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Here is what the mask and pass that will come with all tickets to SCANDAL『SEASONS』collaborated with NAKED will look like.

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What to look forward to this month

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It's November now〜!
This year will end in two more months...(so fast
This month, we're looking forward to
Our live DVD finally being delivered to everyone.
We've also released a trailer〜!

It's something worth watching☺
I love everything about the setlist
We picked for this show◎
I'm happy that you get to enjoy it again on film.
I'm happy that you guys get a physical copy of it.

【For those who haven't pre-ordered it yet】

Blu-ray Regular Edition 

Blu-ray Limited Edition w/ CD + Photo Booklet

DVD Regular Edition

DVD Limited Edition w/ CD + Photo Booklet

Thank you to those in SCANDAL MANIA
Who participated in the advance screening.
We heard about how it went
From our staff,
Which made us very happy.

Though we still can't see each other,
Thank you for always passionately supporting us
And listening to our music.

Everything helps us out☺
We'll continue working hard〜


2020/11/5 20:26






SCANDAL | SCANDAL WORLD TOUR 2020 "Kiss from the darkness" Livestream | ビクターエンタテインメント
ビクターエンタテインメント公式サイト。SCANDAL「SCANDAL WORLD TOUR 2020 "Kiss from the darkness" Livestream」の作品情報をご覧いただけます。

SCANDAL MANIAのみんなもありがとうね。




2020/11/5 20:26

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 35

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•The episode starts out with the band celebrating the 12th anniversary of their major label debut. They're holding party poppers in their hands, which TOMO says she's nervous about (due to the loud noise they make when popped), and MAMI goes, "Wait, which way do we face [to pop them]?" They decide to point them upwards. HARU goes, "Congrats on SCANDAL's 12th major label debut anniversary!" and they pop the poppers. HARU says that unfortunately they cannot play their debut song ("DOLL"), so "Masterpiece" is played instead.

•After "Masterpiece" plays, HARU reads a message from a female listener who recently passed their teacher employment exam, and asks the band to do their usual line. The band laughs and goes, "Hey! Teacher!" She says that she did their best on this year's exam because she wanted the band to say that. She then says that originally wasn't going to take the exam this year due to it overlapping with ultimate frisbee tournaments, but the tournaments were postponed until next year due to COVID, and so she was able to take the exam after all. She says it's unfortunate that the tournaments were postponed, but it was also a good opportunity to fulfill another dream of hers. In times like this people tend to feel down, but instead of just looking at the bad things, she's going to thoroughly digest each small piece of happiness that happens and be positive. She then asks the band what are some moments of happiness that have happened to them recently.

•The band recognizes her from this episode and congratulates her on passing the exam. MAMI says that something happy that happened to her recently is that she finally got to air out her futon (airing it outside helps to keep it fluffy and helps prevent mold and mites). It's been raining lately, so on a day when finally happened to be sunny she got to air it out. TOMO says that hers is that she got to touch an owl for the first time, which happened to be at a cafe she went to. The band confirms with her that she didn't go to an owl cafe , which TOMO says no to, and that it was a cafe that happened to have an owl there. She says that when she first touched it, it felt like a futon (RINA: "That's how you're connecting it [to MAMI's]?"). She says that its eyes were so adorable and huge. MAMI mentions that her mom loves owls and that she went to an owl cafe with her. There, you can have owls jump on your arm, and MAMI says that their grip strength is pretty tough. The band talks more about owls, like how there are different types and how cute their expressions are. RINA asks if they're friendly, and MAMI says it depends on the type; some are friendly while some don't want to be touched. For RINA, this happened a little while ago, but her small happiness was getting to meet [who I'm guessing to be, because she doesn't outright say his name,] Masafumi from the band Seven Billion Dots. She's been writing new songs and going to the studio more often recently, and when she was in the studio for pre-production, a producer she knows was in the studio next door and asked her to come over and meet this artist they were with. She thought the artist's voice seemed familiar, and she realized that he's on the Abema show "Who is a Wolf?" , which she's currently in the middle of watching, so it made her happy to meet him. She said that she had a lot of questions she wanted to ask but the show still isn't done airing. TOMO says that he'd probably sidestep the questions, and that the only thing he could probably say is that he isn't the wolf. HARU says that seeing RINA excited like this is a bit rare. TOMO mentions Seven Billion Dots, which is the band that Masafumi is in [which is why I think he's the person RINA met], and calls them a refreshing band. HARU says that her small happiness was when she watched NiziU's live performance in TV that morning. MAMI points out that none of their happinesses had to do with their 12th anniversary, which the band laughs at.

This happens next.

•HARU reads the next message from a listener who happened to see them when they performed at the now-defunct Knitting Factory back in 2008 on the Japan Nite tour. When they saw SCANDAL then, they could feel that they were powerful girls. They then rediscovered SCANDAL when they released their cover of "DAYDREAM" by JUDY and MARY. They thought, "Ah, they're young but they're wonderful" and ends their sentence with "de gozaru," which is an archaic way of saying "desu" and in modern times is used when characters in film/TV want to sound like a samurai. The band laughs and MAMI goes, "Are they a samurai?" They joke that the listener's in the wrong century and that perhaps they're a time traveler. HARU goes back to reading the message. The listener says that they recently learned about the "Catch up" program and apologizes that they only started catching up on their newer music after learning about "Catch up." The reason they say they're writing this message is because of what MAMI said in a previous episode about being interested in mountain climbing, and hopes that she get even more interested in it (they also end their sentence with "de gozaru" again). MAMI had also said she's interested in mushroom picking, and they say that their parents in Japan own a mushroom farm and hopes she visits. However, since they in LA, they will most likely not be able to help her out. After HARU finishes reading the message, RINA goes, "They've lived abroad so long that they've forgotten how to speak in keigo ," which the band cracks up at. They deduce that the listener is from Japan, and RINA says that they sound like what people abroad who love anime think the average Japanese person sounds like. As for mushroom picking, MAMI says that she'd love to go, and that there are a lot of places that have planters with mushrooms in them that were taken from elsewhere, and that there are a lot of ones that have you go picking in plastic greenhouses, so picking them on a mountain is pretty cool. RINA says that you'd need to go with someone that's able to tell which mushrooms are which since there are edible and inedible kinds as well as poisonous ones. HARU says they should go mushroom picking and asks their program staff what they think. They say it sounds interesting. HARU mentions that they already shot a program outdoors and on location before, so they're already experienced with it. The band says they'll be waiting.

