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ZIMA VIRTUAL FES CAMPAIGN 3 - Thu Mar 15, 2018 9:12 am

SCANDAL is taking part in malt beverage ZIMA's 「VIRTUAL FES CAMPAIGN 3」!

SCANDAL, Negoto, MACO, and CHAI: 「What if you held a "spring festival"?」- A virtual festival campaign that'll liven up hanami season to be held!

This spring's 「VIRTUAL FES CAMPAIGN 3」, where you can taste the feeling of a festival while staying at home, will be held with the line-up of four wonderful female artists consisting of SCANDAL, Negoto, MACO, and CHAI!

What is the 「VIRTUAL FES CAMPAIGN 3」 that will be sent to all music and festival lovers? We will deliver highlights from this luxurious campaign & recommended points from ZIMA.JP♪

We will be revealing original playlists that each artist has created with the theme, 「What if you held a "spring festival"?」! We will also be revealing exclusive campaign interviews where they talk about their ideal spring festivals, such as two-stage festival outdoors and indoors, a festival for enjoying cherry blossoms at night, etc.! This third series is turning out to be an extravagant campaign, including ZIMA-exclusive collaboration goods gifts that only those who access the campaign site can apply for!

Just purchase a bottle of ZIMA that comes with a campaign notice at a nearby convenience store, or ZIMA shop during the campaign period! Access the dedicated site from the QR code listed in that notice! You can listen to the playlist of the artist in the selected picture!

Left to right: ZIMA × SCANDAL blanket with a pouch included / ZIMA × Negoto original cooler / ZIMA × MACO original speaker / ZIMA × CHAI original long-sleeve t-shirt - All limited to 100 pieces

※Color・size cannot be chosen.

Here are the ZIMA-exclusive collaboration goods! As a campaign where you can taste the feeling of a festival while staying at home, we've come up with original goods that can be used at home! Win the goods, and with a ZIMA in your hand, you can enjoy the house festival-feeling while listening to the playlists♪

This campaign will run from 3/16 (Fri.), 12:00 to 6/4 (Fri.)!

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Touring around Kyushu

We toured around Kyushu
And went to Kagoshima and Fukuoka☺️
Thanks to those who came out!

Tour has just begun
And we've only done 3 performances, but we know.
This trip in support of our album "HONEY"
Is looking to be something pretty interesting
Within our history

There are 20 performances left
And we'll deliver each one of them carefully☺️
Let's have fun, and best regards!

I've been focusing on updating my Instagram
With personal posts!
Follow me, okay✌️


2018/3/12 09:57





SCANDAL RINAさん(@urarina821) • Instagram写真と動画
フォロワー84.8千人、フォロー中0人、投稿532件 ― SCANDAL RINAさん(@urarina821)のInstagramの写真と動画をチェックしよう


2018/3/12 09:57

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Fukuoka Prefecture @ Fukuoka Civic Hall - March 10th

Performance #3 of 23

RINA:「We're heading to our beloved Fukuoka



HARUNA:「Best regards for the third performance of our tour」

SCANDAL:「SCANDAL TOUR 2018 "HONEY" performance #3 @ Fukuoka Civic Hall is done!!

Thanks so much for coming The best excitementー! A city we want to come back to over and over again! We'll definitely see you again!

Next week's our Tohoku round 
Sendai, Morioka, wait for us!」

HARUNA:「Thanks, Fukuoka

TOMOMI:「Thanks, Fukuoka!
Such a great night

MAMI:「We'll deffffffintely come again

RINA:「Performance #3 at Fukuoka Civic Hall An excitement we expected from Fukuoka! So awesome! The warmth of everyone in Kyushu makes you feel happy〜. Thanks for creating a fun time together with us!」

Next stop→SENDAI


MAMI:「in Fukuoka
Fukuoka Civic Hall
Everyone who came out, thanks
I had a braid festival going on today
#picture 1 is of
#me being silly
#picture 2 is another angle
#an energetic pose
#what is an energetic pose
#my overalls are from
#cute clothes
#so cute
#the striped sleeves I'm wearing underneath
#is something I remade
#I put sleeves on an MTV t-shirt」

Kagoshima Prefecture @ Kagoshima Citizens' Cultural Hall, Hall 2 - March 9th

Performance #2 of 23

Supposed set list:

01. OVER
02. Platform Syndrome
04. Oh! No!
05. Kan Biiru
06. Short Short
07. Mado wo Aketara
08. Departure
09. Futari
10. Midnight City
11. Electric Girl
12. Space Ranger
13. Shunkan Sentimental
15. Flashback No.5
16. Take Me Out
17. Koisuru Universe

18. Sisters

*If true, they switched around the order of a few songs + the only song they switched out completely was "Image" for "LOVE SURVIVE" as the final song.

MAMI:「Tenmonkan Mujaki

Shirokuma shaved ice

We ate it in seconds」


Tenmonkan Mujaki

Shirokuma (polar bear) shaved ice

An abundance of varieties

I want to have a wan-chan (dog) strawberry Shirokuma

Original Shirokuma (left)

Coffee Shirokuma (right)」

SCANDAL:「Going inside the venue〜
HARUNA, feeling satisfied about being able to take a picture of lovely Sakurajima Volcano」

HARUNA:「Getting a massage + Sakurajima Volcano - Best regards for the second performance of our tour


MAMI:「Haneda Terminal 1 soft serve ice cream - BLUE SKY Bus Lounge

Starting from vanilla」

RINA:「It's 13°C/55°F in Kagoshima - everyone coming to our live, best regards〜!」

SCANDAL:「SCANDAL TOUR 2018 "HONEY" performance #2 @ Kagoshima Citizens' Cultural Hall - Hall 2 in Kagoshima is done!!

Thanks so much to everyone who came out All of your excitement and smiles were the best! See you later

Tomorrow's Fukuoka! Let's have fun!」

HARUNA:「Thanks, Kagoshima

TOMOMI:「Thanks, Kagoshima!
Shirokuma shaved ice was delicious

MAMI:「in Kagoshima
Kagoshima Citizens' Cultural Hall - Hall 2
Everyone who came out, thanks
We're off to Fukuoka tomorrow
#about my OOTD
#my dress is from
#candy stripper
#cute clothes
#so cute
#notice the third picture
#isn't it grotesque
#my makeup today」


Next stop→FUKUOKA

RINA:「Performance #2 of our tour at Kagoshima Citizens' Cultural Hall So much funー! It had been 5 years since we played at this venue! Thanks for welcoming us with a great atmosphere today tooー

A few spoilers (fans are posting them on Twitter for all to see anyway):

Not sure on their answers, but the questions they were asked were:

-What do you do with fan letters or presents? Also, what things make you happy to receive?

