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11th Album - 「LUMINOUS」 - Wed Mar 13, 2024 5:35 am

"Fanfare" will be aired for the first time tomorrow March 14 on J-WAVE's "STEP ONE" radio program during the 11 am block.

Also, a teaser video for "Fanfare" was posted to SCANDAL's YouTube channel:

And if you pre-save LUMINOUS on Spotify or Apple Music, you can download this wallpaper.
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RINA's "Watashi-tachi" Lyrics Essay - Mon Mar 11, 2024 4:00 pm


#2 - RINA's "Watashi-tachi" Lyrics Essay

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It's the middle ground of nurturing feelings knowing that they will not bear fruit.

On March 20, 2024, SCANDAL will release their new album LUMINOUS! This is their 11th album in total and their first in two years since their previous album MIRROR, and contains 11 songs including singles "Highlight no Naka de Bokura Zutto" and "Line of sight" released last year; as well as "Anata e," co-written with Rhythmic Toy World; and "Plum," co-written with EOW.

Four lyrics essays by SCANDAL will be posted! This is the second one, written by RINA about the song "Watashi-tachi" (私たち; Us). When looking back on unreleased lyrics, she realized again that she liked the protagonist in this one. This song can only be delivered now that she's more mature than back then. Please enjoy this essay along with the lyrics.

Fruitful love and unfruitful love.
What is the borderline between the two?
Even if I try to vaguely recall various memories, I can't find an answer.

I looked back at unreleased lyrics I had written over the years and found them interesting.
I found myself thinking, "I didn't realize I was thinking this," or "I remember I wrote about this," and felt that nothing had changed.

Among those, there was one that I still liked the worldview and stance of.
The girl in those lyrics wore her favorite blouse; had people she held dear; and while regretting and making amends, she made herself shine.

I'll always love a girl who lives her life like that. She doesn't have to fall in love to make someone happy. That's why, as I hope that everyone will be rewarded in life, my heart tightens as I see the strength and fragility there.

When I wrote these lyrics, I thought it was missing an ending, an answer, or something to lead the listener.
And yet, when I reread them now, for some reason it feels as if they were completed a long time ago.
Perhaps it's because, now that I'm a fully grown adult, I've come to feel that feelings and situations in the middle, which are ambiguous and not black & white, are one form and one answer.
In fact, it seems like there are very few things that can be neatly divided.

I decided to add my own reasons for this. Perhaps because I spent my childhood in a town without the sea, going out to see the sea has become a very special and favorite time for me. When I look at the sun and the waves, I am enchanted by the two different glimmers that complement each other. I also realized that they'd never intersect while each of them shine brightly.

In any case, I often write songs with an emphasis on freshness, but I think there are songs like this that can finished by combining a piece from several years ago with current feelings.
I'm happy I was able to sublimate them properly.

It's the middle ground of nurturing feelings knowing that they will not bear fruit. I'm glad I could write a song about such a sad and lovely feeling.


【Translated Summary】"Yoru SCA ~Live streaming just before the release of LUMINOUS~" #2

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•They start off the stream by congratulating MAMI on finishing the recent Osaka Marathon. MAMI thanks them and says she didn't think they'd start off the stream with this. RINA asks how it was. MAMI mentions how there was site where people could track runners and leave comments, which many people did and left messages of support for her. She couldn't see them while running but did after, and she was really moved by them and thanks everyone who did so. HARU says that the weather was really bad in Osaka that day (it was raining the entire time). She also brings up how both she and MAMI ran that marathon several years ago, but that was when it was held in November instead and so she figures that the weather was completely different than how it was then. MAMI says that the temperature was something like 2°C/36°F starting from a day or two prior, but it did go up a bit and she felt like it was kind of warmer during the marathon. She says it was a good experience. HARU asks how her legs are, and how she's feeling. MAMI says that she didn't have muscle pain but her knees did hurt; it was difficult to climb stairs after. HARU says that a lot of people are also saying good work in the comments. MAMI thanks them. HARU says some are saying that her stamina's amazing. MAMI says that she mostly walked, though, and walked all the way towards the end. She also ran together with a staffer from their team. They look at the comments a bit more again and HARU says there are some asking if this is pre-recorded. She says it's actually live and they're reading comments as they're posted in real time.

•They then start discussing LUMINOUS. HARU says that in the previous stream they gave an overview of the album, and this time they'll be talking about a benefit included in the album that was recently announced. This infographic is then shown on screen that explains that a paper with a serial number will be included inside of the album, which you will be able to enter within a 6-day time span (March 19-25) online. It is a lottery system where there will be a total of 80 winners: 50 winners will be invited to a meet-and-greet with SCANDAL in Tokyo on April 29, and 30 winners will receive an autographed LUMINOUS B2 poster. Also, there is a 'prize' for everyone who applies, which is a SCANDAL message video. RINA says that they just recorded it the other day. HARU says that they recorded a pretty long one. RINA says that they were told to talk for around 30 seconds but ended up talking for around 3 minutes instead. HARU says that each of them talked a lot. RINA says that they were overflowing with things they wanted to say.

•Next, they mention how the trailer for the album was released the previous day and start playing it in the background. RINA says that it feels great and makes them feel relieved when an album is completed, but it always feels like it's truly complete when everyone gets to listen to it and people tell the band what they think. She says that there are a lot of songs that were challenging  sound-wise, such as with "LOOP" and "Gunjou pleats." HARU says that it seems like "LOOP" is catching on with a lot of people so far. RINA says that they were able to play to their hearts' content and to their fullest with this being an album-only song. She thinks it's a song that they'll be able to play around with it live, so she's looking forward to everyone getting to listen to the entire song. HARU says that "LOOP" and "Gunjou pleats" are completely different from each other in many ways, which is why having such a wide range on the same album is one of the things you can enjoy about SCANDAL. RINA says, "As usual," and laughs. HARU says that there are probably some people who are hearing the clip of Gunjou right now and understanding the vibe of it, and RINA says that when listening to the full version of it, you'll get the impression that it has some tricky parts to it, and she feels that people will think it's really interesting.

•HARU then brings up the 10th track, which is "1:47." She says that the way to read it is "Ichi-Yon-Nana" (One-Four-Seven). RINA says that it's okay for her to say the reason why she chose that title. HARU says it was 1:47 when she finished typing the lyrics into her phone during the demo stage of this song, which is why it ended up being named as such. RINA says that sometimes you have tentative titles in mind when you write lyrics, but when you don't, only the time will be displayed and you decide to just go with it. MAMI says that this happened once before for her as well, and the time then was 2:56. She says that's late, which HARU laughs and agrees with. TOMO says that they're all night owls. RINA says that she'd like to be the type that can write lyrics in the morning. HARU says that it's pretty difficult to write in the morning; after all, even if you write lyrics at night, there are often times when you look at them in the morning and it just doesn't feel right. RINA says that there aren't any songs she's written at 8 am, which makes HARU chuckle. MAMI says that maybe it'd count if you happened to stay up all night without sleeping.

•They ask TOMO if there are any other questions people have been asking. TOMO looks at them for a few seconds and reads one that asks, "When do you actually sleep?" The band laughs. TOMO says that there are times when they don't sleep at all. RINA says that when they're doing song production is when their usual lives really get disrupted, and there are times when they wonder what other country's time zone they're currently living in. MAMI says that they didn't really sleep when they were working on "Fanfare." TOMO says that she seriously only slept for around 6 hours in a week. They laugh and HARU says was really worried. TOMO says she really did die, and that she's just glad she's alive now somehow. RINA says there are times when songs can be written right away, and that there's a big difference between them. HARU says that they're more careful when they write about themselves. They have so many thoughts that it takes a long time to organize them, and she's sure the same was true for "Fanfare." TOMO says that it was written as she thought about the band after setting a Guinness World Record. It gave her the opportunity to think about the future and the four of them, and it really felt like were giving themselves a hug. TOMO demonstrates this by partially hugging herself but accidentally touches the mic clipped to her top. She wonders if it's okay and speaks into the mic. HARU asks her if she's doing ASMR. They laugh at this. TOMO says she's glad she managed to write it all down, and that it was very meaningful for her to be able to capture these feelings in the form of a song at this time.

•HARU then mentions "Plum" and "Anata e," and that the latter song has MAMI singing on it, as heard in the trailer. She says that these songs were made in collaboration with EOW and Rhythmic Toy World, which made things feel a bit fresh again. MAMI says that they're simply fans of the bands and like their individualities, which is very they're very satisfied with these songs that have so much of that essence infused into them. RINA says that they had come to the recordings as well. TOMO says that it was a good learning experience for them since the bands came up with ideas that they never would have on their own. It was also a lot of fun and felt fresh to include songs that weren't composed by SCANDAL for the first time in a long time. RINA says they're really good songs. HARU agrees and says they're still proper SCANDAL songs, too. MAMI says while laughing that this started with her just wanting to sing a Rhythmic Toy World song. HARU says that it really suits them. MAMI says that she's always thought they had some similarities with SCANDAL, which is why she was happy getting to work with them. She's sure that the people who listen to their music would also really like RTW's music as well. Their concerts are also fun. She'd like to see that connection grow, and asks fans to check out both bands.

