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【English Subs】eternal MV - Tue Mar 02, 2021 4:42 pm

【English Subs】eternal MV

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eternal Lyrics - Tue Mar 02, 2021 4:00 pm

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"eternal" Lyrics

Lyrics: RINA ~ Music: MAMI ~ Arrangement: Satori Shiraishi

Kaze ni yureru wa
Hinagiku no hana umi ga mitakatta
Nakidashisou na
Sora wo mite itta
"Ima kara, ikou ka."

Mabushii hikari hanatte
Furisosogu ai no shawaa
Onegai kokoro hodoite
Yasashii sekai ni furete

Doushite kashira
Hitotsu ni natta itami to yorokobi
Kowakutemo mata kagi wo aketeku
Watashi no sugata wo mitete yo

Mitete yo

Mabushii hikari hanatte
Furisosogu ai no shawaa
Onegai kokoro hodoite
Yasashii sekai e to

Mabushii hikari hanatte
Furisosogu ai ga aru
Onegai kokoro hodoite
Yasashii sekai ni furete

Nee, kono shunkan wo eien ni shite
Kono shunkan eien ni shite yo
Kono shunkan eien ni shite
Kono shunkan eien ni shite
Kono shunkan eien ni shite
Kono shunkan eien ni shite yo

ひなぎくの花 海が見たかった

眩しい ひかり 放って
お願い こころ 解いて

ひとつになった 痛みと喜び


眩しい ひかり 放って
お願い こころ 解いて

眩しい ひかり 放って
お願い こころ 解いて



English Translation

I wanted to see
A sea of daisies swaying in the wind
I looked to the sky
On the brink of rain and said
"Let's go now."

Emitting a dazzling light
A shower of love pours down
Please, set your heart free
Reach for a gentle world

Why is it
That my pain and joy became one?
Even if I'm scared, I'll unlock this door again
Watch me do it

Watch me

Emitting a dazzling light
A shower of love pours down
Please, set your heart free
Towards a gentle world

Emitting a dazzling light
There's a love that pours down
Please, set your heart free
Reach for a gentle world

Hey, make this moment last eternally
Make this moment last eternally
Make this moment last eternally
Make this moment last eternally
Make this moment last eternally
Make this moment last eternally

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Raising the curtain - 2021-03-02 (RINA) - Tue Mar 02, 2021 6:19 am

Raising the curtain

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It's flying get day for our new songー!

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This song raises the curtain
On our 15th anniversary year.

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 3 Q0gMIhg

At exactly midnight Japan time,
Our music video will premiere when the clock strikes 12!

Let's watch it together〜!


2021/3/2 15:03










2021/3/2 15:03

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【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 51

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•The episode starts off with them reading a message from a listener who asks each member a question relating to their instrument equipment. They ask HARU how she uses three types of her overdrive pedals (Archer Ikon, OCD, Fender Santa Ana) on her pedal board. They also say that they noticed while watching the KFTD livestream Blu-ray that HARU has commercially available pickups by Kluson on her signature Fender white Telecaster and asks why she has them on there. They ask MAMI what pedal she uses for "DOLL." They ask TOMO why she uses a pick only during the intro for "A.M.D.K.J." and how she makes that distorted sound. For RINA, they say they get the impression that she's been using drum triggers recently to add synth drum sounds and ask how/why that started. They also suggest a few program merch ideas: an Apollo pick, guitar strap, and a Flying V Apollo guitar.

•The band says that the listener's very observant and that this was a very novel message. MAMI wonders if these things were something the band mentioned somewhere. RINA says that the listener just really paid attention to stuff like their DVDs. HARU says that's impressive they even knew about the (commercially available, as opposed to fully custom) guitar pickups, and RINA asks what's with those anyway. HARU laughs and says that, to be honest, it was a budget-related issue. As you may know, HARU's Fender model is offered for sale, and since they needed to offer it at a price point that would be affordable for many people, she wanted to make the ones being sold the same as the one that she actually uses in order to produce similar tones, so using those commercially available pickups couldn't really be helped. RINA says that that's the same for any artist and instrument when making a signature model. HARU says that her pickups are a little different from the commercially available ones, but she is getting the tone that she likes. She then answers the overdrive question and says that the way she uses them depends on the era and/or the song. She's been using the OCD pedal since their major label debut (late 2008) for heavy distortion, and has been using the Archer one the past few years for crunch distortion.

•For MAMI's question, she says that she uses a Little Big Muff pedal for "DOLL" since the fuzz tone is a bit more spicy than overdrive ones and is more distorted. She mentions that when she was looking to see what fuzz pedals there were, she noticed that a lot of people making videos about pedals were using the LBM pedal. She says that it has a cute look to it, which HARU agrees with, and since she liked how it looked and that it was also compact, she added it to her board. She also says she often uses it as an accent for songs. She says that since she's playing power chords in the intro for "DOLL," she wanted to make it sound a little thicker--hence her using the LBM pedal.

•For TOMO's question, she says she plays the "A.M.D.K.J." intro with a pick to make it easier to hear how the sound is moving. Since the first thing you hear in the intro is the guitar, playing the bass intro with fingers would bury the sound of the bass. The pick makes it sound a little crisper and makes it easier to see the movements made when playing it. The pedal she uses is a Vulcan one for overdrive.

•For RINA's question, she says she's currently using triggers on her snare and kick drum, which combine raw sounds with mechanical sounds. She uses that mix on songs like "Tonight," and just the trigger is used for "Mabataki." They've come to make a lot of music with a mixture of raw sounds and different sounds. The band says how the listener must like distorted sounds and that they're a bit surprised when they get questions like this.

This follows.

