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Radio Rip of "STORY" - Wed Apr 11, 2018 4:20 pm

Here's a radio rip of about a minute and a half of "STORY," the song SCANDAL wrote for Airi Suzuki's upcoming solo debut album:

Airi: This was announced the other day, but my beloved SCANDAL even produced this song! I also had HARUNA sing harmonies. They also recorded the instruments―the four of them did everything, and this collaboration is on the album.

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aibo meets SCANDAL - Wed Apr 11, 2018 11:42 am

A special project where aibo goes out and meets Sony Music artists!
This time aibo went to the dressing room of SCANDAL, an all-girl band that boasts a tremendous popularity among teenage girls.

The cool members who stand on stage are madly in love with the adorable aibo's actions!? Please look at how aibo and SCANDAL interact with each other, smiling involuntarily when looking at one another♪

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SCANDAL's Comments for Taipei and Manila - Wed Apr 11, 2018 1:29 am

SCANDAL's comments about their Taipei and Manila performances:

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A bit long - 2018-04-09 (RINA) - Tue Apr 10, 2018 1:57 am

A bit long

We played lives in
Hiroshima and Tottori☺️
It went by in a flash? Finally?
We're also at the halfway point of the tour

We've heard stories about
How someone's been a fan for several years
But couldn't step into a live house...
When I see people
Who have brought their kids and come as a family
I think that we must continue doing
Our hall tour too
Halls and live houses
Really are completely different, and I love that☺️

Hiroshima is a city that we've aーlways been coming to to play lives
And feels like home,
While Yonago is a city we've been able to go to two years in a row,
And this time was the first time we had everyone see us at a hall.
A pleasant succession☺️

Also, I'm personally really happy
That people have been having fun
In a great atmosphere at each venue on this tour
It's because I truly believe with that a sense of unity with cooperation
We've been a band for 12 years☺️

I'm only one person
So I think there definitely are things
That I haven't kept an eye on,
But by conveying
That you have a heart
That wants to make a day great with everyone
Would probably make any artist happy
When standing on stage
You believe in the people in front of you
And even more so if they're your fans.
That's something very important that we're proud of

Every day there are probably all sorts
Of lives being held somewhere
But I hope that
Without taking away anyone's enjoyment
People will continue
To have time to properly receive and accept
Good feelings with music.

We got through another week,
And let's fully enjoy the second half of the tour
That starts from this weekend!
Those not able to come, check out our social media!
We won't leave you out☺️

Thanks for reading
This slightly long blog✌️


2018/4/9 18:39











2018/4/9 18:39

#front-page #scandal_honey
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Yonago, Tottori Prefecture @ Yonago City Cultural Hall - April 8th

Performance #12 of 23

SCANDAL:「SCANDAL TOUR 2018 "HONEY" performance #12 at Yonago City Cultural Hall is done!!

Can't believe we've gotten to see everyone in Yonago two years in a row! It was our third time in Yonago, and getting everyone to see our first hall performance here made us really happyWe'll do our best for another week! Thank you so much!

Next week we're playing 2 days in Nagoya Really looking forward to them!」

MAMI:「Thanks, Yonago  
I really love the warm atmosphere of everyone in Yonago… 

HARUNA:「Thank you to everyone in Yonago, Tottori

MAMI:「I shaved half my eyebrows off yesterday, and after I took off my makeup following the live, I shaved off a little more
At this rate they might just disappear 
Maybe I'm the only one who feels like they've gotten younger by shaving their eyebrows」

TOMOMI:「Thanks, Yonagoー!!!」

RINA:「Performance #12 at Yonago City Cultural Hall Our first hall live in Tottoriー! I'm glad we played at a venue where it felt like we could be really close✌︎ Thanks for the fun time〜!」

Q:「RINA, are you okay after the earthquake?」

RINA:「Yes, I'm okay. I was surprised by the big tremors Thanks! Goodnight!」

Next stop→NAGOYA

(Our female manager who's a 20-year-old rookie was grinning while taking the picture)」

Hiroshima @ HBG Hall - April 7th

Performance #11 of 23

Supposed set list:

01. OVER
02. Platform Syndrome
04. Oh! No!
05. Kan Biiru
06. Short Short
07. Mado wo Aketara
08. Departure
09. Futari
10. Midnight City
11. Electric Girl
13. Space Ranger
14. Shunkan Sentimental
15. Flashback No.5
16. Take Me Out
17. Koisuru Universe

18. Sisters

From the previous performance:

