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BARKS - RINA's First Signature Snare
Posted Mon Nov 08, 2021 10:30 am



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RINA from SCANDAL talks about her first signature snare drum: "I've lived half my life so far as a drummer"

BARKS - RINA's First Signature Snare 001

Fashionable and elegant. RINA from SCANDAL is the leading drummer who has nimbly rewritten the image of strong, rugged drumming. With expressive sounds and drumming that are sometimes delicate and sometimes loud, she has created a new, larger-than-life style and made the drums more majestic. RINA's first signature snare drum, which will be released soon, is also brimming with her own unique preferences. Based on her experience of being in a band for 15 years, she was genuine in her approach in creating this drum and and has completed an unprecedented snare with a high level of artistry. The same is true for this interview. The artwork that accompanies the promotion of the signature snare is based on RINA's own ideas, and it is no exaggeration to say that this creativeness was created with her own hands.

This long interview features the story behind her signature snare, the sound sought for her new fourth generation drum set, being the drummer of SCANDAL, tips to continue loving the drums for a long time, and her source of creativity. It highlights drummer RINA's essence and, at the same time, gives you the feel for her footsteps that have stylishly created her future.

■"Because my first drum set was by Pearl, Pearl is what I consider to be fundamental for me"

──You held "SCANDAL 15th ANNIVERSARY LIVE『INVITATION』 at Osaka-Jo Hall" on August 21st in commemoration of your 15th anniversary. The pandemic made this difficult to be held, but first, please tell us what you felt before the event and how you responded to the successful performance.

RINA: We felt uneasy right until the concert because cases kept rising, but naturally, we had been rehearsing with the intention of holding the performance, and building our mentality as well. At any rate, we really felt like, "This summer we'll concentrate on this concert at OJH and live our lives doing so." It was so relieving to have fans that wanted us to perform even during this difficult time, and wanting to hold a concert with everyone in attendance played a huge part. We took on the challenge of creating a perfect setlist and making sure to convey who we are right now.

──The band has been around for 15 years. It's not easy to build that kind of career. When you're on stage, are there moments when days of the past 15 years come to mind?

RINA: Staffers who have been supporting us since our major debut still tour with us and help create our live performances, so they courteously understand our current style as our personalities and the band have changed. They incorporate the ideas we want to do, such as, "This is who we are now, and this is kind of production want to do," or "We want the lighting to be like this." I'm very happy that each staff member does what they can to the max.

──All of the staff members need to feel like they're actual members of the band.

RINA: That's definitely true. We felt even more grateful and happy as we created the show.

──That performance at Osaka-Jo Hall was the first time your new drum set and signature snare debuted. Had you been wanting to get a new set?

RINA: Looking back, I've been changing my drum set every 4-5 years. This one is my fourth original drum set.

──All four of your sets have been ones by Pearl. Why did you decide to go with Pearl in the first place?

RINA: Drummer Masato Yamashita sometimes comes to the studio with me and gives me advice. He's also a pro drummer who tours with [singer-songwriter] Ayaka and records for all sorts of artists. He said to me, "I think Pearl drums would suit you, RINA" (laughs), and actually put me in touch with Pearl. Since Yamashita is a drummer and musician that I admire, I thought it be nice to have the same manufacturer as him.

──When you played Pearl drums for the first time, what did you like about it?

RINA: Because my first drum set was by Pearl, Pearl is what I consider to be fundamental for me. They are a manufacturer used by drummers worldwide, and when I picture drums, I think of Pearl. I was happy to be drumming on that set.

BARKS - RINA's First Signature Snare 006

──When you've gotten new drum sets in the past, have they been related to changes in your feelings or changes sound-wise?

RINA: Both, I think. We used to make one album per year, and my musicality also changed little by little—I also had many chances to talk with my roadie about things like, "It'd be great if I had this kind of drum sound" - "Then try making your next drum set this size." Like I mentioned earlier, I would change my set out every four or five years. So, despite the changes in our music, it feels like I had changed my set to match the band's fifth and 10th anniversary events.

──And that's exactly what happened with this drum set, which made its debut at your 15th anniversary concert. Preorders for your signature snare drum opened up in mid September, but when did you start wanting to make your own signature snare in the first place?

RINA: I had previously done a shoot for a Pearl snare drum poster [back in late 2010]. At that time, I just started thinking, "I want my signature snare to be visually striking. I'd love to come out with my own original snare one day."

──When it came time to start making your signature snare, what was the first thing you were particular about?