-Do you have image colors like the ones on the ENCORE SHOW cover? (Looks like they were asked if they have newer colors that represent them now? Possibly lol)

It looks like HARU rushed in to "Take Me Out" and got some of the lyrics wrong.

Also, the other 2 questions they were asked at the first show were:

-What kind of encore call do you like best, clapping or shouting?

-Do you disguise yourselves when you go out?

SCANDAL × Revlon - Thu Mar 08, 2018 5:19 am

NYLON JAPAN just released a SCANDAL × Revlon video using "Electric Girl" for Revlon's ColorStay Overtime Lip Color!

Locking down color and gloss on dramatic lips that'll give you a shock

Revlon's new lip product, 『Revlon ColorStay Overtime』.
A lip color with a new sensation that also produces a coating power never seen before
By applying the top coat, and a gives a enamel-grade glossy feel has been born!
Try out a rich lip color that'll accelerate its world view with the new songs of popular all-girl band SCANDAL
Who are celebrating the 10th anniversary of their major label debut
And continue to take on new challenges as an all-girl band.

Even though your lips are plump and polished,
The surprisingly-hard-to-fade finish is kept fresh
Even through kissing or putting your mouth on a mug.
Wouldn't it be fun to find the perfect color for you
While talking about how 「This color is adorable!」?

「Your face gets brighter just by putting on a bright red color! I think this is a color that's perfect for when your makeup's on point, or if you're going to a party. You put the top coat over the lip color, so it's amazing that, even though it can keep in the moisture, it won't come off even if you drink something!」

Revlon ColorStay Overtime Lip Color, 020 (Constantly Coral)

「There are many makeup items that give you the impression that it won't hold up normally. This vivid red color is one of my favorites because it gives a contrast to my makeup as well as a cool finish. When you're taking on the challenge of doing a trendy or smoky makeup look, I think it'll turn out perfectly if you have a vivid red lip!」

Revlon ColorStay Overtime Lip Color, 140 (Ultimate Wine)

「It stays neat even if you eat or drink something, so you don't need take the time and effort to reapply it, and it seems like something I'll use a lot in everyday life as well! It feels fresh since I don't normally use sugar pink colors. Your fashion changes when you change your lip color, and because there are plenty of color variations, you can become a different person every day.」

Revlon ColorStay Overtime Lip Color, 080 (Keep Blushing)

「This nice beige pink that fits with your skin color is an elegant, natural color that can be used in the office as well. You'll truly be surprised with how long it lasts, so I think it's an item that'll play an active role for parties, live shows, and on days I have no time to touch up my makeup. Because you put a top coat on to lock in the beautiful lip color, I'm glad that it keeps it looking fresh!」

Revlon ColorStay Overtime Lip Color, 430 (Perennial Peach)

#front-page #scandal_honey
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ARTIST ZOOM UP! - Tue Mar 06, 2018 4:56 am

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We've updated VITAL AUDIO at the feet of SCANDAL, who began their tour yesterday.
The VA-Patch-F with red plugs and VA-08 fit perfectly with their album 「HONEY」 and their tour concept colors.

SCANDAL's tour color scheme is red.
So, not only have the things at their feet been turned red, but also RINA's Pearl drum set, MAMI's Bogner amp, and HARUNA's SHINOS amp.
Also, TOMOMI's aggressive, red Pike Amplification Vulcan XL is back!

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Saitama Prefecture @ Misato Cultural Hall - March 3rd

Performance #1 of 23

TOMOMI:「Opening day of our tour is done!
Everyone who came out to Misato, thanks so much!
We were able to kick off to a great start

MAMI:「Opening day of our "HONEY" tour
Everyone who came out, thanks so much 
It was fun
How was it for everyone〜

I had a ponytailtoday」

HARUNA:「Opening day of our hall tour
The set list, performance, outfits, and everyone who came out to Saitama・Misato were all awesome.
I'm really looking forward to the rest of the tour!」

RINA:「Everyone who came out to opening day of our HONEY tour in Saitama Prefectureat Misato Cultural Hall, thanks! It was so, so, so much fun and made us so happy... Reply and let us hear your thoughts on it〜☺︎ Aah, the best start!」

SCANDAL:『Opening day of SCANDAL TOUR 2018 "HONEY" in Saitama at Misato Cultural Hall is done!

This turned out to be the best tour opening dayー! How was this night that made the members, staff, and audience feel like「This tour will be an awesome one.」?

Next week is Kagoshima and Fukuoka! Look forward to them!』

HARUNA:「I put glitter on my eyebrows, but you can't really tell

RINA:「Tour has begun! I lightly curled my hair, and today I had a wet, outward curled style†††」

RINA:「Today's red lip color
Revlon 715 HD Arabica」

SCANDAL:SCANDAL MANIA presents "Mystery Tours of SCANDAL" will be held on 2018.8.21 (Tue.)!
Look forward to this mystery tour where you don't know what'll happen!」

Every Japanese fan (seriously, EVERYONE) on Twitter is already talking about one of the questions submitted by a MANIA member that the band answered at the show, so I don't see why we can't discuss it here. So, I'm just going to leave it here.

If you want to comment about this, MAKE SURE TO PUT IT IN A SPOILER TAG.

Q. Honestly speaking, do the members have boyfriends?

TOMO said, "I haven't told the members nor our staff this, but I broke up with my boyfriend last year." RINA said something along the lines of there are times when she's had one, times when she hasn't, and that "I want you to presume that [I have one] when it feels like I've written lovey-dovey lyrics." HARU and MAMI are at the age where you'd be worried about them if they never had one.

START→→→ - 2018-03-03 (RINA) - Sat Mar 03, 2018 6:00 pm



Has begun!!!
This is truly an awesome tour...

Everyone who came out
To the opening day at Misato Cultural Hall in Saitama Prefecture, thanks!

The best opening

We'll bring today's energy with us
And head out around the country☺️
It'll beーsoーmuchーfunー!


2018/3/3 22:11




初日、埼玉‪県 三郷市文化会館




2018/3/3 22:11

#front-page #scandal_honey
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For SCANDAL's anniversary this year, they will be holding a MANIA members-only "mystery tour"!

「SCANDAL MANIA presents "Mystery Tours of SCANDAL"」 will be held on 2018.8.21 (Tue.)!

You may can check out the details of how to apply from the following URL...but we won't be giving any real details until the day of!

Look forward to this mystery tour where you don't know what'll happen!