MAMI:「in Kanazawa
Honda no Mori Hall
Thanks to everyone who came out
A Kanazawa oden lady who's late to make her appearanceー!
The flavor of the soup was absorbing
And made the oden lady run late
Oden lady
The Kanazawa oden with a gentle flavor
Was really delicious
#Oden really is delicious

#Aside from oden
#karaage fried chicken
#kushikatsu with mystery meat
#are what I ate a lot of
#Mystery meat
#Kanazawa really is a nice place
#Kenroku-en garden
#The sakura were beautiful
#They've already fallen off in Tokyo
#So healing
#I wanted to go to a festival at Kenroku-en
#I want to be a festival lady
#night after night)


*Pictured: Momiji manju

SCANDAL:「SCANDAL TOUR 2018 "HONEY" performance #11 at HBG Hall is done!

Hiroshima is a city we've been coming to for 10 years
The story we made together detonated during the live ⚡️So awesome!
Thanks to everyone who cameー

Tomorrow is Yonago Can't waitー!」

RINA:「Performance #11 at HBG Hall It was so much funnnn! Thanks! Today, we played our live after eating bento from our beloved Musashi✌︎」

HARUNA:「Thanks, Hiroshimaー

TOMOMI:「Thank you, Hiroshima! Yay yay」

RINA:「I wore a Feedback! skirt today

MAMI:「We had our usual Musashi rice balls today too,,
We'll come back again for unparalleled Musashi - Thanks, Hiroshima!

「I wanted to shave my eyebrows, and when I tried shaving half of them, my impression didn't change and knew I shouldn't shave all of it. For now, maybe I'll bleach the half-shaved part」

「Ah, shaving half my eyebrows doesn't mean that one side was shaved; I shaved half of each side
So, it's not that I shaved half of one side
I apologize for not meeting your expectatations」

Next stop→YONAGO

(I fatally cannot balance on an exercise ball)」

RINA:「I wore vivid-colored clothes today - My hair's gotten longer so I tried curling it with a curling iron†††」

MAMI:「in Hiroshima
HBG Hall
Thanks to everyone who came out
Our beloved! Hiroshima is all about Musashi!
I love Musashi so much
That I wouldn't mind eating it three times in a row
So, today, as I think everyone suspects as much,
I'm a Musashi lady〜
I like their wakadori chicken bento the best
#The sausage
#inside of Musashi bento
#The sausage
#that looks like a finger
#I also really like
#Deep-fried wakadori
#is god-like
#A delicious bento
#that, even if it's chilly
#makes me want to drink basil tea
#Musubi Musashi
#delicious bento

#The last picture
#I look so happy
#I'm really smiling
#Smiling so much it's ugly
#It's funny
#An excellent expression
#It's growing on me」

Candy Stripper Magazine, April 2018 - Fri Apr 06, 2018 2:07 pm

MAMI in the April 2018 issue of Candy Stripper Magazine

I like dresses that can smoothly be worn as a single piece! The collar and the ruffles make the design feminine, but I was drawn to how the navy color makes it look cool. I love styling things with pants, so a playful combination like this is one I'd want to enjoy.

Pizza dress: Summer makes me want to wear colors that pop.

Socks: The most optimal flashiness for a coordinate accent!

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A clip of "STORY," the song written by SCANDAL for Airi Suzuki's debut solo album Do me a favor, with accompanying footage of them in the studio can be heard and viewed in the trailer for the "band side" of Airi's album (from 0:32):

Edit: I've ripped and reupped the clip of "STORY" only:

Pre-order the album on CD Japan:

◆Regular Edition

◆Blu-ray Edition


New life - 2018-04-03 (RINA) - Wed Apr 04, 2018 12:15 am

New life
Theme: RINA

On weekends we travel and then return to Tokyo
We toured around
Ibaraki, Tochigi, Niigata, and Ishikawa☺️
It was funー! Thanksー!
The thoughts everyone sends us via social media after the live
Really give us energy✌️
Those coming to the lives after this
Look forward to them, okay!

We're now into April in no time
And you may be quitting something, or starting something.
I think there are many people
Who are each starting new lives
Life only happens once, so no matter what your age
Try something again and again
And do your best, okay. I'm cheering for you!


2018/4/3 18:00





2018/4/3 18:00

#front-page #scandal_honey
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An additional 50 Fan Meet upgrades for the Manila show will be available from April 9th. It's first come first serve, so only the first 50 people who submit the form will be able to buy the upgrade.