•They then close out the episode. They talk about how they're getting quite a few love advice messages, and that a lot of people from their generation seem to be having worries about love. RINA says that knowing that people around their age have similar problems makes her want them to take it all a little more lightheartedly as there's no need to rush.

tiny channel by rina - 【Q&A】Part 2 - Tue Nov 03, 2020 10:33 am

The 23rd upload from RINA to her YouTube channel:

English subs:

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Three requests in a row for love advice from listeners of the same generation as SCANDAL!
Episode #35 blog

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SCANDAL celebrated the 12th anniversary of their major label debut...
And on this day they read many messages after holding a small celebration.
There were three requests in a row for love advice.

I'm almost 28 and have never had a boyfriend.
They've almost always ended as crushes...but I've started to want to get married, and I am wondering what to do. There was someone whom I was interested in; we talked over social media for about a year, and recently we finally went out to eat! It was fun and I had an easy time conversing〜, but I don't know what I should do now. I'd like to go out to eat again, but I'm the one who's always reaching out. I wonder if I should wait... Please give me some advice!

I'm turning 27 this year and have never had a girlfriend (I've also never been on a date). I rarely had any romantic feelings when I was a student, but after becoming a member of society I felt like I should fall in love with someone... How can I get a girlfriend, and how can I get someone to like me before that?

I am 27 and don't have a boyfriend.
I don't meet people often, and I use dating apps. However, I've been canceled on at the last minute, and rarely do conversations last long. The person I'm planning to meet soon had something that came up suddenly and said, "Can we meet up on another day?", but when someone cancels on you before meeting for the first time, you don't feel like trying to meet with them again. Should I still meet with them? My past relationships were full of problems and I feel I might start hating myself. When things are going bad, how do you get past them?

HARUNA: I see.

RINA: Everyone's worried about this...

MAMI: They're all in their later 20s.

HARUNA: That's when you're most troubled, especially for women who are almost 30... This is when you think about your career, love, what kind of person you should be.

RINA: Yeah. You're vaguely wondering what the future will be like. But I really don't think that you don't have to feel that impatient about not having a partner at these ages. The speed at which you fall in love is incomparable to other people. It's never too late, and you might often be worried when you see things going well for those around you, but it's not strange to not have a partner. It's completely normal.

TOMOMI: My good friend recently got a boyfriend who's 30, and this is his first relationship. My friend made him dinner as his first girlfriend. That alone makes me want to cry.

All: That's so nice!

TOMOMI: It's so pure. Just talking about that makes me really happy. He's 30, and that goes to show you you don't know when you'll find that kind of happiness.

RINA: He's amassing happy experiences for the first time.

MAMI: Everything's fresh, and they both can enjoy this.

RINA: It's all about timing.

HARUNA: We don't recommend forcing yourself to go out and date, though.

MAMI: My friend also used dating apps to look for people to meet up with--rather, they really love ramen, and they're looking for someone to go out to eat ramen with. People can react to things like, "Is there someone that can go to this place with me today?", and rather than looking for someone to date, it's also a tool for people with the same hobbies to get together and for finding friends. You don't need to use it to look for a boyfriend. I think it's okay to use it to find a friend you get along with. That friend of mine calls it a "ramen app" rather than a "dating app."

All: (laughs)

TOMOMI: It's not a ramen app, you know.

HARUNA: Is she able to find a lot of peole?

MAMI: Not at all, it seems like. My friend loves Nakamoto's spicy ramen, so there are Nakamoto lovers that meet up and go eat ramen; and there are people who are only interested in ramen. There are all types.

HARUNA: That sounds fun, meeting people with the same interests.

RINA: It's also laidback.

TOMOMI: I see; it's fun just conversing.

MAMI: You don't have to think that you need to find [a partner] right now.

RINA: It's often said that love is a game, but I often wonder if that's actually true. I don't think it's more likely that you'll be successful if you act more honestly, like calling when you want to talk... I think the success rate is higher when you're attracted to the girl. I'd want them to act as they want.

MAMI: Gohan-san said in their message that they're the only one reaching out, and I don't think that's something to be embarrassed by; it's okay to be proactive.

HARUNA: It's okay to let it be known that they like the other person.

RINA: I think that's good. Appeal to them.

TOMOMI: DAI-san said that they can't find someone that they like...

HARUNA: Someone they like... It might be due to timing and intuition.

MAMI: Things get narrowed down when you search for them. At this age it's hard to talk about yourself, so if you're interested in someone you should try talking to them. You start from there.

RINA: Conversation will come out naturally.

HARUNA: If you have a hobby or something that you devote yourself to, there may be people who you naturally get along with.

RINA: This might the time to focus on yourself.

HARUNA: That could be true.

RINA: Do a lot of things you like, and spend time becoming more fascinating as a person...

MAMI: That'd be nice.

TOMOMI: That's what we think.

Things I'm happy about & things that are in progress

Ah, Happy Halloween!
I've been taking easy at home the entiーre day
It's already the end of October! So fast〜!

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We did a shoot for the DAISY PROJECT.

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 8 1TO642Q

Seina, a model,
Is my partner for this project.
We made some fun, nice things〜!

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 8 OygFr4h

The two of us looked for outfits and a studio,
And met some new people.
I'm experiencing a lot of new things,
All of these processes are so exciting,
And my feelings grow stronger with each day.

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 8 TuVdQj1

We're keeping samples of the items
At the office,
And I was so happy when the members saw them for the first time
And gave a lot of praise...*cries*
It's almost time to start it in full swing☺


2020/10/31 19:38












2020/10/31 19:38

【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 34

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•The episode starts out with this.

•TOMOMI reads the next message from a fan whose favorite band before SCANDAL was THE MODS, and they say that both bands are similar in many ways (mindset, live performances, etc.). They also say they used to be a strawberry farmer for 14 years, but last year they changed careers, all the while having SCANDAL songs supporting them, and they now drive a truck called a "live fish car" that transports live fish, all the while listening to "Catch up." They say they'll keep looking forward to seeing the latest versions of SCANDAL who are free and not afraid of change. The band says that this is the first time they've heard of a "live fish car." MAMI looks up a picture of these cars and they're all surprised at how large they are. TOMO says it makes her happy about how the listener says they listen to "Catch up" while driving one of these. They comment on how the listener was in their previous profession for 14 years, which is pretty much the same as for SCANDAL.