•MAMI reads the next message from a listener whose message about stepping on a cockroach was read a few months ago and says that they have another recent scary experience that they'd like to share. TOMO goes, "Hold up--I don't want to hear it if it's about a bug again!" while the staff laughs in the background. MAMI continues reading the message. The listener says that like the roach incident, this also happened in the morning. They woke up and heard a rustling noise coming from the ceiling. They found it annoying and then a mysterious shadow appeared in the window. When they cautiously looked out the window through a gap in the curtains, there was a monkey right there. The band laughs and is surprised by that. They wonder where the listener lives. TOMO says that there are quite a few places in Japan where monkeys live, such as the mountains. RINA says there are animals like that in her hometown. MAMI says that she's never seen anything like that in Tokyo, which the others agree with. RINA says that she's lived in the countryside before, so she understands being surprised by a wild animal in the morning. MAMI agrees, but HARU says that's never happened to her. MAMI goes, "No way! Not even on the way to school?" which HARU says no to as well. TOMO says she would often seen tanuki or masked palm civets , but HARU has never seen those before either. RINA says that sometimes she would see a creature and notice that it's neither a dog nor a cat, and it would turn out to be something like a tanuki. TOMO says that someone's dog at a property near school would often bark and disrupt classes, which the others laugh at. RINA says that a swallow flew into her classroom about three times. MAMI mentions that a spider around the size of a hand was on the underside of her bike saddle, which TOMO makes a scared sound at and the others laugh. MAMI says that the color of the bike was obviously different from the previous day due to the spider's threads. RINA says that she must be glad she checked first. HARU asked what MAMI did with the spider, and she says she never rode the bike again--she gave the spider the bike. The others laugh and say they get it. RINA mentions a huge spider she saw at her parent's house on the backside of the toilet. It was scary, but of course she wasn't able to give the toilet over to the spider.

•RINA reads the next message from a listener who writes in for their "GyoColle" segment. They're a blue-collared worker and have this term called "KY." There's already a term that uses those words in Japanese that means "read the room ," but their term doesn't mean that: it's used in the sense of work injury prevention training and is for predicting dangerous aspects while working and sharing it with other workers to avoid danger and perform safe work. It's been quite a while since someone wrote in to "GyoColle," which makes the band laugh and say it feels so nostalgic. They say they didn't know "KY" stood for something else, and that the "KY" that they know had been a popular term to use for a while, although they didn't use it much. MAMI wonders how long it's been around, and guesses since they were in the latter half of elementary school (late 90s). TOMO wonders if it's no longer used, and RINA and HARU say they don't really hear it being used. MAMI mentions another one: "HK" (hanashi kawatte; change the subject), which HARU says right away. TOMO and RINA say that's so nostalgic. MAMI wonders if those two terms rose to popularity at the same time.

•HARU reads the next message from a listener who also writes in for "GyoColle" and say they use the words "Alive" and "Dead" for their work. They work with electricity, and the terms refer to if electricty is running (alive) or not (dead). So, when they go somewhere to work, they'll often say things like, "Is it dead?" - "Yes!" TOMO says SCANDAL also uses those terms since everything they use for concerts run on electricity. They ask things like, "Is this mic live/alive?"

•They close out the episode by mentioning how "eternal" is almost out, and ask fans to vote in the song contest.

*As always, you can send in a message to the program here . I've made a guide as how to input your info and message for those who need assistance (click to enlarge):

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ON / OFF - 2021-02-28 (RINA) - Sun Feb 28, 2021 10:09 am


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More and more time passed
As I was wondering what I should shoot〜,
And I've posted my first YouTube video in a month〜 haha

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I've posted a vlog about a day off〜!

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 3 T813HIw

They're all very personal aspects
That I haven't shown yet,
So although it made me feel a bit bashful,

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 3 OOBe0xE

I felt a sense of relief after reading such warm comments from everyone.
I'm glad I tried it out〜! Thanks〜!

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 3 HXiv6QB

For those who haven't watched it yet◎

*English subs:

The second episode of her Diary,
The documentary we're posting on our official channel, is now up!
This time it shows behind the scenes of the music video shoot
For our new song "eternal" that's almost out〜

I'd be happy if you enjoyed
Us when we're on as well as off^^

I hope you have a good Sunday〜!


2021/2/28 14:21












her Diary 2 も 更新!




2021/2/28 14:21

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The 35th upload from RINA to her YouTube channel:

English subs:

If you enjoy my translations, please consider leaving a tip! (This supports me directly rather than the site) Happy

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Links to English subs for all of RINA's videos can be found here:

#front-page #tinychannelbyrina
The music video for "eternal" is scheduled to premiere on March 3rd at 12 am JST .

Also, if you pre-save/pre-add "eternal" via Spotify or Apple Music, you will be able to download "eternal" wallpapers for smartphones (each service offers a different wallpaper). They will be available to download/save until March 18th.


Apple Music:

#front-page #scandal_eternal

This month's video features footage of the members shooting the music video and promo pictures for "eternal."

Please take a look at the world view of the "eternal" artwork and each member's thoughts on the song.

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HARUNA on J-WAVE's "GROOVE LINE" radio program - February 25th

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 3 AwHmf2Z

Listen to the radio rip of "eternal" here:

•HARU is making a remote appearance from her own home. She says she's a little unsure of being able to get a rapport going with Piston (the program's DJ) in this way. He says that's his line and he's the one that's unsure, which makes HARU laugh.

•Piston then asks HARU if the band has done fan-related online events conducted remotely. She asks if he means ones done via social media (like Instagram Lives), and he says that it doesn't have to include ones where they perform/sing live. She says that they did do some during the lockdowns. He asks her how it felt to basically show your home to the public. She says that it does make her feel a little shy since it's not how fans usually see her, which is on stage during a concert. He asks if "HARUNA of SCANDAL" when on the stage is different from how HARU is normally. She says yes and that it did make her feel a little shy at first, but that side of her is pretty much the only thing she's outwardly shown in the past year. He says that it's kind of hard to tell if that's a good thing or not. She laughs and says that, in a good way, those dual sides to her kind of faded away. He jokingly says for her to show the contents of her refrigerator, and she laughs and says she's afraid not.

•Piston mentions how the promo pictures for "eternal" made him think that the band's showing off their more mature side--it's basically radiating from the pictures. HARU laughs and he says that it surprised him when he thought about how the band started off wearing school uniforms. They also say something about natto --to me, it sounds like HARU misheard what Piston said. I think he said "nattoku" = "to understand," but it seems like HARU misheard and thought he said "natto," which makes her go, "I love natto!" He also thanks HARU for choosing GROOVE LINE to premiere "eternal" on.

•They then talk about "eternal." HARU says that they made this song with their 15th anniversary in mind, and that the word "eternal" kind of gives off a fantasy vibe, but what the band considers "eternal" is living life after knowing that things to do come to an end, whether that's life itself or the life of the band. The message they put into the song is that because things come to an end that you can live your life to the fullest in the present. Piston then mentions the remixed version that will be done by artist/DJ TOWA TEI . HARU says that TOMO has had the chance to DJ often with him, so they decided to ask him to do a remix.