RINA: First, to go with a covering that would be easy to recognize. I wanted to create a design I had never seen before, and I wanted to make it something that I would like and would make you think at first glance, "Ah, that's an original drum by RINA." After deciding on the covering, I chose what kind hardware would be the most fitting and would feel new.

BARKS - RINA's First Signature Snare 012
BARKS - RINA's First Signature Snare 013
▲Pearl Signature Snare Drum “RINA” Model ~Limited Edition~
A signature snare based on the Pearl Reference Series Brass Snare Drum "RFB1450." Size: 14"x 5". The 3mm-thick brass shell materializes a powerful, sharp sound. RINA's selected specs show their true value in every scene, such as the Fat Tone hoop that unifies extra overtones, and the Ultra Sound snare wire that is delicate and has excellent build up in sound. In addition to its elegant and chic light-purple color, the original design covering with ivy is very highly-designed.

──I'm sure you must have played all types of snares when recording, but what kind of sound did you want for your signature snare?

RINA: My roadie and the team at Pearl know my playing style, so they made suggestions based on the snares I've used before and were like, "What do you think of this?" We all put together the best sound. Because I like the sound of brass shells in particular, we decided at the beginning to go with brass. The shell is neither too thick nor too thin, and I chose it since it's easy to use something that fits all kinds of melodies. It's powerful but is able to produce delicate sounds, which is what I like, so I was also particular about the snappiness of it and customized it as such.

──I'm sure there was some trial and error before it actually took shape, so how did you feel when the prototype was completed?

RINA: The first completed sample made me go, "This is just awesome!" It made me so happy. I made the color a light purple, and I thought that I could create a snare that was truly my own by putting a design of flowery vines that I like, on a color that I like.

BARKS - RINA's First Signature Snare 003

■"After all, I think that a band's image can change simply by the color of the drum set"

──The covering of your new drum set uses "Matte White Marine Pearl," a special color that is not offered for sale in Japan.

RINA: That's right. I wanted the covering itself to have a design. I've used pink, white, and red for my past drum sets, and this time the design has a pattern on it rather than just it being pure white and has a slightly matte texture. It's exactly the very-stylish and wonderful covering that I had wanted. I'm the only one in Japan who is using this color, which makes me feel that I made something that's truly special.

──It looks like a white shell from a distance, but when you look closer you'll see that the shading is quite elaborate.

RINA: It has quite a unique texture, doesn't it? It looks good in any kind of lightning and the nuances of the shell change depending on the color of the light, which I think is fascinating. Also, the bass drum hoop makes use of the color of the wood. It creates a very nice naturalness—it's natural but accentuated. I also really like its design.

BARKS - RINA's First Signature Snare 009

──The shell of your previous drum kit was a Masters Maple Complete one made of thin maple material. This time, it's a Master Maple/Gum one. Do the texture of sound and the feel of when you strike the drums differ quite a bit?

RINA: It's shockingly different. It makes me go, "I really like this depth and how it sounds!" This is a drum set that suits who I am right now. Also, I've recently added pedals and triggers that play programmed music that synchronize with my drumming, and the compatibility with those sounds is also very good. It has an exquisite sound that feels great when you play it. I'm not familiar with the details of equipment, but I told my roadie and the Pearl team things like, "I like sounds that make you feel like this," and they chose the type of drums and customized it.

──Did you focus on sound while also focusing on appearance?

RINA: That's correct. When you make something, appearance is one of the very first things you start with. After all, I think that a band's image can change simply by the color of the drum set. In that sense, I'll be able to use this set, with a base color of white that can be dyed [in lights] in any color, for the next few years.

──Another fashionable highlight of it is that both the snare and the drum set are equipped with metal plates engraved with your name and the band's name.

RINA: I also had those made as original pieces. I put a flower motif design on the plate to match the snare shell design, which gives everything a sense of unity. I was particular about everything I was able to be particular about, down to the finest details (laughs).

BARKS - RINA's First Signature Snare 014
▲Pearl Masters Maple/Gum / RINA DRUM KIT
Launched in 2020, new product "MMG" (Masters Maple/Gum) incorporates the new material of gumwood into the Masters lineup. The shell is a 6-ply one with equal thickness, consisting of 4-ply maple and 2-ply gumwood. By matching the natural warmth of maple with the toughness of gumwood, a characteristic of the sound is emphasizing the mid-low range. The pliant sound is favored by drummers who sing in bands, making it outstandingly compatible with SCANDAL's sound.