•Before they read the next message, HARU goes, "What? Is this one from another strawberry farmer?" and asks if they're related to the previous listener. The band is confused, and RINA says she'll read the message first to see. The listener is 28 years old and has been running a farm for the past seven years, but they say nothing's going well. They love their fields, but considering their age they feel anxious and impatient like they need to produce results soon, which makes them reluctant to go to the fields. They ask SCANDAL, who plays music for a living and have made their dreams come true, for advice. MAMI wonders what happened, and RINA says that the listener didn't give particulars. TOMO says that they said they love their fields, so she wonders if they raise vegetables. She says that she knows how hard it is to do that as she's raised some on her balcony, although some varieties didn't do very well. MAMI says that when she went pear picking she first tried looking for places to do so, which there were actually very few of. RINA says that the listener is close in age to the band, and that it's true that you feel more impatient as you age. HARU says that you can feel rushed right before turning 30. RINA mentions that an old hometown friend of hers recently LINE'd her (she talks about it here as well) and talked about stuff like if she's truly happy in her current job and with her current boyfriend. This gave RINA the impression that her friend really feels rushed. RINA says that since the other band members are now in their 30s, she knows that nothing really changes when you hit 30. She says that it's an anxiousness that everyone feels, so you shouldn't think too much about it. HARU agrees and says that you'll probably realize that it's no big deal. TOMO mentions that there was a company who makes wooden planters that was talked about in the news the previous day. This company was confident of their product yet hadn't sold a single one. They then changed their way of thinking and started offering it as a bed for cats, which made it sell really well.
You can read more about the story here. TOMO says that it became a hit after just a bit of change in thinking. She then says that it's possible that a hit could be born from a small idea without having to really change something you've always loved doing. The band suggests that the listener start by thinking if farming truly is something enjoyable for them do.

•MAMI reads the next message from a listener who's 15 years old and is asking them for love advice. The listener is bi and has a crush on a same-sex senior who's three years older than them. They agreed to hang out when COVID clears up, but the listener get nervous when they're around them and can't speak properly. They ask SCANDAL for topics they can easily talk about. TOMO goes, "They're 15?! That means they were one years old when the band formed?!" The band is surprised by that. HARU wonders if they learned about SCANDAL recently, and RINA wonders what made them a fan. They go back to the listener's question and wonder what topics they could talk about. HARU says that three-year age gap is like the gap between her and RINA, and there's quite a few generational gaps between them, and bridging them is a little difficult. RINA agrees and says that she can feel the gap and considers HARU to be like an older sister. TOMO says that HARU was the only grown up in the band when they first formed. HARU says that she was in her third year of high school/12th grade and RINA was in her third year of middle school/9th grade. MAMI says that she and TOMO were in their first year of high school/10th grade, so a third-year high schooler seemed quite a bit older to them. RINA says that it made HARU seem really cool. TOMO says HARU was really composed while they rest were really loud. The band laughs and HARU agrees that they were loud and she was like, "I don't get them!" Going back to the listener's question, RINA says that they could talk about what they want to do for when they hang out. They could prepare some options, LINE the senior about it, and they could look at sites and stuff together to plan it out. HARU says that the senior would probably be happy about being relied on and it could give them a chance show off their knowledge, and also that it'd probably make them happy to see the listener being so proactive. For topics they could talk about, MAMI says that since they're both girls they could talk about things like clothes and makeup. She also says they could ask the senior more about herself, such as her likes or where she wants to go or eat. RINA says that they could start by asking about their own favorite things, like SCANDAL, and the conversation could go from there. HARU says that the listener shouldn't try acting like all grown up-like because then they could start worrying about what topics to bring up--they just need to keep things simple. The band agrees and says to just be yourself. RINA says to send in follow-up message once they've hung out.

•HARU reads the next message from a listener whose name I recognize from a previous episode (Nonbiri Necklace to Kiiro Down [Laidback Necklace and Yellow Down]), though the band doesn't seem to recognize it. The listener says that her spice in life are her five female seniors, with four of them being the four members of SCANDAL. As the listener's seniors in life, their ways of living and thinking always motivates her, and their live shows are always spicy. She says the other person is a wonderful person she met after becoming a member of society, and whom she fell in love with--both as a person and romantically--as she got to know them. Up until then she had only dated and liked the opposite sex, so the pain of a love she can't give up on that expanded her world is her ongoing spice. Even if one day she naturally starts like other people of the opposite sex, she's sure this will always be the spice of her life. The band confers with each other that they're not dating, but possibly on the verge of dating/the listener hasn't told them her feelings yet as it seems like she recently realized she likes the person. RINA says that it doesn't sound like she's confused about her feelings; she just realized what they were. HARU says that the listener also says she knows that this is also a difficult situation. RINA says that LGBTQ topics have started to flow more normally, although she thinks that if you were to ask how many people there are that have a complete understanding of these topics, there still needs to be an increase in those numbers. She says that no matter what you're told or if you get hurt, she wants everyone to live their lives while valuing themselves. She recently realized that in doing the band's activities that she too is doing that as she's writing music. All kinds of people listen to and watch them, so she wants to make music from all different viewpoints. She also mentions that she went to an all-girls school, and when a girl confessed to her she didn't think too much of it due to the environment they were in; she was grateful and it made her happy that it happened. TOMO says that in recent elections [in Japan] there have been a lot of people running who are understanding of LGBT people and topics, which prompts her to say that the future's looking very bright as there was a time when this wasn't talked about. RINA says that there can be times when people can go about their entire lives not realizing something unless they're told about it, which is why it's a really positive thing that they can talk about these topics on this program. HARU says that liking someone means that they're the person you want to learn the most about, and MAMI says that that's a very natural thing. The band hopes that things go well and that it'd be nice if the listener confessed their feelings, and if the person understands those feelings. RINA asks the listener to write in again if there are any developments.

•The band then closes out the episode and mentions how a lot of people wrote in about the same kind of topics. RINA says this year has been hard in many ways for everyone, and that all of humanity is trying to get through this year. They also talk about how their ways of thinking have completely changed this year, and how they never really thought that much about themselves before. TOMO says that this sounds like a conversation that should be held at the end of the year. The band laughs and says that it's a little early. RINA says that they'll keep making this a lively program.

SEASONS - 2020-10-28 (RINA) - Wed Oct 28, 2020 7:10 pm


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You guysー!
We're finally going to play a concert for the first time in foreverー!

12/24 (Thu) - SCANDAL『SEASONS』collaborated with NAKED at Toyosu PIT

This will be our first and last solo concert of 2020.
A lot of things happened this year.
To think that the day would come
When it'd be a year since playing our previous solo concert and having fun with everyone in the same space...!

There have been nothing but unpredicable things happening,
But we wanted to take back the fun
Of the "spring, summer, fall, winter" seasons
That no one was able to enjoy this year,
And we decided to hold a concept concert
Packed with these feelings.

If we still can't use live houses
Packed with people
And everyone shouting in loud voices,
Like the way we usually do,
Then we'll create a concert that makes the most of an extensive space.
That is what we thought...

And this time, we will be collaborating
With the creative company

We made a four seasons-themed video and setlist
For this day only.
It'll be a concert
You've never experienced before!

More importantly,
We're happy we get to see everyone...!
I'm really looking forward to it
We're starting to get ready for it little by little
Since we're creating this great concert...!