•Next, they talk about the different editions of the single such as the vinyl, CD+t-shirt combo, and cassette tape. Piston seems to be the most surprised about the cassette edition and says that releasing these editions are quite anachronistic. HARU says that since this a milestone year for them, they thought it'd be nice to make it more festive by releasing physical editions such as these. Piston reconfirms with HARU that it's the band's 15th anniversary, which she says yes to, and he says that 15 years ago the more popular music format was MiniDisc . HARU agrees and says that she was part of the MiniDisc generation, but people aren't really listening to that these days. Piston laughs and says that it's the same for cassettes, but HARU says that cassettes are coming back into fashion right now and that she has some cassettes right now. Piston asks what she listens to on cassettes, and she says that she's started to collect cassettes from K-Pop groups since some groups are starting to come out with them now. He mentions that they sell a lot of cassettes at parking areas off expressways in Japan. HARU seems to know about this and goes, "Ones for karaoke, right?" He laughs and says yes, and that she might start adding those kinds of tapes to her collection, which she laughs at.

•After "eternal" is aired, Piston says that the song sounds like it would perfect as background music for a stylish female vlogger's videos to show off a stylish life. HARU laughs and agrees, saying that this song was actually made with the aim of sounding like music that you'd usually listen to everyday such as on the radio or streaming services. Piston says that it sounds a little different from the usual upbeat SCANDAL songs and also asks her about the end lyrics ("Kono shunkan eien ni shite" = "Make this moment last eternally"). He asks her what moment is that that they're singing about, and goes, "That's a difficult question, isn't it?!" HARU laughs and says that the moment is "right now," and then goes, "Well, rather than right now, it's more like the entire time you're alive." Piston also mentions that he's doing his best more than usual for this appearance (since HARU's appearing remotely rather than in person). HARU says that it's going well, and that it's fun that it's like they're talking on the phone. He jokes and says that she can't throw a punch at him since they're not face-to-face. She laughs and says that he's acting nicer than he usually does. He says that fundamentally he pretends to be absurd but is actually very level-headed.

•Next, they talk about SCANDAL's upcoming/current happenings such as the monthly "her Diary" documentaries released on YouTube (he jokingly asks HARU if there are any scenes of them eating natto; HARU laughs and says no), the song popularity contest, the upcoming fan club tour in April, and the upcoming 15th anniversary concert in August. HARU says that she hopes they'll be able to safely hold the fan club tour. Piston thinks that things will be okay to hold the concert in August and reconfirms that this is another important concert to be held at Osaka-Jo Hall. HARU says yes, but it's been a while since they last played there. He goes, "Don't you guys always play in Osaka for commemorative events?" HARU says yes, and that they had played outdoors in Osaka for their 10th anniversary. He says that he can't even imagine what the situation with everything will be like, given that August quite a few months away. He also says that it'll be bad if some things still can't be done normally at that point, so he hopes that everyone does their best with continuing to help stop the spread.

•Piston says that despite the circumstances, SCANDAL's still making sure to put things out for their fans. HARU says that they're very happy they're celebrating their 15th anniversary, and although no one knows how long this pandemic will last, they want to do their best amidst everything going on and do their best to have fun with their fans. Piston says that he thinks they probably feel a sense of loss by not getting to have fun with the fans like they normally do, which HARU very much agrees with and says that they very clearly understand how much they were loved by playing concerts. Piston thinks that what they're feeling will be a basis for what's next for the band. HARU agrees and says that it really touched them deeply that they're where they are right now thanks to the fans. As they close out the segment, Piston says that they'll end it by eating natto on YouTube, and that at the end he'll be punched. HARU laughs and jokes that one day it might come to that, but then says that that won't happen.

【Radio Rip】eternal - Thu Feb 25, 2021 9:36 am

Please support the band and purchase a copy of the single, out on March 3rd.


I'll do a summary on HARU's appearance in a bit.

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Long time no see〜 - 2021-02-24 (RINA) - Wed Feb 24, 2021 12:17 pm

Long time no see〜

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 3 HYWXJ17

It's been a while since I last blogged;
February's passing by in no time at all this year tooー!
Every day it gets warm and gets cold;
Are you guys doing okay〜?

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 3 DBQ6Tnz

Recently, we've been doing a bunch of things like
TV tapings for "eternal,"
Recording new songs,
Taping for Wednesday SCANDAL and for Catch up, etc.^^

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 3 HWdeEYe

We went to the studio today with an even newer song.
We're working on the arrangement, and it's looking like we'll complete another song◎ So happy
We feel so much lighter every time we clear one〜!

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 3 Twu627M

In between all that,
We celebrated a staff member's birthday〜^^

On the radio program J-WAVE GROOVE LINE
That is on air from 16:30-19:00 JST,
Our new song "eternal" will be aired for the first time,
So listen to it early if the timing works out for you〜!


CD+T-Shirt Edition from CD Japan


2021/2/24 21:01





水スキャ、Catch up収録などなど







SCANDAL 26th Single「eternal」
SCANDAL 26th Single「eternal」2021年3月3日発売


2021/2/24 21:01

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To go with HARUNA's live appearance on J-WAVE's "GROOVE LINE" radio program tomorrow, February 25th (on-air between 4:30-7 pm JST; HARU will be on during the 6:10 block), "eternal" will be played on the radio for the first time!

#front-page #scandal_eternal
Reading a bunch of messages this week! Could it be that the members of SCANDAL are perhaps "non-Japanese celebrities"!?

Episode #51 blog

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 3 B08KSKf

HARUNA: We'll be reading a bunch of messages during this week's episode!

Hurry Hurry

I have been supporting you guys ever since I watched a TV program you appeared in with Ryudo Uzaki.
Since the 15th anniversary fan voting has started, I checked Spotify as a reference for ranking. It was then that I found an item called "Listeners' locations" near the end of the page,
And I was surprised to see Jakarta in 1st place, Santiago in 2nd place, Tokyo in 3rd place, and Singapore in 4th place. As I live in Japan, I'm unsure of what to refer to for voting purposes (do your best, listeners in Japan).
Could you please tell me if there is a difference in song preferences between Japan and overseas fans?
By the way, I'm thinking of centering all of my votes on "LOVE SURVIVE," "Bitter Chocolate," and "LOVE ME DO."