※Please note that there is a possibility there will not be a live performance at this event.

<How to apply>

A few details they've given so far:

・Price: 29,800 yen
・Minimum number of participants: 250
・The event location is a mystery; the only detail listed so far is that you will need to meet at Tokyo Station and will be taken by bus to the event location
・Includes lunch
・Application period: June 13-27 (8 pm)
・Must join MANIA by 5/31 in order to apply

A photo booth that was made based off the ideas the fans contributed at their Pinterest event the other week has been completed and will be set up at every stop of the tour!

TOMOMI:「Our tour finally starts tomorrow!
Best regardsーーーーーー
We made an Instagram spotーーーーーーーー

SCANDAL:「Our tour finally starts tomorrow!! There will also be a photo booth that was based off the ideas we collected from everyone while at Pinterest〜 Look forward to it

RINA:「Our HONEY tour starts tomorrow

RINA:「The photo booth we made at Pinterest with the image we jointly came up together with with our fans! It'll be at every stop of the tour, so take a picture with it, okay!」

HARUNA:「Our tour starts tomorrow

HARUNA:「SCANDAL TOUR 2018 "HONEY" photo booth」

SCANDAL:「See you tomorrow

kudo_maharizu wrote:Can't believe it's that time of the year again. Anyone from SH watching the first ever show of the hall tour in Saitama tomorrow?

My friend from Hawaii's going, although he's never on SH lol
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Out now! Not just visuals! The new work of 〈SCANDAL〉 who leads their scene is so awesome! (Part 2)

All-girl band SCANDAL released their 8th original album 『HONEY』. As if representing these girls who are soon celebrating the 10th anniversary of their major label debut, it is an album that is sweet, slightly spicy, and packed with songs with glamour. This time, we interviewed all of the members about their their album 『HONEY』, changes born once again in the band after reaching the 10th year since their major debut, and their current mentality. The second half will be delivered this time!

――In part one of the interview we asked MAMI and TOMOMI to recommend a song from your album 『HONEY』 for the readers of Men's JOKER. Following that, we'd like to ask RINA and HARUNA about which songs they'd recommend as well.

RINA: "Futari" for me. Although it's a rock tune, the lyrics are a story about a pair who's been going out for a while now. Even if a girl knows the feelings of her partner to some extent, she wants him to take some kind of action, which is what I thought while writing it. But, because he's nervous too, and because nobody wants to get hurt, it's hard to take that step forward. While they're staying cozy, she wants him to take action and touch her heart. So, it'd be great if you'd have the girl you like listen to it, get a little braver, and take a step forward.

――HARUNA, if you would.

HARUNA: "Short Short." I really variated how I sang all throughtout this album, but this song changed how I sing, in an especially easy-to-understand way. I sing it quite gently. MAMI sent over the demo first, and the take I sang while we were in pre-production was basically used for the final cut. The members too liked the take from then. How we typically finish songs is to record the instruments and then put the singing in last, but the order changed a bit with this. It's memorable that we were able to make it in a very interesting way.

――The way you sing is different enough to make you think, "Is the same person singing the entire time?".

HARUNA: I wanted to, as much as possible, match the melody and the mood of the song―rather, the atmosphere that this song has, and I changed [how I sang it].

――Was that a style you found for 『HONEY』?

HARUNA: That too, but it's the sensation that we gained throughout the last year. I personally wanted to establish my own vocal style once more at the same timing of the 10th anniversary of our major label debut. Since we're a band whose lyrics and music are written by its members, I thought it'd be nice if each song had its own flavor. So, I wanted to explore more singing methods that would match that. I didn't want restrictions like, "The lyrics need to be this way because I'll be singing," or, "It needs to be in this key because I'm singing." I sang with as much motivation as possible to express the songs that the members wrote as they wanted to. SCANDAL should have a style that is flexible and can change in any way. For that, vocals should also change.

――Being able to do a challenge like that is proof that the bonds you have as a band are deep.

RINA: Since HARUNA had that kind of motivation, the degree of freedom we had for the lyrics also increased considerably. 「Short Short」 is exactly that; we sing about money at the beginning of the lyrics. It's a quite malicious, cruel expression, but HARUNA's adorable, gentle way of singing mellows it out. The message will be too strong if you sing it too straightforwardly, so being able to find that balance is also a big change for SCANDAL.

――The songs on this work were mostly written for the album, right?

RINA: That's right. Our single and digital-only songs are also included, but the rest were written for this album. Order-wise, 「Platform Syndrome」 was the last one to be completed, right?

TOMOMI: When those who have experienced heartbreak listen to it, I think it'll really echo in their hearts.

――What is the flow often like in regards to your style for producing songs?

RINA: It's completely different depending on the song, but basically MAMI sends me demos including melodies and arrangements and I add the lyrics; or, I send the lyrics first and MAMI makes the melody.

MAMI: There are also times when lyrics come to mind when I'm thinking of songs and melodies, so when that happens I will add lyrics just how they are.

RINA: All of the members write lyrics and music, so being able to have various ways of writing songs is a strength of SCANDAL's.

――This album too is a work where SCANDAL's "current selves" is tightly concentrated to accomodate the changes you've had in increasing your appeal as women. Will it be possible to challenge new things without the fear of change in the future as well?

RINA: Yes. We can change precisely because there are things that won't change. While we're debuting a new band every year and releasing more and more new releases, we've realized that it's very difficult to have people like SCANDAL only. So, without depending on the current situation, we will steadily launch ourselves from new places and continue to fight. Last year was a pretty tough year for us with our 47 prefecture tour, and having bands that are active in the festival scene play joint lives with us. However, as we were able to finally tour around the prefectures and small live houses we couldn't go easily, it feels like something that was missing from SCANDAL was covered a little. By experiencing that, it makes it seem like the band's in a very good condition to welcome the 10th anniversary of our major label debut.

――In recent years it feels like all-girl bands with momentum are debuting right after another, and that a new all-girl band scene is spreading out. Have you taken notice of that?

RINA: We're very happy that the scene's being livened up, but we might not be too aware of what we want to do about it, or how we want to liven things up. This is something very simple, but we might only be thinking about how SCANDAL should continue being a good band. What makes us the happiest is giving 120% to what we can do, having fun, and making our listeners happy as well. That sums it all up.

HARUNA: That's right. There's no doubt about it.

――You might be able to continue on for a long time precisely because you have calm, simple feelings about it.

RINA: We don't really have an eagerness in regards to the scene, but we're simply very happy to get people excited. Both men and women can be in bands and play cool music. We feel that too watching other bands.

