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Happy New Year! This year, I will be trying to post translations for various older releases I haven't yet done. First up is the interview in HARUNA's photo book "SOMEWHERE," released on her 30th birthday in 2018!

【HARUNA's 1st Photo Book 『SOMEWHERE』】

Interview With HARUNA

【HARUNA's 1st Photo Book『SOMEWHERE』】Interview With HARUNA Scandal-haruna-somewhere

HARUNA, who ran through her 20s as SCANDAL's frontman, is turning 30 on August 10, 2018. She has taken a trip after just finishing a tour in Japan. The word that describes her now is "SOMEWHERE," which means "a place other than here." She doesn't have a destination, but she's heading somewhere she hasn't seen yet. The photos of HARUNA included in her photo book capture her healthy mind and body, showing a wide variety of expressions. The confidence she gained through her band activities, her victorious spirit that refuses to give in in the face of setbacks, her eyes that try to look straight at everything, her girlish smile, the sadness and tenderness of having experienced real love, her mature expression, and her true self never seen before. After a few days of vacation away from the band, we asked her to tell us about her life now.

HARUNA turns 30 on August 10, 2018

——August 10, 2018, is your 30th birthday. HARUNA, what did you think being 30 would be like?

HARUNA: I vaguely thought I'd be a very mature person... I had the impression I'd be more settled down, perhaps married. Oddly enough, I thought I'd maybe be more older looking (laughs)? But even when I debuted with SCANDAL at the age of 20, I didn't think about what I'd be like in 10 years. I couldn't imagine it at all. I don't think I was wondering what'll happen in 10 years.

——I see. So your 20s spanned the 10 years since your debut.

HARUNA: Right. That's why I thought 10 years would be a long time, but I realized that 10 years have passed in the blink of an eye. I think the time from 20 to 30 was much shorter than the 10 years from 10 to 20. I wonder why it was so short...

——I guess it is true that SCANDAL's activities were fulfilling.

HARUNA: Yes. I definitely think that I've come a long way via SCANDAL's activities. However, to be honest, because I was so fulfilled as a member of SCANDAL, I wasn't really fulfilled as an individual. But recently, I've started to understand a little bit more about how to spend my time for myself. If I had a week off, I can now afford to think, "Let's go on a trip!"

——That hadn't been the case until now.

HARUNA: I felt like I couldn't fully enjoy my time off. I was really holding myself back, and I never thought that I could gain input by enriching my time.

——Were you stoic about SCANDAL's activities anyway?

HARUNA: That's right. I think I had a strong feeling that I had to work hard. I even thought it would be a bad idea to do something else apart from the band.

HARUNA talks about work and love
Looking back at herself after running through her 20s

——You were pouring everything you have into SCANDAL, like "100% goes to SCANDAL."

HARUNA: Yeah. I really thought that the four of us should always be together as SCANDAL. But what I think at the milestone of turning 30 is that I'm starting to enjoy my life a lot more. So, just because I'm turning 30 does not mean that I'm in a hurry for anything, and in many ways I think I've become more relaxed.

——That's a good thing.

HARUNA: I feel that turning 30 years old is an event that will bring me peace of mind. In the past, I always wanted to be seen in a way that's appropriate for my age, But there have been many times when I haven't been seen that way, or even treated that way. My bandmates are two to three years younger than me, so there are always moments when I have to be two or three years younger than my actual age. I find myself thinking a little more, "I'm just a normal adult, though." By being able to say I'm 30 years old, I feel that I can be seen as an adult.

——Because SCANDAL is a band consisting of four women, there may be people worrying about you and doting on you even more. So, what do you think about the gap between HARUNA of SCANDAL and your normal self?

HARUNA: Ah, I'm in the process of filling that in. As HARUNA of SCANDAL, what I've created is pretty big. I think it's mainly the way I behave on stage, but I think I've tried to act cool beyond my capacity and say more than I thought I could.

——Is it partly because you're the frontman of the band?

HARUNA: I wonder about that. I've been thinking recently how that came about, and I think it's because I came from a dance and vocal school [Caless]. I chose to be in a band because I thought, "If I'm able to make my debut in music, I'll do it in any way I can." However, I didn't know what kind of band I had in mind or the way a vocalist in a band should behave, so I was doing things based on my own imagination. That's what I've been building up for 10 years.