HARUNA: Jakarta's in 1st place...

RINA: Our main activities are of course in Japan, but half of our listeners are overseas ones.

MAMI: It's the same for Instagram, right?

RINA: 50% are overseas fans.

MAMI: I wondered which countries were checking out my IG and saw that #1 is Japan, but #2 is Hong Kong...

TOMOMI: (*Checking IG) #1 for me is Hong Kong...

Staff: Eh, could it be that you're non-Japanese celebrities?

RINA: We of course want to do our best in Japan too.

TOMOMI: ...but we might be reimports to Japan...possibly.

RINA: That's awesome, even though we only post things in Japanese.

MAMI: (*Checking IG) For me, #2 is Indonesia, then Philippines, USA, Mexico.

RINA: This is purely an inverse theme, but are we trying to do our best in Japan?

MAMI: We would like to reach those in Japan too (laughs).

HARUNA: Do your best, listeners in Japan! (laughs)

RINA: There are places where we have better concert turnouts overseas...that's true.

HARUNA: We played at a 2,000-capacity venue in Mexico...that's surprising for us too.

TOMOMI: We played at an arena in Hong Kong.

RINA: Yeah, a small arena.

TOMOMI: The capacity was close to the Nippon Budokan's [Budokan's capacity is 14,471].

HARUNA: We get a lot of comments from overseas fans on our YouTube.

MAMI: Sometimes Japan fans will write that there are no comments in Japanese at all...

Staff: This program is on Spotify too--that's probably a big factor too, right?

MAMI: I think so.

RINA: Not only Japanese fans but overseas fans too are very supportive...

TOMOMI: The 15th anniversary fan voting has begun. Since this is a popularity contest, please vote in it!

For SH's IG, the country that we have the most followers in is Japan lol. It's then followed by Indonesia, Philippines, USA, and Mexico - Exactly like MAMI's rankings Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 3 270c
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 3 Rtckowl

MAMI will doing a solo performance (her second-ever) at "FM802 Hikigatari-bu -Haru Urara-hen♪-" in Osaka on March 7th!

Date: 2021.03.07 (Sun)
Venue: Namba Hatch
Doors: 15:00
Start: 16:00
Ticket price: 3,500 yen (+600 yen drink fee)
Performers: atagi&PORIN (Awesome City Club)/Dai Matsumoto (LAMP IN TERREN)/Kenji Mihara (Fredric) / MAMI (SCANDAL)

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 50

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 3 MGisUIo
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 3 QtrH71b

•The episode starts with this.

•They talk about a few more things relating to "eternal." RINA says that the title of the song was decided on after the lyrics were complete. She also says that they need to set a goal of deciding when something is finished, and that every time they work until they reach the point where it seems like something is stuffed full of what they can currently do. MAMI says that they try to push the limits of their skills. HARU says that they usually have to solve any problems within one day (the day that they're in the studio recording for a song), but since this time they took their time with recording it, they had a lot of time to let things rest. After listening to it afterwards, they had time to fix whatever they wanted, so the song was recorded over the course of several days--this as a whole was a big thing for them. Like, if they recorded vocals and then decided to redo some drum parts, they wouldn't be able to do so at a normal studio since it takes time, money, and it may not be possible to rent out a studio again at the time. They were able to record things in this way thanks to working one-on-one with Satori Shiraishi at his home studio.

•After this, they announce that they will be doing a third live broadcast of "Catch up" on TOKYO FM on Wednesday, March 4th at 8 pm JST, which is the day after the eternal single comes out.

•The next and last thing they cover are program merch ideas sent in by listeners. The message that HARU reads suggests merch such as a real-sized Apollo ring, which they say was already mentioned in episode 3. They then suggest items based on the program's segments: an Apollo ruler to draw boundary lines, an Apollo memo pad that can be used when you don't know the right answer, an Apollo "spot the basic mistakes" book (which the staff laughs at), an Apollo hand mirror that gives you confidence in your romance. They also suggest making up a character for TOMOrocco, or something lol, and also stickers of each of the members. MAMI jokingly says that the listener's greedy. TOMO says that probably not a lot of people even remember the TOMOrocco thing, and also says that she'd like to do the same thing again with other countries.

•The next message read by TOMO suggests an Apollo chopstick rest since everyone's spending more time at home. They're imagining a slightly melted Apollo for it. They also suggest an actual-sized Apollo key chain and a Fine Line Association sticker with colorful borders on it. The band thinks the chopstick rest sounds cute, but it would probably need to be really melted-looking (since Apollo are triangular shaped). TOMO says that a piece of chocolate as a rest seems a little unnatural to have when eating meals. They agree that items that can be used at home are good.

•The next message read by RINA suggests items the listener came up with when thinking about what could sell, or what uses puns. They suggest an Apollo handkerchief, an Apollo candle, an Apollo wax figure, a Catch up-plique (applique), and also a tote bag (All: "That's the best one"). MAMI says that a candle is doable and would be cute. TOMO says it could have a strawberry scent. They also like handkerchief and say that a tote is doable. TOMO says that an Apollo wax figure sounds scary, in the sense that an Apollo candy would probably be anthromorphized. She says that maybe it would be made to look like the band, which the others laugh at and say that does sound scary.

•The next one read by MAMI suggests an Apollo (guitar) pick since a piece of Apollo is triangular in shape like a pick. They say that sounds good. Before they talk further about it, HARU reads another message from a listener who also suggests an Apollo pick but calls it an "Apollo-ck pick" (Apollo + rock, since "Apollo" in Japanese is アポロ  [Aporo]). RINA wonders if they need to ask Fender to make something like that, but TOMO and HARU say that they don't necessarily need to since picks can be mass-produced by other companies too.

•They close out the episode by saying that they hope to announce what merch they'll come out with next during the live broadcast on March 4th.

*As always, you can send in a message to the program here . I've made a guide as how to input your info and message for those who need assistance (click to enlarge):

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 3 6WYlmoJ Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 3 WvLQhcz

#front-page #catchup
Talking about new song "eternal" that fits the current SCANDAL!

Episode #50 blog

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 3 SVWCRcA

HARUNA: This is the 50th episode of "SCANDAL Catch up"!

All: Thanks so much as always.

HARUNA: Our new single eternal is releasing on March 3rd.
So, we're going to be talking plenty about our new song.