•HARU says that she had seen a comment in the chat saying that you pronounce EOW as "Ay-Oh." RINA says that they've known one of them since their dance school days. TOMO says that that's Laco, the vocalist of EOW. She's been friends with her since Laco was in the 5th grade (10 years old) and TOMO was in 7th grade (12 years old). They're basically family to each other--they're so close that their families get together and go to karaoke on New Year's Day. For 20 years, they had been talking about wanting to work together someday after growing up, so being able to work together at this time in the form of writing a song together has truly been a treasured time. HARU says that they and Laco went to Caless together, and it really feels like this song was written by people from the same school. TOMO says it's because they have the same roots. While recording, she felt that the songs they learned during lessons at the school were ingrained into them. HARU says it felt really nostalgic. TOMO says that Laco is currently in New York for auditions open to everyone. HARU is surprised that she went there for that with no live performances planned. TOMO says she'd like for people to take a look at Laco's Instagram (@laco_eow) for a diary of her trip, which had made her cry at how hard she's working. MAMI says that there are videos of her listening to real gospel music, which is part of their roots, live. She says that when you see something like that, the way you listen to it changes. She thinks it's really wonderful and can't stop looking at her IG; she even posted a lot of comments on her IG lives, which makes the others laugh. TOMO says Laco went to amateur night auditions at the Apollo Theater, which happened to be during when she was there, and lined up from morning to participate in it. Just singing at the Apollo Theater was a huge dream of theirs at the school. As Laco was singing and about to sing the bridge, they told her that was enough. She wrote on IG about how frustrating it was for her, and just reading it brought tears to TOMO's eyes. She says that Laco really is working hard, and says that she hopes people will listen to EOW and also check out Laco's IG. She also adds, "Look forward to 'Plum'!" They laugh and HARU says they can't wait for everyone to hear the entire album.

•RINA says that it's because they've all been able to continue as musicians and people involved in music that they were able to make this happen. There are so many things they've learned since their school days, and that's why it's an indescribable feeling to know that they've been able to make this happen. She says it turned out to be a really great album. She adds that it's been a long time since they've made music with the help of other people than the four of them. For several years now, they've been putting a lot of emphasis on doing their part as a group of four, so she thinks they made the right decision to value the things they cultivated during that period. From here on she wants to play more freely and enjoy making and performing music. The way they created LUMINOUS is a step towards that, and it's an album that really unravels them through the melody and lyrics. HARU says that they've reached a point where there are no restrictions other than the fact that they're performing as SCANDAL. RINA says that they truly feel like they can do anything they want. HARU says that this album will be the start of their year, so they hope that their fans will understand how the four of them feel and look forward to seeing what they'll do this year.

•HARU looks at the comments and says there's a comment saying that they'll follow SCANDAL wherever they go. The band says thanks. They also see and read some comments that say which performances of the tour they'll be going to. They read one from someone saying they can only go to 4 performances. The band says that's impressive, though, and most people usually only go to one. RINA says they're really looking forward to the tour and wonder how it'll go. TOMO says there are a lot of challenges sound-wise, so they're not sure how everything will sound in these smaller venues. On this tour in particular they'll be playing at really small venues (the smallest only has a 200-person capacity!), so there will be different ways of expressing what they can do in those small venues and what they can do at Zepp ones (larger venues they'll also be playing at on this tour, with capacities of about 1,800). That's why, even though it's the same tour, it might look different. HARU says it'll be a two-month long tour with changes in capacity as well as changes in the way they play the songs. It might be totally different at the end of the tour as opposed to the start of it.

•They also say how the merch for this tour is really cute and useful. TOMO reads a comment that says a jellyfish pouch could be likely. She says there isn't one. The band laughs hard. MAMI says that that sounds like a good idea, though. They look at the comments again and MAMI reads one that says they'd like a jellyfish umbrella. TOMO says there isn't one in their lineup, MAMI says that sounds good, and HARU says that there actually are jellyfish umbrellas that exist (like this). HARU says that people seem to want some kind of jellyfish merch. TOMO says that jellyfish are cute, which the others agree with. MAMI reads a comment that says they want a jellyfish keychain, and another that says a jellyfish plush. TOMO says they should have asked the fans about merch ideas. She looks at the comments and asks why people want jellyfish umbrellas so much--some are saying things like they want a parasol or a big umbrella. MAMI says that it's probably for the upcoming seasons (like the rainy season). HARU says they should make some umbrellas again one day. RINA wonders if they haven't made any umbrellas recently (they last did 5 years ago for Fuzzy Summer Mood). TOMO says that it's been a while, and that maybe it was 10 years ago (lol).

•MAMI then says that there's some 'important news' to read next and points it out on their sheets in front of them. The others laugh. HARU reads that will be posting comments from artists whom they had listen to the album, with the first artist being Yamamoto Hikaru (supporting bassist for YOASOBI). RINA says it makes her really happy she wrote so much in her comment. HARU says that they appeared at the same event last year and was originally part of a SCANDAL cover band called hikahoric (who won volume 5 of SCANDAL's Cover Band/Vocalist Contest in 2014). They had covered "Hi-Hi-Hi," which no other band in the contest had chosen to play before. HARU says that they'll continue to release these comments over the next few days. They also don't know what these comments say and who they're from as they were kept secret from the band and collected by their staff. RINA says they'll be enjoying it together with the fans. TOMO then says that Hikaru actually left a comment in the chat. They tell her thanks for watching the stream and for her comment. MAMI says that the comment's been pinned, which makes them all laugh.

•They say it's about time to wrap up this stream. RINA says that the release date is coming up soon and they're looking forward to everyone's thoughts about it and hope to welcome the release together. HARU says to look forward to the things that will be posted leading up to the release. The next stream will be on March 19 and will start at a different time of 11:30 pm JST. RINA says it'll be a true "Yoru SCA" (SCANDAL at night). TOMO says that it'll officially be the album's release day (March 20) right after the stream ends. HARU says that they'll countdown together with everyone. TOMO reminds her that there might be some people who will have already listened to it (since the album officially hits stores early on March 19, AKA 'flying get day').

•They read the comments a bit and RINA asks what people are saying. TOMO says that people really are waiting for more band scores. RINA says that they'll discuss it. TOMO then says it's screenshot time. They wonder what to do this time and ask the chat to tell them what to do. RINA adds while laughing to ask them to do something they can actually do. HARU reads some that say to do a jellyfish pose. The others ask what that is and TOMO puts her left first on top of her right hand and flexes her fingers downward. Watching this, HARU asks her what she's doing. RINA laughs and seems to get it, copying her pose. HARU and MAMI also follow suit. They wonder if it's okay. HARU reads comments in the chat that say that's not cute. They all laugh. MAMI reads a comment that asks them what the heck they're doing. She also says that there are comments saying to do heart hands or peace signs, so they do those. They end the stream by saying they'll see everyone on the last stream on March 19.

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#1 - MAMI's "Gunjou pleats" Lyrics Essay

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The theme song for my fantasy brand.

On March 20, 2024, SCANDAL will release their new album LUMINOUS! This is their 11th album in total and their first in two years since their previous album MIRROR. It will contain 11 songs including singles "Highlight no Naka de Bokura Zutto" and "Line of sight" released last year; as well as "Anata e," co-written with Rhythmic Toy World; and "Plum," co-written with EOW.

Four lyrics essays by SCANDAL will be posted! This is the first one, written by MAMI about the song "Gunjou pleats" (群青pleats; Ultramarine pleats). How did this song come into being, and what important thing did she realize when she fell into a songwriting slump...? Please enjoy this essay along with the lyrics.

A part of this song was written in 2019.

I love clothing, and if I ever started a clothing brand,
Would be a good name for it. Although I have no plans to start one, there was a time when I was just thinking of a brand name.

The song "Gunjou pleats" was originally written to be the theme song for this fantasy brand of mine.

Pleated skirts are cute yet mature, and they look completely different depending on the fineness of the pleats. If you're not careful they can lose their shape. I also love the delicate nature of them. I feel like the way pleats move reflects your mood that day, which I really like...haha

During the few years when the norm was no longer the norm, I couldn't write songs and wondered how I was going to keep my mental health in check,
But when I found this song written in 2019, I was reminded of the importance of the simple, uplifting moments of everyday life.

It made me realize that I was just like the lyrics of the song, and how amazing it is to get excited just by wearing something you like.

You have to take charge of your own mood.

To the me five years ago, thank you!

Now we can go out to many places, wear what we like, listen to what we like, eat what we like, do many things we like, and feel good about ourselves.

I too will breeze through the city in a pleated skirt. Feeling good about myself.


【Radio Rip】Gunjou pleats + Lyrics - Thu Mar 07, 2024 2:34 am

【Radio Rip】Gunjou pleats + Lyrics

The lyrics were released early on Uta-Net along with a lyrics essay, which can be found here.

Gunjou pleats ~ 群青pleats; Ultramarine pleats
Lyrics & Music: MAMI ~ Arrangement: Keita Kawaguchi

Itsuka dareka ga nanigenaku itta kotoba ga
Ima futo ukande
Tojikometeta hazu no kanjou ga koborete shimaisou
Konna watashi ja nakattara
Nante nankai omotta darou soshite nankai-me no ima darou
Mou sonna koto kangaenakute ii no tte
Ashita no watashi ga itteru

Mainichi no kurikaeshi no naka de iya na koto attatte
Nantokashite kita shi
Watashi wa sekai ni nante kaerarenai
Souyatte ikite kitan dakara

Kaisei no aozora ni odoraseta
Gunjou no puriitsu kyou wa
Itsumo yori sukoshi dake kakeashi de
Machi wo kaze kitte arukou
Taiyou wo mikata ni kao wo agete
Kinou no watashi yori massugu na
Kokoro de irareru you kono choushi de ikou

Itsumanika jibun no ruuru de kimetsuketa
Sukikirai ni tsumazuku
Arainagasenai kodowari shimi ya shiwa
Kore, mou haotterannaiwa

Me wo tojireba ukandeita hibi datte
Subete omoidasenai tooi kioku ni naru no
Hitsuyou ka hitsuyou ja nai ka kurai
Wakerareru reisei na kimochi de

Manten no hoshizora ni nabiiteiru
Gunjou no puriitsu yoru wa
Wake mo naku namida ga afuretemo
Sotto shite oitara ii no
Sonna toki mo tanjun na hitokoto de
Egao ni nareru kurai shinpuru na
Watashi ni umarete yokatta tte omou yo