BARKS - RINA's First Signature Snare 015
▲The set consists of a bass drum (22"x 18"), a tom-tom (12"x 8"), a floor tom (16"x 16"), and a RINA Signature Snare Drum (RN1450S/C). All cymbals are made by Sabian: HHX Groove Hat (14"), AA Medium Thin Crash (18"), AA Splash (10"), AA Medium Heavy Ride (20"), AAX V-Crash (18"), AAX China (18").

──How did it feel actually playing it during rehearsals for your Osaka-Jo Hall performance and the actual performance?

RINA: With the first strike on day 1 of rehearsals, I thought, "This is the best set I've ever had!" It's the best sound-wise as well as appearance-wise. I'm completely satisfied with this set.

──I'm curious to know what the other members think of it.

RINA: During rehearsals, I was so happy and said to myself, "I have a new drum set!" (laughs). When I did, they were like, "This one's white, huh - Nice!" I haven't talked about it sound-wise with them in detail, but if anything, I think from the start it fit in naturally with the band's sound.

──It seems that the feelings of person drumming is reflected as is in the sound, and that is the real thrill of the drums.

RINA: That's exactly so. It's an instrument that reflects exactly what its player is feeling. I think that's one of the drum's characteristics. That's why I sit on my chair feeling happy and excited. I think that being able to play with a brand new attitude has changed my tone to this happy one you can currently hear, and that is being conveyed to both my members and our audiences.

BARKS - RINA's First Signature Snare 016
BARKS - RINA's First Signature Snare 018
▲Its most notable features include the design & color of the covering. The covering that RINA selected among the various ones both domestic and overseas was the "Matte White Marine Pearl" color sold in the USA. The white pearl pattern with a matte texture and hardware with a nickel finish similar to her previous model gives off a mature feel. Also, like her signature snare, the plate indicating that it's the RINA model is also included on the shells. The drum heads used are Remo Ambassador Coated.

──Does renewing your drum set also have an effect on your feelings?

RINA: It felt like we were off to a new start beginning from our solo concert at Osaka-Jo Hall on our 15th anniversary, so being able to use my new drum set from day that forward made me feel refreshed, excited, and really good.

──It took a while to complete, but was it a fun process?

RINA: It was so much fun. It made me happy that the Pearl team would put together a bunch of samples in response to what I told them I wanted, and it feels like we were able to make something great together.

──Were you also particular about things that aren't visible from the outside, such as the drum settings?

RINA: I currently use a total of four pedals. There's my hi-hat one, double bass pedals, kicks with electronic sounds—I have plenty equipment near my feet (laughs). Our number of songs with band sounds in the foreground, as well as songs that are electronic track-based, have increased, so adding or subtracting to our current musicality is fun when assembling a set. There aren't many drummers right now who set off programmed music, which is why it surprises all kinds of musicians (laughs). Since I have a trigger and a second snare set up for our live performances, I use three different types of sounds using snares alone. It looks like a minimal setup at first glance, but this setup can produce all kinds of sounds with a small number of equipment.

BARKS - RINA's First Signature Snare 017
▲These pedals are Pearl Eliminator Redline P-2052C. Her hi-hat stand is a Pearl Redline H-1050. In addition to these, the Roland KT-10 Kick Trigger Pedal for producing programmed sounds is set on the far right of her pedals at live performances.

──Do you use that many sounds because, as you said, SCANDAL's songs require them now?

RINA: Yes. We want to capture not only the raw sounds but also programmed sounds in a way that feels good. It's possible to layer any kind of tone when recording an album or single, but when we thought about how we'd reproduce all of that live, we added more electronic-based equipment. I'm really glad that I added in triggers to the kick drum and snare. I make use of the trigger when I'm doing rimshots, and just by adding a clear rim sound of the trigger to the raw sound adds a stunning sound. It brings out balance to the performance and adds comfort.

BARKS - RINA's First Signature Snare 010

■"It took me 15 years to finally get to know my style"

──It's been 15 years since SCANDAL formed. The band members have gained much musical experience as they've gotten older and your horizons are expanding. I'm very interested how SCANDAL will mature musically from here on.

RINA: Very true. Recently, the main thing that we've been keeping in mind when we're making songs is if we're writing ones that we can continue to perform for a long time. With the world as it is right now, rules for and how you enjoy concerts/festivals are changing. We started to think about things like, "How satisfied can one be with just sound? Can sound or the tempo be lengthened?" As we get older, we think it's better to increase the amount of music that fits who we are, no matter how old we are. The same goes for lyrics as well—I wonder if there's a softness to me that can usually be heard. Like, I wonder if I can go with words that I'm not opposed to. I think that our way of understanding and expressing strength and intensity has changed—we're not just making aggressive music. I'm sure there are many people who think that SCANDAL is a band that's aggressive and powerful, but we now have more songs that are rounded, refined, and delicate. We might be in that mode right now. There are more things that we can do now.