More details

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 8 UV5H3VM


2020/10/28 20:25




12/24(木) SCANDAL『SEASONS』collaborated with NAKED at 豊洲PIT


"春 夏 秋 冬"






12/24(木) SCANDAL『SEASONS』collaborated with NAKED at 豊洲PIT開催決定!! – SCANDAL Official Website
12/24(木) SCANDAL『SEASONS』collaborated with NAKED at 豊洲PIT開催決定!!,SCANDAL Official Site.ライブ情報やリリース・イベントなどSCANDALの最新情報をお届けします。ファンクラブの入会も随時受付中!



2020/10/28 20:25

Posted in: Blog 2020  Topic: SEASONS - 2020-10-28 (RINA)  Replies: 1  Views: 396
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 8 8OGoKCy

On December 24th, SCANDAL will be holding "SCANDAL『SEASONS』collaborated with NAKED" (a live concert with an audience) at Toyosu PIT in Tokyo!

On 12/24 (Thu), "SCANDAL『SEASONS』collaborated with NAKED" will be held at Toyosu PIT!

SCANDAL will hold their first solo concert with an audience in a year.

In collaboration with the creative company NAKED, INC., we will be dispatching a video and setlist with the theme of the four seasons.

With the concept of "Taking back the spring, summer, autumn, and winter that we couldn't experience in the past year," we would like to make this a special performance that's never been experienced before.

Please come out.

Title: SCANDAL『SEASONS』collaborated with NAKED
Date: 2020/12/24 (Thu)
Doors: 18:00
Start: 19:00
Venue: Toyosu PIT
Price: 7,000 yen (+tax) ※Includes a mask and original pass
※Max 2 tickets per person
※Reserved seating only
※4 years of age and older require tickets

《Ticket sales schedule》
2020/11/6 (Fri)18:00~11/13 (Fri)23:59
※Those who have joined by 2020/10/20 may enter

■CLUB SCANDAL pre-sale
2020/11/20 (Fri)18:00~11/23 (Mon)23:59

■Official site pre-sale
2020/11/25 (Wed)18:00~12/2 (Wed)23:59

■General sale
2020/12/5 (Sat)10:00~

NAKED, INC. profile>

A creative company founded by Ryotaro Muramatsu in 1997 with directors, designers and writers. Based on the principles of "Core Creative," "Total Creation," and "Borderless Creativity," he has worked across genres such as movies, television, music videos, advertising, spatial production, regional revitalization, and educational programs. In recent years, they have developed many shows using 3D projection mapping and immersive events that combine technology and reality represented by "FLOWERS BY NAKED" and "TOKYO ART CITY BY NAKED." In 2017, they opened a food and art experience restaurant "TREE by NAKED yoyogi park" in Tokyo. They create new experiences and values ​​in every SCENE of LIFE, including art, entertainment, culture, tradition, education, music, cities, food, and sports.

Major works in 2019 include "OCEAN BY NAKED" held in Shanghai, the new monument "Water Tree" in Osaka's Izumi no Hiroba area, and seasonal productions at Tokyo Tower and Maxell Aqua Park Shinagawa. In early spring of 2020, they announced "FLOWERS BY NAKED 2020 -Sakura-", an art exhibition of flowers in celebration of its fifth anniversary.

#front-page #scandal_seasons

SCANDAL's site lists notes such as:

・Masks are required for entry
・Temperatures will be taken at the entrance
・Those with a temperature higher than 37.5 C / 99.5 F, those showing symptoms of the virus, those who have had close contact with people who tested positive will not be admitted
・Those who traveled from countries on Japan's entry ban list within 14 days prior to the concert will not be allowed in
・All tickets will be electronic
・Reserved seating only
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tiny channel by rina - 【Q&A】Part 1 - Tue Oct 27, 2020 8:47 am

The 22nd upload from RINA to her YouTube channel:

English subs:

Another 20-minute video...that was brutal lol
Can't take it

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What is SCANDAL's stance on songs that do not change with age?
Episode #34 blog

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 8 MfJmoC2

HARUNA: We'll be reading a lot of messages today. Let's get to it...


Thank you for always making this a fun program.
The other day, I learned on a TV program that the word "logihara" ("logical harassment ") is prevalent. It essentially means "the act of 'cornering and chasing someone down with a logical argument.'" When I heard about that, the first thing that came to mind was the lyrics for "Sisters" and the line "Don't let [logical] arguments upset you." I hadn't able to understand that part ever since that song came out, but now I understand that it means to not give in to "logihara." If that is what it means, then you guys were ahead of the times (That's awesome!). Or did TOMOMI mean something else by it? Please tell us.

RINA: I see...
Now that you mention it, that could also be a part of it. I, RINA, am the one who wrote the lyrics... and aren't there times when you're told "That's a fair argument" when you know you're right, and you get irritated at yourself?
Times like those are when you should be able to control your anger, which is what I strongly thought back then. That's what my intent was when I wrote that, but when considering it in this era... There are times when that logic is correct, and there are times when you're like, "Isn't it better to update that way of thinking?" In that could say we were ahead of the times.

HARUNA: That's not limited to certain periods of time. But this kind of thing has been getting more attention recently.

TOMOMI: It's been around for a long time; it just has another name to it now.

HARUNA: It used to be pretty difficult to say if you didn't like something... Or rather, it's now considered a problem due to it being possible to assert one's own opinions via the spread of social media.

RINA: Couldn't it also be considered a generational gap?

HARUNA: It's possible.

TOMOMI: But that message...they're quite the SCANDAL fan. That makes me happy.

MAMI: Yeah, me too.

HARUNA: But it's easy to look ahead of the times...

TOMOMI: A premature theory.

MAMI: They might happen once in a while...

TOMOMI: What do we think about what we say...

HARUNA: We're not really looking ahead of the times. There are times when things that we've always thought happen to fit better in the present, which can be convincing. That happens a lot.

MAMI: If there's something that we're thinking about that we think everyone else will be thinking about as well in 5, 10 years, then we decide to say it.

RINA: Essentially, the style of the band SCANDAL is for the four of us to properly affirm all sorts of things from all sorts of aspects, so our songs naturally turn out like so. Our values rapidly change because we've been a band since we were kids, and we may think differently about things we've said in the past, but we truly do want to affirm everything like that and find a good place. However, our stance of having our own opinions hasn't changed... "Sisters" might be packed full of that.

Wearing a message - 2020-10-24 (RINA) - Sat Oct 24, 2020 8:33 pm

Wearing a message

Ground Y × SCANDAL
Collaboration items have been completed!

This time each of us
Came up with designs
Containing our "identities"
And "messages we want to convey right now."
Each member's items
Will go on sale in order.