Togattari yuraidari netsu wo obitari
Memagurushii kedo itooshii
Sono haato wo taisetsu ni shite

Kaisei no aozora ni odoraseta
Gunjou no puriitsu kyou wa
Itsumo yori sukoshi dake kakeashi de
Machi wo kaze kitte arukou
Taiyou wo mikata ni kao wo agete
Kinou no watashi yori massugu na
Kokoro de irareru you kono choushi de ikou


English Translation

Something that someone casually said one day
Came to mind
And the emotions that were supposed to be bottled up are about to spill out
How many times have I wished I wasn't like this
And how many times has it happened now?
I'll tell myself tomorrow
That I don't have to think about it anymore

Even if something bad happens as each day repeats
I'll manage to handle it
I can't change the world
That's how I've lived my life

Pleats of ultramarine
Danced in the clear blue sky
I'll breeze through the city
A little more briskly than usual today
With the sun on my side, I'll look up
I hope I can be more honest
Than I was yesterday, and keep going

Before I know it, I trip over
My own rules of likes and dislikes
Obsessions, stains, and wrinkles that can't be washed away
I can't wear these any longer

When I close my eyes, I can't remember
All the days that floated by - They become distant memories
With a calm mind that separates
The necessary from the unnecessary

Pleats of ultramarine
Fluttering in a star-filled sky
At night, when tears come for no reason at all
It's okay to let them go
Even during those times
I'm glad I was born simple enough
To be able to smile with just a simple word

Sharp, wavering, rousing
Dizzying but dear
Cherish that heart

Pleats of ultramarine
Danced in the clear blue sky
Let's breeze through the city
A little more briskly than usual today
With the sun on my side, I'll look up
I hope I can be more honest
Than I was yesterday, and keep going

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11th Album - 「LUMINOUS」 - Wed Mar 06, 2024 5:06 am

"Gunjou pleats" will be aired for the first time tomorrow March 7 on TOKYO FM's "THE TRAD" radio program, which will air from 3 pm JST.

Also, SCANDAL will be holding 1-day manager events at Tower Records across Japan on March 21 + 24.

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 3 UUTpEwmb_o

March 21:
-HARU @ Tower Records Fukuoka Parco (Fukuoka)
-MAMI @ Tower Records Nagoya (Nagoya)
-TOMO @ Tower Records Sendai Parco (Sendai)
-RINA @ Tower Records Abeno Hoop (Osaka)

March 24:
-All 4 members @ Tower Records Shibuya

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11th Album - 「LUMINOUS」 - Tue Mar 05, 2024 2:31 am

Yoru SCA #2 will be live streamed today from 9 pm JST (about 4 1/2 hours from the time of this post).

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11th Album - 「LUMINOUS」 - Mon Mar 04, 2024 11:46 am

LUMINOUS trailer:

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A friend who has something that you don't have... Introducing "outrageous queen stories"!

Season 2, Episode 49 blog

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 3 Yfhmc5Lk_o

HARUNA: This time...we'll just be reading messages.
In celebration of our new album LUMINOUS on March 20, we have started a segment called "Queens of LUMINOUS," or "Quminous" for short. We've been receiving many "outrageous queen stories" about people you know.

Aoi (*26 years old)

For me, my friend Shi-chan is a Quminous. We connected because we'e fans of the same actress. We liked the same idols from the time we were in the upper grades of elementary school until we graduated from high school, and we became fans of SCANDAL around the same time. We have been going to SCANDAL concerts and events in Kansai together for about 6 years now.

We have a lot of similarities in our family structures and positions at home, so we are very comfortable together, but the thing I like most about her is that she is somewhat nonchalant. I tend to think deeply about many things, like whether I should do ___ in this case, but when I ask her for advice, she responds surprisingingly light-hearted about it, like, "Isn't that okay?"; she makes me laugh with her unique use of words; she goes "I dunno" (知らんけど; shinran kedo), which is very Kansai-like of her... I don't know why, but when she told me, "Well, just do your best" after listening to my problems, it felt more comforting than any other "Do your best" I'd ever been told. I always think that she has something that I don't have.

RINA: That's wonderful.

TOMOMI: They're a good friend. I don't think there are many people who have the same favorite thing for so long. I think it's rare.

RINA: It is very rare.

HARUNA: Yeah, they've been friends since elementary school.

RINA: I guess their interests really do match.

HARUNA: They're in their late 20s now. That's amazing.

RINA: It's a great thing to have someone by your side who understands you so well at a time in your life when you are going through a lot of changes. It's wonderful.

HARUNA: But I think Shi-chan is also helped a lot by Aoi, who is different from her.

RINA: You can tell that they support each other.

HARUNA: This kind of "Quminous" is great, isn't it?

RINA: It's really good.

(A staffer asks, "Do people in Kansai use 'Shiran kedo' a lot?")

RINA: I say it unconsciously, but it's not something you should pick up on, so I don't think it's appropriate.

HARUNA: But don't you say it a lot?

RINA: I do!?

HARUNA: I think you do.

RINA: That's so embarrassing!

HARUNA: I think you say it right away.

RINA: Really!? I'll be a little more aware of it...

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Bulgaria Yogurt』 - Season 2, Episode 48

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•The episode starts with this.

•TOMO then guesses beef (*bzzt). MAMI guesses jalapeno (*bzzt). HARU guesses chocolate (*bzzt). RINA guesses wheat flour (*bzzt). MAMI guesses cactus (*bzzt). TOMO says they had eaten tacos for every meal when they were there and asks what were in them. RINA then guesses chicken (*bzzt). TOMO guesses pork (*bzzt), and then breaks down what the taco consisted of, starting with a corn tortilla. MAMI says there were some tacos with chocolate on them, and then guesses cabbage (*bzzt). HARU guesses onions (*bzzt). MAMI guesses tomatoes (*bzzt). She laughs and says, "You've gotta be kidding me!" TOMO guesses cheese (*bzzt). Ono says that they kind of were close earlier. TOMO then guesses chili peppers, which is correct. The others go, "Ahh." TOMO asks if that includes jalapenos, which Ono says that it seems to. The band says that "chile" being chili peppers does make sense. TOMO says she really wants to eat some tacos. HARU says she does, too. MAMI says she really want to eat jalapenos (lol). RINA says that Mexican dishes really suit Japanese palettes. MAMI says that what you usually think of when you hear tacos is the American version of them with ground beef in them (like Taco Bell tacos), but in Mexico they put the tortilla first, then the ingredients, and you can eat it with a fork and knife (lol idk about that). Ono then says that this question actually came from Meiji's site. RINA kind of repeats what MAMI says about tacos = American style tacos. HARU says that tacos sold at chain restaurants are usually American style. TOMO says that they didn't see any tacos with ground meat in them in Mexico. They also mention how they were given a lot of tequila and gave a lot of them to their staff, which they happily accepted.

•HARU reads the next message from a listener whose message was previously read, who is a Japanese person married to a Brazilian and had been planning to go to Brazil. They say that they went during the New Year's holidays and mention things like how they asked a local relative to find the churrasco place that SCANDAL had gone to. The quiz question is then read: "In Brazil, breakfast is called 'café da manhã,' but what does it mean when translated literally?" RINA guesses "ohayou no hitokuchi" (good morning sip/bite) (*bzzt), which HARU laughs at. TOMO guesses "coffee and sugar," in English (*bzzt). MAMI says that since "cafe" is in the name, it probably has something to do with coffee. HARU guesses "coffee and muffins" (*bzzt). TOMO guesses "coffee and milk" (*bzzt). RINA guesses "pancakes and black tea" (*bzzt). TOMO guesses "pao de queijo" (Brazilian cheese bread) (*bzzt). MAMI guesses "coffee and bread" (*bzzt). TOMO guesses "coffee and wheat" (*bzzt). Ono says that the "cafe" = "coffee" part is correct. TOMO guesses "sunny-side up eggs" (*bzzt). RINA guesses "sausage" (*bzzt), then "potatoes" (*bzzt). Ono then says that it's "___ coffee." MAMI guesses "morning coffee," which is correct. She goes, "That's correct?? Yay!" Ono says that this question also came from Meiji's site. They all laugh and say that everything can be found on their site. HARU reads a little more info that came from the site and mentions that fruit juice is also an indispensible part of breakfast. They all recall that the fruit juice they had there was really good. TOMO says it was so good that she thought she was going to die.

•HARU reads more info, which mentions pao de queijo, and says that it contains mandioca flour, which makes it very springy. MAMI goes, "What does 'mandioca' mean?" and asks it like a quiz question. TOMO guesses glutinous rice (*bzzt), which makes the others laugh. RINA guesses "flour that makes food springy" (*bzzt). TOMO guesses rice flour (*bzzt). Ono says that the word is actually defined on Meiji's site, which surprises them. HARU says that she happened to see the answer and info, and says that it was once a staple food of indigenous peoples. TOMO guesses taro (*bzzt). MAMI also seems to know the correct answer and says that she's close. TOMO then guesses satoimo (which is also taro, though lol) (*bzzt). TOMO then just says potato, and MAMI says that it is a potato. HARU says that it's something they've likely heard more about in recent years. TOMO goes, "What?" MAMI laughs and says that doesn't help. RINA guesses Japanese mountain yam (*bzzt), which makes everyone laugh (HARU: "What a refined answer"). RINA says that she thought that'd be the right answer. HARU says that it's used in something that's popular these days. TOMO and RINA are still confused by this. TOMO then guesses "maritozzi" (I think lol? which are Italian cream buns). There's a pause before the others laugh and say that that has been a popular item recently. MAMI laughs and says that's not a potato.