――That's exactly why many people look up to SCANDAL and start bands. Have the members talked to each other about the vision you have for yourselves in 5 or 10 years?

HARUNA: We do, but we honestly don't look that far ahead. The only thing we think about is doing what we presently can do with all of our strength.

TOMOMI: We can think about it, but it'd be 2 years at most (laughs). Even if we talk about what's next, that's as far as it goes.

RINA: There are also circumstances where we must hold down live venues (laughs).

――You don't know what'll happen from this point. But, you do want to continue on for a long time.

RINA: We want to continue on as far as we can. It seems like the Guinness World Record for the longest-running all-girl band is 17 years. That's pretty short when compared to all-boy bands who have been around for 30+ years. That's why we also hope that we can extend the lifespan of all-girl bands.

――We're looking forward to continuing to watch your cool live performances at any age! On 3/3 you'll also begin a nationwide tour in support of your album 『HONEY』.

HARUNA: Yes. Similar to last year, live shows will be at our center this year, but we'd also like to play lives overseas this year too. Since we have live performances overseas in some form every year, it'd make us happy if we could have more chances to do so.

――Do you have any ideas for your next work?

RINA: Not at all (laughs). We're at the point where we'll start making songs, but first, during our live shows we'll be feeling the reactions of those who have listened to 『HONEY』 while thinking about the sound and atmosphere of our next work, and what kind of visuals we could associate with it.

MAMI @ RISEL.xoxo. - Wed Feb 28, 2018 10:54 am

A hybrid color of macaron pink
60 seal extensions and straight-cut bangs that reach her eyebrows
She signed their new CD and a clear file

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Thanks to SCANDAL for another shout-out to SCANDAL HEAVEN!

MMN Interview: SCANDAL look back at their overseas performances since their debut and going from “anime characters” to a “band” (Part One)

In 2016, SCANDAL toasted to ten years since their formation, and this autumn, they will celebrate their 10th anniversary since their major debut. The band released their eighth album HONEY this month which peaked at number one on Japan’s iTunes album charts on the day of release and ranked number one in iTunes J-pop charts across the globe including Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Peru. Last year, 3 of the band members – Haruna (Vocals/Guitar), Mami (Guitar/Vocals) and Tomomi (Bass/Vocals) – became the first Japanese female artists to sign an endorsement agreement with Fender. It is evident for all to see that SCANDAL are building and fortifying their career as an all-girls band representing Japan in both name and reality. In this interview, the four members looked back at their overseas activity and told various stories from their perspective as an all-female band.

Interview & Text: Mami Naruta / Translation: Joshua Kitosi-Isanga

■”I think people overseas felt that we were performing anime characters”

――In the “HISTORY” column of your 10-year anniversary website, you have a timeline for your music activities for both Japan and the rest of the world lined up side-by-side. I felt that this was a reminder of how your band are enthusiastic about activities overseas. Your first overseas action was an American tour across six cities before your major debut in 2008. That’s amazing.

RINA: Yes, our first tour was in America, wasn’t it? We did all of that despite being an independent band who hadn’t even toured Japan yet. Back then we went forward with finishing everything we did to the end like crazy every time, but we had a strong connection overseas at the time, so from that year onward we went there every year without fail. At first, we felt like we were just children without a cause, but we gradually became something that couldn’t be ignored. Bands would cover our songs overseas, and the number of people who came to like us after watching us on YouTube went beyond our imaginations. Our fundamental stance is to go and perform in places where there are people demanding for us, so we focus on performing live without creating borders around the world.

――I see. Looking in detail, your first few years saw you perform at a lot of Japanese culture festivals such as “Japan Expo” and “AM2.” That was a time when you performed in uniform-style costumes, wasn’t it?

MAMI: It was.  The “Age of Uniforms” (laughs). That was a time when we did theme songs for anime, so the uniforms were part of it. We were also called to perform at a lot of festivals that promoted Japanese culture too.

TOMOMI: In our early days, we even had an animation kind of thing of us all on our official MySpace page. And we received a lot of attention from people overseas, so it felt like “animation” was spreading across the world as part of Japanese culture.

[b]――From your experience having stepped onto the international stage, have you felt a desire for Japanese culture overseas, and by extension a culture for Japanese girl bands?[/b]

HARUNA: We were also unaware of it at the time. We were simply happy with the demand and could feel the joy of being able to perform live in lots of places, so that’s why we went. It might have only been recently that we became conscious of looking to overseas seriously as a girl band.

RINA: I think that awareness strengthened when we came to perform solo shows. And our overseas fans also changed with it. At culture festivals, there were many people there simply out of curiosity who weren’t our target goal, and there were a lot of people who were also interested and felt Japanese culture in the seifuku costumes. I think from the point of view of people overseas, it felt like we were like anime characters performing.

――In 2015, you held a huge world tour where you performed 41 shows across Japan, France, the UK, Germany, America, Mexico, Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

RINA: There were more people who had watched our music videos on YouTube than those who knew us from anime on this tour. I felt that people came along to support us as a band. The atmosphere was totally different in the venues too compared to our early days.

MAMI: I believe there’s something historical about being in a position where people know your existence from social media and video-sharing websites. When we began our career, social media still wasn’t being used all that much in Japan, and YouTube as it’s used today wasn’t a thing. I feel the change in times with regard to our connection overseas.

■”Our world tour made me feel that ‘SCANDAL’ had come to be seen as a band in and of itself”

――Having toured 9 countries, please tell me about any impressions that have been left on you, on or off stage.

RINA: We’ve had the opportunity to do a lot of interviews, but I’ve noticed that the content of the interviews have changed from place to place. Before, we’d get asked a lot of questions related to anime like “What do you think of anime?” and “What kind of anime theme song do you want to do next?” But now the questions are focused on the band itself. It made me feel that “SCANDAL” had come to be seen as a band in and of itself, without anime.

MAMI: Mexico and South America in particular are places where the way in which Japanese bands are viewed on YouTube are different from other countries. In other countries, anime and manga take priority. How people find us derives from there most of the time. But in South America, “Japanese bands” are an established cultural genre. They search for Japanese bands from the get-go, they find their favourite and share it with friends. That’s how we’re introduced over there. I was really happy that they viewed us in that way.

RINA: Something I remember from on-stage… The way people enjoy live performances. I saw how each country really does have its own unique culture. In Japan I don’t think we have that style of support where we hold up our country’s flag, but there are places where people have fun by waving their own country’s flag and drink and dance.

TOMOMI: For example, football is really popular in Mexico. When we turn the lights off in the venue, people chant “Olé, Olé, Olé” like a sports match.