——That's proof that you've been working hard.

HARUNA: Now that I think about it, I was struggling desperately... I think I could have been a little easier on myself. I don't know why, but in a sense, I had a complex about being from that kind of school. Of course, there are also things like strong grit and competitive spirit that come from being in that kind of school.

——Having that kind of perseverance has allowed the band to grow, and in a sense it's one of SCANDAL's strengths. Let's talk about the past 10 years: The band was born from a project, but you made your major debut and took your band activities seriously, not in a lax manner. You succeeded in performing at Osaka-Jo Hall, which you had longed to do, and have done large-scale tours in Japan to overseas tours. You've accomplished things that ordinary women can't experience.

HARUNA: In any case, I feel that we've been doing everything we can to reach our goals. We've cleared things one by one, such as "We're going to perform at Osaka-Jo Hall" and "We'll tour overseas." However, even though we have completed each task one by one, it doesn't mean that we are completely at peace right now. I don't think that we have yet achieved a true sense of accomplishment as SCANDAL.

——As you started writing and composing your own songs, you felt a desire to express yourselves even more, and this is precisely because you are pursuing your own expression, including through artwork.

Genuine facial expressions on stage

HARUNA: If I had tried to express myself properly from the time I debuted, I don't think my life would have turned out like this. That's why I feel so happy to be turning 30 after 10 years as HARUNA of SCANDAL. I think I can enter my 30s and show my true self as a human being a little more!

—— HARUNA, I think you've always had an older sister-like image on stage. At times, it feels like you're showing off your sadistic side to the fans as well. In recent concerts, that teasing attitude has become very natural. It's exquisite and not too sadistic.

HARUNA: I think the naturalness and everyday feel that our recent songs have had made me do that. During our recent tour in Japan, we had a segment where fans asked us all kinds of questions. We disregarded taboos and answered them honestly. The fact that I was able to do it properly and honestly meant a lot to me. There are no lies, and there's nothing to hide. When we spoke honestly, even about things that were intrusive, everyone accepted us. They could tell that we were telling the truth, and it helped us build a relationship of trust with them.

——During the Q&A portion of the tour, you were asked, "What would you do if someone you care about asked you to quit the band?" I like that you answered, "By that, you mean a boyfriend, right? I don't date people like that."

HARUNA: Yeah (laughs). But it's a dumb question because the people we really care about wouldn't tell us to quit the band.

——Indeed. Your response to the "What do you think about fans calling a member their bias?" question was also impressive. You said that it doesn't matter which member is someone's bias, and that it doesn't matter if people think of SCANDAL as a band or as an idol group. Your big-hearted answer was, "People are free to do what they want." When I was asked to do an interview around the time of the band's 10th anniversary, I think you had a stronger desire to be seen as a band, but I think you've already gone beyond that point.

HARUNA: That's right (laughs). I think that's because it's been 10 years since our debut. Maybe it's because we've gained confidence in ourselves. We can't say we're not confident. Nowadays, I don't think there's a need to hide things like how there's no way a 30-year-old isn't in love.

A time when you can express yourself
Being truthful and showing your true colors

——Perhaps due to the trend of idol culture in Japan, even bands tend to view love and family as taboos.

HARUNA: I think we live in a country where people tend to hide their personal side, and there's a tendency to believe that hiding it is the right thing to do. But personally, I prefer to see the "person" of the person, whether it's an artist or actress. I think it makes them much more likable, or rather, wonderful, to be able to see a glimpse of their lives, to feel a sense of kinship that they're not so different from us, or if they have someone they're dating. I'd like to be the same way.

——A long time ago, I think there was a false image of stars. We now live in an era where people around the world are showing their true selves.

HARUNA: We live in an era where social media has become commonplace and people can express themselves, whether they're celebrities or ordinary people, so I think it's better to be more natural. I don't think it's cool to reveal everything, but there are definitely parts that cannot be hidden, so I think it's okay to show your true colors and not lie.

——In fact, SCANDAL's recent works have realistically expressed songs about everyday life and the sadness of love.

HARUNA: That's right. I think we're able to properly create music from things and events that happen in our daily lives. I've always had that stance, but when I was more familiar with the idea of "working hard toward your dreams," I used that in my songs, and I think that has changed in many ways. Now, 10 years later, it's no longer about what venue we're working hard to perform at or what we're aiming for, but about how long we can continue as a group of four, and what kind of fun things we can do in the process.