MAMI: Where should we start from...

RINA: It's been two years since we last released a physical single...

All: Eh?

TOMOMI: No, no, that can't be right...

HARUNA: We've been doing digital releases.

MAMI: Two years have already passed? How scary...

RINA: It's the era of subscription services.

HARUNA: This year is our 15th anniversary, after all.

RINA: Aside from it releasing on CD and streaming services, it'll also be on vinyl and cassette...and we've also made a bunch of merch for it. Having a CD release is now a special thing in and of itself, which is why when releasing something physically we'd usually be thinking of how to make it more fun such as holding events, but that's completely changed now.

HARUNA: The CD has become merch.

TOMOMI: It's for your collection.

HARUNA: When was this song made, again?

MAMI: I think last summer.

HARUNA: At first it was a demo sung and played by MAMI.

MAMI: I usually complete demos with all of our instruments in it and have everyone listen to it, but this time I pruned it down and sung to my own accompaniment.
Normally I'd then add stuff on, but since this was the opposite approach to how SCANDAL does things in a sense, I think it was a new challenge for me.

HARUNA: In the early stages we decided to have Satori Shiraishi-san do the producing.

TOMOMI: I wonder if the unique atmosphere we have with Satori Shiraishi-san was the key. We recorded it while just chatting and relaxing.

RINA: In a good way, we were able to relax while making it. We wanted to make it with a sense of leeway. We jointly contributed to how we wanted the song's image to be.

HARUNA: They were all abstract words, though.

RINA: That's right, but somehow the four of us shared the same image, such as a slightly mellow atmosphere, a gentle feeling, an image of light.
We made all of those words into a song. Also, we decided on them from the tempo.

HARUNA: That was also unusual. The way we recorded it was also done in a way we never have before.
We each went to the producer's studio and recorded individually.

MAMI: The video on YouTube of HARU-chan speaking, where she recorded vocals several times during the production process, is from the first round of recording.

HARUNA: Normally, we'd decide on one day to record everything.
Not having any direction from the other members put a good feeling of pressure on me. There was also a sense of responsibility to keep doing it until I was completely satisfied with it.
Since the way we recorded our instruments was different, I want to deliver a song like never before... I also wanted to record it as if I was speaking normally. Rather than being conscious that I was singing,
I wanted to record it as if I was reading it, but I had a hard time with that...
Also, I like the title too.

RINA: Oh! That makes me happy.

HARUNA: A recent theme of ours is to not perceive eternity as fantasy—or rather, we want to perceive it realisitically.

RINA: As we approach our 15th anniversary, we don't have any dreams that we can clearly state right now, and we don't have any easy-to-understand dreams or goals...
That may sound negative, but instead, we're just happy about this miracle of us being together for so long, and it's something that we're a bit proud of.
It doesn't mean that everything lasts forever, but that's why the present is important and why we think it's amazing we're still around today.
We're always thinking of the four of us continuing to move forward without the band coming to a halt, and these were words that came out.
We had a lot of time to do some soul-searching in 2020, so I think that's why we were able to make this song. So, it really fits who we are right now,
And I hope you like this side of SCANDAL too.

HARUNA: Although this song was created from abstract words, it became our own song.

RINA: It hits hard, even when we're performing it.

HARUNA: We also wanted to make a new wind blow.

RINA: It's been 15 years and I think we now have an image of ourselves, but this was the point in time when we thought we'd make ourselves into a song over time.

collaboration - 2021-02-14 (RINA) - Mon Feb 15, 2021 1:20 am


Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 3 7jdPAoT

We've come out with new FEEDBACK items〜^^

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 3 IZnAFuh

The items this time
Are done in collaboration
With photographer takeshi yao,
Whom also shoots our live concerts〜!

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 3 GUqgudj

When we put our current feelings into words
And tossed fragments of words at him,
He returned to us such wonderful pieces of work.

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 3 CjOkQQM

They're so versatile and easy to wear,
And you can just pick them up when you're unsure of what to wear.
And still they really are special pieces of clothing.

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 3 Flh32d7

This time too we came out with a bunch of items
That are very FEEDBACK-esque〜!

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 3 SgApifF

(Ah, we also remade the popular belt
With a new design〜^^)

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 3 LDv26K6

As it gets warmer,

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 3 VLmnr6v

We'll take off our coats and head towards a breezy spring

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 3 Ifbm6bZ

A season where it's good to start anything

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 3 HmZRqkv

In new clothes,

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 3 9cGXRAs


Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 3 UChLF20

Now, take a deep breath

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 3 UhVIEqU

And let's get through this new week.

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 3 LPzNRfn

I hope you find something you like^^

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 3 LK3kAQ7

Online store:


2021/2/14 19:52





フォトグラファー takeshi yao



























FEEDBACK powered by BASE


2021/2/14 19:52

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【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 49

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 3 Xv2QifM
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 3 0CQ2dXR

•The episode starts with this.

•TOMO reads the next message from a listener whose boyfriend of four years, who hadn't found a full-time job since graduating college two years ago, will be moving next month to start a job in Tokyo while she will be remaining in Okinawa, which will make their relationship a long-distance one. She's glad he found a job and wants him to do his best in Tokyo, but she's nervous about the sense of loss she'll feel since they've been together for four years. She asks the band how she can overcome the loneliness and pain of a long-distance relationship. She also asks the band for a pouch since she'll be sad being all alone. The band agrees that the distance between Okinawa and Tokyo does feel a bit far (954 miles/1536 km) and wonders if the couple has talked about the future; since they're both adults, it'd make sense for them to have that convo. They also wonder if her going with him isn't an option. MAMI thinks that now that he has a job, maybe now they can give their future together a little more thought. RINA suggests that they should both just wait a bit and see how things go since the girl's mentality might change and the guy's might as well due to all of the changes. She also suggests making sure to keep in touch all the while and also to go meet up with each other when their timing coincides. MAMI says that ordinarily, if you've been going out for four years, this kind of thing isn't something to hide from your partner so it's okay to tell them that you'll miss them. She also says that the guy most likely also has things he's worried about as well, so it'd be nice if they could share these things with each other. RINA says that if they can overcome this, that means their relationship is strong. As for the recommended chocolate, since the listener asked for an Apollo pouch, TOMO thinks they should recommend Apollo. MAMI suggests Meltykiss instead, which they go with.