10/22〜HARUNA's design

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 8 Na3eMdf

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 8 EOUdZJr
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 8 NrmTr5A

10/29〜MAMI's design

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 8 DaJaaRG
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 8 9muJhx7
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 8 Uj1IinF

11/5〜RINA's design

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 8 Akzx8Bk
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 8 V2mqmUe
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 8 A4gBiNT

11/12〜TOMOMI's design

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 8 N1Qcau1
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 8 7CcpJhD
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 8 YxKldoy

The feelings we put into each of our designs
Have been posted here,
So it'd make us happy
If you wear the items after you've read this.

Special items that really show off each of our personalities
Have been completed.
We hope you accept them
Alongside each of our feelings...!


2020/10/24 18:20


Ground Y × SCANDAL











Ground Y × SCANDAL COLLECTION “MESSAGE“ | Yohji Yamamoto (ヨウジヤマモト) Official Site
Ground Yは2006年⼤阪・京橋で結成され、来年結成15周年を迎えるガールズバンド「SCANDAL」とのコラボレートアイテムを10月22日(木)よりGround Y直営店、並びに公式ウェブストア THE SHOP...

Ground Y(グラウンドワイ)|【公式通販】THE SHOP YOHJI YAMAMOTO
GroundY(グラウンドワイ)|ヨウジヤマモト社のフィルターを通し、ファッションの新たな可能性を提案するブランド「Ground Y(グラウンド ワイ)」。コンセプトにシンクロする多面的な要素をとりいれながらジェンダーレス、エイジレスなスタイルで新しい世界観を提案します。



2020/10/24 18:20

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dayoff - 2020-10-23 (RINA) - Fri Oct 23, 2020 7:53 am


Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 8 WY5xLYY

Today we had a day off☺
I went to do some relaxing for the first time in forever,
And had some me time.
It's important to take breaks too

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 8 Q8CAt6v

This week I uploaded two videos to YouTube☺
I answered a lot of questions sent in from you guys〜!

These videos are of me
Talking by myself for a long time
Those who haven't yet watched it, I'd like for you to〜◎

Part 1

Part 2

I feel that the range of questions I receive from everyone
Is getting wider,
And it was fun to answer them☺

I chose things
That I haven't talked about before,
So I hope you enjoy them♩

Thanks for all of the questions〜!


2020/10/23 16:44













2020/10/23 16:44


*Currently still working on subs for the videos
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12th anniversary of our major label debut

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 8 QTvWUPo

Today's the 12th anniversary of our major label debut!
Thank you for always supporting us.

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 8 Cy4zSpt

Although today's a commemorable day,
It's a normal day like always.
We members are in the production studio as always.
We're making new songs again,
So look forward to them〜!

Best regards from here on out too☺


2020/10/22 18:21








2020/10/22 18:21


New songs - 2020-10-21 (RINA) - Wed Oct 21, 2020 8:12 pm

New songs

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 8 6f4n0WU

I was in the production studio all day〜
We're steadily making new songs◎

Recently, we've been trying to write them
In a way that's a little different than we have before,
And we're completely changing things like
The locations where we play and the number of people gathered.
It's a lot of fun☺
It's looking like it'll turn out great!

Today, we had our usual Wednesday schedule.
Our meeting went really smoothly
And ended early and was wholesome
Days like this are good too◎
We're coming up with a lot of fun things,
So on days when you're tired, remember that
A lot of good things are waiting for you☺

Good work, everyone,
In the middle of the week〜


2020/10/21 18:42








2020/10/21 18:42

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【Translated Summary】
『SCANDAL Catch up supported by Meiji Apollo』 - Episode 33

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 8 BFY2gFL
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 8 GU31NA0

•The episode starts out with this. They then watch the video of the goat and are surprised at how big the goat is. After the video plays, they say that it was kind of heart-warming. Their staff tells them this happened recently, and the band is surprised at how they were able to find this kind of video. RINA asks the staff what keywords fans should search for in order to find it, and they say "US - patrol car - goat" (which is the text on the board that MAMI is holding in the photo at the top of this post).

•HARU then asks the second question which relates to something that happened in the Philippines.

Q. When Christine Amurao woke up in the morning, she noticed that the room was different from usual. The floor was dyed bright red like blood. As soon as she jumped up in surprise, she searched for her dogs Toffy, Sparkle, and Sushi. When she found them in her makeup room, they were also bright red. What had happened?

The band pauses and is unsure. HARU says that she feels like she's seen this news item before. MAMI tries answering and guesses that they ate lipstick, which the staff says is the correct answer. They're confused as to the dogs would be dyed red by eating lipstick, and they're given the details: The dogs got into a plastic bag that contained colorant powder for lip tint and scrub (you can read about the story here ). They look at the photos and go, "Eh, that's so scary!" RINA says, "Isn't that super Instagrammable? It's like a pink filter." They think it's cute but must have been a pain to clean up. They also wonder if the dogs are pretty much dyed this color now as they're dogs with white fur. RINA wonders what kind of dogs they are, and HARU guesses they're Shih Tzus. The keywords that they give that fans can search with are "Philippines - pink - dogs."

•They move on to the last question which is related to Japan.

Q. Winners of the Ig Nobel Prize, which is a parody of the Nobel Prize and is awarded for unique research, were announced. The Acoustics Prize was given to a researcher at Kyoto University studying the mechanics of animal vocalizations had an animal inhale helium gas. What is that animal?

RINA says that she thinks she's seen this before. HARU says, "It can't be birds, can it?" RINA thinks that this happened recently and that she did see it, but she can't remember the details. MAMI guesses that it's a myna bird (*Bzzt), then guesses an elephant (*Bzzt). TOMO says that it's most likely an animal with a low voice, which is why they gave it helium, and then guesses a gorilla (*Bzzt). HARU guesses a lion (*Bzzt). MAMI guesses a fur seal (*Bzzt). TOMO guesses an earless seal (*Bzzt). HARU asks if it's related to marine animals, which the staff says yes to. She then guesses a dolphin (*Bzzt). She asks if it can be found in the ocean, which the staff says no to. TOMO says, "It's not related to the ocean, but it's related to marine animals?" MAMI guesses a hippo (*Bzzt). TOMO guesses an otter (*Bzzt). MAMI guesses a penguin (*Bzzt). RINA says that she feels that it's an animal that you can't really picture vocalizing. Out of what the band has guessed so far, the staff tells them that the answer is closest to a hippo. MAMI guesses a sea lion (*Bzzt). HARU guesses a capybara (*Bzzt). MAMI guesses a polar bear (*Bzzt). TOMO guesses a rhino (*Bzzt). The staff tells them that it lives on both land and water. TOMO guesses a frog (*Bzzt). MAMI guesses a duck (*Bzzt). TOMO guesses a turtle (*Bzzt). MAMI guesses a flamingo (*Bzzt), and then guesses an alligator. There's a long pause, which the band guesses is because an alligator is the correct answer, and it is (link to that story ).