#front-page #scandal_honey

Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture @ Honda no Mori Hall - April 1st

Performance #10 of 23

TOMOMI:「Thanks, Kanazawa! We'll be back again for Million Rock Festival

SCANDAL:「SCANDAL TOUR 2018 "HONEY" performance #10 at Honda no Mori Hall is done!!

We were able to kick off to a lovely start for April during the best time to see sakura in Kanazawa Thanks to everyone who came See you again in June for Million Rock⚡️

Next week is our Chugoku block in Hiroshima & Yonago
Can't waitー!」

HARUNA:「Thanks, Kanazawa!
(What's with those two in back recently)」

「Thank you KANAZAWA
(A nice breeze was blowing in Kanazawa)」

RINA:「Performance #10 at Honda no Mori Hall That sense of unity felt really pleasant〜 It was such a great time☺︎ See you at Million Rock next time. Thanks!」


Niigata Prefecture @ Niigata Prefectural Civic Center - March 31st

Performance #9 of 23

SCANDAL:「SCANDAL TOUR 2018 "HONEY" performance #9 at Niigata Prefectural Civic Center is done!!

Niigata was the bestー
Isn't SCANDAL's hall tour awesome? No, everyone was so wonderful

Tomorrow is Kanazawa Can't waitー!」

HARUNA:「Thanks, Niigata

TOMOMI:「Thanks, Niigata! It was fun

RINA:「Performance #9 at Niigata Prefectural Civic Center So excitingー! I'm glad we got to come and play a live in Niigata this time too! Thanks for today too!」


RINA:「I love sasa dango

MAMI:「SCANDAL loves lives and toursIt was fun, Niigata
See you later, Niigata

MAMI:「in Niigata
Niigata Prefectural Civic Center
Thanks to everyone who came out
This is what this season in Niigata is all about!
Is what I thought
And I wore a KIDILL jacket full of key chains
Ah〜I wish I had attached and taken a picture of a sasa dango (Niigata specialty)
Today's catering was snacks and hors d'oeuvres!!
I'm a lady who will not turn over their hors d'oeuvres Yep
This pretty round cream croquette? was
Really delicious〜
What the heck was it〜
The size of the hors d'oeuvres and size of my face
Aren't that different lol
A fully satisfied lady who ate popoyaki, tonjiru, sasa dango
AndRumando cookies
#A jacket full of key chains
#When we got off the shinkansen
#an elementary school-aged boy was like
#That's what he said
#Excited young boys
#Exciting young boys
#Upping the excitement of young boys⤴️
#From here on
#what kind of key chains will I attach
#April starts tomorrow
#A new year
#A year goes by fast
#A new opening
#I can always kick off to a new start (lyrics from SCANDAL's song "Image")」

Will post the Q&A later.
SCANDAL TOUR 2018 "HONEY"|A hall tour they're delivering with the largest amount of self-confidence during the 10th anniversary of their major label debut

「SCANDAL TOUR 2018 "HONEY"」, SCANDAL's first hall tour in three years, commenced from March 3rd. This tour is in support of their newest album 「HONEY」 that was released in February, and they will be holding performances in various cities around the country appropriate for decorating their milestone marking the band's 12th anniversary and the 10th anniversary of their major label debut.

Music Natalie has planned some special features in commemoration of this tour. We headed to the third performance of the tour at Fukuoka Civic Hall in Fukuoka and snuck into the meet & greet that only lottery winners selected from au Smart Pass Premium/au Smart Pass members can participate in. We will be giving a report about SCANDAL meeting their fans right after finishing a live show and how to deepen exchanges, while also asking the members their thoughts on this tour.

The flow of meet & greets

A thrilling, exciting standby time

After the live, fans who won in the lottery arrive at appointed place by applying beforehand on the au Smart Pass or uP !!! official site. Immediately after enjoying SCANDAL's heated live, they move backstage while wiping off sweat with SCANDAL towels. Fans usually can't see much backstage, but there was also someone who said, 「I came here when I perfomred in the choral competition when I was a student, so it's really nostalgic!」 The winners arrived at the waiting room for the M&G and waited for the SCANDAL members to drop by.