HARUNA's real love life

——SCANDAL's music these days feels like they're talking about fashion and love with their female friends. HARUNA, were you really popular when you were a child?

HARUNA: Ahaha. I don't really know what being popular means. Now that I think about it, I guess I was popular leading up to middle school and high school. When you go from elementary school to middle school, about three of them gather together. I think I was popular in the first semester of middle school and the first semester of senior high school, when the environment changes (laughs).

——What was your first love like?

HARUNA: My first love, huh... What is "first love," anyway... The first time I realized that boys were cool was in kindergarten. He was a soccer player with very bright eyes, but his hair was silky smooth. He wasn't the type of kid that joked around. Compared to the boys around me, he was by far the best looking (laughs). Or maybe it was a boy my age who lived in the same apartment building...... There's always someone I like.

——You mean you're a romantic?

HARUNA: Yeah. Yes! I always have someone I like! And, strangely enough, even if it's not someone close to me, it could be a music artist or an anime character.

——Ahaha! Do you have a favorite type?

HARUNA: Hmm, I wonder. Looks have always been important. And being stylish in some way. It might have come from my parents' tastes, but when I was little, I always noticed if they looked well-coordinated or wore nice shoes.

——It's amazing you were able to see things like that from a young age (laughs). So who was the first person you dated?

HARUNA: The first time I properly dated someone was when I was in 8th grade (second year of middle school).  I don't have any particular memories about it.

——Did you walk home together?

HARUNA: Not at all. The atmosphere among my classmates at that time was quite childish. They get very cold feet about things like who is dating who. So I didn't feel like I could tell everyone that we were dating. Also, the first person I dated was very naive. Even though we dated for about four months, they only wanted to hang out once. Internet cafes were popular at the time, and there was a fairly large one in the neighborhood. We went inside and watched TV for about two hours. The conversation wasn't particularly lively. I left without doing anything and went home after eating ice cream from Baskin-Robbins (laughs). Oh, and we also took purikura together, but the distance between us was so great that we were on opposite ends of the screen (laughs). I'm like, "What even was this time frame!?"

——What a cute relationship!

HARUNA: I don't even know if that was a proper relationship. I thought I wanted to date him because he was cool, but at that time I had already started going to [Caless], and I think that was all I could think about.

——You had other things to be obsessed with than a boyfriend.

HARUNA: I didn't like school then and didn't find much enjoyment in it. I wanted to go to dance school as soon as possible.

——Though it wasn't love and work, at that time you were already faced with the problem of how to balance love and school.

HARUNA: Yes, since I was still a student then. So even when I would go out with someone in high school, I sometimes prioritized Caless and things didn't end up working out.

——So it was like, "What if someone important to you asked you to quit the band?"

HARUNA: Yeah. I really don't understand it (laughs)

——Do you think it's be better for the band if you're in love?

HARUNA: That, I don't know. There are times when I can do my best when I'm alone, so I sometimes think it's better not to have people like that around. That's why I can't generalize that it's better to be in love. I can't, but...I am currently in love, though (laughs).

An unforgettable real love
A breakup decided according to one's feelings

——In your kind of industry, you're surrounded by attractive people, including artists, creators, and staff, but how do you meet people?

HARUNA: There are many different ways to meet people.

——Is it a challenge to take you on, from a male perspective? You've been very active and have stood on stage in front of many people and toured overseas, so you could say that you'd be out of peoples' leagues.

HARUNA: I wonder. At first, I may seem rather highbrow. However, the people I like are usually expressive people, and many of them are completely different from me, or have a different type of expression, so I don't think it has anything to do with that. I wonder... On the other hand, I tend to turn my attention to places where someone might be able to fill in what I'm currently lacking. Like, "I don't like this about myself.'' "I want to change this, but I don't know how." But if I think I might be on the right track with this person or that maybe they'll add some spice to my life, my feelings start to change.

——Is that something intuitive?

HARUNA: It's mostly intuition. That's why I don't often have friends who then become lovers. I can intuitively tell when someone's a good fit for me.

——So, do you approach them yourself?

HARUNA: I do. That's also kind of interesting. But when I think something is good, the other person often thinks the same way too. Maybe I'm exuding the vibe that I like them. I don't know about that, though (laughs).