•RINA reads the next message from a listener who says that the other day the girl they had a crush on told them, "I can't date you. I'm fine with just being friends," which shocked them since they loved her from the bottom of their heart and thought the atmosphere was good when they were together. They couldn't stop crying after being rejected. They ask the band how they can get back on their feet again. The band is kind of confused about some details. RINA wonders if they didn't actually confess their feelings to the girl they had a crush on, but the girl just told them that they couldn't date them. HARU believes that to be so, and MAMI goes, "They didn't?" RINA doesn't think so since the listener didn't expressly say that they confessed. TOMO thinks that they did in fact confess but just omitted it from the message. HARU says that being rejected even though one hasn't confessed does happen. RINA thinks that maybe the girl had an inkling of what the listener felt and rejected them before they could confess, which the others agree with. RINA then asks the band the question the listener asked about getting back on their feet after being rejected. MAMI says that she immerses herself in something else to take her mind off of things and trusts that time will heal the wounds since she's the type of person that believes time heals everything. RINA says that feeling this way can't really be helped, which the others agree with. HARU suggests finding benefits in not being together. TOMO says to turn those negatives into positives, which the others laugh at. RINA asks HARU if she means things like you have more freedom since you're single. HARU says yes, and other things like there might be restrictions on things if you were to go out with so-and-so, or you might have not met this friend, though you might be really forcing yourself to think of reasons. TOMO laughs and says that might be a good method. The others laugh too and RINA says that that way of thinking is very HARU-like. TOMO says that they'll definitely find another person who's that important to them, and think of this in vein that they'll have new connections because of this. The band says they're rooting for them. As for the chocolate, TOMO immediately says that they should recommend a bitter one, which makes the others and their staff laugh. They recommend The Chocolate with 70% cacao.

•MAMI reads the next message from a listener who lives with their boyfriend and their conversation flowed into the subject of marriage, to which the boyfriend said that he'd like for them to talk more about it next year if/when COVID is less prevalent. The listener felt like that was kind of like a proposal and felt bashful thinking that they'll be his wife. The band thinks it's super cute and TOMO recommends Choco Baby to them, which the others laugh at. HARU says they recommend a giant-sized Choco Baby, which MAMI wonders if they even make in that size [Note: They do lol ]. HARU says she wants to ask a little more about the boundary line when it comes to proposals. TOMO asks what HARU means, and she wonders if you call it a proposal when a conversation like that comes up, or when you officially get a ring. MAMI says that in the listener's case the topic of marriage came up naturally in their convo, so it wasn't quite a proposal. RINA says it's like a provisional proposal, like the boyfriend is suggesting he'll propose later. HARU says sharply, "You better do it properly!" The others laugh and TOMO goes, "Did something happen?" MAMI references the lyrics in "Stamp!" and says that he's already done a hop, step, and jump and took two steps at a time, and saying that they want to talk about marriage later basically means that it's a done deal. Their staff then asks them a question that can't really be heard clearly, but it has something to do with something before a proper proposal. The band says that might not be the case, and RINA says that she'd be happy that they thought about it. They also say that they'd want the BF to do a proper proposal. RINA says that it'd probably make the listener the most happy if the BF outright asked them to marry him. If he were to do something like go see her parents on a Sunday, she'd probably be like, "What?!" and that wouldn't be any fun. MAMI says that she saw a story on the news where a BF gave a ring to his GF without really saying anything in advance and just saying something like, "Oh, I bought this." TOMO says that he was really confident. MAMI says that when he gave the ring to the GF, she was just like, "...excuse me?!" RINA and HARU say that they totally get that. RINA says, "It's like, 'Why did you think the only thing I'd say is yes?'" and that you'll never know the answer until the very end. She also says that people should regard the importance of words even more. MAMI says that the listener's BF sounds like a good one and that she thinks he'll propose properly.

•HARU reads the next message from a listener who thanks the band for reading their message on a previous episode. They were happy and told their wife about it, who was happy for them. They decided to listen to it together while having a picnic at the park. The band says that that's really cute and recommends Takenoko no Sato or Kinoko no Yama to them.

•TOMO reads the next message from a 50-year-old listener who became a fan before they knew it while listening to SCANDAL in their husband's car. They say they'd like to see SCANDAL live one day and ask for an Apollo pouch to take to the concert. Since the listener even knows about the pouch, MAMI calls them a heavy listener. RINA says that they surpassed their husband as a fan.

•HARU reads the last message from a listener who's written in several times before (one of the ones who plays Ultimate Frisbee). Since this year is the Year of the Ox ("Ushidoshi" in Japanese), they talk about something that they've lost ("ushinau," which means "to lose" in Japanese) in the past year, which is the Ultimate Frisbee World Championships that had to be postponed due to COVID. The tournament happens once every four years and it was a big thing for them to lose the chance for the goals and dreams to come true. Their motivation to compete has dropped but they've recently been getting energized by watching SCANDAL's live DVDs and say that they'd like to be further motivated by being given an Apollo pouch. However, they say that they know the pouches are limited in supply, so even just reading their message on the show would be motivating enough for them. They decide to give them the pouch since they've written in many times before. RINA mentions that what the band lost was the ability to perform concerts and go on tour, and for this past year they've wondered how they should make music. She also says that she was looking for the kind of lyrics she should write so that the fans could listen to it while convincing the band themselves. She says that there will always be times when you feel less motivated, so she doesn't want the listener to wonder why those times happen. HARU says that there are so many things accumulated in life so she wants them to live in a way so as not to waste it, and that she hopes their life will continue to be fun. The band will also work hard so that they can encourage the fans.

•The band then closes out the episode. HARU says that the full-length version of "eternal" will be played on the show sometime this month.

*As always, you can send in a message to the program here . I've made a guide as how to input your info and message for those who need assistance (click to enlarge):

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 3 6WYlmoJ Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 3 WvLQhcz

#front-page #catchup

Favorite song - 2021-02-10 (RINA) - Wed Feb 10, 2021 11:55 am

Favorite song

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 3 JpJDBhX

Our routine every Wednesday:
The four of us do rehearsals and have meetings〜^^

The setlist and the merch
For our fan club tour that starts in March
Are being completed little by little◎
The merch is really adorable
And I really want to show them to you guys haha

We're putting together the setlist
While taking into consideration the song ranks on the song popularity poll
That you guys are voting in every day〜!