When we greeted the winners, we found out that there were various SCANDAL fans ranging from those who attended a SCANDAL live for the first time as well as long-time SCANDAL fans. A girl who attends their Fukuoka performances every year said, 「I was so nervous I couldn't sleep last night. My heart's already pounding.」 A girl who has been supporting them for many years and attended a live for the first time after the timing never being right said excitedly, 「My SCANDAL-related luck exploded by coming here!」 A guy who came from Ehime enthusiastically said, 「They're a band I've been listening to since I started my band in middle school, and I still love them. I'm currently the head of my light music club in college. I'm super nervous, but I want to convey these emotions!」

Finally getting to meet them

SCANDAL, who just ended their live, said, 「Thanks for waitingー!」 and showed up to the room where the winners were waiting. The members' comments of 「Everyone's so refreshed, it doesn't seem like this is right after a live show!」, 「Did you have fun?」, 「That t-shirt really suits you!」 slightly got rid of the winners' nervousness. The winners spoke up and said, 「That was so much fun!」, 「So cuteー!」 When the staff gave them tour t-shirts with SCANDAL's autographs and told them that they'd be able to take a group picture with the band, the winners seemed not to be able to hide their surprise to the special content.

Signing time = time you're able to talk

After that, the members of SCANDAL autographed the tour t-shirts given to the winners. MAMI would confirm and write down the name of the winners, and after she signed her autograph, the other members also signed theirs. The winners talked to the SCANDAL members during this time. It was a fulfilling time where they couldn't help but smile while conveying their thoughts of the live and of meeting SCANDAL.

To be this close!?
Deeply moved by the group shot where they squeezed in together

Following the signing, the winners take a picture with the members of SCANDAL. When SCANDAL squeezes in closely from behind when taking the picture, the winners go, 「Eh, you're getting this close!?」 and are deeply moved. After taking a picture at a close enough distance as if they became a member of the band, the M&G ended. SCANDAL thanked the fans with, 「See you again at a live!」, 「Take care going home!」, and left the M&G location.

SCANDAL's interview

Finishing the M&G

──You've experienced M&G several times so far, but there aren't many opportunities to have a direct contact with fans. Was it a valuable time this time too?

TOMOMI: Being able to talk with the fans at this distance is a valuable opportunity. It made us really happy that everyone still had heat leftover from the live and told us their feelings.

HARUNA: Being able to talk with the people who come to our lives makes us happy. It was a lot of fun finding out things like how they came to know about us.

RINA: There aren't many opportunities to be able to directly hear their words not on social media but in person, and it felt very special to see everyone's expressions and to be able to talk to them.

MAMI: It was a valuable opportunity to know again that our work and performance have been proven to those who listened. When you directly hear their voices, it makes it seem like, 「Okay, let's work even harder.」

Absolutely do not miss this tour

──Since this was the M&G for the third performance of 「SCANDAL TOUR 2018 "HONEY"」, your tour in support of the album 「HONEY」 that was released in February, please tell us about the tour.

RINA: It's been 10 years since SCANDAL's major label debut, and 12 years have passed since the band formed, but we finally realized what we want to do. All of the members felt a 「This is the music that we must play」 kind of confidence for the first time. We had been envisioning the tour from the time of album production, so at each venue we're thrilled to see the scenery we had envisioned. Every time we really feel like we're getting energy from all of the fans.

HARUNA: With each performance on a tour we start to be able to show what we want to show on that tour, and it feels like it'll be completed by the final performances. However, this time it feels like we've been able to deliver our performance in its completed state from the first day this time. Some of our skills may have grown, but we realized that the power that the album itself has is amazing. We've been able to have more relaxed performances than usual. We feel comfortable doing it―rather, it feels really good to feel standing on the stage as we are.

MAMI: This is a tour where there's a sense of stability―rather, one where we feel relaxed and have challenged ourselves since the first day. That's because we had imagined our tour set and outfits from the album's production stage and decided 「We want to show it in this kind of way」. It's a tour that was finished smoothly from making the album. It feels like our self-confidence is at an all-time high.

──It's an important tour in SCANDAL's history.

HARUNA: That's right. Also, we think it's a tour that lets you know about us even more.

TOMOMI: It's been three years since we've done a hall tour, and three years ago we strongly felt that wanted to show it as an elaborate show. This time it feels like we acquired something that suits us the most and makes us more relaxed.

RINA: Like everyone else said, we can say 「Absolutely do not miss this tour」 with confidence. We think it's that kind of a tour.

Yuki, Ibaraki Prefecture @ Yuki Civic Culture Center ACROSS - March 25th

Performance #8 of 23

Supposed set list:

01. Platform Syndrome
02. OVER
04. Oh! No!
05. Kan Biiru
06. Short Short
07. Mado wo Aketara
08. Departure
09. Futari
10. Midnight City
11. Electric Girl
13. Shunkan Sentimental
14. Space Ranger
15. Flashback No.5
16. Take Me Out
17. Koisuru Universe

18. Sisters
19. Awanai Tsumori no, Genki de ne

SCANDAL:「SCANDAL TOUR 2018 "HONEY" performance #8 @ Yuki Civic Cultural Center is done!!