BARKS - RINA's First Signature Snare 004

──I think you're able to answer questions like this now: Do you have any tips to keep a band going for a long time, or to keep loving the drums for a long time?

RINA: This might be a bit of a peculiar answer (laughs), but it's not just that I want to keep playing the drums—I very much want to keep making things with the four of us in SCANDAL and to keep being a band. It's really fun to think of it like, "What kind of sound or behavior do I need as a drummer in order to fulfill that end?" It's interesting to think about what I can do as a drummer, wondering what design would be good for who we are right now, or what kind of sound would be good. So, in my case, it's really based on me being a member of SCANDAL. However, once I had my own style, I began to think that I could live my life the way I want to as a drummer. I wasn't aiming to become a specific kind of drummer and just wanted to do things the way I wanted to—that's how I arrived at this super simple idea. I wanted to push ahead as a drummer living my life comfortably, even if I wasn't similar to anyone or categorized into a genre. After that it became easier—or rather, my heart was set free. As with today's shoot, it's fun to be creative with a photographer that you trust, while wearing clothes that get you super hyped up and taking photos at angles not often seen in photos of drum equipment. It's exciting to make things that you like.

──RINA, you are an artist who excels at creativity. Do you always feel motivated?

RINA: It's more like everyone is creating things together, rather than just myself. It's fun to make something new with people from various teams. Like, "I don't have to do such-and-such because it's this kind of shoot, but how can I produce something that's new and fun?" That's how I make music, design drums, and also how I'm doing this shoot today. I think all of us share that mentality. Everything has gotten more fun since I've gotten into the mindset of expressing myself in everything I'm involved in.

──By the way, I think fans of yours are also interested in your bright-blue outfit you're wearing today. Please tell us some key points about it.

RINA: Today, I'm wearing a vintage dress that our stylist picked out for me. This shoot is the first time I'm wearing it, so I'm in a very good mood today (laughs).

BARKS - RINA's First Signature Snare 007

──SCANDAL is currently writing songs and is planning to be more proactive about holding live performances next year.

RINA: We talked about it during our [15th-anniversary] concert MC, but right now we're working on an album and are already in the second half of working on it. We also announced recently that we'll be holding a world tour next year. It's been planned for a long time, but it kept getting postponed and we've been unable to go overseas for a while now. I wish we could perform as many concerts as possible both in Japan and overseas. I want to live my life playing music energetically and having fun.

──Then, for fans and drummers who are interested in RINA's signature snare, please give us a recommendation comment such as, "I want this type of person to use it."

RINA: I recommend it to all music-loving drummers. I think that just having a model of musician that you like will greatly increase your motivation. It would also make me happy if you'd enjoy working on music while having fun. So, if you like its design or if you like our music, I hope you'll pick one up.

BARKS - RINA's First Signature Snare 011

──I'm sure there will be more opportunities in the future to use this new drum set at live performances. As you celebrate the band's 15th anniversary, what kind of drummer do you want to be?

RINA: I turned 30 this year, and thinking of how I've lived half of my life so far as a drummer, I feel deeply moved. It took me 15 years to finally get to know my style, and my favorite drum sounds and looks. I hope to continue to change and enjoy playing the sounds I like at that moment.

──Lastly, a message to everyone.

RINA: Thank you so much for your support, always. I am very happy I got to make a RINA-model snare and drum set that I designed. I will be touring and bringing you new music with this equipment, so I hope you continue to enjoy our music together with us.

BARKS - RINA's First Signature Snare 002

Pearl Signature Snare Drum  “RINA” Model  ~Limited Edition~

BARKS - RINA's First Signature Snare RN1450-C-top

■Product number: RN1450S/C
■List price: 132,000 yen (tax included)
■Order period: 2021.09.13 (Mon) ~ 2021.11.1 (Mon)
■Release date: Scheduled for 2022.03

・Size: 14” x5” 
・Shell: 3mm Brass 
・Bearing Edge: Standard45°
・Hoops: FatTone 
・SnareWire: SN-1420C
・Strainer: SR-1000
・Lugs/Tension Rods: BRL-55/SST-5047
・Heads: Remo Coated (A)/Snare Side


BARKS - RINA's First Signature Snare RINA-kit-3

■Product number: MMG/COMP-RN (Set of 3 shell pieces)
■List price: 415,250 yen (including tax); 377,500 yen (before tax)
■Order period: 2021.11.8 (Mon) ~ 2022.01.31 (Mon)
■Release date: Scheduled for 2022.06