•HARU clarifies that it's something potato related that's used in something that's popular. TOMO says that she can't think of anything. HARU starts saying that it was probably more popular a little while ago, before TOMO suddenly goes, "Tapioca!" HARU goes, "Tapioca, what?" TOMO asks what tapioca is, anyway, and if it is a potato. HARU says that it's the potato used to make tapioca. RINA asks if it's a white potato, which HARU says it is. TOMO says that she thought tapioca was made from gelatin, and then wonders if gelatin comes from a potato (lol it's derived from animals). TOMO then guesses "konjac potato" (*bzzt). RINA asks if it's "___ potato." HARU says that it is. TOMO again guesses satoimo (taro) (*bzzt). HARU says that it's not really talked about in Japan. Ono says that they've likely heard about it before, though. TOMO and RINA try thinking of what tapioca is made of. TOMO says that she's surprised tapioca comes from a potato. Then, she goes "Ca-?" Ono says that it does start with "ca." They then just start saying words that start with that, like "cabinet." TOMO guesses "casket" (*bzzt). RINA laughs at this. MAMI says that it's "ca" plus the name of a fish (spoiler: she's referring to "saba" (サバ), which is mackerel). TOMO says "cagyo" ("gyo" means "fish") (*bzzt), which they laugh hard at. MAMI starts to explain something else when TOMO suddenly answers "cassava," which is correct. She goes, "I've never heard of it, though!", which they all laugh at. RINA says that she's never said it outloud before, and when she said it, that was the first time her mouth ever moved that way. They laugh. MAMI says that it resembles taro but is a different kind of potato.

•HARU reads the next message from a listener from the Philippines who mentions things like how they and their friends won first place in a digital art production contest at their school, which was scary at first since it was their first time collaborating with local friends. They had little experience collaborating before, which had been with online friends in far away countries. They say to also wish them luck as they're working on a piece to give to someone for Valentine's. The band says that's awesome they got first place. RINA wonders if designs created by AI were used. They also say that it's great how we live in an era where you can make art with people you've never met before, and wonder what kind of art they're making for Valentine's. Ono says that Meiji doesn't have a page about the Philippines on their site, so this is a question he made up especially for them. HARU starts reading it: "'Everyone loves Jollibee, but...' Wait, what does this say? 'Men'..." MAMI goes, "'Men'?" Ono takes a look at it and says that it says "menu." The others laugh and RINA says she was wondering what that 'men' was all about. HARU reads the question again: "Everyone loves Jollibee, but what is the local food 'palabok' on the menu?" HARU says that TOMO did go to Jollibee. RINA asks if she ordered it. TOMO says that she didn't. MAMI guesses sweet banana (*bzzt). RINA says that that does seem probable. TOMO says that the mango peach pie was delicious (*bzzt). RINA guesses fried chicken (*bzzt). TOMO guesses sweet meat sauce (*bzzt). MAMI guesses meatball (*bzzt). There's a slight pause before they ask if they're close. Ono says no. They laugh and say that he was making a face that seemed to indicate they were close.

•Ono says that this is a difficult one and that it's not a dessert food. TOMO guesses a hot sandwich (*bzzt). MAMI guesses salad (*bzzt). Ono tries to explain stuff to them and mentions that it's close to a Chinese dish. TOMO guesses bun (*bzzt). HARU guesses manju (*bzzt). MAMI guesses glass noodles (*bzzt). TOMO guesses yakisoba (*bzzt), then pad thai (*bzzt). RINA says beef. There's a pause before they all get excited and start clapping. Ono says that that's not an incorrect answer, and that it's "___ beef." TOMO guesses eggs and beef (*bzzt). HARU guesses tofu (*bzzt). RINA guesses chicken (*bzzt). TOMO guesses seafood (*bzzt), then onions (*bzzt). MAMI guesses garlic chives (*bzzt), and then vegetables. There's no buzzer sound played, which makes the band confused. MAMI then guesses ground beef (*bzzt). TOMO guesses cassava (*bzzt). MAMI laughs and RINA says that's definitely the right answer. Ono says that it describes the shape/size of the beef. TOMO guesses finely cut beef (*bzzt). HARU guesses soup (*bzzt). TOMO guesses ankake (basically refers to food covered in a thick starchy sauce), which is correct. Ono seems to show them photos of the dish. They say it looks good and would like to try it.

*As always, you can send in a message to the program here.

I've updated the guide as how to input your info and message for those who need assistance (click to enlarge):

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*All episodes of Season 2 can be found here

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The first "I see - The Catch up" in forever! What is "chile," an essential ingredient in Mexican cooking?

Season 2, Episode 48 blog

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HARUNA: This time we're doing... "I see - The Catch up"!

TOMOMI: We love this segment!

HARUNA: It's been a while.

TOMOMI: It's been a really long while, hasn't it?

HARUNA: Not since last summer.

RINA: That much time has passed, huh.

HARUNA: Last summer, too, it had been a while since we'd done "I see - The Catch up."

TOMOMI: Once every 2 cours.
(*1 cour equals 3 months)

RINA: That's right.

HARUNA: It seems like we've been doing it quite a bit, but at any rate, it's been a while.

RINA: Once is a lot.

HARUNA: "I see - The Catch up" is a quiz about world news and countries! Based on messages from overseas listeners, the staff comes up with quizzes related to the countries of the people sending n messages and ask the members questions. So far...we have delivered quizzes based on messages from Estonia, Malaysia, Argentina, Italy, Russia, USA, Australia, Philippines, Taiwan, India, Indonesia, and Hong Kong.

RINA: The number's growingー

HARUNA: We get to know a lot more about the world. Which countries will they be from this time? First, we'll read the messages.


Hi, im Tony from Mexico

This is my first time to send you a message and I am using a translator so I am sure there are many things wrong, but I was very happy to hear that SCANDAL has a new album and a new tour this year. I hope they will have a concert in my country, I want to go too, in 2015 and 2018 you already had concerts there, but at that time I was not yet a fan of yours, I was hoping MIRROR would have a date here, though that did not happen, hope to see more scandals this year and next!

(*Note: I translated this message to English through another translating service to retain the machine-translated feel)

All: Thank you very much!

TOMOMI: We'd like to go to Mexico tooー.

MAMI: We doー.

TOMOMI: I wonder what made them like us after 2018.

HARUNA: I wonder.

TOMOMI: There might have been some trigger related to Japan, like TV or magazines. If it's overseas...

RINA: YouTube? When we went to Mexico for the first time, we heard that many people came after watching our music videos on YouTube.

TOMOMI: I wonder if that's still true today. We don't update YouTube at all...only music videos.

HARUNA: There's no content that can be easily watched. (lol unfortunately, you guys are too naive)

TOMOMI: It'd be nice if there was more.

HARUNA: That's true.

RINA: If you hit upon a video and watch one, there are quite a few music videos to watch.

MAMI: There are quite a few.

TOMOMI: On the contrary, there are only music videos.

HARUNA: We made a few documentaries during the MIRROR era, so perhaps they watched them.

TOMOMI: We'd love to go back to Mexico.

Staff: SCANDAL fans overseas enjoy this program, too. That's why they send in messages.

HARUNA: That's true; if people want to know more about us, they could eventually end up here.

TOMOMI: But since we only talk in'd be difficult [for them to understand] even if they ended up here.

RINA: We're very grateful.

TOMOMI: Thank you very much.

HARUNA: Now then, let's start "I see - The Catch up" with a question about Mexico.

The essential ingredients for Mexican cuisine are corn, beans,
And "chile." Now then, what is "chile"?

TOMOMI: Chile??

MAMI: Chire!? Wait, wait, wait...avocado!

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Bulgaria Yogurt』 - Season 2, Episode 47

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•The episode starts with this.

•TOMO reads the next message from a listener who says they're sending in a topic for Smental: When eating oden, which ingredient do you start from? Ono says to try and do it. HARU says that she has hers decided. RINA says that there's one that she usually starts with. MAMI says that she has two in mind. TOMO says that hers depends on her mood that day. MAMI then wonders what some of the official names are for the ingredients. RINA and HARU both say that theirs are very standard ones. Ono says they should try and match their answers. RINA says that the one she's thinking of is one she'd imagine about 90% of people would order when eating oden. They say they think they'll match up and all answer "Daikon" at the same time. HARU says that she hasn't eaten oden much this year. MAMI says she's hasn't eaten it. TOMO says that she's eaten it around 3 times. RINA says she's eaten it as well.

•MAMI reads the next message from a listener who says that they really sympathized with the recent story the band told about absorbing luck and say that they have similar experiences where something bad always happens to someone who treats her loved ones badly. An example would be mysterious leaks in the roof above the three people who treat her husband badly, and all those people sat in the different locations. Also, good luck always seems to happen to her loved ones. She's always had this kind of luck but wants to get rid of it since it scares her. She's also scared that she's the only one like that. HARU says that her mom is the same way, and lists an example of people working with her quitting right away. TOMO says that they're on a higher level than SCANDAL. The band just absorbs luck, but it's like these people are punishing bad guys. MAMI says that HARU's mom isn't the same as the listener. HARU says that her mom will wish things like "I wish they'd leave" and they usually do. TOMO says that the listener in particular is kind of close to being a god. MAMI says that maybe they were in a past life. They then talk about how it's the opposite for them with liking stores that seem to inevitably close down. RINA says that maybe they're pouring out a lot of twisted love, which they laugh at. They ask people who have these "godlike powers" to send in messages.

•RINA reads the next message from a listener who says that they spoke some power words in early 2024. They were worried about the environment of the place they'd been working at since the end of last year, and even after the start of the new year, they found themselves being consumed with work and exhausted by it. They came down with the flu at the start of the year, yet the owner gave them a tough schedule. The listener asked if they cared about their employees at all, and owner said they've never been told that before. The next day they talked and made peace, but the listener did eventually quit. RINA says that all built up and exploded when those words were said. TOMO says it takes courage to say something like that, and it's great when that courage improves things for others.