Has the music that you listen to
Changed since starting a new lifestyle?
I think they've changed quite a bit for me〜,
Both the timing that I listen to music and the genres I pick.

I hope you can choose the song you like the most
On a given day^^
You can participate even if you're not in the fan club,
So please vote tonight too〜!

Also, at 21:00〜 JST,
A new "Wednesday SCANDAL" will be posted [for our fan club]^^
So many characters come up during this talk too; haha
Watch it whenever you'd like〜!


2021/2/10 20:42











2021/2/10 20:42

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I've added English subs for SCANDAL's MCs during their "SEASONS" concert! (*Audio only; no video clips)

Please support the band and pick up a copy of their upcoming eternal single:

CD+T-Shirt Edition

If you enjoy my translations, please consider leaving a tip! (This supports me directly rather than the site) Happy

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 3 FdtTi4P

#front-page #scandal_seasons
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I'm home - 2021-02-09 (RINA) - Tue Feb 09, 2021 10:37 am

I'm home

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 3 8faKY2F

The weather's great in Tokyo〜!
So happy〜

We recorded for our podcast today^^
We always record two episodes of Catch up at a time,
And we have fun talking about anything
While snacking on Meiji sweets.

As always,
We receive a bunch of messages from those overseas too.
(Thanks, despite this program being in Japanese( ;  ; ))
It's really awesome
That these blog posts too are translated into languages such as English or French
By overseas fans who understand Japanese.
Thanks for doing so for so many years( ;  ; )

After we finished taping,
We talked about all sorts of things with our staff,
Which was also a really fun time^^

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 3 AjXYWIt

And then we went home while it was still light outside.
I've been taking it easy the entire time I've been back haha
For dinner I'll make the leftover stew from yesterday
Into doria (rice gratin)〜

Good work today too, everyone〜^^


2021/2/9 17:33



Catch upは毎回2本録りなんだけど、

(日本語での配信なのにありがとう( ;  ; ))
何年間もありがとう( ;  ; )





2021/2/9 17:33/quote]


*I recently sent in a message to "Catch up" and mentioned how I've been translating SCANDAL-related stuff for about 11 years now (I tried appealing to them because I want an Apollo pouch haha) - Based on what RINA said in this blog, I'm hopeful that they read it! Guess I can only wait until next week or next, next week to see if they did lol
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It's almost Valentine's Day! Chocolates and love advice!

Episode #49 blog

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 3 2Wx5WRU

HARUNA: Let's start off with a message...

mimry, Hokkaido

This is mimry, who received an Apollo pouch during the midwinter clearance mails.

The Apollo pouch that I received is very cute, and I'm looking forward to stuffing it with caramel butter-flavored Meltykisses and taking them to work for lunch. Thank you for a wonderful Christmas gift! I also have something to report. The message you guys read was about me asking for this advice: "I'm afraid to love people after being dumped during high school by the boy I loved. What is 'true love'?" One month after that, I got a boyfriend...!

I enjoyed Christmas Eve alone, but when I talked with a guy I met as a friend of a friend and talked about how we'd like to go out for yakiniku and that we'd likely be spending Christmas alone, we went to eat yakiniku together on Christmas. Someday after that when we became friends and kept in touch, he confessed to me and we started dating.

TOMO-chan had said, "Isn't it fine just to be on the level of, 'I want to be with this person presently?'", which made me really relax, so I hope I'm able to enjoy the present with him.

Thank you to HARU-chan and RINA-chan who sympathized with my worries, and to MAMI-chan who unraveled what I wanted to say! It's almost Valentine's Day; I'd like to throw a part with Meiji sweets. Does SCANDAL have any Valentine's Day-related memories?

All: Glad to hear that.

MAMI: That's so nice!

HARUNA: Life sure can change in one month.

Since the listeners of this program are outstanding, and it's almost Valentine's Day, they've even though about planning something... We've adopted the "It's almost Valentine's Day; I'd like to throw a part with Meiji sweets" sentence as-is. So...

That being said,
"It's almost Valentine's Day! Chocolates and love advice" (バレンタインデー直前! チョコレートで恋愛相談; Balentain Dee Chokuzen! Chokoreeto de Reinai Soudan)
AKA, "Choku-reeto" (直レート; Chocolate!)

RINA: "Chocolate," huh...

MAMI: I didn't get it at first...

RINA: It's taking the "choku" from "chokuzen."

HARUNA: We'll be reading some love advice messages like usual, but this time we'll be recommending chocolates after reading the messages.

RINA: Something sweet for mimry would be nice.

TOMOMI: But since the episode just started, let's recommend the classic bittersweet one.

MAMI: That one's delicious.

HARUNA: We recommed the Strawberry Chocolate !

RINA: Eat it with your boyfriend.

They can't give out presents, so they're only recommending sweets!

HARUNA: Continuing on...


Hello, SCANDAL. I'd like some love advice. I'm in love with a man I got to know on a radio streaming app. I became a fan of him when he used to do this as a hobby, and from there we gradually became friends. I really like his voice, his way of thinking, and the personality he exudes. He says he likes me too, and we interact via the app on a daily basis. We'd both like to meet each other, but we live far away from one another and we don't know when we could meet at this time. I also don't know if I can say that I'm in love with someone who doesn't know my face or full name yet. However, it's true that I do like him as I have fun talking with him, and that this could be also be a form of love. But I've never experienced online romance and am very confused. I'd like for things to develop more if possible, but we've discussed that our real lives are our priority and I'm also joining the workforce in April. I'm worried that I can't see a future in this relationship. So, I would be grateful if SCANDAL could give me some advice and words of support. Also, do you think there is a line between online romance and real-life romance?

TOMOMI: So it's about whether an "online" romance counts or not...

RINA: But it's more common now for people to meet like this.
You guys have started things off, haven't you?
Ask for each other's names now. Wouldn't it be nice if you guys could spend more time getting to know each other?

TOMOMI: If you like each other, you're bound to meet up one day.

MAMI: Since things are how they are right now, for better or worse, I think it's a good situation to enjoy having a long-distance romance, and not knowing each other's faces or names.

RINA: You can look forward to the future.

MAMI: And hope that you can meet up when things settle down...

HARUNA: What chocolate should we recommend? Maybe something simple.

MAMI: We recommend Meiji's Milk Chocolate !