•The band claps and are surprised that it's an alligator, and says that it's true they don't really picture it vocalizing. HARU reads an article about it and RINA says that she did learn about this before, and that it's frustrating she didn't get the correct answer. TOMO and HARU both want to see a video of it to confirm, and they are shown the video. They comment that the alligator's vocalizations got higher just like what happens to humans. RINA laughs and says that this quiz was surprisingly a lot of fun, which the rest agree with.

•The band then closes out the episode. HARU says that they'd probably be up for another Animal SCANDAL quiz again, and also says that they welcome messages from listeners who tell them about recent scandals involving their own pets. TOMO says that it might be hard for people to understand "scandals" (due to it being the same word as their band name). HARU says that this has been problematic ever since they had their major label debut, and that they're quite often told things like, "Please tell us about the recent scandals in the name of the band SCANDAL." TOMO says they should ask the comedian BAKARHYTHM how they could avoid things like that [Note: This could be what she's referring to but I'm not completely sure lol]. RINA agrees that saying things like "We're accepting scandals" sounds weird. The band says that a pet-related episode sounds interesting and would like people to send in messages related to that.

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 8 8pQ0nz2

【Translated Summary】
SCANDAL on 「project STAY HOPE」

HARU quietly enters the studio that Shunichi is in and he mentions that she steathily came into view. They talk about how they are the only two people in studio, and that they're limited to doing a video that's no more than 30-40 minutes long. Shunichi mentions that HARU appeared on a segment that he hosted earlier this year that was recorded in January or February of this year, which was when COVID wasn't too bad yet and therefore had been able to chat at an izakaya without worrying about anything. HARU says that the yakitori they ate was delicious. They reminisce a little more about the other dishes they had. Shunichi then mentions that he had gone to a sauna before shooting on-location with HARU and was kind of drunk while they were filming. HARU goes, "That's why going to the sauna wasn't a good idea! I told you that then too!" while he laughs.

Shunichi asks HARU what she's been up to since they filmed that show. She says the band's been working on writing songs, and she's glad that they've been able to save up a lot of songs while quarantine was happening. It had been hard to get into the mood to write songs, but as of recently it finally feels like everyone's being positive and are working on writing songs. Shunichi says that they were probably really happy when the four members of the band finally got to meet back up, and HARU mentions that they didn't see each other in person for about two months. Shunichi says that pretty much the same happened for his band as well and they had to do things remotely such as meetings over Zoom. He says that when he and his band met back up they were just like, "Oh, hi." HARU says that SCANDAL was more excited to see each other and were like, "Yay!", which he says is cute, and that probably happened because they're women and can say things frankly to each other, but guys tend to be more like how he and his band reacted, like, "Oh, hi. You've lost a little weight, haven't you?" Both of them say that they were really happy to be able to meet back up with their respective bands, and HARU says that ever since the band started there haven't been many times they haven't been able to see each other. They also talk about how they can't really play live shows right now, and how both of their tours had to be put off. HARU says that feeling down can't be helped, and the only choice is to be positive.

Since their discussion sounds like it's about to end, Shunichi assures viewers that this segment isn't ending and they will be performing songs now. The first song they sing is SCANDAL's song "Tsuki " (Moon). HARU says that she chose this song to perform because she could picture Shunichi singing it and thought it would definitely suit him. Shunichi says that when he was rehearsing this song he thought that this song would sound even more emotional if a guy sang it as well (as in a duet with a woman), and would make it sound like a love song. He also says that this is his first time covering a female artists' song since his band covered Shiina Ringo's song "Gibbs " on a single they released last year.

After they perform the song, they both laugh and say how nervous they were to perform it. Shunichi says that it's a great song, and HARU says it was a luxury to perform it with him. HARU also mentions that their chances to perform live have decreased compared to how things usually are.

Shunichi says that they will be performing one more song, and that he's grateful and happy he gets to perform two songs with HARU. HARU says she's happy as well, and that she loves the next song they're able to perform, which is BLUE ENCOUNT's song "Motto Hikari wo " (Bring More Light). Shunichi mentions that SCANDAL has covered this song before, and HARU says that they covered it at a fan club show they held. Shunichi says, "That makes me so happy, seriously. I wish I had gone!" HARU says that at each of those three shows on that fan club tour they covered a different song by a different artist, and which songs they were to perform were kept secret from the fans beforehand. She also says that she thinks this is a perfect song for this project/program. Shunichi asks her if SCANDAL has perfomed in Kumamoto Prefecture several times before, which she says yes to, and he says he's grateful for that and asks her what she thinks is great about Kumamoto. She says that she loves karashi renkon , which he says he loves too. He says he'd love to play a show with SCANDAL in Kumamoto, and mentions that they played a joint show in Osaka before.

As the song ends one of the strings on Shunichi's guitar breaks, which he sings about: "A guitar string just broke - That was close! I'm glad that was at the end!" He then asks HARU to give a message for Kumamoto. She says, "I'm sure there are people having a hard time, and I'm sure there are people who feel frazzled after the uptick in COVID cases, but I hope we're able to help someone out via our music and doing what we can. We'll continue to do so, so I'd be grateful if you could continue to support us. I hope you enjoy listening to our songs. Thank you for letting me take part today!"

All four SCANDAL members make a live appearance during a talk advice segment. The first question asked is by a 25-year-old woman who was rejected by the person she likes. They work at the same place and sometimes see each other as well as work together, which is usually very awkward. She asks what she should do. The guy hosts ask HARU what she thinks, and she says the woman probably still wants to stay friends with that person. Shunichi agrees since the woman probably found that person interesting. The MCs then ask MAMI what she would do if it was her, and she says that she would pretend the person who rejected her doesn't exist until her broken heart is healed, and when she's gradually recovered she might be able to see things from a higher perspective and will be okay. HARU wants them to get along well since the woman gathered up the courage to confess in the first place. The guys agree, especially due to the fact that they work at the same place.

The second question is asked by a 16-year-old girl who loves listening to music and performing, and would like to make a living as a musician in the future. In order to persuade her parents she's trying to find something she's interested other than music to study when she gets to college, but she can't give up on her desire to go to a music college or a college that specializes in music. She asks how all of the musicians spoke to their parents when they decided to embark on the path of music. Shunichi asks SCANDAL if it was a specialized school that they went to, and HARU says that it was a dance & vocal school that they attended.

They then call the girl on the phone. She says that she first started wanting to play music for a living when she was a first-year middle schooler, and that she's kind of talked to her mom about this but her mom wasn't entirely on board. The hosts ask TOMO what she thinks about this. TOMO asks the listener if she only slightly alluded to this topic when talking to her mom, which she says yes to. TOMO says she thinks it's important to convince her parents that she really wants to do this; if they don't approve of it, she may not be able to take a step forward comfortably, which is why TOMO thinks she needs to make her power of presentation stronger and is an important step to do. The MCs joke that the caller should make a [Powerpoint] presentation and might be able to explain things using explanatory diagrams. TOMO continues and says that if the caller doesn't convey just how serious she is about this, then nothing will start. If she does what she really wants to do, her parents could want to give their support. She thinks that the first step should be to talk to them about her feelings. The MCs praise TOMO and say that that was great.