——So everyone knows about it?

HARUNA: Ah, it's not so much that they know about it. But I'm so quick to tell others about it (laughs).

——I see. So you're the type of person who wants to love?

HARUNA: Well, whether I want to love or be loved, it's not both (laughs).

——That's true (laughs). So, are there any people you'll never forget?

HARUNA: ...there are. It was fairly recent. I really loved him, but ultimately I dumped him. I thought I would be with him forever, whether we got married or not. But in the end, I said goodbye because I knew I wanted to get married, have a baby, etc. I thought it would be fine if we could just be together, but I knew that I wouldn't be able to marry him even if I stayed with him forever.

——I see. I guess you saw the realistic side of it.

HARUNA: It was also a moment when I thought a little bit about my future. I think it's because I'm in my late 20s and am conscious of the fact that I'm turning 30. I really liked him, but I decided to make my decision.

——You made a good decision.

HARUNA: Hmm. Well... I didn't dislike him, and I remember a lot of things about him. We were together for a rather long time, like four years, but the times when we could or couldn't see each other gradually accumulated. This caused stress, we fought, we broke up many times. A lot of things happened, but I'll probably never forget him.

——You loved him that much.

HARUNA: Yeah. But the reason we broke up wasn't only because of marriage or kids—I also felt my own limits while dating him. I thought I wouldn't be able to grow any further as a person. There's a lot I gained from meeting him, and there's a lot that changed after meeting him, but I wonder if I really did gain anything from him in the four years we were together.

——I'm sure you were hurt after going through such a big breakup, but how did you recover from it?

HARUNA: I wonder. I feel very sorry for him. We didn't fight when we broke up, and in the end we were very kind. I am a little sorry that I put my own feelings first.

——It's more about getting back on your feet.

HARUNA: Yeah. I feel sorry more than anything. I told him my honest feelings and he understood everything... My feelings had turned elsewhere. But he didn't stop me from leaving. He told me, "I might not be able to make you happy, so it's better this way." I cried a lot. But one thing I can say is that if I had continued to be with him, I wouldn't be where I am today. It's not that that relationship was a bad one; I am really glad I met him.

——It's wonderful that you're able to say that. I also think it's impressive that you were able to bring things to an end by yourself. It's hard to end anything, whether it's work, love, or anything else, because it's often hard to get it done, and it's easy to drag things out.

HARUNA: Yes, it is difficult. But you do it in order to move forward.

——But I know that SCANDAL tours often; what do you do when you really miss someone? Do you want to go see them even if you're tired?

HARUNA: Hmm...... Before, I would go see them after the concert if I wasn't too tired. But I decided not to act like I'm going because I really missed them. In the past, I was the type of person who would just go, but I thought that really wasn't a good idea.

——Like you're too dependent on them?

HARUNA: That's right. I thought that wasn't cool for me to be like that. I should be a woman who wants to see them, not a woman who goes to see them. This has only happened recently, though (laughs).

——By the way, how do you get them to come see you? Any tips?

HARUNA: Ahaha. I don't know. I wonder. I don't know if it's a tip or not, but the number one point is that it isn't difficult for us to be with each other. For example, it can be stressful to meet up if you're busy. Of course, you also need time for yourself. In that kind of situation, the question is whether the relationship is one where you can make time for yourself even when you're together.

Can an all-girl band and getting married & having children go together?

——I think marriage is something that affects band activities, not only for all-girl bands, but for both men and women. Would it be true for SCANDAL?

HARUNA: I'd like to continue working after having experienced something like that. I'd want to show that it is possible to continue to make music and work as a woman even after getting married or having children.

——The stylist who did the styling for this photo book has a 7-month-old baby.

HARUNA: I asked her how long after she gave birth did she return to work. To my shock, she said 10 days. I was like, "Seriously!?"

——I think that's due to her own efforts and the support of her family and the staff. I thought the fashion industry was very open-minded, with models and stylists working hard even after giving birth.

HARUNA: Right? I thought it was great and really cool. Because both [work and family] are important, right? You love your job, but you also choose to work and have both. It's inspiring for me to think there are people like that out there.

The band, marriage, having children!
If there's no path, just make a new one

——Globally, it's rare for an all-girl band to continue with the same members for 10 years. Although things may end at any time, I think it's possible to create new shapes and paths.