•Before HARU reads the next message, she goes, "What was 'Shunkan Plain,' again?" None of them remember what it is. TOMO says that they probably don't have this segment anymore. HARU then reads the message from a listener who sent in a message to the recent "Catch up" live broadcast for a "song you want a loved one to hear," which he dedicated to a follower of theirs, though the message + song weren't chosen to be aired. A few days later when they were feeling down, they were so happy to hear from their follower and told her about the message + song they sent in to express their gratitude for the follower. She said that she had actually done the same, and their messages ended up being almost the same. Although they live in different places and have never met in real life, they met on social media because of SCANDAL and are very important to one another. The listener was so happy that they couldn't put into words when they found out they both had written the same kind of thing. They say it's their dream to meet the follower at a concert one day. The band says that's lovely. HARU apologizes for not reading their message. They say they have several concerts this year, including their upcoming tour, so they'd love for them to come out and finally meet.

•TOMO reads the next message from a listener who lives in Kagoshima Prefecture and ask if they remember the call-and-response regarding a local commercial they did when SCANDAL went there on the 47-prefecture tour. They're referring to this commercial for a vocational school where one person asks, "Shourai, nani ni naru no? (What will you be in the future?)" and the other answers, "Koumuin (civil servant)." They say that the school hasn't showed the commercial for a few years now, but it's so ingrained into the bodies of people from Kagoshima that they'll definitely answer back if they were asked during another MC. They also give a tip to stretch out the "no" at the end. MAMI says, "We didn't absorb the luck out of the commercial, right?", which makes them all laugh. TOMO says that's possible. They laugh at how they were even given a tip to say it properly. TOMO says that they'd do this kind of local commercial call-and-response thing during their 47-prefecture tour, which made the crowds excited.

•MAMI reads the next message from a listener who saw TOMO's post from when she went to the Philippine and had Jollibee. They say also went to the Philippines and had Jollibee for the first time. TOMO says that Jollibee was great. HARU asks what she ate. TOMO says she got the kids meal because she wanted the toy of Jollibee that came with it. She says it came with some bright yellow 'clay' (was actually Play-Doh) but didn't understand the directions on how to do it (you put a piece of Play-Doh into the food mold on the figure's back, press it down, and put the Play-Doh on the figure's tray it's holding), so she asked fans via social media for help.

*As always, you can send in a message to the program here.

I've updated the guide as how to input your info and message for those who need assistance (click to enlarge):

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*A list of all episode summaries from #1-160 can be found here

*All episodes of Season 2 can be found here

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On-air - 2024-02-23 (RINA) - Fri Feb 23, 2024 3:17 pm


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Will be aired
At 2:05 am JST tonight✓

The members of Shingeki
Came to talk to us
At an event last year,
And this month they invited us to be on their program☺
So happy. Thanks!

Right after the taping
TiNA-chan invited me to go eat,
And we met up about 2 days? later♡ So proactive! haha
I'm very happy she's interested and fond of me
So cute ദി ᷇ᵕ ᷆ )

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The MC was Yoshi of [comedy duo] COWCOW!

It was a great time we created together
Looking back on stories of the past 17 years,
And talking about things unique to female groups✓

It looks like you can watch it free on this app,
So please check it out〜!

\ Look forward to ittttt!/
(*A Japan VPN is needed to view it)

It's still cold outside,
So please take care of yourselves♡


2024-02-23 19:14:11

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【Translated Summary】"Yoru SCA ~Live streaming just before the release of LUMINOUS~" #1

•As the stream starts, the band explains that they are doing a total of 3 livestreams every other week to celebrate the release of their upcoming album LUMINOUS.

•HARU reads a comment that asked them if they ate. RINA says yes, and that they ate Yoshinoya. HARU says that they ate while deciding on the setlist for their upcoming LUMINOUS tour. TOMO says that it's such a good setlist that she doesn't know if they can pull off playing it (since it's so intense), and that it'll be a little different from what they usually do.

•They first show an infographic with the different album covers + tracklist on it. RINA starts talking about the Blu-ray+Merch Edition and holds it up to show it off. She mentions how the included long-sleeve shirt should fit men as well as women on the shorter side, and that the band chose which fabric and style the shirt should have. Next, they show what the set of 4-frame photo strips look like. RINA says that although she's not a part of the culture that collects this type of photo (referring to how these strips are usually associated with K-Pop groups), the other band members told her about them and she definitely thinks that physically having something like these gives you a different kind of enjoyment in addition to listening to the music. HARU says that it's not just the songs or music that are enjoyable, but also the things that accompany them such as the glittery cover of the edition and the photo strips. TOMO says while looking at the strips that they're on the bigger side. RINA asks how you would display them. TOMO says it's difficult to say. MAMI says you could put them in a photo strip holder. HARU says it'd be nice there are some that fit big strips like these. MAMI says you could also cut them up. RINA says to do whatever you'd like. HARU says that they're a little too big to put inside of a phone case. TOMO holds one up against the back of her phone, and it's about an inch longer. RINA says that you could probably do it if you have a phone that's on the bigger side.

•TOMO then wonders if they should show the other editions next. HARU looks down at the outline sheet in front of her while RINA says while looking past the camera [at the staff], "'Fanfare'?" TOMO starts to say that they've only introduced one edition so far, but HARU interrupts and says they actually had jumped way ahead. They all look at their sheets and start laughing. After the infographic was shown, they were supposed to talk about the new song "Fanfare" next instead of introducing the editions.

•They then talk about "Fanfare." HARU says that info related to the song has been released recently, such as how it will be the ending song for the anime "HIGHSPEED Étoile" that will start airing in April. HARU asks if they've already talked about the song and directs it more towards TOMO, presumably because she wrote the lyrics. TOMO goes, "About what?" RINA and HARU specify if they've talked about the production of the song and look towards the staff when they ask. The band all laughs and says that it's probably okay for them to talk about it. TOMO says that they don't have to keep how they wrote the song a secret. RINA says that they want to talk about it. TOMO says that around spring of last year is when they received this offer to write a song for the anime. The lead character is an independent and strong woman, which is a prominent topic in the series. Since it overlaps with what they value as a band, they wrote a song that revolves around the story of the race while also overlapping with their own story. TOMO says that they never really thought about how in what way they would continue their activities after getting their Guinness World Record last year, and it was the first time they really looked at themselves seriously. That's why she wrote the song while thinking of the band, and while crying and her autonomic nervous system being in turmoil. They all laugh at this. HARU says that it was tough. TOMO agrees and says that it had been a long time since she had written lyrics to a song like this. She also says that she's been writing everyday kind of songs recently, so it had been a while since she had written some for a tie-in song. Although she did struggle a bit, she hopes she was able to leave a message that represents their determination for the future.

•RINA mentions how the album is titled LUMINOUS and that the word "luminous" has the connotation of something emitting light on its own. The album is filled with songs that open the door to something brighter, and "Fanfare" is the song that leads the way--it's a song that's the key to the next bright world. RINA says she really likes the lyrics and melody, and that she feels they've put a lot of emotion into the song, making it very heartfelt. When they were shooting the music video for it, she was able to play with a big smile on her face and not worry about anything. She says it's probably been a while since she's been able to express herself like this and it makes her feel all cheerful. It made her think that this is how the four of them are going to continue onwards again, which is why she can't wait for everyone to hear it. HARU says that this is why "Fanfare" is one of the first songs. TOMO says that it's a very fast-paced song. RINA says that MAMI arranged it. MAMI says that they were told what the production staff wanted the song to be like: a fast-paced song that would be great live and be set at a higher BPM. She says the band also wanted to make it a very cheerful, bright song that was made complete by the sounds of the four of them, and she thinks they did a great job at doing so. HARU then mentions that she talked a little bit about the song when shooting a video for their fan club, which was taken when they were filming the MV. She says they used a drone to film for the first time, so there will be angles that you've never seen in their videos before.

•Next, they show the other editions of the CD. RINA picks up the Magazine Edition (Limited Edition B), but she incorrectly calls it the Regular Edition instead and says that it's the one with the biggest jellyfish on it. MAMI says the jellyfish are cute and that they asked for shiny jellyfish to be made. RINA says that they were made from scratch with CG. RINA then correctly picks up the Blu-Ray Edition (Limited Edition A) with "her" Diary on it. TOMO says it's pretty lengthy at about an hour long. RINA says that they had their year in 2023 filmed closely, and watching it back made her remember how their year started out, which she had forgotten about, and although it had been a very difficult year, she felt that they made progress, even if it was just a little bit at a time. She then asks the staff to show on screen the infographic with the covers and content of the limited editions. TOMO then notices that the edition RINA had claimed to be the Regular Edition wasn't actually it, and MAMI hands her the one that is actually it (the cover with 4 jellyfish on it) while laughing. RINA turns over the CDs to see which edition is which and then holds up the Magazine Edition again, saying, "Even though I said differently earlier, this is Limited Edition B! Got it?" TOMO holds up the Blu-ray Edition and asks which one it is. HARU says it's LE A. There's a pause before TOMO goes, "Wait a minute... I don't get it." The infographic is shown on screen again as they try and figure out which cover equals which edition. The stream cuts back to the band with HARU holding the Regular Edition and saying that it has 4 jellyfish on it.

•They then talk about the Magazine Edition and how there are 100 question and 100 answer sections in it, with the questions coming from MANIA members. RINA says the questions were really interesting. MAMI says there were some deep questions, which they laugh at. TOMO doesn't seem to remember and goes, "They were deep?" RINA says there were also subjects that they've never talked about before. Each member got different questions, which is why RINA says she's excited to read what they were. They also mention that there are a lot of specially shot photos included in the magazine.