Unveiling! - 2021-02-08 (RINA) - Mon Feb 08, 2021 7:30 am


Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 3 N3vQrga

Last week we had some shoots,
And we did a TV taping〜!

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 3 AHrN2do

We performed "eternal"^^
I think it'll be a new experience both visually and audibly!
This is a song we were able to write
Because we had time to do some soul-searching.

You can hear a little of it in this teaser trailer, so please check it out

(Watch the video with English subs:)

Three weeks and two days left until it's out!


2021/2/8 16:22








SCANDAL 26th Single「eternal」
SCANDAL 26th Single「eternal」2021年3月3日発売


2021/2/8 16:22

#front-page #scandal_eternal
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"eternal" Teaser Trailer - Sun Feb 07, 2021 11:08 pm

"eternal" teaser trailer:

#front-page #scandal_eternal

Here's my translation of the lyrics that were sung:

A dazzling light pours down
Like a shower of love
Please unravel my heart
Touch the gentle world
Hey, make this moment last eternally
Make this moment last eternally
Make this moment last eternally
Make this moment last eternally
Make this moment last eternally
Make this moment last eternally

Watch the video with subs:
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【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 48

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 3 0dFCtuk
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 3 ZJX5I2V

•The episode starts with this.

•They continue talking about KFC. A staffer says that KFC in Okinawa also offers rice. TOMO says that it seems that the president of KFC in Okinawa said that he's considering offering a set of chicken with rice and draft beer. MAMI says that KFC currently offers stuff with bread such as burgers or biscuits, so it wouldn't be too much of a stretch for them to offer rice too. HARU says that she just remembered that KFC used to offer a chicken rice balls , which the others are surprised at. They start talking more about other chicken and rice-related topics that don't have anything to do with what was talked about before this, so I will not be including it lol

•TOMO reads the next message from a listener who asks the band to draw the line between nikuman and butaman [Note: The word "niku" refers to meat in general while "buta" means "pork/pig"]. TOMO then reads the next message right after, with this listener saying that their view of the world has diversified since the Fine Line Association was started and asked the band the same thing as the previous listener: Draw the line between nikuman and butaman. The band laughs and RINA goes, "Is this segment really that influential?" TOMO thinks that the difference between the two "mans" are related to dialect, which RINA thinks as well. Both TOMO and RINA, who are from the Kansai area, say that the Kansai area calls them "butaman" and TOMO gives the example of popular restaurant 551 Horai that are known for their butaman. She also says that they don't really call them "nikuman" in her hometown. MAMI asks if the buns sold at convenience stores are also called "butaman," which both TOMO and RINA say yes to. HARU, who's from the Chubu region/Aichi Prefecture like MAMI, says that they weren't called "butaman" where she's from. The band agrees that it's a regional difference despite the food being the same. HARU also says that she sort of doesn't like the word "butaman" due to what she pictures when she hears it. TOMO says that it seems like 7-Eleven differentiates between the two: The buns they sell that contain just pork in them are called "butaman" while the buns filled with pork + chicken are called "nikuman." This is why she thinks that the name(s) depends on the place that's selling the buns. The others agree and that it depends on what meat is in the buns as well. HARU wonders if those in Kansai only use pork in them. TOMO says that places near her hometown only put onions and pork in them. She also thinks that 551 is the same. HARU says that there aren't really any local bun places like that in Aichi; she can only think of convenience stores selling them. MAMI agrees and says that there aren't really a lot of places like that in that area. Pretty much only Chinatown areas or Chinese takeout restaurants had them, but you'd usually go to a convenience store if you wanted one. They all agree that 551 has been a huge influence on these buns, and that the name depends on the region.

•RINA reads the next message from a listener who works in the medical field and proposes a borderline topic that has to do with essential/nonessential lines of work. They ask if whether the music industry should refrain from doing things like holding concerts. They've always loved music and going to concerts; it encourages them to do their best in order to do things like buy CDs/DVDs and attend concerts, which gives them motivation to work hard at their job. That's why they don't believe that SCANDAL's music nor concerts are "nonessential and non-urgent." At the end of the message, they ask the band to give them an Apollo pouch. The band laughs are the sudden change in the message.

•RINA says that it's not something they've said expressly, but they've thought at least once that concerts might be "nonessential and non-urgent." HARU says that they were really nervous holding their SEASONS concert and although they were taking measures to ensure safety, they didn't know how much that could realistically cover. However, since there were no cases connected to the concert, they're glad that they held it. MAMI says that after being thorough in your preparations, you just have to believe that people will come out. TOMO says that she's happy the listener's motivated, which in turn makes her feel motivated, so although this makes her want to say that concerts and stuff aren't "nonessential/non-urgent," there are of course some people who do feel that they're nonessential. In the first place, she says, there are those who enjoy going to concerts and those who don't. Those who don't may say that concerts are nonessential, but it doesn't matter which way of thinking is right or which one is wrong. The borderlines are thus different. RINA says that she thinks it's most unnecessary for people to clash with each other, and that the only thing one can do is to live a life that you think is right. The rest agree and say to cherish what's important to you while following any rules. RINA says that they're already talking about plans for the end of this year and also what kind of year this should be for them. They're doing a lot of prep work while constantly being in a state of "If we can play a concert on such-and-such day, then we'll try doing it." HARU says that they've already announced some things and that they're taking measures daily in order to do what's planned.

•MAMI reads the next message from a listener who asks the band what the line is between the word "hitori" (one person) using a number and kanji, "1人," or writing it as "独り" (which uses the kanji for "lonely"). They say that they saw super pictures of small-clawed otters on Twitter the other day and wanted to go see them, so they went to the Sunshine Aquarium in Tokyo. They wanted to take a picture of it so they decided to go alone, even though their friends and senpai said they shouldn't go alone. They did, but they did feel a little lonesome since there were mainly couples and families there. They think that if you're having fun by yourself, then that's all that matters. They ask the band what they think. They say that spelling it as "独り" does make it seem a little lonesome while "1人" is more numbers-oriented. They say that being alone isn't a negative thing; you can be perfectly happy being by yourself and that you can have more freedom to basically go wherever you want. The staff asks them if a lot of people go to SCANDAL concerts alone, which the band does think there's a lot of them. They say that they've heard of times when people go alone but end up getting along with someone else who's come alone too, and that it's fun to enjoy something you like with someone else who also likes it.

•The episode closes out with the latter half of this.

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