HARUNA: I think we've created many different paths. We've always said, "If there's no path, we'll just make one."

——I see. A school that produces dance vocalists created an unprecedented path for you to debut as a band.

HARUNA: Yep, yep, yep. That's why we didn't have any seniors whose footsteps we could follow. It's a significant thing that we've been able to continue with the same members, even though we've been groping our way through it all. That's why it's meaningless without the four of us. We've already decided that if one of the members leaves, we'll call it quits. I wonder what kind of path we'll make.

A healthy mind and body is connected to singing

——I think these photos of you show that you're dealing with your mind and body, HARUNA. I feel that that's reflected in your songs as well.

HARUNA: As for singing, it's something I've been struggling with for the past 10 years. There are times when I still find it difficult to sing. About three years after our debut, I couldn't sing anymore. I still can't remember how I sounded or sang before that. When that happened, I found a new vocal technique with a voice training teacher, but it still has a lot to do with mental health. I think the trauma and fear of not being able to sing will stay with me for the rest of my life. When you sing, your body may subconsciously tense and stiffen, so it's a matter of how you can avoid getting into that zone.

——Fighting against something done unconsciously is an amazing field to work in.

HARUNA: Yes. In fact, I kept singing for years without knowing the correct answer. I didn't know what the right answer was, I wasn't convinced, I kept doing it without liking my singing at all, and I had half given up. I thought it might be impossible to just sing for fun like before. When that happens, it's tempting to give up on a lot of things. I started thinking about how powerless I was, what was the point of me being here, and wondering if it was okay for me to be the band's vocalist. That's why I couldn't come up with any ideas. Nothing came to me. I couldn't write lyrics and I couldn't write songs.

——Was that influenced by your singing?

HARUNA: I think that's part of it. Singing was the only thing for me but I had I lost it, or rather, it'd become so tiring that I no longer understood the value of my existence. But even during that time, my bandmates were working hard, trying their best to make good songs, and actually making good songs. So I felt that I had to catch up with them, and I didn't want to waste their feelings. I felt like I needed to show more than that. Their strength was a huge thing for me. It made me want to break out of my troubled shell. I was getting angry at myself for only being able to sing in a certain way. My bandmates are often better than me in terms of expression and various ideas. I wondered why, even though I'm the vocalist, I couldn't do anything more than my other members. So, I decided to eliminate who I originally was and let things flow. I had a lot of pride that I didn't need, so I decided to throw it all away.

By working out your body, you can lighten your mind
What is a healthy beauty that is not flirtatious?

——You didn't run away.

HARUNA: Yeah. As I improved myself, I realized that my preconceived notion that I don't often or can't use a certain kind of voice was a useless idea. I decided to try out all of my creative ideas. By doing so, I was able to do things that I thought I couldn't do by actually challenging myself.

——You decided to give it a try anyway.

HARUNA: I would try things out and decide whether or not they suited me. I want to be recognized and thought of as awesome by my bandmates. Looking back, I thought of how I've loved singing ever since I was little, and that I've loved having people listen to my singing. I thought I had no choice but to sing. I had lost that kind of fundamental narcissism.

——I think it's shown in the photos, but you can also see that in the way you work out your body.

HARUNA: That's right. I've always had a complex about not gaining weight no matter how much I eat. I really hate it when people say, "You look so skinny."

——I think everyone is saying it as a compliment.

HARUNA: Yeah. I know they mean it as a compliment. It's a complex for me, and I hate it so much. However, if I was going to make a photo book and put it out into the world, I wanted to present myself in a way that I felt really good about, and I wanted to have my body photographed in a way that I felt good about as well, so I worked hard. In the past, I had been unable to exercise because I was afraid that I would end up losing weight.

——Aah, that's what you were thinking.

HARUNA: That's how strong my complex was. But exercise also depends on how you do it. If I just ran, I would lose weight quickly, so I wanted to find a different way to do it. For example, in order to correct your tendency to slouch and improve your posture, you may need to strengthen these certain muscles. If you like your butt, you might think of ways to train it and pump it up a bit more. To make your thighs look a little nicer, you might want to train your adductor muscles.

——It seems like it's good to train your adductor muscles and pull up your abdomen.