•The next thing they talk about are the bonuses that come with the album when either ordered early and/or ordered from specific stores. The infographic is shown on screen first, and they joke and laugh that they won't mess up anymore. HARU says that they have a few of them on hand, though not all of them. They first show the clear file, which came with each Limited Edition pre-ordered until February 12. Next, they show the shoelaces that come with orders from Rakuten Books. They they're really cute and have the band logo printed on them in white. After that, they show the clear photo cards that only MANIA members can get. RINA puts all 4 of them on the back of a white sheet of paper to try and show them to the camera but can't hold all of them down at the same time, so MAMI says to show them one by one. They say you can put these in a holder and bring it with you when you go out. The other bonuses that are available but they don't have on hand are the regular photo cards available at different stores plus the phone lanyard from 7Net Shopping. HARU says that the band personally chose the designs and colors for the shoelaces and lanyard. RINA says there isn't a single thing that the band puts out that the band members are not involved in. HARU says that they even chose which photos would be used for the bonuses. RINA says, "We do everything ourselves, so please rest assured." She and HARU laugh.

•HARU says that this stream was focused on them introducing the physical attributes and such related to the album. RINA says she's so glad everything's finally complete. HARU says that they finished recording in December and took the following month off, but even during that time they were confirming a lot of details related to the album, such as choosing which photos to use for the bonuses, and that it all finally took shape and is now a month away from release. They say to please look forward to it.

•They then take a look at some of the comments people are leaving in the live chat. TOMO reads a comment that says they had pre-ordered the album at SCANDAL's BEST Xmas concert. The band says that they'll get the clear file with their order, then. The staff then reminds the band that there was also a sticker bonus that day, where purchasers received a sticker with printed handwritten messages from the band on them. The band says that they put a lot of thought into making these bonuses because they wanted to make it as fun as possible and wanted there to be a lot of things that people could get their hands on, but they do want people to feel free to choose what they'd like/want. TOMO then lists various countries that she's seen viewers mention in comments. HARU says that that's usually the case when doing a YouTube Live. RINA says that there must be some countries where the time difference must be big.

•Another comment asks them to release band scores again. TOMO says that maybe they could release a band score for one song as a bonus with a release. The mention of doing just "one song" seems to make the others laugh. TOMO then says that maybe they could do it for a future release if there's chance to. MAMI says that maybe they could do something like a band score PDF that could be downloaded via a QR code. They also mention maybe doing book versions of band scores again. TOMO wonders when the last one they released was, and thinks that it was YELLOW. The others seem to think that as well. RINA wonders if they released one for HONEY. The others think they didn't. They at least know for sure that they haven't released a score since establishing "her." RINA says that she can't remember something like that so far back. TOMO doesn't think that they did. RINA asks if they've ever seen it before. TOMO says she hasn't. HARU looks at the comments in the chat and says that the fans are saying they did release one for HONEY (yes, they did lol). The band is surprised by this and wonder if they have this score in their office. TOMO laughs and says that all of the comments say that it does exist. HARU says that the fans would know about these things better than them, after all, which the others agree with and thank the fans for.

•They ask the fans if there's anything else they want to know. HARU reads a comment that asks when they'll be announcing the overseas dates for the LUMINOUS tour. They purposely answer vaguely and say that they'll probably be released before long, and then laugh. HARU reads another comment that asks if they're doing any release events for the album. There's a pause before TOMO again answers vaguely and says it'd be nice if there are. They all laugh at this. They say while laughing that it would be better if they did have some. Another comment asks if there will be a vinyl edition of the album. They say that they'd like to, and that it would be nice to do so. MAMI says that releasing one with these covers would be cute. TOMO then reads a comment says that to "please make a pizza." They laugh at this. HARU looks at comments and goes, "Ah, merch?" The others are confused and TOMO goes, "Pizza merch?" HARU laughs and says that the comment said something like, "The merch [for the upcoming tour] hasn't been released/decided yet?" The others are still confused, and HARU apologizes and says that that has nothing to do with the pizza comment. They laugh and RINA says that she thought HARU was being awfully positive about making pizza merch. They say that they have decided on the merch and that it's really cute. HARU reads a comment that asked them to do a nationwide tour of Japan and says that they are in fact doing that with this tour.

•TOMO reads a comment asking about a live recording/DVD/Blu-ray. RINA says that they do put them out from time to time, though they don't particularly like being recorded. They laugh at this. MAMI says that they'll probably release some clips here and there on their YouTube channel. TOMO does say to come out to this tour because they won't be recording and releasing it on Blu-ray/DVD. Another comment TOMO reads says to do "screenshot time." She says they should do it to close out the stream. They decide to hold up the CDs and pose with them. HARU is confused as to which way is the right way to hold it and they realize that the obi (the strip of paper on the left side of the CD) is facing the wrong way. RINA laughs and says to put her hand over that part so that people won't notice (HARU still ends up holding the CD upside down, though lol).

•They close out the stream by saying that the next stream will be in two weeks on March 5th at the same time of 9 pm JST. HARU wonders what they could possibly talk about next time. RINA says that there are still lots of things to talk about, and HARU and TOMO wonder what they could be. MAMI say that they could talk about the songs on the album. TOMO says that they could also talk about things not related to the album, as well as read comments/answer questions from viewers. They then start saying goodnight and waving to the camera, and then pause for a second and look over to the staff to see if it's okay. They say the staff says it's okay and continue saying goodbye and waving.

If you enjoy my translations, please consider leaving a tip! Happy

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France - 2024-02-22 (RINA) - Thu Feb 22, 2024 1:21 am


Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 3 2024-02-22-13-18-rina1

An article with an interview
By French music media site
Is now up in French/English✓

While looking back
On photos from our in concert in Paris in 2022,

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 3 2024-02-22-13-18-rina2

It was painful to remember
How I felt on the edge during that period haha

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 3 2024-02-22-13-18-rina3

I feel like I'm standing there
With lots of support every day

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 3 2024-02-22-13-18-rina4

I am overflowing with gratitude to everyone

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 3 2024-02-22-13-18-rina5

But all of these feelings
Have become an important part of the story!

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 3 2024-02-22-13-18-rina6


Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 3 2024-02-22-13-18-rina7

The team that wrote this article
Came from Paris
To our Sekai Ichi event last year as well✓

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 3 2024-02-22-13-18-rina8

I'm glad they're so enthuastic!

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 3 2024-02-22-13-18-rina9

I realized again
That I want to continue to tell our overseas fans
About the four of us in real time☺

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 3 2024-02-22-13-18-rina11
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 3 2024-02-22-13-18-rina12
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 3 2024-02-22-13-18-rina13
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 3 2024-02-22-13-18-rina14
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 3 2024-02-22-13-18-rina15

I can't wait to see you guys at a concert〜!


2024-02-22 13:18:30

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About February - 2024-02-21 (RINA) - Wed Feb 21, 2024 2:54 pm

About February

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 3 O1080077115404302817

The newly started
Yoru SCA!
It was fun doing a livestream for the first time in forever〜!

Talking about the album itself,
The production of a certain song, etc...
We chatted away✓

Thank you to everyone who came to watch it!

An archive of it is up,
So if you missed it, take a look at it whenever you'd like✓

On 3/5 from 21:00〜 JST
Is the second Yoru SCA stream! Look forward to it!

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 3 O1080108015404302823

February goes by so quickly.
It's a part of the year that feels especially fleeting every year,
But this year it was filled
With so many different happenings.
I even went back to Kansai for a moment‎~

Let's clear the rest of the days
One by one carefully〜✓
It looks like there will be new announcements soon...!


2024-02-21 18:05:00

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What did someone really want to tell HARUNA with their first-ever message?

Season 2, Episode 47 blog

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 3 LXF3NYS6_o

HARUNA: This time...we're just going to introduce messages. Let's get right to it.


I became a fan of SCANDAL when I was in middle school, and although I was away from the band for a while in high school due to studies and club activities, I am now a nursing student and am hooked on SCANDAL again. In that vein, I belatedly listened to all past episodes of "Catch up," and I really wanted to tell HARUNA something, so I'm sending in a message to a radio program for the first time in my life.

During Smental (game where all 4 members of SCANDAL try to give the same answer to a subject), HARUNA has given answers such as mochi and tofu, but what I imagine while listening and what HARUNA gives as an answer are always the same.

The other members would say, "Why would you answer that? That's so funny!", I was pleased to see that my thought process was exactly the same as HARUNA's, but at the same time felt down and thought I was a weirdo, so I had mixed feelings about it (haha).

I got the impression that HARUNA feels down every time Smental is played, but she has like-minded comrades, so don't be discouraged! That's all I wanted to say.

On a personal note, the national nursing exam is coming up in a week, so I'm feeling anxious every day no matter how much I study. But I will get through it by listening to SCANDAL songs every day!

HARUNA: Thank you!

TOMOMI: Good luck! National exams sure are nerve-racking.

RINA: But their message is so cute.

TOMOMI: HARU has a comrade.

HARUNA: Yeah, I do. But there are a few others as well.

MAMI: Hmm?

HARUNA: I get DMs from quite a few people who say, "I also thought of tofu!"

MAMI: Before that, HARU, you felt down!?

TOMOMI: You felt down?

HARUNA: Well...

RINA: You did?

HARUNA: It doesn't make me feel down that my answers are different than your guys' answers. I'm surprised that you're so surprised. I'm more surprised than disheartened.

All: Ah!

MAMI: I see. But it's not something to be disheartened about.

RINA: There's no right answer.

TOMOMI: It's just a game.

