Caless Student
Caless Student
What are your best live bands you have seen.

Since 80s I was on dozens of live concerts and festivals like Monsters Of Rock, Dynamo Eindhoven - rock, punk and metal til death and black metal, real live and not on youtube. On youtube i have seen any concerts from j-rock bands.

After seen on youtube from:
Silent Siren the complete shows from Budokan 2015, Yokohama Arena 2016 and Dream On! Tokyo Gym 2016
Scandal the complete shows from Budokan 2016 and 10th Anniversary Osaka 2016

...both bands are the best, I have seen live.

This is just the song list of Silent Siren, Yokohama Arena 2016:
Milk Boy, August Night, Bang! Bang! Bang!, Bisan, China Kiss, Love Install, Hikari, Love Fighter, What Show Is It?, Refreshing Rock, Hapimari, Nukumor, Reira, Slow Morning, Ms. Yoshida, C.A.F.E., DanceMusiQ, Kakumei, Guruguru Wonderland, Cherribum
and full of power throughout, mainly fast songs and rock to go with.

And tih is just the sonlist of Scandal, 10th Anniversary Osaka 2016:
Love Survive, Beauteen, Happy Birthday, Playboy, Taiyou Scandalous, Yoake No Ryuuseigun, Koi Moyou, Uchiage Hanabi, Doll, Shoujo S, Shunkan Sentimental, Switch,  Aitai, Sayonara My Friend, Sisters, Love Me Do, Stamp!, Take Me Out, Koe, Awanaitsumorino, Genkidene, Everybody Say Yeah!, Your Song, Image, Rock'n Roll, 8gatsu, Scandal Baby, Scandal in the House
yes this must be 4 hours of full power

Both bands shows:
Much show an comunication with fans from all band members. They animated fans and playing songs in other versions. This is full of power, cheerful and happy, friendliy and fun and without aggression.
But I have seen Scandal and Silent Siren just on youtube and not real live. Real live is even better and bigger.
My words can only tell weakly, you should see for yourself Scandal and Silent Siren Happy

I have forgot one band. Rush and my Rush in Rio live dvd. Long time ago I have seen. And Rush from Canada ist the best  progressive rock band for me.
Awake from Dream Theater is my fafourite metal album. I have seen live on DVD  also in the week I have seen Rush in Rio. I don´t remember this video, but it was even great.

Today I´m watching Gacharic Spin - Tour Final @ Tokyo Dome City Hall. Very good and full of power and comparable to Scandal and Silent Siren. Exist in Japan more great live bands like these three?

Best real live seen band was death metal band Disharmonic Orchestra, this must be 1990 or 1990 and played just before 50 fans. An intersting band with many ideas and fun.

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