Today, moments when it was like the songs were slowly permeating happened over again, ans the real thrill of a hall tour was moving Everyone was awesome! Thank you very much

Next week we're heading to Hokuriku Can't wait!」

HARUNA:「Thanks to everyone in Ibaraki, Yuki

RINA:「Performance #8 at Yuki Civic Cultural Center ACROSS Hearing everyone's cheers from my in-ear monitors and seeing everyone having fun with all their strength really pumped us upー! Thanks for the great Sunday!」

TOMOMI:「Thanks, Ibaraki!
It was fun

MAMI:「in Ibaraki
Yuki Civic Cultural Center
Thanks to everyone who came out
Wah! Melon, my favorite
There's even melon pan!
Finding melon makes for a happy melon lady

As expected of Ibaraki. Happy there are melons here〜
#This melon
#was really delicious
#Only a few hours before
#I was eating the same amount of melon
#I love melon
#I got some melon pan
#to go
#Yuki's famous food
#Motsu (offal) yakisoba
#I also ate that
#I love yakisoba
#Yakisoba at yatai food stands is so good
#The strength of the flames and oil
#aren't things you can do at home
#Strength of the flames」

Q:「TOMO-chan! You were magnificently dancing around merrily yesterday, but did you change your hair color? Is it blue? Maybe? Perhaps? 

TOMOMI:「It's now navy!」

Q&A for tonight:


Q. What do you think of people who have met through SCANDAL and gotten married?

All: Congrats on getting married! We'd be happy if you played a song of ours during the wedding!

TOMO: I want to perform at a wedding! I really would like to go to one...

RINA: Sony's pretty strict, though.
But our hearts go out to everyone!

Q. What songs did you think would be on the best album but didn't make it?

All: Maybe none? All of the ones we wanted to be on it are on it!

TOMO: We didn't think "SCANDAL IN THE HOUSE" would make it, but it did! We might not play it live anymore.

Q. You started being popular after starting the band, right? How many times have you been confessed to in a year?

MAMI: We had our major label debut and I thought that I'd be popular since I was next to an all-boys' school, but I wasn't lol

RINA: I was looking for attention, but I wasn't confessed to just because I spoke in Kansai dialect before I transferred schools

TOMO: Is that related?

HARU: TOMO was popular before the band started

Q. Have there been times when you had leave no matter what while in the middle of the live?

HARU: TOMO and RINA have.

TOMO: That was only one time!

HARU: That's a lie! The timing that TOMO has to use the bathroom sucks.

RINA: The fastener on the back of my outfit for our STANDARD tour broke and my back was fully exposed. HARU really stretched out the MC lol

Q&A for the previous show in Sano:


Q. Aside from your hometowns, which prefecture would you want to live in?

MAMI: Hokkaido! Because I love crab, melon, and squid! I also love snow!

TOMO: Of course! Right here! I don't think there's anywhere else besides Tochigi that'd I want to live in (big lie)
Because there are ramen, strawberries, and gyoza here!

Q. Will you no longer be performing "one piece" live?

RINA: Since this song is a special one, we'll only perform it when we play lives at Osaka-Jo Hall! If we play there again, we'll perform it! Wait for it!

Q. Are there keyboard sounds and/or other sounds being performed backstage?

RINA: Behind these red walls on stage are 500 people every time who are performing while packed in tightly! The depth is amazing!

HARU: That's a lie

RINA: It's true♡ We'll leave it to your imagination!

Q. Are there any things that your office prohibits/is a no-no for them?

HARU: Since we were tied to Bourbon (the candy company), we couldn't post about any other sweets brands on social media

RINA: When we were on Sashimeshi and had famous pancakes with cream, there was a take that didn't work out since mine was the one that didn't have any cream in it

TOMO: Also, in Europe... (forced termination, AKA they cut her off)

(HARU was still engrossed in the talk)
TOMO: Hurry up and put your guitar back on lolol

ONCHIKA - Sun Mar 25, 2018 1:01 pm

March 15th:



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Sano, Tochigi Prefecture @ Sano Citizens' Cultural Hall - March 24th

Performance #7 of 23

Supposed set list:

01. Platform Syndrome
02. OVER
04. Oh! No!
05. Kan Biiru
06. Short Short
07. Mado wo Aketara
08. Departure
09. Futari
10. Midnight City
11. Electric Girl
13. Shunkan Sentimental
14. Space Ranger
15. Flashback No.5
16. Take Me Out
17. Koisuru Universe

18. Sisters
19. Awanai Tsumori no, Genki de ne

TOMOMI:「Thanks, Tochigi! We took a group shot with Sanomaru, Sano City's mascot; yay」

SCANDAL:「SCANDAL TOUR 2018 "HONEY" performance #7 @ Sano Citizens' Cultural Hall is done!!