RINA: Right? When we toured Europe, there was someone on stage [to introduce us and] get the crowd excited. They’d say something like “Here’s SCANDAL!” and the sound effects would begin playing (laughs). I noticed how the beginning of shows was different in each country and location.

HARUNA: In Asia, there were a lot of times where everybody sang together. It happens a lot in Japan too where people sing the chorus together, but elsewhere they sing the entire song from start to finish, don’t they?

RINA: So much so that everyone’s voices become even louder than Haruna’s mic volume (laughs).

MAMI: Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore were just like that, weren’t they? Usually people listen and are just there in whatever way they like. Their love really got through.

TOMOMI: Something I find different from Japan are people’s interests. There’s a real diversity in the people that attend, from older people who look like fans of that venue to the edgy punk type. I’m super interested in how they came to know SCANDAL. Well, I know social media is big, so if it was 10 years ago, I think the people who we couldn’t meet will come to our world tours now.

RINA: It’s precisely because we can look up and find our favourite things that our interests are so broad.

■”It doesn’t matter how we’re perceived, what’s most important is that people can enjoy us”

――Have your perceptions changed in relation to performing?

RINA: Strictly speaking, we’ve made a lot of changes to our sound and equipment, but our songs are all sung in Japanese, and I feel that wherever we go to perform I want to do everything the same without any changes. What does change is how we communicate with fans on-stage. We’re working hard to be able to speak in a country’s language as much as possible.

MAMI: People really get in the music easily, so if they’re excited, they’ll join us. I feel people come to the shows and have fun, so there are no worries there.

――This is a simple question, but do overseas music fans know the difference between idol groups and girl bands? Regardless of the use of instruments or not, do you think that there are people who perceive Japanese girl groups as “idols”?

MAMI: I think their understanding of the word “idol” is different from that in Japan. In Japan, it’s a single genre, but overseas, it’s someone who has an influence on you or someone you love. It’s someone you yearn for and someone whose existence is like that of a star. I think that grasp of the word is much stronger, so there might not be a lot of people who do make that distinction.

RINA: Don’t get me wrong, but I think either is fine. We don’t go out of our way to say “but we’re not idols.” Being seen this way means not giving special instructions and just have people come to like and enjoy our music. Because I think idols and bands are both cool. I find idols to truly be multi-players. They can sing, dance, act and have variety, and are really outgoing in a human way. Even in a band set-up, an idol’s nature can become their weapon of choice – their charm. I want us to be a group that can be enjoyed as humans, so even if there are people who see us as idols, I can say in all honestly that it doesn’t make us feel uncomfortable in terms of motivation. If people can enjoy us and say “They’re an interesting bunch,” then that makes me the happiest.

MMN Interview: SCANDAL want to live coolly as Japan’s representative all-female band (Part Two)

■“We want to be cool so our listeners throughout the world can be proud”

――When SCANDAL head out across the globe, “Japan’s representative girl band” really is an is appropriate catchphrase in reality and in name.

RINA:: We’re not quite there yet. But that makes me happy.

MAMI: But if we’re asked whether we’re placing focus on our overseas activities, that’s not the case. It’s just the way things pan out. We go with it without intending to separate Japan and everywhere else. It isn’t the case that from the beginning we were conscious of wanting to become Japan’s representative girl band or become popular overseas, so to have that said to us now makes me really happy.

RINA:: I have an increased awareness for us to be cool so that people think to themselves things like “I’m glad I supported them” and “I, who support SCANDAL, love who I am” for the very fact that we have listeners all around the world. I’ve taken in the fact that lots of different people listen to us, so I’ve truly come to think that I don’t want to let the fans down. I want to live cool, so much so that listening to SCANDAL’s music becomes people’s confidence.

HARUNA:: Yeah. We’ve done this for twelve years, so I want to have confidence in that.

RINA:: I feel that our fans’ minds are the same regardless of what country they’re from. I haven’t asked each of them individually, but when I look at things like the atmosphere in a venue, although people’s ages, gender, race and religion are different, I really feel that everyone holds the same mindset. I think that’s where the world ties together.

HARUNA:: Overseas fans come to our tours in Japan, and vice versa Japanese fans come when we play overseas. I’m happy that there’s an interaction.

TOMOMI: There’s an unofficial international fan club called “SCANDAL HEAVEN.” Groups of people on there from each country get together and post photos of themselves eating together on social media.

――Fans that have transcended national borders and connected through your music have left a happy impression on you, haven’t they? Also, I think within the female band scene, you have your own unique values.

RINA:: I think girl bands are accepted as one part of Japanese culture. There are very few girl bands overseas. It seems difficult for them to last a long time. I hear stories of bands disbanding soon after their debut. That’s why, in contrast with us who’ve been together for 12 years, there’s a lot of people interested in what a long-lasting girl band is like. There are people who feel culture and appeal in our existence, so I’ve felt we’ve moved forward.

――It’s true when you mention overseas girl bands. Nothing springs to mind immediately…

RINA:: If we’re talking recently then HiNDS are really cool, and they have a unique feel that I find great. If the number of girl bands increases from country to country, the music scene will become more exciting. I’d like to support them.

■“Japanese girls are skilled at creating their own personal ‘cute’”

――By the way, what do each of you find to be the charm point of Japanese girls?

RINA:: They’re allowed to mix together the things they like. They’re skilled at creating their own personal “cute.” Even ordinary school girls. They create a world that they love on their Instagram pages, don’t they? This is found in Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s style too, but for example, adding a little spice to something that isn’t just cute. Their ability to self-produce is strong.

HARUNA:: Everybody knows what suits them. Whether it’s make-up or different fashion styles, they skilfully incorporate what looks good on them and create something original. I think that’s wonderful.

RINA:: In our recent album HONEY too, I think we’ve been able to create songs that mix together sweet and bitter. The album is centred around songs we wrote in 2017. This time we reconsidered “Japanese rock” while keeping them sung in Japanese, so when people overseas have listened to it, I think they’ll see it’s a record that conveys today’s Japanese girl rock. In that sense, I think we’ve created an album that compiles 10 years of a SCANDAL that has taken influence from many things, sweet and bitter.

――In 2017 you released your 10-year anniversary greatest hits album, toured Japan’s 47 prefectures and went on your first taiban* tour. It was a substantial year for you.

RINA:: Last year we put on tough, masculine-like performances, which made us wonder what kind of songs a girl band should perform. It was a period where we re-evaluated things like our position and status. We had strong thoughts that “We’re girls, so we really should be doing the kind of rock that girls can do, otherwise it’s not interesting,” especially during our taiban tour.