The MCs then ask RINA what she thinks. She also feels that you need to have the power to properly convey things to your parents no matter how much you're passionate about something since it is a job where you need to convey your thoughts to people who might not like you. She says that the first step she should take in order to get this job is to make her parents and those around her feel emotionally moved. The MCs also praise RINA. They ask the caller what she thinks after hearing everything, and she says that she doesn't want to give up and will make sure to explain to and convince her parents. Everyone wishes her luck.


Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 8 Ekvf-Eur-Vc-AUEFLq

Collaborative items by Ground Y and SCANDAL, an all-girl band who formed in Kyobashi・Osaka in 2006 and will be celebrating their 15th anniversary next year, will go on sale from October 22nd (Thursday) at Ground Y directly-managed stores and the official webstore THE SHOP YOHJI YAMAMOTO.

Ground Y's friendship with SCANDAL began when the brand made its debut again in 2017 and the band members appeared in the opening key visual, and we have also provided stage costumes and announced an ongoing capsule collection. Then, in 2020, we decided to work together once more.

This time, we will be presenting the current feelings of each of the members rather than the band itself. We have proposed four models of items with original patterns that combine the feelings of each member, handwritten messages, and Ground Y's original graphics. Each members' models will be released on a weekly basis from October 22nd (Thu) to November 12th (Thu).

<<Details on each members' t-shirt messages>>

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 8 S3-K3976-4-01

HARUNA: A bright future for people and animals
I've always loved animals, especially dogs, and since getting my pet dog last year, I've started to take an interest in animal welfare. I would like to discover what I can do little by little and put it into practice. May people and animals have the same bright future.

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 8 S3-K3976-2-01

By washing your hands, your mind and body will also be clean. Also, let's wash away sadness and negative feelings with bubbles. The wish I've made is for everyone in any era to convert matter into positives and take hold of them.

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 8 S3-K3976-3-01

RINA: Your life is yours
This design symbolizes "Being a woman," which is an important part of our identity in our activities, and is accompanied by a message with the hope that each of us can always live our lives in our own way.

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 8 S3-K3976-5-01

TOMOMI: Without haste, but without rest
The design is inspired by my favorite vessel design known as "slipware pottery," and I have added words that represent the mindset that I currently hold dear in my life. While valuing dialogue within our own hearts, I hope that we can brightly get through this era by lifting up our spirits even just a little.

<<Release schedule>>
10/22 (Thu) HARUNA's Model
10/29 (Thu) MAMI's Model
11/5 (Thu) RINA's Model
11 12 (Thu) TOMOMI's Model

<<Offered items>>
※All items are unisex one-size-fits-all

<<Participating stores>>
Ground Y directly-managed stores and the official webstore THE SHOP YOHJI YAMAMOTO
※THE SHOP YOHJI YAMAMOTO will start selling from noon JST on each release date

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Why is it about animals...? Taking on an animal-themed quiz while being puzzled
Episode #33 blog

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 8 R3YS765

HARUNA: About "SCANDAL Catch up"...
In Japanese it means "Saikin, dou? (What's been going on lately?)", and there's also...
"Saikin, doubutsu dou? (What's been going on with animals lately?)"

TOMOMI: What? What's the angle?

RINA: It sounds weird in Japanese too...

HARUNA: I mean, that's what's written on the script...

MAMI: Well, that's what written...

HARUNA: A new project will be adapted from "Saikin, doubutsu dou?"

MAMI: Oh...

HARUNA: It's titled, "Quiz! Animal SCANDAL!"

TOMOMI: I don't understand...

HARUNA: They just made me say it.

MAMI: "Saikin, doubutsu dou?" is new, first of all. What's this "adapted from" about?
Also, it's a new project. Wouldn't there be too many elements to it?

RINA: This radio program is hosted by musicians. What demographic are we targeting?

HARUNA: No idea...

RINA: It means "An animal-related quiz taken by musicians," right?

TOMOMI: Don't we have too many quizzes?

HARUNA: We couldn't really answer the previous quiz...

RINA: If it's about animals, we might still be able to answer...

HARUNA: I think it's good to have a warm-hearted project like this sometimes.

TOMOMI: It's gotten colder too...

(Regardless of whether it's getting colder or not, this is a new project that involves a quiz about scandals involving animals.)

HARUNA: This is about scandals involving animals worldwide.

RINA: What? Is that really a thing?

HARUNA: At any rate, it seems like this quiz is about animal-related scandals.

TOMOMI: Eh, what does that mean?

RINA: Are animals also targeted by tabloids?

HARUNA: What is this written here... Before the quiz starts, introduce yourselves...?

HARUNA: Best regards, everyone! This is SCANDAL's vocalist Panda,

TOMOMI: Bassist Tokage (lizard),

MAMI: Guitarist Mantohihi (hamadryas baboon),

RINA: And drummer Risu (squirrel).

HARUNA: I don't get it...

RINA: This is kind of weird...

HARUNA: Let's just get on it with! Let's try it out!
Here's the first question!

Q. A quiz question from Georgia, USA!

A sheriff's deputy unexpectedly fought a fierce battle with a goat in their patrol car. What happened inside of the patrol car?

TOMOMI: Is it not multiple choice?

MAMI: Isn't this a riddle?

RINA: Did this really happen?

HARUNA: Yes, it really did.

TOMOMI: I know! The goat unlocked the car and went in!

RINA: Isn't it already in the car...?

TOMOMI: I suppose so...

RINA: The goat was about to give birth (*Bzzt)

TOMOMI: The goat was about to drive the car (*Bzzt)

TOMOMI: It was actually about to escape (*Bzzt)

MAMI: It almost ate the sheriff's clothes... (*Ah, that's close)

MAMI: Eh? It's close?

HARUNA: It ate something, perhaps.

RINA: Um, it started eating police documents (*Ding-dong)

All: Ohー!

RINA: That's a problem...

HARUNA: Well, it's a goat after all.

MAMI: Does that mean that it was in the car?

TOMOMI: Why was it in it?

HARUNA: Why was the goat in a patrol car?

(Staff: There's a video)

TOMOMI: Even though this is a radio show!