It was so excitingー The staff at the venue were surprised Everyone was awesome

Tomorrow's Yuki Let's have fun!」

HARUNA:「Everyone in Tochigi・Sano, thanks

(Sanomaru is adorable)」

MAMI:「in Tochigi
Sano Citizens' Cultural Hall
Thanks to everyone who came out
I found a to〜n of norimaki sushi rolls〜!
You're hungry after a live after all, right〜
A lady who stuffed her face with norimaki〜
My expression in the last picture is way too exquisite so I uploaded it〜
It's growing on me☺️
#These shiso leaf maki rolls
#were so delicious
#I wanted to eat all of them
#but I stopped myself
#I'm the type whose stomach expands
#It has Dyson-level
#suction power
#If I only suctioned things in
#I'd be fat
#so I'm holding myself back
#more or less
#I'll take care
#I'm not stoic
#but for the sake of soft-serve ice cream and shaved ice
#I'll hold myself back」

RINA:「Performance #7 at Sano Citizens' Cultural Hall Although it was our first time playing at a hall here, I'm really happy that we could be welcomed with the same amount of heat as a live house! I think this tour is one where we are able convey the enjoyment of halls. Thanks for coming☺︎」

From snow to sakura - 2018-03-23 (RINA) - Fri Mar 23, 2018 7:02 pm

From snow to sakura

We toured around Sendai, Morioka, and Sapporo☺️
Thanks to everyone who came!
It was still cold outside〜
Snow was still falling

Sakura have begun to bloom in Tokyo

I love touring
While seasons are changing
I'll go and take a proper picture again
(...I wonder if I'll make it in time)

The key case that's part of our tour goods
Is way too cute, and I've been using it
Since it was completed; it's my favorite☺️
It's a deep green, and I recommend it to men
And adults too

Our northern Kanto trip begins tomorrow
Yepー, I can't wait☺️︎ Best regardsー!

All right, time to pack and pack


2018/3/23 19:49



ずっと使ってる お気に入り☺️


さて、荷造り 荷造り


2018/3/23 19:49

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Sound & Recording Magazine - Fri Mar 23, 2018 6:44 pm

May 2018:

【Sound & Recording Magazine, May issue - Out 3/24】
The Concert Observation feature focuses on SCANDAL. Centering on the YAMAHA CL / QL console series, also featured are their JBL PROFESSIONAL speakers, the making of the members' instruments and amps, and pedalboards.

■Concert Observation
SCANDAL @ Misato City Cultural Hall - Large Hall

■Order on CD Japan

#front-page #scandal_honey
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SCANDAL has produced the song "STORY" on Airi Suzuki's (ex.℃-ute) solo debut album 『Do me a favor』!

Lyrics: RINA
Music・Arrangement: MAMI
Performance・ Producer: SCANDAL

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We made a cool song where you can fully enjoy Airi-chan's vocal ability☺️︎ I'm happy she let us write her a song at this timing of her taking an important step forward!

"STORY," with accompanying footage of them in the studio can be heard and viewed in the trailer for the "band side" of Airi's album (from 0:32):

Here's my English translation for "STORY":

Lyrics: RINA ~ Music & Arrangement: MAMI

Why do I feel empty
In this city in my hands?
The always advancing hands of the clock
Press against my back and leave me breathless

"You can still do it - stand up
It'll be okay," you say
Every time I'm shown kindness and it makes me want to cry
You're there

I've jumped over the limits and made it to today
It's not a lie
I met you who loves me
No matter what
I want to overtake this distance and protect you
No matter what happens
Our distorted footprints are stories no one can take away
I want to move forward with you tomorrow too

I'll go back to the pages I skipped over
And underline them so that I won't forget
Your voice fills the gaps in my heart
Because there no such thing as a single correct answer

"You can still do it - stand up
There's still much more you want to show"
You're with me
As I grow selfish in this dream I can't wake up from

I want to see you over and over again, and the same goes for today
It's enough to make me laugh
No one else can take your place
You're precious to me
Let's cut away these moments and change
The best story is where time passes
And makes us want to cry when we look back
I want to create that kind of future with you

I'll pray for something
On the stars falling through the sky I looked up to
Because the tears from that day make "right now" shine

I've jumped over the limits and made it to today
It's not a lie
I met you who loves me
No matter what
I want to overtake this distance and protect you
No matter what happens
Our distorted footprints are stories no one can take away
I want to move forward with you tomorrow too

MBS SONG TOWN - Thu Mar 22, 2018 4:48 pm

March 2nd:



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SCANDAL: 「It makes us happy as adult women that we completed this work this year, the 10th anniversary of our major label debut」

HARUNA: I feel that we had written lyrics with the consciousness of the band SCANDAL rather than us as individuals until now. However, we were able to frankly put forth our feelings as women with this work. This change gave us more self-confidence.