[*Translator’s Note: A taiban is a concert where several bands perform.]

――The bands that joined you at the taiban were UNISON SQUARE GARDEN, 04 Limited Sazabys and BLUE ENCOUNT, right?

RINA:: We toured with 3 big bands at that festival, so it was something I mulled over. So I think we’ve been able to create an album that shakes off those thoughts in a girly way.

――Your album cover was produced by AMIAYA, twins who are active in Tokyo as fashion icons. How did that collaboration come about?

TOMOMI: We’ve actually been close with AMIAYA ever since we were introduced to them by Mizuki (Masuda) of [music group] Negoto. We knew that the album contained a lot of personal things. It’s filled with events that have happened in our daily lives, our favourite words, smells, colours and things like that. It came about because we thought since the album is so personal, it would be good if we made it together with a close friend. We were also crazy about how perfect the album colour and AMIAYA’s character went together.

――All things considered, I think that how you’re all able to write your songs together is really your strong point as a band.

RINA:: Hehehe (laughs). The four of us are individuals so songs are born left, right and centre, but when performing as a band, they become SCANDAL’s songs. It’s strange, isn’t it? Even though we do it together we never grow tired, and even now my heart is always racing. I think right now is the most fun time ever.

■SCANDAL recommend their favourite spots around Tokyo

――You’ve just released your new album. What mode is SCANDAL in right now?

RINA:: We’ve once again been able to create something that shakes free the kind of rock that seems good, in 2018, the 10th anniversary of our major debut, so the sense of accomplishment having completed HONEY is amazing (laughs). We’re taking this album on a hall tour, our first in three years, so I hope to put on the best performance we can now.

HARUNA:: We also have an Asia tour after our tour in Japan! We didn’t have an overseas tour last year, so this time we’re going to the Philippines and China for the first time. I’m really excited. We’ve received messages on Twitter for years of people saying “Please come to the Philippines,” so we’re finally going. I think they’ll be fully charged for us (laughs).

RINA:: Asia have welcomed us with a “Come back!” so we’re always at ease there! Fans bring along their friends to the airport. I get the feeling the number of new people increases every time.

MAMI: Yeah. There might even be places where the audience has completely changed. I’m interested to see how people will listen to this album.

――To wrap up, can each of you recommend some spots in Tokyo?

TOMOMI: When my friend visits from my home town, we’ve boarded the Yakatabune at Sumida River several times. You can eat traditional Japanese food like tempura, and you can see places like Odaiba and Skytree in one go while you go down the river. It was so much fun. I recommend that course!

MAMI: If you’re coming for a good time during spring’s cherry blossom season, then how about Shinjuku Gyoen or Meguro River? Since I don’t think you can easily see cherry trees lined up like that overseas. It’s not something flashy or gaudy, and this is a simple way to look at things, but you can kind of feel Japan with just one glance of them. It might be fun to visit and have fun enjoying the four seasons.

HARUNA:: As for me, I’ve been filling up by goshuincho*. For foreigners, it’s kind of like a stamp rally? Well, it’s not as simple as that, but I think if you’ve made the effort to come to Japan it could be fun to spend your time doing it. I started by purchasing a goshuincho at Sensō-ji. If you go to Sensō-ji, you also have Nakamise-dori just before you reach the temple which is a lot of fun. You can enjoy the so-called essence of Japan.

[*Translator’s Note: A goshuincho is a book used for collecting goshuin, which are stamps or seals you can receive when you visit temples and shrines in Japan. Each place has their own unique stamp.]

RINA:: For me… Tower Records in Shibuya. CD shops are dying overseas. I think Japan has the most CD shops in the world, but out of them all I think that’s the biggest. They have everything there. I see photos people have taken that have come from overseas of the Tower Records building, and I think to myself “so that’s how they view it.”

――Even when you actually look at things like the stock and floorspace, it’s the world’s biggest CD retail store.

RINA:: It’s true. It’s a valuable place. There’s a documentary movie called “ALL THINGS MUST PASS” that covers the history of Tower Records. After I watched it I went to Tower Records in Shibuya and was really moved! I don’t know what the future has in store for record shops, so I hope people enjoy it while it’s there. It’s the coolest CD shop.

SCANDAL × Revlon - Tue Feb 27, 2018 2:03 am

SCANDAL are currently models for cosmetic brand Revlon's ColorStay Overtime Lip Color!

*HARUNA: 020 (Constantly Coral)
*MAMI: 140 (Ultimate Wine)
*TOMOMI: 080 (Keep Blushing)
*RINA: 430 (Perennial Peach)


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SCANDAL TOUR 2018 "HONEY" Goods Line-up - Sat Feb 24, 2018 4:21 am

SCANDAL TOUR 2018 "HONEY" goods line-up:

A t-shirt that only MANIA members can purchase:

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The Daily SCANDAL - February 15th-23rd - Fri Feb 23, 2018 11:47 am

February 14th - 23rd



【English Subs】HARUNA's New Car

Blog Updates:


HARUNA now on Instagram!

2/22 - SCANDAL begins their hall tour rehearsals

HARUNA hangs out with Eru Akazawa & Yuri Suganuma

Eru Akazawa:「SCANDAL's HARUNA-chan invited me, and we and Yurippa went to eat Love,,」

RINA hangs out with friend Yuki Tsugane

RINA:「Yesterday I saw a friend from our dance school days who came back from LA for the first time in less than two years There are all kinds of people who've had the same start, aren't there〜 It was so much fun〜」

Yuki Tsugane:「Saw Rinapi for the first time in forever♡
Finally was able to see her after returning to Japan
「I was able to take it easy today

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MAMI × - Fri Feb 23, 2018 8:05 am

From (MAMI's wearing the same outfit so I'm putting these in this thread):

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Introducing all songs! The appeal of SCANDAL's new work 『HONEY』 and a playlist of songs that influenced them

Their 8th album 『HONEY』 has finally been released. They've completed their best masterpiece at this moment, at the same timing as the 10th anniversary of their major label debut. This album is one that all the members are proud of, and all of its 10 songs are fascinating. Depending on how you're feeling when listening to the album, the effect of the songs will definitely change. We are convinced that, with the riffs and sounds that are quite sophisticated, it's become an album that will loved beyond the test of time. We had them speak about how they were able to make this album, and also about their music roots.

It feels very mysterious since, despite doing this for 10 years, it feels really fresh (MAMI)

We had a desire to properly play rock by doing a love song from a woman's point-of-view (RINA)

─Your 8th album 『HONEY』 is an awesome album. What do you think yourselves?