▼Drums included:
・Bass drum: 22" x 18" (MMG2218BX/N)
・Floor tom: 16" x 16" (MMG1616F/N)
・Tom-tom: 12" x 8" (MMG1208T/N)

・Shell: Even 6ply 5.4mm (Maple 4ply + Gumwood 2ply)
・Finish: #422 - Matte White Marine Pearl
・Bass drum hoop: Maple 6-ply Wood Hoop
・Tom-tom & floor tom Hoops: MasterCast Hoop
・Lugs: Classic Type Bridge Lug
・Tension bolts: Stainless Steel
・Tom mount: Optimount Suspension System
・Hardware finish: Nickel
・Bass drum head: SCANDAL 15th ANNIVERSARY design

※Snare drum, cymbals, and mounts not included

I had already been working on a translation of this before Meph1766 posted his, so I decided to finish translating + post mine so as to not let my effort go to waste HARU peace

BARKS - RINA's First Signature Snare 39iLxaW

2011.7.3 AM2 2012.3.28 SCANDAL vs BUDOKAN 11.3+4 QAT Tour @名古屋 11.10 Happy MUSIC Live 2012 2013.3.3 SCANDAL OSAKA-JO HALL 2013 2014.6.1 HNL Ekiden & Music 2014 6.2 Fan Meeting 2015 HELLO WORLD @ Paris - London - Essen - Chicago - MEX - LA - Anaheim 2016.1.12+13 PERFECT WORLD 5.21 Welcome Fan Meeting 5.22 HNL Ekiden & Music 2016 5.23 Farewell Fan Meeting 8.21 SCAFes 2017.7.14 47 Prefecture Tour @茨城 7.15 水戸 7.17 東京 2018 Special Thanks @NY - SF - Anaheim - MTY - MEX - Dallas 2022 MIRROR @Toronto - NY - Boston - Atlanta
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Re: BARKS - RINA's First Signature Snare
Posted Wed Nov 10, 2021 12:45 am


Caless Student
Caless Student
Did I read that correctly?  You can buy the whole drum kit?  Who ordered one?  What's shipping?  Lol.

I think this is the first signature drum kit that I've seen.

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Re: BARKS - RINA's First Signature Snare
Posted Wed Nov 10, 2021 1:43 am



cantacanta wrote:Did I read that correctly?  You can buy the whole drum kit?  Who ordered one?  What's shipping?

As mentioned in the first post, the kit consists of three drums: bass drum, floor tom, tom-tom. The snare drum, cymbals, and mounts are not included.

So for approximately $2,800 USD, you get these three drums at the bottom of this image:

BARKS - RINA's First Signature Snare 000000124673-01-l

Doesn't look so impressive like that 😅

For shipping to the US via Ikebe, it'll likely cost a couple hundred dollars, making the entire cost at least $3,000-ish total.

BARKS - RINA's First Signature Snare 39iLxaW

2011.7.3 AM2 2012.3.28 SCANDAL vs BUDOKAN 11.3+4 QAT Tour @名古屋 11.10 Happy MUSIC Live 2012 2013.3.3 SCANDAL OSAKA-JO HALL 2013 2014.6.1 HNL Ekiden & Music 2014 6.2 Fan Meeting 2015 HELLO WORLD @ Paris - London - Essen - Chicago - MEX - LA - Anaheim 2016.1.12+13 PERFECT WORLD 5.21 Welcome Fan Meeting 5.22 HNL Ekiden & Music 2016 5.23 Farewell Fan Meeting 8.21 SCAFes 2017.7.14 47 Prefecture Tour @茨城 7.15 水戸 7.17 東京 2018 Special Thanks @NY - SF - Anaheim - MTY - MEX - Dallas 2022 MIRROR @Toronto - NY - Boston - Atlanta
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Re: BARKS - RINA's First Signature Snare
Posted Wed Nov 10, 2021 1:58 am


Caless Student
Caless Student
No.  However, you can buy the snare drum and the cymbals are stock so you can recreate the entire set at home.  I'm not sure if you can piece it out but I think the price of the set as a whole would trigger a customs duty as well.  

To top it off, you need a significant space to display it!  Guitars are easy making great wall decorations.

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Re: BARKS - RINA's First Signature Snare
Posted Sun Dec 05, 2021 9:10 am


Caless Student
Caless Student
It's a beautiful kit, a bit girly...but well, she's a girl Happy

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