MAMI: We were able to make music we want to make right now. We were able to find our individualities and apply them to our songs. We're so satisfied!

The female image of having both beauty and sharpness is included in the title 『HONEY』. Realistic psychological depictions stand out in lyrics.

TOMOMI: There are many songs on which you can feel temperature or body temperature. We included personal feelings that weren't passed through filters. I'm happy as a 27-year-old woman who was able to make this work at this timing of our 10th year after making our major debut in school uniforms.

RINA: We had always been thinking about how we should express ourselves in the world that is dominated by men. We decided to fight using weapons unique to women instead of being the same as male bands. Just because we're a band doesn't mean that we want to get rid of our femininity. In that sense as well, this time we shook free and made some music!

This work, produced with thoughts of, 「Let's make an album with momentum」, is gushing with energetic sensuality.

MAMI: 『Electric Girl』, which begins with onomatopoeia lyrics "BI-BI-BI," has a buzzing melody and arrangement (laughs). I created it instinctly while playing around freely with my instruments, as it calls for it in RINA's lyrics.

RINA: The lyrics suddenly came to mind when I was heading home in a taxi from the studio. Our previous album 『YELLOW』 was a very relaxed album, but those reactions may have created chemical-like songs!

TOMOMI: With 『Mado wo Aketara』, I made the hazy feelings I had in my heart three years ago into lyrics. I asked my friend Mizuki Masuda from Negoto to arrange it. There hadn't been many times I created music with my friends, so this was very exciting.

Reactions spread out from the words of the members. Their way of thinking about music has also changed from when they initially had their major label debut.

HARUNA: Until now, by supporting someone with our music, we had them support us back. However, in addition to that, I noticed in this work that there are songs that make our hearts lighter simply by listening to them.

TOMOMI: We make message songs with thoughts of, 「We want to convey this」, but sometimes feelings change before you know it. But, our mood now is wanting to make personal songs that we can keep singing forever.

RINA: On top of playing music, it's also important to have time to do things other than music. The times when we're being a band is the number one thing that won't change, though!

MAMI: The bare necessities of life (food, clothing, and shelter) and music are closely related.

All members realize the importance of maintaining "a body that can keep on playing music."

RINA: When your mental state is good, the sound of the drums will also sound good. Also, just by applying ice to your limbs for 10 minutes at a time after a live completely changes how your condition will be the following day.

TOMOMI: Since you need power in your arms to play the bass, I've started bouldering, which I had been interested in. It's a lot of fun!

MAMI: In addition to running that started with a full marathon appearance, I also do kickboxing, which is not affected by weather.

HARUNA: Your voice is an instrument of your body, and mentality is the most important thing. I have stabilized mentally since establishing a daily routine of running. My voice training teacher praised me for naturally filling my lower abdomen used for vocalization with power, and that's thanks to running.

Sapporo, Hokkaido @ Wak Wak Holiday Hall - March 21st

Performance #6 of 23

Sunlight is reflecting off of the snow, and it's dazzling〜
This pure white world is beautiful〜
I'm enchanted by the snow…


*Pictured is Katsugen

SCANDAL:「SCANDAL TOUR 2018 "HONEY" performance #6 @ Wak Wak Holiday Hall is done!

Sapporo was the best! A precious city we've been coming to for 10 years We want to keep coming back again and again! We'll definitely see you at a live again

Next up is our northern Kanto series Can't wait!」

TOMOMI:「Thanks, Sapporo! It was hot! Yep!」

RINA:「Performance #6 at Sapporo Wak Wak Holiday Hall It was such a hot night, wasn't it〜. Thanks! It seems like it got 30 degrees hotter inside, haha. So awesome! Ah, it was so much fun〜☺︎」

HARUNA:「Thanks, Sapporo Love

MAMI:「in Sapporo
Wak Wak Holiday Hall
Thanks to everyone who came out
Speaking of Hokkaido, you think of Katsugen
With Katsugen in both hands
I'm a happy lady full of braids
When I took out the braids, I turned into someone who seems like they'd be good at singing gospel
#the first picture
#is how I had my hair done today
#I really love Katsugen
#I love ikura (salmon roe)
#I love melon
#I love conveyor belt sushi
#I came to like salmon kimchi too
#I also love snow
#I love ramen salad
#I love zangi
#I also love chikuwa pan
#I love all of them
#Hokkaido love

Here's the Q&A from tonight, which was apparently a barrage of questions directed at TOMO:


Q: TOMO, where are you looking during interviews?