MAMI: It became a very impulsive album. We've been able to do what we want to do in modes we've had now and again so far, but it feels like we were able to make a culmination of that. We did almost all of the arrangements and recording went smoothly, so this is an album with no ambivalence. It feels very mysterious since, despite doing this for 10 years, it feels really fresh.

RINA: Lyrics-wise, I was partial towards my interests. I think I was able to express the things I like. We had a desire to properly play rock by doing a love song from a woman's point-of-view, and I think we were able to solidly form that. There have also been times when our mode is when we want to keep doing rock that we can do because we're an all-girl band, so the mix of our band sound and lyrics that only girls could sing about turned into these 10 songs. If you try making something that you daringly shake free from, you'll get something that all kinds of people will be pleased with. We made an album that has that possibility, so we're glad that we did it.

─The covers are very impressive, aren't they.

TOMOMI: The "sweetness" and "sharpness" theme of the album is expressed via the view of fashion icons AMIAYA who represent TOKYO. We like the realistic femininity that's different from anything we've done before.

RINA: The inside of the album booklet too has an overseas magazine-feel to it. So, it's an album that's fun to look at and listen to.

─Please give commentary for each song on the album one by one. The opening track 「Platform Syndrome」 was apparently the last one to be made, but it has a facing-forward feel to it while also being a song about a broken heart.

RINA: This song is the face of the album, and one that was finished at the last second. We gave the name "platform syndrome" to the floating feeling and sadness you have the day after your heart's been broken. It's a rock tune with a momentum that symbolizes this album.

─「OVER」 is another song that's connected to that momentum.

MAMI: We wanted to make an album of what we think is rock, so it has a solid and heavy sound. This song was born from interacting with the members about wanting to have a song that starts off with a guitar that cuts through the air. Since we imagined it as a set that goes with 「Platform Syndrome」, we put the two together on the tracklisting and asked the engineer to give it the image that the two are connected.

─You released 「Take Me Out」 quite a while ago.

MAMI: We made it for our outdoor live in Osaka held on 2016/8/21, the band's 10th anniversary, but it's become a number that's fundamental to our live shows now.

─「Oh! No!」 features MAMI on main vocals.

MAMI: I tried depicting the cuteness of women, who shouldn't forget that they're always their own heroine. I'd be happy if you'd enjoy the expansion of the rhythm and melody.

─「Midnight City」 features RINA on vocals for verses 1 and 2 with HARUNA singing the chorus. I thought it was a number that sympathizes with the lyrics.

RINA: By feeling uncomfortable comparing yourself to others and feeling gloomy when days don't go the way you think they will, the fact that you expect something from yourself is evidence of moving forward. It turned into an urban dance number that combines and sings of those feelings and wordplay.

─The vocals on 「Short Short」 are impressive.

HARUNA: It's a love song where you can enjoy the sharp gap of sharp lyrics that are set on a soft melody. This song was actually made around two years ago, and since the members really liked the take I had done then, we put that on the actual song. There are also parts that I rerecorded, but as my intial feelings are included, please take note of the vocals as well.

─「Mado wo Aketara」 features lyrics and music by TOMOMI.

TOMOMI: This song was written around three years ago, and at that time it felt like only my soul slipped out of me. Nights where I was afraid that my body would become only a container continued, and I made this wanting to save these feelings. Since it's a very private song and the melody too is different than anything we've done before, I wanted to give it a new spice rather than complete it as a band, and asked my good friend Mizuki Masuda of Negoto to arrange it.

─「Futari」 is a very cool song.

TOMOMI: MAMI's guitar phrases that were inspired by instrumental bands constructed a world view that I had never seen before. I like stoic, emotional, glittering sound to it.

─「Electric Girl」 is an interesting track.

HARUNA: It stands out among this album that has a very strong private-feel to it, and it's a song that has a bit of a chemicalness to it while still being very us. It's very gaudy, having vocals with an autotune effect and a bass solo by TOMOMI.

─Last up is your digital single song 「Koisuru Universe」.

RINA: It's all-girl rock with lyrics that are interspersed with viewpoints and wording unique to girls, combined with an attacking melody line. It's a love song with a 120% degree of happiness!

─Now we'll be discussing SCANDAL's playlist. We would like you to make a playlist of songs that had influenced you up until the completion of 『HONEY』. HARUNA's first song is "time will tell" by Utada Hikaru.

HARUNA: I often listened to Utada during the recording period for the vocals for 「Mado wo Aketara」. I also have roots in this song before we started the band. Leading to 「Mado wo Aketara」, my way of singing was particularly influenced by elements of R&B.

─Your second song is "Yosoiki" by tricot.

HARUNA: This album was greatly influenced by female artists in our same generation, and I often listened to tricot's songs too while we were in production. I really like tricot's 『3』 album, and this is my favorite song from it.

─MAMI's first song is "Run" by Foo Fighters.

MAMI: Starting from their 2011 album 『Wasting Light』, I wanted to produce Foo Fighters-like sounds that would make you go numb from listening to it on the radio! There was a moment when I wanted to do a momentous song, and when I clearly knew the music I wanted us to do as a band and the sounds that I wanted to produce. I've been listening to the Foo Fighters ever since, and they've had quite an influence on my sound and riffs.

─Your second song is "Never Ending Circles" by CHVRCHES.

MAMI: There was a time I listened to things like EDM and digital sounds, and 2017 for me was hoping that I could express the ambiance of a girl's soft voice not with a masculine sound, but with a feminine one.

─Your third song is "Space Sonic" by ELLEGARDEN.

MAMI: I listened to this a lot when I was in high school. The chorus and the atmosphere from the intro to the second verse completely change. I thought that unpredictable music was a lot of fun. The drum rhythm during the intro on this song is really cool.

─TOMOMI's first song is "Big N" by IN-SIST BAND.

TOMOMI: I often listened to this song when producing 「Mado wo Aketara」. Listening to this song made me realize that I like simple songs that play the same chords on repeat from beginning to end.

─Your second song is "Yawaraka na Hi" by Kazuyoshi Saito.

TOMOMI: I love Kazuyoshi's songs that are full of life. Lyrics that depict a way that no one thought of with words that everyone knows and scenery that anyone can imagine always make my heart beat fast!

─RINA's first song is "Heroine" by back number.

RINA: I began to write lyrics, and I began to disassemble and listen to hit songs. At that time, I again realized that back number was awesome. The situation of the story doesn't change during this song. Verses one and two are written about the heart while the chorus is all about scenery, but the situation doesn't change. I often have written about moving scenery and the flow of time, so I learned a lot from this song. I listened to this song and tried writing one situation for 「Koisuru Universe」. I think it's a cool song.