What we want to tell you

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 3 2024-02-19-14-19-rina

More details about the bonuses that come with the album
Have been revealed♡

Here's the cover of the her magazine,
Now in its fourth volume✓
There are so many newly shot photos
Taken in all sorts of outfits and makeup looks

We introduce all of the songs,
And there are solo pages with 100 questions and 100 answers...!
We asked for questions
From our fan club members,
And they were so interesting! haha
There were a lot of things we talked about for the first time!
Thank you to everyone who sent in a question✓

Here's the edition
That comes with this magazine♡

We also released the teaser for the her diary,
Which closely follows our activities of the past year

English subs:

Our close cinematographer
Chie Okazawa-chan,
Who has been with us since our debut!
Each time I think of how this is the kind of the content
That could only be captured by this team,
And honest words that we couldn't talk about.

Getting our Guinness World Record
Was a big subject last year, after all,
And that's what the teaser focuses on,
But the main story is completely different.
That was my impression.
It's filled with things
That we want to tell you guys about,
So I'd love for you to watch it✓

Can't believe there's already
1 month left until it hits stores!



2024-02-19 14:19:15

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11th Album - 「LUMINOUS」 - Sun Feb 18, 2024 1:58 pm

The cover + content for "her" Magazine Vol.4 and teaser for 「SCANDAL DOCUMENTARY “her” Diary 2023 SPECIAL EDITION」 have been released, and 3 livestreams to commemorate the release of the album have been announced!

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 3 Her-Magazine4

English subs:

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 3 0220

The cover and content of “her” Magazine Vol.4” included with the Magazine Edition (Limited Edition B) of LUMINOUS have been released!

The latest issue of the long-awaited magazine, which gained popularity as inclusions in the single Masterpiece/Mabataki; and the albums Kiss from the darkness and MIRROR, features a total of 64 pages that include newly shot photos of the band that can only be seen here, an interview about all of the album songs, 100 questions and 100 answers by each member, and more!

The teaser video for “SCANDAL DOCUMENTARY “her” Diary 2023 SPECIAL EDITION” included in the Blu-ray included with the Blu-ray Edition (Limited Edition A) of the album LUMINOUS has been released!

It will be a 60-minute video that closely follows SCANDAL in 2023, when they celebrated their 17th anniversary and became the "best in the world."

YouTube Lives will be held for the release of new album LUMINOUS!

YouTube Lives titled "Yoru SCA" (Night SCANDAL) will be streamed on SCANDAL's official YouTube channel!

A total of 3 streams every other Tuesday from 9:00 pm JST starting on Tuesday, February 20th, titled "Yoru SCA ~Live streaming just before the release of LUMINOUS~."

The 4 band members will be appearing to talk about info and behind-the-scenes stories about their new album LUMINOUS, so don't miss it!

"Yoru SCA ~Live streaming just before the release of LUMINOUS~" #1

Date and time: February 20 (Tuesday) 21:00~ JST


"Yoru SCA ~Live streaming just before the release of LUMINOUS~" #2

Date and time: March 5 (Tuesday) Time TBD

"Yoru SCA ~Live streaming just before the release of LUMINOUS~" #3

Date and time: March 19 (Tuesday) Time TBD

*The streams will be archived.
*Schedule is subject to change.

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【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Bulgaria Yogurt』 - Season 2, Episode 46

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 3 Ciuz0Xoi_o
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 3 UX9KjJ3n_o

•The episode starts with this.

•RINA also says that it was raining on the day they stayed overnight in Kyoto, but it was really cool to see Kyoto in the rain. She spent a nice and luxurious day relaxing and thinking how grateful she is to have been able to spend her time like that. She also mentions that she went to Tokyo Disneyland. HARU is surprised and says that she successfully drove outside of Tokyo/the prefecture (one of RINA's 2023 resolutions was to drive outside of Tokyo, which she didn't get around to doing--until recently with this trip). RINA laughs and says she did accomplish that. MAMI congratulates her. HARU asks how it was. RINA says she was really nervous but managed to get there safely. She mentions how the Disneyland staff is so smiley when they guide you when parking. It made her think, "Thanks! I've arrived!" and says she was really happy. HARU says that she's glad she drove outside of Tokyo, RINA says she's glad she was able to report this.

•Next, HARU says that TOMO did a lot of traveling. TOMO says that she first went to Kumamoto for New Year's with her family and saw Mount Aso, the castle, and relaxed in the hot springs. After that, she went to South Korea with her high school friends for 2 days, 3 nights. Following that, she went to Cebu in the Philippines with her elementary school friend for about a week. Following that, she went to Toba Aquarium and Ise Jingu Shrine (in Mie Prefecture) for a day. HARU says that's a huge distance traveled. TOMO says she was almost never in Tokyo and was always somewhere else. Because they usually don't have much time to do private traveling and don't know when they'll have a vacation, this might have been the first time in her life that she was able to properly enjoy a trip. She also brings up how they usually have travel plans taken care of for them (when they travel for concerts) by travel agents and such, so this was her first time doing all of this herself. She had to do stuff like rent a pocket Wi-Fi and such. She says that she had so much fun taking these trips that she thought she was going to die. The others laugh at this. MAMI mentions how she invited TOMO to go to a parfait place that they like and she brought her a bunch of souvenirs. TOMO had said she had gotten back the day before and will be leaving again tomorrow. TOMO says that MAMI had invited her at a good time.

•HARU says that contrary to TOMO's packed schedule, she spent a very relaxing time at home. She did travel once, and also went to Mie with her mom. She's been going to Toba Aquarium on family trips since she was little and so is familiar with the aquarium, and recently videos of the sea otters there have been going viral on social media. HARU really wanted to go see them again and found them so cute that she watched them for about two hours. She says that the reason why the otters started doing the stuff they're going viral for is for the keepers to check their health, like if they're able to move parts of their body normally or if they feel well or not. RINA says that it's comforting to hear they weren't taught that to make humans happy. TOMO asks HARU if they stayed in Toba. HARU says they did. TOMO asks if there were a lot of stalls, like ones selling grilled oysters, set up in front of Toba Station. HARU says that there were. MAMI wonders if it's because it's near the sea. TOMO says yes, and that there are lots of places that sell seafood caught that day and grill them on the spot, which makes it so much fun to visit those places. It was in fact so much fun for her that she delayed her return train. HARU says she probably did the opposite schedule from TOMO where she went to Toba first and then to Ise (also in Mie) the next day, and then went back home. TOMO says that she was in Toba for 2 days. MAMI goes, "In front of the station?", which they all laugh at. RINA asks TOMO what she ate. TOMO says she ate spiny lobster, grilled oysters, clams.

•Next, they read messages from listeners who sent in messages for the new segment to celebrate the release of their album, titled "Queen of LUMINOUS," or "Quminous" for short. HARU reads a message from a listener who says that her family's "Quminous" is her mother Sacchan. She mentions things like how there are three daughters and they usually listen to their parents' complaints, but when Sacchan gets a little tipsy, she gets a little pouty and says stuff like, "Is it my fault?" and then falls asleep. She asks SCANDAL if they can award Sacchan, who is always working hard, the Quminous Award. The band laughs and MAMI goes, "Were we giving out awards?" TOMO says that it's not that kind of segment. HARU wonders if they'll make an award later. They say that Sacchan sounds lively and joke that they'll give her the award. Ono says they can send her a pouch, which they agree on.

•TOMO reads the next message from a listener who also writes about their mom. They hadn't been able to return home for a while due to the pandemic and such, but had finally been able to do so for the year-end holidays and was reunited with their family for the first time in about 5 years. They told their mom that they had been having fun going to SCANDAL's concerts, and she asked them to tell her about SCANDAL's next album. When they gave her a copy of the Highlight no Naka de Bokura Zutto single, she listened to it every day in the car and now supports SCANDAL. The band says that makes them happy to hear that fans are starting conversations like that.

•MAMI reads the next message from a listener whose short Quminous story is about their wife who is ridiculously good at making tamagoyaki (rolled egg) and calls her the Tamagoyaki Queen. The taste, the shape, the color all look like ones found at an izakaya, and frankly, they are even better than the ones served at restaurants. The listener says that, by the way, they're the Chawanmushi (steamed egg custard) Minister The band laughs at how this couple's all about eggs. TOMO says that telling someone something like what the listener mentioned would definitely make them happy. They say that the Tamagoyaki Queen and Chawanmushi Minister sound really cute. TOMO says they'll give them an egg award. There's a pause before MAMI goes, "...egg?" They laugh and say they don't have that kind of award.

•They then close out the episode. HARU asks the others how it was to record an episode after so long. RINA says that it went by in a flash, which they all agree with. HARU says that it always feels like that, though. MAMI says that they conversed like they usually do. RINA says it felt good to talk and have things feel fresh.

*As always, you can send in a message to the program here.

I've updated the guide as how to input your info and message for those who need assistance (click to enlarge):

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 3 AtNT0wux_t Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 3 W8YA0tQE_t

*A list of all episode summaries from #1-160 can be found here

*All episodes of Season 2 can be found here

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Candids - 2024-02-15 (RINA) - Thu Feb 15, 2024 3:50 pm


Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 3 2024-02-15-19-38-rina1
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 3 2024-02-15-19-38-rina2

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 3 2024-02-15-19-38-rina3
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 3 2024-02-15-19-38-rina4
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 3 2024-02-15-19-38-rina5
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 3 2024-02-15-19-38-rina6
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 3 2024-02-15-19-38-rina7
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 3 2024-02-15-19-38-rina8
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 3 2024-02-15-19-38-rina9
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 3 2024-02-15-19-38-rina10
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 3 2024-02-15-19-38-rina11
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 3 2024-02-15-19-38-rina12

The deadline for pre-ordering
Collaboration items is tomorrow〜✓

If you miss this chance,
You won't be able to get these items anymore, so check them out〜!

By the way,
These are the TOP 3 items!