HARUNA: Yeah. Adductor muscles also affect singing. It's like killing two birds with one stone. I had many discoveries. After all, when you train your body, your mind becomes lighter, too. And it makes your singing better... Something like that. I think all I want is to sing better, perhaps. I realized that not being able to sing is the most stressful thing for me.

——Do you do anything to take care of your throat?

HARUNA: If I really think, "I don't want to not be able to sing anymore," my voice won't weaken as much. Seriously. I don't even catch colds anymore. Even if everything else is falling apart, I feel that just wanting to protect my throat absolutely makes all the difference. So, specifically, it's not that I'm taking a lot of care of it—I just think it's better not to take too much care of it on a regular basis.

——It's like a rock star from yesteryear. The grace of not taking care of yourself.

HARUNA: (laughs). That's why, lately, I've been thinking that I can always use my voice no matter what. Even if I get on a plane and my skin is really dry, I think, "I'll be fine; my voice will come out,'' and it actually does come out.

——That's interesting. The mind and body are closely connected.


——I think that kind of mental and physical fulfillment shows in the photos. It gives off the healthy vibe of HARUNA without being flirtatious.

HARUNA: Hmm. I guess soー. I feel like it makes all the difference whether you are consciously trying to be beautiful on a daily basis or not. I want to be in tune to beauty on a daily basis, because a forced or false appearance is definitely not beautiful. Of course, getting old is scary, but I still want to be beautiful, so I want to make the proper efforts to be beautiful.

——It's not the 20-year-old HARUNA, though, and the confidence of the 30-year-old HARUNA is evident in the photos. I think you'll continue to age in a good way. The photos have a persuasive power and beauty that comes from within.

HARUNA: In that sense, it was important that I realized just before I turned 30 that it was okay to be my more natural self.

Traveling HARUNA - "Somewhere other than here"

——We're following HARUNA's vacation and travel days this time, but SCANDAL also travels a lot. You tour not only in Japan but also do world tours...

HARUNA: That's right. Traveling has become so commonplace that it's become an everyday occurrence. I think there's a part of me that's a little numb to it.

——Traveling is something out of the ordinary, but it's become an everyday thing for you.

HARUNA: I am very grateful for that. After all, there are people who are involved in music but can't travel all over the country and perform live. That's a reality for some of our friends and acquaintances. That's why I think it's amazing that there are people not only all over Japan, but all over the world who know about us and listen to our music. It's so amazing that I sometimes think it's not the reality for us. However, since I am in an environment where I can go to many different places and experience many different cultures, I want to be able to say that I have seen it with my own eyes, felt it with my own skin, and built up experiences. That's why I feel like I can't waste it all. I believe that those experiences will lead to a sense of comfort and self-confidence. Inner beauty and the ability to communicate it properly are all based on experience.

——I think it is being transmitted. The same goes for the attitude toward your fans, which is that it's okay to have different opinions, but I think your ability to recognize each person as an individual comes from the many different people you've met and the world you've seen. You seem to be unfazed no matter what happens, HARUNA.

HARUNA: Ahaha. I certainly don't sway in the slightest. Every time I go overseas, I come back thinking that Japan's attention to detail is amazing, but no matter where or what happens, I might be able to survive to some extent.

——How resolute (laughs). I think traveling as SCANDAL can be very stimulating, but isn't a trip like this one, which calms the mind, completely different?

HARUNA: Yeah. It's different because I don't travel much on my own. Traveling for a concert concerns a large group of people, and the places we go are sometimes limited. Our schedule is packed, so we'll go to one tourist spot and then the rest will be going to the hotel, to the venue, and eating food. It's also important to make your own plans and think, "Let's go to these places" or "I want to see these things." I've been to a lot of different places, both domestically and internationally, but I don't often think about where to go, which train to take, or how many hours to get there on my own, so I want to do lots of those things. I think that would be proportional to age-appropriate experience. I thought that 30-year-olds were more mature because so many things are prepared for them at work. I realized that the reason I feel like I'm not quite mature enough may be because I haven't done those things myself.

——I see. Human activities, huh. Thinking and doing things on your own.

HARUNA: That's important! Very important.

——When we were discussing where to shoot this time, the first thing you said was that you wanted to see the ocean. What made you say that?