Here's a link to the story about the goat:

SPICE - MAMI's First Solo Performance - Mon Oct 19, 2020 9:42 am

MAMI @ Choushidoukan ~Kanade no Mori no Oto Shizuku~

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 8 BkXysKp

SCANDAL's guitarist MAMI attracted attention due to "Choushidoukan" being her first ever solo performance. Expectations were high on Twitter and garnered the most attention, and right until her set started fans wearing SCANDAL tour t-shirts were seen discussing what songs she would play. What was surprising as soon as MAMI set foot on stage was her outfit: A neat black pantsuit. Since she likes fashion, we imagined that she'd dress casually and laid-back to match the venue, which is why we were surprised at the unexpectedness of singing with a guitar while dressed primly.

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 8 RS1HdJg

She performed a total of six songs including covers, and centering on songs written and composed by SCANDAL. SCANDAL is characterized by the confidence and teamwork that have taken them to countless places in Japan and overseas, and a gorgeous live performance that only they can have. However, MAMI's performance on this day made us want to focus on the music and lyrics rather than her guitar playing. Ah, so that's why she wore the pantsuit.

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 8 Ze8QlNf

At typical SCANDAL shows they show a performance that includes pop-like fashion, and her simple style on this day may have been intentional in order to have more attention be paid to the songs. The highlight of MAMI's performance came after the third song, "Koe," when she was doing her MC. At a startingly wonderful timing, a bell rang very loudly. It most likely came from Kodaiji Temple . With the words, "The bell rung at such great timing (laughs)," MAMI herself was emitted everywhere outside of the venue.

STAY HOPE - 2020-10-19 (RINA) - Mon Oct 19, 2020 5:44 am


Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 8 PtTTnO3

We participated in
A project supporting the reconstruction of Kumamoto
Started by BLUE ENCOUNT.
Thank you to everyone who watched〜!

HARUNA also did a singing collaboration with Tanabe-kun.

Our song "Tsuki,"
And BLUEN's song "Motto Hikari wo"

The songs really conveyed our feelings
In a studio full of good tension. It was great.

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 8 EgEekfx

The four of us did a talk segment.
Answering a live call was fun〜!

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 8 A7Ebjv9

As for BLUEN,
They joined our joint band tour,
Talked with us on radio programs,
Came to see us live in Kawasaki...
They're one of our few band friends.

I'm happy they invited us
To take part in this thoughtful project,
And I hope we were able to be even a little bit helpful.
I really want to play a live show.
May energy and hope
Be delivered to those in Kumamoto...!


2020/10/19 12:36













2020/10/19 12:36


*Note: In this thread I will soon be posting a summary of SCANDAL's appearances!
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An early look - 2020-10-17 (RINA) - Sat Oct 17, 2020 9:28 am

An early look

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 8 Md8Ds3W

It's cold today〜
Winter's starting〜

Now then, just like that
We're now a month away
From the release of our live DVD☺

The other day, all of us chose and decided on the small details
Like the paper quality of the packaging〜

The booklet that will come with the Limited Editions
Is quite voluminous
As it's packed with live photos and photos taken in the dressing room.
The finished product is impressive◎

To commemorate its release,
An advance screening will be held〜!

Will be invited via a lottery☺

For more details

Enjoy getting an early look at it
On the big screen!

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 8 HHb2EZF

It's a live video that conveys the current SCANDAL,
And one that we'd really like as many people as possible to see.

Blu-ray pre-order

DVD pre-order


2020/10/17 18:04















SCANDAL | SCANDAL WORLD TOUR 2020 "Kiss from the darkness" Livestream(初回限定盤) | ビクターエンタテインメント
ビクターエンタテインメント公式サイト。SCANDAL「SCANDAL WORLD TOUR 2020 "Kiss from the darkness" Livestream(初回限定盤)」の作品情報をご覧いただけます。


SCANDAL | SCANDAL WORLD TOUR 2020 "Kiss from the darkness" Livestream(初回限定盤) | ビクターエンタテインメント
ビクターエンタテインメント公式サイト。SCANDAL「SCANDAL WORLD TOUR 2020 "Kiss from the darkness" Livestream(初回限定盤)」の作品情報をご覧いただけます。


2020/10/17 18:04

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Eh...! - 2020-10-16 (RINA) - Fri Oct 16, 2020 6:49 pm


Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 8 ZhLi38M

I had a meeting for the DAISY Project
That was done remotely...

Samples of the products backers will get in return are being made
While we're checking them out in detail...
We're now going to start working on
The purchasing page for supporters! That's where we currently are.

When you make something new,
You really do learn a lot.
Everything's connected

This project
Is aimed at aiding women in need of support
And those living in a family environment,
And we wanted to create a project together
With those who sympathize
And want to support it.

We'll keep moving forward with things
So that we can convey our feelings and stories well,
So please keep this project in mind.

We'll do our best
To get started in earnest by the end of this year☺

After the meeting,
I filmed for YouTube〜!
It's been a while so I thought I'd sit down and film a proper video,
And when I got in front of the camera, I continued talking for 90 minutes...
That surprised meʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

The four of us did a certain shoot recently...
It'll be announced next week,
So look forward to it!

Good work this week too〜!


2020/10/16 19:35













2020/10/16 19:35

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Personal diary - 2020-10-15 (RINA) - Thu Oct 15, 2020 7:33 am

Personal diary

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 8 2OnadwY

I returned to Osaka
For the first time in forever on a personal trip.
I had no plans at all,
And just impulsively went wherever.

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 8 JohxBRe

My dad and little brother live in Osaka,
And I'm happy I got to spend some time with them〜
That's because when they've occ〜asionally come to recent shows in the Kansai area,
I only get to see them in the dressing room.

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 8 K2VKYJ7

I also went to Kyoto,
Which is an hour's drive from Osaka.

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 8 QBajM6x

The water, greenery, and clean air healed me.
I'm glad the weather was warm too〜

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 8 8akOMVE

I took a detour to the ShinPuhKan mall I was interested in.

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 8 LhdSyEW

My target was bonjour records

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 8 OOQKmns

They select wonderful things from several different countries
Such as vinyl records, apparel, and photobooks,
And the calming atmosphere was enjoyable〜.

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 8 IAj7DcP

On this day I bought a cap and long sleeve t-shirt.
Next to each item there is a detailed description
Of how the item was created and its creators,
Which was secretly thrilling...
I really like learning about, wearing, and listening to
Those kinds of things〜

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 8 UG3HgBk

After that
I went to KYOTOGRAPHIE...!

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 8 UWtjgCV

There are photos
From various photographers
On display in a location unique to Kyoto.

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 8 TzCONzj

Black and white photos
Are briefly on display at a few shrines...
It was so cool.
I didn't have enough time and wasn't able to go to several spots,
But I had a great time getting to relax.

I've also posted on my Instagram〜


2020/10/15 16:10













お目当てはbonjour records











RINA SCANDAL(@urarina821) • Instagram写真と動画
フォロワー151.9千人、フォロー中0人、投稿544件 ― RINA SCANDAL(@urarina821)のInstagramの写真と動画をチェックしよう



2020/10/15 16:10

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