A: Probably looking at the interviewer

Q: TOMO, aren't you going to start an Instagram?

A: Since I'm being questioned today whether I will or not, I'll think about it (doesn't seem like it)

Also, here's the Q&A from Morioka, which included a question people have been asking quite often recently:


Q: What's the reason you don't do dual vocals on songs anymore?

TOMO: If I do say so myself, I have a unique, candy-like voice, don't I?

HARU, RINA: Many songs sing about the feelings of one person, so singing it with two people will make it feel like there's a split personality going on.

RINA: It would have been awesome if "Platform Syndrome" was sung with dual vocals, though.

Q: Have you been hit on at places like a music festival?

RINA: I think if someone asks you, "Do you want to go to the wine bar?" is considered being hit on?

TOMO: A guy who invites you to a wine bar is simply lame.

RINA: There was also a time when we were getting changed in Indonesia and a paper with contact information flew down from above.

HARU: There's been times when I've been given someone's contact info while on a train.

Q. What troubling presents have you been given by fans?

MAMI: Opened bottles of 1 liter aloe juice came for a while

RINA: They'd make a magazine for RINA and send it monthly with the person's face on the back cover (came with a bonus too)

TOMO: A stuffed animal with something sticky on it [ can probably guess what it was]

HARU: A sticky, opened CD of an idol she didn't know about

Additionally, here's the Q&A from Sendai:


Q: If you could become another member of the band, who would you want to become?

TOMO, HARU, MAMI: We probably wouldn't want to become anyone? There's no need for that!

RINA: I don't think I'd want to become anyone, but if I were to, I'd want to become everyone!

Q: If you weren't in SCANDAL, what job do you think you'd have?

MAMI: I had wanted to be an architect since I was 3 years old.

RINA: Something music related! I had thought that I could appear on TV if I went behind it, so I'd dance by myself behind the TV.

TOMO: I wanted to be Sailor Moon when I was 3.

HARU: I would have become a useless member of society if I wasn't in SCANDAL!

SCANDAL × Revlon - Mon Mar 19, 2018 3:31 pm

The members of popular all-girl band SCANDAL tried out a lip product with a enamel-grade luster as part of their tie-in with NYLON JAPAN.

Choose your favorite color from six shades consisting of familiar colors to vivid ones!

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ARTIST ZOOM UP! - Mon Mar 19, 2018 3:02 pm

SCANDAL's full appearance on 「ARTIST ZOOM UP!」:

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Morioka, Iwate Prefecture @ Morioka Civic Cultural Hall - Large Hall - March 17th

Performance #5 of 23

Set list:

01. Platform Syndrome
02. OVER
04. Oh! No!
05. Kan Biiru
06. Short Short
07. Mado wo Aketara
08. Departure
09. Futari
10. Midnight City
11. Electric Girl
13. Shunkan Sentimental
14. Space Ranger
15. Flashback No.5
16. Take Me Out
17. Koisuru Universe

18. Sisters

*Posted by a fan who attended the show. Same set list as the day before in Sendai except for "LOVE SURVIVE" at the end.

TOMOMI:「Morioka, for a lot of things, truly, truly, um, yes, thanks!」

SCANDAL:「SCANDAL TOUR 2018 "HONEY" performance #5 @ Morioka Civic Cultural Hall is done!!

Thanks so much to everyone who came out   The number of fun secrets has grown   See you again at a live!

Next up is Sapporo   Can't waitー!」

HARUNA:「Thanks, Morioka  」

MAMI:「in Morioka  
Morioka Civic Cultural Hall - Large Hall
Thanks to everyone who came out  
After today's live
I found a plate with a ton of onigiri on it
I'm a contented lady  
#this expression
#it's growing on me
#onigiri plate
#pictures of gratitude for onigiri
#my face
#in onigiri
#what about boiled eggs?
#there were only raw eggs today
#a contented lady
#  」

Next stop→SAPPORO」

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