\ NO.1 - Short-sleeve shirt /

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 3 2024-02-15-19-38-rina13

\ NO.2 - Back print sweatshirt /

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 3 2024-02-15-19-38-rina14

\ NO.3 - Sweatpants /

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 3 2024-02-15-19-38-rina15

They can all be worn and used for a long time✓
And yet I think there's a relaxed aspect to them as well

The band members recommend
Wearing both the sweatshirt and sweatpants
As a matching set!

I personally recommend
The cropped t-shirt and sweatpants!

The bag and cap that are set at relatively affordable prices
Are also cute✓
The band also got them
To use in our personal lives◎
Please use this as a reference if you like〜!


2024-02-15 19:38:08

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Press DAY - 2024-02-13 (RINA) - Tue Feb 13, 2024 12:22 pm

Press DAY

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 3 O1080108015401115189

Press for the album has also begunー!

We often have familiar interviewers
Handle the interviews,
And it always makes me really happy
When there are moments I feel
That they really empathize
With the band's story
And delve into it.

I enjoy listening to what the other members talk about
Because I don't get to hear
The detailed songwriting process during production.
It's interesting to hear their answers.

Looks like there will be
More good photos and articles published,
So please look forward to them✓

We worked hard today too〜!
I feel accomplished〜!


2024-02-13 19:54:48

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Their first long vacation in 18 years! What did each member do??

Season 2, Episode 46 blog

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 3 4KVCq831_o

HARUNA: This time... It's been a month since we recorded for "Catch up"??

RINA: That's right. Not since the end of last year. It's been quite a while.

TOMOMI: We recorded a surprisingly large amount of episodes at the end of the year.

RINA: Yes, we recorded several rounds of three episodes.

HARUNA: Yeah, we recorded about two months worth. That's why we said "Happy New Year" in December. The reason for this is that SCANDAL took a whole month off in January.

RINA: That was a first. It was the first time we took such a long break.


RINA: I'm grateful.

HARUNA: We've been at this for 17 years, so we took this opportunity to take a little vacation, and each of us decided to do something we liked for a month... Let's talk about how we spent the month.

RINA: What did you guys do?

MAMI: I went to Sanrio Puroland about once every three days.


RINA: What a crazy pace...

MAMI: I also went to Harmonyland in Oita with my mother. Or rather, my main reason was to go to Harmonyland.

RINA: Your long-cherished wish...?

MAMI: Yes, my long-cherished wish.

RINA: You did mention that. Was that your first time going?

MAMI: No, it was my third time.

HARUNA: You've been there quite a bit.

MAMI: It was a day trip. We took the plane at 6 am and came back at 7 pm. This was probably my second trip to Oita Prefecture where I wanted to do some proper sightseeing, The first time I went to Beppu, and this time I went to Yufuin.

TOMOMI: Sounds great!

RINA: Did you go to an onsen?

MAMI: That's right. Also, I think I got sculpted gel nails for the first time in my life.

TOMOMI: You play the guitar, so you can't usually do that.

MAMI: Yeah, I can't. Now they're all removed and shortened. When your nails are cute, you get really excited.

HARUNA: That's right.

MAMI: The moment you hand something to someone or hand them something, a conversation is born into this world, like, "Your nails are cute!" It was my first time experiencing that. I was so pumped.

TOMOMI: It's nice, isn't it?

HARUNA: I grew my nails a little longer, too.

MAMI: You grew them longer??

HARUNA: I grew them longer than usual.

RINA: Did you do your nails?

HARUNA: Yes, I did them myself.

TOMOMI: Nice... I can't grow mine at all. I cut them right away.

MAMI: I had my nails taken off at the place where I had them done, and I told the tech, "Thank you so much. I can't believe how happy it made me..." I told her everything I was feeling, and then she took them off.

TOMOMI: You sound like a first-year gyaru.

HARUNA: We all took trips, right?

RINA: We did. I went to Kyoto with my sister, and we went to an Italian restaurant next to the five-story pagoda, where you can eat while looking at it. It's really cool; the interior is Western style, but the view is cool Japanese style. That contrast is wonderful. Chihara Junior went there with Yuichi Kimura (both comedians). It's a creative Italian restaurant, but it's not exactly Italian. It's all a little different. We ate a course there and then relaxed at a ryokan (Japanese inn).

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We're entering the promotion period
For the album✓
We recorded for TV yesterday!
I'll let you guys know about it later〜

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Samples of the CDs were also finishedー!
With the Blu-ray+Merch Edition,
The shimmering holo that changes depending on the angle
Is exquisitely pretty and perfect - It's amazing.
In this era of streaming, we're making the physical CDs with great care
In terms of both appearance and content
So that those who buy them can enjoy them as much as possible✓

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Ah! Also, I've gotten a lot of DMs
Asking where you can get my photo card,

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 3 2024-02-10-15-04-rina4

And it seems like you can get them here✓
Please use this as a reference if you like!
Thank you♡


2024-02-10 15:04:51

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【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Bulgaria Yogurt』 - Season 2, Episode 45

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•The episode starts with this.

•TOMO reads the next message from a listener whose message was read during Episode 156 where she asked the band whether she should be happy with the person she loves, or the person who loves her. She's sent in this message because there's been some progress, but says that she's not in a relationship with either guy. MANIA-kun had come to Kansai to visit her and then came again for SCANDAL's unlimited UTOPIA tour, though they didn't attend the concert together. They kept in touch after that, but his social media profile happened to be recommended to her and the difference between that and how he is in real life was so drastic that it kind of woke her up and made her feel uncomfortable. She thought that if she kept contacting him, she might get his hopes up, so she deliberately reduced the frequency of her replies. Even so, she felt sorry for being unable to respond to his feelings, which outweighted how happy she was that he was thinking of her. She just told him that she'd see him if there was another concert and then stopped contacting him. She had made plans to hang out with the other guy she likes on the day of SCANDAL's signing event in Tokyo, and afterwards he accompanied her to the venue. She was planning on confessing her feelings when they parted, but in the end she didn't have the courage to do so and they remain friends to this day. As time went by, she thought that she could have a better relationship with him as a friend rather than a lover. She says that there may come a day when she'll regret this decision, but it was one she made after much consideration so she'll enjoy her single life to the fullest so that she doesn't regret it. The band talks about the social media aspect and that, for example, you'd be really excited after a concert and that could come across in your posts. They say that it's important how you use social media, though it's okay to just be yourself. There's nothing wrong with there being a big difference between your online and offline personalities, and that it's a matter of compatibility. They thank the listener for sending in an update.

•MAMI reads the next message from a listener who is sending a "just between you and me" type of message from something that happened when they attended a SCANDAL concert a few years ago. They say that they were front row on MAMI's side and was raising their hand during one of the songs when a hair strand of MAMI's, who was whipping her hair around, floated into their hand (TOMO: "That's scary!"). They say that since they attend concerts solo, they haven't had a chance to tell other fans about this incident, which is why they're sending in this message. MAMI goes, "You don't really need to mention this story!" They all laugh. TOMO wonders if the fan took home the strand. MAMI says (or hopes, more like it) that they probably threw it away. Ono states that the listener is a woman. The band is surprised at how the listener was able to notice the single strand of hair and wonder if it was illuminated by the lighting. They say that MAMI's hair is pretty easy to see, especially when it's blonde. TOMO says that she thought there'd be a scary story that followed, which they all laugh at. MAMI says sorry and thanks for finding it, while TOMO says congratulations. MAMI then says that she has no idea what to say to this. RINA laughs and says it's an odd feeling. Ono says that this message was sent in as part of the "secret conversations" message theme for the live broadcast.

•RINA reads the next message from a listener who says that their secret is that they dress up like a woman. They started doing their own makeup about six years ago but couldn't imagine going out like that. Once they went out wearing a mask, they gained a strange confidence because most people weren't concerned about it, especially those who were looking at their phones. Since they started growing their hair out, switching from a wig, they've been wearing women's clothes to SCANDAL concerts. They went to SCANDAL's signing in Osaka in a t-shirt, skirt, and sandals after much deliberation. RINA thanked them for wearing a "SHE IS A WAVE" shirt and said that it looked nice on them. When they told RINA that they were a guy, she looked them straight in the eye and said "Oh? That's great!" They were so happy that they were tearing up. They still feel guilty for dressing up as a woman but still want to continue doing so. RINA says that she remembers them. HARU says she does as well. RINA says that they don't get to talk much to each fan due to limited time, but she was really happy that they told her that, and she thought it was really wonderful that a fan was truly living their life the way they want to. HARU says that she thinks people can express themselves however they like to. MAMI says that she really loves the YouTuber Himenii who also dresses up like a woman and that they're really cute. She says that Himenii says that cross-dressing is the best thing that only men can do, which she thinks is true. RINA says that the reverse is also true, where there are many women who like things that only guys are supposed to like. That's also something that she thinks is totally fine. She mentions that they often get DMs and fan letters about things like this, and she wants to tell all of these people that it's totally fine. TOMO says that it's the most wonderful thing when you live your life faithfully to what you love.

•HARU reads the next message from a listener who is sharing an embarrassing story that he experienced in middle school. One morning in his first year of middle school, he was riding the train as usual when he noticed a slightly scary high school boy staring at him. They had grown up watching lots of drama series so they figured that they couldn't look away because the boy would see that he was scared and would take advantage of him. When he didn't look away, the high schooler started slowly making his way towards him. He thought he would get beaten up like in dramas, but instead the high schooler whispered to him that his fly was open. That was what he was trying to communicate to the listener. The listener realized that it was in fact open and felt like he wanted to just disappear. TOMO says that was a good story and that both boys were really cute. HARU says that you do get pretty nervous when someone stares at you like that and you wonder if you did something. MAMI says all the more when it's someone older than you.

*As always, you can send in a message to the program here.

I've updated the guide as how to input your info and message for those who need assistance (click to enlarge):

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*A list of all episode summaries from #1-160 can be found here

*All episodes of Season 2 can be found here

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