HARUNA: I've always been afraid of the ocean. When I was around 3 years old, I went swimming with my family. At that time, I was engulfed by a very high wave. It felt like I was being sucked into the sea and I almost died. My mother was also traumatized after that, so we no longer went to the beach as a family. However, I feel a mysterious connection to the sea. When I look at the ocean, I somehow feel like my soul comes alive. I think it's a mysterious place for me.

——It's also where you wandered between life and death.

HARUNA: Yeah. When I go to the ocean, I feel something more than just feeling healed. I really feel like I'm being purified. It's very refreshing. I almost died when I was three years old, but I survived and am still alive, so maybe that kind of experience makes me feel strange.

——You also want to see the ocean at the milestone of turning 30.

HARUNA: That's right. Whenever I get tired or want to refresh myself, I always want to go to the beach. Isn't the ocean ultimately a natural thing? There's something scary about it, but there is also something calming. I'm not the type of person who's always looking for excitement, either. I prefer a stable daily life, but there comes a point somewhere where you don't want to stay there.

HARUNA's current mood is
"SOMEWHERE" - A place other than here

——This time, you shot in three different bodies of water: The ocean in the morning, the ocean in the evening, and the pool at night. What did you think of it?

HARUNA: Let's see. First, it's not often that I'm photographed in a swimsuit, and also solo, not with the rest of the band. Since this doesn't happen often, I was wondering how I should get my photos taken. One thing I couldn't imagine was shooting in the pool at night, but as a result, those are my favorite photos. Maybe I couldn't imagine it, but we were able to capture more than I could have imagined.

——Those are also expressions you've never shown before.

HARUNA: Yeah. That's why it was a lot of fun to shoot. They've been condensed, but I had all kinds of good encounters. I also found out that I actually really like having my photo taken (laughs).

——Ahaha, that's good to hear.

HARUNA: Also, I realized that I'm not the kind of person who creates something from scratch after all. To be honest, I'm the type who doesn't find much joy in composing songs or writing lyrics. There are many times when I wonder why I'm like that as a vocalist in a band, but on the other hand, I feel so much joy in expressing someone else's ideas. Rather than wanting to embody what I have in mind, I want to see how much I can change something. I'm not the type of person who makes 0 into 1, but rather how big you can make 1. I was reminded of that.

——I think that's definitely a form of creativity. This shoot was done with a minimum number of people and a private atmosphere, but it would not have been possible without HARUNA as the director. It's also a talent to attract people around you and make them happy.

HARUNA: I'm glad you say that! I tried to suit my current mindset and didn't do weird poses. Going in the ocean, relaxing, eating... I wanted to have one day's vacation captured in a natural way, and to let people see me as I really am. I'm glad that we were able to give shape to it, and I think it was a challenge in a sense.

——It also ties in with the meaning of the word "SOMEWHERE."

HARUNA: Yeah. I live my life based on what I think at the time. It's not that I have some big or clear goal, but rather that I want to keep moving without making too many decisions.

——You're honest to your mind and body. Still, you still want to do things you've never done before, and to go towards a world you've not yet seen.

HARUNA: That's right. In that sense, I think the word "SOMEWHERE" is perfect for both me and the band. I'm not really thinking about what I'm going to do or accomplish in the next 10 years by the time I turn 40, but that's why I'm very excited about where I can go and what I'll do next. I want to live my life according to the way I feel at a given time. I want to be honest about how I feel.

【HARUNA's 1st Photo Book『SOMEWHERE』】Interview With HARUNA Sub10
【HARUNA's 1st Photo Book『SOMEWHERE』】Interview With HARUNA Sub5
【HARUNA's 1st Photo Book『SOMEWHERE』】Interview With HARUNA Sub6
【HARUNA's 1st Photo Book『SOMEWHERE』】Interview With HARUNA Sub7
【HARUNA's 1st Photo Book『SOMEWHERE』】Interview With HARUNA Sub8
【HARUNA's 1st Photo Book『SOMEWHERE』】Interview With HARUNA Sub9

Photo sources:
1 - 2

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【HARUNA's 1st Photo Book『SOMEWHERE』】Interview With HARUNA FdtTi4P

【HARUNA's 1st Photo Book『SOMEWHERE』】Interview With HARUNA 39iLxaW

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Thanks, TGE.

This may be the most personal of interviews I have ever read on any of the Scandal ladies.  I wish I would have read this back in 2018; I would have worn nicer shoes when I met the band on their US tour supporting HONEY.

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