─Your second song is "Telecaster Stripe" by Polkadot Stingray.

RINA: Polkadot Stingray is excellent. I'm friends with vocalist Shizuku and we talk on LINE. They're interesting people, their songs will soon be at the center of Japan's current rock scene, and all of their songs are convincing and to my taste. Also, it made me think that the intro to a song really is important.

─Well then, which artists do each of you respect?

HARUNA: Kinoko Teikoku! Vocalist Chiaki Sato is my friend, and I always get inspiration from the lyrics and songs of the girls who are the same age as me. In all sincerity, it's wonderful when you're able to show the inside of your heart. I also have respect for natural personalities.

MAMI: aiko's use of melody semitones, changing pitches, vocal strength...... I learned everything from aiko, who has been an indispensable factor in the songs I make now.

TOMOMI: YUKI! She's cute, cool, and erotic no matter how much time passes, and I'm always impressed with her high self-producing ability. I respect her so, so, so much as an artist, of course, and as a woman.

RINA: YUKI for me as well. I've always loved her cuteness, coolness, and entrancing charm. She also influences the words I choose for lyrics. I admire her.

─You're finally starting your hall tour; please tell us your enthusiasm for it.

HARUNA: Since this is our first hall tour in three years, we'd like to deliver a gorgeousness unique to halls that's packed with the artwork from the album.

─Finally, please give a message to readers of mysound.

HARUNA: We, who are celebrating the 10th anniversary of our major label debut this year, were able to make an album that has a momentum of a debut album. We'd be happy if many people listen to it! We'll also be going on a hall tour in support of this album, so please come out to a live. Let's have a good time together!

MAMI: We created an impulsive and rock album that's packed with everything that we wanted to do now. Please give it a listen.

TOMOMI: Please listen to this work we're proud of that's been released during the 10th anniversary of our major label debut.

RINA: We're very proud of this work, so we'd be happy if you listened to this album called 『HONEY』. We're looking forward to seeing you at a live!

A real experience with powerful tags by 「ARCH DAYS」 and 「Pinterest」! A 『HONEY』 PARTY with SCANDAL, the all-girl band who opened the first Pinterest-certified artist account

「ARCH DAYS」, the information site for enjoying parties managed by Sony Music Entertainment Inc., and Pinterest, a tool for gathering ideas and inspiration around the world, will be doing a series of joint events to 「realistically experience world views and inspiration」 with artists and creators who are active in various fields.

For the first series, a women-only party was held on 2/18 to experience the world view of the eighth original album 「HONEY」 (released 2018.02.14) by the all-girl rock band SCANDAL who is active in both Japan and abroad.

SCANDAL opened the first Pinterest-verified account as a Japanese artist, and this collaboration materialized from the development of the artwork of their album 「HONEY」, which was visually produced by the fashion icons AMIAYA representing TOKYO using Pinterest, the global inspiration tool with over 200 million users per month.

Taking inspiration from SCANDAL's 『HONEY』, ARCH DAYS produced the decorations for Pinterest Japan's offices in Nakameguro, which served as the venue. The music video of their new song streamed in the venue decked out in red, taken from collage motifs and roses as the theme of the album, and was a space where, just by taking one step, the world view of the album could be enjoyed intuitively with the eyes and the ears.

The SCANDAL members spent valuable time close to the attendees by appearing as a surprise, enjoying the collage workshop with attendees, and using Pinterest to think of ideas for the photo booth that will be set up during 「SCANDAL TOUR 2018 "HONEY"」, their hall tour that starts in March and will be their first hall tour in three years.

HARUNA's Instagram Account - Mon Feb 19, 2018 4:30 pm

HARUNA now has an Instagram account!

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Pinterest × SCANDAL "HONEY" PARTY, February 18th

MAMI:「Today was the Pinterest event


In an atmosphere that incorporated a red dress code and the album artwork
We all made HONEY BOXES, used Pinterest, and made a HONEY board
The all-red atmosphere was adorable
Thanks, everyone

HARUNA:「Our Pinterest event
Everyone noisily making "HONEY BOXES" was fun
We've made both a band board and personal boards on our Pinterest account, so take a look if you'd like


Everyone who participated, thanks so much!

The "SCANDAL HONEY photo booth inspiration" board we all made today will be made into a photo spot that we'll take on tour! Please come out to our tour!」

RINA:「We all did a red HONEY coordinate

A few IG Stories:

A look at the party from fans on Twitter and Instagram:

It looks like tickets for the Manila performance recently went on sale without anyone really knowing about it and no official announcement? The promoters don't seem to be very capable...

Anyway, there are 4 types of "Passes" available, and people are saying that the most expensive one is already sold out. There will also be a separate "Fan Meet" on 6/23, the day before the show.

There are barely any real details about the passes. The "Emperor's Pass," which includes a concert ticket + Fan Meet ticket, is the one that's apparently already sold out. The next tier is the "VIP Pass," but no real details of it have been posted AFAIK; perhaps you get a better spot in the crowd? The "General Admission Pass" seems to just include a ticket to the concert? The "Fan Meet Pass" is a pass to the Fan Meet and can only be purchased if you have a ticket to the concert.

Edit: Fan Meet passes are now apparently sold out (link).

(Concert Ticket + Fan Meet ticket)
₱ 8,000.00

₱ 5,000.00

₱ 2,800.00

(only CONCERT PASS HOLDERS are allowed to purchase. Tickets are Non-Transferable)
₱ 1,800.00



Edit: Here are the perks of each pass:

1. Emperor's Pass (Concert Ticket + Fan Meet Ticket)
Ticket Price: PHP 8,000.00 

• Emperor's ID (to be used during the Concert & Fan Meet)
• Concert Poster
• Priority Seating
• After Concert Hi-Touch Session with Artist
• Autograph of Emperor's ID
• Priority Seating
• Fan Meet Poster
• Individual Photo Opportunity with Artist

2. VIP Pass
Ticket Price: PHP 5,000.00 

• Reserved Area
• Concert Poster

3. General Admission Pass
Ticket Price: PHP 2,800.00

4. Fan Meet Pass
*Only CONCERT PASS HOLDERS are allowed to purchase. Tickets are Non-Transferable
**Fan Meet ticket holders must present their Concert Tickets to be allowed entry to the Fan Meet.
Ticket Price: PHP 1,800.00

• Fan Meet Poster
• Group Photo Opportunity with Artist

JAPAN COUNTDOWN - Mon Feb 19, 2018 12:41 am

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