, etc., and ask for the fans to support it for another year. They also mention that their new single eternal is releasing this week and that fans are probably wondering what the remix done by TOWA TEI sounds like. They then air it. After, they say that they're sure everyone was surprised by it since it sounds like a completely different song. They mention that this came about due to TOMO being acquainted by TOWA TEI via the DJ events she took part in and asking him to remix the song. The band talked about this in their interview with Music Natalie, but TOMO mentions that right after the remix was done and he sent it to them, the band all listened to it in the car and it basically turned into a club. HARU says that she's glad they listened to it in the car. RINA says that while they were still pumped up they went to go eat at a family restaurant. HARU laughs and says that it's a mystery as to why they went to a family restaurant. RINA agrees and says that this was their first time going to one in forever. They say that they want a lot of people to listen to this remix since gives off a new impression of the band.

This follows.

•MAMI reads a message from a listener who suggests program merch such as a Fine Line Association sticker where you don't know if it's a seal or a sticker, which makes the staff laugh. They also suggest an Apollo-pattern bucket hat with the Apollo pattern resembling cow print (because it's the Year of the Ox), as well as some other things that MAMI reads slowly, sounding unsure of what's written. MAMI then goes, "Ah, is that it?" HARU asks what that is, but MAMI continues reading the message. TOMO interrupts and goes, "We have no idea what you just said!" while everyone laughs. RINA goes, "Why are these kinds of people always able to connect with MAMI?" MAMI reads the last suggestion again, which has to do with an Apollo pen, and which was the listener trying to do a pun with the "Pen Pineapple Apple Pen " song title lol: "Pen Catch Apollo Catch up Pen." The others go, "...oh..." and are silent for a second before laughing. They recap what the listener's suggestions were and HARU goes, "I don't want to consider any of them." The others and staff laugh and MAMI goes, "That poor listener!" They say that the ideas of a sticker and bucket hat themselves are good ideas (but not necessarily the exact ones that were suggested). They pause for a second before going, "Got it." and laughing again. MAMI says the pen's name and TOMO repeats it, which makes her go, "That feels nice to say!" The others laugh and HARU goes, "You've got to be kidding!" RINA is doubtful until she tries saying it too, which she also says feels nice to say. She doesn't think that HARU will feel the same way. The others agree. HARU tries saying it and also agrees that it feels nice to say. They laugh and HARU jokingly goes, "I'm mad!" while everyone laughs.

•HARU reads the next message from a listener who suggests a towel made in collaboration with Apollo and SCANDAL. They say that many SCANDAL fans most likely like going to concerts, so if you were to bring it to a venue you'd attract attention and it could be a talking point, which could be good for those attending a concert alone, and bear new exchanges between fans. The band says that a towel sounds good.

•TOMO reads the next message from a listener who suggests a bunch of things including an Apollo ring case and stand, which are inspired by the Love Advice segment. They say that couples who are SCANDAL fans can use it when proposing, and say that single fans can also use it to store jewelry in. They also suggest Apollo-shaped earphones, Apollo paperweight, Apollo self-inking rubber stamps, Apollo magnet, Apollo nightcap, and an Apollo cushion. They list why their ideas could be good, but I'm not going to type all that out lol. The band mentions the ring case which they say sounds nice. TOMO says that the listener says it could be used while proposing, which makes the band laugh and go, "I don't know about that..." They say the ideas were interesting and a lot of them sound doable.

•RINA reads the next message from a listener who suggests an Apollo-shaped magnetic clip and an actual-size Apollo acrylic stand. The band laughs and says that an actual-size Apollo stand would be very small . They also suggest doing "Apollo no Yama / no Sato" where the tops of made of Apollo. HARU goes, "This is it!" which the staff laughs at. MAMI suggests making the biscuit/cookie part of them chocolate instead. TOMO goes, "This isn't merch; it's product development!" RINA says it'd be a pretty high hurdle to clear, but the idea is interesting. They revisit the stand idea and say once again how small it'd be.

•MAMI reads the next message from a listener who suggests a mask case with an Apollo design. RINA says it's very practical. TOMO says it sounds good, and that it goes with what's going on right now.

•The band then recaps the ideas suggested during this episode as well as ones previously suggested. They like the ideas of a sticker, tote bag, towel, pick, cushion, t-shirt, magnet. HARU says she'd be interested how an Apollo nightcap would be like, and MAMI says it sounds cute. TOMO says that the sizing might be a problem, but MAMI suggests making it with elastic. They also say that it could be made with silk. HARU says that that wouldn't work out cost-wise as they wouldn't be able to give any out at all, which the others laugh at. They thank the listeners for all of the ideas and say that 5-6 items will be selected, and that Meiji will do the selection.

*As always, you can send in a message to the program here . I've made a guide as how to input your info and message for those who need assistance (click to enlarge):

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